Come and Get It POP HIIT 5

come and get it pop hiit

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Hey hey POPster loves!

This is your 5th POP HIIT this month on the #thisisMYJULY calendar! Come and Get it! It has lots of cardio elements and new moves that I am sure you will love to hate. BTW, like that peacock background? Makes me feel all majestical.

As usual, do moves 1-8 back to back with 30 sec breaks in between. 1 min between the 3 sets. Then end with the 10 30 sec sprints! Here are at home modifications:

1. You can just raise your arms up or hold heavy text books on your shoulders.

2. Do a pushup to single arm balance. Beginners go on your knees.

3. In n Outs.

4. Beginners try side plank (on knees or toes) to pushup (on knees or toes).

5. Prisoner up downs – see video.

6. Use a block or a book to pass over.

7. Everyone can do these.

8. Inn Outs.

Cardio Blast – you can run outside really fast for 30 sec, stop, then run again. Or if you’re homebound, do high knees as fast as you can for 30 sec! Rest and do it again!


After you do this…lemme know from 1-10 how hard it was for you!!

<3 Cassey

  • Kennie

    The In N outs really bother my feet, especially with the curling of the toes…any suggestions on how to fix that feeling??

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  • Manuela Herrera

    haven’t started but i know this is gonna kill my chest omg

  • constadina

    cassey you rock!!!! this pop hiit was awesome!!! the cardio blast was definetly the hardest one maybe because i was already tired with sets!! i finished all 3 sets and cardio blast and i’m really proud of my self!!!! you taught me how to love and accept the way my body looks! love you for that! lots of kisses from Greece!!

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  • Sara

    This was definitely a 10 for me! WOW. Although, I don’t think I properly fueled before I did my workout. I did this at home and didn’t have a bosu, but I used a folded up yoga/pilates mat to give me some height for the bosu push ups. And instead of doing the bench straddles I did pile jumps for the inner thighs.

  • Niki

    I always have a really hard time doing these because I have no space or equipment. I always do cardio on Fridays and Thursdays and use Tuesday as my rest day. I’m looking forward to next month so I can do absolutely everything on the calender!

  • Abby

    I can never get through all three sets of these workouts. Most of the time I get through two, but today I only got through one. But I finished the cardio blast and felt great afterwards, which was awesome because I am so NOT a runner and definitely not a sprinter… Not the happiest but proud I tried!

  • Leslie

    So I have to give this workout a 10 since I couldn’t finish it. Even though I am a healthy weight and have been active (meaning recreational running, pilates, and zumba) for over a year, I am obviously just starting on my fitness journey. For the longest time I never even considered becoming as fit as you, but I now know that all I have to do is do the best I can and keep going. I did 2 sets of this minus 2 moves. And I probably could’ve kept going, but I had to take longer breaks in between and now I’m running out of time to get to work…LOL! Thank you Cassey for these HIIT workouts!! It’s nice to be truly challenged, and at the same time humbled to know I still have a lot of work to do; but it will be worth it!! Love you :)

  • Talk about something to get the heart pumping. Think mine was on the verge of blowing up :)
    Cardio is not one of my strong points so yeah this one hurt. Rate: 9

  • Laura

    Hey Cassie ! when are you going to post todays Pop HIIT ??

  • My arms and upper body still hurts soo much 2 days after workout. But I LOOVEE it, because it means that I’m getting stronger. Love you Cassey. <3

  • Anny

    Shared, better late than never ^_^

  • bridget

    great workout–i give it 7.5-8. the cardio blast at the end got my heart beating crazy–I need to get into sprinting shape!! The best thing is that the workout pushed you–but it was doable, although I had to do last 5/20 bosu pushups on my knees. SO HARD!

    Also did 4/5 of Monday’s videos since I missed them (everything except for crazy core workout). I AM SO SORE TODAY! probably top 5 most sore since I started blogilates in Feb!

    For more cardio/cal burning my friend and i are adding 2 miles running or high incline walking to each workout, except on hiit days. Good idea?

  • I think maybe an eight :)

  • This was a great one Cassey! The Bosu jumps/in and outs were a LOT harder than I anticipated haha, you made them look so easy in the video! But it’s actually really hard to get your balance. I would have to a little double hop on the floor in order to get prepared to jump and balance on the Bosu lol. This one left me suuuuuperrrr sweaty :)

  • Wow…this was challenging! Thanks for offering the modifications.

  • Rachel

    Oh my gosh! I’ve finally finished one of these! I’m going to give it a 7. The regular moves aren’t that hard for me, it’s just the cardio blast that always gets me at the end! I can never finished them, but today I did and I’m so proud of myself! Yay!

  • Maricella Macias

    8.5-9 those tree push-ups to plank were hard! I suck at push-ups anyways

  • Paulene


    the pushups were killer </3

    • I agree with you, Paulene! The push-ups are really killers. This is one of the hardest exercises for me. BTW, it’s so effective. It should be performed well so that you’ll get the best results. :-)

  • Maxine

    This was a great workout! But I hurt my right knee with all the knee-jerking moves :/ oh well. I’d give it an 8, a great workout that I could actually complete (except for some of the bosu pushups..SO HARD). Thanks Cassey!

  • ShaLane

    Oh Push Ups, How I hate Thee. So hard.

  • MG

    I would give this work out an 8… but i had to take super long breaks between each set. OH MAN THAT WAS HARD CASSEY AND I’M LOVING IT! :D

  • Brook

    10. I have knee issues so I couldn’t do everything. So sad :(

  • Lydia

    Definitely a 10 in my book!! :D

  • KSteps

    Holy crap, Cassy! I love breaking a sweat, and there is literally sweat on my carpet! I’d have to give it an 8.5. Was possible to do, but I had to keep screaming at myself in my room to go even harder, especially during the last set! It’s so hard to type right now! Best one yet! LOVEIT

  • Catherine

    Could someone explain to me what in n outs are or give me a link with an example of this exercise? Hank you

  • I give this a 7! I’m sweating all over and I love it!! Thanks Cassey XD

  • Kaitie

    I was sweating like crazy… loved it though!
    I HAVE A QUESTION! I tried to look at to see how many calories I burned and it won’t pull up. Only the Pop Pilates ones would. HELPPP!

  • Christine

    Oh and I rate this 8.5/10!