Why I love POPsters <3

Hey POPsters!

I just finished editing and watching the video above! It makes me so happy, and yet so sad. I miss the POPsters from NYC so much. You guys are all so vibrant, kind, friendly, enthusiastic, crazy, and polite!

Please watch the video to be inspired and to hear what I thought/how I felt about the class :) You guys all shared very personal stories with me and I wanna hear updates from you until the next time I see you! I care about you a lot. We are a strong community and I wanna support all of your successes! Anything you need from me, just comment or write!

Now, here’s a quick activity I want you to do, k?

TASK: List as many adjectives as you can describing what a “true” POPster means to you!

Let me hear it! I will then compile an official list, like I said in the video, and make a simple set of “rules” for all of us to stick to!

Have fun!

<3 Cassey

PS – Stay safe Boston. Watertown. All of Mass. I was once a resident (and taught my best Pilates class at Boston Sports Club in Watertown), so these cities are close to my heart. I am sending all of my positive thoughts and good energy to the people there. This needs to stop. Are any of you guys reading this from Mass? Any friends and family? I hope they are safe.

  • Orliande

    Be you
    Mind over matter
    Never look back
    Always look up
    Success is yours
    Be strong

  • -committed
    -not perfect
    awesome ^^

  • I just stumbled upon your blog and I must say what a cool fanbase you have! It’s so cool that so many people are getting together to be healthy and positive! It’s really motivating to see so many people exercising all at once! Keep up the good work!

  • Himani

    Love your videos Cassey. They’re really inspiring and you’re a good teacher. What I love about you is that you encourage a lot to be fit and healthy. I wish you would come to India sometime and show us love

  • Megan

    POPsters are AMBITIOUS! A lot of us are beginners looking to change ourselves. We’re also MOTIVATED for that change.

  • Fantastic video Cassey – you really are inspiring – love your energy.
    Best workouts ever. Keep it coming! ; )

  • Lyds

    POPsters are:
    – compassionate
    I have way more adjectives to describe this community, the energy and vibrancy of every member is truly inspiring. Once a POPster, always a POPster lol :D
    Have a great day xxx

  • Emma

    POPsters are strong, motivated, passionate, and Cassey-obsessed. They love everything about you and your workouts even when they curse your name during a particularly hard move. POPsters are a species of masochists (people who love pain) because they are inspired and want to be stronger. POPsters not only want to lose weight but stay fit in a healthy way. They are kicka$s, amazing, beautiful and are willing to reach as far as they have to in order to follow their dreams/ (: xox

  • Victoria

    To me, being a POPster means achieving happiness! Whether it be by eating clean, or working out butt off, or simply by hearing and giving words of encouragement to one another, when I think of being a POPster, I think of happiness. :)

  • Natalie

    Cassey, I just need to let you know how much you have helped me. I was in a workout/diet rut. I did the same old thing everyday with really no results. The way you make me WANT to work myself to the limit is absolutely amazing. You’ve got my dream body (and we’re about the same height), and I can trust that I will be able to have that dream body by doing these wonderful workouts. I can see the results, but more than that, I can feel them. I feel better about my body. I even have a friend doing POP Pilates now! We both agree that you are the best trainer on earth. And the best part is that you don’t charge an arm and a leg for them. I would’ve never found you if I had had to buy a video and gear. POP Pilates is everything I ever wanted in working out. It gives me that body I want so fiercely, it encourages me to do the best I can, I have the best instructor eva, and it’s to music that I listen to on a regular basis! I just love it so, so much!! Thank you Cassey! I can’t say that enough!

  • Kat

    Popster’s are strong, motivated, determined, beautiful, powerful, inspiring, and upbeat. They fight for what they want and take a stand against what they don’t want. They enjoy life and live to enjoy. :)

  • Please come to Asia country, THAILAND and MALAYSIA and SINGAPORE.


    Here what I think a POPster is.

    POPsters are strong, determine and human and can be what you believe in.

    Spiderman, superman, ironman all roll together. Did I mention batman…

  • You Guys are great! We are all in this together stay strong and lets all keep motivating each other
    Thank You all for sharing.

  • Hi Cassey.
    Just wanted to let you know I’ve started to work-out with you at the begining of April with the Calendar Challenge.
    I already ran a bit, started in last August and was doing alright, got a few pounds of and down from 4 to 2 pants size (still a little squeeze though at that time). It was thought though since running is hard on the knees and you need to have a proper meal before, not too much, not too little. My schedule isn’t really great too, I’m tired a lot and having no energy is no good when you want to go for a 9,5 km. + The last time I went running seriously, I did the best time I’ve ever done (4,48min/km), so I got discouraged cuz I knew I would never be able to do better than this.

    Then, I’ve stumbled upon your channel. As I said, I’ve started the April Challenge. At first, it was really really hard, mostly on my wrists, my back, my feet kept cramping up and every muscles of my being was sore. The first few days, I had trouble walking properly! But then it became easier. And now, I’m proud to say that my size 2 pants are a little loose.

    My muffintop is melting away, almost no more cellulites, my arms are stronger and overall, I look great. I’m much more energetic too. All that in 3 weeks. And I didn’t even change my diet that much (but I’m already eating pretty healthy already).

    So, I really wanted to thank you! I’m a Popster forever!

  • A banner company couldn’t have made a better, more creative, banner, Cassey! Love it! Looked like an amazing meet-up – Wow!

  • Eve

    Trust Cassey, trust Myself!

    To all Popsters! Together, we work out UNITED!

    From Singapore!

  • Eve

    Trust Cassey, trust Myself!

  • Amy

    I’m north of Boston!! Thanks for the thoughts Cassey!! Yesterday was rough everywhere around but we are a little safer today (hoping a lot safer but don’t want to say that until we have more details!!)

  • Sonia

    A POPster is…
    Honest, Sincere, Determined, Positive, Encouraging, Uplifting, Generous, Organic, Polite, Happy, Enlightening, Energetic, Faithful, Imaginative, Confident, Thoughtful and Pro-Active.

    And we all start at different stages of life in all kinds of shapes and sizes and fitness levels and we all ROCK! ♥

  • Rachel C

    Amazing video! So inspiring!
    Maybe someday you’ll come to Chicago?!?
    I’ve been doing the April calendar and after 3 weeks I’m feeling more toned and definitely more energized. Thanks so much for all that you do!!

  • Sydney

    POPsters are definitely dedicated and daring. We are brave and courageous and are not afraid to push ourselves to our limits to improve both our body and mind. We are not perfect and we make mistakes, but we take those very mistakes and learn from them. We are encouraging and influential towards ourselves and others. We appreciate and respect our body for allowing us to do what we love every single day. We are a team and a family that help each other towards our goals and dreams. :)

  • Danielle Niemann

    Hey Cassey! I was wondering! can you PLEASE COME TO YAKIMA WA? there is sucha need for your bright spirit! it would be such a blast! you know what? Anywhere in washington would be awesome! :) hope u come!!! :)

  • erica

    youre soo great! u gotta come to new orleans! :D lol aka the other “LA”

  • Michelle

    Positive, Motivated also Motivating, Encouraging, Vibrant, Dedicated, Determined, Persevering, Strong willed, Kind, Humble, Generous, Caring, Understanding, Fun loving, CRAZY (in a good way), Considerate, not judgmental (so I guess Accepting and Open minded?), high on life, Real, Present, Confident, True to yourself (unpretentious?), Impacting/Influencing the influences, Inspiring, Compassionate, radiating beauty from your soul to the other side of your skin :) All heart and soul…No fear! That is at least what I have come to learn from reading the blog and watching the vid’s…I have only recently started like 25 March…and I really feel like a transformation is taking place inside me, the way I think and see and act…Blogilates has been a big part of this transformation and I will not back down.

  • Amanda

    Friends for life<3
    Beautiful Inside AND out

  • Love this! Come to the Midwest please!

  • Zeynep

    Am I the only one who got kinda teary eyed after watching this video?? (especially since I wasn’t there.. Cassey you must come to europe!! :)

    POPsters are polite, motivating, positive, driven, strong, unique, inside-and-out beautiful and special people who respect their body and soul and strive for happiness and health for everyone. We’re AWESOME, us POPsters!!

  • Al

    Reading from Brighton under lockdown. Doing some of your workouts to try to stay calm :-)

  • Elisabeth

    and therefore:
    beautiful! :)

  • Ellen

    A true popster is a no excuse kind of girl, she goes for what she wants!

  • Irina

    POPsters are:
    – strong
    – dedicated
    – beautiful from the inside out
    – healthy & fit
    – they love each other
    – helpful

    and all of the other positive things a person can have


  • Darcy

    This is so amazing, Cassey! Love to see you so successful. Great job!

  • paulina

    hi Cassey
    i loooove your blog! Can you pleaaase reply to this question?
    how many calories does the fat melting routine burn? I’ve been doing this 4x for almost a week now and I NEEd to know hoow many kcal??
    Love you!

  • Sara

    omg cassey! i would love it if you came to atlanta! is there an age you have to be to come to these? cause i love your videos and everything about blogilates but i’m 14 so i don’t know if i would be able to go if you came to atlanta! which you totally should cause i love you!

  • Jordy

    POPsters lead by example they inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle. Their dedication to fitness shows that they are strong-willed, determined and strong.

  • Kelly

    POPsters have drive, motivation, Positive motivation that is. It’s all about helping yourself and helping others by being the best version of you you can be.

  • Jaimie

    Once all this insanity is over you should do a meetup in Boston. I live about an hour away and I’ve been watching this all on the news. Terrifying and sick, I have a lot of friends out there and have been texting them like crazy. Glad to hear we’re in your thoughts!

    • Amy

      Totally agree!! I am outside Boston too!! Honestly, North of Boston I know a couple places who would probably host…especially if we did it as a fundraiser or something for the families injured/killed during these Boston tragedies!!

  • Mer

    I’m reading from just north of Boston. Everyone here is totally, totally freaked out. Thanks for thinking of everyone, Cassey!

  • Trish

    String, enthusiastic, dedicated, ready for anything you throw our way, committed. One big happy family of fitness warriors!

    • Trish

      I meant strong, not string. That’d be weird.

  • julywulle

    to me, POPsters are people who push themselves as far as they can go to reach for their goals and dreams. a POPster never gives up :)

  • you are the best Cassey! Make a beginners video for the legs :)

    Love you <3

  • POPsters are strong, kicka*s, fit, amazing, worth it, and beautiful inside and out, just like our Mommy Cassey!! :D <3

  • Shipra

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease come to India too!! We love you too!!

    • Ellen

      AND to Europe ;)