WORK B* ABS CHALLENGE + 12 Weeks to COMPLETELY Change Your Body

Hey guys!

Here is your new video for the week! A lot of POPsters have been asking for a workout to Britney’s new “Work B*” so I decided to do a song challenge to it! It’s 4 min long and we’re doing single legged situps. Oh you’ll feel it in your abs and quads – yes you will! I challenge you to finish the whole thing with me. In fact, invite your friend and see who can last longer!

Also! For November 5th on the #NOVEMBURN Workout Calendar you will start off your routine with the new exclusive video “Total Body Toner” (only available in the iPhone and Android app). It’s an awesome full body routine that leaves no muscle untouched! It is only 99 cents for the exclusive video as well as mobile calendar access!! Here are some of my favorite moves from the workout:

total body toner blogilates 1

Earthquake Elbow Tapper gets the transverse abs (those 2 lines you see along the center of your stomach area.)

total body toner blogilates 2

Confused Cobra :) This will BURN your triceps, perk up your chest, and strengthen your lower back.

total body toner blogilates 3

Star Teaser. A very beautiful move that will not only empower you but will also give your AMAZING core strength.

YOU CAN GET YOUR FIT JOURNAL NOW, including the 12 week meal plan NOW: Click here!

Also…remember how I was telling you about the epic 12 Week New Body Makeover Meal Plan I was prepping for you guys? Well it’s getting closer and closer to the release date as I work with the certified nutritionists over at to bring you a well-balanced and optimally planned program to help you reach your best fitness goals in 12 weeks.

Why 12 weeks? That is about how long it takes to completely transform your body. I mean, completely. You will look and feel like a whole different human being. A lot of the work is in the exercise, but even more of it is in the diet. That’s why you’ll notice that if you are working out a lot and not losing weight…well, you should probably check the food you’re eating.

Did you know your physique is a result of 70% diet and 30% exercise?


A lot of people will say “Yes yes I eat very clean!” But most of the time that is not the case. That or they don’t know how much they are eating. You’d be surprised at how quickly calories can add up which totally sabotages your diet. And…it’s not just about calories! NOPE.

A calorie is not a calorie is not a calorie.

If you ate white bread for 12 weeks and stayed under 1000 calories everyday versus eating lean protein and veggies at about 1800-2000 calories a day, your body would look sooooooo different!


Thin with very little energy on the bread diet…muscular, strong, and full of energy on the clean eating diet.

Bread is made of carbs which is not bad if you use that energy right away. (That’s why runners “carb up” right before a race.) But most people don’t use all of it and it ends up being stored as fat…quickly. That’s why people say carbs make you fat.

So why doesn’t more calories from protein make you “fat”? Because protein is actually the building block of muscle!! As long as you’re working out with weight (body weight counts too as in with Pilates) then you are fueling your body with what it needs to get stronger! It is important to note that you need a good balance of carbs, fats, and protein to function optimally as a human being so don’t disregard any of these macronutrients. None is really superior to the other. You need all – just in the right portions.

What you eat and when you eat in relation to when you work out is super crucial. Like a workout plan, it is important to make sure you change up the food once in a while so you can stay happy and healthy mentally and physically. Sure chicken and broccoli will help you lose weight quickly, but don’t tell me that anyone is happy doing that 24/7. There are many other ways to get lean without boring your taste palette. There’s a whole world of natural goodness out there!!

So that’s why I spent a lot of time developing this 12 Week New Body Makeover Meal Plan with certified nutritionists. We designed it to make it easy for you to transition into clean eating in Phase 1. The second and third phases will help your body to continue leaning out while still providing food variety and all the nourishment you will need to get through your workouts.

You will be eating 5x a day to keep your metabolism revved up! Do not worry. You will not be hungry. You will probably be eating more than you have (volume wise), feeling full, and feeling awesome. That’s what clean eating does. It’s kinda like magic…but not…because it’s how we all should be eating to feel our best!!

Anyway, I am super super super excited to share this plan with you guys. I’m almost done. And just so you know, I will be doing the 12 Week New Body Makeover Challenge with you too. Get excited. This is gonna be a whole Blogilates Community movement.

Also, to celebrate and make this 12 week journey easier for you…I have a surprise for you! Sometimes tracking your food and your activities gets daunting, messy, and you end up hating the whole process. But trust me guys, you have to write things down. You have to be honest with yourself. You really need to track your progress. This is the only way you can appreciate all of the hard work you did! (Plus if you ever need to go on a body transformation diet again, you can see how you did it, what you ate, and how you felt!)

I kept a diary throughout my Bikini Competition prep and it truly is what kept me honest and strict to my diet. So that is why for the past few months I’ve been designing the perfect fitness journal for you :)

Sneak peek snap shots…

GET YOUR FIT JOURNAL NOW, including the 12 week meal plan NOW: Click here!




That’s all for now :) I’ll show you more later. I collaborated with the wonderful Kim from Arthlete to create the perfect look and feel of our journal to make sure you feel inspired and motivated to KEEP GOING no matter what challenges you’re facing. It’s not just paper, not a place to just record notes. It’s a place to create a beautiful story that you can keep. Just imagine your Day 1 before photo as you open the book. What will you see on Day 90? Well my love, you are the author of your own novel. 

Are you ready to take on the 12 week journey with me? It’s not going to be easy but you’re not going to be weak. I’m here for you. Comment below if you’re in. I need to know how many of us will be doing this together. (Imagine your comment as the first step towards committing.)

Love you,


  • Liza

    How can I get the 12 week challenge with out buying the diet book? I am 16 and on a tight budget but want to get the body of my dreams

  • Laura

    YESS !!!

  • hi i have been here before but wasnt committed like I am now, I ordered the journal got the 12 meal plan which they send a link in your email. So going to try this. also loving the beginners workout and streaming it through the telly is so much better. Love your bubbly sense of humor and you have some great workouts that I aim to perfect and learn. Thanks alot Cassey you’re a doll. :-)

  • I just became a member today 03/25/2014.. So the 12week plan is over but I would love to do it. How can I get all the videos and passwords and meal plans of they’re already posted somewhere. I would really appreciate anyone’s help on how to get all this info and begin MY journey ASAP!!!! Thank you!

  • Was a grocery list made for this plan?

  • Melinda Marie

    I ordered the journal, 12wk plan, and a shaker/water bottle. I did not receive my 12wk plan :-( How do I go about getting it since it was on the receipt but not in my shipment??? Thanks!

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    YES! :D

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    I would love too! I just can’t afford it right now :-(

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    YES! I’m in. Thank you!

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    I would love to but i dont have enough money.

  • Jess (AKA BATMAN)

    Definitely in!

  • Ira

    I am in!

  • Sha’ree Henderson

    IM TOTALLY IN!!!! Cassidy did speak about creating a grocery list for our 12 Week New Body Makeover Meal Plan and Challenge in her 5 Ways to Lose Weight vid…so I’m wondering if she made the list since December 1st is around the corner!!! I would like to be prepared for the meals she has put together.

  • saskia

    … or yes!
    did i get it right this is for free isn’t it?

  • Yvonne

    I’m in!

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    Count me in!!!!

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    Im In!!

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  • Maria

    I want join the 12 weeks

  • Daniella Rae

    I am TOTALLY up for the challenge ^_^ Can’t wait to begin!!!

  • Evon

    Can’t wait to start! I’ve been checking my email every hour , haha

  • Pauline

    I’m definitely joining the 12 week challenge

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    Yes I am in! Really excited!

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  • macaella

    i am so in! so excited to do the 12 week body make over!:) thanks cassey!

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    YES! I’M READY! Just order my 12 week fitness Journal!

  • Tammy

    I am totally in ! Let’s do this !

  • Wera

    I`m ready !!!!!!!!

  • tess

    YES!! I’M 100% IN!!

  • Teresa Mustaffa

    Yes. I. Am in the challenge. I was wondering if it is too late to start? What do I do to get started and how much is the cost?

  • Jesselyn

    I’m so ready for this!!

  • Carla

    I love how the cartoon girl in the food diary is a normal healthy weight!!

  • I blog frequeently and I seriously thank youu for your content.

    This article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to bookmark your blog and
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  • Nicole


    i’ve been watching your youtube channel for over a year now. I was just only watching the video’s because it just looked like a lot of fun, but I wasn’t working out lazy and now feeling guily :P
    Just the last month i sometimes do a workout challenge. And since the last week I am on FIRE!
    I’m really inspired by your video’s to work out and have a healthy live style. I tried several of you healthy recipes and it is just sooo delicious ^_^ I’ve printed out the beginner workout calendar and now also the november calendar and I’m training like a beast!! It feels so amazing and I already feel that is is working :D I just wanted to say that the last year i followed your video’s you were amazing I was always watching with a big smile and that now i finally started working out. COUNT me in on the 12 week plan!! I’m so excited and can’t wait (english is not my mother language so please excuse me :P ) – Nicole


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    Im definately in! Im soo excited for myself and all you other popsters out there! I wish us all the best of luck!!

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    I hope I am not too late to join! In great need of 12-week body transformation… :(

  • Amber Gleeson

    YES, IM DEFINATELY IN!!! I can’t wait to see my body transform an become healthier :)