Blurred Lines! POP HIIT 4

blurred lines pop hiit 4

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Hey guys!

Here is your 4th POP HIIT on the #thisisMYJULY calendar – it’ll have you seeing BLURRED LINES after you finish. This printable is special because you will have a KILLER ab sesh at the end. So here’s the deal. Do moves 1-8 three times over with a 30 sec break in between each exercise and a 1 min break between each set. THEN! After you’re third set, I want you to play “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke and do the Pilates criss-cross the whole time. YUP. THE WHOLE TIME until the last word is sung and the last beat is drummed. You abs will burn. To make it fun, change up the tempo every 8 counts then at the chorus go TURBO SPEED!!!! If you are dying and you simply cannot do criss-crosses anymore for the life if you, then go for crunches, sit-ups, or hold plank. Finish it out. BE STRONG! Love the burn.

ALSO!!! To get your second entry of the week in for those gorgeous Nike shoes, repin this printable by visiting my pinterest page. Just click here, click “repin” and leave a comment! I’ll announce the winner of the second pair of Nikes on Sunday!

Have fun! Good luck. Also, lemme know how hard this baby was 1-10?!

<3 Cassey

  • Sophie

    Please make more pop hitts!!!!!!

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  • liv

    I completed my workout this morning strength training but felt so stressed out after studying. Wanted to binge, read Cassey’s blogpost on cravings, thence decided to do this. It’s my 2nd time doing this pop hiit, the first time with a pair of 5 pounds. This time with 10 pounds. I swapped the 1mile run with the cardio blast from pop hiit 1 (love that interval!). I’m feeling so pumped and ecstatic right now. Thank you so much Cassey!!! If I didn’t stumbled upon that blogpost on cravings, I would have regretted my decisions and drown in a pool of self loath and self pity.

  • soubidaaa

    couldn’t even complete the whole thing… omg i just died…. *lies on the floor sweating like a waterfall*

  • Kelsey

    Serves me right for doing Cassie’s calendar out of order! I did an abs day instead of cardio on Saturday and then his HIIT on Sunday, and the abs challenge KILLED me! (In a good way of course). Not to mention those spiderman pushups!!! I’d give the workout an 8.

  • Vanessa

    I completed this workout but I didn`t do the ab challenge thoroughly.. so I guess I didn`t actually finish it. I think it was just my mind stopping me because it was pretty early in the morning. I workout in the morning most of the time now because I like to get it over with but I don`t think I have as much energy and stamina as I could. But I know next time I WILL PUSH MYSELF TO MY LIMITS!!

  • Bri

    Yay! Finished the 3 sets (though I had to cut the last one down to about half of everything- 30 secs instead of one minute, etc.) and I feel really proud of myself! Last week I couldn’t even manage 2 sets. Now on to the criss-cross… for anyone who’s upset about the song and needs one of similar length, look for a movie theme song or something- they’re really motivational to work out to, especially if you imagine yourself on a journey with the people in the movie :)

  • Alexis

    First time doing a pop HIIT. Never knew I could sweat this much. LOVE IT!! :)

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  • Kasey

    Did this one today instead of the pop hiit that Cassey couldn’t make a vid for (no worries, girl, get some shut eye! you deserve it!) this is a 9 for me. It was hard, but if you stick with it and push through, you can make it happen. I finally was able to do two sets with this HIIT. Sadly, I don’t have a treadmill, and I can’t just go out for a run. I babysit during the day, so I do these routines while the three year old is napping. I can’t, sadly, go out and run and leave him in the house!

    • Faye

      I had the same problem! I couldn’t leave the house for a run, so I just played 15 minutes of really upbeat music and switched between jogging in place, jumping jacks, and just plain jumping around/ dancing (I tried to make sure the dancing involved as much jumping as possible) then I cooled down with 5 minutes worth of slower music and just did less jumpy moves. ;) I don’t know if it’s an exact equivalent but I was definitely sweaty.

      • what i did was the gangam style cardio challenge and the great gatsby workout…they’re so fun!!!

  • Karina

    I’d give this a 7. The abs challenge was so hard though. The song is 4 minutes long!

  • Maxine

    OMG Cassey so I know I’m late to comment (but I promise I did it last Thursday!), but this was SO HARD. Definitely a 10. I don’t know why that surfer move was so difficult, but it killed me. Also I hope you read this because I have a funny story for you. Well, at least I thought it was funny. I was at the gym late last Thursday, like in the last hour before it closed. Only hardcore people (most of them bulky guys) were there, still working out so late at night. I was doing this POP HIIT, and, during one of my breaks, this really intense looking guy, with big muscles, tattoos, the whole shebang, asked me what I was doing. He said he’d never seen this stuff before, and it looked really hard, and he wondered if I had some kind of exotic trainer. So then I told him about you! Well, with forewarning that Blogilates is a bit too feminine for him :P. Anyway, I was thinking, “BOOM, I’m legit.” Just thought you should know :).

    • Vanessa

      ahaha this made my day

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  • I just wanna make sure I’m doing this right…but when you say comment on these do you mean comment here on your blog? Or on that social media site? (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr etc.)

  • Amber Star

    Pinned! Thanks, Cassey! :)

  • I´d say it was 9, surfers killed me,
    Thank you Cassey!

  • liv

    I’m really enjoying the burns from the new pop hiits. Please incorporate them in next month’s calendar! I will give this workout an 8.5-9. For the cardio blast though, I switched it to an interval running like the one in pop hiit 1 (for a longer duration though) as I don’t like running at a monotonous pace. Kinda miss working out with you though, so I had to do some pop pilates after that :)

  • CCP

    Please don’t stop making these! I love them, a great full body workout and the next day I have that satisfied sore feeling. Keep up the great work

  • Holly

    Cassey!! Is there a way that you could do the workout too (even just once all the way through)-If I just have a piece of paper to go off I can’t seem to find the motivation to finish it!

  • I love your workouts. Have only tried one of the previous ones and could not move for days…
    Will try this one in the gym tomorrow.

  • Maggie D.

    I give this workout a 9 as well! I love how my heart race stayed up throughout the entire workout! However, I have trouble with neck pain when doing tricep dips or when holding the weights over my head.. any suggestions?

    • Stephanie

      Make sure you relax your shoulders. (Your shoulders should be down and away from your ears.) If they’re tense and you can’t relax them, you might be using too heavy of weights. Trying using lighter weights. Never sacrifice good form for heavier weights. Hope this helps! :)

      • Kasey

        It might help when holding the weight to bend your arms slightly. Make your biceps and triceps carry the weight instead of your shoulders, and make sure you are REALLY lifting with your legs!

  • Lynn

    Great, challenging workout! I’d give it a 9.

  • Sonia105

    i’ll give 8…my abs,butt,legs are in FIRE!! Thank you ..i really like this POP HIIT…i’m sweating like a pig :))haha but i’m happy…

  • Lillie Wyant

    I give this one a 9.9. I was able to finish it (FINALLY after not being able to finish the last two) but it was still incredibly challenging. Especially when I ran that mile. I had a 13:15 minute mile, which is three minutes over from the last time I ran a mile. Granted, the last time I ran a mile was way back in April, I’d say that’s still pretty good. I want to bring that back down to a 10 minute mile so after tomorrow’s workout I’m gonna try and bring that number down.

    You were right, I did start to see blurred lines near the end! Though I didn’t like the song, I chose a different one instead. And now I know why people who like One Direction are so shocked they want the song to end so soon in your Song Challenge workouts! I was dying doing the abs challenge and kept waiting for- what seemed like such a short song to me- to finally end!

  • Sadikshya Silwal

    I don’t have any weights or heavy bottles. So I try to replace those with some heavy books I have. Is it a good idea? I just don’t know what else to use since I workout at home.
    Also my knees seem to hurt after every workout esp, if it involved squats. Is this normal?

  • Marilyn

    This was such a challenge but I’m glad I finished it! Well there is sort of a typhoon here in Taiwan right now so I couldn’t go to the gym or run outside, but I did some zumba dance instead!
    Thanks so much!

    Btw you should totally make an apartment friendly pop hiit, because I’m pretty sure my landlord who lives below me is not happy with me jumping around.

  • Phoebe

    This was a 6, just hard enough to challenge me but not so hard that I give up and get discouraged. The abs challenge was really difficult though, and I had to take frequent breaks. After all that I just didn’t have enough energy to run!

  • Michelle

    I am so guilty not to finish the work out .. i am worn out by the end of 2 rep :((((( I can’t do Cardio blast nor the last round … Next week I will try to finish all 3 round :((((( Sry cassey … I wish you were doing the work out together with us . I feel like those days when I follow all your move with you are much easier :) This is 9

    • Gloria

      Just like Cassey says: It’s your own personal journey. I, for example, can’t do pushups, no shoulder strenght whatsoever, but I’m trying and getting stronger and eventually I know I’ll get there… don’t apologize, you’re trying and working out, and getting stronger every day. Be proud of yourself :)
      – Gloria –

  • Kati

    what is a twistypop??

  • Christine

    Oh dear this looks hard. Can I replace the running with some other cardio?

  • Tash

    nope did not saw blurred lines :D only heard drums beating in my ears…oh wait…that is the rushing of blood to my head. :) awesome workout! now i am sleepy = great cardio! an 8er for me!!

  • angela

    Darn it! It isn’t deaf-friendly. I’m so sad! I have to think of a good alternative for the blurred lines. It’s hard enough trying to follow along with the excercise clips wondering how many reps because I cant hear. I keep telling myself to email Cassey to beg her to add the number of reps to the name of excercise on the clips.. Now I have to do criss cross along with a song that I can’t even hear?!?! So frustrating.

    • Gloria

      I played a different song that I love and has a fast pace and similar lenght, and that worked out for me :)

      • Gloria

        If you can’t hear it you just set te timer and keep a pace that challenges you. :)

    • Jody

      Hi Angela! Try finding some interesting videos on Youtube with a similar length. I’m not totally sure what you’re into but something mesmerizing enough to keep your attention? When the video’s over you’ll know you should be done :) Maybe underwater scenes? Skydiving? Stuff you don’t need a soundtrack for but are just fun to watch.

  • Martina

    It was a 9 for me. I was super duper sore from pop hiit 3, my quads really suffered specially during squats and surfer…I think I should have stretched before, but I pushed through anyway. As you said superman pushups were KILLER!! O boy….but I did pretty well on the 1 legged burpees….proud of me! Oh and for the cardio blast I did Summer sweat fest. Too hot to run outside.

  • Dessa

    Hi Cassey,
    Could you do a video showing how to use some of the machines commonly found at the gym??? I would like to use them but I don’t want to accidentally injure myself.

    P.S LOVE your videos!!

  • Catherine

    omg Cassey. 8.57!


  • Jasmine

    I loved this so much, the abs challenge…OMG. This is an 8 :)

  • Jess

    Soooo sweaty!! But I love it! haha That was my first time hearing Blurred Lines and I really liked it! I was still really sore from yesterday and at the beginning of the workout I didn’t think I was going to make it all the way through, but I pushed through and was able to do everything! I was even able to FINALLY reach my milestone of running a mile without stopping! Thank you for all you do Cassey!

  • Kayla

    I’ll give it an 8. Sore from yesterdays videos and running in the evening. My ankles feel broke! Yaarg! The ab challenge was long! Omg I died.

  • Paige

    Cassey! You are so positive and bubbly and wonderful! It is a JOY working out with you! I watched the movie Despicable Me 2 with my family the other night and the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams was on the soundtrack. Once I heard it I IMMEDIATELY thought of your workouts! It is super fun an upbeat and would match your personality perfectly!!! You should check it out!

  • shill

    This is an eight.
    N still I’m sweat happy (:

    thank U and have a great sporty weekend !

  • hated the song choice, but loved the way my abs felt! I ran 2.5 miles instead of just 1, and i ran 1 mile yesterday while also doing the videos after (i hated the Payphone challenge! so hard!!) but today’s workout wasn’t bad at all. it is my favorite! i liked the moves but it was challenging as well. i give it a 5! Yay!!!!

  • Carolyn

    9 out of 10, im blasting the fan in my room and still sweating :P Are we supposed to do 15 lunges per leg, or 15 in total?

  • Amanda

    I’ll give this one a 7. Not as hard as POP HIIT 3, but that ab challenge was insane and I had to take a couple quick breaks. Plus running a mile after all this?! phew!!

  • Lauren

    Can’t wait to try this!!!

  • Sophie

    OMG This was so hard!! The abs challenge was for me, impossible. I made some little breaks but honestly it was super hard!

  • breyanna brandenburg

    (as breytiful ; link;

    I’d give it a 9!
    Kicked my butt in the best way!

  • jackie o.

    I agree with others that this one was a 9 because it required a lot balance!