Amazing POPster Transformation! Elizabeth!

Hey POPsters!

I have a special treat for you! Here’s today’s inspirational transformation of the day from your fellow POPster, Elizabeth! Here’s her story.

elizabeth gil 3.21.2012

My name is Liz and I’ve been a Popster for 2 years now! I stumbled upon one of Cassey’s videos when I found myself wanting a healthier lifestyle and the body I’ve always wanted. I had tried to do this many times before, but always failed, and could never figure it out on my own. With the help of Cassey, I now am educated on living a healthy lifestyle, which for me, was my main setback. I quickly become an active member of the blogilates community, listening to Cassey’s advice, watching all her fitness videos and began to realize that abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen. I needed to change my diet if I wanted to see results. I had eaten the same crap all of my life up until 2 years ago. No more processed garbage and chemicals! I changed my diet to real, natural, nutritious food, which humans were intended to eat. No more binging on chocolate/candy/chips whenever I felt like it.

Changing my diet was the hardest part of this transformation, and I still struggle with temptation every now and again. Going from sweets and fast food, to veggies, fruit and lean protein was a HUGE difference. I hated the taste of everything healthy. Couldn’t stand eating it. I would eat healthy for a week or so, or as long as I could put up eating food that I hated. Then I would go back to my old ways.

I was finally able to overcome this, by changing my attitude, and learning to love fitness and eating clean! I started to feel amazing about what I was putting into my body. All the nutrients, protein and vitamins that I wasn’t getting before, I was now getting. I felt energized and productive. Eating healthy was no longer a chore, but something I enjoyed doing, and felt great about it. I wanted to wake up early every morning just to cook a healthy breakfast and work out. I knew I was doing good for myself, which felt amazing, and this kept motivation me to keep going. It’s truly all about your state of mind!

Pushing yourself to a level that you never thought you could reach feels amazing. I saw my body start to change very quickly as I worked out with Cassey, which motivated me even further. Now, 2 years later, (not a perfect 2 years either, there has been lots of slip ups) I have gone from 145lbs to 112lbs. A total of 33lbs. I never thought that I would ever be this fit, confident and happy with myself. I overcame all of my issues, and anybody who sets their mind to it is capable of achieving what they want.

Thank you so much to Cassey for making all of this possible. You are the best role model any girl or woman of any age could possibly ask for. You have changed the lives of so many. Keep doing what you do, us Popsters love and appreciate you so much. I know you will be a crazy successful celebrity trainer someday :)


Liz :)


Thank you Liz! I am so proud of you! Your hard work DEF pays off…and now you’re a role model to so many :) You guys please congratulate her on her hard work!

Also, you can follow Elizabeth on instagram: @elizabethgiilllll

If anyone has stories or pics you wanna send me, please email it to [email protected] Yay!

Keep striving for the best version of you every day!

<3 Cassey