#MayMuscles Calendar! Let’s get that definition to POP!

may 2013 real

 Hey POPsters!

Your #MayMuscles calendar is hurrrrrrrrr!!!!!

This month I really wanna focus on bringing out your gorgeous definition! That means pairing the workout videos with clean eating! All I ask as far as eating is that you:

1. Wake up and drink a glass of water to get your metabolism moving.

2. Eat veggies at every single meal! Breakfast is optional.

Obviously, cut out the fried, sugary, and processed stuff. You can get healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in the recipe section or follow the 90 Day Challenge for a month! The challenge will list out exactly what to eat everyday and when.

Also, I incorporated something I learned these past few months. I realized that you tend to be scared of something because you’re unsure and unfamiliar with it. Well, thanks to your responses on Facebook and Twitter, I decided to take the videos you love to hate most and make them appear weekly.


100 Burpee Challenge to start off every week for the next 4 weeks! OH BOY!

You will be best friends with burpees by then. By heading straight into your problem and not skirting around the edges, you will be able to conquer your fears and GET STRONGER! Not just physically but mentally too.

You conquered #Blogilates127 last mont. CONGRATS! Now let’s rattle May up! Let’s make them #MayMuscles POP!

Sweat Happy :)

<3 Cassey


  • I feel kinda like giving up
    I have working out for 2 years now , and I lost weight which I don’t need to know
    But mostly my tummy fat / and it’s going away but I feel everyone has a dream body and soemtimes I feel that I won’t ever get there : loosing motivation slowly:(
    Some advice thanks everyone good luck on ur may calendar

  • Heather

    Cassey, I have just discovered that you now have the app on android and downloaded it Monday night. I am trying to follow it since then (followed the paper callendar monday). However I am finding that at least 1/3 of the videos set up on the days are not available in my country (USA). Can you address this, I have seen a few more people comment on this issue recently. Its probably not all that hard for a seasoned popster to figure out what to do in lieu of the missing workouts, but for a newbee such as myself…I am needing guidance which is why I subscribed to the app in the first place. Still luv it/you just want some clarity please…THANKS!

  • I have never seen such a colorful calendar…It is a symbolic for colorful life..All should have a happy life..

  • Great! I was searching for this EXACT thing all day yesterday. I really wish that people would write more about this. I really appreciate the post…

  • May is always hot…but in this site may is cool and pretty… want to have that climate in summer…

  • Renee

    Hi Cassey,
    I am really glad to join! I am looking forward to starting with the July calender! Thank you!

  • waiting for July calendar

  • ghada

    Do I follow this calendar or june calendar ?

  • Mona Hatib

    Cassey you are amazing

  • Sandra

    Hello Cassie,

    i was wondering if you could do a few more low impact cardio workouts, i gotta be careful with my knees and neighbours “lol” so i have to modify some of your cardio exercises. I have found one low impact cardio video on your channel, ( the kick it workout i believe ). Maybe you could upload some more in the future.

    Love your work xxx

    Greetings from Spain,


  • Nina

    Hey Cassey!!! I can’t wait to do The June calendar! For day 1, do we start off on Wednesday ( day 1 ) or Saturday ( day 4 )?
    Thank yooooou! (:

  • Amanda

    Cassey! We need the June calendar! Hook us up, girl!

  • Heba

    where is JUNE ?!!! :(

    • Nicole

      Really need the JUNE CALENDAR~~!!!

  • Chelsea S

    when will june come out?!?

    • Nicole

      Waiting for the June one as well~~!!