Muffintop Massacre Time!

Hey POPsters!

Hope your week is off to a STRONG and SPECTACULAR start!

I filmed a really fun (is that the right word?) Muffintop eliminating workout for you this weekend that somehow ended up being 17 min long! Hahaha. I spent a lot of the video talking about some inspirational stories that happened in Utah to distract you from the pain. You’re welcome in advance :)

Remember that just doing an oblique workout will not 100% shave the extra fat off your waist. This workout should be combined with clean eating and cardio for a quicker effect! If you are unsure how to eat clean, please check out my grocery shopping list.

A great cardio workout to pair this routine with is my Fat Melting Routine:

If you can do Fat Melting 4x and this routine once – 3 days a week along with clean eating, oh man! Those results are going to come QUICK!!!!

Also, I just want to remind you to never ever ever give up. I believe in you and you should believe in yourself too because that is your GOLD. It’s the highest currency you can spend on yourself. Invest in YOU.

Something to make you smile…how adorbs are these banana pups!!??

And lastly, I hope you had a chance to make my no sew Farmer’s Market Tote!

See directions here.

Have an amazing day! And if you watched the video…I asked in there that if I came to Boston, should I have a meet up? Lemme know in the comments!

Thank you and love you,


  • Belen Zavala

    I live in Palm Beach, Florida. Hopefully you’ll come to my area real soon!

  • Sally Smith

    Hello Cassie! I usually do youre workouts and have jsut started the june calendar. This workout did not help me at all! It was terrible! The only decent move was the very last one. All this to say, please try and find some new better muffintop workouts . ttylxox, ,sally. <3

  • Sarah

    Dear Blogilaotes,

    I was having a really hard time with this workout, the muffintop massacre. I was have pain right on my joints of my hips. Was I doing it wrong or is there a better way to do it? I am young so it isnot an old person thing. I am just out of shape,
    Thank you!

    Sarah Berger

  • Mihaela

    Please more whole body workouts like this one and like Whoa Whoa whole body workout. These are my favorite ones because they work more parts of the body at the same time which means you feel the energy through the whole body and keeps you more focused. For example I find that the abs workouts are too much focused on abs and the other parts of the body stay stagnant during exercising and I find it pretty boring, not so challenging (although they are challenging for abs) and dont require too much focus because they are isolated moves to a great extend. I know that you have them diversified in your workout calendars, but I dont mean the frequency (like doing a leg workout after an ab one), but I mean the motion of the workout. There is also the 100 burpee challenge that is great and also some Pop cardio videos, but for strenght I feel that isolated workouts dominate to whole body workouts.
    Thank you very much for all your work, commitment, positive energy and for your genuine passion.