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Greetings POPsters! You’re in! Happy June!

This month is all about being ON FIRE! Your butt, your abs, your arms, your thighs, you name it – I’m gonna burn it. BUT I also want you to feel like YOU’RE on fire too! I want you to chase your dreams and reach them! I want you to feel HOT! You are IT and you know it, so let’s rock our confidence because you know what? Confidence is the SEXIEST thing a woman (or man) can wear. It’s so true.

Also, for those of you looking to transform your body with me this month (especially those of you committing to the DietBet with me), I want you to take a before picture on June 1st. Front, side, and back. In underwear or a bikini. Then you will do the same on June 30th. I want you to see the hard work you’ve earned!

Be sure to tweet or instagram me the answers to your sunday questions! Check in with me as much as possible because I am here for you! Just so you know, when I wake up, the first thing I do when I open my eyes is grab my phone, check the time, and then check tweets from you guys. I read them, favorite them, and answer back! So talk to me! I like seeing your progress, your pics, and your funny comments :)

You have 4 new “On Fire” Workouts coming out this month (Mondays) along with 4 DELICIOUS “Cheap Clean Eats” recipes (Thursdays). Please subscribe to to be alerted of their release! I am so happy you’re liking Cheap Clean Eats…it’s an idea I’ve been wanting to release for a while and your enthusiasm has been very heart warming for me! It keeps my energy high and my creative juices flowing!

Have a beautiful start to June. Don’t forget to take 1 day a week to relax (at least) and allow your brain to wander. This is healthy. It also results in more creativity and better productivity throughout the week. That’s why Sundays are rest days :)

Love you and SWEAT HAPPY!

<3 Cassey

  • irony

    i’m feeling nauseous and dizzy in just 5 minutes of indoor workout… :/ i am 19, 175cm tall and weigh a little over 65kg. i am really not able to workout with your videos or work out indoors. is there too much lactic acid in my body? :( what is wrong? can you help?

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  • Lilian

    Hi, I was wondering if you follow your own calendars for a workout each day, or do you do your own thing?

  • Christina Marie

    I’ve been doing the beginners calendar to try and tone up but then I realized that won’t even matter if there’s a layer of fat covering it. So although it’s August I’ve decided to do the June calendar since it looks like it’s loaded with cardio! Hopefully I can see results when I’m done!

    • Zeze

      I just found out about Cassey and her videos and I’m trying to burn fat too. I don’t know which ones to do. Did this calendar really help lose some fat that first month for you? If so, I wanna try this too. :)

  • Grace

    Hi guys! So I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for what time you should do these exercises. I used to do one after lunch and dinner but I feel like it doesn’t have as good of results :( Help please?

  • Jules

    I am FINALLY going to start Blogilates and I cannot wait! However, sometimes, well most of the time, I can’t access to the videos. Does anyone know if doing the printable workouts specifically for the day (arm day, ab day, etc…) would still work?? Please someone answer! thanx

  • Pleun

    Hi everyone,

    I’m going to do the calender of July and I’m so excited!
    I think it will be hard, but I’ll try!!
    Really didn’t did that much exercices the past few months so it’s going to BUUUUUUUUUURN :D

  • Erika

    Hi Cassey,
    I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing for us, and for all who can’t afford gym courses. I love you so much, and I wanted you to know that your energy and smartness have reached me in ITALY.

    I am sure you already know it, but i wanted to suggest you the “dieta mediterranea”, which belongs to UNESCO patrimonium. I recommend it, because I study Biochemistry and I really know how it worth it.

    Love you Cassey, I promise I’ll follow you


  • susan

    Hi Cassey,
    Love your video. I will start your beginner calendar next month on the 7/1/13. Love your calendar too.

  • ghada

    cassey iammm wittthh yooouuu immm gonnnaa kick my asss

  • CookieCray

    Hey again!

    So yeah,im rly sore from yesterday and cus i was sore on wedsday too,i couldnt do cardio then too so i thiught i would di it in sunday. Mom said i should try some cardio and if i get warmed up its easier (i can hrdley or with difficult walk) but all the wo like food babz
    Y and stuff have legs,squats or whatever in it and i dont wanna not be abke to do it and it just get worse..

    I sorta dunno what to do. I was trying to think of carsio wo that DONT have legs i. It but am like, whhat? I cant fibd any. And i fee, gulty for not doung it AGAIN :(
    ideas? How do you do it? ❤


  • Zoey

    Hi Cassey!

    First of all, thank you so much for creating all these workouts! I just started the June on Fire workout calendar (even though we’re entering July soon :/) and I would consider myself a beginner as I have not been working out regularly. Anyway, I find that I keep having to pause to catch my breath between exercises and this makes me feel quite demoralized. ): Is anyone experiencing the same thing? Will it get better or am I not pushing myself hard enough? Thank you so much once again!

    • Maxine

      I would suggest doing the beginners calendar for a month just to get you to a stage where you feel capable of following the monthly calendars. But don’t be demotivated, doing something is better than nothing. I’ve been doing blogilates for almost 2 months and I still struggle to do all six workouts everyday but I push myself to my limit and feel great just knowing I’ve done my best. Even with modifications I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in my strength and body, so just keep at it! The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

    • Kari

      Don’t feel bad Zoey, I pause to take breaks pretty often. I figure it just extends the total amount if time I am working out, and consistency is all that matters. So I say take as many breaks as you need. Just hit pause while you’re taking a break so you don’t miss out on any butt kicking action. :)

  • Stephanie

    This is my first time working with the calendar and I was just wondering, hoe do younuse it? I thought you had to do every exercise that was planned for that day but that seems a bit too much for me. Do you have to choose one or do you really have to do every one?


    • Stephanie

      NEVERMIND I already founs the answer

      • Abby

        following to your question, where did you find the answer? are we supposed to do all the workouts?

        • Grace

          I think you have to all the workouts. Trust me, it’s not that much. It’s roughly an hour if you do everything and you’re suppose to do more than 45 min of exercise. But I guess don’t push yourself too hard.:P

  • hanna

    I have started the beginner calender but I was wondering if I could pair this with that just combine the abb work out on her with the abb work out on the beginners calendar? Or would that be to much on my body?

  • Christine Apa

    Do you have non-colorful versions of your calendars? I know that seems weird, but printer ink is crazy expensive (saw an info graphic once that showed it is more expensive than blood…LOL) and I am new and want to print out a black and white with just the gridlines only. Let me know if there is a way to do that or it already exists somewhere.

    • Missy

      When you print it, there should be some sort of setting where you use black ink only (some sort of printer setting). You can also just write the exercises down on Microsoft Word, it will take longer but will use the least amount of ink. :)

  • CookieCray

    Heya popsters!!

    I would like to lose my little bit of tummy fat and get a flat stomach. Im twelve and ride and do gymnatsics (but in germany or at least at my gym,its different than usa,we dont do that much other stuff and its only like 1 hour a week) and the calendar. My vrother goes to the gym and is all toned and stuff and said i should eat 1200 cals per day. Is it true? And is eating healthy and eating thise cals plus worout calndar enough to lose weight? Or do i have to go like,jogging or extra cardio on top? I am a kid and a) dont have all that time and b) want to do other stuff top




    • Missy

      1200 calories a day is almost anorexic. Eat healthy (1800 -2100 calories a day), and try do 30 minutes to an hour of exercise a day.

    • danni

      I think at your age you shouldn’t be restricting your food intake as you’re still growing and your body will have increased requirements. Simply have a healthy balanced diet and exercise. I think following the calendar would be enough. Stick to it and you will definitely see results.

      • CookieCray


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  • alyssa

    this is my first time here… question may sound dumb but what is the easiest way to find all the workout videos for each day???? Seems like I would spend a lot of time searching for each one, unless they are all shown per day somewhere???


  • Cookie

    I cant find the Legilates Legsercizes :c can someone please give me the link? C:

  • Casey

    Just got back to blogilates! I lost about 15 lbs before prom last year just doing these videos and some extra cardio…but i just got back from freshman year (can you say freshman 30?). DYING to get back into it! i know im late for june, but my question is:
    The workouts for each day on the calendar, can we pick which ones we want to do for that given day in the options shes provided or are we supposed to do all of them suggested for that day (given we have the time etc.)?
    Thanks yall!

    • Jaylyn

      The idea is that you do all of the videos for that day.

  • Angela Nicole

    I missed a few days because life happened this week, but I’m jumping back in today and it’s exactly what I need! How awesome. Thanks Cassey, I love you & I’m so excited!

  • Annie

    What video should i watch if i want my thighs and legs to be slimmer and smaller? please help!

  • Elizabeth

    I need to find a diet calender to go along with Cassey’s awesome workout calenders. If I don’t have a set diet, I tend to turn to the wrong foods and all my work goes down the drain. Can anyone help me?

  • Kezzia

    I have a bit of a concern here. I’ve been doing all these workouts since the 1st of this month every single day and trying to eat better. I can tell it’s doing *something* because I have slightly increased strength and endurance and yet I haven’t even lost a little bit of weight. In fact since I started this calendar I gained three pounds! Am I doing something wrong?

    • Mariska

      Same here. I lost some and now i’m gaining a little bit too. Maybe it’s because we are building muscle?

    • Alex

      Don’t worry about gaining weight, because that’s not the most accurate way of determining fitness. Muscle weighs more than fat, after all. What you should find out and keep track of is your body fat percentage. If you have less body fat and more muscle, you are living healthier and looking slimmer and more fit. Weight doesn’t matter.

    • Taylor

      As Cassey says in a lot of her posts, the key is 80% diet, 20% exercise: so if you are putting in more or equal the calories than you are exerting, you wont lose any weight. So I would suggest you keep track of exactly what you are eating on a site light my fitness pal or map my fitness, including all the snacks and drinks you have cause a lot of the time you feel like you are trying or are eating healthy but with all the little snacks and meals combined throughout the day you are putting in a lot more than you need.
      The flipside if you know you are definitely eating little, then you might not be eating enough: if you eat less than 1200 calories a day (for most women) your body goes into starvation mode and stores fat reserves, meaning you wont lose weight. Another way you can hold onto weight you could be losing is by not drinking enough water – if you drink more then your body wont hold onto water in fear of dehydration and you will lose weight a lot easier. Hope that helped! :)

  • Gigi

    Cassey – is there anyway we can download the workout videos so we don’t have to wait around for them to load when they pause due to slow Internet connection?

    • Esther

      you can use youtube video downloader such as
      so you don’t need to wait for them to load :)
      just paste the video’s URL and hit download, and then there you go!

  • rachel

    cassey these work outs are great! this is my first month following you. do you think you could add the calories burned for each day’s exercise to the calendars? that would be helpful!!

    • Jaylyn

      Unfortunately, Cassey doesn’t have that information. Trust me we’ve been dying to know forever. Not to mention, it would be tricky because calorie burn would vary from person to person. Some of her videos are on and you can get calorie burn info from there, but I personally have never found it to be super accurate. If you’re really really curious, you could always invest in a heart rate monitor.

  • Lydia

    I didn’t do today’s one. Only because I did my fiance’s workouts instead :P I had him beat at your planks though “Come on baby, hold it. Feel it! Love it!! Come on! Few more seconds!!”

    We did arms, back, and abs for about 30 to 40 minutes today just cheering each other on. Tomorrow is my turn and I told him to prepare to sweat!!

  • Elena

    Cassey, it is possible to add the time wich is needeed to do the exercices each day to the calendar please?

    • Jaylyn

      It would be a little tedious to go through each video and add up all of the times for each one. 25 days times 5 videos a day would 125 video times to total. Most days take about an hour or so.

  • Shandi

    If you could please help me that would be great. My computer won’t load the full June calendar. When I click on it, it only loads about 1/8th of the calendar. Is there any way you could send me the calendar via email?

    • Vivienne

      Okay! what’s your email? I can send it to you

  • Aliyah

    can someone send me the link to the food baby workout

  • Alex

    Hey Cassie, just wanted your advice with how to use the workout calendar properly – I’ve searched high and low for the answer on your blog but I can’t find it!

    My main goal is weight loss. So, if I just follow June’s workout calendar, is that my exercise done every day? Or do I need to be doing extra cardio on top of what you’ve outlined?

    If I just follow your June workout calendar exactly as it is every day and eat clean, is that enough for me to lose weight? I noticed in other month’s calendars there’s more of a heavy focus on the toning and pilates side of things – for those months do I need to incorporate extra cardio into my every day?

    I’m so curious! Thanks!

    • Jaylyn

      The calendar is meant to be followed as is. She switches up each calendar just a little bit to shake things up. You never NEED to add anything to a Blogilates calendar, but you always CAN if you want. The calendars like this one (and June 2012) that are more cardio centric are awesome because you’re burning more calories during your workout. The ones that are more focused on pilates and toning allow you to build up your muscles. More muscles means your body is burning more calories while at rest. You’re burning calories either way, Cassey has got you covered! This calendar is about 50% cardio, 25% abs which I think is great for summer because the cardio is going to help you lose fat overall and the emphasis on abs is great for bikini season. Clean eating plus this calendar should be enough for you to see weight loss. If you’d like to add in extra cardio sessions and your body is up for it, you totally can. I personally take Zumba classes in conjunction with the calendar simply because I love Zumba.

  • Nasti

    I love the color of the calendar. My print can print only in grayscale so it’s better when the colors are pale. I couldn’t print the may one because of the colors :(

    • But Mary’s one was inspiring too all my friends said that. :)

      • I ment Mary’s not Mary’s ;p

  • Candice


    I’ve never done one of these. Would a newbie be able to do the June On FIre calendar or should I start with the Beginners Calendar?

    Any help is appreciated. =)


    • Priscilla

      I’ve never done one either and initially i wanted to start with the june calender but i decided against it since the beginners calender is there to help us ease into the workouts. Hope this helps (:
      But after all it’s your decision and whether or not you feel ready for the june calender!
      Best of luck to you!

    • Haylie

      I recommend to start with the beginner calendar. It will be more at your level and not as intense, and it will help you to work even better on the big one! We’re all on our own personal fitness journeys, good luck!! :)

    • Tegan Bryce

      sorry I do not have an answer to your question as i am also a beginner but i was wondering where you can find the beginners calender

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  • Alyssa R.

    I was doing your workout while I was staying at a hotel because of plumbing problems at my home and once we moved back, I got busy with homework, and finals (Fun days in school). I’m glad to finally be able to start working out again. :D

  • Linni


    Mondays it says *new workout* bur i live in germany and do to the time change,when i have to do my workouts,late afternoon(3-5oclock) the new vid isnt up yet…do i do the one from last week? So the newest one?? Or what plsplspls help!


    • Sandra

      Ja , so mache ich es, ich nehme einfach das neue Video von letzter Woche , oder was du machen kannst du schiebst das neue Video einfach auf den Dienstag und schiebst eins von Dienstag auf Montag :-)



      • Linni


  • Linni


    I have a Q!
    On the workout calendar it says like Bikini blaster 1 or cardio fat melting. When i watch the bikini b1 she says do this four times in the video ( in cardio fatmelting in the description box)
    Do i have to do it 4x or just once? Cus next to for example the gangnam style ones it says 2x ?? So gangnam twice but bikini b1 or other too? 4x? Or once??

    Gee thx sooo much

    <3 #juneonfire


    • Sandra

      If you follow the calender, you do the BB1 just once, if there is a “2x” behind the video name you are supposed to do it twice :-). Hope that helps.



      • Linni

        Thanksss :D

  • Kim

    I love the workouts, really and made I great transformation, but I have a problem why I can’t feel confident at all. I have cellulite and don’t know what to do to get rid of it, I’m working out, burning fat and calories und drink a lot of water. Can someone help me please? :(