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july 2013 workout calendarclick to enlarge and print

#thisisMYJULY Playlist:

 July 1 July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5 July 6
 July 7 July 8 July 9 July 10 July 11 July 12 July 13
 July 14 July 15 July 16 July 17 July 18 July 19 July 20
 July 21 July 22 July 23 July 24 July 25 July 26 July 27
 July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31

(Just click on the date to be taken to your scheduled workouts)

Hey POPsters!


Oh man oh man oh man are you in for a treat. Well many actually! First off, I wanna let you know that I am listening to your comments and tweets and am working to make exercising as easy as possible for you. (Well not the exercising part…but the getting your butt off the couch to exercise part.)

So this month, and every month going forward, I will post a playlist for each day’s workouts RIGHT HERE ON MY BLOG (see above) so that you no longer have to keep searching YouTube and waste precious minutes typing. You’re welcome :)

Secondly, for doing such a great job so far through the year, I wanted to reward everyone by hosting a fun Nike shoe giveaway! Yes, these dreamy trainers…



I am giving away 1 pair of Nikes every week for the month of July in any color you want! The ones I typically wear are Nike Free Runs, so start shopping around now for the color and style you like because those shoes could be on your feet THIS MONTH.

How to win?

Well, something else new that I am introducing this month are POP HIITs. A lot of you have been asking me for the routines I do at the gym and I decided to take all of last month to test out special routines for you…muahahaha. You’re gonna hate me soooo much! I came up with 9 explosive workouts that will make you sweat and scream!!!! Every Tues and Thurs I will post a new POP HIIT Printable with video instruction. All you have to do is share it! 1 share = 1 entry.

So for example. if you look on the calendar, on July 2nd there is a pic of a Nike shoe and arrows around a facebook symbol. This means I want you to find my “WE CAN’T STOP” printable on my facebook fan page and click “share.” That’s it! Repeat this for Thursday’s printable and then on Sunday I announce the winner on Twitter! It’s really easy. Just follow the directions on the calendar.

Also…to help facilitate your transformation this month, all of your POP HIITs will also be available on where you can type in how much you weigh, your height, gender, etc. and they will tell you how many calories you burned! I know this is something you guys want, so please make the most of it by making an account on!

Okie dokie! It should be a fun filled month! I wanna hear from you! Be sure to use #thisisMYJULY when you tweet anything related to the calendar. This helps other POPsters find one another who may need extra support! And I totally need to be seeing you trying the recipes from my new Cheap Clean Eats series on Thursdays. Use hashtag #cheapcleaneats on Instagram so I can like and comment on your photo :)

Great job and CHEERS to another crazy month of healthy living and beast mode training!!!!!


<3 Cassey

  • Tiffany

    Does anyone know where I can find those Mint/Tropical Twist Nike Free Runs? I am obsessed with the color, but I think they’re out of season so they aren’t sold in stores anymore. Thank you!

  • Irene

    Omgsh today’s the last day for #ThisisMYJuly already?? Time flies! I can’t wait to get the August calendar password :D

  • Eliska

    Hi all,

    should I do all the videos for each day or just choose one or two?

    Thanks xxx

    • Lori

      All of them PLUS any cardio workout (doesn’t have to be blogilates)

  • Kaitie

    Hey Guys!
    I’ve tried to get in touch with Cassey herself but I have no idea how! haha
    So i’ll just ask you guys.. If I’m following the calendar exactly, do I need to add extra cardio throughout the week? Or am I good with just following her calendar??

    • Anna

      you’re good with just following her calendar but if you’re capable and/or want to lose weight more quickly, just do more cardio.

  • Katie

    I just finished the beginners calendar yesterday so I wanted to finish up the month with the July calendar, but when I try to click on day 29 from my iPad everything loads but the videos. They don’t even appear! When I load the page from my computer the videos show up fine, so I don’t know what’s wrong. I don’t think it has anything to do with my iPad because it had been loading the beginners calendar just fine, but I don’t know what else it could be. If anyone might have a solution to the problem, I’d appreciate it very much!

  • Cristina

    Do you girls have to stop everytime with this workouts? They’re too much for me, im sad… im supposed to be able to go with Cassey’s rythm? I can’t :( (this is my first calendar after the beginners one)

    • Naina

      Cheer up girl! Cassey’s workouts are a lot harder than other workouts especially for us beginners. so I think you could just do them at your own rate at first and then when you get stronger you should be able to do it at her rythm. Also Cassey has a modification box in her harder videos so she probably understands that not all of us will be able to keep up with her.

  • jazmin

    has anyone lost weight with these exercises

    • Lotta

      Yes i have lost 6 kgs! I have done blogilates videos for 5 months (i have followed monthly wo calendar) I started eating clean too. Remember you cant exercise a bad diet out! Good luck to you!!

      • Julia

        Hey Lotta! Congrats on your weight loss!. I was wondering if you were on a strict diet when you started blogilates and lost 6kgs. Or did you gradually start eating more healthy? Thank you!

        • Lotta

          Heyheyy! First of all, i watched this video ( and i counted my active metabolic rate. Then i cut 250 calories away from my active metabolic rate so i would lose weight. Cassey explains this thing so much better on her video, just check it out =) And yes, i kind of gradually started eating healthy. First i cut all soda and fast food, and then maybe two weeks later i cut out all white breads, regular pasta and white rice away. I craved so much pasta and white breads but i just ate less and less of it. I have hard time not to eat candy and chocolate, but i allow myself eat candy once a week, so it doesnt bother me anymore! And i drink 3l water every day, and i guess that is it what have helped me too losing weight!

          Thank you so much! =) I hope all the best for you and good luck x

          ps: watch this video too:
          cassey explains what eating clean means! =)

    • joanie

      yes! I started following the monthly calendars 2 months ago and I already lost 8lbs and gain more strenght. I wasn’t eating clean at the beginning though but I’m sure that if I had started to eat clean before I would have lost more than I did :)

      • Jlia

        Congrats!. What does it mean by eating clean? What do you eat? Protein?? If I cut out fast foods and any food that will lead to weight gain.. will that be considered as eating clean? Thank you.

    • Jess

      Of course! Since i started to eat clean, doing Casseys WorkoutPlans and making some cardio i lost already 12kg. From 66kg to 54kg :D

      • Helen

        Was that in 1 month??

  • mercy

    by the time i got to 13 going “down” the pyramid, my elbow was really hurting. Is it supposed to do that? or does that mean i should stop? thanks!

  • JH

    Thank you for posting the playlists! It makes my life much easier. I just wish the website pages loaded faster ;)

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  • Laura

    Hey PoPsters:) I wanted to ask if it’s okay to move somewhere else the rest day,i wanted it to be sunday so i was planning on doing the workouts without the friday rest,and i will only rest on sunday.It is somethin wrong if i do it like this?

    • Jayleee

      Yes you can! I usually love having my rest days on Saturdays, so I just do the Saturday workout on a Friday :)
      I feel like she just mixes up the rest days each month to just have the pattern different. As long as you’re doing the workouts you’re fine!

  • Whitney

    is it normal to just stop losing weight when your still working out and eating right?

    • Tess

      Yea it is. Usually it’s a sign that you have to intensify your workouts and/or start eating more metabolism boosting foods :) Weight loss plateaus are totally normal

  • KC

    Hi all! I just discovered this website and I LOVE IT already! I would like to start the workouts, but can’t seem to get organized with them. Are they all found on youtube??

    • Joanna

      Yes search them all on Youtube. She also has the links as playlist here on this page as well.

  • Maria

    Why the videos isn’t appear when i open the link in my phone? Am the only one? Pls help this is annoying.

  • Hirasia

    How much time do each day’s workouts take and does it matter whether we do them in the morning or at night?

    • Anna

      around 1 hour depends on your own pace. you can do them whenever you want, whatever fits you is best

  • Vivien

    On Mondays where it says *New workout* what am I meant to do for this? Sorry if I’m being stupid but I really appreciate your answers!

    • Jasmine

      every monday she posts a new workout on her youtube channel, i’m assuming it’s that :)

      • Vivien

        Thank you that makes so much sense!

  • Jasmine

    This is gonna sound sooooo stupid but do we have to do every workout in that day’s box or do we just pick 1. thanks!

    • miranda

      Well i guess we could sound stupid together haha i was going to ask the same question.

    • Anna

      do everything that’s listed! :)

      • miranda

        REALLY *_* That’s gonna take some getting used to lol

        • Anna

          yeah it’s a bit challenging at first but just try your best and you will get used to it soon! have fun working out!!

      • Jasmine

        oh :O ok thanks haha

  • Naina

    & also I live with my parents so eating clean is very hard. how much of a difference will it make. I dont need to lose weight or body fat.(I am 5 feet 3 inches and my weight is 49 kilos which should be about 100 lbs) but I really want to get stronger. so will this work without the clean eating?

    • Joanna

      Unfortunately, you will not see improvements if you do not eat clean. Youtube blogilates clean eating and cassey explains very easily on things you can do. She also has links here on this site on what to eat and what not to eat!

  • Naina

    & sorry about the timing. I live in India so the time is ahead

  • Naina

    Hey,I am 14 and I just created a gmail account so I could get Cassey’s calendars but they didnt show up. The area where they are supposed to be is blank. what should I do? coz my parents are definitely not getting me a computer or a laptop anytime soon

    • Maria

      I also experienced the same thing! The video isn’t there. So what i do is just look for the videos on youtube base on the calendar said.

  • Naina

    Hey,I just created a gmail account so I could get Cassey’s calendars but I only have mobile internet and my parents are definitely not going to buy a laptop or computer soon(I am 14) and I cant see the calendars on my phone. So what do I do?

    • Joanna

      Is it a smartphone? It’s still possible to view it but if not try to print it at your local library or a friends house!

      • naina

        OK thanks

  • Chey

    Hey! If I really just want to lose weight, could I go back and do the June calender this month?
    Or would it just be best for me to stick to the July calender and follow the rest of them like so?
    Please and thanks if anyone can help!:)

    • Anna

      I think you should just follow the July calendar. The POP HIIT workouts are intense and I think those will help you lose some weight!

  • Amy

    These POP HIITs always kill my knees with all the squats or things like in and outs… Any suggestions of what to do to help this? I don’t normally wear tennis shoes while doing HIITs, I had really bad blisters the first time I tried wearing tennis shoes for a POP HIIT and since then I’ve just gotten into the habit of not wearing them since I do everything at home. My knees hurt for at least a day or two after HIITs…

    • Anna

      try doing the moves on a yoga mat or a towel or something?

  • Katy

    wait a second, I’m lost. This isn’t the calender I’ve been following at all!! the one I have printed out says “wake up and…” and now my book marks are leading me here. whats going on?

    • Hunter

      The beginner calender is the one I think you’ve been following. Each of the days on that calender start with “wake up and..” :)

  • Renata

    Where do i get all of the workouts? From her youtube videos? Thanks :)

  • Desiree

    Love your videos, great work outs!

  • Madi

    Thank you Casey so much for these calenders! I’ve tried so many things and other work out videos such as Jillian Michaels and going to the gym for 2 hours at a time and nothing and no one gets me in better shape and looking/feeling as great as you do thanks to these pilate video combos on your calenders!! Please please please keep them up because I wouldn’t know how to combine them to get an effective work out. Thanks so much for everything you do :) :) :)

  • Anna

    I have been following the calendar since March and I have been doing these workouts regularly everyday (i have only missed a few days throughout the past 3-4 months). i also started eating more healthy, less rice & more veggies but i still havent lost much weight. i’ve only lost 2 pounds and though i am really really glad that im getting stronger everyday and cassey motivates me to work out so much. but im kinda sad and disappointed that i cant lose more weight… im 5’5″ and used to weight 99 lbs consistently for around 2-3 years. but then something happened i started binge eating a looot and gained 22lbs (i was 121 lbs at that time). now i weight 117lbs and wanna go back to being 99lbs. is there any way that i can make this happen? probably i should do more cardio?

    • Stephanie

      please dont misunderstand me, I do not mean to offend you in any way!

      that being said, im curious, is 99 lbs at 5’5” a healthy weight? because my sisters 5’3” and at 117 pounds, shes so thin already, to the point where I can see her bones in some places

      • Anna

        it’s probably because of the differences in our bodies because i really didn’t have bones sticking out or anything and when i weighed 99lbs i ate normally too. maybe its because my bones are smaller and weight less? i dont know… its ok i dont misunderstand you!

        • Alicia

          Hello! I am here to answer your question :)

          I am also 5’5″, but I currently weight 155lbs. This isn’t overweight or on the verge of obesity, it’s just very toned or slim in some places. That being said, in my personal opinion…you are never going to be 99lbs again. The only height where it is safe to be under 100lbs in 5’2″ and under. Your body was most likely in the process of growing–not in height, but in muscle weight–and therefore you have increased weight. The exercising that you’re doing demands protein and nurtients for the body. Without the proper diet, you will not only NOT loose weight, but you will also become malnourished and unhealthy.

          My advice to you is to stop focusing on the number. Look at your body in the mirror. You sound like a petite woman who wants to slim down, but not to the point of being bony and unhealthy. Continue eating right and exercising and your body will gain muscle. That’s what’s making the number stay high, not your fat percentage.

          • Anna

            yeah.. it’s just kinda hard because I’m an Asian living in Asia where many many people are thin and I was thin back then so now when I meet people who I haven’t seen in a long time, they always comment on how “fat” I look and it’s kinda sad no matter what. I try to not focus on losing weight from time to time but it’s really hard seeing thin people everyday, and I have fat in my arms so it always shows when I wear sleeveless shirts :( I guess I will try to do more cardio and arm exercises to tone them up! >_<
            Thanks so much for reading and replying to me, btw! :)

    • Gilda

      Hi Anna! I used to have a similar issue. All through high school I was relatively skinny and weighed about 105 pounds (I’m 5 feet tall). Now I weigh about the same as you, about 120 give or take. There was a time where I wanted to go back to weighing 105. So I decided to stop looking at the scale, and I decided to focus on my goals, which are to 1) be stronger and 2) have a flat and toned tummy. And also try to remember that since you are working out, you are gaining muscles and muscles are heavy. My suggestion is to not look at the scale so much and try to go by how your body feels and how you feel about your body. I may not weigh what I did back in high school but I feel healthy and I’m getting close to meeting my goals. Stay strong Anna :)

      • Anna

        thanks for the words of encouragement, GIlda! :) to be honest, i still want to lose a few more pounds but i am happy that im obviously getting stronger.

    • Alex

      i think the reason you may have a hard time losing weight is because your already at a good weight for your body
      i’m 5’2 and 117 is considered average for my height
      i’m not saying you should stop working out or anything
      i’m just saying don’t worry so much about the scale. it’s all about how you feel :)
      Love always

      • Anna

        thanks for the words of encouragement, alex! popsters are the best <3

  • Estelle

    I am usually unable to do the majority of the POP HIIT workouts because of all the jumping involved and I have really anal neighbors living under me. Can anyone recommend alternative POP HIIT or cardio workouts?

    • Christine

      Well, Cassey has a quiet cardio video that you could do.

    • Halllie

      I do hiits at the park sometimes. You can use a bench or picnic table in place of a box or weight bench. Then I do the exercises involving hand weights, which are usually jump-free, when I get home. The first time I worked out outside I made a friend go with me because I was self-conscious, but now I’m not embarrassed to go alone.

  • Danielle

    I’ve been getting the calendars for a couple months now but haven’t been entirely motivated. This month I saw before and after pics of my friend who lives in California and couldn’t believe how AMAZING she looks now. After that I decided to throw myself into working out and getting healthier. I can’t wait to see my own before and after pics!! :)

    • Sierra

      Good luck! :)

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  • Maiya

    Hey the Nike giveaway sounds awesome, but for me it’s a bummer. I don’t have a Facebook, just twitter I do follow you. Will you have any giveaways where we can RT or repost on twitter as well for the people that don’t have Facebook ?

    • Maja

      Well, it’s not just Facebook. If you check the calendar, you’ll see that there are weeks for twitter, instagram and tumblr. Zoom in on the days with the sneakers on them, you’ll see what I mean :)

  • Beth

    I just started your workouts again and I really like them. I amnow going to be part of the community, which I was not before. I had a question for you. i am not able to access a couple of your workouts on the YouTube app on iPad or on my android phone. Is there any way that you could make these available? I was not able to do the toned triceps challenge because I cannot access them on either device, but I did all the other workouts for today. I jut wanted to let you know in case someone else also has issues.

    Thanks for the great videos.


  • Megan

    Getting pumped about starting this! :D

  • Lauren H

    Completed the workouts for today! The plank workout was really hard work, I hate plank so bad but I completed it, so I’m really proud. My favourite was the Victoria secret arm workout I loved it! Thanks Cassey!

  • Marie

    I just finished the beginners calendar and I want to dothis one but the workouts are way too long! Should I just repeat the beginners calendar or what? Please answer!

  • Melanie

    What about a warm up? Do I need to do it? HEEEELP

  • ELIF!

    at times like this I wish I had social media for the Nike competition!
    anyways im just starting the July calendar today, its a little late but im so excited!
    thanks for making exercising so fun Casey!
    love from Australia!

  • Giselle

    Today was a 9 for me! Lol, Finally I can say that!

  • Thuy

    I gave this a 6, overall.

  • Giovanna

    Have you guys been adding your own cardio because these playlists are pretty long. HELP! Cassey hasn’t answered me yet

  • Cindy Lee

    Hey Cassey, Cindy here, i m currently 16,121lbs,5’2′, and during my puberty i ate a lot,last 2 years started to realizing that i m gaining more weight,so i have controlled my diet and doing exercise twice a week, but after watching ur videos it do helped me a lot, but i wanna get fit and healthy, but i can’t control my cravings. i want to have a flat tummy thats all, thats all i wanted for my teenage life,i need some advice from u Cassey thanks