White Chocolate Raspberry Protein Cookies!

Hey guys!

Super duper excited to see your overwhelming response on the 12 Week New Body Makeover Challenge! Over 6,200 POPsters have taken the first step towards transformation. Here’s another sneak peek at the journal…week 2’s cover page.


Are you getting excited to see how the rest of the book looks? I’m anxious to show you too! But I’m just gonna be mean and tease you one by one. For all of you asking when we’re going to actually start the meal plan together, I’m thinking that I will release the plan some time after Thanksgiving so that you don’t have to get worried about overeating. Just enjoy your turkey time :) I’ll give you time to get your groceries and we can OFFICIALLY start the plan on Dec 1st. That is a Sunday. We will start 1 month before everyone else starts so that by the time you hit Jan – you’re totally already feeling FANCY and feeling FIT!

So mark your calendars guys. This is happening.

Now, on to other news!

raspberry cookies quest

OMG don’t these look delish? They are white chocolate raspberry protein cookies made with Quest bars! These are seriously soooooo yummy!!! Please watch the video below to see how you can make it!


White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bars

1/4 C. Almond Milk

2 Tbsp. No Sugar Added Applesauce

1 Tbsp. Coconut oil, melted (or canola)

2 Tbsp. Coconut Flour

1 Tbsp. Oat Flour

1/4 Tea. Baking Soda

1/2 Tea. Butter Extract (optional)

Nutritionals (makes 5): Calories: 124.2. Fat 6.8g. Active Carbs: 3.2g (8g fiber, 1.4g sugar)  Protein 8.6g

For instructions you can check out the Quest Blog!

I’m baking with my friend Evan Dollard who is a Ninja Warrior and American Gladiator! (Umm can we say superhuman strength!??) We had a cooking making contest in the video and you need to tell me who made their cookie better :P

Okie dokie my loves! Tomorrow I will show you a new recipe on Cheap Clean Eats on how to make…

pumpkin pie


Have a fabulous day! Love you,


  • Jennifer Frye

    My favorite fruit pairing with chocolate is, without a doubt, strawberries or raspberries. Give me any berry slathered in chocolate and you have the way to my heart! (And belly.) :P These protein cookies sound fabulous! I will make it today and store it in Infinity Jars so that I can have fresh cookies every day. https://infinityjars.com/collections/screw-top-jars

  • Elizabeth Garabedian

    Hi everyone! I have become interested in Quest Bars and went to their website to check out the nutrition. Per bar, there are anywhere from 16-20 grams of fiber, and I am wondering if anyone has experienced digestive issues because of it. I often eat Kashi GoLean (which has 10 grams of fiber per serving), but about five hours later I start to get crampy and gassy. How do you all feel after you consume Quest Bars? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!! :)

    • Jenny

      Try eating more fiber each day to help your body adjust. Also try fermented drinks like Kefir and Kombucha to regulate your digestive system.

  • These look so great (and so much healthier than the norm)! My grandmother used to make cookies that looked just like these but had a Hersey Kiss in the middle. Maybe I’ll make these and see what she thinks … thanks for sharing! :) I’m also starting my “new year’s resolutions” on Dec. 1st. Great idea!

  • Claire

    Hey Cassey :)
    I watch a lot of your videos and love your recepies, the ones i have tried are always delicious, but i have a problem :( I am allergic to nuts and a lot of the time i hear snacking on almonds and peanut butter is good when trying to eat clean and quite a lot of your recepies have almond milk or nuts in, any suggestions for good alterniatives? xxxxx

    • Hi Claire, for recipes requiring nut butter, you can try to use seed butter (e.g. sunflower seed, sesame seed) and see how it goes :) For milk, just use any of your favourite milk.

      • Biev

        You could also use a peanut-free “peanut butter” made from roasted soybeans, like WowButter. My little brother is allergic to peanuts so we buy this for him, and it tastes remarkably like the real thing. I see it a lot in grocery stores, it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

  • Barbara Kaly

    My grandson has a nut allergy and I can not use almond milk or any other nut ingredient. I would love to try you pumpkin pie and white choc. raspberry cookie but they both have nuts. Is there a way to
    alter these?

    • Maria

      The only nuts in this recipe is in the almond milk. For that you can use coconut milk, seed milk, hemp milk, soy milk or even a dairy milk. For the pumpkin pie recipe that would be harder. Is he allergic to all nuts? If not you could use pecans, cashews, etc. ground up in place of the almond flour. If he is allergic to all nuts you could make sunflower seed flour which is super simple. This comment on the pumpkin pie recipe gives even another alternative: http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2013/11/08/healthy-pumpkin-pie-recipe/comment-page-1/#comment-425107

  • Aurelia

    ITS HERE look at the new youtube Video !!!!

  • Angelique

    Hi Cassey,

    I love your workouts and I’ve been trying to eat clean for the last two weeks since I started putting in the effort of motivating myself and starting with Blogilates again. So far, so good. I am excited for your 12 week plan, but I have a request.

    I live in South Africa and certain things in my town at least are not as easy to come by. For instance nobody even knows what edamame is around here. When I actually did get my hands on some,it cost me an arm and a leg! The stores/markets don’t sell almond milk, kale and quinoa either. (when I called the supermarket, the manager made me feel stupid for asking if they had quinoa in stock)

    Seeing as I want to try and follow your meal plan as close as possible, could you please add alternatives to the foods we can’t come by?

    Keep up the great, inspiring work!

  • Veronica

    I am SO excited for this meal plan to come out! I will about that historically I’m not the best at eating clean and healthy (I’ve been that way my whole life) but I figured since I’m a senior and getting ready to go off to college where I won’t have my mom looking out for me all the time, I should start learning how to be healthy! Track season has started so I will be working out at least 5 days a week and eating well on top of that should get me in to tip top shape by the time prom, graduation, and summer vacation gets here!! I just hope I can stay on track so I’m going to get my mom to do the plan with me so we can get healthy together!
    I just have one question: does anybody know when we will be able to order the journals and how much they will cost? I want mine here asap!!

  • Beibei

    Can I replace the quest bar with something else?

  • Angie

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a pumpkin pie!

    I can’t wait for the challenge!

  • Tried the white chocolate raspberry protein cookies recipe yesterday and they were delicious!! Looking forward to the pumpkin pie recipe. It’s perfect for this time of year and as it is one of my favorite deserts, it would be great to have a ‘healthy’ recipe for it.