And so it begins!!!

Hey POPsters!

Happy Monday! Your new workout video will be up soon on Youtube! It’s the first in your “On Fire” series…we start with your favorite…abs!!!

And now…let’s talk about #JuneOnFire and this whole Dietbet thing. I am so happy so many of you are doing this with me! (And anyone who still wants in, you still can!) Yesterday I weighed myself after not stepping on a scale for months. To tell you the truth I was a little nervous! It’s kind of like being on American Idol and seeing if the judges like you or not. There’s always a moment where you have to hold your breath! Anyway, I carefully stepped on and was happy to find that my weight was not more than my starting weight last year when I was leaning down for the bikini comp.

I want you to know that I wasn’t really sure whether or not I should be public about this weight loss journey (numbers wise) for a number of reasons, but decided to say “WHATEVS!” and do it anyway because  it will benefit you to see how I am taking control of my own transformation. As your friend and your instructor, it is important for me to be transparent with you and show you that getting fit isn’t some crazy secret. You don’t need expensive foods and tools. It’s about eating whole, natural foods and being active once a day. What keeps us from our goals is that sometimes life gets in the way and we indulge a little too much or can’t find time to exercise. I totally get it. Happened to me too. But you know what, this June we are no longer making excuses. We will MAKE TIME. We will cook our food. We will take the stairs. We will do that extra rep! We will not snack out of boredom! <– guilty! ;P

Wanna know something funny? Did you know that “cassey ho weight” and “cassey ho height” are highly searched on google when you type my name? LOL. Well, I said I was gonna be super transparent and above you can see my weight on the scale as of June 2, 2013! I am 5’5″ and need to get to 121.7 by July 1, 2013. That means I need to lose 1.275 lbs per week for the next 4 weeks to meet my goal. Totes doable and totes healthy rate! When I posted this pic on facebook, there was some controversy as to why I was doing this and how I am already “too skinny” and that my weight loss challenge is discouraging. After reading comments judging my body on both extremes within a span of a few days, I’ve decided to once and for all ignore it for good! Listen. Whether you think I’m too “fat” or too “skinny” – it does not matter how I look, it matters how I feel. And what I want to feel is more fit, more energetic, and more beast! In fact, I had one of my best workouts in a while yesterday because of this Dietbet game! It revved my engine up and kicked my booty into high gear. As a fitness instructor, my goals will be different than your goals. We are all here to encourage and support one another towards our own potential. That’s the least that we can ask of each other on this fitness journey.

I will be blogging and instagramming my food, my workouts, and my sweaty pics on @Blogilates. I encourage you to do the same. I want everyone to take June seriously and REACH those “dream goals” and turn them into reality in the next 4 weeks. If you have an instagram, take pics of your meals and post them throughout the day like a food journal. It will help you. I promise. Once you KILL a workout, post a #sweatypic. If you don’t have an instagram, make one now and follow your fellow POPsters for inspiration!  Everything we do this month, please either use #Juneonfire if you’re following the calendar or #Blogilatesbet if you’re doing the weight loss challenge with me. This will allow you guys to easily find each other and me to find your pics so that I can like and comment on your progress! Feel free to comment below and share your username.

I’m sooooooo happy to be working out like a crazy person again. Really.

This was my workout yesterday, try it!

THE SWEAT SET! set 1 set 2 set 3
1 kettlebell swing x20 x20 x20
2 burpees with pushup x15 x15 x15
3 box jumps x20 x20 x20
4 medicine ball pushups x20 x20 x20
5 split lunge jumps holding med ball x20 x20 x20
6 up up down downs x20 x20 x20
7 squat to med ball throw x20 x20 x20
8 plank frog hops x20 x20 x20
9 hollow rocks* x20 x20 x20*


*This indicates that my last hollow rock set turned into something else…Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” came on and I decided to just do 8 min of various ab moves. All I can say is that my abs are really sore now :) This was a TOUGH workout! I then followed with cardio by doing sprints on the treadmill. I did 10 sets of 30 seconds sprinting at 10 MPH and 30 seconds of rest in between. It was intense.

And in other news…

A suppppper yummy recipe is coming to you on Thursday on our next episode of Cheap Clean Eats. Can anyone guess which sinful treat has been healthified? Here are the ingredients…


Have a great start to June and a FANTASTIC WEEK!!!!! Let’s go crazy! I’m here for you – I’m here with you.

Sweat Happy :)

<3 Cassey


  1. Chrystal says:

    You didn’t upload a Cheap Clean Eats this thursday!! :( I’ve been looking forward to it all week…

  2. thato Makgobe says:

    omg , death by exercise lol using muscles i never though i had xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Please let that be healthy chocolate chip cookies. B/c they sound so good right now!

  4. Sabrina says:

    I hope this dietbet works out for you and you do another one next month! I wasn’t able to do this one for a number of reasons. Love everything you do!!!

  5. anonymous says:

    I know that self confidence, self worth, happiness, loving your body (etc.) is what you are all about and I am just trying to find strength within myself and it is such a hard battle I am fighting. My mother and father are getting divorced and so my mother takes out the aggression on me sometimes in words during arguments like when I haven’t cleaned the kitchen (cause I’m a busy 20 yr old.) I know that she doesn’t mean it when she tells me “You honestly think you are going to look like that Blogilates girl”… “come on now…let’s be real. you look nothing like you did three years ago.” It kills me because I lose a part of me every time we fight. I am 5’9″ and 138 pounds. I am not that bad…. I would love to be skinnier but it’s hard for me when I’m constantly at rehearsals for the show I’m doing. I just want some advice…be it from you or from the blogilates community…How do I keep myself motivated and proud of myself?

    • I’m a busy busy 23 yr old–work outs? When? I would say, break up the workouts, everyone has a spare 15 or 10mins through out the day, whip out a Cassey WO and rip through it. Maybe get up and extra hour early to fit in the work out, but whatever you choose, make your workouts a PARTY for you. Be motivated because getting the body you want is personal and no one else can tell you how or when to achieve it; you set the goals, it’s your party; it’s a YOU party, celebrate what your body can do NOW, and what you know it can achieve later :). Best of luck and love from a fellow popster!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear anonymous,

      I’m responding to your post not as a professional, or even someone who knows you well, but as another member of the Blogilates community with whom your story resonates. First, try to remember that the things your mother is saying come from a place of pain that has been built up for a long time. Try to think of that pain as a type of filter. If you removed that filter, what would she really be saying? Maybe she needs help, or feels lonely, or is worried about you. My therapist asked me to think about things this way, and it has honestly changed my life. Also remember that you can choose to NOT be a part of that pain. You can remove yourself and focus on being the best “you” that you can be.

      As for weight loss, your mother is right. Even if we work out every day, it’s unlikely that any of us will look like Cassey! Although I have always found Cassey incredibly inspirational because I feel like she has a real body (not photoshopped or starved), you also have to remember that she is a professional fitness instructor. Being fit is what she does professionally. What do you do that takes up most of your time? Are you a student, a performer? What is it that you are passionate about? Take pride in that passion. The other message that the Blogilates community supports is being as healthy as you can. If you’re a busy 20 year old, then do what you can. Any exercise is better than no exercise at all, and any healthy eating is better than not trying to eat clean.

      So, do your best, eat as clean as you can, workout as often as you can, and be kind to yourself. The world probably won’t be.

      I hope this helps,

      A fellow member of the Blogilates Community

    • Girl! I’m new to the blogilates community, but I just wanted to say that 5’9 at 138 lbs. is amazing! I’m 5’9 at 143 lbs. and have never felt better. I’m fit, strong, happy, and healthy. Don’t let your Mom get you down. Just follow Cassey’s advice to find the place where you FEEL your best.

  6. Hey, username on instagram is lunaticpack and I am following the Dietbet :) post my meals pretty daily

  7. I did this workout today. BREATH. TAKER.! no doubt I had some good cardio there! Thanks :)

  8. I really wish you would post your own workouts at the gym, I love watching your videos, but I love getting ideas for the gym as well!

  9. Cassey

    You are awesome. Good luck on your goals. I started your workouts in April and my goal was mainly strength and toning. I am already at my ideal weight therefore I didn’t take challenge. I got my boyfriend to start blogilates with me too. I love it! We both do it together 4 – 5 times a week. Its awesome to see his progress and mine. Thanks you and good luck on your goals! Llots of love from Calgary, Canada. Please visit us and do a meet up here. I was in NYC and missed your meet up by one day. Come to Canada!!!


  10. Elizabeth Abilez says:

    Hello! I started today. I wanted to challenge myself and took a look in the mirror and realized I was NOT what I thought I looked like. I had to face the truth. I picked this for several reasons. 1) I don’t have insurance BUT know there is something going on with my abs. 2) I had a work accident and literally tore the skin off my knee and was out of the gym for 7 weeks. So I gained weight both by not being able to exercise like I was (pretty much my abs were getting to be tone and fit then POOF) AND the medication I was taking was horrible on my system. I am slowly getting back to where I was pre work accident, 3) There is a history of heart problems in my family so the weight I will lose is one step closer to a healthy heart and weight off my knees.
    I am having some tech problems with loading pics on instagram and twitter from my phone BUT I am NOT giving up!
    I am grateful for all the help and encouragement blogilates brings. It is a wonderful way to add to my healthy life. Keep it up!
    AND if someone says you are too skinny, be gracious. I suggest you say thank you, but I am determined to challenge myself :) As a fellow teacher, how else will we learn unless we are selves are the student?

  11. Thanks for posting your workout and what you did! I love it. Can you post a schedule for what you do at the gym every day of the week so we can also follow that?

  12. Hi All :)
    I am doing dietbet and I am just wondering if there is a meal plan that I should be following along with the June calendar?

    • I have the same question!

    • Just “eat clean” – that is, no greasy, processed or unhealthy food, eat HEALTHILY :) But I often look for tips in the 90 Day Challenge (you can find it here at “MEAL PLANS”), it helps a lot :)
      Good luck for the Dietbet!

    • Jessica Frankovich says:

      There are meal plans you can follow as well under meal plans!

  13. Hey Cassie(= I’m from Argentina and I’ve just finished the monday videos! I haven’t done the *new workout* though as it isnt uploaded yet. Anyway, I’m really happy with this whole new way of exercising; it’s super fun. Thank you and big big kiss from South America.

  14. Claire B says:

    Cassey- thank you so much for posting your own workout! I love seeing what you are actually doing; although I’m going to follow the June calendar because I’m already pretty much in prime condition and can’t lose any weight – so I’m just working out and eating right as usual! Love you so much!!!!

  15. Cassey, I love your videos you are so inspirational!! Don’t let people get you down. Thank you so much for taking this journey with everyone together, it’s so nice to see that even fitness instructors are normal people and go through ups and downs. We are all people just trying to achieve the same goal of feeling healthy and fit!

  16. Cassey,

    You are the greatest! Please do not let ignorant comments affect your wonderful spirit. You touch so many people with what you do for us all! Thank you! Onward through June.

  17. Christine says:

    I have a BlackBerry so I can’t use Instagram. Do you use Twitter often and respond there, too?

  18. Kathleen says:

    Cassey, thanks for posting up your gym workout!..It’s always nice to know what a fitness instructor ‘really does’ to get in great shape. I just discovered your site a few weeks ago and I’m loving it.. :) Fun workouts and I *love* the simple recipes–nothing drives me more crazy than a recipe that has you running the aisles of the grocery store for 45 mins..though I guess that’s a workout too ;). I wish I could participate in the dietbet but my fat loss is so slow and stubborn that I will be happy to lose 1-2 pounds this whole month (I have 5-7 to lose altogether). Would love to hear your tips on losing the last 5 (or more specifics on what you are doing to lose those last couple pounds). Good luck to everyone on reaching their goals..!!

  19. I started doing your videos mid April, and I’m SOOO glad I found you! I am a busy Mom of 3 kiddos, and have always had an on again, off again kind of exercise routine. Honestly, seriously, you are the only thing (person) that has ever kept me motivated! I have been exercising 6 days a week (unheard of for me!) and eating cleaner ever since, and I owe it all to you! The change I see in myself (both physically and mentally) is super exciting, and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in the coming months.
    So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Keep doing what you’re doing, we all appreciate it more than words can say. You ROCK!! ~ @fitfreak85 ~ follow me on instagram!

  20. Wanna join, but what can I use instead of kettleballs?

  21. Hey, I live on the East Coast and work out around 2:30 and the new video wasn’t up yet. I did the rest of the workout for today (monday) but I was just wondering if you could get them up sooner? Idk maybe there were technical problems. Thanks, love you!


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