Sexy Broom Workout – Takeover Makeover 2

Hey there POPsters!!!

Surprise!! I have a new video for you in our Takeover Makeover series :) Today we focus on the physical.

Now listen up…if you are one who loves burn…and one who secretly wishes that the torture of the Call Me Maybe squats would last longer…then you’s cray…then you’re in for a treat!

This workout is very unique in that it requires a tool. A tool that everyone has…a broom! Yup yup! Are we sweeping and cleaning? No not really, just giving your workout a new makeover. We’re working inner thighs, outer thighs, quads, glutes, calves, upper back, and shoulders with this one! I found this routine to be very challenging, especially because I have a tight upper back. You’ll see what I mean when you do the low squat hold with broom overhead. It really stretches your body like nothing we’ve done together before.

Please give it a try and send me a pic of you and your #sexybroom! Yea I’m comical…but you know I don’t joke around when it comes to making you sweat though.


HAPPY MONDAY – get motivated – get this week started off right – and nourish your body and your mind! Do things that make you happy, but also do things that challenge you.

Love love love,

<3 Cassey

  • Nay Nay

    This looks really fun! As an ex athlete that has truly let her body go, I have been looking for a fun video to workout at home. She is a fun and she keeps it hype all through the workout. I like that she lets you know what she is feeling as well. Nice job! I would look for her videos very soon! :-}

  • Katie

    This workout definitely killed me, but it also killed my lower back. I stretched, but every time I do the leg lifts, I can feel pain in my lower spine! Any recommendations?

  • That was fun!:))

  • Danielle

    Definitely feeling it in my quads and upper back today. Thanks for another great workout!

  • I can’t wait to try this! Sadly I’m really sick and can barely do anything. But it was still fun to watch. ;)

  • Dominika

    Hello :) i want to start these workout but before i start i wanted to ask that : is this helping ? if i do it everyday and i use the Workout calendar? :?

    • Rosie

      Yes they help sooooo much. Do the workout calendar and you will feel your body change in a couple of days! and if you keep it up then you will see Huge changes!
      Ive been doing pop pilates for a few months now (I didnt start with the workout calendar,I did just a few videos a few times a week, but now im doing the calendar and its kicking my ass!!!) But its so much fun! so definitley give it a go !!

  • Jennifer

    Does anyone know the name of the songs she used in the video? Great workout by the way :)

  • Kayla

    This might be one of my favorite Blogilates workouts! This really worked my butt and legs and I am definitely feeling it the day after! Thank you for posting this!!

  • Another crazy but FUN workout. I feel like I have a personal trainer since I first found one of your vids on youtube.Thank you Cassey, you really kick my butt.

  • iamBlondie

    Hah – it was funny :D My boyfriend was like “do you mean it seriously?!” :D And I totally DID!! My thighs and calves are dying right now, but I love that pain! I train insane – don’t wanna remain the same ;))
    Oh! And I’ve already thought about the name of calendar for April – I started month ago, so I don’t know how it was last year but I really like “Awesome April Advance”, “Amazing April Advance” or “April Attack”. Hope you’ll like it too :))
    Have a great day, Cassey!
    Petra <3

  • Annie

    Maybe I have a strong/open back, but I didn’t feel this at all?! Kept broom above my head pushing really hard the whole time and literally…nothing! Love the one legged butt move though.

  • Mae

    I loved this workout! My neck felt kinda tight/had knots in it the day after/today. It might be from the way I had my head when I slept but there were knots on both sides. Am I doing something wrong? Still loved the burn during the workout. Love you Cassey<3!

  • Killer squats!

  • Just finished this workout, killer on the calves? It didn’t help my baby was trying to chew on the broom while I was working out!

    Just ordered your DVD, can’t wait to get it!

  • Polska Blondynka

    Just did this last night! I love how you find random objects around the house to work with. It’s fun!

  • kim

    haha youre so adorable!! <3

  • Ingrid

    DVD Question: how do I turn off the music? Haven’t been able to find the option and the music isn’t motivating me :(

  • Ashley

    WOW thank you! Amazing workout. I am a martial artist… so I did this with a wooden sword, which was cleaner than my broom, and worked just as well!

  • jackie

    Thanks, that was alot of fun. My little boy picked it for me and did some with me too :)

  • Lynn

    WoOw! This looks crazy! Can’t wait to try this out, Cassey!

  • OMG can’t wait to do this! Spring break is next week and I’m going completely hardcore with eating and workouts! Like 110% effort for a complete hr! This and all your latest videos will totally help me get motivated have fun and sweat!!!! Thanks so much cassey you rock! I can’t wait to see results after some hardcore willpower motivation and hardwork!

  • Rachel

    Woah! This is insane! :D

  • I just love this work-out, it was AWESOME! :D

  • Whew! For a split second I thought this was the home makeover segment of the Takeover Makeover! But at least now i have a reason to clean my broom ;)