I LOVE ME + Spring Break Series Coming Soon!

Hey POPsters!!

I loved seeing your mood-boosting #MarchMakeover homework from Sunday! Everyone who did it most def got an A+! You need to hang that up on the wall and whenever you’re down, look at it and be like – uhh yeah, I totally rock! Moving on! Take a look at some of the “What I love about me” papers that were turned in:

Love the little pictures! “I’m a little bit crazy.” Oh yeah. You go girl. EMRACE IT!

“I have a great a**. And legs. And I work for them.”

“How good the chicken I cook is.”

Love the colors and the thumbs up :)

Tomorrow I am filming a Spring Break Series for you that will come in 2 parts! The first will be released on Thursday so you can do it Friday. And the second will be released on Monday! I’m gonna make it so intense that you’ll slim down and tone up for Cancun or Miami in no time!! Anyone traveling anywhere this month? I really wanna head somewhere tropical! But I have some friends visiting my apt. this month so need need to hop on a plane! I am actually decorating my place more seriously now and the new couch is coming tomorrow! I made sure it could match my bed set. Everything is soft, romantic, and creme-colored! I’ve been eating dinner on the floor on my yoga mat for a little too long. Hahaha. Humble times. But fun indeed!!

Oh! And my new custom designed Nikes came!!! LOOK!!!!

This will be the only time I kiss this shoe.


I wore my new Nike Frees to the gym today and they were a dream! It’s nice to know that no one else has a pair like mine! And I wanna congratulate Valerie Kelly for winning her own custom designed Nikes from our last contest. I wonder what colors she will choose! And what words she will put on the tongue. If you want your own pair, they cost about $140 on but you can literally choose the color of every single piece that goes into making this shoe. I’m talking laces, swoosh color, mesh color, sole color, tongue color…I mean everything! It took me so long going back and forth but it feels so nice to know that I designed my own Nikes! It is on the expensive side, but just don’t go out for a weekend or two, save that money from drinks and din, and bam! You’ve got dollars for sneakers!

Alrighty my dear POPsters! Better get some rest so I can really kill it tomorrow for your video! You’re all doing so wonderful this #MarchMakeover – so proud of you for embracing soreness, hard work, and a healthy, clean diet!

<3 Cassey

  • kristan

    On the website theres not a teal, mint, or aqua color.. where did you find those colors?? Ive been looking all over!!:(

  • Lauren

    They dont offer teal on I would like to make custom shoes but don’t see that teal color? Can you tell me where you found it?

  • Julie

    :D I love the idea of writing nice things about ourselves.. but..

    I don’t mean to be offensive or anything I just thought it was funny the first love-note-to-self wrote “I am a good writter” heheh..

  • Candice

    Hi Cassey,

    I was looking for yoga mats on your site but couldn’t find them anywhere which seemed surprising. Do you have any eco-friendly yoga mat recommendations? Are there any men’s yoga mats out there?

    Thank you!

  • Yay! Can’t wait for your Spring break series! You’re amazing, Cassey!

  • Liz J

    Your NAILS! They’re still so pretty! You have to do a tutorial video. Or if you used a tutorial, at least post the one you used.

  • Lynn

    Love your custom shoes! Very pretty!

  • Jayde

    Awesome! My spring break starts next week, so this should be fun! Maybe I can even get my friends involved? And I love your custom Nikes. I want to get some of my own! (:

  • Ooooooo I didn’t know you could custom design your own nike’s!!! Nike Free’s cost $150 in Australia anyway, so $140 isn’t that much to make your very own!!

    That’s so sweet that you got everyone to write what they love most about themselves. We need more people like you in this world :)

  • Brittany

    Don’t go out for two weekends and save $140? That must be nice. I don’t even have $140 after I pay all of my bills, gas, groceries, and other life necessities. I save up for 6 months each time I buy a new pair of running shoes.

  • Amy

    Great job on all the assignments! So I haven’t even done mine yet but still plan on it! I had real homework to do! I have been sort of brainstorming and cannot come up with enough ideas to fill a page! Really happy for those of you who did! What great confidence! I admire that!! Can’t wait to see the new videos. Not going anywhere this month but am planning something for May, after classes are done! Maybe Cali!! Can I come see you Cassey???

  • Caroline G

    I kind of wish I would’ve read that post last night before I weighed myself today. I kind of have gotten off the bandwagon, health wise. I started out the year well, but I kind of got down on myself today.
    So I was a little discouraged today. I had lost about 12 lbs since I started trying, but just from eating healthy. Really healthy. Then, it was my boyfriend’s birthday and I indulged a little. then a little more. Then I kind of got off it. I’m not eating a ton like I used to, but I kind of got off the healthy eating kick. Then I weighed myself, like I probably shouldn’t and I’ve gained 3 to 4 lbs. Kind of a bummer. It’s amazing how hard you work to lose 1 pound per week, then easily gain it all back after one “yolo” day.
    Honestly, I need to start working out again. However, I start PA school in June and then I will have free access (free is relative, I know) to their gym. And I know $35 isn’t that much per month but that’s what the gym (or the gym I would join) costs near me. So, I just workout at home. Or I do workout videos. The only problem is I live with my parents so I have to wait til they aren’t home. Otherwise anytime I make a loud noise they rush up the stairs to ask me what I’m doing or if I’m ok. Or they watch me work out. I try to work out as quietly as I can. lol
    Whenever I say I am trying to eat healthy, my parents start talking to me about what to eat and how to do it.
    And maybe this is weird, but I don’t want their help. I want to do it on my own, and not under their watchful eye.
    All this won’t be a problem in June, when I move out and start my life, but for now, I will just eat healthily on my own, and work out quietly, I guess.

    On a positive note: those sneakers are super cute. Do they come in size 12? (I have large feet).

  • That picture of you kissing the shoes is so adorable!!! Lol you’re so silly.
    Next week is my spring break, and I’ll be spending it at the gym, so I look forward to the new video!! :-)

  • I love how you kissed your custom Nikes *muah* How spectacular! By the way, I’m behind on Insta our hmwrk on Sun & tweeting my mi time on Mon, so hope I can do those for ya soon ;-) Meanwhile, hmwrk it shooting the SB vids & can’t wait for ’em <3

    • Idk why my auto on my iPhone wrote “hmwrk” instead of “enjoy” but I meant enjoy* shooting the vids =D

  • LOVE the shoes. And can’t wait for the new series :)

  • Asha

    I did mine yesterday, but haven’t been able to put it up on twitter yet (our scanner hasn’t been working right and it doesn’t connect to my computer anyway, and my mom’s phone is out of minutes, so I can’t use it). It is getting more full, though, as I think of more things :)

  • teilzeitDAU

    I love the papers and how everyone designed theirs differently! you guys are so creative!!

    will def need to do my own paper, too! yep, i didn’t do my homework yet – shame on me, haha – but then i had to work this weekend so that counts as an excuse, right? will certainly catch up on it :)

  • omggg I want your shoes! sooo pretty :3

    I’m a little scared to try your new series… I’ve found the last few too hard… but I’ll attempt it anyways :)

    and I want to make one of those love lists now… a good way to remind yourself of the good when sometimes you can only think of the bad!

  • NathDaredz

    This shoes is so cute. wow! i love this color and the word <3
    Cassey you had amazing idea. I will try.

  • V

    The idea is so cool!
    I will try it in the next day – it´s good to be nice to you and better to know, why we should love ourselves! :)