“Alive” POP Challenge!

Hey POPsters!!

Today is Monday – are you ready for a full week of workouts? Your new video is this POP song challenge to Krewella’s “Alive”. I LOVE THIS SONG. It pumps me up and makes me hit my second wind when I need it.

Click play to watch, practice it, then I wanna see your video responses! Upload a YouTube video of you doing this song challenge! Can’t wait to see!

Also, I’d like to make an announcement! Drumroll please!!! The winner of the 2nd pair of Nike shoes is…

NATALIE MILLER on Pinterest!!! Congrats for following the #thisisMYJULY calendar and repinning POP HIIT 3 and POP HIIT 4! Please send me an email at [email protected] to claim your prize! For everyone else, there’s still pairs 3, 4, and 5 to give away before the month ends so do not be sad! This next week is all about twitter and retweeting POP HIIT 5 and 6 on Tues and Thurs.

Oh and I just redid my hair for summah! What do you think? My dear friend and the ultimate Ombre Master Guy Tang made my locks all bright yesterday and I feel like a brand new person! I remember back in school whenever it was a new semester, I always wanted to do something diff to my look just to keep it interesting. We filmed a fun hair tutorial vid for his channel – so I’ll let you guys know when that is out!

Have a FANTASTIC start to your week and please CHOOSE to sweat happy!

<3 Cassey

  • Casey

    Omg doing leg exercises has been really shaping my legs; I’m starting to see some muscles I’ve never seen before! Thanks so much Cassey for making workouts more fun and easier to do through your constant motivation ^__^ <3

  • milla

    THIS IS IMPORTANT…………………….
    hey Cassey , so i am under 16 years old but i am over my healthy weight with 15 kilos.that’s a lot i know but seriously i don’t know how did i get here i was always the skinny kid.i am one of those hard weight losers that means i don’t lose wight quickly not at all in fact i lose it slowly maybe it’s me genes my mother also gains weight quickly and she is overweight too . but i don’t what to do anymore half of my cloth fit me exactly some of them are even tight many people make fun of me and i get so jealous when i see skinny girls eating what they want and wearing pretty things while i can barely find things my size in the shops. i workout and eat about 85% healthy. i need help really i do and schools are starting at 8 september. i want to look good by then.

  • lovely hair!

  • Galina

    Wooow, Cassey, you look glamorous and stylish and seem to be shining from the inside! :)) Your hair looks very healthy :) And Guy is soooo cute ^___^

  • Ben

    I’m not the type who likes to work out at the gym. I just feel a bit insecure so I work out by watching your workout videos. Your an inspiration to me when I want to look better.

  • Sofja

    Your new hair looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to see the tutorial <3

  • Gabby

    Please make yoga mats!

  • yy

    gorgeous!!!!! <3

  • Ohhh your hair looks gorrrgeous and so au naturel!!!!

  • Your workouts are so challenging but so much fun. Your effervescence is contagious!

  • Your new hair reaaaally illuminates your face!! (:

  • Grace Park

    Congratulations Natalie! Darn, those pairs are taking, but REALLY wanting the coral/pink ones for sure! Love the new POP song challenge <3 Your hair looks so pretty!

  • Amber Reynolds

    LOVED this one!! So much fun!!

  • Jo Liegh

    CONGRATS NATALIE!!!!! Yay! It is so nice of you and your partner to be giving these shoes away! Also, your hair looks “totes amaze” :-D !

  • jackie

    Hey Cassie, I love all your workouts! My son came up with a move for you. You start with your legs on a chair in plank. Lift one leg and do push ups. Then do the other leg. He really wanted me to tell you about it. :) Maybe you can use it in a video!

  • sue

    your hair looks amazing

  • Ann-Marie

    Whoa, did this workout tonight as I’m really tired and I saw that the video was only 5 minutes, but it was actually so much tougher than a twenty minute video I did earlier today! Cassey you are the toughest youtube trainer around! x

  • Janet

    Love the Manduka unBLOK!

  • Ellie

    Oh, so badly wanted those gorgeous Nikes, but congrats to Natalie :)
    Your hair looks amazing Cassey!! Lovely photos! :)

  • Ann

    Uh, Cassey I also wanted to tell you that in some countries you can’t watch all of your Videos because oft the copyright for the music and that’s really sad. But sadly I have no idea how to fix this..

  • Maxine

    Seriously underestimated this one.

  • Jana

    Loved that practice! My song of the moment which motivates me while running is Oath from Cher Lloyd :)

  • Ann

    Gonna try the new challenge tonight! And your hair looks really amazing, I love ombre hair! Cassey, could you maybe do a weighted abs routine? That would be super cool! :)

  • Shelby S

    OMG!!! That was supper fun I felt like a dancer! :) <3

  • Vanessa

    That was very different, but I loved it. I feel much better and for a such short workout I can feel all my muscles , espacially my arms.

    And the music was perfect!

  • Wita Johan

    Cassey ur so pweeetty ♥

  • Anouk

    These nikes are awsome! I wish i won them, but i haven’t got pinterest so i couldn’t join :(