My Ultimate Eat Clean Grocery List!

cassey's clean eating grocery list

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Hey guys!

Hope you had a relaxing weekend and are looking forward to an amazing week ahead! A lot of you have been asking for my personal shopping list when I go grocery shopping, so I decided to piece together my absolute STAPLES when I head to the store or farmer’s market. The foods above by no means are the ONLY clean foods in the world…they are simply my favorite clean foods that I personally enjoy and would recommend. For veggies and fruits – pretty much anything in season is safe!

My eat clean diet is basically as whole and natural as possible. I want to look at my plate and see food that pretty much looks like how it came from the earth. (ie. donuts don’t grow on trees…so that’s not clean.) I stay away from processed, sugary, and fried foods and eat 1 YOLO meal a week. That’s one “cheat” meal if you will, where you can go crazy and calories do not count!

Eating clean makes me feel energetic, my body responds well to it, and it keeps me full! I try to fill my plate with mostly veggies, then lean proteins, and then some carbs like sweet potato or brown rice. This is a balanced and very healthy meal that will surely cleanse your system. You can use my list above to come up with meals that work for you! But if you’re kind of lost or simply want direction, follow my 12 Week New Body Makeover Meal Plan! I wrote the plan along with a Registered Dietician and…the best part is, it’s free! Look at this nom nom-ness…

burger fries

healthy burger and fries by @xbrittttanyx


delish salad by @blogilates_sugar

waffle banana

breakfast by @silviweyel

 You get to eat multiple meals a day, the meals are yummy, and you’ll be full. You will not feel like you’re on a diet at all. You’ll be leaning out and feeling so good. If you follow the plan along with this month’s workout calendar, you’re on your way to success.

For those of you who started the plan in December, this week, we begin the final phase, phase 3 of the New Body Makeover Meal Plan! I just put up the meals you will be eating for Week 9 of the plan. The password is on twitter @blogilates, click here to get it. If you guys are just joining Blogilates, no worries! You can start anytime you want. POPsters are starting their fitness journeys everyday, so you will never be alone. Plus! I am here with you :) Just click here to get started on Week 1 of the plan.

Ok guys, hope that eat clean grocery list helped! Lemme know in the comments what other lists or tip sheets you’d like to see!

Thanks so much for working out with me and overjoyed that you’re excited about the activewear line! eeeee!!

<3 Cassey


  1. I must start using some of these recipes, they look lovely!

  2. Jenny Shen says:

    I love your videos and Pilates plan! I really love your hair black, it really suits you! Xxxx

  3. Cassey!! I was wondering what deodorant you use and your favorite places to shop for everyday wear and fitness gear? Thanks❤️ P.S. I love you and your videos!

  4. Wow Its so cool and impressive list of clean grocery and one thing is simple that we should eat natural foods which contain normal fats nutrition and calories etc for our health because a great and perfect health is the key to success.

  5. I have been uncomfortable with my body for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been overweight and since middle school I’ve been trying every kind of diet you could think of but never achieved the results I desired. This year I decided I was going to go on another diet, but this time I wanted to do it the RIGHT way and learn how to eat healthy for life. Somehow I came across one of Cassey’s posts on clean eating and decided I’d give it a try. Surprisingly it wasn’t that hard. Giving up all of the sugar and fast foods my body craved was definitely not easy, especially when my family members would indulge in front of me, but I stayed strong and I’m so glad I did. It’s been almost 3 months since I started eating clean and I feel more energized and clear headed. I’ve lost about 30 pounds with a combo of clean eating, cardio, and Cassey’s Pilates video’s! I have never felt more confident or been more comfortable with my own body. Cassey, thank you so much!! You have no idea how much you have changed my life. By taking your advice I’ve achieved what I thought was impossible. I no longer have an urge to eat any other way. I feel so much better, mentally and physically, since I started this lifestyle change and you gave me so much motivation to do it. I’m now at a healthy weight with a healthy BMI for the first time in my life. I’m actually excited for Summer because now I can rock crop tops and bikinis! Seriously, you are an INSPIRATION Cassey! I couldn’t have done it without you. (:

    • Oh my gosh. I understand how you feel. I’m in middle school right now and I never reqly enjoyed my body so I found Blogilates. I can’t stand it when my family indulges in front of me or they buy unhealthy foods even when knowing that I’m trying to eat healthier and live a better lifestyle. I have just started Casseys workout videos and love them. Now I’m adding eating clean to it too.

  6. I dont eat meat, so for the protein section, what would you recommend besides tofu?
    thank you

    • If you eat fish – salmon, tilapia, cod, shrimp, tuna etc..
      If not – tempeh, beans, liquid egg whites, “quorn” ground beef (fake vegetarian meat-protein) and I don’t know any more.. :/

    • Amelia Daphne says:

      Hello lovely! I’m vegan and here is what I eat for protein:

      Leafy greens, legumes (beans, chickpeas, peas, lentils and more), soy, tofu, soy milk, some high protein veggies (broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, mushrooms, chia, spirulina, kale) (they have protein!), peanut and almonds, fake meat, tempeh…you have so many sources, don’t be afraid of lack of protein.

      Stay strong <3

  7. Great list. Thank you

  8. Thank you! Awesome list – I am going to share this on my FB page tonight!

    found you via pinterest. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing. I’ve just come back from a sunny holiday where the local diet was fish and lots of vegetables (with the odd fattening chocolate pudding thrown in for good measure – hey, it was a holiday!) it felt so good to (mostly) eat clean and it’s something I’m keen to keep up now we’ve returned home. I’ve pinned your list so I can refer to it when doing the weekly shop! Thanks again :)

  10. As I get prepped for my wedding this grocery list is DEFINITELY coming with me on my weekly shop! I’m also so excited to have discovered your blog, and you better believe that it’ll be a wedding prep resource. :)


  11. Claire Wells says:

    thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so much for the grocery list!! you are probably my fav person with the exception of my hobby and my dog + family!! your recipes r delish, btw.

    Hugs and kisses for all the POPSTERS

  12. Christine says:

    Are clementines/pomelos/oranges good too? I’m really addicted to clementines, lol.

  13. Thank you for the grocery list.. Truly helpful.

  14. beautyblogxx says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I would really like a foodvlog. That’s basically a video where you take as through your day and show us what you eat through out the day. I always find that very interesting.
    Also, can you show us a list of shopping for new workout gear. Ireally don’t know what I should all have. Like clothes, mats, weights, other atributes, shoes, anything. Do you have a list per season, when you go shopping for your new collection?

    Thanks a lot, you’re my inspiration and I know gor afact that you’re not obly mine.

  15. Hey, so looking at this list I noticed that in the protein section it’s mostly meat, I myself am a vegetarian and was wondering the clean eating substitutes for protein. Thank you.

  16. Samantha Roller says:

    How are red potatoes or russet potatoes considered health wise? My husband and I don’t like sweet potatoes and I avoid white potatoes. My husband eats them more than I do but we just bake them with some olive oil and herbs or cook them in a crock pot. And also, I have IBS and too much dairy makes me bloat like crazy. Would soy milk taste good with my post workout protein shake? I have stawberry flavor right now but it’s almost out and my husband switched us to chocolate and I can’t stand drinking it with water. Thanks for everything Cassey!

    • N Nathaina says:

      I love my whey protein with coconut water. It gives me some extra electrolytes and I think it tastes much better than water. I don’t like having dairy either ^_^ (I’ve tried it with soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk and my whey protein just clumps too much to make it enjoyable, but to each their own maybe you will have better results)

    • Red and russet potatoes are white potatoes because the flesh is white.

  17. I’ve been doing some research about consuming fruit after a meal and it suggests it is better to eat fruit on an empty stomach to prevent fermentation of the fruit in your gut. So you may want to think about that before you decide to eat fruit fruit as a desert after a filling meal

  18. Edamme MUST be organic or they are GMO food. Genetically Modified Organisim is a food that has been altered from its original state as God created it to be and is then not recognized by the body. Watch Genetic Roulette on YouTube…OMG will you be surprised.

  19. I must be doing something wrong because I absolutely cannot eat this much fruit and veg, my stomach expands and the bloating is uncomfortable. Is this something that goes away after eating so much a regular basis or is the “filling the majority of your plate” thing just … intense?

    • Jordan:) says:

      Bloating is completely normal when you first start eating clean. The good acids and nutrients you’re body isn’t used to tends to make you bloat a little! It’ll stop after a few weeks :)

  20. What about Steak? Is this considered healthy to eat?

  21. I’m just curious… what’s wrong with dairy? I’m the daughter of a farm girl, so milk (skim milk, though, so no fat) has always been a big part of my life and it sounds silly, but it’s really important to me.

    • I was wondering the same… I’ve been drinking milk my whole life everyday, and i’m pretty sure it has saved me from many illnesses and made my bones really strong. I’ve always been an action-girl and i have never broken anything – i’m sure the milk has made my bones really strong. Keep on drinking milk ;-) i can’t live without it either.

    • FYI on dairy: Humans are the only species that still drink milk after being weaned from their mother. Cows milk is a huge allergenic food. Little kids that run around with runny noses once taken off cows milk that nose will clear right up.

    • I don’t think that there is really anything wrong with it! It’s just that options like almond milk have fewer calories, fat (unless you’re drinking skim milk), and possibly sugar (I’m not completely sure.) However, milk has TONS more protein than those other options, so I’m sure it’s whatever your preference is!

    • There’s nothing wrong with milk. However, milk is becoming wildly over processed and over pasteurized that the very benefits that we as the consumer are hoping to gain for the milk, is adversely affected thus defeating the health benefits we are seeking from drinking milk. Additionally, most cows are given antibiotics and as well, growth hormones that stimulate milk production. This all affects your health in other aspects. Research it a little more, it is important to understand fully what you are putting into your body. I still enjoy milk with my hot tea but other than that, I don’t use milk as much as a I used to. Almond milk all the way :)

      • Lindsay P. says:

        Amen. I used to work for a chiropractor who was raised on a dairy farm. When his big sis went off to college she had a horrible reaction to milk and was told in the ER she’s allergic to it! She never laughed so hard in her life, but it turns out her father refused to use antibiotics, etc., which is what what she found out she was really allergic to.
        I also found out by studying his medical books that the acid in processed milk nowadays pretty much nullifies the calcium content. You get more calcium in a stalk of broccoli than in a cup of milk, and you avoid the added junk! :)

    • From what I understand a lot of people have mild dairy allergies so for certain people it might cause you to gain weight, bloat or feel sick. I’m definitely a skim milk girl too, but my body handles it well. The other concern might be preservatives used to give it a longer shelf life, I’m not too sure about that though.

    • I will have to go look for the sources and the research is still forthcoming but there is a growing body of evidence that milk actually leeches calcium from the bones due to causing an acidic state in the body which can lead to osteoporosis. And there is debate about links to cancer. What a lot of people don’t know is that most of the human race is lactose intolerant. Those that can process milk properly are actually in the minority so many are choosing to cut it out of their diet much like many choose to cut out gluten not due to celiac but due to sensitivity. Of course, if it’s important to you and you tolerate it well then go for it.

    • I don’t think she ever has said that there’s anything wrong with it. The list in the image above is just what she prefers and likes to eat. If you like milk, go ahead and drink it. You’ll probably want to try to stick with organic, antibiotic-free, raw (as in not processed) milk to make it clean but it’s just what you can do. In any event, everything in moderation and do what works for you. The most you should be drinking is water, though.

      • One thing I know that isn’t good about cow’s milk in particular is that cows have many stomachs to digest their mother’s milk, but it’s much harder for human stomachs to digest it. That is why many people are lactose intolerant. In general even though many of us seem to have no problems from consuming cow’s milk, cutting it or out of our diets or consuming it less often still has many health benefits. I personally still like cow’s milk but I also drink almond and rice milk too. Just try and drink it less often,

  22. Eating clean and healthy is want you really need to stay fit and stronger.

  23. s6milerun says:


    You have a very nutritious diet! Thank you for making nutrition cool, because I sometimes decline social invitations to eat out given the temptations of restaurant fare. Plus, I feel gross right after.

    Is anyone out here a fan of BOCA burgers? I am so addicted to its yumminess, and as far as I know they seem OK to eat daily. Thoughts?

    • They are very delicious but unfortunately are processed to death. I wouldn’t eat them daily because they really don’t give you much nutrition. I actually prefer to make my own veggie burgers then freeze them for later. That way, I still have the convinience but in a much more wholesome, clean version. This is a recipe that I really love that’s a beet burger from the PPK: . Just look around online for other veggie burgers (there are more on that website) made without processed ingredients like TVP and more veggies/grains/legumes.

  24. Thank you for all of your help Cassey! I really appreciate that you make all of your videos, tips, recipes, and meal plans free! Everybody deserves to be healthy without having to pay for crazy expensive services. Thank you soooooo much!!! You’re awesome :)

  25. Hi Cassey, I noticed Papaya on your shopping list. Did you know Papaya seeds are very good for you? If you grind them in a pestle and mortar and add them to a smoothie/ nutritional shake, they are great. They taste a little like black pepper/ mustard seeds but are anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic. So full of lots of natures ‘goods guys’ to fight off all the ‘bad guys’. Thought I’d share that with you and your readers in case you didn’t know! Been following you since 2 years and as part of my own eat clean regime have introduced these. All the best. Kally

  26. Do you know if it’s possible to make milk with some other nuts? I’m allergic to almonds but maybe I could try making milk myself with hazelnuts, pecans or Manacamia nuts. Don’t want to waste food so better be sure I’ll get something edible and somewhat tasty.

  27. It would be nice if other fruits were on this list. I won’t take them off of my shopping list because I like grapes.

    • All of the items listed above are just what she prefers. She isn’t telling you to not eat grapes anymore. They’re good for you!

  28. Meadhbh Bolger says:

    Hey Cassie! Just like to bring up and question the fact that you recommend eating low fat or non fat foods (dairy)!! These are not natural as the fat has been stripped from them (processed) and often are higher in salt and sugar (to make up for the taste loss of fat being gone). The fats in dairy are not bad for you (mostly saturated, same as coconut oil, which you had on your list). I would like to know why you recommend this? Meadhbh

  29. Hi,

    I think it would be a great idea to keep adding “week meal plans”. I have noticed that I never manage to keep up with just single recipes (you have to think about which ones you are going to make for the whole next week, make long shopping lists, …) but I managed to stick to the week meal plans because I can get the ingredients for the whole week in one trip and just follow the daily schedules! It makes my life much easier because I don’t have to think about want I will eat the next day, I just do what I’m told, just as with the workout schedule. I already know that by the time week 12 ends, I will just start over with the 12 week meal plan!


  30. thank you for sharing everything with us! you are so kind Cassey <3

  31. Jackie O. says:

    Will there be a new video today or should we just do the hips butt & thighs workout from last week?

  32. Hey Cassie! When will the February calendar be up? I’m so excited to start my new healthy lifestyle.

  33. I actually have everything on there. So this is awesome but, are grapes okay because I am addicted. Also, what foods should i be eating to gain weight, but in a healthy way??

    Thanks Cassey

    Blogilates Enthusiast since 2012

    • Nut butters, whey protein, oils, Greek yogurt (2% or full fat) and avocado are all good for gaining weight if you need to. You just need to eat more of them than most people who should eat them sparingly! Drinking protein-heavy smoothies in between meals instead of as meal replacements is probably the easiest way to get ‘extra’ calories.

  34. thank you !! I’ll buy all very soon :)
    Cassey you’re precious.. really! :)

  35. I always look at the beets at the market, love beets but hate cooking them! Need to get past that! There’s a great recipe on Nom Nom Paleo for Siracha (the store bought is a little scary!)

  36. hmm, so when it comes to grains. What about Rye or Spelt? I actually eat a piece of mixed whole grain rye/oats/spelt bread (thank god for German bread ;)) every morning.

    • Whole grain bread with little yeast is no problem I would say, I like to get a type called “Dinkelsaatenbackferment” so it has almost no yeast and a bunch of good seeds like pumpkin, sunflower and flax in it. I think Germans simply overeat on bread, which makes it bad :( As for me I also try to not eat bread as often and when I do, it is before I actually am active (either work out or being busy running around at work). Another problem with the carbs in grains is that your blood sugar level shoots up and drops way down after only a short amount of time messing with your cravings and it is healthiest for heart and soul to keep your blood sugar level as balanced as possible :) hope this helped a little bit…

  37. Hey Cassey!

    Thanks for posting your grocery list! Now I just need to get my family to use it the next time either of my parents go to the store. xD The only problem is that I’m allergic to nuts, so I can’t drink almond milk. I also have an allergy to soy milk, so we get hemp milk and dairy milk instead. I can tolerate those, but are there any other types of milk that we can get that have a lot of health benefits?


    • You can also buy rice milk! I think it might be a bit more expensive and/or harder to find, but I’ve tried it and liked it.

      • I really like rice milk too, it’s got an awesome flavor that I just love! You can also find coconut milk in the same isle of the grocery store as you would almond milk, hemp milk, etc. And I don’t mean the watery kind that comes straight from a coconut; it’s similar to all of those other milk substitutes. It tastes a little creamier than the other ones, though to me it lacks the flavor that almond and rice milk have. Good luck!

  38. Hey Cassie, I was wondering if you have any tips on eating clean on a budget…I’m a college student who pays for everything on my own and can’t afford frequent $100 grocery trips, hahaha.

    • $100? How many days are you buying for? I know personally on the meal plan its only about $50 per week to eat everything on the list. However, before I did the meal plan I could eat on about $30-$40 a week. Now they weren’t the grandest of foods like the meal plan but still clean and very tasty. Just kind of spend the time to look through her recipes and cheap healthy recipes online (pinterest is my fave for this) and make your own list based off whats the most inexpensive. You could also try to look and see if your area has farmer’s markets, aldi’s, albertsons, heb stores like that. Basically look for privately owned grocers as they will usually have more college friendly prices as well as coupons. Hope this helps!!!

      • Other tips to add onto Junie’s is to make more of your meals vegetarian. It’s by far the cheapest way to eat and you can get more nutrients when you focus on veggies, fruits, legumes/beans, nuts/seeds, and whole grains. Farmer’s markets are excellent not just with the quality but because you can get to know the people there. You can make some very profitable connections just by showing interest and staying connected. Also look into what foods you normally buy. Often, you can make some of those foods at home on your own for far cheaper. For example, canned beans, frozen meals (including burritos, chicken patties, etc), and snacks (granola, energy bars, etc). If you are living on campus, you can save money by just getting what you need for your meals such as getting lettuce and cucumber from the salad bar. Buying produce in season is another way to really cut the cost, ie buying tomatoes during the summer. Just do what you can within your means and you’ll do great.

  39. Hi Cassey! Can you do a post on food/exercise equations? Like how many calories are actually in a drink or sweets to help people think ahead on consequences? I think I’d be less inclined to “slip” if I could equate how long it would take for me to run it off. Thanks for all you do!

  40. Love what you have on this list…thanks for sharing from

  41. Cassey, I’m totally in love with your positive energy and strength! You are such an inspirational person :) Thanks to you, I’m on the best way getting fit and clean! Greets from Germany :)
    Check out my lifestyleblog:

  42. This looks great – a brilliant resource for people just starting out! I’m interested in your new body makeover plan, can I start this at any time? I’m doing another plan until the end of March so would love to start this in April!

  43. I am surprised you dont know better than to recommend low fat products. I would encourage you to do better research before doing a guide like this.

  44. Hey , vegetarian substitutes for fish please ??Having same nutritional value ?? :)

  45. Hi Cassey / Popsters.

    What do the phases mean in the diet?
    Loving the meals by the way I am just starting week 5. Doing very well, except when I make my little boys food and I end up eating a slice of his sandwich or toast :/ I need to stop that, it all adds up. x

  46. This is a great list to go off of. I try and make as much of my own condiments, ex humus, almond butter, sauces, as possible from scratch so I know exactly what has gone into it. Veggies are always a bit harder for me so thats my main focus lately.

  47. This is a great post Cassey- you make clean eating fun and yummy rather than dull and distasteful! xxx

  48. This is a silly question but what kind of salsa do you use or do you make your own? It seems like all the premade salsas that I find have junk in them or a lot of sodium for such a small serving. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Star, I’ve found a bunch of really good salsas that are local and only contain real ingredients at health food stores i.e. whole foods. Trader Joe’s Pico de Gallo salsa is DELICIOUS and totally clean ingredients! hope that helps :)

  49. WELL LIVING BLOG says:

    That´s amazing ! Thanks for sharing !
    XX Luba


  50. Do I have to have Almond milk? I had a bad experience when I used to work for Blue Diamond Almond Growers.

    • If you are just avoiding Blue Diamond, there are other almond milk brands like So Delicious or you could make your own. It is surprising easy. Just soak a bag of almonds in 4 cups of water in the fridge overnight, throw it in a blender & then strain through a cheese cloth. You can add stevia or raw honey to sweeten it.

      If you want to avoid almond milk all together, I know some other “clean eaters” who use coconut, rice or hemp milk. You just have to be vigilant about reading the labels to make sure there isn’t any crap in it, and organic is even better.


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