An EXTRA Crazy Special Day…

Hey POPsters!!!

Hope you had a MARVELOUS week! I’m going to go see The Great Gatsby tonight – can’t wait! My glutes have finally healed from all of that charlestoning. Did you learn the dance easily? I hope so! I am very happy you guys liked the video. Cardio dances usually take me a lot more time and effort to produce so I am always so grateful for your enthusiasm!



If you didn’t see my instagram pics or didn’t watch TV on Thurs…watch the clip above and thank you to everyone who submitted their videos and super congrats to everyone featured in the ExtraTV Fitness Challenge! I loved watching you trampoline your crunches…jumprope your crunches….making food while crunching…and fighting bears with electric wands while crunching. Hahahaha! You guys really wowed me!

How was it meeting Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos? Well they are just as gorgeous in person as they are on TV! Mario’s dimples are totes for real and he looks as young as he did when he played AC Slater on Saved by the Bell! Maria has curves for days and is just so beautiful! I didn’t really get a chance to chat with them very much as they were busy changing from segment to segment but it was definitely as experience standing there with the crowd behind you and the cameras in front of you in the middle of The Grove.

mario and maria extra

I surprised Mario and Maria by forcing them crunch while making oatmeal. Muahaha.

oatmeal extra

The ingredients. That’s a lot of brown sugar.

mario and maria crunch

Mario went CRAZZZYYYYY and got it all over himself. Looked like baby barf – hahaha! They made me taste the concoction (and yes I really did taste it) in order to pick a winner. Watch the vid to see who got top Blogilates honors :)

That day was so crazy because I woke up at 6am to edit the Flapper Dance Practice vid AND the Daisy’s Cardio Dance vid before getting ready for EXTRA. Then afterwards on the way home…

nick metropolis 4

I noticed a T-Rex.

nick metropolis 3

And a Santa Clause.

So what do I do? Make a U-Turn and stop in of course!!!!

crazy chair

There were so many random things that looked crazy nuts. Like this ridic chair! I was so intrigued by this place that I ended up talking to the owner for a long time. Basically this place is a sort-of thrift shop of props from movie sets. You can buy Hollywood signs, fake horses, human sized bird cages, and a larger than life Oscar if you want. The place is called Nick Metropolis and this is Nick below:

nick metropolis 2
I ended up talking to Nick for a long time because I was drawn to his natural gleeful energy. He’s owned this shop for 20 years and to him, it’s more than just a business. Producers have come by and asked to do a TV show with him but he’s refused countless times because he doesn’t care for that sort of thing. What really drew me to him was his story of why he keeps his business open and why he won’t sign any contract for a show unless some very important things are showcased properly. Nick told me that he actually houses a couple homeless people near the back of his shop and also takes care of orphaned dogs and cats when he can. He also told we the story of a Vietnam War vet who pushes a shopping cart by every week and tries to sell Nick a broken microwave to make some money for food. Nick knows the microwave doesn’t work but buys it anyway, not to sell it, but to simply help the man out.

Stories like this and people like this warm my heart so much. I love that Nick doesn’t just give the war vet money but rather makes a business transaction with him because then the war vet feels like he’s earned something. He feels like he has created value which in return builds purpose and confidence. This whole act of kindness is such a gem. You really don’t see this everyday.

Here’s the address if you ever are in LA! You really should stop by – it’s a cool place. Apparently Miley Cyrus was here last week with her mom and designer looking for things to add to her set. And Drew Barrymore did a shoot here too. Quite the location!

100 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Also, one last thing! I moved today! Err yesterday? (It’s 4am now…)

Boxes. Yes, I moved again. Boston to San Fran almost 2 years ago. Then San Fran to LA 5 months ago. And now LA to LA 1 day ago. Haha don’t worry. I am still in So Cal just a bigger place so we can have more fun filming stuff and so that my legs won’t graze against the couch every time I am trying to film a POP Pilates video due to limited square footage! I made sure to do an apt tour before I left so watch for that video soon on BlogilatesTV!

K I gotta go to bed. Muy tired.

Love you guys!! Stay focused, be amazing, and go do something out-of-the-way nice for someone today.

<3 Cassey