#MayMuscles Calendar! Let’s get that definition to POP!

may 2013 real

 Hey POPsters!

Your #MayMuscles calendar is hurrrrrrrrr!!!!!

This month I really wanna focus on bringing out your gorgeous definition! That means pairing the workout videos with clean eating! All I ask as far as eating is that you:

1. Wake up and drink a glass of water to get your metabolism moving.

2. Eat veggies at every single meal! Breakfast is optional.

Obviously, cut out the fried, sugary, and processed stuff. You can get healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in the recipe section or follow the 90 Day Challenge for a month! The challenge will list out exactly what to eat everyday and when.

Also, I incorporated something I learned these past few months. I realized that you tend to be scared of something because you’re unsure and unfamiliar with it. Well, thanks to your responses on Facebook and Twitter, I decided to take the videos you love to hate most and make them appear weekly.


100 Burpee Challenge to start off every week for the next 4 weeks! OH BOY!

You will be best friends with burpees by then. By heading straight into your problem and not skirting around the edges, you will be able to conquer your fears and GET STRONGER! Not just physically but mentally too.

You conquered #Blogilates127 last mont. CONGRATS! Now let’s rattle May up! Let’s make them #MayMuscles POP!

Sweat Happy :)

<3 Cassey



  1. I feel kinda like giving up
    I have working out for 2 years now , and I lost weight which I don’t need to know
    But mostly my tummy fat / and it’s going away but I feel everyone has a dream body and soemtimes I feel that I won’t ever get there : loosing motivation slowly:(
    Some advice thanks everyone good luck on ur may calendar

  2. Cassey, I have just discovered that you now have the app on android and downloaded it Monday night. I am trying to follow it since then (followed the paper callendar monday). However I am finding that at least 1/3 of the videos set up on the days are not available in my country (USA). Can you address this, I have seen a few more people comment on this issue recently. Its probably not all that hard for a seasoned popster to figure out what to do in lieu of the missing workouts, but for a newbee such as myself…I am needing guidance which is why I subscribed to the app in the first place. Still luv it/you just want some clarity please…THANKS!

  3. I have never seen such a colorful calendar…It is a symbolic for colorful life..All should have a happy life..

  4. Great! I was searching for this EXACT thing all day yesterday. I really wish that people would write more about this. I really appreciate the post…

  5. May is always hot…but in this site may is cool and pretty… want to have that climate in summer…

  6. Hi Cassey,
    I am really glad to join! I am looking forward to starting with the July calender! Thank you!

  7. waiting for July calendar

  8. Do I follow this calendar or june calendar ?

  9. Mona Hatib says:

    Cassey you are amazing

  10. Hello Cassie,

    i was wondering if you could do a few more low impact cardio workouts, i gotta be careful with my knees and neighbours “lol” so i have to modify some of your cardio exercises. I have found one low impact cardio video on your channel, ( the kick it workout i believe ). Maybe you could upload some more in the future.

    Love your work xxx

    Greetings from Spain,


  11. Hey Cassey!!! I can’t wait to do The June calendar! For day 1, do we start off on Wednesday ( day 1 ) or Saturday ( day 4 )?
    Thank yooooou! (:

  12. When you’re doing the pilates stance on your back, you’re supposed to keep your shoulders on the mat. Your shoulders are supposed to support you, so make sure not to roll up to your neck because that will cause strain. Not sure if this is the exact problem but hope it helps!

  13. Really need the JUNE CALENDAR~~!!!

  14. Cassey! We need the June calendar! Hook us up, girl!

  15. Courtney says:

    I agree with the lady above lol! If you could you should definately try put warmups and cooldowns in the calender!

  16. Waiting for the June one as well~~!!

  17. Write out the ten moves of the 100 burpee burnout and then do it every few days. Building off what Lucy said, bring an egg timer and have your favorite pop pilates workouts written out move by move. Set your egg timer for, say, one minute for each move. All the better if you have an iPod to set your pace, but the timer will help push you, too. Good luck!

  18. where is JUNE ?!!! :(

  19. Yeah, same here. :( I have a neck issue although I always thought it was just arthritis until a doctor told me they found nothing on an x-ray. So I’m not sure. But I always feel like I’m straining my neck!

  20. I have the same problem. And sometimes my hips hurt as well

  21. I don’t experience any pain as long as my back is glued onto the mat and I’m really tensing my abs. As soon as I’m not, my neck gets tense and starts hurting. Use your abs when lifting yourself up and also try to consciously relax your neck. I hope this helps. :)

  22. Chelsea S says:

    when will june come out?!?

  23. Yes! figured out that it was because I was turning my head to watch the vieo, which was set yp next to me. If you look straight forwards, that helped me!

  24. Maybe the workout calendar can be posted one or two days before the month started? Then people who live in Australia like me don’t have to start late… :P

  25. Oh yer Sorry I forgot :P I think it’s because everyone is talking about June haha. xxxx

  26. Same question here :D my june 1st starts a few hours earlier and I would love to not do everything in the evening

  27. Does anyone experience any discomfort/pain in your neck while you’re in the pilates stance laying down on your back? Is there any way to prevent the discomfort/pain? Does your neck get used to it eventually…?

  28. Don’t give up! Just remember that you’re not the only one who struggles with form during workouts! I do too, but I try to do them slowly so I can get the form right :). I’m thinking about placing a mirror next to me while I workout so I can see how I look. Today’s workout definitely made me look like a fish out of water because I was flopping around helplessly on my side >_<.
    It takes practice and patience. We can do this!

  29. It varies really :). On Mondays she releases new workouts on YouTube, and the rest are other workout videos that Cassie created in the past varying from videos from a year ago, or a few months. I hope this answered your question!

  30. Thank you! I will definitely try that out :D

  31. You could use an old workout calendar that you’ve printed out and also try to print some of the printables she has at the top of the page. That way you see what muscle groups you need to work out and use the printables to help remember what moves you could do. Hope this helps! :D Have fun!

  32. Definitely go running. Make sure you also know how to do several workout moves for each body part before you leave, and make a sure you use those to make a plan kind of following this one (Sunday – rest, Monday – abs/arms, Tuesday – back/butt etc.) that should be enough. Have fun! :)

  33. Try placing a small towel or your hands underneath your butt. The position varies but the point is to try and get your spine to relax there. Once you get you back and low as possible then focus on tightening your muscles or the workout.

    That’s how I do it :D

  34. This is still the May one. xoxo

  35. Hi guys! I am leaving for a holiday with my parents and the place has no electricity or internet connection (I’m gonna die) since it’s basicly a cottage in middle of nowhere. Does someone have any ideas how I can keep up with the workout calendar or at least stay in shape? Pretty please help me? (:
    By the way English isn’t my native language so I’m sorry if there is a lot of spelling mistakes (:

  36. Arn’t there 30 days in June?

  37. Tiffany says:

    It’s true that you should take a day of rest when doing strength training but you only need to rest the muscles you’ve just worked. If you look at the videos on the May calendar, you’ll see that you’re never working the same set of muscles two days in a row so you get adequate rest for your muscles without having to take a day off. =]

  38. Caitlin says:

    Yeah, could you put it out before June 1st? I need to plan it all out as far as eating and everything :/

  39. Aren’t you suppose to give muscles a day of rest when you do toning excersices? All of these videos really workout out all of your muscles, and you are suppose to d them almost daily- how does that work?

  40. Mariska says:

    Thank you. Good luck to you too! We can do this!

  41. Don’t give up Mariska! I’m new to this too and I honestly can’t keep up with Cassey either! I like to speed through the workout videos for the day to see what she does first and then replay them and do the workout along with the video. Since I’m a beginner I’ve decided to go at my own pace while going along with the video because I want to make sure that I have good posture and that I’m doing the exercises correctly. Yes, it means that I do less reps than what Cassie asks for, but I think it’s better to do them right than to do all the reps and do them completely wrong. You can also pause the video during the workout if you want to finish your reps ^_^. Good luck!

  42. OMG… the 100 burpee challenge is a KILLER! It burned my thighs like crazy, and I’m a beginner so I was doing the walking ones too O_O. I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow, at least it’s a sign that it’s working! If it isn’t burning then I know that I should challenge myself and turn it up a notch and do regular burpees.
    I also had a question about making your back touch the floor when laying down for workouts… she says to suck your belly button in, but my back still won’t touch the floor. Any tips? I went through the beginner’s blogilaties videos, but I still can’t get it right.

  43. Cherie Tang says:

    Hey Cassey,

    I started on your exercises last week and I have to say.. IT IS REALLY TOUGH! But nevertheless, I’m trying my best to do something instead of staring at the screen the whole 10 mins.
    Just a note though.. I noticed that there isn’t warm-ups and cooldown exercises in the videos. Would it be ok if you put a segment in the calendar so we know what warm-ups or cooldowns to do before and after we’re done with the vids? It really helps so we dont just workout and not stretch those muscles.

    It would be great!

  44. Yeah I wanna know too! Cuz I’ve have been waiting for it.. :)

  45. Ok so should I do ALL the videos in one big lump?
    And I’m.. 13.. so should I still do all of them?

    Oh and last question. I half an hour and a half intense netball training sessions on a Wednesday, so will I still have to do all the videos on that specific day?:)

    Thanks everyone and Cassey, you’re both going to be a big motivation to me, I can tell! xxxxxxxxxxx

  46. I’ve only done one day!

    Does the soreness eventually wear off? I don’t want to be walking around school like that!:(

  47. when are you gonna post June’s calendar?

  48. im a little new here but are the videos in this calendar going to be videos from a year ago or so like the corset workout? please respond

  49. Mariska says:

    Ughhhhh I just died with all those exercises. It was going soooo fast and I could not keep on :(

  50. Actually, it’s usually best to do workouts like these without stretching to keep the resistance. If you stretch beforehand, you’re not getting as much resistance and will have to work harder to get to your goal. Do cooldown stretches afterwards.

  51. Keep up the good work Sara!

  52. Crystal says:

    It seems like we work legs everyday…I thought you are suppose to take a break between muscle groups everyday.

  53. I love you, Cassey. It might sound like I’m exaggerating, but I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that you’ve changed my entire point of view on life. It’s a long story, and even though it would mean a lot to me if somebody, especially you, listens, I don’t think it’s a good idea to write it down here and get people depressed when they come here to be happy and motivated.

    You’ve changed a lot in my life. I feel happier and healthier, stronger, and I’ve never felt this positive about life. Thanks to you, I actually have hope in my life, and is looking forward to see how far I can get. Never stop being happy and helping people, because you’ve helped many a lot more than you think. We all love you, Cassey!

  54. Thanks a lot…;)

  55. Absolutely!

  56. Thank you so much!

  57. Crystal says:

    Hi Jessica! I just started the may challenge (late because I didn’t know about blogilates). Congrats on your progress!! Do you run before or after the workouts?

  58. My friend showed me blogilates, and I’m loving every minute of it so far! I already feel stronger and I have so much motivation to do all the workouts everyday!

    All of your videos help me in everything, and I’m already seeing results!

    Cassey you are defintinely my role model now, your always so happy about working out. And I love the 100 burpees challenge, I’m looking forward on doing them on Monday!

  59. I do all the videos, and I believe you are suppose to do all of them. But if I don’t feel that good, probably because I’m sore from the previous day’s workout, I will cut out one video. But only one. Trust if you do these everyday, you will see a difference very soon :)

  60. Just click on it :-)

  61. Got three done with awful form, then just couldn’t do the fourth… fail.

  62. Is there anyway to enlarge the calendar? I’m having a hard time seeing the workouts!

  63. Carolina says:

    How much cardio should we be doing? Like an additional 20 minutes?

  64. I’m new to this website but love all the videos I found on YouTube, so I’m SO happy to be here! For the calendar, are you suppose to do all those exercises in one day? Or pick? Wasn’t sure how it was setup!

  65. Squats..really that burns

  66. Whenever you want!

  67. As you like

  68. I think it’ll be best if you start on the date it is today, that way when next month’s workout calender plan is up you can workout according to the schedule and you won’t feel like you’re falling behind. I think it’s also easier to track which workout routine you should be doing for the day :).

  69. Start with today, she has a new one every month so it is just fine to start here :)

  70. I want to start this workout calendar plan thing today. do I start with the date it is today or do I start with 1st may? help x

  71. I also subscribed to her channel so I can jump quickly to the videos.

  72. Ohhh I second that!!! More printer-friendly version!

  73. Muscles always need a break. You can overwork them. As long as you are working out consistently, you are going to see results.

  74. I take a short break between each circuit of routines I do. So when I do three routines I normally take 3 breaks. If it’s a blah day, I take more. But I normally try to go as long as possible

  75. Camilla says:

    You’re not alone! I run pretty regularly but I did a couple days of these excercises and I felt soooooo sore!!!!

  76. Camilla says:

    an excercise that KILLS

  77. Camilla says:

    Have you typed in the titles of the videos into the youtube search bar? If that doesn’t narrow down your search enough you can specifically search the videos on her channel.

  78. Can someone answer me this question? For the may muscles calender do all the videos in one go? or can I take breaks in between?

  79. Well each week she’ll post a new workout on YouTube and that’s what you start out with on Monday:) Just go on her YouTube and do the newest video

  80. She uploads a new video in her youtube channel every Monday.

  81. Just go on youtube and type in the videos.

  82. hi all i’m new to this. just need your help. What does it mean by NEW WORKOUT on every Monday? Please help me thanks :)

  83. Chelsea says:

    Hello! I just started the site today and a,medicated to start the calendar. I am unsure where to find the daily videos though, could anyone explain where to find them please?

  84. Jaime Jones says:

    Hi all!
    I am brand new to Blogilates (stumbeled across by accident) seems fun though and a great way to stay motivated! I have been jogging and working my muscles for quite some time though! I just wanted to add, seems like a lot of people are worried about strength and endurance! Hey guys! Give it your all, do your best and the strength and endurance will come! Keep it up! :) its a road we all travel in a different way!

  85. I started the calender late so I’ve been making up the workouts I missed on Sunday’s. Is that okay or should I let my muscles rest? I really want to finish the whole month, though…

  86. Breanna McNellis says:

    Hey Cassey!

    I think I am finally going to reach my summer slimdown goal!!!! All thanx to you! Your workout calendars are fantastic for motivating myself to go farther each day…. Plus your enthusiasm! I haven’t lost very much, yet, but I can feel something triggering in me and i’m not going to give up!

    <3 Bre

  87. Holy Moly! These videos are great. I just started today and have done 2 of the 5 (its 10:30 am, so not bad!) I wish, however, there was a way to print this so I could put it up on my wall… all the colors make that kind of not doable. Cassey, can you make a printer-friendly version? Or this is already somewhere?


  88. Hey this is awesome thanks for taking the time to do this :D

  89. Jessica says:


    I’m pleased to say that after 2 weeks into your calendar and running 2 miles everyday that I’ve lost 10 lbs! I’m so excited to have these kinds of results and am willing to share with anyone who has any questions just how easy it is to be active, and to eat right along with portion control. Thank you Cassie for everything that you do! You’re truly my inspiration!

  90. Me too! I don’t have much muscle and I haven’t gained weight for about 2 years even though I’m growing…

  91. Hey Cassey! I find it hard sometimes to find the vids to the calendar so I can’t do them. Anyway I can get help?

  92. Aygülü says:

    Hello guys.I have a question ; can I get beautiful thighs in a month by following this calendar? I know it’s not that healthy or possible but I need to get beautiful thighs in order to wear a swimsuit.I have been dieting and working out since last year for this and I really want to get in shape and be able to wear a swimsuit this summer.Can you guys suggest me anything to thin and tone my thighs? Thanks.

  93. Aygülü says:

    Omg,thank you for making this so much easier for all of us. <3 I subscribed to you (:

  94. Heyy Cassey, I want to do this with the 90 day challenge would it be enough??

  95. Hi Cassie! Ahhh I’m going to start this today and then do the 90 day challenge….. I guess it’s not too late right??

  96. You should add a stretching video to your routine :) It’s really best to do it before your day’s workouts as well as after. Personally, I do her Stretching For Flexibility video.

  97. This is awesome! Bookmarked your playlist page for easy access.


  98. Allie 1 says:

    Cassey posts a “new workout” every Monday (it will be on the blogilates homepage), so do that in addition to the rest of the workouts on Mondays! Hope this helps :)

  99. Starting this today!

  100. You´ll need a lot of willpower and a very strong mind…that´s the only thing I can say. Everytime you´re about to give into your desire to eat those remeber how hard you´re working in you exercises and how much you need to actually workout to burn that chocolate biscuit. And once in a while give in and eat it!…LOL.

  101. Oneisha says:

    Casey posts a new video up every Monday (sometimes she’s a little late) so along with the workout on the calendar, you check the homepage of blogilates to see if there’s a new workout video up and you do that one in addition to the rest of the videos for the day :)

  102. Oneisha says:

    An easy thing to do is to simply go to the search bar on her page and just type in every video name. I usually right click the video and open it in a new tab that way I can go back to the page and just type the name of the next video to search. It takes me no more than 5 minutes to find all the videos. Now the loading time is another problem… :P

  103. YouTube.

  104. OMG, I forgot to say “Hi”. okaaay here it goes(LOL), HI CASSEY! :)

  105. Natascha says:

    I have the same problem! Help me please

  106. OMG, it happens to me too :(

  107. Our school starts this June(Philippines’ time) and will end next year March(YEEEY! I’LL BE GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL!), and i just want to request that on your next workout calendar, there’ll be no workout that we need to go out(for weekdays), like jogging, because i’m afraid not to do that workout since I tend to go home late because of projects(though i can do some of your workouts in the house only, with me and my mat), maybe we can move it to Saturday or any day of weekend I guess? :)

  108. Melanie says:

    Hey Jessica!

    I have created the playlist for the whole list on Youtube. The only thing missing is the new workout we have to do each Monday, as I don’t know what they will be ahead of time. Also, on Thursdays there are only 4 videos and then you do 15 mins of jogging instead of the 5th video.

    You can find my playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/meltischa – so just subscribe for the whole month’s worth of vids.

    Good luck and I hope this helps you :)

  109. I can’t find the workout assigned weekly. where we are supposed to find it? thanks:)

  110. what is burpees?

  111. Jessica says:

    Hi – I was wondering where I can find all the videos we are supposed to do daily? Are they grouped together or do I have to go page by page to find them? Its complicated and I’m hoping there’s an easier way! I would like to do this but I can’t spend more time looking for them then actually working out. :(

  112. I work out early in the morning and sometimes your new video isn’t up yet. What do I do?

  113. I meant *New Workout*

  114. Hi! I am new to this plan, so can someone tell me what *New Video* means?

  115. Hi, I’ve just joined and I really need some help… I have a weakness for choclate biscuits and my dad is always buying them! How do I resist???

  116. To get the best results you really should be doing all of them and some cardio, but if you’re not strong enough just do as much as you can! You’ll still see results as long as you eat clean! Just push yourself as hard as you can :)

  117. Katrice says:


  118. Emily Mae says:

    New workout isn’t a video right? I saw the check no next to it so I wasn’t sure. This is probably a dumb question….

  119. Hey!
    I’m actually new to this plan and am trying to stick to it as much as possible. However, i actually want to gain weight as i am underweight and have a low bmi. I want to feel more healthy and build some muscle or at least look toned and not like skin-and-bones. Do you have a diet plan for this as well or any diet suggestions at all? I am pretty desperate.

    Thank you!

  120. Hi guys!, I need to know this. I’m new and all. Are we suppose to finish all the exercises or can I choose to do like 2 exercise instead on each day?

  121. omg burpees…..

  122. Hi again!~ I posted a question here before in since you guys responded pretty quickly I thought I’d ask another. BTW, Thanks so much!!~ :) I totally feel a difference now that I’m doing all the assigned workout in the day instead of just one! ^^ So here goes: After you workout, what do you do? I literally just finished working out to all five of Cassey’s videos and I don’t know what to do? After doing intense exercise it seems kind of lazy, for lack of better words, to just sit back on my computer chair or sit on my couch and watch TV. I kind of want to work my legs. I’m afraid that the “effect” will wear off if I just sit down, and that my bod will have done the workout for nothing. Any ideas, suggestions, or advice? I would really appreciate it if I got some feedback. Thanks guys!!~ You’re really helpful to a newbie like me!! :)

  123. Mary Haley says:

    OMG Cassie! I thought I was gonna die today lol. I’ve been doing these a while now but I was not able to get through today’s W/O. I did up till Back Attack and then just could not muster the energy to do the last to vids! Must mean it’s a pretty awsome killer W/O then. =)

  124. I’ve been following this calendar this month with some alterations to fit my school schedule and i have a question. So far, I’ve been doing 4 days directly off the calendar and I rest for one day on sunday. for the other two days (tuesday and thursday), I do about an hour of cardio on the elliptical. Also, I do the call me maybe squat challenge every day. Is this enough cardio or do I need to add more? I really want to get more toned and shed a lot of weight that’s covering my muscles. Can anyone help me out? Thanks guys!

  125. if your feeling like that then your body is telling you to stop and ease in gently.
    start off with maybe one or two and build up.
    casseys workouts are hardcore so don’t be discouraged!
    keep on trucking :)

  126. okay thank you ,for me it is tougher to breathe maybe cuz idk how to breath from my nose .i think it may have been cuz i was a primi bby but idk

  127. i have sorta the same problems i tried doing what the calender said but my upper thighs felt like it stretched wrong or something,so i asked my mom and said that a nutrolegist (or however its called) friend or something told her to do every other day, like mon then dont do it on tues but yes on weds, etc

  128. I started on the 10th, as well, and felt like i was going to pass out. I did them all but i felt like i was going to die. Afterwards I decided to space them out through the day. Two in the morning, one in the afternoon, then two at night. Hopefully it that helps. After the workout I felt the burn. I can’t wait until Sunday.

  129. As a SUPER beginner (meaning I’ve never done Blogilates and I haven’t worked out in over a year), how should I start this calendar?

    I started today and did the “LoLo Lunges” and “Beautiful Burn” vids, and felt like I was going to pass out! :/

    Should I ease into this? Maybe do 1 or 2 vids a day? Or just do as the calendar says? Anyone have any advice? Thx!

  130. Valentina says:

    I’m just finding out about this calendar!
    Can someone please tell me if I still need to do cardio after doing the listed videos? Thanks

  131. Allie 1 says:

    Hi all!

    So I’m BRAND NEW to this (started on Monday) and am pairing it with the 90 day challenge meal plan. I thought I was in pretty good shape to begin with (5’4″, 120ish) but HOLY COW! These videos are killing me. I can barely walk normally! The first day was fine but after the soreness set in there are things that I physically can’t do because my muscles hurt so much. Has anyone else experienced this when they’re just starting out? I feel like a wimp! :(

  132. I thought it was going to be terrible too but it really wasn’t so bad! The variety helps a lot :)

  133. This seems just fine to me! The point of Cassey’s cardio videos is to make sure you’re actually getting some cardio in, so if you’re getting it from another source I don’t see why you couldn’t just skip over the cardio part! :)

  134. Shannon says:

    Hey popsters!

    If it helps you can subscribe to Melanie Harrison on YouTube and under playlists she has all the videos set up day by day for the month of May.

    Sweat happy :)

  135. I started late too but I am just going to do the workouts I missed on Sunday instead of having a rest day

  136. Wow! That’s a lot, especially since I barely do any exercise at all. >.< But in the end it will be worth it. :) Thank you so much for your help!~ :D

  137. Thank you so much!! :) Oh my gosh! That’s a lot, but I guess it will be worth it in the end. Bikini bod here I come!~ ^^

  138. Heather says:

    I dont have a local pool well not indoor but with summer coming i will start going out and swimming more but ill have to learn how to swim first i can only doggy paddle :( but ill learn hahaha thank you much :)

  139. Hi everyone, please help .. totally new to this and really want to get started on the May calendar but just wondering if i should be warming up and cooling down and how long should i be spending doing this
    thanks ;-)

  140. Hannah says:

    Ok quick question! You know the videos that have two parts like summer slim down, do we have to do part 1 and 2 or just 1? Also rather then jogging is it ok to perform other cardio videos for example I would do fat melting routine three times as it’s equal roughly to 15 mins. Is that ok? Just I finish work later and my bf is lazy and I don’t really want to jog at night alone! Thanks

  141. Aubrey says:

    Hey guys :) So, I have been doing Insanity cardio everyday before MayMuscles. Do you guys think it’s okay to use Insanity as my cardio and skip whatever cardio video Cassey assigns? It’s just been really tough to make it through a workout after Insanity and one of Cassey’s cardio videos. If anyone has any tips or advice, please lemme know :)

  142. Aubrey says:

    Hi! Whenever I get behind, I just go to whatever date I should be on. Good luck :)

  143. Aubrey says:

    Hey :) Food Baby is the title of one of Cassey’s videos. Here’s the link to it:

    Have fun :)…Food Baby is one of my least favorite videos and one of my favorites at the same time(it’s tough!)

  144. Aubrey says:

    Hey! You are supposed to do all of the videos listed for the specific day. So yeah, for Thursday(today), it’s jogging, Summer Slimdown, Plank Workout, Brokenhearted Ab Challenge, and Cinch That Waist. I hope this helps! Good luck on reaching your goals! :)

  145. Simone says:

    Yes, you complete all of the tasks under each day! The combined tasks equals up to an hour of Pilates a day.

  146. Hello!

    Before I print it, I change the set up to Landscape and reduce to 50% so that it prints on 1 page. I also click on properties and change it to grayscale so it doesn’t print in color and saves that ink.

    Let me know if this doesn’t make sense and I can try to explain it another way.

  147. Marlyn says:

    Hi guys!~ I just have a quick question. Do you perform every single one of those tasks on that day. For example on this coming thursday- tomorrow- do I have to do jogging, summer slimdown, plank workout, brokenhearted ab challenge, AND clinch that waist WO? Thanks, any advice/help is appreciated. :) Also, I’m not trying to lose weight. I just want to get a more defined body (IE Lose small muffin top and belly fat :p).

  148. Jordan says:

    Hi everyone
    Im new to pop pilates and so far Im loving it (despite the pain)
    This might appear as a stupid question but what is ‘Food Baby’?
    anyone help please?

  149. Hey guys, I really want to start this may workout, but its already a few days into may, and i dont know how to catch up, someone help me understand this calender! Can someone explain how it works please?

  150. I was wondering the same thing!! I’ve been doing cardio with it but i wasn’t sure and it really seems like a lot since the videos can be almost an hour all together

  151. Mary Haley says:

    My kindle fire has a youtube ap that allows you to download videos from youtube straight to your device. That way you can watch hthem even when u have no internet service. I do that every time I travel so I can take cassey with me.

  152. Mary Haley says:

    It’s just short cardio video, if you can’t see it very well you could replace it with another cardio video

  153. Mary Haley says:

    Do you have a pool nearby? Water keeps you weightless which would keep weight off your knee but swiming laps is a full body workout. If you swim laps (as many as you can before you get too tired and work up to 100) that would be a great full body, cardio workout without causing further injury to your knee.

  154. Mary Haley says:
  155. Mary Haley says:


    but if you use the searchbar on this site next time you’ll have an easier time finding it.

  156. Mary Haley says:


    but if you use the searchbar on this site next time you’ll have an easier time finding it.

  157. Mary Haley says:

    you can either search for them in the search bar or if you go under body focus on the right hand side of the menu under workout videos, click the body focus where you are likely to find that name then just scroll through the video titles till you find the ones that match the calendar

  158. Sohini says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I’m new to your videos and i saw some articles on the Before and After. Woah! What a change you brought in people. Loved it. I am 58kgs right now and have to lose atleast 5kgs by the end of the month. I am gonna eat right and start following your calenders. Hopefully one day even i can send my before and after pictures to you

  159. Kristen says:

    100 Burpees are you INSANE

  160. Hey guys, I’ve been doing this calendar and i absolutely love it! I just have a question, do you guys do the cardio first, like it says on the calendar or last, I know there is loads of debate over this but just wanted to see what fellow POPsters do :)

  161. They are titles of Casseys videos on YouTube. Try to type in the searchbar the title you see on the calendar for the day you work out and the video will pop up in YouTube. Click on it, and get ready to sweat… :)

  162. That’s a great idea, thank you so much! :)

  163. angela says:

    hey cassey,

    pros! just started doing your may calendar! (wow!) it is fantastic!… never knew such ‘easy looking’ moves could hurt so much…

    cons:( just fyi. the calendar didn’t print onto 1 page.. and it takes up a lot of ink… ugh

    overall;;; you rock! keep up the great work!

  164. Fernanda says:

    It´s on her blogilates tv channel.

  165. Mariam says:

    Hey POPsters!!

    I am COMPLETELY new to all of this. Just signed up for the free newsletter only moments ago!

    My question is, for the Monthly Workout Calenders, how do you know what to do on each workout? They seem to have specific titles and I’m not sure what to refer to to get started!

    Help is much appreciated :)!

  166. Can somebody tell me where to click to reach the videos for May calendar?

    Thanks Elsie

  167. Kendall says:

    I cant find the back attack video, any help?

  168. Around 1 hour each day!

  169. Dear Cassey or dear POPsters,

    I have got a question I would like to ask you(:
    This calendar is my second one in a row ad I have see so much improvements already! So I am really thankful towards Cassey and all the Popsters who have motivated me as well.
    But I am having vacation right now, and besides all the workouts I daily have to do, except for jogging or walking with the dogs, I don’t really move that much anymore (I used to cycle 2 hours to school everyday) but now I am wondering:
    Are these 5 workouts a day enough to keep me fit and for my daily routine of exercising? Or should I exercise more besides these workouts? I am eating clean ad stuff,,, just wondering if this will be enough, because most of the workouts are toning the muscles…
    Well, really, thanks so much in advance and let’s rock it!
    Love love love,

  170. Can someone link me the back attack video? I can’t find it. Thank you :)

  171. I have the same problem, so my solution has been to start my week with the Tuesdays workout and then on Tuesday do Mondays.

  172. Gabriella says:

    You should have an option when, you go to print it on your printer, to print it in black and white :)

  173. Sophie says:

    About an hour! :)

  174. Vanessa says:

    I’m having trouble finding the video for ‘Back Attack’, which video is it? Thanks : )

  175. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4xMGet6CpI

    On the HIITilates playlist ^^

  176. Heather says:

    I need help on what to do other then burpees… I need acl surgery and my knee pops out just walking… :( and I need to lose about 100 lb I kno it’s a lot but I’ve lost 16 so far just eating healthy and using an all natural product… And using it I don’t need to exercise but I want to work out and make my body sexy :) any tips would be awesome!!!!

  177. Mandie says:

    Love theses workouts! c:

  178. Melanie says:

    Am I supposed to do more cardio (running, dancing, etc.) in addition with the videos on the calendar, or will I be fine if I just do the videos?

  179. Gabriella says:

    Does anyone know an estaminet as to how long it takes to do the exercises each day?

  180. Hey. Lovelovelove these! Could you not make the calendars so colorful though? They’re really hard on my printer…

  181. Sophia says:

    me too , i did 4 videos and now monday is already over. cassey can u please post new workout like a day or two earlier. thnx loads . btw the burpees killed me but i did it all :D

  182. I have the same problem, I live in Austria :/ When will the new video be on youtube?

  183. Katy Bujard says:

    I tried to find the new video for today 05/06/2013 – but don’t see it – Can someone tell me the name of it??

  184. Weronika says:

    don’t stop! I just kept stopping a whole lot of workout programmes after day three, then i heard it’s the hardest time to motivate phisically and psyhically and then i stopped stopping, just like that :)

  185. What is the new video for 6th of may maymusscle calendar?

  186. Weronika says:

    there’s a site called 2conv.com where you can convert videos to mp3 and download, but you can’t download the view. and i think you have to search for each and every video, unless someone makes a playlist ;)
    good luck everyone ;*

  187. colleen says:

    I have ashtma too, and the cardio in the short bursts like she does is good for your lungs..dont over do it but dont be afraid of it either…somedays i do the cardio just so i can breathe better :)

  188. Joanna says:

    I love you Cassey and I also love these calendars. You have helped me so much to start exercising again and now I feel healthier than ever! :)

    There’s just one problem. I live in Sweden, so the new workout video every Monday is published too late here for me to do it :/ If anyone has any tips on how I can keep up with the calendar despite the time difference I would be extremely happy if you shared them :) xx

  189. Congrats! give it sometime, you’ll improve everyday a little more :)

  190. When you take a shower after working out try to take it with cold water, this will stop your lactic acid and it won’t hurt the next day. The lactic acid is what makes you “hurt” or “burn” while you work your muscles!
    Try the cold shower, IT WORKS.

  191. When you take a shower after working out try to take it with cold water, this will stop your lactic acid and it won’t hurt the next day. The lactic acid is what makes you “hurt” or “burn” while you work your muscles!
    Try the cold shower, IT WORKS.

  192. Eat an orange before working out, it would hydrate you and give you energy :)

  193. Christine says:

    I have become a lot happier after I started doing you workouts : D And now I’m not wasting my time on my computer or watching tv after I get home from school ^^
    Thank you soooo much, I’m totaly loving it <3

  194. This is my first time committing to the calendar…LOVE it! I’ve even decided not to take Sundays off. 6 days in and my abs and arms are already more defined! I’m so excited to hit the beach in two weeks…for once I think I won’t feel so self conscious about wearing my bikini.

    Thank you, Cassey!!

  195. Hey guys!! Loving the workouts!! Thanks Cassy! One question! What do we do for Monday’s “New Workout??” Thanks xxx

  196. Damn it! I came on here to do the new Monday workout but realised cause I live in Australia that your more than half a day behind and it’s not up yet and Monday is almost over for me :(

  197. Hi,

    i cant understand the workout for tomorrow may7 after the one more night cardio…. can someonne please tell me what that is. Its kinda pix elated.


  198. Nevermind! I found it!

  199. Hey guys! Can someone tell me where the 100 burpees challenge video is? IS THERE EVEN A VIDEO? I don’t think I can do that without some motivation! Help me please?!

  200. yes thank you, i shall try to do that :3. thanks alot :D

  201. Hey Cassey Love the new calendar…. I am so soar

  202. I know this may be silly to ask or too much to ask but does anyone know anyway I could download a playlist of the videos? I’m gonna be leaving the country a bit to a place with no internet or wifi but I still wanna work out and stick to the calendar..

    should i just wait til i get back?

  203. After finally recovering fully (okay, my pride is still sore) from a motorcycle accident (don’t lean too deep into a turn…at least not with the street tires I have =P), I am so ready to get ready for a masquerade ball this summer and look awesome in my halter corset and gown. My knees took the longest, but I finally got up to a 1.5 mile jog last week without my knees begging me to stop. Actually, they didn’t complain at all! I am so ready to do more and push beyond my limits (mind over matter! or is that mind over muscles?). Tuned in on day 4 and just finished all the workouts. Lord Almighty, I’m pooped but feeling great knowing I did all of them, yay!

  204. Eat clean! Cassey has an eating clean video you can watch that will help you. :) Also try Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet book.

  205. Hannah says:

    Am I the only one who couldnt find the scream and shout video?

  206. Hi,

    Ok! I haven’t done anything in 2 months I usually jog 1 hr. But I have been super busy and too tired. I Did downloaded the calendar for may, ( it would be my first calendar with you ) I just did one day :| im not proud of that. But is there anything that I can eat, that would give me more energy so I can wake up and do this. At this rate i see my dream body just that a dream . :(


  207. Thanks Madie! I took your suggestions and took breaks. I feel much better now and I was able to complete all 5 workouts in one go for May 3rd! I think I felt really bad the first day because the first thing I did was the Baby Food HIIT workout. It was too intense in cardio and I’m not really good with cardio. I will definitely keep trying, though! (:

  208. Go to her Youtube page! She has all the videos uploaded on there and just Youtube the name of the workout video followed by Blogilates. If you are too lazy then this user has all the videos in playlists by each day of May for you. http://www.youtube.com/user/justrokq/videos?view=1&flow=grid

  209. If you are new and aren’t that physically strong, I would recommend spreading the videos throughout the day. As you improve and become stronger, then do the videos back to back. :D

  210. You don’t have to. I definitely didn’t because I’m new, too. I did whatever I can. If you push yourself too much, especially since you’re new, you’re going to feel more discouraged than encouraged. Start off small and work your way up. Making the effort to complete all the workout videos for that day your goal. Becoming strong isn’t a one stop kind of thing, and you probably heard the same thing with losing weight. You do it a little at a time and build up your strength. No matter what, the main thing is to keep going! Good luck. (:

  211. Newbie here, too. Stretch!! Stretching really helps before your workouts. And take a hot bath afterwards. It’ll soothe your muscles. If you do the workouts back to back then maybe spread them throughout the day or take breaks in between. That can also help. Good luck and keep going!

  212. Don’t stop! If you stopped because you are unmotivated then go look at inspiration pictures. If it’s because you are sore or tired, you can always overcome that. Do some stretches and warm ups before starting your exercises. Also, create a blog (I recommend Tumblr) and follow other POPsters on there to see your progress and connect with them. That will give you more motivation to keep going because you’ll be surrounded by people doing the same thing that you are. You can share your thoughts and tips. (: And sign on the calendar means for you to sign your name on that line if you completed all the workouts for that day. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivation if you struggle to complete your videos. (: Keep working hard!! <3

  213. I would just do the workouts on the day that you started so that way you won’t get confused. It’s okay to let the workouts from the day you missed go. Don’t push yourself to do so much in such little amount of time. If you have asthma, spread the videos throughout the day and take breaks if you need them. And instead of the 15 minute jog, you can also try doing a video with 15 minute of cardio. I hope that helps! :)

  214. Stretch before you begin your workouts, as much as it hurts. I was so sore today as well and could barely walk or sit without being in so much pain. Everything I did hurt so badly and I thought I would definitely give May 3rd a rest day. Somehow, when I opened up the workout videos and just started moving little by little, I didn’t feel that pain that much. I was able to complete all of the workouts for today and I feel so proud of myself because that’s the first time since I started this May calendar (this is my first month doing this)! Just keep pushing yourself, stretch and warm up.

    However, if you feel like you can definitely now go on, you should take a break. You don’t want to overwork your muscles because that can make you weaker. Take a warm/hot bath also helps, too. I took a pretty hot bath after my workouts and it soothe my muscles and made them feel so much better. I’m still pretty sore right now but I know it’s all going to be worth it. Just keep yourself positive and think of how fit you want to be. (:

    I hope you do well! Good luck!

  215. Kate Valentine says:

    hey Cassie!! <3

    Okidokers, 2 quicky things.

    1) Livin' it up in the bay area babe, and my BANYAN class has been taking the Dipsea trail (Millvalley Floor to Stinson Beach!) almost everyday this week! (Double Dipsea Final was today!! OUCHIES!!) Can that count for my first week of #MAYMUSCLES ?

    2) The calender is to tiny, When I printed it out it came out all pixel-ly and blurry. Can I get a larger size?

  216. Janice says:

    Hey Courtney, every monday there will be a new work out video on Cassy’s youtube channel for us to do.

  217. Laura Martinez says:

    No, it just means that you have to check out her newest video every Monday = )
    Every Monday she uploads a new video ^ ^

  218. Started yesterday, and in mega pain and soreness all over today. I’m trying to push through it but it isn’t easy. Advice, pretty please? Thanks, you rock!

  219. Thank you so much Emma for answer me :)

  220. Sandra says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I can’t do burpees because I have an injured wrist that doesn’t carry my bodyweight. Is there anything you recommend that I can do instead? It doesn’t seem practical to go onto my forearms like I do in plank positions…?
    Thanks so much for all the work you put into blogilates!

  221. Courtney says:

    I’m brand new to doing these monthly calendar workouts..What does it mean by new exercise? do we just do another one of her videos in place of that?

  222. one more thing i forgot to ask, if you cant do the 15 min jog what an i do instead of it?

  223. I have questions, What do i do if i only did Fridays, sine today i signed up for it? dose it matter if i started today and do i do the other 2 somehow? also since i have asthma im kinda wondering if i should do the exercises straight threw or is it a bit different? Thank you :3 and alos the videos are fun, and they keep your mind of exercise hurts.(im trying to loose weight for a sailor Venus cosplay )

  224. Hey! I decided to start working out again. The only problem is that i stop after 3 days ( 7 days max). I don’t know what to do !! :(( does anyone have tips? Also : what does sign mean on the calender? Haha stupod question i know :p. Thankyou xoxo nas

  225. I’ll try, thank you :)

  226. Kasey,
    thank you for your answer, you are very kind.
    Right now it is better for me to avoid the movement completely, because I have to write fast, every day and a lot of hours a day,for university. This summer I can try and do the same you and your husband do :)
    I got it checked, but here in Italy, you go to a doctor and he sends you to another doctor and nobody can tell you what’s your problem and what to do.. at least,that’s my experience. I had a problem with my knees some years ago, I tried every kind of doctor, but eventually I waited for the pain to end by itself. I hope my wrists too are going to be ok soon :)

  227. yup

  228. valarie says:

    ahhhh so sore ! and its only Friday ! any tips for a newbie ?

  229. valarie says:

    yep ! you also have a break on sunday to rest! good luck!

  230. Xeniia says:

    I addicted to your chanel. Thank you very much. You so good in what you doing

  231. just set this plan as my desktop background, and this time i will be sincere! :)

  232. i’m new at this, do you have to do all 4 videos a day?

  233. I’ve been waiting for it :)

  234. Show them Cassie’s videos! At first, my friends were skeptical and still complaining. And, even though they were thinner, my core was a lot stronger and they died during their first try at her pilates. Seeing is believing to some people, so demonstrate how amazing it is!

  235. At first when I started this calendar I couldn’t do all 5 videos but today I did 4 videos, hopefully the burpees won’t get me all tired to complete the videos. I really don’t burpees too much jumping up and down but I have to train insane so I will do the best I can and keep improving.

  236. I just set the calendar as my desktop background. Now every time I try to procrastinate and get on my computer I remember to work out!

  237. Try doing lying exercises on your bed. It’s easier ^^

  238. You could look them up in the workout index!

    Or easier, someone made a playlist for everyday!

  239. Guten tag fellow POPster! :3

    For HIITilates: Scream and Shout: (Play Scream and Shout in the background for the ultimate POP PIlates feel!)
    – 1 Minute of Butt Kicks (Jog and make sure you’re kicking your butt!)
    – 30 jumping jacks
    – 70 reps of chair calves (in a squat position with your arms in front of you, raise your heels off the ground 70 times!)
    – 30 seconds of holding the Chair pose (squat position with heels raised)
    – about 15-30 seconds of plank
    – 40 pike hops/squat thrusts/froggers (in a plank position, jump both legs in and out towards your chest, butt pointing to the ceiling)
    – hold plank position for 30 seconds
    – 15 side plank knee raises (do a side plank, your top leg in front and bottom leg at the back, raise your bottom leg knee, you should feel your obliques and inner thighs!)
    – 10 knee raise pulses! (with your knee raised, pulse it 10x by tapping your ankle against your other knee)
    – do a qucik down dog and child’s pose
    – do the side plank knee raises on the other side
    – 20 down dog leg lifts/kickback (in a down dog position, raise your leg up to the sky, 20 times!)
    – 20 down dog leg lifts on the other leg
    – hold plank for a bit, and do a quick child’s pose)
    – 15 Jiminy Cricket Punches! (in a plie squat position, punch 4 times and jump and click your heels together! do that for 15 reps :D)
    – hold plie squat, roll your shoulders back for 15 times, and then sway your upper body left to right as if you’re dancing for 15 reps as well
    – hold plie squat for a few seconds!
    Aaand you’re done! :3
    (I hope you could watch the video! There’s a funny post-workout clip of Cassey dancing haha)

    For the What Makes You Bootyful challenge, do Bridge Pulses (lie on your back, raise your hip up to the sky, squeeze your booty and lift up and down) for the duration of the song What Makes You Beautiful by 1D.
    Do singles for every verse and pre-chorus, and doubles every chorus (up up, down down)
    For the second chorus, do quuuiiick pulses!! (up up up up!!!)
    By the “nananana” part before the last chorus, bring one leg up pointing to the ceiling and pulse!
    At the very last chorus, switch legs :D

    I’ve done What Makes You Bootyful for like forever and I’ve memorized how it goes and everything Cassey says. xD
    Enjoy! :D

  240. This is a must!

  241. hi! So I’ve been following some of Cassey’s videos for a short while but I’m planning on doing the calenders!! so anyways, I am still a bit confused. Do I do these videos consecutively in a day or do I just do separate videos anytime of the day until I can tick them off for the day?

  242. Shannon says:

    How do you make that?! Sounds amazing!

  243. Cordelia says:

    Going to start with this tomorrow! Better 2 days late than never ;)

  244. kelsey says:

    Very new to this! Do I just search the wesite of all the videos listed each day or is there an easier way to find them?

  245. I am new to this and hoping to stick to the calendar. It is so hard to get completely through the videos. Even though I try, I am not in shape enough or flexible enough to do everything. I hope things get easier. I also find it hard to do on the floor in my room. I have carpet and use a yoga mat but the floor still hurts my butt and back.

  246. How can I go on a 15 minute run today when I can’t even walk after yesterday’s work out! Pushing through it! Well gonna try!

  247. Where it says “new video”, it means the new video she has uploaded that day.

  248. Hey,

    I’m from Germany and I’m not able to watch the workout videos scream and shout and what makes me bootyful due to some restrictions youtube makes for some music played in videos in Germany. Can someone tell me the routine or some exercises from those two videos ? Would be great :)

    thank you

  249. Thanks for the replies!
    I’ve been doing the calendars for two months now and really building muscle tone and seeing tons of improvements but somehow just cant conquer those damn burpees! (I seem to still struggle with other ‘jumpy’ moves too) But I guess practice makes perfect, and (un?)fortunately this month we’ll be getting a whole lot of burpee practice!

  250. OMG! just did May 2nd and my arms are sore just typing! I’m so glad i did it though! Now I won’t feel so bad about my meal tonight haha. Spinach tortellini with chicken broth and Italian style tomatoes! YUM

  251. It would be great if you put links to the excercises :D

  252. Danieru says:

    Anyone wanna be my workout partner? As in, none of my friends believe in the whole workout and eating healthy, yet argue how they wanna be skinny *sigh*

  253. My right wrist always hurts when I have my palms flat doing planks so I make fists to keep them straight. It sounds like holding onto barbells is the same idea so I’m going to try that and see if I like that better.

  254. A lot of these workouts can be done in a space just big enough for you to lie down in or just the size of a mat! There are some really affordable mats in stores like Ross, Marshalls, etc. And don’t be shy about working out! We Popsters are a huge, supportive community!
    The Sign: ______ is for you to sign to prove to yourself that you did it! It’s gratifying to see a bunch of signatures at the end of the month!
    Good luck with your work out goals! #SweatHappy
    Also, as for the print quality as Anne said below, try changing your printer’s printing preferences and choose “best photo” as the quality so you can see everything clearl

  255. Watch the video it will tell you =)

  256. Food baby work out, its one of her cardio/hiit workouts :)

  257. its one of her workout videos

  258. you have to look for it in her youtube videos its a series of excercise for when u over eat.

  259. Anniina says:

    I’m so excited to start this tomorrow, I didn’t do it yesterday and today because I’ve been sick… But better later than never, right ;))

  260. Hannah says:

    Im so sore from yesterday! I’m so excited for the rest of this month! My mom sees me doing these workouts and she says “That’s a lot of work” and I say “Train insane or remain the same!” haha Thanks for the awesome wortouts! You’re the best Cassey! <3

  261. Katharina says:

    It’s a workout video! (:

  262. Oh nooo… I’ve already printed the small version. I didn’t know that the pic can be enlarged by clicking it… And it hard to read :| Oh…
    Hi, Cassie, I’ve followed you just today. I want to do pilates :)
    I want to slim down my legs and thighs.
    But I still have problems with some space to do it and that yoga mat :|
    And some privacy, I’m shy :|
    And I want to ask… About that Sign:______ What for?

  263. What does food baby mean?? :-/

  264. Have you tried holding onto barbells as a base when you’re in plank? That helps me when my wrists are feeling sore…just a suggestion ;)

  265. Hey Cassey!

    I just wanted to say that I am SOO excited to start your May calendar! I just found your workouts a few weeks ago and have been doing one or two a day along with my cardio. I LOVE THEM!! You are just so great and fun to workout with! You really make me push myself to be stronger! In these past few weeks I have already seen a change in my body and even more surprising and motivating to me, I have improved my endurance during your workouts!!

    I am SUPER EXCITED to say that I AM COMMITTING TO YOU ENTIRE MAY CALENDAR! I know many popsters do this every month, but this is a new thing for me! I am excited but also scared because after yesterday… wooooo a whole hr is hard! really hard! Haha I like reading everyone’s comments about just trying and it gets easier. I know I will get so much stronger this month! I am ready for the challenge!

    I wanted to say thanks for your inspiration and also post on here so that I fully commit! No backing out! =] I can’t wait to write at the end of the month that I finished every single day!

    Thanks so much Cassey!
    <3 Katie

  266. Sharon says:

    The idea is to do all the work outs for the day in one day. If you are a beginner though….it’s probably good to go slower and only do a couple videos. That’s how I feel.

  267. Hi, thank you so much for the May Calendar! :)
    But, humm what is the new video? ABC Abs?

  268. Elena,
    I (and my husband) get fatigued wrists frequently. We have a wrist brace — one of the kinds that is like a straight jacket for the wrist, not a compression sleeve! When we over-do it, we wear a brace for a week or so doing normal tasks (writing, typing, cooking) and icing 1-2x a day. We can usually start to ease into push-ups and planks again after 2 weeks.
    If your joint hurts with a sudden stab, don’t do that motion! Ice it. Limit the range of motion for a while to let it rest. If the pain lingers, or is continuous, you should get it checked.
    I hope you have happy wrists in the future!
    PS: you’re not the only one who likes burpees (at least, after they’re all done…). My favourite is “I’m a star burpees” :D

  269. Alicia, I have two children and I know that the pregnancies, giving birth and breastfeeding them affected my body, but what mattered most was the “time after”. Like, having two children and not really any time to spend (writing this I can hear my two year old son having fun in the kitchen and I don’t even want to know what he’s doing… aaaa).

    IF your partner is positive about “doing something to make you feel better” he’ll help to you to achieve this. Like, you only need a few square feet and about 45 minutes a day to combine “Quiet Cardio” and “Pilates Bootcamp”. That is how I started and it helped me big time. It’s what I do when I can’t be bothered/can’t find the energy to do anything more exhausting. It’s waaaay better than nothing and it helps.

    Go girl, you can do it!

  270. Why.

    I wanna know, too!


  271. Oh Ivy, that’s just great! Thanks!

  272. I also want to know if any Popsters here have a Tumblr where they blog about their workouts, I would love to follow you and get some motivation! (:

  273. I really like doing Burpees!!! Is this strange? xD unfortunately I have a huge problem with my wrists… they really hurt when I’m in plank position (and when I write or when i close mi fists..).. and nobody can tell me what’s the problem… so lately I’m just training my abs and legs and butt. I love you cassey! You really inspire me and give me the strenght to get off the couch :)

  274. I just started as well, and it’s hard for me too. I would take breaks in between videos or pause whenever you feel is necessary. If you over due it, it could end very badly. It’s best to start off slowly, and then gradually over time you’ll begin to be able to complete the videos without a problem :)

  275. Geneva De Vera says:

    Hi! I just started watching your vids but I haven’t really started working out but I’m planning to start soon (like tomorrow soon!) I’m thinking which workouts to follow/do and I’m having a hard time deciding, should I just follow the May calendar? Or do the Bikini Blaster Series since IT IS still summer here in the Philippines! I really want to lose the fats I gained since I graduated from college. I hope Blogilates can really help me out :)

  276. heather says:

    Thank you!!

  277. This user created the playlists for every day of this month’s workout. (:

  278. This user created the playlists for every day of this month’s workout. (:

  279. Alicia says:

    Well, I won’t ditch him because of it. He is always telling me everytime I complain about myself that I need to not complain and do something about it to make me feel better. There is more to it than just the parts I mentioned, I want to look better, no doubt about that, I have 2 children, which really affected my body, I just need that push

  280. Kissie says:

    I appreciate all of the videos. Cassey you are so cute & funny. I have tried many videos and like the workout calendar. I am know to your site and YouTube channel. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel so is there a daily playlist? I have gone on to YT and made playlists following the wo calendar. If this exists would someone let me know? THANKS for all of the great training.

  281. Do you suggest additional cardio with these workouts ?

  282. I just started and tried out this Month’s calendar but I can’t even go through two videos in a row without feeling really bad (like passing out and hearing ringing in my ears). Are there any suggestions on what I should do? Should I start off by spacing out the videos and doing them throughout the day and then building it up to two in a row and etc.? I don’t want to give up but I feel so horrible by the end of the first video! ):

  283. do we need to do all the workouts in one day? im new to this.. please let me know.

  284. What is the Food Baby thing?

  285. heather says:

    I have been doing videos on my own for a while now but this is the first month I am going to try to use the calendar. Is there a place that all the day’s videos are grouped together or do we need to search for each video individually?

  286. http://shrinkingjeans.net/2013/04/squatchallenge/
    Boom – 30 day squat challenge!

  287. try changing your printer’s printing preferences and choose “best photo” as the quality so you can see everything clearly :D

  288. I would like to know as well, I am new here too. :D

  289. LOL Nice try at changing her mind, but I think this calendar is set in stone. :P

  290. Meg Wilson says:

    Casey. Why. 100 burpees. Every monday.

  291. I remember an ex of mine that disliked a part of my body and kept bugging me about it. I let him go. You should only have positive influences around you, never negative people and their ugly remarks. Do the workout for YOURSELF, not for another person! They come and go but you need to stay true to yourself!
    Take lots of care Alicia!

  292. It’s Food Baby HIIT

  293. Alyssa says:

    The words are really blurry when I print it :/ any suggestions out there?

  294. This is my first month challenge/workout plan. I am very excited to do this because I do have to be a bit in shape by mid June for a big event! Plus to get me finally out on the beach this summer wearing my itty bitty polka dot bikini! Not expecting drastic changes but big noticeable ones! Just wanted to know if this will all around get me ready for this event. I am in college so eating habits is tricky but Will i see big changes even if I slip in meals?

    Anyways thanks so much for all the planning you do cassey! You and your tips and videos motivate me to become what I always dreamed to be! Your small talk during work outs does help distract from the pain! :D

  295. Alyssa says:

    If your significant other is calling you fat or putting you down in any way, he/she is so not worth it! the only person who can truly motivate you is yourself…you have to want it for YOU, not for anybody else! Good luck!

  296. Thanks so much Cassey for making monthly calendars and planning all the WOs out for us! Love you!

  297. farwah says:

    heyy CASAASEY!

    i want to join the May calender but ive been trying to shed fat beacuse the muscle wont show?…what should i do ive ben doing the spring fling combo should i so the may calender?

  298. mariana says:

    i love your videos and you literaly change my life. Im more confidence, determinate to reach my goal and all its for you. Im 19 , and although ive never been overweight in my life i always be that skinny fat girl who dont have good posture, was shy and eat a lot of crappy things and always have problems with digestion. But since i was diagnosticated with gastritis and liver problems, my doctor suggest me to change my diet and do some exercise, and i found you from Arose1680 and you keep motivated to eat my veggies and wake every morning plan my meal for the day and workout to my biggest potencial cause “im stronger that i think”. As a teen-young adult i have a lot of issues and sometimes is hurt to still belive in what i want in life, but you help to have goals(fitness and personals ones). Thank you so much. Im not so good at english, i can understand but its difficult to write, so i apologize for my writting mistakes. You’re amazing and i prove that if you do what you love and follow your dreams everthing gonna be ok.

    Btw, i really want you do a mothers day workout, i wan to introduce my mom into a healthy lifestyle but she have osteoporosis and i dont what work out do with her (i think it would be a good mother and daughter time) cause her bones hurts and cause hold a lot of weight (body weight in this case)

    Love ya, good bless you, for change lifes in a postive way, and make a change in this world (:

  299. Ok I’ve nearly finished 30 day shred and going to start on Sunday. Very excited and nervous! Any tips anyone??

  300. Do as many as you can. Try for them all, but don’t stress if you can’t finish. I just started a few days ago and I can only do about 4 of the videos (with the modifications) before getting really tired. You’ll eventually build up to all of them.

    Don’t forget to stretch after! It really helps :)

  301. OMG!! BURPEES!! :) gonna die! totally worth it!!

  302. This days workout KILLED me!!!!…Im a beginner and this was my first day..but i cannot do any form of side planking!..but i LOVED the broom workout even though that killed me too!

  303. OMG I’m so excited :D Mondays and Wednesdays will kill me though! I printed the calendar and the words were blurry >.< I had to print it twice, one of them with higher quality. It's still blurry but readable. Can you please improve the quality next moth? Thanks! ♥ Love yuh ^-^

  304. fortunesoulx says:

    Any time I do HIITs, I get a lump in my throat, my chest really hurts and I feel like I’m going to throw up. I’ve done POP Pilates for a little over a year, and tried some of Cassey’s HIIT videos for about three months, but those feelings never went away so I stopped and went back to regular cardio. Is there anything I can do to make this stop? I’d really rather do HIIT since it can accomplish in 20 mins what cardio does in 40 :(

  305. OMG ! My second time joining the calender. April was very hard for me, planning time in for the workouts, doing the workouts.. A lot of moves were actually very difficul for a beginner. I feel more advandce and I can actually do every move of the workouts (well most of the time). I really give my 200% for this month, today I sweat my body out !! I was a while ago that I was so extremely sweaty, OMG Cassey I love it. Thanks for killing my leg an obliques, showering had never felt so good.
    Big hug to Cassey and all the POPsters who are joining this calender with me.
    Let’s hit it, sweat it out and conquer this month.

  306. It’s sounds exciting to me to ! Love to got a link either.
    Challenge = I’m on.
    Let that sweat come out baby, work that body. Summer is coming, I want to shine in my bikini.

  307. This is so awesome, on thursday I have running club so it’s perfect! I’m so glad the weather is getting brighter…I feel so much more motivated.
    AH BURPEES! They’re kindof scary…:O
    I love your song videos the most! Please do more of those! Maybe to some disney songs ;) ;) Like Mulan, perhaps?
    I also like your sexy broom burn, and the spring fling combination…thank you for being awesome!

  308. The way you worded #2 makes it sound like skipping breakfast is okay! I know that’s not what you meant, giiiirl.

    I’m so excited to start May!!!

  309. Claire says:

    The food baby vid is on her blogilates tv channel. Always just look the vids up straight from YouTube, bc there are lots of vids only on her 2nd channel

  310. shabba says:

    I MUST commit to this challenge this month! I started late with the april and basically QUIT… i got frustated & felt like a failure..but…. I’m getting my gear ready and i’m going to MAKE MY MAY MUSCLES POP!! #TEAMBLOGILATES!

  311. Claire says:

    Look the names up on YouTube and do them! Cassey posts a new workout vid on her youtube channel every Monday so just go to her blog or main YouTube channel on Monday and do the video that was put up new that day for the first vid then do the rest for that day like normal :)

  312. Claire says:

    What’s the 30 day squat challenge? Sounds cool, I wanna try! :P
    Attach a link?

  313. I would substitute by doing fifteen minutes of her cardio videos instead :) just type in “blogilates cardio” on youtube and see what comes up

  314. you’re supposed to do them all :)

  315. I am new to this sort of thing….I want to do these workouts, but I really need some motivation. My lack of privacy here at home also seems to be a deterrent for me…anyone have any motivation for me? :(

    I am undergoing a lot of stress and depression, and was told by my significant other that I am flabby…all over my body, and that flab is gross and it really hurt me….even that wasn’t enough to motivate me….any help would be nice….you can respond here, or email me….[email protected]

  316. Waau! I haven’t good shoes so i can’t do tough love handle, but I’m already death! :) It’s perfect

  317. Claudia says:

    Do we do each of the workout videos? I’m not sure if doing them once will do much.

  318. Hey so did you do all the workouts at consecutively and do you do additional cardio? Or just the workouts without extra cardio?

  319. teilzeitDAU says:
  320. I reckon you should be fine, exercise bike and jogging are both cardio workouts so switching it should be okay =)

    I usually use the bike on rainy days – I live in the UK, so a fair amount!

  321. Just finished todays workout!!!! This will be the first month that I’m doing the calendar and it’s already feeling INTENSE!

  322. Well, I just bought my first pair of booty shorts today, so I better get started on the May calendar!

  323. Can someone help me? I can’t find the Food Baby video I’ve tried searching it on YouTube but its not there

  324. Just started pop pilates about 2 weeks ago and it’s hard to even do 2-3 videos in a row! Going to try this calendar though : )

  325. Adeline says:

    I’m joining y’all this month and finally start a workout challenge ! I want my body to get ready for this summer. let’s gooo !

  326. Ooooooh man, Cassey! You just totally killed me!!!
    I’ve been watching your workouts for ages now, always thinking… you know… “I could TOTALLY do that, but I really don’t have time” or “Yeah, whatevs… I’m rather fit so this move would really be easy”…
    This month I committed to really step up with my workout regime, so today I started the 30 Days Squat Challenge AND your May Calendar… and I can barely stand now (turns out I’m not quite as fit as I believed, silly me!!!)! I hope I’ll manage to keep up with the schedule!

    Love you loads!!!

  327. Kriselda says:

    So I am having trouble printing the calender, do I save the picture then print it?

  328. what is food baby :o i’m new here!

  329. cassey you’ve got it all wrong ! WE LOVE BURPEES. LOVE LOVELOVE THEM
    you know what we do hate though? CARDIO DANCE PARTIESSSSS. those are awful. we should do those every monday instead :D

  330. I’m a newbie! How does this calendar work, can someone help? Also, what would the *New Workout* on Mondays consist of, just a new video or do we make one up? I just printed it and am excited to start today! Thanks for the help!

  331. I feel you Nina! I started April off great and then my birthday happened. Too many lunches, dinners and going out for drinks kinda threw me off. I wanna conquer this month and feel better about myself. Let’s do this!

  332. Chelsea S says:

    man i want to print it out, but i have no color ink only black..and when i do print it out, mondays are hard to see

  333. Hey for thursdays 15 min jog could I replace it with something else, like exercise bike for 30 minutes? I’m not allowed to jog for health reasons

  334. I’m stupid I know but – do I have to do every workout set on one day or can I just choose one?

    thanks :)

  335. Kristen says:

    100 Burpees, Lolo Lunges, AND Food Baby every week? Oh, boy. Toned body, here I come…

  336. Ah I wonder if there is a substitute for jogging because I can’t always do that:(

  337. Jessica says:

    After signing up for newsletter for the calendar password a few months ago I’m finally going to actually complete one! But I’m having trouble finding “Food Baby” video, are all the videos on youtube?

  338. hey,

    I cant find the food baby video.
    is it a video im new to pop these.


  339. What is a food baby? I cant find it on her youtube channel

  340. Alicia says:

    I’m having a very hard time reading this. Even if I save the photo the words are still extremely blurry. Any help please? :) It would be super appreciated!

  341. Cynthia says:

    I am new to this, so I’m wondering what food baby is?? Can some one help

  342. Ok, I can’t even do 1 burpee… 100!? Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be able to do more straight in a row. This is deffo gonna be a challenge for me this month. But what’s life without a very challenges to try and conquer, right?
    Burpee’s will feel my wrath!! MWUAHAHAHAHA :)

  343. teilzeitDAU says:

    Oh. My. Gawwwwd.
    I just realized there ARE food baby and lolo lunges days!!!

    so for me, I guess it’s going to be Wednesdays and Fridays that I take my fears by the horns, lol :)

  344. teilzeitDAU says:

    same here!!! i’m so glad it’s not lolo lunges or food baby Mondays!!

    I actually don’t even mind burpees that much…:) and I especially like the burpee burnout video bc it’s only 10 burpees at a time (vs 1min of burpees in other videos) and even “just” 2x 5 when there’s a left/right option, which kinda makes it easier mentally, haha, and I also like that there’s always some time in between sets to catch one’s breath :)

    it’ll still be tough though!! but we got this, guys!
    Burpees ain’t got nothing on us POPsters!!

  345. i just wanted to tell you that i really love you, its the first time ever i am so motivated to get off that useless fat from my body! did all the videos for may 1st, and it feels awesome!

    so do it POPsters! YOU CAN DO IT! SO DO IT NOW!!! :)

  346. ann-kathrin says:

    I like the calender so far because you added cardio videos/running exercise almost everyday.which is one of my fitness goals this month, doing more cardio.on the days where there is no cardio in the calender I will choose something by myself, e.g. rope skipping! I’m also looking forward to the burpee Mondays :-)

  347. WE DO ALL THAT EVERYDAY!?!? haha oh boy… Is there a list with the videos each day or do I just go find them on youtube? I’m excited but scared! lol

  348. Noooo burpeeeeessss… haha. FINE. I WILL face my fears!

  349. Angela says:


  350. Jackie says:

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! I’m a POPilates newbie. Just started today. I’m excited for this month and can’t wait to get in shape. I’m just coming off a bad chest cold so I only managed the first work out (Food Baby) and 10 minutes of Sexy Broom Burn. I didn’t want to wear myself out too much before my 2 mile run today (I’m also training for a 5k; I’m running two in June The Color Vibe on the 15th and our local YMCA Summer Sizzler 5k on the 22). I’m going to try and motivate myself to finish the workout after dinner tonight.

  351. Desirae says:

    Love the doing other moves that build up those muscles – What would be some good ones to do? I KNOW I won’t be able to do the burpees right away – but hopefully will rock the 100 by the end of the month!

  352. Kaytee C says:

    The second you said face your fears, I kneeeew it… I will conquer you, burpees!!!

  353. Hey Cassey!

    Do we do the daily workouts in addition to normal cardio? Or are they effective alone?

  354. I got the MayMuscles calendar but where do I go to find the videos for each day??

  355. Brittany says:

    How many calories does this burn a day???

  356. Getting ready to do this now! I’m excited for this month, only thing is I don’t think I’ll be able to run tomorrow because I went running on Monday and twisted my ankle :( Hopefully it’ll be better by next week so I can get back to it!

  357. Just print it the same way you would print anything on your computer. It should be under “File” > “Print”

  358. Angela says:

    Can someone please help?
    i cant figure out how to print the meal plan. I clicked the link and its open and everything, but how do i print?

  359. lmao imma die

  360. Oh man, Cassey… this month is going to be killer! Up for the challenge, though!

  361. This will be my first time following your calender! I’m really excited haha. Hopefully with the gym added to this, I’ll be fit very soon!

  362. Sandra says:

    Hi Cassey! (and everyone else)!

    I would like to ask you which of your youtube videos (or type of exercise) would you recommend me to lose fat on my back? I started eating clean about 2 months ago and have lost some weight since then, and also started exercising with your April calednar! It’s tough but I LOVE IT!!!

    I still have some fat on my back, though. I’m adding a photo I found on Google, which is exactly the problem I have.

    Thanks in advance,

    photo: https://www.email.cz/download/i/zzLlgVHk4aJ1vp-vg_D2JirK_KMu9Q8_seA_tHAtZ8XwAhBfp-dHHgLxRPsOfVCHKwlcExU/Google.jpg

  363. Deanna says:

    hey Cassie! i’m still a new your channel- bubz mentioned you in one of her vlogs like a month and a half ago?- and after i tried one of your videos i just HAD to subscribe! your videos are the best! I’ve decided to start following your calender with a friend but we’re a little confused on what you mean when you say “food baby” is that one of your workouts or something? please help. (and i can’t wait for the “100 burpee challenge” lol my arm and legs are shaking already! :-D )

  364. Lucía says:

    Thanks! I love your brain! :) XD Have a beauty May! :)

  365. Yeiiiii thx u for making another calendar!!! I couldn’t finish the April calendar cause get really sick, but II think Im going to be ok, hope I get to finish this one!!!! Im getting married in September, sooooo got to work extra hard!!!
    Love U!!!

  366. hillary says:

    thanks cassie <3 imma work my arse off osh!!

  367. 100 burpees every monday?? oh man, gonna die around 25 but I’ll do the other 75 from beyond the grave! HAHA <3 this calendar

  368. Yay! I started the april calender off good but I got really really sick for two weeks and didn’t get to finish it off :( I hope I’ll do better this month! I’m going to stick to this! Thank you, Cassey! I love you! :D

  369. Yay! Thanks Cassey! Looks good, can’t wait to get stuck in XD I was doing well in the last one but I caught a cold just at the end of it and I’m trying to shake it off.
    Also Cassey, I just wanted to ask if you or anyone else who might have the same problem. I heard that when you do lots of toning exercises, your immune system tends to take a hit because your body concentrates on healing inflamed muscles instead of keep the colds away. Does anyone else get sick often? and if so what’s the best way to keep you’re immune system up high while exercising?

  370. Rochelle says:

    This looks really great! I’m actually scared of the burpees lol! O.o but I’m staying positive & motivated. I can’t wait to get started. ^_^

  371. Hey Cassey (or Popsters outh there)! I need a bit of help. I read online that it motivates you more if you share your experience, achievements etc. i plan on doin that however I’m afraid that once school starts on june people would be like, “i thought you did this over the summer, you seem the same to me.” I’m afraid they’ll criticize me if they don’t see any major difference. And my hormones are cray cray bc I have PCOS and it heightens the chance of their criticism to come true. I just want to be better and my worries are getting in the way, HELP?

  372. Wooo I’m so excitteddddd! (: I just printed out your calendar!

  373. I’m more concerned about lolo lunges… those KILLED me!

  374. Hi!

    I’m excited to try my first blogilates workout calendar! Does anybody know what Food Baby is? I tried searching on her youtube channel but couldn’t find it =/

  375. can i enlarge this to print?

  376. I am having huge issues downloading the calendar y doesn´t completely charge!

  377. Getting started ! Your videos scare me a lot but hopefully I won’t give up this month !

  378. The moment you said “May is here and we’re about to conquer our worst fears head on.” I knew you were talking about burpees! :D

  379. Focus on doing the regular burpees or, what I do when I can’t do something quite yet is find a different move/exercise that will strengthen the same muscles and do that for however long the burpee segment goes on. Then I try to do the normal move after a couple of days and check for progress. Once I can do it in proper form, I focus on the original move again.

  380. Food Baby, 100 Burpee Burnout, and Lolo Legs every week?? This is gonna be hard….. but I will do my best to stick with it :)
    And I’m gonna be following the diet tips you gave (except I will have 1 YOLO meal per week). I’ve been eating a lot of junk food lately, so the eating clean will be hard, too XD
    Hopefully I can stick with both the calendar and the clean eating, and I see major results this month (ya think tweeting about it every day will help me stay on track?)

  381. I love this month’s calendar! Can’t wait to get started :)

  382. Jocelyn says:

    hopefully i’ll learn to love monday…………

  383. Stacey says:

    I just began working out with you two weeks ago, and I love it already. My goal date is May 30th (my 25th birthday) and I hope to have followed your routines, have changed my eating habits (clean eating only) and hopefully see some great, toned, results!! Thank you Cassey!!

    xo, Stacey

  384. Nimsay says:

    Thanks Cassey for another calendar (: I hate burpees but I will do my best to finish this month!

  385. Thanks for this new month !!!
    It will be my second calendar, I keep on working out ! ;)

  386. Thank you so much ! This is awesome!

  387. Vanessa says:

    Hey Cassey :)
    First time doing your workout calendar. I*m really excited. But I’ve got a question. On Friday I play Basketball for 2 hours. Should I do all the workouts extra or just one or two of them or leave them completely out for this day? Same thing on Monday. Doing 1 hour Zumba.

  388. Oh come on, 100 burpees on every Monday? :’o I hate you but I love you Cassey. D':

  389. Why the burpees? Why?

  390. Thank you always for your hard work!

  391. great calendar, i’m soo gonna do this! just one question, what do you mean with food baby every wednesday? There isn’t any workout named like this !!

  392. Katherine says:

    100burpee challenge, food baby AND lolo lunges every week? Wow i’m gonna hate you a lot this month! But I know i’ll love how much i’ll thank you for it after…

  393. Thanks again for another workout calendar, Cassey!

  394. Abigail says:

    Cassey! That many burpees?! Haha, well I guess it’s good to face the things I hate most :p

  395. Alexia says:

    Do we do these workouts all in one go, or separately?

  396. I’m going to do this before school, let’s hope I survive.

  397. LaraForsythe says:

    …but I’m scared of burpees.

  398. noorainm says:

    hi cassey what can i use instead of the broom for sexy broom burn?

  399. Aleksandra says:

    Just finished the workouts for today and it feels awesome!!! GO GOOOO!!!!! :D

  400. Hey Anna! I’m the same way and so for the first and maybe second week, I’m going to just do regular ones. And that is hard enough. But that will hopefully get me stronger and help me to have better form so that I can include some of the other variations. Listen to your body: you will know if your ready or not!

    #MayMuscles here I come!:)

  401. jackie says:

    Thanks Cassey for making all these workouts. I love having someone tell me what to do every day :)

  402. Thank you so muuuch Cassey <3 I'm going to start!

  403. What is food baby every wednesday??

  404. Desjan88 says:

    Are we suppose to do all the videos? Or do we pick one out of the list of that specific day? Thanks!

  405. Rachel C says:

    So excited!
    I completed the April calendar and was so shocked and proud of myself. I can’t wait to continue – just need to work on my eating habits.

  406. Cassey, i really want to be skinny i have fat legs i dont want muscle like legs i just want skinny but tonned legs and body wish me luck

  407. Yeah me too !! :D I’m wishing you luck ! please wish it to me back :D :)

  408. Hey Cassey!

    Could you suggest other exercises or videos that I could do in place of the burpee challenge since I kinda hurt my wrist :(

  409. Will I loose fat with this or am I just getting more muscels and even bigger than now? :/ anyways , Thank you Cassie for always making Calenders for us :)

  410. Hey Cassey (or anyone else who has a suggestion)

    Now that the 100 Burpee challenge will be coming up a lot, I thought I’d ask what you suggest if I can’t do most of the variations at all. My regular burpee already looks really funny and its hard for me to get proper form, so a one armed/legged one is just impossible! Should I just keep doing normal ones? Or what do you suggest I try?

  411. Yeiyei says:

    Really??? (>~<) I just started working out about a week ago…I'm going to diiiiiiieeeeee………ohhhhh…I guess it's time to put on my big girl panties and go at it until I pass out. Hahaha. I definitely hate/love you. <3

  412. Gonna try even though I hate burpees! :)

  413. I signed up for your emails in January, but then I was in this crazy sewing competition and I was stressed and trying to look after my two kids as well that I ended up living on junk food and chocolate milk {I won the comp btw}. It’s been 4 months of bad bad eating habits, and although I don’t *look* out of shape, I know I can look a million times better. Also my skin HATES all this sugar I’ve been infusing. I got your email tonight and I guess it’s right place right time. Let’s do this!!!

  414. Oh my god When I read 100 burpees I was like “this is a joke right?” But excited to do this ! And face it !

  415. JesseH says:

    can anyone help me? im having a hard time reading the mondays workouts? thanks

  416. Oh my god!! Are you trying to kill me???? I’m just starting to try and get fit and toned again and while this is the perfect opportunity, I’m not sure I’ll even make it to day 2!!!!

  417. Can someone plase send me the link to the first video food baby…I cant find it :(
    thank you

  418. Following one of your plans for the very first time!
    Wish me luck! :D

  419. The 100 Burpee Challenge almost made me pass out, it was a bit scary. Oh well, I am sure I’ll do better this month. :)

  420. I am soo pumped for this right now!
    To be honest I missed a couple of days last month due to parties and going out with friends but this time I pledge to myself that I CAN DO THIS!
    You’re such an inspiration, Cassey :)

  421. Tiffany says:

    100 burpees?? O.O Dear Lord…I will do my best though. :)

  422. I am actually more interested in weight loss than being more defined. Is this workout plan suitable for me?

  423. Danika says:

    Yay I can’t wait! This will be my mom and I’s first month!

  424. OMG so scary! But I’m still super excited!!!
    Thanks for these calendars so much! :))

  425. I actually really enjoy the burpee challenge! I feel so good after it, like I’ve accomplished something! ha

  426. Helene says:

    This looks great! Thanks Cassey! x

  427. Rocío says:

    Bu-bu-burpees every Monday?

  428. Hi Cassey!

    Love your calendars, but in the future can you put them up one day earlier for your non-American fans?? I know a lot of us would really appreciate it!

  429. i hate and love the fact that you put the 100 burpee challenge. it’s going to be reallllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tough but worth it!!!

  430. Alaina says:

    I can’t wait!

  431. Dinnie says:

    a 100 burpees every Monday….Noooooo!!!!…like i don’t already love monday enough!!!! :D Thanks for the calender, Cassey. can’t wait to get ripped!!!!! :D

  432. Wow! I cannot wait to start this month from the start of the calendar, I joined mid-month sat month and missed out! Yay excited xo

  433. Thank you Cassey! You’re awesomely supportive, I’ve never hated working out less~ at this pace, thanks to you, I’ll probably end up liking it even!

  434. Seriously? 100 Burpees every morning..? Like Mondays aren’t hard enough!

    Guess I’ll become the Burpee-Queen at the end of May then!

  435. Shipra says:

    May My Muscles POP..hehe..i guess you should make a tank top with that quotation..hehe..

  436. Shipra says:

    love u cassey..im gonna be done with day 1 in an hour..ciao..off i go!!

  437. I just started following (about a weeks ago) the 90 day challenge meal plan and monthly calender to slim down for Vegas. The focus this month is on toning, so should I still follow May’s calender for my workouts?

  438. Great! I am sooo excited! :) Let’s do it! :D


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