POP Pilates for Beginners Calendar!

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Click on the corresponding daysfor a full playlist of the workout videos listed. No more searching YouTube! You’re welcome ;)


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Hey POPsters!

I developed this Beginner’s calendar to help those of you who are just starting out on your fitness journey and are unsure about how to ease into the routines. I want you to know that you are capable of ANYTHING and that all it takes is a little practice. This is a structured 4 week plan and compilation of videos that will really help you understand the basics of Pilates – like proper form, proper breathing, mind-body connection. Once you finish this calendar, I guarantee you’ll be ready to do the monthly calendars!


1. Subscribe to YouTube.com/Blogilates

2. Print the calendar and hang on your wall

3. Do each of the videos once (video playlists are listed per day in the table above)

4. Check mark each video you do

5. Sign off and then tweet or instagram me your accomplishment @Blogilates! (I highly recommend creating a twitter and instagram account to get more active in the Blogilates community. It is also easy to communicate with me there!)


New workout videos are uploaded every Monday on YouTube.com/Blogilates. “Cheap Clean Eats” recipes also air every Thursday for your healthy foodie desires :) Although the new vids are not included on the Beginner’s Calendar, I encourage you to take a look at them when they come out. Please try if you want to challenge yourself! If you can’t do it anymore, just stop, and start again. NO BIG DEAL. Breaks are ok. Everything you do is PROGRESS!

Do the best you can! All it takes is hard work and determination. If you want it bad enough, your dream of becoming fit will turn into a reality. I promise.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am your friend and your instructor and I am here for you!

<3 Cassey


  1. Asking questions are truly pleasant thing if you are not
    understanding anything entirely, however this piece of writing gives
    nice understanding even.

  2. I love Cassey! I HATE working out (I was so lazy) but Cassey makes it easy (well, not always easy, I think ABC Abs killed me!) but what I love most is how easy she is to watch! She doesn’t patronize or talk down to us who have no idea what we’re doing and explains things clearly! Well, let’s crack on with Day 4! (Longest I’ve ever stuck with exercise plan haha!)

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  5. i have just started doing Squats, but the problem is that my lower body is extremely hurting me can you please give me some tips to what i can do about them.
    love your videos ❤️

  6. I’m 13, I’m 152 cm, and I weigh 131lbs, and I want to loose 20lbs by my birthday in June,I workout but I’m not loosing any weight

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  8. The 2.0 one is the second calendar and this one is cassey’s first capendar as far as i know.

  9. What’s the difference between this calendar and the beginners 2.0 one?

  10. Just did my very first workout of the beginner calendar! I’m really excited to do this! I have so little strength in my body, I had to keep resting because I was just incapable of holding up my body weight. But I’m looking forward to changing this and powering through the burn! :3 thank you so much for your videos!!

  11. Well it does ask for $0.99 a month to subscribe, which i believe is the only way i can see the workouts of everyday since i havent figures out how to do that for free.
    I clicked on the button to see if it asked the pasword of the month but it obly says “error in-app purchase not allowed”

  12. Stretching and a lot of it, don’t be put off if you can’t stretch to the extent in the video, the more you do it the more flexible you will become.


    Just finished day 2 week 1! And my *soon to be * abs and muscle are aching so bad it was so hard! But I’m determined and know I can do this! I am so motivated and thank you so much Cassey

  14. Hi i’m doing the new beginners calender and some of the moves I just can’t do because i’m so unflexible is there anything i can do to become more flexible along with the pilates videos. :)
    Also to lose weight and really tone my legs and bottom will just doing the videos work or should i do cardio as well ( is there anything other than running because I have tried so many times and I always give up it just doesn’t work for me). :) x

  15. thanku guys:) I’ve been doing it and i feel really good!!


    Just finished day 1 of week 1

  17. hi cassey! your videos rock! i don’t usually like wokring out or should i say i don’t really like it. but over the holidays i have gained so much and decided to do something about it. one day i saw Lindy Ng of bubzvlogs on youtube doing your work out. i got curious so i went and searched for your chanel. at first i was like oh no this looks so hard for me to do until i saw your website and found out you have a beginner’s program. so i gave it a shot and yes… it killed me the first day and everyday at the same time it kept me looking forward to dong the next set of exercises the next day. i feel so good doing the daily workouts you created. i am only on day 5 but i can already see results. its not that significant but i can see it. also i am still having difficulty in executing all of the exercises properly mainly because of my weight. but i still try and push as far as i can. thank you for sharing your workouts, tips, advices and encouragement.

  18. Hey Cassey!
    I really love your videos.
    Unfortunately, I got really sick a few days ago and had to stop the workout :(
    I hope I can start again soon.
    It makes so much fun to work out with you and the best about it is that after a few days I already felt some changes!
    Thanks so much for doing what you do and keep up your great work!!!
    Kisses from Germany <3

  19. Currently Very Pumped says:

    I started this calendar recently and take note that I never stick with any type of exercise plan. I’m 4’11 and I weigh 116 pounds and my goal is 100 pounds! I’d like to lose weight to look better (in my eyes) and to also feel healthier :D As I said, I never stick with any exercise thing and I’m usually really lazy — always laying around and watching movies while eating lol! But I’m currently on day 6 and I’m very proud of myself. The first two days made me soooo sore and I could barely do a roll up, but on the third day I was able to do a roll up (with my legs kinda lifting up a bit) but progress is progress! I remember my attempt at a roll up on the first and second day — it wasn’t great lol I didn’t even make it up half way. I’m also eating more healthily and drinking lots of water throughout the day. I’m excited to finish this calendar and I hope anyone else who reads this and is teetering on the fence between giving up or moving on can also stay motivated!

  20. Hi Kayla!

    Join the 30 day flat abs challenge! There are cups of water on the calendar to encourage you to drink more water than you usually do! Have fun :D

  21. I got the email but it wont give me the password

  22. well, you could try the regular calendars at first to just try em out and if you find em to hard then switch to the beginners for the rest of the month

  23. Hi! Could you please make a water drinking challenge? Like a one month challenge to drink x amount of water or like drink this many cups on one day and then the next more and more something like that! i have a very bad habit of not drinking water and i think this will help motivate me if i have like a goal each day :) thanks so much <3

  24. If you are reasonably fit already is it recommended to start with the beginners calendar, or should one start with the regular calendars?

  25. Hi Cassie! I know exactly how you feel. I love doing these workouts but even when I’m alone I also feel like someone is watching me. It’s stopped me from doing workouts so many times but then I just told myself “Hey! It’s okay if someone is watching me anyways, I shouldn’t be embarrassed because I’m doing these workouts to help myself!” There is no shame at all in trying to take better care of your body, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Best of luck! :)

  26. hi how many times in a day you do exercise ?i am so much confused please help#Claire

  27. Hopefully you are doing great , keep going I’m just starting this program now can’t wait for binkin season

  28. Hello fellow Popsters! I love doing things like this when I work out I feel happy with my self, but everytime I go to a work out I feel like someone is watching me and I get embarrassed and don’t do the work out. I feel stupid when I am about to began and just put it to the side and never do the workouts. Can someone help me get over this? Any advise?

  29. When the next monthly calendar comes out do that one :)

  30. You don’t.

  31. I am just about to print my beginners calendar and I am so excited! I have lost weight but not nearly enough and I am starting to go backwards instead of forwards and feeling like I can’t go on so I thought I would try something new – my friend introduced me to Blogilates when you ran your Christmas comp and since then I have been popping onto your site more and more often and am now taking the plunge! It’s so great to see such a girly website where everyone encourages each other! I can’t wait to start this journey with you all!
    With much love and excitement from South Africa
    Sally <3

  32. Whew, Day 5 was killer! But Cassey’s encouragement and positivity always helps. :) Onto Day 6 tomorrow–working my way through the Beginner’s calendar.

  33. i just did the first day and i feel fantastic!

  34. I just finished day 1 … wow … hopefully I get better … my legs were burning during the leg segment!

  35. I just did the first workout and I feel great!

  36. I just did the first day abd I feel great!

  37. Why do I have to pay for this calendar in the app?

  38. Hi Penny :) I just started the beginners calendar, and i´ve repeated the routines two times if i feel like i can give more. I´m not an expert nor an instrictor, but I think you can listen to your body and feel how long you can go without hurting it. (:

  39. I recommend you start to be interested in kitchen. For me have been the best I could do for me, because sometimes I want to eat clean but my mom doesn’t. So I learned step by step to cook easy recipes. I started by breakfasts. They are very simple, just cut some fruits or push a button for mix. Oatmeal and fruits first, the I go to he second step, go with chicken, meat, with vegetables and little water on a pan and salt. So dinner it’s a slice of cake… not literally! dinner is simple like breakfast. And drink water, add some lemon (without sugar) and also exercising :)
    I wish this can help you, is the way that works for me :) and download Blogilates app, there is so much inspiration and pictures of food that you can use to imitate some meals.
    Good luck Girl!

  40. It’s never too late to start and it’s always the right time to do it. If you are scared about no doing it perfectly, don’t worry we all started somewhere, if you can’t do the whole video or the whole workout for the day it’s ok you just have to understand that your body needs to adapt to this new phase and it takes time and a lot of effort, but it’s all worth it.

    Right now I’m coming back from a spinal injury and it’s like starting all over, not being able to do everything, not moving every muscle the way you are supposed to but it’s a start, we just have to be patient and work our way up.

  41. Hi, i am a girl who has been overweight since young and have been wondering ways to slim down. I came across your blog and was thinking if i should follow your plan. I am about 200 pounds and i totally do not know where to start from, as i am not sure if it suits a person who never really exercise in the first place.. Am i too late to start slimming down when i am already 20 years old?
    Pls advise!:) A person who dreams to be slim…

  42. I do this because i have a big belly and it helps me look thinner. try and inhale until your stomach goes in, hold your stomach in that same position and breath out with your nose. Don’t release your body,,,, that’s what she means. hope i could help.

  43. One thing i don’t understand is i’ve just spend money on the monthly calender, so does this even cost anything?

  44. You’re simply sucking your stomach in, but REMEMBER TO BREATHE! :-)

  45. im almost done with the beginners calendar (i love it) which one should i do next?

  46. By sucking your belly button in you’re tensing up your core thus using more muscles! If you feel like you’re holding in your breath, remember to breathe through your chest, not your tummy. Goodluck!

  47. It’s more about contracting your lower abs and drawing your belly button down and less about breathing in to hold it down. Hope this helps!

  48. ibty, definitely don’t get discouraged. You are doing exactly what you need to do. Breastfeeding your baby is the best for you and it is God’s perfect after birth diet plan. Breastfeeding actually helps everything on the inside get back to its original size much quicker and it helps you get back to pre-baby weight and even more if you eat well and exercise. Drink lots of water and that will help you lose weight and produce more milk for baby. Do not diet by reducing calories. Just eat healthy and exercise. Wear a good sports bra for support.
    I’m so proud of you for wanting to breastfeed your baby! Keep it up.

  49. might sound like a stupid question…
    but, do you guys out there do the routines once, or do you do them multiple times in the day.
    I am up to day 3, and I feel like doing them once I feel the burn straight after, but nothing much after that.
    So, what do you guys do?

  50. Sorry its “suck you’re belly button in” :p

  51. Hi guys I just started working with the beginner’s calendar and I’m absolutely loving it. One thing I did not understand is when Cassey says “suck you’re belly bottom in”. What does this mean because every time I do this I feel like I’m holding my breath and can’t breath. Is there a proper technique to practice this? Pls let me know.
    Thank you.

  52. funnybunny says:

    First, 10 days isn’t much :) Second, make sure your posture is correct, its possible that you suffer from lordosis: http://www.exrx.net/Kinesiology/Posture.html#anchor53622
    If your posture isn’t correct, try to correct it. Otherwise just keep working out :)

  53. All free! :)

  54. Very interesting,thank you

  55. Katriel Prince says:

    Its not bad at all the reduce of sweat means your getting used to the exericise’s which means that you should do more advanced workouts from Blogilates, and yes you still are able to burn calories and fat I have been doing the exericise

  56. I just started this today, feels so good! I’m just wondering, am I gonna get surprised with having to buy something at the end of the Beginner’s Calendar? Anyway, I feel like I already know by going through your website & your very friendly video. I’ve signed up for the newsletter & can’t wait to see results, I wish I had known about you sooner :(

  57. If you go to her youtube page she has videos for every workout posted on the calendar im pretty sure. :)

  58. I want to try this calender but reading through I don’t know what some of the exercises in the pink writing are. Could someone please just give me a short description of them? I have a rough idea but just to be sure. Thank you :) X

  59. Ashley turner says:

    I’m so excited that I found your blog. A friend introduced it to me. I have really been struggling with my stomach being all bloated like. I’m not very big I’m not overweight. I’m 5 foot three and I weigh 136 pounds but for some reason I have a 35 inch waist and my stomach seems bloated and I’m not sure how to fix that. Is there anything that you skin suggest anything you suggest that I eat any help would be so useful. I’ve been using your Pilates for beginners for about 10 days now and I can’t really tell much of a difference

  60. Don’t feel stupid if you aren’t ready yet! There’s nothing wrong with going at your own pace. You can do the calendar again or try some of the workouts on the monthly calendar with modifications(you can use the beginner videos as reference for that!). I’m doing the beginner’s calendar again after first injuring myself and then moving. I’m still having to be very careful and can’t go all out. But no shame in the beginner’s workout if you still feel that you are benefiting from it. I think that it’s great that you are sticking with it! :)

  61. No way! Everybody is different. Maybe you should try the beginners calender again :) Just keep doing!!:D

  62. Is it bad that I’m not sweating during and after the exercises? I work out every night (I’m on day 3) and it’s kinda cold in here but I should be sweating even just a drop, right? And don’t say I’m not doing it right because my heart rate always goes up and my muscles tremble during and after the exercises. Am I still able to burn fats/calories here??? Someone. Help. Me. Please.

  63. Hi everyone!
    So I am up to week 2 of the Beginners Calendar and I am loving it! Even if it gets to nine o’clock at night and I haven’t done it, I still find time because I love it so much! They also seem to go so much quicker because they are so fun! I hope everyone else finds it just as fun as I do :)

  64. I just did day 1 of this… wow!! I feel the burn especially in my arms!! thank you so much Cassie for this I love it :))

  65. Hey fellow POPsters ^^ ! I wanted to ask.. Um.. Is it normal if I’ve done the beginners calendar but I still find it very hard to do the monthly calendar videos >_< I feel really stupid cos I cant… So I'm thinking of doing it one more time :/ what do you think ._.

  66. I can’t see the beginners videos… I don’t know why… :(

  67. Just go to her youtube page, blogilates
    then go to her playlists and she has them there

  68. I am breastfeeding my 3month old preemie, gained soo much during my entire pregnancy and 71 days in NICU…used to workout alot before, jog and dance..Now I am not sure how to loose while doing these exercises I am on week 2 now…any dvice plz in mind i am breastfeeding :(

  69. Thanks for a marvelous posting! Iquite enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back later in life.I want to encourage yourself to continue your great work, have a nicce afternoon!

  70. I just did day 1 too! Yay!!!! Go us! My girlfriend did this program…she lost 25lbs…I’m so proud of her! And excited to see my results!

  71. You’ll learn how to do a roll up in the very first video! Pop pilates for beginners total body workout. Good luck!

  72. you type the indicated work out in the calendar and search it at youtube. :)

  73. what does it mean roll ups? help me!

  74. Hi guys, may I know after Beginner’s workout I will be proceeding to Monthly workouts right? Where to find each video for the monthly workout?
    (Cause basically beginner’s workout are all linked here. Where do I find monthly ones?) If it’s at her youtube channel, how do we find them?


    Do advice!

  75. Cassey posts monthly ones but you need to sign up for the newsletter to get the passcode!

    I’m stoked that I found you and I’m planning on starting the beginners calendar tommorow!!
    However i dont have great internet so as i progress its going to be a pain to keep downloading the youtube videos
    i have a suggestion, if you could please make a list of the workouts/positions used in each video it would save me a tonne of internet and more time for PILATES
    Please it would be a great help as im super eager to get fit and have new start for 2015!!!

  77. Kate Ulrich says:

    I just set alarms on my phone and I’m gonna start this on Sunday! I am determined to do this entire thing

  78. Samantha Evans says:

    Losing weight tops my new year’s resolution lists this 2015. My friend introduced me last year to Pilates, but I’m such a procrastinator. I really want to be back on track again and face those morning grind by injecting my daily exercise again to my schedule. That calendar is such a big help for me. Looking forward to an amazing transformation with this blogilates calendar.

    calendar printing Los Angeles

  79. I’m up for this challenge. Got to try this one..

  80. Yes u should stretch before and after all workouts even on rest/stretch days
    It will help from mucle strains or other injuries

  81. hailey johnson says:

    Is there a calender after the beginners one? one a little harder? And maybe has like protien and whey shots to take before and after the work outs? I’m loving this website !!

  82. Hi Kirstine!

    Yes you should always stretch. There are a couple of good stretching video’s Cassey made. It will help you avoid injuries. Good luck!

  83. I have a question, before doing the videos mentioned in the calender, should you stretch and warm up? Because it specificly says to stretch on day 4, so I am not completely certain. Also before and after videos in general? If it is only a 6 min. work out, do you really need to stretch and warm up before hand?
    Thanks in advance to anyone who answers :)

  84. Hi Linnea,

    Exercising, especially in the morning will help you wake up a bit more, but there’s no real substitution for getting enough sleep! One thing I’ve found helped me stay awake at work was trying to cut back on refined carbohydrates (white bread, white pasta etc) and replacing those with whole grains as well as cutting back in sugar. I definitely noticed I’ve stopped getting those post lunch crashes.

    Doing the exercises alone will improve your muscles and your body shape (particularly if you’re not particularly overweight) but if you don’t change your eating habits at all you’re unlikely to lose much weight.

    I definitely can relate to that hardcore studying phase so good luck! The more you look after your body the better you’ll feel!

  85. MUST LOSE FAT says:

    how much fat do you lose when your done?????

  86. I’m having a lot of fun doing your 30 day challenge…… sort-of. I am in medical school and studying or working constantly so I’m not doing the whole thing, but I start the day with 10 push-ups and then do one of the videos for the day on your calendar before bed. Day 2 and going strong!

    My problem is the eating. I get too little sleep and spend a lot of time commuting, in lectures, and reading and it seems that every time I sit down I get so sleepy. I end up eating to stay awake because I have to get the reading done. I don’t drink coffee or tea. Any suggestions on other ways to stay awake during lectures and studying? And is there any way just doing the exercises will help me improve my weight and body shape if I don’t change my eating habits?

  87. I had lost 55 pounds in 5 months doing blogilates and eating clean, then I found out I was pregnant!! I had by baby exactly a month ago. The dr said I can start working out again so I am starting from the very beginning, the beginners workout calendar. Can’t wait to be slim and toned again!

  88. Happy Girl says:

    Just finished #Day1 .
    So happy, motivated and proud of myself! :)

  89. I’m loving the beginner calendar
    Can’t wait to go onto the monthly one!
    You’re the best Cassey

  90. Hi Cassey,
    my doctor and my psychologist recommended me to train in the morning to be awake in the morning. Could you advise me a routine to do that is not too long please?

    Thanks a lot,

  91. I’m still on it .. day 9 now. It is so great:) Besides it is always fun to have someone around who is going through the same thing :)

  92. First of all: Thank you Cassey for offering your passion and these workouts for free!
    As I am starting this calendar for the fourth time now, I wondered if you would consider making a DVD out of the beginner videos? I often don’t have good internet and therefore have to take breaks in the middle of some exercises to get the video going again. Pleeeaaase?! :*

  93. Hi! I am loving this, and I’ve even gotten my husband to join me. He rolls his eyes sometimes, but it’s totally kicking his butt. (The other morning he was looking in the mirror, and said “hmm… My shoulder hair is gonna look weird in my backless dress…” Completely deadpan. Love him.) anyway, my question is this: any sort of teaser move, or when you have us on our tailbones, I either fall off to either side, or if I manage to stay balanced on the center, my tailbone hurts. Is this normal and just part of the process, or is there something I can do to minimize the pressure on my tailbone? My family says I’ve always had a bony butt… Also, my hips do this fun tendon-rolling-over-bone popping thing. I’m used to that one, and while its uncomfortable, it isn’t painful. I danced a lot growing up, so I dealt with it then. Just wondered if anyone had ideas on how to deal with that, too.


  94. Hi Ali. I have the same problem. I forget, or I don’t have time for lik 3 days in a row. It makes me feel like I’ve failed, and have to wait until the next month to start again, and then the same thing happens. But this month I have decided that when I miss days, I will just come back to it from where I left off.

    I think I did day 1 on the 3rd, day 2 on the 5th and only today on the 8th am I up to day 3.
    Sure, it’s not as solid as if I were remembering every day, but I can keep that feeling of moving forward, despite missing my work outs some days. I WILL get to the end of this calendar, even if it takes me 2 months. And surely that sense of accomplishment is better than feeling disheartened by my attempt to take better care of my health, I I am always moving towards that accomplishment, not constantly feeling like I have failed /again/.

    Perhaps this approach may be helpful for you too as you find a way to work pilates into part of your daily routine?

    All the best, Ali. You can do this. <3

  95. Hi Ali. I have the same problem. I forget, or I don’t have time for lik 3 days in a row. It makes me feel like I’ve failed, and have to wait until the next month to start again, and then the same thing happens. But this month I have decided that when I miss days, I will just come back to it from where I left off.

    I think I did day 1 on the 3rd, day 2 on the 5th and only today on the 8th am I up to day 3.
    Sure, it’s not as solid as if I were remembering every day, but I can keep that feeling of moving forward, despite missing my work outs some days. I WILL get to the end of this calendar, even if it takes me 2 months. And surely that sense of accomplishment is better than feeling disheartened by my attempt to take better care of my health, I I am always moving towards that accomplishment, not constantly feeling like I have failed /again/.

    Perhaps this approach may be helpful for you too as you find a way to work pilates into part of your daily routine?

    All the best, Ali. You can do this. <3

  96. Totally with you! I keep seeing the monthly calendars come out, but last time I tried to do one, just day 1 KILLED me and I could harly walk for 5 days. Decided to start with the beginners calendar for November. :)

  97. Hi,
    I am new here and I think this is a great blog site and I’m glad that I have found it. I used to do Pilates years back and it was beneficial for me but I had to stop. Anyway, I’m looking forward to start the four week plan. Also, I am reviewing for an intense government exam which I will take next year. I intend to do this plan side by side with my review in order to have a balance healthy mind and body. Wish me luck.
    I also have a question, I can do the exercise but I am not sure with the meal plan. I used to be a vegan so is it ok if I just watch what I eat and follow your exercise instead? I appreciate your reply Cassie Thanks.

  98. I started 4 days ago! Would love to be in contact with you & Madison :)

  99. hey hello cassy, but since I’m following this schedule, I chiedert whether the various exercises (I mean the video) I have to repeat them more than once, and to get a result more in less time, what can I do.
    Thanks for Everything

  100. I started doing the POP pilates videos about 5 years ago, and for a while was in killer shape because of it. Pilates is and always has been the only exercise I am interested in doing, so when I got too lazy for POP pilates I got all soft and squishy… now, back at it after a 2 year hiatus, I’m working my way through the beginners calendar and it is AWESOME. Just the right amount of challenge. I love how the videos are short and I love how Cassey mixes it up with cameo appearances by other instructors. Keeping it fresh is the best way to keep me interested (with my short attention span). I hope I get just as obsessed with pilates this time around. Thanks for the great workout plan, Cassey!

  101. We’re all in this together! Come on guys – we can do this! I’m starting tomorrow xx

  102. and put it on the wall it actually helps

  103. I started the beginners calendar and I hope to don’t give it up!! Good luck for everyone!

  104. Hey guys! I started the beginners calendar in mid-october and loved it! Unfortunately, I had a knee injury two weeks ago and put a pause on all workout-related activities. I’m re-starting today. Anyone with me?

  105. i suggest you to make an alarm on your phone! it will help you to remember that you jave to workout and you will never forget. that’s what i do and it’s really helping me!:)

  106. hey girls! so, I started the beginners calendar 2 weeks ago but Im always forgeting to do it and have to star over. It makes me want to quit :(

  107. Starting the beginners’ calendar today for the winter dance with my dream boy in January. Can’t wait for my smoking hot bod!

  108. starting the beginners calendar today. wish me luck.. is there any meals that you can subscribe for me anyone. I currently weigh 170lbs and would like to lose some weight for my birthday in april.

  109. Great :) can I find you on facebook too ?

  110. Hey I started on the 1st of November and am up to Day 4!!!
    My abs are hurting but besides that I feel great!

  111. I just started yesterday!

  112. I started the beginners calendar last week but I missed two days over the weekend, so I’m feeling really disheartened and lazy right now :( I made it through today’s videos but I feel like I’ve gone a step backwards. I think I might have to put my social life on hold until this calendar is done and I’m in a better routine!

  113. it would be great to find a person who has just started the beginners workout so that we can share our progress and encourage each other.

  114. Petra Isaac says:

    Hi. Good morning. I am new to this website and will like to start on the beginners calender. Was wondering if there is a meal plan to go along with the work out. I dont have a yoga mat as yet znd was also wondering if i can start without one still until i buy one and if i can start the work out today sunday.
    Thanks so much..

    p.s. i love your videos.have been watching some and finally decided to start.. want to start losing weight and be in a better shape for my birthday in april..

  115. please tell what i eaten in this month?????

  116. I know… I am so stiff… So great!!! We can keep in touch!!! Thanks

  117. Exercising a Balanced Life says:

    This is so helpful. Thank you Cassey for your ability to make a workout calendar. It saves us the time and trouble trying to create out own.

  118. Cardio would definitely help a lot, seeing as it burns fat and most of these videos seem to focus on toning :)
    I would suggest not to overwork yourself though, definitely if you’re a beginner. I’m on day 3 of this calendar and I’m feeling great!

  119. When following the beginner calendar should we be doing any other cardio?? Thanks :-)

  120. Thanks for reply :))

  121. That’s great! I wish I had the time to do all that but I get up for school at 5 in the morning! :/
    Can you recommend some easy leg and booty workouts because they’re hardest for me! :)

  122. Search the moves on Google and you should find some demonstrations! Cassey goes through some of those moves in the first few videos, too :)

  123. She posts a calendar every month with names of videos that you can search for on youtube, if you look through her website you’ll find it. Hope this helps :)

  124. Theresa espiritu says:

    Hi cassey!

    Just wondering if the 4 week plan is over whist program should we do next? There are heaps of videos in your YouTube channel and I do not know which is the next one!

    Thanks a lot!

  125. Hey, downloaded the calender and gonna start it tomorrow. but i dont get whats the plank, roll-up, burpee,situp ?? Is there videos about em ? Thank you.

  126. Hey. I have also noticed changes (day 17) it seems like my belly has got flabbier :'( I think I’m eating more now that I’m exercising. I’m going to try drinking more water and keeping a food diary.

  127. You don’t need the calendar. Just start on the days below the calendar. They have the videos you need to do. I know it is not as exciting checking them off but please don’t use that as your reason not to start this amazing workout plan. I am on week three and I feel SO MUCH STRONGER. :D Good luck

  128. I am also having issues viewing and printing out the calendar. I wanted to start today.

  129. Is anyone else having issues seeing the beginner’s calendar? It shows an error in the image.

    I was really looking forward to printing it out and getting started!

  130. cherrilyn says:

    Hi guys its my 6th day of my beginners calendar but I should be on my 3week already and unfortunately i didnt do the 9thh day of the my workout because I got tired.. so here it goes, I noticed that my belly changed and have little curve but my tummy loosen I thought it will help tighten my tummy skin. I ALSO NOTICE THAT MY WEIGHT ARE STILL THE SAME though i can already fit on mysirt that I cannot already wear because I got pregnant and gain weight

  131. Just start on the current calendar, but maybe don’t do the full hour yet, only if you feel up for it!

  132. if u search in the search bar, u will find it

    1st week – beastm0de
    2nd week- TICKITYTOCK
    3rd week – feelingawesome
    4th week – tonedinthezone

  133. Hello …

    I just regester now … and I wana ask am i late to start with these programm?

  134. I have the same problem but i don’t have chrome only firefox and internet explorer but i only use the firefox browser

  135. Try opening it in Chrome, that worked for me :)

  136. hey
    can u plzz tell me how will my open the meal plan for 12 weeks …
    i cant open it …
    it wants my password …
    but i got the password for this month as i just join u today…

  137. Annemie De Wide says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I almost finished the beginners workout calendar! Jeej for me! :)
    Now my question for you is, wich exercices can I do each day in the following 2 weeks to make a brigde to the november calendar? I would like to start the november calendar but do’nt want to do nothing for two weeks! Thanks for your feedback!

  138. Hi Cassey! I can’t seem to open the calendar on Mac o PC. I am subscribed. Please Help!

  139. Hey guys,

    I was just wondering – I don’t always have time to do these workouts in the morning and have to catch up on them later…does that really matter? Or should I try and wake up extra early to do them? It is only a couple of days in my week this happens so I am not sure. I still complete the videos just at like lunchtime or in the afternoon :)
    Thanks guys :’) xx

  140. I always seem to forget to do the pink highlighted things like “Wake up and do 10 push ups” or what ever it says that day. I was wondering if they’re really THAT important and if it was okay to skip it,

  141. u think you need to subscribe first, then you will receive an email with the calendar. Thats how i got it (:

  142. Hi Cassey I can’t seem to see any image let alone download it. Please help! Thanks :)

  143. Me too!!

  144. Hey cassey :)
    Im 18 years old and I just found out about your website and those programs and Im so excited to make this change!
    I just wanna say you are an amazing person and I simpley love you <3

  145. Hey Cassie the link to the picture won’t open for some reason. Could you please fix this? :) Thank you !

  146. Hi!

    I personally drink a ton the night before, another bottle before and then SIPS during. You can totally drink as much as you want after. I say sips during because if you drink too much, I’ve found that all the movement makes me want to throw up.
    Hope this helps and good luck!

  147. I would suggest to let your body digest the food and workout after, so I think 1-2 hours? Depends on what you eat

  148. I usually add a few stretches, or a little of pilates basics (plank for a minute,or the hundreds) just to warm me up before I go into the schedule. But yeah, it depends on you and how much you’re willing to push yourself. That being said, you also have to be careful! My sister went straight into the HIIT workouts and ended up unable to go to work the next day because her thighs were so sore.

    WE CAN DO THIS!!! :D

  149. I can’t open it!! ???

  150. Can i drink water while working out or should i drink it after or before

  151. i had a c section also.. its been a while but just started back with working out. i cn just give the advise of trying to work moe on the lower abs not the top abs to get them at the same level. hope tht was helpful:)

  152. that’s exactly what i was wondering, anybody that can help?

  153. Hey. I am having trouble opening the calendar. I get a code screen whenever I click the link. What should I do?

  154. Loving how planned out everything is, the calendar for example, the encouraging words, the huge effort put into. I’m starting today with the beginner’s calendar. Excited! :)

  155. Hi!
    I’m just had a baby by c section, nearly 7 weeks ago. My doctor has cleared me for exercise and I’m going to do the beginner calendar but are there any bits I should avoid? I’m conscious of not wanting to overdo it, particularly on my core which obviously was pretty damaged by the pregnancy and c section.


  156. WOW congrats ^.^

    im just here not even losing a pound doing a workout a week >.<

  157. I usually just follow along with everything she does but don’t worry if you can’t keep up/go as fast/do as many reps it just takes time

  158. I was just wondering. How long should I wait after a main meal (like lunch and dinner) before i do pilates?

  159. It’s up if you can stand it or not! I like doing cardio but I don’t really have time to workout in a day so for the meantime I only follow what the calendar says :) it’s perfectly OK to do both!

  160. WOW!

    That’s amazing, congratulations<3

  161. cherrilyn says:

    Hi guys I’ll be doing the 1st day of beginners calendar but please help me how may repetition should I do evry workout? Or should I do the same cassey does to her video? Please help :)

  162. cherrilyn says:

    Tomorrow I’ll do the 1st day of the beginners workout. How many repetition should I do every workout? Or should I do the same repetition as casey does on her video? Hope you can help me :)

  163. Should I do cardio with the videos or just what the calendar says ^^

  164. This is my 3rd month repeating this calender with other videos and an ab challenge i’m down 55 pounds so far thanks cassie.

  165. Yup, it’s normal. I finished 10 days already + did the days about 10 times every time until I could do all the moves well… and I was never sore but nevertheless I’m able to do the normal calendar now. So what I do is I do the beginner’s workout in the morning before work since it’s not very long and when I come back home I do the regular one :). Also, I learned that in the regular one I’m not able to do 100% of the moves BUT I do the beginner’s modification sometimes (because I have issues with my joints and can’t hold myself up :P) and I feel sore afterwards. So the workouts definitely build your core and train your muscles for harder stuff, at least if you repeat them / at the very end are able to perform the workouts without a problem. I hope it made sense and sorry for my bad english!

  166. Same here! I’m on day 10 now and ever since I started the calendar I’ve never been sore, and though I thought I might be doing something wrong I’m seeing results! Not one day of soreness but I definitely feel stronger ;)

  167. I’m concerned-

    I just finished day 2 last night and I was expecting to be really sore today- but I’m not at all. I wasn’t sore either after doing day 1 as well. Am I not doing something right, or is it too easy or? I have no idea- it’s frustrating though cause the normal calenders are too hard for me-

  168. I have been watching your videos for a while now and I thought this was pretty cool that you offer a free workout calendar. !!!!!!!

  169. Hey!
    I pretty much had the same issue and truly the only person yhat can motvate you is yourself. You’ll workout because you want it. I finished the begginers calendar and after the second week, it was a given for me that I’d wake up and workout. As to when it’s better to workout, the difference between working out in the morning is that if you exercise just after you woke up, your body isnt fully up yet so you ll lose fat, and in the evening you burn calories. I prefer working out before breakfast, but some peope get dizzy so that s mostly up to you!

  170. I always thought I was in shape- my pants size and body’s reaction would disagree. I’m excited to know that my body is gonna get stronger. It’s a simple equation! If you follow this monthly calendar, you’ll get results! Woo!

  171. click on the image
    the image-only will come up in the tab
    click on the image again and it will enlarge

  172. click on the image
    the image-only will come up in the tab
    click on the image again and it will enlarge
    right click on the image and hit ‘print’ (make sure your computer is hooked up to the printer first)

  173. Read above :) use google images

  174. It might be a less complicated process if you go on google images..:
    Try Google searching “Beginners Calendar Blogilates” > then go Google images > then in the extra search tools, click for a ‘large’ size > look for one that is pink-purple-blue coloured, it should have the name on top > then click the “view image” option. > you will just see the photo. > Right click it, and either print it if you know how, or copy and paste it into “Office Word” and then print it(When copy and pasting, the size remains BIG, so you might want to rotate your page to landscape)
    ~ Kay

  175. This is my opinion, but it is really unhealthy for you to count calories :/ It gives you a negative thinking when you suddenly look at your weight and it is higher than the day before. It also makes you feel hungry, like you have not eaten enough. I would just try to eat healthy, avoid fatty fast food or junk food. Try eat more veggies and fruits and not too many nuts. Eat the right size portions! and the very most important thing: take a little portion > chew for a long time – that one little spoonful(around 2min) > and then swallow.
    ~ Kay

  176. I can open it on Chrome :0? But if that still doesn’t work.. Try Google searching “Beginners Calendar Blogilates” > then go Google images > then in the extra search tools, click for a ‘large’ size > look for one that is pink-purple-blue coloured, it should have the name on top
    Hope this helps ^.^
    ~ Kay

  177. I can open it on Chrome, but if that’s not possible anyway.. Try google searching it :) “Beginners Calendar Blogilates” > Google images :) Then use the extra search tools there and click to look for a large size. Hope it helps :)

  178. How can I print this?

  179. I think you should try rest after giving blood for minimum of like 2-3 days. Then maybe repeat the ‘day’ you did before the blood test to get back into it. The calendars are made especially in the order: total body > abs > total body > lower body > abs > total body > rest
    That’s why it’s bad to go from lower body to total body, follow the pattern if you can :)

  180. I can’t seem to enlarge this beginner calendar so i can actually read it.

  181. You just need to eat healthy. That is the only good advice I can give. And I absolutely don’t recommend counting calories ! It is stressful aand well I just don’t recommend it I deleted all the calorie apps I had on my phone. So just eat healthy. Lean protein lots of vegetables and fruits when craving something sweet and nuts are good too :)

  182. Hey Cassey!
    I’m really excited cause I’ve just begann your program (day one only but it hurts!!!!!). It has been a long time since I wanted to lose weight but I can’t get the perfect body I always wanted, although I do sport quite regularily: tennis, riding and sport at high school too…
    But I saw the miracle your program has made on one of my friend and so I am hopeful that it will just do the same for me!
    See you next month, I’ll tell you how it goes!! ;)
    P.S. : forgive the bad English from a frenchy girl… :$

  183. NADIA,
    I’m a runner too. You are better off doing this program on the days you don’t run. I would suggest not doing this at all on your long run days. Your body needs time to recover. Pilates is a nice cross training element to your half marathon training. Good luck on you half!!

  184. I had the same problem but when i tried opening it on google chrome it worked. :)

  185. I also am not able to open the calendar, but I really want to! Cassey, can you pretty please upload it another way so we can open it? Thank you so much! I appreciate your energy and smiles in all of your videos :)

  186. Hii Akina, I saw your comment and I thought maybe you are gaining muscle? I think this is a logical explenation for the fact that your belly is gaining volume. I read this is happens a lot of times. First the fat gets burned, and after a certian amount of time your muscles start to grow. I’m not an expert of anything, so maybe I’m not right. Xx

  187. hey guys please i need to know can i have to eat i this month? please how much calories?

  188. I’m having the same problem too =(

  189. Carly Freeman says:

    I just donated blood yesterday, and wasn’t able to work out, but I’m confused if I should start again today, or just rest for another day?

  190. Does anyone know how many calories a day you’re supposed to have while on this calendar? Thanks :)

  191. Hi, Cassey! I’m really excited I found your website! I’m at a healthy weight and I’m a runner but I’d like to be more toned so I want to start this program. I run 3 times a week and I was wondering if I should do pilates also the days I run and if so before or after? I’m training for a Half Marathon so on Saturdays I have a super long run.

  192. I’m having the same problem!!

  193. Hi,
    I can´t seem to open the new Beginner´s Calender with any of the programs on my computer so I can´t print it :-(.
    Can anyone help me or tell me which program to use?
    Thank you for your help and thank you Cassy for the wonderful job you are doing!!!
    Love your videos and this homepage!!

  194. Hi cassy , I have been doing a flat belly workout for about 2 month and more . At first my belly got thinner but in last 2 weeks it’s got bigger . It’s stressed me a lot . I need your advice .. or I need someone tell me what to do .?? Waiting a replay …

  195. Hey Cassie. i wanna ask you a question. how can i get motivated to work out ?. every time i try to work out, i turn up sitting on my laptop and watching t.v episode or watching t.v. but not working out. because i don’t know when is the best time to work out ?. is it in the morning evening ? and is it before or after breakfast ?.i really hope you reply to my email. your biggest fan gousha from Kuwait <3.

  196. Hey Guys! I’m having a “shoe”-ation….This may be a dumb question but do you guys where workout shoes when you do blogilates or do you just go shoeless? If you go shoeless do you have trouble with your grip, and find that you sometimes slide? If you wear shoes, do your shoes ruin your yoga mat? Any solutions to fixing as well are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for the insight!

  197. Hey, guys! I just had my first baby five months ago, and I just now got the inclination to start working out again. I started off with some kick boxing videos, then I ran a search for pilates videos on YouTube, and that’s how I found you.
    I did your first video today and, coupled with the kick boxing, I feel great already!

  198. Melissa Haenke says:

    I’m trying to print out the calendar but it seems the jpg is corrupted now. Is there going to be a fix to this soon?

  199. Thanks Emily. I can’t see any result it’s my day 10. Your words encouraged me to keep going.

  200. Yea, so I am I….

  201. I am having the same issue! It’s in the first email i received when i signed up for the newsletter but its really blurry! Anyone have suggestions on what to do??

  202. On day 25! For all beginners, DO IT ALL! I’m so extremely toned now, more than I’ve ever dreamed of being, and my flexibility….wow. Can push my leg down to my face, whereas when I started, I had to bend it and it wouldn’t even be at a 90 degree angle. I thought it wasn’t possible, but after pushing through the 25 days, sweat and sometimes tears, I’m here. YOU CAN DO IT GUYS! :)

  203. Hi,

    I have a problem, I cannot see/enlarge the calendar!
    Does anyone maybe know why?

  204. first day is done, I am going to push myself and do the whole month and hopefully see some results
    Thank you so much :3!!

  205. Is it me or is the calender broken? Cannot open it. :/

  206. What’s your routine? Do you do exactly what is said, or more?

  207. Maybe a different browser? It didn’t seem to want to work in Chrome for me on my phone.

  208. amina trtovac says:

    hey, i am a beginner and the videos doesnt want to start.who can me help.

  209. amina trtovac says:

    hey, i am a beginner and the videos doesnt want to start.who can me helpß.

  210. I think it depends? I like to divide workouts between day and night! :D Don’t workout right after you eat, since the food is still proccessing and you wouldn’t want to throw up lol. For me, it’s best to stay at least one hour after eating before I workout! x

  211. I’m starting the calendar today, I weight 145Lb looking though 135Lb, 5ft 7in, wish me luck guys :D

  212. Hiii! I’d like to know, am I supposed to do each video one after the other, without stopping? Or should I do, for example, one after lunch and one after dinner? Thanks!!

  213. Thank you so much for these videos and your website. I’m a working mom but I love to stay fit to run around with my son. I just completed day one and I can’t wait to do the rest!

  214. You’re probably using Explorer. I had the same problem but when using Chrome, the problem was solved.

  215. On day two.. feeling it already!! Tough work and I’m struggling but not giving up! Always feel AMAZING after I’ve completed a video :)

  216. i started the blogilates calender not to long ago and when i started the cardio workout i started wheezing sort of. ive never had this problem before, has anyone experienced this before?

  217. Hello! So I’m a beginner, and I’m totally stoked to begin working out. However, I cannot access the beginners calendar…whenever I press on the link, this huge lists of codes and symbols pop up. What should I do?

  218. just search beginners blogilates calender on google images :O)

  219. Just google blogilates beginners calendar.

  220. I just started last week and I am seen results already and I am so happy.

  221. Me neither!! :(

  222. Hey, Kyle! The more whole foods you can incorporate into your diet, the better. Fruits and vegetables are super high in fiber and there are plenty of whole food options when it comes to eating protein. Seeds are a really great way to get tons of vitamins, plus they’re easy to sneak into everything! Try a smoothie with bananas, blueberries, tons of spinach, almond milk, a big scoop of peanut butter, and a tablespoon of chia seeds. This combination has tons of protein, amino acids, fiber, and best of all, WHOLE FOODS! Try eliminating as much sugar from your diet as you can (this includes “fake” sugar like what’s in your Boosts). Hope this helps, and remember, the more fruits and veg you eat, the more you’ll crave it. It’s totally normal to not be into them at first, but you’ll find that the cleaner you eat, the more you’ll like it!

  223. i cannot download it T__________T

  224. same here. I cannot view the beginners calendar. Help

  225. Hey Anna! I suggest you start with this calendar first to get used to POP Pilates alongside a 20 min walk/run. Then next month, do October’s calendar (subscribe to the newsletter) and work yourself up to running for twenty minutes! Don’t forget to eat mostly whole foods and drink at least 2L of water a day :)

  226. I coul send it to you. If you want….

  227. Ehm, Hi! I discovered this blog by chance and I’m really interested… the fact is, I MUST exercise, I have high level of sugar in my blood and so, I must do at least 30 minutes of workout everyday. Not that I’m complaining, but I’m looking for something I can do everyday without getting bored and I’ve always been fashinated in pilates! So, I was wondering: could this be good as an exercise for me or I need something more “intense”?
    I must say, I’m also overweight.
    Thanks to everyone who’ll want to help me. :)

  228. I’m a guy and I’m sticking to these calenders as much as I can in addition to doing some of my own workouts. I want to build some muscle mass in addition to burning fat, I hope I’ve come to the right place because most charge membership fees for an exercise regime and diet plan. I feel like I’m certainly putting in the work, but eating is another story. It’s difficult to eat a consistently healthy diet when I live at home with my family (I’m 18) and most things on our shelves are junk. Anyway, I’ll skip to the point; what foods can I aim to eat which can build muscle mass and lower fat? I eat subway and boost whenever I can, which is about four days a week, but I don’t feel like it’s making much of a difference what I eat and that’s making me concerned. Currently, I’m about 173cm and 73kg, roughly average build. Any help, tips or advice would certainly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  229. Sounds like we have the same body type! I’m 23 and I started my journey right around your age. I’ve heard that working out in the morning is best, but there’s no real “right answer”. If you work out too late in the day, it may keep you up at night, but ultimately do what you like best and what fits your schedule. When it comes to eating clean, try to prep meals and snacks you can take with you. It’s cheaper and healthier! If I have a free day, I spend most of it cooking so I don’t have to worry about finding the time to eat during my busy week. Hope this helps! Stick with the calendar! You can do it!

  230. Hey guys!
    I’m on my 3rd day of the Beginners Calendar and I must say I’m quite excited. I’m 18 years old, 5’4” and 136 lbs and I can’t wait to see my results at the end of the calendar. I have one question though: when is it better to workout in order to lose weight? I’m usually doing it in the evening.. Any tips also on diet? I try to eat clean, but sometimes I fail because usually I’m not home for most of the day. Thank you! :D

  231. No mater how many times i reload the site or look on mobile, I can not get the calendar for beg. to print?!? I click enlarge but it’s not working. I did find a pintrest board and with a screen shot i printed but it’s blurry. Help… Please

  232. Oh my God, thanks! :D

  233. You can find the calendar on Google. :)

  234. Hey there!
    The videos on the calendar tend to help more with building muscle that losing fat. That’s not to say that you won’t lose fat when doing the calendar. What you can do to speed up the fat losing process is to do one of Cassey’s cardio videos or run/cycle/walk about 3-5 times a week as well as doing the calendar! I do the calendar everyday and run 3 times a week and I’ve noticed huge changes in my body! I’ve lost fat and now my abs and arms are more defined. Definitely continue with the calendar, its been a massive help to me! :D

  235. Hey don’t worry!
    Sit down and write each food group on a piece of paper, then write every single food that you like (healthy or not) and write that under the correct food group. After that highlight all the healthy foods on the list, these are what you should try to eat as much as possible. Don’t worry about jumping in the deep end and saying that these are the only foods you an eat, gradually go into it. Try to swap one meal a day for a healthier one. You can use this as an opportunity to try some other healthy foods that you’ve never tasted before! Who knows, you might just find something else that you like. In the meantime workout as best you can and drink lots of water every day (around 2L).

    Hope this helped you! xxx

  236. I need advice on eating healthy. I’m not sure if there are picky eaters on this website but trust me when I say I’m picky. I almost hate every food and its hard for me to eat healthy when I’m grossed out by mostly every food, except junk food. Its not only healthy food I don’t like it’s unhealthy food as well. I hate cheese, salad even with the dressing on, soup, cold cuts, lasanga, vegtables, seafood in general, and a whole lot more. Seeing as I don’t like most foods I think some would assume that i’d be skinny but I’m chubby. I’m not really big just chubby and I feel like the only things that I can eat to eat healthy is oatmeal and healthy cereal. Can someone please help. Thanks

  237. Don’t be discouraged! Muscle ways more than fat so you could have gained muscle! Just keep doing what you’re doing

  238. Hello!! :)) I am writing to you from abroad :) baku :)) I saw your videos YouTube approximately. And now I watching you. I loved your exercises. And I will do every day for your beginners calendar. But I am not fat : ) my weight is 48. I am thin :D and I want to be 50 or 51. But I cant. Do you have any comments for me? :) love you ! ;)

  239. Don’t be discouraged! You are building muscle, which weighs more than fat so though you are getting toned your scale weight may change.

  240. Where do I find it!

  241. I can’t download the JPG file, well, I can download it, but it won’t open because there’s something wrong with it.

    Although the links are available, I’d like to have the calendar too though :/

  242. Do everything listed each day! :)

  243. Hi Cassie,
    I was wondering if you probably could tell me why I can’t open the beginner calendar? It says that it is removed. Hope you can help. Btw I love your youtube videos! You’re amazing and your story about never give up on our dreams – ohhh I love it!!!!!

  244. Hey Day 3 here (wooo) But I accidentally did a different workout day 1 instead of the Beginners Day 1…so day 2? ANY WAY I’m 5’4… and a half… and I’m in the 180’s (don’t remember the exact number sense I got on a scale last month) and I heard cardio is one of the biggest helps to losing weight (along with healthy diet) so should I stick with just the beginners videos before moving onto the normal ones? Or should I do the beginners videos every day and add one of Cassey’s cardio videos into my day as well? Please and thank you for the advise!

  245. Hi there!

    Exercising alone won’t help you lose weight. You might gain back the amount of calories burned during exercises, which won’t help you lose any weight. In order to lose weight, you have to consume 500 calories less than what you need and you can do this by exercising and dieting. Similar to what Cassie said, a toned body is made in the kitchen and not in the gym. I don’t know the exact words but you get the point. :)

    Good luck!

  246. I really really love this calendar. I’ve never done such progress with excercising yet and I’m really happy that I’m close to the end of the 3rd week. :) I like to add some extra challenges and even if I really don’t feel like doing anything I stick to at least the basics. I’ve never felt so determined about this before and I’ll try to keep on doing this and lose that weight and get in shape for the first time. =))

  247. Can you tell us more about this? I’d want to find out more details.

  248. In this calendar – at the beginning :P

  249. I think this calendar really helps with toning your body and getting it into shape for more of the advanced pilates videos. Just keep going, and remember, it’s mostly 80% diet and 20% exercise. Hope this helped.

  250. So it’s the 18th. Should I start on that day or at the beginning??

  251. Hello
    I just started this beginner’s calendar today.
    I’m 5’1” and around 150lbs. Day 1 wasn’t too difficult.
    If I stick through this calendar and then move onto the non beginner’s calendar,
    would those (“exercise”) alone help with losing weight?
    I can’t control my meals (“diet”) because of my grandmother
    and I’d rather exercise more than to have to control what I eat.
    Thanks :)

  252. just follow the calendar, if ur able to do the whole calendar, follow her normal calendar for each month. if your asking per day. do the routine once a day? i hope that helped

  253. I’m on day 15 and I’ve gained weight like 2 lbs and have reminded the same weight the whole time :/

  254. Morning exercises before breakfast are the best for burning fat. Do how much you can and then again after lunch or dinner to burn calories. Really its whatever you prefer because either way it is beneficial. Good luck!

  255. hey cassie i like beginning workout

  256. Hej Guys
    Am I supposed to do all the workouts on each day, or can I just choose between them?
    Thanks for you help!

  257. margaret nahmias says:

    Have you ever thought of doing an aquatic version of your standing workouts.

  258. One thing you will find is that you will have more energy from exercising and from eating clean, the amount of protein you eat will help repair your muscles faster and give you more definition. If you feel worried or tired doing things then eat more, listen to your body as it needs the proper fuel to function. Food is energy.

    You will probably gain scale weight as you get more muscle, but then the muscle will burn away the fat. You could end up weighing significantly more overall, due to muscle. Scale weight is an indication of where you are at, just like BMI but it doesn’t represent what you are made of.

    In your mind you need to be thinking about burning fat and building muscle/strength and eating right/enough to fuel your body. Scale weight is just a number that represents the force of gravity in relation to your body. It isn’t your composition. It isn’t who you are.

    Get healthy, eat clean and be happy <3

  259. I cant print the calendar its to big.help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  260. Katherine says:

    I would try doing her muffin top workouts. I’ve heard that they help a lot for losing weight. You don’t have to run for cardio. You can go outside for 20-30 minutes and just walk.

  261. Hello! I’m planning to start this new makeover body meal plan next week together with the beginner’s workout calendar, because I’m still on the process of normalizing my sleeping patterns. Unlike the majority, what I want to achieve is the reverse transformation: to gain weight. I’m 19, only around 5’1” – 5’2” and weigh 93lbs. It just has come my attention that I’m underweight and 0.9 away from having the normal 18.5 BMI. I’ve been skinny and petite all my life till around 2 years ago when I started to become skinny fat. The last time I even had a flat stomach was perhaps 3 years ago. Admittedly, this makes me insecure, but I’m more worried about my health and that I fear I may develop eating disorders. T___T IDK.

    Do you guys think the combination of this meal plan together with the beginner’s workout calendar is the best option for me or should I try out Cassey’s other plans? If so, which ones? What else do you suggest? Any tips? Thank you so much!

  262. Check out the HIIT VIDEOS. They’re awesome for cardio workouts!

  263. Thank u for the calendar it looks really good. I will defiantly start as soon as possible.

    I am just wondering about the perfect time to exercise. should I exercise in the morning? and if the answer is yes do i need to have breakfast before or after the workout?

    Thank u for your efforts, I appreciate it <3

  264. Oh my God. The first Day was so hard. I had to take some breaks but I tried so hard. Tomorrow I’ll try harder.

  265. I do the same! I made this calender my desktop wallpaper so I am reminded and motivated all the time.

  266. This is amazing!
    Thank you so much

  267. Day 1 complete. It was hard doing those leg lifts making me wanna quit but I struggled on thanks to Cassey’s encouragement in the video. Phew. Once it was over it felt great and I didn’t feel tired at all!

  268. i need some advice! im on day 25 of this and i definitely see more definition in my stomach, legs, and arms. but im really actually looking to lose weight… i dont have a lot to lose, probably 7 pounds at the most, but this calendar wasn’t effective for weight loss. i think i need to pair these workouts with cardio, what would you recommend? does cassie have videos that are good cardio workouts that would help with weight loss? thanks so much! also – i really dont wanna have to run. ive tried it and i can keep it up for a week or two but then i just give up. im much more committed to workout plans like this calendar!

  269. I’m on my 3rd week of this beginner’s calendar and it is amazing!! Whenever we do the Pop pilates beginner’s total body workout, I definitely noticed I’ve gotten so much stronger and I can finally do the video through without stopping or without flailing. On Day 1, I couldn’t even get past the whole video and I just felt like I wouldn’t ever be able to do the moves “properly” without flailing around so much! But after week 2, I’ve noticed huge changes! I’m losing weight, and somehow Cassey’s positive encouragements in her video is rubbing off on me! I just feel so much more positive and I’ve stopped the negative self talk to myself, and am loving and feeling like I’m accepting who I am so much more because I feel stronger and feel like I can do anything! Thank you so much Cassey!! <3 Can't wait to do more!!

  270. I just started today. The leg circle was very challenging for me but I made it! I really like it that you always kind of telling stories in between, not just counting. That really helps me to get distracted from the tiredness and keep going! Thank you Cassey!

  271. You should make this desktop wallpaper, this way you always remember suck that belly button in ^^

  272. Jennifer says:

    Don’t get discouraged! Exercise needs time to take effect. There’s a quote I like to think about when I’m working out: “It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for friends, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world.” It may not be immediate, but it will work. Good Luck!

  273. manymery says:

    I had done this calendar before in march and then i proggresed to monthly calendar but i couldn’t even finish the day 1. Now Im doing the beegineer calendar again but I m afraid if i do the monthly one again i would give up. What should i do?

  274. Caroline says:

    This daily routine is amazing! I struggled a bit at the beginning but the results are so encouraging :) :). To reach my perfect summer body I also added a new drink to my diet called Botan, it’s a perfect appetite suppressant! No food cravings anymore <3 <3

  275. I just discovered this amazing routine and after watching a few videos I think I’m inspired enough to get in shape. I’m gonna start this tomorrow. So Good luck to me and to everyone else doing this. Thanks Cassey!

  276. I just found this on Pinterest! I’m excited to start my journey

  277. I finished the first week! I have to tell you, this exercises are really nice. I struggled an bit on first and second day, but it is becoming easier to do them. I am sore as hell, especially after “What Makes You Bootyful”, but that only means I have worked those muscles hard. Can’t wait to complete week 2.

  278. Wow, the colors on the redesigned calendar are so beautiful! :D I’ve also been slacking, and am planning to start over. Hopefully, with the print out of your calendar, I’ll feel more dedicated and less guilty about my printer’s ink, haha. Thanks Margaret :)

  279. The first time I did this it was hard but also great , but how much do you have to do this 1x or more ?

  280. I’m on Day 5 now, but is it okay if I’m doing this without the diet? Or the meal plan or something? But I’m eating clean tho, plus I live in a rice-eating family, and my mom will get mad at me if she’ll notice I’m on a diet (which is I can’t). So, is it okay? I hope it’ll work. But does anyone of you guys are the same as me? Thanksssss! ;)

  281. Hey ladies, so I’m on my second day of the beginners calendar and I weigh around 170ish lbs and I’m 5’1, I know thats super bad huh? Anyways I was wondering will I see a noticeable change by the time I’m done with this calendar? I mean by other not nearly as fun work outs I’ve lost a bit of weight and I’m two pant sizes smaller but I’m feeling a bit discouraged on whether ill see a difference…thanks for taking a look (:

  282. Hey guys!! I just started this challenge (day 3 whoo!) and I just joined instagram as suggested! I don’t have any friends on there though and so if your all in the same boat please add me (ariannewells) so we can all share and support each other!! P.S. bare with me I am knew to the whole insta-whatever thingy…

  283. your English was pretty god except its which and of :) and you have to do all of them

  284. isabelle says:

    i started this calendar on august 1st so that day 3 would be on august 3rd etc. and i would finish on august 28th but i missed 2 days (3rd and 4th) since today is the the 5th should i just do all the workouts i missed and today’s. i really want to stay on track and its upsetting me that i got 2 rest days

  285. Isabelle says:

    I started on August 1st so that i’d finish august 28th but ii missed 2 days (my 3rd and 4th) should i just start over or do them all now i really want to stay on track and its really upsetting me that i got two rest days

  286. I finished day 4 of the #giveityourALLgust and made a vlog on youtube about it if anyone wants to watch it, its my first youtube video=] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj1x2y0P99Q

  287. I absolutely love love love this calendar! I have to admit I have been slacking recently so I’m starting from the beginning again. I even did a redesign of the calendar, to help motivate me! Check it out, I would love to hear your thoughts and hopefully Cassey likes it too!


  288. Hey there :) i’m new here, so can anybody help me please? can i choose everyday wich video i’m going to make, or do i have to do all off them each day?
    Ps. sorry if my english isn’t correct ;)

  289. Congrats Morgane!!! :D I’m proud of you! Even though I don’t know you I just wanted to tell you that as a fellow poster. I really admire your strength and willpower :) Keep up the positive attitude and I hope you will one day make it to your goal. You got back up and started again, so that’s what matters :)

  290. I finished day 2 today and I can’t believe how much weaker I have gotten after 3 months. I couldn’t reach myself up or bend down slowly. The past 3 months, I was a bit sad because I couldn’t seem to lose weight. I was blind and lost muscle mass because my desire for my weight to decrease. Currently, I am restarting my blogilates journey and hope to see a healthier me!

  291. Cassey may not get a chance to read this, but we all did. Depression is a lonely battle. Im glad you are recognizing the importance of exercise in fighting it. You are in my heart, Morgane.

  292. i finished the calender today! although my results are subtle, i definitely feel a difference in my body. since the begnning when you said that holding in your stomach everyday is still considered working out the muscle, i’ve been doing that every single day now! now, i’m going to subscribe to your newsletter so i can begin august’s workout tomorrow! love you cassey! <3

  293. Irene Zamora says:

    I started today and I’m ready for more, it’s so fun!! (seriously). I’m from Spain:)

  294. I completed the calendar last september, and went on with the monthly ones for a while. My confidence was boosted, I felt healthier, lost weight, got stronger. Unfortunately, my depression got worse and I stopped it all. I’m getting back on this because I have to remind myself that going into a spiral of self hate, purposely hurting myself and the people around me is not going to help me get better. Starting to work out with you and learning a healthy lifestyle is the only glimpse of real, reachable hope that I saw for years. You’re not going to read this, but thank you Cassey, thank you so much! (((day 4, I got so out of shape!!!!)))

  295. Hi I am 19 yrs old and weigh 240 labs I have tried this before but the lack of companionship made me quit, I should not have because I must do this for myself. I have struggled with my weight all my life and am determined to do something about it. I am 5′ .5″in which means about half my body is fat and I can’t keep living this way. I will succeed, l must!

  296. i just started today….. i will keep on doing it because it makes me feel fantastic, but at the same time TIRED my legs were burning …..

    also,i will share will my friends so we all can have a sex, fit and healthy body……..

  297. Onto day 2 I go, for the second time (I gave up last time around day 4 oops) BUT I’M DETERMINED TO STICK AT IT THIS TIME woop

  298. @Rabbab, thank you so much, dearie! Good luck for you too! :D I’m cheering for you all to achieve your goals.
    So, today I’m starting my first week. I have been running while watching movies (running in place. lol that’s kinda crazy) and I realized how out of shape I am. I’ve been running for 10-15 min and it felts like I was dying. I’m drinking 85.000-119.000 fl oz of water per day and sleeping more. I feel more energized and even my skin looks better! <3
    AND CASSEY THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! _> But a big X on day one. woohoo!)

  299. Oh my godness. Thank so much for do this, Cassey! You’re incredible.
    Today, i’ve done the 1000 squats challenge. It was so hard and it really hurts, but worth it. I’m so proud of myself right now. I thought that I couldn’t do it because i’m 14… But I was wrong. THANK YOU!!
    Sorry by my english but i’m spanish :) xx

  300. Sovannie kong says:

    Hi Casey,
    I’m 13 yrs yrs old about to turn 14 in two months. I weigh 160 pounds and I’m 5’6 .i get really insecured around people who are skinnier then me and wonder if I can do it, I talk my self to doing these monthly calenders, inspired by you. I don’t look too big for my age but I just don’t feel right. I’m starting today and I hope I see a difference by the end of this month . You are truly my inspiration and watching your videos help me because even though your not with me physically, you are mentally helping me. Thank you so much!

  301. New over here says:

    Cassey, thank you SO much for taking your own time and putting all the effort into this! No one has ever done this for so many people. I’d like to also thank you for letting us use this and I’m going to try and follow this! I’m really into fitness but my health puts me off as I get bad abdominal pain whenever I workout. However, after months, it has gotten better and I did two workouts of yours and I feel like myself again! I love you and thank you so much.



  302. I may be dying, just finished day 1 of the beginner’s calendar. Didn’t realize how out of shape I truly am. Had to modify a few moves and may have screamed in muscle torturing pain a few times but made it through the full workout. Thanks for having this website.

  303. Paola Rivas says:

    Hello, would the beginners calendar be a good way to start loosing weight after having a baby.
    After having 3 beautiful children I really want to go back to my pre-pregnancy body, and at that time I was only weighing in 140 and right now I’m too ashamed to go even near a scale. So do you think this would be a good way or should I go to something more lighter?

  304. I think it’s fine! Just fit in the workout whenever you have time. Just think about it: working out (no matter when it is) is better than not working out! So, go for it!

  305. Omg I feel you im only 13 but I have a really curvy body and I absolutely hate it. I have bigger boobs than most girls in my school :/ but I did casseys july calander and I see a big difference on my body.my stomach is flatter my legs are toned and becoming more lean. Im hoping to drop one cup size by schooltime. But dont feel stressed. It is very tiring sometimes but dont give up. You can do it! Once you start youll feel amazing both inside and out . Good luck:)

  306. Juliana says:

    i can’t work out in the morning, i have to wake up really early to go to work. Would it still work if i do this when i get home at night. i don’t wanna start it if it isn’t a good idea :(

  307. I’m 14 and have struggled with my weight for the past four years. At the end of fifth grade (2011), I was around 130 lbs and felt self conscious and uncomfortable, so I took it seriously and lost about 20 lbs the next year through exercise and smaller meals and went down to my smallest weight, 112 pounds. Since then I had been maintaining a healthy weight of 120, and then less when I got very sick this spring. In the last three months I started eating at restaurants more often, and spending more time on the couch, and by doing this I gained about 20 pounds. I’m starting this plan because most exercise just doesn’t keep me motivated but Cassey’s videos are fun and entertaining. I’m hoping to get more serious once I finish the Beginner plan and to lose those 20 pounds by a year from now. I’m so happy I found something I like!

  308. Hi! I think I am overweight too and just started this program. Can I ask you what you usually eat? :)))

  309. I’m not sure, but if they do it probably isn’t much. I recommend Cassey’s Muffin Top Massacre video, it’s not to difficult, and I’ve only done it two days and already feel new muscle in my waist/obliques!

  310. Shannon Beth says:

    Hi Cassey!! Just wanted to say thank you for helping me get in shape for my wedding!! I’ve been doing your workouts for about two weeks now and can feel a difference!! My fiancé is impressed too!! :)

  311. Hello,

    This is my very first day and I am absolutely new to the fitness world (I dont want to lose weight but rather tone up and got interested by pilates as a holistic discipline to reach a healthier lifestyle). So I have absolutely no clue about planks, roll ups, burps etc (all the morning exercises), do you know where I can find a blogilates approved lexicon (with images if possible) ?



  312. I don’t know if I should start with this calender or with the august one. Does anyone have any tips?

  313. Hi, I’m a 14 year old girl, at 5″3 and I weigh at about 94 pounds, but I really want to get rid of my tummy fat. I tried hula hooping for a while but the only result I got from that was bigger hips, which aren’t really a good thing in my country. So now, I want to get rid of tummy fat and also get smaller hips. I actually have no confidence in wearing clothes that show my tummy even though people reassure me i look fine.

  314. Hahaha same here!

  315. Hi Cassey,
    Absolutely love your site. Just finished my second day. May I make a suggestion. On your workout calenders the time could be noted. So that we know how long the workout will be. I do alot of running, weight training and HITT on a stationary bike. Your pop pilates is just what I was missing.
    Love your energy!

  316. I’m 14, 5’8 and 140-150 pounds and I really want to lose some weight before school starts! I’m gonna start this tommaro does anyone have expierences? I’m so excited

  317. Thank you Casey!

  318. Hi Barbara!
    I am Jam from the Philippines and I’m on Day 20 of the Beginners calendar. Just keep doing the daily exercise and don’t give up. As Cassey quoted, “Train Insane or remain the same”. Don’t worry if there are days you don’t feel like doing any exercise at all, just watch what you eat and you’ll be okay! :)

    BTW, read some comments here because some of them really helps in the journey to fitness :D

  319. Christina M. says:


    If I want lean muscle, do I need to add a cardio workout (i.e. running or going on the elliptical) to these video workouts?


  320. hey, don’t be afraid! You can do it! I’m seriously so lazy and it took be forever to actually build up the courage to start this thing. I just finished day 2 and it’s actually not as bad as I thought. And Casey really takes your mind off of the exercise. I’m about 60kg as well and I’m 15. Good luck, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

  321. Today was the first day I tried this and wow I feel tired but great! Just trying to get rid of that freshman 15 here.

  322. Hey guys!
    I was just thinking about starting the beginners calender but I’m a generally a really sloppy person and lazy. so it’ll probably take a while for me to actually start the diet and exercise but this time i’m really serious so wish me luck!! x I’ve gotten really sensitive about my weight i’m like 64.8kgs and i’m only 16 :( anyways I CAN DO IT AND I WILL DO IT!!!!

  323. 5’2 , 15, and 140 pounds :(. This blog has really inspired me to lose weight and get fit before the school starts. I would really like to hear about your results :)

  324. Janneke says:

    Hi, I’m doing the beginner calendar for the second time now!
    It happened to me as well when you start of your muscles get sore
    Don’t worry your still getting stronger, it’s actually a good sign!

    xxx jannie

  325. Okay! ~ I’m almost ready.
    I’m 5’5 in/ 1,65 m and 135 lbs/ 60 kg. o:
    I’m kinda curvy, but when it comes to muscles… damn dangerous curves. T_T
    I’m looking forward to lose some weight and be healthy.
    I feel so stressed and tired… I’m only 14…

  326. Hello! I usually hate exercising in the morning, but i definitely think it would be a good idea to do it then. I’ve been trying that recently and i’ve been managing to do the entire workout for the day. I think it’s because you’re more fresh in the morning, rather than in the afternoon where you’ve probably gotten a little tired from a day’s work. Hope i helped!

  327. I’ve been doing some of Blogilates videos the last weeks, and I just starting with the beginners calendar and I’m so exited! I just have a question… When is the recommended time to do my workout is better in the morning or afternoon?

  328. Shannon says:

    Hi everyone, I’m just starting this calendar today and so far so good! Can’t wait to see if I make it the whole month! Good lucky everyone!

    (174cm tall, 72kg girly looking to lose some flab and become a more energetic version of myself!) :-)

  329. Hi, I’ll start my journey today!
    I am 22 and also weigh around 87kg. Going to start day 1 now :)

    How is it going so far for you?

  330. I’ve always been a couch potato. When I was younger, I was in dance and much more active, but in the past years, I’ve just stopped physical activity (because I just couldn’t be bothered or didn’t have time for it). As a senior in high school now, (I have senior portraits in just two weeks, and I want to get in better shape for it) , I’m starting to pay more attention to my body. I’ve lost my flat stomach and I really want to get it back. I’m optimistic that BlogPilates will help me on my way to find my ideal body shape again and also help me maintain my fitness! For everyone out there, I wish you the best of luck! :) We can do it!!

  331. Nassira says:

    Hey Barbara,
    Ich heiße Nassira und lebe auch in Deutschland und möchte auch damit anfangen und bin auch 14 :) Allerdings muss ich viel mehr abnehmen als du weil 55 kg eigentlich Idealgewicht ist :D

  332. Hey Cassey! I am on day 8 of the beginner’s workout and I am a bit worried because I can’t do the roll-ups anymore. On day 1 I could do them easily, and now I can’t get up anymore. Is this normal or is it something that I do wrong? I feel like I am not getting stronger :(

  333. Hi i want to start this workout to i’ll do it with you !
    i’m Nessa from Canada, 20years old i’m 87kg I really need to loose weight

  334. Hey– do the videos work out our obliques at all?? thanks!

  335. Hi^^
    My Name is Barbara, and I want to Start this whole story! But I Need somebody to do this with me. Do you want to Start with me. Im an 14 Year Old girl from germany and weigh 121 Ibs (55kg). I want to lose so weigh!
    Love Babs..

  336. I’m 18 (weight: 180lbs) and I started this last summer but because of travels and festivals I had to pause it – but I never came back!
    I have decided that I want to start again because it just gave me more energy, I had fun and it just made me happy! I have like many others tried other exercise classes but they just didn’t give me the same results! I remember feeling better about myself and I was just glowing! But THIS TIME I’m gonna keep to it and start again! It’s hard – yes – but it’s just worth it in the end!!

    Lots of love to all of you who are starting! ♥
    – Kira

  337. Just finished day 3, so far so good! I’ve been feeling very out of shape lately, and this calendar is already starting to motivate me towards a healthy lifestyle. So excited to see where Cassie’s videos will take me!

  338. Julliet says:

    No equipment. There’s a video where you she uses a band to pull her leg but you can use a towel, a scarf or whatever.. Good luck!

  339. Please do come back soon! Trust me even for a girl that was already into exercising I found this as difficult, but keep going and you WILL get so much stronger and so much more determined. I completed the calendar in june-July last year and even from the first week you feel the improvements and by the end you can see it! If the monthly calendar is too hard afterwards, continue doing these videos and slowly work your way up. Every minute that you do will contribute to your health and fitness. :) Don’t give up and try your hardest, you’ll do so good.

  340. Marissa martinez says:

    Almost done with week 2! I’m 14 and I started out 20 pounds overweight, my bmi index was 27,that over average and kinda high! Now I’m already down to a bmi index of 26 weighing only 10 pounds overweight and I’m eating healthier but I’m not doing Casey’s meal plan because for my age it could be taken to extremes so I’m just eating what a normal healthy teen would eat!

  341. ME too!!!

  342. I just started this today, and I’m excited! My only question is if there is any special equipment needed for this beginner’s calendar (bands, etc…).

  343. Mariana says:

    Hey, Leigh!
    I’m 15 years old and started my fitness journey when I was about you age going into 14 and since you are still very young and developing, I encourage you not to diet but to eat clean instead.
    I’m glad people are starting to get into this lifestyle change at younger ages and as always, determination is key.
    Welcome to your new life! You have all of the Popsters’ support!
    We should help each other!
    You can do it!

  344. Julliet says:

    Try this calendar, all of us are struggling at the beginning but it’s worth it!

    If you really will feel demotivated and not strong enough then maybe yoga? On youtube there’s a lot of beginners’ videos. May not be as fast as pilates but I’ve felt a bit stronger after yoga.

  345. I tried this last year and it worked but I thought the same way that it was too hard for me and I decided to ditch it….I tried every other type of exercise video possible and NOTHING Gave me results like this did now I am in the same boat as you 17 and just hit 200 pounds and I’m back here and I saw this and figured I should let you know! Also follow her diet schedule too!!

  346. Leigh-McTeer says:

    Hey Cassey! So I’m almost 13 and I decided I’m going to take my eating and fitness seriously. But I don’t know where to start. I’m about 5 pounds overweight for my size. so I’m hoping this will help me :) I’m hoping to get my friend to do it with me. We both want to start being healthier. STARTING THIS TODAY!!

  347. Telma Ferreira says:

    Yaaaaay !!:)
    Started this today :)

  348. I am a 17 year old girl who just hit 200 pounds. Although I don’t really look that heavy, I am, and I am seriously out of shape. I tried Day 1 of the Beginner’s Calender and I’m going to be honest: It was too hard for me. Cassey is extremely motivating and a good teacher but I think I need to start out with something a little easier than pilates. I hope to try this exercise plan in the future, but for now, it’s not for me.

  349. Hi everyone.
    I´ve just downloaded the app and paid 0,89€ (received the confirmation email) but I still don’t have access to the videos on the app. Is there something more I have to do?


  350. Almost done with week 2! Yeah me!

  351. Starting this TODAY!!

  352. Just finished Day 3. So happy because I’m feeling and seeing results already. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout. I really want to finish the Beginner’s Calendar so I can go and do the monthly ones. :)
    Feeling good.

  353. McKenna says:

    Just start at the beginning! ;)

  354. Georgiana says:

    Week 1 DONE!! So happy with myself! Baby steps,I’ll get there !I’m really confident!

  355. Cat Bra says:

    I found out about Cassey’s blog via Youtube. I was watching a Youtubers video and she mentioned her. A little whilte later I stumbled onto Cassey’s channel which made me very happy! She had such positive attitude and her videos are so fun to watch. I just printed out my July calender even though I’m a few days behind. I will try out as much as I can to prepare myself and officially start the beginners calender in August. I cant wait! Though I have a question. The first workout each day is lightlighted which means I do this in the morning. Can I decide when I do the other exercies or do I need to do them all after one another? If the second statement is the answer Im not sure how I can do them as I have to get up at 5 am each day for work and dont reallly want to get up even earlier to do the exercises. Sleep is healthy too you know :-)
    Thank you Cassey for your positive attitude!

  356. Suzette Ruiz says:

    Hey I was wondering do I just start from the beginning or do I just start at the day I am at?

  357. Man! I hate day 10! The reason why I stopped the first time. But I’m gonna try to conquer it the second time! muahahaha! XD

  358. I am 22, 5’3 and weight 139 pounds. Should I do these workouts in combination with cardio?

  359. Mary Beth says:

    It’s awesome that you’re seeing results! As for your arms, I think it’s growing because you are toning the muscles underneath the arm fat. If you want sculpted arms, usually cardio helps burn fat so you can see those hard earned muscles.

  360. Just complete the first workout with only a little resistance from my legs on the leg triangles.
    Can’t wait for day 2!

  361. I would just add them into whichever body group the day is working (i.e., if it’s an abs day, add in the belly toning video). That way you are still giving your muscle groups rest on the same days.

  362. I’m only on day 5 and I can just feel myself becoming more toned. It hurts so good! haha

  363. Laurensia says:

    I did this calendar until day 7, My abs and my butt getting tone but my arms getting bigger. Anyone knows why ?

  364. Hey! This is so genius! I can´t wait to try it. I hope it can help me. I´m not fat, but I have not muscles so I decided change it with you. Thank you so much.
    PS: Sorry for my bad english…I´m from Czech republic in Europe… lol

  365. Hello Cassey, i have a Problem with your blogilates App.:

    Since today i have your App. Also installed on my New iPad. Now it tells me
    That i have to purchase the beginners calendar Again although i have it
    Already purchased since 14 days on my iPhone App!

    Please Help me with that Problem! Thanks!

  366. Julliet says:

    I think you will mostly tone up your body. However there is a lot of people who lost also weight by doing this calendar. It all depends on your activity level, eating habits etc…. But if you have time, sure you can do cardio! The more the better! Just be sure you don’t hurt your body and eat healthy!

  367. YES! so i finally started doing the beginner’s workout calendar (again) since i was delayed in the previous month, and i can say that i’m definitely more determined to finish it this time! the only thing is, i also want to do the other Blogilates videos, too, so probably like the inner thigh workout, belly toning, and body slimming videos that Cassey has. so, i’m just confused how i incorporate those workouts to the Beginner’s Calendar. i would greatly appreciate an answer!

    Thanks POPsters!

  368. Hey everybody just found this little slice of heaven and I ready to give it a try. Beginner as of today and I even downloaded the app to keep me motivated on in task.

  369. Hey! So I’ve just finished day 2 of this calendar, and I’m really loving it so far. But I was wondering, should I be doing extra cardio on top of this? I’m not overweight at all but I’d like to loose about 5 – 10lbs – is this calendar more for toning up than actual weight loss? Thanks in advance for any advice! (:

  370. Cassey has a mealplan here somewhere, i recommend using that one, otherwise consult a specialist

  371. Do these videos once a day, because they should be around an hour long, no need for more.

  372. Hello Cassey, I’m from Belgium(now France) !
    First, sorry for my bad english !
    I just want to thank you, because, I begin a new diet ( the 2143687354 diet of my life ), and with you I have enought motivation to do it with your workouts !
    Sometimes I don’t have this motivation but I remember how your video are nice and I did them.
    It’s the second time I do this Begginers, cause I wanna try July calendar but, my god, I know I can’t do it !
    I want to do this right before an hard calendar.
    And today I did ABC abs and wow, first time I can did it!
    But I change a little I put my feet on the ground. I prefer more easy and do it than hard and can’t really do it…
    ( Raah this english ^^”)
    So I just want to say , I feel better since I begin this, and hope to be better later!
    Thank you Cassey !
    I hope I can work august calendar !

  373. nukkster says:

    Thanks! I’m starting today! Wish me luck LOL

  374. Usually the videos add up to an hour ish, so if you just do them all at once it’ll work. Also it helps to keep motivation high if you do them all at one time of day! :)

  375. Heather says:

    Hey everyone! Just joined today and this looks like where I need to start at! Glad I found this coz the July calender was looking a little scary lol. I am working on toning up and still losing a few lbs. Kind of afraid of being too small, but if I do everything my body actually needs, I’ll just have to buck up and learn to love me small huh. I love pilates and Cassey is motivating, especially with clean eating!

  376. nukkster says:

    Hi all! I have a kinda stupid question: I really want to do this calender and I’m super hyped about it! so my question is how do I do the workouts for every day – one after another like it says or trough out the day? I mean do I do them at once or I have to seperate them trough out the day? LOL sorry :D

  377. margaret nahmias says:

    I’d do that. Watch your form too. I know I am not going to be able to do four videos at once. So I do one or two from different days.

  378. after one week i saw a very significant amount of progress. my stomach was so much more toned and it was only a week, and my butt got lifted! try it out, it’ll work wonders haha :)

  379. Janelle says:

    For help with balance, you can focus your eyesight on one point. For example, if I stare at a knob on my piano while balancing on one foot, I find it’s easier than when my eyes wander.

  380. I think you probably stood/sat up too suddenly, so your body had trouble adjusting to the new position so fast. Dehydration might also be an issue. It happens to me a lot. Just take things slow and hydrate yourself a lot throughout the day, and take breaks if you’re feeling faint.

  381. Hey! I wanted to know what kind of meal plan do i need to do during that month. I’m really new at this, but just taking a look at the videos and the website, it really has encouraged me to start getting fit! I’m so excited.
    Thanks, Ander:3

  382. I’m on day 24 and so far I can definitely say my abs and my butt are more toned :)

  383. Hi Sophia!! I have had very similar things happen to me! I see black spots every so often after I work out. For me, part of it was my health. I have naturally low blood sugar, and I have some breathing problems. You might want to get checked out to see if you are the same way. I always just make sure to have enough sugar in my body before working out, and I always try to breathe from my stomach, instead of from my chest. If you have the black spots again, just lay down with your feet above your head to get your body back to normal! Hope this helps!

  384. It all depends on how much you eat and the quality of the food. Additional exercise could help a lot too!

  385. Hiiiii I’m starting and i wanted to know if anyone has done it before and could tell the results of it ? I wanna do this + 400abs per day… do you think it’s good ?
    Thanks for answering,

  386. You’ll probably lose fat and gain muscle. This will definitely make your body stronger.

  387. This will help you lose fat and build up muscle! I finished this calender and I actually gained three pounds from muscle but I actually look a lot slimmer and toned. And of course, I feel healthier which is all that matters! Best decision I ever made.

  388. in in the same boat (15 too) ive been doing this for 3 weeks so i guess i cant speck for in the long run but i have personally found this really helpful for getting stronger, most of the exercises are aimed to build mussel and strength. I would highly recommend doing it. i love blogilates so much its so motivating!

  389. hi loves,
    i’ve been doing this calendar up to day 20, on that day i stood up after my workout and i saw like these black points that you see before you pass out (hope you know what i mean). i worked out in the morning, had cereals and a banana for breakfast. ever since that i’m scared to work out because it was just a scary experience. do you guys have any idea what i did wrong or what i could do to prevent it from happening?
    thank you x

  390. How much weight will I lose after following this calendar? Thanks

  391. Kathleen says:

    I’m thinking of starting this soon but I’m not sure if I should because I don’t want to lose a lot of weight. I’m 15 and I weigh 117 pounds and I’m 5’3. People tell me that I don’t need to lose weight and I don’t want to. I just want to strengthen my body. Should I use this?

  392. This calendar really helps for consistency, thanks! It’s much easier to attain fitness goals when you have realistic and concrete steps to follow.

  393. New to the website and so exited to lose weight and feel active

  394. try not drink too much water during workouts, it may be the cause of your nausea

  395. eat something an hour before hand. After I drink my green protein drink.

  396. Onto week 3 already – but finding some issues that I can’t stay balanced standing on one leg… any advice?

  397. hey does anyone know what meal plan goes with this calendar?

  398. Hey girls!
    I’m really new to blogilates, I started the beginner’s calendar last week and I do enjoy it a lot! I just find quite hard to stay motivated ( I’m the kind of person that gets bored of things way too quickly!) I was wondering, besides the videos how much other exercise do you do? like how many times per week? I always tend to do amazing the first week ( regular on the videos, running almost every day, eating clean..) and then I slowly start giving up on it :/ I’m not fat but my legs, although they are quite tone, are kind of wrapped in this soft layer that protects them from the cold and really doesn’t want to go away ^^’ Any advise about the kind of exercise I should actually start doing? So far I’ve been following the workout calendar and running or walking around 1 hour every day, but I’ve been struggling with that fat and cellulite for years and it never seem to go away!
    So Cassey, HELP! ahahahahha
    Thanks so much for any tips or advice from any of you! You guys are great!

  399. Do I do these videos once a day or more times?

  400. HI everyone! I just started the beginner workout calendar. My first couple of days was great and I felt so energized afterwards. But now after each video, I tend to feel extremely nauseas and feel exhausted after each workout. I’m making sure I’m drinking a lot of water during and after, but I have been feeling so nauseas afterwards that I’m not sure what to do. Does anyone else feel this way or does anyone have any suggestions on how I can solve this problem? Thanks so much!

  401. Danielle says:

    Do you complete the beginners calendar using the you tube videos and then once you’ve done the 4 weeks do you buy the DVDs? When do you use the DVDs? I’m excited to start this! I hope someone can help explain when to use DVDs vs the you tube videos :)
    Thank you,

  402. I lost 10lb in the first week

  403. I’ve always been unhappy with my weight – I always used to start exercise but struggle, so when I was diagnosed with asthma it got a whole lot easier and I started using your website. I kinda believe that you need to build up your inner strength before blasting it out on a treadmill and I love how you introduce cardio in slowly but surely. I started your videos back in April when I had a break from university but had a lot of hard work to do in May. Now I’m back again in June and I’m still 10lb lighter (from 127lb to 117lb) – I feel like you’ve completely changed my metabolism! There’s still a way to go, but I feel like there’s hope now. Thanks :)

  404. Grace L. says:

    Thank you Emma ! (:

  405. I just started day 1 today. I have been doing your videos for a while but I got lazy and stopped working out. But I’m back at it again! I love working out with you!

  406. day 25 done! I feel so much better than during the first days of this challenge.

  407. Does this beginners calendar help you loose weight? If so, how much do you usually loose?

  408. i am very happy to join the website .my dream that have a beatuiful body .but i afraid to miss a day in the calender . what should i do in this case?

  409. I think it should be alright :) If you look at the calender, you’ll notice that exercises that target a specific area, like your calves, abs, arms, etc, rarely appear again during the same week. If so, there’s a couple of days between them, so your body will have time to rest and build muscles. Although I am by no means an expert, I think it’s better to move around a little bit when you’re sore. My calves hurt horribly for 3-4 days after a workout (couldn’t walk properly during the first two days, the last two it looked very awkward), but they actually felt better the more I walked. Though, I don’t know if I would recommend doing an intense workout if it’s REALLY sore…it’s easy to overexert yourself and you might end up damaging your body if you’re not fit and try to do more than you should. Just trust your own judgement and listen to your body and I’m sure it’ll be fine :)

  410. How much weight can i lose if i follow the calender and eat1400 calories a day

  411. How much weight do you think i will lose if i follow the calender and eat 1400 calories a day?

  412. Grace L. says:

    Hi I’m 15 and I’m thinking of starting this calendar on Monday but I have a question… So like– I get sore easily and my dad says that I should rest my body everytime I get sore because when I rest that’s what actually makes the muscle grow. On the calendar I only see one rest day per week… If you are really sore in the middle of the week can you take a break or is that frowned upon…?

  413. So I’m not new to the fitness thing. I do a lot of HIIT and circuit training as well as weight training. However, I SUCK at pilates or yoga and I really want to work on my core. Should I start out doing the 4 week beginners program and if it seems like I got it down, move on?

  414. Thanks for finally writing about >POP Pilates for Beginners Calendar!
    <Loved it!

  415. You can do cardio before or after your workouts! Some of the days will include cardio routines, but when I started I also ran 20 minutes every other day. Make sure if you do pair the videos with cardio that you don’t overexert yourself. You want to be tired to get a good workout, but you also don’t want to potentially injure yourself! I’m not expert, but it would probably be a good idea to start with doing additional cardio every other day to give your legs a rest. Cassie says in a lot of her videos that the pilates will help you tone your muscles, but cardio will help you shave the fat off. That and a healthy diet. Good luck on starting the calander!

  416. Hey Cassey!
    I’m from Germany and only a beginner but already so happy that I found you.
    Unfortunately I can’t afford to go in a fitness centre and I am so glad and thankful that now I can do my workouts for FREE!
    Your videos are so rich in variety and you’re so sweet :)
    So, please Cassey keep up the good work! You are a great mentor <3

  417. Oh yay!!! What a relief!! Thanks for the info, I needed to learn that too.

  418. Hey everyone! I was wondering, after each workout, am I supposed to do some cardio everyday? I’m trying to tone and lose weight, so, help please? :)

  419. Of course you can treat yourself! I am not on a strict meal plan. I eat healthy when I can but if I fancy some chocolate or something I have some and whenever I got out with friends and for meals and stuff like that I eat whatever I want for a treat. :)

  420. I am jus about to start the Beginner’s Calendar, and I was just wondering since I’m only almost fourteen years old (so I’m no pro at all of this), can I ever treat myself, or is there some kind of strict meal plan that I absolutely MUST follow? I’m starting tomorrow so please reply asap! (:

    Thank you!

  421. It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I’m satisfied
    that you simply shared this helpful information with us.
    Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  422. Cassey,
    I was wondering if there is any lifting I could be doing with this workout plan? If so, what and when should I do it?

    Sorry if this question is too much. I really hope you will see this!
    Thank you so much!

  423. Valerie says:

    I love the dance at the beginning of the Saddlebag shaver <33 I do it all the time! I have seen a major improvement in my body! My main goal hasn't been to loose weight, but to improve how I look. I am staying away from numbers because I am over a month into recovery from anorexia nervosa. Once I was released from the hospital and had regained lost weight and muscle, and my organs (such as my heart) were functioning normally again, I was feeling icky about my body because much muscle still had to be rebuilt. So my goal became to regain the muscle and get fit! Being active in Pilates and other activities has improved my self esteem and has made me feel reborn! Today is my rest day (day 14), and I was so upset when I read on the beginners calendar that it was a rest day… so I went over to June's calendar and did the workout of the day on there! Haha. Thank you so much Cassey and thank you to the blogilates community! Both Cassey and the amazing group of individuals have inspired and motivated me so much!

  424. Hey the calendar is nt clear to me please print out a clear calendar so tht i could see nd get strted thnk u

  425. Julliet says:

    Your knees and elbows will become much stronger while doing this calendar. I myself had really bad wrists and elbows as well (I had a bad elbow injury, like it was twisted, sprained and broken at once, crazy stuff) and after 4 weeks I remember it got much better!

    If after that calendar you will still feel kinda weak in those areas you may want to just do normal calendars but at your peace, not rushing much.. If you will really feel like you need to get more stronger then you can do this calendar one more time.

    Just one thing: don’t ask about months when you didn’t even begin. really. there’s a big difference between “I have just 4 weeks” and “I have 8 weeks”. Start doing this and after you end then see :)

  426. For the reason that the admin of this web page is working, no doubt very rapidly it will be famous, due to its
    quality contents.

  427. Hey! I started this beginner workout 5 days ago and I was wondering if by doing this workout calendar, will I lose weight? I hate my figure and I would love to lose weight, that’s why I started this beginner calendar and also because Cassey is my idol! =)

    Thank you :)

  428. Hey Cassey! I i’ve don’t your beginner calender for a month.., Thank so much, doing this work out in the day has really helped me to sleep thought the night. I haven’t been able to for a long time. i do plane to keep working out…. But i was wondering how many months do you recommend doing the beginner calender….

    I struggle with anything to the knee….. although my knee pain me i fight thought it. Some one crashed into me on a bike before so their are time is act up… I did your 1june shread it video this morning. brilliant but it nearly killed me should i go back and do another month of the beginner calender or still with the june! Thank you

  429. it doesn’t matter when you workout. whenever you can fit in the time to do it-do it! :) as long as you get a workout in, you are one step closer to your goal!

  430. Hey Cassey! I am REALLY wanting to start the beginner calendar workout schedule tomorrow and was wondering how many months do you recommend doing this schedule before moving on to more advanced workouts for someone like me that has weak knees and elbows? That’s what my problem is every time I do try to get into working out on a regular basis. My flexibility isn’t the greatest right now either, but hopefully that will improve. Please let me know what you think! Thanks!!!

  431. I have a question for you Cassy. What time of the day are you supposed to do the workoutss? Can i do it after school or something or do I have to do before school? Please answer me. I´m planning to start tomorrow, but i need answer as quikley as possible.

    Thank You <3

  432. Jennifer says:

    One more week to go–I can’t believe it!! If you are just starting out on the beginner’s calendar, stick with it!! You will see results if you are consistent :) I am so impressed with my increased flexibility and muscle definition AND I actually look forward to my workouts now! Thanks so much Cassey!!

  433. Go for it, girl! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to do exercise at 12 years old. I WISH i had that same mentality when I was your age 13 years ago. I’m just now whipping myself into shape. Do this for you and be confident that you are creating healthy lifestyle habits that will stick for the rest of your life!

  434. Brittany says:

    Thanks so much for having this out there! I’ve been wanting to start doing your workouts for the past two weeks, but I felt as if I had to wait for June 1st to really get started. I’ve just discovered this, and instead of starting on the first of June, I’m going to start a day early (because I’m unique). Thanks for having all these resources out there! I’m ready to become a better me. :)

  435. Hey Holly
    – I don’t what the right thing to do is, however if I don’t manage to the workout on the exact date I just do it the next day and then push the schedule a day forward. I don’t see it as a big problem because it is your goal to become fit and you don’t have keep up with anyone else than yourself. The workout should be fit into your lifestyle, so i can become a natural thing to do. But that’s just my opinion :)

  436. Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful post. Thanks for supplying this info.

  437. Panders says:

    Hey guys! Started working out everyday I do a video everyday from the beginners work out. Just curious after these are finished which ones do you do next and what do you eat while trying to lose weight. I am mainly working on my stomach fat

  438. Hey,

    I suffer from scheuermann’s disease, very similar to scoliosis and I find Pilates really helpful in relation to pain management and stuff like that so you should be fine. Just avoid any jumping that could knock your back from being stable and if you are in pain at any point from doing a certain move just skip that move. I can do basically everything apart from things that include rolling on my back like neck stands and stuff like that.

    Hope this helps!

  439. Karolina says:
  440. Karolina says:

    i heard it too but i zhink it’s still better to exercise in the morning than never :) But when i did those workouts in the morning i needed really long stretching before and after exercises, be careful about that. I just finished the beginner’s calendar and i feel totally ready for the monthly calendars :)
    good luck and enjoy as I do :)

  441. Hello!
    What should I do if I cant work out one day? I dont have time or im travelling etc. Should I do 2 workouts in one day or?
    Thank you!

  442. Hi! I was wondering if this would work for a person who has scoliosis. I am planning to start this although I don’t know what it may do to my back. It might make it worse or something. I really want to try this since I have seen great results but that’s just my problem. Can you please reply if it’s okay or not? Thank you so much!! :)

  443. Jeasica says:

    I came across this site yesterday and thought it looked great for keeping fit etc, I also thought that the beginner’s workout calender looked fun. I am quite self – conscious about the way I look and I want to have a healthier lifestyle. Do you think that this work might be too advanced for me as I am a 12 year old girl?

  444. Hi everybody
    I am going to use the calender from today. however I am really busy but I am going to wake up earlier to have time for some workout. /my question is that it is okay to start the day with workout? because I have heard that this might make the sugar blood to go very low. I actually don’t want to lose weight I just want to shape my body because after pregnancy my body is completely destroyed!
    Good luck with everyone!

  445. Antonia says:

    I find that dong pilates with cardio does help me lose weight! Also pilates does tone, but as you build muscles, you lose weight as muscles help with that. :)

  446. Hi. I came across this site two days ago looking for a fun way to get in shape and saw the Beginners Workout Calendar and started yesterday. I’m also planning on starting the meal plan but that will have to wait until we go shopping for more food. Anyway, I wanted to ask a question. When I did the video yesterday and we were in that tabletop position and raised our shoulders, my abs felt it but not as much as my lower back. I’ve always had this issue which is one of the reasons I don’t do sit ups, it just hurts like hell. I’ve had people show me how these things are done so I don’t do something wrong and I can do a few just fine but I always end up feeling pain in my back before I feel anything in my abs. Any suggestions? I’m probably doing something wrong, just frustrating not knowing what.

    Me and my boyfriend are going away to Amsterday next month for our first holiday away together in nearly 9 years and I want to look really nice (as nice as can get in a month). I’m planning on doing the calendar, eat by the meal planner and use my crosstrainer. Do you guys think I or anyone else, will notice a difference by then?


  447. You can workout at any age. Start where you’re comfortable. If you get tired it’s ok to stop. The more you do it the better you’ll get. Have patience, but if you stay dedicated you’ll start to see the health benefits and you’ll love living a healthier lifestyle. Everyone here started somewhere!

  448. Antonia says:

    I’m currently on day 22, and I can say ABC abs is still hard, but it does get better! 22 days down the line and I can already feel progress, and it is so worthwhile! Keep on going and it will get easier :)

  449. Hey, I am just starting pilates and was wondering if someone could answer my question. I am more looking to shed a few pounds then tone my body. Is pilates just for toning or will it help me lose weight. I’m not only doing the pilates Im also doing cardio. If someone could answer this or has some tips that would be great!

  450. *a condition and endurance, sorry. :)

  451. hey I was wondering if there is any age this would not be recommended to. I am 15 and I’d like to try this, but I don’t know if I might be too young and that it might be too hard for me or something. I have a condition of endurance that is equal to nothing, so is it maybe aimed too high to start this?
    If it is, does anyone know what would be a good thing for me to start?

  452. I’m gone to tell my little brother, that he should also go to see this website on regular basis to obtain updated from
    newest news.

  453. Victoria says:

    Hi Rocio!
    I definitely know how you feel, I started my journey yesterday! If you really want a good eating plan, Cassey/blogilates has a meal plan. But I think you have to buy one of the fit journals to get it, it’s I think a 12 week plan. It’s a really nice plan I’m trying it myself! I would love to say I’ve gotten success, but it’s only day two! Lol. :) Hope this helps, if you need more help let me know!

  454. I love this. I’m only on week 1, have been sore the whole time. XD But the worst thing was when I laughed at a joke Cassey made and ended up pulling a muscle in my chest, omg. I smile and laugh through all her videos – secret ab workout in every single one :P
    Also I am gaining weight, not losing it XD but that is because my muscles are coming back, woo!

  455. the day 1 video is not working, please rectify the problem.

  456. Thanks so much for your reply, so good to know I’m not alone! I’m starting to find muscles that I’d forgotten about although they are complaining about being found at the moment! I will carry on trying, when I can do the ABC Abs I’ll know that I’ve won…

    Thanks again, we can do this! xxx

  457. Hey,
    I’m from Germany too, so I know the problem. Stupid GEMA! -.-
    But you can use a Proxy so youtube doesn’t know what country you are from and then you can watch it =)
    I use Hidemyass. Just google it: youtube hidemyass
    Good luck!

  458. Hi Bex!

    I also have been doing the Beginner’s Calendar and I’m up to day 6 and it’s still crazy!
    I take rests in between exercises when I feel like I’m really pushing my limit. I try not to force myself to keep up with Casey’s pace, although I push my hardest to really get those exercises working on my body. Some videos really get me huffing and puffing but my aim is to finish them as best as I can. So you’re not alone there, girl!

    P.S. ABC Abs was one of the hardest videos for me too!

  459. Hey guys so Im starting this!! i am tired of making excuses i have to get off my but and start someday and that day is today!!.. my only question is…. is there an specific menu you need to do i n order to lose weight? besides eating healthy i know that’s obvious but is there anything specific i need to eat??? please respond!!

  460. I started the Beginners’ Workout yesterday to go alongside a Pilates class that I’m doing weekly. Did anybody else find it a struggle from the beginning? I was OK with the first day but today’s ABC Abs was almost impossible! I’d say that I’m pretty fit but I have MS so have had to stop kidding myself that I’ll be able to do a lot of the exercises I used to but would really like to improve my core strength because it’ll help in so many ways. I’m going to carry on with it because I really like these videos and the way they’re presented but wanted to know if I’m the only one who’s struggling?!

  461. Hi Cassey

    I had a baby a few months ago and started the beginners workout after i got rid of diastasis. Do u have any recommendations to prevents recurrence of diastasis?

  462. Agraulis says:

    In one of the earlier vids Cassie shows some variations to the plank. You can start by doing them on your knees and elbows. I personally also find it easier to do on hands and toes than it is on elbows and toes.

    Also I just google the exercises and look at youtube/google images. Most of them will already have come up in some video or another though.

  463. This calendar has been going GREAT for me *weightloss around 3-4 kg, toned, strength improved), but sadly, now workouts are being BLOCKED by GEMA because I’m in Germany. What am I going to do now?

    Its actually even more sad than that, because often the problem I have with the video is that I can barely hear the music anyway :(

    A BIG roadblock here…

  464. I finished week 3 now with a great feeling, Cassey! I just feel how my body really gets strong through all the weeks and how fit I become! <3 This is the best workout and it helped me really much!^^ Ofc, I'll continue in week 4 and I'll go on this way of my journey! :D

  465. Hi,
    I am slim and fit otherwise but I have this big tummy pouch which I got after 2 consecutive pregnancies. Is there any exercise or routine you recommend to make it flat.
    Thanks in advance

  466. Hey guys! Has anyone lost any weight during this?

  467. Hey Athea, I actually have the same question. If no one has any suggestions, I’ll probably just look over all the different options, then select the one that seems the best for my body type/body parts I want to focus on :)
    …hopefully someone will pull through with a suggestion though, hahaha

  468. its bodypop :)))

  469. Karolina says:

    my friend said me, she did the april calendar after this one and it was awful for her. So she started again this Beginner’s and she adds some videos by herself :) I will try the May calendar and if it’s too hard i’ll do the same as my friend :) i think that’s good idea :) Or you can do the beginner’s calendar from the beginnig but do each videos two times or three times.. :)

  470. Hey I need help!! I am signed up to the newsletter but I didn’t get the email this month with the password or the calendar!? would it be an good unsubscribing and then doing it again?

  471. Jessica says:

    I just want to say that these workout videos are really good! And all of the “before and after” stories inspire me to get myself in shape and get a better health.

    In my whole childhood I was overweight and bullied. When I was 11 I lost over 18 kg and got a bit more confidance, but…after a couple of monthes after I lost all the weight I got a heart problem that made me scared to train more (still a bit scared, but I have medicin for my heart problem now). So for 11 years (I’m 22 now) I’ve had a slim yet “flabby” body.
    But now I want to feel beautiful, inside and out. I just want to thank you all for being such inspiration! <3

    Jessica from Sweden

  472. Hello, I am going to begin the calendar, but I wonder how to do it? Should I do all the activities in the morning before the breakfast? Or I can finish them in different time of a day?

  473. Did day 12 and iT feels so good. I feel so energized and healthy! Cassie you’re my insperation. xxx loves from Holland

  474. Celine says:

    i’m only at week 2, but at some days, such as day 11 she also advices to grab some weights (Though, it can also be books or something like that) but it’s not that often :)

  475. Hi guys! I am currently in day 20 and i’m wondering, what calendar month should I next? Im afraid if I do the may calendar next it would be too hard for me. :/ please suggest me a month calendar that’s not very tough. Thanks! :)

  476. I was sooo tempted to do tomarrows workout, so I did ABC Abs, BIKINI BURNOUT,
    I hurt so bad, but I was so proud of myself that I did all that in one day! I looked better too, but maybe
    that was me….Thanks Cassie, you’re my favorite person in the word!

    Laura, 12

  477. Chynna says:

    Do it during your free time! I think it’s difficult to squeeze them up all at once, so do one video per free time you have, until you’re done! I always study during night time, and it’s just a habit of mine. I would do it after I come home from school, and study! Except when I have upcoming exams, I might do one video or two than finishing the whole thing. :)

  478. Chynna says:

    That’s awesome! I’m still in my day 5 and took two break days (woops I guess I need to skip the upcoming rest day). Although, I think you should simply go with the calendar now! I mean, the beginner’s calendar was difficult at first, but you got here! Now, just go up for a new challenge, and just keep on moving! ;) Repeating it again may result to plateau, but do whatever makes you happy! :) Congrats on finishing it!

  479. You don’t need anything just your body!
    It would be handy to have a Yoga matt or a towel to put down so you aren’t on a hard floor!

  480. Hello..I just started the day 1 and I can feel it…
    My friends surrounded are look down on me..
    This time I will let them know I’m changing!!!
    Keep going!!!!
    excited and is looking for the day 2 :)

  481. I totally agree with you B. I’m not a complete beginner to pilates but O.M.G! After a few days of attempting the May calendar, I’m going to switch to the beginners for the rest of the month. IDK, the moves, plus the length… I’m not ready. Hoping to be one day though!

  482. Jillian says:

    I was wondering what kind equipment is needed for these work outs. Thanks! :)

  483. Finished the beginners calendar for the first time :D Today I wanted to start with the ah-MAY-zing one, but wow. That’s a waaaaaay higher level than this calendar.. I felt like going from level 1 tot level 10 at once! So I quit. I guess I’m going to do the beginners calendar again and add some other videos to make it harder for myself. I hope that I’ll be able to proceed to the monthly calendars after I finish the beginners one again.

  484. Christel says:

    So I starded the “Beginners Calandar” and I am wondering how I am going to keep this up with my studies…. Maybe some o you guys have any tips for me?
    Tomorrow is going to be my day 4, I have searched for a good quote to get me motivated and this was the perfect quote:
    “When you feel like QUITTING, think about why you STARDED”
    Thanks :)

  485. I just wanted to know if doing these exercises can help me get abs?
    Im not trying to loose weight, i dont need to. I’m just trying to stay healthy.
    But i am aiming for abs so i wanted to know if these exercises can get me abs.
    Please let me know.

  486. You are supposed to do all videos :-))
    Btw: There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers ;-)

  487. Kyameron says:

    Hi, I’m looking to start this but have a few questions. First: at least a couple of times it says to start with a one minute plank. At the moment my best is about 45 seconds. Should I just do it as long as I can or do two 30 second ones? Second: some of the morning exercises are unfamiliar to me. Is there a good place to look to find out what those are and how to do them?
    Thanks for your help!

  488. Casandra says:

    Everything listed under the day :)

  489. Not a stupid question! You do everything listed in the day.

  490. Done!… 1st day of my own may-challenge!
    It “hurt” me on muscles i have forgotten i had during my “3 pregnancies in a row”
    Can ´t wait to be tomorrow!
    (Really hard to write in english when my iphone is constantly autocorrect me in french ;) )

  491. Hi!

    With the breathing, I had trouble with that too. I just kept breathing at whatever pace I needed to and I was fine! With the belly issue, just keep going with what you are doing, it’s most likely a temporary thing. By the sounds of it your almost ready to go on to the monthly calendars! I would finish the beginners calendar but add on another video or two. See if that works. :)

  492. Stupid question: do I do everything listed under the day or choose a workout to do?

  493. I just finished Day 1 of the beginners workout calendar..I’m so excited for this month! I’m 23 years old and just had my first baby 6 months ago. I’m finishing my senior year in college and am sooo glad that I found these workouts!! I love that I can just do them at home whenever my son is sleeping and homework is done :) very convenient for me. Ready to get back to my healthy body..good luck to everyone!!

  494. JoAnn DeLeau says:

    I’ve been doing random blogilates workouts for months off and on… but I finally decided to get onboard with regular training. Just finished the first workout, feeling great:D

  495. Katie-Bug says:

    Thank you Victoria for your quick reply! I really appreciate your helpfulness! So nice! *\(^_^)/*

  496. Victoria says:

    Nope! All you need is a mat :) in one or two of the videos it asks for something else (weights or a strap) but she tells you common household items you can use to replace them! I had no issues getting through the calendar as far as equipment goes.

  497. Katie-Bug says:

    Do you need any equipment besides a mat to complete this calendar? I want to know so that half way through a workout… “Oh, you need that weight thingymabob? I guess I’m done…”

  498. Also – you have a healthy weight! Remember that! As mentioned, you might even gain weight, so keeping photos of yourself and also just thinking about how you actually feel, rather than what the scales say, is a great way of making sure you stay HEALTHY. My BMI says I’m overweight because I’m 77 kgs at 176 cm. It fails to take into account that I play two rugby matches per week, do rugby fitness sessions, go to the gym and do blogilates, so – DON’T LET THE SCALES RULE YOUR LIFE! I’m heavier than I’ve ever been, and I’m feeling GREAT about it because I’m soooo much stronger!

  499. Thank you very much for your encouragement Paloma! <3

  500. I’m a real newbie when it comes to this but I’m loving it!. I really regret not doing it before. To be honest I never knew there was a ‘beginners calendar’ so when I first found your videos I tried to keep up with your regular videos and those were to hard so I just gave up!

  501. That’s a great plan! i know you can do it!!! Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

  502. Starting beginners calendar once again. Regular workout calendar is still too much for me :( I will try to add some videos or exercises so that it won’t be too easy ;) And I will try to do all the exercises without any modifications that make them easier :)

  503. Hej! Cieszę się, że mogłam pomóc :) Ja dziś robię 18 dzień, jednak tygodniowo robię cztery kolejne, a w pozostałe dni chodzę na ściankę wspinaczkową. Trzymam za nas kciuki! :D

  504. Hey Kelli,

    I am actually in the exact same boat as you! The other calendars seem so intimidating right now.. I am starting out as a total beginner into fitness world Pop Pilates & I’ve done the beginners calendar once before. I find that I just don’t have the strength to keep going with these workouts and thats usually what discourages me. Trying to tell myself to just do what you can and hopefully it will get easier…

  505. You go girl! Good luck :D

  506. You’ve convinced me! I can do it! :D

  507. Cześć! Fajnie spotkać tu kogoś z Polski! :) Jak Ci idzie? Który dzień już robisz? Dzięki za radę, rzeczywiście masz rację. Nie pomyślałam o pominięciu jakiegoś filmiku, a to chyba najprostsze i najsensowniejsze rozwiązanie ;) Powodzenia! Damy radę! :D

  508. You can do it!!! Its great that you know what is good for your body! I think its a good idea to ease into the the harder workout calendar and I know you can do it!! Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

  509. Go Lina! you can do it!!! Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

  510. Give it a go :) They start slower and build up remember :)

  511. Hi! Well… I know Blogilates since many years ago because of my sister’s hard work. But today I finally decided to move on to a better life, I can’t continue to have such a bad fitness, I will try my hardest to complete one month of working out, it will be difficoult but I know I can, I have to! :D thanks for the support Cassey
    *Sorry for my not too good english

  512. Hej Jola!
    Aktualnie kończę plan dla początkujących, ale przyjrzałam się kalendarzowi na kwiecień. Myślę, że nie ma sensu powtarzania planu dla początkujących, ponieważ to nie będzie już dla Ciebie żaden wysiłek. Każdy dzień z kalendarza kwietniowego składa się z kilku filmików, więc jeśli myśisz, że nie dasz rady zrobić całego to może pomiń jeden albo dwa najkrótsze. Powodzenia :D

  513. Hello Guys!
    I’m on my day 20, and I’ve already lost about 3 kg (sorry, I’m from Poland, I don’t know how much does it make in pounds). I gave up sweets (except during weekends) and I don’t use the lifts, I also jog 4 times a week (30 minutes, but I alternate jogging with marching). I’m quite happy with my results, but I’m not sure I’m doing it all well. I mean, I’m burning as hell during the workout, but I’m not sore at all the next day. Is it normal? I’m a REAL beginner, so I thought I’d be sore as never before, but no… Plus, I definitely feel a bit stronger, but I don’t think I’m strong enough to start the may calendar in 10 days! I saw the april one, and boy is it tough! Do you guys think, maybe doing this beginners calendar (with some more exercises added) twice is a good idea? Or should I go off the deep end and give it a go? Sorry for my English :)

  514. Okay, this is going to be my second month through the beginner calendar. I like to do the beginner workouts and add one or two from the April calendar. By the end maybe I can move into the may fitness calendar! Anyone else, comment as you proceed to help keep me going.

  515. fanyijun says:

    i am from singapore and i am kind of having troubles with the whole Pilates thing and i have some questions. i have been starting your workout calendar for beginner’s and i am in week 3 now. i still do not quite get the lateral breathing and how to breathe correctly during the workouts. i try to suck in my belly button and also i have been trying to follow your meal plans. But it seems like my belly got bigger and bulging even more outwards. And i have not felt muscle aches for ages now. When i did your videos for the first time, there was muscle ache the next day. But right now, i do not really feel any muscle soreness or anything the next day after a workout session? Is it because i am not working hard enough? Having quite some trouble…
    Trying Hard

  516. I should also mention that you should take photos of yourself.
    In your underwear or sports bra take a picture of your front, back, and side, then do that again in a month or 6 weeks and put the photos side-by-side. You might not feel thinner, the scale may tell you you’ve gained weight (muscle!), ad people may not notice yet – but those photos will tell you the truth. You’ll see the difference there, where you and those around you miss the gradual changes that are happening. This helped me a lot with motivation.

  517. I don’t know if there’s an eating plan, but just tracking your food for the 4 weeks will be an invaluable tool! You’ll see how many calories you’re eating, as well get a good idea of the nutrients you are taking in and whether you eat more in certain situations or at certain times. This is the perfect way to start because you’ll know based on your measurements whether you should increase/decrease/don’t change your calories (if you need to change them, only do 100 or 200 and check again next month, and continue to monitor). You’ll also get a good idea if you need to add certain nutrients into your diet – getting enough calcium? iron? vitamin C? etc.. You’ll also learn what situations trigger binges or emotional or mindless eating for you – all invaluable information! Only ate 1200 calories and binged? Your body needed more! Had a rough day and got into the chocolate? Learn to de-stress another way! Watched tv and ate that entire bag of chips? Find something else to occupy your hands! Or whatever works for you.

  518. Hey,
    I wanna try the beginner’s calender but I’m wondering if there’s also an eating plan for this one or do I have to pay attention on what I need on my own for the first 4 weeks?

  519. I agree with Patricia. I love My Fitness Pal. You can set goals for yourself, and it will tell you how many calories you should take in to achieve your goal. If you want to lose 2 pounds a week, it will say to have your net calorie intake at X calories. Just remember that when you add your exercise, it subtracts the calories you have for your total. So if your goal is 1800 calories and you burn 200 with exercise, you’ll want to take in about 2000 to meet the 1800. This way your body is still happy but you will still lose weight! :)

  520. Hello! I know this is kind of off topic but I was
    wondering if you knew where I could get
    a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one?

    Thanks a lot!

  521. Patricia says:

    Track your calories in and out. Make sure you haveonly a couple hundred more calories out than in. You can try the app on MyFitnessPal.com, but DON’T eat only 1200 calories – most people need more than that to function. Progess will be slow, but sustainable. It took you 22 years to get here, you won’t see dramatic results tomorrow. These workouts are great for building your muscles, so you’ll look better as the fat slowly comes off.

  522. Angeline says:

    Hi! I would like to ask some question! Hopefully can get some advice here :) I’m a 22 years old girl who weights 65 kg and height 170com. My most unsatisfied part of my body is my belly fat and thighs.. I would love to know what should I do? Any specific work out or food plan? I’m also interested in getting abs. currently I’m doing workout every 2 days. I eat light for breakfast,lunch, dinner usually I will be slight heavy.. Any suggestions? Really appreciate if I could get some advice here! Thank u so much!!! :)

  523. Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thank you, However I am going through problems with your RSS.
    I don’t know the reason why I am unable to join
    it. Is there anybody having identical RSS problems? Anyone who knows the
    answer will you kindly respond? Thanks!!

  524. It should! :) I think the beginners workout is really to help you get used to the hard workouts and to build you up so you can do the monthly workouts the right way. But you should see a change if your working reallllllllly hard. :)

  525. What’s Taking place i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It positively helpful and it has aided me out loads.

    I hope to contribute & help other customers like its aided
    me. Good job.

  526. Hey! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble
    with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing many months of hard work due to no data backup.
    Do you have any methods to prevent hackers?

  527. Hey :) I have a qustion . Im a beginner . I want to ask , is this beginners program will help to lose weight . I will run sometimes I’ll eat clean . And do other exersice . Is there will any change in my body ? btw: Im sorry , my english is not good :) I hope you understand me..

  528. does this workout work and when will we see changes
    thanx – diala

  529. There is no problem with bending your knees a bit,I had the same problem as you but by time I couldn’t make my legs straight…We are all on our fit journey

  530. Worst case scenario you can start the April calendar once you finish the beginners one. It’s what I’m doing even tho it will put me a month “behind”. I figure I can start June when everyone else does unless I like the look of May’s calendar better; as long as something is being done and you aren’t pushing yourself too hard do what works best for you.

  531. Hi Eveline,

    This is because of flexibility, you should do back stretches. Try to stand and touch your toes without flexing your knees. Do this a lot, also when you sit down with your legs straight try to have your back extended. Look for this kind of stretches. I had the same problem, because I don´t have a lot of flexibility in that part of the body. I hope I helped!


  532. Hey fellow popsters and Cassey,

    I have a question, I am in week three now from the beginners calendar. And I am feeling I am improving but with workouts where I have to lie down en use my legs (like ABC abs) I am having trouble keeping my legs straight and with keeping my lower back on the mat.
    Does anybody know what I can do to train that I get better at this move?

    Thank you!

  533. Thanks Paloma. :)

  534. Thanks for the quick answer :) I think I’ll give it a go with some of the exercises from the AprilAbs workout and see how it goes!

  535. You can also switch your rest day with the day that you missed.

  536. You can do it!!!!!! No pain no gain! :) Plus, you can do all things through christ who strenghtens you, so i know that you can do it!!!!!

  537. It would depend on what level you are on, if you are a beginner i would suggest the beginners workout and stick with that. if you are more experienced and you think you can handle it, go ahead! Just make sure that you rest days are on the same days! :)

  538. Maybe someone can help me with this question :)

    I just started the beginner’s workout calendar 2 days ago, but I reeeally want to use the AprilAbs calendar as well… Would you guys recommend doing both at the same time, and when May comes around I would stop the AprilAbs, keep on with the beginner’s calendar until I’m done but still start the May one on the 1st – just so I would get into the rhythm? :)

  539. Okay Im on day 4 (Im going to do the video’s after work) but Im sooooo sore.
    If there is an exercise with one leg up Im shaking like crazy. So Im kinda like do I continue, I basically need some one to tell me to suck it up and continue……. cause i kinda want to get rid of the love handles haha

  540. Woo! Doing the butt video twice absolutely killed me! Feeling rrreal good right now. Thanks Cassey :)

  541. Thanks! :)

  542. Hi Debbie! Your english was awesome! :) When you had the pain in your neck, did it feel like you were straining it? that happens to most people especially when they first start out. Just try to use your abs more and if that doesn’t help enough, you can put your hands behind your neck to support it. For your legs, i think they were just burning from all the hard work you were doing. Congratulations! :)

  543. I cant wait to get burned! xD

  544. Thanks for that tip! I wouldn’t have considered that before (because I’m naturally lazy ha ha). I started the calender a few days into the month, so doubling up is a good way to still finish within the month.


  545. Déborah says:

    I’m just starting today. I don’t make any sport but I’m trying to move as possible as I can.
    When I started the first exercise, I had a lot of pain in my neck (i’m sorry if that’s not english, I speak french). I think she says something about it but I didn’t understand what so I don’t know what I did so bad, can someone tell me what should I do? Because it’s a such easy exercise as I see in the comments.
    The second thing is my leg really hurt when I did the exercise for the legs but I still keep my leg high (sorry for my english) but for the other leg, I just couldn’t do the exercise. I was really motivated but, I did it and often stopped. Is it normal?

    Debbie x

  546. Scuttle says:

    I have days where I know I won’t be able to get a workout in when I work a 14 hour shift which usually happens once or twice a week. I’ll always do two days in one the day before. It’ll whoop you sometimes, but it feels good! Then just carry on after that!

  547. Hi Cassey, My question if you are trying to follow your monthly calendar and miss a day should you just continue and move on to the next day? Or try to make up that day? Just curious on your thoughts. Thanks for posting I love your website and videos

  548. I usually add both a stretch video before and after. Cassey has 7 or so of them now, and there’s a few of them I really enjoy. So I just search “Blogilates stretch” and either pick ones that I simply feel like doing, or ones that target whatever area was the target for the regular calendar day (i.e. on a leg and butt day I might pick the leg and upper back stretches or the splits one).

    I does add on about 20 mins to your routine, but it helps me get motivated to do the workouts and have more energy for them, and it feels *so* good after the workouts as well, especially if you’re sore.

  549. mikhaila says:

    Ida, my body is thinner and ive lost about 2 pounds. But thats most likely because I cut out everything except water and a small glass of milk at night. I havent touched soda in months. But this calendar definitely tones you up. Keep going. Itll get easier with time.

  550. I appreciate, cause I discovered exactly
    what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt!
    God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  551. Agreed with Charistina quote…
    Cassey i love ur possitive attitude and ur workouts..
    You inspired me to keeo doing worouts and pushing my self
    I complete my 3 days today and feel so gud inner n out..

  552. Agreed with u charistina qoute…i complet my 3 days today
    Its such a good feeling..Cassey i love ur workouts..
    You inspired me to keep doing the workouts..n love ur
    Positive attitude..thnx

  553. russelle says:

    Hello Blogilates!!
    Our graduation is next month and i wanna look fit on that special day, so im trying this beginners calendar. Been following Casey and her videos before but im to lazy and busy excercise daily. this is the first time im seriously going to finish it. Good luck for me !!!

  554. I am starting today with my cousine :)
    I would like to lose some weight i gained over christmas holidays and i would like to be fitter.
    My motivation is too look fitter when i am on Summersplash, which is a huge beach festival in Europe.
    And i hope I will get more in tune with my body and its needs. :)

  555. Hi!
    I have a question it isn’t mentioned in here if I shall stretch or not even though Cassey said in 1 of her stretching videos that any1 working out should.
    So should I?!!!
    Have a nice day every1

  556. Cassandra says:

    Hello Christina thank you for sharin that quote. I am on my day 13 and can’t see any changes too. But I keep pushing and pushing…

  557. Christina says:

    Don’t quit Ida!

    I recently saw a quote, “It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. Give it 12 weeks. Don’t QUIT!”

  558. did u lose any weight? or is your body thinner? I’m on day 12 and i don’t know if i should keep it or not.

  559. mikhaila says:

    Im on day 26 and let me just say this is life changing! And I dont mean that in a cheesy way. Coming from someone who hated working out, after being introduced to Cassey by a vlogger friend on YouTube, I look forward to working out everyday with Cassey and her spunk. She makes working out fun and her constant encouragement is unbelievable! And just being apart of the Blogilates community is a gift in itself. Everybody is always so positive and helps each other to not give up on the days that it may seem harder. The first week will definitely make you think Cassey is crazy lol. But by the time you start week 4, youre so much stronger ad feel so much better about yourself. I really hope you enjoy the start of your Blogilates journey, its beyond worth it! Goodluck! :)

  560. Yes she does :) The Fat Burning Cardio Warmup is very easy, perfect for beginners. It helps you warm up before your pilates exercices. It is pretty short as well, so I do recommend doing it at least 3 times, or combining it with other of her cardio workouts. You can do it before your pilates or after, to each its own :)
    Here’s the link to her cardio warmup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=7BkjRlYq_UE

  561. Thank you! Tori do you know if she has any carido videos for beginners?

  562. Starting today, after my husband comes back from work I’ll get us both to start this program out. I haven’t been able to exercise for many, many years. About 30 pounds overweight, runner’s knee injury (although I’ve never run). My husband has a lot of back and neck pain. In other words, we both really need this program, it’s been recommended quite a bit. We’ll be starting with the beginner’s video. First looking for strengthening our bodies and relieving pains. Next goal will be loosing weight. Wish us luck!

  563. Ok thanks but the beginners calender isnt password protected. So am i allowed to share that one? :)

  564. Bernardett says:

    Day two ready! :D I must admit I’ve been doing cardio for a month or so, so I’m not that tired, but I’m not used to excercise my abs so they hurt xD I’m doing this to gain some muscle because I’m naturally skinny and I want to look more “healthy”.

    I like to convine this with some Yoga in the morning, sice I don’t like working out at that time, and I’ve been feeling more energetic, happy and proud of myself. Hope I can finish the whole month!

    Cheers to everyone that finished the say! Keep fighting guys!

  565. Yes, you are supposed to do cardio along with the pilates. (She has awesome cardio videos as well!! :) ) The pilates tone your muscles, but, as she says in some of her videos, you can’t see your pretty toned muscles if there is a layer of fat covering them! :) I generally pick one of her cardio videos and repeat it at least 3 or 4 times, so at least 30 minutes to an hour of cardio, then I do my pilates. you can do it in either order, though, whichever you find best!

  566. Anything password protected, she doesn’t want shared, such as meal plans, monthly calendars, that kind of thing. That’s why she has them password protected!

  567. Day one: check! yey! :D I’m determined to make it trough the whole month, then switch to some more advanced routines and be perfectly fit for summer!
    I’m just wondering if I should add a warm up before and a stretching routine after these workouts, or is it fine to skip them? Any ideas?

  568. The first week I did it with additional cardio, but week 2 I repeat the videos twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon or before I go to bed.

  569. Hello Cassey I would like to tell you that I love your workouts I had never tried pilates because I felt I was to big to try it. But I found the courage to try in the privacy of my home and I love it! You have inspired me to keep doing the workouts I find you very inspirational. I have been doing the workouts for three weeks and I can see the difference already and I actually feel stronger inside and out. I have even lost six pounds and it’s all because of you. Thank you so much for the workouts and for your positive attitude you inspire me and appreciate all you do. Thank you again

  570. Hey! I just asked the same question about cardio. So I’m not sure on that. But to answer your other question, yes I think you;re only supposed to the videos once. Just as she has listed on the calendar. So you do each video listed for that day once. At least thats what I think. It’s how I’ve been doing it.

  571. I love these videos so far! The only thing is I’m not able to the do the ‘wake up’ exercises when I actually wake up. I am too tired and my muscles are too tight in the morning. I’ve just been doing these exercises before or after the videos for that day. I figured it’s still good enough as long as I do them at some point in the day.

    Is anyone doing cardio in addition to the videos? I am trying to lose weight so I feel like I need to add in cardio too, but I am normally pretty worn out just from doing the videos. Exercising 6 days a week is new to me. So it’s been making me pretty tired. Just curious what other people are doing. Thanks!

  572. Caterina says:

    I’ve done it!

    I still can’t believe it myself, but I’ve completed it. Must say I had some ups and downs and took a few more days off than recommended but for a total beginner and a super lazy person this is huge.

    I can definitely see some results and I feel more alive. It’s such a good feeling, I recommend it.

  573. Janelle says:

    Hi VI! That depends on your schedule! I made my rest day Wednesday, because that is our heaviest shipment day at the grocery store I work in, and I do a LOT of lifting that day already. So just pick the day that is right for you! I also think putting my rest day on one of my weekend days (thurs/fri) would make it easier for me to sneak indulgent foods.. “it’s rest day! time to splurge!” so I avoided that too! Good luck and have fun!!! You can do it!

  574. Maria Rios says:

    I just signed up to your newsletters Cassie and I’m looking forward to tomorrow, BUT I am having problems on seeing the meal plans, could YOU or anyone help me (-:

    Thank you- Maria

  575. Cassey, you are my rock! Thank you very much :* xoxo

  576. Once you finish the Beginners calendar, you can go on to the regular monthly one!

  577. Brittany says:

    How Come The Beginners Pilates Is Only For 28 days wheres the new one??

  578. #NEWBODYMAKEOVER Meal plan! :)

  579. I’m starting the beginners workout today. I can’t find where the meal plan is? Can anyone help? I’ve gained and lost weight alot over the last 5 years becuz my youngest daughter had cancer and died 4 years ago. So I’d go from eating to NOT eating anything at all for days. Which left me completely weird in the the head cuz I had no energy at all.. so then I had a hysterectomy last July and have gained 30 pounds becuz there was a problem with the surgery in which I was in complete pain and laid on the couch for months it seemed. I’ve tried walking. Or I won’t eat anything until dinner time. Which doesnt work either becuz my body is in starvation mode. I used to train in body building 20 years ago with my brother who used to compete and I was in the BEST shape then… but now not all and 4 kids later with lots of stress due to circumstances beyond my control. So, I’m just asking for support and a new healthier way to help myself and my daughter that is at home and is overweight she’s 14. After her little sister died we were all so grief stricken that her dad and I were emotionally unavailable although she was in counseling… but she ate to help her cope and I starved myself, but have gained the weight back and then some. I am now looking for much healthier ways to deal with all of this.
    Sorry, for being all over the place in this post. Probably doesn’t make sense, but I’m glad this is here to help me and my daughter.

  580. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Where is the calandar for April already?!?! How am I supposed to start it tomorrow if it’s not up for me today!??!?!?!?!

  581. I love these workouts! I really wanted to tone my body and gain some lean muscle, and these videos do so much in so little time, they’re great! Plus I absolutely love how encouraging Cassey is and how she admits to feeling that burn, too. It makes it so much easier to keep going. I’m only through the first week and I’m already feeling fitter and more energetic.

  582. Mechelle says:

    Hello Everyone!
    I am really confused on whether or not we are suppose to do the workout and add cardio?

    If so, how many minutes of cardio?

    Also, do you repeat the videos for repititions or just do them once?

    I want to get the best results!!!!

  583. Hiya :) I’ve been having that horrible cramp too! Someone on the app said it could be due to a magnesium deficiency? Hope you feel less crampy soon xx

  584. Hi Becca.. Thanks for the tip – I’ll remember that!

    I’ve decided I’m going to incorporate stretching for flexibility I to each days workout.. Either before or after, as flexibility is a real toughie for me at the moment :-)

  585. Hey there!
    I would like to do this in April and I would like to write about my experience on my blog. Am i allowed to use the picture of the Calender on my blog? I would say where its from and put a link on it to this website.
    xoxo Charity

  586. I just finished the calendar today and I definitely see results! Definition in my legs, arms, and abs!!

  587. Hi,

    I am about to start the beginners chart this week. Just wanted to know, is it best to start on the Sunday and rest on Saturday or is it best to start in the weekday and use the seventh day as my rest day?? Any suggestions, I really want to start as soon as possible but not sure if I should start it on Sunday or start tomorrow.

  588. If you are just starting, you should do the beginners calendar first :)

  589. Thanks! It’s been hard, but I think I’ve improved :) It doesn’t matter how tired I am at the end of the day, I do my blogilates workouts everyday ^^ Although I can’t do roll-ups yet :P
    I would like to say a lot more but my English is limited.
    Again, thank you very much :)

  590. Hi Cassey! I am trying to get back into the swing of workouts after a really long 6 month delay with school I had withdrawal symptoms to not exercising but I was so busy with everything its hard to get back into the swing. Anyways, one really big problem I am having is keeping my back on the ground. My back is always arched upwards even If I try to support my body with my hands or towel. Even my breathing still leaves me with space that I can fit my hands through. Is there any other way I can keep my back on the ground? Thanks Cassey! <3

  591. Marcella says:

    I am on day 6 of the calendar & I am sore but I love it! I believe I need to pair cardio with your videos but how often should I do cardio?

  592. My sister had the same chubby cheek problem for years. She got her food allergy panel done and she sticks to clean eating and avoiding foods that make her sick. She now has a healthy, not super cheeky face, like the rest of the women in our family.

  593. I would say try do your best of it! when waking up sore the best thing to do is stretch! So stretch the sore areas and just try to do the routine anyway =]

    Just a quick tip when doing day 11 stretch before and after cause those glad you came calf excercises killed my for four days after! I couldn’t walk!!

  594. I did Day 4 yesterday, and didn’t really get the hang of the bubble butt stuff..didn’t feel it at all. Then this morning I got up and can barely move!! The tops of my thighs at the back, and my inner thighs are so sore..as well as my back (but I think I might have slept funny and done that). I don’t know whether to push through and do day 5 or if I should make today my rest day instead of Sunday.. Any thoughts guys?

  595. I’ve started the beginners calendar a week ago and i coulnd’t do that much immediately but i paused the videos when i needed a break and then i started again after 30 sec with the remaining, so i’ve done all :) i think it is no problem to make little breaks if you cannot do everything at a time. we all start from the bottom, we just have to don’t give up :) just go on girl and don’t give up! <3

  596. If I am not able to do the whole video, but I almost did it or if I just do 12 abs instead of 20, should I go on with the next day or should I repeat the day?
    Please help :)
    I don’t if I am too tired today or day five was much harder! :P

  597. Hey i just discovered Biogilates and i was wondering if i start exercising now do i need the March 2014 calender?

  598. You should probably call your doctor and ask! Better safe than sorry.

  599. I have such a hard time doing the leg circles. I never feel it in my legs because my hips cramp up before I can feel it. I have to stop and stretch my thighs then I continue and they cramp up again. Does anyone have any advice about getting my hips to stop cramping up?

  600. sarah alsaud says:

    on this calendar, there is no Arm workout ?

  601. I’m just about to do day 25 of the calendar and I must say I’ve been loving it so far! I have a job at a bakery/candystore type place so I struggle with cravings a lot. Overall I manage to eat relatively clean, and combined with POP Pilates I have been seeing and feeling quite impressive results already! Definitely going through with this. I’m so pumped to start doing the more advanced video’s the april calendar will have in store for all of us! Thank you Cassey!

  602. You can do the workout whenever you want! Even though it says for example “wake up and do a 1 min plank” that doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it when you wake up – as long as you do it sometime throughout the day, I think you will be just fine! I always do the “wake up and…” exercises right before the rest of the videos because I don’t have time in the morning. Although they would give you a nice and energetic start to the day, the time of when you perform the exercise doesn’t really matter THAT much :) Good luck!

  603. I meant you not I in the first sentence… Whoops ^.^

  604. I only have to do the wake up& do something in the morning, so it’s alright if you do the workout in the evening! Hopefully I was able to help!

  605. Hey! So great that you finished the calendar!
    Was it hard? did you see good results? thanks!

  606. Hola Cassey!

    Hi i am going to start out your 4 weeks beginners workout from tomorrow, the calender says that one should start the workout after waking up in the morning. I have classes early in the morning, is it okay if i start to workout in the evening or the afternoon?

  607. stupid question but should I add cardio or HIIT to this plan? I already have some toned muscles but I still want to lose fat.. Please help! :)

  608. I just finished day one….though finished is a strong word lol My legs were killing me, let me tell u lifting these thunder thighs and making circles had me screaming, groaning and thinking ‘just u wait, u won’t be this big by the of this month of workouts!’ Here’s to eating clean and working hard :)

  609. Dani&Tina says:

    We finished the calender!
    So happy
    Thanks Cassey <3

  610. Michelle says:


    Thank you for your response! That is the type of plank I had been doing. But then I watched her video where she shows all 4 kinds so then I wasn’t sure! :)

  611. Hey! What is the best fat shedding cardio workout? I have a lot of muscle and just a layer of fat around it. Please help!

  612. how did everyone print it out?? i want it a full page but i cnt get it

  613. Hi,

    I always have hard time with starting doing something. Last year I went to gym for 6 months, for the first time in my life. I don’t have any problems with my weight… only sometimes I feel like their not at the right places. Also I have a question… I have this fat chubby face even though I’m skinny person. I never lost my fat chubby face… it makes me look like a 5 year old kid. How can I get a nice tight face? do you have any tips for that? I’m gonna try to start doing this…. thank you for your wonderful sweet videos, I like how you are training through out the entire workout… it kinda makes us feel like we are at the gym school. THANK YOU for thinking beginners also.

  614. Karen Tippett says:

    Hi Cassey, I love the workouts and especially love that they are free and easy to do anywhere! Takes the ‘can’t get motivated to leave the house’ factor out of it.
    I find that when abducting my hips they tend to clunk a lot. Any idea what causes this? Doesn’t hurt but I can hear and feel it.

  615. I did the one on the toes and the elbows

  616. Michelle says:

    I have a question about the 1 min plank on the beginners calendar. I just watched her ABs video where she shows us 4 different ways to do a plank. Which type of plank should I be doing during the “wake up & do 1 min plank” on the calendar? I had only ever done one type of plank before seeing her video where she showed us the 4 ways of doing it. Just wasn’t sure which one was better to do on those days.

  617. Hi, Cassey! I’ve just finished day 3 and I’m enjoying it a loy! Unfortunately, I’ve just realized that I’ve an injury near my cóccix :( I must have done something wrong along the way. How may I avoid this? I’m already doing the exercises on a yoga mat. May I use a folded sheet under the area to protect it? Thanks! =* kisses!
    PS: Should I rest for a few days until it is completely recovered or may I continue doing the beginner’s calendar?

  618. It’s day 9 for me, and I did the total body workout for the second time yesterday. My whole body was very sore last week after doing it for the first time but I am not feeling sore anymore today, and I am sure that’s because I am getting stronger. I am definitely looking forward to getting more fit, stronger, and healthier. Thanks Cassey!

  619. Hey Cassey!
    I’m starting to use your workout calendar and the 12 week meal plan! I love it! I just want to know, is the meal plan designed for afternoon workouts (protein powder is meal 4), or can I work out at any time and still burn off all the calories?

    Thank you!

  620. Hey guys I have a question.I had a knee injury a few months ago and even tho it’s healed now I’m pretty much paranoid of my knee jumping out and causing the same injury again *I have shallow kneecaps so my knees can pretty much jump out on “their own”* ~ I tried everything to loose weight and seeing a lot of you happy with progress and how positive Cassey is I wanted to give this a try :) .So I just wanted to check if it’s “safe” to do these exercises? Because I see a lot of movement going on here haha :3
    Thanks in advance! <3 *any suggestion/comment is welcome ^^*

  621. Hi guys, I tried to load the call me maybe squats but it is ban. Anyone have download it?

  622. Hey Cassey!
    I watched a few of your videos now, and I really liked them! I will start this tomorrow, because it’s 9 pm now ^^ but earlier, I was a person who said: eh, I’m gonna start next monday… But now I start tomorrow, no matter what! thank you so much, I’m really excited for this calendar :D

  623. vilmachu says:

    Hi! I’ve been doing Cassey’s videos for a looong long time but now I’m about to start doing the beginner’s calendar. I’d like to know if there is a good meal plan that would fit this calendar? It seemed a bit hard for me to find a suitable one from this website.. I have problems with eating enough and since I’m about to get started with a healthier life style using this calendar, I think it would be super important to maintain a healthy diet as well :)
    Thanks in advance!

    Love, Vilma

    Greetings from Finland!

  624. I lost 4 pounds (probably water weight, but still) and my butt is a lot more lifted now. My stomach has more definition and my thighs are firmer

  625. They can be done whenever you have time or feel like doing them. Its completely up to you. And absolutely you can add to it. I usally do the days vidoes and then go on and add a couple more of her videos that target certain areas that my body has problems with (ie muffin top). I always make sure I do 30 minutes or more of Cassey and I always walk for about 45 minutes daily too.

  626. Hey there! I am not the expert here, but I think you can do this! I am on week 2 and have been talking to a few others who have started the calender. The videos in this calender start with easy moves, but every beginner (if overweight or not) seems to have a hard time with at least some of them! It can be really exhausting and difficult. But even if you have trouble in the beginning you shouldn’t lose motivation! WIth time you will feel stronger and you will be able to follow her instructions more easily! You should definitly give it a try. And don’t be upset if you have a hard time in the beginning, it will become more and more easy and when you finished it, you can be so proud of yourself!

  627. Hi Steph! I’m pretty sure you can do these at any time of the day and do additional exercice. I am on week 2 and did a few additional videos plus I play basketball sometimes. I think you can do as much as you want to, as long as you dont over-exhaust your body. It’s important to only do as much as you can really handle so you don’t hurt yourself. Also, when you feel over-exhausted you will probably have a hard time to do the videos on a daily basis. If you want to do your additional exercise like boxing you can make a compromise, for example only do 2 of the 3 videos of the day.

  628. Just finished day 10 on the beginners calendar. Really enjoying this series and you Cassey. Thank you for your motivating videos. I actually look forward to each day, and have put my workouts on the calendar so I don’t have an excuse NOT to work out.

  629. hey,
    question 1: does anyone know of these videos have to be done in the morning or a certain time of day if not otherwise specified?
    question 2: is it ok to do additional exercise on top of this calendar, like running or boxing classes?

  630. I have been wondering the same exact thing. I just finished day 5 and so far I have only noticed how out of shape I really am, lol. However I do feel that with everyday I am a little bit stronger. Keep in mind though that muscle weighs more than fat, so while doing these workouts you might notice the scale isnt going down, but you are still getting stronger and building muscle. Once you build some muscle then your body should start getting rid of fat. By the time you finish the beginner calendar you should see a difference in definition of your abs, etc. And if you keep working on monthly calendars by the end of two months (8ish weeks) you should notice small changes weight. Hopefully I didnt just totally confused you.

  631. of course you can! You have to work out in a way that is best for your body and what meets your needs. You will obviously see quicker results if you follow the calendar 100%, but if doing only 2 videos a day works for you then that is perfectly fine.

  632. has anybody lost weight after completing the beginners calender? or seen a difference in their body???? i am on week 2

  633. Just finished my sixth day of POP Pilates Beginners Challenge! Feel so good! I also have been doing Want U Back Arms for 5 days in a row now! Can’t wait to get more advanced in Pilates! Thank you so much Cassey, you are a joy to watch!!!

    Isaiah 40:31 “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

  634. I wanted to know the same thing, actually. I did the entire beginners calendar (which has 20-minute long workouts, usually) and I still want to do 20-30 min workouts for now (just to get into the habit of working out every day)…. can I move on to the normal calendars but just pick a few videos instead of doing the full hour?

  635. *Pilates

  636. I have only been doing posted for a week and a half… But personally I think that Cassey does such a great job in her videos, you barely know that it has been an hour (or however long). Again, that’s just me! But I think you should stick with it! Do what you can!! : )

  637. Hi
    I have a question.
    In the March Calender there are four videos.
    Every video takes 15 minutes. 4 videos 1 hour.
    I think it’s too long. Can I choose two, or?
    Does anyone know it?
    Thank you

  638. vaishnavi gosavi says:

    hi cassey
    i’m 17 year old from india and i am overweight. will i be able to do the workout?

  639. i like this.i am just beginning today..

  640. i like this video…your fitness program is so good..

  641. Hi Cassey,

    I have been doing your videos for a while now and have finished the beginners calendar. I found out I was pregnant recently and decided to go back through and do the beginners workouts again. I had to take about 2 weeks off and when I came back to start the first day, I found that it was more uncomfortable than normal. I was wondering if you have or have considered doing any prenatal pilates videos, or if you can suggest modifications…or maybe recommend some other videos that I can watch to continue the pilates throughout the pregnancy. I have consulted with my dr and she has okay’d me to do pilates.

    Thank you,


  642. Im beginning today and im so ready and pumped for this!! Thanks Cassie <3

  643. Hi :)

    I really like these videos but I’ve been having trouble remembering to do the lateral breathing while focusing on the exercises themselves. Does anyone have any tips or tricks? I’d really appreciate your input!


  644. I am on my 8th day of the beginners calendar. I love it! However, On the 7th day (rest day) I found myself developing a case of the lazies. I know from past experiences with pilates and yoga that some classes offer a meditation type of exercise where you relax close your eyes and so on.

    Cassy it would be awesome if you could load a video like that for the rest days to help keep people like me to not be so lazy on that seventh day.

  645. Hey, i was struggeling a bit with it too, but you just can check it out easily on youtube if you search for it :)

  646. Hi Ann,

    Me too! I’m also beginning today.

    Burpees and teasers are probably workout moves, just like squats or push ups.
    I wish you great succes!

  647. Krystal says:

    I started a group on Facebook for the beginners calendar, for people to talk to others doing the same thing, to motivate each other, to connect. I will be starting the calendar on the 12th of March. https://www.facebook.com/groups/550606911713130/

  648. Hi. I have printed the Beginners calendar and will start tomorrow :)
    Bur for me, who’s Norwegian, some of the words and terms are a bit tricky. Do you think you can make links to your suggestions on the calendar as well? (the ones in pink) I have no idea what for instance burpees and teasers are…
    Thank you for sharing your passion and skills with us – you are a great inspiration. I hope at the age of 33, going on 34, I will finally get fit. Additionally, if I can get rid of mye post pregnancy belly it would me great! ;)

  649. good luck to both of us^_^ I hope I can do it to the very end

  650. Hi Cassey, I just wanted to thank you for these awesome videos! I’m on day13 on the beginners calendar and you have helped me sooooooo much. Your positive attitude and your brilliant smile gets me through each session and makes me want to come back tomorrow. Thanks you so much. Love you

  651. Awwww my calves are aching….. I will try it everywhere as long as people don’t see me doing that I enjoy this workout and I’m happy Cassey

  652. a! I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and how grateful I am to you!I’ve definitely gotten so much stronger in the month that I’ve started blogilates and now I can do your regular workouts without stopping. I’ve combined this with this fitness club at my school and I feel better than ever. Plus, I love your meal plans! Thank you!

  653. Hey guys! I’m only on day 3 and I already feel loads better. Somethings are still a little tough, but I love it! Good luck to everyone! ^-^

  654. SarahRose says:

    Best of luck to you two! I work out with my mom, who has just started the beginners workout, and I make her try one of the regular schedule videos. It helps with the transition into next month, and gear up!
    You both will feel amazing in just a few days! I noticed that I felt stronger inside in two weeks! Good luck! :)

  655. First day for my friend and me. Just enjoy

  656. So this I around 2 for me on the beginners calendar I tried to do it before I got more then halfway then for some reason I stopped I feel so horrible then I started up on the regular calendar but I can’t do it I think I’m more out of shape then before so going back to the beginners and I hope to succeed and starting to keep track on my eating with my fitness pal. Hope I can do it :) good luck with everyone else’s.

  657. Karolina says:

    Hi Cassey :*
    I am slightly backward. Today I begin POP PILATES FOR BEGINNERS!
    previously i practiced with you, but only selected movies. from today I practice with the calendar. I’m so excited!! <3 Luv Ya <3

  658. I’m on day 9 and I can’t believe the difference – Ab time was so much easier than last week! I had to do a hands and toes plank instead of elbows and knees, I didn’t think I would be able to see progress this fast. I was at the gym two times a week before but working out 6 times a week has made a huge difference. I can’t wait for tomorrow! Thank you for the calendar!

  659. Click on it, then save the pic on your computer and print from there. Good luck!

  660. What r u doing after finishing this calendar??….
    I finished the beginner calendar and I’m repeating it again cuase I can’t follow with the advance March calendar :'(

  661. Hey!
    Starting this again, i used to use this youtube channel a lot until i got an eating disorder (not because of this site) but because i went over board. i am totally recovered now and i wanna be healthy now, not too skinny but not feeling slugish like i do at the moment, but i have a stupid question… i cant find the print button!!! i want to start with something slow and ease into exercise, but i need to print 1st!

  662. Elizabeth says:

    So pumped that you have a beginner’s calendar! I have 2 kids, 3 year old and an almost 4 month old. Needless to say I am much more flabby then I would like to be and have a strong desire to be leaner and stronger! So, guess what?! I am starting TOMORROW! Woot woot!

  663. i’m starting tomorrow with beginners program.
    feeling excited!!!


  664. NeyshaNichole20 says:

    Hey Cassie, I just started the beginner calender today. The thing is though, on the app it keeps saying it’s day 8. I want to be able to be caught up with everyone else but I’m behind 8 days. What should I do?

  665. Thank-you this really wants to make me finish what I had started! I am on day 4 and I can’t wait till I will be able to say I had finished the calendar! :)

  666. Try repeating it. Or alternating between the beginner calendar and the monthly calendar.

  667. Starting the beginners, can’t wait!! did the 5 best ab exercises yesterday, my core was burning!

  668. Honey Hunn says:

    Yayy! I’m finally finish with my beginners calendar. For the first time, it was so tough! My whole body felt the soreness so bad. Yayy for me, now i can feel the difference on my body. I’m getting fit, more flexible and much healthier than before. For the beginners out there, what can i say is you must not easily give up, trust me this is the beginning for you guys to be better in the future. The most important is you must always have the determination to succeed. :)

    Thanks to cassey, you’re my inspiration. :) :* <3

  669. i still don’t get the code for the free work outs calender:s

  670. Stretch before and after your workout session.

  671. I think it’s better to exercise when you’re not tired so that you can put more effort into it and hence get more out of the workout. Also, some people say it’s better to do exercise in the morning because you’ll get the effect of elevated metabolism throughout the day.

    I also like the exercise in the morning just because it leaves me in a good mood and a healthy mindset for the rest of the day! :)

  672. In one run for a better effect!

  673. What would you recommend to do after the beginners calendar? I’m not ready for the regular calendar though b/c I can’t do this everyday and it’s too hard for me!

  674. Hey,
    On day four I could not go past the second video. I stopped mid way at crazy core workout. Can someone tell me if they’re going through the same? What can I do now?

  675. You always have to stretch, but no before and after every single video, just when you’re going to start to work out and when you finish. You have to do each video 1 time, each day are 2 or 3 videos so you have to do the videos indicated for each day of the calendar.

  676. When you follow the calendar you do each video on the calendar only 1x. But you do each one suggested for that day.

  677. Sice I am a beginner, I know I should use the beginners monthly calendar nut at what point should I start using the regular one?

  678. Sice I am a beginner, I know I should use the beginners monthly calendar nut at what point should I start using the regular one?

  679. I am just starting out on this journey and am really looking forward to it! Just did my first day and it reminds me of my old dance warm ups so I am SUPER excited!! I want my old dancers body back and I cannot wait to get it with these videos! Thank you for putting together this beginners video set! I also bought your dvd! This is going to be great! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

  680. Is it better to do all the workouts assign for a day in one run or spacing them out throughout the day? I just start today so I’m not sure what to do to get the best result.

  681. Hi all,
    I am just starting this journey!
    Could you please help me with the calendar? how many times should we repeat the videos? anything to do before or after!!!
    Great Thanks

  682. hi Cassey, thanks for the motivation you’re giving me and obviously to everyone. What calendar should i do after this “Beginner’s Calendar” coz I’m almost done with it?… Pretty excited!

  683. Anabel Juarez says:

    Love the videos. I had a baby 5 months ago, I am back at work and I am nursing. I am trying to get in a routine and I love your videos because they are short to the point, and I get the best workout. I love your meal post of Facebook and cant wait to see the results! Thanks so much!

  684. anniebells says:

    Been following your videos off and on for about two years now.. And I truly appreciate you because your videos are basically the only reason I work out. Everyone else has bored me to death or left me feeling unmotivated. Granted I have have fallen off the work out wagon a few times now – BUT I keep coming back to your videos because they are FUN ! And your personality inspires me. I thank you. And hope you never stop !

  685. You are encouraged to do cardio on the side, but pilates itself isn’t cardio (though it can really get your heart beating!). Pilates strengthens and tones your whole body, increasing strength, flexibility, and balance, while decreasing your flabby areas. I’ve done pilates off and on for years, and I certainly remember the times I did it regularly as being times when I was particularly well rested, positive, and just felt all around great. I ran as my cardio for about half the days I did pilates. I’m about to start another pilates binge. You should definitely give it a shot!


  686. I love you Cassey! (: <333

  687. I’ll start tomorrow with this training program, but I was wondering if I can do this all in the morning, or is it better to spread it out through the day? I leave home at 7.00 and I’m back between 6.30 and 7.30. And I’m soooo tired in the evening. But if it’s better to do some exercices in the evening in stead of doing everything in the morning, I’ll do that. I want to do this in the best way possible!

  688. Starting Week 3 tomorrow. I am really excited! My stomach is already flatter after only 2 weeks. I can’t wait to see the results after 2 more. I forgot how much I love pilates! Yay!

  689. Hello! I was just wondering if you guys can help me out here!
    Does pop pilates combined with cardio work? More importantly, I just want to know what’s the main purpose and benefits of doing pilates ^^ does pilates tone and shape body whilst losing weight?
    Thank you for your help ^__^

  690. So sore from yesterday! On day 2!!

  691. I don`t understand if I am supposed to warm up before these videos eatch day or warm-up is included in the videoes? It doesnt feel enough with just the video sometimes when I start, some muscles are still cold, it would be text somewhere explaining if you need to warmup before. So people don´t hurt themselves!

  692. Erica Selby says:

    Thank you for all the videos, inspiration and for making fitness fun. I’m 15 weeks pregnant and I’m doing your beginners calendar, since i figured that would be low impact. Would you be willing to put something together for the pregnant ladies? Id love to be able to follow a program throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Thank you so much.

  693. Hey everyone! (: I just started this today and already love it! I have a few questions though. Do we have to do all the workouts at the same time, or can we spread them out through out the day? And I know it says wake up…(and do whatever) so does that mean we don’t do the workouts in the morning or that we do? Thanks and I’m so happy to be a part of this!(:

  694. Hey guys! I just started the program few days ago! I have some questions, of course…
    First: How many times I should repeat the exercises for a day? I mean… I do them now just once while watching the videos. I am not sure if this is working enough? Yes, first days I had such pain on my ‘ribs’ and such tension while doing the exercises, but… Should I raise it to twice a day?

    Second: Can I combine the Beginners workout with the New Body Make Over Meal Plan, 12 weeks?

    Third: Is it a biig problem that I love, I mean LOVE drinking coffee? I can’t quit :( It’s just like some people are addicted to.. chocolate, i am to coffee :)

    Would be nice if someone can answer on my post.
    Thanks in advance! :)

  695. I don’t feel any soreness either. I feel it during,but not after. I think it’s because her workouts are short so there’s not really enough time for extreme strenuous activities on your muscles. That’s why I do videos like these. If you really want to feel sore then you can do one of those killer workouts like Insanity, or some Jillian Michele stuff, but those aren’t as motivational as Cassey But wait till you do the calves challenge.You’ll b sore for days & that’s saying something since I’m a distance runner >_<.

  696. I just had a question I have your workout calendar on my phone and are you able to do 2 or 3 workouts in the morning then the other ones at night or do you have to do them all at the same time?

  697. ive been sucking my stomach in.. i dont feel anything. im on week 2 day 2 now and i dont feel any soreness from yesterday at all

  698. Hey Cassey! I was wondering about the Beginner Workout Calendar if we are supposed to do other workouts with it or is it enough to get results from your calendar? Like do a 30 on the elliptical or something? I would like to get a nice toned butt and just an overall, hot bod. Aha. And for the meals, do we have to do your meals or can we just stick to a clean diet and lots of water?

  699. I’m starting week 2 today, and I’m going through the exact thought process you are. My advice (and what I’m going to do) is just finish this calendar and maybe do a bit cardio with it, as the days go by, the work outs will increase in intensity and duration. See how you feel after week 3, if it’s still not rewarding enough, add some videos :)

  700. Starting week two tomorrow. I’m super excited!!! XD I just hope I start seeing slight results by the end of this week. It is discouraging when you are consistently doing something and never see results. I am feeling the soreness in my muscles after each workout which is a good sign. Sometimes after the workouts though I feel I could do more and it’s not enough. Is it ok to do more or is it best to progress slowly. I don’t want to make myself too sore to the point I can’t workout the next day but I really want to push myself harder and some of the videos are a bit too short for me. Can anyone recommend some good blogilates videos to increase the intensity on some of my days?

  701. The number one mistake made when working out is your point of focus. You’re focusing more on the action rather than the muscle your working out.I used to do that a lot when working out my arms. If you’re doing it right then over time you’ll start feeling the burn. I have a nice visible six pack and even after a while I can feel the effect on my abs, so that’s not a possibility. Make sure you listen to her directions and make adjustments if necessary. Also, the sucking in of you belly button is also very very important. It actually creates a contraction and forces you to use more strength than necessary which works your abs even more. Good luck.

  702. Hi Girlies
    I’m starting the 90 Day Challenge on February the 17th.
    Follow my Tumblr blog to see how I go with it! I’ll be posting regularly, to let you guys know what I think of the program and how I’m coping.
    Here’s a link to my Tumblr – http://blogilatescllnge.tumblr.com/
    Or just search Blogilateschllnge

    :) Thanks!

  703. Kisha1012 says:

    I’m going to start day 1 tomorrow. Do I need to do any other cardio to warm up or end the workout?

  704. I think you’ll feel it after a day or two just like I did before. If not, then maybe you can move on to a much more intense ab workout~ :)

  705. It really helps me! Thank you^-^!!!!!!S2

  706. It really helps me! Thank you!!!!! X)

  707. All you have to do is sign up for her newsletter via email! She sends the passwords for the monthly calendars using those. Its in the box on the top left of her webpage :) Hope that helps

  708. You just need to subscribe to the email list! There’s a box to subscribe at the top left of the page – no Facebook or Instagram required. Cassey sends out emails every once in a while with new videos and a nice hello and sends out the new calendar password every month.

  709. I have had the same thing. No soreness in my abs. I was wondering why as well.

  710. Maybe the workouts are easy for you :)

  711. Just finished my first week of the beginners calendar, and am so pleased to say that it’s working, and it’s doable as a beginner.

    Also, I absolutely LOVE that you have a some plus size options in your shop…it may sound silly, but it’s super discouraging when trying to work out as a bigger girl means having to wear frumpy sweats, because no work out clothing fits me!!

  712. Im on day 4 and i havent noticed any soreness in my abs, only my legs and butt. Whats going on?

  713. Om day three complete I feel so amazing right now. Thanks so much Cassy!!!!!

  714. Hi Mariam!

    I just finished day three of the beginner calendar and I’m enjoying it so far. I was just curious as to if you could see any noticeable changes in your body after completing this calendar? I’m not sure if this is more of a ‘learn the basics’ kind of video, or one that teaches and also gets you in noticeable shape too.

    Good luck on the rest of your journey!

  715. YAY! So excited that I was able to finish Day 8 without completely feeling overwhelmed! I feel so great knowing I finished week one :) I love the feeling of toning my body and I can already tell I am improving.

  716. Thanks a lot…this was very nice of you n quite motivating…I feel happier after reading this…:). ..it somehow help cheer me on to try my best…

  717. Thank you…I’ll message you or something then…I think I really need a motivation person cause I give up too soon…

  718. Nice idea! Good work!
    I’ll suggest it on my fitness website!

  719. Hallo, I´m starting today and I´m so glad, that there is anyone who has this whole funny workout program :) Thanks ♥

  720. Hey there :)
    I am going to print the calander tmrw and start workout.
    I wonder one thing, uh.. I tried to see the February workout schedule, but I dont know the password
    so i cant see it ;(
    I dont use facebook, and instagram, then I dont have ways to see the monthly schedule?
    Plz anyone let know me ㅠ^ㅠ

  721. I think I’m going to do the beginner’s calendar again…I just liked it so much and I really want to try perfecting each video.

  722. to the people who have completed this, have you noticed a difference in your body at all? (physic wise) im trying to get in shape as fast as i can (3 months) so do you think if i do this, along with healthy eating plus cardio, and then the march calendar and the april calendar i will be able to get toned for summer? im already very thin, my stomach is almost flat, i just have a lower tummy pooch and my thighs and butt are not toned at all.

  723. ohh i love this i am starting today!!!

  724. I’m going to start today!!!!!

  725. I’m going to start today! Thanks! :)

  726. I’m a beginner and i was wondering if you show the roll ups,plans or burpees in your videos? how do i know if i’m doing it right?

  727. Shirley Camilleri says:

    Cassey…I must confess you are a true gem…I stumbled on your workouts through pinterest…for the longest time I have been on yoyo diets and a HUGE Cardio Queen..yes I loose weight but never able to wear shorts cuz…I still jiggle…everywhere…your workouts have really opened my eyes and have realized there is more to working out then cardio..you have become my inspiration to actually loose weight and shape my body into a body that I can look in the mirror and be happy….thanks Cassey and continue to do what you do…you love what you do and it shows…..xoxo

  728. Hi Meuni,

    I know exactly what you mean, I’m exactly the same ==> Doing nothing, lose motivation easily and eat unhealthy, never eating veggies or fruits..
    I’m doing these excersises for a week now (started last Monday) and I’m already getting used to excercising each day!

    I am such a quitter on these kinds of thing, but having that calendar with me is like a motivation to me. Weird what a piece of paper can do :-).
    On day 7 (rest day) I even felt weird doing nothing. So I looked up a vid from Cassey and did it.
    I know, what is wrong with me? :D

    You will notice that, when you start this, you’ll get really used to doing it each day. And feel better! I noticed that I don’t feel so sad or tired anymore since I started this and actually more active.
    Ok, some excercises are though! But don’t let that get you down, if you can’t hold an excercise, then stop for a second and proceed. You will notice that when the time passes, you can hold the excercise you couldn’t before. And that will make you proud of yourself.
    Hope this will help you get trough this :)


  729. Hey Meuni!
    I’m Siti and I’m just starting this out too. Yesterday was my first day and i could feel my body aching from the workout (it’s a good sign i hope! lol). But I’m determined to finish it all through. If u need a friend to go through this journey together then you can message me at [email protected] and we could motivate each other k cos I know it could get rough! Here’s to our healthy new beginning! Cheers!


  730. I hope I may be able to do this…I lose motivation easily….But I really hope to change myself…I know I’m unhealthy, especially the way I eat…I grew up never eating vegetables. I would spit out the vegetables as soon as I taste it. I’m trying to start eating healthy and am trying to improve myself. I believe this calendar will be the first step. I hope I succeed. Gosh, I’m so excited for this!

  731. I’m supposed to do all the exercises in day 5 for example , one after the other ?
    or one in the morning’one in afternoon .. ????

  732. Hey Cassie,

    I just started doing the calendar and I can see and feel the effect it has on my body. I think this is a great idea. I would just like to tell you that, you are really inspiring and you are motivating me to become more healthier and fitter. Keep on doing blogilates because I assure you, you are inspiring a lot of people to become healthier and fitter. Thank you for putting time into making this calendar.

  733. Once this is ready, she normally releases a monthly calendar. You can follow that. It will be similar, in terms of set up, like the January one that there is now =D

  734. I finished the calendar and it has been such a great journey and hopefully it will continue i have learned so much and i can do many things. Is the best decision I have ever made, the first time it was really hard but then the videos would go fast and i was better at it and the feeling its amazing, It truly becomes a life style and I can’t believe i did it this far, Thank you so much Cassey for this, you are such an inspiration, I will keep doing all the calendars they are just awesome

  735. Started today! Determined to do this for the four weeks to see the difference in my body :) But I barely got through the workout today! I will do it though! Hopefully I’ll get stronger :)

  736. scarescratch says:

    this is so helpful thank you thank you thank you soo much

  737. So excited to do this! I’m actually doing this for a semester long class project. I can’t wait to see the end results.

  738. Hi Cassey!
    I have been doing the beginners calendar for two weeks now and I can see a change in my body, as well as my strength. What I was wondering is what calendar I should do after I finish the beginners one in order for me to be compatible with it in terms of strength, as I said above, this is the first time I have started an exercise routine involving pilates.
    Thank you, you are such an inspiration!

  739. Annabelle says:

    Can this work if i want to gain weight?

  740. You are really awesome!! Im so happy i found your website!! I lost 4 lbs from doing your workouts and using myfitnesspal! i only started two weeks ago!! Im so thankful that i dont need to spend money or join any memberships to do this. And most importantly, it’s working so far!! Hopefully i reach my goal and be able to share my success with you!! I hope you continue to help people like me. You’re such a blessing!!!

  741. Cassandra says:

    Hello Cassey,

    I am a fan from Philippines. It is my first day today to try this beginner’s calendar work out and I am completely optimistic about this. Thank you so much for posting this great idea. Love you!

  742. hello, I am Brazilian now started your training!
    I have problem of short column shortened muscle ….
    medical indication is pilates!!
    I’m super excited!
    I loved your videos!
    I will comment the results here Ok!

  743. I’m on day 2 of my beginners workout and I already feel great about all this!!! :D Thank you Cassey for helping all of us out ! You’re truly amazing!! <3 <3

  744. once

  745. LauraRM01 says:

    I am on day 19 of the beginners calendar. Out of excitement I did the drive by inner thighs challenge on day 27…. TWICE!!!!! I loved it. It burnt, in a great way!!! Really awesome!!! Thank you Cassie.

  746. Hey Tyisha,
    New calendars are posted monthly. Once you finish that one you could start with the rest of the followers on the calendar month you are currently in. :-)

  747. how many pounds can you loose in 4 weeks

  748. Glad you came calves made it almost impossible to walk for two days! Not at all what I was expecting but I truly love your videos! just following the beginners workout makes me feel better all through the day. Thanks so much Cassy!

  749. how many times do you have to do the workouts in a day?

  750. Thank you soooo muc, Cassey!

  751. Hey Cassey,
    I started your calendar for a few days now. But I am not sure how long I have to be doing the exercise for.. I was wondering what is a good length of workout time for each day is. So the ABC’s workout killed me 75% through the video. But for some reason I am feeling like I am not doing it enough even though it really burned.. what should I do? Thank you!

  752. trisha yeild says:

    will this calender help me lose weight because i still have a lot of fat

  753. Hello Casey!

    I’m almost finished the begginers calendar what calendar should I follow next?

  754. Just found out about this beginners calendar today and I’m so happy I did. I will definitely be sticking to this regime for the next month. I’m super happy I was able to find this because balancing exercise with school is already hard; Having this all organized will make it that much more easy and realistic for me. Thanks Cassey!

  755. Hi Cassey,

    Found your blog by accident, and happy I did. On day 3 today, my lower abs are killing from the ABC’s yesterday! Just wanted to say I really love your teaching style, the conversational flow is great. Your fantastic, and I can’t wait to start another series with you once I finish the beginners!

  756. I kind off stumbled across your video’s in youtube, I tried your for beginner’s video and was happily surprised. Now that was yesterday. Today I find myself wanting to do it again, and now I’m all subscribed and all :D Because you made this FUN.

    I was really, really, and once more really happy to find someone that shares workout’s for free! I’m a student, so would probably not buy anything like this.

    Thank you for being such a fresh breeze of bubbliness!

  757. Eythan Geola says:

    just done with my day 2 workout..feels good..thanks Cassey :)

  758. Is there a good way to integrate a 3-mile run two or three times a week into this schedule? I’m a recreational runner new to full-body workout regimes. :)

  759. Which meal plan goes best with this calender?

  760. This thing really keeps me sane in days of stress. Thank you for that! I finished my first week today and I am really glad I started with the begginers calendar even if I am familiar with the basic pilates moves and I am not completely out of shape (you’ve challanged this for several times, though!) I have tried several online pilates videos, but your personality and rhythm suits me best.
    Wish you all the best, Cassey!

  761. Woohoo!! First day done! I can do this, big determination! Love that I can do this at home when i feel like I dont have the “time” to go to the gym (like this morning at 4:30am). So far i really feel it in my core and thighs. Cant wait to see what the rest of the 4 weeks has in store for me! 9 months till my big day :)

  762. Hi, I’m having the same problem! It’s day 14 and my calves are killing me. I’m stretching my claves now every hour, trying to relieve the pain.. But I won’t know till tomorrow if it helped. I think we may have used too heavy weights when doing that excercise.. Is your pain now gone, because I’m wondering how long this is going to last. Thanks! And I’m loving the rest as well, only that particular excercise was kind of a dissapointment afterwards haha.

  763. Working out is not just about losing weight, it’s about building a healthier body. I don’t think you should stop – just make sure you are eating enough calories to account for your daily needs PLUS to supplement the calories burned during work outs. Eat at least 1200 a day, girlie!

  764. Wow you’re on day 15, that’s an achievement of and in itself. If you’re not feeling proud about that (especially since you’re only 70 percent invested), you should be!
    I have a poster on my bedroom wall that says “Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won’t go if your mind doesn’t push it.” Don’t feel bad when Cassey encourages you to do something you can’t do [yet], just try your hardest MENTALLY. It’s important to tell yourself that you CAN do it, or that you WILL go as far as you CAN, even if it’s not as far as Cassey can go.
    It also seems you have a bit of a negative perception on exercise. Instead of focusing on the pain in your calves and telling yourself it’s a bad thing (too much for beginner’s), tell yourself that pain is GOOD because that pain means your muscles are CHANGING, becoming stronger!! And also, your calves are screaming but obviously you made it through the workout, so obviously it’s not too hard for beginner’s!! See what I mean?
    Hope I helped, even though I’m a complete stranger.
    And don’t give up!
    It’s not how skilled you are, or how far you can go, it’s how committed you are!! Stay committed you’re already 50% finished this calendar!!!

  765. I really love this beginners workout calendar. I haven’t been very concise with my workout schedule, so I found this really good to get into! It starts off easy, which is good as I need a small little push to get back to where I was! I actually feel really motivated starting off here, it makes me feel like I can achieve anything, one step at a time! Fantastic videos, thanks you Cassey! Day 3!

  766. You should eat a lot and also exercise :)

  767. Jessica Sophia says:

    First day done! I slept in this morning and I was worried that I’d failed before I’d even begun, but then I got in from the grocery shop, had the potatoes on boil and though ‘flip it, I can do it whilst they cook!’. SOOOOO glad I did.

  768. Rachel Espinosa says:

    I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to really dedicate myself but I’m finally going to do it. I just had my first day of popilates and am gonna come running back for more! Can’t wait for tomorrow~ <3

  769. Dafne Gutierrez says:

    Maybe it’s my fault for not doing the morning exercises (I’m only about 70% invested in exercising and losing weight) but ever since the day 12 calf workout video I’ve been in pain. I’m limping and the pain is in the upper calf and to the back of the knee in both legs. That’s too much to ask of a complete beginner like myself, and I also felt horrible when Cassie asked us to replicate her when she was on her back with her legs completed over her. I felt so bad about myself not being able to go past a 90degree angle. I know she means well and it’s my own fault, but why put that move in the *beginners* calendar. Other than that I’ve enjoyed the workout so far, today I’m on day 15, hope I can do most of it with these calves.

  770. doing this routine can get you more fit, i think you should eat healthy and not in small portions like if you want to gain weight, and along with this calendar that really helps tone your body and not be like anorexic skinny

  771. Hey! I am currently in the same boat as you. School made me lose weight and I am naturally a small person and have a fast metabolism. As long as you are eating right you should be fine to do these workouts. Building muscle may add some weight back on. I have been drinking special K protein drinks to make sure my body is fueled and getting the proper nutrients.

  772. Day 2! Hope I can make it! <3

  773. Hey Cassey! Thank you so much for all this, you are just AMAZING!
    After more than a year of procrastination i’m starting this calendar! Anyone from Morocco here starting today as well?? I’d love to join the blogilates community…..

  774. Heeeey,
    I live in Holland and I love your workouts!
    I need to say that hahaha.
    Thanks for make new workouts!

  775. thank you i will

  776. Hello people I need to ask you something. I wanted to start doing some exercise and decided this one would be my routine. I’m in third day ANYWAYS last week I happened to lose weight -too much weight because of stress and eveything happening- OK, don’t throw things at me I know many people want to lose them but my stiuation is not good. Should I go on? Should I wait until I gain enough weight?

  777. I need to ask you guys something. I wanted to start this program and I’m in third day but I need to gain weight -don’t throw things at me ok I’m 16 and I had exams last week and the stress literally killed me and I lost weight- should I go on whit this routine because I want to be healthy or should I stop until I gain enough weight?

  778. I might of been doing it wrong, but the last video hurt my shoulders more than my butt. And I actually did the bridge for the first time in my life – it felt so awesome. DAY 4 DONE THANKS CASSEY!!!!!!!!

  779. I love this calendar.. totally working for me! I dont want to print because it doesnt look at fun on black and white!! lol.

  780. So I just paid $0.99 to get access to this calendar on the app and then saw I could get it here for free -.-

  781. Cassey, thank you so much! You’re gorgeous. Pay no attention to mean people! You’re the first fitness instructor I’ve seen who really inspires me and makes me feel positive and like I can actually do it. I’m doing this month to get back in shape, thank you SOOOO much for this post! <3

  782. I love what you do. Thank you so much for posting the calender.

  783. Hiya, If you are doing this calendar and eating well should you do other exercises, if you want to lose wight as well?

  784. Grape Ape 22 says:

    Day 2 clean eating ,Day 3 of beginners workout calendar. I have confidence I will continue the diet was diffacult the 1st day but getting easier each day and I love the workouts they remind me a lot of my old dance classes that I love , thank you Cassey got all your hard work

  785. Thank you for this calendar Cassey! It is so motivating. I am on day 2 and am loving it so far. I am confident that I will get all the way to day 28. This must have taken so much thought, care, and hard work to put together. Plus it’s free! I couldn’t be more grateful.

  786. Hello beauty! I’m one of those girls with fast metabolism and I’d like to know if i can work out at home (to gain muscles/weight) or it can only be done at gym. Is there some tips or video work outs that you suggest me? thank you so muck :}

  787. I’ve just finished day 3!
    I’m so excited to keep going :)
    I’m so happy I started!
    Love it so far!!

  788. if you are not used to workout use the begginers calendars first, and then continue to the next month calendar, if not, directly start with the january calendar!

  789. if you complete this calendar in january, an you still have day lefts in the month do the january or wait until the february calendar comes out!

  790. Thank you Casey for finally giving me a workout I can stick to! I have tried so many diffrent things and it is crazy. I always do about 2 days maybe 3 skip a day and never end up doing it again. I am on day 6 of the beginers calender and I have not felt more commeted to someone or somthing wight loss wise. I have always been the “fat girl” at school and I am sick of it. I know New Years resolutions are always for breaking (I have broke mine for the past 3 years) but I am going strong and it is all because of you. Thank you :)

  791. Cymbaline says:

    Hi Elisa,

    This will definitely help you build muscle. The aerobics will help you burn fat away so you can see the muscle. I saw a big difference after I completed the calendar. On a side note, I am learning Italian, would you like to be friends and practice English and allow me to practice Italian with you :D

  792. I just started this i am on day 4 im loving it i wanted to know what exercise calendar should i do next should i go straight to jan once im done with this one?

  793. Thanks :) This was really helpful. I was just confused if it mattered weather you work out before or after you eat.

  794. Verona Padayachee says:

    Starting the beginners workout tomorrow .. So excited!! Wish me luck!

  795. Yay, I am so happy I found your website, this beginner workout plan is just what I was looking for! Thanks so much <3

  796. im a little confused. im going the 90 day challenge and I already printed out my meal plan but im not sure what work outs to use?

  797. Whenever you have the time! There is no rule about when in the day you need to workout. Just remember that working out before bed might spike your energy levels and make it hard to sleep. The opposite happens to me – I can pass right out after a hard workout – but it’s something to be aware of.

  798. Whatever time of the day you can stick to!
    Some people think it’s easier to do first thing in the morning, get it out of the way, and kick your day off right. Also, if you save your workout for at the end of the day, it may be easy to convince yourself you’re too tired to do it. Working out too close to bedtime can make it really hard to go to sleep.

    If you have a small break in the middle of your day, do it then!

    A lot of people of blogilates are known to be working out at 1am though. If you get a lot of energy at night and find it hard to sleep, that may be the time to expel it.

    So really, it’s about what works for you :)

  799. Hi! I’m in day 4 now & I have the same problem even if I am not as tall as you >< I think it will become easier gaining core strength too, we'll know after a few weeks. Good luck!

  800. Too say it shortly yes it gets easier. Just do as much as you can and if its really really hard you can alway keep your legs a little bend. And in the end you find that you want to straighten your legs because you have become stronger and want to challenge yourself. Hopefully this helped even a little and you just keep going and you’ll see it yourself.

  801. This is something i feel like i’m actually going to stick with. Sounds fun but i don’t know if it’s my self-esteem or something but i really dislike my thighs and shoulders. They’re muscular and i sort of want to know how to tone them down.

  802. I’m just about 6’0 and I’ve got super long legs. Exercises that require me to keep my legs totally straight, like the double leg lift, are near impossible for me. Will it become easier as I gain core strength? After all, only on Day 3 here.

  803. What time of the day is the best to work out?

  804. I decided to mention you in my blogpost! Blogilates has brought me a lot more motivation than I could ever imagine! I can’t wait to pursue my goals! Check out the post on my blog if you’d like :) http://thejessicalynnblog.blogspot.ca/2014/01/happy-new-year.html


    Isa says:
    January 2, 2014 at 10:04 AM

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hey guys, day one finish! Be on shape is my plan for 2014. Im very tired now, cause i didnt any exercise last year, i was studying a lot… but this year is different! Everyday exercise and in the final of the year, ill put a bikini and feel very good! Im from Brazil and i saw blogilates in a brazilian blog, im so happy to found this! Thanks Cassey for all support that u give to us and in the end, when i get a super body, ill enjoy better the brazlians beaches’!!!
    Cassey u should come here to Rio de Janeiro!!! To show your perfect body for us lol!!!


    Isa says:
    January 2, 2014 at 10:04 AM

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hey guys, day one finish! Be on shape is my plan for 2014. Im very tired now, cause i didnt any exercise last year, i was studying a lot… but this year is different! Everyday exercise and in the final of the year, ill put a bikini and feel very good! Im from Brazil and i saw blogilates in a brazilian blog, im so happy to found this! Thanks cassie for all support that u give to us and in the end, when i get a super body, ill enjoy better the brazlians beaches’!!!
    Cassey u should come here to Rio de Janeiro!!! To show your perfect body for us lol!!!

  807. Hey guys, day one finish! Be on shape is my plan for 2014. Im very tired now, cause i didnt any exercise last year, i was studying a lot… but this year is different! Everyday exercise and in the final of the year, ill put a bikini and feel very good! Im from Brazil and i saw blogilates in a brazilian blog, im so happy to found this! Thanks cassie for all support that u give to us and in the end, when i get a super body, ill enjoy better the brazlians beaches’!!!
    Cassie u should come here to Rio de Janeiro!!! To show your perfect body for us lol!!!

  808. Thanks, Cassie! This was really awesome! Happy 2014 btw! did I mention that this is one of my New Year’s Resolutions?
    In our school, prom is like month from now and this is sooo going to help!
    TY! :))

  809. I would love to try this but I don’t have that much time in the morning, is it possible to do the morning excercises in the evening just before you go to bed? Thank you so much for the calendar, really hope it works, I already love the signing system. xx

  810. I’m getting started tomorrow and can’t be more excited! I started this summer with clean eating and am now adding in a consistent workout plan. I’ve been searching the internet for the past week or so for the place that I think I’ll fit in the most and I think I’ve found it (funny thing I stumbled on this with a youtube search that started with how to use my new food saver for freezer cooking)! I’ve gotten my printables posted to my fridge and am ready to go! Woohoo to starting 2014 off right! I hope you guys make more of the limited edition fit journals available, I want one soooo bad! Doubt that’ll happen though :P

  811. I just finished the POP Pilates for beginners workout! I am incredibly out of shape, so it totally kicked my butt! I’m looking forward to getting fit with you Cassey! Your videos are awesome! :)

    Happy New Year everyone!!

  812. I had to quit and start over because last month I twisted my ankle and I got sick soon after. I am so blessed and thankful for Cassey shooting and uploading these videos for us to use for FREE! I never could find the right routine to use for a beginner like me. I can’t wait to get this train chugging! Cheers to a new me! xx

  813. I’ve been doing the beginners calendar, but as school’s starting, i’m getting lesser and lesser time. Will this calendar still work if i do it on alternate day basis? Which means i’ll complete it in two months instead of one.

  814. Hi, is the first time for me here! I’m Italian, so sorry for my english! I’m trying to loose some extra weight, I started during Xmass period and now I found this beginner calendar and I decided to try. First day is gone, and was good! but I wondering: is this calendar enough for loose kg and build muscles? do I have to add some extra workout or something? on my routine I already do 45 minutes of aerobic, is enough? thanks for the answer and have a preatty nice 2014!

  815. Hi,
    I’ve been working out on and off for the past couple of years, like I will work out but get off track because school and work get in the way. I’m not sure how to schedule my workouts around school and work without leaving my physically drained can anyone help me figure it out please? I’m currently on winter break until the 13th of Jan. I attend school from 7am – 5pm Mon- Thurs. And I usually work Thurs- Sun nights… Someone please help! I hate that feeling of finally getting back on track and then losing it because of school and work :(
    Thanks – Jess

  816. Yes ;) all on youtube for free cause cassey’s awesome

  817. I personally would do cardio before. I feel like it warms me up more. That’s just me though :)

  818. Is this program all on youtube? I won’t have to buy any videos or anything?

  819. Yes it helped. I’ve been told this, I just need to learn how to weight train because I am not too familiar with it . Thank you !!!

  820. Thank you so much . That helped alot . I will definitely save your e-mail!! I appreciate it !

  821. I had a doubt, we eat breakfeast before or after the routine of the day? I will start on next Monday!

  822. Гергана Дерменджиева says:

    i am a big big fan of you i love you

  823. Just finished day one on the beginners calendar!!! And I added 1 mile on the tredmill. I can’t wait for the rest of the month!

  824. FreyaRosaline says:

    Is it better to do the blogilates videos before or after cardio? Does it make a differance?

  825. Hey there i jus wana ask how many times do i do the butt workout in a week or month i donnu, im skinnynalrdy but i want a buttttt help plz :s

  826. If you’re worried about your weight and trying not to lose it and getting toned up, I’d recommend weight training. Any workout really is going to have you burning fat, but weight training will make sure that you’re muscles are toning and growing! And unless you do some really crazy intense workouts, you’ll never look bulky but get a nice tone look and muscle weighs more than fat! I’d also make sure you’re eating the proper amount of calories each day according to your height and body type along with how often you plan to work out. Hope this helps some!

  827. I just had to laugh when i read this. I’m waiting till after the holidays too!

  828. Hey !

    I’m starting this calendar on December 1st and I’m so excited! I was wondering is this for toning up or can you lose weight?


  829. As long as you eat enough food, you will not lose weight.
    Start with looking up your BMR(how many calories you need per day too keep your body going) and look on what you eat in a day to see if you actually eat that much. If not increase your calorie intake(if you weren’t close which I weren’t, you could eat more of the healthy foods that are high in calories; nuts&seeds, coconut oil, HEALTHY no sugar or oil added peanut butter etc)

    When you start eating enough you can start working out. But when you exercise you obviously burn calories which means if you DON’T want to lose weight you need to eat the calories you burn as well. So calculate how many calories you burn working out and add them to how many calories you eat a day. Make sure you eat mostly healthy food. Cardio is the type of exercise that burns most calories so if you don’t want to lose weight you should stay away from that a bit more, but pilates and other types of toning exercises is great!

    If you wonder anything else you could send me an e-mail at [email protected] , I would love to help you :)

  830. I was wondering if I could do a combination of lower body and abs every single day. Is that possible?

  831. When I started blogilates and eating clean i could not believe how much MORE energy i had. I thought i had plenty of energy for someone 25, but eating clean gave me more energy than ever remember having and it helped me focus and pay attention. I wish i would have known about this when i was in college!

  832. I have always wanted to work out, but my only problem is that I am not aiming to loose weight. I weighed 125 my freshman year and lost 25 pounds and weighed 100 my sophomore year. I don’t know how it happened and I have had a problem gaining weight ever since. Right now I weigh 109/110, and it’s been about 4/5 years since I have been a sophomore. I am hesitant to exercise because I do not want to lose weight. People use to tell me I look anorexic. So, my question is, will your workouts and plans make me lose weight? Or is there a different way that I should work out to gain healthy weight? I would also like to tone my butt and make it bigger as well as my legs.. Would you or someone.. anyone be able to help me??

  833. Hey There!

    I’m feeling really excited to start this tomorrow! I’ve been getting bigger and bigger over the last few years and I’ve decided enough is enough and I need to get my life back! Excited to try the recipes and tried the cheap cheat ice cream sandwich – to die for!

    Wish me luck!

  834. The calendar is more for building strength and starting to tone your body, so if you want to lose weight I suggest doing the calendar but adding some cardio at least 3 or 4 times a week. Even if you can’t go on a strict diet remember to still try and eat healthy. Fitness is at least 70% – 80% diet and the other percent is exercise. I wish you the best of lucK!

  835. hello! just wanted to say that i can’t print it so im just copying it down on piece of paper! I’m new to this blogilates stuff. I’m trying to lose at least 20 pounds by the end of 2014!

  836. Hi Ladies ! I just wanna ask if this beginner’s calendar will help me to lose weight or will toned my body ? I want to lose weight but I can’t go on a strict diet because I am a college student and need enough foods for my energy . somebody please answer me. Thank you :*

  837. Hi Tuong,

    I too have big calves I hate it…you have just been doing the begginers calendar and have noticed a difference? I’m always afraid the calf exercises are going to make my calves bigger :(

  838. I’m so excited to start this! I’m not going to lie, I’m waiting until after the holidays but once those parties and dinners pass I am ready to focus on this! It sounds great!

  839. Katherine C. says:

    I had started this calendar and was only on day three when my little nephew passed away. I got lazy and of course sad so I stopped following the calendar and after a while I decided to start again and I had noticed some changes but then things got hectic again and unfortunately I stopped again! But TODAY RIGHT NOW (no excuses!!) I am going to start an complete this calendar! I just have to! Wish me luck!

  840. It’s great to hear that someone is planning to do the same as me

  841. I HAD to share this. My 7 year old daughter asked if she could join. I told her sure, just if her muscles get too tired to just hit child’s pose for a while. (Which she knows because she also loves yoga.) I guess she noticed something Cassey said, but said nothing to me about it. Then, afterward: “DAD! Does my butt look more lifted to you?” I am STILL laughing!

  842. Thanks a lot for the reply Cymbaline!
    You helped me to figure it out, so I’m starting it now and hopefully it will all go well :D

  843. Try some of Casseys cardio and hiit videos for weight lose.

  844. Eat 30-45 minutes before you exercise and drink plenty of fluids before and during. Eating right before you exercise might be causing the dizziness and shakiness. Your body is having to digest your food AND fuel your muscles, not good.

  845. Sorry no meal plan, but Cassey does have some foods in her cheap eats section. Also if you have the time explore this site, you will find some cool things that she has posted in the past. Life style stuff, personal stuff and food stuff for example.

  846. If you feel up to it after doing the regular beginners excercises try some of Casseys fun cardio or hiit videos. These will help with weight lose.

  847. I had a 1 1/2 finger space and now my space is pretty much gone. I would definitely consult your doctor though, just to be on the safe side.

  848. After you finish the beginners calendar you can either repeat it or if you are feeling like a beast start the monthly calendars. Good luck!

  849. I think after you finish it you can start the monthly calenders. :)

  850. Cardio is great! Do as much as you want, it will only help you reach your goals faster :D

  851. Hello!!!! First of all I am super excited about starting this! I can’t wait to get in shape for school next year :D Anyway What I want to know is what do you do once you finish the calendar? Do you do it again? It would be fantastic if someone could answer this for me??
    Stay cool!
    Linn :DDDDD

  852. Starting week 2 tomorrow. This past week has been great. I love that the workouts are low impact, but tough. I use my fitness pal and the fitbit force. Last week I lost 4.5 using these workouts and staying under my calories, healthfully. I love the community here and find you all very motivating! Good luck everyone!!!!

  853. Hey,
    I’m starting the beginner’s calendar und I love it. It’s fun and definitely suitable for “beginners” in everything =P I just wanted to mention that, on the 4 day : you’re suppose to wake and do burpees but we didn’t have any burpees until now (so I remember : sorry =) )…. It’s okay I looked it up but maybe some kind of position list with a little directions would help.

    Thanks & Shine on ^^

  854. Hi Sarah! You can pretty much add on whatever you want if you need more of a challenge. The calendar is great for people who do not normally work out because it’s only ~20 minutes and gets you ready for the full 60 mins after you finish it. If you need more of a challenge you can do some extra videos that are related to what you are meant to work that day according to the calendar (like ab day, you could add on abs on fire or something if you want to do more). You can also add on 30 minutes of cardio; that’s personally what I did when I was doing this calendar. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  855. Dear Cassey,
    I can’t thank you enough for bringing miracle to my life. I have big calves and i don’t know how to make it smaller eventhough i tried to loose weight (a lot). But after 6 days following this schedule, each of my calves have reduced by about 1,5cm!
    I will continue doing blogilates and hope i can achieve the result i want.
    Love you and all of your efforts! xoxo

  856. I’m starting TODAY! I like the beginner calendar because you can start whenever, no dates to follow :))

  857. Hey Cassey and everybody in this amazing community!

    I have recently discovered and started the Beginners’ Calendar. It’s fantastic!
    However, I have some questions that have been bothering me.Like, do I do only the videos mentioned on the certain days of the calendar? In total some add up to only 20 min. Do I need to combine them with other workout videos so I can get a total work out of POP for an hour a day?
    And do I need to do everyday cardio or just these exercises can be enough?

    Thank you in advance! I can’t wait to start the program! :)

  858. Hello Cassey!

    I lost some weight over the last couple of months. I’m eating healthy (consulted a nutritionist) and I do cardio 6 times a week but now it’s time to take it up a notch ..well,more than a notch ;) and to tone my body.Aside from your whole body workout I’ll have to work on my main problems which are the so-called “saddlebags”. I already lost weight in that specific area due to cardio training.
    My question is: Which workouts are best for my saddlebags-problem? I thought that doing the tighs,butt and love handles exercises more often might help…am I heading in the right direction?
    I know, that you can’t actually lose weight in a specific body area I’d just like to get it into a better shape.
    Thank you in advance :)
    *PS: If anyone on the blog has dealt with a similar problem please reply! *

  859. Hi, I google diastasis recti but i dunno if it is the same thing though. I thk there is answer for ur ques at the end http://mutusystem.com/diastasis-recti-test-what-works-and-what-to-avoid.html i am not really sure if it is the right answer but hope it helps .:)

  860. Does anyone know where I can find the meal plan for this? Or is there not one?

  861. Should I do cardio too? like after videos … or is okay with just the videos ?

  862. Wow…my butt is on fire! I just finished day one on the beginners calendar. I tried Pilates one time and was soo sore I could hardly walk! But this time I feel like I can stick with it! I’m soo excited to work my way towards a new me. Like I wrote on my blog earlier, I made myself the way I am and I’m going fix those same mistakes before it’s too late! Thank you, Cassey, soo much for making these videos and being the motivator that you are so that I, as well as the other men and women, can achieve our goals!

  863. Thats what im doing!!

  864. Lisa Chang says:

    I have a condition called diasatis recti and was worried about if any of these workouts would just make it worse? Is there a workout that I should steer away from? Cant wait to hear your reply so i can start!
    Thank you!!

  865. Hi! just going to start the beginners calender and i am sooo exited! I have just a question, i am going to do all the days, but i have time because it is the holidays for me, but in january i do not have time og energy to work out 6 times a week, is this a must or ? help!!

  866. Hi there,
    Just started the beginners everything!! I’m also on the 90 day challenge eating plan :)
    How does everyone feel about gluten free bread or bread at all? Is it possible to have one slice instead of say oatmeal in the morning? Its my absolute favvvvvv with avocado!!!
    Any help would be amazing :) frickin love this site!

  867. Since I’m a Blogilates virgin I’m starting off with the Beginner’s Calender!! On January 1st I want to start the #Newbodymakeover challenge! I am so excited to start :o!! Cassey, you are such an inspiration and awesome motivator! New me, HERE.I.COME!!!

  868. You could do the beginners calendar in Dec. The Newbodymakeover starts again the 1st of Jan ^^

  869. In her last video I recall her saying there are two starts for the 12 week program. I have recently found her blogs too and I’m hooked. I’ve started with the beginners calendar and I have started seeing results right away, and the workout is intense. I would recommend the beginners workout for you too, but I would also say print out both calendars, do the beginners and if that wasn’t “intense” enough for you on that day, do some from the monthly calendar. I have done this quiet a few times. Have fun!

  870. Jacquelyn says:

    I just discovered your blog a few days ago and I am really excited to get into shape! I would LOVE to start the 12 week total body makeover (I even ordered the diary!) however, I am really, really out of shape and I am wondering if I should start the “beginner’s calendar” instead? If I do start with the Beginner’s workout would I be able to start the 12 week makeover in January, or is the December Calendar removed from the site once January starts?? Thanks for your help!

  871. Well if you only did Day 1 then you shouldn’t expect to lose weight :) However, you should check your “diet” too. I mean- if you do a really intense workout and after it you go and eat 2 chocolate bars.. Losing weight? It is not going to happen.
    For example. I did day 6 today. But I”m also paying attention to what I’m eating. I am a teen and I live with my parents so I still eat the same dinner as they eat. Only in a lot smaller portions. :) Breakfast and lunch I do myself as my parents are at work. Also I don’t eat any sweets. Chocolate, chips, lollipops, soda, ice-cream and pastries are out of my dictionary. Instead I eat fruits. But not a lot cause those fruits that we all like are high in sugar as well.
    It is really confusing at first but once you get the hang of it – you will burn those calories and also fat as C-R-A-Z-Y ! :)

    P.S Make sure you do some cardio before and after your workouts, it will help to lose weight.

    Hope it helped a tiny. :)

  872. Kinsley Kimball says:


    I just wanted to say I am so happy I found your youtube account!! I really want to tone up for New Years especially, but overall get in better shape so I’m going to follow your workout plan and clean eating tips. They’re so easy to follow you’ve made it very clear and easy to understand and I love your passion and enthusiasm in each of your videos! It definitely keeps me motivated. I was just wondering when we’ve completed the first four weeks should we just jump into your January workout plan you’ll have out or is there a way we can go back to the very start? Thank you so much for helping us all out with our fitness goals! It’s much appreciated :)!


  873. Oh! Yes ypu helped a lotm thank you very much. :)

  874. Hi! There are rest days scheduled at the end of the week. The calendar has 6 days of workouts then a rest day. Hope this helped =)

  875. Hi Cassey!

    I have been doing your workout pilates for almost a year and a half now. Unfortunately I haven’t improved my body image since then. I have been doing them regularly (about two a day plus 2km bike ride) but it is taking a while. I am very motivated and I start your beginners workout tomorrow and I am super excited as my diet and clean eating is going well. I just have a few questions that hopefully can get answered:

    – If I do the monthly challenges every month, plus extra exercise (as I ride my bike and do basketball) will I see some improvements in my body?
    – Will my hard work be ruined if I have one cheat food (like some nutella or sweet biscuits) every so often (like once a week), I don’t purposely do it but sometimes I need a sugar boost.
    – Will this aid me in losing weight, I am aiming to lose 10kg?

    Thank you! <3 p.s I love your videos and have been inspired!

  876. Hey there! Im 22 and I’m fro Brazil. I’m about to start the Begineer’s calendar, but I have a doubt: Am I supposed to do the exercises on an daily bases or should I take a rest every other day?

    Thank you so much :)

  877. Just did your beginner’s pilates video for the first time, after 2 solid months of heavy cardio, and although I did not break a sweat, this newbie pilates routine thoroughly kicked my butt!!

    I am a little worries that I will NEVER be able to keep up with all of those crazy leg reps you do, but this is what I’m here for — to be challenged in the areas where I need it the most!

    Thanks for dedicating your life to this, and for making the workouts fun with your infectious, bubbly spirit of positivity.

  878. Rachel, I’m 5’4 and 130ish. Knowing my body fat percentage helps me the most! I don’t mind 130 with muscles rather than 120 and wimpy. I struggle with feeling big and bloated–like I’m pregnant again but I’m not. The key for me is minimizing how many carbs I eat (anywhere in the 50-150 range). Wheat especially makes me bloated so I steer clear of that quite a bit. I love to exercise but exercise alone doesn’t work for me. It could be the same for you.

  879. Day 1 completed! I’m looking forward for tomorrow. I’ve thinking about doing this series for a long time and finally I’m starting. Fingers crossed for me keeping up :D

  880. I have no idea what to do I’m 5’3″ and 130 I am a bit overweight I should be 115, but everyone says I look fine. The problem is that in photo’s I look super big and I know I’m not that big. I exercise everyday I have no idea what to do. Help? I want to be comfortable in my own skin again.

  881. Hi Cassey
    I am a total beginner of Pilates and workouts and have just started with your well provided beginners calendar which I love :)
    But I still have some questions:
    – what is the best time for the workout? I usually have time only early in the morning or late in the evening, are these times good for working out?
    – do we have to do all the videos of a day in a row, or can I e.g do one in the morning and two of them in the evening then?

    thank you so much for your response


  882. cassey :( i try my best to loose weight but i dun know why my weight is still the same

  883. I used to be in shape before nursing school took over my life. I just printed the beginner calendar to help me get back on track. I LOVE pilates, and I can’t wait to get back into it. I think the calendar and graduation will help motivate me!

  884. Hey! I am going to start the beginner’s workout calendar on Monday. Is there a meal plan to follow or I just do my best to eat healthy until I begin the complete 90 day challenge?

  885. Hi!
    I have one question, please somebody answear me!!
    Do I have to do any other exercise like walk or run addition to the Blogilates videos?
    I want to lose weight (And Im on a diet that my nutriologist gave me)

  886. I felt that way after one of them. Even dizzy and nauseous. I just sipped on water and chewed some gum to help. But it hasn’t happened since then.

  887. Make sure you have food in your system and that you are hydrated. :) Also, being well rested can really help.

  888. Make sure you have food in your system and that you are hydrated. :) Also, being well rested can really help.

  889. ShoeKicker says:

    Hey everyone! I just started doing the beginners’ workout this week. Every time I finished, I could feel my muscles burning! I felt accomplished! :) However, I also felt a little bit light-headed and shake-y. Is this normal?

  890. DAY 1 : CHECK ! thanks for the amazing video and the whole idea of this! looking forward to practise all of your routines

  891. Hi Anna,

    You are right. I am not sure but at least i really want to try it. If its too hard for me then ill go back to the beginners but thank you so much for your advice :)
    Good luck ;) <3

  892. Hi!
    If you mean the ‘sign the bottom of the box’ (or whatever the small blurb at the top says, I don’t remember it- but it’s something along those lines), then it just means you put your signature on the little dotted line next to the word sign. It’s at the bottom of each little square!:) So you just need to put your name next to it to kind of mark it off!

  893. hey popsters… i think you should first try to do the beginner’s calendar coz our exercise is like going to school which should start first from pre-school then college, imagine that you went to college without learning first from the basic, your body will definitely have a hard time. so if your at novemburn calendar right now i think that you should stop first and try to do the basic beginner calendar, just my opinion, goodluck on doing the exercise though. :’)

  894. hi,
    yeah thank you, that sounds pretty good! you’re absolutely right. at least we can try to do it ;)
    good luck!

  895. It means your signature. You can sign on those days which you have accomplish doing the requirements each day. It is a way of letting yourself know that you are done on which days and keep track.

  896. hey!

    thats exactly what im planning to do! im finishing week 1 of the beginners calendar then on 1st december im doing the 12 week challenge!

    i dont see why its not possible. if its too hard you could also do one video from the 12 week challenge each day combined with the beginner videos until youre ready

  897. What’s sign?

  898. Congratulations on the upcoming marriage! I’m starting the beginners in prep for the 12 week as well :) xoxo

  899. Hey Camile and Kasturi,

    I started today with the beginners, but i’m definetly in the 12 week challenge.
    Do you think it would be possible to go with it?

  900. Hey Camille! I started with the #NovemBURN calender too.. and I am a beginner and well, things were pretty hard.. like i can’t really go through all four videos.. I only did 1 or 2 a day.. So I though of dropping that and starting with the beginners calender to ready myself a little now and then her 90 day challenge starting December.. :) I guess if i make it through all that.. by next February i’d be able to keep up with her usual calenders :) I mean, if you think the #NovemBURN ones are okay for you to keep up with, i think you can just skip this whole ordeal of beginners calender :) Good luck girl! And both burn lots of fat.. don’t worry!

  901. I never knew there was a beginner’s workout calendar until today!! This is AWESOME!! I want to use this calendar, but I already started the #NovemBURN calendar. Is it okay to start with the regular calendar workout or start with the beginners calendar instead?? I’m a beginner and I want to burn fat off. I’m so confused…are they both good for burning fat???

  902. I love you.

  903. Hi POPsters!

    I have just started the Begiiner’s calendar as a practice for the 12 weeks challenge!! I’m getting married in February and I want to look as good as possible!! Lots of love beauties, work hard!

  904. I’m subscribed to your channel for a longer time now and i did some of your workouts allready but now i wanna get into it for real. I wanna loose weight and i wanna feel fitter and healthier. Now in the colder months when it gets dark outside way to early,i wanna do something against my lazyness. you are such an inspiration to me and i hope that this will finally work out for me. Cause is struggle all the time…. i am not fat but i am afraight of becoming fat one day. so i need to change my lifestyle!

  905. It really depends on your fitness level, if you’re just starting off, I’d have to say no because the Monthly calendars can be too challenging for people who even finished the beginning calendar. You’re always welcome to try, the more power to you, but I suggest taking your time and building up the basics. You know your limits!

  906. Oh yes, I think you’re right :/
    okay, thank you! Then I’ll start with this for 4 weeks and continue with the monthly calendars! :D

  907. Just started Day 1 tonight. I was wondering if it would be wise to follow this calendar and Novemburn at the same time? :)

  908. Hey, I’m new to all of this. I’ve been doing blogilates videos on and off, whenever the mood takes my fancy but now I want to get serious.

    Should I start with the beginner calendar or go straight into the monthly one?

    Thank you! xxxx

  909. I did the beginner’s calendar and by week 3 was seeing a change around my stomach/waist. If you start with this calendar and cut out junk foods, you should do well

  910. Kassandra says:

    Oh man, I’m really stoked to start this today! With the holidays coming, oh girl you know we have to look good. I will start with this beginner calendar, but I hope to catch up soon. I’m glad i finally found someone as inspiring as you on youtube, but enough talk lets get started. (:
    <3 from Kassy to Cassey

  911. On vacay till the end of the week. Starting this as soon as I’m back!! Super excited, always wanted to be fit but I could never figure out a plan that was right.

  912. I think you could do this for as many months/weeks as you want. But if your goal is to become more fit, then you would need to do progressively more challenging workouts. If you keep doing only this, you will hit a fitness platau. =D

  913. HI Cassey !
    In mid – January , there will be a farewell in my school for the seniors ( it’s basically like a prom) and i have to lose weight from all over my body but mainly get a curvy waist . please help me .what should i do that will help me get my desired body (atleast see a change ) in just 2 months ?! Please help me . :( what should i go for ? the 12 weeks challenge that will start soon or the monthly one ? :( please ANYBODY tell me what should i do ?

  914. I ve just started beginner’s workout calanderand it’s 4th day! I feel a bit of pain in my belly, but feels good. It hard to try some receipt for clean eating since I’m Korean, I will try to make some dessert someday. I love those videos and I love Cassey!! You are so energitic and make me believe I can do it! 완전 고마워용!

  915. Hi guys! I’ve just started. Any tips for the newbie? :)

  916. Hey, I will start this calendar soon, too!
    Looking forward to it, thanks Cassey!
    I already made a plan, of cardio, butt and thighs workouts, belly etc.
    But I think that maybe, this calendar is better. Is it okay, to always to this ?
    Not only for 4 weeks, I mean, first when I’ll finish 4 weeks of doing it, doing it for another 4 weeks, and then doing it again and again?
    Is it ok? Or should I only start with this, and then continue with the other months calendars?

    Please, I need a reply! Thanks ♥

  917. Hey Cassey!

    I just finished week 1 of the beginner’s calendar and WOW…blogilates is kicking my ass so far! I have always been mildly active and simply wanted to work on my toning. I am in my early 20’s and thought I was in decent shape but your videos really make me work and I feel sore everyday (but love it)!!! I look forward to your workouts every morning now! You’re so inspirational and I love what you do. Love Always, Jess

  918. First day: passed!!
    My arms hurt!But “Sore today,Strong tomorrow”!

  919. I have problem with side plank. It s hard what i can do?

  920. If you want to burn fat, you should be doing some kind of cardio in addition to the videos. Squats will make the muscles in your butt bigger, which will give it a rounder look. They won’t necessarily make it smaller, but they will make it perkier and nicer, and everybody likes a nice butt.

    So, yes, do squats, but also cardio.

  921. hi cassie..I have just started the beginner’s calendar. .im on day 3 now and I can now do the roll!,…I was wondering do I need to do any other exercises or are the excersises on the calendar sufficent for weight loss and body toning..as I have just had a baby and need to loose weight fast!

  922. guys, i want my legs and butt get skinny. should i do squats? some websites say “you shouldnt, your butt will get bigger” and some websites say “your butt will get upper and fitter, so do squats everyday”
    i really dont know what to do, should i do squats or not? :D

  923. I’m not doing it neither, but I’m still feeling the results on my body, so I guess there is not a problem… Maybe I start to do it the next week ^__^

  924. So super happy that I just finished the first video of the beginners calendar! I had trouble balancing on the leg exercices though, what was I doing wrong?

  925. So excited to try this out tomorrow :D

  926. freshman popster! says:

    This calendar is perfect. it has been 30 days since i started pop pilates. to be honest i’m on 16th day in the calendar because the second day was too hard for me a couple weeks ago . so i repeated the very first day about 2 weeks. now i can do most of the moves and my body is a lot strong.

  927. I’m on day 8! [just finished actually!] And my body does feel like it’s toning itself up! muscles sore and all that. buuuut i’m not sweating like i thought i would, is this normal? lol i feel like i’m not doing much if i’m not sweating. am I over thinking this????

  928. Hi! I’m from Poland. I think I’ll try it ;) I hope to see the effects :)

  929. About to Start the beginner’s calendar! Wish me luck! I’m not very good at sticking to these things but I’m determined this time!

  930. Congratulations and keep going!!!!
    Did it take a lot of time to start seeing results. I’m asking because I think seeing results is an extra motivation to keep up! :)

  931. Just finished the Beginner’s calendar! What a great feeling, I am so much stronger and more toned than when I started. For those starting out – keep with it! It took a couple of weeks to start really seeing results but I’m so happy now.

  932. Hey Alexi! In my experience, sticking to the healthy diet you’ve chosen, along with tons of water and a cup of warm green tea a day, will detox you just fine. The juice cleanses and all are very monotonous to stick to, and no fun if you’re craving variety, which is something you’ll really want once you get into healthy foods.