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Click on the corresponding days for a full playlist of the workout videos listed. No more searching YouTube! You’re welcome ;)


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Hey POPsters!

I developed this Beginner’s calendar to help those of you who are just starting out on your fitness journey and are unsure about how to ease into the routines. I want you to know that you are capable of ANYTHING and that all it takes is a little practice. This is a structured 4 week plan and compilation of videos that will really help you understand the basics of Pilates – like proper form, proper breathing, mind-body connection. Once you finish this calendar, I guarantee you’ll be ready to do the monthly calendars!


1. Subscribe to YouTube.com/Blogilates

2. Print the calendar and hang on your wall

3. Do each of the videos once (video playlists are listed per day in the table above)

4. Check mark each video you do

5. Sign off and then tweet or instagram me your accomplishment @Blogilates! (I highly recommend creating a twitter and instagram account to get more active in the Blogilates community. It is also easy to communicate with me there!)


New workout videos are uploaded every Monday on YouTube.com/Blogilates. “Cheap Clean Eats” recipes also air every Thursday for your healthy foodie desires :) Although the new vids are not included on the Beginner’s Calendar, I encourage you to take a look at them when they come out. Please try if you want to challenge yourself! If you can’t do it anymore, just stop, and start again. NO BIG DEAL. Breaks are ok. Everything you do is PROGRESS!

Do the best you can! All it takes is hard work and determination. If you want it bad enough, your dream of becoming fit will turn into a reality. I promise.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am your friend and your instructor and I am here for you!

<3 Cassey


  1. Juliana says:

    i can’t work out in the morning, i have to wake up really early to go to work. Would it still work if i do this when i get home at night. i don’t wanna start it if it isn’t a good idea :(

    • I think it’s fine! Just fit in the workout whenever you have time. Just think about it: working out (no matter when it is) is better than not working out! So, go for it!

  2. I’m 14 and have struggled with my weight for the past four years. At the end of fifth grade (2011), I was around 130 lbs and felt self conscious and uncomfortable, so I took it seriously and lost about 20 lbs the next year through exercise and smaller meals and went down to my smallest weight, 112 pounds. Since then I had been maintaining a healthy weight of 120, and then less when I got very sick this spring. In the last three months I started eating at restaurants more often, and spending more time on the couch, and by doing this I gained about 20 pounds. I’m starting this plan because most exercise just doesn’t keep me motivated but Cassey’s videos are fun and entertaining. I’m hoping to get more serious once I finish the Beginner plan and to lose those 20 pounds by a year from now. I’m so happy I found something I like!

  3. Shannon Beth says:

    Hi Cassey!! Just wanted to say thank you for helping me get in shape for my wedding!! I’ve been doing your workouts for about two weeks now and can feel a difference!! My fiancé is impressed too!! :)

  4. Hello,

    This is my very first day and I am absolutely new to the fitness world (I dont want to lose weight but rather tone up and got interested by pilates as a holistic discipline to reach a healthier lifestyle). So I have absolutely no clue about planks, roll ups, burps etc (all the morning exercises), do you know where I can find a blogilates approved lexicon (with images if possible) ?



  5. I don’t know if I should start with this calender or with the august one. Does anyone have any tips?

  6. Hi, I’m a 14 year old girl, at 5″3 and I weigh at about 94 pounds, but I really want to get rid of my tummy fat. I tried hula hooping for a while but the only result I got from that was bigger hips, which aren’t really a good thing in my country. So now, I want to get rid of tummy fat and also get smaller hips. I actually have no confidence in wearing clothes that show my tummy even though people reassure me i look fine.

  7. Hi Cassey,
    Absolutely love your site. Just finished my second day. May I make a suggestion. On your workout calenders the time could be noted. So that we know how long the workout will be. I do alot of running, weight training and HITT on a stationary bike. Your pop pilates is just what I was missing.
    Love your energy!

  8. I’m 14, 5’8 and 140-150 pounds and I really want to lose some weight before school starts! I’m gonna start this tommaro does anyone have expierences? I’m so excited

  9. Thank you Casey!

  10. Christina M. says:


    If I want lean muscle, do I need to add a cardio workout (i.e. running or going on the elliptical) to these video workouts?


  11. Today was the first day I tried this and wow I feel tired but great! Just trying to get rid of that freshman 15 here.

  12. Hey guys!
    I was just thinking about starting the beginners calender but I’m a generally a really sloppy person and lazy. so it’ll probably take a while for me to actually start the diet and exercise but this time i’m really serious so wish me luck!! x I’ve gotten really sensitive about my weight i’m like 64.8kgs and i’m only 16 :( anyways I CAN DO IT AND I WILL DO IT!!!!

    • hey, don’t be afraid! You can do it! I’m seriously so lazy and it took be forever to actually build up the courage to start this thing. I just finished day 2 and it’s actually not as bad as I thought. And Casey really takes your mind off of the exercise. I’m about 60kg as well and I’m 15. Good luck, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

  13. 5’2 , 15, and 140 pounds :(. This blog has really inspired me to lose weight and get fit before the school starts. I would really like to hear about your results :)

  14. Okay! ~ I’m almost ready.
    I’m 5’5 in/ 1,65 m and 135 lbs/ 60 kg. o:
    I’m kinda curvy, but when it comes to muscles… damn dangerous curves. T_T
    I’m looking forward to lose some weight and be healthy.
    I feel so stressed and tired… I’m only 14…

    • Omg I feel you im only 13 but I have a really curvy body and I absolutely hate it. I have bigger boobs than most girls in my school :/ but I did casseys july calander and I see a big difference on my body.my stomach is flatter my legs are toned and becoming more lean. Im hoping to drop one cup size by schooltime. But dont feel stressed. It is very tiring sometimes but dont give up. You can do it! Once you start youll feel amazing both inside and out . Good luck:)

  15. I’ve been doing some of Blogilates videos the last weeks, and I just starting with the beginners calendar and I’m so exited! I just have a question… When is the recommended time to do my workout is better in the morning or afternoon?

    • Hello! I usually hate exercising in the morning, but i definitely think it would be a good idea to do it then. I’ve been trying that recently and i’ve been managing to do the entire workout for the day. I think it’s because you’re more fresh in the morning, rather than in the afternoon where you’ve probably gotten a little tired from a day’s work. Hope i helped!

  16. Shannon says:

    Hi everyone, I’m just starting this calendar today and so far so good! Can’t wait to see if I make it the whole month! Good lucky everyone!

    (174cm tall, 72kg girly looking to lose some flab and become a more energetic version of myself!) :-)

  17. I’ve always been a couch potato. When I was younger, I was in dance and much more active, but in the past years, I’ve just stopped physical activity (because I just couldn’t be bothered or didn’t have time for it). As a senior in high school now, (I have senior portraits in just two weeks, and I want to get in better shape for it) , I’m starting to pay more attention to my body. I’ve lost my flat stomach and I really want to get it back. I’m optimistic that BlogPilates will help me on my way to find my ideal body shape again and also help me maintain my fitness! For everyone out there, I wish you the best of luck! :) We can do it!!

  18. Hey Cassey! I am on day 8 of the beginner’s workout and I am a bit worried because I can’t do the roll-ups anymore. On day 1 I could do them easily, and now I can’t get up anymore. Is this normal or is it something that I do wrong? I feel like I am not getting stronger :(

    • Janneke says:

      Hi, I’m doing the beginner calendar for the second time now!
      It happened to me as well when you start of your muscles get sore
      Don’t worry your still getting stronger, it’s actually a good sign!

      xxx jannie

  19. Hey– do the videos work out our obliques at all?? thanks!

    • I’m not sure, but if they do it probably isn’t much. I recommend Cassey’s Muffin Top Massacre video, it’s not to difficult, and I’ve only done it two days and already feel new muscle in my waist/obliques!

  20. Hi^^
    My Name is Barbara, and I want to Start this whole story! But I Need somebody to do this with me. Do you want to Start with me. Im an 14 Year Old girl from germany and weigh 121 Ibs (55kg). I want to lose so weigh!
    Love Babs..

    • Hi i want to start this workout to i’ll do it with you !
      i’m Nessa from Canada, 20years old i’m 87kg I really need to loose weight

      • Hi, I’ll start my journey today!
        I am 22 and also weigh around 87kg. Going to start day 1 now :)

        How is it going so far for you?

    • Nassira says:

      Hey Barbara,
      Ich heiße Nassira und lebe auch in Deutschland und möchte auch damit anfangen und bin auch 14 :) Allerdings muss ich viel mehr abnehmen als du weil 55 kg eigentlich Idealgewicht ist :D

    • Hi Barbara!
      I am Jam from the Philippines and I’m on Day 20 of the Beginners calendar. Just keep doing the daily exercise and don’t give up. As Cassey quoted, “Train Insane or remain the same”. Don’t worry if there are days you don’t feel like doing any exercise at all, just watch what you eat and you’ll be okay! :)

      BTW, read some comments here because some of them really helps in the journey to fitness :D

  21. I’m 18 (weight: 180lbs) and I started this last summer but because of travels and festivals I had to pause it – but I never came back!
    I have decided that I want to start again because it just gave me more energy, I had fun and it just made me happy! I have like many others tried other exercise classes but they just didn’t give me the same results! I remember feeling better about myself and I was just glowing! But THIS TIME I’m gonna keep to it and start again! It’s hard – yes – but it’s just worth it in the end!!

    Lots of love to all of you who are starting! ♥
    - Kira

  22. Just finished day 3, so far so good! I’ve been feeling very out of shape lately, and this calendar is already starting to motivate me towards a healthy lifestyle. So excited to see where Cassie’s videos will take me!

  23. Marissa martinez says:

    Almost done with week 2! I’m 14 and I started out 20 pounds overweight, my bmi index was 27,that over average and kinda high! Now I’m already down to a bmi index of 26 weighing only 10 pounds overweight and I’m eating healthier but I’m not doing Casey’s meal plan because for my age it could be taken to extremes so I’m just eating what a normal healthy teen would eat!

    • Hi! I think I am overweight too and just started this program. Can I ask you what you usually eat? :)))

  24. I just started this today, and I’m excited! My only question is if there is any special equipment needed for this beginner’s calendar (bands, etc…).

    • Julliet says:

      No equipment. There’s a video where you she uses a band to pull her leg but you can use a towel, a scarf or whatever.. Good luck!

  25. Leigh-McTeer says:

    Hey Cassey! So I’m almost 13 and I decided I’m going to take my eating and fitness seriously. But I don’t know where to start. I’m about 5 pounds overweight for my size. so I’m hoping this will help me :) I’m hoping to get my friend to do it with me. We both want to start being healthier. STARTING THIS TODAY!!

    • Mariana says:

      Hey, Leigh!
      I’m 15 years old and started my fitness journey when I was about you age going into 14 and since you are still very young and developing, I encourage you not to diet but to eat clean instead.
      I’m glad people are starting to get into this lifestyle change at younger ages and as always, determination is key.
      Welcome to your new life! You have all of the Popsters’ support!
      We should help each other!
      You can do it!

  26. Telma Ferreira says:

    Yaaaaay !!:)
    Started this today :)

  27. I am a 17 year old girl who just hit 200 pounds. Although I don’t really look that heavy, I am, and I am seriously out of shape. I tried Day 1 of the Beginner’s Calender and I’m going to be honest: It was too hard for me. Cassey is extremely motivating and a good teacher but I think I need to start out with something a little easier than pilates. I hope to try this exercise plan in the future, but for now, it’s not for me.

    • I tried this last year and it worked but I thought the same way that it was too hard for me and I decided to ditch it….I tried every other type of exercise video possible and NOTHING Gave me results like this did now I am in the same boat as you 17 and just hit 200 pounds and I’m back here and I saw this and figured I should let you know! Also follow her diet schedule too!!

    • Julliet says:

      Try this calendar, all of us are struggling at the beginning but it’s worth it!

      If you really will feel demotivated and not strong enough then maybe yoga? On youtube there’s a lot of beginners’ videos. May not be as fast as pilates but I’ve felt a bit stronger after yoga.

    • Please do come back soon! Trust me even for a girl that was already into exercising I found this as difficult, but keep going and you WILL get so much stronger and so much more determined. I completed the calendar in june-July last year and even from the first week you feel the improvements and by the end you can see it! If the monthly calendar is too hard afterwards, continue doing these videos and slowly work your way up. Every minute that you do will contribute to your health and fitness. :) Don’t give up and try your hardest, you’ll do so good.

  28. Hi everyone.
    I´ve just downloaded the app and paid 0,89€ (received the confirmation email) but I still don’t have access to the videos on the app. Is there something more I have to do?


  29. Almost done with week 2! Yeah me!

  30. Starting this TODAY!!

  31. Just finished Day 3. So happy because I’m feeling and seeing results already. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout. I really want to finish the Beginner’s Calendar so I can go and do the monthly ones. :)
    Feeling good.


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