50 Random Facts about Cassey!


Watch the video to get to know your trainer better as a person :) But if you’re at work and you’re sneaking in a blog reading session between phone calls and meetings, I did ya the favor of typing out all 50 facts! But that doesn’t mean you can get away with not working out. The video above comes with 50 facts and 50 roll ups. So everyone who reads or watches the facts HAS to do the roll ups or else it’s cheating. Work people you can do it at home later. That’s the rule. K thanks.

50 Random Facts About Cassey!

1. I have a pet turtle named Turtle!

2. I really love tofu! Especially mapo tofu.

3. I started playing tennis when I was 7 but don’t play anymore.

4. I love to draw. When I was young, everyone thought I would be an artist.

5. I ran for treasurer when I was in high school and won!

6. I really love to eat.

7. My nails are natural..and I love painting them!

8. I have been doing Pilates for 10 years.

9. I got certified in Pilates as a Sophomore in College.

10. I have worked at every gym possible! Now I teach at Equinox.

11. I lived on the east coast once.

12. I lived in Boston, MA.

13.I hated my corporate job and I will never go back!

14. I used to be an RA and wrote people up in college!

15. I was a Bio major and my parents wanted me to be a doctor.

16. I dropped out of organic Chemistry 3 times to sabotage myself.

17. Target was where I first saw my yoga bag in Shape Magazine.

18. Target is where my DVD is now sold! Target is a magical place ;)

19. I love Taylor Swift.

20. I used to be infatuated with Michael Jackson and taught myself how to moonwalk.

21. I have 1 little sister named Jackelyn. She is the cardio version of me!

22. I have a lot of Nike shoes.

23. I get cold really easily. Brrr.

24. I really like quinoa.

25. I love seawood even more.

26. I like to eat spicy.

27. I really love boba, but not little tiny boba.

28. My favorite YOLO dessert is fried banana with green tea ice cream.

29. I nearly burned down my apt complex when I tried making fried ice cream once.

30. I have always wanted a little teacup Pomeranian.

31. I am in front of my computer when I’m not at the gym.

32. I average about 5 hours of sleep a night.

33. I am certified in mat Pilates and I taught Pilates Reformer for awhile too.

34. I’m really bad at hair. Thank goodness for Guy Tang!

35. I have really good ab strength but cardio kills me.

36. I have been to Vietnam 2 times but I get crazy rashes every time.

37. I love eating outside but it has to be warm.

38. I really love outdoor malls, but not indoor malls.

39. I love this certain candle smell from Anthropologie. Anyone know what it is? Comes in a blue glass container.

40. I really like Disney.

41. I can’t eat chocolate. My taste buds are oversensitive.

42. I cannot drink. I go blind.

43. When I was 16, I won Miss Teen Chinatown.

44. My fave number is 16.

45. When I see the number 16, I know good things will happen!

46. I’m a capricorn. In the Chinese calendar, I’m a tiger.

47. I was named Cassey from a soap opera but if I were a boy I would have been named Christopher.

48. I had a business minor in college.

49. I would much rather lift weights than do cardio.

50. I draw and design everything in the Blogilates store :)

Hope you guys enjoyed that! Let me know what other creative video ideas you have! I’m up for anything that’ll make you sore and happy. Oh…also!

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  • Rachel

    OHMYGOSH i have great core strength and I can not and WILL NOT do cardio! Haha

  • farhana

    Haha Cassey, i am also capricorn ;D