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Hey POPsters!

Can you believe #Sweatember is here!!??? My goodness. Time flies when you’re working out and having fun! This month you have some extra tools to help you make it through the month successfully:

1. The Blogilates App – yes you have the calendar here, but if you find that typing in the workouts, searching for them, and creating a playlist on YouTube  is wasting too much time, then get the app! (Available on iPhone only right now.) It is all laid out there for you and you can still check things off. I knew that part was super satisfying so I made sure to translate that feature onto mobile! Plus the Secret Video “Hot Abs 100” is in there. (TRULY EXCELLENT AB WORKOUT) You can also download to own Hot Abs 100 on shopblogilates.com. Click here to see!

2. #SWEATEMBER DIETBET – want to take this month to the next level? If you’ve been looking to shed some extra pounds, then join our weight loss community of POPsters on dietbet.com/blogilates. Everyone there is super supportive. And…by putting $ down on your success, you have to stay committed! I don’t want any more excuses. Using this calendar and one of my free meal plans, I know you will lose 4% of your weight and win some $ back from the pot! Right now we’re at $60,000. Plus I’m doing a crazy giveaway right now. Person who invites the most people gets an iPad Mini ($329) and anyone could win a pair of Nike Free FlyKnits during the course of the game. Join now.

And guys, I want you to tweet me everyday @Blogilates. I need to hear from you and see how you’re doing and what you’re feeling. As your trainer, I need to know so I can serve you better. Love checking in on you. Plus awesome tweets will be retweeted for sure :)

You’ll also find that this month there are 3 “cardio tone” days that will help lean you out a bit faster. Vacation pounds go bye bye. And Fridays are stretch and relax days. Don’t skip out.

Here’s your playlist for all of #SWEATEMBER. Just click on the date to see all the videos:


Sun Sept 1

Mon Sept 2

Tues Sept 3

Wed Sept 4

Thurs Sept 5

Fri Sept 6

Sat Sept 7


Sun Sept 8

Mon Sept 9

Tues Sept 10

Wed Sept 11

Thurs Sept 12

Fri Sept 13

Sat Sept 14


Sun Sept 15

Mon Sept 16

Tues Sept 17

Wed Sept 18

Thurs Sept 19

Fri Sept 20

Sat Sept 21


Sun Sept 22

Mon Sept 23

Tues Sept 24

Wed Sept 25

Thurs Sept 26

Fri Sept 27

Sat Sept 28


Sun Sept 29

Mon Sept 30

K love you and lemme know if you have any questions!



  • Hana

    PUMPED for abtoberfest!!

    • franzi

      hey how did you get the password for abtoberfest, is it the same like it was in sweatember?

  • lateisha

    hi fellow popsters!
    does anyone know when the next blogilates calender will be available?
    kisses xx

  • Rhiannon

    Just wanted to put myself out here and say hi to all my fellow Popsters! I’ve done Cassey’s workouts and calendars in the past but never seem to stick to it because I lose motivation. I’m in my final year of sixth form in England (I think that’s senior year in America but I’m not sure!) so finding the time over the past year has been difficult with exams and stuff, which is why I kept giving up. Now I’m back and determined to keep going! I’ve started doing the beginner’s calendar and can’t wait to get on to all the other wonderful stuff you give to us Cassey! I also have trouble with eating clean, not because I find it difficult but because I’m still living with my parents, and it’s hard to try and convince them to eat cleaner, especially when I’m not the one doing the cooking most of the time (I have control over my own breakfast and lunch though). I’d love it if anyone has any tips for breaking out of that cycle!
    Basically I just wanted to share my little story and hope I find some friends over this journey of mine :)

    • MariaB

      Hi Rhiannon! I wish you all the success and luck in your journey! :) I have been almost the same, sticking with the workouts and eating for a while and then letting it go again, not even because I don’t like it etc, but have just been so busy with new job (working e.g. for 11h on my feet and then just being too tired to work out!) or my boyfriend surprising me with pancakes or dinners, how can I say no?! But it all counts… So have been good for a bit and hope to continue :)

      • Rhiannon

        Thanks very much Maria! I’m really excited about sticking to it this time around, hope you continue to succeed also :)

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  • Jahnna

    I’m doing te beginners calendar now, its my 4th day in it and I feel sore but GREAT!, once I’m done with that one, I’m thinking of doing this one. I started with the beginners because even tho I was used to do exercise, I did not know the first thing about pilates. Now I feel that, once I finish this calendar, I can follow your steps in the sweatember. I feel great and its all thanks to you :D

    • sevda

      good job honey bunny! :)) keep going!

  • Jenny

    Hi Cassey and fellow popters,

    it’s with great enthousiasm that I’m embarking on this new healthy living journey and I’m really excited about it. I have been doing the beginner for about two weeks and I’m loving it so far. I never thought that exercising can be so pleasant in the comfort of your own home ! :) Thank you so much Cassey for being such a great coach! Although just one little question for everyone: since I end up pretty sweaty after each workout I find myself taking showers and washing my hair on daily basis. In the long run, I think it can be fairly damaging for my hair. Any suggestions for a better alternative? :)

    • Cassie

      Shower Cap! And if your hairs not looking its best go for some dry shampoo! Then you can shower everyday and wash your hair every two or three :)

    • sevda

      use a no-poo shampoo!:))

  • Taryn


    I just started doing these workouts, but I’ve always been a long distance runner. Should I run before or after these workouts? I’ve tried it both ways before and they kinda get in the way of each other. Also there are some days where I think I’d prefer to just run for a couple hours instead of dividing up my time between the two. I’m not really sure what the solution is, so any help would be totally appreciated!!

    • Libby

      I think the best way to exercise is to do what you enjoy. Perhaps if you are working with a coach, or in a running club, others can make suggestions that would help you get to the racing times you desire, etc., but my suggestion is to do what makes you happy and motivated on any particular day (although I’ve never done well with abs before running!)

      • Taryn

        Thank you Libby! I appreciate the feedback :)

  • Cailyn

    Please post the october calender soon!:)
    you r gr8 cassey!

  • Helena

    I’M DEAD!!! thank you Cassey

  • stephanie

    Afternoon Cassey, I stumbled across your YT videos a few days ago, when I was looking up Pilates (ever since my bf bought me a yoga/Pilates starter kit), I find you very inspiring and am going to start your beginners calendar tomorrow, I weigh about 190lbs, and I have already started eating healthy (since my bf is a chef) all I rly need to do is lose about 40lbs and tone up to be a healthy weight according to my body shape, doesn’t rly matter how long it takes but I am curious as to how long it would take to lose that much doing your work outs, im very excited to start ^^

    • Kate

      Hi Stephanie!!!
      I just want to wish you a load of happy luck! I think that its great that you are trying to lose weight in order to be healthy and not just looking good. I hope your journey is full of happy moments and learned lessons. Good luck!

      • stephanie

        awww tysm Kate ^^ im doing my best ^^ never going to give up

    • sevda

      good luck honey! we’ll always be here for you as a community!

  • PIumi

    awwwww….casseyyy nw i’ve gone crazyyyy after today’s workout…love ya!!! xoxoxoxoz!! :):):):)

  • Delicia

    So I was wondering if its better to do the workouts one after the other with small breaks or if its better to spread it out over the course of the day? I find myself sweaty and sore once I complete each workout

    • Piumi

      same ques with mee here…feel even fizzy when doing continuously..:/

    • Laurence

      I think you should do what you feel is better for you! Probably you could try to do like 2 workout videos in the morning and the others in the afternoon :) I personally prefer to do all the videos in the morning, but I think it depends for each person xo

    • joy

      i think you can start with spreading them out but once you get more advanced put them together because it makes it more difficult. But I mean if time is an issue doing them spread out is better than not doing it at all :)

  • Annelise

    the ads on your website are incredibly annoying. i love your workouts but the ads keep popping up and closing the video until i just give up and not bother anymore. no idea if you have any control over this but if you do please let these ads know to keep to themselves

    • Mirjam

      DO you know there’s a thing called Addblocker? I don’t know which browser you’re using but it should have one as application. Try it out!

    • Kristin

      I’ve never seen a pop up on this website, or any ads besides the links at the bottom of the page. Maybe check your browser settings and your antivirus to see if you have a popup blocker to enable.

    • Jeanie

      Like Kristin, I’ve never seen a pop-up ad on this site. You might have a virus. It’ll be a good idea to do a sweep of you computer.

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  • Moni

    I’m in a different time zone, so the new workout is released while nighttime in my country. What should I do..?

    • Kimber

      Just start the calendar when its day time. The days may be slightly off but you can probably adjust the dates to match your timezone.

    • joy

      either start the calendar a day late or you could substitute the new workout for another video and just do the new workout the next day :)

  • Brianna

    I’ve been sick for a week– looking forward to finally getting back to this tomorrow! :)

  • Alina

    When I first signed up, I got the email but not the password.
    I tried it again today, and now I got sent the password.
    For all you guys who didn’t get the password, for your sake, ‘numberoneapp’ is the password c: without the ‘ obviously lolol ;3

  • Asia Marie

    Hey popsters! I’ve been following Cassey for about 2 months and I just had a quick question!
    Whenever I’m on my back, I find it hard to have my lower back flat on the mat – I’m assuming it’s because I’m a little thicker in the lower areas of my body but even when I put my hands on my tailbone like what Cassey says, It’s still not flat on the mat! :(

    Anyone have any tips? Please and thank you! :)

    • molly

      hey! this might be because you have hyperlordosis, when your back curves inward and your stomach/butt stick out. it’s caused by tight hip flexors. i have it, and i’m working to fix it by using defranco’s agile 8 program, as explained in the video “how to easily fix lumbar lordosis.” hope this helped!

      • molly

        (it’s not one of cassey’s videos, it’s just a video i found on youtube that’s really helpful in explaining the program)

        • Asia Marie

          I’ve never heard of that! I’ll look into it! Thank you! :)

  • Nikki

    Hello all!

    The school year has just started again, and all that crazy hard work I did over the summer has gone ka-poof!

    My schedule is SUPER BUSY. I don’t even get home until 6pm on a weekly average, and my homework makes me stay up until almost midnight! The only possible times for me to work out are on the weekends :(

    Will my weight loss be a SUPER SLOW and gradual progress this year? And are there tips to help with this tight schedule?

    Thank you so much for your time!

    • Anneke

      Hey!! I’m in the same exact situation! I worked really hard to get in shape over the summer. What i do is get up two hours before school. (Don’t do that if your school starts before 7:30) For me that’s enough time to do most of my workout and then do a quick shower, eat a healthy breakfast (or smoothie), throw on some clothes and put on my makeup. After school I finish my workout (if i have to) and then grab some water and work on homework all the way until dinner. My homework takes 5 hours tops, so I’m normally 60-75% done by dinner. Then I just finish my homework. Basically, waking up earlier helps get a lot done. Also turn off your phone while you do your homework. To lose weight I’m also doing this neat thing where you drink a lot more water.Basically you weigh yourself and divide it in half. So if you weigh 150 Ibs, then you need to divide that in half (75 Ibs) and drink that much water in ounces. So you would need to drink 75 ounces of water a day. If you do this for a whole week you can lose more than 10 pounds a week.

      I hope I helped?

      • Helen

        wow…Im gonna try that

      • Nikki

        Wow, that really helps! Except my school starts at 7:10am everyday so…… Still a bummer :(
        I’ve been trying to do the water thing so hopefully it’ll work out somehow! Haha Homecoming is coming up so hopefully I can get a flatter stomach in a month with only the weekend to workout!

      • Nikki

        Wow, that really helps! Except my school starts at 7:10am everyday so…… Still a bummer :(
        I’ve been trying to do the water thing so hopefully it’ll work out somehow! Haha Homecoming is coming up so hopefully I can get a flatter stomach in a month with only the weekend to workout!
        Read more at http://www.blogilates.com/calendar/a-sweatember-to-remember-get-your-calendar-password-by-signing-up-for-the-free-newsletter#hj5hGblU3aced8OI.99

    • Katelyn

      I wake up before school earlier than normal and throw in my workout then.

  • ka

    a question for you……
    I am following the calendar. each day has a list of different workouts to complete; however, my confusion is that when I do certain workouts cassey will say to repeat the whole thing through 2,3, or 4 times. so….if she chooses that video for us that day do we also complete so many rounds or just one round? a good example: tues, sep 10 the fat melting cardio was only about 5-6 min long and she says to repeat it 3 or 4 times. should I have done that video over and over for 20-24 min or just moved on to the next one down the list (great Gatsby this day)?Thanks for the help!!!

    • Kelly

      Hey! Some people who watch and follow her videos don’t use the monthly or beginner calendars so they create their own schedule, and sometimes repeat the video (where Cassey says “Repeat this ‘-‘ to ‘-‘ times”) by their own choice. This can be because they chose to do that one video repetitively according to Cassey’s instructions instead of making their own playlist with multiple vids (to total 1 hour) unlike those who follow calendars that are already given a set of videos per day. It’s more of a recommendation, but since you’re doing the calendar, do the videos of each day once because it already totals roughly an hour. It’s your choice really.

    • Kristin

      Most of the videos when Cassey says to repeat it, she’s just saying you should try to work out for an hour. In a lot of the 15 minute videos, as an example, she’ll say to repeat it 4 times. The goal is basically just to work out for an hour a day, 5-6 days per week. If you want to work out longer, you can repeat the videos and follow the calendar, but most calendar days you just have to do every video once to get the hour in. If it says on the calendar itself to repeat the video though, you should try to. Hope that helps :)

  • Hi POPsters!
    I love working out, but sometimes the dinner catches me while doing it (I eat with my family ’cause I’m only 14 and I can’t have my own schedules and timetables) and my parents don’t allow me to continue ’cause they want us to eat together. I understand them, of course, but I would like to do some type of workout after the dinner so I won’t feel I haven’t done anything and I have cheated doing the exercises of the day, because that is what happens to me. Do you know any exercises I could do after eating? I know that is better to wait an hour or two before working out if you ate something, but if there were some light workouts or something like that, I would be so so soooo grateful.

    Thank you in advance, I know you POPsters are the best!
    See you!


    • Mirjam

      Always wait at least an hour after dinner befoer doing exercises. Your body needs the energy to digest your food. After that I can’t give you specific advice on what workout to do, Just look through some video’s and decide which one you want to do! The cardio once I wouldn’t call ‘light exercise’ but some others are.

  • only just started from September 12th, absolutely dyinggg but totally LOVE the burn!!
    thank you so much, you are such a delight to follow and be inspired by!!

  • Hannah

    Hi there. I have been doing some of Cassey’s workout for about 8 weeks or so, and am keen to start the calendar. However – I don’t understand it! Do I need to do every one of the routines marked each day? or just choose 1 or two?!

    Thanks for your help!!!

    • Yoanna

      Hello Hannah! You should do every workout that’s marked for the day.
      Good luck :)

    • Katie

      we do all of them:)

  • Melissa

    Hey Cassey and fellow popsters! I was wondering if y’all normally stretch either before or after your workouts (or both??). I don’t, but I’m now wondering if I should… I was originally thinking that pilates is already based on improving flexibility, but for workouts that are more HIIT-oriented, do you think stretching would be a good idea?

    Thanks Cassey for everything you do!

    • Kelly

      Stretching helps a lot during any exercise or physical activity and prevents injury and soreness, so always stretch for a couple of minutes before and after. If you’re doing things like cardio for exercise, it’s also good to do dynamic stretches to warm up your body :) plus, it speeds the improvement of flexibility too (:

    • Tiffany

      Jury’s out on whether or not it’s beneficial to stretch before a workout. Defs stretch after though!
      And never ever ever stretch cold muscles.So if you decide to stretch before doing the calendar you need to do some light activity to get warm

  • Shaniqua


    I am about 190 lbs 5’3 in height. according to Cassey I should do a lot of cardio to melt the fats. Should I do cardio everyday or following her everyday schedule is fine.

    Thanks a lot !! :)

    • KTK

      Hi Shaniqua! Try following Cassey’s schedule. You can lose fat by doing a lot of cardio but if you will do toning exercises and weight lifting few days a week, you will build muscles which will help you to burn more fat even when you won’t exercise. So follow the calendar and you will be fine :)

  • Xim

    Hey Cassey! I found you on you tube, and you are so inspiring to me, now I’m new here, trying to get start a new routine, but, I’ve been in a sedentary mood since 1 year ago, I don’t know were to begin, any suggestions? Love your blog! :)

    • Sarah

      Hi Xim, you could try the beginner’s calendar.

  • Aireen

    hey cassie. i weight 59 kg. if i do this challenge, how much weight can i lose.

    • KTK

      Hi Aireen! It really depends on what you eat – remember to eat clean, small portions and control your calories (but never starve yourself or eat bellow your BMR – you can easilly calculate it online). Also it depends on how tall you or and how much your body is used to exercise :) Good luck!

  • J

    Hi, i’m from Indonesia.
    So, I’ve been POPster since 6 months ago.
    But, this month’s my first workout calendar …. and it’s amazing!!!
    Cassey, you kill me in a good way

    So. thank you so much <3

  • Kelsey

    Hi guys!
    So I was wondering. This is probably showing how much I love food and don’t want to do the meal plan-but on Fridays, “YOLO days,” does that mean we also don’t follow the meal plan?
    We’re probably still supposed to follow the plan-just a break work out day right?
    Thanks! Hope everyone’s working hard!

  • alexandra

    Well, it’s my first workout calender. How am i gonna use it. I’m gonna do all the workout routines. But on Monday? What does “new workou”t mean? What am i supposed to do?

    • Sharon

      When you see ‘New Workout’ that just means that on her youtube channel a new video will be out that day to do.. Keep in mind the different timezones, because she may release it lunchtime her time, but on the other side of the world it might be nighttime– just keep an eye out that day.

    • Mandy

      Do the newest workout that Cassey posts

  • Melanie

    Are you supposed to do all the workouts under the day or do you pick only one?

    • serena

      yes , all the workouts , about an hour :)

  • This is my first real calendar after doing the beginners calendar in August. Adjusting to longer workouts has been hard but I’m getting there.
    I don’t weigh or measure myself because I find I can become obsessed, and I have worked really hard over the last few years to achieve some balance and not become fixated on numbers.
    Since starting these workouts I have not wanted to step on a scale or grab a measuring tape once. Instead I go by what I look like in the mirror, how my clothes are fitting and how I feel.
    Today I feel amazing. I feel strong and healthy and confident. For the first time I feel strength in my body. I looked in the mirror today and I can see abs developing, with a line! I have calf muscles that you are starting to notice and even my inner thighs are a wee bit tighter. My butt is bigger, but its firmer and lifted instead of sagging and soft. No more “skinny-fat” for me.
    I love this woman

    Read more at http://www.blogilates.com/calendar/beginners-calendar-for-popsters-just-starting-out#CAc34Udv80Bi4XH9.99

    • I don’t know where the “read more at” came from?!?! Weird….

  • jesminekuan

    hey, just want to let you know that you are so inspiring.. and i am really thankful for all your videos and apps and calender. although i just started joining your team but i hope i see alot of progress. wishing for a nice abs since i was young. i do alot of sports, like basketball, futsal, volley and also running but cant seem to loss those belly fats. and i got myself thinking my fats are thick and stubborn. plus its really hard for me to stay on track because i am a dental student studying in indonesia and i always end my class late. and have the difficulties in finding less oily food. do you have any simple meal plan i can work out? ones again thank you

  • valentina

    hi Cassey! i’m an Italian fan from a town near Venice!
    FIRST, I want to say you are so inspiring to me and I really love the workouts and your positive cheery attitude !!!! thank youuuuuu
    i have a question, i do swimming twice a week, and now i start your sweatember calendar, how can i do during the days I have also to go swimmig??? do I have to do all the workouts or can i eliminate some of your workouts??? Because it’s sooo hard to do them all and the swimming!!!!


  • Tina

    Really love this month’s calendar! I’ve been quite lazy due to my summer exams but now I’m back on track. So sore everyday! What I really appreciate is the playlist, which makes it more comfortable to workout. I definitely hate the breaks when searching for each single video on youtube, so I like this a lot! It would be quite cool if there was a stretching routine at the end of each playlist. When I finish, I’m always like, ok, done, take a shower. I don´t get myself to stretching after workouts, but if it would be part of the schedule, I would.

  • Ellen

    For some reason my sweatember calendar is not loading. I click on it and it only loads partially and the rest is grey. I’ve tried clicking on it multiple times and the same thing happens. Any suggestions?

    • Simona

      If you couldn’t open the calendar in the end, I can e-mail it to you :)

  • Kimmy

    I stumbled across this site a few nights ago and just started doing these workouts. I was skeptical that they’d be too easy. I mean how hard can this peppy lady working out to pop songs work me right? WRONG. So wrong. Sore before I was done. But I loved it! I’m def going to do this everyday. Thanks Cassey =)

  • Ashleigh

    I have extremely weak wrists, bad knees, and a tailbone that’s still healing, I put a towel under my tailbone when I need to and the knee pain isn’t that bad, but what can I do for my wrists? Is there a way to strengthen them? They stop me from doing a lot of the workouts…

    • L

      Sorry to hear that, try going on your forearms when possible and xassey suggested once that making a fist and going on your knuckles like a gorilla will help if ur wrist hurts.
      To strengthen you get a strong resistance band and grab hold of it while there’s high tension and simply flex your hand up and down for some reps with the underside of your hand facing down and then the same with the underside of your hand facing up. (Like curls but for your wrists lol!) Then grab hold and do reps flexing laterally one way and then the other etcetc.

  • Lea

    Im not allowed to buy anything online. This sucks I cant do the hot abs 100.

    • Emilie

      Just do another ab workout video :) It’s not the same, but at least you can still do an extra ab strengthening!

  • Paige

    Hey guys I have a question! Do you just do these exercises everyday or do you pair it with her other videos too?

    • Jasreet

      Hey Paige!
      I personally do just these videos everyday, because they generally take an hour, and all you need is an hour of exercise each day to see change. If it’s not enough though, you can definitely mix it up with some of her other videos :)

  • Trini

    Que buen entrenamiento! Que suerte que encontré esta página. Mi meta es recuperar mi estado físico que perdí después de tener a mis hijos.
    Gracias Cassey!

    • Emilie

      Que fantástico que ud. encontró los ejercicios de Cassey! Algunas veces es dificil para hacerlos, especialmente depués de tener a sus hijos, pero vale la pena!

      Buena suerte con sus ejercicios y que le vaya bien con su meta, ud!

  • Jasmine

    I just found you on YT and signed up for the email subscription. Just curious… Do you have followers who are over 250 pounds who do your workouts? or is this something for people who only need to loose about 10-50 pounds? I weight a lot more than 250 but I need to do some type of exercise and this seems motivating and interactive and that’s why I wanted to try. But I don’t want to try if its not for my body type(weight) Thanks.

    • Rachel

      Obviously I’m not Cassey, but I totally think that you can do these workouts! No workout is exclusively for one body type. You can probably just go ahead and do these videos to the best of your ability. Go ahead and modify things or take breaks if you have to. Also, she has a beginners calendar which is great if you are just getting started.

      Good luck to you!

      • Shimmycat

        I totally think you can, too! I will preface this by saying that I am of normal weight (whatever that means) but let me tell you a quick story. I have a dear friend who is happily married to a larger man, almost 400 lbs large (she is my size). While he did not use Cassey’s videos, he did embark on a w/o regimen using another video series. After a year, he has lost over 100 lbs. and completely changed his physique. Now mind you, after a year, he can barely do one push up but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that he continued to push himself and forged forward, never giving up. He also changed his eating habits which we all knows helps immensely. Keep doing what you can and modifying where you need to. Things will get easier and the rewards will be greater!
        Happy Working Out!

    • Jenn S.

      I started following Cassey about 3 weeks ago (I started the actual beginner’s workout calender 2 weeks ago) and I was around 230 pounds when I started. I don’t know my weight now, as I don’t weigh myself (except once every 3 months or so when I get my birth control renewed)…I just go by how I feel and how my clothes are fitting (because I would become number obsessed, and try to cut corners if I focused on a number. And I really want to lose weight the right way for long term commitment).

      Before I started doing her videos, I had been doing a 5k training app for about 4 weeks (I use the Zombies, Run! 5k trainer. SO FUN!) I had also been eating mostly raw for about 4 weeks. I lost some weight from just those 2 things (I was 255 when I started those…and I still do those things), But since I’ve started her videos, I feel stronger. I feel muscle coming up in places where I didn’t have any before. I actually feel my abs working instead of just feeling the exercises in my back and neck. I do have to modify some of the moves, but I do the best I can, and some things I don’t have to modify anymore and I’ve only been a popster for 3 weeks! I have a friend doing the beginners calender with me, and she’s a bit heavier and has a different body shape than I do, and she modifies accordingly as well. Example: She can’t do roll-ups to save her life, so she just does crunches in place of those in the workouts. I couldn’t do the “up up down downs” a couple of weeks ago in regular plank position, so I started in a coffee table position (even though she says not to, it was all I could do) but in just this short amount of time I can do them from plank!

      I say start with the beginners calender, and just do what you can, the best you can. If something hurts (and not in a good way!) then figure out something else to do instead or a way to adjust it. Just do what you can, try to maintain proper form, and give it your all! And don’t be alarmed if some of the exercises in her beginners calender workouts don’t seem very beginner! Some of them are intense! But you can do it! I’ve never been one for following a “program” because I get bored super easy, but these workouts are fun, different every day and Cassey keeps me motivated and interested.

  • Megan Buchanan

    Hi Cassey!
    I’d done a few of your workouts before; I was pretty good about following the beginners calendar the first half of June but then I got crazy busy and let myself slip….and it’s been showing hehe. I really love the workouts and your positive cheery attitude so looking forward to starting up #sweatember and getting back on track to a healthier me! Thanks so much and can’t wait until your app comes out on Android! Woohoo! :D

  • Alicia

    Am I the only one having trouble downloading the calendar each month!? This has been going on for me since she started doing the calendar.

  • Janet

    Hey Cassey!
    I recently subscribed to your channel and I really enjoy the monthly workout you created. I was wondering if you have workout routines for different body shapes. I have a pear shape and I noticed that my upper body loses weight and tones a lot faster than my lower half. Would you recommend doing more lower body workout on top of the monthly workouts?

    • Carina

      You lose an equal amount of fat all over your body when you work out, you’re just able to see a difference faster in the areas that are not covered with so much fat :) This calendar is great for losing weight so you should just continue doing it ^^,

  • Anthea

    POPSTERS! please answer me! do i need to do any more cardio if i already am doing sweatember? my body fat is 25 % wanna get down to 15!%

    • Sara

      No, just eat clean and moderately (don’t restrict, for example, if you really want that cookie, eat it but try not to eat the whole jar) and workout.
      And remember that you must never ever get under 15% of body fat, that’s so dangerous for your health!

      • I can do the diet bet because if I lose 4% more i’ll be verging on unhealthy…. so I’m following this calendar and missing out the crazy pop hiit stuff and just doing her dvd…. I’m trying to do more strength and toning than fat loss now! I’ve also upped my calorie intake alittle if I do go for a run…. I’m now fueling my body before I exercise rather than just burning it all off!

  • Adriiana

    Hey Cassey!I really enjoy your workout videos,and you are amazing ^_^! So,I am doing the Sweatember calendar workout,and I was wondering if it is possible for me to lose some weight like between 5 to 7 kg.I’m not verry fat,but I’m chubby..And I really wanna lose 5 kg. till next month.Thanx :-*?

    • Carina

      It should be possible to lose up to 5 kg :) You can maybe lose even more kgs but you have to keep in mind that the weight scale isn’t everything :) Be patient, keep working out and you will eventually get there :) Don’t let yourself down if you don’t lose all that weight this month ^^,

  • Anna

    I woke up SO SORE this morning! My lower body is on fire….but still got through Day 3! It was totally worth it. I’m still working on not being a huge baby after my 10th burpee.

    • Kristin

      Burpees are Killer!

  • jolene

    the sweatember calendar is a b**ch….. but i’m gna learn to love it…… for the sake of myself and to get that nice toned body like Cassey!