IDEA Recap Photostory! Amazingness!


Hey POPsters!!

Wow. I am tireeeeddd!!!! I was on my feet for 3 days straight at the IDEA World Health and Fitness Conference and loved every single minute of it! It was amazing to talk to so many fitness industry professionals like myself and see what everyone was up to. I ran into so many people that I’ve worked with before from older gyms (and I’ve worked everywhere from 24 Hour to Ballys to Crunch to Equinox) and met people who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone that I knew. It is kinda funny how small the fitness industry really is. The energy was fantastic, alive, and vibrant! That’s what you get when you bring a ton of people who like to work out together in a common space. We’re all so jumpy and smiley! I also want to thank every POPster who came out to see me! It was wonderful spending time with you at the booth. Here’s a photo recap of where I’ve been the past few days:


Setting up a booth for the first time! I was able to utilize my Step and Repeat backdrop again that I first ordered for the UCLA Meetup. Very proud of that. When we all finished setting up, I felt like it was a bit bland and then came up with the great idea of displaying all of the shirts in rainbow order on the top edge of the booth! It was the perfect touch. Everything popped from there and it was easy for customers to look and point. Booth design is such an art. I will know for next year what attractive elements to add.


In my previous post, I mentioned that I was afraid of not selling. I wasn’t sure if the shirts sold online because y’all bought them to support Blogilates or if you bought em because the design was cool and the quotes were motivating. The test of truth came when I had to sell to the general public – to people who didn’t know me. I’m happy to report that as soon as the doors to the expo opened, our booth was jam packed with girls all day long! I was so happy!!!! So much great feedback. Apparently my fellow fitness peers thought “Excuse me I burpeed” was the most hilariouds thing they ever did see. That one sold out quick!


I was estatic to see POPsters stopping by all the time! Loved hearing your stories and getting to know you better. These group of friends went oGorgeous crazy and all got matching Beverly Bowtie bags. Hahaha. You’re so cute.


I also got to meet some of my blogger friends for the first time!!! It was weird because we all felt like we knew each other. Well, I guess that’s not weird, it’s cool. Thank goodness for the internet. I get to have more friends this way. From left to right, Monica from Run, Eat, Repeat, Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers, and Gina from Fitnessista.


On the last day we put some things on sale and lookie what I found! A vintage classic!! Which one of you POPsters has this one? It says “Muffintops are for muffins only.” Ambassador Becky made that one up! So fun!!! Should we have another contest? That was like 2 years ago!


Ah! And POPster Jen stopped by and showed me all of her printed POP HIITs. I was astonished. So happy the hard work put into making all of these printables look nice, paid off!!


OMG then this YOLO signage happened. Meet POPster Adanma. She was the one who started the YOLOmeal movement. Before her comment on Facebook, I kept calling these crazy meals “cheat meals” which had such a negative connotation. I remember, I was reading comments on FB and then saw her comment on why she avoids calling these meals “cheat meals”. Eat like “You Only Live Once” for one meal a week. Loved it and never stopped calling it YOLO from that moment. Thanks Adanma!!


Oh yes and here is me in my neon orange dress and heels!! On the last day, Saturday, I gave a 1 1/2 hour talk on “How to be a Social Media Rockstar”. I ended up going to bed at 6am THAT DAY…as in 3 hours before I had to stand in front of the podium and present. (I was planning the slides) Ugh. Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator!! I’m living such college ways. But you know what’s weird about me? The less I sleep the more “tipsy” I get from lack of rest. I start chatting away like a ball of fire. On this day…it worked to my advantage!


And a mini action plan for anyone who wants to get started in social media but doesn’t know how to. Thanks to the 100+ people who sat with me Saturday morning to talk technical stuff and inspirational stories. I enjoyed it and from what I’ve seen, looks like you did too :) Good luck with all of your businesses!! Remember, stop thinking so hard!!! Just communicate your message, be helpful, genuine, and innovative!!

K that is all for now! I SOOOOOO wanna go back next year…have a larger booth, do another talk, and maybe we should have a MASSIVE meet up!!?? How cool would that be! Ah, dreaming. Let’s make it happen!

Gotta go to bed now. I’ll talk to you later lovelies! New video will be up soon!

<3 Cassey

  • I got to say that I am inspired by you and I wish I will get the courage to have a body to wear a swimsuit out to the beach one day.

  • Dominika

    you are beautiful <3<3

  • Hi Cassey! I LOVE your fitness videos, recipes & clothes! I live all the way in Singapore and am an avid fan. I have a little food blog and was hoping you could check it out if you’re ever free from your hectic schedule! It’s


  • Sara

    i wish i could meet you someday!!There are just two people in this world who i am dying to meet…one is J K Rowling and the other one is you!!!i love uuu so much cassey!!!just the thought that i will probably meet you someday gets me super excited!! <3 also your workout outfits are super cute!!"train like a beast to look like a beauty" is my favourite!!

  • Great job by the way!

  • Do you have a video of your presentation? I do speeches too and would like to see it.

  • Sheryl

    Hey Cassey!! I was so glad to meet you in person but I was too overwhelmed (from going by myself) and shy that I couldn’t say more than hi and ask for a few pictures with you XD I hope it wasn’t awkward! I love love love your energy and your positivity! Hope to be able to go out to more events with you in them since I live in the area!

  • You are such a bright gal! I can tell just from how far you’ve come by overcoming life’s hurdles and how many people you’ve inspired thus far. Keep it up, Cassey!

  • I’m a beginning fitness blogger and had the opportunity to attend the Beach Body and Epic Dance Encounter sessions at Idea World. They were amazing!!!! Next year I plan to go for more days and hope to meet you there. You are truly an inspiration.

  • Hi Cassie!
    It was great meeting you at the Idea Convention this week! My girls were so jealous that I met you! Your lecture #SocialMediaStar was so informative and fun! Can’t wait to start implementing everything here!! I hope you are there next year too!

  • Lindsey

    Loved the IDEA fit show… I didn’t get to meet you, but I stopped by your booth and bought the “Dream it, Do it” shirt… and I’m wearing it right now!

  • I think its so amazing that you are following your dreams and becoming a success! Its really inspiring, because I myself am starting up my own business, mine being photography – celb. portrait, fashion and beauty. You have made such a positive impact on my fitness life, and a just and overall motivational person in general to me!

    If you ever are in NYC, I would love to take your portrait. I have a full team of hair, makeup and styling and a studio in Brooklyn. My website is listed above : D

    Thank you for being yourself <3

  • It was great to meet you! Wasn’t the weekend amazing and tiring and awesome all at the same time?! Loved it.

  • Lynn

    Looks so much fun! You really deserve it! Wish I could meet you.

  • Cassey!!! It was so great to meet you at IDEA. As I said before, I look to you as to what fitness professionals of the future should do. The fitness industry is so much more than a mic pack, a mixed tape and a Saturday morning class. Our local client has become a global one. You have paved the way for the rest. I love what you do, how you do it and most importantly how you give 128% of yourself to YOUR community. I hope we can hook up in LA or OC soon.
    Now, for crying out loud….get some sleep girl!!!!

    • aww love u cassie!!!!! it was so fab seeing you!!!!

  • It looks so brilliant! I wish I could of gone, you have literally changed my life! Thank you xxx

  • YOU ROCK! :) You know this but I just wanted to say it again :)

  • May

    We did went crazy over those bags! Lol..But we love those bags so muchhhhh and also the shirts and shorts! And it was really nice meeting you too!You’re the sweetest and nicest person ever! Thank you for featuring us in your blog! <3 <3<3

    • love u!

      • May

        Love you too! :)

      • Dominika

        I love youuuuu!!!!

  • Sabrina

    Wish to meet u one day please come to the UK, London

  • Edie

    Thank you, Cassey, for being you! I just love how commited you are to us, and how genuinely you appreciate all of us.
    You rock!

  • Anja

    I envy each and other person who was able to stop by…

    Aaand… Cassey, you do know that some of us really, really appreciate the printables? Like, all of us who can’t go online all the time because the internet is wobbly or simply because somebody else needs to use the computer once in a while.

    The printables I like the most I actually have printed out in the drug store in photo quality, poster size, I love to have them look pretty. I really like them!

  • Meli

    Yay! I’m SO happy for you! The pictures look like you had a BLAST. I would have totes loved to come to your booth, meet you and your new mannequin buddy.
    It’s weird how the lack of sleep thing works for some people, I am exactly the same way! Growing up and having sleepovers with my friends, they always thought I was craaaazy, but something happens in the brain that just energizes it in the couple hours you end up resting.
    Did anybody get footage of your speech? I would love to watch it
    TY For sharing your pictures! <3

  • Kayla

    Yesterday I was talking to my bf and told him if I ever got to meet you I would probably explode…. Your like a super star! Lol <3

  • Maja

    Glad you had fun :D I wish I could meet you :) I just finished day 26 of the beginners calendar and I feel so strong and refreshed, thank you sooooo much :D

  • Amanda

    If I got to meet you I’d probably cry

  • Sandy

    Happy to see you so excited Cassey! I’m not suprised at all that everyone loved your work-out outfits! I’m super picky with gym outfits because I usually don’t find them fun or flattering BUT yours are just amazing! I wear the Peanut Butter Lover as a regular tank top, not only to sweat in it haha! As soon as I live in the US, trust me I am gonna buy a lot more from your store!

    Hope to meet you someday!
    Bye Bye

  • Olivia

    What did you end up naming the mannequin?

  • Malak Kudaimi

    I LOVE your dress and heels that you gave the talk in! I’m so glad you had a blast at the convention. You should definitely have HUUUGE meetup next year! It would be so much fun to be inteoduced to all the Popsters in the LA area. Cassey, you should just have an online modeling session where we see all of your cute (non-workout) outfits LOL. Love you!

  • Shipra

    wish i could meet you some day..:)