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Hey there!

This month you are going to be #soHOTinAugust! Do you know it is my secret (now not so secret) desire to make each calendar better than the last? It gets a little harder each time…but you know what? I think you’ll really enjoy this one because I integrated diet in here for you. There are simple things you have to do every day that will help you stay lean without even trying. I want you to FOLLOW THE RULES for 31 days. Can you do that for me? I know you can.

Here are your clickable workouts of the day! Just click on the date and the whole playlist will show up! Make sure you bookmark this page so that everyday you can just come here and see the full playlist. No more searching through YouTube on both my channels trying to find the workout! Here it is. So no excuses k? You must do every single workout!

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Also! I would like to take a moment to announce the FINAL Nike Free Run winner for #thisisMYJULY! Congrats to Nicole J. Cadavid on Facebook!

5th nike free winner

Please send an email to [email protected] to claim your shoes! Woohoo! Thank you everyone for participating in the giveaway. It was really fun! Please lemme know what you want for a giveaway next time…seriously. I’m listening! And thank you to for hosting this with us. Y’all should join the Blogilates Group on WeightTraining! It’s free and there you can log cals burned for our workouts or even stuff you do alone at home or at the gym!

OK GUYS!!! Let’s HIT AUGUST LIKE YOU’VE NEVER HIT IT BEFORE!!! I’m so with you on this. I totes have  photoshoot in like 2 weeks so it’s time to get FOCUSED.

<3 you!


  • It’s going to be finish of mine day, but before end I am reading this great post to increase my knowledge.

  • sarita

    pllz can u do a video on how to tone your lower abs

  • Maaike

    I’m going to add the August food rules to my next calender (which will be the october calender), yay! Monday will be easy because I’m already a vegetarian (for almost 6 yeas now), but I will try making it a vegan day!

  • Subscribed! wanna have one to schedule my workout plan. Thanks

  • Cassey! I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are to me! youve helped me lose so much weight ever since i started working out and following your tips last year. Thank you very much for everything! also, when is the september calender coming out?

  • Alice

    When the september calendar will appear?

  • Cassey, this month has been AMAZING!! I’m starting to see results and I love it! Thank you so much for the app and developing this butt kicking and fun calendars! I feel weird looking at other workouts and sites now! I’m a proud and dedicated POPster!

  • Annie


    • Amy

      Hi, I’m new and I just got the password for August and I was wondering what I would do with that password? How would I use it? What’s it for?

      • Hi Amy! I don’t know if you already got your answer or figured out what to do, but the password is basically your access to the monthly calendar! I’m assuming since you’re already on this page, that you already entered your password? I could be completely wrong, and I’m sorry if I am heh. But if you haven’t entered your password yet, when you click on Cassey’s monthly calendar page, it will be locked unless you enter the password that you receive in the email. Once you enter it, you have access to her free calendar to print, save, and work out to. Recently she even added Youtube playlists for us to use in order to save time & make it easier on us Popsters haha. All you have to do is to click on the date (for example, today you would click on the number “30”) to find the day’s workouts all listed in a blogpost just for us to use! And also, since August is almost over, Cassey will probably be posting & sending out her password for the Sweatember calendar soon. Just enter the monthly calendars where prompted, and you’ve got access to the awesome workout calendar she kindly makes us. I hope that helped and that I wasn’t being too wordy hehe. Welcome to the Popster community, btw!