#MIGHTYMARCH 2014 Workout Calendar!

march 2014

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Hey guys!

It’s time for a new month! You ready? I saw so many of your #blogilatestransformation pics on Instagram and am so impressed by your results from the 12 week New Body Makeover! You guys truly worked your butts off and it shows. But the journey doesn’t stop here! We work day by day to sculpt the body and the life that we want. It’s a lifestyle and we love it. #MightyMarch is another chance for you to give it your all and transform. Here’s a look at some inspirational POPsters to get you motivated:


Naomi is looking tighter and more defined after she started doing Blogilates about 5x a week! @naomarie4


Those abs! Great job Katy! @katy_warren1


Caitlyn emailed me and told me she was already “skinny” but wanted to live a stronger and healthier lifestyle. Look what happened after she did Blogilates! @caitpoli


Catherine being a perfect progress picture model! I am seeing such a difference here. Major congrats girl. Keep going! @chuchuchu215

If you have a progress photo you’d like to share, please upload it to instagram or twitter with the hashtag #blogilatestransformation or email me [email protected]!

Now let’s talk March. March is all about focusing on total body series every day with a recovery day on Sunday. From “Bikini Blast Off” Days to “Supermodel Saturdays” I’ve got you covered. You’ll be ready for that Spring Break bikini in NO TIME! It’ll be super fun.

I encourage you to check off all the boxes everyday. Even if you have to split up the workouts, it’s ok. Just try to finish! You will notice such a difference in your mood and your body. I promise. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water and eat lots of veggies! Print out one of the free eat clean meal plans on my blog here and FOLLOW IT. Stop thinking so hard. Just do it. I’m here to be your trainer and if you want to succeed, you will listen to my advice, yes? YES.


Also, be sure to UPDATE YOUR BLOGILATES APP! Some features you’ve been asking and asking and asking for are coming live this month that’ll make the forum part of the app, wayyyyy more fun and interactive. Watch out for it!

Now, one more thing to start off MIGHTY MARCH with a bang!! Spring is practically here…

cassey flowers

…jk…ok sorry…maybe just in LA. I know many of you are still stuck under snow! But it’ll melt soon :) Anyway, spring is almost here so you know what that means! SPRING CLEANING!!!! So I decided to do a super clearance sale for y’all!

From March 1, 2014 to March 8, 2014 you can take an EXTRA 20% off the already reduced prices in the Clearance section!! Just use code “springcleaning” at check out. The sale page where this code works is: http://www.ogorgeous.com/products/sale

Have fun shopping guys!

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the workouts, the food, or anything in general. I’m here to help you reach your potential.

Much love <3,


March Daily Playlists!

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  • Regina

    Hi Everybody, just starting my journey of losing 50lbs for starters. I walk everyday 2miles at the neighborhood gym, but I get home and fight the battle of not eating after 7. Well, that’s working a little bit, but I know it did’nt come on over night and it’s not going to leave over night. But I would love to have an encourager to pull me along on this journey. I’m 52. But the make me more determine. Had a couple of health risk, but I’m ok now. Thank you GOD for a second chance to get it right:)

  • Sam

    Are your exercises for 6 pack abs or flat abs? I really want to start using for videos, but i do not want a defined six pack, instead I want a nice tone to a flattened stomach

    • Megan

      Usually they only give a toned stomach, but some can get abs if that is their priority. :) (I’m not the instructor, btw)

  • Sam

    Are your exercises for 6 pack abs or flat abs? I want to begin using your videos, but I do not want to get a defined six pack; instead im looking for nice tone to the stomach.

  • eva

    Naomi you are an inspiration to me. I am exacly like your before. im not fat but i would like to loose some little weight. Im starting the february calender and the 90days meal plan. hope to see good results like you

  • Rebecca

    I have the same situation as Caitalian! I’m glad there are other people out there who also want to be stronger and healthier instead of just lose weight (which is a totally fine goal if that’s what you need to do). I am perfectly fine with the appearence of my body, but I want it to do anything (in reason) that I ask it to do. I do acro yoga which is acrobatic partner yoga, so I’m doing this to get stronger for it.

  • becky

    Whens the best time to workout? before or after eating? :P thanks

  • Talicious

    Hey everybody, I’m 14 yrs old and about a year ago I started putting on weight and it just kept increasing. I’m not putting anymore weight on now but I’m still overweight and I would like to lose it all by 2015. The problem is I’m not actually losing anything. I’ve been doing these videos for about 8 months and I can feel myself getting stronger and I feel healthier but it’s like I’ve got all the muscles but it’s all under the layer of fat. I’m not eating any junk food either or if I do rarely

    • Talicious

      So what can I do to lose weight?

      • Illiana

        Maybe a new diet like paleo or a cleanse might help. Asking a dietician would be extremely helpful too.

      • Malia

        Cardio ! I love these workouts [When I did them )’: ] But i always noticed that when I combined them with cardio, I got better results. I used to run at least a mile on top of whatever blogilates workouts I was doing.

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  • Angelia San Agustin

    Hey c: Im a 16 year old who has been working out for 6 years. I have struggled majorly from bad body image for exactly that long. 6 years ago when i was in grade 5 i weighed at 102-110 pounds. Now I am not going to tell my sob story over the internet, but today in grade 11 i weigh at 101 pounds. I am at a normal weight. Im not super-skinny (which is okay) but im pretty normal but with extra skin on my stomach mostly. I dont want to just be maintaining a good body weight. I want to be strong with lean muscles and defined flat abs, similar to kayla itsines i suppose c: However, i could not afford her workout guides. I have been using my own kind of workouts for years and for the past two months I’ve been doing workout plans. Unfortunately, i dont see any results. I know what i want. Its the results of kayla itsines’ clients. I hate how i would have to buy guides to get the EXACT results i want, but that i cant afford. Money is tight and i dont want to sacrifice my wanting to be happy with how i look in the mirror. Then i found your sight. I love everything and you are so inspiring ! My God i went insane and i want to have results SO BAD !! But would this give be the flat abs and lean, toned body i want ? I dont want to settle for anything less. Im still a bit confused with how i get the calendars and meal plans, also considering i don’t have a twitter :/ Please reply with advice , it would mean a lot. :) xx – lots of love <3

    • Alyssa

      you need to sign up for the email newsletter she sends the passwords to the calendar each month

  • serena

    hey guys!! I feel like working out is a chore, and some of you told me that you used feel the same way. how did you guys change your mindset from this one to thinking that working out is actually a treat?
    thx :) :)

    • Fer

      I too used to think like that. Last year though, after making myself face running for 40 minutes a few times a week for a few weeks, I actually started enjoying it. “learn to love the pain” – you truly do learn eventually, not because you’re a masochist, but because you feel better connected to your body and you feel the changes in your sleeping, in your waking, in your every movement throughout the day.
      I read that with running it takes your body about 21 days to get used to it and for you to start liking it.
      I stopped running 10 months ago because I was moving from England to Spain and it was stressful… 3 months later I started gaining back the 7 kg I had lost in the 2 months of running and I truly missed the sport.
      3 months ago I tried Jillian Michael’s 30ds and that felt like a chore… every day the same, pain and sweating, but by the 11th day I felt no different and with my immune system debilitated I caught a terrible cold.
      4 weeks ago I moved to a place with a swimming pool and I’d play with the kids every day… 2 weeks ago I finally felt up for checking out Blogilates… I guess being truly ready to start somethings makes a huge difference, cause despite the pain and cursing Cassey (sorry! I adore you) when my muscles start cramping up, I find my time to come fulfill my calendar every day with a cheer and a smile, and when I finish it I look for some yoga videos before bed too. When I wake up earlier than I have to (this had never EVER happened before), I come to the wine cellar to fill my time with pilates and/or yoga.
      I think it’s a matter of focus and understanding why you want and why you should work out.
      Traveling by myself for 14 months I became really connected to my own mind, I think I was finally ready to connect to my body as well.
      btw, I lost 3,5 cm on my belly on the last 9 days. That’s a VERY good motivation itself. :)
      hope you find the joy in the panting and sweating, and in the waking up completely sore too!!
      good luck!

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  • Babs..

    Hey everyone!
    I´m a 14 year old girl from Germany and I have done Casseys Workouts (really cool, helpful..)
    As I sad I love her videos, but I can´t really say no to the `bad` food, so I don´t lose the weight I want. (my goal is an healthier weight than now:) Can you give me some tips to stay on this hole journey???
    Please Reply
    Thank you Babs..
    (se ignore my spelling errors)

    • Jess

      Hi Babs,
      I used to really struggle with weaknesses for chocolate, soda and nachos. The turning point for me was what I changed the way I approached situations where I may want to eat bad stuff. I told myself that I was a person who snacked on fruit and veg between meals or that I was a person who drank water and not coke. When you see something unhealthy and want it don’t sit there thinking about how you are denying yourself, cancel that thought pattern and replace it with something else.

      For some reason thinking like that changed the way I related to food and I found that I had the strength not to eat those bad things that had me gaining weight. It’s not about denying yourself of food, it’s about giving your body the respect it needs to grow strong by feeding it the right stuff :)

    • laurie

      Hi Babs! I had the same struggle. What has really helped me is an app for my iphone and ipad called myfitnesspal – it is free – and it’s helped me to be accountable for eating since I can figure out the calories before I eat something. I didn’t think it would help that much, but it really has. I hope you find this tip helpful. :) don’t give up, you got this!!! :)
      xo Laur

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  • Nasma

    hello everyone.
    i am doing this calender and i dont have the android app thingy. so can anyone please tell me what i can use as a substitute workout for the spring bikini sculpt work out?
    i would really appreciate it
    thankyou so much <3

  • julia

    hi guys,
    i cannot read the full content of the march videos. everytime clicking on this side i read “To see the full content, share this page by clicking one of the buttons below”. which buttons??
    please help me!!

  • Alice

    Now that March is over, I can tell tuesday was really my favorite day because of the Hot sumer pop cardio and Legs for days cardio videos :) I enjoyed those videos soooo much! I find them really fun and feel really good after, I couldn’t wait to be on tueday haha
    Music is the best to feel boosted :):) and dancing is really fun~

  • Leah

    Can’t wait to start the next calendar!!! =)

    • Rose

      Can u please tell me the password for this month? I haven’t got the email and I need to print it out

  • Daniele

    Hello POPstars!!!

    i just finished the beginners calendar and i am so excited to start the monthly calendars! I also dance 4 nights a week, sometimes 5 hours a night, But im really commited to doing my blogilates :) I have noticed that the workouts are longer and so are the videos themselves! Would i get the same results if i skipped some of the shorter videos on later nights? :)

    • Daniele

      didn’t mean to post this twice! whoops!

  • Daniele

    Hello Everyone

    I just finished the beginner calendar and i am so excited about joining the regular one for april! But, i have noticed that the workouts are longer and even the videos are longer themselves. I dance 4 nights a week and sometimes for 5 hours a night. I am usually very tired after i come home but I’m always very determined to finish my blogilates :) BUT do you think i would get the same results if i skipped one or two of the shorter videos on some later nights?

  • Kathy

    Thank you for this wonderful month Cassey! You helped me getting through a tough time, helped me to get in balance again. :) I couldn’t do all because I fell ill in first week of March, but I literally danced back my way into workout ^.^ most frustrating for me are the stretching videos. knowing that no matter how hard and how often I work on it I will never be able to touch me feet is just … yeah. :( my spine isn’t made for that. I have to accept it (but it’s hard). I feel definitaly stronger and my butt is lifted like… I dunno what. My butt is just so amazing compared to how it used to look before! best compliment I received this months: My boyfriend said I look a lot more feminin since I do your workouts! Thank you so much, Cassey. looking forward to April!

    • Claudi

      Don’t say that you won’t ever be able to touch your feet! You will … I used to be literally the most unflexible person you could imagine. It took me half a year of stretching at least 5 to 6 days a week until I was finally able to touch my feet and it was still a struggle. Now I can do it without any struggling, as well as some other cool things I would have never thought feasible before. Just stick with it! It takes quite a while to get more flexible, if you’re not naturally flexible, but you WILL get there! :)

  • Jade

    throughout this month, i was with you the whole time! you inspired me to eat clean and i drank a hell load of water! i lost 3kgs. it was slow but thats the healthy way isn’t it! I love it! looking forward to losing off a few more kilos! THANKS FOR THE VIDEOS CASSEY! and i feel that I’ve gotten stronger, subcutaneous fat burnt off all over and the workouts got easier towards the end of the month, i was able to cope. so thats good thing! AHHHH! i can’t wait for April!

  • Vee

    Hello everyone, I just started following Blogilates earlier this month because I decided to take control of my life. I’m recovering from anorexia. Recently I’ve stopped restricting, but now I’ve swung to the opposite side of the spectrum- binging. I am really struggling to stay positive- every time I binge I feel so bad and promise myself I won’t do it again, but I always do! Cassey’s videos and her optimism have really helped, but I just had a really “fat and failing” kind of day today. I want to be healthy and toned, not super skinny or overweight! But finding that middle ground is really tough for me, sometimes I just want to give up. Does anyone else have experience with this? I’d really appreciate some support.

    • Nazia

      i’m kinda having the same issue as you. I start off the week strong and then mid way through I end up binging and feel terrible afterwards. However, I’m excited for this month and hoping to get back on track. By the end of this month I would like to be eating healthier and stronger.

  • Victoria

    When do we get April Cassey? :D I’m anxious, excited and scared all at the same time!!

    • Caitlin

      Me too!! All mixed emotions, but I think I’m mostly excited to see what it’ll bring :)

  • Joyce

    i need help with food cravings. Today I went out with my friends and I started eating junk OMG how do I control myself? Please I really need some good advice

    • Agnes

      I think you shouldn’t feel bad and guilty about eating junk food once. Did you enjoy it? If yes, go on, don’t panic and have some YOLO food from time to time. If no, don’t do it again, just because your friends do.

      • Joyce

        ya i did enjoy it and thanks :)
        P.S I was freaking out

  • Hey popster’s let’s get together and compete to lose some weight this April!


  • Ashleigh

    I love the progress pictures! I signed up for your newsletter today after a friend recommended your workouts and I am excited to start the beginner workout on Monday after the kids head back to school after spring break. I was thrilled to see some “skinny” ladies who are just wanting to tone. That’s me, and it’s great to see a body type that I can relate to and see results. Come on Monday!

  • Kathy

    hey. I asked some days ago what’s the clicking with my knee… My mum found out now. she says my patella is not in the right position and I feel the cord of the muscle click because the wrong muscles gets used. I think I’ll better call my doctor and ask what I can do about it^^””
    wish me luck that everythings gonna be okay.
    have a nice day guys! Stay strong, healthy and I hope you have a wonderful time :-)

  • Elise

    Do we need to pair these daily workouts with cardio? I did today’s and I wasn’t sure I got enough of a fat-burning cardio workout.

    • Kati

      Hi Elise,

      I think that really depends on your goals. If you want to lose weight it might be a good idea to add some cardio, but if you just want to tone your body the workouts on the calendar should be enough, especially because the videos often have cardio elements.
      Personally, I just do what feels good and right for me. Today for example I exchanged the leg workout for a 20 minute run because I felt like it and because the sun was shining and I wanted to be outside!

      Hope that helps a bit :)

  • Noelle

    Hi everyone! I play volleyball, softball, and soccer and I’m going on spring break in about 3 weeks. Do you think with those sports and doing as many of the daily videos as I can I’ll see results?

    • Jiji

      Yes, I definitely think you will see results- not major, as it is only 3 weeks, but you definitely will. WIth the right diet too- not unhealthy foods, but whole, healthy foods, you will see better results!

  • Marina

    HI! I just received my workout calender but i dont understand it.Am i supposed to do all the videos at that day?Sorry for the stupid question,im new.

    • Kathy

      hey Marina!
      since you are new here, as a beginner you might wanna start with Beginners Calender until you’re strong enough and have mastered some moves (trust me, it’s worth it. I didn’t care about beginners calender and monthly calender was just too hard! even though i’ve been working out on regular basis before).
      so first of all: There ain’t no stupid question ;)
      Yes, you should do all the workout videos that are listed on that day. You will see results sooner or later, depends on how much effort you put into it. it’s okay to not get through all the video. The workouts are hard, but You will get stronger by time. don’t push yourself above your limits when you’re a beginner. take it slow and work on a good form.
      I hope I could help. I wish you good luck and lots of fun :)

  • Melanie

    Hey POPSters! I’m starting #newbodymakeover next monday but I noticed that CAssey made no mention of YOLO meals. Does this mean we can’t have them or can we substitute one meal a week for the YOLO meal? I’m willing to do it but I remember Cassey said we should at least have one for our sanity but I dont know if her advice applied to this. Does anyone know?


    • sol

      It’s just how you want it. You can do one YOLO meal per week, or less. Personnaly, I try not to, but I’m not following exactly the meal plan (I don’t have money for salmon and I don’t want to eat process food – such as protein powder). Just make it the way you feel it right !

  • Kathy

    hey! I know Cassey answered clicking hips question but what about my knee clicking??
    I hear and feel it. it’s very dull. It goes from my knee to my hip but is more the right knee that makes this noise when I move it in and out (mostly when doing bicycle crunches or moves that are similar).
    anyone one else having this?
    have a nice sunday!

    • Tay

      Hey could you tell me what the clicking hips mean? Or which video Cassey discusses it because that happens to me :o my hip does the same as your knee with moves like cheerleader L’s and moving my legs up and down. Sorry, I don’t know anything about the knee :/ good luck!

      • Kathy

        hey girl! no problem. you can read what Cassey says about clicking hips in her faqs. She says it’s the flexibility and stability that’s probably not enough yet. if it hurts you might ask a doctor, because there she’s not telling anything. She recommends to slightly bend the knee, make smaller circles or use your hands or a strap to hold the leg for more stability.
        she answers a lot of question in her faqs.
        good luck to you too!

  • Cassie

    Is anyone else having a problem with their calendar? It won’t let me open up any days after March 22!! Help!!!

    • Kathy

      that’s because the following days are not linked yet. you see they are of brown colour and not like the others sort of red (or purple like. I dunno…). like the links you see for example in wikipedia: black normal text, blue is a link. Cassey may be in a hurry these days and hasn’t had time to link them yet (she has a whole bunch of other stuff to do too, I think and updating the website takes some time as well).
      anyway if they are not there by tomorrow you can use the link from March 17th for Monday workouts and look on YouTube in her channel for the new video :) or you search YouTube using the Calendar-Printable. there’s always a way to get the videos.
      good luck, Kathy

  • Anna

    Is it only me who cannot open the workout calender for the 23th march an following days…? help ! ;)

  • Jackie

    Are these workouts made for toning? I have rather slowly lost about 15 pounds and I’m literally a couple inches away from my goal……I love the work outs I’ve done through your site but I usually only have time for 30 minutes of cardio and one 10-15 minute work out. Any suggestions???

  • Sara

    I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE :(( I hurt my leg last Tuesday so I can’t do anything. It drives me crazy! I wanna do pilates and HIIT and go out running and all that good stuff that I really love<3 AND I noticed that I eat more bad stuff when I do nothing :o I just have to hope it will be over soon…has anybody else gone through this?

    • Lyci

      I know how you feel! But remember a couple of weeks off in the short run is better than making an injury worse. I decided not to take those few weeks off to heal and now I am paying the price 1.5 years later. So even though it sucks you are doing exactly the right thing!

    • Kathy

      I feel you dear!! me: getting cold and fever in first week. couldn’t do anything for four days. went crazy. now: got a bump next to my right chest on my ripcage. Doctor said it’s a hardening, got injection and not allowed to do workout on upper body. <- sadly pilates is often not only legs in a leg workout. not doing workout feels so wrong. I noticed I'm eating more bad things too… so Sara, I totally understand you! :) I hope you get better soon and wish you all the best!!

    • Sara

      Thank you so much for support! I really needed it <3 It's amazing how great community we have here :o I love it :)) I hope the best for everyone and LET'S KILL IT next month ;DD

  • Jenna

    Loving these videos, I cant believe how much happier and fresh I feel now iv started doing these workout calendars! Quick question, should you be adding more cardio into these monthly calendars, or is all the cardio you need to stay fit and healthy already included?
    I found the abs the hardest, I always do :(

    • Bart

      Well I lost some weight before I started doing Blogilates and I expected my weight to skyrocket because all the exercises were tough for me and I’d notice the muscle build in days. (Muscle is heavy.) Then I weighed myself every week and my weight is actually decreasing ever so slowly while my body is definitely growing stronger. That is very surprising.

      So in my case, I got to a point where I will have to start eating more if I want to keep a certain weight. Kind of weird but I don’t want to be too skinny and I’m already at the ideal BMI and still burning fat… And that is with eating candy every day cause I’m a candy-monster.

      If you do all the exercises like you mean it, and in a row without much of a break, then I found it to be about as effective as the 15 km running I used to do 3 times a week before that got me injured badly. So yes, for me it has plenty of cardio. Maybe a bit much, even.

  • Question, do you do each workout without stopping between each one? I always do like 2 then the other 2 after a couple hours. Is that okay?

    • Caitlin

      I think it’s better to do the full hour all at once because you’re keeping your heart rate up and you rmuscles working continuously. However, if splitting them up is the only way you can fit them into your schedule or give it your all, then by all means do what works for you. Either way you’re getting in your full workout! Keep up the good work :)

  • Meg

    wow Catherine evens out so well!!! she looks good both ways!!

  • Rosie

    Jesus Christ, you’re right Cassie! My calves are dying after mondays workoutttt! I can’t even walk! *but i love it! :D

  • Hi Cassey! Can I request a song? It’s called MR. MR. by Girls Generation. I really love your ‘What Makes You Bootyful’ workout and ‘Calves You Came workout’! Please make it work!
    With love!

    • Anna

      Whooaaah!!! I love MR MR! Are you a fan of SNSD?
      I want MR MR, I got a boy, and the boys by girls generation :)

  • Gar

    I downloaded the app Blogilates and I was wondering how do I get access to the workout Calder since I have the password, but it does not allow me to put my password or login with my email. Helppp!!! Thanks again :)

  • Jackie Kucey

    Hi Cassie,
    I just wanted a opinion on my workouts tomorrow I’m starting the 12 week cleanse and the workouts I am doing are Monday,Wednesday,Friday at the gym doing cardio, and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday doing your workouts is this a good plan or should I maybe cut out the Wednesday gym workout?? Please help this is vital for my organization for this treck. P.s I just want to lose weight and get toned…

    • Melanie

      Tuesday is Spring Fling, Thursday is the cocktail dress videos and Saturday is VS series. I think you have a good ratio of muscle toning and cardio. The cardio will help you burn fat and Cassey’s workouts should help with toning. I think you’re good to go, good luck! :)

  • Lu

    Hello POPsters,

    I’ve been having a problem with my streches. With everyday of working out and the streching afterwards I don’t feel more flexible like I should but even more tight. My muscles hurt so much. :(
    Am I doing something wrong? Did someone else experience this?
    I really need some advice :(

  • Kate

    #1 YOLO meal = carrot cake, <3 that stuff!

  • Maria

    I was just wondering. If I go to a swimming lesson that lasts 45 minutes do I have to do the workouts from the calendar for that day too or not?

    • Bart

      Well. I’m not an expert but you have to be careful not to overburden yourself because ‘you should’ do things. Then you’d be out of the loop for weeks, and that’s not progress. Like they say we’re all on our own journey.
      I think the most important thing is that you challenge yourself a little every day (when it’s not a rest day). So do you feel you really gave it your 110% for that day?
      If you feel like you could challenge yourself to a blogilates video or two on top of the swimming without wrecking your body, then you should try that!

  • Maria

    I was just wondering. If I go to a swimming lesson that lasts 45 minutes do I have to do the workouts from the calendar too or not?

  • Rose

    Hi Cassey and POPSters,

    I tend to get sick fairly easy so what do you recommend on those sick days. No workouts and just bed or do you push it and still work out plus plenty of rest after?

    I’ve missed out on 2 days so far and I really don’t want to miss anymore but everyone tells me to just rest. So whats your take on sick days.

    much love,

    • Ai

      Hi Rose!

      Define ‘sick’.
      Rule of thumb, if you are sick throat and up, then usually it’s fine. (cold/sore throat). Anything below such as hacking cough/ stomach illness is a no way.

      When I have a cold, I still try to get my exercise in. However I probably will do less reps/weight and walk instead of run.

      But your and my body are different. Listen to your body!
      Lots of vitamin C/ fluids k!

    • Becky

      Hi Rose,
      I’m not a medical professional or health care provider, but I can tell you that it’s safe to exercise if you have a cold. If however, you have a fever, flu, or feel dizzy/light-headed/faint, then DO NOT exercise! I am a big believer in pushing yourself, at the same time, I think it’s extremely important to listen to your body. For me personally, it takes A LOT to make me take an extra rest day. I will exercise if I have a cold or don’t feel great, but if I feel like I’m going to pass out if I try to exercise, then I skip it. On days when I don’t feel good, I don’t exercise as intensely and I won’t do fast paced/high energy work outs. You have to personally gauge what you feel capable of doing. If you feel sick and don’t feel comfortable exercising, just go on a nice walk or do some stretching/yoga. Also, make sure you are eating well. Being sick is not an excuse to binge eat or eat unhealthy. I hope you get feeling better, it’s horrible being sick!

      Best wishes,

    • Rose

      Thank you both!! Water and lots of vitamin c helped. I ate well but held off on the exercise. At least now I know for future references.

      Thanks again!

  • Vendy

    Hi everyone! :) I do the March calendar since Saturday the 8. I want to lose about 4 kg. Do you think that it is better to lose weight at first and after that do the calkendar? Because I don´t want to have big muscles :D so I don´t know what is better. Please tell me :D and so sorry for mystakes, Iam from The Czech Republic :) and my English isn´t the best :)

    • Kati

      Hey Vendy,

      you won’t get big bulky muscles from doing Cassey’s workouts! Your muscles will get stronger and more defined, yes, but not big and bulky! Plus, muscles really help you to lose weight, because the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn! I started doing Blogilates last August and lost about 6 kg in 4 months and am now maintaining my weight.

      I would suggest you follow the monthly calender and maybe add some cardio f you think you need it, bur for me Cassey’s workouts were enough to shed those pounds!

      Good luck to you :)