Do Celebs have a Responsibility to be Role Models? (ahem Miley ahem)

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Hey POPsters!

This topic has been lingering on my mind for a while but it definitely challenged me yesterday after watching the VMAs. Clearly, Miley Cyrus has been the hot topic of the season ever since she cut her hair, started looking like Pink, and released her very cathartic We Can’t Stop music video. Dancing teddy bears, french fry skulls, humping, and lots of twerking – it was like nothing I’d seen before.

Well yesterday she took it to a WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEVEL. You can see for yourself the VMA performance below:

So I just wanted to discuss the topic of celebrities being role models. I’m not judging Miley for how she dresses, acts, or wants to express herself – I think it is very important for people to release what their feeling by either talking it out, working it out, painting it out, fashioning it out…whatever…as long as you don’t hurt anyone. And this is where the lines get kinda murky for me and what Miley or any person of influence does.

Does a celebrity have a responsibility to be a good role model?

Think about it for a sec.

My initial thought was no, they just happen to be famous for being them, and they should do what they please because it’s their life and it’s who they are. How people choose to be influenced is their decision and they should deal with the consequences.

But then…I thought about it some more. I thought about where I am, what I do, and if I feel like I have a responsibility to be a good role model to you guys. And the answer for me is clear. YES. I am responsible for my actions.

I create free workout videos, meal plans, calendars, and cooking shows for you because it satisfies me to know you’re finding your healthier self. I am beyond thankful that you actually use these tools. I am overly grateful for the friendships and the POPster community that has grown out of our commonality for wanting to get fit. I care about you so much because you made Blogilates what it is. You make me smile every single day.

You know, people who are famous hold a lot of power. And with power comes the ability to change people, events, and history. Celebrities are leaders who have an army of fans that will back them up, dress like them, act like them, and at the deepest level, wanna be like them. When I was at the Taylor Swift concert a few days ago, I noticed all the girls were dressed like Taylor! A lot were blonde and had a very thin frame too. It was quite interesting to notice.


To say a celebrity is not responsible for his or her actions is saying that as human beings, our lives aren’t all somehow connected. We live as families, in communities, in neighborhoods, in cities, and states, and nations that all thrive off of one another. We are all linked together because we need one another to help each other. The trust that we have between each other is the most valuable currency we can exchange. We trust that that car won’t just run us over when we cross the street. We trust that the food we eat at a restaurant isn’t poisoned. We trust that our friends won’t betray us.

The only reason why each one of us lives the way we do today is because of how our friends, families, and schools have molded us. Sure some of our traits comes from nature but a lot of it comes from nurture. A lot of it can be enhanced or degraded through who we hang out with and who inspires us. Beyond our own hometown circles, celebrities are sources for inspiration through media because they are seen by so many eyes.

Miley grew up famous as Hannah Montana and built a fan base of Disney-lovin’ young, wholesome, and impressionable girls. It seemed like within the last half year she flipped and turned into a completely different human being who is very very comfortable being explicit in front of the camera. How are the young girls supposed to react? Will they follow her lead and start wearing barely-there clothing, licking things, and sticking their butt at everything? Who knows – but the chances are likely that some of them will think this is “cool” and “okay”.

Gyrating into an older man’s crotch in nude lingerie in front of millions? Singing about “Trying to get a line in the bathroom.” I don’t like it and I think it’s leaving a lot of people confused as to what she’s really trying to express. It may not hurt anyone immediately to start dressing scantily and act in a “who the eff cares” kinda attitude, but you know what, in the long run, I can tell you that it will attract the wrong attention. And when that happens, it is possible for these girls to get hurt.

Honestly guys, I think that you should do what makes you happy (celebrity or not) so long as you don’t hurt anyone. But if you want to make a positive change in this world, and I think we all should, we should use the power we have to make other people better people, happier people, healthier people too. I don’t see a point in using our influence to spread negativity.

Celebrities have the power to change history. Why not do it for the better?

To me, true success is happiness. Enlightenment is sharing happiness.

Please let me know what you think about this topic. Do you agree or disagree with me?

<3 Cassey

  • Sculpturette

    Thanks for saying what I’ve always thought, Cassey! Agree with you 100%. Miley, whether people like it or not, does effect tons of young boys and girls. Yes they can control themselves, but what she was saying in the performance was the opposite. She can do so much better than that. I’ve seen her do so much better than that. I’m happy she got her act together.

  • thank you

  • Katharine

    Ha! I love Miley. So many haters.. so little time.

    • Sierra


  • sam

    Does anyone remember Christina’s ‘Dirrty’ video? Britney’s slave for you? Madonna in pretty much everything she does/did? The only things that changed is social media. I’m gonna give Miley the benefit of the doubt. She’s young and as much as she thinks she knows who she is as a person, she doesn’t…what 20 year old does? She’ll figure it out.

  • Miranda

    Miley is in the public eye. She makes choices that are different or maybe that are hard for parents to hear or people her age to like. But she is young and we all have made those choices where we are judged. Parents do not like it because they know what she sang about is how kids act today. People Miley’s age are hypocritical because she isn’t a child star anymore just like we aren’t children watching her show. People her age do everything Nd more she sings in her song and that’s just the issue with everyone judging her is that they can’t accept the fact that the youth of the world are partying and doing all those things WILLINGLY and not influenced by a song that came out over the summer when the issue has been going on so long. She isn’t a kid anymore just like we aren’t The only difference is she. Has the guts to sing it while everyone else keeps it a secret from others because they know they will be judged

  • melanie

    Agree 100% – my son and I have talked about this (he’s 11) regarding Rihanna and her abusive boyfriend, and the kind of message going back to him sends, etc. etc.
    I love that you not only post great workouts and inspirations, but that you have such a clear voice and vision, and that you stand for something – you have values that I really appreciate.
    Plus my butt is killing me today, so that means I did something right yesterday, so thanks for that, too :)

  • lee

    and still the record reaches the top of the charts. the primary buyers of this record are women. of all ages. so get a grip feminists.

    • Jane

      nowhere in this article did Cassey allude to feminism or even say anything stereotypically feminist, so I think your quip is a bit misplaced. She’s talking about celebrities being role models in general, and Miley’s recent performance makes her an obvious example. If a male celebrity had done something out of line, Cassey would have talked about him. In addition, I’m assuming you didn’t know this, but you can like a person’s music but hate that person, and you can also like a person and hate their music. And like she said, which for some reason you think she left out, many women like Miley. So I’m really not quite sure what you’re trying to achieve by adding this comment other than to just say something rude about feminism that has absolutely nothing to do with this article. Oh and by the way, feminism is a good thing. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  • Diana

    I agree! It’s easy to say that famous people should act the way they want to, but when you put yourself in their shoes it just seems so selfish to act that poorly. If people look up to you, you should be grateful, promote a good image and use your fame for good. Not for this… :/

  • Léanna

    I disagree with you about Miley, the young girls who grew up watching Hannah Montana are about my age now (19) and are old enough to make their own decisions. It is possible that she has younger fans, like my cousin who’s 8 but I asked her if she likes Miley’s new song and she said no and doesn’t even pay attention to the music video. I mean you can be someone’s fan and get inspired by this person but you don’t have to act or dress exactly like them I’ve never seen anyone doing that before (except for concerts then yes that’s another story) and I’ve never seen a celebrity encouraging their fans to be like them, quite the contrary, I’ve always heard phrases like “be yourself, don’t pay attention to what everybody else’s thinking blah blah blah” and if young girls start taking Miley as an exemple on how to live their lives, that would be to assume who they are however provocative it is and not to care about anyone’s opion. But if they start doing some random crazy stuffs like twerking on strangers during parties or idk then that’s their parent’s roles to stop and talk to them.

    Anyway I love working out with you Cassey and thanks for everything ! xx

    • Léanna

      Also, slut-shaming Miley because of how she dances and dresses for a perfomance is extremely wrong ! Actually slut-shaming is wrong in any circumstances. And it is NEVER a woman’s fault if she gets hurt by a stupid man who can’t control his pulses..
      And the only one we should be talking about here is robin thicke and his disgusting lyrics soliciting rape. Yeah, let’s talk about that

      • Diana

        So it’s okay for Miley to act like trash but it’s not okay for Robin Thicke to do the same? Not to mention Miley is singing his song and she is grinding herself into his crotch, so you can’t talk about “stupid men and their impulses” So yes, this complete garbage of a performance was all Robin Thicke’s fault. It’s so frustrating that Robin Thicke is being blamed for demeaning women, while it’s not Miley’s fault for saying it’s okay? I’m 19 and I never paid attention to Miley. My little sister on the other hand is 14 and she liked her a lot when she was younger. I would hate for her to see that and think that it’d be “fun” to act like her.

        • Mayy

          No, she’s not saying that Robin cant act a certain way.. She’s saying, singing about rape is wrong..not that having a younger women grinding against his crotch is wrong of him. How about this- Robin is wrong for singing about rape and Miley is wrong for singing his lyrics, pretending that they are A-okay lyrics.

          Neither of them are wrong for how the dressed or act/but what they’re singing(about rape) is the thing that’s wrong.

          • Léanna

            Thank you !

          • sandy

            what are you talking about? there was no “rape” in that song whatsoever.

    • Kitkat

      @Leanna I understand your position and respect your opinion however, I believe that the difference between Miley and us is that she is a PUBLIC FIGURE and even if she wants to show off her parts and do all that provocative dancing she needs to step down from that “I don’t care what every one thinks about me attitude” because she could be hurting other people and herself by her actions and unfortunately there might be other girls who might follow her steps that could possibly be younger than us (I’m 19 yrs. old) and YOU don’t have to see it but I’m sure its happening someplace right now. Apart from that, even if singers or any other public figure go around making that speech of “being yourself” teenagers, preteens and whoever else likes her music will try to be like her I mean come on many teens are still trying to find their own identity and learning more about ourselves and where they fit in society.
      As for the twerking in parties/ clubbing etc. I do agree that parents are held responsible but let’s be realistic “what teen/ preteen young adult would go and tell their parents “hey mom, dad last night I was “twerking” “grinding” on some guy or dancing provocative” Of course no one would be crazy enough to say that unless they are looking forward to be grounded.
      Finally, looking down upon Miley Cyrus’ actions and saying that she is a ROLE MODEL is the main point and she does has responsibility because in the end of the day she is a female whom if a guy happens to hurt her or happens to hurt any other girl who tried to follow her steps she might not be able to defend herself (considering that guys are stronger than women) and will eventually get hurt. Many if not all of us might blame her for DRESSING IN A WAY that screams many obscene things and her ACTIONS (DANCING/ GRINDING/ TWERKING/ HOWEVER PPL CALL IT THESE DAYS) shows nonverbally what she wants…just like a stripper, or any exotic moves that people do to grab the attention of men. Yes the other singer did a bad song but the girl is exposing and even SUPPORTING the guys music by singing and dancing with him (if thats even dancing). You probably are a fan of Miley but she is a PUBLIC FIGURE whom many young girls follow and will try to be like her, even if it is the fan’s responsibility to dress the way they want they still would not understand the implications or the MESSAGE that they will give by dressing the way she does or acting the way she does.

      I think that Miley is trying to grow up a bit too fast, she should slow it down and try to understand that whether SHE LIKES IT OR NOT she is a ROLE MODEL, that her actions will have consequences whether it be a pregnancy, std, a scandal, dissaproval of others, support of fans, fame based on scandal, etc. or a fan suffering the consequences of following her steps.
      This is just my opinion take it or leave it:)

      Cassey love your responsibility of being a role model and your thoughts that you’ve put into this article, it really makes me glad that you think of your followers and not just about yourself in terms of fame, money or all those materialistic gains instead you think of us and try to make us motivated and gain insight of ourselves by making us do effort to accomplish results, find ways to be disciplined and by telling us how to do it. Thanks!!:)

      • Léanna

        I don’t like the victim blaming going on here but whatever. I can understand your opinion on other points. And no I’m not a fan of Miley ;)

      • sandy

        Regardless of your thoughts on Miley. Miley is not responsible for the actions of teenage girls. Plus, do you really think it is accurate to assume a cause and effect relationship here? Which is what you are doing.

  • Lauren

    I totally agree with this! I consider Cassey to be a really positive role model in my life and it’s so nice to discover that someone you look up to actually has sensible ideals and is pretty switched on. I feel quite strongly about ‘celebrity culture’ and the way it seems to be so highly influential in a mainly negative way, and it makes me feel even more respect for Cassey knowing she shares some of these same observations.
    This has actually made my day, thanks!! :D

  • Lily

    Totally agree with you. Thank you for writing about this subject. I have a 15 year old niece who is a Miley fan. Also thank you for being a good and responsible role model.

  • Sawa

    Cassey. I really hope you take the criticism on this post to heart, and teach yourself about why slut shaming is harmful. Maybe then you can learn about other aspects of feminism too, and learn that why Miley’s behaviour is damaging isn’t because she didn’t wear enough clothes, it’s because it’s racist and culturally appropriative.
    I really find it disappointing when people that I try to look up to do things like this.

  • Emily

    I see Illuminati written all over the performance, a lot of disgusting mind control, that’s why I don’t watch tv often.

  • A

    I absolutely disagree with the subtle slut-shaming going on here. There are far worse things to critique Miley’s performance for, aside from how she was dressed or dancing, like cultural appropriation. Miley is a grown woman who can choose to dress and act however she pleases. If parents don’t want their younger daughters emulating her, then it’s up to the parents to do their job and set their boundaries for them.

    And if Miley’s behavior was so shocking, why aren’t people giving as much flack to Robin Thicke? Last I checked, he was the one who’s a married father who agreed/allowed Miley to dance all over him in such a way.

    Also, Cassey, I am INCREDIBLY disappointed in your victim-blaming in the second to last larger paragraph. Implying that it’s a woman’s fault for getting hurt and attracting the wrong sort of attention for dressing or acting in a certain way is APPALLING. No one is responsible for the hurt someone chooses to enact on them in that way. The honey boo boo fat shaming debacle from a while back was upsetting enough to me, but frankly, this just made me seriously lose interest as a fan of yours.

    • Sawa

      I seriously read this blog entry expecting slut shaming, etc., and when I went to read the comments I didn’t expect much better.
      This makes me very iffy about being a fan of Cassey, too.
      I always have a hard time articulating my thoughts, but what you’ve said is brilliant.

    • Mayy

      EXACTLY! I still very much like Cassy and her blog and videos..but this slut shaming & saying its women’s fault for getting hurt/raped/attacked is very disgusting and pisses me off. Cassey, if YOUR sister was attacked by a guy in such a vile way, would you ask her, ‘What were you wearing?’ ; i dont think you’d be generally concern for her and blaming the guy from hurting. Am i right?

      • Kate

        I totally disagree with you guys. First of Cassey did not say it was ok for anyone to hurt anyone. But if you look at reality , a girl who dresses like that will attract the wrong attention. And this slut shaming business is a bunch of crap. Yes it ok for people to dress the way they want and do what they want to, but it’s also ok to say that you think that is wrong. It is a personal opinion. And if know society, you should know that people are not going to think that’s ok. Especially a parent.

    • Annie

      Victim blaming? It’s absolutely wrong to hurt other people, and rape is wrong no matter what the person was wearing or how drunk they were. But a person needs to face the fact that there are people out there who don’t mind hurting other people. Why not use a modicum of common sense about one’s own actions and attire. CAN you get completely drunk while at a club, even if you’re alone? Sure, you can, but you should be aware that you would very vulnerable to any sickos that might come across you.

      A girl is allowed to dance however she likes, and wear whatever she likes. Therefore, she needs to be aware of the kind attention it draws, and the fact there are some bad people out there who will take advantage of it. Some people call that victim-blaming, I call it not being an idiot and being aware of your surroundings.

  • Pallavi

    Mmm I kind of disagree with you Cassey. See if Miley was a relatively new Disney star I’d agree with you. Her fanbase would be extremely young in that case. However, that’s not so. Hannah Montana’s target age demographic was me around 10 years ago and I’ve grown. I know the difference between right and wrong and have changed as I’ve grown up. So I think she has no responsibility towards her fans for how she’s acting. Additionally, the problem with our pop culture that it’s always been sexual. So even little girls at the age of 12 listen to the radio about sex, drugs, and money. But you don’t find these girls growing up any different. When they mature they develop their own personas and change role models too. So yeah just my 10 cents (:

  • I completely agree. I also believe that as unfortunate as the whole Miley thing is, Robin Thicke was up there too. What on earth is a grown man with a wife and kids doing on stage with a 20 year old dancing like that? He is a role model too, just in a different way that Miley is.

    His video for Blurred Lines is just as damaging to younger people as Miley’s is. The video with nude models prancing around is objectifying women and it’s not healthy for young boys and girls to see an adult acting like this.

    It’s all just ridiculous.

    • Jane

      YES. Oh my God. While I completely agree that Miley was just beyond inappropriate, I feel as though all the attention is focused on her. Just because she’s a woman. At least with Miley, her fanbase is grown up now and won’t be as scarred as Thicke’s children would be when they come across this video of their dad dancing lewdly with some 20 year-old chick. He too bears the same responsibility and it hurts to know that people cut him a lot of slack in comparison to Miley. People have to be fair in their judgement.

  • Mar

    In total agreement- at first I just thought Miley was trying to prove that she isn’t a Disney girl anymore, and who are we to judge? But after seeing the We Can’t Stop music video and the VMAs, I’m not so sure. I think Miley should take the young girls who loved her so in her Hannah Montanna days, and how her actions could affect them.

  • Babs

    Hey Cassey,

    As mucg as I do agree with you, and believe me I do, I have an issue with everybody turning this against Miley. Why isn’t anyone giving Robin Thicke just as hard a time? If my eyes didnt deceive me, he was there with Miley on that very same stage grabbing her in ways that people wouldn’t consider appropiate, yet just because Miley did something a little more prococative everyone seemed to just want to condone HER and not HIM for their behavior. And the issue just doesn’t end there. If I’m not mistaken, “Blurred Lines”, sang by Thicke, is the most played song in America right now. Yet, what’s the song about? Date rape!!!! And treating women like objects or as the song says it, like animals!!! So, taking all the things you said about Miley being a role model, shouldn’t people be giving Robin the same criticism?? I mean, he is a celebrity too, right??

    Hope you get what im saying :) love ya Cassey!

    • Completely agree!

    • Pallavi

      Oh my god this! I hate that Blurred Lines is like the most popular song, it’s so disgusting. Like my 12 year old brother sings along to it (albeit he doesn’t know what it means but still) :(

    • beelzebex

      THIS. All of this!

  • Mel

    Completely agree with you Cassey! No matter how you look at it, she’s doing it for shock value and for publicity – whether this is her true expression, whether she is discovering herself, whether she is lost – which ever way. She is obviously not thinking how this influences people – it’s completely for the shock value! And she loves it! It’s just terrible that stories like this get talked about it more than people that actually do some good in the world. And that’s why she does it… And that says a lot about her as a person.

  • Bassantpopster

    Loved the topic. And absolutely agree with you Cassey! ❤❤

  • Hey Cassey,
    I think you are right about this. I am glad about people like Angelina Jolie who uses her wealth and celebrity responsibly. I think you are doing a good job too, with promoting good nutrition and things like that. You teach people so well how to take care of themselves. I do feel though that you could also address our responsibility towards others. You have so so much influence on young girls, and mentioning the importance of buying fair trade when possible, or free-range eggs, could make a huge difference. The sort of blind consumerism we are in needs to really change. Every time we spend money we make a choice. Is it cocoa powder from a country that still uses slavery? Do you know that 80 percent of all mobile devices are made with what is now called ‘blood-minerals’, mined in Congo where the native population had been oppressed by an insane civil war, where 200,000 women and children have been raped, countless people have been killed, so that we can upgrade our cell phone yet again? (First fair trade cell is on its way…) These things matter. Where are your work out clothes made? In a factory in Bangladesh by women who earn next to nothing and have no choices? Or did you chose a company that takes interest in their workers? Every tiny thing we do matters. All those tiny things can save a life, or two lives, or just make someone’s life much better.
    Thanks for listening, and thanks for having an open heart for your community of popsters. You already make a difference.

    • Pallavi

      Just wanted to point out that unfortunately not supporting companies that use sweatshops is probably the worst decision you could make for those people. They work in those sweatshops because that’s honestly the best thing they got and if they weren’t working there they’d starve or even go into prostitution. So even though it’s really sad that we have to see this happening it really is for the best :(

      • Jane

        No it’s not for the best. By continuing our support we are justifying the inhumaneness of these companies. If we all stopped supporting though, they would start treating their employers better which is what we want. No should have to sacrifice their dignity and happiness in order to be able to simply survive–this is a basic right.

  • Janka

    Totally agree with you Cassey, doesn’t matter whether famous or not, “grown up” woman shouldn’t behave like this at all !

  • I love, love this post! And I totally agree with you! I love the ”The trust that we have between each other is the most valuable currency we can exchange. ” I am going to save that! Thank you for being awesome, and thanks for another good read. Have a nice nighr! :-)


  • No, celebrities DO NOT have a responsibility to be a role model PARENTS do!

    Blaming celebrities is a scape goat; young / impressionable people are far more influenced by people who actually play a part in their life like parents, carers and friends. A child is far more likely to become abusive, do drugs or start yo yo dieting if this is behaviour that is familiar at home or have been taught as acceptable.

    A child with good parents who has been taught morals and manners isn’t likely to act like Miley Cyrus just because they’ve seen it on the tv… give young people some credibility here.

  • honestly couldn’t have said it better myself i agree with you 100% on everything

  • I used to really like Miley and her music and I respected her for what she stood for (no sex before marriage), but what she’s doing now is just so confusing. I even have this little theory in my head that her managing team (or how will you call it?) tells her to do so, so that she gets more attention. Maybe they put her up to this. I don’t know, but I hope that that’s true, because I can’t believe that the amazing girl that she used to be, is now grinding some guy’s crotch while wearing less clothes than make-up and sticking her tongue out for no reason.

  • Bethany

    Me so far! It’s a shame we shame Miley and have no words for Thicke!

  • Bethany

    Platform like he does. Women have co

  • Bethany

    Respect for a man that focuses his p

  • Bethany

    No self respecting woman would give attention much less dance with a 37 yr old artist like Thicke. I have little to none resp

  • Bailey

    I completely agree with you Casey. I think it is important as a celebrity/star to set the right examples for younger followers. I don’t think it was classy how she acted, and hopefully a lot of young girls will realize that they don’t have to be anything like that to get attention. Also I wanted to say I really love what you do for everyone, and that I can come onto this website and look up some recipes and work out to your energetic videos! I love them! thank you for all you do! I appreciate it so much! <3

  • Kelly


    • Kelly

      Agreed! As people continue to push the boundaries of what is considered socially acceptable behavior, we become more and more desensitized. Where does it stop?

  • Alice

    I think it needs to be pointed out that while Miley was growing up, so were her fans. They are likely to be around seventeen, eighteen years old now, and hopefully capable of determining their own morals and opinions instead of blindly following a celebrity.
    By dressing and acting provocatively, she isn’t hurting anyone. Whether we, on a personal level, “condone this” is irrelevant because unless you buy her music, what she does on stage doesn’t matter. It’s an act, a persona. She’s performing.
    What the media seems to be focusing on is how she’s “been corruptive” and “behaving shamefully”, which is simply just slut shaming and misogynistic. My problem with her performance is that not only is is completely unartistic and soulless, but is also an example of cultural appropriation and really quite racist. But nobody seems to be pointing this out. Instead they insist on fussing over the fact that she was grinding against a man.
    If an adult woman showing skin and acting sexually can make us so outraged and uncomfortable, what does that say about our society?

    • Wendy

      Thank You!!!!

    • Serena

      It’s because she made herself look like just an object for sex, that’s why.

      • Sawa

        Then why aren’t we getting mad a Robin Thicke for blatantly objectifying and degrading women in this video?
        Stop getting mad at Cyrus for showing skin/behaving sexually, and get mad at her for her racism /cultural appropriation.

        • Diana

          she was just as responsible for objectifying and degrading women as Thicke was. In my opinion, I don’t think the problem was how little she was wearing because a lot of women performers wear very little now, it’s how utterly disgusting she was acting at the same time and that it can be classified as entertainment :/ I lost so much respect for the VMA’s

  • mvonoerk

    Oh come on, you americans allow your children to shoot guns! kids, like little kids with guns. and you march into every land with your army and shoot innocent people for some oil,…that is a role model problem. and now miley cyrus shakes her ass a little bit and USA is going carzy, are you kiddin? and the USA has the biggest pornindustrie in the world… i’m so happy that i’m not living in that stupid land.

    • Léanna

      omg yes thank you

  • Ellie

    I agree with this so much! I know she can do what she wants, and she probably wants to show that she’s a grown up woman and no longer the Disney child star she was, but honestly, I find it completely and utterly embarrassing. There are ways to show people you’ve grown up, there are ways to get attention and there is a way to do pop music and this honestly isn’t the way to go about it. Miley still has a young fan base from her Hannah Montana era, and I think she will lose a lot of fans from her behaviour.

    Pop singers seem to enjoy making a scene and causing a fuss at the VMAs!

  • Kay

    I think people should also consider Robin Thicke’s part in the act. He has a wife and child but did not tell the people that choreographed the act that it would be inappropriate for him to participate. Robin is old enough to know better and Miley should have been smart enough to realize that the choreography was tasteless and would not benefit anyone.

  • Emilie

    Totally agree with you Cassey! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Robyn

    Have a read a few articles on this issue, and thank you for your thoughtful post. One thing I appreciate about your videos and posts Cassey is that they are not overally sexual. While you are a beautiful woman, you don’t go for shock value by exploiting your sexuality. You dress attractively, but always classy. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Marilyn

    Miley Cyrus is a little fish in a big sea of extraordinarily talented people. She can’t rely on the fact that she’s a cute little girl or a tween Disney star. She’s trying to make herself something. Unfortunately her voice wouldn’t even get her a opening spot on American Idol, she can’t dance(or twerk), and she has no speciality. Being trashy is only going to get her so far. She’d better shape up and learn from people with real talent like Justin Timberlake, Beyonce or even Rob Thicke for that matter.

  • Harp

    I do think people are over reacting a little over Miley. Yes, its a bit bad taste but I think the reaction the public are giving Miley is exactly what her and her PR people wanted. It is such a contrast to her Montana days but that is her past, she is 20 years old and should be allowed to break away from her Disney reputation. Kids who followed Hanna Montana are probably growing up too and finding themselves so let them go through it with their idols. Making mistakes and failings in life are what help us make wiser ones later.

    Its just like back when Christina Aguilera did her DIRRTY video how much of a reaction that got or when she & Britney Spears did that kiss with Madonna. All stunts and will be forgotten about next year until the next VMA’s to allow the next quiet, girl next door artist to suddenly become a horny cavorting mess on the stage.

    I just think its a sad shame that young people feel the need to act in a such a way to get noticed. Attention seekers and maybe a desperate attempt to become a big name rather than good music and well written lyrics show their talents.

    I tend to listen to the radio these days & enjoy any tunes that way than watch MTV for the videos that seem to be the same. Lack of originality these days! Its all shake ya arse & pretty much rub yourself in front of the camera. I sound like a boring dud but it just makes me laugh.

    I am envious of Mileys long legs though, if mine were that that good I’d have them in short shorts :) just dont fancy bending over like she does x

  • yy
  • ashi

    Why is everyone talking about miley cyrus? why not VMA that choreographed the dance?

    • Ina

      I don’t condone this behaviour, but Absolutely! No matter who you are in the entertainment industry there is a huge team behind you. You can’t even get a trim or highlights without double checking that it’s OK with your image. Miley just like any star is a product to the industry. She’s there to make them money.
      Christina Aguilera and Rihanna drastically changed their looks and music several times. I don’t really think they had much of a choice in the matter.
      I’m sorry for Miley. Having this image and performing this way even if it’s all an act initially, will get to anyone’s head. Whoever decided this is a great marketing strategy just caused her career suicide. Think about it ! Someone designed this whole thing, probably wrote her lyrics ( I don’t know for sure whether she writes her stuff or not) and hired dancers, choreographers. Her video, which the performance was based on, was filmed, edited, produced. There are hundreds of people involved in building this image and it backfires on her personally. It’s a bit unfair!
      Again, I don’t at all approve of this, I just want to shine a different light on it.

  • elana

    completely agree. you expressed it perfectly, nothing more to say!
    coming from a huge Miley fan… not so much anymore for obvious reasons.

  • Chris

    Dear Cassey,

    I almost fell from my seat reading through the first few parts on your take with this very controversial issue. Then when your thoughts became clear and stood your ground despite the fact that you are a great influencer in wellness, I was so glad. It is really selfish to just think of what you want to do, to act and how you want to live your life. That’s just apathetic. What’s happening to Miley, for me, is beyond what we can see with her outward actions. I think the real problem lies inside her, it’s really her heart. What she’s trying to portray now is just a reflection of what’s inside, not just mere expression of her feelings. I just hope that the parents will be on guard with their kids too as they have bigger responsibilities and as you say will not let their kids think “this is “cool” and “okay”.” Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this as you have young people like us who’s really looking for somewhat a model who can still stand for what’s right and will not compromise for the sake of pleasing the majority of people.

  • Jenny

    This really touches a lot of questions and debates towards fans and anti-fans. I agree with you, Cassey.

  • Lilyz

    I totally agree with you Cassey, true that Miley can do whatever she wants now that shes supposedly a grown women, could have fooled me! thing is that shes not aware of her actions which could affect her audiences and fan base!