The BEST Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie!

pumpkin pie protein smoothie

Hey guys!!!


I just came up with the most delicious protein shake I have EVER had in my life. No really. If you have ever had any friends or family who have told you that eating clean is boring and disgusting, you need to make this and trick them into thinking it’s Starbuck’s latest pumpkin pie frappe. Then after they finish it tell them that there’s no added sugars, it’s completely good for you, and that muahaha did you know that I just made you eat clean!??

Ok sorry for being ridiculous but seriously, this Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie is soooooooo delicious! Today it was raining in LA (the first rain in AWHILE!) and it made me feel all homey and pumpkiny – you know what I mean? So I decided to play around with my can of pumpkin and this miracle happened. Here’s what you’ll need:


1 banana

1/2 cup pumpkin

3/4 cup vanilla almond milk

3/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice (essential)

1 TBS vanilla protein powder*

1.5- 2 handfuls of ice

That’s it! It came out so smooth, creamy, and heavenly. Tasted just like what pumpkin pie would taste like if it were smoothie-fied. When you make this, please #blogilates or #cheapcleaneats on instagram so I can see what you thought of it!

pumpkin pie smoothie

pumpkin pie protein smoothie

This shake is perfect either in the morning, before a workout, or immediately after a workout since there are a good amount of healthy carbs in there. If you’re having fruit or carby things, please try to stick them in early in the day to utilize that energy or post workout when your metabolism is burning red hot and you need to replenish your energy stores.

*Also! Did you notice that I starred the vanilla protein powder? Well, I have an exciting project that I wanna share with you…are you ready?


Well! How do I say this…umm…I am working on creating a blend of delicious protein powder that’s good for you and has the optimal ratios of protein, carbs, and fat for women. Of course, another one of my goals is to make this taste as delicious as possible too! I’ve had so many HORRENDOUS powders over the past few years that have tasted like chemical. Like metal. Like things that shouldn’t even be allowed to be eaten. You know what I mean? So I’ve been working with special food chemists to come up with something that will satisfy me (and you) nutritionally and taste-wise.

After reading all of your emails and messages regarding your concerns with protein powder, it seemed like there wasn’t a protein powder out there that you really loved. It reminded me of the time back in college when I couldn’t find a yoga bag I liked, so guess what I did? I made my own. And guess what we’re gonna do now. We’re gonna make our own!!! But this time. We’re doing it together :)

I’ve been in the lab developing tastes and textures alongside the chemists and it’s surely been a new experience! But I want you to be there with me. If we’re going to develop a great tasting blend with outstanding nutritional content together, I need you to tell me what you want. Last year you helped me design the first ever POP Pilates DVD cover and this year I want you to be a part of the protein powder design. Your input matters to me, because this is for you!

Please let me know in the comments below:

1. What flavor you’d like.

2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?

3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see

4. What should it be called!!?

Yay! I am so excited that we are taking on this journey together! How cool is it to have an idea and then make it happen? I think it’s gonna be awesome working with you guys.

Also! Reminder that the Boston Meetup is happening next weekend! Click here to register for a free ticket. And if you’re going, please apply for the POPster Inspiration Award!

Love you!

<3 Cassey


  1. Hello,

    Do you have any good smoothie recipes using hemp protein without the sugar and fruits, I cant have sugar at the moment. Any help would be wonderful.


  2. Hey Cassey! Are you still developing this protein powder?

  3. Hi Cassey,

    This looks so tasty, but there are more grams of carbohydrates than there are protein, which makes this a carbohydrate smoothie rather than a protein smoothie. I would take out the banana, the almond milk and the protein powder. Instead I would add egg whites and whole almonds into a Vitamix blender. What say you?



  4. 1. What flavor you’d like – Good old vanilla as I can mix with many other natural fruits or flavours
    2. Do you have a protein preference – Whey and egg white
    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see – saturated fat, artificial flavour and sugar
    4. What should it be called – whatever makes you proud and happy Cassie!

  5. I was feeling for a little comfort in this cold NYC weather today and totally made this! It was very yummy and energy boosting! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Hi Cassey.
    Id love a protein powder thats paleo friendly, as no nasties etc. comes in normal or vegan. And doesnt cost the earth. I like popster protein as a name as mentioned above.
    Good luck cant wait to see what you come up with

  7. Cassey, that’s such a great idea! And I also had just make the smothie and it’s sooo good! I would like something like vanilla, because it’s something that goes easily with almost all ingredientes, but something like cinnamon, berries and other fruits would also be great (I hadn’t found any protein powder that had any of those tastes, (except for those awfull strawberries ones that taste like anything else but strawberries!) and it would be so nice!

    Actually I don’t know much about protein powders ingredients (still learning!), but anti-natural ingredients don’t sound good at all! Specially because I tend to have allergic reactions due to those, what helps me to avoid processed food, but it has it negative side when it comes to supplements.

    A good name would be Popster Protein Powder or The Beast Model Protein Powder!

    xoxo :D

  8. Love it! My mouth’s watering just looking at it – it is definitely Smoothie of the Week on The Digital Panacea!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Hey Cassey! I love this protein shake. Maybe some other really awesome shakes that you could do could have maybe peaches and banana? Thats sounds amazing!!! Great job you have really helped me!

  10. Love whey… I hear so many bad things about soy… So, not sure on that.
    Good luck! I was one of the top four athletes for 2008 Olympics until I broke
    My arm twice in that year. I have almost always taken supplements, but most protein
    powders are awful! I really hope you can creat a tasty and healthy one!

  11. NO SOY. GMO filled and whatnot.

    Vanilla is great.

  12. I am in love with the idea of having a wholesome, balanced protein powder option! As far as taste goes, vanilla is always safe; chocolate is great too. Please keep us updated on your progress. Thanks for all of the love and effort you put into your videos Cassie. It really pays off, and I love having your blog and app to refer to when I want a good workout without leaving my dorm. As a college student who is also a health nut, the cheap clean eats provide nutritious, cost-effective options that are just so darn delicious! Have a wonderful day and a nice, tough workout today, and stay fabulous :)

  13. Vanilla is an okay start but everyone makes it, so you wouldn’t be differentiating your line. Maybe you should make unique flavors, with enticing dessert names like peaches and cream, or cheesecake. These would be good for a creamy texture.

  14. I’d definitely like to avoid soy, GMOs and whatnot.

  15. Such a good idea! I’ve been searching for a protein powder forever!! I used to do whey and I loved that it made my smoothies so creamy, but it always had lots of added stuff and now I’m trying to stay away from animal products,
    My ideal protein powder would be vanilla, gluten free, vegan, and make smoothies creamy(might not be possible without whey..). i also don’t want soy lecithin or any weird added soy stuff!

  16. I gave this recipe a try, and it’s not bad. It doesn’t quite taste like pumpkin pie to me though, I think because of the spices (which I did add per the recipe). I’m going to try it again with the other half of the pumpkin, and add the spices my family puts in their pie (in addition to the pumpkin pie spice, additional cinnamon and fresh ground cloves). Great start though :)

  17. I would totally buy your protein powder. Please make sure it is gluten free!

  18. So, are you using actual pieces of pumkin or using pumkin puree out of a can?

  19. I make a similar one that has lots (like 3 handfuls) of frozen spinach in it , so much so the green takes over the orange color lol so good and yummy taste like pumpkin pie but packed w/ spinach

  20. Wonderful idea, Cassey! Can’t wait until the product comes out! Rock on! (:

    Vanilla is definitely a classic, and can be used as the base for anything. Matcha green tea would also be yummy (plus extra antioxidants from the matcha)!

    Brown rice most def! I try not to eat a lot of soy, and a lot of people are also allergic to soy. Plus whey is not vegan friendly. A quinoa-based protein sounds cool, esp since quinoa is a complete protein too! (See here: Or nut-based (but a lot of people might be allergic, unless you develop multiple powders??).

    As natural as possible, with minimal ingredients! We can always add more sugar or flavours, but we can’t take out stuff. Plus no coconut. That whole coconut water craze is not doing it for me. And I don’t want everything tasting coconutty if I add protein powder to it.

    thank you cassey!!!! <3 and good luck!

  21. Alice H. W. says:

    This recipe looks scrumptious, I am definitely gonna buy some protein powder and pumpkin soon to try this :) As for the protein powder idea, I think it’s great that you are going to make one we all like!

    1. I like vanilla the most as I have found other flavours tend to be to artificial
    2. Definitely not soy because of the GMOs and estrogen, I am fine with any others :)
    3. No flax please, or any bad artificial sugars like aspartame (no cancer please), stevia or monkfruit would be cool
    4. This I only can’t help you with much haha, depends if you want to market to just females or males too!

    Good luck Cassey :)

  22. Great idea! To answer:
    1. Vanilla is a classic and I think can be muted enough to blend into other things

    2. I prefer whey powder but brown rice is OK. But honestly I think you might want to have a variety of powders, especially for people who are allergic to things. I, for one, am allergic to soy which makes it difficult for me to eat a lot of protein-based products.

    3. I have full confidence the protein powder will be as organic as possible :)

    4. Protearing up my muscles. Sure.

  23. Soooo i ran out of bananas but I drank it without it anyways…how many calories would it be? Just subtract the calories in a banana?

  24. This is FABULOUS! I am completely obsessed with this smoothie! It tastes just like a giant piece of pumpkin pie! Thank you Cassey for this amazing and healthy treat! I’ll be drinking this as I pass out candy to trick or treaters on Halloween!

  25. No sweetener please! Protein powders are always TOO SWEET. I’d rather add my own, or just rely on the fruit I use. Even those that use natural sweeteners like Stevia are too much for me. You could make one sweetened and one not(with suggestions for sweeteners). Vanilla, coconut, or plain for me.

  26. Protein powder oh man YEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (just a little excited!!!! =)
    ummm flavours! Vanilla is my absolute favourite because I love the little boost of flavour that it gives everything. Vanilla and cinnamon. Seriously, they can go in anything. BUT I also love some other suggestions that have come up such as coconut, almond, and caramel.

    As for types, whey protein is great stuff. But I know a lot of people are vegan or lactose intolerant so brown rice protein powder is also great :) I’m not a big fan of soy products and lots of people seem to feel this way as well. It seems like Cassey doesn’t use a lot of artificial sweetners so I’m hoping this protein power will be the same?!

    Cassey, you’re so genious. Thanks for all the hard work you put in for us popsters :)

    Anyways, Cassey, this is genious :)

  27. Shelby Troxell says:

    Hi Cassey! I am so excited about your protein powder! I like all the flavor suggestions I see in the comments, but I know that what I’ll end up using the most is just plain vanilla and chocolate! :) Also- It would be awesome if it had no soy. I don’t eat soy that isn’t fermented because of concerns with it’s effect on hormone levels. Also I wouldn’t want and artificial sweeteners, but I’m sure you wouldn’t put that in anyways! :) Looking forward to this!!

  28. Hi Cassey,

    Great idea! I like:
    1) vanilla
    2) brown rice or hemp
    3) no artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, etc. Overall just the lowest glycemic index possible while still tasting good
    4) BEAST MODE Protein Powder!

    Also, if you come back to the East Coast, I suggest a D.C. meetup!! :)

  29. Ooo, let’s see…

    1. Vanilla would be a good flavor to start with because you can mix it with a variety of things!
    2. I am fine with whey protein as it’s the only one I’ve tried. Although brown rice sounds interesting and I would definitely try it.
    3. No artificial sweeteners, please! :)
    4. “Blogilates Body Pro-team Powder!”…I don’t know, it sounded good in my head. lol

  30. Celina Tovar says:

    Brown rice would be great! Please make it vegan!

  31. Flavor: vanilla! Classic :)
    Type: preferably brown rice or pea!
    Exclude: whey! Dairy really messes with my stomach since I’m lactose intolerant so I’ve been trying to stay away from whey
    Name: POPprotein :)

  32. Hey blogilates. I tried the pumpkin pie protein smoothie and to be honest I wasn’t a big fan. It wasn’t very thick or sweet and kinda tasted like uncooked pumpkin pie (not in a good way). Had anyone else tried it and disliked the smoothie or has someone tried it and really liked it?

  33. I’ll try anything chocolate, and vanilla is also good for mixing with stuff that would be weird with chocolate. :-) Anything BUT soy, because of the hormone issues. I’m hoping it has no artificial anything, especially sweeteners. I like the prior name suggestion POPster Power Protein. The pumpkin pie smoothie sounds awesome!

  34. 1. I Would like something fruity, like oranges *_*
    2. I like Whey Protein.
    3. Please don’t put too much sugar in.
    4. Wooo that’s pretty tough. I will have to think about that one ;)

  35. This is a wonderful idea Cassey! You go girl! I think it’s amazing how you build up your business and this is another way of showing you are becoming more successful and helping us at the same time! You’re my greatest inspiration! :D

    1. For flavour I prefer something quite neutral, but also sweet and yummy, something like coconut, vanilla, agave syrup, banana, …

    2. Please no whey protein, I’m vegan! I’ve heard great things about hemp protein, however something else plant-based is fine as well! :)

    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see: sugar, aspartame, saccharin, any animal products or E-numbers derived from animal products.

    4. What should it be called!!? I really suck at these things :p Maybe something like “popsters on fire” or “Blogilates’ / Cassey’s clean protein booster” ?

  36. Hi Cassey!
    You are awesome!
    My responses:
    1. Flavour: Forest fruit
    2. No preference
    3. I guess nothing anti-natural, but that is probably impossible in something like a protein shake that has to be stored and such. But as natural as you possibly can!
    4. I liked the name given by Ursula: POPster Power Protein

    Good luck with the development!

  37. For protein powder: 1) I’d like vanilla flavor
    2) Soy protein
    3) no artificial flavors, colors, sugars…nothing artificial! if possible, organic and if
    sweetened, then only using natural sweeteners (such as honey or agave)- I
    liked the Herbalife formulas
    4) I’d call it POPster Power Protein :)
    great idea, I really hope you can launch your protein powder soon! :)

  38. Cassey! This idea is awesome and I can’t wait to try your finished product :D
    I don’t have a preference for what it tastes but something that is easy to match with smoothies would like good like vanilla I assume. Also, something that is good for lactose intolerant people would be nice, bu I heard whey protein is the fastest absorbing protein of all domaine that. And I guess for ingredients wise… As long as there’s nothing that I don’t understand or can’t read then it’ll be great :D last of all, I think Cassey you usually make up the best names for products so I’ll leave that up to you ;) thank you!!

  39. YUM!!!!

  40. I like butterscotch! I know that’s hard flavor to achieve or at least something Carmel like Carmel latee!

  41. Oh my goodness!

    This is fabulously incredibly good!

    I did replace the protein powder by 1/4 package of silk tofu, I’m not sure how it affected the nutritionnal content of it.

    I drank it while editing my halloween bento blog post, you should make an article about clean eating bentos, it would be great! You can take a look at my blog if you need ideas.

    I think that your own brand of protein powder is an excellent idea. Also I like that it will be tought for women, and not for men who are looking for huuuuge muscles.

    Maybe soy, or well anything really, as long as it’s lactose-free. Is it possible for it to also be gluten-free? I’m not sure how it can be done but it would be great!

    As for the flavors, well vanilla is a must, you can also have more unusual ones like coconut, tropical fruits, banana, pomagranate… and maybe a veggies one? Like kale or spinach one for the green smooties?

    Thnaks for this recipe!

  42. Also — Almond Protein? Like Almond Milk? THAT would be great!!

  43. Hey! The protein powder idea sounds awesome! I like that it will be targeted for women! (And for use with Pilates routines!)

    Mmm… Strawberry sounds good, and Vanilla is a good classic that can be added to smoothies and such!

    I am lactose-intolerant, so something lactose-free would be great! I’m not sure if Whey protein has lactose or not…(??).

    No artificial sweeteners, please! Something all-around Natural and/or Orgnanic would be AWE-SOME!!

    I’m excited for this!!!

  44. I finally made it the way for the most part except for I used yogurt instead of milk and then added more milk, more protein powder, and some honey later.

  45. Wow, that is so cool Cassey!
    Just definitely don’t use any artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame or other nasty stuff like that. I think a stevia-erythritol-blend would be amazing! It’s natural and doesn’t affect blood sugar levels.
    Also, I think whey, brown rice or maybe pea protein would be good. Not too excited about soy to be honest.
    And PLEASE make it available for Europe as well!! :)


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