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july 2013 workout calendarclick to enlarge and print

#thisisMYJULY Playlist:

 July 1 July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5 July 6
 July 7 July 8 July 9 July 10 July 11 July 12 July 13
 July 14 July 15 July 16 July 17 July 18 July 19 July 20
 July 21 July 22 July 23 July 24 July 25 July 26 July 27
 July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31

(Just click on the date to be taken to your scheduled workouts)

Hey POPsters!


Oh man oh man oh man are you in for a treat. Well many actually! First off, I wanna let you know that I am listening to your comments and tweets and am working to make exercising as easy as possible for you. (Well not the exercising part…but the getting your butt off the couch to exercise part.)

So this month, and every month going forward, I will post a playlist for each day’s workouts RIGHT HERE ON MY BLOG (see above) so that you no longer have to keep searching YouTube and waste precious minutes typing. You’re welcome :)

Secondly, for doing such a great job so far through the year, I wanted to reward everyone by hosting a fun Nike shoe giveaway! Yes, these dreamy trainers…



I am giving away 1 pair of Nikes every week for the month of July in any color you want! The ones I typically wear are Nike Free Runs, so start shopping around now for the color and style you like because those shoes could be on your feet THIS MONTH.

How to win?

Well, something else new that I am introducing this month are POP HIITs. A lot of you have been asking me for the routines I do at the gym and I decided to take all of last month to test out special routines for you…muahahaha. You’re gonna hate me soooo much! I came up with 9 explosive workouts that will make you sweat and scream!!!! Every Tues and Thurs I will post a new POP HIIT Printable with video instruction. All you have to do is share it! 1 share = 1 entry.

So for example. if you look on the calendar, on July 2nd there is a pic of a Nike shoe and arrows around a facebook symbol. This means I want you to find my “WE CAN’T STOP” printable on my facebook fan page and click “share.” That’s it! Repeat this for Thursday’s printable and then on Sunday I announce the winner on Twitter! It’s really easy. Just follow the directions on the calendar.

Also…to help facilitate your transformation this month, all of your POP HIITs will also be available on where you can type in how much you weigh, your height, gender, etc. and they will tell you how many calories you burned! I know this is something you guys want, so please make the most of it by making an account on!

Okie dokie! It should be a fun filled month! I wanna hear from you! Be sure to use #thisisMYJULY when you tweet anything related to the calendar. This helps other POPsters find one another who may need extra support! And I totally need to be seeing you trying the recipes from my new Cheap Clean Eats series on Thursdays. Use hashtag #cheapcleaneats on Instagram so I can like and comment on your photo :)

Great job and CHEERS to another crazy month of healthy living and beast mode training!!!!!


<3 Cassey

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  • Brooke

    loved this workout! The last video was probably the worst for me haha, I give the whole workout maybe about a…7 just because I wasn’t drowning in sweat but I was out of breath!

  • Robyn

    Hi Cassey!!! I live in Australia and was wondering if the workouts could come out a few hours earlier?? I love to follow your workouts everyday!! and Thanks for everything so far!!


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  • Catherine

    I was just wondering. I’m currently following this calendar and I was wondering whether we go through way workout once and do all of the workouts listed. Or are we suppose to do day workout a few times then go to the next workout if that makes sense.

    Also, is it bad if you do 2 workouts then you have to take a long break due to a random occurence, and then you do the other 3 workouts maybe an hour later? In order to receive results, do I have to do the workouts all back to back?
    Please help!
    By the way, I’m currently 15 years old, 120 lbs , and is 5’3. Is this a unhealthy body. My goal is to lose 5 lbs by the end of the month. And then 5-10 more in august. The terrible part is that I’m leaving for camp tomorrow and I’ll be gone for a week. So that will for sure delay my progress. /:

    • Maxi

      You’re 15, and besides your BMI being very normal, you shouldn’t worry about loosing weight.
      A healthy body has not always something to do with your weight. you can have a perfect BMI and perfect measurements, and still be very unfit.
      Also: more training means more muscles and that also means mass. (Depending on what, how and how much you train, and on your diet, a lot more mass.)

      Personally, I try to do the workouts once a day, in a row. The training is more effective that way, because you can keep your heart rate up. But it is better to split the program than to skip. :)
      If you look at the exercises, you can notice that often there is cardio and then strength/ muscle building, or one that is hitting everywhere/hard and than specific areas. The other workouts become harder, as your body already worked before. (In Kendo you use the same technique to build muscles faster…very effective.)

      I guess it depends on your time, energy and on your goal. Even with splitting, you will get results (depending on how trained) you are before.

  • Sophie


    I do workout almost everyday since 3 months but I’m not loosing any pound. Moreover, I’m eating clean as much as I can… So I’m quite discouraged… Please give me some inspiration and motivation ♥

    • Tamar

      i was the same way at first i was eating clean i didnt think i was going anywhere but ounce you believe that your changing your life you will and actually you begin to lose fat in minor places before you see it in major places so your face may be slimmer and yiour fingers and your abs and butt and idk love handles will take time you cant expect it to be changed overnight and i know 3 months seems like a long time but in the gran scheme of it all its not but i am so proud of a fellow POPster who has stuck it ut that long because most people would see all the work you have to do and just chuck it out so i am proud of you..dont give up sophie you can do it

      • Sophie

        OMG You’re so cute! This give me so much motivation! You can’t even know.
        When I’m saying 3 months at first I was not doing so intense workouts like blogilates. Just running 2 times a week but trust me it was sooooo hard for me. I did not like sport… at all…. Now I run 4 times a week for 44 minutes. That’s true: it’s not a very long time but you’ve gave me motivation to keep going. So thanks. Thank you so much. ♥

        (Sorry for my approximate english, French is my first language :))

    • Marissa

      These workouts aren’t designed to make you lose weight – they are designed to make you lose fat and gain muscle to give you a more lean body. If you are indeed eating clean, that is what will happen! Muscle weighs more than fat so you might even gain a little weight. You should definitely be seeing changes in your body. Don’t just go by what the scale says; that’s not important. See if you can notice anything different in your body. Also, how do you feel? Do you feel happier and stronger? If so, the workouts are doing their job! :) Don’t get discouraged. Just focus on how you feel and how the workouts have changed your body, instead of just a number on a scale!

      Strong is the new skinny <3

      • Marissa

        ALSO, make sure you’re doing your cardio every day! Cardio is what really shaves off the fat on your body! Make sure you’re drinking a lot of water too :)

        • Sophie

          Reading your message gives me the courage that I need. Thanks a lot for that, for the time spent to write this message. You’re totally right. My biggest complex is my thighs. When I look in the mirror I just can see anything else. I run a lot and I’m afraid that it makes its bigger… I want its to be slimmer… I’m afraid that cardio will build the muscle… I heard Cassey saying that it’s one of the biggest muscle of the body so I’ll wait. :) My stomach changed a lot indeed! It’s flatter and that makes me proud even if it is not a phenomenal change! ^^ Thanks for the tips!

    • Maxi

      Don’t mind the scale! I actually gained weight, ever since I started to train more and watch my food. But the muscles I build are pretty obvious as a reason. That doesn’t mean that I am slimmer though. My body type seems to build rather big than lean muscles, so I actually look bigger now, than I did before.

      I am still not sure if I like that part, but my fitness has increased drastically and I can probably lift more than some of the boys now. :) And that does feel great.

      • Sophie

        Yeah I think my body type is similar to yours… However I hope that I could have lean muscles! But I’ll keep going and see what will happen. :) Thank you motivate me! ♥

  • Casey

    ALSO, do these workouts include cardio? Cause doing the exercises for 1 day takes about an hour. Thanks friends!

  • Casey

    I recently signed up for the Blogilates newletters and other fun stuff ^__^
    Can anybody tell me how long it usually takes to complete one day of the workout calendar? I looked at the video for tomorrow’s workout and I think my butt is going to collapse afterwards heheh. Thanks!

  • maissa

    are you suppose to do every single video that is listed on the specific day or are you suppose to pick and choose?? im confused

    • Do all of them!!

      • Giovanna

        Do you include your own cardio???

  • Talya

    I lost 5 pounds already O_O

    I rate this workout a 7; This was challenging but I thought the “We Can’t Stop” workout was a bit more difficult. Maybe I’m just getting stronger though so it doesn’t affect me as much :)

  • Lexi

    Omg I just got on the scale and I have
    Ost 1 pound after only 3 days!!!!! About a year ago I started at 148 and weight had always been a struggle for me. From last June to this past April I had lost 20 pounds and i am only 13 so that’s a lot. I also grew 5 inches haaha. I started gaining weight again and I wasn’t going to let myself go again so I though Cassey’s program would be good because it would challenge me and it had structure. I’m is happy already being only three days in and losing a pound! I play 2 sports so I thought I was in ok shape but I guess not hhaa. I am so excited to see myself at the end of the month if these are the results a I have after only 3 days!!! Thank you so much Cassey!!!

    • Tamar

      :) you inspired me thank you and keep at it im sue Cassey is proud of you you should be proud of your self keep at it <3

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  • Pearl

    i can’t find workout for thursday
    Can’t Hold Us, POP HIIT
    anyone know, where i can find that workout???

    • You go to WORKOUT VIDEOS in the menu bar then down to SERIES. When that opens up scroll down to POP HIITS :) My sister and I just did the workout and loved it! Tons of sweat and you feel really good afterwards!

  • Lexi

    So today was my second day (I started a day late) and the pop HIIT was awesome! I loved doing the sprints at the end. I only did 2 sets because this is my first btime doing the workout calander, but next time I’m going to push myself to do all three. I feel so good about working out almost everyday. Tomorrow I am doing the upper body workout. I am literally so scared haha. The core day kicked my butt and usually core is pretty easy for me. Oh boy. Wish me luck :)

  • Sydney

    OMG! My arms are ON FIRE. I couldn’t even do the Never Ever workout because I’m THAT sore. At first I was cautious about doing this program since it doesn’t really incorporate weights, but I’m so pleased with my results of sore muscles in these first three days!

  • Taylor

    Hi!!! Just wondering who has tried PB2? I love all nut butters but tend to over eat them so I’ve been substituting with some PB2 because I actually like the taste and can have more than 1 tbsp. Just wondering what your thoughts were on this product, I have heard a lot of controversy about it not being clean ect!

    With love

    • Sydney

      What is PB2?! And where does it come from? I’ve seen it all over but don’t know what it is!

      • Taylor

        It’s powdered peanut butter, most of the fat is taken out so it has a lot less calories so essentially you can have a little more peanut butter, you mix it with water. It tastes pretty good! I use it in shakes as well

        • Lexi

          I’ve tried it before and I don’t think it’s as good as regular PB (obviously) but for how much you can have for so little calories I think it’s good.

  • Jessie

    Hey Cassie, I’m so sorry I’m not beomg loyal or following my promise! But I will try
    And finish this calendar with my body completely ready for the next!!

  • Eve

    Checked – 47min & I m raining sweat!!! It’s a 7!

  • Kassandra

    Just finished the “we can’t stop pop hit #1” and OH MAN!! I usually don’t sweat but I sure did this time! Casey you kicked my butt and i was’t able to print out the check list but that didn’t stop me i took a pic with my phone and drew check with an app i have on my phone:)!!!

  • Yuri

    Hey Cassey! I was just wondering, what do all the little symbols on your calendar mean? I feel like I”m missing something really obvious…or maybe they’re just there for decoration…
    I started doing your workouts in the middle of last month, so this is the first full month that I’m doing the workout calendar! I actually really like the POP HIIT days even though I’ve only done one so far :) Thank you so much, I feel really fit and happy with my body when I finish your workouts (although I feel like dying during them, haha) <3

  • Lexi

    Okay today i did the first day because I’m a day behind and it was hard. A lot harder than i thought. I started crying because i felt terrible. Pep talk please? ;(

    • Wendi

      Hey, just remember, no matter how hard it is, how much it burns, how sore you feel the next day, it will be all worth it in the end. You can look back at all those times you felt so tired but you still did the workout and feel proud of yourself for each time you got up and did it. Never give up. Once you get into the routine of it, you will learn to enjoy every workout and end each of them with a smile on your face. :)

      • Laurie

        Even though those words weren’t for me, thank you Wendi! I really needed to hear that because I’ve been getting VERY lazy nowadays. But I will push myself to get fit and meet my goal. Thanks again! :)

  • stephanie

    This is GREAT!!! But I start training for my second marathon next week…is this something I can do on top of that? Or should I just do the upper body/core days?

  • Ann Eriksson

    Cassey! A playlist – GREAT – just what I wanted. As you said – it takes a lot of precious minutes to search all the you tube-videos :)

  • Linn❤


    With the cant hold us pop hiit wo i pushed myself through it,and went and did 5 sprints taht turned into jogs ( :( ) on my street but i understood her wrong and only took like 5 sec breaks… So i was crumbling and only did 5, showered and am rrrlly sad and disapointed cis i didnt finish. I feel like a failure.. But it maybewould have been better if i would have taken 30 secs ,right?

    • Linn❤

      And anyone (sry it cut off) have a peptalk? :( would need one!

      • Linn❤

        Arg i meant we cant stop pop hiit wo

        • Lexi

          Okay idid it today too and it kicked my butt. i had to take like a 3 minute break in between each circuit and i felt really bad about myself because I’m like oh, i bet everyone else can do this just fine, but I’m sure that there are others out there who are having a rough time. Just think though that no matter what you are still getting it done, no matter what the pace, and you’re not sitting on the couch. You’re taking the initiative to do something good for your body. Some people can’t even do that, so just keep your head up and push through it because in the end, you’re going to look great! Hope this helped! xoxo

          • Linn❤

            Oh my gosh yes that did help! ❤Thx so much :)

  • Simone

    Cassey, I’m 13 years old and I just had a vaccine. My arm still hurts a little bit. Do you suggest not doing arm included exercises or do it anyway. Please help

  • KMM

    Ok, so I’m doing the beginner calendar, and I tried some of these, and they’re just too damn hard!!! well some of them anyhow. How about doing an intermediate calendar? Yanno, for those of us who finish the beginner but just can’t keep up with the regular routines…

  • toni

    hi cassie , i need your help…i gave birthday to my lovely babygirl and i m still breastfeeding her 4 months now…what can i do..?

  • Beyza


    • Beyza

      The content you’re trying to share includes a link that’s been blocked for being spammy or unsafe:Body of an error/warning message. Title is: You can’t post this because it has a blocked link.For more information, visit the Help Center. copy-paste

      • Kendra

        Its doing the same thing to me too.

  • Shannon

    The link for the playlist doesn’t work for me :( it’s just blank. Has anyone else made a playlist yet?

  • Sukii

    :D Woohoo! I am going to work my butt off this month. This is my first month, good luck everybody else!

  • Thank you for the playlist! I go to the gym and do ur workouts (for the mirror) but then looking for the vids ruins the momentum of working out!! Love it!!!!!! Thank you!

  • Abi

    Hey Cassey! But what if i don´t have twitter, will you be announcing the winners on facebook too?

  • Gina

    Do you do all of the videos all at once?

  • Shannon

    So today I wasn’t able to do the entire playlist all together. I did three videos but work called me in early so I had to stop and get ready. After work I am going to do the last two, Is that still okay? I feel bad because I couldn’t get them all together- but I think If I add another to the last two (so i’m doing three) it’ll hit the 30 minute mark since I do the videos kind of out of order.
    I just wanted to make sure It wouldn’t mess up my progress too much.

  • I don’t have facebook or twitter I only have instagram so how am I supposed to keep up with you? Its just hard cause I’m only 11 years old

  • Nicole

    What if you don’t have a facebook? :/

    • Laurie

      You can just make one for the purpose of winning the shoes. That’s what I’m going to do since I don’t have a facebook either.

  • Julia

    Cassey, I can’t do the candle dips for the life of me!…so I just put my hands on my hips.

  • vale

    Hi everyone someone knows if the giveaway are internationally? please and cassey im gonna kick my ass this july i wanna have a cute body:C i have to start this months ago! xoxo

    • April

      It is international!

  • Char

    Hi! New to this. where do i find the vids Like should i use the abs on fire vid that was posted last month for this month? also what is the new workout? Is it an actual vid or is it just a new sequence of vids to try? Help! :)

    • Lluvia Lopez

      You should find them on youtube at blogilates or blogilates tv. Or on top on the right side it says “search this website” try writing the name of the workout like the calendar and you’ll find it. The new video is back on fire (I checked the day it was posted).
      If you have any doubts e-mail me [email protected] :)

    • shivani

      nooo!:) do you see the
      sun mon tues (so on)
      july 1 july 2 july 3 (so on)
      under july’s calendar? just click on july 1st for today and itll redirect you to the page with all the exercise videos for today! repeat the same process for tomorrow except click july 2nd :D the new work out is “back on fire” and when you click july 1st itll link you to all the videos. if you still cant find it, heres the link :)

  • Great way to start out July. I loved these videos, and I definitely felt the burn! I give this day a 9/10!

  • Thank you Cassey! I’m excited to start this one. I’m still only on Day 8 of the Beginner’s Calendar, but I’m dying to do more!

    The like button in the email didn’t work for the first entry. It says “error”.

  • Megan

    Hey, I can’t “like” the share button even though I have a fb… it says it’s “spammy”… anybody else have that problem?

    • Lauren

      Megan I got the same thing! :(

    • Kerry

      Same here! I hope Cassie can fix this! I pressed the “like” button atleast 5x!

      • Mandy

        I got the same thing too!!! :-( I tried pressing the button tons of times and on different computers, hopefully Cassie can fix it

  • Kyra

    Hey Cassie,

    just wondering if you’d be able to make a printable list of the moves and reps? I suffer from slow internet syndrome and the videos take forever to load, so it would be very helpful! Thanks!

  • Thank you Cassey for making the video playlists! I know that is very time consuming so I really do appreciate the extra effort! I’m one month away from my wedding so I am ready to train like a beast all month long so I can look like a beauty on the big day!

  • Yaressi

    just a quiestion where do i find the video of tommorrow im new with this but i can do this because i do insanity and crossfit too

  • missys3009


    Thank you so much for the links to videos!!! Saves soooo much time. I’m very grateful!!! All the clean eats look amazing and I loved the banana ice cream cookie. Can’t wait to try the raviolis, though I think I will use mushroom instead. Not that it matters, I’m sure both are delicious!! You are making my days with these healthy awesome foods. None of it is boring. Thank God. Anyways, sounds like an awesome month ahead. Thanks for keeping my head up!!

  • Sydney

    Thank you so much for making playlists for your workouts! :) Can’t wait to get started on today’s workout!

  • Bethany

    Hey Cassie! Just need a clarification on the shoes give away: if 1 share = 1 entry, then do 2 shares = 2 entries and so on? Thanks!

  • I’m so excited!!!! Always hate you so much during a lot of work outs.. But always love and respect you even more at the end :-D Let’s do this!!

  • Lisa

    I don’t have Facebook :(

    • Emily

      Me either:( will they be anywhere else?

      • Alysa

        Neither do I, I’m also wondering if the giveaway is only available for citizens in the US?

        • Linn❤

          I think its international…thats what a comment above said xD