Fun Video + Skipping Diets

Hey POPsters!!!

Here’s the final result of that filming sesh I told you a bout a few weeks ago when I finally met Ryan Higa, D-Trix, and a ton of my most favorite YouTubers! Have a watch :)

I’m settling into my new place and it’s soooooo empty! More space means…more furniture to buy! Oh yes and oh no. I love browsing furniture but when it comes time to commit, it’s so difficult. I mean – some of these pieces you have to live with for a while so I wanna make sure I make the right choice!

Also for any of you struggling to find the “perfect diet”, please let me remind you of something…

skip diet eat healthy

What does that mean? It means more veggies, more water, whole grains, lean proteins, and unprocessed foods! It means eating real and being conscious of what your body needs (not just wants).

For any of you new to clean eating, let me give you a taste of what a good clean eating day may look like:

BREAKFAST: Natural Banana Oatmeal! 1/3 cup dry rolled oats with a banana to naturally sweeten

SNACK: Fruit Parfait! 1/2 cup of greek yogurt topped with fruit

LUNCH: Salmon Spinach Salad! Topped with strawberries and walnuts

SNACK: Baked Potato! 1 sweet potato topped with greek yogurt, guacamole, and pico de gallo salsa

DINNER: Protein Dinner! Chicken Breast, sauteed veggies, and quinoa.

WATER: Try to drink 3-4 Liters a day, or get as close as possible!

I hope that helps! See you get to eat a lot when you eat clean. You never have to worry about feeling deprived or hungry which is what sooooo many diets end up doing to people. This is a way of eating that you’re going to learn to crave.

Today is the start of the weekend, so if you’re due for a YOLO meal, please indulge! Eat whatever you want and feed your soul! Make it happy. Don’t feel guilty. You actually need it to achieve the results you want. Keep moving. Keep evolving.

Love you all! Filming some fun stuff for you this weekend as I am traveling a lot next week!

<3 Cassey

  • Gina

    I love this philosophy so much, but I myself am finding it a bit hard to adjust to this kind of lifestyle. I had only recently discovered your channel, which IMO is the best youtube channel ever :D For the past couple of weeks I had been really good, eating clean and exercising everyday and trying to apply your philosophy. It brought about great changes! I felt a lift in my ming, body and spirit. But then something happened.. I have exams coming up in a few weeks and stress hit me like a tonne or bricks. When I am stressed I tend to stay up late, have less time for exercising and preparing healthy meals and everything just goes out of control. So as a result, I turn to junk food. I swear, I have eaten a years worth of chips and chocolate in just three days. It took me three weeks to get into a healthy habit and only three days to lose it :( How do you manage to maintain your healthy habits when you are under undue amount of stress? I would love to get some tips and tricks. Love, Gina. x

  • Charis

    Hi Cassey! I want to know, what I can replace for the salmon spinach salad? Thank youuu!!

  • Mandie

    I love your advice! Everything is so true! You MUST have a healthy relationship with food to be truly healthy.

  • Reyna

    This made me laugh so hard that my niece came into my room asking if everything was okay and what was I doing..

  • Hi – Love this blog! Just found it and I have to chime in and say that diets wrecked my life, psyche, and metabolism from an early age. I was a chubby kid, my parents panicked, and I suffered. My parents were well-meaning and concerned, but the 70’s were the dark ages. I have come through the fire in so many ways. For 20+ years I weighed in excess of 300 pounds. I was either depriving myself and sad or eating as if it were my last day on earth. Finally, through years of therapy, 12-step meetings, meditation groups, you name it, I FINALLY got my groove back! What groove? You know, the one we’re BORN with, that tells us what we’re craving, when we’ve had enough at one sitting, and when it’s time to eat again. It didn’t happen overnight by any means but the diet industry does not want us to know that we have this power and have had it all along. Thanks for doing this blog. I will be checking in regularly. If anyone’s curious about my journey, check out .

    Peace to All,

  • Jen

    Great tips – I find that having a cheat day, or ideally, just a cheat meal, helps me stick to more sensible and healthy choices throughout the week.

  • Hey Cassey,

    I love that blog post. It’s exactly my opinion: No diet in the world will work because you will just continue to eat all that crap after you stop the diet. Eating healthy for the rest of your life is the only way to loose weight and to maintain it! Sport, clean eating and a YOLO meal once a while to make life sweeter is the best philosophy in looking beautiful and being happy.
    You’re so inspiring Cassey, I just started my own German fitness and nutrition blog. Soon I’m going to present (POP) Pilates to my readers because you teached me with your fun workouts and your tips to live a better life! Thanks a lot!

  • Hey Cassey and Popsters!

    I recently logged in my calorie intake and exercise into MyFitnessPal and saw that I was eating way too little! I wrote about it in detail here
    so go have a read and comment me there or here but basically I was wondering if a 1200 – 1500 calorie intake is really healthy for someone taking part in the blogilates calendar?

    I am also taking some classes at the gym and thought I was being super healthy, but MyFitnessPal seems to think I’m at risk of putting my body into starvation mode!

    Any suggestions, ideas, and tips are welcome! :)

  • Love that advice :-) I’ve been trying to eat healthy and water is the only thing I drink anyways. That combination enables me to train and put on lean muscle. Thanks for the reminder to eat well!

  • Eva-Mari

    Can you do a video for the back thigh/hamstrings?
    I would really like to kill my thighs right meow!!

  • Lauren

    Hi Cassey (or anyone else really!),

    I need some advice/help. I’m never really sore. Like during a workout, my muscles will burn but after it I never feel anything. I feel like I’m doing something wrong or not doing enough even though I follow the workout calender. Any advice?
    Thanks, I could use some help…

    • Ann

      I am not always sore, but mostly it will depend in how fit you are. If you are really fit I think you are less often sore. Try to work harder, add heavier weights and do more reps.

  • C

    ah perfect timing on this post. I had a crisis earlier for indulging in half a bagel but reminded myself I get one ‘YOLO’ day. lol

  • Emma

    Tomorrow is my YOLO day! The world’s best homemade ice cream!!! Can’t wait! ❤❤❤

  • Noelle

    So weird … I literally had this like exact meal yesterday!!! :O love you Cassey!! Right now I’m kinda in a difficult situation though. I have what we think to be a hyperextension (knee) and it’s killing me not being able to workout I feel huge and I’ve noticed I have lost weight already , which I’m guessing is my muscle mass. I injured my knee while playing tennis about a month ago and my knee still gives me discomfort. Do you have any tips for me so I can’t still get a good workout that won’t irritate my knee? Thanks Cassey I would really appreciate it if you responded:) love you!!!

  • Lolo

    I wouldn’t recommend drinking 3-4 liters of water everyday. This is actually really dangerous, and you could die from drinking that much water. I’d rather recommend to drink 1,5-2 liters!!

    • C

      That is if one chugs the water in one sitting..3 liters can be done throughout the day (I’m talking a span of 12 hours sort of thing)

  • Just the Diet Just Eat healthy! Love this advice!

    • *Skip* the diet, I mean. :) Also, after reading the comments, I’d like to add…It is important to eat enough protein so you don’t starve yourself and, more importantly, healthy fats. By that I mean butter, coconut oil, olive oil, chia seeds, avocado, and nuts – like Aariana said, NOT veggie oils.
      I can not stress enough that these fats DO NOT make you fat! Rather they make you healthy. Fat helps your body properly digest grains and protein so you need to eat it at every meal. Your hormones and every cell in your body relies on fat to function. Please don’t cut out the healthy fats ladies! You need them!

      Every one of us is different, so Cassey’s daily food outline might work for some, but in many cases it will be too high in carbs and not high enough in fats. I really encourage every one to study and observe/ listen to your body to know what’s best for you. All the best!

  • Oh, Cassey! you and those YOLO meals!
    I have to say, though, that I LOVE this post because, even as someone who considers themselves a “non-dieter”, I recently fell back in to that head trap of counting calories and hopping on the scale. This just reminded me how much happier and more content I am when I don’t live that way, but rather just give my body the nutrition I know it needs! :)

  • When I started my weight loss program, I struggled so much on the diet part. I craved so much for food. Fortunately, I overcome this problem and I’m at peace with food. I switched to intermittent fasting and paleo diet.

    Check this out!

  • Tara Dee

    You got to meet Jenna AND the Sauce Boss?? So Jealous!! It’s too funny that they put Blogilates and Epic Meal Time right next to each other. Can’t say they could be any further from eating clean. haha. Awesome job– and thanks for the meal tips!

  • I don’t know what to do im 15 I eat healthy,I’m a gluten free/vegan I do blogilates, ride bike or Rollerblade to school but I still cant seem to slim down. Im pretty short and weigh 140 pounds and need to be slim for an up coming occasion please help!!

    • Ann

      It requires time! You habe to be patient and stick to it. Wait 2-3 months and you will see progress!

    • kate

      hmm well it really does sound like you’re doing everything right; how long have you been eating healthy/ doing blogilates etc? Like Ann said, it does take time, but if you really feel like you can’t seem to make any progress and you have given it time, perhaps it could be a thyroid issue. Maybe check with your doctor?

      140 isnt a bad weight though, how tall are you?

      (Awesome to hear you’re vegan by the way :) )


  • leenna

    omg..i seriously can’t live without my yolo foods..!! but i know i can try to reduce it.. vegetables are the hardest part since i don’t really like them.. but i’m trying to a little at a time so that i can get used to it. but i can live with fruits though ( thnx god ! ). I really want to keep on eating healthy, and thanks Cassey for telling me/us about it. i know i can change my daily habits to the better one. I just need to stop wishing, and START trying ! =)

    • martha adelia

      hey! i have the same problems!
      you know, try eating chopped cabbage topped with sesame sauce :p it’s really tasty
      hope this helps ^^

  • Kate

    Hey, I’ve been eating clean and working out since December and I’ve already lost 10 kg (my height is 175 cm and my weight is 56 kg), but I’m hungry all the time! 1/3 cup oats with 1 banana is not enough for me for a breakfast. I eat much more oats, banana and other fruits, nuts, cereals and cornflakes on my breakfast, but I get super hungry in less than 3 hours. I’m always so hungry in school and I always go sleep hungry. I starve so much, but I’m not losing any weight anymore and I wanna lose at least another 5 kg. I work out like crazy. I basically don’t have yolo meals. But if had to eat exactly how you recommend it in for example your 90 day challenge diet plan or the diet plan in this post, I would probably starve myself to death. I eat healthy food, but I need to eat a lot and I’m still hungry all the time! Does anyone have any tips to not be so hungry?

    • SJ

      If you are that hungry definitely try increasing portion size a little and/or fit in some healthy snacks during the day. You do not wanna starve yourself. If you don’t eat enough you wont lose any weight which is maybe why you have hit a wall. Allow yourself a treat every now and then as well, depriving yourself of things isn’t good either. Oh and maybe a pre and post workout snack too if you don’t already. Hopefully that makes some sense and is a little useful ^^

    • MB

      kate, stop it! It’s great that you achieved this weight loss, but with 5 kilo less you’re quite underweight.. if youre always hungry, then this has not yet become a lifestyle, you definetly need to adjust the portions so you can feel happy..
      maybe chia seeds could help to let you stay full a little longer? and also, with 5 small meals you should eat every 3-4 hours right? please take care of your body.

    • Cory

      With your height and that weight…that already is slightly underweight. That is not healthy.

    • Kels

      I agree with Cory. For that height your weight is just perfect!
      I would try the toning your body now..

    • Kate,

      You need more protein in your diet. I’m not sure what a typical day of eating is for you, but just by going off the foods you listed (oats, banana, fruit, cereal and cornflakes)…those are all carbs. Protein digests more slowly than carbs so it’ll keep you full longer. Along with having healthy fats in each meal as well. I’d say your meals are probably more carb-based and you’re burning right through it because there is little protein and healthy fat to keep you full, sustain energy, prevent cravings, balance hormones, so much more! Hope this help!

    • Kathy

      I have to agree with Cory. You are already a bit underweight for your height. The reason that you may be starving all of the time and yet not losing anymore weight is because you are not eating enough. You are starving your body and it is trying to tell you that it needs more nourishment. I really don’t think you should be trying to lose any more weight. Just concentrate on continuing to eat healthy and toning up rather than the number on the scale.

    • Aariana

      You should look into a paleo lifestyle. The eating habits for that rely more on fat (which is good for you as long as its not vegetable oils!) and protein which give you a much stronger feeling of satiety due to the fact it promotes more leptin being sent to your brain telling you you are full. Carbohydrates barely send any leptin to your brain telling you to stop eating!

      As much as I like Cassey I don’t agree with what she calls ‘eating healthy’. Oats and banana for breakfast is like pure carbs and hardly any protein. On top of that shes incorporated fruit into pretty much every meal, and then for dinner you are having sweet potato on top of everything else. If I ate oats and banana for breakfast I would be left craving sugar all day and on top of it would probably have digestive distress from the grains. I believe eating clean is a good starting point but once you have grown acustom to avoiding processed and refined foods I would suggest looking into a more traditional diet.

      For an example, here is what I ate yesterday:

      Breakfast: 2 (free range, grass fed) beef sausages with I head broccoli, half an onion, half a green pepper, 1/4c curry paste and 3tbps full fat coconut milk. Cooked together in a pan on med-low heat.

      Snack: Cut up carrots and red pepper with a handful of dried coconut flakes and 1 organic apple

      Lunch: A big bowl of home made chicken soup with lots of vegetables in it

      Dinner: (Free range, grass fed) ground beef meat sauce and sphaghetti squash

      Snack/dessert: Cashews or more cut up vegetables, tea with coconut milk in it, or a small amount of dark chocolate or dates

      I have got LOTS of vegetables, protein and fat (the good stuff!) in my diet. I usually eat 1 piece of fruit per day and will occasionally eat some sweet potato with a meal. I know a lot of people on here are probably looking at my meals and probably thinking ‘that sounds high in calories’ well the good news it we don’t count calories on paleo! Calorie in/Calorie out thinking does not work! I eat more calories now than I ever did before and I look and feel great, as long as you are avoiding excessive carbohydrates and getting adequate saturated fat and protein in your diet, you are good to go.

      I discovered paleo when looking into tooth health as I have always had bad teeth (paleo is great for your teeth as well because your teeth need FAT SOLUBLE vitamins to remain strong). I still love Casseys work out videos though, they are great, even for us paleo peeps because I can switch it up a lot (we are all about variety). Anyways hope this gave you something to think about!

    • Christina

      Try eating more protein. It fills you up and lasts longer. Also you may be starving because you’re actually not getting enough nutrition so try adding vitamin supplements to your diet. Also you might not be getting enough water. Make sure you are getting at least 2-3 liters of water per day. These are just some of the things that help me when I’m trying to lose weight. GL

      • Jane

        You are very light for your height so I wouldn’t recommend trying to lose any more weight. The fact that you’re not losing any more probably means that you’re currently the size that your body is meant to be, and it is extremely difficult to go below that and sustain it. So I would focus on just being happy with your body, and then workout to just tone up rather than lose weight. In terms of the hunger, make sure you are eating enough carbohydrates. People seem to have a fear of carbs which is silly and unfounded, especially if you go for grains like quinoa and brown rice etc, they will fill you up and give you sustained energy. I find eating a diet which is high in protein with very low carbs makes me unbearably hungry (tried it for about 2 days and then pretty much inhaled a loaf of bread because I just couldn’t function properly). And drinking lots of water helps as well :)

    • Kate

      Thank you for your replies! Actually breakfast is my only meal with sugar in it, for the rest of the day I eat mostly some vegetable salads with whole grains. I have just read something about the paleo diet some of you suggested and it seems to be good but my problem is that I’m almost vegan. I eat something like meat, milk or eggs about once in a week. Can you replace meat with for example soy meat? Another problem is school. I’m a student. There are not many meals you can just put in a bag and take it somewhere with you. Anyway, I’ll try the paleo diet and eating more protein.

      • Aariana

        Hi Again!!!
        My first suggestion would be to NOT be vegan. It is actually very bad for your health, from an evolutionary view – we are made to eat meat. Meat contains many bioavailable nutrients and fat soluble vitamins (which your body NEEDS, especially teeth and bones!!). Meat is not evil or bad. The only thing with meat is when they feed the animals GRAINS it makes the meat unhealthy, that is why I specified in my meals that I was eating grassfed organic meat. On top of the meat being unhealthy it also promotes inhumane treatment of animals. So if you are being vegan for animal rights, as long as you are eating good quality grass fed meat the animals will have been treated with lots of respect and lived a happy life! It depends on how intense you are about it of course but for me I can eat meat in peace knowing that I am not supporting the inhumane processes.

        Now about the soy. Don’t eat soy. Soy is not good for your health at all. You will not be healthy if you use soy as your main form of protein. Small amounts of fermented soy might be ok but you need to be getting the bulk of your calories from an animal source (if you are going paleo). I know that is probably not the answer you wanted to hear but do what you will! Good luck!!

        • Kate

          Hi Aariana. I know I should eat more protein, but in my country (Czech Republic), you can hardly find some grass-produced meat. I’ve never seen any in a shop. I know that usually trey’re very cruel to the animals, the animals are in stress and they feed them with horrible stuff like granules that are made from bones from other dead animals. And all this stuff makes the meat, eggs or milk very unhealthy. That’s why I don’t eat meat very often and when I eat meat, it’s usually a turkey we buy from people we know and they feed it with normal grass; and sometimes I eat fish because they can at least normally live in the water until they catch it. I know that legumes contain lots of protein too, but I don’t usually have it in more than just one meal in a day so sometimes I don’t have enough protein. I think that soy (and things made from soy) and other legumes are very healthy and if you eat enough legumes, you don’t need that much meat protein. Either way, I’ll try to eat less sugar and more protein. Thanks for your reply.

          • Aariana

            Oh dear! I probably wouldn’t eat very much meat either if I lived where you do! I am from canada and grass-fed meat isn’t exactly avaliable everywhere but I specifically live in alberta so its fairly easy to find nearby farms that sell healthy meat. Fish is so good for you! One tip I would give you is when you do get a turkey from your neighbors try to get the most out of it as possible by using the bones to make a good home made soup after, and maybe you could even freeze some of it and eat a small portion a few times a week. Some people get the idea that us paleo people are eating an entire rack of ribs for every meal but thats definitely not the case (because holy moly grass fed meat is expensive here!). I eat a lot of soups and bone broths because they are pretty economical and so ridiculously good for you, organ meat (bonemarrow/liver/etc) is super high in nutrients and so good for your health!

            If you don’t have meat as an option I would recommend sticking to small legumes such as lentils and a moderate amount of nuts (pumpkin seeds are pretty high in protein if you can find those) along with whatever fish you can fit in there. Also if your body is ok with dairy, you could supplement with whey protein or another protein powder (I use hemp, but thats kind of a more obscure one, and it doesn’t taste nearly as good as whey, but i have a whey intolerance). It IS technically possible to be vegan on paleo, but most people don’t recommend it. Soy can actually really disrupt your hormones (which are essential to weightloss/sleep/overall wellbeing) because they contain estrogen-mimicking compounds. I avoid soy at all costs because being on the pill already messed me up pretty good but I think having small amounts here and there should be fine, just don’t over do it! Also don’t forget about the fat, if you can find coconut oil anywhere over there, its a great supplement to add to your diet whether you are using it for cooking or just eating it (I just eat it lol). Fat sends the largest amount of leptin to your brain telling you you feel full, and its also essential for everything and does not make you fat like so many people try to claim.

            Sorry I am a total paleo nut, hope you found some of this useful! lol

    • Ann

      Hi! You shouldn’t be too hungry and you shouldn’t even THINK about starving, that has absolutly no use. It is possibly, that you do not lose weight because you eat not enough. Try to increse your portionsize! Uh, and I also think you shouldn’t lose more than maybe 2kg or so because with 51kg and 175cm height you would be underweight and that’s not healthy!

    • Kate

      Thanks for all replies :)