Playa del Plank – fitness vacation!

Hey guys!!

Here is your new Monday workout!! I’m taking you to the beach with me on a fitness vacation! The challenge is to stay in plank the whole time (the vid is like 7 min) without resting! This will burn your core, back, shoulders, and legs. TRUST ME. Try to concentrate on squeezing your abs and resisting the need to rest. Don’t dip your back. If it is too much, do the moves on your knees. Also, if your wrists hurt, do the moves on your fists or on your elbows.

I hope you like the new scenery! It was hot enough to take it outside so I decided to bring you to a more inspirational setting! What other crazy locations should we use? Be ridiculous. I wanna hear!

Much love!


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Mila Cami by Body Language Sportswear

Wowza Short by Body Language Sportswear

  • Thanks” I think so.

  • raluca

    what song is that in the beginning? i really like it, it’s very inspiring.

  • Katrine

    Love this video! My abs are buuuurning!!
    I would love if you couldnt do a cardio workout video!
    You are such an inspiration for me!

    • Katrine

      Mean could not couldnt lol :)

  • Carla

    I really like how you kinda copied the artistic style of the Tone It Up videos on this one. I always thought their videos’ style was so cute, You really edit these videos yourself? You’re awesome.

  • Mish

    Hey Cassy thanks for all the workouts! I think you should continue making videos in a pretty scenery because I noticed that I am more motivated and determined to finished the workout when you’re at a location that I like. It just sets the mood and tone of my workout and I just love that.

  • Veli

    I was surprised I was on my toes the whole time. Thanks for the great video Cassey :)

  • Keiona

    The library! :D lol

  • Jenny

    Can’t believe I actually finished the video! I wanted to give up in the beginning, but I persevered through – I FEEL ACCOMPLISHED.

    • Amrit

      Good job!:)

  • Joanna

    Pretty excited for this video! I’ll probably do them tomorrow or some time this week because I’m busy with summer school :(

    For locations, maybe try like a forest or rainforest? Would be nice to have intense videos in the waterfall!

    Oooo maybe you can make more fun, dancy cardio videos at disneyland or downtown disney omg I can totally see you doing this!

    You should have more relaxing or stretching videos and have a video in a private garden or a pond (:

  • Aimee G

    I cant believe I actually was able to do the whole video without cheating. Granted I switched it up between advanced and beginner. I would say it was 65/35 (advanced/beginner). The hardest move for sure was the Starfish. Next time I need to suck my abs in even more because I felt it more in my shoulders than my abs. thanks for a great video! Maybe soon I will do it on the beach

    • Simone

      I too felt it on my shoulders rather than the abs but the Starfish was by far the hardest move. Anyway for the location part ….. I say Amusement Park all the way

  • Reyna Schneider

    As far as locations go….why not @ the zoo…..just saying

  • Lillie Wyant

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! MADE IT THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH!!!!!!!!!
    Well, all except for the starfish. I just held side plank since I’m not yet strong enough for that move yet, but since I did this whole video without having to stop and rest, I’m hoping I’ll be able to do that move soon.

  • Alanoudlovesit

    That was intense maaaan!!! I like it im sweating!!

  • I loved this workout and I made it the whole way through without resting on the floor!! It was a challenge but I kept telling myself I could do it. You’re also very motivating, Cassey!! Thanks for another awesome workout :)

  • Ange

    Loved it! I made it the whole way! I couldn’t believe it!!! Thanks :)

  • saya

    hey cassey, love your videos as always!!!
    i have reached a kind of plateau with my fat loss and i’m looking to throw some strength training in with my cardio. which type of videos do you think i should focus on?

  • Leanne

    Super excited!! Thanks Cassey <3 but could you post the videos earlier cause its already Tuesday where I am. THANK YOU!!!