Lose those Love Handles! A Standing Pilates Routine

Hey guys!

Oh man oh man oh man. Only now did I get to finally upload this video! So many technical issues but better late than never right? Today I present to you Love Handle Hysteria!!! This is a standing Pilates routine that requires only 1 dumbbell. I love this routine because you can REALLY feel the burn right away. I even started sweating – which honestly doesn’t really happen (since I’ve been teaching Pilates forever). Cardio though…that’s a different story! Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend that you try this routine today to attack your outer thighs, glutes, and of course OBLIQUES!!!!

I am holding a 5 lb dumbbell. If you can go heavier, go for it! Just make sure your form is on point.

Also…get ready for the #NOVEMBURN calendar coming after Halloween this week. I’ve got some surprises for you this month…like that meal plan I’ve been talking about!! Excited? Me too! Also incorporating a “100 Day” and a “Dance Day” on there. Get ready to fly through the holidays with this new workout calendar. Are you signed up for the newsletter? It’s gonna be fun, intense, and so so worth it.

Also, have you downloaded the Blogilates app!? It is available on iPhone and Android NOW!

Lastly, watch tomorrow at 11:30 am PST for the debut of the new cooking series, Cooking Clean with Quest! I’m the host ;)

Love you and let me know how you like the new routine!

<3 Cassey


Top: New Balance by Heidi Klum

Bra: Body Language Sportswear

Capris: Roadrunner Sports



  1. I’m a big fan of the short workouts. No need to go to gym. Have your own gym at your home using compact, flexible and time-saving Peak Pilate equipment. If you consistently use Pilates, you will be very happy with the results.

  2. I love standing routines! That way my baby dog don’t try to help (eat) me!

  3. Well not only will you get your heart pumping and burn 420 calories per hour (about 17 percent more than in a traditional mat class), but you’ll experience total-body conditioning through balance challenges and see the abs-sculpting benefits faster.

  4. lilstarss says:

    Instead of a dumbbell, I used one of my Harry Potter books : )

  5. Wow, Cassey you really have come a long way. You went from shooting workout videos in your bedroom to having someone hand you your weights! Way to go and it’s been great to watch your transformation!

  6. i love this! Im a huge fan of pilates. I love that its a quick routine…no slaving away in the gym for hours. I have a blog called 30adaydoctoraway. We promote 30 minutes of exercise a day to improve general health. This is the kind of stuff we love to post as well. Come check us out! http://30adaydotoraway.wordpress.com/

  7. Dance day is the best idea! I can’t wait! I’d love a yoga day.

  8. Omg so excited for the meal plan :)

  9. Can’t wait for the meal plan and #Novemburn

  10. Ooooo, super excited for a new meal plan! You always have the best ideas Cassey

  11. Loved this workout!

    I have been poorly this week with gastro so haven’t been able to do any pilates in almost two weeks! it has been SO hard.

    Did this and a few other low impact toning ones tonight. Already feeling better!

    Thanks Cassey!
    Laurel xx

  12. Can’t wait to do this workout tonight!

    One thing about the monthly calendars…it would be really awesome if you could release the next month’s calendar either via the app or newsletter a few days before the end of the month. I like to change up my rest days so sometimes I’ll skip the rest day on the calendar and do the next day’s workout. This sometimes is a problem when the end of the month comes around and I can’t access the next day’s workout because it will be in a new month. Just a thought! Love you Cassey!

    • Exactly the same as me! I’m going to have to miss a day of the calendar, because I always change my rest days to saturday usually! Which is always a pain at the end of the month :-(

  13. I love your workouts but I’m bummed I can’t get them on my phone. Just wondering if you’re going to come out with a windows app? I really hope so!!!

    thanks :D

  14. Can’t wait to see the November calendar!!!! :) <3

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS WORKOUT! <3 Thank u Cassey:)

  16. Definitely going to do this right away! Looking forward to the November calendar!


  17. Where can I buy Quest bars? I’ve never seen them at my local grocery stores and it’s kinda a bummer.

  18. got my app for my Android phone. Yeah!!! Love it!!! I do a lot of cardio but I am new to Pilates, only been doing Pop Pilates since July so I am nervous about your class that my daughter and I are going to next month :) we are sooo excited, we take a girls trip every year so this year is Los Angeles to see ya. Hope I can finish, I have been working hard. Golds Gym has offered Insanity to their Gym and I took it last Friday, I did great with the core workout part of it and I think that I owe it to your workouts!! I am in my 40′s and I kept in sink with all of the young 20 somethings, so proud ha ha

  19. I can’t wait for Novemburn calendar! :)

  20. I love you Cassey! i did every single rep even though I think I have to train on my posture (at the last one with the pulses my leg wasn’t as high up as yours:( ) But I’m going to work hard! This is definetly one of my new faves;) Have a great day Cassey! And to you popsters out there, TRAIN INSANE OR REMAIN THE SAME!

  21. looks like a great workout, can’t wait to try it out. Cute pants by the way!!!

  22. jacarandaspoon says:

    Super excited for a dance day, I love the dance videos and wish there were more of them. Also looking forward to a meal plan as it’s coming up to summer and bikini season down here in australia.

  23. Hi Cassey,

    Thanks for a great workout. I’m sweating and feeling the burn right now. I have a desk job so have to sit quite a lot, so focussing on these areas is great!

    Have a lovely day.

    Caroline :-)

  24. I hate love handles haha!

  25. First off, I love the Blogilates app for android, finally! I’m super stoked for NOVEMBURN but more excited for the new meal plan! November is gonna kill! You’re a life changer Cassey!


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