I wanna see you in the 80s!

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Hey POPsters!

I am currently editing the NYC meet up for you to see. The footage looks awesome and I cannot wait for y’all to see the energy that blossomed through the interaction we had while sweating together side by side! I love love love meeting you guys in person and hearing your stories. It touches my heart and deep deep down into my stomach and my soul when you show me your true, vulnerable self. This is hard to do. And I appreciate you.

I am doing another meetup this Saturday at UCLA and I want you to come if you are in the Southern CA area. So yea, I’m talking about you too San Diego!! :)

This meet up is different than any other, as it is 80s themed! Will be so much fun and we have lots of sponsors for FREE FOOD! Free healthy food of course. There will be a “Carpet” too – so I wanna make sure you walk it and take a pic!

Here’s the info:

DATE: Sat April 20, 2013

TIME: 10-12pm! Class starts at 10:30am but come early to take pics on “the carpet”

PLACE: UCLA at Wilson Plaza

WHAT TO BRING: a yoga mat!

RSVP here and bring your friends!!!

I don’t know yet if this can be livestreamed, so will let you know later!

Much love and see you soon!

<3 Cassey

  • Rodelyn Lipumano-Smith

    Sad face! I’m going to be in California at the end of May. Are you going to do a meet up around then??

  • Michelle

    I’m so excited for this! The fact that your coming to my school and holding this event. Win WIn ! Hope I get some of those goodies you will be giving.

  • LaraForsythe

    Yes, please! Come to Chicago! Come meet those of us between coasts! :)

  • Dolly

    I wish I could go!! That would be so much fun!! Alas I live in Alaska. I need to save money and take one of your classes in Cali:)

  • Emily Nard

    Oh i wish i lived in ca!! But I can’t wait to see pics of what you’ll wear! And your nails too of course :] lol my husband was on my youtube and saw your 80s 8 min abs “audition tape” and he laughed so hard he thought it was real! Wutta dummy :P jk

    Have lots of fun and take a million pics! :D

    Loads of love,
    Emily hippiemama1189 :]

  • Please come to the Midwest! :)

    • Erin

      Agreed! Chicago MeetUp?

    • Alysa

      Midwest? What about China! Haha, it’s too bad you’re not swinging by Asia. I’m missing out on all those classes/meet-ups. :(

      It’s so nice of you to host these, you’re so sweet and motivating! I actually stick through those workouts because you’re peppy and make me feel like I can do it :) Thank you so much.