ABC Abs Workout

Hey POPsters!

I just made a new ab workout that seems like child’s play according to the title but OOOOOOO boy, just you wait!! This one is an attack for the upper abs and a killer for the lower abs. In this routine, I am going to have you draw out all 26 letters of the alphabet with your arms and then with your legs. We also play a little word game so make sure you challenge yourself mentally as we do this workout. I seriously couldn’t find any foods that started with X and a few others that you will see when you watch. Go ahead and click play, send it to a friend and challenge them to see how many letters they can get through before actually collapsing.

Hope you love it! Sweat Happy!


PS: Get ready for the May Calendar!!!



  2. how many days of the victoria secret model workout til we start to see results??


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