Ashamed of Gaining Weight

Hey POPsters,

Have you ever been in a situation where you walk into a family party and a female relative walks up to you and says, “Oh you look fat!” or “Looks like you gained some weight!” (If you are from an Asian family, I know you know what I mean.)

Like, what are you supposed to say? Is that a question you’re supposed to actually answer?

“Yeah, I did”?? And then uncomfortably mumble something to move the conversation past your physical appearance?

There’s 2 problems here.

1. To say that to someone, especially a girl, it’s hurtful and damaging to her self-esteem.

2. You shouldn’t have to feel ashamed for gaining weight. But we all do.

The reason why I bring this up is because after this past ABC ABS video, I started getting some comments asking the same very thing my Asian Auntie would say:

“Your legs look bigger. Did you gain weight?”

“Not to be mean but did you have too many YOLO Meals?”

“What happened to your inner thigh gap?”

“How could you let this happen?”

Does gaining weight discredit me as a fitness instructor? Am I a failure? Am I lazy? Do I have no self control? Does that change who I am? Why does it matter? Why all the labels?

To answer the elephant in the room and for everyone who wanted to hear me confirm it, yes guys, I did gain weight.

I’m not mad at the people who asked this question because hey, if you wanna know you wanna know. But who I am upset at is myself…not for gaining weight, but for feeling ASHAMED for gaining weight.

As you know, the past few months I did the big move from SF to LA, adjusted to my new place, traveled a ton, and started focusing on new projects, making it hard to stick to a set diet and workout schedule. In fact, I had to delay my bikini competition because of it all. You know, it will be 1 year since my first bikini competition on May 5th. I remember those 10 weeks of hard training and dieting. I remember the discipline and mental focus it took to workout for soooo many hours a day. To eat just chicken breast, broccoli, and egg whites every day. To be so exhausted that it was hard to even think straight. But I also remember stepping on stage in my cheetah bikini with those high heels and strutting my new, super tanned body, showing off the most defined muscles I ever had. It was exhilarating and not gonna lie, I love those pictures. I had never seen my body like that before. Dieting down and losing weight…it was hard. Really, really hard. But at the end, it was extremely satisfying to reach a place I didn’t think was possible.

cassey ho bikini npc

If you read my blog last year, there was a post after the competition where I wrote about being scared of gaining the weight back. I knew it wasn’t really possible to hold my body fat percentage down so low all year. It was inevitable. I didn’t know how I would deal with it. I didn’t want it to happen.

Each week, I started to nourish my body with the goods it had wanted for so long. I no longer had to be on a calorie deficit. So I ate. And it was soulfully satisfying. My mouth savored every bite of food bursting with FLAVOR! I of course noticed a difference in the tightness of my body but made a conscious decision to not be obsessed about calories. It took a while for me to break out of the “bikini model” mentality. To tell you the truth, after the competition, I was scared of fruit. Yeah, how crazy is that? I looked at an apple and worried what it would do to me.

For those of you who are shaking your heads now…yeah…it was a slight form of body image issues and eating issues. It took some time and talking to fellow fitness friends before I could eat normally and not feel guilty about it.

Looking back now, the way I was coached to lean down for my first bikini competition may not have been the best way. It was very extreme. I did not take crazy fat burning pills or anything – I never would – but I was deprived. I felt like the diet left me so lost and dry. I felt like I needed coaching to help me “get back to normal” safely. But I didn’t have that. Because shortly after the competition, I left my trainer.

The after effects of deprivation? Eating, eating, eating. And more eating. Feeling like you’re out of diet jail. Feeling like you better take in as much food as possible before it’s taken away from you again.

You know, being a fitness instructor – your body is a source of inspiration for others. It supposed to be chiseled. Hard. Toned and tight. And when it starts becoming the backwards of a before and after picture, you start feeling like your career and your credibility are on the line.

So I feared. I feared the weight gain. I feared the scale. I feared the day one of you would say I looked fat.

And well, I guess after the ABC ABS video, it finally happened. I knew it was coming though. Yes, I did gain weight because I’m a human being. I’m a girl whose life is a little more than just gym time and meal preps! I too, just like you, eat when I am stressed. I too, just like you, can’t find time to workout when my workload becomes overwhelming. I’m not perfect! But then again…who said maintaining a low body fat percentage made you perfect!? Weight fluctuates! THIS IS LIFE.


Part of me feels relieved that someone said it. But part of me feels upset. In all honesty guys (and you know that with my blog, I speak the truth and don’t hide behind some perfect fitness instructor curtains only revealing what I want you to see) I’m gonna be real and say I’m a little disappointed in myself for “letting go.” But at the same time, I don’t really regret the food I ate and the rest I took that got me to where I am today.

You know why? Because I listened to my body. It needed it. It needed to recover. It needed something it was missing and I let it have it. What’s important is making that mind-body connection and feeding not just your body but your soul too.

And you know what else? I can still lift heavy. In fact, heavier. I can still run far and long. In fact, faster. I can still do my videos and teach my classes while carrying on a conversation. Just because I gained weight, it didn’t mean I lost all my hard work. I’m still fit and healthy and progressing everyday. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

So yeah, I have a thicker layer of fat on top of my abs. Cool. I’ll start eating super duper clean on a consistent basis and train harder for some weeks, and I will have my bikini body back. Seriously guys, it’s not a big deal! It’s all about resilience. If you feel like you’ve fallen off track, just get up. Just get up and start over NOW.

All I ask of you is that you not judge someone for their looks. I know, sounds so motherly of me to have to say that right? But seriously. What matters is how someone treats you, how they make you feel, and their honest and genuine intent.

I hope this post resonated with some of you. Don’t feel bad if your pants are tight again. Remember, it doesn’t change who you are. Just power on and embrace the ups and downs of life. It just makes the triumphs that much sweeter.

Take care guys and let me know in the comments if you’ve ever dealt with someone calling you fat.

<3 Cassey



  1. Wow. This was absolutely inspirational, thank you Cassie for sharing your experience. I had felt so alone and terrible after I gained the weight back. But coming from the experience of someone as beautiful and kind-hearted as you, I feel so much more NOT alone. Thank you so so so much, you made my day so much better and I will keep on sticking to my fitness goals!!! Love you so much!

  2. Usedtobeskinny says:

    around the year 2011 I was at my fittest – I was thin previously and had started working out, eating more protein, had a very very active lifestyle, was single, etc.

    Since then – I am married, and I have noticed in the past 2 years that I have gained weight, which has become noticeable in my face. To be honest it is only about 11 pounds more than I used to be but it made such a difference…the worst is facebook.

    Being tagged in new photos and seeing myself in pictures posted years ago. It’s super depressing.
    I didn’t see it coming – I would look at myself in the mirror and think something was off – my hair wasn’t styling the way i liked, so i started wearing hats all the time, and then i realized its not my hair, its my face that has become more round – and it does not suit my body or figure.

    I have been for the past 3 months trying to get back to how i was with a completely lighter diet, working out almost 7 days a week, and I haven’t seen that much results yet. I also get discouraged seeing people who I know who were heavier and are now extremely fit. They are able to achieve these things within 3 months (i know this when they post their progress on social media)but it seems like its taking forever for me.

    I don’t like running into people of the past because I know the first thing they think of is how I look chubbier.
    The worst part is when i was fit, people reacted differently, I was complimented more, I felt way more confident, and now I feeel depressed and unattractive.

    this is the first time ive ever really said how i feel outloud because I feel embarrassed to talk about these issues to friends and family.

    Heres hoping that the next 3 months show physical improvement.

  3. This is an old post, but thank you for sharing it. I just read it today. I feel like I’ve gone off track after thanksgiving, and the holidays are a difficult time to maintain a physique. I was also starting to feel disappointed and ashamed because of all the hard work I put in this year to get my body where I wanted to be, and now I’m starting to regain a little. It’s ok though. I know this is just a bump in the road, and I can get where I once was again. Thank you for sharing your story, you are very inspiring.

  4. Cassey,
    Thank you for sharing your post. It was incredibly deep, sincere and a valuable message we can all learn from. Thanks for everything that you do. I’m a big fan of yours. You are so pretty, you’re mind is in the right place, your humble and inspirational. Thanks for everything that you do. You are truly original.

  5. I’m a former competitive gymnast, lifetime dancer, Zumba teacher on the side of my other career job and divorced mother of 3 young children under the age of 10 – I’m 46.

    I have injuries from my gymnast days and am finding that I just can’t always rally to do a “hard core” weight workout. Blogilates has been a fantastic source of workouts that are soooooo not easy but possible to do on even my toughest chronic pain days.

    Cassie – thank you SO much for sharing the inside out of all you do, feel, experience. This is precisely what makes you so real & easy to follow. You are not perfect, you will make mistakes, you will feel emotions & ponder over them… because you are, like us on the other side of your posts – a human. Keep doing what you do and inspiring us to contemplate what we each do so we can each find our personal best in that moment. I’m fairly certain that I need to bring Blogilates to Northern California and add that certification to the list. I’m sorry folks fire nasty shots at you, ya gotta just know there are wierd folks out there.

  6. Hi Cassey,

    This is avery old post but I just wanted to tell that I find it incredibly rude and surprising that someone would criticize you for being too fat! You are far from it and I would like to see the physique of the peope who are saying these things, I’m sure they are far from perfect.

    I’m quite new to pilates but I have been following your workout calendars for three months now. I was in a pretty good shape when I started doing these but I have noticed some very pleasant changes in my body. I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and the fact that you provide these workouts for us for free and also to tell you that your are a beautiful person and your positivity is inspiring!

  7. I’m too skinny and I’m currently trying to gain weight. But I know exactly what you mean. People have always told me things like “you should eat more”, “you are going to vanish/disappear”, eventhough I’m perfectly healthy and I eat well. It’s hard :( It makes me loose all my motivation :(

  8. Omg I want to cry because I have gained again like 35 pounds and I feel so sad and depressed I know how you feel and people are so mean a friend of mine told me once you should shout your mouth in order to not eat, other looks your legs are like a big part of a building is so sad people said those things and here I am again gaining weight so I have to work harder to shed those and be healthy and happy again is sad for me to see that my jeans doesnt fit me anymore but like you said is not a big deal I have to get up and work again thanks casey love your videos your so pretty and honestly I would love to have that amazing body of yours big hug from GUATEMALA

  9. MintChocoTofu says:

    I come from an Asian family too and sometimes, my relatives would say that they don’t even recognize me because of how fat I’ve become (they exaggerated, seriously :P) and my parents will say that I’m fat, and those scales just scare me the most. I like to think that someone put bricks in my hoodie before I stepped on but in fact, they didn’t. And scales always tell the truth. If anyone tells me that I look fat, I will shove this in their faces and say ‘eat your words’.

  10. Cassey you are such a rolemodel for me. I love your videos even though i can’t finish all of them. And I really have to say those people who made these comments are so superficially. I mean, propably no one does so much work than you. And we are all humans, everybody is the same. Everybody got good days and also bad. So why are we talking about each other in a bad way. We should support everyone.
    And I didn’t even see the change in your body.
    So girls, please be cofindent. Everybody is beautiful!

  11. You made my day Cassie. Thank you, for everything, really thanks for being awesome.

  12. What a beautiful article. Thank you for this. You know people always have something to say. My family is always commenting about my weight, which is funny because I’m smaller than all of them and I never say anything mean to them aboit their weight. I have gained a lot of weight now though, I went through depression and a lot of dark stuff which caused weight gain. But now that I’m bigger I have the confidence I’ve never had before, ever in my life and that confidence helps me work out and eat healthy. I’m not on a crazy diet, I just eat healthy foods when I’m hungry. You know, people called me fat even when I was at my lowest weight (50kg) and I believed them. Now, I just love myself and do what’s right for my body. Btw, you look great Cassey!

  13. Adilia Contreras says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Cassey!!

    I’m 25 years old and have been dealing with overweight since puberty. I hated myself from age 10 until I was 24, yes until last year. I was depressed and started using food, alcohol and partying to not feel. Then last year a friend came up to me and while talking about life in general and just being goofy he got me thinking about what I was doing to myself.

    The only person that’s gonna make a difference in my life is me, if I wanna be loved I have to love myself first. It took me a long long long time to get it, it was hard, I actually cried for a few days while fighting with myself, that part of me that kept saying “you’re not worth it” “no one is gonna love you” “have you seen yourself?” but I got thru them, eventually.

    While I was reading this post I saw myself in all those who asked you if you had gained weight and I loved your response. That has been my response for the past year and it works. So what if I gain weight again? I’ll work harder and I’ll be better. I’m listening to my body and working day by day to get to my goal. 135lb is my goal, 178lb is my current number but I’m working on it.

    I love your videos and your spirit, please keep them coming. I’m sure there are more like me that find support and strength in them. I’m a fan from Guatemala so if you’re ever in town, please let me know so I can be your tour guide.

    Thank you again,

  14. Cassy,
    I don’t have the proper words to describe my gratitude towards you and your honesty. My life has been a little crazy lately and I started your workouts to try and get healthier and have more energy. I have something called polycystic ovarian syndrome (at least thats what we think it is) and it has been such a challenge for me. Im always in constant pain, but I want to live my life! I do the same, when I’m stressed I eat, but you have given me a chance to release all that bottled up emotional pain and exhaustion because I know you’re human and though you don’t know me personally. You understand what your handwork and motivation does for others, I can’t thank you enough for all you do for all of us out here. Don’t let people’s harsh opinions affect who you are. You can’t control what people say, but you do have that right to control how it affects you. That goes to all of us working hard out there! :) Love you Cassy!

  15. I know this is long after the fact, but I had to say something. I absolutely adore this post. I’ve always had a bit of a weight problem (which I’m starting to see was probably triggered by mild depression). Last year I was in a really happy place and began training for a 5k (never ran in one, and I’m as slow as molasses and my husband loves to make fun of how slow I am, but I at least enjoy running now and it makes me feel great about myself that I can run a few miles without stopping) and I started doing blogilates and other workouts. I also wasn’t able to work due to my school schedule so I had a ridiculously tight budget and discovered that a lot of the fast, processed foods I had gotten accustomed to eating in college were completely out of my budget. I ate a LOT of potatoes and discovered a few quick, easy, healthy, and inexpensive recipes (like the two ingredient pancakes I found here) that began to replace the junk I’d been eating before.
    Fast forward about 6 months to my wedding. I had unintentionally, but not without work, lost 25 lbs. Every time in my life when I had been on a new diet/exercise routine I’d stress myself out and completely derail. This time I was just focused on getting the nutrients I needed and on being happy. It amazed me how doing just this put me into a healthy BMI for the first time since I was about 16. And I felt great! I was healthier than I’d been in a while.
    About a month later we found out we were pregnant. We were so excited, but I was also terrified because I remember my mom getting huge all over during her pregnancies and not being able to lose weight very well after. Well, I got pretty bad morning sickness and lost my job and an additional 12 lbs. This put me weighing less than I did the entire time in high school. I remember being happy that I was at such a low weight, but then freaking out about how I couldn’t keep enough calories down to nourish myself, let alone our baby.
    The next little while was very difficult for me. On the one hand I loved the thinner face and arms and legs I had and I wanted to keep it all, and on the other I would look in the mirror and cry about the way I looked and how much I wanted this baby to be healthy. I was so scared to gain an ounce (I know I shouldn’t be, I mean I AM growing a person inside of me after all) and I couldn’t work out because my morning sickness had made me so weak. But with the help of my doctor and my husband I’ve been able to not only get over the morning sickness and part of the fear of gaining the baby weight I need to, but I’ve also started being able to workout again. And today I introduced my husband to blogilates (he’s a cross-country runner but he’s gained about 30lbs in sympathy weight in the 6 months that I’ve been prego) and he loves it!
    So, I know this is a long comment, but I just wanted to say thank you. I have never been anywhere near bikini competition shape, nor do I really want to. But working to get your body to feel and work a certain way and then being able to sit back as it healthily changes can be very challenging. You are an inspiration to me that if you are happy and healthy, you’re doing good things. Thank You!

  16. Katelyn says:

    Thanks for posting this, Cassey. Everyone trying to make a huge change in their image goes through this “weight gain guilt.” I know I have more than once. It’s paranoia, really.
    I have your back. Thanks for all your help and MOTIVATION.
    You are beautiful inside and out :)

  17. I constantly get asked if I am pregnant. I worke with a girl who was 6 months pregnant and a lady asked us if we were due around the same time….. talk about self worth going down the drain. The real kicker is that I am only 21 years old!!! The answer is a no!!! I know I am not that big I have a pouch like everyone although mines a bit bigger I still have one. It hurts the mot when my family asks me if I am and demand me to take a pregnancy test to prove I’m not. I have lost 25 pounds since moving and I am still losing the only times I have a problem with gaining weight is when my ovarian cysts burst and I cant workout. I do admit I get into a slump feel terrible about myself so of course I eat more and it makes me feel even worse. In all the insanity it is amazing to have a man who everyday tells me I am beautiful even if I have packed on a couple pounds but it just shows what Cassey has said is true the weight doesn’t determine who you are its definitely all about personality and who you surround yourself with!

  18. Cassey you are so REAL and I am so thankful that fitness instructors like you exist. You are an incredible role model for so many girls and you have brought us all together to embark on a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Your work-out videos got me through some of the most stressful weeks of my degree and now that I am officially post-university and unemployed I am carving out more time to spend with you and your wonderful pilates videos. They make me feel stronger, productive, elegant and powerful. Already I am noticing, not only a difference in my body but also in the way that I view my body. I am less angry with it, more accepting and blogposts like the one you have written here are so refreshing and remind me that the skinny FINAL PICTURE is not the ultimate goal. Thank you so much for all you do. Ellie x

  19. Yep I’m Asian and the relatives always say that. I think you look great, fit and healthy. :)

  20. Jeanelle says:

    Don’t give up! My relatives are all saying I am gaining weight and when I work out they as why if I just eat again. They don’t understand that I need to fuel my body after a workout. Your relatives just don’t understand and you shouldn’t let that hinder your progress and return into a healthy lifestyle. They may be making all these comments now but in a few weeks, when all your hardwork visibly pays off, they will understand and at that point, you will have overcome negative comments that almost prevented you from a healthy lifestyle you once enjoyed.

  21. Oh no! How can anyone call you fat? I like you MUCH better with some more weight and brighter skin than on your bikini pictures. You look fab! Still fit, but more like a woman. It’s good, if you sometimes work hard to show off the perfect side of yours, but the rest of the time please also love the wonderful woman-you <3

  22. Thank you Cassey. I think you are great the way you are. :)
    Send you lots of love :)

  23. I can totally relate to this! I have a big family and my relatives come to my house almost every single day! Lately I’ve been getting so many questions from my aunts about my weight and how I look too meaty. I’m a typical Asian girl with petite figure so when I was young my family would say I should eat more in order to grow taller(I remember I tried to put on weight by eating all those junk food just because I couldn’t ride on the roller coaster in a funfair since I didn’t have enough weight,pretty crazy right). So here’s the thing,my family has this concept about being healthy,you should eat MORE to be healthy. So when I was a kid,they would ask me to finish a big bowl of rice and lots of meat and they would feed me supper(such as chinese fried noodles, white bread, instant noodles…etc). I didn’t care much about my food as I thought I was skinny enough and healthy enough so I didn’t need to pay any attention on what I ate. Life became really hectic with exams and all sorts of activities when I first entered high school, and that’s when I noticed the layer of fats accumulated around my waistline(my upper body is skinny but my lower body is super “meaty”). I was pretty upset and I would pinch those muffintops every time I stood in front of a mirror. But still all I did was sitting in front of study table and reading textbooks,I didn’t care to do any sports or work out. Then my aunts started to give comments like “hey you’ve gained some weights, you look good ’cause you’re meaty now”. I started to pay more attention on my diet and food intake,and slowly allowed myself adapt to a more active lifestyle. Then I found out about fitness and I started go gym and trained really hard and eating super clean(my family said I was having eating disorder cause I started to eat brown rice or multigrain instead of white rice). Within few months my body fat was so low that even my period stopped, but all I thought was hey I’m looking good now who cares about period! After 7 months, I started my college life. It was hard for me to adapt to a completely new environment. My parents asked me to go back to the old lifestyle cause i looked like a weirdo with all those “weird” eating habits and being picky, or else I would not be able to mix with other people and making friends. You know, when your dearest family doesn’t support whatever you’re doing to improve yourself,you feel terrible. I had low self esteem because of my parents. After 3 months in college, I finally went loose on my eating clean diet cause I tried to socialise and eat out with friends, and my body reacted so fast that after 2 weeks my period came back. It’s a good thing isn’t it, but then later on my clothes felt tighter,i couldn’t fit in my jeans anymore, and my weights were increasing like crazy. I felt really bad about myself and because of the stress from study as well,I was diagnosed as having depression. Normally people do lose weights when they are sick but I didn’t, instead, I gained lots of weights. Now that I’m fully recovered, I’ve been trying to go back to my healthy lifestyle again but it’s so hard. My aunts keep telling me I look fat and my thighs and butt are so big, I feel hurtful after hearing all these critics. Even if when I’m working out they would tell me how fat I look and it’s so disgusting to workout cause it makes you sweat! How ridiculous is that? Imagine, when you’re enjoying your own food, all of a sudden somebody tells you to stop eating cause you look really fat already,how would you feel?

    Honestly, I feel so down. After 3 weeks of hard work, nothing changes, I really feel like giving up :(

  24. Why in the world would anyone point out your weight gain since the bikini competition when there is a very limited amount of people who have the determination to train for one. All I know is I love fitness and healthy food but I couldn’t be that controlled or strict and I’m sure the majority of those people who commented couldn’t either. While your hard work and dedication was definitely visible and amazing, I actually think you look better now; more realistic and easier to relate to. I now know you have struggles and off days as well and it makes me appreciate you even more! Don’t be ashamed if you’ve gained a bit of weight, because you look fabulous and those rude people probably couldn’t train the way you did even for one day.

  25. Samantha says:

    I am a mother of three children under the age of four. I have had my ups and downs emotionally about my weight. I try to remind myself that I needed to gain weight to grow my babies. However I gained a significant amount with in three pregnancies and really didn’t give my body a chance to recover in between. My mother tries to tell about new diet pills and so on, she’s really nice about it but somehow that makes it feel worse to me. I hate it when people pity me. I wouldn’t trade any of my kids for the body I had before(even though I very much miss it). My grandmother on the other hand is very rude and mean about it saying” wow Samantha! What happened to you?! You used to be so pretty!” Even people at grocery stores have made comments to me directly about my weight. Although my weight is high and I am “obese” by the standards, I don’t feel that I’m at the point people are making it. I am 27 years old, with three children between 4 yrs old and 4 months old. I’m 5’7″ and 215 lbs. I get treated on a daily basis like i literally weigh a ton. So it took a long time to accept myself. Although I hate to hear that someone else has felt this way, it is comforting to know that I’m not alone in these feels of shame and embarassment. I’m gradually getting back into a more intense exercise regiment and really appreciate all the help Cassey gives!

  26. OMG.I’m Pakistani.Exact same thing with the aunties.Made me laugh

  27. Raisa Miruna says:

    If you start eating gradually healthy food but in a larger quantity and you keep training, that food will help you build up muscles; and those muscles will be the new gained weight, not fat. They weigh more anyway. Enough healthy food and training build muscles. Not enough food intake consumes your muscles and your energy to train. If you’re afraid that if you eat more, it will translate into fat, you could take a test at a gym which tells you your body fat percent. My guess is that you probably need to eat a somewhat larger quantity of food, you lack nutrients.

  28. This is exactly what I needed at this exact moment. Funny how what you need tends to show up at the right time.

    Thank you.

  29. Hey casse! You posted this way long ago so i dont even know if you’ll se it, but you’re slight weight gain was almost reassuring. Some fittness instrictors are way to skinny/muscular and its very overwhelming! But youre so down to earth, and youre like a real human being about fittness. You recognized that we all fluctuate on our path but as long as we keep striving to be the best we can be, who cares! You are my inspiration who makes fittness FUN and gets me off the couch everyday! Im on week 2 of the beginner caledar and i feel more energized and healthy already!

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, it means so much to alot of people,
    -Aria <3

  30. I used to be really really skinny growing up, but when puberty hit I started eating and eating and gaining weight. At first I was glad to see the curves on my body because I grew up to be that tiny skinny girl. My (asian) family even gave me a nickname: skinny girl. And when they started to notice I was looking a bit rounder, they’d compliment me! It kinda made me feel good. So I kept eating. I got to the point that I felt confident in bikini and people telling me I have a great figure. A couple years later my oh so asian mother (and sisters) would tell me I was gaining too much weight. At first I didn’t mind, but now, it has come to the point that I’m fat. Like really fat. I don’t fit in my jeans, I can’t wear tight shirts (or anything else) and I feel so concious about my body. Now it’s been three years since I wore a bikini. And this summer is just around the corner… I really want to enjoy the summer, but I can’t even wear shorts! That’s why I started losing weight, but I’m struggling with the diet part. I just love food too much!
    This is why I wanted to start posting pictures and stuff on the blogilates app, but I’m to embarrassed. I keep telling myself I can do this without letting people know and letting them support me. But really, I want completely strangers to support me and follow my fitness journey. Maybe one day…

  31. Wow people are judgmental, when I saw that video I didn’t notice a weight gain I noticed that sneeze at 50seconds in XD lool Casey is the best if if you can’t handle her fabulousness than you are not needed here ! Hmph

  32. Oh Cassey, I’m so glad to read this. I’m really encouraged by your honesty and the reality behind achieving a great looking body. Very little people would share with us their pain and sweat to have a lean and healthy looking body, but you helped me to have a more realistic mindset and realistic expectations of what it takes to change my diet and lifestyle into a healthier one. And yes, I totally agree that it’s not worth depriving ourselves and being too harsh on ourselves when it comes to food. We gotta take control of our diets, not the other way around.

    Thank you again Cassey for your constant encouragement and SUper fun personality :)


  33. This is amazing. You are amazing. It is so true that you shouldn’t judge someone for how they look like. I just hate the fact that you have to explain your weight gain (how ridiculous is that!?). I know this is a really late response…I feel that you really are amazing. Not alot of people can endure the pain and go through the whole workout. Seriously, people just judge too much. It’s all about appearance in this world. I mean someone who is overweight could be perfectly healthy and happy too! Just cause you have a fit body doesn’t mean you’re ‘healthy’ doesn’t mean you eat well and doesn’t mean you’re happy!
    KEEP FIGHTING!! And as for the Asian aunts…they’ll always find something to say!

  34. Rebekah says:

    Nody image is in the brain, not in your body fat.
    so i got the thigh gap and the abs and a bmi below 17 – and i still feel ugly.

  35. I’ve felt like this for so long, it was overwhelming! I almost went anorexic because all my friends lost
    wieght without trying, and I had to work my butt off to be pretty, in my mind.
    You’ve really helped me feel more beautiful than I have in my life, and you are beautiful. Cassie and
    all the people reading this comment right now. Don’t let anyone tell you different!



  36. DianaNguyen says:

    I feel like crying right now after reading your post, Cassey. It’s truly hard to maintain a skinny body while trying to work on my self esteem. I remember working my butt off last summer, trying to be thin while fit as possible. I successfully lost over 15lbs and was at 110. But right now, I am close to 120 lbs because of the muscle gain AND the days I’ve let myself loose. I’m 5″1, and 18 years old, suffering to try to love herself for who she is, despite the weight gain. I keep thinking I have gotten fatter because of the weight gain, even though I have gained new muscles on my butt and thighs. Your post has truly inspired me to get back up and start motivating myself again. Even though I’m asian and can never have those skinny asian body, I know I will look even better with a nice, fit tone body with a booty. Thank you Cassey! You’ve definitely have helped lift my mood and determination once more!

  37. I can relate with this blog post so incredibly much. About 4 years ago I was tiny…probably too small for my height, but I thought I looked phenomenal. I am 5’7 and I was about 115 lbs. I was wearing a size 0 with size 2 often being extremely baggy. I obtained this weight from unhealthy measures. I worked out constantly and was only eating about 1,000 calories a day, sometimes less. I thought that I could maintain this weight forever and be happy. Well, eventually life happened and slowly those size 0 jeans were getting snug. Then the size 2’s followed along and also were getting tight. A significant back injury prevented me from working out, which was just making matters worse in my mind. I could not stop focusing on the gain.
    Eventually, people were approaching me and saying straight up “’ve started filling out. I think you look so much better with some meat on you.” Im sure this was intended to be a compliment, but it didn’t feel like one. It caused panic that people were beginning to notice. I also heard comments like “you have yourself a butt finally.” Again, compliment I am sure in their minds, but mind blowing reality in mine.

    So, today I am just trying to be healthy. I eat right, I do cardio and blogilates, and I allow myself an indulge here and there. My 5’7 body is up from 115 lbs to 130-133 lbs. I have also had discussions with friends who are obsessed with looking super model skinny, as well as having to cut out one friend who was super competitive with me in the quest to look good. With time I have realized the connection between mind and body and how they completely connect with each other. Replacing some terms for myself like healthy instead of skinny has been beneficial because no longer is the focus on being super skinny, just being the healthiest version of myself.

  38. a perfect post Cassey, a perfect way to answer to people curiosity and in the same time express your opinion on such an important matter like “skinny obsession”
    I found your blog a month ago, searching for pilates tutorials on youtube: now I’m finishing the beginners calendar and I’ll continue to follow you.
    I want to stay in shape (I’m 40 this year!) but I know I’ll never have again the body I had when I was 20 even if my weight is the same (I’m 174 cm x 60 kg).
    Whatever, I feel great!
    thank you sooo much

  39. Dear Cassey…
    I had the same problem as you…I wanted perfect slim body with no fat.. I ate so little…I had hunger, I went to bed early, so I did not starve because my last food was at four o’clock…I had no energy..
    Than I said stop to myself…it wasn’t wasn’t happy.. And I never had the perfect silhouette from my fantasy. Even when my ribs had sticking out I had my big butt (Now I know it’s not to big actually..).
    I just stopped with that crazy routine..I stopped care about what everybody think and say about my butt.
    I started from the beginning. I decided that I want to be fit and HAPPY!..
    But after that diet, when I started to eat weight started to gain..I was so upset. I didn’t want to fall to crazy diets I ate healthy. Now.. two ears after that diet season..I’m actually HAPPY! I have my healthy, fitness body. I’m strong, I’m fast, I’m beautiful! I love my ”large” butt… It’s part of my body..part of the instrument that i need for my sports (I ride a freeride bike).
    That’s my story (Sorry for grammatical mistakes..I just learn eng :) )
    Love you Cassey, you inspire me every day! Stay strong!

  40. I’m going through a tough time right now- I have been in bikini competition shape and leanness year round for about a year and a half after having anorexia and dropping weight- I gained weight and muscle and got into amazing shape (where I am now) but I am not having my period though every other vital has returned. My estrogen levels are low and so my doctors told me I have to gain weight. Because I had anorexia at 14 and am now 16 I have never been above 106 lbs (5’1) and average 103-105. My doctor wants me at 110 to be able to menstruate. I know I need to think about health first, but I am scared because being so cut has become a huge part of my identity personally and at school. That line “wrongend of a before and after” really resonated with me.. I’m so nervous guys! I want to make sure that I keep my muscle and tone even though I have to gain weight. Tips, advice? Love you guys :)

  41. Patricia says:

    I noticed how in control you were your movements.
    People who regularly compete don’t stay that lean at all times, since it’s not manageable.
    Thanks for the beginner’s calendar! I’m falling in love with Blogilates!

  42. Kassy Nubla says:

    You are perfect Cassey! I swear. People should be more concerned on looking fit and healthy instead of looking skinny and depriving themselves of food. I want to have abs but I dont wanna starve myself for it. It all boils down to determination and hard-work :)

  43. Danielle says:

    About a year ago my old/ex best friend looked at me and said “you gained weight” yes i did i was stressed with my boyfriend and had turned to food as comfort. But she was the one that was addicted to mcdonalds or anything she could get her hands on. I felt bad for her to not control her binges and cravings. I was hurt and felt betrayed. ~fast forward til this month~ I decided why not give it another shot at our friendship. We went to the gym together and catch up. Turns out she was jealous, wishing she had what i had and more. And yet she made another remark i cant quite remember but affected me in just the same way. Only because she was trying to put me down about my accomplishments to make her feel better. She went to mcdonalds right after. :(

  44. Every time I have a conversation with my grandmother she always finds a way to call me “HEAVY”
    1.) I do have a high fat percentage, I also have a lot of muscle mass. She has neither.
    2.) I am 5’11”. She is 5’5”.
    3.) She has an anorexic mentality. She eats, but not enough. and she doesn’t eat foods crucial to her health. I do eat those foods. Just sometimes I binge. I do want to take off the metaphorical fat suit that is just actual fat. I want her to gain weight and be healthy.

    I have accepted that I will never have the body she wants me to have seeing as i really should make sure I don’t go close to 130 becuase i am freakishly tall.

    I would also like to point out that in the fifties and lower, a woman was supposed to be freakishly thin and small, and those from that era have that mind frame. So I say…don’t have that mind frame and be who you are supposed to be.

  45. Keep your head up love you cassey! !!!! From Canada

  46. It’s not all about having “THAT body”, anyway, you look better now. I don’t understand how people want other people to starve and not enjoy food. Food is there to enjoy! You can eat clean and it can taste good, but never go onto an extreme like only eating so little your body is starving, you’re feeling weak and tired. That is the opposite of healthy and happy!

  47. I truly appreciate this post! I’m newer to the blogilates scene, and this post just sits with me.
    Last summer, I was at my lowest weight(which I realize does not equal healthiest) due to some health issues I’d been struggling with. Of course, everyone had negative comments about how tiny I was, but I was working out, running, lifting weights…and despite being small, I felt strong.
    Now, I”m back in nursing school, which = a ton a stress! And I’ve put weight back on. About 20 pounds worth!! I eat clean, the majority of the time, but when night-time boredom and munchies hit, I go haywire. I know I need to get myself back under control, buts its harder than it sounds, isn’t it?! People thankfully haven’t been commenting that I’m fat by any means, but the comments on “oh, you’ve gained weight, looking good” …they don’t FEEL so good either!! Yes, I know I’ve gained weight, and yes I know I needed it..but the spare tire I now have around my middle, I don’t need!

    Anyways, this post got off topic, my main point is…that I appreciate your honesty. And I appreciate knowing that all those “super star fitness model experts” out there, have bad days too! Heck, maybe they even have bad months or years!! They’re human too! So often, we’re shown that they never fall off the wagon, when the truth is…if you don’t fall off the wagon, you’re super human or something!!
    So thank you for your honesty!!

  48. Cassey,

    Wow. I have tears in my eyes reading your post. I guess it’s because you are such an inspiration to me and I love you so much! It may not mean much, but honestly, I read your blog every day and it’s not your “hot bod” or whatever that keep me coming back. It’s your personality. I hated working out until I found your videos. I feel like I’m hanging out with a friend when I watch your videos and then all the sudden, 20 minutes have passed, and I’ve done an amazing workout. I suffered from an eating disorder in high school, and now in college, I have gained some weight and am not accepting very well. The past couple of months have been really hard for me, but I take REFUGE in your videos, support, guidance, and positive spirit. I totally understand where you are coming from and feel for you and wanted to reach out and say that 1) I literally can’t even telly you gained weight you still look AMAZING and have my dream body 2) I consider you to be my teacher, my instructor, my guru… but mainly, MY FRIEND. The support you give, even though we’ve never met, is unreal and you provide us Popsters with so much love. Know it’s a two way street. We’ve got your back and have mad love for ya! Xoxo, Talia

  49. Hi Cassey,

    So many people wrote you here and I know my words are just a little drop on the ocean of support and love, but I still want to add it to make this ocean even bigger.
    I came to the US 7.5 years ago being 125 lbs 5.6″ girl and having that weight as my normal healthy weight, so I didnt worry. I came to the country of a completely different food quality and I also lived alone for the first time in 21 years and hardly knew how to cook. so not surprisingly in only 6 month I was 25 pounds up. One day I couldnt pull my jeans more than mid-thigh and I thought oh, I think I did gain some weight, so I got a scale and saw 150 lbs. It did bother me, but like a lot of college and working kids, I just didnt really have time to take care of the problem, plus a lot of kids around me were not in their best shape and didnt seem to worry. but in the back of my head I always though how I would lose weight and look like that actress or that singer. And I kept buying clothes that were size smaller for the day when I fit in them, I knew I will.
    and only 3 years later, during my graduation semester in college, I just stopped eating more than 1000 calories a day just because I realized I cant eat when Im stressed. I ate only tuna salad sandwiches and hummus. in 6 months I lost those 25 pounds. and thats when my transformation began. I was scared to go back to being bigger, so I tried to watch what I eat, I started weighting myself every day and I would not eat almost anything if I saw I gained a pound. I tried working out but I hated it. I went down to 117 pounds which was my teenage years weight and was so scared to go over 120 as if my entire life depended on it. But I still hated working out, I counted calories like crazy and weighted myself twice a day, freaking out how I would be 3 pounds heavier at night. so I became afraid of food that weights a lot and almost stopped eating fruits. And then restaurant week hit the city and I gained 8 pounds in 6 weeks. it was the biggest freakout, I felt ugly even though I was only 125 lbs. so I juiced and worked out every day for a week and realized that working out is not that bad because my muscles looked toned. so I started working out 2-3 times a week and still watching my calories.
    I kept my weigh around 116-119 lbs for year and a half but mostly because I didnt eat much. my wakeup call happened when I went to Europe to visit my family and had no choice but to eat food my grandma cooked for me. I didnt eat a lot, but I knew that I was eating much more calories. and how surprised was I when I came back to the US to… losing 2 pounds! I did not work out for entire 2 weeks, did not move around much and I lost weight! Thats when I realized that its about quality of he food. My grandma used only natural ingredients and made food with love. I thought that if I dont learn what to eat and dont work out, it will be hard for me to ever get in the shape I always wanted to be. So I started working out minimum of 5 times a week, eating more but healthier, learned about nutrition and what my body needs to have energy. I gained 3 pounds in couple weeks knowing its water weight that my muscles need to heal after the workouts plus always having food in my system since I stopped starving myself. I started to see my body change and muscles define. For the last month I worked out every single day because my body is screaming for it and loves it, and I ate huge salads with meat or fish and tons and tons of fruits. I did not lose any weight but I know that Im gaining muscle and my scale cant trick me anymore.
    I started doing your videos 2 month ago and I just adore your personality! That video that you mentioned as the one where people pointed out your weight, I was sure it was just your time of the month because seeing how you have no problem working out and talking while Im screaming in pain trying to follow never made me question your amazing fitness level.
    And i LOVE your supercharge smoothie, I cant get enough of it! and the first time I made them, my boyfriend ate both his and mine portions of the banana pancakes!
    So whoever make comments like that are just unhappy people who need to criticize to make themselves feel better because they just made someone feel bad too. Please dont ever worry about such things. You are already so much ahead of them in fitness and you can only get better and better.
    I am sorry I wrote so much but I think I never talked about this to anyone and your post made me feel sad that anyone would even say things like that to you.Thank you for helping me to become a healthier fitter happier me!

  50. MamaCassi says:

    i LOVE your honesty- honest over here-

    i’m a naturally muscular girl who doesn’t have to work hard for abs, BUT tend to be curvy. at 33, i’ve embraced curvy. fit but curvy, slim but curvy, pregnant but curvy, it’s all good IF you’re doing it w/ love and joy.

    i love your enthusiasm and videos and i also loved that when i started doing your videos, there were different Casseys- super slim, thicker, older, younger, i LOVED that you were real and not just trying so hard to be a certain type that you hid the less ‘perfect’ from the world.

    as a woman who’s always nursing and/or (often both) pregnant, it’s more about nutrition and real bodily health than an image. it takes a lot of work to do any of those!

    i’ll never be as tiny as you- it’s not my goal. and i’m so glad you’re not always crazy bikini body Cassey either. b/c it makes me love that you keep working, keep improving and also sometimes let go a little! hoping that means you’re closer every day to a satisfying, wonderful, and joyful balance for you!

  51. don’t ever listen to those people! I get that a lot too! But i continue telling myself, yeah, I may have let myself go for a short period of time and due to my metabolism, I may have looked like I gained a lot of weight in a short period of time, but seriously, like you said, gaining 1-2 kg doesn’t mean that I am weaker. I can do so much more than many others can. I am strong. Everyone takes their time and has their own plans to reach their goals and nobody should ever have that power to bring you down. Believe in yourself. Cassey, you are forever an inspiration to me, seriously. And being at the receiving end, I am so glad you brought this up to the public and make others realise what are the effects of not filtering what you say. <3

  52. Cassey. you are truly beautiful and you have every right to feel unashamed. Plus, i am pretty sure you probably gained 0.01% of fat. :)

  53. I love your comment! so true! I feel exactly the same way.

    Cassey is the perfect training instructor for a movement to destruct unrealistic ideal of female beauty which hurts so many of girls and women’s self esteem, but still love your body with her and blogilates. Be healthy, exercise and go harder and stronger!

    I love you Cassey

  54. Hey Cassey! I stumbled upon your blog very recently.
    The fact that you don’t look like a super-skinny top-model makes me want to TRUST you. Makes me believe that you are just a girl like me. Many people are lost in this crazy desire to look unrealistic. What’s most important is how you feel, and I can tell straight away, that you feel amazing in your body, and that is a great inspiration for myself. You’re a beatiful, healthy young girl. HUGS AND KISSES!

  55. You’re still amazing cassey !

  56. Hi Cassey,
    I just wanted to say that the fact you admit to gaining the weight back and that you work so hard to stay thin, you are amazing. I recently moved three hours away from home for college and I work at a fast food restaurant, like most college students. While being at school I had a school lunch lady and a CVS worker askme if I was pregnant, which I am not. I then began looking at my pictures from Summer 2013 and realized I ganined alot of weight since then. This was a small reality check for me and I started making some time for the gym. What really hit me was when I went home for Thanksgiving and the first thing my grandmother told me in 3 months was, wow you gained some weoght. And then, thinking she was whispering she asked my parents if they were sure I wasn’t pregnant. This broke my heart. Even though my boyfriend of a year and a half loves me and doesn’t mind the way I look, I feel uncomfortable in my body. Now I go to the gym 5 days a week, do ypur videos 3 times a week, and I do my Wii Fit everyday. You are my hero and I’m hoping by the time I go home for Easter that I can be at almost average weight instead of being at risk of being over weight. Thank you for all the encouragement and support.

  57. Your reflection is so honest and real that I am feeling even more inspired and u are right life has ups and downs and so does our weight and by no means this is a reflection of what we can accomplish. Is not measure by pounds but by hard work, motivation, dedication and when we fall out of track it only counts much more when we get back to it.

  58. Cassey, you’re the best.

  59. Can I just say that I feel the exact same way? I just stumbled on your POP pilates videos recently, and have had the same history as Julia Grace, but also had knee problems that led to me not being able to work out, spiraling the eating problems. This blog has some great videos that I can do and help me feel better too. :) Thanks for being an inspiration!

  60. Nicolette says:

    I used to have a crush on this guy (I’m 15, so being self conscious is kind of a normal thing for me), and one day we were hanging out and he made a joke about my thighs being “thunder thighs.” I wasn’t really self conscious until then, I was actually pretty confident, but that joke completely shattered my glass. Now, I’m doing your workouts and a little kickboxing, and I’m doing much better on the self esteem scale :)

  61. Cassie :)
    I know you have so many comments, and God knows if you ever get to read all of these, but I want you to know something. Some of my girlfriends and I have a past of anorexia, and guess what? Doing Pilates with you and listening to you talk about putting GOOD things into your body is one of the things that helped me /overcome/ it. When I was talking to my friend about you, she said that she LOVED that you had a real body. That you had curves, and that you weren’t ashamed of it. I just want you to know that I love seeing that you have a woman’s body, and it makes me feel so pleased to be healthy too. :) My body looks like yours does now, and I’m so happy with it, and happy to feel healthy, especially when I see that someone who I aspire to be like looks just like I do now. God willing, I will get my Pilates Instructing Certification so that I can teach Pilates, because you made me fall in love with the art, joy, and challenge of it. AND, I love that you can still lift and run faster and better than ever, and I love that I can too. :)
    Cassie, I’m so proud of you and I love you. :) I watch you all the time, and your weight GAIN has been MORE of an inspiration to me than your weight LOSS ever has been, because it means I can nourish my body and listen to it, and stay free from my eating disorder. You’re absolutely beautiful. :)
    I thank God for you. :) I really do.
    Thank you for everything.
    Bless you,
    Love always,
    Julia Grace

  62. Hi Cassey,
    I’ve read this post before, but it speaks to me more than ever at this time in my life. I have followed you all through University and you taught me basically everything I know about working out, cleaning eating and keeping a positive attitude about mind and body, without a focus on the number on a scale. I kept my weight constant for nearly 3 years, and it is something I will always be proud of.
    I’m now finished University and live somewhere completely different. The stress of making new friends, a new job, even new food have led me to completely lose control. However, I try and tell myself everyday that even though my clothes might fit tighter, the way I live now makes me happy.

    I might not be able to keep up with the 4x a week of workouts I was capable of in University but I still try and do a handful of your videos every week. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration, accessible at all hours, from all corners of the world. I think nearly all women struggle with feeling proud of their bodies all the time, but you certainly make it easier.

    Thank you
    – a dedicated popster.

  63. Yes thank you soooo much!!! I have now learned that the scale does not matter so much only the person inside! Thanks for giving this to us for free other wise I would still be the same as I was at the beginning of this month!! I am not sure how much I have lost because the scale says 10+ more then I did before but that’s just muscle weight and I can tell because I can literally see a difference in my body!!! Thank you!!!

  64. Kathi loeser says:

    Thank you for writing this. I want to share My 3 “funny” stories of growing up female.
    1. When I was in my earliest 20’s, my soon to be auntie in law said to me, during a party at the dinner table, ” wow, kathi you are really flat chested, you have no boobs!”
    2. Visiting family in Hong Kong, my aunt said to my sister, wow you got fat, than she turned to me and said, you got fat more.
    3. When taking care of my mom in the hospital, after her heart surgery, twice she asked me, why I got fat?
    So , yes, I love your constant encouragements. I am over 50 now, and try to love the way my body looks, no matter what. God made us just the way we are, and to Him, we are all beautiful! Thank you for your blog, I am loving getting in shape with you in the comfort of my family room!

  65. Thanks, Cassie, I really needed to read that just now. You were a great inspiration to me today :).
    FYI, you look great no matter what :)

  66. Thank you for writing about this issue. I really appreciate your realistic view on being healthy. As someone who compares themselves everyday to pictures of women in fitness magazines, movies, and every other social media out there, it is very encouraging to read such a realistic view on fitness. I know that I generally live a healthy lifestyle, but I struggle so much when I only get to work out twice in a week or I come home so stressed from work that I do not have the brainpower to workout. I feel SO guilty, and I blame myself for not having a better looking body. I have a wonderful husband who tells me I’m beautiful everyday, yet I tear myself down anyway and still struggle with being confident in my body.

    I have been working hard over the past couple years to really stop feeling the guilt and be realistic about my body. I remember being in a place where I was so concerned about weight, that I did not really eat. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “I’m starting to look better”. But my body felt terrible. I now know that I look better when I eat healthy and workout, I also FEEL better. I do not own a scale now, due to the fact that I have been known to become a slave to it. I used to freak out if the scale went up by an ounce. Now, I notice if my pants feel tighter or if I have fat in places I did not used to. So, instead of freaking out, I try and motivate myself to be healthier.

    Your blog and fitness videos have helped me in my journey. Thank you so much for your positive and realistic support for real beauty. You’re so motivating, and it really makes a difference to follow someone in a fitness journey who understands that being healthy is the most important aspect of your body. I am encouraged every time I read your blog to continue staying healthy and to not feel guilty about not being perfect. Thank you so much! You’re awesome!

  67. Hi Cassey, you have motivated me so much over the past few months and your workouts have really made me feel so much better about my health and my choices, and this article further motivates me.
    I’ve gained a lot of weight over the past couple of years, and my parents as well as some of my friends have openly called me ‘fat’. I know I don’t eat the healthiest (I eat chocolate or other sweet things at least once a day) and I’m not the most active person, but I’ve played competitive sport continuously for over four years, as well as doing your workouts since late 2013. I’m trying. But I just can’t seem to break through the barrier.
    However, I’m starting the 90 day New Body Makeover Challenge today, combined with the December calendar, and this article is letting me know that I can do it- My trying will not be in vain, and although I may never look like a supermodel, I can at least be proud of the way I look and make the switch to a healthier lifestyle.

    So, from me, and from many other people, thank you. It was so brave of you to confront these personal, demeaning issues and comments, and I hope that in spite of them you’ll still be around to inspire (and kill us) as you usually do for a long time coming.

  68. you totally are gorgeous healthy and not fat! society totally screws up the definition of a great body.. something that took me a while to learn is that you will never look healthy on the outside if you do not feel healthy on the inside, and whats the point of being thin if you can’t enjoy it anyway! :) I love that you are totally relatable and encouraging. but you are also gorgeous inside and out don’t let nobody tell you otherwise! ♥

  69. Hey Cassey, your words really motivated me this time. Thank you so much. You’ll remain an inspiration to me, no matter how old or young you are. I’m 13 this year and I really want to slim down the area on my thighs. (I was born with fat thighs). Since I’ve been doing your thigh slimming workouts, I feel better than on normal days when I won’t workout. So I decided to do your Beach Series Buttlift workout every single day. It was fun. And yeah, I’m Asian and I gained weight too. But I’ll never give up. Thanks to your motivation, Cassey.

  70. OMG Cassey, you have put into words what I have felt for a very long time. I don’t mean to get heavy on you but I was raped in 2011, since then I gained 50lbs very quickly. I focused completely on healing my mind and my soul while surviving college, that I lost focus on exercise and found tiny joys in my sad days with each meal. I am proud to say that I am much more spiritually strong than I was 2 years ago, even 6 months ago, but now I am also 6 dress sizes larger.
    I tried not to put myself down for gaining weight because I knew I had an extreme circumstance, but as the stretch marks rippled across my thighs like Lichtenburg figures, my family was the first to put me down. They of course to this day don’t know that I was raped, and I don’t mind their ignorance, I prefer it. They are just surprised that someone who had always maintained a size 0-4 could grow to a 10-12 so fast before their eyes, and its really concern. And it really hurts. So, thank you for putting this into words because I felt alone in my personal struggle. You gave me what I needed today: support, inspiration, and esteem.

  71. OMG Cassey, you look gorgeous. In fact, I think you look much better than when you were preparing for Bikini Competition. Yes, you did gain weight but you are still perfect :)

  72. Cassey omg I’ve worked out to that video many times before and I have never realized that you looked any bigger or smaller in it! You are a great person, inside and out!!

  73. hi!
    first of all,happy new year (if you are following western christian calendar) and all the best for you. now, you are 14. It s not advisable to go for a diet.But you can start eating more veggies n fruits, for snack instead of something else. Exercising is the best way. You may not see big change but it will pay off ater. I know it may seems nonsense what I’m saying now .You want results and you want it now, I understand. But I encourage to put yourself first, your health first., not your looks and never how others see you. If your parents or relaties make any comment about your weight, just tell them, do you love me for myself or for my weight? tell them that family has to be a loving place, with supportive people n if you want to hear people to put you down, you ll just have to look at music video or magazine. I mean, let them know what how they make you fell by their comments. Wish you the best

  74. Dear Cassey! I watch you videos it is great source of inspiration for me as I try to go back on track after having my precious baby. I appreciate your hard work because you all doing it for free. I would like to say you do not look fat at all just completely normal and beautiful. This is our culture that suggest an abnormal body image and leaving millions confused and feeling guilty. What counts is being healthy and feeling good we shouldn’T try to imitate models and people on tv. We are all mada unique and one of a kind and God loves you Cassey no matter what you or other’S think of you He still loves you.

  75. Gina Marie says:

    To be honest I noticed you gained weight,but I did not judge you for it, I actually though more of you! You looked gorgeous for the bikini competition but how realistic is it to maintain you body and keep it in that shape, not very. I think you’re gorgeous and you look HEALTHY, not fat. It’s more of an inspiration and more motivating to get fitness tips from someone that isn’t stick thin. You’re still gorgeous <3

  76. Thanks, i completely agree with you. People always believe that feeling good about themselves is dependent upon how much they strive to get “ON TRACK”… i hate that word. I see so many commercials about “feeling” and “looking” your best by eating “clean” and following a structured exercise plan. Its not really promoting a true self image is it? If there is always talk about staying on a specific schedule. I have suffered from an eating disorder (Anorexia) for about four years now, and from that experience i have learned that reaching a certain body shape and weight can only last so long, our bodies are not meant to be depreived of so many things. I try really hard to run my life by “Normal eating” eating from ALL FOUR FOOD GROUPS!!! none of the “oh this food group is cut out b/c of the sugar, or cutting carbs b/c it can turn into fat.” LIke….what the hec!!! This involves way too much emotional time and energy. I make sure i eat wholesome foods that make my body feel good. And yes, I especially on weekends do not think about how my food fits into my weekly schedule. I eat what i want…20/80 rule. It is just so frustrating to hear so many people try and motivate others to stay on track, when ultimately our bodies just need to be given what it craves…or else you will feel unhappy because you will have the worst feeling..”deprivation” So I agree with the fact that gaining weight should not be something to stress about…it will fluctuate back to its normal feel. Media, and society has made us feel like this…and it’s wrong! We are all beautiful, EVEN if we fall of our “TRACK”

  77. Cassey!you are my inspiration! I didn’t even notice you gained any weight and I love the ABC workout, you are fabulous, you have belped so many of us find more confidence and happiness with ourselves
    don’t let anyone get you down :)

  78. Wow. This post really spoke to me. This summer I trained extremely hard with a group of women for a fitness challenge. I worked out five days a week, did pushups, ran two miles everyday,crunches, weight lifting, and on top of that a grueling hour and a half of intense Latin/ west African based cardio. It was extremely hard, but I saw my body change in ways that I didn’t think we’re possible! And I was extremely happy with the results. However, as the summer came to an end, and the cold weather drove me indoors,, and the holidays beckoned for me to indulge in delicious food that was absolutely off limits during my training…I began to notice that the weight began to return! Even now, I’m ten pounds heavier than I was over the summer, my pants don’t fit like they used to, and I was feeling very ashamed and embarrassed for letting myself regain some of the pounds that I worked so hard to get rid of…that is .until reading this post! I feel empowered and motivated to get up and start over now! As you so simply put it weight fluctuates! It’s life! I was literally hiding in my coat so no one would notice my weight gain, sad but true. But I don’t have to be ashamed! Thank you so much for being real Cassey! You’re awesome!

  79. Tang Vang says:

    In this past week, I’ve had two people ask if I was pregnant on the same day. It was kinda sad but I knew it was coming, so oh well. It was frustrating enough for my weight not to budge for three years even after working out and watching my diet; and then when I gave up, I gained 10 lbs. What is a woman to do when they’ve kinda lost hope?

    Anyhow, you look amazing!

  80. Andrea Combs says:

    Cassey, thank you SO much for this post! Although I know you wrote this a while back, I’m new to this POPster community so this is my first time reading it… You are such an inspiration to me! I can completely relate to this… My Grandma has had a very negative affect on me with her rude and degrading comments about my weight gain. Hurtful comments about weight gain do affect us as women, and it’s so good to know we are not alone in feeling ashamed about it. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your transparency and honesty with us! I love you and your hilarious, upbeat work out videos :) You have motivated me to train like a beast and look like a beauty! You are so beautiful and inspiring and you are changing the lives of countless women around the world for the better :) Keep up the amazing work!

  81. This upsets me that somebody would ever call you fat :( you have the perfect body!

  82. Cassey
    thank you for this (and everything else). you will never know how much you mean to me (and i dont even personally know you)but just wanted to let you know that your videos help me sooo much and i always end up smiling during thwm.

  83. wow

  84. Hi Cassey,
    thank you for speaking about this. I had a similar experience. I was very thin, very underweight with very little body fat. It was so hard to maintain and i was scared of gaining weight. When i started to I felt so ugly and ashamed of myself for letting myself go. People at work mentioned how i gained so much weight. (and now i am a normal weight, not underweight anymore) but all the questions and comments about my weight really hurt. I felt so bad and would punish myself by eating less and less then my body couldn’t take it anymore so i would binge. It was a psychological and physical battle i would have with myself everyday. Now i am trying to focus on being happy. focusing on being the best person I can be and treating myself how i treat others, with kindness and caring. Not beating myself up and hating my body. I would never say to a friend what i say to myself. this year i am going to try harder to be kinder to myself. thank you so much for sharing this personal story.
    Mary Anne

  85. ^ I agree!! :)

  86. wow, cassie i really admire your honesty! truthfully, i think you always look great because youre always so happy and your wonderful personality always shines through on videos. although it sounds soooo corny, your state of mind and confidence is what makes really makes you beautiful! i really think you need to do a video on body image and body confidence because the media really distorts our perception of beauty, in particular teenage girls like myself. just yesterday i was having lunch with my family and my 8 year old cousin refused to eat bread because she thought she was fat! i was in complete shock, not only because shes so young but because she told me that she wanted to be a model when she grew up, and ‘models dont eat carbs’. when i got back home i actually cried, is this how negatively we perceive ourselves nowadays? i hope you see this comment and consider doing a video, i think it would benefit so many people:)

  87. this is my first time reading this specific blog post. I want you to know that I don’t follow you for the way your body looks. Sure it looks awesome and what I’d love to look like but I follow you because you encourage others with positivity and because you seem to strive for health. Appearance is important but health, that’s where it’s at. And if you can get a nice appearance as you reach for health, then great but it’s not what is important, to me at least. I don’t consider what you did “letting go.” The bikini competition was a temporary time set aside to achieve a certain appearance. It doesn’t sound like maintaining that level of diet and exercise would have been healthy for you and I think that is an important nugget of knowledge.

    For me, after I had my baby, and I wasn’t able to lose my baby weight as I thought I would. I realized how much I tied my appearance and weight to my self worth and value and how poorly I thought of myself now that I was slightly heavier. I think it was a really important realization for me. I had to learn to disconnect the two – self worth doesn’t come from my appearance nor weight. I had to re-evaluate and keep reminding myself: I value health, therefore I should strive for health, not appearance. And i shouldn’t fool myself into saying I value health but secretly strive only for the nice appearance.

    I’m proud of you for sharing

    We’re all learning about ourselves as we go, learning about our lives, about what works for us, about others. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  88. Cassey, you’re such an inspiration to me. Each and every time i read one of your blogs, i feel such warmth and honesty afterwards. I’ve been called fat all my life by my very superficial mother and have only recently made the decision to start losing weight. I lost about 20lbs when I was unemployed but once I started my job, it became harder and harder to go out and exercise and eat the right things. I fell off the wagon quite a bit which made me feel ashamed of myself but after reading this post, I know the only thing I should be feeling is determination to get back on a clean diet and a regular work out schedule. Thank you for always being there to help me remember that failure only happens if you get knocked down, and stay down. Best of luck to you and your goals as well!

    love always,

  89. Jordana Calzavara says:

    Hey, there Cassey!
    I was very disappointed to know that people watch your video and judge the way you look. You are incredible hot and perfect, and such a inspiration to all of us!!! Kind regards from Brazil xxx

  90. fat on abc abs heck noooooo
    you look awesome plus u can do this workout …bet the people calling you fat can’t

  91. Yeah, you are absolute right! :)

    love you Cassey, greetings from Germany! ♥

  92. This post almost made me cry-and it was empowering at the same time.

    I had gotten into sick shape right before the holidays. Lowest fat % of my life and my clothes were getting too big for me. I was getting a lot of comments on my weight loss and was feeling great about it…then of course Thanksgiving…Christmas…and soon the New Year. The holidays are always rough with sticking to a healthy diet-with all the parties and such. Alcohol, sweets, etc. I know I’m not in great shape-I’ve almost worked my way back up to running 7 miles without stopping, but it’s the GUILT that gets me.
    I count calories and it’s been such a negative in my life. When I focus so much on that number, I think less about quality and quantity of what I eat and more about how many calories I have left. It’s hard to think of a time when I could sit down to a meal and just think “that looks delicious and healthy” instead of “how many calories are in that?”
    A very enlightening post. Thank you, Cassey.

  93. Coming back from college, one of the first things my mother noticed was my weight gain.
    She slowly brought it up through conversation, but I wasn’t offended (at first) … I knew…
    Eventually it hit me, and size 5-7 didn’t fit when we went out to the mall….
    I used to be overweight, and I had worked so hard to get the body I wanted in high school. Now, it felt like I truly had failed myself……

    I’ve finally had time to start working out again and while my body was giving up the first couple of days, it finally got strong enough to the point I could start doing my Insanity workouts without apologizing to myself for having to stop halfway. I know I’m strong, I know I could have a great body if college consisted of 14-16 hours of workouts, but going to a rigorous college and trying to balance -homework assignments, healthy meals, a fair social life, 7-8 hours of sleep, and bathing time is NOT easy at all :(

    Cassey thank you for being such a lovely human who isn’t ashamed to admit her flaws….
    Although I sometimes replace some of the workout on the calendar with insanity or p90x (sowry….<3), you are still my ultimate source of inspiration for staying motivated and healthy. You stress the importance of food and the importance of being happy and for the past couple of years, you have been the reason I don't hate on my body as much as I used to.
    Thank-you always!

  94. Hey Cassey ! I really loved your text. I completly agree with you ! And I understand what you mean … (I’m not an Asian girl, but anyway, I know that ;-) ) Don’t worry about what people say ! You stay, for all Popsters the most inspirating people for us !!! <3 We love you so much, and don't make a scene ! Honestly, you still beautiful and you still have a perfect body <3 You're just amazing and awesome, A few pounds more, it makes us more sweety :P
    Cassey <3 XOXO from France !

  95. I feel ever word you wrote. I live in Nicaragua and the culture is obsessed with commenting on physical appearance. I love my life here and I love the people even more. I am not going to lie though, being told on a daily basis that I look ¨too fat, too thin, sickly, tired…¨ really started to take a toll on my self esteem. I had come to Nicaragua after battling bulimia for years and was proud of the advances I had made in stabilizing my thoughts and achieving a healthy weight. However, all the progress I had made was stopped dead in its tracks after just a few months of this daily critique. Three years later, very little has changed. I am still in Nicaragua, I still love my life here, and people still find it their right to comment on my weight. I cannot change the way other people act, no one can. However, through hard work I finally grasped that I can change how I react to others. Instead of beating myself up for that extra papaya smoothie I had yesterday or for missing a work out when someone comments negatively about my weight, I use the comment as motivation to get back on track with working hard and eating clean. Cassie, I have followed you for a long time and I constantly see you as one of the few positive female role models in the world. A former trainer once looked at me and said ¨you have extra fat on your belly this week, what did you do!?¨ I was crushed. I abandoned the gym and fell deep into personal berating. Thanks to you I found courage to look at myself in the mirror and say that I am beautiful. To know that if today was a rough work out, tomorrow´s will be better as my flexibility and strength grow. I hope you keep being strong and proud of yourself. I was disgusted when I read the negative posts about the inner thigh gap and your nominal weight gain after the bikini competition. You are a regular girl and that is what makes you and your message about training like a beast and eating clean so powerful.

    Keep posting and being a role model for the whole popsters community!

  96. It still blows my mind how people can be so quick to point out others’ “faults” when they have their own as well. A bikini competition is rough on the body; our bodies aren’t meant to endure that 24/7 365 days a year. It’s short term, it’s hard work, and weight gain after is perfectly normal, any competitor has their competition weight and normal weight. There’s no shame in it, especially since you’re still staying fit, healthy, and eating clean (just not competition clean!). People who toss insults like that should feel shame. That’s unhealthy criticism, not meant to encourage. This whole community is about encouragement, it’s what you’ve built, what we’ve all built. You encourage all of us!

  97. People don’t realize that bikini and fitness models, bodybuilders, etc don’t stay in that shape year round. It would be a miserable existence! You NEVER looked chubby but I suppose that when you reach max leanness, there’s nowhere to go but down and any weight gain is going to be commented on. I’m glad you posted this and got real.

  98. Cassey,
    You always respond so gracefully to the rude and tactless people on the internet. I really appreciate that you took the time to answer the questions that were coming at you, and how you shaped your answer in a way that inspires others. I have been gaining weight recently and my pants have started to get tighter. I am a grad student and had absolutely no time or motivation to workout last semester and I want to start getting back on track this semester to start gaining muscle again. It can be really frustrating to see your weight fluctuate, and coming from someone with body and eating issues, it is very hard to hear someone call you out on it. My family thinks I need to GAIN weight, even though I am a healthy weight for my height, so they try to make me eat more and eat unhealthily which is really frustrating because it’s like I’m always disappointing them. Sigh. We all have our own problems on this topic, and that is why I am so glad you started the discussion; We are all in this together.

  99. Wow! You are the most inspiring and honest fitness trainers out there!! Love you! <3

  100. jenesaispas says:

    Girl you are beautiful inside and out. I’m so happy you can have such a good outlook on your life and your body because you deserve to feel awesome all the time :)

  101. This wrealy helped me.The article wrealy showed that your a human being and you are not perfect. I Think that´s what i love the most about you. You are so real,honest and nice.Thanx<3 xoxo Sophie

  102. I swear, the normal greeting from Asian family members has been and probably always will be about my weight. Either if I gained weight or lost weight but in my mind, that’s always the main thing they comment on when they see me. I learned to get over it because in an odd way, it means they care. Also, I stopped caring what other people say about my weight. What really matters is to be healthy so that I can enjoy life but that also means eating amazing food and not deprive myself of happiness. Life is about balance.

    With that said, I’ve been going to the gym at least 3 times a week and dancing at least 2 times a week. I love feeling fit, having more energy, and still enjoying food. I’m not aiming to lose a lot of weight because of my body type it’s not possible to be super thin. Instead, my goal is to become a stronger dancer and a stronger person. Thanks Cassey for staying true to who you are, you are inspirational <3

  103. This is one of the best articles I have ever read! I have struggled with eating disorders and counting calories to the extreme and you nailed this exactly. Thank you so much for the encouraging read. I hope you never get discouraged or ashamed of your body because you are such a beautiful inspiration to so many people.
    Thank you!

  104. I know what you mean! I don’t know if it’s just my family and relatives, but they’re super judgemental. I’m really short and I look kinda fat easily, mostly in my thighs, and I LOVED wearing shorts all the time (since I love in a tropical country). But in the past year, I’ve been told by my family that I’ve gained weight. Okay, I’ll admit, I did get a teensy bit crazy on my food, but surely I didn’t gain THAT much weight to be told that I’m fat over and over again! At that point I was completely crushed and didn’t dare to wear shorts anymore, always wearing knee length pants. And to be honest, I still don’t wear shorts when I go out, even though I’m starting to get toned.

    I just want to say, please don’t judge others. Even if they say that they don’t mind about it, I, from personal experience, can tell you that it more or less DOES affect a person.

  105. you know what? .. when someone told me i’m getting back my fat , it something helpfull for me , because that makes me realise that i need to train harder or eat healthier and maybe i’m doing something wrong with my diet… so i makes some changes in my diet and trainig calendar and work harder.. cause our mirror let us look what we wanna look , and maybe you arent the fit as you want it to be , but that stupid mirror said a lie .. so if someone tell me if i’m fat , is so much helpfull for me… and remind having a diet or working out is not a sad job .. is being happy with ur new life style and being happy with yourself ……. ( it’s just my point of view) … anyway i’m agree with you in some parts , and if you feel great how you are riht now, who cares what people thing! :)

  106. Mellissa VanBriesen says:

    Hey Cassey, I just wanted to say, I am only 13 years old! I started my sixth grade year at about 120 pounds of almost purely fat. I found a video on youtube called Blogilates and I did your calendar for about 3 months. I lost 5 or 6 pounds in the process. I admit I was kind of disappointed that after all that I wasn’t like the people on tv who said “I did this diet plan and lost 40 pounds in twelve weeks!” But then I compared myself to a picture of my beggining of the year picture. I looked ten hundred times better! Everything was more toned and I went down 3 jean sizes and 2 shirt sizes. Even my face was far less round! I started running and got very good at it I took up cross country and trained so hard for it I lost another 5 pounds. I feel way better physically and emotionally I am way more confident. My cross country season really took off too but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!

  107. You know what Cassey? This entire article just made my day. I mean it has completely lifted my spirits. Even after eating clean, and still working out all through the Christmas holidays, I noticed some weight gain too. My abs became less defined. I was so frustrated, and I felt like I was failing. I tried working out harder, but there was still a layer of fat over what was once my toned abs. I know it’s because, despite my best efforts to eat clean, I still had to go to three different family holiday dinners. I still was given an obscene amount of chocolate and desserts that I haven’t eaten in a very long time since starting my fitness journey. I indugled a bit. It felt REALLY good. But I also felt guilty, and ashamed for doing so.

    So DON’T feel ashamed Cassey for gaining a bit of weight! We are ALL human, and it’s hard to be ‘perfect’, (impossible actually). I eat when I’m stressed too. But I also know the new year is a clean start, and thank God there won’t be any more holiday dinners! I can get back to eating healthy!

    Any other POPsters who feel this way after the holidays- don’t!! It’s a new beginning with the new year and we can all get back on track! No one feel lost or ashamed!!


  108. Hi Cassey, nice article I think I could really relate to this one, because I noticed that I gained some wait! This makes me feel awful. You know, working so hard to beat those extra weight and then starting to gain them back again. But hey, its the holiday season, with lots of parties and food. I just cant help it.
    I guess whats important is that we know what foods to avoid and to eat in moderation. It is really impossible not to sway from our strict diet plan and exercise from time to time, whats best is how we get back on track. It is such a comfort knowing that a very good fitness instructor like you Cassey is also experiencing these things. It makes me feel that ill be okay. That i am not losing. You always inspire us Cassey. You are the best because you are so transparent about how you feel.
    Gudluck. Happy New Year!

  109. Thank you so much for sharing. I makes me feel better to know someone I look up to has the same thoughts as me. I have been struggling because I lost 30+lbs and now I have gained it back due to a stressful year at college. I am upset I gained the weight back and I try to remind myself that if I lost the weight once I CAN do it again. My goal this year is to work on my confidence and treat myself with the respect that I deserve!

  110. Pamela Ciprian says:

    This is just happening to me as of now… Chirstmas weight packed on and I started to feel really bad about myself. Thanks for being so honest and open, this really helped me see a different light on weight gaining after you lost a tone. :)

  111. Cassey,

    Goodness knows, you aren’t fat. I think that you gaining some weight IS inspirational and I’m glad you spoke out about it. I would feel like some abnormal being if I didn’t see my favorite fitness gurus go up and down. The point is, you are still in shape. The point is, you can still lose it – IF you wanted to. The point is, you’re beautiful. Everyday I get up and I give it a shot, I don’t give up, because of people like you. Everyday, especially when I’ve had a bad binge or bad.. month.. I don’t give up because I know I can try again and you’ll show me the way. I honestly love you. You are real, just like the rest of us. To me, that makes you more valuable.

    Thank you.
    Sincerely, Thank you.

  112. I have completely lost my fitness regime this year, with working, doing course work and studying for exams there was no room for fitness, everything else left me exhausted. After my course finishedI started doing working out here and there but just couldn’t find my flow again, motivation was gone and then from September onwards my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome kicked in and with working extra hours at work during November and December and house hunting I was Stressed andd exhausted again. I haven’t gained very much wait maybe a a pound all my cloths still fit fine but I have lost slot of body done especially on my tummy which I have felt horrendously guilty about but recently I have felt a little better. I have allowed my self to rest and I feel a lot better at the moment so I say screw it start again in the new year, step by step and then pick up the pace when I can. Our bodies usually react like it does for some reason or another!

  113. Gladys De Vera says:

    And BAM! …EXACTLY why I love you Cassie!!! xx

  114. Gladys De Vera says:

    And BAM! EXACTLY why I love you Cassie! xx

  115. cass*

  116. Hi Cassey thank you for sharing this :) you are such an awesome and amazing role model for us all 3 thank you for that case!

  117. Thank you so much for this!

  118. Dearest Cassey,
    Thank u so much for posting this blog up. It speaks up my mind too! Nobody is picture perfect and we live only once. So why the struggle, the fear, the CONSTANT anxiety?! Besides, I have to agree that a bit of weight gain does make us stronger. I, myself, experienced that. As long as we listen to our body’s needs, I think it’ll take care of it’s own. And who knows what we may end up 40-50 years down the road? What’s next? Ashamed of people (or kids) commenting about your wrinkles, saggy boobs and gray hair? C’mon, ppl, give yourselves a break! Have a break, have a KitKat :D

  119. Hey Cassey! Loved the article! And it came at a great time too.
    For the most part, I’m fairly petite. My friends like to joke that I have the “Asian gene” – you have a rather petite figure and look younger than you actually are. Haha! (I’m half-Filipino, by the way.)
    Very true for relatives to openly ask if you’ve gained weight. My mom is usually the first to pick up on whether I’ve gained or lost weight. She always tries to make sure my sisters and I are eating properly and if we’re not, she’s not shy about telling us if we’re looking a little big around the middle. She would never say it in front of company, though. She wouldn’t dare try to embarrass us like that.
    On the other hand, I’m pretty sure my boyfriend’s mom goes out of her way to put her son down in front of people. The other day when I was at my boyfriend’s, she called him “Fatty” in front of me as he was leaving the room (he was sick of listening to her insults). I admit and he admits that he is clinically overweight but knowing that he’s been working his butt off for almost a year to lose that extra weight and then hear his own mother call him fat, I was livid with her.
    If looks could kill, she’d probably be dead right now. I told her that I couldn’t believe she said to her son and despite her saying she was joking – accompanied by a very fake laugh – I told her it wasn’t very good joke and left to go find my boyfriend.
    It truly saddens me how insensitive people can be when talking about someone else’s weight.

  120. Thank you so much for this. I’m glad I’m not alone. I’ve always had trouble with my own fluctuating weight. The past few years I’ve dropped and gained weight because of my inability to balance school, work, exercise, and diet. During Winter and Summer break, I’ll be fine with exercise and diet, but when school comes along it’s like everything falls apart. This gives me major body image and self-esteem issues. I

    Hopefully now with the New Body Makeover meal plan, I’ll be able to get things back on track and be able feel better about my body.

  121. i love the way you look cassey and you know why? because you are fit!! with more or less meat on your bones you always look fit. all the things you said are true. we are human beings and our weight will always fluctuate. i suffered from anorexia and bulimia and your blog and workout calendar helped me a lot in my recovery and it still does help me. my ideea of perfection was a skinny girl with thigh gap and all the bones showing off. now i want to become just like you :strong and i want to see and feel my muscles thru my skin. i love you and all your work and i want you to know that i admire you a lot for you are a happy and a good person because you help so many of us and you enjoy your life. keep up the good work!!

  122. I think it’s so sad that trolls thought it was ok to shame your body. I really don’t understand why so many people fetishise being really thin. I think you look great now you look feminine and strong and super fit. Love your videos you’re a hard worker who’s devoted to her job which is inspirational I don’t watch your videos to see how big your thigh gap is I watch them to improve my fitness. Keep up the good work. X

  123. Cassie,
    I wanna thank you for posting this. Reading your blog and doing your workouts has helped me a lot over the past year or so. I found your blog a couple months after my great grandmother’s 90th birthday. A couple of my aunts and I planned it. It was a huge party that took a lot of work for everyone invovled in the planning. Anyway I went over to her to say hi and happy birthday. She looks at me and says you need to start working out, you are starting to look unnatural. It blew my mind how she could just come at so bluntly and say something so harsh. I spent the rest of the party avoiding her and when putting her presents in her car to go home she sends my grandma to ask if I was mad at her.
    My grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary was this past year also and my aunt and I were planning a party for them. My great grandma pulled me aside just before we had them cut the cakes and told me I didn’t need to eat any cake.
    I sort of fell into my old high school habits of not eating, which does not work when taking College Anatomy and Physiology and having to on almost a daily basis go into a Cadvar Lab. My friend Patricia actually caught on to my not eating on a daily basis and confronted me about it.. She introduced me to your blog.
    I now eat for the most part at least twice a day. I am still working on getting an excercise routine in place.
    Thank you,

  124. This post came at the perfect time in this 12 week body makeover challenge. You always look healthy and are a huge inspiration. Life happens and its nice to know that no one is perfect. During the christmas week I fell off the new body makeover challenge wagon big time and to boot I caught a cold and continued to eat and snack. I’ve been beating myself up about it but reading your post has really helped. I will just get right back up and keep trying. thanks cassey

  125. Wow, I’m a little newer to the Blogilates community so this is my first time reading this blog.
    You know, as long as you are in good health and always growing as a professional, I could care less if you gain some/ lose some! Honestly, that natural weight fluctuation only makes me trust you more; you’re a real person and not just a face and a brand.
    Keep it going and stay healthy; mind body and soul!!!

  126. I am crying right now…This is literally the exact moment I needed to read this. I was just talking with a friend about some cracks my mom has made over winter break about weight, eating, and “laziness”. I had a very rough semester of pulling my GPA up and near the end of the semester I got really into Blogilates. I lost 20lbs so far and I was feeling great about it but when winter break came I cut down my work out schedule to just cardio to allow myself some much needed rest from how I’d abused myself with work and lack of sleep over the semester. My mom immediately started making remarks about how I was lazy for not wanting to get out and do much over break and started saying I should work out and such because I was gaining back the weight I had lost (which is not true. I gained back maybe 3lbs of the 20lbs so freaking what? That’s perfectly normal when in transition). After a while the comments really started to get to me and I started to have the dreaded funhouse mirror effect where for some reason I saw myself as a ton heavier than I really was. This article is such a much-needed reminder not to listen to such talk. I am feeling a little bit better about myself now. Weight loss is a process, health is a lifestyle, and as hard as the weight is to lose, nobody should ever live in such terror over the thought of simply gaining a pound or two back when you go through something different. I’m choosing to let my body rest rather than continue to overwork it and make it unhealthy in a different way than it was when I was heavier…Get over it haters.

  127. Hi Cassey, thank you for this post. I have been really afraid I would gain back the weight I lost and it’s making me very sad. I feel so encouraged after reading this entry. Thank you!

  128. Hey Cassy,
    After Reading this I have some things to say.
    First of YOU LOOK WONDERFUL the way you look now – you dont HAVE to lose fat again, you really dont (unless yiu want to ofc) im just saying it should not be because you feel like you HAVE to.
    Plus, to have some extra fat – is good – why? Well if you get sick your body Will need some fat for energy – which is why havinga very low fat % May look good, but is not very good.
    I have no idea what your Weight or fat % is, but it is just a thing to remember.
    You look great, and is a great inspiration for me – who myself is dealing with the same thoughts as you.
    Much love Isabell x

  129. After YEARS of not believing this and feeling ashamed of my body I am finally getting a grasp on this and it feels great. I hope your post inspires and is a wake up call to many who read it. <3

  130. Thank you so much for this cassey. I felt like this needed to be said, no one is perfect 24/7 but the point is, when life gets you down you gotta get back up and thats okay.

  131. My really skinny sister called me fat. It got my head messed up. So I tried looking for workouts videos. I found Blogilates. Honestly, at the start, all I was thinking about was losing that thigh fat, getting skinnier. But you, Cassey, have made me realise I don’t need that. You made me feel good while doing your workouts. I’m going strong on the new body makeover calendar and I’m already feeling great.

    Thanks Cassey.

  132. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on tv streaming live.

  133. Cassey I think you looked great in your ABC Abs video, you always look great to me, but I completely understand where you are coming from… even if they mean well it always hurts when someone points out the elephant in the room – gained weight >.<. You are right about one thing though, no one can be perfect 24/7 and it is important to be able to say …yea so I put on a few pounds, but you know what I' M GOING BEAST MODE TO BURN 'EM OFF, and I WILL BE BETTER THAN I EVER WAS. You just have to keep moving forward, I have a personal mantra for myself when I feel down:

    The beauty is the struggle.

    Life would not be amazing, complex, or exhilarating without both the ups and downs. It is that vibrant take charge ferocity that makes every minute count, and the resiliency to stand up to the challenge that makes us strong and beautiful. I don't think you gained weight I think you gained character and perspective to push harder and go farther … tell those haters to back off, you don't need their negativity. ♥♥♥

  134. This is so relieving and inspiring. You have no idea how often we, or at least I, look at a fitness professional and think, “They must be so disciplined all the time, 24/7.” I wouldn’t consider myself fat, but I too have gained the weight back from one year ago. I trained for a bikini competition, was in the gym everyday, ate only what I was “supposed to” when I was “supposed to.” And yes, I looked incredible, like I had never seen my body look ever before. It was an amazing feeling. But then life happened, and I didn’t have as much time to prepare meals and hit the gym twice a day, or sometimes even once. Do I feel guilty? Of course. Do I wish I had my disciplined body back? Of course. But like Cassey said, it’s life. It happens! If we all stick together and help each other work through the hard parts, we can achieve our goals together!

    Thank you so much Cassey; you are incredible.

  135. Hi cassey,

    Oh So much relieves to hear that somebody like you say this kind of thing. Working as auditor making me an uber busy carrer girl , sometimes we don’t even have time to sleep, especially on those deadline, with no sufficient sleep time and ate whatever we have (mostly junk foods and chinese foods).
    And then back home or when attending some family gathering, my mom, aunts, sisters will ask me. ” seriously, you’r getting that fat! How could it be?!” hearing this makes me wanna cry, could they imagine how much time i spent at work, with no time to sleep and eat properly, how hard to find a little time to do exercise, not to mention hormones and every stress a work.
    Reading your post make me realize, it’s not about how people think about us, they could think whatever they want, and still we’r the one who know what going on in our life, its up and down. I’m not too fat actually, i’m kinda normal girl with normal weight, i’m still on my size 10. So just because I”m not as skinny as other girls, doesn’t meant that i’m fat or bad.

    Thanks Cassey, I Love your blog, I’m exercising everyday with your videos!
    Keep that good job!

  136. thank you and God bless you Cassey for n ot being perfect. a true role model is a person who has and shares the same temptations and problems as the rest of us. the fact that you gain weight, struggle with constantly eating healthy, all while being in the public eye is truly inspirational. personally, it is very discouraging for me to follow anyone who is too perfect. I feel like I can never be good enough or match my instructor or role model. any flaws but you have, including gaining weight, just serves to prove that you are just like us and we are all in the same battle together. so thank you so much again for addressing this and for reminding us that you are not perfect. it brings all of us even closer together! by the way I am Korean so I know what the fat comments are all about hahaha :-)

  137. Thank you so much Cassey :) xx

  138. Katherine says:

    I wanted to comment on this because it really struck home for me. I am struggling with this horrible guilt of gaining weight and it really made me feel better to realize that I am not in the minority here :)

    When I was doing my undergrad I lost 70 lbs and got down to 155 lbs. I felt awesome and really proud of myself. I was walking to school everyday (an hour in total) and eating a lot healthier away from my mom’s cooking haha. When I started my masters I moved back home and it went downhill. I was driving all the time and I knew that I was not controlling how much I ate. It was so easy to fall back into old habits. Next thing I knew I was back up 40 lbs (I should also say that I went through a rough time after graduating that really did not help the situation).

    I have been feeling horrible about it and instead of doing something, I just kept being down on myself. I recently moved out of my parents’ home to go back to school and realized that I need to take hold of my life and make myself feel better because no one else was going to do it for me. It just happened that I found these videos on youtube and they have put me back on the path to feeling good again.

    This is something that I will struggle with forever but I realized that every time I start to look in the mirror and be negative I just stop myself and look for the positives. It sounds cheesy but it works :)

  139. I should say, in that photo, you look fantastic. Which thing was more important? food or exercises?

  140. I once lost 35 pounds in a year through restricting, and was borderline underweight. I was told I looked great, and though I felt not-so-great, I loved my body. But then I decided to lose 10 more pounds, and I think that was the breaking point for my body and I couldn’t stop binge eating. It has been over a year now and my eating has slowly been regulating. Needless to say, I have a little over 20 pounds back, and am determined to get back on track.

    PS. I know exactly what you mean by Asian relatives commenting about your weight, as I come from an Asian family myself. My weight is a topic that is bound to be brought up during a conversation and the frustration of having my weight problems made into jokes around the dinner table drives me over the edge.

    Thank you so much for posting this because it is truly a sense of relief to know that I am not the only one going through this.

  141. Happy to know that I am not the only one afraid of an apple. I really needed to hear this, thanks. Back on track and already feeling better after a week.

  142. last spring, i felt incredibly ashamed of my body, so i ate very little and exercised a ton to get the dream bikini body I wanted. i got to a body i loved, but then summer started, and there was an excess of sugary and junk foods, which i allowed myself to eat using the excuse that it was summer and one meal wouldn’t kill me. as a result, i gained 10 lbs. im finding it very hard to get my old body back, no matter how healthy i eat or how much i exercise. my self esteem is in the pits, leaving me to not enjoy myself as much as i used to. ive started eating less and less because i just want to be confident again. pretty much weight gain sucks and im not really coping too well.

  143. I had worked really hard to eat clean for a couple weeks and I broke it and started eating ALL the time and I ate all the food that was bad for me because I had restricted myself from eating it for so long. I get how you feel! This gives me motivation to try again. Thank you so much Cassey, you’re an inspiration!

  144. Yeah well, weight gain or not, I still can’t talk during your videos and you can….

    So I guess you’re still pretty much in shape, don’t listen to haters girl, you look fabulous either way (altough this one is probably more healthy…)

    we are POPsters and we love you!

  145. Dear Cassey,
    This post made me feel such relief. I had recently lost about 50lbs, and was so very happy I finally did. It was before my wedding, and it sure made me feel better about my body.
    Fast forward about 3 months to today. I have gained back 10lbs. My pants are not fitting, again. I am feeling disgusted with my lack of self control and laziness.
    Reading this made me realize it’s time to stop being so damn hard on myself. It’s time to get back on track, but not so much that I’m sitting beside the fridge crying because I’m afraid of eating the “wrong” foods.
    I am so grateful that someone who people like me look up to, is not afraid of gaining a little bit of weight. And you’re telling us! It’s a miracle to hear that someone with what many of us feel is a “perfect” body, can admit when they’re not on track. I know you’ll get your bikini bod again, not like you don’t have one now anyways (you know what I mean right?).
    I still would like to lose roughly 30-35lbs. I will, WILL do this. I will do your videos. I will stay active and try harder to get off the couch after a long day and go to the gym. I will stop buying food that I have no control with (chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, I’m talking about you). I will also stop hating myself so much, because that’s my #1 problem. I can lose the weight. I did it before, and I will do it again.
    Thank you so much for reminding us that progress is a sliding scale, and s few set back are not the end of the world, and it doesn’t make us a crappy person.
    You are so helpful Cassey! Thanks again.

  146. Hey Cassie!!!

    love your videos!!! I’ve been in almost the exact same situation with my weight! I’m actually studying to be a nutritionist (: but, anyway I’m a ballet dancer and am really hard on my body. My weight has done the same thing as yours and my mom won’t let me forget it. She lets me know I’m chubby/chunky/not lean anymore. It really really hurts because I’m already super hard on myself. I know how you feel!

  147. Beth Greenwood says:

    Hi Phuong Linh!
    I’m really sorry, that must be mentally hurting you so much. Big hugs for you! It all depends on what you eat in comparison to what exercise you do. For example, to lose 12 pounds I ate 1500 calories a day of healthy food and worked out for 30 minutes a day. It took me about a month to lose the weight, but it didn’t make me ill or take a huge toll on my energy levels. Make sure you eat clean and don’t rush it, or you will make yourself very ill. Remember to set yourself goals and not let others set them for you – when you are comfortable, stop. It’s not other peoples’ place to tell you when you’re “too fat” when you feel fine within themselves.
    All the best of luck!

  148. Hi cassey , i think your amazing. I also have a family who remimds me of my weight when i see them but i do the most damage to myself mentally. Thank you for your words because they ment a lot to me today :)

  149. Also, I thinks fat should be destigmatized. There is nothing wrong with fat. I like the fat I have on my stomach. It makes me soft and I like that about myself. I’d also appreciate my stomach if it had rock hard abs. Whatever we are, we should love. I think it’s inappropriate of your family to comment on your body when you gain weight. It’s not our duty to pass judgement on the bodies of others. You can tell a friend that they look great without relating it to weight, you can just say you look happy and good, and your friend will be aas pleased as punch to hear that compliment :)

  150. I think it’s important to remember that a huge priority for all of us should be happiness. We each find happiness and healthiness in different ways. For some, being healthy means exercising once a week and eating a balanced diet but also allowing for treats. For other it means not exercising at all and eating whatever they want. And for some it means sticking to a strict meal plan and exercising daily. As long as we remember not to judge people based on their appearance but by how happy they are. For example, I am not on the exercise train at all right now. I recognize that exercise makes me happy and makes my brain release endorphins. And being physically fit (reasonably so) is somewhat important to me. But right now, I just don’t have the time. Yes, there’s a lot going on in my life; I’m a student. I’m incredibly active when it comes to academics and my social life. These things both make me so happy. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m not the thinnest nor am I the heaviest. I’m not too out of control with my eating habits. My sexual partners and friends find me sexy and attractive, and I do too. I would like to establish a regular exercise routine, not with the goal to change my body, but to make my brain feel happy and nice and physically tired. But it’s not necessary for me to do that to feel healthy. We all have different priorities and goals and ideals for ourselves. What I just shared are mine.

    Ps. All bodies are bikini bodies! Do you ever go to the beach and judge people for being on the chunkier side and wearing a bikini? I don’t. Power to them for not being ashamed of their body, and for loving it enough to show it off to the public.

  151. When I was younger, puberty hadn’t been so kind to me. All I wanted to do was laze around and eat whatever my hands could grab. Of course, this led to a lot of weight gain and I was wearing size twelve jeans when I was only in middle school.
    Before middle school, and during, my dad always liked to make snide comments about my portion sizes at dinner and that I should at least leave some food for everyone else (although there was plenty left). I suffered dramatically and his comments would always make me eat more.
    Over time, I’ve learned to watch what I eat and control my weight. I’m starting to learn how to feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin.
    I think the world should respect women for who we are and not our sizes. We are beautiful because we are strong and confident inside and out.
    When I started Blogilates, I was amazed by how peppy you were and how you always stressed about inner beauty and confidence and strength. I admired that greatly. I have been going through a personal struggle in my life and, honestly, Cassey, you have helped me through it so far.
    Thank you. Thank you so much. And I’m sorry that that happened to you. I, personally, think you are an inspiration and a very wonderful person. You’re doing an amazing job! :)

  152. Honestly, I think you look more womanly, sexy, and healthy when you’re not as thin as a stick. And I am sure many people agree with me. You don’t need to eat clean all the time. My great-grandma survived two world wars in Germany and lived to be 98 years old. She went to a beautiful cafe every afternoon and had at least one big piece of cake. Probably two. She was never skinny, but she was beautiful, and she didn’t stress. Don’t deprive yourself of everything, it’s not healthy either. You know that yourself, as long as your food is not full of artificial ingredients ice cream and cake are fine too. It’s all about balance. I decided to something sweet every day. As an athlete you burn most of it off anyway, and you keep a little for hard times ;)

  153. phuong linh says:

    i’m 14 and i’m from an Asian family(Vietnam) so i really understand what ur talking about. it’s really embarrassing when everyone in my house just comes right up to me and say ‘u look FAT, ur legs r huge u need to lose some weight’ blah blah blah so i get really depressed and i try to hide whenever they start judging me. i’ve tried ur workouts and i’ve also tried cycling but i don’t really see much changes can u tell me plz how long will it take me to get my body in shape if i workout 30 mins everyday?

  154. I have to say that this is me now. I have always been the thin one in my family, but a year ago I moved to a new city for school and I gained weight. A lot of weight. Looking at myself in pictures now makes me feel horrible. I have stopped going out so I don’t have any chance of a picture being taken. Last time I went home all I heard from my family was how I look bigger and that maybe I should make more time to exercise. I know they don’t mean to be mean, but it still hurts. I’m not looking forward to thanksgiving. I’m sorry for what you went through, but I’m so grateful that you shared it with us. You are a great inspiration and beautiful at any size.

  155. Thank you cassey! It is such an encouragement to know that you, as a fitness instructor, go through the same diet and weight problems that the rest of us do! thank you for being honest and expressing your feelings. You are truly an inspiration!

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  157. So many typos! I am so embarrased. They need to make spell ckeck for cell phones. Well anyway, you guys understand what I am sayin’.

    Take care,Kohl

  158. Cassey,
    I want to say that I admire you, and you are an
    incredibly strong woman!You are an inspiration to
    so many people. You should be very proud of
    yourself. I know it’s easier said than done with the
    way some people in the world think, and act. We
    are judged mainly by our looks. You have done an
    amazing job of motivating, and inspiring us
    POPsters. Let us return the favor to you Cassey.
    You are amazing at any size. Our goal is to be
    healthy. You inspire me with your workout videos. I
    have been struggling with my weight my whole life.
    I was 197 pounds at 5’10. That was great for me.I
    was very healthy. I am a dancer, I ran, I walked,etc…
    Unfortunately,I still developed a seizure
    disorder.This was 4 years ago. My health continues
    to decline, and I am told that I must lose weight. My
    B.M.I. was calculated to be 170-180 pounds as my
    healthy weight! I have never been that small. I was
    very discouraged. I decided two weeks ago that I
    am going to Train Insane this Decemberwomen do the
    12 week make-over with my fellow POPsters. I am
    doing my own fight back plan. I have lost six
    pounds in two weeks by doing cardio,eating clean,
    and strength training. Can’t wait for December.
    I had to re-program how I think about exercising. I
    had to remember why I am exercising. I know now
    that I exercise to be strong, and live longer.
    People have been told what size is considered
    acceptable. Magazines are filled with women who
    are super thin. My daughter who is 15 has even told me
    she wants to be “skinny”.I told her it’s not about
    size. She said,”Mom you want to be skinny don’t
    you?”I said,”No, I exercise to live. I make want to be
    healthy”.I explained to my daughter that eating
    clean, and exercising will make her strong!!
    Gaining weight has been hard to accept for me as
    well. I get laughs when I go to the buffet, people
    laugh at me when I go to try on clothes, I have been
    put down about my weight when I say that I am
    certified to teach fitness ( I totally understand what
    you went though) people think I am obssessed with
    eating, etc… It goes on and on.
    I want to say I am so sorry for what you went
    through with your weight gain. Thank you sharing
    your story with us. I too have had people ask me
    that question,”did you gain ?”That by the way is not
    cool. How can you ask someone that?
    Unfortunately,most of those questions / remarks
    are from people I know.
    Stay encouraged! Keep doing what you do! We all
    love you!
    By the way, I have my before picture ready!

  159. Cassey,
    I want to say that I admire you, and you are an incredibly strong woman!You are an inspiration to so many people. You should be very proud of yourself. I know it’s easier said than done with the way some people in the world think, and act. We are judged mainly by our looks. You have done an amazing job of motivating, and inspiring us POPsters. Let us return the favor to you Cassey.
    You are amazing at any size. Our goal is to be healthy. You inspire me with your workout videos. I have been struggling with my weight my whole life. I was 197 pounds at 5’10. That was great for me.I was very healthy. I am a dancer, I ran, I walked,etc…Unfortunately,I still developed a seizure disorder.This was 4 years ago. My health continues to decline, and I am told that I must lose weight. My B.M.I. was calculated to be 170-180 pounds as my healthy weight! I have never been that small. I was very discouraged. I decided two weeks ago that I am going to Train Insane this December, and do the 12 week make-over with my fellow POPsters. I am doing my own fight back plan. I have lost six pounds in two weeks by doing cardio,eating clean, and strength training. Can’t wait for December.
    I had to re-program how I think about exercising. I had to remember why I am exercising. I know now that I exercise to be strong, and live longer.
    People have been told what size is considered acceptable. Magazines are filled with women who super thin. My daughter who is 15 has even told me she wants to be “skinny”.I told her it’s not about size. She said,”Mom you want to be skinny don’t you?”I said,”No, I exercise to live. I make want to be healthy”.I explained to my daughter that eating clean, and exercising will make her strong!!
    Gaining weight has been hard to accept for me as well. I get laughs when I go to the buffet, people laugh at me when I go to try on clothes, I have been put down about my weight when I say that I am certified to teach fitness ( I totally understand what you went though) people think I am obssessed with eating, etc… It goes on and on.
    I want to say I am so sorry for what you went through with your weight gain. Thank you sharing your storywith us. I too have had people ask me that question,”did you gain ?”That by the way is not cool. How can you ask someone that? Unfortunately,most of those questions / remarks are from people I know.
    Stay encouraged! Keep doing what you do! We all love you!

  160. I cried a little.
    I can’t believe people would ever think that! I think the bikini comp body is unreal. You look more human when you have some fat covering your muscles, and that doesn’t make you fat. It makes you relatable, lovable, and TRUE. And people need to remember that Cassey is not only a fitness instructor, but she is a Popster just like us. She’s a human with cravings, and her own metabolism to deal with JUST LIKE US.

    Loooooove you Cassey. You can do anything you set your mind to!

  161. This is such an amazing and powerful post!! I’ve dealt with those kinds of comments before, and from personal experience, I can say they really hurt. A year ago I was 90 pounds, happy, toned, and skinny! I loved it when people commented on how thin I looked! Now, I’ve gained 10 pounds, I feel heavy and fat, even though 100 pounds is still small. I developed an eating disorder where I would hardly eat, and if I did eat, I’d make myself throw it up! I developed it after I got a few comments about looking like I have gained weight. My mom mentioned it, even a friend’s mom who I hardly saw said “I can tell you’ve gained weight!” It made me feel horrible and disgusting, like I wasn’t a good human being because I gained weight! Now I am trying to be healthier again, trying to eat well and exercise like I used to. I still want with all my heart to be super skinny like I was before, even though I know I was too thin. I miss looking in the mirror and seeing bones everywhere, even though I still do see most! I miss the confidence I had, not being as self conscious about my body! This article really has hit home and I just wanted to thank you for taking your time to help people struggling with body image like this.

  162. If it helps, I never really look at your body when I’m doing your videos – I’m too busy going at it and listening to you encourage me :) I never noticed anything and I’ve done ABC abs a few times, and I just went back and looked and you still look gorge – and how does anyone notice a thigh gap when your legs are together and rockin’ those lower abs anyway?

  163. yes

  164. Christina says:

    Thank you for posting this. I can’t put into words how close to home this hits with me. I never comment but I had say thank you. You are beautiful. Your videos have helped me get to a better place in my life and leave regret, anxiety, and disordered eating behind me. You are a true inspiration, not because your skinny and fit, but because you’re REAL.
    I feel bad for anyone who left rude comments. They’re most likely in a terrible place in their lives. We learn as we grow.
    See you for my morning workout! :)

  165. Oh Thank you Cassey!! I know this comment is way late to when this was actually posted this. But thank you for this post, it made me feel so much better. Recently I traveled back home to my parents – I’m in college and studying in another country away from home – when I came back I crashed. From homesickeness, missing my family like crazy and catching up on school work. It’s been a tough couple of weeks and I find myself succumbing to emotional eating and therefore I gained quite a bit of weight. I’m a very active person who has been proud of being fit and eating healthily. But ever since this I’ve felt like a huge failure and I’ve feel I’ve let myself down somehow. To try and lose the weight I gained, I’ve done everything from half starving myself to eating light, but I realize that’s not healthy. I’ve also tried to do double workouts like crazy and when I’m eating right I still feel so so guilty about what I’m eating. Yes, just like you I fear what an apple would do to me. However, I realize right now that life is to short to constantly worry about the number on the scale. And I’ve decided to listen and work with my body to get back where I need to be. But nothing drastic. Thanks again for this post – it really spoke to me!

  166. I happened to come across this after doing my ab workout for today… I know exactly how you feel..I think all types of Asian aunties are the it south or north Asian pfsh!

    I just want to say i LOVE you and your personality and your beautiful body just the way it is…its gorgeous :)

    Keep smiling

    Your fan <3

  167. I know how you feel. My weight’s been fluctuating quite a bit from stress, but bodies are bodies and sometimes they add on fat, particularly in the colder months, to give you some insulation so you don’t freeze in the winter. Anyway, I didn’t notice, and think you look amazing and am an inspiration for the healthy, muscular body that I’m working to get.

  168. Hi Cassey!
    I have never posted anything back before, but thank you for posting this. This article really spoke to me.
    I have always been super strict to my body ever since I remember and recently got a knee injury and cant work out as much because everything I do hurts. I am 24 and have been in a sport and eating healthy since I was a baby. I am super self conscious about the weight I gained, and fear that people will judge me, even though I am still healthy. Its nice to hear someone as inspiring as you to tell us that it is ok and normal to gain sometimes and with a hard work we can get back to our original bodies. It is the worst feeling to see and feel my body reversing and it being painful to try and fix it. I have modified some of your workouts, but its still not enough to keep my body the way I expect it to be.
    Basically, thank you for reminding me that a little weight gain is not the end of the world.


  169. Omg. I can’t imagine having all eyes on me all the time for having the “perfect body”. That kind of pressure would crush me. But seriously you are totally beautiful and no amount of weight gain will change that. Also i’d like to point out that IT IS OKAY TO NOT LOOK LIKE A BIKINI MODEL EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE OR EVEN EVER. You’re still in great shape. The amount of weight you have gained was like…super insignificant. You’re still lean and toned. You can let yourself live and eat. We are all humans who love things that taste good and self control is hard for everyone. You’re an inspiration to so many woman and I appreciate your vulnerability with all of us. Keep being real. You rock sister.

  170. Thanks for this! Needed it today

  171. cool post Cassey! I never notice anything like this! you’re always you in your videos, personality definitely takes over :)

  172. Yes.

  173. Dear dear Cassey, I loved reading this! Ive just started your videos and they are so creative so thanks for that :D I have been dieting healthily by myself for months before I started your Beginners workout. After the first week I managed to screw up my diet something baaaad during the weekend. I guess my body wasnt use to making muscle lol. I felt so awful. It took some humility to admit that I had totally screwed up my progress and I really had to pick myself up and be positive and start again! I was terrified of failure and now that I have failed on this journey I now know that it is OK. Failure once doesnt define you!! I picked myself up the next Monday and the damage was not that bad as I thought :D It may seem like a small thing but it taught me failures are inevitable. How you handle failure can teach you some really great lessons if you can have a positive attitude. And I love your positive attitude! Keep going!

  174. Cassey,
    As someone who recently gained 10 pounds in 1 month from feeling deprived, I can totally relate. However, I find it MUCH more inspirational to see an average, healthy, toned body to aspire to than a thigh gap, super skinny body that I know I will never have because I was born with a Puerto Rican booty and thighs. I don’t have to constantly remind myself that legs that thin are not typical because the evidence is right in front of me and is attainable through a similar diet and exercise routine. You don’t have to have stick thin legs to have SUPER SEXY legs & buns! For me, this is much more realistic. It’s nice to be reminded that we are not alone in this struggle. Being proud of your body is an inspiration to the rest of us who also become ashamed! THANK YOU!

  175. Look, does it really matter? does your shape makes you a better person? whats wrong about just being yourself, why do we seek for approval?… Cassey I’ve been suffer bullying since I was 8 years old, I had anorexy because I cared too much about what people think, when I finally started to eat again I started to over trainning, then, when I was almost killing myself to be “accepted” I started thinking… Does it really matter? Being accept by those who treat me as if I were nothing just because I am a little different… Why should I care about them? When I am surround by people who loves me because of me my real me my inner beeeeeeing…What I mean is the only one opinion you should take is your heart’s and no one else, maybe until those we love most are wrong, because they can not see inside us… YOLO GIRL MAKE IT WORThwhile huuuuuuuuuuuuummmpf

  176. Hi Cassey!
    I am an 18 year old girl and I am quite new to blogilates. I found what you wrote truly inspirational and I am planning to start visiting this site quite often. I was wondering though why did you have to eat only chicken breast, broccoli and egg whites everyday during the bikini competition? Would you recommend that for since I have been trying to lose weight for years but always failed?
    Thank you for your help Cassey!

  177. Hey Cassey,

    I just came across this post of yours, have read through all the comments and I feel a need to leave one of my own. I’m 25 years old, 5’3”, weigh 65.9kg /145lbs and I can’t even remember what it feels like to not be self conscious about my body.
    As soon as I hit puberty by the age of 10 I started gaining weight and was never truly able to control it. I was never uncomfortable in my own skin until age 12, when a boy I really liked publicly insulted me because of my weight and a group of girls I thought I was friends with traumatized me and publicly humiliated me for a year for the same reason. From that age to this very period of my life, I have never been proud of my body and have never truly liked myself. Because of attitudes of people like the ones who were so disrespectful to you I learnt to hate/ be ashamed of myself and because of them, it’s all I’ve ever known.
    Several years ago I was diagnosed with depression, started getting help and from then on I turned a new leaf. I realized how bad I let it get and decided that I didn’t want my life to be like this. It has been an incredibly hard struggle, but I started slowly changing my bad habits and attitudes, and every day I work hard on being a better me. I went from weighing 83kg/180lbs and someone who couldn’t run for even 5 mins to the my weight now and an active lifestyle. I run, swim, bike, hike and do yoga and I feel happy and proud of myself for these changes I’ve made to my life. However, I’ve been stuck in a rut for 2 years unable to drop my weight under 140lbs. I get very sad at times and feel that I will never be able to reach my goal. This is because I’ve never truly had the will to control my eating habits. Food has been like an emotional drug for me my whole life and when I need a fix I’ve never had the mental strength to say no!
    When I came across your blog last week for the first time however, YOU completely inspired me! You made me realize that if I want to make my goals a reality I need to eat clean AND traing hard! And so, I evaluated what I really want for myself, made myself a mantra and I stick to the thought of that and this blogging network you have created to inspire me to control mind!
    You are the dream of what most women aspire to, you are positive and beautiful and successful. I just hope that the positive, supportive words coming from all of us fans can help you to remember that you have no reason to be ashamed, and that these people’s words are meaningless and misplaced. You are absolutely beautiful exactly as you are :) I wish many thanks to you and to all the POPsters for being my inspiration and support as I get through my tough times trying to finally conquer my mind and reach my goal of being proud of myself and my body!

  178. this is just beautiful. I’m crying when I read it. I come from an Asian family and I’ve been told that I gain weight so many times. My sister did the starvation thing and she lost so much weight but she looked scary for me. that’s why I decided to take the healthy way to lose some weight. and Cassey you inspire me. This post mean so much to me. Thank you, you’re wonderful <3

  179. I’m so sorry :( I did wonder! But thank you so much for this post. I come from an Asian family and when I was 20kg heavier people came up to me asking “wow you gained so much weight”. When I joined a gym there was even an aunt who told me it was “useless” and that I had to go everyday. I did. And I lost a bunch of weight. Now I go to family gatherings with my head held high but I ignore the ones who doubted me and just accept the compliments with a pinch of salt.

  180. Alexandra says:

    I also hope that you get by all these posts that what you went through is totally normal.

    I also would like to thank you for providing a service to all of us that is for the most part, totally free. you rule, and you are a hero to so many people who read your blog

  181. Alexandra says:

    that’s really shallow of someone to say. and maybe its just a culture difference for me. but you don’t look fat in that video. you have never, in any of the videos i’ve seen of you, been anything close to fat. and you can do things that hurt for a really long time while talking.

    haters gonna hate

  182. I dont think the weight you gained made you look fat, instead I think it made you look healthy. Women are designed to have a little bit of fat on themt and it does fluctuate. I think its horrible how people have to point it out though, you yourself know when you have gained a little extra you dont need someone stating it and making you feel worse

  183. This made me almost cry. Yes i also wondered i you gained weight but your post really made me think about why we focus so much on weight, and yes also body fat. i dont want to be scared of scales anymore and judging anyone including myself by their size is just…its not ok. everyone deserves to feel good about their body and to eat when the body needs it.
    when i recovered from anorexia of course i mostly gained fat weight, not much muscle, which was necessary to get my period back and let my body heal itself. so now iwant to get fit and also lower my body fat.
    but maybe we would all be happier if we´d focus on different changes like eating noutricious food BUT with a healthy mindset and without deprivation or obsessing about numbers. or drinking enough water to keep ones body working correctly. or quitting unhealthy habits, mentally and physically. Laughing more and getting a good feeling out of every physical challenge.
    improving endurance, flexibility. Those should be goals to visualize not mainly the body fat percentage, the numbers.
    as you said you were deprived. and now you might are a lot healthier and this should be the goal. beeing mentally and physically healthy. of course physical change is a nice thing but if its the only goal we have, we start leaving out other aspects of a fulfilling and happy life.
    sorry for the essay i hope you are doing ok and that we all will be able to focus on health more than appereance and numbers.

  184. Idk if you’ll reply to this, but reading this made me cry…in a good way! And I am not even sensitive or hormonal right now! I was 117 for years…naturally from just working out and such and also I used to be naturally thin. I gained 20 pounds and was okay for a while but started to become so insecure, even if my bf liked it. I have been trying to lose weight for a little over a month now, sweatember + part of this month…and as we all know life can get in the way but none the less I have only lost 4 pounds and I’ve been challenging myself everyday and eating great but it’s very frustrating when you’re used to losing weight quickly. When you, Cassey, gain/gained weight I was actually happy because it showed me, “Hey Cassey is human too, plus I like her curves!” and it made me even more motivated….plus considering you were still as strong as an ox while I was whimpering and dying during those videos showed me that weight doesn’t matter as much as strength does! Although it does suck to have your jeans not fit (cough, cough I’m guilty 5xs over lol). But Hey! That’s what they make jeggings for! Thank god for stretchy pants! Thank you so much for posting this Cassey :,)

  185. Cassey, I can’t believe someone would ever call you fat. You are gorgeous and so inspirational. Your mentality is what is healthy and should be respected. Congratulations on being so successful and motivational doing something you love. Keep going! xoxo

  186. I just finished an oriental diet. Well “finished”; I’m done with the actual diet part, but now I’m onto a “Yo-Yo” program that is designed to help ease me back into eating normally. I’m at the thinnest I’ve been since high school, and yet I am still not at where I want to be; I’ve got pudge, a lot of it, that needs to go. Now I’m terrified of gaining back some of the weight I’ve lost, especially since I’m not at my goal. It’s this mentality, that even though I gain I can always lose again, that I need to keep in mind. Thanks for the reminder! I needed it!

  187. Katharina Mittler says:

    I am so glad that you wrote this blog. I have struggled with my weight for years being too thin to having gained a lot of weight. Women have to deal with a lot of backlash for the way we look. Knowing that there are women like you out there that stand up and say, “so what?” is so refreshing! You are so beautiful and inspirational and it is wonderful to hear you are so strong! I will definitely continue to follow you! Stay strong and keep moving forward :)

  188. Eden Scharer says:

    Honestly I noticed you had gained weight and I thought you looked better now than before! You aren’t chubby by any means, you look stronger and more healthy now than ever! Be you and find balance and be happy :) you’re my role model more now than ever

  189. RonCirone says:

    Dear Cassey,

    Thank you for posting this blog. It makes me feel okay to have the feelings I do regarding my own weight.

    I’m about 5’4”. At my smallest I weighed 110 pounds. At this weight, I was told that I could be an actress or a model. Now that I’m not longer at that weight (about 140 pounds), I’m not told any of this (besides my boyfriend). It really hits me hard how being unhealthily thin (as was the case for me) is prized over being healthy and fit.

    Now, I’m trying to take the steps to still shed a few pounds, but do it better. I want to learn how to eat right again. I want to learn how to work with my body during fitness routines so I can be comfortable in my own skin.

    I don’t know what it’s like to be comfortable in my own skin. I would love to know what that is like. So, that’s my goal. Be comfortable in my own skin. My boyfriend (God bless him) thinks I’m the most gorgeous thing in the universe. I want to be able to see myself as he sees me. Beautiful.

    Thanks, Cassey. :-)

  190. Cassey, I’m 5’4 and at my smallest, I weighed in at about 120-125. I now weigh about 150, and people tell me all the time that I’m still not small enough! This is relevant because about a year ago I weighed in at a whopping 260!

    At this point, I don’t feel like I need to lose weight as long as I’m healthy and in the shape I want to be in. Your videos inspire me, not to lose weight, but to be healthy and make healthy choices. You could be chubby like me and your inspirational motivation and optimism would still mean the same and your sparkling personality shine through! You keep on going, Cassey. There are people(like myself) who are inspired by you to work out, even if it’s hard sometimes. And isn’t that what really counts?

    And for that, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Love you Cassey!

  191. Thanks Cassey for this post(and everything else) it’s ballsy .Like you are.
    And to be honest ,even though there’s no need because it really doesn’t matter, I very much prefer your body now than during your competition’s diet.It’s very cute and balanced and always toned ,I think that people sometimes should just shut up!

  192. (if it’s tl;dr, here’s the summary: You are my hero! You help and inspire millions around the world. Thank you so much!!)

    At my thinnest, I was 135/140 my freshman year of high school. During my junior year , I enrolled in an extremely intensive academic program that I could not handle. Throughout the year I was eating to deal with my stress and shirking off my workouts to make room for homework. At the end of the year my academics were the worst it has ever been, I was anxious, depressed, and somewhere around 200 lbs. Physically, mentally, and emotionally devastated, all of my hard work trying to stay healthy was gone. It’s been a little over a year and although I got back to exercising regularly and lost a little weight, I still couldn’t retrain myself the healthy habits I once had.

    I memorized every tip and trick for dieting and eating healthy, but that still didn’t help me. No matter how painful it was to look in my closet every day and not be able to wear my “skinny” cute clothes, nothing seemed to change me. It was horrible. Until I remembered this blog.

    I looked on your site and quickly printed out the 90-day plan and the Beginner’s work out. I’m not only committed, but happy that I am changing because you gave me this direction. It’s already day 3 and I’ve lost some weight! I love all your videos, how you put so much effort into planning and making everything happen. As an 18 year old poor, busy college student who lives in a small apartment on the 2nd floor, this is absolutely perfect for me. I love being trained by you(r videos) because you’re always so happy and motivating! Why people pay attention to your thigh gap I do not know. They’re too busy scrutinizing flaws in someone else than bettering themselves. It’s hard being in the public eye, but you are a beautiful and strong woman. Keep up the wonderful work and I look forward to seeing more of your vids! Thank you!! ^_^ <3

  193. I think you look better with a little more weight. You’re already slim in the ABS Abs video, but with softer, rounded edges that are very girly and nice ^=^ Personally, I don’t think you need such a strict diet at all! People who think you look fat in that video are psychotic! We’re *GIRLS* and we *should* be soft and filled out, not chiseled and hard! Heee ^=^

  194. You addressed this topic with class. Thank you! There is this notion that all fat is bad, but in reality, especially for women, a certain amount of fat is necessary to live a happy and healthy life on a regular basis. If we focus on being as healthy as we can be instead of being all muscle or stick skinny, our bodies will feel great and the happier we will be. Some people are naturally that way, but that just goes to show that our genetics will determine how much fat is healthy for us or not. It is all about being balanced:-)It must be especially difficult when your body is on display as part of your career, but it seems you have the positive mentality for it!

  195. You’re such a beautiful person. F*** those “langues de putes”, as we say in French. ;-)
    Thanks for making these workouts so much fun.

  196. Hey Cassey!
    Yes, I’m from a asian family! Borned and grew up in Sweden and understand exactly what you mean! But that just made me angry. I don’t think I ever found some good answer, but in my mind i was always thinking ” Oh, yeah, i could get fatter if I want. Why do u care about my wieght when I didn’t” And yeah I was and still am kind of rebellious. I could also hear my parents and other realtives watching Miss Hongkong and calling some of the competers fat! I mean, seriously?

    Girls are more judged from how they are looking (Yeah, more than guys), and thats is so wrong! Why wouldn’t people ask u how u feel instead or if u have become stronger or feeling more alive or fresh? Yeah i’m kind a upset, i’m thinking on all those girls that blame themselfs for being lazy or being a failure.

    And yeah, I’m sounding like I never blame myself and only on others. But thats not true. I’ve been feeling very bad about how i look, my weight for not being “perfect”. But now i finally know that it’s always up to me to decide what to do with MY body. It’s my body and noone else.

  197. This definitely makes you more real compared to certain fitness blogs, you understand our struggles with this ‘perfectly clean’ lifestyle. That makes you more admirable and ultimately I think will make you as a business succeed further than others who project a perfectly fit lifestyle and persona.

    For that I am a fan aswell as an admirer.

  198. Heather Herring says:

    Thank you, thank you. I have gained about 5 pounds over the last few months from stress. Like you, I also was in the middle of a move. I am planning a wedding. I am a mom of two young boys and I am doing the very best I can….. yet, I have been shaming myself and thinking this would lead me back to a lower weight. Your blog helped me so much. I am so glad you are human like me and you are gorgeous. Thank you for this. What a gift.

  199. Amen Cassey! I love you stick thin and just the way you are now! You are my motivation! The best part is you are REAL!!!! PLUS, you love food like me :))))

  200. I just discovered you about four days ago. I happen to be going through the App Store and found your Blogilates app. So I read all the reviews for your app and downloaded it because of all your wonderful supporters and when I opened it up ( the app) I automatically subscribed to the calendar not even knowing what I was going to be doing. But this is my fourth day I love the calender and let me tell you I am sore but I love it at the same time. I am 30 years old have tried every workout and diet possible known to man and was tired of all the fads tell you the truth. I gained 25 pounds about two years ago do to depression and have been deciding to get back on track for the past month but nothing happened couldn’t find the motivation than all of a sudden I found you and am so happy because someone how you make me feel like your friend instead of someone who wants to shove fitness down your throat. But anyways you are like my best friend watching my back and making it fun at the same time and my three kids love your music workout challenges. I just want to say I am so grateful and excited that I found you and look forward to doing this for a very long time. Don’t stop helping people because I think you was made for this. Thank you so much inspiration again.

  201. I think i had my revelation right here. I’m going through this, just the same, i feel fatter, i don’t like myself the way i liked my image before.

    The thing is that i wasn’t that body perfect you where, i was more like an anorexic girl, very inmature and with a lot of insecure aspects. When i was a child, i was fat, fatter than the rest but part is because of my bone structure i’m robust. Not super robust, but well i used to saw al the girls prettier, healthier, really amazing and all that, but they were bad people, they used to laugh about the way i looked, or the thing i couldn’t do.

    So by the age of 17 i decided to become a better version of me, i reached the point that i was so obsessed that i was afraid of fruit too. I was afraid even of the water. I was in a really bad time.

    But the way i looked in the mirror was perfect for me, flat abs, cool delicate arms. Thigh butt. I was sick, and my body cracked, a year ago, i left the Gym, i’m about to coming back, but i became anemic. I wasn’t able to do the best, like i was used to do the exercises. I was feeling really bad.

    I discovered your videos before i left the gym, i couldn’t catch up the day, i was that bad that i couldn’t breath.

    Sometimes i want to cry because, i’m not that skinny, i feel like i broke a promise with myself. But other times i really enjoy every meal, every piece of food. I enjoy everything, i’m vegetarian and i’m trying to do it right, it’s hard, i’m mexican and ITS REALLY HARD TO BE FIT IN THIS COUNTRY.

    You inspire me, you make me smile when i’m doing your vids. Today is my birthday and i’m really sorry because i couldnt do my routine on beginners calendar. Thank you for being honest, for being so respectful to all of us, for being so cared.

    Thank you for Blogilates, you showed the people how amazing is exercise. I love when it sore, i love your hard intensity work outs.

    Please, keep up with that spirit that makes us really powerful, wish me luck cassey, i’m coming back to the healthy way of life.

  202. Cassey!
    i absolutely know how you feel my girl. I was born and raised and live in an african country called Botswana. What what! There’s no place like Africa lemme tell ya but the ladies here can be very insensitive without realising. My nickname as child, right up until just recently was “mma mokima” as a nickname. In my language (setswana) directly translated means Mrs Fat. And i have a thin and beautiful twin sister. I Know just my luck right

    When i started my weightloss journey no one believed in me and it was hard. Very hard.
    Its the worst feeling when i go visit family and they still call me fat. I always end up in the bathroom crying by myself telling people I have a “stomach bug” LIES!!! I still have huge self esteem issues and it seems as though the closer i get to my goals the more people are telling me to stop and then next person is telling me im huge….

    take a breath though, I’ve decided that it doesnt matter anymore what they think. I started this journey at first to impress a boy and now its for me. Now HE know what he missed out on but now I know what I had missed out on. Health and fitness has changed my life in so many and I LOVE IT

    i love you Cassey and I love what you represent

    P.S African ladies are not the skinniest of people, especially the older ones (no disrespet or anything, i love them) but coome onnn right? Don’ take it to heart

    Lorato ( my name’s direct translation actually means love) <3 Xx

  203. youre seriously awesome! :)
    hey im just a trainer from argentina and this is so inspiring for me, im just exactly at this point… i just gained some weight on the last weeks, and it feels really bad, but i’ll try my best to start again “weight fluctuates, this is life” :) i think i cant say it better than you did thanks a lot for the inspiration :D

  204. Thanks. I really needed this.

  205. spreadthelove says:

    You’re beautiful. Most of all, you have a beautiful heart. You are such an inspiration! Thank You for all your hard work and kindness. <3

  206. Just Me :) says:

    Cassey!!! I LOVE You!!!!! In all honesty, I don’t think it really matters if you’re skinny or fat, just healthy (physically, mentally, & spiritually) :) Afterall, there’ll be a day where we will all leave this world, each of us with our own time & date. For me the main goal is to live a life that makes God smile & go to Heaven after I do God’s will. I don’t know who would dare to call you fat. I mean in a fitness show-down you would definitely win, hands down. You’re AWESOME, no doubt. Don’t let people’s words put you down, some people just don’t know how to speak. And the thing about the Asian family, yep I have my Asian family as well, but I couldn’t care less about they’re blunt questions. I’m sure they don’t mean it the way we think they mean it. All that really matters is what God has to say to us. Cassey I hope you feel happy :) You’re my fitness role model, I look up to you.
    ~ You’re fan & student :)

  207. Awww Cassey,
    I had tears in my eyes! Sounds somehow stupid but I could really feel your emotions trough what you wrote! I actually didn’t see that you’ve gained weight. You look still AMAZING! I really love you and I support you :)
    thank you for everything! I feel like you are my friend haha :D

  208. Hey Cassey,
    I know this is a super old post but I just wanted to say that it really resonates with me. I developed a bit of an eating disorder when my ex boyfriend told me I was chubby and I suffered with it for a couple of years, even after we broke up. Luckily, I’m on the road to recovery now and am eating normally but have had some friends comment that I’ve gained weight again, which makes me feel awful. I totally agree that people shouldn’t judge you on your looks, especially when they have no clue what you’re dealing with emotionally. There are times when I’m uncomfortable with my weight, but I feel so much better mentally, so I guess that’s the most important.
    Anyway, I know this is a really old post and you’ve lost a lot of weight since then with the Junebet and all. I hope you feel better emotionally and physically now :)

  209. Wow Cassey <3 really this is probably one of the most important and meaningful thing that i have come across in my fitness journey. Really truly all I can say is thank you, this means so much <3 you are so wonderful!

  210. You look HEALTHIER now… in my opinion, I think your body image now sets a better example for those who are trying to look/be healthy. Beauty isn’t about weight or body size; it’s unfortunate what media has done to us as a society…

  211. I have had anorexia for about 5 months but I gave it up for my health but I feared gaining it back. I had been 5’8″ and 125, but after anorexia I was 114 lbs. I liked being thin. eventually I gained it back. now I am trying to lose inches instead of pounds.

  212. i learnt that weight and size is not the way to judge whether i am “pretty enough”.
    as long as i keep fit and eat right, *not on a strict clean diet but balanced enough*,
    i am pretty happy with the way i am now. :) am able to eat without guilt and just embrace how i look.
    was 55kg and dropped to 47kg. i’m 164cm tall so.. that was super skinny considering the muscle weight. now i’m up to 51kg and not getting any lighter. but im proud of it. :) i feel more womanly than before because now i have curves. ;) we only have 1 life to live. when we grow old, chocolate cake can’t be in our diet anymore. ;) SO EMBRACE yourself. enjoy life.

    thank you for sharing your story Cassey. i really appreciate it. makes me feel that i’m not the only one that’s going through this. xoxo. loves!!

  213. To me you look way more beautiful and real in the ABC ABS video than in this picture. And this is related to what I think you taught me with your experience. What matters is the body-mind balance, listening to your body an be healthy. And with more gentle curves you represent a model I’d be truly willing to follow. I do not want to be skinny, I want to be strong and healthy and learn when to indulge and when to train hard. I’ll trust you and your expertise even more thanks to this!


  214. Jennifer says:

    I loved reading this post! I’ve been there too. I was always an athletic tomboy growing up, playing sports with my older brothers and their friends, but then adult life set in and I was not able to be as athletic and sporty as I once was. Running around campuses all day and studying (I’ve been in school for 7 out the past 10 years) have really taken a toll. I’m not unhealthy by any means, but I’m also not nearly close to being as fit as I once was. People have noticed and made comments – about how my pants seem too tight or my butt looks bigger. I usually just ignore them. I know myself and I know that like Cassey mentioned, gaining some weight doesn’t change who you are. I enjoy life, and if I want to have two pieces of chocolate instead of one, I will (and then buy bigger pants). :)

  215. Cassey this post is briLLIANT I am so glad I dug through the best of’s to find this because it has really opened my eyes. For so long I’ve been ashamed of the weight I gained in the past school year and I felt like I had spiraled so much that I couldn’t even get it under control if I tried. I felt like if I started working out regularly then my mom would look at me like ‘Oh so nooow she’s trying, you’re gonna have to do more than that muahaha’ like SERIOUS EVIL :-( So beginning I felt like I had to hide it, only working out when she wasn’t home or at a friend’s and I don’t know how to approach her about this because I feel she’ll just call me sensitive. But like, she’s my mom and I have to live with her, so I can’t really get away from it. ANYWAY back to the point, I relate to this post so whole heartedly it is insane I feel like for a moment we were the same person. MAGIC. I’ve had many many negative comments about how I ‘let myself go’ and it is SO discouraging but everyday when I fire up the ol laptop (i don’t know why i’m talking like this…) and see your bubbly cheery face, I know that there’s always hope and I am the only one that gets to decide whether I’m comfortable in my body or not and if i’m not then i CAN change! I love you so much and I can never thank you enough for everything you do and for always keeping me motivated. ✿

  216. Cymbaline says:

    Cassey, this is exactly why I love your blog, your work outs, and you! I love that you don’t hide the fact that you are a human being, and have your own trials and moments of self doubt, but you don’t let it hold you back. It’s inspiring and is exactly why I visit this website daily. You don’t make me feel like I’m not good enough or strong enough to be on here. I say this because, based on my own experiences, a lot of fitness types treat it like it’s some kind of exclusive club, and if you don’t have rippling muscles or are a beginner, you’re basically not welcome. I love and appreciate the positive message you send out – you keep the human aspect intact; It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being healthy, and listening to your own body. People are drawn to your honesty and realistic views and are inspired to conquer their own fitness goals. That makes you more of a leader in the fitness world than any farcical image of perfection ever could.

  217. My dear Cassey,
    thank you for keeping this blog “alive”and by “alive”I mean made by living – human beings with their weaknesses and strengths, bad feelings and hype moments.
    The real shame is that u felt like justifying -somehow- for your “assumed”weight gained..I am Italian, this means that I am strong, tone like a stone and a little curvy – and I like it. And guys like it ;). It took time to get to acceptance. For enjoying our lovely delicious food (and the British one, as I live in the UK now – motherland of the best junk food you can hope to find when u feel down) – and do my best on training the following day not to “compensate” any guilt, but because I love feeling my arms burning!!!And I started following you for your contagious energy and because you didn’t look like those barbie doll fitness trainers who populate the net and make my hips feel like ham. It’s so great to see that we share some goals but we still stay human!the only parameter is how comfortably we feel in our skins, and in some periods I felt more comfy eating more chocolate rather than showing my flat abs.In some others, it’s not an effort to eat clean, because everything is ruled by the will of feeling good…no matter how many lbs this means. Hugs hugs!

  218. ddrianaa says:

    this was the perfect post to read right now for multiple reasons! thank you cassey!! I adore you.

  219. People said you gained weight in that video? Yet here i am thinking you still had a smoking bod lol!

  220. Why visitors still make use of to read news papers when
    in this technological globe all is available on net?

  221. Cassey, I just want to say I’m so happy I have found you. You have no idea how inspiring you are to me. You are so optimistic about everything and it truly rubs off on me. You are really helping me come over my insecurities all though I haven’t showed much improvement ( even my sister says she sees a difference in my appearance) I use to stay up all night feeling ashamed and embarrassed of the fact that I am over weight. In fact I still stay up all night, but I must admit that after doing your work outs I do feel some what accomplished. You truly give me something to work for and look forward to. Thank you so much Cassey, you have been a huge impact in my life at this moment.

  222. Thank you so much for posting this, you have inspired me to keep going and reminds me that there are good days and bad days. In 2009 I went from 150lbs to 118 lbs doing low carb diet. I managed to keep the weight off for a year but work stressed me out so much that I started eating and eating and gained the weight back. I feel so bad when people say “You look fat”. A relative even asked me if i’m taking vitamins, I asked why, and he said “Because you are so big”. I wanted to lash out at them and say mean things but I just bit my tongue.

    I stumbled into one of your videos and your positive attitude has kept me going. I have started the Beginner’s calendar and finished Day 6…. and I never noticed that you got bigger in ABC ABS, because to me you are fit and healthy and i think that’s what really matters. I wish you all the best and thank you once more for all your vids and recipes.

  223. Cassey you are an incredibly beautiful person and a huge inspiration to me. While I was married my husband was super critical of my weight and I was constantly depriving myself to stay skinny enough for him. Every time I gained a few pounds he would pinch my belly/thighs and tell me I was getting chubby, and I would restrict my diet even more to lose the weight. After I left him I finally was able to eat all of the foods I had been depriving myself of before, and boy did I take advantage of it. I gained ten pounds in a month, bringing my weight up to 115 (I’m 5’4″). Even though I wasn’t by any means fat, I started panicking, convinced that I had become grotesquely overweight. I started doing your workouts to lose weight, but kept at it because of your positive attitude. Since then I’ve stopped focusing on losing weight and am instead trying to be healthy. I’m still 115 pounds, but more toned and I love how I look now. Thank you for doing what you do, you’ve had an enormously positive impact on my life! :)

  224. I’ve been called fat ever since I entered grade 7. It’s been since them that I’ve been struggling with losing weight. I always give up because I think I can’t do it, and always have to start up again. I know I’m not overweight, but I can lose the extra fat and go back to a size 0…I just need the motivation and determination I once had :)

  225. Cassey! You are beautiful, strong & loving. I love how you paint a complete picture of health! I never followed any instructors online until I connected with your bubbly, work hard, have fun attitude. Thanks for keeping us “popsters” goin :)

    With Gratitude,

  226. Cassey…

    You are truly a beautiful woman inside and out. I admire you not just because of your fitness, but your consistent energy, passion, and inspiration! Thanks for reminding us that it’s okay to slip up because we are human and it is normal <3

  227. I think what makes you more inspiring than many other instructors (at least for me) is because you DON’T pretend to be the “perfect”. You are very relatable and inspirational. Thank you for this post!

  228. Wow! That’s truly inspiring! I’m 5′ 5″ and I fluctuate anywhere from 123-127! I know that doesn’t seem like too much, but I was NEVER that much! Ever! Until today. I feel like I’m getting fat! My mom isn’t letting me swim competitively, so that’s why I’ve been weighing so much! It’s really disappointing. My mom says its not fat, but it is.

  229. DeJonae says:


    A friend of mine recommended your site. Like many, I too have been faced with the challenge of maintaining/losing weight. Society has created an image of a ”perfect” body in our minds, & we need to stray from that. We are all unique & are definitely not built the same. I’m currently training for my state pageant, and I’m putting so much pressure on myself to eat super clean and train dirty. My pageant sister who recommended your site recently competed in Miss USA, & your site along with a few others really prepared her for Miss USA. Your site is aiding me in my fitness quest, & I want to thank you for your positive & inspirational posts. Thank you for reminding me that it’s OK to be human lol, because for a minute, I lost sight of what’s most important in life, & that’s LIVING. Take care & keep up the great work.

    Your sister in Christ,


  230. My mom called me fat.. I am 5’5 and 121-124 pounds depending on the day or how much chocolate I ate the day before. But seriously. when you judge someone, all you’re doing is defining who you are. Love you Cassey never change!

  231. Cassey, this heartfelt post just makes you all the more accessible and inspirational. I have been called fat, by family and strangers alike, and it really hurts, particularly when you’re working your butt off to try and change your perception of yourself, let alone the perceptions of others. Over time, I started to deflect any compliments that came my way and chose to cling to and analyse the insults instead. My boxing workouts, which I used to enjoy, had now become a desperate battle against my mentally exaggerated waistline. Inevitably, I broke down from the pointless stress and low self-confidence. But I’m beginning to realise that I don’t need to apologise for my body – it’s the most valuable tool/weapon/treasure I possess, and while I welcome all appraisals and compliments, no one has the right to judge me based upon my body, what it looks like and how I use it, just as I endeavour not to judge anyone else.
    I’ve just started your Beginner’s Workout Calendar and I LOVE it – doing the ABC Abs video yesterday I saw a vibrant, enthuasiastic and motivational trainer who came across as a bubbly friend rather than a coach – those calling you fat need their eyes checked. You are beautiful, an inspiration to all women, and more so now for your honesty and humility. I can’t wait to work my way to the end of the calendar so I can return to school and stun some of my insulters and critics; and I know I can do it with you at every step! :D xx

  232. Angela, I’ve gone through the same thing! I get on these crazy diets and lose a lot of weight, but then the craving start back and I yo-yo my weight right back up. I have been following Cassey’s advice about never going below 1200 calories, and I stopped cutting out food groups. I have found this is easier to maintain, and I’m losing weight without the side-effects of fatigue and dizziness. Always put being healthy and happy before the number on the scale. Good luck!


  233. Your no competition body is as close to perfection as I have ever seen (I went to your FB page).
    Next time someone mentions that you have gained weight, just reply,”and I see you have gotten a bit uglier”.

  234. Angela L. says:

    Cassey, I’ve read this post at least a few times already.

    I’ve been trying to lose weight, trying to lose the excess fat and go for the “bikini body” look.
    Did my first Dietbet with all the POPsters, and accomplished my weight goal. Lost 15 pounds in total within the end of May – June. Unfortunately during that time, I was not eating nutritious enough and strictly forbid myself to eat any meat, sugar, and rarely ate any fats. All I really ate was mostly veggies and fruits. What happened afterwards was that after my weigh in was verified, I ate like there was no tomorrow… and felt just like you said… I felt that I was released from ajail… Within 2 weeks since the DietBet, I gained 10 pounds back…. I felt so ashamed of myself, but I knew that it was coming. Small terrible eating habits started creeping onto me… wanting me to eat more and more….

    Eventually I realized, that I no longer prioritized my health and my body. eating right, exercising, and losing weight doesn’t exist inside my mind as a priority anymore. When I realized that, I knew that I had to stand back up and change step by step.

    I’ve been recovering my body, and it’s been getting better. Thank you so much. Re-reading this post at this moment is very encouraging. I know that you and your videos did help encourage me to exercise and the strength to not give up. :)

  235. First thing I want to say is: Word. You really know how to reach out to all of us regarding this question. But honestly, I had to check which YEAR you posted this, ´cause I had a hard time imagine you even thinner than you are now. And for all you guys out there – Being thin and being healthy is not the same thing, remember that.

  236. Cassey! I’m glad you can be so positive at every moment in your life. I was actually really shocked when I read this blog that any of us Popsters could say that to you! I admire your hard work and determination to get Bikini Competition fit, but as some of the comments have mentioned you were so skinny! I think you look much healthier and happier in ABC abs/your current videos. I think it’s important that we strive to be healthy rather than a number on a scale that’s probably to low to begin with. <3

  237. elle bettencourt says:

    thank you so much for this <3

  238. Chzarlotte says:

    Cassey, I know exactly what you mean! I come from an Asian family too. I used to be really chubby, fat even. And one day, when I was back home, my aunt told me that my butt looked big. I took it as an insult because I was not fit at all back then. It made me feel awful about myself for a while. Then when I came back here, it hit me one day. I needed to start working out. I needed to start being more active so that I couldn’t be judged about my weight anymore. It was really tough trying to get fit. So I thought I should start off easy. I joined an intramural soccer team. I felt awesome working out and practicing with my team. I was very sore afterwards but felt awesome inside and out. But when I started working out, my family started to tease me about working out like it shouldn’t be something I should be doing. I started working out everyday and suddenly all the teasing were just things that motivated me even more! When I came back home again, I was so fit that my family kept complimenting me on how great my legs looked! I felt much more better about myself. Their mean comments about my old weight is old news! Now I can definitely say that I’m happy about my weight. Most of my weight is muscle and water though. Working out has changed my life forever. And so have you. I thank you for that. I do your workouts everyday along with jogging first thing in the morning, and let me tell you that I have never felt happier about myself! :)

  239. I love this post,it made me feel really good! I love your blog,posts, and personality! You have made me so inspired!!and you look amazing :)


    Ps. Yes I have, and I told her its called being curvy :)

  240. Thank you Lyla :)

  241. I LOVE this post!!! Helps me more than you know!!! Thanks! :)

  242. Cassey,
    considering this entry was written several months ago, I do not believe this response will ever reach you, but I felt a comment was necessary. I look back at that photo of you in the bikini and think your body looked amazing, but in a way it was too skinny. Your body is absolutely flawless now. You speak out to so many girls (including me) all over the world, and you have and will continue to influence people with your story. Not only your perseverance and strive to be the best, but your incredible personality is what makes you such a likable human being and keeps people coming back for more. I cannot stress the insecurities I have felt in my life (many of which I can relate to yours as you have explained them in this post), but you have given me hope. I can only imagine the influence you have had on others… actually I can’t because you seem to work magic when it comes to making girls and women feel confident. Thank you, Cassey, for EVERYTHING you do. You will forever and always remain one of the most inspiring people in my life.

  243. So I was wanting to do pilates and found your blog yesterday as a matter of fact and I’ve already started your beginner calendar! But I just wanted to say that I love this post. It’s so good to hear that we all go through it. I know that I am right now. But I’m positive your calendars and pilates will help!!!!

  244. idhinufzfzgz

  245. I totally agree!! Firs of all, Cassey, you look super good in this video, toned and lean. Second, I would ask those people who said you’ve gained weight, “Can you do at least 30 minutes of Cassey’s workout videos FULLY (I mean to the fullest extend of every move) without dying and talking through them?” I highly doubt that.

  246. Hi Cassey,
    I know that this post has over a thousand comments and that you posted it a couple of months ago, but I read it recently and really wanted to respond.
    Weight is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. I think this is true for almost every girl in Western culture which is why your entry struck such a chord. Growing up, I had the Asian baby fat until late junior high. Since then, I was diagnosed with a hypothyroid condition which adds an extra challenge to keeping my body fit and healthy.
    For years and years, I thought that the tall, blond, skinny-legged, big-boobed model was the archetype for perfection. Since I wasn’t that, and would never be that, I sub-consciously thought that I was doomed to being ugly for the rest of my life. I felt awful and had horrible self-esteem.
    I’m almost 24-years-old now and it’s taken me THIS long to come to a point where I’m beginning to accept my body for the best it can be. I’m so proud of you for writing this post, because it really shows a level of maturity to stand up for what you believe is physically beautiful in this culture. And that’s what it is, Cassey- it’s maturity. You are a role model to tens of thousands of young girls across America. To send them this message is the most powerful and beautiful thing you could have done.
    You are so strong, so fit, and so influential. If your body isn’t a size double zero when you’re exercising like you do, that obviously means that you’re not meant to look like a stick bug. You look so hot! Just because you’re not steroid-ripped doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful. That thinking is so warped!
    Thank you for being an inspiration to me and an entire culture of women who follow you. By continuing to promote beautiful, healthy bodies of all shapes and sizes, you are both improving the confidences of women all around the world AND helping out society to change the impossible standard of beauty. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep at it, girl.

    ♥ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA

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  249. This is amazing! Good for you for not feeling guilty. I lost over 60 pounds last year but go discouraged and burned out and gained 30 of it back. I needed to go to the chiropractor so badly when I started working out again but I KNEW he would comment on my weight loss so I waited until I had started losing again. When I finally did go sure enough he commented and asked me how much I had lost. Thanks to weights and toning I looked smaller than I did but weighed a little more. Thankfully now I am back to almost that 60 pound mark and still trucking along to get into a healthy weight range for my height.

    I have started your beginner Blogilates program. I can’t wait to see how it transforms my body!

  250. Sabrina says:

    Wow Cassey!
    You are so brave and inspirational. If I had put something out into the world and had people call me names I would be really upset and down for a while because I really take things to the heart but you are so great at brushing it off and focusing on the things that matter. In my eyes you will always have a bikini body even if you gain 200 pounds or more. You are beautiful inside and out and I hope you never forget that. :D <3

  251. Hey Cassey! I used to get bogged down by this bad – I was a top athlete at my school and never had a belly just because I had to train for my sport! But once I went to college and stopped my sport I gained a lotta weight, especially in sophomore year when I started drinking a lot. When I went back to Taiwan, EVERYONE was commenting on not only my weight but my skin as well. It wasn’t just relatives/Asian aunties, it was my neighbors, coworkers at the bar, the breakfast shop lady, and even my dentist. I probably gained something like 7kg but I was no where “fat,” even in Asian standards (plus most people making the comments were “fatter” than me anyways), just a lot more than I used to be. The thing is it’s a part of their culture to make “friendly personal comments.” They are trying to be empathetic, and I know it doesn’t make sense to people who grew up in the states where you can’t say things like that. None of my Taiwanese friends thought it was weird that people made those comments to me, they would say, “but Catt, you DID get fat, what’s wrong with pointing that out?” It’s almost like mentioning that you have different hair. Since I rock it in the middle of these two cultures (and now a third, in Italy!), I see now that it’s a few things. First of all, it’s just a comment, and it’s nothing like what people in the US think it is (it really is just like “oh you got some new highlights!”). Second of all, in the the US, people make up a bunch of rules about what it is okay to say and what it isn’t okay to say, what’s right and wrong, and you gotta respect individuality etc…they’re actually very arbitrary rules that constantly change. It is just that in this era, we have issues with fitness (eg, we sit at the office until we work ourselves dead and have no energy when we come home and continue the same the next day, and we have MickeyD) so it’s become a super-sensitive issue. But really, when it comes to this, YOU make up the rules. YOU decide what is right and wrong, and there are no absolutes. It may seem contrary to appearances because EVERYONE is doing the same thing around you, but trust me coming from so many different cultures, the rules are absolutely made up, and you get what you go around thinking (I know you know this one Cassey!). In other words, these words aren’t damaging to one’s self esteem unless you say they are. Being ashamed of gaining weight isn’t because it’s ashaming to gain weight, it’s because you say it is.
    To say “don’t let this bother you” would be a cliche and just hiding up/denialing ashamed emotions. What I would say is, ask yourself who you really are in relation to what is going on? What is real and what isn’t? Don’t fight the emotions if you feel ashamed and embarrassed, sit with them and ask them why you feel this way without judging yourself for judging yourself. You will find, with keen awareness and only observation (no judgment), that you only bought into these things because you were taught it and you took it as word. But you already knew this Cassey – change the inside so that you can change the outside; this is inner change, not what you wrote about (which is just another viewpoint instead of no viewpoint at all).

    By the way I loved your ABC abs!

  252. I’m right there with you babe. I just completed my fourth bikini competition in a year and decided that my body needs a little break from the dieting. Not to mention my metabolism is probably shot. Ive begun to incorporate foods that I wasnt allowed back into my diet, yes even fruit! I even let myself enjoy food at family gatherings and celebrations. Crazy right? No, I don’t still look like what I did when I stepped on stage at 118 pounds (i’m 5’6″) and it’s hard as heck to come to terms with that. I’m even embarassed to go to the gym. Thanks for the post it’ll help me get through this knowing that I’m not alone.

  253. I have a Surinamese mom, and I grew up with that culture. Surinamese people do the exact same thing! They only focus on if you gain weight. I had a aunt who actually pinched me in my belly and said that I gained weight. That’s humiliating and I felt so bad. Even when I think about it again. Why don’t people focus on the good things?

    Oh and Cassey, to me, you looked stunning in your video! You didn’t looked fat or anything! The only thing I saw, were curves. That’s feminine and most people, women and men, love that! At least I do! :-)

    Lots of love from me!

  254. Katrina says:

    thanks for posting this, cassey! i too am asian and i recently competed in my first figure contest last weekend and have put on 15 lbs since. i was aware of the rebound and thought i was prepared for it, but it wasn’t until it really happened within just a couple days that it smacked me in the face! but after 20 weeks of prepping i know i deserve to enjoy myself a little. it def is hard and unrealistic to try to stay lean year-round. all i can do now is hop back on a training program and focus on making some gains until my next show :).

  255. ALL THE TIME!! It’s either my dad (japanese) or my brother…at least once per day they make a sarcastic remark regarding my weight…I usually laugh it off (but inside…I’m hurt). Although I know it’s a joke, I’m still human and I still have feelings. It really does hurt when someone calls you fat and ugly. My brother is skinny as a twig. People compare me and him a lot…like “whoa, how come you’re brother’s so skinny and you’re so…um curvy?” I find it so annoying when people do that! Just the other day, I found out that my doctor is going to monitor me for diabetes for a year (since it runs in the family)…I told my family (thinking that they’ll encourage me)..and my dad said, “HA! so you’re finally gonna workout?? Well ..lets see how long this lasts…” That’s when I found myself on youtube and stumbled upon Cassey. I’m going to try the beginners workout. I just really hope that I don’t get discouraged by family in the process… :/

  256. Elizabeth says:

    I hardly ever fully read long blog posts, but honestly, Cassey, this one was just so real, I read it in its entirety. You’re definitely right: If you’re healthy and fit and feeling great, why does it matter if you’ve gained some weight? You’re still as awesome as ever, and thanks for sharing this. It is truly inspiring :)

  257. Omg!!reading dis made me feel so gud!!u inspire me on all levels cassey!!i knw hw upsetting dis is!!i ws alwayz on the chubby side while growing up!nd den 1 day out of the blue i decided to lose weight and succeeded in doing so too!but my approach was wrong and i ended up gaining some of it back!!and now i feel so embarrased facing ppl!!bcz nw anyone who sees me after a long time never forgets to point out that i am fat again!!bt i m not letting myself get dejected!! i get off my butt everyday and sweat it out hard!!thnx 4 everything cassey!! i think u luk gr8 even wen u r skinny and wen u r nt-so-skinny!!lots of luv <3

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    this site is actually wonderful.

  259. There’s nothing wrong with gaining weight. Honestly, I think you look so great right now! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You look healthy and you look like a trainer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new you. I hope you love it too because you look freaking great :)
    I used to weigh 182llbs with the help of your video’s (and careful eating) I am 122 llbs and proud. Thanks for being a great inspiration! You look great and hopefully you feel great! Because in the end, that’s all that matters.
    Haters gonna hate, just be you :)

  260. Great post Cassey! It’s great to know that you struggle with this too, very relate-able! I guess my Greek family is similar as well… One year at Easter I had bought one of those Maxi dresses, I was feeling good, ready for some lamb aaaand then an aunt of mine asked if I was pregnant, aaand another pointed out that I had put on weight. It almost made me start dieting right then and there and skip the lamb, but instead I went right for the feta cheese to drown my sorrows. I have never met my goal weight, I just bounce up and down, and it’s exhausting mentally. But each day I start fresh, making it better than the last. You look amazing and are such an inspiration. Thanks for keeping it real :)

  261. Jeniffer says:

    I found about you this past week and I am currently on day 3 of your beginner’s calendar.

    Why am I saying this? Because since February I have been working out like crazy, doing various types of exercise, and while I feel great and have dropped 20 pounds, I wasn’t happy with what I was doing. I am 5’5 and was 178(21yrs), I never had, and hopefully never will, issues with my body. I am a chubby girl and I love it, I could stay like this my whole life and be happy. I decided to work out when I started feeling fatigue from doing nothing, and I decided to lose weight a month after working out when my sister said to me “don’t you wonder what you would look like if you dropped some weight?”. To most it might seem like a silly reason, but that is why I am doing it. I eat healthy enough, so food wasn’t/isn’t a problem. The only thing I had to cut out was ice cream.
    I decided to start doing your videos because of the way you looked when I found your tumblr, skinny, but with a nice curvy body. This is what I was aiming for. I wasn’t happy with the workout videos I was doing, they repeated constantly “if you want to look like this you have to work out like that”. I don’t want to look extremely skinny, I want to look like a woman. This is the whole reason I dropped every other video just to do yours, because you to me have the shape and body type of my representation of what a woman should look like.

    Good luck in the future, and don’t let people get you down.

  262. cristela says:

    To be honest I don’t think you’re fat at all, and it’s kinda crazy that you think you or anyone else does. I see how you look in your recent videos and you still look in shape and healthy.

  263. Dear, you might find the forums helpful.


  264. Everyone has different tastes and a different “ideal” body. Your current feminine form is what inspires me. Either way, you look great. Besides, you’re the most popular fitness instructor on youtube. You’re gonna run into people with body dysmorphia who thinks 100lbs is too fat commenting on your weight. No one can be perfectly beautiful in the eyes of EVERY SINGLE human on Earth. I think finding that happy balance for you is the most “perfect” you can get. It’s totally silly to have one exact body shape to be attracted to anyway. We’re built to like a variety of things. People like a variety of music, a variety of foods, etc. Why can’t we appreciate different body types the same way?

  265. you’re so right Cassey! Why do we all feel so guilty about gaining 2kg?!
    you’re incredibly slender, tone, fit, and beautiful! thank you for speaking your mind!

  266. Monica O says:

    This is so inspiring! I was about 100 pounds a year and a half ago, but was very thin naturally. I am 5’5 and gained around 20 pounds since just cuz I moved to a new state. My entire routine changed and I was eating more often. It happens, but now I am more determined than ever to not just lose weight, but gain muscle and be stronger physically. You’ve helped me a lot. I feel stronger and I have become more motivated to workout!!! You’re still beautiful inside and out!!! Thank you:D GOD BLESS!!!

  267. Beautiful post! It’s interesting to hear your perspective as a fitness instructor. You have double the pressure. Thank you for what you do though. You’re so lovely and funny and provide such encouragement. Thank you for sticking with it under all of the pressure. We love you whether you’re up or down. :) – Beth from Boston

  268. After reading this post I’ve realized that I am ashamed of gainiing weight too, I dont want the others to notice but you gave me the hope and the motivation to go on and dont hear to what others think of me, Thanks for that!
    Love your blog ♥


    Greeting from Cologne (Germany)

  269. Wow! You must be quite skinny yourself! Cassey was so real with us and you still try to bring her down. It’s not funny. No “xo”

  270. ilove you so much, PLEASE dont crazy on diets or “im so fat” kind of shits,im scared you could develope an eating disorder just for some stupid comments. You ARE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING , and i love you even more for that, i feel you are just like us and not some anorexic “healthy” trainer, or a barbie doll, you are just like us!, im studying so hard amd super stressed and im gainin weight too! and you know what? i cant still do your videos, and i love running. whatever, please dont ever change and dont feel bad about your self. you are THE GREATNESS. ♥♥♥♥♥

  271. Nina Yang says:

    Cassey, my friend and I are so inspired by you! We always watch what we eat because of YOU. Your videos are the only videos that I do to build muscles and I love it! There are times when I hate you because you make us hold that difficult position LOL but then at the same time, I tell myself that you just want to help us get that dream body! And you have helped me! No one has ever called me fat, but someone has called me ugly. To be honest, I’m still haunted by that. The truth hurts I guess, but in this case, it’s the opinion hurts haha. But ever since I was called that, I specifically told myself, “If I can’t have a pretty face then I can certainly have a pretty body.” So thanks a lot Cassey! You’re my inspiration for exercising!

  272. Danielle says:

    This post was exactly what I needed to hear! I’m on a weight loss journey myself since having three kids really transformed my body. So far, I’ve lost 45.5 lbs! It’s been a long road with plenty of pit stops along the way but like you said, just start over again, NOW! In the past, I would have carb binged my way back up and last night was one of my harder nights, but I’m here now and I feel mentally and physically strong to overcome it! Every day’s a new start and everyone’s story is different. No one is perfect and expecting perfection will ultimately lead to failure. We each have our own unique ideal weight and once we embrace that, things surrounding us will fall into place! Much love to you and your transparency! Keep on rockin, girl! <3

  273. honesty says:

    you’re still chubz tho xo

  274. After reading this I realise I get this all the time.
    People tell me (and by people I mean family) they constantly ask me if Ive gained weight, making many references to the fact that I’d be so much prettier if I was skinnier and then compare me and my younger (thinner) sister. It really is a buzz kill, an emotional killer and it made me want to hide away from the world and hate my family. Your post has made me feel much better about myself, that I shouldnt be ashamed of what weight I am. But what I will do is make myself feel better, and I will lose the weight. Be realistically healthier – because i suck at being healthy. i thank you for the tips and food information. I plan to cut the fat and eat healthy. I want to be a person that I can be proud of and gain back the confidence that has been ripped from me.

    Anyway you look good no matter what people say. :)

    Thank you for putting things into perspective.

  275. Thank you so much for sharing. Your very inspiring and I think a lot of people have that problem…I’m really glad that you are brave enough to write about it! Keep it up. Your blog is so positive, inspirig and really motivating for me!

  276. Kristin says:

    Cassey, you are such an inspiration. This post was exactly what I needed to hear, and it in fact made me tear a bit. At 19 years old I’ve suffered from so many body issue, I was an obese child that turned into an anorexic teenager, and since recovery I gained weight, a ton of it. I used to feel so ashamed, and then I found your videos. I’m doing June On Fire and eating the cleanest I ever have in my life. I still eat bad a lot more than I should, but I’m making progress and it’s all thanks to you. I’ve never felt so good my entire life and I just want to thank you.

  277. I’m so glad you decided to write this blog, and shed some light on this topic. I too coming from a Cuban family, have walked into a family gathering and the first thing said to me has been “Have you gained weight?” … So RUDE! I’ve always danced and been relatively thin so after my first baby, when I gained over 60 lbs. most people were pretty shocked including myself. I was able to lose all the weight just in time for my wedding, I was so proud of myself. I then had a second baby gained about 40 lbs. and this time the baby weight was a bit more stubborn. I gave it my all and lost a substancial amount of weight, wherein I was happy with how I looked. I became a certified group fitnes and Zumba instructor, and due to a very hectic schedule; with time started to gain some weight (AGAIN). So you can see how your blog totally resonated with me, it hit home! I too felt discredited as an instructor. I’ve been able to get back on track and staring to lose that weight again, and now thanks to you I don’t feel so bad. Thank you!

  278. Charlie Ho says:

    Hi Laurel,
    When people comments on others, that is the self-reflection of their own weakness. On the other hand, we all have to learn how to defensively stop them from making comments by pointing out their own weakness and also bringing them to this blog to educate them about the reality – gaining or losing weight is part of the journey of life experience to find our own physical and mental balance. Nature has taught us all about harmony. Feeling is a feedback of your own mental and physical progress. When we are managing our daily life, there are thing that we have to juggle. Sometimes, things go smoothly, some other times they do not fit well. Looking at life in a big picture, it is not really a big deal when your are off your target sometime, especially when you are content and happy. Life is a trade off. That is why, when you accomplish something, you treat yourself by sharing with others, having a party, buying yourself gift………etc.
    To stop people who either put pressure or make comments to others, we need to make them taste their own medicine by courteously asking them questions such as ” when was the last time that other people make comments on your weight and figures ? Are you truly happy with those comments ? If you constantly make comments on other people weight, then you may want to make comments to your own body first.. Is that how you feel about your own body ?………”
    Keep in mind there is no difference between a pingpong ball, a basket ball, and a baseball, …..or any type of ball, The only matter is if the ball is well rounded.

  279. Just began following you on YT, instagram and here on your blog today. When my friend introduced me to your channel I immediately liked how positive and inspiring, fun and upbeat you were. And I wanted to become a popster!! But after reading this I feel like I know you a lil bit more personally and you’re truly an inspiration. I have gained a lil weight and I have some family members giving me their input right now it makes me feel awful, but Im on track to be a healthier me! For me, not for anyone else. Thank you for the help from your videos and you blogs. mwah :)


  280. Dear Cassey,
    You don’t even know how much I look up to you. It’s like I really know you and you live in Cali while I’m in the MIA.. Crazy!!
    Anyways, I’m a 17 year old girl and I’m 5’0″ (yes I’m tiny); and until I found blogilates I had the lowest self-image. By the fifth grade I weighed 135lbs, and now I weigh 114 lbs. My freshman year I decided that I had to drop my weight. I’ve been working out and eating healthy ever since. Still, I have issues with my self-image because I can’t see myself as skinny enough or beautiful enough because of my weight in my past.
    Because of you Cassey I finally feel better about myself. It’s easier for me to eat healthy and inspire others to do so as well. You inspire me to look into the mirror every morning and tell myself that I am more than I perceive myself to be. I can do and achieve whatever I put my mind to. I am beautiful no matter what anyone else says or feels.
    If you can make myself believe that, then you can too. It’s ok to cheat. Honestly, it makes me feel even closer to you. It’s comforting to know that my trainer is HUMAN and has her own kryptonite. I love love love you Cassey! You’re beautiful and perfect!!

  281. Dear Cassie, first of all i hadnt even noticed that u gained weight,at least not enough for anyone to even care about?!! In fact, i find that its ANNOYING when a girl always and always stays at the same amount of slim BECAUSE its shows youre too uptight and frankly its boring too, its like never changing up your outfit. \Like, gain 10 pounds and lose 10 pounds every few months,live a little! that way you will always feel fresh and not stale…and then you will get hit on by that many more guys – and i have a feeling that thousands and thousands of girls secretly feel the same way,like that theres zero wrong with gaining a few lbs now and then.
    But seriously Cassie, im glad that u gained some weight because it makes me feel a lot better. Not to sound maliscious! its just comforting to know you fitness instructers are not superhuman…and thanx for sharing cus yes i do resonate with what youre telling us…and please,above all, dont feel bad or ashamed about any of itYou deserved to properly nourish your body again and God knows its not us girls’ fault that our mind plays tricks on us so that were scared our food will literally run away from under our noses.! anyway i hope this helps:)
    p.s I totally feel ashamed right this second for scarfing down icecream earliar:/ugh

  282. just a little scared says:

    hey cassey!

    i follow your youtube, but rarely keep in track with anything and only occasionally do your videos. in all honesty, ive been so afraid to do exercise or eat healthy; because i feel like i can’t. i feel like everyone else can, and i cant.

    i hopped on the scaled today and i have gained 7 kg and 11% body fat since march. so i have literally let myself go. i used to be really fit last year, eating really well last year. and something in me just snapped. i wasn’t able to be so strict. and since then, ive been on yo yo ing, feeling guilty about eating and everything. i keep looking for things to fix my mentality etc.
    and reading this makes me feel a little better, to know ur going through it too. im only hoping that i dont change my mind about starting over today. because i always seem to fall back and fail.

    actually that was pretty negative. im going to try and change that too. and become better again. =]

  283. jocelyn w says:

    I think you’re one of the most inspirational people ever! It was because of you I started taking working out seriously. I was inspired to have fitness goals and inspired to be more conscious of my health. I definitely learned to appreciate the “burn” and was able to push myself mentally and physically and it was all thanks to you! I wish I could thank you in person! I love your personality and to me, I don’t think gaining weight makes you lose any credibility. Instead it makes me look up to you more because you’re showing how gaining weight does not make you lose confidence and how gaining weight is not bad. Since I’ve started watching you on YouTube, my eating habits are better and I workout more because you make it fun! You’re amazing and inspiring! Never forget that!

  284. Priscilla says:

    Woow.. it’s like, I could’ve write this. This seriously happened to me too and.. I exactly, EXACTLY, know how you felt and feel. I’m here with you girl! Stay happy and stay focused on your happiness and you. (:

  285. Priscilla says:

    Thanks Cassie,
    You are amazing and you should never forget that! You probably knew that already, but seriously, your words do so much to me and you are totally right. When I gain weight, I feel like I’m another person, the failure part of me, or something.. It’s really weird but it’s true. I feel like I’m not myself, I feel ugly and fat and disgusting. Even when my friends say that they don’t notice it when I gain weight, I still feel like I’m not myself and that’s when I feel more stressed and start eating more and more… It’s a negative circle.
    But sometimes, life happens, so this will happen too. But you are right, you should just get back on track and don’t forget that you still are you. And.. I don’t know. I just think you are amazing and thank you so much for being you. You’re super awesome and bubbly so all your videos always make me happy!

  286. Jasmine says:

    Thank you so much Cassey. I recently am recovering from depression. I used to be really skinny last summer. Then I noticed some girls becoming competitive with me & trying to do better than me. It was crazy, I couldn’t accept the fact of someone trying to be better than me. I did’t feel good about myself anymore, I felt my life as a competition, & i wasn’t comfortble with myself anymore. I felt like I was a loser & I already lost. & That was it, I couldn’t handle the feeling of being threatened. So I gained all of my weight back. I at least gained 15lbs over the past 8 months, it was all because I didn’t think I was worthy of anything or anyone. I cant tell you how ashamed i was of myself I stopped hanging out with all my family & friends & never left the house. I couldn’t deal with all of the mean comments & people judging me, I cut myself too just to escape from all of the pain. I wished I was never born.

    I was in depression for about 8 months, & even though I was dying inside & so hurt, I noticed everyone being nice to me, & not juding me. I mean what could they be jealous of me now? nothing! people only hate on me when I’m doing something with my life. So basically I have to be doing absolutly NOTHING for people to be nice to me.

    Then I was at the point where I couldn’t take it anymore, I then cried and prayed to god to please help me, to give me joy in my life, to guide me through life. I asked god to pick me up, & give me strength, & to get me out of this misery. It wasn’t that long after that I felt better about myself, & worthy, & i found hope. & I felt myself doing more, I started going out side of the house again, even though It was really rough at first, but I still did it! I’m just now starting to workout again, & even sometimes I still make mistakes! But this whole life journey was not all about losing weight, It was about making me a better person, & know that happiness is the most important thing overall. Yes, I still care about my body image & still, want to be fit, toned , and healthy. I’ll just be a whole lot happier doing it this time, enjoying my life, & accepting my mistakes & learning from my mistakes, and facing my problems.

    and now that I’m starting to get my life together, I notice once again people trying to pull me down, do better than me, & criticize me again. Even though it hurts still, & does effect my self esteem, I won’t give up this time, I’ll always be the best me I can be. I won’t let anyone break me this time. I’m the only one who can judge me! I just worry about myself now, & worry about my own problems, & all I want to do now is succeed in life & be happy. as long I’m happy with myself, that’s all that matters. I’ve also learned to let go of a lot of jealousy… but that’s all, I’m not perfect.

  287. Melanie says:

    Did you get your menstrual cycle back?

  288. Cassie,

    You should be proud. Not for anything having to do with weight loss or weight gain, but because of how you handle yourself and your blog. I will tell you why you are a fitness leader and role model- because you invite us into the human side of you. If you hid behind the curtain like most fitness industry instructors/leaders you would be exposing us to all the garbage that brought us to have the unhealthy self image problems in the first place. Only seeing the successes and the lean, tight, toned muscle makes women think “what is wrong with me? why can’t I do this? why don’t I look like that and stay like that all the time?” We are held to a near impossible standard because the curtain closes when anything isn’t perfect. We need to see the other side too so we know to love ourselves no matter what and to get back on the horse when things go off track for a bit.

    So thank you for being a true leader- one who is honest and does not reveal only one side. By doing this, you are braver and more heroic than the rest. This is what our society needs right now to eliminate self loathing and promote self love.

    Sincerely someone who has been there too,


  289. Oh my!! Let’s be honest guys!!! EVERYONE GAINS WEIGHT at one point in their lives… seriously, you could be a “VS model” but as soon as your done, you’re going to gain weight… specially woman.
    Stress, pregnancy, anxiety, or just because you were hungry as a horse! and you know what? there is absolutely nothing wrong with it… we all are humans who lose and gain weight frequently, its LIFE… but this society make’s us feel ashamed of gaining weight! (specially woman) and honestly its kind of funny, cause if you think in how many people in this world suffer from hunger and malnutrition, we should be thankful for that “extra fat” in our bodies. So seriously let’s be THANKFUL for that “extra fat” ’cause it may save our lives someday… And you know what? Its healthy and human!!! and also fun, cause once you realize you gain it, you want to lose it and you work hard for it!
    So Cassey i completely understand you and i think the majority of girls do too. Don’t be ashamed, be proud and thankful, because now, you and all of us have some killer exercises to do :) Fun, isn’t it? :)

  290. This is a surprise…I mean, I´ve been following you for the paste 3 months but started really working on that calendar last week. Last week I found a video you made like 2 years ago and after that I saw the last video you did and was shocked to see how much your body changed, how good you looked and it made me feel good about starting this journey. Everyday I tell myself I´m the only one who can actually change what I don´t like about myself but I´m only human and it´s going to take work and dedication and discipline…so, whatever! let them say whatever, being here following you and don´t be aware af how your weight doesn´t define the person you are is not being here at all. I have started to understand that even getting on the floor, doing crazy thing with my legs and abs and etc, makes me feel different and beautiful…Thanks for that!

  291. Hi Cassey!
    I lost thirty five pounds and felt and looked great. When I gained ten pounds back ( oh my gosh soooo much… Not!) I felt like I failed, like everyone was judging me. But you know what, the only one judging me was ME! My friends didn’t even care and I think anyone who does care isn’t a friend and doesn’t know YOU. So telling me through you, it’s ok :) your amazingly fit and happy and have great company. That’s all that matters. Once I excepted my new weight, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, I actually started to lose weight again. You are beautiful Cassey, a wonderful inspiration that inspires ME everyday. THANK YOU. You go girl!!! Whoooo!!

  292. DITTO, DITTO, DITTO! I agree with you, Micki, 100%!
    Just because you gain a few pounds doesn’t mean you aren’t STILL an awesome fitness instructor and role model. I don’t think you have to go back to “eating super duper clean” unless it’s what you really want. What about moderation? What about just plain clean eating? I think it’s amazing how dedicated you are, but part of why I follow you is that I thought you were trying to teach folks to have fun while getting fit and healthy. What you’re talking about “super duper clean” eating doesn’t sound like fun – it sounds like you’re punishing yourself for gaining a few pounds. Maybe I’m wrong.
    Anyway, I’m still a big fan! I would love it if you could do more beginner workouts. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and a broken disc in my back, so my body just isn’t able to do many of your workouts. If you can’t (or don’t want to) do more beginner workouts, maybe you could offer some ways to modify some of the workouts.
    Thanks, Cassey!

  293. I’m not one to comment on blogs but this post really caught my attention. I can completely relate because I gained my freshman 15 like every other college student, and got comments from my Grandma when I went back home. It was disappointing, and so I knew I had to make a change. The thing is Cassey, you have inspired me to change my lifestyle, and it isn’t because I aspire to have your thigh gap, because I don’t think that should be a goal. The reason you inspire me is because you encourage me to be the best me. That doesn’t necessarily mean being at a certain weight, but rather, focusing on your health. The fact that you go as hard as you do, while still carrying a conversation (!!!!!), is incredible! You have said in numerous videos not to focus on your weight because it fluctuates, that’s life, and that is totally fine! I think as long as you are mindful of your lifestyle and feel healthy and happy, nothing else should matter.

    I’m really disappointed in the people who criticized you for gaining weight, because everyone does! I can’t believe people are so insensitive as to comment on a few extra pounds when it is so commonplace for it to happen. Anyway, keep doing what you do because you are an inspiration to so many girls! You have a beautiful mind, body, and soul!

  294. I have been called fat all through my early childhood until i was 12 when i changed my life style, i only ate clean and started exercising, i lost 3 stone and managed my weight until i was 15, then my boyfriend split up with me and my grandpa died in the same week and i started to think it was because of my looks, so i stopped eating and lost 2.5 stone and was anorexic. That was a HUGE mental battle, bigger than people think, you dont understand until you go through it, i know i never did before. I’m back at a healthy weight and healthy eating and exercising again now, however, to put on the weight after anorexia i had to eat TONS of chocolate, chips, biscuits etc as nothing else would put the weight on, i kept on losing even when i wasn’t trying. It has left me with a layer of fat over my abs that i am working on, but im not ashamed as i know what strength that shows on me.

  295. Thank you so much for this! You are such an inspiration. I discovered your blog/vlogs a few weeks ago and you are really helping me find a work out routine in life that I can keep up. You are changing my life style and I love it!

    I’ve never been a ‘big’ girl but I have been gaining weight gradually throughout the years. Especially in my first year of college and I’ve been going up and down ever since. At my 21st birthday (in my first year of college) my dad actually hugged me in front of my family and announced to everyone I was getting fat.. I was mortified! He’s a sweetheart but yes, saying this to a girl really hurts! He doesn’t get that though. Also the looks I got at school from other girls at the end of the year, was not a nice feeling..

    About two months ago I really made a concious decision to change the way I eat and live. I am eating healther , I’m watching my portion sizes and I found you on YouTube. You make me really happy. It’s like I have a personal trainer now!

    I just want to say that I love you. I love what you do for people all over the world. I love how you do this so selflessly. You are beautiful in every way. NEVER let anybody make you feel otherwise.

    Much love <3 Marina from The Netherlands xxx

  296. Hey Cassey,

    You mentioned near the end you are a little disappointed that you let yourself go? I’m extremely disappointed in the popster community for not being as supportive to you as you are to us. I hope it wasn’t true popsters criticising you for this sake.

    “So I have an extra layer of fat overmy abs” – please don’t think that. I get it that when you gain weight it is more noticeable to yourself that things may be a bit different than they were. But if you don’t want your popsters to be obsessed with ridding their bodies of every ounce of fat, then you shouldn’t be either. Fat is an essential nutrient and we do need some. You always look incredible, Cassey and much, MUCH, more importantly, you are healthy on the inside!!

    I actually hope you don’t do a second bikini contest, I’m sorry to say :( is there another way you can more healthily challenge yourself? What about another half marathon?!

    I’m sorry people said those things to you. I’m sure they were projecting their own self criticism on to you, but you shouldn’t have to take that. You are so brave to put yourself up here each week and using your body as your work is not easy. (sorry that sounds kinda bad :P) But you do it and you rock it! Each and every time!!

    For the record, you could be a big person and I would still follow you because it’s your energy and drive that I love…not your inner thigh gaps, abs, or any other physical part. Lots of love Cassey.

  297. Awwww, you are so sweet! I don’t usually read entire articles but I am SO glad I did (: You have an awesome character, and I don’t disagree with a single word you said.
    You are the driving force that makes me motivated (not to be skinny) but HEALTHY. I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter what my body fat is. If I’m healthy, that’s all that matters. Keep on being awesome, I support you! <333

  298. Thank you so much for this post :)

  299. Word to this. I never comment on blogs but I REALLY appreciate this post (I’ve had it bookmarked for two weeks not knowing how I could demonstrate my appreciation) – for fitness instructors and other health/nutrition authorities, it’s all the more crucial to set a good example for followers not to spiral down into self-hatred and this is a great post for that.
    Thank you so much!

  300. I appreciate this post. I too have been in this situation and it’s so hurtful. This post is inspiring, however. You’re right, it’s not that big of a deal. When you’re pants get tight, it just means it’s just time to step it up a little. Doesn’t change who you are.

  301. Cassey,

    I am not normally one to write comments on anything for any real reason but this post almost made me cry. My senior year of high school I had a very serious eating disorder. I would eat super strict all day long and after dinner I would purge and if I ate ANYTHING even a little unhealthy I would purge and feel so guilty about it and wonder if it would show on my body so I would go on the elliptical for 2 hours. I think it’s hard for people to understand that when you go from a place like that to try to be normal again, it doesn’t just happen. The first time I ate pasta and didn’t purge was the most uncomfortable and disgusting feeling I had ever felt. It’s been almost 2 years since I have been able to talk about my eating disorder and I still am trying to have a better relationship with food. But posts like this and advice from other fitness people help a little bit more every day and I just want you to know (if you read this) how much good you’re actually doing and how many girls you are probably helping.

    Can’t thank you enough.

  302. Maddie Ford says:

    Don’t worry Cassey, I’m a swimmer that practices in the water and out for dry land practices for about four hours a day Monday through Friday and two more hours on Saturdays. I eat clean, I do your workouts and you still have a nicer body than me(:

    Also, When I was probably at my thinnest since I was 13, I was asked if I had put on weight in front of my friends and boyfriend and I knew I was still at my thinnest, but you know, I was still embarrased and ashamed even though I didn’t. I went from 115 to 106 when she asked!!! So don’t worry, People tent to try and look deeply in to people who tend to look really fit with their physique, looking for changes, either because their jealous, or they admire that much.

  303. Candace says:

    I am very grateful that you wrote this article. This in its self was very inspiring. I did feel ashamed to, this helps me see past that point and better confidence then what I felt before. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! <3

  304. Shantha Trottier says:

    You are not even the slightest bit fat! I WISH I had the body you have right now! I will never understand why people feel the need to bring others down, but in all honesty, they totally missed the mark on this one because you still look AMAZING.
    Shantha <3

  305. Hey Cassey!I know exactly what you mean about weight gain comments.I remember a few years ago,my grandmother told me I could use to lose a few pounds.No doubt,I sometimes heard joking comments from family by the amount of food I ate calling me the food vacuum or even once a little blimp which hurt my feelings.Some years later I was working out 3 hours or more and restricting to 500 calories a day.I weighed less than my little brother.I would even stay up extra late to shed off those last few pounds.My body was dying and I had no muscle left.Now I’m at a healthy weight,building muscle and getting fit :) Instead of worrying about losing,I just want to be happy.You have really helped me along the way,Cassey.I look up to you.You are beautiful,radiant,healthy,and inspirational.I think that was insensitive and rude of your aunt to say that.Words hurt.We all feel ashamed of weight gain,but it’s normal.We all love you Cassey!You look amazing and even better now!!!

  306. When i found your website i was glad to see that you’re not just like another skinny instructor. I feel fat and bad looking at skinny people. And when i recommend you to others, i always say “and she looks like an woman too”.
    Love from The Netherlands

  307. Mechelle says:

    The silly thing is YOU NEVER LOOKED, OR WERE actually fat. Having meat on your bones doesn’t make you fat…in fact being too skinny and underweight is just as unhealthy as an obese/overweight person. You look healthy and always have, the number on the scale doesn’t define you. And nothing but skin and bones is NOT healthy. We all need fat, who wants to be only skin and bones? Honestly, too large of a gap in-between thighs doesn’t sound or look very healthy at all. Most people’s thighs at least touch or meet in the middle, that’s no indicator of being fat…you are a beautiful and wonderful person who inspires so many people from all over the world. Please don’t let rude and inconsiderate people validate who you are and what you know about yourself. Who are they to flap their mouths open and make such ignorant comments? Keep up your awesome work CASSEYS.

  308. Colleen says:

    Wow ! As if this article was meant soulfully for me !
    So I too am a fitness Instructor :) I use some of your moves in my classes I admire you !
    Anyhow , as I’ve became more & more into teaching more classes ive seen. My weight slowly creeping up . So here I am 16 lbs later & I found myself this past Friday balling my eyes out crying because I had a damn muffin top in my size 7 shorts that fit me so well last year if not kinda loose !!!!! I called my husnpband in tears & thought this isn’t fair I work so hard I teach all these classes I calorie restrict & I keep gaining ??? While that’s just my issue I’m restricting too many calories & now I’ve reacked havoc on my metabolism . My biggest fear is that my members at the gym will judge me saying oh why r gaining wait ? I feel so much pressure to be the example but holy crap IM HUMAN JUST LIKE U Stated :)
    I’m no longer ashamed ! I have so much energy & endurance it’s RIDICULOUS ! I get compliments all the time @ how awesome I am at Instructing & I look so good ! & they love my body ! Well if they love my body why shouldn’t I ? Because of the image I’m trying to keep ? Well I’m done sabotaging my efforts in progress ! I got a trainer ……yes I did ! I will be taring an extra 3 days a week on top of 8 classs I teach . It’s totally cool I’m a BEAST IN THE GYM & a BEAUTY IN THE STREETS ! & at the end of the day I’m proud of how far i’ve come & I will some day COMPETE IN MY FIRST BIKINI COMPETITION ! This is my dream goal & I dream & conquer ! So be proud of all your accomplishments you inspire SO SO MANY PEOPLE !

  309. Krysta says:

    This is a wonderful post. You are an inspiration to many women out there, including myself. Women should not be afraid from gaining a little weight. Stress is a huge factor when it comes to weight and we should not be ashamed of it. What is important is to be healthy for yourself, not for others. We are our harshest critics so when someone else makes a negative comment the self-criticism multiples ten-fold. I am so glad that you are a positive influence and try not to let others bring you down. Thank you for that!

  310. Sigh. Thank you for posting this, Cassey. I feel irritated and am ashamed for the people who are fat shaming you. It shouldn’t matter if you gained weight. Yes, you’re a fitness instructor and should practice what you preach, but not having a “thigh gap”? That’s ridiculous. Even with the weight gain, you probably still look better than the rest of us. It’s like the same thing that happened to Britney Spears and a few other celebs after they had BABIES. Or even if they just gained weight. Even though they looked better than most of the general population, people railed on them because they weren’t stick thin anymore. I think this culture’s obsession with being thin is sick.

    Personally, I like women with a little bit of fat on them. That’s what we’re made for because fat helps babies. And even if we never plan on having babies, it’s just part of our natural state of being. I am not advocating unhealthiness or weight gain, but not having a thigh gap is just an unrealistic expectation in my book.

  311. This is why I soooo much adore you Cassey! Thank you for your honesty and I think everyone can relate to a situation like this. My puberty didn’t came until I was 17 (hormone issues) and I gained a lot of weight, wich I would have got in a couple of years, I did in a half year. People were calling me fat behind my back or just saying it right to my face. I was still in the range of normal weight, but that’s when I got issues with my weight. I started eating less and was hungry all the time, but hey I lost a couple of pounds.
    But when I lost those pounds, nobody was saying: “Hey, you lost weight” or something positive about it. People actually didn’t care, people love to give negative comments or think about someone in a negative way in the hope of feeling better themselves.
    Since a year I have been going to the gym and start eating healthy. Step by step and I really love the journey. I have never felt so energized, I’m feeling strong, happy and I may not be the thinnest person, but I really don’t want to be a thin girl. I don’t compare myself anymore to anyone else, I’m just trying the best I can to get the best out of me. I have never felt this confident in my life.
    Beauty is a inside thing that will shine through the skin.

    You’re a role model Cassey, people who give you nasty comments may be thinner, but I don’t think they are healthier than you!

  312. raphaelle says:

    Even if you gain a fews pounds your still gorgeous !

  313. this is why i LOVE you! you are so honest and say the things that we each (well, me at least) think to ourselves! i’m half filipino and can totally attest to the RUDE family members that comment on weight gain, let alone absolute strangers or friends. it is hurtful and i can honestly admit that as motivating as it should be to push yourself after people say mean things, that wasn’t the case for me. i was so disappointed and lacked confidence in myself that i just gained MORE weight. i was the ultimate athlete, playing basketball, tennis and running track – i was working out twice a day and didn’t let stress or anything stop that. i was so happy with my body before, i could wear anything, i LOVED bikini shopping and i had so much confidence because i was fit! somewhere along the way life took over and my workouts weren’t as intense and then they became nonexistent.. i gained 20 pounds but on my small frame it looked like 50. i have had the hardest time getting that weight off and it totally sucks. i tried several diets and nothing truly worked for me, until i decided that there is no time like the present to truly work hard for your body. i started eating clean and healthy, watching my portions, and cutting out a lot of unnecessary carbs! i finally realized that for me, my goal wasn’t to be super skinny and it wasn’t about the amount of pounds i lost or how much i weighed – it was about being FIT and strong. it was about being HEALTHY. i discovered your youtube channel a month ago and have been following the workouts – i’m not perfect, some days i just have to press pause and catch my breath or i can’t do as many reps as you, but i’m trying. i am already noticing differences in my muscle mass and it has made me so happy. you’re positive attitude is infectious and i am glad to be a loyal subscriber! i guess what i’m trying to say is, THANK YOU for helping me achieve my goals and as mean as people can be, it’s good to see you shaking it off and teaching other girls out there to be healthy. keep up the awesome work! :)

  314. Melody says:

    Thanks Cassie! I dealt with an eating disorder all through out middle school, and nothing has been harder than gaining weight in recovery. I was down to about 92 lbs and i was 5’5. I am now about 115 and am 5’5. I have had so many comments like the ones you had, from family, friends, etc. You look beautiful and are a huge inspiration thanks! <3

  315. Ally Lara says:

    *weight anger/spell checker turned on me haha

  316. Ally Lara says:

    I HATE it when women do this kind of ‘fatty–shamming’ comments, do you think we can’t see ourselves in a mirror? Seriously? We KNOW when we’ve gained some wait. My sister died a month ago, and during the wake a lot of my female relatives felt the need to comment on the fact that I am still unmarried (and just broke up with my boyfriend of four years, so I probably won’t e getting married any time soon) AND that I’ve gained some weight (after losing about 20Kgs last year). Talk about having no common sense or consideration for my feelings! I’ve felt so depressed ever since but you just made me realise it’s time to shake it off and move on. Keep working towards the lifestyle and body shape I’ve always wanted to have. I’ll start by going shopping for healthy food tonight after Uni and going for a late run. I need to weight myself to assess the damage, printing this month’s calendar and see if I can lose what I’ve gained by the 20th coz it’s my birthday and I want to look fabulous. THANKS A LOT FOR POSTING THIS!
    P.S. I think you look beautiful anyway :)

  317. THANK YOU CASSY for posting this! The past few months, my diet has become very selective and I’ve verged on having an eating disorder. I knew what I was doing was unhealthy and I needed to stop, but I was afraid of loosing all the hard work I had put into my body- I lost nearly 10 pounds! Even though I’m doing better now and know it’s perfectly normal and healthy to gain a little wieght as I start being more loose about what I eat, it still scares me a little to see I’m gaining a little wieght. But your post reminded that what you look like shouldn’t take over your life, and that even people with rockin bodies like you gain weight every now and then- and still look just as fab as before!

  318. Amanda Shreve says:

    I think it’s really important and special that you shared this w all of us. Struggling w your weight makes you an American. Struggling w anything makes you human. I think it’s important that I, and everyone else who follows your lead, see’s that you’re human and share the same struggles that we do. We all look up to you, but i feel like there’s a greater connection between all of us now that we can relate more to each other. I don’t say this in a “we’re glad to see you fall” kind of way, I hope you understand how I mean this. You shouldn’t be embarrassed, you shouldn’t feel like you failed anyone, or yourself. Does it discredit you as a fitness instructor or nutrition advice giver? Not one bit. The best people who play a part in those fields are those who can fully understand what the others go through. If anything, I really feel like this makes you a better person and better at what you do. Don’t let it get you down, please! You should enjoy every minute of every day, especially when you’re doing the thing you love most. You shouldn’t have to worry about any popster who is going to criticize you from a video you did on how you look. That’s completely ridiculous!
    I just wanted to say a few things, I hope you understand and I really hope you find the time to read this. You look amazing, still.

  319. Thank you, Cassey!
    Exactly what I needed now. After breaking up with my boyfriend two years ago I lost weight (5 kg) and two sizes, which is a lot at my height. I was working out every day, working like crazy (and barely eating) in order to get my mind off things. I loved my figure back then. In the pst two years my life has slowed down a bit (with a new boyfriend) and 3 of my kg are back on. I have a hard time to get them off, especially because I hate diets (I do eat healthy, but with sweets), the easiest way for me was always to work out, but time has become more of an issue. I have started to hate myself for not being able to put up with work and workouts (often staying on the first) and thus not getting back my best form. It’s true that sometimes the best form might not be the best lifestyle, and that thinking about what works (and feels good) is also important. (And it’s kind of silly to hate yourself for something others might not mind or even like the changes.)
    Thank you so much.
    I think you look great either way. :)

  320. Juliet says:

    Cassey, I just wanted to let you know that YOU ARE AMAZING.
    Honestly. I am a broke college student with a lot of health problems.
    I can watch your YouTube videos and do my workouts and so far I have lost 10lbs with your help.
    You are an inspiration!! I know what you mean by Asian family members, I just saw my Grandma for the first time in about three years and she told me “Ju Ju you look fat now, and touched my stomach” That REALLY upset me… People don’t realize that the things that they say really hurt, I know she didn’t mean to be hateful, it’s just in our culture.
    I started gaining weight from the medicines that keep me alive, really. I’ve been extremely depressed and trying to do crazy diets and what not and nothing was working…
    Because of you I am now motivated, but not just motivated… I am also happy! AND I’m seeing (and feeling) the results!

    Thank you so much, you are wonderful!

  321. I don’t feel you had to explain yourself for gaining weight. Like someone else said, I also thought that your goals just changed or more like you moved on from one phase in your life to the next. I thought the bikini-competition thing was over and done with and now you are going back to your “normal” fitness-body (as you are still in awesome shape!). I also feel like a body isn’t supposed to be in bikini-competition mode all the time, I can’t see how that is healthy.

    You are very inspiring, Cassie. And the reason I watch your videos is not only because of how inspiring your body is but mainly because of how positive you are and how great your attitude is!

  322. Just: thank you. You’re a true inspiration. Bsc you’re not ashamed of being real. Big props to you (as always). LOVE!

    PS The new Daft Punk track is out. I remeber some of your early videos – intense abs all with Daft Punk – pleaaaaaase do a Daft Punk workout again! I know that I may be in minority here (I’m 27, I’m not into Justin, 1D, Taylor) but let the minority rule for a while ;) Love you!

  323. I did notice your weight gain but I thought it was because your goals had changed, from leaning out to strength and muscle building, and I really admired that. You demonstrated that the body is constantly changing in response to your diet and exercise, and that you’re not just about looking super lean all the time, that curves and muscles are to be worked for and embraced too. Although weight gain is automatically associated with backtracking on progress, you’ve disproven that by accomplishing many other fitness goals, such as being able to do more pull-ups and being able to do standing splits. These things really inspire and motivate me to continuously set new and more challenging fitness goals for myself. Thank you for being such an awesome fitness instructor and role model. :)

  324. Hey Cassey,
    Thanks for sharing that post!
    I really feel like I can relate to your experience because I have also been struggling with it. I used to be obsessed and so meticulous about what I ate on my diet during my high school years and my freshman year of college, to the point where I would consider avoid eating and meeting with friends because I was afraid of gaining weight. I wasn’t anorexic or anything but I had always been so conscious about what I ate. My mind had always been influenced to think that beautiful=thin. Funny to think this, but I had always thought that no one would like or accept me if I gained weight or was “chubby” in others’ eyes. But this year, without my awareness, I slowly “let myself go” and I learned to be happy with who I am even though I gained 15-20 pounds since the last year. I never thought I would ever let myself get to this point just because of what I valued to be important to me but now I learned to value something greater, which was myself. My friends would agree with me that I “fell hard” but you know, even from gaining all this weight, I learned to be happy and content with myself for who I am. I learned that life isn’t about your weight or how you look but its about surrounding yourself with friends or a support system, who loves and accept you for you. Even though I am slowly starting to shed some weight, I don’t ever regret gaining this weight because I learned so much through it!
    Thanks Cassey for being so motivational, and also for being so optimistic and inspiring in all your videos!

  325. Hey Cassey !!! :-) .. im from Africa, Namibia and just love everything the workouts and fotos… Recently joined the team with the workouts, and if anything you’re such an inspiration,
    i know beyond any doubt you inspire so many ladies out there . I too always face this problem, i once managed to starve myself from a size 14 to a 10 (75kg’s to 60) and then i was just 16yrs so it was quite a big difference. but like any quick fix, i gained it all back and the endless comments came with it and its hard, but its people like you that give us the strength to not forget our goals, even when peoples comments have us all emotional and we want to drown our hurt in carbs and candy. And really people can be soo judgmental, i think there’s more to this than just having a bikini body, being healthy physically and
    mentally, have the right self image.. your post really picked me up and i feel i can move past the guilt cause you did.

  326. Hi Cassey!!
    I was so surprised upon reading this post that people said those things to you…but even more so, that they even noticed! I find that so strange. You were doing a fun workout video, talking, smiling and laughing through the entire thing when I felt like my abs were going to rip apart. You were just the same Cassey, my workout bff and motivator! I did not notice any change in the way you looked. More importantly, I didn’t notice any change in what you were doing! Your happiness is contagious. I love you!!

  327. Reading all these comments is making me cry, tears of happiness!! I have been suffering from anorexia for three years, I’m am beating it now but for a long time I was in the dark about my body (I won’t go into details). For the first time in ages I am happy and I’m happy with my body, I too have gained a lot of weight, so far about 25lbs and still have about 5lbs to go, but you know what?….. I’m exited!!!! I can’t wait to be ‘healthy’, and doing your videos Cassey has pushed me through, I feel strong and so full of life, ready to take on the world! I know what you felt like to be scared, but I think there is truth in saying if you are strong, fit and most of all, happy then it doesn’t matter what size you are. Life is about the moments which you cherish, the mistakes you learn from and the people that matter to you. If you feel the road getting a little bumpy, there are always routes to take to make it more smooth.. Or you can ride through it and come out the other side so much stronger.
    One things for sure, judging by all the messages you had so far, you are far from alone!! We all stand by you and you inspire us!
    I think you ARE beautiful Cassey, to me, you glow!
    xxx :)

  328. Oh my goodness, Cassey, I’ve been stumbling in and out of your website as I undergo my Pilates instructor training, and it was already obvious that your genuine nature shines through your articles. However, this post really takes it to a whole new level. Thank you so much for your candor in talking about weight gain as a fitness instructor. I decided to actually pursue Pilates instructor training because it helped me lose a lot of weight, but I still have a long way to go. Like you said, the “shame of being ashamed” is a regular, but not constant, battle. The important thing is to focus on being healthy, not numbers and definitely not what other people think. You go, girl. Keep it up.

  329. Hey Cassey,
    I am a dance teacher and I am not really slim. I have that “bat wing” and many other fat-flaws,
    but what the world doesn’t know is I HAVE LOST 20 KG . I was obese, but I can’t help my love for dance. I dance, I teach THEM WHO TRUST ME. And believe me, I know how you feel.
    I respect you so much, your videos.. I do them. I don’t care if you gain weight! You help people, like I help my students. Love!

  330. Sabrina says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I found you through the “Gangnam Style Cardio” and you got me hooked by writing articles that fitness is not about getting thinner and thinner but about being healthy and strong. It was nice to see that there is a community of people who are trying to be fit and healthy and don’t just focuss on the weight. Since then I’m a regular and happy reader of your blog and a huge fan.
    Your blog and your videos changed my life. Sometimes I still hear this little voice in my head telling me “well, SHE can afford thinking like that, YOU better loose some fat!”, but now it is much easier to shut her up. I have much more self confidence and I adapted a healthier lifestyle (not as good as yours, but still an improvement :-) ).
    I have done the ABC ABS workout yesterday for the first time as I haven’t had access to the internet for a while. I noticed that you looked slightly different and actually I was very impressed by that! This obsession about weight is so ridiculous, and I am proud that you withstand it! In my opinion, it only adds credibility to you and your message.
    Thank you for all this, you are such an inspiration an motivation.

    Hugs from Germany,

  331. Hey,

    I actually lose weight very fast and I don’t like that. If anything, I would like to gain weight and it’s veryy frustrating how on the internet, on youtube and all other social media people constantly talk about losing weight. I would like to know more about gaining weight.

  332. Cassey! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you for this post! Last summer I lost the most weight I ever had, I was so skinny, and had the body I always wanted, but I was the most unhappy I have ever been in my life. I felt so deprived and down. I felt I couldn’t enjoy myself and I would often skip out on fun events with friends so I didn’t have to eat and drink with them because I knew it would be bad for my diet. I was in my own “little diet world” and nothing else mattered. A whole year later, I gained back most of the weight I lost- but I’ve never been happier. I am not 100% satisfied with my physical appearance, but I’m 150% satisfied with my life. I am much happier now- both my friends, family, and boyfriend commented that I’m much more pleasurable now than I was when I was skinny. So although I’m not my dream size, I am happy. I am able to go out with friends, enjoy yolo foods every now and than and my world doesn’t revolve around my weight and diet- and that is SUCH a GOOD feeling! Thank you for reminding us that our weight does fluctuate and that we are women, it is normal, but at the end of the day what matters is your happiness!

    Thank you for your inspiration!

  333. Hey Cassey,
    i have just started up with u n it honestly feels great to pain my lazy flabby body.but there is one thing that i am truly sad about…can a proper exercise and skipping your dinner not work out for your body??/is dieting really essential??you know i stay in hostel..and i guess dieting for me is seriously a bad news…

  334. I’m sorry people say hurtful things to you. It happened to me, and actually it was my motivation. I can’t afford NOT to feel ashamed.. It’s a slippery slope for me….but that’s just me. Negative things motivate me.

    Anyway, don’t let it get to you. You know what you’re capable of. And when the time is right, you can get back there. And if you don’t feel it’s necessary to do so…then more power to ya! That is YOUR choice, not your aunts. <3

  335. Mary Haley says:

    that was amazing. And you know what? It’s because you’re human that I fell in love with your workout videos to begin with. When I was pregnant I preferred the videos where you looked less toned because I felt like I was working out with someone real, someone who I could look at and have fun working out with without freaking out about my changing body. And after my pregnancy I looked to your more toned videos for inspiration to tone back up and work hard. But your ups and downs is part of what makes you so relatable and wonderful to workout with and I for one and glad to be working out with such an inspiring, real person.

  336. Kristy says:

    Thanks for being such an inspiration! Its so crazy but I was having MAJOR issues with this topic today and some magical force led me to this post! It is so crazy that you always find what you need when you need it. Needless to say I’m ending the day in a way better perspective than when I started. Keep being you! :):)

  337. Cassey you are beautiful inside and out! You motivate me to work out each day with a smile on my face (never before has that happened) I loooove your videos and don’t listen to others about being “Fat” I wish I had your body! Your awesome! :D

  338. “Feeling like you’re out of diet jail. Feeling like you better take in as much food as possible before it’s taken away from you again.” – OMG Cassey, you said what I´ve been trying to express past 6 months! I gained over 10 lbs since my “ideal weight” like this and I felt horrible, but you made me feel way better now.
    Don´t be ashamed. You are still amazing!

  339. tabitha says:

    Keep your chin up! You are healthy! No one can be expected to keep a competion body fat %.

  340. Rikkileigh Smith says:

    honestly, I did not even notice a tiny change in your beautiful body. all those people picking on your weight changing is trying to make themselves feel better, trying to help themselves feel better for not working as hard as you do. I know I am no where close to what you have but I am working my butt off maybe not to my fullest yet, but it’s something I have to work on. you are GORGEOUS. your body is banging you are the reason I try to eat clean and work out only to your awesome videos. I look up to you. I love your high energy it makes me want to push harder, ! so what if you gained a few pounds, you still look absolutely amazing and you are still kicking ass. so thank you for pushing me. without you I’d be on the couch eating chips. hehe.

    xoxo Rikkileigh.

  341. Hey Cassey, just wanted to say: fitness instructors have the right to gain weight too! Everyone needs a break sometimes and if gaining weight is a result, so be it, that’s only natural. No one can sustain a strict diet/exercise regime without periodical rests/breaks

  342. Jennifer says:

    hey Cassey !!! It’s the first time I drop a comment on your mail box. The reading of your post was very moving and I complety identified with you, though I never had the bikini body (yet ;-) ) I totally get the feeling of being afraid of food and you expressed it perfectly. What I would like to say is that you inspire me even more because we can see that you are human and it feels so good not to look at the fitness instructor like some kind of alien creature who has achieved what I will always fail to do !! And by the way, in my opinion yo still have a bikini body !!! <3 Don't change a thing, those would should be ashamed are the ones dropping such lame comments on you weight. Lots of love from France :-D gros bisous xxxx Jennifer

  343. Cassey, I found your post very touching, but from the other side. Annoying people should just keep their thoughts for themselves and you shouldn’t give them the opportunity to define who you are!

    My “Problem” is the opposite – I’m 22years, 167cm/47kg. I eat what I want, I don’t starve myself and I think I am beautiful! I have nice ass, pretty big boobs for my body and some abs! And now I’m finally getting some muscles on my legs and arms, so I think I could be pretty good VS Angel :D
    I know what you’re all thinking: “Life’s easy being skinny…You don’t have our problems, why are you complaining, blah blah blah” .. Well, let me tell you, being skinny isn’t all pros. Skinny girls are judged too. I was bulled at school about it. Yes, just like you were about being fat. And being made fun of for being skinny hurts just as much as being made fun of for being big.
    Yes, I do yoga and sports. I love your Pop Pilates and i do it everyday! But do you know what i hear about it? That I’m doing it to get skinnier or lose weight, like I’m anorexic or something (OMG really? I mean how can you even think this bullshit??) How should I explain them that I want to be FIT. Because I love my body, I feel good in it and I want to keep it that way – thin and healthy!
    Back then, in school, I just wanted to scream in my bullies faces: – “Why are you allowed to love your “curves” but it’s wrong for me to love my “bones”? (By the way don’t you hate how society is changing the definitions of skinny and curvy. Curvy means you have curves, like big hips, large breasts, and a big butt. This does not mean you are overweight though. You can have all of those features, but still be skinny. Skinny does not mean you are a pile of bones, it simply means that you have low body fat!) Why is it okay for you to call me anorexic, but horrible for me to call somebody fat? If you can tell me to gain weight, why can’t I tell you to lose weight? If you can feel beautiful for being big, I can feel beautiful for being small? It’s called DNA you jealous bitches, GET OVER IT!! ”
    But now I know it’s not the way, cause they will never ever get it! So.. That’s just the way I am, that’s the way I’m always going to be. I’ve learned to love my body and I am not sorry for that. I’ve discovered that people are always going to be rude, and they’re probably always going to comment on the things they know least about.
    And Cassey, we all have problems with others bitching.. But remember, you are brave, you are amazing instructor, you are inspiring so many of us all around the world, and most of all – you are human with life, problems and etc.!! You should be proud of who you are and how you look!

  344. This. This comment. Cassey, please read this.

  345. Kathleen says:

    HI Cassey! I have been meaning to comment on this article since when I saw it, but I have been so busy. Anyways, here I go. I was so upset someone had the nerve to tell you that. I actually felt upset for you, if that makes sense! I applaud your honesty on such a touchy subject. Your openness has made me life you even more because you do not have that ‘plastic’ feel some other fitness instructors have. You are real. Your videos and the information you provide towards living a healthy lifestyle have motivated and inspired me sooo much. You have helped me move away from having a slightly pear shape/roundish figure to a progressively toner and healthier looking body. Also, through your positive comments (“the determination you put into these workouts can be applied to other areas of your life”) have helped me on my journey to overcome depression and other issues in my life. I thank-you for that. Keep on doing what you have always been doing! Peace and love!

  346. Celadon says:

    Hey Amanda! Cassey definitely acknowledged the fact that the diet was just for the competition, and was extremely unrealistic and unsafe for long periods of time. She’s got nothing to be ashamed of.

  347. Deanna says:


    I know you’ve probably received hundreds of comments like this, but I’d just like for you to know.
    I love you. I don’t mean to sound like a creepy stalker lesbian but I do. You make me want to work out, you motivate me like no other trainer has before.
    In fact just the other day I was feeling really depressed about my weight. I have hyperthyroidism and have had difficulty losing weight. I walked into my little gym in my basement, booted up my laptop and then cried. But the moment I started your “fat blasting cardio workout” your energy, your smile, your music and your little comments had me smiling through my tears and 60 minutes later I was laughing and feeling good.
    Cassey you do more than inspire me. I’m also asian and understand what it feels like to be put down about your weight by family members. My mum and grandmothers are worst for that. I love working out to your videos, because every day I can feel myself getting stronger. You make me feel good about myself. You’re one of the only people in my life who doesn’t care about my weight (even though you have no idea who I am or what I look like)

    I just wanted you to know that you”re a beautiful person. I truly believe that if you’re beautiful on the inside, it’ll shine through for everyone to see and you’re a wonderful example of that. Don’t let bitchy, insecure people put you down.

    I know you’ll stay strong for us popsters :)

    ps I honestly never noticed you gained weight

  348. Deanna says:


    I know you’ve probably received hundreds of comments like this, but I’d just like for you to know.
    I love you. I don’t mean to sound like a creepy stalker lesbian but I do. You make me want to work out, you motivate me like no other trainer has before.
    In fact just the other day I was feeling really depressed about my weight. I have hyperthyroidism and have had difficulty losing weight. I walked into my little gym in my basement, booted up my laptop and then cried. But the moment I started your “fat blasting cardio workout” your energy, your smile, your music and your little comments had me smiling through my tears and 60 minutes later I was laughing and feeling good.
    Cassey you do more than inspire me. I’m also asian and understand what it feels like to be put down about your weight by family members. My mum and grandmothers are worst for that. I love working out to your videos, because every day I can feel myself getting stronger. You make me feel good about myself. You’re one of the only people in my life who doesn’t care about my weight (even though you have no idea who I am or what I look like)

    I just wanted you to know that you”re a beautiful person. I truly believe that if you’re beautiful on the inside, it’ll shine through for everyone to see and you’re a wonderful example of that. Don’t let bitchy, insecure people put you down.

    I know you’ll stay strong for us popsters :)

    ps it’d be awesome if you came to Vancouver BC for an outdoor pilates class!

  349. Cassie, the whole time I was doing the ABC abs video I was honestly just thinking about how perfect your body was and how I wish I could be as fit as you. Ignore all the haters, I’m sure they don’t look even half as good as you!

  350. Mylene says:

    Hi Cassey! Your post is truly inspiring! :)
    I’ve always have a body image issue with myself, and still am. Even though I’m 160cm and weighing 40kg, I’ve never seen myself as skinny. Constantly exercising and restricting… Through your post, I do hope to be able to love my body and not be obsessed with my weight.
    Thanks! Hope you’ll some up with more articles related to body issues!


  351. I am Caucasian, my husband is Japanese. His father ALWAYS comments on weight. Same questions. “Are you getting fat?” “Are you having another baby?” “Oh, looks like you lost weight.” When my sister was skinny from being a drug addict, he commented relentlessly about how great she looked.
    My husband reassures me and says it’s just cultural, but if he says ANYTHING to my daughter, this mama bear’s claws are coming out! It may be cultural, but in this culture, there is enough pressure without family members commenting on weight. I NEVER comment on anyone’s size, even if they lost weight.

  352. Cassey! If anything this gives you MORE credibility as a fitness instructor because of your honesty and being so easy to relate to!

  353. Hey Cassie, I think you were incredibly brave to put this out in the open and even though I’m not a fitness instructor or anything i had the same feeling! I think its the thing about being a woman. But it really doesn’t take away any of the great inspiration you are to me and to so many other girls and women. I am so happy that you posted this, because im not sure if you realize, but I think that with this you send out the greatest message. To be brave, to never give up, to forgive yourself, to get back on track and countless other things. And you help others realize that its ok to fluctuate with your motivation, because its so natural. I just want to thank you for your inspiration as a fitness instructor and as a person. <3, hugs and kisses

  354. Daniela Santisteban says:

    Hey Cassey….

    I really don’t think you should let people get to you like that. I mean I understand you were offended, I would be too, but I feel like in this post you sounded defeated and bitter more than anything over one person’s silly comment that didn’t even intend to hurt your feelings — it was just communicated wrongly. :( I’m really sorry that you took it to heart, but remember the same things you tell all popsters. I think a lesson that rarely gets highlighted in your blog is that healthy is beautiful….I really feel that this post defeated that purpose and am a little disappointed….:/ … I hope that you’re going to “start eating super duper clean on a consistent basis and train harder for some weeks, and I will have [your] bikini body back.” for yourself and because it was in your plans…not just cause some girl came across the wrong way in your blog. One of the reasons that I love your blog is your confidence…I didn’t see it shine through in this post at all, it sounded like you you accepted whatever this other person said, and were trying to argue with her as to why it’s okay instead of letting it roll off your shoulder, smile and say “No worries, I’m still healthy, I’m still beautiful, and if I gained a centimeter of fat 1- it doesn’t matter, and 2 – I’m fit enough to get back on track in no time!”
    Considering how many young girls follow your blog I feel like those are value that should be highlighted instead of “Don’t judge me for gaining weight cause I know it looks bad and I’m so disappointed in me and I’m gonna lose it so I look pretty again!” …. I don’t think that’s a good example for the amount of 12 -15yr olds that already have confidence issues….

  355. Laurel says:

    Hey Cassey, I wanted to let you know that your recent post really struck me. I’m a junior in high school and it’s been my most stressful year yet. I’m loaded on difficult classes in a highly competitive school and it has not been easy to stay fit. Last year, in the spring, I joined the school track team. After that, I worked out consistently all summer. By the time school started, I was definitely at my ideal body type. But then, I let myself go once the stress piled up and fitness fell by the wayside. I wasn’t happy with my grades, with my body, or my own mindset. Then, after midterms, I found your channel and I gave your videos a shot. You made me feel the liveliness I felt last summer when I exercised regularly. Those endorphin rushes that I missed came back. Although I dealt with really sore muscles for a while, I knew that if I kept watching your videos, I could become stronger. So I did. I can’t say that my lifestyle is as healthy as last summer’s, when I was stress-free. I still can’t work out as much as I would like to, but I’m feeling a lot better about my body. I didn’t lose weight though. In fact I gained in muscle (and probably lost some fat). I actually look better in this and I’m loving the progress that I’m making. More importantly, I’ve stopped worrying about numbers. I stopped weighing myself and worrying about my caloric intake. I just did what made me feel good and I haven’t had any body image troubles. I also try to help my friends with their body image issues too and hopefully it’s working. =)

    The only issue is my mother. She’s noticed my weight gain and she keeps bugging me about it. I am Asian, so I understand what you mean–the constant commentary on your body. She thinks I’m heavy, when I’m in the 10-20th percentile for weight. And she keeps warning me that my muscle gain will deteriorate into fat if I don’t watch myself. I’ve gotten so frustrated to the point where I just block out everything she says about it. One day we fought because I refused to weigh myself, and she said I wasn’t respecting reality, that I was blind to it. My reason was not that I was scared of the number. I just don’t think it matters if I personally feel good about myself. What’s worse is when she starts criticizing my sister’s body. She’s only 12 years old and is really fit and thin. Recently, she had some menstrual issues and was anemic. Because of that, she hasn’t been able to be as physically active as she used to. Plus, she’s a growing kid so she likes to eat a lot. But she still looks beautiful! And she’s only 12! I told my mom that I didn’t care if she criticized me, ’cause I have thick skin and I can take it, but she could NOT tell my sister to lose weight too.

    A few days ago I had a checkup with the doctor. Indeed, I did gain weight. But my doctor commented on how fit and toned I looked. He reassured my mother that I was absolutely fine and that she shouldn’t be so fixated on my weight when eating disorders are a major problem amongst teenage girls. I think after that, she finally listened and she hasn’t been commenting on my weight.

    For now, my top priority is finishing the school year with high grades while maintaining my fitness. So far, I think I’m doing that nicely. Thank you Cassey, for being such an amazing, honest inspiration. Thank you for reminding why I love to exercise and eat well! And thank you for helping me regain my total confidence. =)

  356. you look great the way you are. your “bikini competition” body wasn’t healthy, because you weren’t eating a balanced diet, if you were only eating broccoli, chicken breasts and egg whites. shame on you for promoting a diet that’s not healthy, just to get to a certain body shape! as a fitness instructor, you should be ashamed of yourself!

  357. Hi Cassey! Instead of saying that I can relate to this post of yours, I would say this issue is the main reason that I am following your workout. But I am glad, that I found you. Not only because of your awesome workout, but also to have someone who is like a sister, telling me its ok to do this.
    I am a 45kg, 148cm, yeah I know I am pretty short for a 21 years old. I used to be slimmer, where my weight are around 40kg. Well personally I wouldnt call myself fat, but who would, until one day a girl came up to me and ask me if I gain weight. I really wouldnt mind if she is a close friend of mine, but she is not. So that actually hurts a lot hearing that from her. Even before hearing this from her, I already have someone who keeps on telling me that I am fat. That person is my boyfriend and yes, he did used the word fat. For anyone who had seen me in real life, wouldnt exactly label me as fat, they would just say that I put on some weight. Hearing people telling me fat, is something really hurtful and it makes me guilty.
    I dont have the perfect body. I have some slight double chin, a flabby tummy and a not so toned arms. Before becoming a popster, I am not exactly the athletic kind of girl, I just hate exercising. That was until I found you, Cassey. You are truly my inspiration.
    From you, I have not only learnt how to make myself fitter, healthier, and stronger, but also to become brighter and I am fill with more positive thoughts. After reading this post, I know that I am not alone and I totally understand how you feel. Thank you for telling me to love myself more, and that makes me love you more.

  358. I mean the extra layer f fat on me!!! Sorry!

  359. Cassey, I feel you. It’s funny because I started following you last year around your bikini competition, so I saw how skinny and toned you got, and always hated the extra layer of fat. So the weight came off like crazy and I was so proud of myself! Then after a bad breakup, it started coming back. I know you felt like you gained weight too, so don’t feel it’s just you. And don’t feel it’s perminant. According to my friend who’s an astrologist, this is the year of the immune system, so if you’re gaining weight, feeling lacklustre and getting sick more often, it might explain something’s.

    Otherwise, just remember that maybe girls like us are shaped that way for a reason. Not that either of us are big or even chubby! We just have that extra little layer! Keep working on it to make you happy, not to impress your followers! We can do it :)

  360. Thank you so much for your honesty and transparency! It’s so important for women to know that they are not alone when it comes to body image and weight issues. I know there are tons of bloggers that hide behind the curtain and only show what they want us to see, but your transparency is why you have so many loyal followers! It takes so much courage to talk about weight and eating issues, and I have to commend you for being so strong. You are helping so many girls by sharing your struggles that so many of us go through! I’ve been there with the disordered eating (anorexia and bulimia) and never feeling good or small enough. It’s easy to get consumed and obsessed with calories (I was afraid of fruit too) and being “perfect,” but I’m so proud of you for realizing that your diet at that time was too strict. I love your optimism in this post that everything will be ok, and that it’s ok to have setbacks! You are truly empowering Cassey!

    xo Catherine

  361. Hey Cassey, i cant believe people are saying such rude things to you but please dont take those comments to heart because to me you have an amazing body! The people saying those things are jus insecure about themselves and jus need to take it out on someone else. You have been such an insperation to me i have been doing your pilates vids for about 2 months and i do them everyday! I came across your “Miley Cyrus abs” video first and thought” wow that girl has a great body i wanna look like that” and ive been doing them ever since. You motivated me and sooo many others to get into shape and jus be happy with ourselves and no matter what size you are you are so beautiful inside and out! You have an awesome personality which is why i have fun working out with your vids! Keep your head up girl and dont listen to the haters cuz there are so many fans who love you for you!!
    <3 Tia!!

  362. Cassey!!! You poor thing!!! I’m so angry at how cruel people can be! I thought you looked fantastic in the abc abs video! Don’t let commenters get you down girlfriend! There’s no accountability for people’s actions online which causes people to feel free to take their own problems out on strangers. You help so many people including me with feeling healthy and keeping a positive attitude! It’s so brave of you to put yourself out there for the world to see and scrutinize. This post has made me love you so much more than I already do! Negative body image is such a huge problem and to hear someone so beautiful like you admit that you have the same feelings of insecurity makes people like me feel ok with ourselves and to love ourselves no matter what! You are the best don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Thank you for putting yourself out there for the benefit of people like me! Keep on keepin on! Love you!!!

  363. Cassey, I definitely feel where you’re coming from. While pregnant with my son I gained 30lbs. During and after my pregnancy, I thought I looked pretty good and felt awesome. A few months after my son was born my mom passed away. So between grieving and raising a newborn baby (his dad was working 24/7), I tried any and everything to feel better. I had no car so I was resigned to becoming a hermit and my son wasn’t the easiest baby to take care of. My best fix for how I was feeling was eating. Now three years later, I’ve put on a bit more weight (more than I’d like to share..) and it’s totally dragged me down, not to mention my son’s dad (we’re separated..) makes a comment about it every chance he gets. So I get to a mirror and tell myself that no matter what I look like, I’m still the same girl I’ve always been, I’m still a great mom, sister, & daughter even though things have changed. No matter what you look like, you’re still the same girl everyone loves to read/talk/workout with!

  364. Michelle says:

    A once-good friend of mine once exclaimed, in front of my whole class, “Wow, Michelle’s butt is HUGE!” Naturally everyone looked at me and gazed at my butt. I felt uncomfortable and ashamed, and I cried about it for probably 2 days. The truth is, I do have a little booty, and I do have hips, and I’m proud of them. I’ve been doing POP Pilates along with other workouts and they have changed my life and my perspective, I don’t think anyone in the room at the time could’ve said the same. It’s terrible that people can berate you for YOUR own body when yes, it is in fact YOUR body. It doesn’t make sense, and we should persevere past their negativity! Just like the cruel comments in the challenging ABC Abs video, people can be so cruel when it’s completely unneeded and heartless. Cassey your body is fit, healthy and beautiful!! Don’t let them bring you down, they don’t deserve the satisfaction. They’re probably just jealous of the wonderfully inspiring internet sensation and community you’ve developed through your love of clean eating and fitness.
    The moral of this is to never let people change your perspective of yourself and your body, it’s fruitless to do so. :) I hope you continue to help us POPsters and yourself through your fitness and health journeys, because you keep us going and motivated and HAPPY.
    We are here for you. <3

  365. I completely relate to this. I’m in grad school, and in the last month of the semester I NEVER have time to work out and I find myself needing more food for energy. I’m still writing final papers right now, still not doing any workouts and I totally bought some candy to help me through. I’m letting myself do what I need to and I’ll hop back on the wagon when all my work is turned in.

    I used to be upset that I couldn’t maintain my best weight once I’d achieved it for the first time, but life happens. It’s no big deal. I think you still look amazing and if anything the fact that you know what it is to struggle makes you more appealing as a teacher!

    I was wondering if you might think about doing a post some time about tips for staying healthy/healthier when you’re really busy? I’ve made sure to keep drinking lots of water and tea, I made a couple of meals in advance, and I’m having green monster smoothies every couple of days to make sure I’m still getting some veggies. I haven’t had time/energy to work out but I have done some walking when possible. I haven’t found an answer to not consuming way too much sugar though!

    I think you amazing and you have nothing to be ashamed about!

  366. Hallie says:

    I love this comment!

  367. Hallie says:

    You continue to wow me every time I read your blogs. You are such a great role model and you are my inspiration. I feel like I’m coming from a similar place as you, except to a greater degree. I was at my goal weight and felt so proud of myself. But then I sustained a knee injury that lasted 6 months and began a new lifestyle at boarding school. I was a mess without being able to run for 6 months and having to eat cafeteria food because I didn’t have a kitchen of my own. I gained 20 pounds. When I realized just how much my new eating mindset (can always burn it off tomorrow) was affecting my health I felt like it was too late. After recovering from the injury, I lost a few of those 20 pounds but my mindset hasn’t shifted. I’m still overeating and not thinking I’m “good” enough to wear my cute clothes that no longer fit me. The only thing that fits me is my sweatpants, and people have started to make comments to me, “Hallie did you just come from a run or something?” “Sweats again?” “I think it’s time to go get you a better wardrobe.” But I don’t want a new wardrobe, not until I feel comfortable with my body. I keep throwing myself pity parties because I think I’m worthless. And those cry fests only lead to binges. Cassey you give me hope that its not just me. That even fitness instructors have up and down periods. That I’m not alone. I wanna give you a computer hug and tell you to keep on preaching it. Sure your up over your normal body weight, but there is no “perfect” human being, your just a real one. A real one who is making a real difference in this girls life, along with many others. Thank you Cassey. Infinite x’s and o’s -Hallie

  368. Hi Cassey! I know what you feel. I’m a dietitian, everybody expects you to be skinny and to eat right, you must imagine the pressure around my dietitian colleagues… We have to think that we are professionals and we know what we know very well, and trust our knowledge. We have a family and other non related to our profession business, we are human too :) Kisses from portugal

  369. Dear Cassey,
    Gotta say – while your physique is certainly an inspiration to all of your fitness clients & followers, it is your attitude that keeps us coming back for more. Your enthusiasm for life is what truly inspires me to take better care of myself. When you are 100 years old with a walker, I will still be taking your fitness/life advice. I hope that you can truly know that it is your character and your integrity that make you the most beautiful and inspiring instructor (and person!).
    Thanks for changing my life (not because you have an inner thigh gap!).
    xoxo Kat

  370. Kristen says:


    I cannot believe that anyone would ever comment on your weight. You look absolutely amazing and I am so inspired by the fact that your are both fit and healthy. You offer realistic, great advice that has truly changed my life. There are so many times when I feel like I don’t want to workout, but I know I will enjoy it because your videos are fun and they work! I am always telling people what an awesome instructor you are and letting them know about all of your great videos. I never thought I could do 100 burpees, but I did, thanks to you, and it really made me feel empowered. Thank you for being so relatable (and a little silly : ) )!! I hope I get to go to one of your meet-ups soon!

    Your fan!


  371. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for writing this. I think this stuff every day and I know how hard it is. I just started a new job and was then told I have a longer commute than I expected. I totally understand being so busy and barely having time to sit down, let alone work out. Though I haven’t worked out as frequently as I’d like, your words are always in the back of my head…something is better than nothing. Even if I do 3 or 4 of your videos, that’s something and it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t still eat that extra granola bar on the way home because it’s extra calories.
    You are so inspiring. Your positive attitude and approach to fitness is what keeps me going–not how you look or how much you weigh.
    Thanks for being your awesome self!! <3 Michelle

  372. yelija says:

    Just what i needed to read.. I’ve been feeling the same as you feel Cassey!. I’ve been in the best shape of my life as i was doing Pilates. I devoted myself doing your exercise everyday and learned to eat veggies which I hated since I was young, before i went vacation 4 months ago. And I was thinner and felt so much in shame. But after i had my vacation and went back to work I started to loosen up & wasn’t strict with eating healthy foods even started to become laxed with my exercise regimen. Because of that i gained weight and felt so horrible every time other people would say “oh your fat again” but after reading your post today, it made me feel that I’m not alone with this struggle. Thank you Cas for inspiring me again. You really made my day. God bless you and may continue to inspire people. Your really such an amazing person. Your really an inspiration to us.. God bless!

  373. The body cannot deal with such a strict diet and I think its really important not to push your body too far. if you gain a bit of weight so what I think you look great the way you are, thanks for this honest post

  374. I love you so much for writing this. When I made the decision to get in shape, it was so hard to remind myself that being healthy and being thin are completely different things. Sometimes after a tough workout I would eat a huge portion of brown rice and then feel so horrible about it about that because I felt like I had just gained all the calories back. These days I’m a lot thinner than I used to be because some part of me keeps starving myself off carbs and fats. The worst part is that I’m afraid of gaining the weight back now that I’ve lost it. I’ve been trying hard to find my way back to YOLO foods and stress-free meals and I admire you so much for getting there. You’re strong, Cassey.

  375. love this post.. You’re so wonderful! Owh you look GREAT, and this makes you real! Just keep on being that lovely crazy cassey <3!

  376. Love you Cassey, you’re so right! Have you heard of Sophie Guidolin? She’s a fitness model from Australia who’s so lean she wins comps without doing much or any prep training! Her recipes are really good (as are yours) but just to recommend some more super clean food ideas to keep it interesting!

  377. Mary Lawrence says:

    Thank You Cassey.
    You honestly have no idea how important you are to me and my family.
    You saved me, I was really struggling when I went into recovery from anorexia.
    But somehow watching your videos, and reading your blog helped me start noticing the good things about my body. sure, i still notice the bad things, but the good have slowly started to outweigh them.
    I live in New Zealand and I just got back from LA, travelling has wrecked havoc on my eating patterns and I don’t feel as confident with myself now that ive put on a bit of weight and my body has changed.Im having a difficult time accepting this.
    The fact that you noticed you gained a bit of weight and you were able to see the positive side of things is really helping me to see that my life shouldn’t revolve around what number is on that scale.
    You are my motivation, thank you for showing me someone who’s confident and happy with their body and life, and for also showing me someone who’s human and feels the guilt that comes with gaining weight.
    I don’t feel so alone anymore.
    You look amazing and I only wish i could gain weight and still look as wonderful as you do.
    You really are a beautiful person, inside and out.
    Thank you for being who you are.

  378. Aika Sabo says:

    Cassey, you are amazing. Able to keep your body such in shape despite the diet in America. Its not easy, especially for women’s bodies that store fat. I know how you feel, I have Asian relatives too. The thing I hate the most is that women are the one that comment on you if you are gaining weight or look fat. Really?! Women hate their bodies so much and try so hard to look good, yet women are the one that come up to you and tell you you look fat. Its ridiculous! Women need to learn to stop this cycle, its unhealthy. I’ll be honest, I don’t like the bikini competition, I mean don’t get me wrong. I think its amazing that you were able to do it and that is awesome. Yet for me, its like accepting the media’s mentality about how women should look like. Anyways, I shouldn’t lecture. Just ignore those stupid comments about your weight. Don’t fall into the false mentality about women and their body image. Its not healthy. You are a fitness instructor, there is no way that you will get too “fat.” You are smart and know what is needed for your body. So what if you gain weight, you know how to get rid of it. There is no woman around you know the things you do to keep your body fit. Its not easy, so those critics don’t know anything. Your body image is not anyone’s concern but yours. If you are happy with it, then that is all that matters. Thank you for your knowledge, you are helping so many people who struggle with weight. Thank you Cassey, you are beautiful.

  379. shiann says:

    you know what, cassey?
    You never fail to inspire people
    Even when you think that you ‘failed’ because you gained weight, you still managed to inspire.
    Especially me.
    I even stopped working out because i felt like it was useless.
    Because I gained weight, i feel the worse, i felt horrendous. Today, it was my grandma’s birthday. But i didnt go because i’m scared that people would say i gained weight. I don’t want to hear anything about it.
    But you changed my perspective and lifted all the burden i felt.
    You remind me that I am just human and I shouldn’t stress myself about it. :(
    This is just mind opening.
    I love you, okay? We’ll support you all the way.

  380. Omg Cassey!! I
    ‘m so glad you wrote this because, I felt the same way! I had to travel, so I started to take a break from a strict diet and exercise. Now, I felt like I’m a total failure after gaining a bit of weight.. And it made me want to break away completely from eating healthy and sparing time to exercise..
    And, I have an asian family too.. Before, they say i’m too skinny and giving me looks when I don’t eat their unhealthy cookings (y know..dim sum, pad see ew, wonton noodles and all those goodies! Oh so good!~ ><) but now, they say my thighs are thick and it looked like a 'soccer player thigh'
    But y know what.. After reading this post, I felt better and I'm inspired to start eating clean! Y kno wht, it's okay to gain weight! All I have to worry now is my future and how I'm going to be healthier :)

  381. Allyson says:

    Cassey – You are beautiful inside and out! I hate that you are even made to feel slightly bad about your body because you are STILL skinny, strong and healthy! There are tons and tons of Popsters who wish they could look like you right now – I just hope people who are actually seriously struggling with their weight don’t feel like they have to be in bikini competition shape to be “perfect” because it just is not realistic or even attainable for most! ! I’m just glad you have the sense to know that there are ebbs and flows in life and working out 24/7 is just not possible…eating super clean 24/7 is not realistic (or very fun!) and that we have to embrace ourselves in every stage of our lives. But the point is — you look great and I hope you can move past any negative comments and continue to focus on being happy and balanced in all facets of your life. :-)

  382. Hana G. says:

    Cassey, I have been so concerned lately about how I look. I use to be a swimmer and I was so super lean then. But I wasn’t able to swim anymore because of a shoulder injury and I gained weight quickly. It’s not that I’m fat but I am not as lean as I wish I was. I HATE myself in a bathing suit and I’ve been working so hard to like what I see in the mirror. I’m doing really well but now I am going to have to take 6 weeks off working out because I am having surgery and I am so terrified I am gonna gain weight from it. But, what I am gonna do is this: I am going to watch what I eat and stay positive so that when I am able to start working out again, I will be ready and healthy. You are the reason I am working so hard at being the healthiest and best me I can be. Thank you so much for everything you do and inspiring all these people to better their health.

  383. Emilie says:

    Two years ago, I was at my going-away lunch at my old job, with all my colleagues. They gave me a nice gift, told me how they appreciated me and that they were going to miss me. All of a sudden, a new employee in the group, a weird woman, angry with life and always moody, said to me in front of everyone “You’ve gained weight, right?” I was so angry, I told her straight to her face that yes, I had gained weight but that her remark was inappropriate and that’s not something you say, especially not at someone’s party. People are mean sometimes. I think you look great and healthy. You let your body recover, you enjoyed good food, and you’re still fitter and slimer than most of us, your readers. Don’t be hard on yourself and please don’t do anything drastic.

  384. Caitlin says:

    Hi Cassey.

    I admire this post so much. I have been struggling with anorexia for the past couple of years, and reading this was truly inspiring. I struggle with these same thoughts every day, and it’s great that people are talking more about this issue. Thank you for being so inspiring and positive.

  385. Deydouh says:

    I think you are more beautiful now than on the picture, you look more healthy! Thank you fore changing my life and giving me the courage to start training! You are beautiful !!!!!

  386. Most people say I’m lean, but I see someone squishy in the mirror and I feel someone squishy whenever I put on my favorite “clear soup” jeans or when a favorite pair of jeans turns into a pair of “clear soup” jeans. I remember once someone jokingly called me a fatass when I was out running, but It was still hard to not get offended by it and I thought of the perfect comeback AFTER I got home. (always how it works). Contrary to how most people think, with me eating gluten free, refined sugar, (mostly) dairy free, and eating weird foods like liver, kidneys, heart, spleen, kombucha, unsweetened chocolate, chia seeds, goat yogurt, and sheep yogurt, I still love my YOLO foods and thensome. I have a problem with willpower with YOLO foods. I can’t have “just a taste.” I have to have the whole container, even if I know it will make me sick. I think the balance is finding an eating regime (I dont’ say diet because that implies something temporary) that both tastes good, doesn’t deprive you, leaves your body at a healthy weight/body fat percentage, and leaves you feeling energized. I once tried the bikini competition meal plan because I was desperate to lean out, but after a week I felt like a zombie, and yeilded, so I knew it was not for me. In fact, I was researching, and though i think doing the bikini competition was admirable, doing a diet that is both low carb and low fat is actually quite detrimental to the body, since you need ether carbs or fat as your “efficient:” energy source, and protein is not an easily used, efficient energy source. You need either carbs in your bloodstream to be efficiently burned, or you need fat to make ketones, so by just eating protein (fiber is not absorbed and provides no calories nor energy) you’re not fueling the body properly. I’ve been eating paleo/primal lately, and I’ve found I like it very much, and that I do well on a high fat/moderate protein/low carb macronutrient distribution ratio, and paleo/primal is the kind of dietary regime where you can lean out without feeling deprived.

    (whoa that ended up being long)

  387. Taelor Paige says:

    I found this website looking for workouts, and boy am I glad!

    I have been unable to work out for the last long while because I have been fixing compensation patterns from old sports injuries. Of course through the duration of re establishing muscle relationships and memory my new ‘workouts’ were a big huge tease to what I was normally used to. However, today, I did a circuit workout of my own design based on moves I have found from various mags (I had to make them more isometric/stabilizing) and was able to actually break a sweat without having any discomfort in my joints or muscles. This is the first time in over a year!
    I am so happy to have found this resource because I am gonna kill these workouts(slowly but surely…lol) Not to mention I am gonna feel so stinking good and strong!

    I will say that it was absolutely enraging to not be able to workout when I had the desire to. Not to mention that I am used to the body benefits (like firm skin) and I watched myself slowly …degrade…. (in my case it was literal because I had to intentionally become weaker so I could essentially re engineer my muscle patterns) and just sit their and feel horrible because I just couldn’t do anything more about it at that time.

    Such a strange feeling, looking at your body and wanting it to be one thing while it’s another….while also trying to convince yourself to accept yourself… It is so hard for me to not compare my self to all of the big boobed girls(no put down intended) with nice toned firm butts and legs and a six pack….to what I see in the mirror which is a barely their A cup with dimply thighs and booty and a bit of muffin top. How do you accept what you see in the mirror when you know you are capable of being what your comparing your self to? I can’t say I have developed acceptance towards my body the way it is. I want to change my body from it’s natural form….. Is that bad…? I asked my self that a lot…. I decided that I don’t think so. I like to like what I see in the mirror. I don’t think it’s bad that I don’t choose to accept one form of myself. Everyone chooses to downplay the faults they are most ashamed of.

    Well, it’s finals week and I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend doing some more PT of my own design and studying and on Monday its on like donkey kong. Cheers to my recovery!!

  388. Lauren says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add that the people who are commenting on your ‘weight gain’ are sick. they must be the kind of people who judge every little thing and try to put down people who seem too happy just so they can lift themselves up. Sure, you may not be AS thin as you were back then, but that was impossible to keep up with. And it’s not like you’re FAT now! you’re beautiful!

  389. Lauren says:

    One time, like, 5 years ago in fourth grade summer rec, we were rehersing a play and I was waiting for my entrance, when this 1st grade girl taps on my chubby shoulder and says that this other little boy has something to say to me. Then, he says, “Well YOU said it first!” and then I asked what they said and he goes, “She called you cow! hahahaha” and then, they get into a big fight about who called me a cow first… honestly, I hadn’t even really known that I was fat before that day… even though i was a good 50 pounds overweight. What a wakeup call :/. but thats the past! You’ve helped me come SO far from that Cassey!!! Also, I don’t think you look fat! Not at all! Honestly, you look really good! my goal is to be as in shape as you are now!:)

  390. Hey Cassey,

    Just don’t let all these mean people take down your self-confidence! I can understand that we all have times when we are a little bit insecure about our looks… If you should feel that way, you should just know: Your POPsters will always love and support you even if you should gain 20 or 50 pounds!:-P

  391. Anonymous says:

    Hello Cassey, I just wanted to say that I have noticed that maybe you look a little “bigger” than your bikini pictures, but I NEVER thought that it was because you suddenly began to overeat and were slacking on your workouts. You post new videos all the time and we all know that you teach a lot of classes. Teaching FITNESS, not THINNESS, is your job. I have enjoyed learning about Pilates and clean eating from your videos, and I can honestly say that you have changed my life. Before I found you, I was working out sufficiently, but eating “diet” food that I would find in boxes on the grocery store shelf. After I learned about clean eating through your videos, I started to eat raw fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, and shed off a lot of weight. Now, the muscles that I had always worked for are showing through, and it makes me happy to see my hard work pay off. When I read this post, at first I thought that it was good for you to defend your own body image to the people that made negative comments (by the way I’m pretty sure those are like 16 year old girls that have followed your advice, seen good results, and now think that THEY are the experts). When I kept reading, however, It seemed that you were being a little hard on yourself for “letting yourself go.” YOU LOOK AMAZING, because you WORK HARD everyday for your body. Although you looked great in your bikini pictures, I always thought that the competition was a personal challenge for you to see how far you could push yourself to meet your goal. Having an extreme diet and training regimen like that is not something that we all can do throughout our lives. It isn’t realistic. That is only something to challenge yourself to do for a relatively brief period of your life to meet a short-term goal, not how you should live everyday. The fact that you seem to think that you aren’t your best right now because you don’t have the extreme bikini body concerns me. I just want you to know that your real fans support you and don’t expect you to live up to an unrealistic image of “fitness.” We can all see that you’re rock hard and have an amazing work ethic. Thank you for all that you do.

    Now go kick some ass….that is all.

  392. Emilia says:

    You still look gorgeous, Cassey! I can’t believe people actually pointed that out but don’t feel ashamed or bad about it! We still love you just the same. You just need to start over, no big deal. :) I really feel I can trust you to tell us how it is, and with this post, you really have done it again. You’re so brave and I admire you so much for it.

  393. Mary Anne says:

    This reminds us that you’re human just like us. And that no one is perfect. We couldn’t ask for a better instructor than one who has been through EVERYTHING <3

  394. Susanne says:


  395. I cannot believe How rude some people can be. It seems some people want to hurt others. Bring other people down because they are not Happy with themselves. We are only human and No one is perfect. Case stay as special as you are. Our self worth does not come from a number on the scale!

  396. My names Lydia I am 17 years old and have dealt with a horrendous amount of criticism for my weight for the past couple of years. I am 5 ft and weigh 8 lb, I would not say im really really overweight but the pressure to be stick thing is so great it takes over everything. It is so hard waking up everyday knowing that I should be thinking about what I wear in order to hide my curves, its sad to know i am nowhere near happy with myself or my appearance. I think the saddest part is the shame I put myself through after i have indulged in something. I always try and maintain the motivation to get fit and change my lifestyle simply for myself, and I always find myself battling over whether I can ever be happy knowing my weight. I hold enough prejudice being very short for my age and criticisms keep an addition. Thank you for this post Cassey, I think knowing even you could possibly get comments on your weight simply shows people always find a way to comment and that it isn’t a personal flaw of mine, I should be doing it for myself.xxxx

  397. Marina says:

    First of all I hope my english isn´t too bad.

    I love you for train us all for FREE!
    You put so many time and love in your work to make us fit and stay healthy!

    And for me it is a great motivation to see that you are just normal and that you like to eat like me too.

    P.S.: I LOVE your banana pancakes thank you for them! :)

    Stay great! ♥

  398. chandni says:

    awwww!! cassie v will always love u for wht ur not how ur body looks!! ur always been inspiration for me and u will always really happy u shared this with us thnku

  399. this is a beautiful post! HEALTH is important. Enjoyment of LIFE is important. And I bet you are healthy as a horse just the way you are now. Looks are secondary. You’re beautiful! Keep doing what you do!!!!

  400. Casseyyyy! I so admire you right now more than ever, your so honest and down to earth and that’s what people need in the world, more people like you! Who cares what people say, you still look great and are a huge motivation to so many people including myself! Your pop pilates videos are the FIRST time i’ve actually enjoyed exercising and stuck to it! Keep up the good work, i’ll be following your training videos for years to come.


  401. Gabbie B says:

    YES! Thank you so much for this post, Cassey. I’ve been gaining weight lately and wondering when I would get back on track. Similarly within the course of one year, I have seen myself at my tiniest and my largest. I managed to become the fittest I ever was with your videos and advice last summer. But as the school year rolled in, I got caught up with school, sports and the holiday season (DUN, DUN, DUN) and I put on some weight. It made me panic for a while. I cheerlead and for some reason I thought the extra 10 pounds would demote me from my flyer position. But then I realized that my body still has the strength to do what it needs to do and much more. I am excited for summer to come again to get back onto a great, healthy routine.

  402. Bethany says:

    Thank you so much Cassey for your honesty. I really did not think you had gained weight. You are so beautiful inside and out! My weight has fluctuated my whole life and so I have dealt with a lot of comments like that time and time again. I look forward to a time when people see that being any certain weight does not mean that you are healthy and/or happy. Keep shining your light! Thank you. :)

  403. Melanie says:

    I always was too skinny, even sometimes extremely skinny. But until I started working out with your videos, I really hated my not toned up body with no relief at all. The same way as some girls with weight problems hate their body, I hated how my body looks without sport. I always was into fitness, but some time ago I had a really big injury (I got in a motorcycle crash) and I had to quit. And only with your help and with your videos I was able to start work out again! You are so inspiring, so motivating! You just best trainer ever-ever-ever! And you looks great! Love you so much Cassey!

  404. I LOVE how honest you are. That is what inspires me the most. Nobody’s perfect and you share that even you struggle at times. That just makes me want to get up after I fall down and try again. Thank you so much for your honesty and everything that you do. Oh, and you’re gorgeous by the way, I dream of having a body like yours ;)

  405. Thalissa says:

    Hey Cassey! First of all, i wanted to tell you that I kind of know that feeling. All my life I’ve been trying to get a bikini body, but I never had it. In fact, when I did get a bit closer, I’d suddenly have chocolate cravings all the time – unfortunetly, I always satisfied them with plenty of it without thinking twice – and I’d feel extremely lazy and ashamed of going out for a run, because I feared I’d look chubby in tight clothes. But it turns out I never tried hard enough. Lately, I realized that all this time I had spent going to psychologists and nutritionists and people who thought my problem was eating too much was useless. Actually, the problem was that my diets had always been too extreme: no carbs, no sweets, no gluten, no soda, etc. And the biggest problem is that I’m traumatized about the whole thing, since I’ve never ever looked into the mirror and genuinely liked what i was seeing. I remember worrying about my looks even when I was 7 years old (I’m 13 now), which was NOT supposed to be a problem for me at the time. So now I’m doing things right. I realized I have to care less about what others think and start doing this not for them, but for myself. And I cant wait until I get the body I’m working so hard on – with your help, of course. Thanks for doing these videos. Seriously, THANK YOU. I don’t know if you’ll even get to read this but I thought I’d give it a try. (: xx

  406. Kathrin says:

    You wrote: “You know, being a fitness instructor – your body is a scource of inspiration for others. It’s supposed to be chiseled. Hard. Toned and tight. And when it starts […] you start feeling like your career and credibiltiy are on the line”

    that is my answer (though it’s NOT my OWN):
    “I am beautiful no matter what they say
    Words can’t bring me down
    I am beautiful in every single way
    Yes, words can’t bring me down
    So don’t you bring me down today!”
    (Christina Aguilera)

    Cassy: you always tell us that we work out for ourselves. that, no matter what other think of us, it’s important to stay true to ourselves and to believe and to keep up the work. I am really upset, that you let those comments get close enough to you to make you feel fat.
    you are beautiful no matter how “big” your inner thigh gap is!!!
    you are a role model (to me) ESPECIALLY BECAUSE you gained some weight and showed me that it’s not a bad thing, as long as you notice and keep working on it!!!!
    you DO NOT have to look like a bikini contest-model to be an authentic, great, motivating and inspiring FITNESS INSTRUCTOOR!!!!
    You’r awsome and I really hope that you work out a solution to keep a distance to statements like the ones on youtube! For so many people (in the whole wide world, and over here in Germany :-) ) your a motivator to get us off the couch and get our mucles killed every single day!
    You are great and i love you and your videos!

  407. Cassey i got married in the summer and I was so happy with how I looked, which was thanks to pop pilates! so thank you :) I honestly find you look gorgeous now, you look more ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’. Dont get me wrong every girl wants to see all her muscles toned etc but the way you look now looks really healthy and the way a fitness instructor should look! Its horrible when you feel that way (i currently do now) buuuut like you said..everyone has their ups and down you cant always look amazing (even though i would die to look like you :P)

  408. Cassey,

    I want to thank you so much for being who you are. You’re absolutely perfect in every way. I had a really tough fall and winter, gained weight, was extremely depressed and filled with anxiety, was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia among all my other issues…I’ve been on medication, but didn’t feel as happy or energetic as I have been while doing your workout calendars and hearing your inspiration. People are mean, but only because they don’t have the qualities you have. They’re jealous and not comfortable with themselves. Wouldn’t you like to see what they’re like when they step away from the keyboard? It’s safer back there. Thanks for getting me back on track, keeping me on my toes and for showing me true kindness and inspiration.

  409. This comment is perfect! Couldn’t have put it better myself :-)

  410. This made me sad to read! I can’t believe you feel as if you need to lose weight when you look so great, as you say it should be about being healthy and feeling good. You said you were tired and not eating enough before so surely that’s not as healthy as you are now?! I think you look amazing and are a constant inspiration for me so please don’t worry about it Cassey!!xxxxx

  411. Caitlin Donovan says:

    Hey :)

    I just wanted to say that any comment about you gaining weight is completely ridiculous. For me exercise is about feeling good, being fit and being healthy. Being healthy is the most important consideration in my mind, and gaining a little weight in no way makes you unhealthy. Ever since I started pop pilates about a year and a half ago I have seen wonderful results. I am not necessarily losing weight, but that was never my goal. I can see myself toning up and building stamina and endurance, which is what I have wanted from the beginning. Your videos are inspiring, encouraging and mostly importantly FUN!

    Please keep doing what you are doing and feeling good about yourself. Your are beautiful inside and out so don’t forget it! Thanks for everything you do!

  412. elizabeth says:

    Cassie, I didn’t notice. I wasn’t paying that much attention. I was focussed on the workout, thought it was very clever how you gave our minds something to do to detract from the muscle burn, though you sounded bright and bubbly as usual, and looked lovely as usual. I too have put on weight right now but have the opposite problem from you: “You’re lovely as you are!”, “You don’t need to lose weight!”, “If you need to lose weight, then what does that mean for the rest of us (laugh)”, “Men like women with a bit of meat on their bones”, “I think you look better”. Well, thanks your opinions but I’d prefer support or at least acceptance.

  413. I love your videos! I started yesterday and I want to do the 90 days challenge! I will put my outcome in my blog :) wish me luck!

  414. Cassey-

    You are such an inspiration to me. Your positive attitude and encouragement always make me feel good. I found you by accident on livestrong and was hooked as soon as I started the first video. Even when I really don’t want to workout and think I’ll just see what this video is like before I try it, I ALWAYS end up on the floor saying “wait for me”. It makes me feel good the whole day. There are days I still have negative thoughts about my body, but I hear you in my head saying things from your video like “you are strong” and it helps push out those negative thoughts and make healthy choices throughout the day.

    You are my absolute favorite fitness guru. You are beautiful inside and out! Thank you for all you do.

  415. Cassey, if I was inspired by you before I am even more inspire now! I respect you for been so real and thank you so much for all you do for us!!!

    We love you, by the way you need to do a meet up in Portland, OR.

    <3 <3<3

  416. Amanda Yohn says:

    Girl, I didn’t even notice the difference ’cause in the back of my mind I was sayin’ to myself “DAMN, I gotta keep goin’ harder to look that good!” You’ve still got a body to make girls envious and men swoon! Don’t let those people pointin’ it out let you down, they are just lookin’ for somethin’ to make themselves feel better and shame on them for not bein’ adults about it!

  417. Charlotte says:

    How does anyone have time to notice if you’ve gained weight? Throughout ABC ABS, I was just focused on doing that star move properly and I still can’t do it! You’re a beast Cassey, I can never keep up with you lol.
    But I do want to bring up something that this post made me think of… what is our motivation for working out and being healthy? Is it solely to have a nice body, like airbrushed women in magazines? Our motivation should be to live healthier lives! Looking awesome is just an added benefit. I, like most people, work out for ‘vain’ reasons… I want to look hot in a bikini and honestly, I rather look better naked than with clothes on. It would add a lot to my self-esteem. But do I really need to have the most toned, chiseled and defined body to have better self-esteem? Is self-esteem only tied to our perception of our physical bodies?! Obviously not.
    I guess what I’m trying to say here is that whether you gain a couple or lose a couple, it’s not important. Having a body that you’re happy with should be only be a by-product of living a more active and healthy life, and not the #1 priority… the fact that people notice your weight gain just proves to me that women keep self-destructive images in their minds. It’s fine to be inspired by other women’s bodies, but we have to also keep in mind that many of those pictures we see have been edited, and we’re not all fitness instructors! If we look ourselves and don’t think we look as good as someone else, we’ll never be happy with our results. It’s great to be fit, but we have to also be realistic! You may never qualify to be a Victoria Secret model, but that’s ok (figurative you). I learnt this lesson because my boyfriend is a circus artist, and trains alongside circus artist women with the mooost perfect bodies. I’d compare myself to them and feel bad about myself and wonder why my boyfriend would want a body like mine, when he could have something like THAT. One day, I told this same thing to one of my friends and she said “They’re circus artists. They train for a living! Their bodies are their careers!” I never looked at it that way before. Working out all day is not the career path that I’ve chosen, nor most people out there, so why would I think I could results like those?
    Cassey, you may be a fitness instructor, but you’re so much more than that. With all your projects and commitments, I’m sure you don’t have time to workout all day either. Please don’t ever worry or be ashamed of gaining some weight. As long as you continue to live a healthy exemplary life by eating well and being active, that will always make you credible in my eyes, because that’s hard enough!! I understand where you’re coming from though, thinking it would discredit you. My Zumba instructor isn’t the most toned or even ‘skinny’ really. I would wonder why she doesn’t a super svelte body because she kicks my butt in every class. Turns out she teaches Zumba as a 2nd job, works full-time, and is married with a baby. Lol well then. I felt bad for having those thoughts and I still do. I go to her class regularly because she’s the bomb and what she teaches works for me, and what she DOES inspires me, not just how she looks.
    Anyway, that was a super long comment and I went on many tangents, but all of this to say you’re amazing Cassey, with a few extra or not! Sorry for giving you another comment to read!

  418. You look beautiful, healthy and very fit! It doesn’t matter whether you you weigh 10 pounds more or less. Most girls would kill to have your body – haha :D
    I think depriving yourself by going on such a strict diet is not good at all. I think what happend to you is exactly what happens to most people, after they went on a diet. It’s the yo-yo-effect! Because you werde deprived before, you eat double as much afterwards.

    Don’t worry about your weight, Cassey! Your the best fitness-instructor I know – and the only one that gets me up and going and doing things I never thought I could do! I actually have fun doing sports now! I never thought this could happen to me :D

    Just keep on doing your good work, eat clean and healthy (but don’t deprive!) and stay the fabulous person that you are! xo

  419. Anonymouse says:

    “Personally, I think that to say you are getting more weight is just matter of opinion.”

    Well, no. The number on the scale doesn’t lie. If it goes up, then you’ve gained weight. It’s a fact, not opinion.

  420. Melanie says:

    I’m a day late, but this was brilliant. It’s so true. Whoever said it was possible to be “perfect” all the time?? Life is inconsistent and that’s what makes it beautiful. Change is beautiful. And so many things can be scary! But it’s true, just pick yourself up and start anew.

    Great post, Cassey. Really awesome of you to say. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  421. I love this post, i think it’s normal gain weights after a stressuful period!
    The important is that you haven’t found excuses and you are ready to re-start!
    Honestly i think you have a beautiful and feminine body, for me last year your legs were too thin.. so i think you should gain only muscle in your leg / abs. It will be easy for you, you are an amazing personal trainer!
    So don’t worry! ♥
    Eat clean and train dirty :’)

  422. Melanie says:

    Hey Cassey! I just wanna let you know that we are actually on the same boat :) lol. I have been skinny ALL my life and I never had to do anything for it. Now, I’m starting to notice some fat on my waist area. For months now I was deniying it saying to myself that it was just a little flub cuz I ate too much and that it will be gone by tomorrow. What snaped me into reality was at work one day (I work in a photolab) I saw a picture of a woman who was showing her belly. Her shape was excactly like mine and at the bottom of the picture it said ’10 weeks pregnant’. I was like OMG Im FAT like a pregnant girl! I freaked. Now I’m worryed that I’m either pregnant (wich is probably not likely) or gaining weight. Hopefuly just fat lol cuz I know I can get the weight off. I just need to push myself. Just like you can. And Girl, you gaining weight is still skinny to me lol I saw that video and I didn’t even notice lol.

  423. Bethany "Beppa" Brown says:

    My sister introduced me to you about a year ago-I had twins (and got HUGE.) I love working out, but getting back into the groove with two little ones running around was difficult. I love your workouts, and there are a few reasons why. I love that you struggle through them with us, and you can tell that it’s real! I love that you admit to having flaws, in short I love that you are real.

    You are truly an inspiration–I did ABC abs and all I could think was that you looked gorgeous and healthy as always. You will never be discredited as a fitness instructor in my mind and in the mind of popsters everywhere because we know that you know what you are doing!

    Stay upbeat, stay positive, and stay you! We’re with you through thick n thin (like what I did there ;))

    And to answer your question–Yes, I’ve been asked if I gained weight as well. It never feels good, but sometimes I think they tear you down to try and feel better about themselves (although this inevitably backfires). #MayMuscles <—-kicking my arse! (and loving every second of it)

  424. Love you Cassey! You are such a great inspiration to everyone! I’m struggling with food as you were, I’m afraid of fruit, and actually every food. I finally started gaining weight to win over anorexia and t your last post helped me realize, that I’m not the only one struggling… I lost a lot of weight just because someone told me I am not beautiful, because my bootie is too big. You are great and you look as beautiful as always! Love you :-)

  425. Thank you for writing this.. you truly are a inspiration. People are always so quick to judge… and the people who probably wrote those things about you are probably not happy with themselves. Who cares if you have a cheat meal ever once in awhile you are probably a lot healthier than most people out there and you should be proud of that.. for that fact alone!
    Love your videos!


  426. Jayne M. says:

    This post was just what I needed. I was bathing suit shopping, I grabbed all my sizes and was shocked when I put it on. I hated the way i looked. I couldn’t get it off quick enough. I couldn’t even look at myself, or rather, i couln’t stop cuz i couldn’t believe that was me i was seeing. The girl who works out for an hour a day and watches what she eats looked like she has never done pilates a day in her life. I left feeling so discouraged. I’ve never really been self concious about my body. So that intense feeling of wanting to wear a turtle neck and sweats to the beach was so painful. I tried switching workouts meaning I haven’t been up on my pop pilates as much as i usually am. For about 3 months i haven’t done more than one oh her videos (SHAME ON ME) Between a full time job and school part time working out has to be one of the most difficult things for me to squeeze into my crazy busy life. But i try to devote at least 20mins to a good cardio routine. I think the best thing for me right now is to make pilates playlists like i used to. I know for a fact I was in the best shape of my life when I did pop pilates religiously.

  427. We are more than our bodies, Cassey! I love how you can be so honest with us, I really do!
    My family tells me every time we see (I live far away from them) that I have gained some weight and while they do it because they might be worried about my eating habits it’s still hard for me to keep hearing that. But guess! After February, March and April calender and all those work outs done with you I came home in May and they said that I got thinner!! Though I am not sure if they are pleased or worried – families are sometimes hard to make happy, right? (And they aren’t even Asian)

  428. I hate when family members (and definitely acquaintances) feel the need to tell me I’ve gained weight, or point out how thin I looked in a photo…my parents growing up were very honest whenever my sisters and I gained weight. It wasn’t in a mean way, my parents are old school and my mom culture (my mom is from El Salvador, my dad is Irish American) people are just more blunt about talking about weight. For a while growing up my family called me “Gordita” which means “little fatty/fat girl.” Although now that my sisters and I are adults, and fortunately never had serious battles with weight gain, my dad still pointed out a couple weeks ago that my “clothes were looking tighter and butt looking bigger.” I responded quickly with, “yeah dad, you don’t think I noticed? I’ve only gained 8 lbs, I’ll lose it in a couple weeks. As for the bigger butt….that I don’t mind.” The last part he wasn’t too keen on :) I love my body, it’s not perfect but it’s mine. And a work in progress lol, I’m trying to get back into running and circuit training to improve my health and avoid buying new clothes for my big butt ;) Love the post, thanks for sharing!


  429. finally someone who doesnt like thigh gaps.i hate them.its like having two sticks under your waist! i think toned thighs are way more sexier! ;) and you are so right!

  430. haha :D your post made me chuckle! :) you are so right! :)

  431. and just for the record Cassey,whenever you feel down u should show that to us in your ideos! u dont have to pretend you r okay just to get us going! we keep going because we r going hard all together! so we should be here for you too! not only you for us! :D <3 love u!

  432. hey u shouldnt! 10 kg is quite the weight! i know that because im 1.68 and when i was 58 kg last summer everyone was like you are so skinny! and i had lost 5 kg…i know im 4 cms taller than you but c mon.u shouldnt let their comments get to you anyway! if you want to lose weight do it for u! not for them! remember they can only hurt you if u let them! ;) i think you r gorgeous anyway! <3

  433. Cassey you will stay my best inspiration! This will only improve to people you are real, every person is going through this and I know you do also!

    Lot’s of love,

  434. Whitney says:

    Hi Cassey.

    Thanks for being so honest about your situation. I recently went through some weight issues of my own that I want to share. For the last 3 years, I have been a dedicated gym-goer and popster. My body was at a place I was incredibly proud of, because I knew it was 100% due to my hard work and careful eating. Then, in November of 2012, I was diagnosed with MS. I was in the middle of a symptom flair and had to significantly cut back on my work outs. Needless to say, I gained some weight — about 10 lbs — in just a few months. No one else was commenting on my weight gain, but I was really ragging on myself for getting so far off course. My toned physique was fading fast, and it only added to what was already a very depressing time. I dreaded getting on the scale at the many doctor’s appointments I was going to, and the scale certainly did not lie.

    It’s been about six months since my diagnosis, and my MS symptoms are much more in control at present. I’ve finally been able to get back in the gym, and I’ve been doing lots of your workouts to ease myself back into the strenuous workouts I once could do. You are so right to recognize that your body needed time off to rest and recuperate. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my body needed just the same, and I have forgiven myself (and even commended myself) for taking a break from my workouts. Fitness is all about being healthy; size is never a good measure of fitness success. If we are healthy, then we are doing exactly what we need to. I will continue your workouts for as long as my body will allow me to, and I vow to take time off when my body needs it.

    This post could not have come at a more perfect time for me. It’s reassuring to hear that even those trained in physical fitness struggle with body image issues. You’ve been a big inspiration and steadying force during my recent tough times, and I could never thank you enough for that. Keep up the good work. The world (and young women in particular) needs more folks like you!

  435. Cassey, you did monumental work to get yourself ready for the bikini competition and probably at the sacrifice of having any life outside of diet and training. Those pictures of ripped, competition ready physiques take a tonne of hard work and focus. Those bodies, though sometimes impressive, sometimes creepy IMO, are quite simply, naturally, unsustainable (and a little body fat looks far more attractive and healthy – are you listening Madonna!?). Basically you should be more proud of the discipline and goals reached than the body it achieved.
    You’ve motivated and inspired me back into nurturing my physical body after a bad bout of, well, life. Thanks to your enthusiasm and inspiration I’m creeping my way back down from the nearly 200lbs that I’d ballooned up to. The amount of people you’ve inspired and helped is far more impressive than any fatless thigh. Frankly I’m always impressed at how you can keep talking throughout the workouts!
    Keep doing what you do.

  436. Brave post, inspirational words. Never be ashamed of any part of your journey to and from health. it makes us who we are and even stronger in the end. Thank you for being real. That is what people can relate to. They can’t relate to perfection, that’s actually intimidating.

  437. Cassey* stupid auto correct lol

  438. Cassis, thank you so much for posting this!! Honestly I have always thought you look awesome and you’re always so bubbly in your videos, you make it so much fun to workout lol. It sucks that our westernised society places so much value on physical appearance, it shouldn’t be about what we look like, it should be about what our bodies are telling us and whether or not we are getting the right and enough nutrients. For the better part of my adolescence I battled anorexia and it is such an unfun place to be. Even now years later post recovery, I sometimes find myself feeling guilty for eating something that is not as clean as it should be. Recently a friend of mine who is quite small has been comparing herself to me and pointing out how much bigger I am. I am by no means big, but boy does it squash my self esteem. Then I think, I can run a reasonable distance and lift heavy. I am probably now the healthiest I have ever been. Thank you so much for what you do, you’re such an inspiration to so many people. Just think how many lives you have changed!!! Take care xox

  439. Justyna says:

    YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! DONT LET ANYONE SAY THAT YOU ARE NOT!!! I know how u feel Cassey, when I went on holidays last year (back home to Poland) I got a lot (and I really mean a lot) of comments about my looks (Iam 164 cm tall and I had 68 kg on me). Yes a I was a bit bigger then I would like but saying I am fat few times a day for 2 weeks its just cruel. It make me cry a lot. Now Ive lost 10kg and going there in 6weeks and I am scared of any comments. LOVE YOU XXXXXXX

  440. Judith says:

    You are so beautiful and an inspiration. So what if you’ve gained a few pounds, you’re still the best freaking fitness instructor around. I’m not lying. God bless, & keep doing what you do.

  441. Perciflette says:

    Bonjour Cassey,
    Just another message among all to thank you for this post!
    You’re always lovely and credible because you’re so nice from the inside. You’re are such a good person, who really care about other, and are not afraid at all to share your doubts and thougths, whatever they are. You tell the truth.
    I’m French so sorry for my english, but i really wanted to THANK YOU because i’m living excatly the same thing for the moment and your words are so helping me.

  442. I study languages and I went to study in China for a semester. I came back to Italy in January and I gained 8 kilos. My parents kept telling me everyday that I gained weight as if I didn’t know it myself. I felt so bad because I didn’t like the way I look and I felt uncomfortable with the clothes I used to like. I lost 1 kilo the week after I came back because of the change in my food habits again. And I lost other 3 kilos until now. I still have 5more kilos to lose, and then I found you. You are such an inspiration and give me motivation and strenght everyday, even if I don’t have enough time and do 2 or 3 vid a day instead of 5. a week passed since I started and I already see my muscles more defined and feel toned. it’s great. and YOU are helping me. thank you for being who you are.

  443. sorry, wrong website link, it’s actually and I just started blogging because you’ve been such an inspiration to me and I want to follow in your footsteps, group instructor and all. thanks Cassey for being such an inspiration to me and many others.

  444. Lauren says:

    Agree! <3

  445. Lizzie says:

    Anyone who calls you fat seriously needs their eyes tested.

  446. Dear Cassey,
    Thanks so much for this post, I’m also asian and I completely get where you’re coming from. This past year, I started lifting weights and yes, gaining weight too due to the added pressure of getting ready for college. A while ago, while I was doing Pilates in a tank top, my aunt and a friend of hers started commenting on how I was still so chubby with all the exercise I was doing. They probably assumed that I couldn’t understand because they were speaking in Taiwanese, but my sister was also nearby so she translated for me. This happened right before supper time, and by the time I took my first bite at dinner, I could feel myself shaking uncontrolably and filled with tears waiting to spill out. There was no way I could stand eating in front of people who thought, and said that I was fat. So I ran into my room and bawled my eyes out, waiting until everyone else was finished to eat. Afterwards I had to lie to my aunt and pretend I was just feeling unwell. Yes, I may not be as skinny like all the other tiny Asian girls, but I’m working on it through exercise and diet. How come all they noticed was my curvy frame instead of the fact that I’ve been gaining definition in my arms and legs. Sorry for the long rant. This post is exactly what I needed.

  447. michaela says:

    Hello Cassey,

    first of all I want to thank you for sharing with us such personal things and showing who you really are. It makes me really motivated that all this community are just normal people solving normal things going and passing around.

    Personally, I think that to say you are getting more weight is just matter of opinion. From my perspective, you look more healvy than every before and also more as real woman and sexy girl :) For one person saying you are getting fat there will be always 100 people thinking, waaaaw, she looks amazing. Because you are!

    So finally, it´s just about how you feel, to love yourself. If you feel stronger, faster….soooo what to say? You said listen your body. And your body is saying….come on Cassey! I feel stronger like that, better…so listen. It´s maybe that´s really like that….your body is speaking to you and what to say…i feel really good:)

    Don´t let some negative commenting on your body to delete all positive things people are saying to your body.

    There will be always somebody who will think you are fat more than you should or thinier more than you should….or more smiling than you should, or other bullshits :)

    This is all about how our society works….sometimes on judgement and with thinking what is right and what is not. But nobody knows what it is. Just you and your body and how you feel :)

    I love your job, body, everything you are doing….just add more restiing time, time for yourself and I think it´s perfect!! :)

    misha :-*

  448. dear Cassie,
    you looked so strong and so happy,that i didnt know you arent ok. and now you are thee ordinary girl,like one of us.and i want to say you thanks you for that. we sometimes need to hear that nobodys perfect.wish you good luck to feel you good again:-*

  449. Thankyou so much !
    It gives a wonderfull feeling that you say that to me.
    I give you a big hug !
    Your also a true POPster, beautifull from the in and outside.

  450. Audrey says:

    I am new to this Blogilates community, but I already feel this is the perfect place for people to get fit and gain self confidence. Not only is Cassey amazing and inspiring, but to everyone out there who is also following Cassey, your positive outlook is GREAT. Reading Cassey’s post was amazing because as everyone else has mentioned, we can see that Cassey is a normal person. I’m also in awe of everyone’s positive comments which is why I really love this community. And honestly I think Cassey, that you are more beautiful now than when you were training for your competition. Super skinny is not appealing to an audience of girls who are working hard when it’s apparent that they may not achieve what they are looking at everyday. I think the most important thing is for everyone to love the skin they’re in and from there self confidence will shine through. I could go on and on, but I just want to say I am proud of Cassey and of everyone who is working hard to become healthy, and maintain their strength. Keep it up!!!! Thank you everyone for your inspiration!!!
    xxx Audrey

  451. You are beautiful, your body is perfect, you don’t need to explain and, please, do not feel ashamed because of some silly measurements. ♥ We love you. Hugs from México.

  452. Cassey again thanks for speaking your mind out! I definitely understand and know what you’re talking about. I get called fat or I’ve gained weight all the time. At first it was awkward and a bit upsetting.. but soon enough I didn’t really care anymore because I knew it wasn’t going to be any useful if I sulked over it anymore. I just took it on and tried to remind myself all the time that I should have a more balanced diet, etc. And I guess as you’ve always been telling us, it’s the confidence that does shape how others view us too! ^^ Cassey, I just want to let you know how utterly amazing and beautiful you are no matter what size you are! You’re such an inspiration!! you inspire me to always push forward, to stay strong and work for it, so I’ll continue to do just that! Stay strong Cassey! And I really want to say Thank You so much!!! :D if it weren’t for you, I would have given up half way through. :p so thank you again!! ^^ we love you just the way you are for who you are!! :D

  453. yellowbellybirdy says:

    Cassey I did not even notice your body in ABC Abs.. I noticed your body in What Makes You Bootyful and other videos where I was worried you may be getting too small and too skinny. You are always beautiful (inside and out) and always a HUGE source of inspiration for each and every POPster. You are the reason I LOVE to work out. You are the reason I am feeling more confident. You are the reason I wear shorts. You are the reason I SMILE when I’m killing myself with 100 burpees. You have been the biggest and most positive change in my body image and now entire positive and healthy outlook (I’m a little health groupie!) Thank you for posting this because it shows we all go through the same thing, but thank you for also recognizing it is not healthy or necessary. I LOVE YOU.

  454. MelodyJ says:

    Hey Cassey,
    Thanks for keeping real. Weight goes up and down some. That’s normal. You are still a healthy weight and fit. Thanks what’s important. I don’t know what to say about a society that looks at someone who is in good shape and still thinks they are fat. Don’t let it get to you. I like that one of my favorite trainers is a real human with real human issues than someone who pretends to be perfect all the time.

    Keep up the good work.

  455. Ana Clara says:

    After receiveng your email, I’ve had to watch the video and see what the fuss was all about. Girl, don’t you worry about them cause you’re still looking fine! I’m brazilian and here you would not be called fat and yes something like “she’s thin but with a killer body” or “hot hot hot”. Really! The way you’re now is curvy and that’s beautiful cause in real life no one wants to be like an ironing board or a stick. And men always want something to grab one so that’s a plus! Seriously, don’t worry about what people might say and take account of only the way you’re feeling. If you’re not happy with your body then I support your diet otherwise just don’t let the body lose its tight and be happy. If nothing works out you can always come to Brazil and be consider hot in every corner haha xx

  456. And that´s what makes you beautiful, not the thigh gap….one day,when you´ll be old and telling stories to your grankids, you´ll want to tell them something about being happy and living their lives, not about how you had a gorgeous thigh gap and your stomach was flat :)))” omg so TRUE!!! thanks so much for putting things into perspective for me too!

  457. she went on a crash diet for a bikini competition and that is not a body ur supposed to maintain anyway. of course once she started eating normally again she’d gain weight! When ur body is deprived it latches onto everything you eat to get back to its old level of “health”. And I say she is perfectly healthy & fit right now! and ur saying she’s judging, but YOU’RE the one judging.

  458. I love you so much for this article. I’m suffering from an eating disorder and you are my hero, just because you are so FIT and healthy. And hearing words like these from you help me – they really really do.
    Stay healthy, have fun running and working out and lifting – and have fun eating.
    xoxo denocte

  459. You look so much healthier and way more accessable to others now. I believe those overtrained bikinimodels are one reason people get eating problems.. and I love what you say about feeding your soul, that’s what it’s all about!

  460. Hi Cassey,

    I just want to say thank you for this blog post. I know that it was hard to describe your feelings, but honestly – I did not recognize any body change in your life, any fat on top abs. You look beautiful all the time, no matter how much you gain the weight. Frankly – it is more inspirational to get on the truck with us, no instructors, just human beings :-)

    Stay positive and take care!

  461. Hey Cassey,
    Thanks for sharing that. I feel insecure as well even though I’m fit and can lift compared to others, yet for some reason I feel fat. I’m Asian and Asian families care about how thin we are and I feel compared to my cousins who are naturally skinny, which of course makes me jealous and sad, but from doing your workouts I actually feel strong and I’m starting to feel more confident. I like you like this, you’re fit but your not so super duper extra toned that I feel insecure even around you. My cousin had asked why you were skinny on some vids and I told them about your comp, they were amazed, but they understood why you weren’t as toned. My cousin and sis who now does blogilates with me are shocked by how strong you are, you just keep going. You have no idea what sorts of things they yell at you during our exercises. :) you’re still toned your still fit, weight doesn’t have anything to do with it, I don’t even weigh myself anymore ever. Just stay perky and gaining weight doesn’t discredit you as a fitness instructor because on most of your vids, I can’t even complete them without stopping unlike you. You are amazing and will always be an inspiration for a healthy lifestyle. Love what you do for all of us struggling out here. We appreciate you no matter the size. :) stay strong Cassey!

  462. Megan Elizabeth Lewis says:

    I think we all have. And it’s hard. Especially being a dancer but at least you’re not overweight. That’s one of the hardest things is being an overweight dancer. Everyone just assumes you can’t dance and that’s not true. I can still do my splits (right and left anyway) I can still do tricks even better than some skinny dancers. Whoaa sorry almost started ranting but. I have finally come to terms with being fat. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying to lose weight because I still have to fit into my costume for a performance in June. But The more I accept it the more others do too. At my performance last weekend I asked if my fat was hanging out of the back of my leotard (knowing that I’ve gained like 10lbs since I last wore it) and my friend was like don’t call yourself fat, you’re not fat. And I don’t know but I feel like that’s the first time, in the dance world anyway, that I’ve heard that.
    Weight has nothing to do with credibility. Hard work, dedication, and some talent of course is what creates credibility and Cassey, you have all those things.
    Haha this did turn into a bit of a rant but at the same time I just want to say that If it weren’t for you I would still be 183 pounds crying about how my life has been gone down the drain. You didn’t just help me lose weight, you helped me get back on my feet after a rough time in my life. You helped me become a better, stronger and more confident person again.
    Thank you for everything Cassey!
    ps. it’s 1:30 in the morning so I hope most of that made sense…cause it’s past my bedtime and I have finals in the morning so my brain is a little dead haha

  463. Wanting says:

    Hi, Cassey. I have to say you inspired me a lot. I’m so thankful!
    I’m a body-Nazi , as well as a big food lover .I hate gaining weight so much but sometimes my
    eating out of control especially when under the pressure. It also makes me feel like lose
    enthusiasm in doing workout. Actually it happened to me just now.
    The good news is that after reading this posting,I’m firing again! Thank you so much~~~

  464. Cassey, as always thank you for being honest. Your weight doesn’t dictate your credibility or your ability to inspire us to be better ourselves. <3 love from Dubai.

  465. I don’t care if you gained weight! You’re still beautiful and amazing and I always watch your videos. I noticed you gained weight, but I didn’t care. My weight fluctuates too.
    Also, I’ve been asked if I gained weight once. Had I been asked that two years before that time, I would have been devastated and stopped eating but by then, I learned to be comfortable with my body.
    & I’ve been going through the same thing when it comes to food. I’ll probably put on some pounds eventually because I’ve been straying away from eating clean and just eating what I want to. However, I plan on getting back on track too. I’ve been working out pretty consistently, but I still want to be eating better. I feel better and happier when I’m eating right. It has nothing to do with my weight.
    I personally just want to change my body and become a fitness instructor too one day, and I want to be a good example for my students. You’re an inspiration to me. Whether you’re toned or not. You started me in the right path & I appreciate you for it. I know you probably won’t ever read this but thanks Cassey for being you.
    Also, whoooooo caressssss about a thigh gap! I’ve been skinny my whole life and I never had a thigh gap. & I used to be smaller than I am now! Having thighs is nice, thigh gaps aren’t that big of a deal. I never understood why girls obsessed over them so much when I don’t even think guys like thigh gaps. Not that guys are girls’ only reason for wanting to change their bodies. I’m not changing for a guy at all. But I’ll take my thighs.

  466. Thanks for a great article. I’m a little older than you and most of your fans. I love your videos and your concepts. As a professional, I understand the stress of needing to “look the part” but as you aptly put it, you are stronger, fitter, faster than you were last year. To me that is success at your job. I have no doubt you can enter another bikini contest, complete a marathon, probably accomplish anything you want because you are so driven and have incredible work ethic. We can always change the way we look, but we can’t change who we are. Be happy with yourself Cassie AND live your life like the rest of us… You are amazing at your job. Keep up the great work.

  467. Cassey you’re such an inspiration!! I have been a faithful follower for over a year now and it’s because of your optimism and zest for life that makes you such a role model for all of us!! I understand how it feels to have someone point out that you have gained weight. I struggled with my weight about 2 years back when I went to college and started to lose quite a bit of weight from the change in diet and environment. People started noticing this change and complimented me on this ‘new’ look. I became obsessed with counting calories and would frantically check the calorie intake of even a cookie before eating it. My parents noticed this change in weight and suspected that I wasn’t eating well. Ever since I started following your videos I’ve gained so much more confidence in myself and it gradually changed my outlook on life. It’s definitely done wonders to my body too <3 I know feel confident enough to strut around in a bikini! How crazy is that??? I'm eating well and have been faithfully following your workouts and even screaming at my laptop when you make us hold a position or worse of all a squat. If you're reading this I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for turning my life around and guiding all of us in this fitness journey. Being fit is not about having toned, defined muscles but about pushing yourself just a little bit further each day.


  468. I’m so sorry Cassie, but I won’t write like everyone here: that’s great etc.
    I think you’re ruining your health because this is nothing else than constant yo-yo dieting and it will continue, not because you’re a busy girl, but because you feel the need to take part in those stupid fitness competitions where old men examine your buttocks;/ You will aways rebound after this, it’s not possible to maintain such a low bf without crazy shit you mentioned. You’re honest with us, it’s high time you were honest with yourself: do you really need it?what is more important for you a hot bikini bod for a week or two, then rebounding and each time struggling more and more with weight loss (you know it’s taking toll on your metabolism) or great fit and healthy body all year round?

  469. Cass, you are amazing! Never quit, I love you <3

  470. Hey Cassey!
    This post could not have come at a better time.

    Just today I was filling out a pre-doctors appointment form with my mom and there was a question asking “have you gained significant weight in the last few months”, and an answer bubble for yes, or no. I think you see where this is going. I said no and expected to just move on the the next question, but my mom said, “I think so.” 1000 emotions came over me, shocked, sad, but mostly angry. I looked up at her and said. “WHAT?!” She then said, “Yeah don’t you think? I mean with all the working out….” I could tell she knew I was upset and she was trying to say it in a way that would not offend me, but there is no way to tell someone they’ve gained weight with out it being offensive. I was just so sad and I don’ t even remember what I said back to her, probably something like, “Put whatever you want.” Then I went to my room, and cried. I know I have gained a little weight, but I didn’t think it was enough to be considered “signifficant”. Its a long story about my weight and I, but in short, I was a chubby kid and I am now a 16 year old athlete who has had several serious injuries hold me back. I recently have really bad shin splints and a TON of homework and studying that has limited my workouts, but I still try my best to eat clean everyday. I was feeling so down until I read this post.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SO REAL, STRONG AND INSPIRATIONAL! You have made me realize that its ok if I have gained and just to work harder to loose it.

    Thank you so much, idk what I would do without you! Love ya girl!

  471. Veronica says:

    Hey Casey! I know exactly how you feel..
    Hearing people say that you have gained weight really is insensitive and hurtful..
    I was on a serious diet last year, got the body I want but the diet totally wiped me out. I was moody, lost and it affected me so much that people around me were suffering as well.
    Even though I’ve gained weight( still a healthy one) I’ve got a happier life than before, DEFINITELY MORE FULFILLED:)
    Close out negative words(:
    P.s. I’m an asian too;)

  472. Hi Cassey,

    As a quiet but very inspired follower of your videos, I’ve always admired you. Although I did find your ability to do moves that would leave me in awe inspirational, I admired your positivity and outlook the most. There are so many fitness coaches out there, all with low body fat and great abs. But I loved that you were like a best friend, and a great role model. It makes me sad to see that you struggled with your body image after gaining some weight. I think you look beautiful in the pictures of you during your bikini competition, and right now. That’s because your inner beauty outshines absolutely everything else. Your inner beauty is what drew me to doing your workout videos as opposed to someone else’s on youtube. Ideally the world wouldn’t think that anything else than low body fat and chiseled abs isn’t healthy, and ideally people wouldn’t have to judge how good you are at what you do by how you look. And although they are ideals, I don’t think they are too far fetched. I guess it really does come down to how much more you value the satisfaction you get from food and more time to do other things, and the satisfaction you get from achieving the ideal body. But they are paradoxical in some sense until your ideal body can become what you already have.

    I really hope you know that most of us know that you are a real person, and that you aren’t perfect. But through your imperfections, you are perfect to all of us, and especially those who truly love you. With increasing body image issues today, and especially with the H&M ad campaign with the “plus size” model, maybe taking a stand against needing to look a certain way would be a refreshing way to tell the world you don’t need to be a certain size or look to be deemed healthy. And you definitely don’t need to look a certain way to be deemed good at your job. I also just want to give you a virtual hug! Please don’t be too harsh on yourself.

  473. Cassey you are truly an inspiration to every single person who knows you. You are basically one of my biggest role models in life. I am 15 and I found your videos last August when I was 14 and I started doing them slowly. I use to have a eating disorder and lost my menstrual cycle which is very unhealthy! Then I started watching your vlogs and food bite videos and your posts and calendars and how you were always so positive. If it weren’t for you I would probably be bullemic. You changed my life because no matter what your always supporting us popsters and you were always smiling. You taught me that I have to enjoy life and not be scared of food. I learnt how to get fit and healthy the healthy way and the fun way because of you so thankyou! I have to embrace the body I am given. Just like you embrace yours!
    I love your positive attitude and I love how you wrote this because many of us go through the same thing. I feel as if we know you personally because you share so much with us. I don’t care if you are super lean or if your more curvy than to I were last year, it makes you real. Asking as your happy, fit and healthy then you have nothing to worry about. If you want to lose weight then we will support you. If you don’t want to we still support you. Your beautiful and us popsters will always be here for you! <3

  474. This post really motivated me. I needed a reminder that I can always get back up after I mess up a consistent routine. it’s going to take time and a lot of hard work. I just have to have the patience and endurance for it. you become more inspiring to me every day and I just want to thank you for creating blogilates because it’s what ive been needing for awhile and I finally found it :D dont let the haters get to you; they probably have no say whatsoever.. -_- they just wanted to boost their self-esteem.
    please continue doing your best like youve always been! <3

  475. Brittany says:

    I simply love and enjoy you. Keep doing you, girl!

  476. Leslie says:

    To be honest, I do strive to have your type of body. The reason for that is because thanks to you, I have learned to strive for a realistic goal. You are a real person. Sure, you aren’t the same as your were a year ago. But you are still gorgeous, slim, and incredibly fit. That’s what I want. I don’t want to be a model, I know that isn’t in the cards for me. But what I can be is the best version of myself. Whether that means that I have a YOLO meal every week or I’m super strict about my diet doesn’t matter. Because I’m pushing myself and striving to be heathy every day. You taught me that.

  477. I didn’t notice a thing until you said something. You know why? Because you’re beautiful. Having a body fat percentage above 11% isn’t ugly. It just means you have a body shape a little different from the bikini competition. If you put on a bikini today, you’d totally rock it. You’re fit, you’re healthy, and there’s a lot going on in your life to make you busy and happy. Gaining weight should be a non-issue.

    Judgement time: No one should ask if you gained weight. That’s just rude.

  478. Cassey!

    I know you must be feeling quite rubbish after the negative comments and feelings of guilt etc but you should realise after this post you have made a lot of people feel so much better about themselves now! For people to ask about any YOLO meals or where the thigh gap is – seriously just forget about those, they clearly have some underlying self esteem issues themselves that they need to focus on somebody else. It’s just the way society is! My niece is 13! She’s a UK size 6 and has been made to feel she’s GAINED WEIGHT and therefore is feeling ashamed and like she needs to go on a diet – society is like a challenge to see if it can change who we really are and what we feel but you should remember that you’re changing a hell of lot of people for the better – not many people can do that!

    Everybody gains weight and its absolutely nothing to be ashamed of especially because that is life! My weight goes up and down all the time but no one should ever feel ashamed. And what you do best is encourage people and make people feel good about themselves.. You are ridiculously beautiful and a huge inspiration to everyone, everywhere.

    Love C. Xx

  479. Oh, and one more thing to add! I think that you are great right now Cassey, even with “more fat.” (honestly, I can’t even differentiate) We all know that it’s still you in there. Honestly, your body doesn’t matter. You inspiration and motivation and energy is what makes you, you. Not your body. I really think that you’re still beautiful as is. It hurt me to hear how you were so traumatized by your Bikini meal plan… It seems that you were living such an unhealthy lifestyle (physically healthy yes, but mentally? No) So I think that you should enjoy life — eat good food, exercise, etc etc. Basically… I think you’re perfect right now. Living the good life, eating good food, spreading your amazing energy to inspire us millions of us everyday. Thank you Cassey <3

  480. Cassey****

  481. Thank you so much for this post! I worked so hard last summer to get rid of all the excess weight I had from pretty much the beginning of highschool but since I moved away from home for college I gained it all back :( and i felt so ashamed cause it was way too easy to gain it all back. Now I’m getting back on track so that this summer I lose it all again and maintain the healthy lifestyle I had last year :) at least I know I did it once before! You’re so cool Casey, keep being real!

  482. Ahh yes…I remember to this day how my Mom told me I was fat and I always make clothes look ugly, how about that burden to live with all of your life. :-( Oh and my Aunt told would tell me stop walking like a duck and I need to loose weight. I really don’t undestand how parents can verbally abuse their own kids. People has always told me this famous lie “sticks and” stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt” that’s just a BIG “A” LIE…words do hurt. But whats funny and still hurtful, she has yet to say I’m sorry for saying all of those hurtful things to you. Since last year I’ve lost 37 pds. Everyone else has said you look nice except her. But I’ve moved on and forgiven her after all these years.

  483. Oh Cassey, I really cried when I read this post! I’m so sad that you feel hurt by all those comments. They’re on the Internet– honestly, don’t even listen to them! Anonymity makes people WANT to bash and insult and etc others just because they can, and no one will ever find out. They just want to seek attention, really. So please, don’t feel so down because of it! I’m so inspired by you — taking all those comments but still remaining as that loveable, optimistic Cassey we see every day as we train. i sincerely hope that you will recover from this emotional trauma. I will pray for you. (:

  484. Andrea says:

    Thank you so much for this! I just discovered you last month and I am already addicted to your videos and your monthly calendar! I tell all my friends about you :) you are such an inspiration to me!!! I know where you are coming from with when someone calling you fat totally messes with you mentally. My whole life my Mom would always tell me I was overweight. Even when I was a little kid I remember her telling me I was really chubby. I was always so self conscious and never wanted people to look at me. I still hate sitting with a group of people while hanging out at a friends house and having to get up and walk somewhere. I feel like people will be scrutinizing me and thinking how fat I am. The saddest part is that looking back at old pictures even from when I was a kid I wasn’t overweight at all!!! It makes me so frustrated that I let what my Mom say to me really change my view of myself. Now I am 25 and I had a baby girl almost a year ago. I am proud to say I only gained 30lbs my entire pregnancy and I was back to my pre pregnancy weight two weeks after giving birth. My goal a couple months ago was to loose another 30lbs. And now thanks to you and the My Fitness Pal app I have lost 12lbs already in the past month and a half. I have never been this fit in my life and I still have a long way to go but you have really helped me to push myself even harder and to remind myself that I CAN do it!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for bring just a genuine, awesome, and positive person and role model!!!

  485. Most of the people around me prefer me being 100 pounds and anorexic than 110 pounds and HEALTHY. And happy. Amd with self respect. But no, they want skinny. You know what? I don’t give a damn what they want. If i be 100 pounds again, it will be for me and me only. I wont starve myself. Ever again. I love you Cassie. Thank you SO MUCH for writing this!

  486. Being extremely honest I didn’t even noticed it! haha
    Cassey, you’re a truly inspiration! don’t you dare feeling bad with yourself, never! look all the good you do everyday, you keep hundreds (if not thousands) of girls trying their best to stay healthy and live happier.
    Thanks to blogilates and YOU, I feel better with myself EVERYDAY! Im starting to love my body, and its all thanks to you.
    You can’t imagine how thankful I am (writing this it’s getting me emotional haha) Ive always been a really insecure girl, ALWAYS! and thanks to you that’s getting way back in the past.
    Much love for you! and THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
    You’ll never lose credibility for me, and I can assure you, we all popsters love you just the way you are, no one can expect you to be some kind of perfect fitness machine, I mean.. that’s not NORMAL! come on.
    Cheer up! Smile like you always do and feel all our love :) you’re an incredible human being!
    Mila Jorquera

  487. Anonymous says:

    Cassey, you truely are encouraging. thank you do much for this post ( and for proving your body is a normal human beings! =) ) I am a recovering bulimic, and this was very encouraging. I had slowly progressed to keeping down breakfast and lunch, and now I am eating 4-5 meals a day thanks to your 90 day meal plan that got me used to eating again, and thanks to the grace of God. I didn’t want to throw up anymore, but my stomach just had ( and still sometimes has) a hard time digesting and so I felt like I had no choice. But praise be to God, I am eating. I knew I would gain weight/get bloated, it’s just a normal side effect to recovery, but it still bothered/bothers me. Thanks for being so encouraging, and for helping me to get FIT and HEALTHY! Not starved and killing myself. P.S. even though I do have a higher than normal weight for me, you’ve helped me gain so muscle, which helps with the mental aspect of weight gaining, since I have always wanted to have some muscle. =)

  488. Lorraine says:


    First of all, I want to thank you for writing this wonderful post and I admire your honesty. I know it was hard for you but you just earned yourself a handful of respect (not to say that I don’t already have it for you). I don’t want to say I have trouble losing weight because I never really put in the effort to .. lose weight. I go for a week all motivated to lose weight. I try to eat clean and I exercise. Then the next week I get lazy and I eat way more than I should. And then I forget about wanting to lose weight. I think transitioning from a not so healthy habit to a healthy habit will take me awhile to adjust. And you are right, especially when we live in LA WHERE EVERY KIND OF FOOD IS SO DAMN DELICIOUS (HAHAHA). IT IS SO HARD TO LOSE WEIGHT. :P

    I totally know where you are coming from in terms of the Asian family thing. I had both relatives and parents’ friends asking me if I gained weight AS WELL AS telling me I lost weight even though it was obvious that I GAINED weight, SO much weight (well like 10 lbs). I guess they were trying to be polite but at the same time they wanted to make a comment on it? … It was so embarrassing and just… I just wanted to hide from the world.. but it kind of made me realize that I don’t want to look like this anymore. I want to look better. I want awesome legs so that I can feel confident to wear shorts! I am doing the 30 day squat challenge! It just gets better day after day.

    Lastly, Cassey, don’t ever feel ashamed of gaining weight because you saved your body and your health. I sincerely think you look SO good right now, NO JOKE. <3 Keep up with what you're doing because YOU are the one who encouraged and helped so many girls and women (possibly guys) around the world. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU!


  489. meghan henoumont says:

    cassey you look amazing! you are healthy and strong, you should never feel ashamed for that. you are also kind, positive, and an awesome trainer! your workouts are my favorite, and have helped me gain so much self confidence!
    now for all those nasty negative comments posted about your weight: haters gonna hate.
    much love from down in new Orleans.

  490. Ashley says:

    Cassie look at all these comments that are inspired by this post ! THAT is what makes you an amazing person and a fantastic trainer. It’s not the chiseled abs, or the tight muscles.. it’s being able to motivate and inspire people, and you do the BEST job at that. You say you can lift more and run farther, that is also what trainers are made of, it’s making your body do those kind of things. Who cares if you gained a little? You’re still healthy and inspiring others, that’s what really counts.

  491. Cassey, you are amazing and beautiful, inside and out. It is heartbreaking to me that people feel the need to shame you for not living up to their warped ideal of perfection. You have an absolutely perfect body, your hard work has definitely paid off, and whether you are bikini competition-thin or shapely and firm You. Are. Perfection. Ignore the haters. You look amazing and I aspire to gain a body like yours. Your fans love and adore you and will always believe in you and continue to follow you, no matter how much you weigh. Be yourself, love yourself, and train insane! <3

  492. Zamaryz says:

    First, you are human!! Cassy, you are such a inspiration to others you can not even imagine. I know how you feel about others calling you fat, especially a family member who you think would like you for who you are. No matter what, you are a normal person, which is why so many, like myself, love you! It is motivating to see you be a normal person because it shows that anyone can do this, and that being healthy is the goal. So you have gain some weight and many of us have fallen off the horse as well,but what i have learned over the years is to love who you are and be healthy for yourself. I know that you are a fitness instructor, but you are not a robot that can be perfect all the time. Whatever others say i believe in you and you message because it has worked for me and others that i have seen. You being honest and yourself with the blogilates community is what makes you our inspiration because you push us to be the best we can. So no matter what Cassy go loss weight if you want and be “more” fit, but remember being healthy and fit is what matters. Also, do it for yourself not just to please others because fitness is a journey and I, as well as others, are on you side!!

  493. Juliet says:

    Cassey, this post made me cry. This is just what I needed. I have been feeling so alone in hating myself for eating the way I have been and putting on a few pounds after losing 20 with so much hard work. But you are so right: it doesn’t change our value as human beings. But we can get right back up and work hard and be happy and be healthy. Cassey, you are a beautiful person. Thank you.

  494. That is so rude!!! I know you must have gotten down on yourself and thought about it for days. It’ tough. But I am glad ur picking yourself back up! You’re beautiful!

  495. Ah! I know. We don’t need a reminder. And I don’t understand why asian people do this!!

  496. ohh Cassey, while people are telling you that your getting bigger, people keep telling me in to skinny to be honest it hurts when it comes from family the most. I’m a 19 year old girl 5’0” and weigh 92 lbs other then that I’m a tiny person, and it sucks to hear comments like “why you working out” your this and that and blahh blaahhh blah! When i love to do it, i grow up knowing that fitness is healthy for you. Like two months ago or tree i used to weigh 88 lbs, i been slowly getting to my ideal weight by gaining fat and muscle. Even thought I’m happy with what I’m doing to become heather, mean comments still get to me, people even have the guts to ask me if I have and eating disorder. When I really don’t. But reading this blog really touch me, as being new subscriber your a big inspiration and i love your videos. Thank your for sharing! You rock and look amazing! <3

  497. Rachel says:

    It’s funny, because I checked the website tonight just to get the calendar because I’ve been slacking and it was noticed tonight. When I saw this post, it almost made me cry. I have issues with my ankles. They hurt constantly, and nothing that I take can help. The doctor says it’s tendonitis, but nothing that she recommends does anything to help. I’m 5 feet tall, and while I’m by no means fat, I’m not as small as I could be. I’ve gained a little weight recently because I’ve been stress eating (whoops) from my college finals and working full time on top of it. I’ve noticed it, and while no one else has said so, I know they have too. I went to my manager to ask for tylenol because my ankle was bothering me, and when she asked what was wrong, I told her. She looked at me, and went “You’ve just gained too much weight, they can’t take it anymore.” I was shocked, and hurt. She works out, looks good, keeps all of her stuff spotless, and it made me feel inadequate. So coming onto here tonight after that being on my mind all night, really made me feel good. While I’m still going to try to get into shape the way I had originally planned, it won’t be because I’m scared of someone else saying something. It will be because I have the confidence to know I can make it. THANK YOU for being real and not hiding that you’re a normal girl too.

  498. Cassie, I’m soo glad you wrote this post! I have gone through the same thing, and even going through it now. I have relatives who are like that as well… every time I travel to visit my relatives for a vacation, I always feel anxious about what they will say about my weight. I’m average in weight but they’re expectations of what is “ideal” is very different. So about two months before leaving to go to the philippines for my cousin’s wedding, I worked out hard and ate very consciously… truthfully, it was really difficult but I really didn’t want to experience having them say things like, ” You’re legs are so big” or
    ” Don’t eat so much”. When I arrived, they did notice the difference…but I always find it strange why the topic of weight would always be the first thing that they say. It felt great to receive some compliments but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with this type of diet forever.

    When I came back home, I too felt soo deprived of the food that I haven’t eaten for so long…so I ate without feeling so conscious. I was happy because my body didn’t feel so deprived. But a couple months later, I posted a picture with my family of facebook. My relatives back in Asia noticed that I did gain weight. I felt bad, actually even more worse than when they said it before because it’s as if I just let my body become like this.

    Presently, I’m getting back to working out regularly and eating right…which wasn’t what I did before. Thanks to your videos, I’m inspired to get fit again…but in a realistic way that will be long lasting. Just want to say that you are such an inspiration Cassie, and I am really happy that you pointed this topic out and was willing to share your feelings. And like you said, just because there is a change in appearance doesn’t mean that there is a change in personality or strength. I really wish people would realize that little negative comments can impact how a person feels. Comments like that stick in the brain for a long time! When I gain weight, I usually know before any one comments…I really don’t need a reminder!

    All we can do is get back up and start again …and work hard to attain the best for ourselves, not for anyone else :))

    Thanks for being such an inspiration and great role model! LOVE LOVE your videos! :D

  499. Thank you so being such a good role model
    This last year I gained like 10 pounds almost without me realizing it, now I just feel really guilty about the way I look and I feel like I’m not losing weight, because my actual number on the scale hasn’t changes but I feel like my thighs and calves have definitely gotten more toned. I feel it is really hard for me to go to school and workout everyday, but I try to and I think that is what counts.

    I think that you are beautiful and confident I totally understand what you are saying about Asians. Just hold your head up and tell them.

  500. I know how it FEEELSSS!!! I am asaian (Filipino).
    And my classmates would use to tease me because my size is growing. They always tell me: “oh you look big” and “you badly need a diet”. And I feel so bad.
    you know, being Filipino also means being PERFECTIONIST. (Not all, MOST) because here,we want natural beauty..if you have undergone a plastic surgery, people would tease you. Filipinos love skinny body, angelic faces and fair white skin! So that’s probably why when they see something wrong on your physical appearance, they immediately JUDGE you.
    I always feel bad and my self-esteem went really low. I use to ride a jeepney (a public transportation here @ Phils) and I would always sit down next to the driver cause I always think that nobody would give my payment to the driver.

    I hate being at this size. people always judge me without knowing me.
    I cant even have a long-term relationship because they always leave me for being at this size.
    There are some times when I just wanted to DIE. I dont wanna get JUDGED anymore.
    I want a life. I want to feel as if im normal. I wanna wear the clothes that I like but I could not.

    I dont know what to do UNTIL…. I’ve read this.
    I’ve read your blogs/posts and I’m really inspired.
    Cassey, you must have been sent from heaven to help people like me.

    God Bless you Cassey. <3

  501. Trust me, its not just asian families that give you the “did you gain weight?” crap. Polish families do that to each other a LOT. I go to visit my Polish nana at her nursing home almost everyday and every time I do she puts her hand under my chin and presses up on my jawbone (to see if I’m getting fatter) every time my face looks thinner she says ” getting better” but if there’s some squish she’ll say “better be careful” or just full out “you’re looking fat”.
    My body (and how I feel about it) are constantly in flux. But I KNOW this. I NEVER want to be skinny, I want to stay “plus sized”. Now, You may be wondering why I’m on pop Pilates or even working out at all; it’s because I like to be in shape. I’m very strong, very healthy, I am very active and I eat well but I don’t punish myself when I indulge. I’m a plus size model trying to go pro and even plus size models have to be a certain shape. Now, Cassey, I realize that what I may look like might be your worst nightmare, and really I get a TON of women saying I’m fat all the time, but I can tell you from honest to goodness experience (since I’ve been every weight you can imagine) that these hurtful comments shouldn’t be what motivates you into dieting or training, because if they are then that means that in a short time it’ll be the ONLY comments you see. When ever I look at comments on my pictures I have a rule for every cruel or mean spirited or ignorant comment, I read I make myself read the positive, flattering or encouraging comments at least twice. Because you are a great trainer and I would hate to see such ignorant, rude, unkind, (and lets face it: BULLYING) people get the better of you.

  502. YES, Cassey. Yes 100%. My therapist once told me that the best part about exercise should be learning to appreciate your body for what it can DO not just for what it looks like. It’s a hard view to take in and swallow sometimes, but I hold onto that piece of advice for dear life sometimes. You are wonderful, and I actually think you look better now than you did during your bikini competition. That’s my honest truth.

  503. Stefania says:

    Cassey, I’m ashammed bur of the people who can say that you are fat, yes you are not as ripped ad you have been, but come on girl! You have a beautiful body that inspire all of us that cant get our body fat percentaje tu 15 but are still in track to be healthy and fit, its about what your body can do.

    You are just a person that does not have to be in your most perfect shape always, when I do your rutines I am like how can she talk so normal while doing this?! And that is amazing, inspire to not be obsessed, inspire to go for your goals withoiut trying to be perfect.

  504. The hardest thing is when everyone thinks you look better after you gained weight but yourself…

  505. Cassie I lovee this post! I love that you can be open and real because that’s what’s really inspirational to me. Personally I’ve gone through some bad weight fluctuations that caused me to be called things from “fat/chubby” to “stick skinny/unhealthy”, and your posts and vids, especially this one, are so relate-able and inspirational to me as someone who strives to be healthy and fit. So thank you!

  506. Samantha says:

    Cassie I just want to say THANK YOU for this. It’s not easy to something like this. I understand the weight gain and TBH I didn’t see that you had gained weight, I swear.

  507. Awesome article.

  508. Nicole says:

    What about that post where you showed Honey Boo and made fun of her for being fat and making fun of her poor eating habits and lack of exercise? Just because you don’t do it to the extreme you perceive her as doing doesn’t mean you are exempt from judgment. Especially when you claim to be some sort of fitness icon.

  509. Ivori, I agree!!!

    And not only this, but I swear I went through every comment and only found ONE girl who mentioned something about her weight. And she didn’t even use the WORD fat.

    It’s clear Cassey has some body image issues, I wish her the best in overcoming them. However, she must understand that she has put herself in the position to be judged. You are not just some girl down the street whose weight yo-yos every month. You have marketed yourself as a FITNESS PROFESSIONAL. The same judgment would be expected if you were an athlete who didn’t perform up to their previous standards in a game, an actress who did a poor job in a film, you get the idea….. You have created this empire on how you look, train, eat, and think, so don’t bitch when people call you out on something that is kind of you not doing your job.

  510. Danielle A. says:

    To be honest, I think you look way more healthier now than you did doing the bikini competition.
    I think you look fabulous these days! I was just thinking the other day how good your thighs look actually. And then you post that someone said you lost your inner thigh gap….WHAT? LOL.
    Thank you for the post! It helped me in my day to day fluctuations. And believe me I fluctuate. Yay, PCOS. :P

  511. Hey Cassey. Your post made me teared up a bit. I’ve been in the same position (namely family members calling me fat). I lost a bunch of weight a while ago and slowly over the past year, I have gained some of the weight back. My family has always remark about how much bigger I’m getting. A month ago, I discovered blogilates and have committed myself to working out everyday with you.
    And honestly, although we’ve never met, I feel like I know you and that we’re friends. You’re so beautiful, encouraging, and motivating. I am healthier and working out more because of you.
    You’re amazing and keep your head up.

  512. Alex Fleming says:

    Cassey, this post was EXACTLY what I needed! This year I lost twenty pounds using your videos and following a clean diet. I was so proud of myself and people were actually seeing a difference in my appearance; the compliments were flowing. But I got off track these past few weeks and gained some back. Yesterday one of my coworkers poked my belly and said “Well that didn’t last long”, referring to my weight loss. I was not only humiliated but completely overrun by guilt. I thought of how hard I had worked, how much I’d given up, what I’d gained from losing the weight. I felt like I threw it all away, I felt undeserving, I felt like giving up. But this post has helped shine a light on how we treat each other and ourselves. Thank you for boosting my confidence and helping me get back on track this week. May will be our month Cassey! Thank you for being the positivity we all need in our lives!!

    xoxo Alex

  513. s6milerun says:


    When you’re young these are going to be the thoughts that occupy your mind, not just b/c you’re a fitness instructor. But b/c you’re young.

    When people get old, some are stricken with disease, tooth rot, poverty, broken limbs, or are about to die. But not before they reminisce of fonder times in their youth or when they were young; when their bodies could work. When their skin had no blemishes.

    Cassey, you are obviously going in the right direction. My wish is for you to put the weight issue and all who discuss it with you, back into it’s trivial, ridiculous place. I’m sure that when you were trying to survive some of your toughest college classes that weight-talk held the least amount of attention. When you have burdens involving deeper issues of life and have to deal with the complexities of relationships (as you have revealed to us by way of the best of Taylor Swift), you’ll see that managing weight is your strength – b/c you’re a fitness instructor.

    Don’t waste your young life on this nonsense, because you will not be able to rewind to these precious years. They go fast, (like skin elasticity) but you can’t see that now. And, mostly women struggle with weight, esp. in their 30’s and beyond. You will feel more than a simple emotion such as shame, you WILL feel a hormonal roller-coaster that dips your mood into the nether world like never before.

    I wish you peace of mind, and the hope that you will continue to realize that you’re a quality person inside and out.

  514. Jessica says:

    I think you always look hot, Cassey! You inspire me like no other fitness instructor/coach/etc ever has! I LOVE my body because of the hard work I’ve put in doing your videos and I am slowly getting rid of my layer of fat… i am doing 2-a-days now, pilates in the am, cardio at night, and no worries because i know I am strong underneath and its ALL GOOD. eat whatever you want!!!

  515. so what if you aren’t COMPLETELY toned and always bikini ready? i didn’t even notice a thing when i tried ABC Abs for the first time (which in fact killed my abs). Before I was overweight for my age, and I looked even pudgier due to my height. I always put aside exercise and told myself as long as I don’t eat too much it wouldn’t matter, but that didn’t help at all. Then i discovered your workouts (through Bubzbeauty) and this is the best I’ve ever felt in my entire life :) I finally have abs and i’m losing more and more fat each and everyday. I’ve never been able to push myself and really challenge myself before I found Blogilates. Your videos are so inspirational and have given me a new sense of self-confidence that I never had before. I actually go to sleep all jittery waiting to workout the next day. And personally I don’t think you should deprive yourself of what you love just so people won’t judge you. EAT CLEAN AND TRAIN LIKE A BEAST! :)

  516. Cassey, first I have to say are wonderfully and beautifully made. I too have struggled with my weight. Ups and downs and up again. God has given you this challenge because He knows you will come out stronger for yourself and others. You are more than qualified as an instructor, your personal experience makes you all the more valuable. Cassey trust me,I have never felt comfortable with my body, but the Lord gave me a passion to teach swim. I just might be the most photographed women in a swimsuit! God is telling me to”get over” myself and help others. Sending you love and blessings.

  517. Brittany says:

    Casey you are an inspiration Cassey you are a real inspiration! You’re independent, strong beautiful and definitely not fat or unhealthy by any means. You tell it like it is, and I respect you for that. Anyone commenting rude remarks on your videos have their own insecurities and issues that they need to deal with I eat clean 80% of the time and enjoy life. Variety is the spice of life and you must enjoy it while you can. I do the videos everyday! keep doing what you’re doing because you are an amaZing inspiration to many!

  518. hey cassey,
    I’ve been battling with anorexia, which has now progressed into bulimia. I’d like to say I’m in recovery, but every day is a challenge and I have inevitably gained weight since being anorexic. Many people are aware of my eating disorder. These people haven’t seen me since I developed bulimia, but many remark on how much weight I have gained since. Comments like “I thought you had an eating disorder” trigger thoughts like “I thought you were supposed to be skinny.” It’s shameful, and I look at my 90 pound frame like that’s where an eating disorder belongs, which in turn triggers a lot of deprivation/binging and then purging.
    What I’m trying to say is – it’s so horrible that people can judge someone on their physical appearance. Whenever I’ve struggled through a relapse, I’ve gone to your blog and your videos to get me back on track. All I want to be is healthy and you do so much to infiltrate that. I know people commenting on your weight are just feeling insecure in their own skin. It’s sad, but it’s true. You’re beautiful, and you help more people than you would ever know. I never post on blogs, but after reading this post I couldn’t help but say how helpful you’ve been.
    you’re wonderful – inside and out. Never forget it.

  519. Amanda says:

    Hey Cassey! I don’t think this post could have come at a better time! I’m 16 and you are my role model, you inspire me to be a more bright, happy, outgoing, fit, and healthy person. But with my busy schedule I recently haven’t been able to work out for a whole week! Nobody has said anything about my body but I have sure seen it, and I often tell myself “If Cassey can do it, I can”. I think the fact that you have your ups and downs makes you one of the BEST workout instructors EVER! You’re not afraid to say “Hey, I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not going to worry about it, everything will turn out OK!” You give me so much motivation and strength!

  520. When I was 18, I had a baby. Putting me at twice my size, I developed post-partum depression. For a year and a half now, I have put my education, work, and my daughter above all else, including myself. I lost who I was and felt like I had no where to turn. I came across one of your videos on pinterest, and my life changed forever. It has taken me a year and a half, but I am finally getting on the right path because my BODY has craved it. I have never in my life enjoyed waking up and being so sore I cannot move! I crave it now, and work hard to make sure I can enjoy it. I have also cleaned up my eating routines. I am able to understand my body’s needs much better now, and have been eating clean as well as eating smaller portions. I instantly feel the weight coming off. I’m sure you have heard it time and time again, but you are such an inspiration to the world, Cassey. To hear you say that it is okay to gain weight as long as you are taking care of your body helps me look at myself and not feel like a big blob of miserable. I know now that my body will get where it needs to be as long as I make the lifestyle change that nourishes my body in every way. Thank you, Cassey, for being the light in my darkness. I did not know where to start, and you showed me where. You are not only helping me, but you are helping my daughter because I can get her on the right path while she is young. Again, thank you for everything that you do, Cassey.

  521. Sumana says:

    You are an inspiration to many women. I love working out to your videos. I swear I didn’t even notice anything different about you. You have a great heart – you are full of life and its not all about a bikini body. Its about feeling good about where you are and where you want to be.
    I love your videos. You are awesome. Screw the weight gain or whatever it is you think you gained.
    COZ YOUR AMAZING…JUST THE WAY YOU AREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Song dedicated to you!!<3 one love!

  522. But actually, I couldn’t tell at all! I can’t say I know what anyone is talking about. You look great, just like always! People’s bodies change a little from time to time, and that’s totally normal. What’s important is that pop pilates is the greatest workout ever and the videos are super challenging but, I can squeeze 4-5 videos in a day even during finals week and they’re free and super inspiring, and helped so many people get fitter and start working out, and that’s what’s really important here!

  523. Cassey before I start talking about how beautiful inside and out I want to say that after reading this post I went back to ABC ABS and didn’t notice any weight gain at all and whoever said these things to you is either, A very insecure about there own weight and took it out on you or B is insane. That being said I speak for every Popster by saying that you are wonderful, your smart, funny, beautiful and we love you at any size, in any outfit, even after a really hard workout and my body hurts and I just want lay in a ball on the floor intil it stops. So please don’t even think about changing because some dumbass said so. Your perfect to me and everyone with eyes, love you.

  524. Pha-Li says:

    Thanks a lot Cassie for putting this blog up about yourself. I come from an Asian family so I totally know how you feel. I get it all the time from my family actually. A few time out of the month I go and visit some family members and they are always either saying “oh did you gain weight” or “OMG you are loosing too much weight, you need to eat some more…” and honestly I don’t know what to say to them. Whenever they say those stuff I am always thinking to myself, “do I need to put on some weight, but I think I am still fat or do I need to lose weight because I haven’t lose enough?” I am so stressed out about it. I am pretty confidence about the way that I look now because in the past 3 years I have lose 20lbs. Now I am just trying to tone out by working out with YOU :) but my family always seem to out me down about the way I look so it bothers me. I don’t know if I am on the right track or not. But thanks to reading your blog I can put those negative things away. I’ll focus on myself and my goals because I set them and I know what I need to do to reach it. You have made me such a confident person Cassie and I don’t know how to thank you enough. Yes, I think that most of your works outs is CHALLENGING but its also FUN as well as MOTIVATING :D I love just love the pain afterwards. LOL. I just want to share this story about me to you and just want to thank you for the hard work that you put into these workout vids. as well as your own personal story. Much Love to you CASSIE

  525. Whatever Ivori Rose!

    We love you Cassey.

  526. Angela says:

    You look great just the way you are! As women we need to encourage more and not discourage other women. You inspire others to get up and work out. The fact that you wrote this post and faced the comments head on shows tremendous courage! You have inspired me to keep moving forward on my weightless journey and for that I thank you!!!

  527. Did you gain weight! I guess I was too busy working out to notice.

    The sweetest thing about working out with you Cassey is that you look human. Not sooooooooooo ribbed, that it feels like you just stepped out of my imagination – thats what makes you special.

    I want the perfect body, but I still want to look like a lady.

  528. Taylor says:

    All I can say Cassey is that you are definitely one of the most resilient, dedicated, hardworking, thick skinned, straight thinking people I’ve even known. I have to admit that I’m afraid of gaining weight because I have an iron deficiency and can’t run anymore. I’m used to eating a lot because of my high mileage work, and now that’s gone and it’s really hard for me to curb back. I’m finally starting to feel a little bit better, so I was able to start doing some ab workouts again. I did ABC abs and thought you looked fantastic and healthy! I’m going to try to let go of my body image issues and just work on getting enough iron into me to get healthy again. Thanks for being such an ispiration when it comes to basically everything! You really are so motivating and amazing! Thanks for being you.

  529. it happens to me almost all the time… i am asian too! even if i already shed some pounds, i still get comments like “whoa! you’re getting bigger”, “seems like you’ve been eating too much lately, its visible!” it hurts me, it feels like my effort on doing blogilates & hiit isn’t working… i nearly end up taking nothing but water as food because even if i feel that im losing weight, the thought that another friend or relative will tell me the same thing again… i realized that i dont need to listen to them.. i know my body better than anybody.. atleast i dont have any illnesses that needs daily maintainance pills.. regardless of my curves, i am healthy & you helped me staying healthy & motivated despite of those times i cheated on food & skipping workouts.. i am not perfect but atleast i am healthy. – we love you cassey.. <3

  530. Bridget says:

    I’m not from an Asian family, but I am from a family with beautiful girl cousins who are extremely athletic who are dancers, cheerleaders, soccer players, and then there is me…the girl in theater and chorus, I don’t get the burn of those intense workouts from sports and they can all eat WHATEVER they want. It’s also very intimidating for me to even be in pictures with them. We’re all going to the beach together this summer and I decided for myself that I needed to be in a healthier lifestyle and YOU have inspired me to start this lifestyle! I am completely thankful for you and respect you as a trainer, plus I think you still look gorgeous and stunning girl! Just don’t beat yourself up too much over those extra pounds. Keep it up and don’t stay discouraged, it’s a horrible place to be!

  531. Michie says:

    My parents and relatives definitely ask that (oh, Asians)! Luckily my parents are more supportive of the healthy route rather than just making that comment that I’m fatter. It’s really hard when you hear it all the time and you end up starting to believe it and end up having low self-esteem. But what I’ve learned from you since I’ve started doing your workouts about 2 weeks ago is that who cares what others say? It’s only how you see yourself that matters. You should be working out for you and not to seek the approval of others. Thank you for your workout videos that always make me laugh while in pain : )

  532. Girl!! You look AMAZING!!!! always an inspiration to me, you give me hope that one day I’ll be proud of my body! Life is a journey, and we get to choose whether we want to be happy or not, and I love you for always being so upbeat and positive even after the haters say mean things. Its the world we live in, and there will always be mean unhappy people, I’m sure at the end of the day you can say your happy! Keep moving forward !

  533. Cassey, reading this did so much for me today. I am a 22 year old full time student and weekend gogo dancer. Growing up in dance my whole life has contributed heavily to the negative body image that I harbor and the dreadful fear of gaining weight that you described. When the semester is at it’s most difficult point, a few weeks before finals, I notice every time, my stress weight has returned. Because I take the time to study, often relentlessly, I lack the hours in the day to work out along with the mental strength and determination to eat clean and well. My dance boss is incredibly vocal about her observations and opinions and has often hurt my feeling in her assessment of my body. I try not to take it to heart, as I hear her complaints about some of the most talented dancers, hard workers, and fantastic women that I work with, but at the end of the day it is more than difficult to not let her criticisms resonate. Reading this post today made me a little watery eyed. When I’m on stage and the only thing going through my head is about the few pounds I gained, rather than my love of dance or the cardio I’m getting at that moment, or ANYTHING else is so hard. It keeps me up at night and stresses me out beyond belief. It’s unhealthy, and I truly try to love my body, plus or minus whatever happens around finals. I realize this is lengthy but wanted to express my gratitude for you putting it so well, I am in excellent shape, I am healthy, I can dance longer than many would like to fathom, I may at times be overwhelmed by circumstance but it is not a character defect, it is life. Thank you Cassey, you will remain a motivating inspiration to us all. You rule!

  534. Oh Cassey, the numbers on the scale do not define who we are. What’s important is that you’re an amazing person who inspires and changes others to be better persons. POPsters are here for you Cassey, and you are beautiful, inside and out, no matter what you wear, how you weigh and how you eat!!

  535. I’m asian and I FEEL YOU. although i know they are joking, but it still hurt a little. But Cassey, I’ve seen you lose a tons of weight and built up a lot of muscles! I guess as long as you are happy, others opinion doesn’t matter that much. I have been following you for 3 months. I’d say there are ups and downs during these3 months, but i stand up everytime i fell! I admire you passion and feel thankful for your motivations! I could see my body slimming down and muscles popping up through time. I love how you make calendars and force us to do it. I enjoy every workout and i know it will get better and better. At first, i can’t do a lot of moves. I remember falling off during the first moves of ‘victoria secret abs’ video. and now, i can do it so easily.

    I love doing exercise and workouts with you! You are AWESOME and i love this popster community so much. Thanks for your motivation<3

  536. Maiariane Duarte says:

    Hello sweety,
    Please, don’t you ever doubt about your wonderful self and of your capabilities! You’re amazing and sparkling exactly the way you’re and no one has the right to point a finger on you if you gained weight, it’s no one business and besides none of us is perfect, we can’t judge you! I know not everyone thinks like this and that’s why we need to hear this kind of thing but it’s up to us to let it go, let go the mean comments, let go the bad energy and only absorb the good and the positive things. I know your feedbacks are important for you and for the blog but at the end of the day you’re more than an instructor, you’re human, you’re our lovely Cassey and with a bigger layer of fat or not you’re still inspiring thousand of people, you’re still giving strength to so many people so they can change their lives! So be strong because you’re not alone :)
    I’m sending you lots of love and all of my support!!! Keep on rocking Cassey :)
    Xoxo from Brazil!!!

  537. I am Asian an although my family is not skinny and all but my mum would sometimes say “you look bloated, get some exercise”. But Cassey, not matter how you look, you are still beautiful. You constantly help and inspire women all over the world. Stay amazing!


  538. Haylee says:

    I’ll never forget the day my boyfriend called me fat. Maybe my jeans got a little tighter. He didn’t have to point it out to me. I was so self cautious after that. I never wanted to sit down near him because I was afraid he would make a comment about how much my thighs “spread out.” It didn’t take me long to realize what a jerk he was. Our relationship didn’t last very long.

    Nobody should ever call anyone fat. I mean, seriously, what does being skinny accomplish? You can be “skinny” and be just as unhealthy as a “bigger person.” It’s not about how little your waist is. It’s not a competition about who can wear the smallest pants. It’s about how you, personally, can be healthy and fit.

  539. Oh Cassie. You’re so brave to come out here and be upfront about how it makes you feel…

    I come from a Filipino family and I KNOW what you’re talking about. People have no idea how hurtful even a side-comment is… how heavy it weighs on ones mind – the thought of “gaining weight”…

    I’ve never been stick thin ever in my life… but I’ve yo-yo-ed back and forth over the years… I’m a full time teacher and a part time student, part time everything… I live a stressful life where food is eaten not just for energy but for company… I’ve tried to do all I can to ‘stay fit’ when I can commit… but to be honest, it gets hard at certain parts of the year…

    But I remind myself that whenever I workout or when I decide to eat heathily instead of emotionally… its because I love myself… I’m doing this out of love…

    I love what you said when you said that you ate because your body wanted it… Last Sunday, I ate an ice-cream all by myself and it was the first time in so long that I indulged in something like that… it felt good. It felt like I was loving myself… just like whenever I do your workouts (when I get to do them).

    I figured, its not so much about how you weigh… but how much your heart and life are full of things that you love…

    Cassie, you are a gem! Your words are encouragement to so many… and even now, you are an inspiration… thank you!

  540. rebeca says:

    why do you care if she gained weight? It’s her body not yours.

  541. Rebecca says:


    3 things…..
    1…the biggest reason I enjoy you and your workouts is because you look “good”….and by good I mean HEALTHY…and honestly you did look almost under nurished during the competition…
    2…You are absolutely beautiful….inside and out…
    3…you nailed it in your blog….it’s normal…it’s life….there are much more important things to “worry” about or be “ashamed” about then wheather your wieght goes up or down 10 pounds…

    Thank you for always being there for us with your kind and motivating words…your meal plans…your workouts….your heart and soul…so much of your time…but mostly for having the balls to put yourself out there for us….even when some of us have nothing better to do than say something uninportant and unkind…

    Love you….you truly are the best!
    I will be working out with you as long as you are out there!


    PS you’re smokin’ hot….and I actually believe your look a bit better now…!!!

  542. MiinaMarie says:

    you’re a wonderful person, fellow popster! And beautiful too!!!

  543. MiinaMarie says:

    I’m sorry for everyone on this planet Cassie. I never noticed anything and actually thought you looked fantastic and radiant – you always have a wonderful cheery exterior. And that glows and shows more about a person than any pounds gain or lost do.
    Don’t let the mean ones bug you – like you said about that awful girl at the competition – the mean posters are probably like that and who cares let them. Because while you’re nourishing yourself and working hard every d**m YOLO meal you have, you’ll be happy healthy, inspiring and admired, and they can have their carrots and water. Pass the salmon avocado roll!!

  544. Bailey says:

    It’s ironic that you’re now judging someone else for supposedly being judgmental. While I disagree that Cassey was judgmental to begin with, I think you should still consider about how you are indeed casting judgment right now. Just go live your own life.

  545. I still think you look wonderful! And I love the fact that you’re not afraid to remind us that you’re not perfect. I think sometimes it’s hard to really relate to fitness instructors because they seem so different, but I love how you remind us that you’re human too! Don’t worry about what anyone says, you’re beautiful! Enjoy your life and be healthy!

  546. MiinaMarie says:

    hey ivori, try travelling around the world for 1 month, also, be sure to spring extra hundreds of dollars for a hotel room with a kitchen so you can cook all your own meals. Oh don’t forget while you’re down there vacationing or teaching or whilst on an agenda to get your own groceries. Also it’s important to note not to enjoy what other places or countries offer for food or beverage, it’s best to stick to your own little world – inside your head. and when you come back, since you look fab already, and you’re goal isn’t to lose weight because your chubby, so that’s obviously no challenge…no, you need a new goal – one that you will have to work hard for, but what can that be since you’re already fit and healthy. ooh maybe a bikini competition, sounds great! you’ll have to work your butt off for your own personal goal that has nothing to do with anyone else – what’s that? you achieved it? – but you don’t physically and mentally feel well, but you look ‘good’? well, it’s probably best for you to peck on pieces of broccoli daily to maintain your rake-like appeal. Nevermind your body craving nutrients. Your hair’s falling out but you look fantastic. good thing you ever INTENDED TO MAINTAIN THIS LIFESTYLE…
    I don’t even know where to go with this anymore, bottom line. You’re an idiot. Get off these boards if you have nothing nice to say.
    Some advice, pick a goal in your life, a nice challenging one that you really want – then give up on it. Because that’s what you’ve just told her she should have done in the first place.

  547. brooke says:

    CASSEY! you and you’re videos have been a huge inspiration to me and it pains me to see you hurt in this way. With the help of your videos, I began to overcome my eating issues and work on having a normal life and not fearing food. You helped teach me to nourish my body and i can’t repay you enough. I just wanted to say that you look beautiful regardless of your weight, and you’ve earned your standing as a wonderful fitness instructor and their is no way that a few pounds can change that. When i went to the meet and greet in new york i was in awe of you effervescent attitude, and it never crossed my mind that you might have gained weight. Keep your help high because, if not for anything else, you have thousands of popsters who are on your side.

  548. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for this post Cassey! I just got home after my first year of college and it’s been so difficult dealing with the fact that I put on a solid freshman 15. More than anything it’s just hard dealing with the same thing you said about how could I let myself go, but I really love your attitude to get back up and work harder. It’s definitely inspired me to work extra hard this summer <33

  549. I have been asked if I was pregnant when I wasn’t, asked if I wanted to do tae bo when I was pregnant… I’ve been straight up accused of getting fatter, the gamut. I know if I stand still long enough, I will turn to flesh. *sigh.* But, as the daughter of a mother who died too young due to complications of morbid obesity, I can’t let these setbacks slow me down. Obesity will have to catch me first!

    You are inspiring, both in the ABC abs video, and the bikini contest. Keep up the good work!

  550. Girl, I know what you mean about Asian families. I met my family in Korea and when I left, they called my mother and told her not to let me get fat. I gained 20 lbs. 2 years ago, but was afraid to go back because of what they said. I lost it, plus another 12, but still – I felt uncomfortable under that type of pressure. My mom, however, has always wanted my sister and I to be healthy above all things, which I’m grateful for. She doesn’t pressure me, thank goodness.

    One of my Vietnamese friend’s mother always asks if she’s pregnant and stocks her fridge with Slimfast. She’s even had strangers (she used to work in an Asian grocery store in college) come up to her and ask her if she’s pregnant. I’m so glad that she’s confident and doesn’t let it really get to her though. If I was in the same situation, I don’t know if I could say the same.

    And I don’t care what you look like – you will always be my favorite online fitness instructor! :) I don’t think you look fat at all though. Still smaller than the average American. And healthy. I love that you say that you can lift heavier, run faster, etc. I feel like that really is what matters most. One of my favorite group fitness instructors at my gym is actually about a size 10-12, but she’s hardcore and teaches several classes back-to-back and keeps pushing with a smile on her face. I find that she’s more fit than anyone in the classroom, even some of the smallest/toned girls have to take a bunch of breaks. We do planks for a really long time and she keeps motivating us to push. To me, that is truly inspiring.

  551. Although I know this hurt you, I have to say that I am so happy others (especially someone so amazing and world-renowned like you) experience the same thing. I am currently watching some fat build on my body (stomach and arms mainly…wanna do a workout for these?) and I hate it. I was so close to going on unhealthy diets to get this off, but I realize now that it is ok. My weight is going to fluctuate. I am still skinny and healthy, but I am a perfectionist so I always want to be skinnier/more muscular. Thanks Cassey for making the rest of us feel ok. BEST POST YET! Oddly enough, our sorrow brings us confidence…WE LOVE YOU!

  552. First of all I wanna say you look so thin and toned. Ive been watching your videos for years now, and couldnt tell if you had gained weight. I never struggled with weight, but I do struggle with my body image as a woman. I have been eating so clean, and when I have a yolo meal I just feel like I let myself down, and all my hard work is gone. When in reality it is okay. It is okay to be a normal person and let go and have a slice of cake or some french fries. Its not the end of the world. I def understand where you are coming from. It is comforting knowing im not the only one who feels this way.

  553. She never “judged” them by the way. She was exclaiming her sadness for them being extremely unhealthy. Don’t you remember how she told us about her own family after that whole ordeal? And Cassey DOES have healthy eating habits and never went on a crash diet. She teaches us to be happy and healthy and is human enough to show us her mistakes. I don’t know why you feel the need to come on here (which is supposed to be a positive zone) and bash people.

  554. Cassey,
    I want to thank you for posting this! This is a problem that most people will go through throughout life. Weight fluctuates. It’s not fun, but it’s a fact of life! But as you said, being healthy is the most important thing, and we all need to listen to our bodies. You are a strong, beautiful person (inside and out) with a wonderful personality, a true role model! Nothing and no one can take that away from you. You have been such an inspiration to me, and the fact that you can be so “real” with us makes you even more motivational and personable. Please don’t let those people get you down. Just keep on doing what you’re doing, and focus on your own happiness! Love you Cassey!!

  555. Chelsea says:

    Oh yes I am asian too and as a kid I always hated it when my mom would tell me how fat I am and stuff and that I can’t wear pretty clothes anymore because I’m fat that’s why now that I’m a teenager I’m a bit more weight conscious. I’m still fat, but I exercise whenever I can as much as possible

  556. ellena says:

    i went through you instagram profile and saw this picture with the link to this post. since i’m still waiting for my driving class instructor to pick me up, i thought i’ll just read this. i cried :|

    I was never that thin girl. I’ve always been in the range of either being normal weight or a lilttle bit overweight. I always get teased by my friends and those who are not even close to me about my weight. I be nice to them and what do they call me? Mok (which is Gemuk,in Malay it means fat)

    So on MArch 1st i started working out with your videos and a few jillian michaels here and there. It was nice to see that i dropped 4kg in the course of a month and a half. I still have problems catching my breathe when i try to jog but one thing i noticed is that i could jog longer thatn i could before and when i feel pumped i’ll just run alternately with jogging. That feeling i had was like, i left all my fat behind and fled away into someone else’s body.

    About 2 weeks ago, i got sick. Badly sick in fact that i was bed rested the entire time. I tried to eat nutritiousness food just to maintain my weight while i couldn’t work out but it only made me sicker. so i broke my diet and tried to recover. On God’s will, i’m fine now but here comes the heartbreaker; FOR 2 WEEKS AND A DAY NOW, I’VE STOPPED WORKING OUT!

    I wake up, i wear my bright pink sports bra and my 3 quarter leggings. I feel pumped to go back to my work out routine but every single time i tell myself, naaahh. let’s just do it in the evening or naah, i’m still sick cause im still on medication. Or naah, i’m happy with my 4kg weight lost. HELL NO I’M NOT HAPPY WITH IT! I MAKE EXCUSES FOR MYSELF TO NOT WORK OUT WHEN THIS LITTLE GIRL INSIDE OF ME IS SHOUTING OUT, TRYING TO MAKE A CHANGE IN THIS FLABBY BODY FULL OF CELLULITE-especially in the butt area, mine is like J LO’s. haha.

    I am so thankful to be reading this right now, to be fully honest i still don’t feel that pumped or motivated yet but it helps. It helps me to realize why i wanted to work out in the first place; why i wanted to make a change in my body; why i wanted to go out and buy clothes without trying hard to look for an XL size; to buy clothes online than can fit petite size people and most importantly to be healthy; to live my life to the fullest the healthy way. to me radiant inside out, to be beautiful from the inside out, to make the jaws of those people who called me fat drop, to walk up to them and say LOOK AT ME NOW. to love myself the way i never did; to be proud in my own skin.

    So cassey, i thank you for this post. I thank you for opening up about how you feel; for being honest to us cause i gotta say you’re the most genuine work out trainer ever. Most that I’ve met will fully convince me that they never had such problems, that they don’t struggle themselves. Cassey, you’re beautiful, and you make us beautiful by inspiring us. Let them say what they want, people are going to talk and people are going speak out what they see. But what don’t see is how great you feel now and how fab you look now. I honestly think you look better in your ABC video; you’re loving yourself and your body and that is what makes you way more beautiful. Weight is not the scale of one’s fitness. You live your life in a healthy environment and that inspired me, and i’m sure a whole lot more out there. That is something not everyone can do. Keep on inspiring us Cassey HO !!!

  557. I guess you don’t know that’s what all competitors do when they enter fitness contests/competitions? They don’t and they KNOW they cannot maintain such a body state that they achieve for the contests/competitions…which is why they do not hold it every week… Also, this was A YEAR ago since she did this, so I don’t know where you’ve been. She’s not a robot where she continues to stay in “bikini body mode” 24/7, 365 days.
    Also, if it was a crash diet, she probably would’ve not been able to have the body she has even right now. You’re making it sound like she did a crash diet a week ago and gained a huge amount of weight back, which obviously is not the case. In the end, Cassey is a certified fitness instructor and she knows what she’s doing…I’m positive you are not a certified fitness instructor and one who is “living a healthy lifestyle.”
    You’re also implying that people who have “healthy eating habits” do NOT gain weight, but that itself is not true.
    Anyways, I still don’t know the point of why you’re trying to blow this up? If a close one of yours was eating and living a lifestyle like Honey Boo Boo, you would leave them be and not say a word? Your way of thinking is actually terrible, and to think…do you even look after your own diet and eating habits? Do you use Cassey’s videos to workout? If you do, I just find it really ironic and sorta funny about what you’re doing right now.
    I don’t get why you’re acting like you’ve never done anything “bad”, because what you’re doing now is no different from what you’re apparently frowning upon Cassey for.

  558. Gabrielle says:

    Nothing bothered me more when my boyfriend called me fat, Sad thing is, it wasn’t my fault. The reason I looked chunky was because of a medicine my doctor put me on, only because I was underweight!
    His comment had made me feel so insecure. I felt frustrated with myself. Every time I would eat, like a cucumber or a red pepper I would feel like a blimp, my height is 5’5 and I weigh 119 lbs, which is healthy, especially for an active, healthy eating woman like me! I am still struggling to have peace with my body. I feel insecure all the time, Thank you Cassey for this post, It made me feel more at ease, like even though I am strong and fit it does not mean I can not look chunkier,

    P,S, Of course I dumped him after that nasty comment!

  559. I am now going to turn into the trainer since you have trained me for so long ….please do this 15 min workout … and tell me how you feel after! It’s a good feeling I promise!

  560. Hayley says:

    I just want to say that you are absolutely stunning- you are an inspiration and are the farthest thing from fat…. you are thin, and beyond healthy. I honestly don’t comprehend this obsession that every girl has to be stick thin and remain that way… its absolutely ridiculous. OMG you eat…. last time I checked that is what we are meant to do as human beings. Most importantly you eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. I would not change a thing about you; you are seriously perfect.
    To those who have nothing better to do than insult someone else’s body… get off your asses and worry about your own. We aren’t put on this planet to judge others and compare…. your body is your body, Cassie’s body is Cassie’s body…. keep your absurd comments to yourself. This girl has a beautiful heart and her body, not that it matters, is absolutely perfect.

  561. Cassey, please don’t feel upset at yourself.

    A machine like you?! And after all your did for the bikini comp?! Of COURSE something inside you is going to be slightly ashamed of the weight gain. I’m sure you have high standards for yourself as a fitness instructor… and as a person.

    If you ask me, I think you look better ;) society has us think that super-skinny is the standard all women should get to. But you’re still rocking, still breezing through your instructions (which kill your POPsters on a daily basis lol) so be proud! <3 lots of love.

  562. Janeen says:

    Cassey, I just want to say THANK YOU! I love how you shared your true emotions. Honesty is hard to come by. Sometimes when I do work-out videos I envy the trainers because they look so perfect. But your a normal girl just like the rest of us! Your fabulous, healthy and your still kicking our butts during the workouts! I’ve been overweight my entire life and I’ve been dieting since I was 16. I’ve just gained over 20 pounds and I feel like I’m the worst person ever. As someome who struggles with body image issues I. don’t feel so alone knowing that someone who makes a living as a fitness instructor struggles as well. I haven’t been taking care of myself and I’ve over eaten everyday since last November. But I’ve just made a decision tomorrow morning I’m going to start working out again and get my mind, body and soul in sync. Our girl T.Swift once said what’s past is past and I watched it began again. Everyday before today is long gone and the future is always filled with hope. We all need to have faith even in our darkest hours. Let’s all remember the light and fight like hell to push back the dark.

  563. Benedetta says:

    Cassie you’re beautiful even with a few pounds more ‘…. It tells you a girl fat and slim continuously (you know I live in Italy), and that unfortunately has some problems with the food ’cause I can not eat vegetables …. I do not like … and how well you know your body needs this food …. so I have a relationship with food a bit special … I’m lazy, so it’s hard to have the “perfect” form …. You’re the one that I gave birth to the desire to “move” .. . and so you can imagine how many times I heard her say, “But you put on weight!” or, “you put your belly and hips is …!” … : (… Anyway, you’re in great shape …. Had I your physique …. keep it up ….;) (I will, I continue to follow you through your videos, and especially your calendar: O) …. See you soon …. :)

  564. Hi Cassey! I read your whole post. Bikini skinny or not, you are said strong and healthy person!
    You’re still my FITspiration! :) You’re videos and website has helped me be fit in a healthy and positive way! Thank you for that. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  565. Thank you soo much for posting this, It really helped me :) p.s. im getting a puppy and naming her after you!

  566. Dear Cassey,

    I have been doing your workouts and following your calendars on and off for nearly two months now. This is my first comment, because this post really touched me. The holy grail of losing weight is such a pervasive, dangerous thing in the fitness world; yes, there are those for whom weight loss is a good thing, but it should never be the end, just a means to the end. The end for each and every one of us is to become fitter, healthier and stronger. For some of us, that means losing weight. And for others, that means gaining as our muscles firm up, we lift heavier, we run further. I know so many people who swear by activities like hot yoga because “every session I lose 600 calories”, but I always feel like they’re missing the bigger picture. So what if you lose 600 calories? What about your calorie intake? How does your body feel? Does it feel weaker or stronger? There is so much more to fitness than just weight.

    Your positive, can-do attitude is such an inspiration and keeps me going even when I feel like I’m about to pass out and all my muscles are screaming at me. I know your videos work because my pilates teacher in real life has told me that she can see I’m getting stronger. Most of all, I love how real you are. Fitness is a journey for all of us and we’re in it together. Love you Cassey.

  567. Much love to you Cassey! You are such an inspiration!!

  568. Kingsley says:

    Awe, Cassey! Don’t feel bad just because you gained a little bit of weight, its healthy and natural for women to do this, and it is great to listen to your body. I understand how you feel, especially a few months ago when I was first trying to recover from an eating disorder. To tell you the truth, eating a normal sandwich with just two pieces of whole wheat bread and some meat SCARED me! Fat scares me too, but I know that it is neccesary. You are wonderful and beautiful and I would love to meet you one day! Don’t let a little bit of weight get you down!

  569. Bailey says:


    I don’t know if you’ll ever get to this message with so many comments before it, but I wanted to give you some major encouragement. Even though we’ve never met, I completely feel for you over the way those very rude and off-base comments made you feel. The first thing you need to know is that you are beautiful in every one of your videos I’ve ever watched! And your physique is not the only thing that draws people to you. It is your energy, positive attitude, and consistent smile that make complete strangers want to keep watching your videos and following your blog.

    Another thing I want you to know is that I’m inspired by and drawn to your workouts because you are so real and genuine. I admire and respect that you are a real person who changes up her exercise and eating routines in accordance with her life. You are consistently committed to staying healthy, but you also know that we need to have fun and experience different things – including delicious foods now and again! I love that you set a goal for yourself with the bikini contest, but I think it’s awesome that you allowed yourself to go back into a more “sustainable” health/fitness approach after it was over. That is what a real role model is supposed to do – encourage others to be their best at various life stages. And by the way… you still look equally as wonderful as you did during your bikini contest! I think it’s important for all of us to remember that there isn’t one type of beautiful that we need to be. It’s clear that you are still an absolutely fit and gorgeous girl.

    Finally, in regard to the people who wrote those insensitive comments, I think it’s an unfortunate reflection of how our society encourages us to idolize and obsess over people so much that we don’t remember their humanity and their feelings. Anyone who works so hard to point out the supposed “flaws” they see in others has their own set of issues and should probably focus more on what they can do to be their best instead of projecting unrealistic expectations onto the people around them.

    I really hope you get the chance to read this comment and that it brightens your day. Because your videos consistently brighten my mood. Thank you for what you do! God bless you!

    “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14

  570. Ivori Rose says:

    WOW ; there’s nothing like going through all those months of training Cassey, to reach your bikini body competition body, just to read now that you looked worse then, than you do now !

  571. Celadon says:

    Cassey I adore this post. My favorite thing about you and your videos is that your image is realistic. We get to see your body fluctuate, as all bodies do. You’re amazingly sweet and an inspiration to all women who love fitness. Your physical appearance is not the point, but I’ll say it anyway: you look amazing with or without those extra pounds.

  572. Oceangirl says:

    This was a wonderful post! Thank you for posting it! My family is middle eastern and I have delt with being told to “watch my weight” since a young girl. It has been very hard for me my whole life. I was never good enough for my own family so i gave up. Why should i try when even when i looked amazing and was at perfect weight wasn’t even good enough for my own support system? So I ate. Why not? It took me a long time and a lot of growing up to realize what they were doing was very wrong and was a type of harassment and was not fair to me at all. I should’ve felt supported and boosted up and if they were concerned they could have came to me and showed me how eat healthy and become a healthy person so live a longer happier life. Because I know that wasn’t their true intent but they did not know how to approach it. I even felt uncomfortable eating in my own house. So, I kept eating while my sister stopped. She ended up with an ED. A few weeks ago I was telling my dad about the show The Biggest Loser and how losing weight is 95% emotions and figuring out what is wrong inside to fix the outside. He asked what my internal issues were. I felt confident enough to mention what I had felt for years and my sister even piped up and we had a really good honest to goodness talk.
    Anyways, we can conquer anything! Just believe in yourself, no matter at what weight.
    Cassie, You are a wonderful inspiration and I am sad you moved away from the bay, I really enjoyed your classes.

  573. Ivori Rose says:

    If Cassey had healthy eating habits, she would not have gained weight. If Cassey had healthy eating habits, she would have not gone on a crash diet to achieve a body that she could not maintain.

  574. Ivori Rose says:

    No, there is no difference ; judgment is judgement. Period.

  575. Yazmin says:

    I just found your videos a few weeks ago and I think you look amazing!!!

  576. Alyssa says:

    There have been many times my family (who are indeed Asian) who put me down or comment about my weight gain, and even my looks. It’s always been damaging, and has always encouraged me to defy their perceptions. But that’s where I made the mistake, I wasn’t doing it for myself, I was trying to exercise and lose weight because it’s what others wanted of me. The last thing I wanted to do was do something for someone else. I wasn’t motivated, I didn’t feel encouraged enough, I didn’t feel good enough. And it wasn’t until I saw one of your videos that I got really inspired and excited to work out! Your pop pilates workouts have made it into my daily routine and I feel better about myself and my self confidence. I really want to thank you for this post, for speaking your mind and sharing that you are indeed a real person like any one of us who gain weight. I absolutely adore you for even sharing this story! I just want to thank you for inspiring me, your blog posts, recipes, and work out videos have been a routine of mine I plan to keep for a while because of your energy and your charisma! <3 xx Alyssa

  577. Katherine says:

    I can imagine keeping yourself at that weight forever would take a lot of hard work and not be that enjoyable. Part of a healthy life is to enjoy it. You still look great, and we all know you are still incredibly fit. It is totally normal to put on weight, and I think that you look healthier now than in the bikini picture. That experience seemed very extreme to me. I think you look beautiful and strong as you are, and I don’t doubt your credibility one bit—it just shows you are HUMAN like the rest of us. Keep doing what you do best!

  578. Lalitha says:

    I’m so proud of you Cassey! Honestly, I didn’t think anything about that video, but it just proves how ridiculous some people are in scanning every inch of other people’s skin. Don’t care about what they say. They clearly are bored. We all have our ups and downs, and the world would be a better place if we have more grace with ourselves and with each other.
    You’re wonderful Cassey! I hope you don’t let those negative thoughts reach you. Take inspiration from the fact that YOU inspire us and that I probably wouldn’t work out at all if it weren’t for your fun posts and even more fun videos. Hugs from Canada

  579. Siobhan says:

    Cassey, I tried to do your abc abs video today for your calendar; key word being tried. In my opinion as long as you’re still fit and healthy and you can do amazing things like write the alphabet with your feet, you’re still a perfect role model for me. One week my jeans will fit the next they won’t but you’re always in booty shorts!
    Thank you for everything you do, you have helped me so much and you really are beautiful inside and out x

  580. Cassey,

    let me start off by saying thank you for your honesty. I understand how it feels to be called “fat” or how it feels when it is pointed out by a family member that “you’ve gained some weight”. After reading this blog post, I went and watched your ABC video. I did not see a “fat” Cassey, on the contrary, I saw a glowing, beaming strong woman who knows how to train and nourish her body. Don’t feel ashamed for feeling ashamed of your body, we are only human and critical remarks can hurt. Whoever posted that comment was obviously trying to get a rise, and or be rude, even if they stated “not to be mean”. I love you Cassey and everything you stand for. You taught me to love myself and how to invest in my health. Again thanks again for all you do. And truthfully, I like you just the way you are (bikini bod or ABC video bod).


  581. Sheena Morton says:

    I agree with this so much! I am really happy that you could take control of how you were feeling and learn from it. I used to be about 50lbs heavier in my pre-teen and early teen years. Once I grew up puberty helped me lose about 55lbs in the course of 4 years without trying anything. I became a vegetarian when I was 15 so i’m sure that helped. But after being bigger and growing up being teased, after I dropped the weight, it was extremely hard for anybody to make me feel bad about myself because i have never felt bad like I did when I was at my heaviest weight when I was young. I think its so important for people to understand that looks arent everything and you can be healthy and fit at a variety of weights!! You have inspired me so much over the last 6 months, I am so thankful I found your blog!!!!

  582. I love this post.
    I think it’s good that you shed some light on this topic. I myself have been going through a period where I’ve gained some weight back and I always feel like I’m the only one it happens to once you’ve lost it, so I’m glad that someone such as yourself, who is a fitness professional, guru, or whatever you want to label yourself as, goes through the same thing.
    For the record, I honestly think you look amazing, you look healthy and as radiant as ever.

    You rock girl.

    j. <3

  583. pfff very very very many times. Earlier I was a little fat, but real fat. It was not pretty when I was walking in bikini’s. My closets size was to high for my agr amd my BMI wasn’t positive. People called me fat and ugly, I feel so bad. I cried myself a sleep and felt so down.
    Without doing anything, just go in to the body grow my body changed. The fat moved to the boobs and I grow taller and look slimmer. But yeah, wothout doing anything it was still not very pretty, and my BMI still wasn’t good. So, I decied to eat healthier. No candy’s after school, less sweets and sugar, more veggies and fruit. My BMI turned in well and I trained with an app on my phone. I looked much and much better, but people still called me fat and ugly. I was losing so many weights, my pants were to big. If I bought a new pair of trousers it was to big one month later, but people still called me fat.
    I saw one of your videos and told myself that something had to change. So I printed out your April calender and work as hard as I can, eat as clean and healthy as I can. Also the May calender I am joining :).
    My trousers are still growing to big, I still lose weighg every month. But still people call me fat. I don’t know why, but people never are okay. They don’t wnat to see tht your body’s changing. No, they have to pick somone they can bully down, they have got someone who’s crying himself a sleep. And I have to e it for that people, my weight is something I am very unsure about. My body isn’t what I want it is. I am obsessed about losing weight and burn calories. All because I want other people don’t call me fat anymore. I don’t want to cry me a sleep anymore.
    And Cassey, you helped me. My BMI is still positive, ai’m no longer over weight. My body looks slimmer, I’m losing weight every month. But you also learned me that it doesn’t care about what other people say. It’s about what you think and how you see yourself. If you don’t love yourself, no one can. You don’t have to workout for others, no, you have to workout for yourself. For that body you deserve, for a healthy life.
    Thanks Cassey, I don’t care as much as I did about the people who call me fat. I care about what I see in the mirror and that’s a beautifull girl who’s fighting for what she wants.
    Thankyou so much, I won’t give up before I reach my goal.
    I’m sorry for the bad English, I’m from Holland.
    Remember POPsters, you are all beautifull people and don’t make the mistake I made. If you live for other people you won’t get there. Live for yourself, your own goals.
    Big hug to Cassey, and you have to know Casset. Also your ABC ABS body, I’m so jalous on it, and to be honest I did not even noticed that you gain weight. All I see is a beautifull, slimm, strong woman. You have a beautifull body, if you don’t want it (can you email you body to me ? I love to have it (; ) xxxx

  584. Miranda says:

    I love you Cassey! You’re so inspirational and so human and understanding.
    I was really ashamed of my weight fluctuating and body image in middle school. Looking back, a lot of it was ridiculous because I was just growing and of course my weight was going to fluctuate. I also struggled with eating habits – all lot of the available food was horrible on my body. I tried to diet and exercise extra, but my weight seemed to bounce back up really quickly everytime I fell short. And then there was simply accepting that my DNA wants me to be a curvier girl.
    The people who were around me weren’t very encouraging. My friend and her mom often commented on my weight in addition to their own and other womens'; my mom was encouraging me to be “healthy” but also said some things that just tore me to pieces; and the friend that would tell me I looked just fine had a naturally super-skinny body that only made me envious and feel like she didn’t understand. But ultimately, my worst enemy was MYSELF. Once I learned to love myself and embrace my body, instead of bashing it, I ended up so much healthier and happier.
    It’s so encouraging to realize one of my fitness idols is human and has had similar struggles even in adulthood! I just want to say THANK YOU for being so open and honest. You’re GORGEOUS with and without a (very) little bit of extra weight! You’ll always be my favorite fitness guru ever.

  585. Rachael says:

    I’m glad you addressed this. You influence a lot of young women. You’ve made a lot of great points about health, body image, and eating well.

    If you can lift more and run faster; I imagine that your weight change is an improvement. Why go back? Fitness and strength is fantastic; but the way the body looks on the outside has not so much to do with health as people realize. One can be very thin and muscular and have severe nutritional deficiencies. One may be a little thick; but have robust health and the ability to out-perform a thin person. Regular exercise is really important. There is a high tendency for people to over-exercise; which does more harm than good. Clean eating is great; but depriving the body of healthy fats can cause all sorts of health issues.

    I appreciate a healthy body fat ratio ratio of at least 23% on myself as well as on other women. It is attractive because it is natural and healthy. It also makes a bikini look beautiful as well.

    I hope you continue to be a positive influence in the lives of others for many years to come. Thank you.

  586. Hallie F. says:

    Thats “live” LOL.

  587. Whoever said ur fat obviously is anorexic. You have a great body, fit and toned. You needed to gain some weight, u were tiny in your bikini comp. I hope your comfortable with who you are and can ignore these idiots. You are my inspiration and motivation. Keep it coming.

  588. BryAna says:

    This post made me tear up a bit. With myself having body-image issues. I want to tell you, you look great, sometimes the stick thin bikini bodies actually look unhealthy (your’s doesn’t thoug!). Do not be ashamed though, you still look great (still thinner than me and what I’ll ever be), but do not kill yourself to achieve this look. It is better to look healthy, than to look anorexic. I am trying to learn, that I will never be a 3-5 again, it is not in my genes. The thing is though, gaining weight is not something to be ashamed of, especially just a little weight! You can melt that off in a month or two!

  589. Hallie F. says:

    You are awsome, dont let the haters get to you. Look at all of you’re success and you did it all! I’m proud of you and you are an inspiration to me ( a normal girl who likes to eat, workout, and life my life).

    Cheers to you honey.

    Hallie from Washington State.

  590. She was pointing out how unhealthy they are eating all the time and the health problems that come with it. Not judging someone´s look in the first place. Get your facts straight.

  591. I was overweight my adolescent life and have given away over 50 lbs. I still have people call me fat when I am the smallest i have ever been (mainly because these people didn’t know the past me but it doesn’t justify their words in anyway). I am now a personal trainer and I previously worked for Weight Watchers and would often talk about the power of words. The dis-empowerment that comes with the word “fat” and how the words “weight loss” can infer that you will find that weight again. Hence why I try and say “i have give away 50 lbs ” or “I have released 50 lbs”.
    I saw this video when you first posted and didn’t even notice a thing. Maybe because I know the hurt that comes from the words “gained” or “fat” or because I know how weight gain happens! You are a huge inspiration and a beautiful strong woman. Thank you for making this post because honestly, I dont think many people know the amount of emotion and hurt that is behind bringing up someones weight! I wish that our world was more kind and was less judgmental. Thank you Cassey! Love you girl!

  592. Hannah says:

    Actually I thought you lost weight and got more muscles :)

  593. Sarah Frances Young says:

    “So yeah, I have a thicker layer of fat on top of my abs. Cool. I’ll start eating super duper clean on a consistent basis and train harder for some weeks, and I will have my bikini body back. Seriously guys, it’s not a big deal! It’s all about resilience. If you feel like you’ve fallen off track, just get up. Just get up and start over NOW.”
    I actually wish you’d said “fuck it, I am healthier now I am eating more and I’m going to stay this way!” Because you are right – your body does need that food and I think that you should stay the way you are now, because you look beautiful instead of putting your body through so much strenuous activity AND a diet that is still restrictive – clean eating may be good for the body but pizza and ice cream are good for the soul, and it sounded like you had a better balance beforehand!

    I love your work outs so much, thank you for being so positive!

  594. Rachel C says:

    omg, with over 700 comments I’m sure you’ll never reach mine, but I just wanted you to know that I think you’re amazing. I absolutely did NOT notice you looking “bigger” when I did the ab video this morning. I just notice how your attitude and personality are so motivating and encouraging to me as I work toward a healthier body. Maybe weird to say, but I do feel like I’m working out with a friend and I’ve gotta follow the calendar every day or I’ll be letting you down because you work so hard for all of us.
    Thanks again for being you!!

  595. cinthya says:

    first of all you shouldnt feel guilty as long as you keep working out and all it all be good because you need to be healthy , i also have trouble dieting and also keeping with the workouts i really dont want to be model looking but i just dont want to be over weight yes it sucks i cant fit into clothes i;ll like but one day i’llget there without puttingmy body to so much stress

  596. Chelsie says:

    Yeah I have been called fat before. I’m 20 years old, I’m 5’2″ and I weigh 120 lbs. Honestly, I’m not fat. But I’m not extremely toned either. Last year I was dating a guy that didn’t like my body at all, he tried to make me stop eating regularly, and tried to get me to work out every single day so that I would slim down and be model perfect. It really fucked me up. I’d never really been obsessed with how much I weigh and eat until him. I was depressed for months and unhappy and I deprived myself of the proper nutrients that my body needed.
    We broke up about 5 months ago. And I am now dating my best friend who loves my body and me for who I am. Yeah I have fat on my body- but I exercise when I can and I eat a proper amount of food throughout the day. I’ve been gaining my self confidence back and I feel so much better about myself. Don’t let people tell you that you aren’t good enough. Our society is so obsessed with physical appearance. It’s disgusting. As long as you are healthy and take care of yourself whatever you weigh shouldn’t matter. Be yourself and don’t try to appease people like my ex.

  597. meadhbh says:

    OMG Cassy, you would never let us down, this makes me love you even more in fact! your a human being! of course this is going to happen once in a while. ive gone from being the skinny boney girl who just drank water all the time to an average sized healthy girl and i feel much better for it! i have to get back into working out gain but for the moment im just happy with the way i a, and you whould be too<3 ps: i still think your body looks amazing!!!! xxx

  598. Jessica says:

    I honestly did not notice that you gained weight. I was too busy enjoying your video.

  599. Pah, snot to the lot of ‘em Cassey, as long as you are happy, ignore the doom-mongers. What they say to you is just a way to figure out who is worth your time and effort and who isn’t.

    I get back-handed compliments from two particular people on a almost daily basis, on the food I eat, the ‘insane’ amount of exercise I do, and how I look/dress. I have no time for imbeciles… they’re slowly learning this.
    “ooh celery and pb again for your snack, that smells really good, good for you’
    ‘that stinks and is super annoyingly noisy, eat something else’
    my response:
    aaah just one more stick of celery and i’ll eat the last of the pb with a tea spoon for added ‘yuck’. ;)

    Just remember, the next imbecilic comment is an opportunity to entertain yourself. I’m clearly not as angelic as Cassey!

  600. hi cassey, yes im gaining weight too. but its all due to exams. yesterday, my mom just asked me why is your body getting bigger, your head looks so small. it kinda hit me hard. but i learnt not to care too much about what other people say and just feel good about myself.

    its okay to let yourself go for a little while and get back on track when it feels right. deprivation will just turn around and cause you to do extremes. been there, done that.

    dont worry cassey. we popsters are always here rooting for you. thanks for putting yourself out there and being such an inspiration to thousands of people.

    with so much love, kara

  601. Cassey… I have struggled with weight all my life. With even the most hard work… I will never be your size and that is okay. The gift that you give all of your fans is priceless. You are fierce, beautiful, smart, resilient, and extremely inspiring. Continue to be the star that you are.

  602. Hi Cassey!

    Thank you for sharing this blog. It takes a lot to be honest. You encourage me to also open up on this topic. Since I was 9 years old up until the age that I am now which is almost 24 years old – my entire family have always told me to lose weight. So to have to deal with that on a daily basis was really a blow to my self-esteem. Still I somehow always manage to keep the confidence in myself and always remembered to love me for me and that no matter what people say, even from my love ones – what’s important is what I think and feel. I’ve always struggle with my weight. Always gaining and losing but never going over or under a certain weight.

    I remember when I just turned 19 and had to move back home from my first year away at college, I was working a full time job from 3am-3pm everyday and going to college full time from 5pm-9pm every night. I got home after work with enough time to rest a little before school and my parents said it looks like I have been gaining weight and I should really lose weight. They said they almost didn’t recognize me. That was the most hurt I have ever been about my weight from my own parents. It broke my heart and I remember doing the worst thing a child could ever do to their parents. I yelled back at them and argued with them. I didn’t talk to them for days. But when I finally did I explained how I felt. That I hear I have to lose weight or people call me fat from everyone else but to hear it from the people I love most and hold so close to my heart – well the words seem to hurt x(times) a million. They apologized and just said they were only looking out for my best health. I understood. After I tried to exercise more but than got discouraged and stopped.

    Now at almost 24 I’ve been pushing myself since I found your youtube videos, calendar and blog. I’m thankful because for the first months of this year: Feb., Mar. and April thanks to you I’ve been more serious about my health. I’m taking a break from blogilates for now and trying the Insanity workout with one of my best friends but it’s nice to know that this is another workout I can do all the time. You make it fun, easy and inspirational. Thank you for doing what you do. You’re truly a wonderful person inside and out.

    – JM

  603. Espresso says:

    Honestly, I didn’t even notice… maybe I just don’t pay close attention–oh wait, maybe I just don’t care that apparently Cassey “gained some pounds!” Like you said, why should that even matter??
    Because I trust you Cassey that you know what you’re doing, and like you said, it’s impossible to keep maintaining that “bikini bod” for life. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re still fit and fabulous.
    I don’t get how if one “gains some weight,” they automatically somehow become “unfit” just like that.
    It’s not like you just stopped working out altogether.
    Anyways, keep your head up high and I hope you will continue to make great workouts for us!!

    P.S. I just find it kind of ironic and funny that the people who commented such things are the ones watching the video to most possibly do the workout themselves…

  604. Thank you for being REAL … and the reality is that staying at figure/bikini competition weight is NOT HEALTHY for most people, it’s just unrealistic. God made women with higher body fat for a reason! Being fit and trim is one thing, being so obsessed/worried with it that you can’t eat an apple …. that’s an isseu! LOL
    I’m no where near that shape but honestly it’s very discouraging for me when all the “trainers” didn’t have any weight issues (really) to begin with or just wanted to be more toned …. I mean reality is most of us have kids, hubbies, and lives to deal with and trying to stay in that shape all the time is just not realistic.
    Love your videos so far!

  605. Hi Cassie,

    I only found your blog recently. You are motivating, inspiring and awesome! You should always remember that. I am asian and starting highschool I was 153cm and 45kg, my family called me fat all the time, always asked if I gained weight and picked on my tanned skin. I am now 55kg at 21 years of age, a size 8 AUS, and I really wish I wasn’t because my family always point out that I’m fat. I am starting to eat healthier and exercising more, but it doesn’t seem to be helping me lose weight per se, but helping me define my muscles and make me feel like a better person.

    At the end of the day, you should care less about what othe rpeople have to say, because I’m sure your true fan base is much larger than those minority. You look great and you are an excellent teacher! Just keep rmeinding yourself :)

  606. Hey Cassey,

    I just wanted to thank you for this post. Last summer I started lifting weights and became obsessed with getting the perfect body. I lost 15 lbs and was in the “best shape of my life.” Like you, it came through serious deprivation and exercise.

    But you know, I am a real person with a real life. While a lot of my gym buddies are able to lift weights in the morning and then do even more after work, I’m a grad student with a lot of studying and extracurricular activities to balance. I can’t always cook healthy meals for myself every day, or I’d never leave my house. I can’t obsess over calories to the point where I never go out with my friends. It took a lot of time and effort for me to lose 15 lbs, and it wasn’t sustainable. It eventually lead me to a very unhealthy place, eating-wise.

    The more I think about me “in the best shape of my life,” the more I start to think that last year wasn’t it. Today, when I lift heavy weights five days a week and run 6 miles without stopping, I am in the best shape of my life. Today, when I can have fun with my friends without panicking over what I will eat and how much of it, I am in the best shape of my life. I weigh ten pounds more than I did last summer, and no one ever tells me how small and skinny I am anymore–but I’m starting to realize that it doesn’t matter. My goal is to love what I’m doing. I will only get one life. Sometimes I will be able to spend it honing my body into a low-fat machine, and sometimes I will use my time tasting delicious junk food while pulling an all-nighter. In the end, my weight might fluctuate a little but I am much more than the number on the scale.

    You look phenomenal, and I’m sure you know you aren’t anywhere near overweight. Addressing the changes that we all go through, and the way that no one can be a tiny, skinny version of herself for 365 days, is just an honest assessment of the human body. This post was amazing, and thank you so much for it.

  607. Uuuugh…i hate family parties because of that reason. What should I really say? It sucks because I am trying to lose weight, and I am eating sooo much healthier. But since I’m so short and petite the weight is really hard to lose. The sad thing is, people have different images of what healthy is. I have a very skinny relative who is proud of how she maintains her weight, but girl cant lift 20 lbs!!! No strength at all! And she gets sick so easily and gets tired so fast. For me, ive learned to accept that i will never be as skinny as that girl, but I love the energy I have, my strength, my curves, my ass and boobs! Just need to lose this stubborn belly fat!

  608. Marina says:

    Cassey you’re so amazing!!!!! I couldn’t agree more with the comment left by Sue! You’re honesty in this post completely resonated with me! You’re such an inspirational person! Showing you much love ❤❤❤

  609. Cristina says:

    Cassie, I honestly didn’t even notice a difference in your weight because I know that some days are better than other when it comes to our bodies! It happens to me all the time! I’ve been self conscious about my weight even since I was really little. That’s probably not a good thing, but I’ve learned to love myself over time, and I’m only 17! I’ve got the rest of my life ahead of me and I’d like to spend it loving my body the way that it is because now that I’ve started working out with you, I don’t have to worry so much about being out of shape. We all have our insecurities about our bodies, I believe as girls it’s nearly impossible not to constantly be worrying about our physical flaws, but once you learn to accept them it makes life so much more enjoyable; and as you said, what really matters is what’s on the inside!
    You look great and you’ll always be an inspiration to me no matter how much you weigh. Things happen to us in life that make us have to change our schedules around a bit, and i agree with you, it’s no biggie! Even if I had noticed you gain a little weight, I would actually be happy because it reminds me that you’re human! Haha! Thank you so much for being so dedicated to helping us all get healthy :) <3

  610. isabella says:

    Its crazy how i never check or go on any of my emails, but today i did and i saw this email. Ive been going through this exact problem right about this time and the thing is i feel like its harder because i have no one to support me. I really wanted to lose weight quickly, but im sort of panicking

  611. Cassey, you’re such an inspiration. It’s important for everyone to know that it’s completely normal to gain weight every once in a while! In fact, it can be healthy (in moderation). People don’t realize how hard your job is, everyday you are honest with us about your own triumphs and downfalls and that’s huge! Because I doubt any one of those people that commented on your video asking if you gained weight would be able to admit if they ever gained weight! It’s a normal part of life! You’re still my biggest inspiration, definitely even more so after this post! You’re beautiful inside and out! Love you Cassey!!

  612. Cassey, i love your videos and you without relising it encorage me to workout and eat. There was a point in my life that i got very skinny very quickly and i became obsessed with eating only certain foods. This then became a problem and i started to not eat for several days. I was mde to eat and ive gain back the weight i lost and i get what you mean. Through following your blog you have made me relise that i can eat and workout and not feel ashamed of how i look. Here i am babbling, my point is that you inspire people to be better and i think you look great. Be happy within yourself and know that no-ones oppinion really matters. Only yours.
    Thank you for being an inspiration!

  613. Cassie says:

    Cassey that is the best post you have ever written I watched that abs video and didn’t even notice any weight gain girl you are so strong and so inspirational don’t let these people get you down! keep doing what your doing and be proud I love bloglaties and couldn’t live without it! love yah cassey <3

  614. Espresso says:

    That’s a totally different case…
    That wasn’t a matter of simply “gaining weight,” it’s being morbidly obese, and that’s a serious medical problem. And it’s not like they’re living a “healthy” lifestyle to begin with, and they know exactly what they’re doing to their bodies and aren’t really doing much about it–such as getting serious about, not just losing weight, but changing to a healthier lifestyle.
    I don’t know why you even bothered to bring this up in this post (as it is irrelevant), but you’re not going to get the “response” you want.

  615. PLEASE do not feel ashamed because you’re dissapointed you gained a lil bit of weight, I think that has to do with the pressure from society to look perfect, people who are bored with their lives and only point out other peoples lives. Instead, let’s get ready for summer together! Always keep your head up Cass, you’re an inspiration to all of us, and remember “suck that belly button in!”.

  616. Valerie says:

    Someone was upset about the space between your thighs?!? I haven’t seen that since like age 11! Yes, your body inspires us, but it is so much more than that. We are all inspired by your attitude and your determination and your encouragement. You are so much more than just a body (and honestly, a damn good looking one at that). We’ve all seen skinny women before, but we come back to you because you have so much more to offer and that’s what really inspires us. I know this post struck a chord with a lot of people–just another example of why we love you so much!

  617. Einath says:

    this post made me feel sooo much better! over the summer i was really fit and had a thigh gap and everything! then i gained weight and im no longer fit nor do i have a thigh gap:/ ive been struggling for months now trying to lose the weight and i just cant and its my fault. Cassie you still look amazing! but if YOU feel the need to lose weight, do it for YOU so YOU can be happy! if you do go on a diet, make it big like your 90 day challenge! post meals and videos! love ya Cassie

  618. Cassey! Holy moly! You are a goddess. I believe that enjoyment of life and its pleasures feed our sensuality and radiance. Check out this video that Dove did – it brought tears to my eyes…. and so did your blog. Thanks for your articulate and artistic honesty.

    Perfection is death. It allows for no movement or growth. It is stagnancy. Let’s start, with the Blogilates movement community, to love and revere our imperfections as signs that we are growing and evolving as human beings.
    “Look at my stretch marks, see where I have grown.” ~ Ani DiFranco

  619. Justine says:

    The difference between June/Alana and people criticizing Cassey is it’s a matter of HEALTH. NOT appearance. June and Alana are insanely UNHEALTHY. That the path they have taken can more than likely lead to heart problems, high blood presssure, and other horrible illnesses.
    Cassey is healthy. Eats healthy. She just isn’t super skinny and total muscle anymore. THATS the difference. People are criticizing her for a small layer of fat.

  620. Thank you so much! it’s so smart of you to write about weight, feelings and the importance of self-esteem. I used to torture myself about my weight and the slightest variation of it used to make me feel very bad, now thanks to you I feel empowered! truly!
    Thank you so much for your authenticity

  621. Completely agreed. I like you cassey but you were mean too. You were cruel towards both of them. Remember how you judged Alana’s fat rolls? Though you’d b glax to hear mama jun has lost 100lbs bu thats not the point. You know it hurts being criticized.. so be aware before you slam the likes of mama jume n honey boo boo.. there was nthg wrong in wanting them to clean up their lives but in the manner yoh said it, if made you soubd harsh. . And to thd girls or guys who called cassey fat or pur her down for gaining.. go to hell

  622. Heather says:

    This post really resonated with me. I walk into one side of my family and I feel like I am being judged by the way I look and it is hard. To this day it is still hard to be around that side of the family because of the fear that they are talking about me behind my back. Not only does it hurt emotions, it tends to make us look at ourselves in a negative way as well.

    Yes, I know I need to lose weight and am having trouble with motivation. Something that hurt was that my doctor recently said in her notes that I was obese appearing, yet did not talk to me about this at all. I think instead of adding fuel to the fire of needing to jump start a workout routine again it actually brought me down.

    I just need to jump in and do something, your blog inspires me, I just need to take action on that inspiration.

  623. This article gave me some much needed inspiration. I have been physically fit my entire life. In fact, I have had trouble gaining weight since I was a young girl. Being thin always came naturally to me. Last year I became pregnant and my doctors told me I was under weight. I ended up gaining 80 pounds by the time I gave birth. I have never weighed so much in my entire life and it has definitely effected by confidence. I lost the first 40 pounds thanks to breastfeeding and staying active but the remaining weight still lingers. After reading your article I feel inspired to discipline myself to get back in shape. Thanks so much!

  624. Valentina says:

    I love you so much cassey! You are such an inspirational person! You’re gorgeous. Don’t let anyone bring you down! Your workouts still kick my ass and I love every second of it. Stay true to yourself girl!! <3

  625. Rude! You’re gorgeous. Know it. Own it.

  626. Ivori Rose says:

    I find this post interesting because you judged harshly June and Alana, aka Honey Boo Boo. Do you have to experience a cruelty in order to realize that you , yourself were cruel ?

  627. Adeline says:

    To me when a family member tells me that I’m too FAT!!! I just simply use that source of negative energy from them as a fuel to boost me up and work out even harder,so the next time they see me again they will be the ones asking me for advice ;) I do get mad,sad, and so out of place, but I try not to let them rub salt to my open wounds.

    Now to you Cassey. It doesn’t matter what or how you are starting to look like.You have touched so many girls lives out there. You’re an AWESOME instructor (better than my college Pilate instructor lol) everyone gain weights and get side tracked. Eating clean and healthy will be hard at times Maybe that baked zucchini doesnt taste as good as pizza,but keeping that source of positive energy within your beautiful soul you’ll definitely still have that killer body to be proud of!!!

    Take care Missy Cassey<3<3<3<3

  628. Wow. This resonates PERFECTLY with me right now. I’ve been feeling bad because my clothes are fitting tighter than before and I’ve definitely gained some poundage. But you know what? I just ran my fourth marathon and achieved my 4-hour-finish goal and my fastest time yet…at my heaviest! I guess I’m just giving my body what it needs. Thanks for this post!

  629. Omg. Please please don’t feel ashamed. You still look amazing. And this is what I LOVE about your blog and work out videos, that you are so real and bright and peppy. I follow your workouts not JUST because of how fit you are, but because you are so motivating, encouraging and I love your outlook on life. It rubs off on me!! And that is simply so valuable. You make me want to be healthy, work out to look and feel good. And even if you aren’t all tan and crazy ripped like in your bikini competition pics, you are still healthy, strong and in great shape. For what it’s worth, I would watch your fitness videos no matter what you looked like. You are a huge source of encouragement and thank you so much for your workout vids!

  630. Hey Cassey!

    First of all, i wanna say you that you are really amazing! it is true! don’t be even a little bit upset because of someone said that u gained a weight. this person is so silly! as you already said, you ll just make a little push with workouts and eating clean and you will have a super perfect body as always, but that person will remain a silly one! you are perfect for so many girls all over the world! look at number of your subscribers everywhere! we follow you, we respect you, we trust you, we admire you, we love you! you are so funny and gorgeous and so good person! just don’t ever be upset! you are best of the best for all of us! Always smile as you always do it and, again, don’t be frustrated!

    and secondly, yes, i was called fat when i was a little girl. i have never been skinny, you know, i have always had a layer of fat on my belly button. but when i was in my clothes on, it looked fine, i looked like a normal girl without any weight problems, but in the beach or in the swimming pool my fatty was shown. i guess it lasts all my life. of course, now i do like sport and do your video exercises and i eat super clean, and i guess i can see some changes in my body, like a little bit less of fat on my belly button (BUT! i m just in the beggining of my HEALTHY life)! since i remember myself i was a reeeeeeal sweettooth! i couldn’t live without eating sweets, cookies, candies, whatever it is. when i was home alone i could even eat only sweets and nothing more! i was like a drogaddicted. and my mom always tried to control what i eat, not to give me candies and so on, but of course, i found the ways to eat this stuff. you know what frustrated me? that my own parent called “a pregnant cocroach” when i was about 8-11 years old. it was not just someone in the street or in the school….. MY PARENTS called me like this. it was awful. i wanted to cry when i heard this from them. but the told me they do it just to make me understand my problem and do domething, stop eating so much and stop eating sweets…. but it only sounds so easy. i couldn’t quit eating my fave food. it was impossible for me. and by the way, i have never liked sport. i did go to the swimming pool and gymnastic and dances, but i hated it. so, here is my story how words of “you are fat” hurted me.

    Now i m better and almost look perfect but still have to decrease my fat layer, because i don’t look like you in my swimsuit =)))))))))
    Oh, i almost forgot to tell you that you maid me better. thanks to your recipes of banana-eggs pancakes and oatmeal pancakes. it is hard to imagine how just two recipes can change someone’s life. but yours did this to me. whan i saw these two videos and made this desserts i understood that “OH, MAN, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED TO BE PERFECT”. i understood that i can eat food which tastes sweet, just not to add sugar and replace it for banana, because banana can make everything taste sweet. and now i really eat super clean, i make healthy desserts absolutely without flour and sugar and the most important thing is that thanks to these dishes I DON’T WANNA EAT SWEETS which it is so simply to buy everywhere! I CAN LEAVE WITHOUT THEM! and this is my victory! i believe in myself now only because of you.

    I just want to thank you. You are not just an inspiration for girls, the most important thing is that YOU CHANGE OURLIVES TO THE BEST!

    Thank you, thank you and thank you so much for everything you do!

    P.S. Sorry, i know it is too long, but i didn’t want to miss anything.


  631. Patricia Caixeirinho says:

    Cassey, you’re a beautiful woman and I honestly think we all love you very dearly, even though we don’t know you in person. You don’t hide things from us. You openly tell us about your bad moments as much as you do about the good ones. And I thank you for that.
    We sometimes tend to be judgemental, I see that and assume I have done it before. But every day I try to mend that behaviour because I don’t appreciate being judged, so why should I do that to other people? You know, it’s about improving myself as a human being. It’s a part of my personal growth towards becoming the best person I know I can be.
    As far as body image and eating/exercising/body issues, I have had my share of them, and still do. Just yesterday my mom told me, in an advising, motherly, loving tone that I should lose weight. I know I must do so, not because she tells me, but because of how I feel about myself. If I’m not happy about the way I look, then I fight for change, because I know I can achieve any goal I set for myself. Most importantly, eating “right”/clean and exercising (with the benefit of losing a few pounds) is about being healthy and feeling, from the inside out, that I am doing something extremely important for myself regarding the present and the future.

    So, girl, don’t worry about that littl’ bit of fat you own right now on top of those smokin’ hot abs you’ve got. You’re beautiful, energetic, healthy, inspirational(!!!!) and such a pleasure to get to know!

    We love you, no matter what the percentage of fat in your body is.


    P.S. About the bikini competition, I think you were insanely brave, because it's such an extreme path to put your body and your mind through. You owned, girl! :)

  632. Caroline says:

    I read the entire post, and this really made me love you even MORE! I couldn’t even tell that you had gained any weight when I saw you again at the Jamba FiTrends Expo–you look healthy, happy, fit and full of life. <3

  633. tzduren says:

    Just wanna say that I LOVE this post!!!! I think as girls we all struggle with this idea of perfection and feel like massive failures if we fall short. The idea that its okay to be human is not really encouraged anymore, and like you’ve said before having such a low body fat isn’t really attainable long term and those who keep it generally aren’t getting enough nourishment. I think its sad that even in a place focused of fitness people would still encourage and idolize looks that aren’t healthy to maintain long term. This post made me realize just how okay it is to have my body not some dreamt up ideal!!

  634. This post was the truest thing I have ever read on the internet – thank you so much for posting it! As a student living away from home, I’ve definitely found the ‘Fresher Five’ (fiteen) and this post stopped me stressing and getting upset. You’re super and you shouldn’t feel bad for ‘letting go’ – you look amazing!

  635. Cassey,

    DON’T YOU DARE LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO SAY THINGS LIKE THAT!!!! They are not people who care about you. You’re probably getting to your ideal weight because you are eating a more varied healthy diet. Your body can still do everything that you could do and now you can do it better from gaining a little. How horrible are people to judge and put people down in this way. Look at your own faults before you judge others.

  636. I am so happy you wrote this post, as well….i guess its time more people start staying this: we shouldn´t be ashamed of gaining weight or weighing more than someone else…. it shouldn´t be the main focus of people. Look at ME, my personality, what I say and what I do…not at the size of my jeans of if I have a belly pooch. That is not the most important thing, it does not define me.
    And you look good, no matter what shape. Know why??? Because you take care of your body, you feed him the nutrients he needs and keep him active, because you take care of your soul also and inspire others to be better everyday. And that´s what makes you beautiful, not the thigh gap….one day,when you´ll be old and telling stories to your grankids, you´ll want to tell them something about being happy and living their lives, not about how you had a gorgeous thigh gap and your stomach was flat :)))

  637. I have close people in my life constantly making remarks about my weight. I try to ignore their opinions and focus on my own. If I feel good about the way I look then that is all that matters. I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt or bother me from time to time, but at the end of the day my opinion is the only opinion that should matter when it comes to my physical appearance. I just want to say thank you for opening up so much of yourself to me and many other fans!! You inspire and motivate so many people including myself! Keep rockin’ out Cassie!! <3

  638. Lydia Garcia says:

    I would like to note there is a drastic difference between fitness and being skinny.
    I struggle through every one of your workouts (which is why i love them because they challenge me), but there you are pushing through … not doing the easier version and on top of that encouraging us through each routine. I’m over here just struggling to breathe ;)

    All in all I completely understand the internal conflictions and family aspect (hispanic family over here). But at the end of the day you have to do what makes you happy and learn from experiences. I think this is one of those things. Being skinny doesn’t have to determine your level of happiness and other’s opinions of what that should be for you is irrelevant.

  639. Amanda Matula says:

    You rock, Casey. No one should ever call you fat. You’re gorgeous, fit, strong, and healthy. You are an inspiration to us all. Plus, we are women, and busy women! Life happens. I’m struggling with gaining weight this pregnancy, but I know it is for the best and for the health of my baby. I focus on the strength of my body to create a new life. And you are a strong and inspiring woman. Keep it up and don’t let mean people get you down!

  640. The I was afraid of fruit part made me cringe and tear up. I remember the height of my eatin disorder and how I’m currently going back to those ways. I am so sad to hear that you ever felt that way and it sucks. It really does.

  641. Chloé says:

    Hey Cassey!
    Your text is awesome and comforting.
    Thanks you so much, and please remain who you are !

  642. Kristena says:

    Way to own it. I’ve just started following your blog & doing your awesome videos so whatever you look like now is the Cassey I love and tell all my friends about! Thanks for being there for us and I hope we can be there and support you. Shake it off, sister.

  643. I married a man who insisted I never lose my big butt, and we’ll be married for four years in June. And if you’re like me, you inhereted it from her. Lol. I’ll edit her by saying “men want a happy, confident woman”. Tell her that and to lay off.

  644. I can honestly say that I feel ashamed for gaining even the smallest amount of weight. I’m Asian and I know how it is for everyone to tell you what you should or shouldn’t look like and I hate it. I got this post in an e-mail that sent to my phone while I was feeling pretty low today about my weight and it spoke volumes. I always thought you were beautiful in every video and every photo and wished I could have your body but that’s why I’m following your videos and reading your blog. Because you are an inspiration to everyone and a few comments here and there shouldn’t mean anything. I just want to thank you for writing this because it not only shows that you’re vulnerable to the same mistakes as your viewers but you’re also honest about it and still encouraging us to stay positive.

  645. Danielle says:

    I think it was pretty rude of anyone who asked you those things! It’s admirable that you’re willing to say, yes, I did gain weight, because I’m human. And honestly, you are still incredibly fit and healthy with an amazing body (and attitude!), so I’m sure that the people who left those comments were doing so out of jealousy. Like you said, it’s normal for everyone to feel ashamed of gaining weight. But that’s why we have the Blogilates community, so we can all support one another <3

  646. Fantastic post Cassey.

    This community has amazing potential to be a super positive force – if we focus on loving our bodies rather than being ashamed of them.

    Obviously with any health and fitness forum there will be people whose ultimate goal is weightloss. I think we’ve become very confused at equating health and fitness to thinness, and this post addresses that. I too have been thinner before than I am now, but I was way less healthy. My mother would love me to be angular rather than womanly but it has nothing to do with my health. When I was getting all my calories from bourbon I was super slim. I don’t recommend it.

    If people are looking at your videos and instead of thinking “Cassey’s so amazing!” they’re thinking “oooo, Cassey’s thickening up a bit, maybe I should tell her because obviously she hasn’t noticed herself and it’s totally my business” then that speaks more about their own weight obsession than it does anything else.

    This is a great blog for the Health at Any Size movement: You can read her hatemail for a taste of how crazy and evil internet peeps can be.

    The things that I’ve always admired most about you are your attitude, your smile, and how you can chatter away while doing reps while I can barely breathe. Nothing to do with your inner thigh gap.

    Love you,

  647. MissPinkKate says:

    We all gain weight from time to time! Nobody can stay at their perfect weight forever- not even movie stars! Keep on making healthy living your main goal!

  648. I’m so glad you wrote this, its really helpful and motivating. This time last year I was suffering with an eating disorder and now I’m recovered I’m just eating and eating; but after reading this its time to stop and start exercising and get to a healthy weight the healthy way. Thank you!<3

  649. Cassey, you are the best!! You are such an inspiration. It’s nice to see that you are human too and have struggles just like we “popsters” do. You are so beautiful inside & out. Don’t let rude people with rude comments bring you down. I bet they are completely jealous to see even if you gain a couple pounds how good you still look!

  650. Mackenzie says:

    Aw Cassey you are gorgeous!
    I used to have that “super skinny and fit bikini model” look but it takes an enormous amount of self-discipline, not to mention limit of food intake. I have gained about twenty pounds and at times I feel guilty about because I’m short- so every pound gained is visible, but I’m so much healthier.
    You’re such an inspiration

  651. cesilia says:

    Oh my goodness, you are perfect the way you are. The way you are is the way you are meant to be. Who cares if you gained one pound or ten?? I wouldn’t care..because that in turn makes you HUMAN..makes you a real person with a real life with real world issues, like we all have. I’m a mother of 3 who weighed 115 back in the day. I now weigh 140 :(( Its so hard to try to lose weight, eat right, exercise, when I’m busy trying to keep my kids on track. Make dinner for them every single night, help my husband with the pest control and inspection business we have, keep up with the house stuff…Be proud of you and never feel ashamed of the little things. I love seeing and doing your videos when I have time and it’s absolutely amazing what you accomplished in the two years I have read your blog. Keep your head up, because in the end its just you that matters, not what others think of you. I know this, I’m hispanic and either im too fat or too skinny in my mothers eyes ;)

  652. Cassie says:

    As much as I dislike that someone as gorgeous as you would get criticism for your weight, I am so grateful that it resulted in this post. I’m also a fitness instructor and have recently gained a few pounds (and much tighter jeans) due to a crazy schedule, YOLO meals and drinks to celebrate a friend’s wedding, and less strength training (because I’m learning new cardio choreography). I have had issues with eating and body image and have really been beating myself up about it and this post really made me stop, take a breath, and realize that it’s ok. It’s ok if my jeans are tighter some weeks and it’s ok if my weight fluctuates some and I just have to get over it and get back into the swing of my usual healthy habits. Seriously, this post has really helped a struggle I’ve been going through for the past couple weeks on such a personal level.

    So, thank you for this post and for having a positive attitude and class about a nasty comment. Thank you for being open about it and putting it out there. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your blog and for how much you truly care about others.

  653. I was just gonna say, who cares, I can’t do a single workout of yours even WITHOUT talking all. the way. through it!!! Dang you’re fit! For me personally, this makes you even more credible as a fitness instructor. You rock. And just by the by you changed my life. I can say thata I love my body more and more every day bc of you.

  654. You’re awesome. Seriously. I mean, you are. Thanks for being honest. Our society is obsessed with weight. Micromanaging our weight and etc. Its hard when you put yourself out there.

  655. First off, I want to say that personally, I think you looked better before the bikini competition. I think that the “bikini look” was a little extreme, but that’s my opinion. I can totally relate to the feeling bad because of gaining weight. Last summer I was diagnosed with a debilitating illness (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). I ended up gaining 30 lbs due to inactivity. The funny thing was, before the illness, I was actually underweight. I was coming out of an abusive household where I didn’t get enough to eat. I went from a size 0-2 to a size 6-8 in a matter of 4 months. Even though now I look healthier, hearing comments from my friends about my weight gain worried me. This is mostly because my mom struggles with Bulimia, so growing up I didn’t have a good role model when it comes to eating right and being healthy. My greatest fear was/is becoming like her.

    I am learning that weight/appearance is only a fraction of who I am. That the most important thing is to be healthy and happy. Your post really resonated with me. So many girls/women are so worried about the number on the scale that they fail to realize that the inside is what counts. Also remember that the people who feel the need to constantly point out your weight gain are the same people who feel insecure about their own bodies.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing. I admire your passion, kindness, and determination. And you look absolutely FINE the way you are. <333