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dec 2013 calendar

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Hey POPsters!

Let the 12 Week #Newbodymakeover Challenge BEGIN!!!!



First thing…TAKE YOUR BEFORE PIC! Make sure you get a front shot, a side shot, and a back shot wearing a bikini. This is for your personal journey only and I do not have to see it. The amazingness happens when your “after pic” is revealed in 12 weeks :)

Now, here are your workouts for the first 4 1/2 weeks. There is more cardio in this one to really make sure you begin to lean out quickly as you begin your transformation. If you are not looking to burn extra fat, then you can skip the mile runs! And if you’re at home and have no access to a treadmill, I suggest you do the following Fat Melting Routine to replace the miles:

It will most likely be shorter than a mile run, so make sure you go ALL OUT!!!

Tuesdays will be hardcore Holiday HIITs that you can print out! Here is the link to the printables: click here

Because Dec 1 starts on Sunday, if you are following the 12 week #Newbodymakeover Challenge then you will want to start your week 1 with your Sunday meal! Be sure to write everything down in your Fit Journal to stay accountable! If you don’t have one, it will be helpful to get an instagram account and take pics of everything you’re eating. Be sure to use the official hashtag so you can find and cheer on other POPsters doing this with you.

For everyone asking about substitutions, you can check the nutritionals and replace with whatever fits the overall profile and does not change the carbs: fat:protein daily ratios too much. Or you can also tweet @WeightTraining!

You will also see that the weekly passwords for the #Newbodymakeover meal plan with be released every Tuesday in a different place, so make sure you print this calendar to stay on track and not miss anything.

Also, as you can see there are little red present boxes on all of the Mondays before Christmas because…I’ll be doing some fun “Cassey’s Favorite Things” giveaways! All of the details on how to enter will be explained in the Monday workout videos so be sure to watch them to win some awesome gifts for the holidays! I’m going all out…and we’re starting off with some pretty cool electronics!

Okay I hope you had an amazing Black Friday! What deals did you score?

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! The next 12 weeks are going to be AMAZING!!!! We can do this! Remember…take a “before pic”! I want you to be my next Transformation Tuesday story.

Below are your daily workout playlists!

<3 Cassey


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December 2

December 3

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  1. hi cassie im sindi im from italy and i always see your videos on youtube your just great and i have done so many of your excercise but now i gained some pounds cuz of xmas and new years day.. pleaseee can u help me i hope you can give me some advice see ya :)


  3. Please tell me there is going to be a January calendar uploaded soon!! Don’t know what I will do without it Cassey!!! Thankyou so much, love always xxx

  4. Is there going to be a new January calendar?

  5. Kadri-Liis K says:

    I have a question about the Dietbet in January. I have never done Dietbet, but I would like to join this time. But I was wondering if I understand it correctly that the first weigh in will be on the 1st of January? And when will it be possible to weigh out? It is said on the page that the players have 48 hours to do it, so does it mean on the 28th and 29th or something else?
    Thank you in advance!

  6. Tiara Oakes says:

    Thank you! :)

  7. That password should unlock all the workouts for the month.

  8. Just do it once.

  9. The meal plan’s on a different page http://www.blogilates.com/newbodymakeover-meal-plan/

  10. I was wondering how can it be that you have lost pounds but at the same time you cant see any results? How is that possible? I really want to try this but I have tried so many things, diets, workouts and now that I’ve found Cassey, I’m really motivated and I really want to do it. But I still wanna have a little hope.

  11. Do you really see any results? Please be honest

  12. I got the december password, i was able to get the workout plan but not the meal plan.. HELP!

  13. Tiara Oakes says:

    Does anyone know when we do our daily routines, if we replace the run 1 mile with the fat melting routine, do we still need I repeat that video 3 times? Or if we followed the rest of the day we do the fat melting routine once?

  14. I can’t believe even december is going to end.. MUCH LOVE, CASSEY <3

  15. OMG I remember the first times I was doing this! I didn’t really give everything I had and still I was sweating! Now i’m giving it 100 % procent and everything has becomed much more easy for me! Progress!
    Thank you so much Cassey, i love you! <3

  16. Are you in school, or do you work? Perhaps you can allow a little extra time in your day to walk to school or work. You can also bike, which is also good exercise and gets you there a little faster. If you drive, have a look at Cassey’s road trip auto exercises. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bKRNVC62O0&feature=c4-overview&list=UUIJwWYOfsCfz6PjxbONYXSg I know you can do it! Happy New Year! xoxo

  17. I signed up for the December calendar and received the password, but after that I did’t received nothing else :(
    How can I get the password for each daily workout?

  18. Thankyou for answering. I actually realised i lost 1.4kg (3 lbs). When you lose weight you just want to keep going. Now that crhistmas is over I’m going to do the runs because I have to do a beep test soon. And I’m going to eat clean. THANKYOU CASSEY!!!!!!

  19. if you’re skipping the HIIT training then you should have plenty of time to run. A one mile run takes an average of 10 minutes… you can’t find 10 minutes in your 1440 minute day to run 1 mile? Sorry but that just sounds like you’re making excuses. If you can’t do HIIT or run a mile then just go for a brisk walk, its something and something is better than nothing.

  20. hi, Cass, Iam so glad, I found your amazing pilates-blog, because it helped me so much! I reduced the weight and I had also fun!! Thank you very much, you’re awesome!!!

  21. Can you use the song Classic by MKTO in one of your workouts?

  22. Try the Quiet Cardio SHHHH! workout! :) at http://www.blogilates.com/pop-cardio/

    Hope this helps and Good luck xx

  23. So I started Pilates because I heard it tones and stuff, and I’m mostly interested in my slimming down my thighs.. Not looking for a thigh gap xD And I know, you can’t just expect to lose fat in one place..
    And I’ve been doing the December calendar, and doing extra inner thigh workouts, for example, Drive by inner thigh workout. But what I want to know is, which part of the thigh do inner thigh workouts target..? I’ve seen comments saying there’s a gap around the bottom of their thigh (Just above the knee) but the top of their thigh is touching..? That’s what I want to get rid of o.o so which part of the thigh are inner thigh workouts toning..? The top of the thigh, or around the bottom..? o.o

  24. Thank youuuuuuuu ^0^ xD

  25. If at all possible, workout outside. That’s what I do when my house is full of people–usually in my backyard. HIITs have such an amazing effect on the body! lol

  26. I know that you said you weren’t doing the meal plan, but what is your diet like? Seriously, like 80% of weight loss is a result of what you’re eating, and how much of it you’re eating. If you’re working out but eating back all of the calories you burned and more, then it won’t be effective. Eating cheap carbs won’t do your body nearly as much good as complex carbs and proteins. Also, Cardio (the running) burns fat faster than anything else. Are you doing the video that she posted as a replacement for running the mile? (I personally do the video, but I do it 3 times in a row so that I get a really good sweat going on). Finally…it takes time. It takes weeks to notice a difference. I lost about 40lbs, but it took a good year to do so. Oh and another thing, is to not fully trust your scale. When you first start an exercise program, your muscles usually retain fluids to help repair themselves. For example, my legs were my weak point before starting Blogilates. I weighed myself before working out that morning (I’d already lost weight at this point, but I was working on strength). I was 102lbs. The morning after the workout I was 107lbs. Now, it is impossible to gain 5lbs of fat overnight, but my legs were retaining fluids. After a few weeks of consistency, it went away. Good luck in your fitness journey! I wish you the best. :)

  27. Try to search them on youtube itself!

  28. Hi !
    I think that you don’t have to worry. Studies have been done that show that you wont see your body changing until you’ve been working out for about 6-7 weeks, and that’s only the little changes. Other people might not notice it until you’ve been working out for 12 weeks. Give it at least 12 weeks, I’d give it some more time, before you start worrying.
    Also, since you’re not doing the diet plan and the 1 mile run, it might take longer to see change than with people who do these things too.
    I’m not doing the diet plan either, but I do try to watch my eating habits. For instance, before I started blogilates I ate chips or cookies or sweets pretty much every day when I got home from school. Right now I feel like I still can eat that sometimes but I reduced it to two times a week. I replaced coke and fanta or whatever with water..
    Maybe you can try that too!
    but.. DON’T STOP, GIVE YOUR BODY SOME TIME! You can’t expect it to change that quickly..
    good luck xx

  29. That’s amazing! Great job!

  30. I’ve been doing blogilates for about 6 months now and the results are very slow, but over time, very effective. Taking weekly progress pictures helps you see the dramatic change better so just continue the work, and I promise it will pay off! Trust me! :)

  31. Exactly! those exercises are more for toning your body. But a little exercise never killed anyone.
    I’m a kid myself. Only 13. But that doesn’t stop from being healthy and eating healthy food and inspiring my family and classmates to be healthy. :)

  32. It takes time :) I’ve been doing blogilates for roughly 6 weeks and I did notice some changes but not that much. Just be patience. Also, all of our bodies are different. For some people it may take a year to truly change their bodies, for others it may take just a couple months. Maybe not a couple months but you get the point. Everything takes time. And not always you will see the same results. As for me, in the first week of body makeover plan I lost 3,3 pounds, the second 3,3 pounds as well and now as 3 one is finishing I lost only (compared to the past 2 weeks) 2 pounds so far. I’m just saying that is not always going to be the same. Some days you may feel stronger some days you may feel weaker. Just don’t give up. If I can do it. So can you. :)

  33. Hi Pip!
    You’re not going to get results right away!! You’ll see results eventually. I’ve seen just a tiny bit or none in myself, and I’ve been working out with blogilates videos for the past 4 weeks. It takes patience, eating clean, and training dirty :)

  34. Hi guys
    Ihave been doing the calendar for 12 days ( im not doing the meal plan or 1mile runs) but I haven’t seen any results. sometimes i do more videos than on the calendar but i never get any results please help!!!!!

  35. That is amazing! Keep up the good work!

  36. Do another day’s workouts for an hour, just do what you can. I think it’s all about the routine that you will keep doing!

  37. I can’t do the hiits on Tuesdays or Thursdays, because they’re too loud for people in the house, and I can only workout when I’m at home. What should I do? I can’t go for runs either, I don’t have time… :(

  38. There were some days where I didn’t feel sore at all the day after and I thought I was getting stronger (and I am.) But then I started to see that I wasn’t as hardcore so I went all out and was really sore the next day. So it depends on how hard you push yourself. :) It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing the workout wrong.

  39. Heyyyyyy xD I was just looking through the comments, and saw people saying they’re still sore from the previous days workout, is it normal that I’m not sore after the day? Does it mean I’m not doing the workouts properly? Someone helppppp D:

  40. I’m starting late, but I’m still excited! I’m going to start at the beginning. :)

  41. Great job hun!

  42. It’s mostly up to you. But usuallt, I go through it once a day and along with the other vid. I only do the Fat Melting Routine for 4 times when I tat’s the only video I’ll be doing on that day.

  43. just once

  44. Hi! I have a question that needs to be answered asap! :) Are we supposed to do the Fat Melting routine 4 times if we don’t have a treadmill or?? Please answer :) thanks!

  45. you are not alone. same here, so bad. :( But now i`m going to kill it! :)

  46. Hey guys please check out my new blog inspired by Cassey;s 12-week makeover!

  47. Hi Pip! You should go and talk to your GP about healthy lifestyle choices if you are trying to lose weight at a young age as your bones are still growing and you can damage them if you exercise or diet too much! :) The main thing for weight loss is to eat better foods not less food, exercise only counts for 20% of weight loss.

  48. From the beginning of #newbodymakeover till now I have lost 7 pounds (147->140), 3,4 % fat (25,4%->22%), 1,5 units BMI (26,4 -> 24,9 NOT OVERWEIGHT!) and 9,5 inches overall (1,5 of these from the waist and 1 from each thigh) SO pround and SOOO grateful! Thanks Cassey!

  49. They stay on Cassey’s YouTube channel! Dont worry :)

  50. Im really pissed that today is the day I start the December calendar, since I caught a bug that was going around after completing November :( Half my town had it, its so depressing

  51. I’m not doing it, but I’m eating healthy and controlling portions. That’s all it matters. (:

  52. just one

  53. Cassey THANK YOU ! <3
    I just found out that I can touch my toes without bending my knees! It is HUGE for me, because I couldn't have done it in years! And I just had to share it with you :)

    I started in half November with beginners calendar, but I must admit that I finished 10 days in a little bit more than 2 weeks….
    When December started I decided to get it on with December calendar, not to continue beginners cal. And it is great :) I have more energy, I smile more, just pure awesomeness !!! :) Although I skipped 3 days because I was ill and staying in bed… I still find this great deal for me and my body of course :)
    I hope other POPsters feel the difference too ! Stay motivated !

    Love from Poland ! :)

  54. Marija Lukšić says:

    how many times do we need to do the fat melting routine to replace the 1 mile?

  55. just wondering… how long this videos are avaible after the challenge is over?
    thank you, liki.. i just find this website… and i am behind…

    sory if the question is repeating..

    thank you

  56. Just wondering, we have to do the Fat Melting routine 4 times and that is like 1 mile run, right? Or we just do the FMR once?

  57. Hey just wondering why everytime I click on the link for today’s excercise the page loads but the videos only work for some of the links, so I’m not able to see the videos for the day.. Please help? :)

  58. if i don’t want to do the meal plan will i still lose weight.
    im 62.8kg and 12 years old

  59. i love you cassey

  60. Hey Cassey, I ordered my journal two weeks ago and it still hasn’t arrived. I know that you sent us some printouts and stuff but I find that it would be much easier to track my journey with the journal. I am sorry but I am a bit disappointed.

  61. No, wait 2-3 hours. I always eat before exercising (its a curse) and so I wait at least an hour or two before exercising but its really not good to eat before u exercise. Don’t worry though if u do, you should be okay unless its abs day. If its abs day then you might have to worry about accidently throwing up. Gross. Good luck!

  62. I agree with Jennifer, do whatever you feel is best :) Don’t feel pressured to move on too quickly to the regular calendars, you don’t want to end up frustrated and upset that you’re finding the workouts too difficult. I found it was best to ease myself into the calendars slowly. Maybe you could try a week (give or take!) of the regular calendar and see if you’re able to do it? Best wishes with whatever you decide, I bet you’ll rock it ;) x

  63. Of course, you cook them. But you mesure the quantity uncook !

  64. I was just wondering… is it ok to workout after eating?

  65. hey guys & cassey… sooo i did like a 9 hour hike with like 15 kg on my back and everything which practiacally killed me!!!….and im like super sore and cant move…well i can but i walk like a duck with no legs so do you think first of all the hike replaced the work out for saturday or should i do these additionally and secondly do i have to do another hike like in the sunday plan?! :p thankss…:)

  66. Hi Cassie,
    I am now in week #2 of the challenge, but I am confused . Breakfast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday has uncooked quinoa and flax seeds. What do I have to do with them?

  67. that’s whatt i’ll do, thank you! :D

  68. i’ll slow down on cardio, and do more muscle building workuts, thank you so much :)

  69. thank you! :’)

  70. omg i can feel my legs on fire… it seems like they’re burning …. awesome! :)

  71. could you do a workout to a sky ferreira song pleeease?

  72. Mackenzie says:

    Woo! Thanks :)

  73. I think you should go ahead and do the December calendar. It’s good to challenge yourself. Just tell yourself that you don’t have to be perfect and be able to do all the moves. It’s ok to modify them but don’t give up! You will get stronger over time.

  74. After all You Only Live Once. Acronym! Yay!

  75. Ok thanks

  76. HELP for the links day 7 and after they don’t have any videos just the text. What’s wrong?!

  77. It’s a “cheat” meal – a meal that is not healthy but you were craving and ate anyways! Like pizza, ice cream, etc.

  78. I was just wondering what is a YOLOmeal?

  79. yes! sub any meal of the week with a YOLO meal : )

  80. Mackenzie says:

    Are we allowed any YOLO meals this month?

  81. Jennifer S says:

    Wow, I was still sore from Tuesdays HIIT so after today, I’m sure I won’t be able to walk tomorrow! Awesome!

  82. Jennifer S says:

    There are apps you can get for your phone that train you in running. Couch to 5K type of apps. I did the Zombies, Run couch to 5k app and I loved it. There are also free ones. You do so many seconds/minutes of running mixed with periods of walking. Its interval training. As for running in the cold, I don’t have a lot of advice for that. Although I know what you mean about breathing in cold air being terrible! I’m a Florida girl, so I know it doesn’t get near as cold here as it does up there, but even the cold here is horrible to me! Maybe you could try a neck warmer thing around your mouth and neck and breathing through that? My husband used one when he worked in Massachusetts one winter a couple of years ago. He said it worked really well. He wasn’t running, but he was trimming trees from power lines after a bad storm, so he was very active. He said it kept his face warm, and made the air he was inhaling warmer.

  83. Jennifer S says:

    I would do whatever feels comfortable for you. Believe me, the beginners calender is still tough! And this december calender is killer. I’ve been doing this for about 4 months now and some of it is still hard for me and I have to modify them. When I went from beginners to a regular calender, I didn’t feel ready. But I did it and just changed the moves how I need to and did the best I could. As long as you’re giving it your all, that’s what counts!

  84. Jennifer S says:

    Yes. I, too, like higher calorie/fat foods (nuts, avocados, coconut, etc) in my diet. I can always tell when I haven’t eaten enough. Maybe not that day, but after a couple of days of lower calorie, I’m sluggish and have no energy. You aren’t supposed to burn every calorie you eat with exercise. You need a certain amount of calories just for your body to perform its normal functions every day. Eating too few and working out a lot with throw your metabolism out of whack. It can put your body in starvation mode where it hangs on to everything you eat instead of burning anything off. If you’re tracking with my fitness pal, and have all your personal stats correct and set for the “lose weight” goal, the calories it gives you daily are what you need to eat to lose weight, by eating alone, no exercise. When you exercise, and track it, you get basically “bonus calories”. Look more at your net calories then, not the actual total. That’s what I do anyway.

    LOVE FROM MEXICO!!! <3 <3 <3

    PD: can you do a workout with one of "THE WANTED " songs? that will be great, they have really good music!

  86. you can also go on youtube to get the videos, or just find them in the videos section of the app :)

  87. could i walk up 12 flights of stairs instead of the 1mile or cardio video. I have a 4 month old and I cant go running and I find doing a hard workout then doing the cardio video is too much. thank you :)

  88. Help!! I ate some undercooked chicken and now I feel really cold and weak. I didn’t finish my workout for today and I don’t want to skip the next couple of days and wait until i feel better because I will be off track. Someone please please help me!!

  89. Yes, completely, except it’s my calves that hurt a lot, and not my butt. I could barely get up from bed today, but I’m pushing though. I suggest you take it easy today and take a lot of breaks if you think you’re hurting yourself. Best of luck ;)

  90. What do you recommend I do instead of the daily mile run?
    How many POP cardios?
    I have a weak knees (after an injury to the right one) and every time I run…I end up not being able to workout for a while…T-T
    I’m 5’3″ and about 100 lbs. not sure why my knees are like this. ^_^”

  91. I will have to run inside or go for walks in the snow.

  92. I think you only have to do it once.

  93. You’re only supposed to do it once through and give it your all. But if you feel up to it don’t hold back do it as many times as you want :)

  94. I’m having the same problem. Can anyone help?

  95. you have to pay $0.99 every month for calendar access! it includes an exclusive video~

  96. Okay….I have a question…. So if I don’t run a mile on the days that I should… and do the video instead… should I do it once or should I do it 4 times like she says in the video? Because my mile runs are usually 9 minutes anyways….soooo…?

  97. This might sound really weird but I type everything into my fitness pal account, but I cut the portions. From the meal plan .. I can’t eat an awful lot otherwise I feel heavy and stuffed. But I always plan my meals a day ahead, and for once I was looking at my meals and how many calories are in them and I said ” I’ll never be able to do my workouts with so little calories” and I actually started adding high in calorie things in. Mainly fruits, nuts avocado. But this is the first time in my life where I actually wanted to eat more calories not cut them out.
    Even though I’m eating a bit more I’m still losing weight, because I mainly eat like 15mins after a workout when I virtually burns whatever enters the body, flaming red metabolism. And you don’t feel sluggish nor tired, more invigorated and pumped, waiting impatiently for the next workout. :)
    Does anybody else feel the same?

  98. Hey guys!
    Last month i started doing blogilates again. On november 29th i did ‘day19′ from the beginner plan. Then I used to start the december calender, but it feels a little much for me at the moment.
    So now I’m not sure what to do. Should I continue the beginner plan or go on doing the december calender and do like half of the exercises?

  99. Hi :) I don’t run 1 mile daily and I was actually wondering how many times do I have to do the Fat Melting Routine if I also do the daily workout, because in the video, she says we have to do it 4 times ?

  100. Also! Does anyone know if we should do the fat melting routine only once or all four times in place of the mile? I think she means once because she said it will most likely be shorter than a 1 mile run, but if you go all 4 times it’ll be longer-but in the vid she says 4 times. So does anyone know for sure? Thanks :)

  101. Thanks! This helps!

  102. hey guys!
    Last month i started doing blogilates again. On November 29th i did ‘day 19′ from the beginner plan. Now i used to do the december calender and it feels like a little too much for me right now.
    I’m not very sure what to do now. Should I continue the beginner plan or should i go on working out with the december calender and do like half of the exercises?

  103. That was great! I couldn’t do the slim leg cardio on the app since I haven’t paid for the calender, so I replaced it with HIITilates: My Thighs Are Dying! And I didn’t have the thigh sculptor tool and balloons freak me out (I know it’ll pop!!) so I replaced it with Slimmer Inner Thighs and Runners Calves! I still need to run a mile, but I’m way out of energy, so I’m gonna eat and do that later! Thanks Cassey for an awesome workout yet again!

  104. Well I don’t have twitter and have no intention of joining it. I already get the (lots) emails, why not just include it in the email?

  105. Whew! Thanks!

  106. Hahaha iI can’t move either! My butt hurts a lot and my legs too! But os a good feeling :)


  108. I’d say bad pain feels sharp. Like the other day, I was doing leg stuff laying on my side and I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. It wasn’t related to the workout, and it created a tingling warm pain that radiated down my arm. I immediately paused the workout and laid on my back and rested my shoulder. Then I only did moves where I didn’t put weight on it. The pain went away very quickly after that. Pain from muscles feels like a more slow burn to me… it shouldn’t feel sharp, it should build slowly. I hope that helps! If it’s too painful try modified moves :)

  109. I tried to subscribe to the calendar today it says I’m subscribed then asks me to pay again and again and now I can’t get the exclusive video! I tried to then buy it from the store but it’s not on there yet, help? :(

  110. I’m with ya.. I HATE running! A few months back I tried really hard to like it but I truly don’t understand how people can run 5 miles and love it. I’ve always tried the running 1 mile and seeing what my time ends up being tactic. When I felt like I was dying, I thought I MUST be close to 1 mile.. and wasn’t even halfway through! So instead I tried setting a time (12 minutes for instance) and seeing how far I got in that time at my own tolerable pace–pushing myself but slowing down to a speed walking pace for 30sec-1min if needed. If it wasn’t a mile, I’d try to run a little faster next time — but it was always a set time. Also, I’ve read on many different occasions that you burn more calories with intervals, say running at speed 7 for 1-1.5 minutes then down to speed 3 for 1 minute and so on. I tried this as well and found it to be more interesting (since I also find running to be boring) and a little more tolerable than keeping the same 6-6.5 speed pace for 10 minutes (or however long). If you have Pinterest, search running intervals, it’ll give some good ideas. As for running outside in the cold, keep pushing and your lungs will adjust but it takes time. (Try the same interval tactic outside too.) Good luck!

  111. thanks a lot…I started with the beginners calendar and I love it!!! The workout is hard but I can and I badly want do it :-) Sorry, I have another question: I saw the melting fat video…can I do that instead of the run?
    Thank you so much :-)

  112. Hi, what can I do if I don’t have IPhone or android for slim leg cardio? And don’t say buy new phone :-D

  113. Take a flame thrower with you.
    Sorry that wasn’t much help :P
    Maybe you could get a group of friends together and do it in some gym at your campus (if you’re allowed)
    But if you’re like me and you don’t like having to rally the troops just run until you feel like you have worked up a Sweat, and slowly build your way up :) maybe even try looking at some of Casseys other cardio videos, she may have some smaller space requirement ones. (If that just made any sense)
    Sorry I’m not an awful lot of help. Your in a toughy. Good luck anyway
    Always persist, never back down! :D

  114. I kind of have the same problem, but I just kind push through until I feel like collapsing pretty much, the next day I’m sore but it’s not like the “I’ve pulled something” sore, it’s more like a “I’m getting stronger!” Sore. It’s the stretching I’m really careful with, I tend to over stretch then can’t do much the next day, so watch out there, but otherwise with strengthening moves I think your kind of ok.
    But this is just my opinion, any seasoned posters out there willing to give some advise?

  115. Hi Cassey,
    I ordered your book and on on the 4 December it says to do the slim leg cardio workout on your app. I downloaded your app, and it says that I have to pay extra to gain access to the slim leg cardio workout?

  116. Hey I know there are a lot of girls doing this and I hate working out alone, so I was wondering if anyone who is participating in this new body makeover lives in college station, tx?! We could work out together and keep each other accountable for keeping up with the plan! Let me know (:


  117. I would either join a gym or if your college is anything like mine we have a rec center that is included in our student fees! That way you can run a mile on a treadmill or elliptical inside and won’t have to worry about the weather! Hope this helps! (:


  118. I’ve haven’t worked out in a long while but have been doing Cassey’s workouts and calendar for the last week. I was wondering/worrying how do you tell the difference between the pain form a good workout and pain meaning you hurt yourselves while working out? Please answer. :) Thanks in advance!

  119. You are suppose to do it 5 times in a row including the first time, with little to no breaks in-between. :) But you can do whatever feels best for you, listen to your body and what it has to say. :)

  120. She told us the password in a youtube video for the first week and just posted the password for week 2 on twitter, you just have to subscribe and follow her. You can get the meal plan this way.

    Here’s a link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64mcAeUQV4M

    Hope this helps!

  121. I recommend starting with the beginner’s calendar which you can find here: http://www.blogilates.com/calendar/beginners-calendar-for-popsters-just-starting-out
    You’ll really see yourself getting stronger. Just don’t forget to run afterwards to get that cardio in to burn that fat. :)

  122. If you eat smaller portions you’re more prone to snacking. Drink lots of water, eat greens, and try to keep track of what you’re eating everyday. Cassey suggested taking a picture of everything you eat so you can look back on how you reacted to what you ate. I would definitely recommend cutting down on unhealthy snacks, and watch what you eat. You’re still growing and you’re body needs calories! It’s good to make an effort to lead a healthy life, but at 14 I don’t forget to have fun too!
    Anne (17)

  123. I never got the email for the MEAL PLAN, so i have no idea of what the password is, so i’m basically eating what i think is healthy, will someone please help.

  124. hi im turning 14 next year and i wanna look my best. i have problems with dieting so is it ok if eat whatever i want just in minimal like eat less?

  125. Hey guys! I am trying to stick to this calendar and meal plan even though I still have college classes, with finals coming up :/ I live in Washington so it is already fairly cold up here and I am not used to going on runs already so when I went for the first 1 mile run on the calendar today I felt like I was going to die! Breathing in the cold air really kills my lungs and I don’t have enough space in my dorm to do the fat melting routine so does anyone have any suggestions for running in cold weather?

  126. one time= one mile

  127. Thank you!! I was getting a bit stressed over it! I’ll do what I can, and if I have energy, I will also do her workouts!

  128. Are we supposed to do the cardio challenges at the end of the POP videos & run an additional mile?

  129. Ohh yes thanks you Caitlin! I do karate as well so this kind of resembles some of my at home workouts and looks super duper fun :)
    Thank you :D

  130. I need to do the Fat Melting Routine one time or 5?

  131. I’m going to do this one:

    Hope it’s what you’re looking for!!

  132. The weight you lose by following these routines will be fat, BUT the weight you gain will be muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, therefore, you’ll gain “healthy” weight :) So, yes it would be okay to do these routines, however, also be mindful that too much cardio can also hinder SOME BUT NOT ALL muscle growth. The cardio does help for fat loss.

  133. Hi cassie and hi guys…I found this blog just yesterday…and of course I’ve already subbed it…So now what i have to do? i need to loose weight and tone up my body… so should I follow the workout calendar day by day, watching the videos?

  134. thanks

  135. Does anyone have a good suggestion for an alternative video than the slim leg one on the app? HELP!!!
    Please reply soonish it’s 8:00pm here in aus and I’m starting at 6:30 tomorrow morning, nothing better than an early morning workout :)

  136. Any of the pop hits will get your heart rate sky rocketing so those would probably be a good substitution.
    But that’s just my opinion , as long as you get some soaking in sweat cardio for about 15 mins instead of the running you should be ok… I think.

  137. You can get them on the app, you just have to look for them. But if you want the calendar and the videos all set out for you it costs $(au) .99.
    Hope this helps

  138. The beginners calendar would be a good idea, and if you can’t jump just swing your arms up really high with a lot of force (eg for burpees) and that should help get your heart rate up… Just take it slow and don’t hurt yourself, it’s not worth it, also in some videos there are modifications :) hope this helps

  139. the challenge may be the best thing for you! Especially since she has us eating a lot of good, healthy meals. I had a friend who had a similar problem to you, she did blogilates to gain muscle, and thus weight. You shouldn’t lose any more weight unless you’ve got fat to lose or your metabolism is so messed up that it metabolizes your muscle on a regular basis, but if that’s a problem for you then you really need to get some help for that. Good luck :)

  140. Hey guys! So my question is…where do I get the workout videos!? Can i get them on the app? Any help would be appreciated

  141. Guys I live in Canada and right now it’s snowing so badly! I don’t think I will be able to go on any walks or runs outside! Any suggestions aside from the fat melting routine video?!?

  142. I’m not sure if I will be able to do this! It is so daunting and I still have college classes for a few weeks. I was also wondering about suggestions anyone would have on how to modify some of these workouts. I had ACL surgery earlier this year but have had many problems recovering from it, and need to go to therapy again. It is hard to jump and put prolonged pressure straight down on my knee. Should I maybe just do the beginners calendar to help build up strength? Thanks :)

  143. The best option for peace of mind is to talk to a nutritionist, you can access them through your doctor.

  144. Do what you can. As long as you’re staying active in some way, in the end that is what is most important. If you have time and energy to do your class and her workouts, good for you! Cassey has a method for her regimen so it’s probably good to not mix up the days too crazy.
    Again, as long as you’re moving and having fun doing it, that’s what matters most.

  145. Thank you so much. I think I can do it. So I’m gonna start this newbodymakeover :)

  146. GUYS!! do you think its ok if I dont stick to cassy’s work outs?! i went to the gym and did a class but im not sure if im also supposed to workout on my own again…?? can someone please respond!!

  147. I’m super excited for this! I live in the south hemisphere, so I have it easier here, it’s summer and I don’t have school, so I can fully dedicate myself to this. I’m really excited to come back to school feeling confident and fit! I’m not following the meal plan though. Most of the ingredients aren’t available or are way too expensive where I live, and also I have to eat what my parents make me, since I’m still under 18 and live w/ them, so I just try to eat healthy and avoid fatty dishes. Good luck everyone – don’t give up!

  148. If you can, run up and down stairs for the same amount of time. It will work out the same amount of calories (actually, a bit more). Or invest in a $2 jump rope! I got one from target and it’s great for in place cardio!

  149. Awesome! Thanks for your feedback! :)

  150. Hi. Can someone tell me if they think the meal plan is too little? I dont want to starve myself.. my bmr is about 1450 and with the workouts I don’t think it is enough food. I’m very stressed about it.

  151. Thank you anyways :)

  152. I think Cassey hasn’t uploaded the other days yet :)

  153. I have the same issue! I was looking in the comments to find if someone else had it too.
    Does anybody know how to fix it?

  154. Am I the only one who can’t access the workout playlists from Day 3 and on? :(

  155. I have the exact same question! As she says at the end of the video “do this 4 times” though I don’t get if she meant a week or like in a row!

  156. Where is the new workout vid on for december 2nd? It supposed to be on youtube right?

  157. I’m super sorry, but it doesn’t :/ you don’t have to reach your legs outward or use your muscles to catch yourself, and therefore would cheat yourself out of 15 minutes you could have used to do some Pilates or the actual workout she tells us to use.

  158. I would say this is a good idea! You won’t get the benefit of bone-strengthening impact training like running, and you may burn a couple less calories than running (it’s a little easier on the body). But when I had a pretty nasty injury I did elliptical training instead of treadmill training and while it was a bit easier, it definitely still gives you a work out!
    If you’re worried about ensuring you burn similar cals, just go a bit harder or a bit longer!!
    Hope that helps! Have fun!

  159. If I run in place for like 15 mins, does it count as 1 mile? Please respond somebody.

  160. Hey there!

    Quick question – instead of doing the Fat Melting Routine, can I replace it with an elliptical machine workout for the same amount of time? I don’t have a treadmill either.


  161. Do we do the fat melting cardio routine video 4 times?

  162. I had been doing the calenders but then got off track for 2 months. Bad me. But I am back on track and very excited to start this one. Right now I am sick and have no energy to work out (plus the headache, sore throat, and tummy ache just don’t do well with going hardcore in my workouts. lol) so it might be a few days before I get to start the exercise part. The food plan…I will do my own. I am gluten and dairy free and have to be low carb due to PCOS…so it is just easier to eat the healthy foods that I know I can eat. And I eat healthy so that is not a worry for me.
    Good luck to everyone!

  163. I’ve been thinking about this. I also have to feed my husband and our apartment mate, and trust me, I don’t think they would be interested in some of these meals. I bet that if you tried to follow the carbs , fats, and protein that is recommended for the day, it would still be successful. Best of luck!

  164. betheburn.tumblr.com !!! I’m documenting my journeyyy. So excited to get fit. Just about to load the videos.

  165. Where do you guys find the meal recipes??

  166. I love the calendar workout, however it has many workouts and I don’t think I can do all of this in one time. But do we have to do all to have perfect result?

  167. My calendar on my android app only shows the name of the day. It’s not showing which routines to do. Anyone else having this issue. I know my monthly payment has been taken :/ xx

  168. Nothing, it’s meant to be like that, Cassey adds them in when she has time. She just adds the first few to get us started, plus so people don’t race ahead i presume.

  169. every saturday? It is every day except for sundays and mondays :D But she gave us a cardio option if we don’t have access to the treadmill. It’s right above. :)

  170. Amm, I would skip running and maybe SOME of the cardio workouts. Instead you can do more of the workouts that build muscles to gain that muscle weight. As for food. Hmm.. I don’t really know.. :/

  171. Can someone please help!
    There aren’t any links for the dates after the second. What’s wrong?
    What do I do :-/

  172. I’m also not gonna start until Jan :) So no worries! I just know that this month will be crazy with my lil bro coming home from college and I want to be able to celebrate and seriously enjoy time with the fam. I know that if I hardcore start on Jan1st it’ll be much better than half-a$$ing it now!

  173. So excited for this!!!!!! I can’t wait to start! But I have a problem…where I live now, there’s snow and its cold. I also don’t own a treadmill! How will I run 1 mile every Saturday??? D8

  174. Jennifer S says:

    Even being in Florida, doing the whole mean plan would still be out of my budget. So I picked one 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 2 dinners (I mixed and matched from the vegan and non vegan plans) and I’ll just eat the same things all week. Of course, I don’t have a problem eating the same things every day. And its only 1 week, if it were the same meals for every week, I’d work out something else. But next week they’ll be different. And that’s enough variety for me. Also, I won’t have to cook them up every day….I can take 3 different meals and prep most of it ahead of time for those busy days. And it seems like nutritionally, they’re all about the same. That was my solution :)

  175. Hmm, guys, I love exercising and feel really good after exercising, buuut one question: I’m actually below the weight that is recommended for my stature, about 6 kg below, so I actually want to gain these 6kg (what is pretty much hard for me, my methabolism is aparently too fast), if I take this challange will I lose any weoght? (cuz I really don’t want to and can’t lose any ): ), this doubt is killing me, also any tips to gain these 6kg in a healthy way? hmm

  176. What is the password for the meal plan? I didn’t get it in the e-mail :(

  177. She said about 8 oz. 8 times a day. (So 8 cups a day)

  178. SeyaBeastModeOn says:

    How much water did Cassey say we needed to drink? I know I saw somewhere now I can’t remember:/

  179. Can someone help me?
    I downloaded the app, but I’m not able to watch her video’s, I get an error about that i need to upgrade or something, but if i try to upgrade, it still doesn’t work?!

  180. Thank you for your advise :) !!

  181. Does anyone know if we’re allowed to have a yolo meal once a week in this meal plan?

  182. Christina says:

    Darn the meals is coming out pricey for me. The ingredients is too expensive in Hawaii >.< I think I'll do some of the meals and make an alternative healthy meal that is in my budget. So let's see how that goes!

  183. I think it’s a post workout snack, but I did three video workouts (from the calendar) before I had breakfast, then I’ll do the others later on in the day, ie after the whey or before it.
    But that just suites me, and it’s my opinion, do what ever you feels best.

  184. Trust me, if you do the fat melting routine 4 times and really put your effort into it, it will definitely be a challenge. I remember I almost cried the first time I did the whole thing:))

  185. I will do the “Butt on fire” or “VS Bombshell Bum” instead (becausemy legs are way to muscley already) but Legs on Fire or VS Slimming Leg WO should do the trick? :D

  186. How do I get the meal plan?

  187. when should we workout? after the whey?

  188. Just made my grocery list, filled out the first part of my food journal and took my before photos. I already feel motived! I can’t wait to see how this transformation plays out! Doing the stretches in a few minutes and then off to grocery shop and go on an adventurous walk with my dog!

    Good luck to everyone!

  189. She said that you can substitute the mile with the fat melting routine. I’m from Romania and I am definitely not going to do the mile, so this is working up real nice for me. You just have to make sure that you give 100% on that video! :)

  190. I’m really focusing on abs right now and I’m kinda disapointed that we only get one half day for the abs so I might chanbge some things up a little, so excited to start this december! :)

  191. I found it on the meal plans tab!

  192. That’s a good one! I hadn’t thought about that. Than you’re right 3-4 times will be the charm :)

  193. Totally gonna try this! Thank you for doing these calendars, they’re great and actually they really keep me motivated to stay healthy.

  194. Is there another workout on Cassey’s youtube channel we can do in place of the Slim Leg Cardio one from the app? i do not have a smart phone so i can’t get the app but i don’t want to just completely skip the workout. Any suggestions?

  195. I’m really upset that i can’t start this with everyone else. i’ll be starting this jan 1st because i’ll be back in the states by then and i’ll have access to a grocery store!! deployments suck :(

  196. Hey Cassey! I’m from The Czech Republic and I love this calendar, but there is a lot of snow everywhere in december so I can’t do the 1 mile running.. :( Can you please tell me what should I do instead of it? Thank you so much!

  197. Constance Ruff says:

    I will not be following the meal plan, I know it is recommended but I can’t afford to buy some of the stuff, my boyfriend is very stubborn on what he eats, I will eat as healthy as I can without the meal plan but I am going to give the workout calendar a go and see what happens. Good luck to everyone else. I’m here for support. (:

  198. Well actually the video is 8 mins but the actual cardio is 4 min. She talks a lot in this vid :D so you should do this at least twice :) it is my opinion anyways, but you can always do as much as you can or you want. it depends on your physics and your strenght :)

  199. I’m not doing the 12 week plan, and I don’t do the calendars full out (I combine one video from each day with a weekly exercise routine that I did before stumbling upon Blogilates), but I’m excited for this anyway!

  200. I was trying to check the new videos but once I click on them, they suddenly disappear. Can anyone help me please?

  201. About the 1 mile run, you can also do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYbQPxP3ecA with kaeira la shae, its more a danceish thing, to change things a little bit up! i loove that one, she also had a 3 mile one, but 1 is good to start with haha good change for the plane 1 mile run

  202. Looooooooooove it thank you awesome awesome Cassey! You are the best, i really really appreciate the awesome work that you are doing, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! that is beating better and better everytime i workout with you!! muuchas gracias!

  203. Running 1 mile takes about 10 minutes, so I would just do some cardio for 10 – 15 minutes. So, do the Pop Cardio vid once (and go all out) or twice.

  204. How do you feel? Do you feel strong enough to do this #BodyMakeover ? If so , Go ahead ! :) I did beginners calendar only the 1st week but since I’ve been active my whole life (And still am, I dance a lot. Cause I’m a street dancer) I do feel strong and I know that I can do it :)
    However, if you feel that it’s going to be to hard for you, than I suggest to do the beginners calendar again and start #NewBodyMakeover on January :) Not a big deal :)

    Hope this helped a tiny :)

  205. I THINK that we supposed to do it 3-4 times. I cant go for running ether cause I have no access to the treadmill, but I can imagine what it is like cause I ran before. I guess we supposed to do more than once or twice. :) I will anyways. :)

  206. I love the calender! Can’t wait to start ❤️@blogilates

  207. i will try my best ! thank you xx

  208. I think it charges $.99 cents (au dollar) every month for the calendar automatically, I think you can cancel it if you want to though.

  209. I’m the same, if you have any apple (brand) products you can get the app on them. But seeming as they are all the same video until Christmas one, I’ll be doing any leg slimming video, Cassey’s got quite a few so you can really mix it up :) and some really good splits videos are by the BruceSistaz on youtube, they might seem intimidating because they are super flexible but they do work! Just don’t over do it!
    Hope this helped :)

  210. It was a couple posts back…

  211. Cassey will link all the videos for the day under each day listed above ^ (like December 1). Or you can get on youtube and search for the title of the videos. They’ll show up under her blogilates channel.

  212. Blogilates Youtube channel, also Cassey links the videos under each day which are listed above as “Decmber 1″ etc. Just click the day :)

  213. YES!!! This is exactly what I want and need!

  214. The calendar seems exciting but my only concern is the mile run. I was never good at running and I get out of breath and aches in my side easily. So i will definitely opt for the POP cardio instead. My question is the video suggest we do the routine 3 or 4 times. Should we do this just once since we will be doing other routines or should we repeat it like the video suggests.

    Thanks a lot and so looking forward for this 12 week challenge :)

  215. Thanks so much for the calendar!! As I have entered my grade 12 right now, I didnt have enough time to workout because after I left school and got home, I am just so tired and dont want to do anything. It’s been 2 months now that I havent done any workouts, I think I want to start over so should I do the beginner workout again(I have done this beginner workout 2 times already in the past) or should I do the December newbodymakeover? Any suggestions? Please help.

  216. This will be my first time really committing to this. I really want to get in shape and tone up. Hopefully the meal plans dont turn out to be too expensive, as I am a student and on a budget. Good luck everyone :)

  217. Go on YouTube, Cassey has a video with the password for the meal plan (week 1) :)

  218. Well I made my own journal based off of Cassey’s and it has stuff like…
    How much water?
    If you worked out?
    What type of workout you did (eg HIIT, strength training)
    What you ate and how many calories?
    How many hours sleep you got?
    Weight for the week?
    How you feel each day?
    How healthy was each meal?

    And on the starting stat page i put stuff like waist, arm, hip, thigh, calf and chest measurement. Plus your weight and height
    Hope this helps :)
    P.s mine hardly looks anything like Casey’s though. All the lines are skew and it’s really sketchy. But it’ll work :)

  219. I’m confused – the workout calendar has a lot of workouts listed which I’m not aware of (e.g. “relax with me stretches” “abs on fire” “great gatsby workout” etc). Where do I find these workouts explained on blogilates?

  220. Where is the meal plan????

  221. Whoo hoo!! So excited to start this meal plan! Just bought weeks one groceries….a little expensive but it’s gonna be worth it!! I can’t wait to see myself 12 weeks from now! Us popsters are going to be so much stronger, healthier, and way more fit! :) THANK YOU CASSEY!!!! :) love you

  222. youtube on blogilaties channel

  223. It would probably just be yours or heaps of other people would be bringing up the problem, contact ogorgeous

  224. Laurence Cote says:

    If you eat clean, I’m pretty sure you’ll see results. You really need to do the beginners calendar prior to the normal one to build muscles, strenght and stamina. I did the beginner’s calendar in october and completed the normal november calendar and I found the transition pretty hard. But I did see improvement and ready to do the december calendar :D.

  225. you have to go on youtube and look for the new video there

  226. Thank you this is extremely helpful for where I live!

  227. Totally gonna try to do this. I’m probably gonna change the arm& back once in a while to do more cardio and abs ! Im very excited for this month and its gonna be the first time that im doing the calendar. I already did the beginners calendar and id love to try this once!

  228. where are the new videos posted? I did all of November but usually couldn’t find the new vids on Mondays.

  229. just do it! Life doesn’t get much less hectic as it goes on. Better make time. Your scores will benefit as well.

  230. Thank you! ^^

  231. I don’t think you have to make the cheap clean eats, I think its just an idea of something to do on your rest day :)

  232. I had mild asthma before as well. From my own experience, I was never able to run for more than 10 seconds. But I tried again maybe a month or two ago. Test yourself by slow jogging more and more each day. Do whatever you can handle, though. Challenge yourself but don’t overwork your body– not being able to breathe is not worth it. The point of running is shaking the fat off little by little. So walking (unless it’s fast-walking) is not really an equivalent to running or jogging. So as I’ve said, try to do a bit of slow jogging and work your way up to slow running at least. I did it, and I have faith you can start to do it too! :)

  233. Rachela is (somewhat) right. If you’re doing all that cardio every day you definitely do not need to do any more cardio (that includes the running). You would just be wasting your time and overworking your body. Do the strength training if you can, though (I know dancing is also strength training but if you could just do a video or two per day that would be beneficial!)

  234. Cassey has some pics of the pages in her store, so maybe that can help you? I saw some measurements/weight info for the first and last days.

  235. I’m so excited for this, everyone good luck!!

  236. Just finished grocery shopping for next week and I’m excited to start the NewBodyMakeover!
    I can only do it every other week, though, because my dad doesn’t get paid every week and this plan is too expensive to do every week. I’ll stay on track in between weeks, though and write down what I eat, eat clean, drink the water and lemon water, and follow the workouts :)
    This calendar looks kinda scary, though XD
    And I have a question about the Tuesdays; are we supposed to run 1 mile in ADDITION to the cardio at the end of the Pop HIITs, or do the mile runs replace the cardio at the end of the Pop HIITs?

  237. Like Rachela said (to get the password), and the actual meal plans are posted on the blog.

  238. You can map your runs on sparkpeople.com Here’s the link (IDK if you have to become a member before you can use it, but it’s a free website) http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness_maps_home.asp

  239. Hey, one YOLO meal per week…. :)

  240. I think it’s less about the actual distance achieved than it is about the elevation of your heart rate and the cardiovascular activity. Anything that keeps your heart rate in the same zone as running for the same amount of time should be ok.

  241. When should we workout? While doing this 12 week meal plan?

  242. If you watch her POP HIIT vids, Cassey always offers alternatives for those who don’t have a gym membership! Usually all you need is a set of dumbells, which can be bought pretty cheap!

  243. Sounds pretty fun. :) I’m glad HIITs are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays as these are my gym days and there Zumba and ‘short’ 30 min HIIT classes I can take. So no messing around and subbing workouts for me this time! I’m so excited!

  244. Hey Cassey and POPsters!

    I have a very urgent question!!!

    I DO NOT OWN A SMARTPHONE! How am I supposed to do the Leg Slimming Cardio which seems to be only available as an App?! I am desperate >.<
    Do you know any programs or whatever to make this work for me on my computer?

    Or maybe you can give me tips which video(s) i should use instead of this app?

    I am a bit new to this community and just finished my second month (beginner's calendar an novemburn) (YAY!) so I don't think that I can build my own plan for this haha ^^

    Love you, guys ! :)

  245. If we buy the beginner’s workout on the blogilates app will it automatically start buying the monthly workouts? I’m really curious. I bought it and I just want to know if it was a one time charge or what.

  246. I think it’s for the people not doing the body makeover. But you can also you it if you are! I think you’re supposed to switch it with some other main meal or something (I may be completely wrong though… Sorry) I think we are supposed to do each video once through, but feel free to repeat them if you have enough time and energy! You’ll see results a bit faster :)

  247. Well if you’re dancing for 2-3 hours a day (and you get your sweat on) I don’t see any harm in cutting out some of the dancing excercises… (I may be wrong though so make sure you get a few other peoples opinions) . But make sure you do most of the strength training , and I suggest you also do the running :) or at least half of it. It all adds up in the end right? Good luck :D

  248. i’m so terrified but so excited! it can’t hurt, right? i’m really hoping this will keep me motivated and excited to workout, resulting in my dream body! only problem is i don’t really have time to do these workouts, i dance 2-3 hours every day and have homework! at the most i can do 2-3 a night, will that be enough? thanks!

  249. Why does the calendar having us make peanut kelp miso noodles if they’re not on the meal plan…? Anyone else wonder that, haha. Also, for each workout, are we supposed to repeat each video 3 times or just do it once? Thanks!

  250. aww, thanks guys! :) xx

  251. Summer, if it’s lack of support that is making it difficult, you can join us here:


    We’re a facebook group that follows along with the calendars, among other things. We’d love to have you! We’re always cheering one another on! :)

  252. You should do whatever you can if you’re not keen to run. Just keep note of your time. Personally, I’ll be swimming the mile 3x a week and noting my time on it. I’ll likely walk the other 2 days but there is no way I can run it (I’m 6 mo pregnant)

  253. She’s actually posting the meal plan week by week if you are keen to join in on that. Otherwise, I’d say eat as clean as you can! xx

  254. nah, she said we start with the sunday as in week one is sun-sat etc. so next sun we have week 2. at least thats what i think.

  255. You can just eat as normal or subscribe to Cassey’s newsletters and get the password for her weekly version of the meal plan. The new body makeover is mostly the meal plan so you could just do as you normally do and exercise also.

  256. This calendar is so scary! Haha, but I am looking forward to #newbodymakeover. :) The problem is that I have asthma and running is excruciating for me. Would it be alright if I walked a mile on my elliptical? I still want to reap the benefits of this calendar; but I just don’t know if I can make myself run. Does anyone have any advice?

  257. Thank you

  258. You CAN access to the meal plan if you haven’t bought the journal! You only need the password that Cassey realeased on her last video!

  259. I don’t know why but the bottom quarter of the calendar is cut off so I can’t see the last two days. Is it just me having this problem? If so can someone help please :(

  260. Thank you Cassey! <3 I'll join in 1. january!^^

    I don't live near a gym.. What could I do instead of HIIT routine? I don't have any equipments except my mat and my own body weight..

  261. I am so scared because I LOVE CHOCOLATE, however, I’m so excited because I’ve been needing a change!

  262. an App/online website that I’ve been using is Mapmyrun.com it takes into account hills, and will show the number of calories you burn based on your weight and height as well as what the average speed was based on how long it took you to run it.

  263. Oh and is there an alternate video for the slim leg and how to do the splits videos, I don’t have the app…
    Please help

  264. Hey, if you have a mobile/cell phone, you can download the Nike+ running app, it’s free, and you can record your runs on that and it will tell you how far you have gone and in what time and all that jazz

  265. If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch you can get apps that track your miles as you run. I’ve been using mapmyrun for three years now and I love it!

  266. I think it’s just water intake aswel

  267. Hi everyone, PLEASE HELP
    I was just wondering what I could do about the running, I really enjoy running and I used to have a treadmill (it broke) and I live on a farm… A very large farm with extremely steep hills. I have started running in the paddocks (I run down hill across hill, but have to walk up hill) and I have absolutely no clue as to how far I am running? Is there a device or something that can record the distance? Or what’s the average time to finish running a mile? Plus would you burn just as much calories walking briskly up hill like you would running on a flat terrain? PLEASE HELP!!! I’m starting tomorrow :-/

  268. Yes please!!! I’m in the same position so would love to know what to write so I can add it to the Fit Journal when it comes! Thank you!!! :-)

  269. Hi! I just got the beast mode water bottle and I love it!
    Only problem is that mines leaks! So I’m scared to out it in my bag.
    Is that all of them or just mine?

  270. Use the reverse camera on your phone and a mirror :)

  271. You should be able to replace the spaghetti squash with any type of squash. If you can’t get squash, I’d suggest pick a veg and figure how much of it you need to get comparable macros. For quinoa, maybe brown rice? Hope that helps!

  272. You can go to this link http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=64mcAeUQV4M where Cassey tells you the password for the first week towards the end of the video.
    Have fun!

  273. I am so excited about this! These 12 weeks are going to be amazing! Let’s do this! :D

  274. Yay! Can’t wait to transform with you Cassey and popsters! Lets commit and own our bodies!

  275. I made my own calendar for this month because I really want to focus on cardio, and omg this calendar and mine are almost exactly alike! wow <3 can't wait to kill these 12 weeks!!

  276. IMPORTANT! I really want to stick with this calendar, because I didn’t do anything in november; however what can I replace the POP HIITS workouts with? I don’t have a gym near by, nor do I have any equipment!!! Would I just go running (in the parc) for longer than a mile, for instance a 5K run (about 3 miles)?? Thanks!!! xxx

  277. For those of us who haven’t gotten our Fit Journals yet, can you tell us what we should be writing down, besides food intake? :D

  278. Cassey! Can i do the 1 mile run outside? And what can i use instead of quinoa and spaghetti squash?


  279. I am soooooo excited about this! Let’s go go go! :D

  280. I have a question; what above those of us who aren’t taking part in the new body makeover? As in, we haven’t purchased the fit journal so therefore we don’t have access to the meal plan? Do we stick to our own healthy diet whilst following this? Help! Much appreciated! :)

  281. Thanks Cassey!!! I can’t wait to get started!!!!

  282. I just took my measurements and took pictures, but I can’t take one of my back because I am trying to do it myself.

  283. Hey cassey may i please know what home “equipments” (e.g. heavy books) i could use in place of the gym equipments used for the pop HIITS? Also, on sundays when we’re supposed to make some cheap clean eats, do we replace one meal with that or add on to the meal plan? Thank you so much :-)

  284. I’m so excited!! Getting my folder (yes I love things organized, lol) ready today. Gonna go grocery shopping and get all ready. There really isn’t anywhere to run where I live, so I think I’ll either do the video, or jump rope :-)

  285. I know this is probably a stupid question, so that means we count Week 1’s Sunday meal twice right? Since we are starting off on a Sunday? Or is going to be with the week starting Sunday and each new week is a Sunday (hence week 2 menu would start on Sunday as well), not starting each new week as a Monday?

  286. I am so ready! I failed November but I’m going to kill December! #newbodymakeover for the win!

  287. This is the calendar that could actually scare me a lot. Like I’m scared. Pop HIITs and running for 1 mile everyday…..I’m in tears. But I signed on to do this so I got to do it now! :)

  288. Does anyone know where I an find the meal plans? Thanks.

  289. god im so excited its just that i have so many exams going on this week and idk if i will be able to keep up with it im sad

  290. I like how the calendars always have something different about them to keep it exciting! :) I love how you put a spot for us to write down our times for the miles too, it’s really encouraging when it shows improvement.♥ Hopefully I won’t be lazy and I’ll actually do all of them though haha. Love you Cassey!

  291. Printed the calender! Very excited to start the New Body Makeover!

  292. Like I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for something I’ve never done before. Usually I’m a ball of worries due to anxiety, but I’m so pumped for this Cassey!!

  293. So excited for this! We can totally pull this off.

  294. No, it tells you which HIIT to do on the second line/checkbox! :D

  295. haha love the password ^_^ I’m ready!

  296. So excited and ready to get going!!! Thanks Cassey!!!!!

  297. i cannot contain my excitement!! and i freaking love to run so this calendar is just so awesome. i do 25 minutes everyday so i think i’ll just stick to that :) good luck everyone i hope you all achieve your dream bodies by the end of this

  298. I hoped for my fir journal to arrive before Dec 1st :( but no worries! I shall patient and aim to do my best tomorrow, thanks Cassey! Lets do this!!!!!

  299. I have a 5K run on December 8th, so I’ll be finishing my training for that, but still following the meal plan and the videos! :) Can’t wait Cassey!

  300. yeaahh i like it!!!!

    but can i also walk instead of running? my school is 2km from my house i thought maybe i can walk everyday to school =)

  301. I will try to stick to the beginner’s calendar. Will it work too? I have never done pilates in my life before!

  302. Youre too awesome:) Thanks Cassey, you’re the best<3

  303. Can you post a grocery list for the week or month? it would make shopping with the meal plan a LOT easier! Thanks!

  304. So for the Holiday HIIT’s on tuesdays, do we choose on to do that day? Any random one?

  305. Yay! Running. I’ve been trying to do a few workouts and running on some days. I’m glad running is now a part of the workouts. I just wish it wasn’t so cold out! I’m a Florida girl in 30 degree weather, I don’t do cold!

  306. I’m so excited

  307. I’ve not been able to stick with one of these calendars in the past. I would always find myself slacking, and I feel like I’d get a much better workout at an actual gym. However, I’m willing to give these calendars one last try. Wish me luck.

  308. Can’t wait! :)

  309. yaaaay! thank you cassey! ok everybody, let’s rock!!! <3


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