The Blogilates App. No you’re not dreaming :)

Hey POPsters!

Do you remember this photo that I posted to instagram like a year ago?

late night blogilates app

That’s a pic of my developer’s hand drawing out the calendar in blue. In the bottom right are drawings in black ink that are mine – showing him exactly how I wanted this to function. We spent a lot of late nights in a local coffee shop up in the Bay Area when I still lived there talking about my dreams for the app and how it could best serve YOU. It’s always kinda hard predicting what will do best as I sift through ideas. I seriously wanted to put in SO MANY FUNCTIONS!!!! It was very difficult to “lean out” my thoughts. Anyway…

Well the day has finally come! After months and months of development and over a year of planning…your Blogilates Official App is here! Go into the app store and type in “Blogilates” or “Cassey Ho” and you will find it! AH so excited!! Can’t sleep so I’m blogging away!

blogilates app 1

1. The cover! That’s me doing a side plank on a balcony overlooking the beautiful Bay Area!

2. The Workout Calendar!!! You will find the rest of #soHotinAugust here as well as the new #SWEATEMBER calendar! It will make it so much easier to follow the planned workouts of the day! No more excuses for not wanting to make playlists and searching all over youtube. It’s right here for you! Also, you will find an exclusive Secret Video in the calendar each month (and these are yours to download onto your phone and own). In #SWEATEMBER you will find Hot Abs 100. This is an amazing ab routine I designed just for you! It’s a very very good combo that’ll make you BURRRRRRN! The calendar is $0.99 a month as I design new plans to keep your body from plateauing every 4 weeks and the video is yours to keep forever! The whole app is free to download!blogilates app recipes

3. Recipes! A compilation of all of my fave recipes from the blog! In your pocket. So everyone, get ready to start having some fun in the kitch!

blogilates app 2
4. Workouts all organized! By body part, workout series, and all my latest vids!

5. The POPstergram. It’s like Instagram, but for POPsters :)

Here’s the video for you to watch me go through the app first hand!


Update 12:04am PST:

- The app just went live and we are experiencing some technical issues right now! Ah, don’t we love technology? I’m trying to work through these issues right now.

- iPhone 5 users cannot post a pic to the POPstergram. The “Select” button, the Camera button, and the flip over to see yourself button do not work. You can comment and heart.

- Facebook connection issue. If you are getting the message,

“Blogilates” would like to post publicly on your behalf. [Don’t Allow] [OK]

…and you can’t even heart or comment in the POPstergram forum, then go to settings > facebook > tap your name > delete account. This will not delete your facebook. This is just a temp fix for the root of the problem if you want to comment and like really bad in the forum! Ha, I have yet to do my first POPstergram pic!

These are the known issues right now. I will keep updating this page as we figure these issues out. If you see anything I did not list, please comment!

The app is only available on iOS right now. I know, Android users please don’t be mad! At least when your app comes out the bugs will have been fixed! :D

 Much love!

<3 Cassey


  1. I can’t upload a profile picture for some reason. Can someone please help?

  2. How can i post a pic at the forum or how can i change my profile pic?

  3. I bought the calendar through the app on my iPhone but when I go to view it on my iPad, it says I need to pay. Then when I try to pay again, it says I am already subscribed but I still don’t have access to the calendar in the app. Any help?

  4. Vittoria says:

    Hei Cassey, would it be possible to have your app available on windows phones as well? thank yo so much! XX

  5. I’ve been paying for the monthly calendar for a while now, but haven’t had time to us it. So my question is if I was to cancel my subscription could I still view my past monthly purchases?

  6. Jasmine M says:

    Ok guys, I am having a MAJOR issue with this app. I just purchased it tonight through google play and it won’t show me any of the daily workout videos/calender that I paid for. Every time I click it tells me to subscribe then tells me there’s an error because I already am. But the app isn’t letting me see anything that I paid for??? I’ve had it for two minutes and am already extremely frustrated that I can’t simply work out like I wanted to. PLEASE HELP.

  7. I have already tried clicking the Restore button as well and nothing is still happening. Please reply and do something about it asap :(

  8. Hi Casey!
    I have a concern or problem :O I bought the beginner Calendar on your app and I accidentally deleted the Blogilates app! So as i try to re-claim the begginer calendar, it says i can get it for free since i already purchased it previously, but now the next thing it says is “You’ve already purchased this, It just hasnt Downloaded. ” What am I supposed to do about this? PLEASE HELP. I NEED THE CALENDAR ALREADY AND START SO BADLY :(

    • Same thing happened to me! I almost had a heart attack! Don’t worry. I don’t know if you figured this out already since your comment was posted 20 days ago. What I did is I downloaded the app again after I accidentally deleted it and went to the calendar app at the bottom. While in the calendar tab, I went to the smiley face in the top right corner which led me to my account. Click “Go to Settings” and click on “Restore” under Storage Settings. Click Restore when a question about iTunes pops up. Now go back to Calendar and the current day (in pink) will be where you were when the app was deleted. You can just check of all the activities for the prior days. Now you can continue working out with Blogilates! Hope I helped!

  9. I paid for this month but can’t view any videos from the calendar (May 2014) … How come?!?

  10. I want to subscribe to the app and i would like to ask if all the hidden videos of the previous months are available when i subscribe! Thank you

  11. Can you only log in with twitter and facebook? Because I wouldn’t like it if my friends + family could see my before pictures..

  12. TheresaInNY says:

    I have the app but lately just before I open it, it shows over 1,000 “messages” in a bubble on corner of app! What is this and why?

  13. How do I change my name on the app? Any tips? I dont want my full surname to be there. The settings menu is so badly made….

  14. I can’t figure out how to post in the forum. I only see an option to reply to posts but not to create a new one. Please help :) oh and I’m on an iPhone. Thanks!

  15. Hey there, I cannot play videos in the app from the beginner’s calendar & monthly calendars. It says “An error occured while initializing the Youtube player” “NETWORK_ERROR”.

    I am using Galaxy Note. Blogilates app updated. Youtube app updated. Already paid for the beginner’s calendar & the subscription for monthly calendars.

    Anyone got the same problem & any solutions to this? Thanks!!

  16. How do I stop the payment for the workout calendar if it comes out monthly? I am just going to get it online from now on but I can’t find any details of how to stop the calendar! Can someone help? :)

    • Katherine says:

      were you able to unsubscribe? I’m trying to on my android app and can’t figure out how to unsubscribe!

    • I just got an email about my subscription from iTunes. It directed me to my account settings where I had to log in and “turn off” the auto subscription! If you can find a way to get to the account settings, you’re gold!

      • Found it! You have to log in to iTunes to unsubscribe. Easiest way is to look for the original confirmation email and click on iTunes from there to unsubscribe. Hope that helps!

  17. Not to kick a dead horse, but I don’t think iPads can have the app yet… At least, mine can’t.

    • On your iPad in the app store when you search for “Blogilates” make sure you choose “iPhone only” not “iPad only”, cause it’s only available in iPhone size, but you can still get it on your iPad.

  18. Sound-
    If your phone is set to vibrate, then there’s no sound- if you switch the ringer on, then the sound works.
    That same slider button on your ipad (beside the volume toggle) can be set in the settings to either control the ringer? or as an orientation lock. If you go into settings – general- and then set the side switch to mute, then you can toggle that switch to get the sound on the video.

    • For my iPad I had to go into settings, general and “use side switch to” and tick “mute” then I had to physically slide the switch and make sure it said “Ringer” not “Ringer Silent” then back in the setting I put it back to “lock Rotation” mode to control the switch by the volume control buttons. This fixed my no sound issue in the app……even though the setting was originally on “lock rotation” I guess it had gotten locked onto “Ringer silent” then that button was switched to use as “Lock Rotation” I had sound in every other possible place/setting, it was driving me insane!!

  19. I can’t log in with my twitter account – how do I fix this?

    • I’ve noticed a lot of other people hade this problem too, but I managed to fix mine. For me it was enough to log in again on my iphone settings – not on the twitter app, the settings. Just thought I’d let you guys know in case my solution works for others too. :)

  20. Hi, I love the app, but every time I play a video, there is no sound….anybody else here having this problem or even better, the solution to this?

  21. I cannot find this in the App Store, is it only available in the US? I had it on android but I’ve switched to iPad .

  22. They have any full speed call have this will let you key in 9 cutting corners not
    to mention get them with a then click. Why do everything when you can bring in help
    to help you. When a wrestler uses a particular attack too much in a match, that attack becomes less
    effective as the opponent starts to anticipate and defend against that move.

  23. Did anyone else ever figure out why it won’t let some of us link it to our Twitter accounts? I really don’t want to use my Facebook, but it won’t allow me to use my Twitter. :(

  24. Kristina J. says:


  25. Hey, so I pay for the calendar ever month for my phone but the special videos never download. Someone Help!!!

  26. The app is only on the us store and won’t download off the nz store makes me so sad :(

  27. Can anyone else not login through Twitter on the app?

  28. My phone is so old :-(
    Nevermind then and congrats for the launching of your app anyway :-)

  29. Hey! How do i cancel my subscription for this? I Barley use it and it keeps charging me every month! Please someone help me! I’d really appreciate it!!

  30. Do I lose last months videos and calendars when a new month rolls over? I hit restore purchases but now sept video isn’t there and neither is the calendar.

  31. Hey i know you re working hrd for us POPsters but if you can work just a little harder to make it available on Amazon b/c i have a kindle and thts where i do all my stuff so please go that extra mile for us Amzon Users

  32. I would love this app for the andriod! :D

  33. hey, I’d like to know whether you will make it available for Androids tooo pleeeease :D

  34. Please help. I just subscribed and paid for monthly Blogilates app. But unfortunately I still cannot open the calendar and the apps always ask me to confirm monthly payment. After I click confirm, the apps said that I’ve already subscribed to this month but the fact is I still cannot open it. Thanks, please help me. Xoxo *i can’t wait fot October’s calendar!!!*

  35. Robin manley says:

    App for androids ….app for androids…yeah…yeah…yeah! PA-LEASE as you are so inspiring!

  36. Do I have to have a FB to be able to post on the app? That is the only I see to “log in” but I do not have nor want a FB

  37. Am I the only one who can’t get sound for the videos on the calendar? I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling and it still won’t work. :(

  38. I’m a bit bummed that there isn’t android app, this happens with all kinds of amazing apps. But I really exited there will be one in the future :)

  39. OMG nooooooo!!!! There’s no app on Androids for this =/
    Im so bummed now.

  40. Hi Cassey — LOVE the app. I was so excited to download the calendar. One small issue I’ve noticed — you can’t do the calendar out of order and still check off what you’ve worked on. I hurt my foot over the weekend so I decided to do some of the ab workouts from Wednesday the 11th yesterday. But I couldn’t check them off. And now I’ve noticed that if I go back and do Monday’s workout on another day I can’t check it off either. It seems you can only check it off on the actual day of the week. But because I’m somewhat out of order it’s even more crucial for me to check off so that I can remember which videos I’ve done. Do you think there might be an update on this soon?

  41. If Iam not mistaken, it was Benjamin Franklin whoo said that There isn’t shame in
    being ignorant, only in being unwilling to learn.
    I must take this opportunity and thank you for allowing me to learn.

    Thanks to you I can say that I am just a bit less ignorant today
    than I had been a day ago.

  42. Blogilates app for android please!! Just started with pop blogilates for beginners and loving it :D

  43. How do I unsubscribe from the app calendar so you don’t take $0.99 every month? I just wanted to try this month and see what happened but now I wanna unsubscribe..

  44. I keep going on the app store and it says no results when I put in blogilates or your name. I am so disappointed that I can’t get it. I don’t know why it’s not working.

  45. Does this app come for android users ? I can’t find it anywhere in the play store & I really love your videos ! I’m new, but dedicated !

    • i realllllllllllly want it for android because i dont use apple products, does it come for us with android phones yet?

  46. I have been having trouble changing my subscription status in both the app, in the App Store as well as in settings. I was also charged twice in the same month, which not what the app agreement says. Please help.

  47. I can’t find it in the play store :(

  48. Pleaase can anybody help? How to you check the video you’ve done on the calendar?
    Thank youuu

  49. Love this app!!

    It would be awesome if you could check workouts off from the day before if you forgot to check them off after you completed them.

    Also, will there be a version available for an iPad? I would love to be able to use this app on a bigger screen so I can see your awesome videos as I work out to them instead of looking them up on your app and then finding them on youtube.


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