Burpee Kettlebell Pyramid BURNOUT!!! POP HIIT 8

Hey hey POPsters!

Thursday’s workout only consists of 2 moves. THE KETTLEBELL SWING and THE BURPEE. You’ll be doing a pyramid of them starting with 1 KB and 1 BP and then doing 2 KB 2 BP so on and so forth until you get to the top at 15 KB and 15 BP!! THEN!!! You have to come back down…14 KB and 14 BP…13 KB and 13 BP…all the way til you get to 1 KB and 1 BP. This workout is so crazy. I’m serious. I hate this workout. It is the worst. But I’m actually gonna go do it in about an hour. I’m scared because it kicks my butt. I’m serious guys. Bring water. You’ll need it. Take breaks when you need it but try not to exceed 30 sec to 1 min at your highest intensity. The whole thing will take you about 40 min! And no extra cardio for you today. I won’t torture you with that. Just play your fave song and do abs on the ball to the whole thing. To challenge yourself, one leg up like in my video.

My homies – sub the kettlebell swing with walking lunges, hands behind your head (prisoner style). Make sure your knees go all the way down. No ball? Do crunches on your mat! Don’t pull on your neck. Use your abs and lift your chest and shoulders!

GOOD LUCK!!!! Rate this workout 1-10 below.

MUAHAHHAHHAHA is all I can say.

One of you said you burned over 600 calories with this one! I believe it! To see how much you burned, check out!

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<3 Cassey


Backless tee by Blogilates
Double Windsor Swimsuit top by Skye & Staghorn
Side tie short by Onzie
Nike free run shoes

  • Dayana

    How do you find out how many calories a workout burns in Just started using it and ive no idea how to use it lol

    • Dayana

      oh nevermind i figured it out! it’s awesome

      • romi

        hmm I don’t get it XD
        Could you please help me? :D

  • Victoria D

    I tried this yesterday and only got to 15 (with a struggle!) and couldn’t come back down. Then again it was my second workout of the day so I won’t be too hard on myself. I do love this combo though. I love kettlebells and while I can’t say the L word about burpees, they do leave me looking pretty good the day after. Can’t wait to try again soon!

  • Yoanna

    It took me 23:40 mins to finish it! Right now im sweating like crazy! :)

  • Nic

    Possibly the hardest workout ever.

  • NovelistAtNoon

    I did the Kettleball with 8 lbs. I burned 648 calories for a one hour workout! That’s running for six miles!! Insanity. This is AWESOME and HARD and GREAT and I love Cassy so much….