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Hey guys!

HAPPY #FEBUREADY!!! Are you ready for 28 days of body loving body sculpting fun?! I am! You’re going to love this calendar because the days are spread out nicely between HIITs, Cardio, and “Total Body Torture” sessions. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. And well, if it makes you feel better – the month is ONLY 28 days long :)

I want you to commit to a great month. Commit to a healthy lifestyle that will not only make you look good, it’ll make you FEEL so energetic, confident, and ready to take on the world. C’mon, only 28 days. Let’s do this? Yes? (Say yes.)

Now! Other fun things we’re going to do together…

1. PROJECT OF THE MONTH: Create an Inspiration Board!


like this…


or this!

I want you to take a moment and think about what’s important to you. What makes you tick…what makes you passionate…how you envision you LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE! Grab quotes, pics, and whatever else that inspires you to be healthy, happy, and strong. Make a collage either by magazines and printouts and post it on your wall, or make a digital collage on your phone and make it your background for the month.

- Your project is due on Feb 7th. To turn it in, all you need to do is upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag me @blogilates then use the hashtag #blogilatesboard!

- Then search that hashtag #blogilatesboard and leave a comment on another POPster’s creation. I want you to inspire each other and support one another.


Check out my Monday YouTube videos to see what  I am giving away that week to help motivate you to stay on track and TRAIN INSANE!

3. Can you Handle the Love? New EXCLUSIVE In-App workout!


My new love handle workout (perfect for Valentine’s Day) features a never before seen move that will absolutely KILL your muffintop! It’s so good. You must see! You can get the workout in the Blogilates Official App which is FREE to download on iPhone and Android. The video comes free with a subscription to the awesome workout calendar inside the app, and it’s yours to keep forever.

Okie dokie guys!

I hope you’re just as excited as I am about #FEBUREADY! Will update you more on my book cover photoshoot and other life happenings later.

Much love! And happy lunar new year to those celebrating!

And here is each day’s workout!

February 1

February 2

February 3

February 4

February 5

February 6

February 7

February 8

February 9

February 10

February 11

February 12

February 13

February 14

February 15

February 16

February 17

February 18

February 19

February 20

February 21

February 22

February 23

February 24

February 25

February 26

February 27

February 28



  1. thank you!

  2. I would try a few days in see how your feeling and if you can go for it , if not you could mix the beginners calendar with this one like two videos a day from each calendar until you get stronger ,but listen to your body you will know good luck hope it helps :)

  3. I sometimes add cardio into my days as well! I used to be a huge gym nerd. Lifting weights, running, and doing ab routines were my favorite things. I would go to the gym for an hour and a half five days a week, but now I pretty much only do the blogilates daily workouts. I have noticed a huge improvement now that I am doing these workouts instead. Many of the moves already include cardio, so I would say maybe do cardio, in addition to blogilates, two to three days a week to start out. That’s what I am doing now, but I plan to pick it up once my second 5K roles around. I hope this helps!

  4. Hi Kathy,

    I was wondering if you’re also eating healthier on top of the calendar workouts?

  5. Hey everyone. I have a question.
    I’ve been doing this for like.. 23 days. (Since I finished 23th workout videos yesterday)
    And I wonder is it okay to stop doing the beginner’s calender and start march workouts?

    I think now I can do Pop Pilates beginner’s work out pretty well than the first time.
    But the new workout videos and ABC abs are still killing me :(
    And Im not sure I am doing the right posture.

    I originally planned to do beginner’s course for 2 more months, but after I see this new workout calender I want to try new ones.

    So I want to know your opinions.

  6. loved february calendar!! did everysingle day and everysingle qorkout without fail, exept for the food baby on day 5. Felt so many changes in my body, I can do so many moves that i couldn’t d before! s o much improvment!! It was my first calendar after the beguinner’s and i loved it!!! bring it on March!! I’m ready :D

  7. That’s amazing! Congratulations!

    I’m much closer to Cassey’s target demographic, but over the winter holidays I got my 55-year-old mother to start the beginners’ calendar. It’s now her second time doing it, and she keeps telling me she feels stronger and more energetic!

  8. thank you cassey, for all ur support and dedication to blogilates. you do a really great job at teaching and a amazing trainer,

  9. Hi guys,
    I got to college and the food here is not very good/fresh so its hard to find the healthiest things to eat. I have been trying to eat healthy as much as possible but i dont think i am doing that great :(

    Also, do you guys do cardio on top of the calendar workouts? I am not sure if i should just do the calender or combined it with some time on the treadmill. I would love to hear suggestions.

    My boyfriend and his family own a boat so all summer I am out in a bathing suit and really wanna look good and feel confident this summer. Thank you <3

  10. Why wait until march to work hard? I’d say start now! I started this calendar in the middle of last week because I didn’t really see the point of waiting… Everyday’s a good day to turn your life around!

  11. Hi! I started this calendar a few days late, so I was behind everyone on the calendar. Then I got sick and couldn’t work out for over a week. Now I’m 2 weeks behind on the calendar! Should I finish this calendar, or just wait and do the March calendar when it comes out?

  12. milk or milk based product like yogurt*

  13. I normally have some milk to coat and soothe. If you are concerned about it coming during a work out try not to have much a few hours before the work out. Some zantac might help as well. If it continues try tracking what you are eating and narrow it down as to why it’s coming. Also you could try several smaller meals as well instead of 3 reg size meals, as it might be too much and the acid building up higher than normal.

  14. Nice story Margie! And of course you’re going to wear a bikini this summer (and for me it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who is doing blogilates and is over 30 years old ;-)).
    Keep on going, you’ll make it!

  15. Hi i really need some advice. What can i do if i get really bad acid build up in my throat? its really uncomfortable and it might happen in the middle of a workout and i want to finish it! but its gets really painful and makes me feel like im going to be sick. What can i do to get rid of it? xx

  16. Kylie (From Australia N.S.W) says:

    Mits because she adds them bit by bit. She knows

  17. Thank you, this is great!

  18. Sol, there is no need to be sassy. Just alerting our lovely Cassey to something missing on her blog…. I would actually appreciate that feedback if I had something that needed to fixed on my website. Lets bring positivity to this community, not negative or cutting remarks. I mean no disrespect but have to speak my mind. Its all love :)

  19. But you now that you can look by yourself on youtube ? Sometimes, I guess, Cassey is too busy to put the links. It’s not a big deel, just do the search !

  20. Hey Inesa. (: thank youu.
    Its just that 70 is a large number and it scares me. Haha. I’ll just up my cardio and stay healthy and not think abt my weight.

  21. Girl you don’t have to worry,because before I started working out(seriously) because I did beginners calendar I checked my weight it was 53 kilos I did that in September and for now today(I do regular blogilates calendar,try as much as I can to eat clean) and now I weigh 56 so you don’t have to worry sorry for my english

  22. Hey Cassey,
    First of all I’m loving the challenging workouts, thank you for sharing your passion! Also I am trying to keep up with the calendar, but none of the links to the video playlists for Feb 23rd onward are working. Any chance the links are going to be activated before the close of the month? Till they are I’ll just repeat the work outs from other days this month and stay sore :)
    Thanks for all that you do and being YOU!

  23. Heyyy i think we’re sort of from the same body type. All broad. The difference tho is that i have such large boobs and big butt. Haha. Hence my short broad and fat look. But i lovee how i look in the mirror when im half naked. Probably i’ll weigh lighter if i just keep at it longer.
    Thanks kathy, really. (:

  24. I fully understand how you felt. I often didn’t even need a doctor to tell me such things. I am of a different shape than most of the girls I know or see at where I live. most of them have nice boobs, flat ass, slim legs and I had a scale. I felt awkward and ugly for a very long time and my self-esteem isn’t the best. I have broad shoulders, nearly no boobs, a tiny waist, big hips and strong legs. I never liked my lower body because it looked huge and far compared to my upper slimmer one.
    Now after just a month with Casseys workout my lower body changed a lot. My legs have gotten slimmer, my butt perky and lifted (yay!!). now I really love my body, every single inch.

    I’m happy to hear how much you’ve improved and that you can look at yourself and smile :-)
    feeling content in and with your body is most important. no scale can say you are beautiful. Only you can and as I read here you have a lot to be proud of!! ^.^
    good luck, Kathy

  25. Awww, (‘: thank you kathy. And to be honest i love my leaner (now) look. Slimmer yet muscular legs. Toned arms. Flatter belly. It was just a normal weighing scale really. Im at my heaviest (70 kg) and im only 155cm short! I was aiming to go lower than 60, but gained up to 70 instead. And the fact that the doctor that i went to gave me that ‘man youre heavy girllll’ and said ou have to lose 10 kilos, just got to my self esteem. :(

    Thanks again really!

  26. Hello Adora! the question is what did you actually gain? did you test if you gained fat or muscles? because muscles weigh a lot more.
    What I personally learned from working out, eating clean, eating not so clean, going on a diet (I actually did one for three weeks. it was something with eat one day nothing and on the other eat as many calories as you want to. It really worked well and I didn’t feel weird on the days without food. I had my water)… anyway I learned that it doesn’t matter what the scale says. It’s the looks that matter. Take a good (!) mirror and look at yourself. Are you feeling well? do you like the shape of your whole body or details? are you content? that counts much much more than a stupid number on a scale!
    I hope I could help a little.
    good luck, Kathy

  27. So i had my medical checkup just now. And i gained. Like atrociously gained weight. I eat as clean as possible. I do my cardio. I follow casseys calendar. What in the world am i doing wrong? I feel so worthless!

  28. Agh, the workout links for yesterday and today are disabled :(
    On the positive side, I’ve been doing pilates for 3 months now and I definitely feel stronger, yay to progress : ))
    Train insane or remain the same : )))

  29. That’s amazing! I’m sure that if you keep following Cassey, you’ll definitely wear a bikini this summer proudly! Keep up your spirit and continue to work hard! :)

  30. 23 workout link is disable. ..pls active the further links Casey…thanks

  31. Thanks! Yeah, when I firstly tried to start with the normal calendar, but it was soooo hard, I was sweating os much and I had to stop ever 5 minutes haha :D Then I changed it for the begginers calendar, and after doing it I think I became stronger and I managed to do do one day of normal calendar without stopping, and it got me motivated and I haven’t stoppped since :) So dont worry, it all takes time, every body is different but you will manage to do it eventually! :) Good luck!

  32. Wow, that’s great! I’m not overweight, but I’m very out of shape, and Blogilates has been helping me get fit. :)
    Did you have to start slow? I can’t do all of the videos she has for each day, but my stamina is slowly but surely coming along.

  33. Congrats! I love hearing success stories :)

  34. Well around 6 months or so :)

  35. I just have to say that I love the 12 week meal plan. It gives you the opportunity to try different foods and I loved it. This is my last week but I plan to start it all over. Before I started this program, I looked online and found comments that blogilates was really geared to young 20 somethings and wouldn’t really work for older women. But I figured I try it anyway and in September 2013 on my 42nd birthday I started blogilates and in early January I reached my goal and have lost 15 lbs. I am so happy and grateful to Cassey. She inspires me and whips me into shape. I am now hoping to get into a bikini this summer. I haven’t worn one in close to 20 years (after the birth of my daughter) and can’t wait. Thanks again Cassey!

  36. I am 14 years old and have a permanent stress fracture in my back and so I am unable to play sports or do any high impact exercise, is there any way that you could make a video of some sort that protects the lower back because I am on my second week of following the calendar and sometimes after my workouts my back hurts so much I have to ice and lay down for an indefinite amount of time. Anyone have any tips to make these workouts less targeting the lower back?

  37. Daisyamnell says:

    Good to hear! How long did it take you?

  38. Im so happy I found blogilates :) By doing those calendars and eating healthy 80% of the time I’ve lost 26 pounds(12kg)! Im so happy :) Now I am slowely increasing calories to maintain, and I still do the calendar and I couldn’t be happier:) I love Cassey! Keep going guys!

  39. Are we supposed to be running a mile everyday, too, like in January?

  40. Thanks for answering!
    I had this problem with my thighs when I used to ride a bike in gym a lot. My thighs got a huge bulk on front and it looked weird. After I stopped doing that it got better after awhile…
    I will look for some good stretching moves and skip the calves. but really thank you for your answer :)
    hope you had a nice weekend!

  41. Hi~! i just watched your videos on YouTube and you inspired me :D i’ll start tomorrow and i’m super excited! i’m a little worried about the time but i’ll do it somehow. Thank you!! I admire you :)

  42. I don’t know very much because I’m not an expert, but yes stretching should help. When your muscle is big, that means it is swollen and tight, especially when you flex it or work it more. My thighs, HUGE. Same thing, it’s just muscle. So stretching should help. Do about ten minutes of REAL stretching before workouts, especially your calves, and 10 minutes after. And when you wake up. That should really help to minimize the bulk. Also, when you workout your legs, maybe try to skip the calve excersises and do an alternate like thighs, inner thighs, or somewhere else. Hope this helps?

  43. They’re usually about an hour long. Sometimes it depends on the day, it could be a little more or less. Hope that helps!

  44. The videos are all listed on the calendar.

  45. You just saved my day <3!

  46. You’re awesome!! Thanks :)

  47. You’re a star! Thank you ^_^

  48. thank you! :)

  49. Guys today is the 15th and the 15th day is not opening.

  50. How long are most workouts? I work 3 LONG nights per week and don’t know how I could fit in a lengthy workout on those days. Anybody?

  51. Thank you very much, Nicole!

  52. Hello Popsters,
    i’ve got a question to you if there’s a way to slim down calves optical (without running cause I have knee problems)? does real stretching help to do so?
    I am asking because thanks to blogilates my thighs got slimmer (lost 1,97 inches total) but my calves got bigger. from 13,78 inches to 14,96. I measured it because it looks like my calves wanna top my thighs xD and I don’t really want them to get bigger, you know ;) it’s all rock-hard muscle too.
    so any advices? would be very thank ful!
    have a nice weekend!

  53. Hey there :) I missed some days too because I was away with college. I just skipped them and went on. Shouldn’t be a problem.

  54. I think you should just jump in to it and start on the 13 th, you dont have to do all of the videos everyday, just slowly building it up :)

  55. Hi,
    Ok so I have been on holiday and have missed the first 12 days of the February calendar :/ should I start on 13th or 1st?? Or should I go back in slowly by doing the beginner’s calendar?? Decisions, decisions…

  56. each day, do every video she’s listed for that day one time. i think some people also do running or other workouts in addition to the calendars, but i have very limited time so i just do the workouts here. either way you’ll get a great workout each day.

    you don’t have to do a special diet, although there are some meal plans on the site somewhere if you’re interested in trying something different.

    just a warning: be prepared to be sore. i did the beginner calendar last month and started with this one on February 1st and it’s still REALLY hard for me. but these workouts are fun too so i don’t mind.


  57. Hi ! I’m quite new to this, and i want to start tomorrow (day 9). I have a couple of questions, i want to tone up and still lose a little weight. Should i do every workout daily? And can i still do my usual cardio (running) 4x per week? And do i have to follow a special diet or can i just stick to my healthy 1400 calorie diet? I already eat clean/healthy :) Btw i’m not a total beginner so the beginner calender isn’t necessary, excuse me for the bad English!

  58. Anna-Kaisa says:

    I mix mine up sometimes, if I know it’s going to help me push through easier :)

  59. Anna-Kaisa says:

    I have some back issues as well sometimes with the ab moves, don’t be discouraged! Since not all of the days on the calendar focus on abs I would still workout 5-6 times a week, but just be careful on the ab days- check for alterations (quite often this involves just bending the knees slightly, or curving your back) and if a move REALLY hurts, then I’d say skip it for now at least. Maybe instead during that time you can do a move that you know doesnt hurt your back but still works your abs. Eventually you will get stronger, but it can take quite a while so don’t worry :)

  60. Thank you! :D

  61. Any other video that focuses on that part of your body! I did As Long As You Love Me love handles.

  62. I’m missing the Pop HIIT’s and treadmill workouts. I love those for gym days!

  63. You can do the elliptical in place of cardio. Or do an extra workout. I often do a workout in the morning and Cassey’s workouts at night. Or you don’t have to follow the calendar at all. Make your own workout plan, combining both of the things you love! Some months I do this as well. I will do other workouts and work in Cassey’s on alternate days, days I can’t go to the gym, as a second workout, etc. And I will focus on what I want to, not necessarily the calendar. For example, if it’s a gym day for me and I can’t get there and it was an arms day, I would do some of Cassey’s arm workouts (maybe 3-5).

  64. as long as you don’t do days consecutively like two total body workout days next to each-other, otherwise you might strain something and then you wont be able to do any

  65. Any chest exercise tone that area of your body and will probably lift it too. Most people lose their breasts as they lose fat because they are mostly fat (although this is not true for everyone. Some very skinny people have large breasts too) so the more you work out the more likely you are to reduce your breast size as well. Cardio burns fat but of course there is no way to spot reduce!

  66. Is there a new meal plan for Feb?

  67. Do not not worry it will show up till tomorrow.It happens always

  68. thanks for answering! :-)

  69. My Butt is DEAD Cassie. DEAD! You killed it! BUHH!

    But it sure looks good ;D

  70. Try talking to them about how you’re feeling. I don’t know your situation, but it sounds really similar to mine. My parents are pretty closed minded and judgmental, but when I “came out” about my choice to be Vegan and that I didn’t feel good about myself and wanted to start working out, I was pleasantly surprised with how supportive they were. Sometimes my parents say unkind things that they just don’t know is getting to me, so I have to tell them. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to be criticized, trust me, you probably will, but just chalk it up to ignorance and do it for you. When they begin to see how good you are feeling about yourself they’ll probably stop. And if they don’t, then its their own crap they have to work through and has nothing to do with you.

  71. Elizabeth Stevenson says:

    Cassey you are amazing! Thanks to your awesome videos I am back to feeling healthy and fit. You motivate me everyday to workout and I always want to do more, you make me want to kill it every single time! I’ve had so many people tell me that I look slimmer and toner lately and it’s been such a huge boost and I just tell them about blogilates!

    Thank you so much x x x

  72. If you could make it through the January workout calendar with no problem, then stay with the regular February one. But if you were struggling, I’d try the beginner’s workout calendar. Don’t push yourself too hard.

  73. same!!! i loved those. :(

  74. Same problem here… Thanks for posting!! Hope we figure it out

  75. Caro Lucke says:

    I can only click day 1 to 6,but tomorrow it is the 7th february.

    What can I do?

  76. Hey Cassey,
    So, I found out about blogilates last month and I immediately started doing the January workout calendar but I was wondering.. Should I do the beginner’s workout calendar this month and then go on with the regular ones or should I continue doing the February one?

  77. So I’ve just started the 12 Week Body Makeover, and I’m doing the December workout calendar since that’s when the makeover started, but should I be doing the February one since it’s actually February? I just think I should start where everybody else started.

  78. Same for me. Now I don’t eat anything coming from milk (yogurt, cheese, but also frozen food – contain some milk protein) and no gluten. And I must say, it takes more than a mounth to feel the diference, but now, no more hadehakes and, it not a lots of energy, but I feel more positive !
    So maybe you can try to avoid milk first, because you can feel the change after 2 weeks…

  79. No, there are some Cardio days in the calendar, and some muscle-building days. But I don’t do the Cardio videos – I go runnig instead. :)

  80. So I lost about 12 kg doing the 17 days diet from doctor Mike Morreno. I reached the weight I wanted (50 kg and I’m 1.61 m). Still I have the same body issues like when I was fatter. I still have that bellyfat. I know dieting alone isn’t enough to get a tight belly. That’s why I started doing Blogilates videos. I started doing the beginners kalender and now the februari kalender. It’s really hard because I always have a sore back and it’s almost impossible tot do the whole day plan. Many exercises for the abs are impossible without hurting my back… It’s frustrating and I don’t know what to do. Should I skip those exercises or train 2-3 days a week in stead of every day?

  81. If you click the calendar and click File and find Print Preview you will usually find options at the top of the window for scaling the image (depends on the program you are using). You may also want to change the paper there from ‘portrait’ to ‘landscape’ to make it fit better (turns the paper on its side).

  82. Ashlee Malone says:

    The calendar is 100% free, no matter how long you continue to use it.

  83. Do we have to do the workout videos in order?

  84. Invite them to join you, see how good it feels to get a nice work out done for the day and maybe it will change their minds. If nothing else, just zone out the negative voices you hear and carry on.
    It is possible to counter every negative they throw with a positive, even just mentally. Don’t be afraid of what others think, it’s what you think that really truly matters.

  85. Might be a dumb question or already asked in the past… But, does the calendar video links post each week ?! I am only able to click dates Feb 1-6th?! Thanks :)

  86. Hi Erica,

    that’s odd my name is also Erica and I also own an elliptical! lol. What I do is I just go on my elliptical for any cardio videos she shows. If its a 10 minute long video I usually go on my elliptical for 15 then start with the other ones

  87. This is my favorite calendar yet! Thank you so much!

  88. yes Melissa! that is perfect! you can spend your cardio days running or doing elliptical like Erica and and the toning days with cassey :) thats what I actually do sometimes

  89. Thank you very much ! >:D<

  90. It includes everything you need to do.

  91. Hi Cassey!

    I truly love love loveeeeee your workout! Having a calendar and what to do each day makes it much easier to working out everyday for I already know what to do each day :-)

    I have a suggestion for workout videos! How about making a workout video on how to ease menstrual cramps? (I’m so sorry to the men….)

    Greeeaaat day Cassey! <3

  92. Very true, Mary Beth. I think at this point my body won’t be able to handle an extra workout, but I would definitely love to start conditioning my body to achieve that endurance. Thanks so much for the advice! :)

  93. I agree, Melissa! I love my elliptical and don’t want it going to waste, so replacing a cardio or hiit day makes perfect sense, bc I do love the abs/butt/thighs days! Thanks so much! :)

  94. oh that’s a good idea, and it makes a lot of sense! thanks so much arien :)

  95. Mary Beth says:

    In my opinion if you still have energy and you don’t feel fatigued I think an extra workout is great. I dance about 3 hours a day in addition to Casseys videos, but I’ve conditioned my body to get used to it. It’s a lot, but I push myself as far as I can go while staying within my limits. Just listen to your body. You could even do one in the morning and one at night to let your body recover.

  96. Lauren Bradshaw says:

    I have a strange question for you all, i am about 1.5 weeks away from finishing the beginners calendar on the mobile phone app and i can’t wait to move onto the normal monthly calendar, but my question is. If i sign up and pay for the caledar for the February calendar on the 28/02 will it stop and cancel itsself out and renew itself with the next months calendar? If you get what i mean? Or i could do half of the February calendar until the end of the month and then pay for the March calendar on the mobile app… what do we think?

    Thank you muchly :)

  97. It’s hard to stay positive when the people around you are bringing you down. The best thing you can do is to keep reminding yourself that you are doing this for YOU, not them. If they are ever making you feel bad for working out, tell them that you are only trying to be healthy. Surround yourself with people who are positive and keep you motivated. Best of luck!

  98. how do you tell your parents that you wanna tone up and lose weight when they are so judgemental and are afraid of being criticized?

  99. This isn’t necessarily a workout, but its the only video I know of where she really addresses how to tone the breast muscle area!

  100. Hi everyone!! I was wondering if, when following the monthly calender, you are expected to do cardio after you finish all the videos for the day?

  101. Ok , this might be a silly question ,but the calendar includes the cardio we need too ,or we have to do an extra cardio workout ? :)

  102. Arlen, i really like your idea to replace 1 video a day with 15 minutes of elliptical- or for me, running! I usually just replace cardio days with a long run and HIIT days with sprints and hills (which you can totally do on an elliptical Erica). That way I don’t miss out on the strengthening and toning of arms legs and abs days, but I keep my speed up on runs. I also do daily doubles on easier Pilate’s days or on the weekend when I actually have time for a morning run. :)

  103. Hey Guys :) does anyone know if Cassey has any workout videos that involves toning or lifting boobs?I know some people love having big breast but I absolutely hate it and was wondering if theres any exercise’s that could help make them smaller :/

    Nila xx

  104. My app does not work either. Last night i tried and it told me my itunes log in information was wrong (it wasn’t) I then changed my itunes password and it was STILL WRONG. Then I deleted the app and redownloaded it and now it saying “error” everytime I try. :/

  105. well you can skip one video and do 15 min on the elliptical or, if you finished the workout of the day and still have a little bit of energy go with the elliptical, also you can do 1 day cassey and next day elliptical and then next day Cassey again, or… you can do cassey at morning (example) , and a little bit of elliptical at night. it depends how youR body feels, so do what you think is best for you and your body :)

  106. I did only 3 of the workouts from the phone app this morning! I was pooped! Haha! I will do all the workouts listed tomorrow. Thanks for the info!

  107. Yay super excited to do another month! I finally started going to the gym to do those crazy treadmill exercises.. Can you make a few more fun treadmill routines? I hate getting on a treadmill and just running, and your 3 treadmill routines are really hard BUT since they change every few minutes it makes it fun torture (: And if I try to do my own thing on the treadmill, I’ll cheat and take longer breaks than necessary. Also ordered the 3 pack of blogilates equipment (ring and bands) can’t wait to use those in the workouts for more of a challenge! Not that the routines aren’t already challenging because they are, but it will be fun to mix it up too and see what else you have in store for us. Thanks Cassey you’re awesome!

  108. I cant print the hole workout calendar help??

  109. Hey POPsters! I have a question for anyone and everyone who can answer it and help me out. I just recently bought an elliptical for my place and have been so happy using it. But I also love doing Cassey’s video playlists and sticking to her routines! I guess what I’m asking, how can I do both? I don’t want to overwork my body by doing both the elliptical and the workout playlists in a day, but I also don’t want to get out of this routine by randomly deciding to use the elliptical.
    Please help!
    Thanks in advance x

  110. Me too. I did all of the videos, but I haven’t seen any weight loss. It’s my diet, I know. Feeling really discouraged.

  111. What I do is I have to be strict on my food budget (what I’ll just eat ) and leave the rest for Savings and stuff I want to buy which is usually fitness related like New Nike Running Shoes, workout clothes for more motivation (like that)… I will foresee that If I binge/overeat then on the next days I have nothing to eat, which will be really detrimental for me. I don’t know if it will work on you but I do that.

  112. Thank you so much :)

  113. That’s the goal but do as much as you can and eventually you’ll be able to do all the videos or try taking breaks and completing all the videos :) good luck

  114. Hi, I just wanted to say that I didn’t receive the password and I had to create a new account with my brother’s address mail. So, yeah I didn’t work for me and I don’t know why!

  115. YAY!!! SO excited to get this month started with yesterday workout!!! <3 Thank you Cassey! I love having an excuse/reason to get crafty <3 ^_^

  116. Cassey, may it be hand drawn/colored instead? :3 make a more personal collage? ♪

  117. Noooooo, no more dance days? Those were my favourite :/

  118. My hip flexors were kind of sore yesterday, so I did the “As Long As You Love Me” Love Handles Challenge, which is fun and still tough and stretched me out a little. But I think if you’re really looking to challenge yourself, you might try her other videos that you can find on her Youtube channel if you search “Love Handles” on her channel. I was going to do Muffintop/Love Handles Exterminator because I had never done it before… maybe the next time the app video comes up!

    Hope this helps! :)

  119. Thanks for the tip!! I will try that and see, what may be causing this!

  120. chantelle says:

    Hey Popsters!

    I have no problem with motivating myself to exercise, and last month I did all the videos on the calendar, but I just can’t seem to control my eating habits! I need some tips on how to motivate myself to eat clean!


  121. Does anyone know what happened to the week 10 meal plan? anyone? please?

  122. *replace

  123. Does anyone have a suggestion for what I can place the app video with? I’m behind the times and don’t own a smart phone yet :(

  124. Where is the week 10 meal plan? I thought it was supposed to be posted on Thursday

  125. I’ve been hoping the 10th week of the 12 week meal plan would have been posted by now! My January workout calender said it was supposed to be on Thursday. Anyone know why it hasn’t been or where I can find it if it has??

  126. Thank you so much, Cassey. You have helped me so much and you are such an inspiration. I seriously love you so much haha anyways, I released my EP album Dance in the Rain in November and I thought that maybe some you guys and maybe even Cassey would like some of my more upbeat songs for workout songs.Don’t get annoyed with this comment.. I just thought I’d give it a try, ya know? Thanks for reading this(:

  127. You sound just like me! So many people misjudged me and would keep telling me to exercise more and eat healthy. The thing is…I AM doing that! It wasn’t till I found out that I am intolerant to a lot of foods(including lots of the vegetables I was eating) and that caused my body to swell and my head get foggy all the time. I am avoiding those foods now and I can see big improvements in my overall health. You may want to get tested for food intolerances and food allergies at your doctor. I am so sorry you are feeling that way, I hope this will help you!

  128. EDIT: I didn’t mean “burn energy”, I meant expending and ridding the body of calories. Here’s a link to an interesting TED talk about the issue.

  129. Personally, I started working really hard on my weightloss journey & eating clean in the fall. Since then, I’ve dropped ~10kg. Basically, I do a lot of yoga (ashtanga, vinyasa, power) & blogilates videos combined with weight training & very little cardio (mostly stationary bike and walking/light jogging). I HATE running (my ankles, knees, & hips hurt a LOT) plus I’ve got big boobs….soooooo….ya.

    The point is, YES, you absolutely CAN lose weight by eating healthy and focusing on strength training over cardio. Especially with Cassey’s HIITs. As long as you remember to breathe. (The reason the cardio is effective at helping us lose weight is because it gets is breathing hard….but that is also true if you do hard work with strength training. Breathing & dispelling water are the two ways that our body actually burns energy.)

  130. I don’t understand. My metabolism is more or less nonexistent, so I try to keep myself in shape by doing blogilates (I follow the calendar) and by eating right (lots of veggies, water, protein, etc.). The thing is that I still feel soooo bloated and sluggish and horrible, I just don’t get it. I can’t think of anything I could cut out of my menu anymore, it’s ridiculous.

  131. Cassey, I don’t want to sound like a complainer. No way! Take my post as a compliment. You do all this for us and for free. We can’t do anything else but thank you. You are our inspiration to work hard.

  132. Around one hour I guess :)

  133. It’s only one hour :) If getting fit is important enough for you then you’ll make time :)
    Good luck :)

  134. Haha me too ;)

  135. Good luck :)

  136. Me too! This month i’m going to finish it of 100 %!

  137. Cassey has listed all the dates right under the rest of the blog post. You just click on the date of today and then you begin :)
    Good luck!

  138. All of them :)

  139. LOL I don’t have an iPhone or an Android device so… I’m replacing that new love handle workout with some other similar workout. Hope one day I get to know that new move. ;) Maybe next year if I eventually decide on buying a tablet.
    Aaand, well, I really liked January’s calendar. The way workouts were scheduled along the week was perfect for me because I can only workout 3-4 days a week and as I’m not much into pop music/dance nor HIIT I could simply skip those days.
    February’s calendar makes it hard for me to skip any day! They all are great! T_T That would be great if that got me moving my ass and workout 7 days a week but I don’t have the time for that soooo… oh, well, I will do all workouts anyway but in only 3-4 days a week. n_n’
    Hope I’ll survive to this! #_#
    Rescheduling the workout calendar in 3, 2, 1. Go! ò_ó

  140. Good luck!
    You can do it :)

  141. You do all the workout that are listed on the date :)
    Good luck! :)

  142. Yes, I agree! I’m 12, so my parents don’t let me have facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

  143. Ohlala! Can’t wait to KILL THIS! I just would kindly ask you Cassey – I have downloaded the app, but I can’t play the video Legs for cardio ballet. It tells me, that owner hasn’t made this video available in my country {Czech Republic}. That sucks a little bit. Do you think that there is any way to fix it? Thank you so much and best wishes from central europe :]

  144. Hi guys!

    I’m really new with this calendar thing, I was wondering wether we had to do everything on the list.

    Thanks guys! xoxo

  145. Amazing work Cassey! Thank you for working hard to give us a free workout every month.. I’m currently unable to go to the gym for a few months so am going to use this calender! Wish me luck! :)

  146. OMG me too!! I’m getting all four of mine out on the 10th!! I’m trying to work out how I’ll fit in extra workouts beforehand :p I’ll feel really lazy not doing anything while I recover, but I guess it’s for the best :p Good luck!!! ^.^

  147. Thank you for being amazing Cassey!!!

  148. There are no links for the workouts :( only up until february 3rd and then nothing?

  149. Cassey’s videos will work better than just running in terms of burning calories. You probably already know that strength training burns more calories than cardio. Also running can be super boring sometimes. Don’t force yourself to run if you enjoy doing Cassey’s stuff more. :-)

  150. MiinaMarie says:

    Cassey, is there a way for us to send our inspiration board to you other than facebook, twitter via youtube or an email…I don’t use those social media devices and I always lose out on giveaways :( but I love making things like the inspiration board…I made one last year when you suggested it too! :)
    Thanks :D

  151. Loosing weight its 70% about healthy eating (and the right amount) so if you do that, than yeah, you will loose weight :)

  152. Can someone tell me what the aim for this Calendar? Is it just toning or will I like lose weight also? Please help

  153. No workout list and link for this month?

  154. Super Pumped! Thanks!

  155. I am with you Sorcha, I have never been good at running, but personally I prefer to do interval training when I run. I also crank some of my favorite tunes so I don’t get board. I am no expert when it comes to fitness, but I believe that running and the cardio videos are just to mix it up so you doing so you don’t get board. Lastly if your working out and not doing a run, don’t feel guilty, your still getting a workout and getting stronger!

  156. Got my inspiration board done and up on twitter! Thanks for the Idea! :) This will help me get through this next calendar! Thanks so much!

  157. I was wondering what everyone’s opinions are on doing Cassey’s schedule/cardio versus running?
    I used to do running as my cardio before I started Blogilates, but I generally don’t like it (I think I ‘plateaued’ a bit). I usually have to do my cardio in the mornings between 6am-7, & thinking that I had to get up early to go for a run made me sleep badly & I dreaded it!

    I was thinking of doing #FEBUREADY once a week then running & the scheduled PopPilates the next week. HOWEVER; is running as effective as Blogilates cardio/HiiT videos? I feel guilty for not running anymore…! And, is there also any way to enjoy running a little more? Any help is much appreciated, thank you x

  158. And one more thing that I am missing the handle the love workout….I have app but no paypal option to pay monthly fee…I am missing all app workouts….pls cassey need a paypal option plsssss

  159. Did it….Hardcore workout was very difficult especially the ballerina twist…but did it….n I am so happy that after 2 months of workout I can do roll ups with my body weight….yayyyy hip hip hurray….I dnt have to hold my thighs anymore….thanks Cassey….u r my INSPIRATION. …I am becoming stronger I feel that. ….

  160. omggg Im loving this month calendar! so exited!

  161. Damn this looks hard! So many videos on so many days! >< I'll be traveling for a few days in the middle, but I'll still try to do a couple videos here and there. At least I'll be walking a ton! The HIIT days are gonna kill me though…. I hate them so much.

  162. OMG loving this calendar!!
    I will say I’m glad to see the mile runs go. Only because I couldn’t do them with my little boy in the house.
    Please will someone help me!
    I am doing the #newbodymakeover but want to know what the 3 phases are, only so I know when I substituting foods I am doing the right ones and for when it finishes, can we just start again. I am starting week 6 and noticed its going around again but with a few changes. Please!! H.E.L.P!!!! Xx

  163. I am so happy,excited about this month!! :) I can’t wait! Also, I just ordered the DvD too. I am gonna be feeling the burn and lovin it! Best wishes everyone!

  164. Thank you, yeah hopefully she will post a playlist but if not i will use Youtube :)

  165. I know what you mean! I had my wisdom teeth out in january and it was so frustrating not being able to exercise for almost a week. After recovery I found I had lost no strength and was more eager than ever to do blogilates so don’t stress! Also don’t push yourself too hard before you’re recovered, as after surgery my head throbbed so much when I moved too suddenly, so it’s worth waiting till your better! Good luck with your surgery :)

  166. One more thing plsssss Cassey make playlist as usual….for all workouts…it saves our time n can do each n every workout….plssss Cassey…wan a playlist. ..

  167. Hey I am too excited to start new calender workout….it became the part of my life. …lov u Cassey u r my SUPER DUPER BIG INSPIRATION IN FITNESS JOURNEY…..LOVE U

  168. Already write this down on my litte ‘blogilates’ notebook!
    I’m soooo excited for this, I started January late, so this is my first time to actually start a day 1!
    Thank you so much Cassey for all your hard work I think all your subscribers love you because you are such an inspiration to many people <3 I wish I had more money to buy all of your stuff.. sigh haha
    Im Febuready yaaaaay!!! :)

  169. AHHHH!!! so excited!! This looks hardcore and I am DEFINITELY FEBRUREADY! Must concur on the appreciation of no dance days – I always had to create my own workout days for those. 2 months of staring helplessly at the screen as Cassey Gatsby Danced WAY better than I may ever hope to! THANK YOU for these amazing workouts – all the effort you put in and for being such an amazing motivator!

  170. Does anyine know how much time it takes on average each day of workout? Cause I want to plan out my schedule

  171. Ive been doing the beginners calender, looking at the monthly ones are daunting! I can’t do all those workouts in one day! I give up, I don’t have hours to devote to this

    I did catch the January calendar a bit late but i did everything that i could and i am going to do this one perfectly along with a healthy diet, thanks for doing this cassey, you are the incredible for doing this and helping everyone to get fit, you’re amazing.

    Good luck everyone :)

  173. is there going to be a daily video page like for december and january? they were so helpful and appreciated!! I hope so. Thanks for all your hard work, Cas!

  174. hard to believe january is over already! i always love the new calendars! it gets me pumped….
    ps cassey…. windows phones shoudl get the app next…. js…

  175. i´m febuready!!!!
    i made a inspiration board last summer, but i didn´t found the right place to pin it up and now it´s lieing on my wardrobe… i will pick it now and after a little makeover, i will finally pin it on the right place!!!

    but i´m a little bit worried, too… i say goodby to my wisdom teeth (all 4!!!) at the 18th, so i will be unable to workout for a few days… i hope i will recover soon, to start to workout again…

    stay stong, POPsters!!!

  176. Anna-Kaisa says:

    She might post them later (when january is officially over) but you can always go to Youtube and find the workouts (that’s how it used to be done) :)

  177. You can get to the workouts by searching in the search bar at top right or by body part under the workout videos tabs. So flat belly fat burner is under abs and applause arms is in the arms section. Hope that answers your question <3

  178. OMG I’m so excited! I’m finishing up the beginner calendar tomorrow, so I’ll miss the 1st (unless I decide to double-book, which I may do…), and I’m FebruREADY!

  179. Anna-Kaisa says:

    check the 10th! :)

  180. It’s gonnabee an awesome month!!! Yes! ♥♥♥♥ love u cassy, thank u so much xoxo

  181. Hey guys is it just me but i cant see any of the workouts just calender and the post. Can somebody help please.

  182. I just finished the beginner’s calender last month, and I’m so excited to start getting into the regular monthly calenders! I only work out Mondays through Fridays since my weekends are packed, so (no offence to Cassey) I printed out and cut up this calender. I had to rearrange the workout days so that it would fit into my 5 day schedule. I taped it all back together onto a piece of paper to create my own personal version of this month! It’s going to be awesome! :D

  183. It is- February 10th! :)

  184. woooohooooo! it’s gonna be awseome, as always!!

  185. Sooo excited to start a new month! This calendar looks awesome, super glad there are not dance days because I can’t get into them, I’m not very coordinated :/ Thanks again Cassey!!!!

  186. This sounds kinda cray but I’m already looking forward to the Total Body Torture days!!!!!! Wooooo let’s work hard for February everybody <3

  187. My first monthly calendar ^^ Let’s see I’ve I can make this while studying for my exam, moving and doing an intership! Might do something different for Sundays though.

  188. Jessica S says:

    So excited!!! Thanks for all your hardwork and dedication, Cassey!

    Also, I LOVE the idea of an inspiration board. Why not incorporate into Pinterest somehow and create a board there? Just a thought. :)

  189. I lovelovelove it! Excited for new month :)

  190. Perfect!
    But I had been hoping for the Fox Challenge to be included in this months calendar… I’ll do it anyway :D

  191. I missed ONE DAY last month. This time I’m going to strive to finish all the workouts. Thank you so much Cassey, I am FEBUREADY

  192. Hey guys.. do you know if there’s a way to get the exclusive app video without paying the subscription for the calendar on the phone? I don’t want to sound cheap but my parent’s pay for everything and I hate to use their money, especially on an app. Thanks!

  193. I forgot is there an easier way to get the videos than searching in YouTube? I am
    Struggling finding them with each calendar. Help me :) I’m

  194. This month is gonna be GREAT (:

  195. Are we supposed to do all of the excercises listed for the day? just one? two? Thanks!

  196. Whoot! I love the element of what drives and inspires you. What a great way to remind yourself why you are committing to working out and living healthy. Also, what a great way to inspire and support others.

  197. I feel like I really need and want to follow through this month! I don’t know if I can accomplish it all… I have a fear about pushing myself too hard, but I’m also figuring out that I need to be my own boss. No one is going to lead me to greatness except myself :) Thank you (really! a lot! Thank you!) Printing it out and I will be checking the boxes off! ;)

  198. i can’t find the playlist for the workouts…. anyone else having the same problem?

  199. Would be cool if you could include tumblr in that list, cassey >3<
    Don't have twitter or instagram and barely use FB :/

    Any fellow tumblr's out there? I hope so cause I'll be checking the tag ;D

    cheers to all you lovelies <3

  200. Could you do the daily workout video post again this month? I was nice to just be able to click one link and have all the videos be right there. Thanks!

  201. So exciteddddddd.

  202. Can’t wait for tomorrow!! This month I’m gonna give my best yeah ! Thanku Cassey!

  203. Jarizza Anne Estillore says:

    I can’t wait!! Enjoying the workout already!!

  204. I have not done this before, so I am a little confused or maybe I just have not read enough! Am I supposed to do each of the workouts listed on the calendar? Or do I pick one or two? Please help as I would really like to get started on this!


  205. I can’t seem to find the videos for Febuready. Are they uploaded yet?

  206. Got it! I have a question, I am new here and this has probably been asked already, but I am curious; how come on the app, in order for me to get a detailed calendar, I have to pay even though I can get it on here for free and it only requires a password that I can easily get by subscribing to the newsletter?

    Still I can’t wait to try this out and see the results at the end of the month <3

  207. LOVIN this month already!

  208. Ready to move on from the beginners workout. Time for the real deal!!

  209. omg so excited to start! I have just finished my beginners calendar and i’m a bit scared by this one ahahah especially for the wednesdays hiit me up days orz

  210. I didnt get the password for thia month in my gmail acc. I opened my yahoo mail and then only could i get my password (: please look into it because im not using my yahoo mail anymore. Thank you cassey!

  211. lets give this a start, im new N willing

  212. Had to sign up the newsletter again cause I didn’t get a mail xD
    Now I’m in yay!!!!


  214. I will do it because i can !!

  215. Yay it’s finally here! I’m so excited to begin!


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