The Blogilates App. No you’re not dreaming :)

Hey POPsters!

Do you remember this photo that I posted to instagram like a year ago?

late night blogilates app

That’s a pic of my developer’s hand drawing out the calendar in blue. In the bottom right are drawings in black ink that are mine – showing him exactly how I wanted this to function. We spent a lot of late nights in a local coffee shop up in the Bay Area when I still lived there talking about my dreams for the app and how it could best serve YOU. It’s always kinda hard predicting what will do best as I sift through ideas. I seriously wanted to put in SO MANY FUNCTIONS!!!! It was very difficult to “lean out” my thoughts. Anyway…

Well the day has finally come! After months and months of development and over a year of planning…your Blogilates Official App is here! Go into the app store and type in “Blogilates” or “Cassey Ho” and you will find it! AH so excited!! Can’t sleep so I’m blogging away!

blogilates app 1

1. The cover! That’s me doing a side plank on a balcony overlooking the beautiful Bay Area!

2. The Workout Calendar!!! You will find the rest of #soHotinAugust here as well as the new #SWEATEMBER calendar! It will make it so much easier to follow the planned workouts of the day! No more excuses for not wanting to make playlists and searching all over youtube. It’s right here for you! Also, you will find an exclusive Secret Video in the calendar each month (and these are yours to download onto your phone and own). In #SWEATEMBER you will find Hot Abs 100. This is an amazing ab routine I designed just for you! It’s a very very good combo that’ll make you BURRRRRRN! The calendar is $0.99 a month as I design new plans to keep your body from plateauing every 4 weeks and the video is yours to keep forever! The whole app is free to download!blogilates app recipes

3. Recipes! A compilation of all of my fave recipes from the blog! In your pocket. So everyone, get ready to start having some fun in the kitch!

blogilates app 2
4. Workouts all organized! By body part, workout series, and all my latest vids!

5. The POPstergram. It’s like Instagram, but for POPsters :)

Here’s the video for you to watch me go through the app first hand!


Update 12:04am PST:

– The app just went live and we are experiencing some technical issues right now! Ah, don’t we love technology? I’m trying to work through these issues right now.

– iPhone 5 users cannot post a pic to the POPstergram. The “Select” button, the Camera button, and the flip over to see yourself button do not work. You can comment and heart.

– Facebook connection issue. If you are getting the message,

“Blogilates” would like to post publicly on your behalf. [Don’t Allow] [OK]

…and you can’t even heart or comment in the POPstergram forum, then go to settings > facebook > tap your name > delete account. This will not delete your facebook. This is just a temp fix for the root of the problem if you want to comment and like really bad in the forum! Ha, I have yet to do my first POPstergram pic!

These are the known issues right now. I will keep updating this page as we figure these issues out. If you see anything I did not list, please comment!

The app is only available on iOS right now. I know, Android users please don’t be mad! At least when your app comes out the bugs will have been fixed! :D

 Much love!

<3 Cassey


  1. So, keep an eyes for these special offers and you could potentially save a lot.

  2. How do I cancel my automatic subscription?

  3. I deleted the app about a year ago and im still getting charged for the subscription. I have no interesr in using the app again and would like to cancel my subscription and stop the charges, please notify me on how to do so asap.

  4. I am having trouble with the app. I am subscribed , as in I get charged monthly for the monthly calendar. Except all of a sudden I do not have access to it and it is asking me to subscribe. I do not want to do this as I will be then getting charged twice. Am I missing something?

  5. How do I delete my subscription for a calandar. I wanted to get the beginners but I got the normal one instead?

  6. Does anyone know how paying for he calendar works? I payed for one of them, but does it just keep charging me every month for a new one? If so, is there a way to stop it from automatically paying for the next month?


    • Cora Stevens says:

      The same thing is happening to me!! It’s driving me mad! I want to access the videos and planner but I can’t :-(

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  8. Please make the app for BlackBerry !

  9. Hi Cassey!
    Please don’t forget about us Windows Phone users! I’d love to get the app if you built it for Windows Phone too!

  10. Is there any way to delete your last name????? I don’t want it on the app….

  11. I’m not sure if this has been answered yet but I upgraded my phone and while my beginners calendar is showing available, the monthly calendar I purchased is gone. It was the march calendar and the first one I have ever purchased. Are the calendars only available during the one month or are we able to retrieve them? Thanks for the info!!

  12. Could you make one for windows phones as well?? Thank you :)

    • Yes, I have windows phone, too, but there is no Blogilates App. Will it be able for downloading on windows phone store?

  13. Hey, so I’ve already download the app but I can’t see the daily routine and follow the calendar because it keeps telling I have to pay for them… I thought they were for free and the only thing you had to pay for was the special video of the month…

    it kinda made me sad bc I was hoping I could get the the most out of the app and that just didn’t seem to happen =(

    help? anybody? u.u

    • Hey there! you should pay for the calendar instead of the special video so that you can get your daily routine work. Also, 0.99 is only for one calendar, if you want another one, you have to pay for 0.99 again i think.

  14. I’m having an issue with your app on IOS iPhone 5s. I try opening your videos but they pop up then close down. Is there some update that you had recently that could be causing your issue. I have the paid version. I even tried deleted and reinstalling with the same outcome? I have even trying to use calendar workouts but have to go back and forth to find on YouTube? Please Help!



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