Feel this Moment – POP HIIT 6

feel this moment pop hiit 6 small

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Hey POPsters!

Here is your new POP HIIT – Feel This Moment printable! You’re on day 18 of your #thisisMYJULY calendar! And here are the moves! Lemme know in the comments where it stands on the toughness scale 1-10.

I decided to keep it pretty simple and use just one piece of equipment this time. I am using a medicine ball, but if you don’t have one – a weight will and a block to add height to your legs for #4. Also!!! I spent some time on the beach the other day and filmed gorgeous routines for you! So you’ll be able to work out with me in an inspirational setting!

Unfortunately, while we were filming someone broke into our car, smashed the back window, and stole my laptop! Argh. Artwork. Videos. Pictures. Memories. I was upset, not even for the computer, but for the files. And this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. But the day had just started (it was morning) so I couldn’t let a mishap like that affect the rest of my day. I am telling you this story because I want you to know that you can control your feelings if you choose to open your mind and release your anger. Yes, I lost something that is an essential part of my life but I told myself to let go. It’s gone, and there’s no sense in feeling bad or feeling sad. If I get angry, it will upset me and everyone around me. So I put on a smile, moved on, and will try to get another computer sometime this weekend. This whole “letting go” thing is not easy. People usually tend to want to blame someone or make others pity them for their misfortune as a coping mechanism. You’ve got to understand that these feelings are yours and you can’t let them control you. YOU control YOU. So if you’re having a bad day, just know that you’re amazing, one of a kind, and an overall good person. Be resilient.

<3 Cassey

PS – for those of you waiting for Cheap Clean Eats…it’ll be up tonight! We’re making burgers! YEAHHHH!!

  • Whoo! Just completed this workout for the 10th time and I feel amazing. I change up one or two of the exercises for one of the ones I hate the most: squat jacks and I feel invincible!

    Thanks a lot Cassey! You should make MORE HIIT and cardio workouts! They’re my fav!

  • nikki

    so sorry about your laptop and I hope you get an other one, is not that easy to say that but sometimes you have to move on and let it go, this things happens, but theres always something to learn about this and like the people always said, the things happens for a reason,hope u’re ok now. Love you Cassey :)