Arms on Fiyahhhhh!!! Plus #AskPOPsters

Hey hey Pretty POPsters!

How are you? I hope your training has been amazing! Here is the new video of the day in the Workouts on Fire series…ARMS ON FIRE! This vid is no joke. You will be super duper sore the next day because I was. Yup. I was. So…have fun :)

I hope you’re enjoying the calendar this month. I am seeing a lot of great pics on Instagram! I love seeing your sweaty smiling faces! When you hashtag #juneonfire or #blogilates, I get to sneak up and check in on you, like and comment on your pic! Loving your hard work and dedication. You guys look AMAZING!!!!

Also, a POPster had a GREAT idea today on twitter and I think we should all do it.


I get tons of emails and messages and tweets from you guys daily, but you know what? If I can’t get back to you in time, you have a WHOLE WORLD full of bright, smart, and amazing POPsters who may have experienced your same concern! So let’s use the power of the Blogilates Community to help as all! Whenever you have a question for our community, use the hashtag #askPOPsters. You can look this up and answer questions for other people! It will be so helpful! Of course you should tweet at me @Blogilates but that hashtag is important! Use it on Twitter to get a convo going. I already see some great questions!

askpopsters twitter


Yay yay! Ok will be back for more later! Time to go eat my yummy salad with homemade turkey burgers. I’m hungry! Bye for now!

<3 Cassey

  • gny

    Thank u for videos and your help cassey. Loved u so much. U r so inspritonal person. I am a newstarter. I have a problem with cellulite on my back of legs. Which exercise do u advise? Do the cellulites melt totally with exercies? Thank u so much.

  • Rubab

    Hey POPsters I just wanted to ask what some of your favorite butt excersizes are to get a round full lifted booty!

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  • Marija

    Hello I have a question… What is the best time of day to work out ?

    • Jaylyn

      Whenever works best for you! Workout at whatever times allows you to be consistent. I’ve read that there’s benefits to working out in the morning, but if you’re not honestly going to get up at 7am to workout on a consistent basis, don’t! One of the most consistent months of exercise I had, I was doing the majority of my workouts after midnight.

    • Ana

      Just as Jaylyn said, whenever works best for you. :) I go to school and when I’m 2nd shift (my school starts from 14.00) then I wake up at 10.00 am and workout from 11.00 – 12.00 :) But, when I’m 1st shift (my school starts from 8.00 am) I workout after school, so, from 16.00 – 17.00 :) And my body is now used for those hours, I hope I helped a bit.

  • Meg

    Cassey, I would never have thought that one simple exercise where you put your forearms together would cause so much pain!!!
    Love your site and am looking forward to doing this workout again and again and again! Your bubbly energy keeps me going! :)

  • Juliet

    Hey popsters!!
    I definitely love cassey and all her videos, they are pretty amazing even they makes you want to die sometimes! that’s why I want to ask you if some of you had some results with cellulite, this is my biggest problem, with my thighs of course!
    Hope that someone could help me please!!
    Love you all

    • Jenny

      I have cellulite too and it seems that the more toned my muscles are, the worse it gets! Fml.

      • Ana

        Oh my God, I have the SAME problem! My solution is to workout with Casseys Fat Burn Cardio WO and some WOs to tone up muscles, and then I take a shower, bc it relaxes me and takes my sweat away hh. :) But if you want some faster progress you should buy some of those Anti-Cellulite creams and then after a shower always massage your critical body parts with cellulite. ;) I hope i helped.

  • This workout video is amazing! I like the new list of workout with Gangnam Cardio. That looks fun! ;-)

  • Madeleine

    Cassey, could you upload your new videos sooner? For some of us (Europe), the day starts earlier ! So i get to do last week’s videos but i’d like to enjoy a really fresh video….Thanks !

    • D*

      @ Madeleine:
      oh come on, I also live in Europe and i CAN wait untill the next day. When, do you think, should cassy make the new video – at night :-D ???
      We’re not the only people who live in this world…;-)

      Dear Cassey, thanks for everything, you made me so fit and so much stronger, I love this new way of life!!
      Thank you so much <3

    • Jaylyn

      I know some international popsters do Tuesdays workout on Monday and Mondays workout on Tuesday, that way they don’t have to worry about waiting for the new video.

      • Paola

        That’s what I do!!!

  • Medallion

    Hi Cassey, and Popsters ;) It was hard for me to do all of the videos on the regular calendar so I’m taking advantage of the Beginners one…I hope that I can still see results from it…

  • Oh my gosh I love your videos! So fun!!!

    (and you’re right, this was really DOES burn…)


  • Nicole

    Never in a million trillion years would I have imagined my photo getting uploaded to a blog, let alone the blogilates blog!!! I’m burpeeing for joy right now! I am beyond grateful and so ecstatic that you choose it Cassey! <3 I wouldn't be getting these results if it weren't for you. Your videos are amazing and your spunky personality has me coming back for more. Blogilates is by far the best part of my day, you're truly an inspiration to me! Hopefully, one day I'll be able to join you in a live work out session! But until then, keep your heart beautiful and your workouts hard! Mucho love for you!!
    <3 Nicole

  • TJ

    Did this video last night, it was hard! I’m starting to feel my arms getting stronger though, they used to be so weak!

  • Brooke

    Oh my gosh! Cassy uploaded my photo:D *fangirling* but I think the #askPOPSters is a great idea I love it(:

    • Mickis

      Yaaay for you! :D

  • Mickis

    Oh my god! My hashtag is born! And it’s growing so fast! O.O

    Could never have imagined that Cassey would mention me in a blogpost, feeling a little overwhelmed :D Anyway I’m glad my idea finally got noticed so we can all help each other out!

    //Owner of the MrKnoen twitter account

    • It is an awesome idea ^_^. Thanks for coming up with it!

      • Mickis

        You’re welcome!
        Although I came up with it cause I wanted lots of healthy dessert tips, so maybe it was a little egoistic of me :P

      • Mickis

        Oh, and thank you for thinking it was an awesome idea ;D

  • Gen

    Hello! I really need some advice.
    I just found Blogilates a couple of days ago and boy am I loving all these workouts! But after trying out the #JuneOnFire calendar for about two days, I am feeling extremely sore and have muscle aches everywhere. I don’t think I can ontinue for a couple of days. :( Do everyone just continue the daily workouts in spite of the severe muscle aches, or is it okay to rest till my muscles recover before continuing? I can say I have a rather strong core myself, but these workouts leave me aching! And sometimes I can’t complete every single rep in the video – is this okay? Please help me! I might need some assurance that it’s alright as a beginner. :P Thank you so much. :)

    • Ngozi

      Have you checked out the beginner calendar ? Cassey had it especially made for people just starting out, and the more you get used to it, the stronger you get,and the more you’ll be able to transition into the regular calendar moves :)

    • Deana

      I do the workouts no matter how sore I am. I found working out reduced my soreness. I read that staying sedentary will leave you sore for longer. Good luck!

      • Madeleine

        Don’t forget to stretch well after, it really helps. I like the “full body stretching routine” on Youtube, i almost never had muscle aches since i started doing it after every workout.

  • Jenny

    I really love all your videos Cassey. Can you please do another video to release pain in the neck and upper back after a day of sitting at the desk and studying? I sometimes have neckpain up to 7 days in a row and I wanna try and do sports to prevent that from happening again and again. I love the Amazing Upper Back & Leg Stretches Video, another video like that would be nice.

    Greetings from Germany :-)

  • Anthea

    I NEED ADVICE PLEASE! I have been doing pilates since January and I have seen results but my stomach is so hard to tone! i think it has gone abit flatter but its taking forever for abs to show!! and i can only do pilates for 45 mins 5x a week my doc said cause of personal reasons. im 14, 4’10 and around 100lbs not sure i dont weigh myself :) i also never seem to be sweating i do feel hot and my body feels damp like im about to sweat but i dont.. any advice??

    • Beth

      Hi Anthea! I also struggle to get my abs flat, it’s the part of my body where I always put weight on even though i’m quite slim. Pilates will help tone the core but you need to remember to do cardio as well. If you don’t do cardio then you won’t be able to burn any fat. mix pilates with cardio and you’ll have flat abs in no time!! plus remember diet is a big factor, especially for the tummy. if you eat the wrong foods, too much sugar etc, then you’ll retain tummy fat, so try to eat as clean as possible. If you aren’t sweating during pilates then you may need more of a challenge so Cardio will also help with that. however if you aren’t sweating due to another problem then I suggest consulting your doctor!!
      Hope this has helped :)

    • N

      The stomach is the hardest spot to tone and flatten because on average, woman carry an extra 4 lbs In that area as a fat reserve–its an evolutionary precaution case of pregnancy. Re: sweating. Make sure your drinking enough water before and during your workout and consider increasing your intensity. Jump higher and faster. Hope this helps.

    • Meg

      You’re 14 and it’s so great that you’re focusing on getting stronger and fitter at such an early age, but you may also still be developing! When I was 14, i struggled with excess fat despite rowing for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. But I grew a bit taller and matured more and it went away naturally.
      Don’t stress over it! Just eat lots of healthy food, stay active and strong, and be patient.

  • Mariana

    I need an advice! i been doing popilates about 6 months ago and i love it! Literally change my life and now im strong than i thought i ever be. I really get into do workouts in summer But now im in collegue and i dont have so much time.Im follow the june calendary its my first calendary and i feel super good cause its a challenge But i dont know if might workout today cause here in my country is 10:25 pm and i have class tomorrow at 7 and i have my period and i craving for bread (i know its kind of weird),so i eat bread like a lot. And now i want to do my today workout and i dont know cause its cardio day and i eat at 9:30 pm. . So idk if do my workout ot not? HELP

    • Sofja

      I think the most important thing is that you don’t stress yourself. Because this is really unhealthy. When I workout late, then sometimes I cannot sleep well. Remember being healthy is not only about working out. If it is too uncomfortable then just skip it. Additionnaly you probably only feel out-of-time because you just started college, but after a while you get used to it, and then you will be able to organize time for workouts. So don’t worry too much to skip a workout it is not the end of the world! And don’t feel guilty about it!

      • Tamar

        Hey Mariana! Did you see the beginners calendar for this month? I know it’s not ideal for someone who is advanced at blogilates already but if you only have a little bit of energy then try and do something from there. It’s better to do a little than to do nothing and feel guilty!
        OR – if you’re short on time do the harder workouts that are 10 minutes – like the 100 burpee, or the 1000 rep workout (that takes longer but at least you know you did something intense!)
        – maybe do your workouts in the morning – or half morning and half evening? that always helps me when i feel like i can’t be bothered.
        Good luck :)

    • Mickis

      You could switch workout days, like if it’s cardio day and you don’t feel up for it due to period, do the videos from one of the toning days instead.
      I hope I’m making sense! I switch the workouts with Monday and Tuesday cause the new workout video comes out so late in my country, so now I have cardio on Tuesday instead and I don’t think that’s any problem. Of course it probably won’t hurt to skip one day either, if you feel guilty about it, do that workout on Sunday instead.

    • dms2

      Mickis is right. I switch the calendar workouts depending on how much time I have, energy, remaining activities for the rest of the day,… that makes me even workout on Sundays and rest on Mondays. So just make it fit your life. Stress and little sleep won’t make you any good.

  • Pam

    I love this video, as well as the Abs on Fire one! Thank you for being so motivating and inspiring!

  • Emi

    Wow! Keep it up, Cassey! Love you! You have inspired so many people, including me! <3