Hips, Butt, Thighs & Internet Lies…SCANDAL ALERT!

Hey guys!

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Do my Americans have the day off? Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Just got back from teaching my second to last Sundance Pilates class. It was so wonderful to see you guys there!

popsters in utahSuch spectacular energy and good vibes. Thank you for making my early mornings so cheerful. I seriously LOOOOVEEEE meeting you guys in person. Last class is tomorrow 7:30am-8:30am at the YouTube House, 596 Main Street in Park City, Utah. Come if you can! It’s free.

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Also! Here is your new workout!!! This one is fun – I turned the music up and stuck to some good, classic, and intense POP Pilates moves that will shape your lower body nicely. Print out the printable to take with you when you’re not by the computer. I’ve seen some POPsters creating lovely binders of printables. Being organized is a sign of a clean lifestyle inside and out! Now here’s the video…do it with me!

And now to a kinda bitter subject.

I want you guys to be REALLY CAREFUL with who you’re dealing with on the internet. You never know who is behind that screen – it simply acts as a mask. Anybody can pretend to be ANYBODY and if you’re not pay attention you can get tricked or bullied very easily.

I sent out a newsletter a few weeks ago alerting you of the Blogilates Crime Report and unfortunately, I have some news that I just need to get out here on my blog so that I can prevent other people and companies from being taken advantage of. Including me.

Several companies have been approached by some fake person named “Taylor” in Peabody, Massachusetts who has been impersonating me from the email [email protected] which is NOT my email. My real emails are [email protected] for business and [email protected] for fan mail. She or he has been telling these companies that she’ll review their stuff if they send her free gifts. Then after they send it (sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of gifts), she goes quiet and I end up receiving emails from upset and confused companies that were expecting a full blown out post on my blog. Not very pleasant for either party is it?

I usually don’t like to bog you guys down with business-y, non-fitness related or somber information, but I think it’s really important that you protect your identity and truly WATCH who you’re dealing with. And especially for those of you who want to start blogs one day, you need to be aware that anyone can be anyone and some people don’t give a care who they’re hurting. As long as they get what they want, they’re done.

What kind of life is that? To steal someone else’s hard work and fool people. It’s robbery and it’s a crime. We are all put on this earth to contribute something special to one another’s lives. Each and everyone of us has a talent and we must nurture it, work on it, and use it help benefit others. Stealing is not ok in any shape or form. Never in my life could I ever EVEN THINK of doing something to abuse someone. Does that make anyone feel good? Really??

I’ve been robbed before and it’s freaking scary. I hate it. I hate that someone can take your possessions and invade your home and make you feel afraid. Powerless. This is the same thing. Except it’s my reputation and good will that’s on the line. I will not let anyone mess with that. “Taylor” I am warning you to get out of my house.

Below is a email thread between imposter “Taylor” and “Company X” which I will keep private for their security and protection. I am posting this because I want you to know how manipulative people can be…and how easy it is to get tricked.

>>> From: Cassey Ho [mailto:[email protected]]
>>> Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 1:25 PM
>>> To: [email protected]
>>> Subject: PR/Blogger Inquiry! (X COMPANY)

Hi Person X,

 I’m definitely interested in reviewing items from the collections you sent me! I would love to make a gift guide or lookbook for the holidays. I really like the items in the Fall 2013 collection. I also have interest in reviewing clothing – I found a lot of great pieces on the website. I look forward to working with you! :)



>> On Monday, November 18, 2013, Person X<[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Cassey,

No problem at all! That’s great you’re interested in featuring a variety of the items of your gift guide/look book for the holidays. We could definitely coordinate some of their yoga clothing as well if you’re also interested in that. Once you go through everything and determine what will work best, just let me know and I can let you know what we’re able to coordinate samples of.



>> From: Cassey Ho [mailto:[email protected]]
>> Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 4:46 PM
>> To: Person X
>> Subject: PR/Blogger Inquiry! (Company X)

Hi Person,

Here is a list of items I’m interested in:
>> Yoga clutch-cocoa/maldive
>> stainless steel water bottle-marrakesh
>> Yoga mat wipes
>> Premium 5mm marrakesh yoga mat
>> Marrakesh tote
>> beginners Pilates kit
>> Yoga for your week DVD
>> Breathe racerback-bright rose-XS
>> A-line tank-fuschia-small
>> Side-tie versatili-tee -bright violet-small
>> Bra top-black & bright fuschia- XS
>> ruched leg yoga pants-black-XS
>> 2 inch sure grip headband-black
>> Dual grip headband-black

 Thank you,


{*SIDE NOTE from real Cassey here… Dear goodness, I’ve never even asked for that much stuff in my life. Pure greed. Shameless.}

>> From: Cassey Ho [mailto:[email protected]]
>> Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 12:38 PM
>> To: Person X
>> Subject: PR/Blogger Inquiry! (Company X)

Hi Rachel,

That’s perfect! I will be doing multiple posts (probably 2 or 3). Here’s the shipping address:
Peabody, MA 01960
I ship all of my packages under “TAYLOR” to ensure my privacy. Thank you!


Okay first of all everybody, if you follow me you’d know that I’m based in Los Angeles, CA and that you can actually write me or send stuff to my REAL NAME “Cassey Ho” at my PO BOX here:

5482 Wilshire Blvd #299

Los Angeles, California 90036

I also want you guys to know that if I ever do review or share something with you, it’s because I genuinely like it, believe in it and think it could somehow enhance your life. I don’t go around asking people for free stuff and then spam your feeds with my product endorsements. I keep the content quality here on Blogilates very high, and everything I do, I do it with your best interest in mind. ALWAYS.

I apologize to all of the companies who have been tricked into this debacle. Thank you for contacting me and helping me pinpoint the problem. I hope this all gets sorted out soon.

Thanks for listening guys! It means a lot to me that you come here daily to read my blog. The one thing I want you to take away from today’s post is this:

Live your life to your own best potential and embrace everything that makes you uniquely, YOU. This is how you become happy and successful.

Don’t be fake!!

<3 Cassey

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  • Silvina

    ugh i cant believe how mean people can be !! just keep working hard cassey and do you booo ! we love you and we love everything you stand for.

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  • Oh my gosh, that’s horrible!!! Those poor companies!!! This person is just racking up the free stuff and these companies are losing on tons of money to where they might even have to lay some people off just because of ONE selfish person!!! That’s the worst =( But you’re also totally right…. It’s not even in your NATURE to go around asking for free stuff!! Hopefully “Taylor” will get caught and justice will be served. Stay true to yourself, Cassey!!!! Us POPsters got your back all the way!!!!!

  • Veronica

    Wow. What a disgusting, greedy, shameless person. I am absolutely disgusted. I hope they get arrested ASAP.

  • Jessie

    Thanks for the warning Cassey, I’m so sorry this happened to you! I believe in the quality of your service and am happy to be a subscriber, you do such good work!

  • Melissa

    Hi Cassey,

    This post is a reminder for all of us to be aware at all times. Thanks and so sorry someone did that to you. Shame on her.

  • Emily

    Cassey, I loved how the reps were in time with the music! It helps me get it the groove. Other times it has sometimes felt awkward fighting the beat. Thank you!

  • Kia

    Hey Cassey, thank you so much for your videos! I just started travelling ona long term, and since I want to stay fit I said that I will make a video each evening and that’s how I found you. I will train with you each evening for the next 1,5 years :D I really hope it will help :)

  • Šárka

    Thank you, Cassey, very much!!!! You are THE BEST!!!!! Thank! :-*