Low Carb Ravioli Recipe with Squash Hashtags!

Hey POPsters!

This week, we’re headed to Italy and making some Ravioli!!! But not a traditional ravioli of course…one that’s gluten free, natural, and low in carbs! Instead of using the traditional pasta dough to make the pockets for the meat filling, I sliced yellow squash into thin ribbons and weaved them into hashtag cradles!

Here’s what you’ll need:

low carb ravioli recipe

This makes about 3 servings! Maybe more if you’re able to get more ribbons out of the squash. I ended up with 3 large turkey patties that I later ate by themselves :)


1. Blend cottage cheese, turkey, oregano, basil, and spinach in a food processor.

2. Then slice your squash into thin ribbons using a mandolin slicer or a slicing tool like I used in the video. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond.

3. Take 4 ribbons and weave them into hashtags. Fill with meat stuffing, close up, and slip over to close. I made 6.


4. Place in oven at 350F for 20-25 min.

5. While baking, create your raw marinara sauce! SO GOOD by the way.


3 roma tomatoes

12 pcs of sun dried tomatoes

1 clove of garlic

fresh basil leaves (I used 5)

1/2 TBS of oregano

1 – 2 dates depending on sweet you like it!

Blend it up and bam, you have sauce!!

6. Take the ravioli out of the oven, place 2 on a plate, then top with your homemade marinara! That’s it. Enjoy :)


Hope you decide to make this recipe this weekend! If you do, be sure to use the hashtag #cheapcleaneats so I can like and comment on your pics! Ya’ll are amazing chefs I must say from what I’ve seen so far!!!

Eat well and work hard!

<3 you,



  1. Desiree Taylor says:

    I am cutting cheese out of my diet at the moment. If I don’t use the cottage cheese will it affect the recipe in any way?

  2. Charmaine says:

    I would love to make these, can I use butternut squash? but one problem is that I can not eat nightshade veggies, so is there an alt for the tomato?

  3. This looks so yummy. I’d love to try making some, without the meat though. Thanks for the great recipe! :D

  4. I soooo want to use squash but can’t find it anywhere in my country:( any ideas??

    • Green squash or Zucchini, which is also sometimes called a courgette would be the easiest if you haven’t already looked for that. If not the most similar in make up I can think of is eggplant (which is also called a lot of different things depending on where you live so I’d check out wikipedia if you aren’t familar with it or want to ask someone in your local market or grocery store who might not know them by that name). You’d have to be creative with the cutting though to get them to the same shape and they can be a bit more tough and bitter than the squashes used here. If you’ve already considered both these things, you might be able to try carrots, or maybe even parsnips, but that could also potentially be disastrous if cooked too long. Also, vegetables do come in and out of season and can sometimes be harder to find in any country if they’re out of season, so you might just have to keep checking or wait until they’re in season. Also, you could consider just cooking up the insides in patties like Cassey did with the extras and then wrap them in lettuce to make kind of like a sandwhich. Or cucumber could allow you to make the hashtag effect, but you’d have you pre cook the patties because cooking the cucumbers would be gross. When I mentioned lettuce, it also occured to me that you could probably cook this filling inside cabbage. It wouldn’t look like ravioli probably, but the mild flavor of most cooked cabbages would probably lend itself well to the concept, even though you might have to use a different sauce that you could cook the cabbage in to make sure it cooks properly. Okay, hope some of that was helpful.

  5. Sarah jessica lee says:

    I am in Korea, can’t get turkey in a market. What would be the best alternative to turkey on that recipe.?

  6. I am trying to see the full recipe and every time i share it on a social media site and then it comes back to the page it just continues to refresh and i never get to see the full thing. Please help. I really want to participate in all the things featured on this website.

  7. Heya this is kind of of off topic but I was wanting
    to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with
    HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding know-how
    so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Made these tonight and they were delicious!! I had to double the recipe for a big dinner party so some of my portions compared to Cassey’s may have been a little off.

    Shredding the squash even with the tool was difficult but I think mine was too small.

    The tomato mixture was so gooooodddd, I could eat it alone; I added more garlic and dates then Cassey because I love sweetness and garlic!

    I also had additional meat left so I made patties, as she suggested. Stuck them in the oven at the same time and they turned out perfect! They gave off a different taste then the raviolis.

    I paired the meal with stemmed broccoli (flex oil and olive oil to dress it) and homemade garlic bread.

    Definitely recommend and will make again!

    • For anyone having trouble with the tomato sauce. Mine became too mushy because the dates and sun tried tomatoes weren’t blending well so I then did all the ingredients, except the tomatoes, in a blend and diced the tomatoes, then mixed it all together.

  9. Yummy!!!!

  10. Janice Chai says:

    Hi Cassey, except the greek yogurt~any suggestions for me to instead the cheese??? i really dont not like the cheese taste >~< really need ur reply,TQ~

  11. Janice Chai says:

    Hi Cassey, except the greek yogurt~any suggestions for me to instead the cheese becouse i really do not like the cheese taste

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  13. Amazing taste without salt! Thanks, Cassey!!

  14. This is very spinach heavy… Not a fan.

  15. Recipy variation: zucchini cheese pie/stuffed peppers!
    I used potato peeler to make very thin slices of zucchini, I was not precise, just grated a few zucchini finely, zap zap zap. Mine were not nicely precise and I had no nerves to make nice ravioli like Cassey so I figured that I had a pound of feta cheese and decided to make something else. I pressed the cheese with a fork and mixed in 4 eggs, some salt and pepper to taste and oregano. I placed the thin zucchini slices to cover the bottom of the buttered casserole dish a few times, then poured a small layer of the eggs and cheese mix, then put a few layers of zucchini again and sprinkled oregano on top. Baked until it got some nice brown and crunchiness on the top and edges! I basically got a pie and it tasted amazingly yay. As I spent half of the mixture, I used the rest to stuff bell peppers and baked that too. When browned on top I put a tomato slice upon each to cover and took them out when the tomato has dried out some… Yummy! It will work with any cottage cheese and less eggs as well.

  16. I DIDN’T KNOW BASIL WAS SO STRONG I ADDED ONE SMALL LEAF AND BAM THE FLAVOR OF EVERYTHING ELSE FLEW OUT THE WINDOW IT WAS QUITE DEPRESSING WHY AM I TYPING IN CAPS yeah so basically of you don’t like strong flavors avoid the basil but over all everything else was magnifique!

  17. Hey Cassey! I really love Cheap Clean Eats and I am SO eager to try all the recipes! Although there is a problem. I just graduated high school at the beginning of summer and am going to begin college this fall. I would really like to use your food advice and exercise videos so I don’t gain all that extra weight that freshmen seem to gain=/. The only problem is that I live at home and to be honest my parents don’t eat healthy at all so I am wondering if you have any tips on how to eat healthy and stay fit even though I can’t fix my own meals without ruining everyone else’s meal times??

  18. the marinara sauce turned out really awful :( I used exactly the same ingredients but mine looked a really gross brown color..such a disappointment.

  19. Do these freeze well? I was thinking of prepping a big batch and then freezing them to be baked and enjoyed at later dates.

  20. I really really would want to do this recipe, but I’m no sure about few things:
    1. What is a squash? I tried to look what it is from the dictionary (I’m Finnish :D), but I found nothing. I also think that i maybe not found it from these grocery shops here. Could I use eggplants?
    2. I didn’t found turkey meat from any shops. What is an alternative to it?
    3. The MOST stupid question: is oz an ounce? How much is it in litres or grammes?

    Thank you if you answer for me! Cassey you’re videos are amazing :)

    • Hi Ella!

      Squash is kesäkurpitsa. :) There are green ones (zucchini or courgette) and yellow ones (usually just called squash). Either is good. :)

      I’m vegetarian so I didn’t use turkey- I used extra cottage cheese, but you can use other meats if you can’t find turkey. Turkey would be the healthiest meat, but other meats would be ok.

      An oz is an ounce. :) 1 ounce is about 28g.

      In metric, you can use 120g turkey (or other meat), 230g spinach, about 60g cottage cheese and a small amount of oregano and basil. :) You can watch the video to see about how much she put in to be sure your measurements are close. :)

      Onnea! :)

    • christa says:

      At least around here it is called summer squash. zucchini would work just the same. They taste and look a lot alike.

  21. Can you use a carrot peeler for making squash ribbons?

    • christa says:

      I would think so. I use a peeler on zucchini to make zucchini noodles instead of pasta. Same concept.

  22. Can I use butternut squash instead? And i dont have a fancy food processor

    • Kristina says:

      Butternut squash won’t work! It’s a whole different beast. You could probably try zucchini. You can also use an immersion blender or a regular blender.

    • You can easily do it without a food processor. :) I chopped the spinach and basil by hand and mixed everything together in a bowl. :) It comes out chunkier than it would with a food processor, but it’s still good. :)

  23. Geraldine says:

    Tried this recipe tonight, it was amazingly good. My husband loved it so much he cleared an entire baking tray of these raviolis :D. Can’t wait to try all the other recipes :)

  24. Today I was inspired by your ravioli recipe and made zucchini manicotti. I used a 1/2 tsp measuring spoon to scoop the seedy centers out of the zucchini, the stuffed them with a spinach-cheese-tofu filling. I ground up the centers and added them to the sauce. BTW- in June, I lost 1/4 inch from my waist, 3/4 inch from my hips, and 1 1/4 inches from each thigh, thanks to your exercise routines and healthy eating! Thank you!

  25. Anyone have any reccomendations on buying a food processor? I have a Ninja blender but it won’t blend these types of ingredients. Also looking for something that won’t break the bank haha!

    • I have a ninja master prep which I’ve read is light years better than the ninja blender even though the blender is more recent and I love it! Between that and my vintage vitamix i can take on anything!

  26. katelyn says:

    Just made this recipe last night and loved it! I made the meat version for my boyfriend and left out the meat for me since I’m a vegetarian. Thanks for the awesome recipe Casey!

  27. i really really really wanna make these! but without meat:( any tips on what vegetable can i use to get a nice texture and taste, instead of the turkey?
    trying to become vegetarian:)

    • Hey! I just made this recipe for dinner tonight! I made it with the veggie crumbles (morning star) and it was d-lish! I have been a vegetarian for 8 years now and I am always trying to find ways to make non-vegetarian recipes vegetarian. I hope that this helps!

    • Mary Anne says:

      Mushroom is often used as a meat substitute due to the similarity in texture and how it holds up when cooked. I hope that helps!

    • I used mashed up tofu!

  28. Yum! Thanks for the recipe Cassey!

  29. Hey Cassey!
    I can’t seem to find yellow squash at my grocery store. Would butternut squash work the same?

  30. These look amazing! Definitely going to try next week. I love your recipes!

  31. Yumm! Need to try this!

  32. Wow! I love this low carb ravioli recipe. It looks so delicious and healthy. I can’t wait to try it! :-)

  33. Recipes r getting challenging…my banana pancakes turned out like omelette *_*

  34. I tried it yestarday and it was totally delicious! Even my boyfriend loved it. Thank you Cassey!

  35. Hey Cassey!
    I was wondering if you had any suggestions of what I could use to substitute the cottage cheese. I really do not like cottage cheese at all and was hoping you could suggest an alternative. Thanks! :o)

    • teilzeitDAU says:

      hi Marleah!
      greek yogurt would certainly work too, or ricotta cheese (that’d be higher in cals though).
      are you sure that you don’t like cottage cheese even when it’s baked in the oven though? sometimes this really makes a difference.. :) for example, a lot of people don’t like tomatoes when they’re cooked, but they do like them raw, so maybe you could give cottage cheese one more chance and see if it works for you? or else just go with the greek yogurt! :)

  36. This is pretty creative, Cassey! Now I want ravioli. Any ravioli, please!

  37. hey, Cassey! I didn’t know where to direct this question, so I’m just putting it here. Will there be more ‘train insane or remain the same’ braided tanks in size large any time soon? I was planning on it being my reward for going a month without soda and fast food but all the larger sizes have run out. Thanks! <3

  38. Fernanda says:

    What can I use instead of turkey or any other animal?

  39. Fernanda says:

    What can I use instead of turkey?

  40. LOVE THESE videos! Can you make some meals that last for a few days? like a make ahead meal (I live to meal prep!)

  41. You can change the thickness of what you slice with the mandolin. :) Just adjust with the dial on the side. This recipe looks great!

  42. Carrie Myers says:

    I’m going to try this with zucchini instead of squash! I hope it still works :)

    • It is the same thing ;-)
      Just diffrent name. Kinda like Aubergine and Eggplant.

      • I thought zucchini was courgette or something! I thought squash was something completely different! Gah languages with interchangeable words. So confusing!!

        • Squash is a really confusing term because it refers to a whole category of fruits in American English (pumpkin, butternut squash, zucchini, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, etc are all “squash”.) She specifically used yellow squash. You are right that zucchini is courgette. I used zucchini instead and it worked just fine. Probably any similarly shaped summer squash would do.

  43. Holy YUM! Thank you Cassie! :)

    ♡ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA

  44. This looks delicious, thanks for the recipe. I’m going to try this over the weekend.

  45. What can I use instead of 99% fat free Turkey? Because I am not sure, if I can get this in Germany.

    • “normal” turkey has about 10 to 15% fat, so it probably wouldn’t be very devastating to use it I guess.

      Anyway, I don’t know where in Germany you are from, but I once found low fat poultry minced meat at Kaufland, that might do it. Or you might use “Sojagranulat” which is also pretty low in fat (I might use this since I am more or less vegetarian/vegan).

      Good luck with finding something nice :)

      • Thanks for the tips! I will definitely try it with the “Sojagranulat”, too.

        • I live in Berlin and I often buy “Putenhackfleisch” at Lidl or mixed minced poultry at Edeka, but of course the first one is cheaper and is part of their regular assortment of goods.


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