New POP Pilates class in LA!


Hey hey pretty POPsters!

How are you? Can you believe it’s like 1/4 of the way through the year? I can’t!! That’s nuts. Didn’t we just get through JaNEWary!?

Well, I guess time flies when you’re putting your energy into doing more of what makes you happy. You know what makes me happy? Teaching you and torturing you every day. When I get to do it in person…well…EVEN BETTER.

I’m happy to announce my first LA classes!! WOOHOOOOO!!! I’ve missed group fitness sooooo much since the move. It’s always tough moving because leaving my students is one of the worst things ever…especially after you’ve worked so hard to build up friendships with people you see weekly. But oh well – that’s life! Time to make new friends and never forget to make time for those who have positively impacted our lives…no matter where we are.

For anyone who is in the LA area or is visiting, I will start teaching POP Pilates at Equinox West LA beginning April!!

MONDAY: 8am POP Pilates

THURSDAY: 5pm POP Pilates

My first class is on April 1st! Please let me know if you wanna come in the comments. Leave your full name. I will make sure to let front desk know that I should be expecting you! No you do not need a membership for the first class! It will be free.

Oh and you know what else makes me happy? These galaxy pants. Hahahaha! What do you think of them?

<3 Cassey

  • Isabelle Loeb

    Hey beautiful Cassey! Is this still current? I want to come!! xoxo

  • Kelley

    Are Cassey’s classes free or do you pay something? I might be able to come next year when my brother moves out to Malibu and I visit him with my family and we go out to LA to visit people. My mom and I would love to go!

  • Frances Witherspoon

    Cassie, I am in LA for a week and would love to take you class on Thurs Jul 24. Can I come with my friends? If there is no space can we come and meet you?

  • Leslie Madill
    Joni Lefkowitz
    Sara Deckers
    Shawna Whitlock

  • KelseyAnnKerr

    Cassey, I feel like such a super dork because I’ve already said tat I would be in L.A., then not, but it turns out that I will be… Is there any way you could still add my friend Heather Fishel and me to your list for class on April 29th? Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to meeting you.

  • KelseyAnnKerr