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Greetings POPsters! You’re in! Happy June!

This month is all about being ON FIRE! Your butt, your abs, your arms, your thighs, you name it – I’m gonna burn it. BUT I also want you to feel like YOU’RE on fire too! I want you to chase your dreams and reach them! I want you to feel HOT! You are IT and you know it, so let’s rock our confidence because you know what? Confidence is the SEXIEST thing a woman (or man) can wear. It’s so true.

Also, for those of you looking to transform your body with me this month (especially those of you committing to the DietBet with me), I want you to take a before picture on June 1st. Front, side, and back. In underwear or a bikini. Then you will do the same on June 30th. I want you to see the hard work you’ve earned!

Be sure to tweet or instagram me the answers to your sunday questions! Check in with me as much as possible because I am here for you! Just so you know, when I wake up, the first thing I do when I open my eyes is grab my phone, check the time, and then check tweets from you guys. I read them, favorite them, and answer back! So talk to me! I like seeing your progress, your pics, and your funny comments :)

You have 4 new “On Fire” Workouts coming out this month (Mondays) along with 4 DELICIOUS “Cheap Clean Eats” recipes (Thursdays). Please subscribe to YouTube.com/Blogilates to be alerted of their release! I am so happy you’re liking Cheap Clean Eats…it’s an idea I’ve been wanting to release for a while and your enthusiasm has been very heart warming for me! It keeps my energy high and my creative juices flowing!

Have a beautiful start to June. Don’t forget to take 1 day a week to relax (at least) and allow your brain to wander. This is healthy. It also results in more creativity and better productivity throughout the week. That’s why Sundays are rest days :)

Love you and SWEAT HAPPY!

<3 Cassey


  1. i’m feeling nauseous and dizzy in just 5 minutes of indoor workout… :/ i am 19, 175cm tall and weigh a little over 65kg. i am really not able to workout with your videos or work out indoors. is there too much lactic acid in my body? :( what is wrong? can you help?

  2. I just found out about Cassey and her videos and I’m trying to burn fat too. I don’t know which ones to do. Did this calendar really help lose some fat that first month for you? If so, I wanna try this too. :)

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you follow your own calendars for a workout each day, or do you do your own thing?

  4. Christina Marie says:

    I’ve been doing the beginners calendar to try and tone up but then I realized that won’t even matter if there’s a layer of fat covering it. So although it’s August I’ve decided to do the June calendar since it looks like it’s loaded with cardio! Hopefully I can see results when I’m done!

  5. Hi guys! So I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for what time you should do these exercises. I used to do one after lunch and dinner but I feel like it doesn’t have as good of results :( Help please?

  6. I am FINALLY going to start Blogilates and I cannot wait! However, sometimes, well most of the time, I can’t access to the videos. Does anyone know if doing the printable workouts specifically for the day (arm day, ab day, etc…) would still work?? Please someone answer! thanx

  7. Don’t feel bad Zoey, I pause to take breaks pretty often. I figure it just extends the total amount if time I am working out, and consistency is all that matters. So I say take as many breaks as you need. Just hit pause while you’re taking a break so you don’t miss out on any butt kicking action. :)

  8. Hi everyone,

    I’m going to do the calender of July and I’m so excited!
    I think it will be hard, but I’ll try!!
    Really didn’t did that much exercices the past few months so it’s going to BUUUUUUUUUURN :D

  9. Hi Cassey,
    I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing for us, and for all who can’t afford gym courses. I love you so much, and I wanted you to know that your energy and smartness have reached me in ITALY.

    I am sure you already know it, but i wanted to suggest you the “dieta mediterranea”, which belongs to UNESCO patrimonium. I recommend it, because I study Biochemistry and I really know how it worth it.

    Love you Cassey, I promise I’ll follow you


  10. Hi Cassey,
    Love your video. I will start your beginner calendar next month on the 7/1/13. Love your calendar too.

  11. cassey iammm wittthh yooouuu immm gonnnaa kick my asss

  12. I think you have to all the workouts. Trust me, it’s not that much. It’s roughly an hour if you do everything and you’re suppose to do more than 45 min of exercise. But I guess don’t push yourself too hard.:P

  13. CookieCray says:

    Hey again!

    So yeah,im rly sore from yesterday and cus i was sore on wedsday too,i couldnt do cardio then too so i thiught i would di it in sunday. Mom said i should try some cardio and if i get warmed up its easier (i can hrdley or with difficult walk) but all the wo like food babz
    Y and stuff have legs,squats or whatever in it and i dont wanna not be abke to do it and it just get worse..

    I sorta dunno what to do. I was trying to think of carsio wo that DONT have legs i. It but am like, whhat? I cant fibd any. And i fee, gulty for not doung it AGAIN :(
    ideas? How do you do it? ❤


  14. CookieCray says:


  15. I would suggest doing the beginners calendar for a month just to get you to a stage where you feel capable of following the monthly calendars. But don’t be demotivated, doing something is better than nothing. I’ve been doing blogilates for almost 2 months and I still struggle to do all six workouts everyday but I push myself to my limit and feel great just knowing I’ve done my best. Even with modifications I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in my strength and body, so just keep at it! The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

  16. I was just doing my own playlist for today and took a break before i started tomorrows. THANK YOU! Now I saved a lot of time :)

  17. Hi Cassey!

    First of all, thank you so much for creating all these workouts! I just started the June on Fire workout calendar (even though we’re entering July soon :/) and I would consider myself a beginner as I have not been working out regularly. Anyway, I find that I keep having to pause to catch my breath between exercises and this makes me feel quite demoralized. ): Is anyone experiencing the same thing? Will it get better or am I not pushing myself hard enough? Thank you so much once again!

  18. following to your question, where did you find the answer? are we supposed to do all the workouts?

  19. I think at your age you shouldn’t be restricting your food intake as you’re still growing and your body will have increased requirements. Simply have a healthy balanced diet and exercise. I think following the calendar would be enough. Stick to it and you will definitely see results.

  20. 1200 calories a day is almost anorexic. Eat healthy (1800 -2100 calories a day), and try do 30 minutes to an hour of exercise a day.

  21. When you print it, there should be some sort of setting where you use black ink only (some sort of printer setting). You can also just write the exercises down on Microsoft Word, it will take longer but will use the least amount of ink. :)

  22. Stephanie says:

    NEVERMIND I already founs the answer

  23. Stephanie says:

    This is my first time working with the calendar and I was just wondering, hoe do younuse it? I thought you had to do every exercise that was planned for that day but that seems a bit too much for me. Do you have to choose one or do you really have to do every one?


  24. I have started the beginner calender but I was wondering if I could pair this with that just combine the abb work out on her with the abb work out on the beginners calendar? Or would that be to much on my body?

  25. Christine Apa says:

    Do you have non-colorful versions of your calendars? I know that seems weird, but printer ink is crazy expensive (saw an info graphic once that showed it is more expensive than blood…LOL) and I am new and want to print out a black and white with just the gridlines only. Let me know if there is a way to do that or it already exists somewhere.

  26. CookieCray says:

    Heya popsters!!

    I would like to lose my little bit of tummy fat and get a flat stomach. Im twelve and ride and do gymnatsics (but in germany or at least at my gym,its different than usa,we dont do that much other stuff and its only like 1 hour a week) and the calendar. My vrother goes to the gym and is all toned and stuff and said i should eat 1200 cals per day. Is it true? And is eating healthy and eating thise cals plus worout calndar enough to lose weight? Or do i have to go like,jogging or extra cardio on top? I am a kid and a) dont have all that time and b) want to do other stuff top




  27. Immelda says:

    soo helpfull!!!

  28. this is my first time here…..my question may sound dumb but what is the easiest way to find all the workout videos for each day???? Seems like I would spend a lot of time searching for each one, unless they are all shown per day somewhere???


  29. As Cassey says in a lot of her posts, the key is 80% diet, 20% exercise: so if you are putting in more or equal the calories than you are exerting, you wont lose any weight. So I would suggest you keep track of exactly what you are eating on a site light my fitness pal or map my fitness, including all the snacks and drinks you have cause a lot of the time you feel like you are trying or are eating healthy but with all the little snacks and meals combined throughout the day you are putting in a lot more than you need.
    The flipside if you know you are definitely eating little, then you might not be eating enough: if you eat less than 1200 calories a day (for most women) your body goes into starvation mode and stores fat reserves, meaning you wont lose weight. Another way you can hold onto weight you could be losing is by not drinking enough water – if you drink more then your body wont hold onto water in fear of dehydration and you will lose weight a lot easier. Hope that helped! :)

  30. The idea is that you do all of the videos for that day.

  31. might be too late but…hope it helps!


  32. Don’t worry about gaining weight, because that’s not the most accurate way of determining fitness. Muscle weighs more than fat, after all. What you should find out and keep track of is your body fat percentage. If you have less body fat and more muscle, you are living healthier and looking slimmer and more fit. Weight doesn’t matter.

  33. I cant find the Legilates Legsercizes :c can someone please give me the link? C:

  34. Just got back to blogilates! I lost about 15 lbs before prom last year just doing these videos and some extra cardio…but i just got back from freshman year (can you say freshman 30?). DYING to get back into it! i know im late for june, but my question is:
    The workouts for each day on the calendar, can we pick which ones we want to do for that given day in the options shes provided or are we supposed to do all of them suggested for that day (given we have the time etc.)?
    Thanks yall!

  35. Angela Nicole says:

    I missed a few days because life happened this week, but I’m jumping back in today and it’s exactly what I need! How awesome. Thanks Cassey, I love you & I’m so excited!

  36. Same here. I lost some and now i’m gaining a little bit too. Maybe it’s because we are building muscle?

  37. What video should i watch if i want my thighs and legs to be slimmer and smaller? please help!

  38. Elizabeth says:

    I need to find a diet calender to go along with Cassey’s awesome workout calenders. If I don’t have a set diet, I tend to turn to the wrong foods and all my work goes down the drain. Can anyone help me?

  39. I have a bit of a concern here. I’ve been doing all these workouts since the 1st of this month every single day and trying to eat better. I can tell it’s doing *something* because I have slightly increased strength and endurance and yet I haven’t even lost a little bit of weight. In fact since I started this calendar I gained three pounds! Am I doing something wrong?

  40. you can use youtube video downloader such as http://keepvid.com
    so you don’t need to wait for them to load :)
    just paste the video’s URL and hit download, and then there you go!

  41. Cassey – is there anyway we can download the workout videos so we don’t have to wait around for them to load when they pause due to slow Internet connection?

  42. Hey! I need some help asap!

    Sp im 12 years old and im not overweight. This is the first up to date calendar im doin i tried the january in may nit i wanted to do it with other popsters too so i am doing this one. Ok. Now my situation is this:’im not overweight but im not a stick. I do have a little bellycushion,no muffin top or anything it liek,doent flop.its not that much. And my legs arent victoria secret worthy,but well theyre fine. What i wanna do is lose my tummypillow.so i am oing this and to myself i do notice changes. I eat healthy,a little cookie here and i do stil eat icecream and i do miss my moms cookies but i rly enjoy the banana pannis.

    My prob:

    I was sore on wednsday so i took a break thinking i could do that on Sunday instead of resting (i started the plan like 2 days late so i usually have skilped the restday if possible and done the days i missed) but then on thursday i had fever on friday i came home laaaate and on saturday the fever came back. The weather is BEAUTIFUL outside and im sick.so i havent done my wo since wednsday.i have long school on tuesday so ill prob miss thattoo. So i missed like,6/7 days! And i would do some now but i dont feel 100 % yet…

  43. Unfortunately, Cassey doesn’t have that information. Trust me we’ve been dying to know forever. Not to mention, it would be tricky because calorie burn would vary from person to person. Some of her videos are on weighttraining.com and you can get calorie burn info from there, but I personally have never found it to be super accurate. If you’re really really curious, you could always invest in a heart rate monitor.

  44. The calendar is meant to be followed as is. She switches up each calendar just a little bit to shake things up. You never NEED to add anything to a Blogilates calendar, but you always CAN if you want. The calendars like this one (and June 2012) that are more cardio centric are awesome because you’re burning more calories during your workout. The ones that are more focused on pilates and toning allow you to build up your muscles. More muscles means your body is burning more calories while at rest. You’re burning calories either way, Cassey has got you covered! This calendar is about 50% cardio, 25% abs which I think is great for summer because the cardio is going to help you lose fat overall and the emphasis on abs is great for bikini season. Clean eating plus this calendar should be enough for you to see weight loss. If you’d like to add in extra cardio sessions and your body is up for it, you totally can. I personally take Zumba classes in conjunction with the calendar simply because I love Zumba.

  45. It would be a little tedious to go through each video and add up all of the times for each one. 25 days times 5 videos a day would 125 video times to total. Most days take about an hour or so.

  46. cassey these work outs are great! this is my first month following you. do you think you could add the calories burned for each day’s exercise to the calendars? that would be helpful!!

  47. I didn’t do today’s one. Only because I did my fiance’s workouts instead :P I had him beat at your planks though “Come on baby, hold it. Feel it! Love it!! Come on! Few more seconds!!”

    We did arms, back, and abs for about 30 to 40 minutes today just cheering each other on. Tomorrow is my turn and I told him to prepare to sweat!!

  48. Vivienne says:

    Okay! what’s your email? I can send it to you

  49. Cassey, it is possible to add the time wich is needeed to do the exercices each day to the calendar please?

  50. If you could please help me that would be great. My computer won’t load the full June calendar. When I click on it, it only loads about 1/8th of the calendar. Is there any way you could send me the calendar via email?

  51. can someone send me the link to the food baby workout

  52. Hey Cassie, just wanted your advice with how to use the workout calendar properly – I’ve searched high and low for the answer on your blog but I can’t find it!

    My main goal is weight loss. So, if I just follow June’s workout calendar, is that my exercise done every day? Or do I need to be doing extra cardio on top of what you’ve outlined?

    If I just follow your June workout calendar exactly as it is every day and eat clean, is that enough for me to lose weight? I noticed in other month’s calendars there’s more of a heavy focus on the toning and pilates side of things – for those months do I need to incorporate extra cardio into my every day?

    I’m so curious! Thanks!

  53. I ment Mary’s not Mary’s ;p

  54. But Mary’s one was inspiring too all my friends said that. :)

  55. When you lie down, most people’s backs natural curve but you have to flatten it by engaging your abs. When she says “suck in your belly button” I don’t think of it like sucking in my stomach and holding my breath. I flex my abs

  56. Tegan Bryce says:

    sorry I do not have an answer to your question as i am also a beginner but i was wondering where you can find the beginners calender

  57. Heey,

    I have exactly the same problema ove~r here! I can squeeze my belly in, like Cassey says, but before I know it I have to stop the workout ’cause aparently I’ve held my breath the whole time and need to gasp for air. Don’t know what to do either! :( While lying down, myy lowerback just cruves itself, so I can’t get a proper ab workout :(

  58. Dankee

  59. Thanksss :D

  60. I love the color of the calendar. My print can print only in grayscale so it’s better when the colors are pale. I couldn’t print the may one because of the colors :(

  61. I recommend to start with the beginner calendar. It will be more at your level and not as intense, and it will help you to work even better on the big one! We’re all on our own personal fitness journeys, good luck!! :)

  62. Priscilla says:

    I’ve never done one either and initially i wanted to start with the june calender but i decided against it since the beginners calender is there to help us ease into the workouts. Hope this helps (:
    But after all it’s your decision and whether or not you feel ready for the june calender!
    Best of luck to you!

  63. If you follow the calender, you do the BB1 just once, if there is a “2x” behind the video name you are supposed to do it twice :-). Hope that helps.



  64. Candice says:


    I’ve never done one of these. Would a newbie be able to do the June On FIre calendar or should I start with the Beginners Calendar?

    Any help is appreciated. =)


  65. Ja , so mache ich es, ich nehme einfach das neue Video von letzter Woche , oder was du machen kannst du schiebst das neue Video einfach auf den Dienstag und schiebst eins von Dienstag auf Montag :-)



  66. Alyssa R. says:

    I was doing your workout while I was staying at a hotel because of plumbing problems at my home and once we moved back, I got busy with homework, and finals (Fun days in school). I’m glad to finally be able to start working out again. :D

  67. Also!

    Mondays it says *new workout* bur i live in germany and do to the time change,when i have to do my workouts,late afternoon(3-5oclock) the new vid isnt up yet…do i do the one from last week? So the newest one?? Or what plsplspls help!


  68. Hey!

    I have a Q!
    On the workout calendar it says like Bikini blaster 1 or cardio fat melting. When i watch the bikini b1 she says do this four times in the video ( in cardio fatmelting in the description box)
    Do i have to do it 4x or just once? Cus next to for example the gangnam style ones it says 2x ?? So gangnam twice but bikini b1 or other too? 4x? Or once??

    Gee thx sooo much

    <3 #juneonfire


  69. I love the workouts, really and made I great transformation, but I have a problem why I can’t feel confident at all. I have cellulite and don’t know what to do to get rid of it, I’m working out, burning fat and calories und drink a lot of water. Can someone help me please? :(

  70. And I feel the need to mention this again: we need an #AskPopsters hashtag on twitter for questions to other popsters since Cassey can’t reply to us all :D

  71. Any tips on how to suck your belly button in properly? I always end up holding my breath/squeezing my lungs or something…and that can’t be the right way to do it.

  72. Here’s a girl who made playlists with all the workouts for each day: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF5KnXaYVqfRb5WsF4CtFAA/videos?view=1&feature=guide

  73. Has anyone been able to find the videos for tomorrow? When I search for some of them, I don’t get a video with an exact name. If I don’t find them, I guess I’ll just have to put some of the videos together myself…

  74. I just discovered your channel and am excited to start! I’m not really one to exercise ..ever, but i think it’s time to finally clean my diet and start. Any tips for a beginner? should i just go straight for it and follow along? thank you :)

  75. Hey guys! Quick question: I’m catching up on some days cuz of a holiday (no internet..) and am now doing wednesday on my sunday. Trying to find the Fat Burning Cardio vid but cant find it! Is it the Fat Burning Cardio Warm-Up?? To get warm for 100 burpees :-P Ill do that one now but if its the wrong one plz post a link! So I can do it right! ;-D

    Thanks a million and good luck to everyone! Keep it up and be strong!!! xxxx Marina

  76. School will be starting tomorrow for me but i’m definitely still gonna be working out on the weekend. Good luck to all of us!

  77. Make sure you stretch after each workout!

  78. I just got back from Vietnam and I can’t wait to do the June calendar WOs. Got to take my before pics! Love you, Cassey! You’re such an inspiration!

  79. Here’s the link to Come and Get Fit: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sUI_5ZmlXWM

  80. It’s on her second channel BlogilatesTV

  81. I can’t find the One More Night video. Can someone help me by puttimg the link or something? THANK YOU!! (: #JuneOnFire

  82. Here is the link to So You Want Nice Legs Workout:

  83. Krishna says:

    Hey, I’m also 17, and would also like a motivational partner. If you’re up for it, email me!!

  84. Monique says:

    what video do we use for day 7 “So You Want Nice Legs”? I searched on her channel for it, but no video came up with that exact name…I was thinking of just doing POP Pilates: Slimmer Inner Thighs & Runner’s Calves

  85. Barbara says:

    This is also my first month and I’m 17 too and would love a motivational pal so I’m totally down!

  86. Sure! I’d love to have a motivational partner also! I’m almost 17 so we’re pretty close in age. :) Also, is anyone else having a hard time finding the “Come and Get Fit” video for today? I can’t seem to find it. :/

  87. Anece Jay says:

    Whoooo. Just started on this today – too bad I didn’t know about this sooner!
    Also – it’s kind of my first time (ever) working out. Never done it before. So, yes, I’m dying! I’m sure I died a couple of times during these workouts. X_x Bleh

  88. Yup.. the one she has.. you should probably type blogilates on youtube and get her page n search for the videos on her page..

  89. First full month for me, does anyone fancy being “motivational pall’s/partners” to help eachother through the month? Im 17 so would be great to have support from someone a simmilar age :)

  90. some videos like food baby can be found on her vlog channel

  91. will try that thanks

  92. Hey thanks so much for these videos I’m trying to stay fit and stuff during my off season of swim and insanity and P90X and stuff like that cost money and this free and plus your inpiration and your sweet and funny and cute and I love you so much. I love doing these workouts with my friends and stuff this is my first calendar so wish me luck! I’m super excited to get started I started late :/ whoopsie oh well a few days won’t hurt and I have been doing your videos on those days I just didn’t know about the calendar till now ok this a long comment love you lots Cassie thanks <3

  93. Jessica
    Exercising is good but don’t hurt yourself while doing it. You should try the beginners calendar or slow down the exercises.

  94. can beginners do this workout?

  95. Angela Nicole says:

    Awesome working out with you this morning Cassie! THANK YOU!

  96. Hey :) All you have to do is click on the image of the calendar. Since you’re already able to comment I’m guessing you have the password already so just click it and save it to your computer you should be able to print!

  97. Hey Gill, I’m not really fit either, but honestly each video has different benefits.. You just have to push yourself as hard as you can through each video. That’s when you see the results

  98. Hey this is my first month doing a workout calender, it’s killer but sooooo FUN!!!! This might be a stupid question, but I was wondering when it says something like “Great Gatsby Workout” does that mean you can do any of the ones she posted? Because I searched it on Youtube and found two of them. The same for the “Fat Burning Cardio.” Thanks a bunch!

  99. Hey this is my first month doing a workout calender, it’s killer but sooooo FUN!!!! This might be a stupid question, but I was wondering when it says something like “Great Gatsby Workout” does that mean you can do any of the ones she posted? Because I searched it on Youtube and found two of them. The same for the “Fat Burning Cardio.” Thanks a bunch!s

  100. The videos usually last a little less than an hour all together. Especially if you skip any talking at the beginning or end of the videos and skip straight to the workout (entertaining as they might be, on busy days especially, I do this- also I’ve seen them all so many times already and know what she’s going to say word for word !:) )

  101. Penelope says:

    question! what if im way too sore the next day? should i still try to complete the work outs? just finished todays workout and im feeling that i probably wont make it tomorrow…

  102. Hey Cassey!

    Thank you sooooo much for making these calendars! My abs are so sore!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH.

  103. Thanks for the answer!
    I’m gonna try to avoid it as much as possible :)

  104. Jessica says:

    Hi guys! I need help. This is my first calendar, but I started a bit late. When do I makeup all the ones I DIDN’T do. And another thing….I did the June 3rd day, and the next day I was SOOOOOOOOOO sore. Especially my abs. I looked at June 4th on the calendar and it was ALL ab workouts. I decided to just rest for that day. Here we are June 5th and I am STILL sore. Can someone please help me???

  105. Jessica says:

    Hi guys! I need help. This is my first calendar, but I started a bit late. When do I makeup all the ones I DIDN’T do. And another thing….I did the June 3rd day, and the next day I was SOOOOOOOOOO sore. Especially my abs. I looked at June 4th on the calendar and it was ALL ab workouts. I decided to just rest for that day. Here we are June 5th and I am STILL sore. Can someone please help me???

  106. Loving the Calendar so far!!! Thank you so, so much for all your hard work in everything that you do with blogilates, Cassey. You rock! :D Keep doing what you do, sweetie, you’re a fitness STAR and a huge inspiration to so many people….
    Go Go Popsters!! We are gonna KILL IT this month!

    Much Love ^-^

  107. get_cookies says:

    i have a question: do i have to do all the workouts at once? because i like to do half of it in the morning and the other half in the afternoon

  108. thanks! :) lol so do we eat donuts???

  109. just click on the calendar in the post above, save it to your computer and print like you would normally print any document!

  110. When it says New workout, it means that Cassey is going to post a new video that day, and you’re supposed to do that one.

  111. Hey Emilia!
    There’s no age limit to be a Popster! You can absolutely do these workouts at 16. If you’re new to working out, doing 5 Blogilates videos a day, 6 days a week can be a bit of a challenge. I can’t stress enough how important it is to listen to your body, and do what feels right for you. If you can’t finish the June on Fire workouts, I absolutely suggest giving the beginner calendar a try. As you get stronger, you can try adding a video or two from the June on Fire calendar in addition to the beginner workouts. Good luck and happy sweating!

  112. Hey Abbie :)
    It’s actually nat’l…which is short for “national.” So on Friday, it’s national donut day. :p

  113. Nat’l is national

  114. I love blogilates and I’ve been doing several videos but this is the first time trying a calendar. I’m kinda new here so it would be great if someone could tell me how to get this calendar and print it (stupid question, I know).

  115. nat’l (national) donut day.

  116. Thank you for the girls out there putting the videos together for each day, I love it!

  117. Yea I noticed that too!!! definitely #juneonfire … I’m with you “train insane or remain the same” words to live by …

  118. You only do the workout the (2x) beside it :)

  119. Hi Cassey,

    I’m not exactly new to your videos, but I have just signed up for the newsletter! I’m excited to get started but don’t think I’m quite fit enough to make it through every day of this *INSANEE* June calender! If I still want to see results at the end of this month, do you think it’s enough for me to do maybe 2 cardio/hiit workouts of yours + at least 1 toning workout for a total of >45 minutes a day?

  120. She posts the “new workout” about 6PM Central Time on Mondays. If you live out of the U.S. you should probably just do the “new workout” the following day.

  121. You do the workouts she has listed for each day. I recommend making a playlist with the videos for each day and doing them throughout the day.

  122. Progress takes time! You’ll gradually see small changes probably every 1-2 weeks if you commit to the workouts and healthy eating.

  123. I meant Friday

  124. #JuneOnFire is killer so far!! But what’s “nat1 donut day (Thursday)?” I’ve seen “nat1″ on past calendars.

  125. Hey Cassey!

    This is my first time following the workout calendar and I’m starting to think am I able to do this. I’m soon turning sixteen: my height is 168cm (5′ 6) and I weight 57kg (125lbs). I feel like I have no strenght on doing these workouts and I’m just wondering if these are good for me, due to my age. For example today (Tuesday) I wasn’t able to complete all these workouts and I felt so weak, which dissapoints me. :c I’m only hoping to loose a few kilos more and toning my body, so should I change to the beginners calendar?

    Thanks for the help and POPsters are welcome to help as well!

  126. I wonder that to. I don’t think i can make it to do all of them….

  127. Merideth says:

    I found this Ask Cassey video on youtube a couple of days ago. I hope it helps answer your question!:


  128. Merideth says:

    I sometimes have this problem too, so I just switch the Monday workout with the Tuesday workout so that I don’t miss out on anything and I don’t have to wait until super late Monday to workout! Works like a charm!

  129. You have to do all of them ;)

  130. no you’re not im having trouble too but i just keep going or rest a little

  131. Where it says *NEW WORKOUT* is it the one that says new work out the way we tone?

  132. Farheen says:

    Hey, they will be uploaded on the day they’re needed for the workout!!

  133. Search up the workout name on youtube along with Blogilates. This isn’t her filming schedule. This is your workout schedule. Have fun! :)

  134. Workouts live each day**

  135. yajaira says:

    hey guys I’m new so this is my first calendar Ahhhh I’m so excited =D I have a question though if I follow this calendar how long would it take to see results? =/ I made a bet with my brother that I would loose weight and go back to the 90’s I weigh 108 right now… poop .-. I really want to slim down and show him he’s not the only one that can look good since he has abs and everything uhhhh can’t wait =)

  136. Thank you! I will try that :)

  137. Well, i guess it just means that after you are done with your workouts for the days, you can sign it. Just as some sort of personal motivation … YOU MADE IT :-)

  138. This is great! Thanks, Jade!!

  139. I am wondering the same thing, only if someone could help!

  140. Shannon says:

    Hi guys! I’m new… this is my first calendar…. what does the ‘sign’ on the bottom mean? HELP!

  141. Yeah I’m sure it will affect the fat burn (I’m not positive) but if that’s the only way you can do the workouts because of your schedule, then go for it!!

  142. This workout calendar looks sooo killer!!! 3 cardio days a week! If you look at the 19th there is food baby and 100 burpee challenge all in the same day…hahaha train insane or remain the same?

  143. Hi Sofja,
    There is a super helpful Popster who made playlists:

    Just wanted to let ya know ;)

  144. Can’t wait to have that beginners calendar! I have been so out of it because I had surgery a few months ago. Tried dong June 1st and got through two out of five. Proud of myself. Can’t wait.!. Thank you so much Cassey.

  145. Ashley Edwards says:

    I feel like i am missing something with the calendars. Do i do a youtube search for each workout or do you do these workouts like each day? Thank you so much

  146. Cassey I just started watching your videos today and after a while of pausing with working out I decided I want to get back in shape again so I’m doing it with you. I really want to have a bikini ready body because I’m going on vacation on July 25th. Hope I can make it happen till then. :)
    I didn’t know about Juneonfire but I did some of your workouts today.

  147. Hi guys!

    Does anyone know somebody on Youtube, who is doing the june-calender day-by-day as playlists, so I don’t have to search every single video? Hope you understand what I mean…

    Many thanks in advance!!!!! <3

  148. alexandra says:

    Hi Cassey! Finally I decided to keep up with all the popsters and do the June calendar!! I’m confident I can do it! There is only one small problem, I live in Romania, Eastern Europe, and Monday is almost over and there’s no new workout on youtube. I know it’s because the time difference, but could you please put the video a little bit sooner? Thanks a lot! I really admire your work and your spirit!

  149. HAHA!! LOVE IT!
    I do the same thing with the calendars each month as well. I reverse the colors on it though :P But it’s just so much easier to have a constant reminder of the workouts ahead!

  150. Hi Cassey,

    I found your videos through BubzBeauty and have just started with the June Calendar.
    Man oh man was that tiring!
    I started Insanity in January and was doing really well with it until I got a horrible virus which meant I was on permanent bed rest for the week, then the next week went to Disney Land Paris so just fell out of the routine of working out until now.
    I’ve put some weight on and have been feeling really uncomfortable about myself. I’m sooo looking forward to seeing results as i turn 21 this year and am ready for a beaut bikini bod.

    I have a feeling you’re going to be a lifesaver!
    Day 3 Complete!!
    (although i did switch the new video with “Call Me Maybe/Gangnam Style” as I live in the UK so the time difference kind of screws it up! But I’ll use this weeks new video next week!

    Lots of love!

  151. Did you sign up for the newsletter? Once you go through the verification process then it will give you the password for the month. I finally realized that today. Good Luck!!

  152. Caitlin says:

    I’m from the Netherlands, so I have the same problem. What I do is switch the cardio days..so do the Wednesday-workout on Monday and vice versa..

  153. Aaliyah says:

    When doing the bikini blaster do I have to repeat it 4 times like it says on the video or just do it once and move onto the next? Slightly confused, this is my first time doing this so please help meee x x x

  154. Hey Everyone!
    I’m new to Blogilates and I have a little trouble getting through every workout. Am I the only one?

  155. Hi Sally. Go for it. I am 51 yrs old and have been doing Cassie’s workouts for 2 months, which have whipped this menopausal body into shape. Even the dreaded belly fat is disappearing. I get a chuckle out of the fact that I could be the mother of most of the popsters and I’m not familiar with a lot of the music. :) Join us for June, you’ll have a blast!!

  156. On the June calendar, where do you find the “new workout”, “food baby”, etc. if they’re not on YouTube? Thanks

  157. Hey Cassey!! I have been so bad about not following the calendars every day. I get so busy between working 45 hours a week, taking 4 college classes and raising a 15 year old as a single mother that sometimes there is just no time to work out. I am taking 1 class this summer, so I am committing to sticking with the calendar this month and hopefully next month. I only need to lose 10 pounds, but those 10 pounds will make a world of difference to me. Thank you for all of your hard work to put these calendars and videos out for all of us!!

  158. Jessica says:

    Thanks for this amazing calendar!
    When is the best time of day to work out?

  159. I am pretty sure you’re supposed to do all of them ;)

  160. Vivianayabor says:

    Cassey you are incredible amazing. I go for it. Good luck to everyone. X

  161. Hey guys,
    Im confused about the [2x] on the workout list. For e.g. on Mondays do I have to repeat all the workouts twice or do I just repeat the ‘Gentleman Challenge’?

  162. cassie can u PLEASE UPLOAD UR VIDEOS A DAY B4 its already monday here

  163. Is there anything I can do instead of running 1 mile?It’s always raining where I live and I don’t own a treadmill either! Other than that, love the calendar!

  164. Do we do each work out that is assigned to each day or do we choose one? I know rookie mistake :/

  165. Christina says:

    Oh, sehe die Antwort erst jetzt.
    Dann rocken wir diesen Kalender wohl gemeinsam für Deutschland, wuuuh! :)

  166. i didn’t see the 1st bit of posting a before pic! oops! hopefully i complete this calendar trying my best. Thanks so much Cassey! xxx

  167. Hi.
    I’m having the same problem. :D Only I’m from Finnland.

  168. wait, you do the whole day 2x or just the last videos 2x

  169. I was wondering the same thing!
    Does anyone know if splitting it will affect the fat burning?

  170. all of them :)

  171. Hello where to find the exercice on utube ? Thanks i just started to know this website !

  172. Yes of course, I’m already doing that :)

  173. reach up with your chest and shoulders and make sure your eyes are looking at your knees! not the ceiling. you will get better over time as your abs get stronger! if it hurts too much, place a rolled towel underneath your neck for support and rest your head!

  174. So, I put this up on last month’s calender, but I dunno how to access my post. It was regarding neck discomfort/pain while in the pilates stance (laying down). My neck gets really uncomfortable that I have to take a break or just do the workout without the pilates stance. Does this eventually get better as you do the workout, or do you experience it all the time regardless of how long you’ve been doing the workouts? Does anyone have any tips?

    Thank you >_<

  175. I think if you do follow the calendar, and control what you eat (because people tend to eat much more after they start their exercise routine and forget about controlling personal eating habits)
    Then, you will see the result, and don’t forget to drink at least 8 cups of water per day (or more than 2000 cc)
    Good luck! I just start this calendar too! We can do it! :D

  176. You can find them on youtube, just type in blogilates and the wo name and it will pop up :) I think she also has them on here but i just use youtube :)

  177. Great thanks!

  178. Finally recovered from surgery, and super excited to get back into it with the June calendar!!! :D
    Cassey you’re an amazing, uplifting motivator and make exercising super fun! xx

  179. Ok! So I have finally decieded to do this. Eventhough its day 2 I can catch up and do my best. I have been struggling with my weight for like 2 years. I have been stuck at this one wieght forever now and I need to find a program that works! I hope this works :)

  180. Krysten says:

    You’ll probably be getting enough exercise walking around the park all day! I would say you’re probably safe skipping the cardio days and if you really feel the need to do the workouts, just pick the shortest videos from the day’s list and do them when you get back to the hotel if you have the energy.

  181. They are all on Youtube. Just look up Blogilates :)

  182. That’s what I’m personally doing. I’m trying to fit in as much cardio as I can outside of school, work, ect. At least do a total of 5 miles a week (not a lot, I know, but hey some of us have very busy schedules haha). All in all though, a little extra cardio would never hurt!

  183. Yes, that applies for me as well in Malaysia with a 12 hour lead :(

    Other that that, you keep stressing on doing cardio on top of your videos. Would that be a seperate cardio session on my own, or the cardio suggested on your calendar on certain days? (ex: run 1 mile)

  184. As long as you do them, it counts!

  185. Hi!

    You will see results if all you do is her calendar, but you will see even faster and better results if you combine it with weight training and extra cardio! 30-45 minutes is a good goal, at least 3-5x a week.

  186. You do all that are listed for the day :)

  187. Hi,

    You might want to try losing some weight and building up your strength first. I highly recommend swimming laps because it strengthen and tones you very quickly, as well as burning lots and lots of calories because its great cardio! I would swim about 2 miles, or as much as you can.

    You should also start with a clean diet and plenty of walking and yoga (google Tara Stiles on Youtube). Keep trying Cassey’s moves and it’ll get easier :)

  188. I work and study so I don’t always do all the videos at once.. it is about an hour but sometimes I’ll wake up and do 1 or 2 videos first then then finish the rest either when I get home (I’m often out from 7 am to 10:30 at night but this makes it easier) or just set aside a time in advance for me to just focus on blogilates without any distractions.

  189. I was just wondering if I will see results after a month???

  190. I may be missing it but where are the workouts that are listed on the June calendar? Do I have to search the site for each one or is there a place where they all are?

  191. Hi!! I have been watching from the sidelines for a while and I think you are great Cassey! My daughter has been working out with you for the past year and loves how motivating you are. I don’t think I am your target demographic, but I think its time this 44 year old gives it a try. :)

  192. Thanks so much, extremely helpful!!!

  193. the calendar image wont load completely for me, is anyone else having this problem? also it wont let me save it to my computer :(

  194. I love your monthly calendars!! I set my desktop bg to a new calendar every month and it makes me so happy :) I get excited for the new month and for the workouts. Thank you for your hard work<3

  195. Can I expect to see major results after one calendar workout? I’m pretty new to the workout scene and I have a crazy fast metabolism so I’m not fat but I do have a few layers of fat that I’d like to loose.

  196. Hey guys, my name is Clodagh, I’m 16 on Friday and I live in Ireland. I found blogilates on the last week of May and when I studied the site I was immediately pumped to do the June calendar. I am approx. 5 foot 3 inches and I weigh ten stone.
    Obviously I am overweight and that is why I wanted to start the calendar. I tried to rope my friend into doing it with me but she didn’t want to so I am trying to do it all alone.
    Only problem is that I can’t do any of the moves Cassey tells us to do. I mean nothing, either I feel no burn, I feel too much of a burn or I feel pain and not the good ”ooh I can feel my abs getting ripped” more like the ”ooh this is dangerously painful”. I want to succeed so much, but I can’t do any of the moves. What should I do?

  197. Thanks for the reply!

  198. Thanks :))))

  199. Hey, I wanted to do this but doesn’t it cost a lot of time? I have school and homework too, and will I be able to still do this? It’s like around 1,5/1 hour right.. How are you guys putting up with this? x x

  200. You are a life saver!!!!…I was going to do this right now because this week is going to be insane and I wanted to save me sometime and just play a playlist and be done with it. Thanks for sharing!!

  201. Stephanie says:

    Hey, I’m new at using this calendar!
    Do I have to do all the workouts that are listed in one day?
    Or do I just pick one out of the list for the day?

  202. OH NO! FOOD BABY AGAIN D: And I thought I was lucky to have survived last month..

  203. I don’t have workout clothes yet either so I’m just running in a top and leggins/tights, or a long sleeved shirt if it’s cold outside. I’m not sure if this is any good to use but at least it is easy to move in :)

  204. Wait do i have to choose one video a day or do ALL of them??? :) Thankxx :D

  205. Thank you! i’ve been confused,clear now.Thanks again

  206. yea same here lets do it together :) rain or shine lets do this

  207. Great calendar Cassey! How long does it take you to design them? They are so fun and colorful.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  208. Brianna says:

    I’m going to Disney World on the 16th through the 21st. Do you guys have any suggestions for how I can make up the lost workouts?

  209. Hi everyone! I’ve turned the first week of workouts (not including Monday June 3rd though) – so from Tuesday June 4th to Saturday 8th – into playlists on my YouTube channel. Here it is for easy access! http://www.youtube.com/user/jennafelicity/videos?view=1&flow=grid

  210. Tiffany says:

    I’ve been doing exercises for a while and kinda fell into a rut. Decided to give your videos a try last month and WOW! I do the workout calender before work. I have 45mins and I try do do as many of the workouts as possible. It is amazing how I feel them working right away! My greatest complement was when my mom went to pinch my side and there was no “roll” to pinch! Thanks for making working out fun again!

  211. Hey guys, I know cassey said that this months calander will help to transform your body but will I need to do extra cardio ontop of her vids in the calander if you have quite a lot of fat to loose? Would greatly appreciate it if anyone replied! From a fellow popster:)

  212. Tina Hernadez says:

    So we have to do every workout on that day? I don’t have that amount of time in the morning (that is when i work out) before I head to work. Or do you just choose from the list?

  213. Chelsea says:

    Is it possible to split up the workouts in a day? I usually try to workout in the morning but am finding that the calendar stretches for too long in order to get to work on time. Can I split half in the morning half in the afternoon?

  214. Hey Alyssa!

    Je comprend, ca demande du temps, de l’énergie et de la motivation! Pour ma part je me suis accrochée pour plusieurs raisons, et c’est assez facile à appliquer:

    – j’ai entrainé une amie avec moi dans l’aventure, lorsqu’elle me dit avoir fait les exercices du jour, ca me pousse à en faire autant!

    – Je ne respecte pas toujours le “rest day” le dimanche, le jour de la semaine où je rentre épuisée à la maison, quand bien même ce serait un mercredi, je zappe l’entrainement et je le fais le dimanche,

    – J’ai pris une photo de moi en maillot de bain avant de commencer, j’en refais une dans le même maillot de bain chaque semaine pour pouvoir suivre mes progrès. En comparant ma première photo et celle de la 3e semaine, je voyais une différence au niveau du ventre et des hanches ca donne nécessairement envie de continuer!

    – Je n’hesite pas à faire la plupart des vidéos avec les postures spéciales “débutant”, en général la semaine suivante pour un même exercice je suis capable de faire a version plus punchy! Et ca tonifie tout le corps quand même!

    Fais le à ta cadence, si tu n’as pas envie de le faire tous les jours tiens t’en à 3 fois par semaine, tu auras envie d’en faire plus ensuite!

  215. Cassey !!! My muscles hv bcum tightr my body feels lightr and i fl much more accomplishd alhamdulillah thank u :-) …….nw wna make a suggstion being a humble popstr :p … y nt use a hindi song in one f ur wrkouts plzzzzzz plzzz ill b v glad n srsli the mst energetic n upbeat sngs r hndi songs so do giv a try ….. lov u n hate u :p

  216. Mikaela says:

    And also eat clean. ;D

  217. No, you just have to repeat the videos that say 2x after it.

  218. do we actually have to repeat bikini blaster 1 four times?? I think i’m going to diee!

  219. You’re so awesome!!!! ^_^ Thank you!!

  220. I will never escape the 100 burpee challenge! Cassey knows MY big weakness…and plus food baby has appeared again.

  221. Cecilie says:

    I’m one excited girl! Can’t wait to start!

  222. Thank you, I’ll try to find bottles to do this then :)

  223. I’ve been following the calendar since the beginning of the year, eating clean but haven’t lost a pound, haha. I’m determined to make a change this month. If you complete the calendar and follow it religiously, by eating clean and all, you should definitely see muscle definition. I can see that my arms and thighs look more toned, especially the quad muscles. The changes are gradual, so you’ve got to be patient, but eventually, all your hard work will pay off ;)

  224. Can we still have one weekly YOLO meal? I’m super motivated this month but think I might go insane if I don’t have my weekly YOLO meal haha!

  225. Kayleigh says:

    Just saying you don’t have to show anyone! You can take two sets if you would like or just wear whatever you want.

  226. Kayleigh says:

    I would love an option to download the videos because I don’t always have internet access making me loose a few days whether I want to or not!

  227. How should I know how to do all the things??
    For example miley cyrus ab WO, are there some link where i can see how to do the things for the june calendar? :)

  228. Vanessa says:

    Hey Cassey,

    I love your workouts and especially the workout calender, but there is one big problem with it.
    I come from Germany so when it says, new workout video on monday, I can’t do it because of the time difference. It,s already night time over here when you upload the video. So could you upload the video earlier?? like on sunday evening? Then it would be up in the morning in Germany. I would be really thankful if you’re reading this comment.
    You’re such an inspiration to me. Love you :) <3

  229. Yes totally! I’m glad that I’m not alone! But we’re gonna nail it this month :)

  230. Yeah go! Viel Spaß, ich bin auch aus Deutschland und freu mich einen deutschen POPster entdeckt zu haben! ;)

  231. Melissa says:

    I’ve never done anything like this before and i’m actually really nervous for this.
    I’m gonna try my hardest to keep up with this calendar and try my best. Goodluck to everyone!

  232. Courtney says:

    You only have to repeat the videos that says 2x after it.

  233. My question is, do you have to do the whole workout at once or can you separate them throughout the day? can’t wait to start! So very excited!

  234. No, you only have to do the workouts that are listed with x2 next to them twice. Unless you want to do them twice a day of course ;)

  235. Yeah, I was wondering what the 2x at the end meant too! Would it be just the challenge twice or everything twice? Either way, really looking forward to work hard through whatever we do this month! <3

  236. So you’re telling me that I have to do each day workout 2 times ,isn’t this like 2 hours?

  237. I love this month b/c I can incorporate my couch to 5k I’m doing for a race I’m running with my family in August on the cardio days. AWESOME! Thanks!

  238. Oh man! About to start sweating happy! Go go go everyone! We can do it :-D

  239. Franchi says:

    Sorry I really need help! I can’t read any of the calendars! I have tried in my iPhone, my laptop and also printing them out but I just can’t see because is all blurry… What can I do? :( please help I really want to do this months calendar

  240. They are on youtube :) both!

  241. Can someone tell me what does (2x) means on the workout calendar?

  242. All of the videos are on YouTube, just do all the videos listed on the calendar for that certain day :)

  243. Courtney says:

    Cassey usually tells you how heavy to go in the videos. She also mentions that if you either don’t have weights or want to go light, you can just use full water bottles. Thats what I did at first. :) Good luck!

  244. hi guys!
    I am new here and just starts the new June Calendar, I only done with the first two vids…and SO TIRED!
    My question is should I finished all 5 vids at once or can I split them though out the day?
    Thank you! the vids are very very awesome!!

  245. Hi guys! I’ve never lifted weights before, and I was wondering what weight dumbbells I should start at for the arm exercises. My arms have pretty much no muscle, and I want to tone them without bulking them up too much. Thanks!!

  246. 2x that specific workout! :)

  247. If you have a high school track near you, it’s exactly 4 times around it :) but if you want to get technical, a mile is approximately 1.6 km

  248. I have never done one of these, I think I am going to try this! (: Hopefully I have the time & motivation to do it every day (: hahaha.

  249. The videos are on YouTube and you just do the workouts she has listed for that day. And yes those are the names of the workouts.

  250. :) thank you!! yes, less time wasted in searching!! ^.^

  251. I am trying to start this and can’t figure out the calendar. Do you do each of those workouts designated on that day?

  252. Type “bikini blaster 4 blogilates” into the YouTube search bar and it will come up for you

  253. Hey, I’ve completed two calendars now – April and May. I noticed a HUGE change. At the start of April I did the 100 burpee burnout challenge and had to pause for 3-5 mins between each set of 10 burpees. By the start of May, I actually looked forward to seeing the 100 burpee challenge in the calendar – I can do it without pausing it and love how pumped up it makes me feel. I had almost no upper body strength and bad posture before I started, after two calendars, I feel so much stronger. I’ve only lost 3kg since starting, but I’m 163cm and already only 115lbs. My goal was to tone up and get fit after having my 10lb 5oz baby in December last year – not to lose weight. After two calendars, I have ab definition in my tummy :-), and I still have a small white chocolate every night (probably naughty I know, but it’s my treat ). I’m doing the June calendar, but I’m not part of the bet, just because as I said, I really need to just maintain my weight. It just means I can probably indulge a little more with the extra working out :-)

  254. I’m confused on the calendar. Are we supposed to do ALL those workouts listed for every day? I don’t think I have enough time for all that! What if we can do about 30 min – 1 hr. do we just pick some?

  255. pack on the lean protein like chicken and fish. That will help you build muscle

  256. I heard that you burn more calories if you break up your work out into smaller bits across the day, rather than one big session where you’ll get tired and probably won’t put in 100% effort the whole way through!:)

  257. Thanks I’ll try that!:)


  259. So, all I have to do now, is to pray that this is gonna be a “sweet” fat burner… So it will burn the fat off my thighs without shrinking those boobies down! I don’t want to look anorexic or having a manly chest! :/

  260. Hey! I had that problem for a while…but i decided to buy weights! its so worth it and all you need is a set of 5 pounders! if you really cant, do pushups! great for the arms!!!

  261. you have to click on the calendar, that will make it bigger e.e

  262. Cláudia says:

    Hey Cassey! Just to tell you that I do LOVE your new cheap clean eats. Can’t wait to try the flourless pizza.
    By the way, I really want to do the June makeover but do we have to bet on the site or can we do it just by checking in and consulting your blog? Do we need to bet? (p.s.crazy about your workouts too!)

  263. This is the first time I’m doing the workout calendar. I’m so scared but super excited! Im ready to be TRANSFORMED! WOOT!

  264. Ninoska Mendoza says:

    Hey Cassey! I’m a new fan and I am loving your workouts. For the June Challenge, am I supposed to do all the workouts you assigned for one day? Or do I pick and choose? For example, for June 3rd, am I supposed to the New workout, Bikini Blaster I, Gangman Style Cardio, POP Cardio: Kick It, and the Gentlemen Challenge (2x)? Or do I choose one of those workouts for the day?


  265. I am excited, but I’m going on vacation for a week?

  266. Hey Cassey,

    I’ve a question for you:
    On the June calendar there are five workouts a day. Do I have to do all five workouts, or do I need to pick one and do that one?

  267. Hey, Cassey!!! Thank you so much for doing what you do! You are such an inspiration to me!!!

  268. you are aaaaamazingggg :D :D :D

  269. You can use like water bottles or anything that has a bit of weight, like towels rolled up

  270. Yep! You do all of the workouts on the day they are listed :)

  271. My birthday is in one month (1st of July) and I really want to be in a better shape by then, so I’ll train like a beast all throughout June to look my best in a month !

  272. Same problem here :(

  273. I’ve been following Blogilates for a while but I’ve never taken on the challenge of doing the full calendar. Anybody want to hold each other accountable to the workouts?

  274. You’re amazing! I sit down every day to create my playlist for the day and then I get distracted by the rest of YouTube lol.. no excuses now! I can just log in and go. Thank you!

  275. Where can I find the Awesomesauce Arms and Arm Attack videos?

  276. Congrats on doing the march calendar every single day !
    I’ve tried doing it last month but I stopped halfway. Any tips not to give up in the middle of it ?

    (Je suis française aussi hehe) yay for French popsters ;)

  277. The calendar is great if you want to lose the fat in your thighs and in your whole body.. like you said, you can’t spot reduce so the boobs are included in the weight loss. but i think it’s totally worth it ;)

  278. Elizabeth says:

    is there a bigger photo of this? I can’t download it or see anything :'(

  279. Elizabeth says:

    Hey. I tried to save this pic but it is too small and blurry. It seems like an AWESOME June workout calendar. Is there any way i can get a bigger picture? :( <3

  280. Cynthia says:

    Having an awful hard time reading the calendar!
    It would be my first time ever trying one of your calender workouts, although I have tried doing your videos which are super intense but I been trying. So plis help me read it better! Thank you! Looking forward to being sore!

  281. Aw, it’s not a fun problem to have! And that sounds like a good idea. :)

  282. I was actually thinking of doing this, so thanks! :D

  283. Makes sense, thank you!

  284. Ugh, you are awesome! Taking the time to find and load all of the different w.o.’s for the day is honestly one of my biggest deterrents for doing them! (lame, I know) Thank you!

  285. I don’t have any weights, what should I do for the arm workouts?

  286. Paige-Nevaeh says:

    New Popster here! Just finished Day 1 & sooo pumped to do the rest of the month!
    Thank you Cassey for your effort putting together these calenders! You’re amazing <3

  287. is that calendar good to get in shape, lose fat where I need to, without shredding my boobs.? I know I cannot spot reduce, but I am flat-chested with big fat jiggling thighs. And, oh, I’m at an healthy weight, but I am skinny-fat

  288. Cassey will upload a new workout video to her Youtube channel

  289. I ALWAYS feel that way! I live in a very narrow-minded village in the south of italy and noone is into fitness here, so if you run outside, everyone stares at you and makes you feel a crazy weirdo. I hate my country sometimes. It feels like living back to middle age.

  290. Hey! I totally understand how you feel, because I have exactley the same problem! I just try to do for example a butt day instead oft one cardio day in the week, so I won’t lose weight but still do cardio and tone my muscels :)

  291. You can do it !

  292. This time, I’m gonna do it ! LET’S GIVE ALL WE’VE GOT ! ;)

  293. Thank you :)

  294. Also I dont yet have any proper workout clothes so what would be best for running in? sorry if these questions seem silly

  295. Bit of a silly question but how long is a mile? and are there any good alternatives to the run? its my first time doing a full month

  296. Cassey I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3 you're so inspiring and beautiful and happy! Thank you for your videos, your advice and motivation!

  297. Same here. Contrast is a bit low.

  298. Amanda – that’s the spirit!!!

    Rebecca & Danieru! I recently read that it is hard to motivate people but it would be a great help to stop de-motivating them… Try to stop de-motivating yourself and leave the motivation issue to Cassey! ;-) If you don’t like to run, find a replacement until you feel confident enough (like – when you feel you could do the 100 Burpee Workout once again and smile through it)… Just – keep going. Do all the other workouts. You’ll soon turn into Forrest Gump and run like the wind!

  299. Nichole says:

    Hey guys! Where do I find the workouts? I’ve never done blogilates so I dont know how it works, but I’m so determined to do this, I have to do this for me! If you know where, let me know! my twitter is @starvingthin!

  300. Hi, she usually adds some cardio. RESPECT if you want to do more than the calendar – I’m glad when I get around to doing one set of tasks and live to tell the tale :-)

  301. This is the first time I’m truly wanting to commit to actually getting the body that I want instead of just wishing for it :) I’m excited to see the results! Did you guys see major results after completing one calendar?

  302. Michelle says:

    wow! really, so awesome!! Thank you!

  303. When the calendar says 2x after the workout… is it 2x that specific workout it’s next beside to or all the workouts 2x?

  304. you are good enough ! you will kill it ! <3

  305. What is awsomeouce arms??? Is it a name of a work out??? Where Can I find it????

  306. This is my first time doing it. I have no idea what I am spouse to do can some one help me?

  307. its all up to you really im also doing other workouts along with the blogilates but also try not to overexercise

  308. Carolina says:

    Do you need to exercise more in addition to the calender? Like do the said workout plus 20 minutes of cardio?

  309. Cristal says:

    Thank you so much for your helpful instructions…I am starting this today for the first time as well and I’m glad I read your comment. I will be definitely check out the beginners videos! I’m so excited as well!! ;D

  310. With my birthday coming in 2weeks I want to make my month the best month I have ever had, I will not lose hope, nor will I tell myself I am not good enough. If I believe I can then I will <3

  311. OMG! thank you so much amanda

  312. OMG! thank you so much amanda

  313. Try to develop a schedule. Like I wake up every morning, eat a packet of oatmeal and some fruit, go for a run (I bring more fruit with me Incase I get dizzy), come home, grab a healthy bite to eat (usually another packet of oatmeal), do the workout videos for the day, then I have lunch (fish, corn, grilled veggies, etc), then I shower. I found that by creating a designated schedule like this, you’re less likely to break it. And even of you do stop half way, don’t freak out. Everyone does it. I mean EVERYONE. Just take a day to mentally prepare, and try again! We can all do this together! Don’t forget to eat clean!

  314. No problem!
    Happy to help out!
    Makes things easier and allows for more time to workout!
    Officially signed off on today’s workouts. Felt AMAZING!

  315. Yay!!! It’s a cardio party!!!! :D

  316. No, Rebecca. Trust me. I’m the single most unmotivated person you will ever meet. I kept saying “oh ill start after finals” “I’ll start this Monday” “this can be my cheat day”… Like, no. I 100% committed yesterday, and now I feel like I never want to stop! I now go running at like 7:30 at my sisters school (less chance of seeing people you know lol) at around 7:30. Usually, the earlier you go, the less people you see! And plus, don’t worry about what people think of you! Because trust me, once we all have our hot bikini bods, all the people that “thought things” while we were running are going to be thinking a lot more after they see how much our hard work payed off! Don’t forget to eat clean! Hope I helped a bit!

  317. honestly this is me all the time i dont think i have ever completed a workout schedule, it comes with trial and error i guess so im hoping that i will be able to do this all june since my birthday is in 2weeks i wanna make myself proud. they say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit :)

  318. OMG SO EXCITED started last week and I am excited to do a whole month! Just printed out the schedule and pasting it on my wall

  319. Oh! Almost forgot! Don’t forget to eat cleans too :D

  320. I started last night… It’s killer. I woke up and I’m so sore. I LOVE IT! It’s the best thing I’ve ever encountered. You’ll love it, too. Trust me, with Casseys enthusiasm, you feel like you can do anything! Be sure to watch Casseys beginner videos… It’s called “pop Pilates for beginners total body workout” and “pop Pilates for beginners, total abb workout” or something like that ;) she goes over all the basics and explaines a bunch of moves and teaches you how to breath I did these two videos first along with the normal workouts and it really helped clarify some of the moves!

  321. Danieru says:

    the calendar works like this: you do the videos listed on each day for that day & you can find em on her youtube channel, some people suggest that if you’re a beginner you can do 3 of the set workouts or you can split the workouts up throughout the day so you do like 2 in the mornings and then the rest in the evenings

  322. We are supposed to do what is listed for each day. Do it in intervals. Breaking it up into smaller tasks makes it easier to accomplish

  323. can someone tell me if we are supposed to do all the workouts at one time or spread them over the day? thanks in advance :)

  324. Julia C says:

    Can anyone enlarge this and make it easier to view? I usually save the pictures to my laptop and work from there, but it’s too small this time around! D:

  325. First day is done!! I’m so excited to be joining in this month it’s my first time doing this and I can’t wait to get myself in better shape for the summer, thanks Cassey xoxo

  326. Danieru says:

    same here, what i do is find somewhere i know i feel ok running or find a time of day where i know the place isnt full of people and what i realized is alot of people dont even recognize me when im running they’re just going about their business too, its just that im scared and i always think they are watching me. so i run at nights on my school campus because it isnt full at that time or i run in the evenings over by the pond near my uni because thats the one place where i feel 100% comfortable with the other persons working out because they dont give a rats ass what i am doing. you just need to find what works for you and stick to it :) if you neeed anymore help just let me know

  327. Danieru says:

    just click on the calendar image and it should open in another tab then just right click and save, if you try to save the one here it will be really small

  328. Angelica says:

    Hey Cassey! Just joined the diet bet I am so excited!

  329. Oh my goodness! Thank you! I can’t read the calendar on my phone so this helps a LOT.

  330. wow thanks amanda!!!

  331. First time doing this!! I’m excited!! :D

  332. Rachele says:

    I think you’d be fine! You don’t have to push yourself way too hard; just do what you can! x

  333. Rachele says:

    Yippeeeee me too! x

  334. Katie Musser says:

    How do you print this?

  335. Maybe you can begin with May muscle calendar: more muscle exercises, less cardio!

  336. Rebecca says:

    I reallllly want to do this like you would not believe, but I have ZERO motivation and I’m always paranoid about running and what people would think of me if they saw me. Does anybody else ever feel this way?

  337. Hi guys! I’m really excited to try this schedule for june. But I’m pretty worried I’ll flop halfway :( this is going to be my first time! Extreme beginner.

  338. KatrinaG says:

    You can also try dividing them up for different parts of the day?

  339. Hey Cassey, French popster here!

    I’ve DONE march calendar (every single day!!) it was so fun! Now I’m addicted and i’m like “what am i gonna do once she stopped doing it ?!!” So here is my begin: please don’t! It’s great I can already see results and it’s so helping for confidence!

    Thank you! Love you!

  340. Can anyone tell me how the calendar works? I have been looking at them each month and I get discouraged because of all the workouts listed. Do we have to do all the workouts listed for each day?! it seems like a lot.

  341. For the first time i feel really motivated about working out when i came across “pop pilates” so fun!! cant wait to do it on 3rd :) ! WOOO.

  342. Anyone else struggling to read the message on the blue bar on top of this months calendar? Or am I starting to lose my eyesight?

  343. I am so freaking excited to start this summer workout. I am so motivated to lose weight, get in shape, and become healthy. I always had struggles with my weight and last summer I worked so hard to get to my lowest weight ever. Unfortunately college has made me gain so much weight and become lazy. I just recently found blogilates and fell in love with all her workouts. I am still getting the hang of finding a routine, so this definitely will help a lot. :) Also loving all the recipes. I am trying to find better food options, so cheap clean eats recipes really help a lot.

  344. Last month I lost motivation part way through the month because I wasn’t able to complete the workouts, it’s not going to happen this month!

  345. Of course you can do it! :) If there’s something that’s really difficult, just do your best!
    Giving your best is always the best you can do ^.^
    (ps, I run 5 miles daily and swim whenever possible and I STILL thought that her vids were hard at first!!)

  346. Katherine Lively says:

    Ahhh SO READY to go hard this month. Been slacking the past two months due to exam stress and being too busy to even care about taking care of myself, but now I’m ready to get back on track!!! Thank you Cassie, would not be able to do this without you. Love you evem though I’ve never even met you, thank your courageous and confident spirit and your motivation unlike none other.

  347. This calendar is perfect! I need cardio! c: Here’s to #JuneOnFire!

  348. Hey ! I m new here. I m going to start with the june calendar. i have a question: On the several days are in the calendar are different workout videos. Should i do all on one day or should i chose one or two?

    I love it

  349. Darwynna says:

    super psyched!!! lets make June worth it. Burn baby burn! :)

  350. Christina says:

    I love this calender! Started last month and was sooo proud to finish my first one, now I am really excited to do the next. I really appreciate the big amount of “cardio-days”, cause I always feel like I am really good at doing the special cardio workouts.

    Ready to hit it,
    kisses from Germany to all POPsters out there ;)

  351. *can’t always log onto a computer

  352. Cassey, could you possibly make all of your videos accessible to mobile/cell phone please, as I can always log onto a computer when I work out and have to use my phone, Thanks.

  353. Christy says:

    So totally excited!! I found blogilates through a friend and it’s great that I’m right on time to jump into the June calendar!! Let’s do this! :)

  354. Going to start right now! I am a beginner so I hope I can handle it. Good luck to all of you!

  355. Gah! i was so excited for this until i realized it prints out blurry! when i try to zoom in on my computer, it’s blurry! i cant read a thing on here!

  356. *****Quick question!
    Do I have to take the pics in a bikini/underwear? It’s not something I’m really comfortable doing lol is it ok if I just take the pics in my workout clothes? (:

  357. whoo! I’m starting summer gym for two weeks because I need it to graduate and I don’t have room in my schedule. I’m going to be so sore. . . omg. But I’m so not going to quit doing blogilates. I’ll have to find a happy medium for those two weeks but after all that exercise I hope I’ll get stronger and be able to go even harder from then on.

  358. Am I the only one who has trouble printing the calendar so it will show everything? I changed to landscape and it still cuts part of the calendar off.

  359. In this journey, you will gain muscle weight and when you don’t do cardio at all, those muscles will just be suffocated by the fat that everyone does get over time. Yes, this calendar is cardio frenzy but at least do 1 or 2 cardio videos on Cardio Days and then in your situation the rest can be booty or just plain toning.

  360. i started back in january and i just jumped right in!! dont be discouraged if you cant do something at first cause you’ll get there!:) pick a specific workout that really challenges you and do it now and also in a month to see how far you’ve come! i’ve done it before and its really motivating!

  361. It’s perfectly fine to split it into multiple workouts throughout the day (it can even help to speed up your metabolism more than if you did all the videos at one time).

  362. Excited to get started!

    Created playlists for the month and ready to get started.
    For your convenience:

  363. Tiffany says:

    Me too! :D We can do it.

  364. woot woot I am so pumped for this. I will get through this month no matter what. I really want to loose weight so I am really excoted to do this with such an amazing person like cassey. She is just the gem!!! I wish us all good luck and strength to get through this month stronger than ever before. Love you Cassey ♡

  365. man, i’m excited. slacked off a BUNCH last month. well, not this time!! :-)

  366. Hey cassey! Is it possible to make a printer friendly version without all the colors? Thanks!

  367. Katherine says:

    Looks great! Thanks :)

  368. Yay! I can’t wait to finish off this month! :D But what if I’m off on vacation?
    How am I gonna keep up with this calendar in a hotel room? Tips please? :)

  369. I love this calendar so much! :)) But I am new here and I dont understand just one thing… I have to do all of the exercises in 1 day? Like, there is that “sign”, and over it are 5 exercises, and all of them I have to do in that one day? :))) Sorry for this silly question but I dont understand it and I am not native english speaker so.. O:))))

  370. I’m very excited for this! I leave at the end of the month for a week at the beach, so this exactly what I need! Thanks!

  371. We were all beginners at one point! You can do eeeeeet! :D

  372. Hello all! I am new here…this is going to be very interesting… I’m not sure if my extreme beginner level can do this…but I am going to try my best. Gotta start somewhere right?

  373. Somedays I’m only able to do maybe half the videos for a day because I’m busy, but I think it’s still better than not doing it right? :)

  374. Yay I can’t wait to start! Took my before picture like 2 days ago..It’s hard staying on track but you’ve got me so motivated!! Going to go do todays workout now! :D

  375. How many cal per kg per hour do you burn approximately with an hour of blogilates cardio? You know, like with tennis you burn about 6 calories per hour per kg.

  376. Kennedy says:

    Hey Cassie,
    In addition to this calendar do I still need to do 2 pop cardio or hiitalates.

  377. Appreciating the playlist as well! :D


  379. Danielle says:

    Just wondering, should we do arm attack parts 1 and 2 for today?

  380. Actually, now I love burpees haha And thank you for the playlist!! :)) #JuneOnFire let’s gooo.

  381. With repeating the last video most of these workouts will be more than an hour long each day. Is that on purpose? it will be hard for me to find the time for the workouts *sigh*

  382. She says that in the video, but it doesn’t apply if you follow the calender. You get your full hour of cardio/workout by doing the different videos for the day. Doing bikini blaster 1 for times would be another option to get your hour a day in.

  383. I was wondering if this workout schedule is good for people with high metabolism, and that want to gain weight/muscle?

  384. This is going to be so fun! I <3 Cardio. lol

  385. Hey Cassey! I was wondering if the daily WOs have to be done in one complete go (like one straight hour) or can you break it down?

  386. Hey Cassey! I was wondering if the daily WO has to be done in one complete go or can you break it down?

  387. I am so excited for this month! I’m dedicating myself to these workouts no matter what. I’m going to push myself, regret it at the time, then love myself for it later. It may be extremely hard to get through these workouts since I’m just starting out, but I WILL do it. If I can make it through this calender doing all the video’s I’m going to treat myself to something from your store :D Nothing better than having something to work towards; better body, more confidence, and shopping ;)

  388. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for the playlist! #JuneOnFire! Rawwrr! :)

  389. cindy ulloa says:

    I would also like information on this. I’m trying to gain weight but still tone.

  390. Thank you for making a playlist!! I was just going to ask if anyone did :)
    Thanks!!! xo

  391. Hey cassie, do we have to repeat bikini blaster 1 four times?? I think i’m going to diee!!

  392. Jackie g says:

    I am new and can’t seem to find the workouts like awesome arms to do for the challenge. Help!

  393. Deborah says:

    Why do people mention that there are no Burpees and that they will miss ‘em? Cause if you look closely, they are right there every wednesday, instead of the mondays! ..

  394. FitMint says:

    OMG! Thank you so much for the playlist <3 I just did 100 crunches, but well… The playlist is waiting ;)

  395. DogTimeWolf says:

    I echo everything you said except the burpees part Haa I’m not gonna miss the burpees on Mondays lol . I already made a playlist for this month’s calendar. Will be lading remaining vids soon. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=edit_ok&list=PLtkAjyYwsTjKWCeupvE40fJtOBYZSa4zC

  396. <3!!!!

  397. I can’t download calendar what I should do?

  398. I just saw this month calendar… I’m SOOOO excited! :DD I’m gonna miss the 100 burpees on Mondays cause Bikini Blaster 1 it’s so freaking hard. OMG. Let’s conquer this like I did with the burpees! :)))
    Thank you so much for your word in this comunity Cassey. You really changed my life! Love you <3

  399. Yeah new calendar!!! I’m so excited! I just have a question: I really don’t want to loose weight and this seems like A LOT of cardio. Can I just replace for example one cardio day with let’s say 1 cardio video and 4 booty workouts?

  400. Thank you Cassey!!! You are so amazing!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  401. Hi! I am committed for June. I just tried day one, though, and I couldn’t get through half the workouts. Hopefully, this will get easier? Also, is it okay to break up the workouts and do some in the morning and some at night?

  402. On my iPod touch, I clicked on the calendar, and it took me to a new browser with only the calendar on the page. Then, I clicked on the calendar and held down for a second until an option came up to either save image or copy the picture. That might work for you. You could also email it to yourself from a computer and open it on your phone and then save the picture (:

  403. Hi Cassey! I’ve tried a lot of your workouts, and i love them :D I have never tried the calender, so I’m not sure about how I do it… Am I suposed to do all the workouts that are listed on the day? Sorry my bad English :)

  404. Hey Cassey! I’m from New Zealand and I love your calendars and even though its winter here (which makes it hard to get motivated) I still love it! You help me get motivated and being 14 that is hard :) thankyou Cassey! so glad I found your blog <3

  405. Hey Cassey!

    I’m pretty new to all of this and I have a question. I’m not trying to lose any weight (I’m actually underweight and putting on any weight at all is a huge struggle), so would you suggest that I do anything different as far as the workouts are concerned? I obviously still want to get toned and in shape, but since I’m not looking to burn fat, I was just wondering if I should make any modifications, maybe when doing cardio? Thanks!

  406. hey cassie thanks for the amazing workout plan i just want to ask do we have to tick everything of for that day or do we get to choose one out of all of them to do for that day??? x please reply

  407. Shreyanvitha says:

    what does *NEW WORKOUT* mean? anyone??

  408. this girl is on fiyaaaaaaaah hahaha i love that! you are a success here in Brazil :P xoxo

  409. yes

  410. Shannel says:

    I’m totally going to do this month! ,but do you do the workouts all in one go or do some in the morning and some in the night?

  411. Return of the weekly burpees! I hate you, but I love you. I made SO much progress with my burpees last month and always felt so crazy proud of myself when I was done – nothing can beat that feeling! :)

  412. Hi Cassey, I just wanted to let you know that your so motivating. Whenever I’m feeling down I think about your what you say in your videos, that we are stronger than we think. You’re so inspiring.
    I also needed this month’s calendar to really lose weight since I have been stressing out for a few months now. I am so grateful to have known your videos. Can’t join the dietbet but i’ll bet myself ;).

    Thank you for all the hard work that you put throughout all of your workouts, it makes them look easy to do it, although they aren’t!! =D.

    Love from Nicky

  413. One year of fitness calendars! How awesome is that! Imagine the transformation that would happen if someone committed to the entire year

  414. Woot! So ready!!! :D Having a healthy bowl of oatmeal topped with frozen berries for breakfast while I wait for my yoga mat to be delivered today :D Love from London xx

  415. Hey cassey I tried downloading the calendar on to my phone but it doesn’t open the file this usually means something is wrong with the picture.

  416. Sindy.K says:

    Hey Cassey, i was wondering if is possible to convert the calender into pdf or word files so we could download because the June’s workout plan its kinda blur

  417. i just have a quick question dose 2x mean two times or what dose it mean?

  418. Melissa says:

    Woohoo! Thanks for fixing it so quickly! <3

  419. Gonna be my first real commitment to exercising so I’m wishing luck to myself. I’m sure my boyfriend will be happy about this. Your workouts look fun too!

  420. I can’t wait to get started! thanks Cassey!! <3333

  421. Vicky M. says:

    Yeah I can’t enlarge it either.. So it’s kinda blury

  422. yaay…cant wait to start this month….successfully completed the #maymuscles calender and i’m feeling a little nostalgic…lol….can’t join the Dietbet, but i will be still be following up on everything….thanks Cassey….you’re the only person that makes exercising a fun thing….:)
    much love from India…..:))

  423. Hi Cassie,
    I was wondering if you could post the calendar the day before because in different parts of the world, we have to start late :)

  424. nerakdunbar says:

    Oops, saw the other comments after I posted. Thanks for fixing it. :)

  425. I agree with Melissa. is there a bigger version of the calendar? I can’t read it well its too tiny.

  426. ok fixed now!!! thank you :)

  427. nerakdunbar says:

    How do I print the calendar? It’s not clickable like the one for May was.


  428. ok fixed!! thanks for letting me know!

  429. Alanood says:

    Cassey !! thank you but is there any better quality ? :c
    this is my first time downloading your calendar but i saw the may one and the quality was awesome i can zoom in many times without getting blurry ..

  430. Melissa says:

    Hey, Cassey. I was wondering if you could post up an enlarged version of the June’s workout plan. I can’t really see well. D:

  431. I’ve tried to get the June calendar but it only shows up as a tiny pic or the May calendar.


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