We’re all getting MAKEOVERS this March! To unlock, sign up for the newsletter and I will email you the password for #MarchMakeover!


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Hey POPsters!!!

Congrats! You unlocked the code! Here is the new workout calendar for the next month. This time we are sectioning off the body into upper, lower, and core. Every day you will start off with a short but intense burst of cardio and then we target the specific muscle groups of the day. I also want you to run a mile on Mon and Fri. Not leisurely. For speed. Because when you focus on improving your time and not just physically whittling down your thighs or your calves…the strong and toned legs will come. I put space on the calendar for you to record your times. I would like you to tweet me your speed every Mon and Fri so I can track improvement!

Also, #MarchMakeover is all about bringing the best out in you and figuring out what drives you and makes you feel most confident and beautiful. That’s why there are tasks I need you to do every Sunday. These are self-improvement things that are fun and will give you time to really pay attention to yourself and see what makes you happy.

Let’s get made over this March! C’mon – now is the time!!!

Please print this out, hang it on your wall, and stick to it.  Tweet/Insta/FB me when you do! I wanna see your pretty face next to your torture map for the next month :)

<3 Cassey


  • Today, I went to the beach front with my children. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4
    year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed.
    There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!

    • Tali

      hahaha awwwww poor baby TRAUMATIZED FOR EVER! hope she feels better.

  • Great info. Lucky me I came acrosss your site by chance (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved it for later!

  • Himani

    waiting for may calendar

  • Pleun


    OMG I absolutely loooooveeeee your videos, Cassey!

    Just one question: when will the april calendar be online?

    Thank you so much!

  • Danielle

    Waiting for the April calendar feels like getting a present! Can’t wait ;)!

  • Trinity


  • Hannah

    She tweeted about 3 hours ago saying she was working on the April calendar! But I haven’t seen any updates since then.

  • Ruth

    I started these workouts around spring break, about half-way through March. I am trying to drop weight for a hip replacement surgery, and was overwhelmed by the daunting task of losing weight without being able to run or walk, and having no time in my elementary music teacher/mom schedule to squeeze in trips to the pool. Then I found these YouTube videos and workout calendar. I actually WANT to get up at 4:30 every morning to get in a full workout! I can’t do everything yet (I just dropped my jaw and stared at pop cardio dance, for instance) and don’t expect to be able to any time soon. I have also found inspiration from this video about an injured paratrooper who never gave up on his fitness goal: I think of him every time I get frustrated with my body’s current limits and the 50 pounds that need to come off.


    • Viviane Bossina

      Hey Ruth!

      I’m so glad that you found Cassey and blogilates! Stay strong always because you have it in you.

      Good luck on your journey. :D

  • emolina

    Will the April calendar be up by tomorrow?

  • Nancy P.

    I discovered your website and youtube page a few days ago and I am so excited to start workout more because of you! You make it seem so fun with your energetic personality and your positive motivation!! I can’t wait for the April calendar to come out! April is gonna be the start of my new healthy life! :)

    • Shyla!

      I hope soooo!!! <3

  • Grace

    will there be an April calendar?!! I need one!

  • Bonnie

    Gosh that March calendar really did feel like a makeover. I’m not entirely where I wanna be yet, but I’m a work in progress! I cannot wait for April. I love this site, the YouTube channel and the calendars :D. Thanks so much Cassey!!

    Quick question, when is the April calendar going to be up?

    • Hi Bonnie! Have these calendars really worked for you??? Do you recommend them?

  • Payton

    When will Aprils calendar be posted?!?!

  • Impatience is my name ;)

    when is the april calender out?:)xx

  • Macy

    i have an question am i too young for this calenders ? is it too hard for me ? (im 14 years old ) :)

    • Remy

      I don’t think so.
      I’m going to do this and I’m only 15…

    • i was wondering the same thing;; im also 14

    • Mafer

      I don’t think so, i’m 14 too and I’ve done them since december (:

  • LilBugsd

    Calendar for April…?

  • Eqha

    I just came across your youtube channel and blog few days ago and I just can’t stop watching/reading them!!!! I’m so eager to try out your calender plan and wondering when will the April’s edition be out??

    • So excited for next month too! Thanks so much cassey for these videos im going to get in the best shape of my life in the next 90 days! I just started your videos three days ago following the march calendar my legs and stomach are already showing improvement! only5 more pounds till im at 115! My abs are peaking out and ready to shine for summer :D

  • Nicole

    I just have a quick question for you. A little less than a year ago I had to have major back surgery, and because of this I am not able to do certain things I was before hand. The biggest thing it has effected is my ability to run. Because of the surgery I am no longer allowed to run, so my question is what would be the best thing to substitute in place of running. I can swim and bike, but is there anything else?

  • MrsRell

    When will the April calender be posted??

    • angie

      i was just wondering the same thing too

      • Emma

        Me three!

        • Abigail

          Me 4

        • Salena

          Me four!!

        • Karo

          Me four!

  • Sam

    okay question, I know you need to do all of the vids listed each day. but for example today. do you do 4x fat melting and then do the others? or just once per vid listed?

    • After checking how long the other videos are, I think it’s safe to say only do Fat Melting 1 time.

      • Sam

        Thanks. I only had and I didn’t want to under workout just for a misunderstanding.

    • Shipra

      u are supposed to do it only once

  • Allison

    I am kinda new to this so I was wondering, what does the “BB#:” stand for when its listed before a workout?? Btw this site has had a huge impact on my life in the past month. Thanks. :)

    • Kristin

      BB stands for Bikini Blaster, a series Cassey’s done last year. :)

      • Allison

        Haha I feel dumb now.. I should have figured that out.

  • Kristin

    Cassey, how can you put the 100 Burpee Challenge, the VS Bombshell Butt workout and Bikini Blaster 6 in ONE day? I am dead and I haven’t even finished everything yet! :D
    I think maybe today is really a little too tough while Monday 18th was a little too easy, for me anyways.

  • mara

    I am so confused on how to follow the marchmakeover calender and at videos to watch can anyone tell me how?

    • Kristin

      Each day focuses on another body part, on Saturday you’re supposed to do a full body work out and Sunday is your rest day. (Don’t skip the rest day, it is very important that you give your body time to recover).
      For the full body workout on Saturdays you can either do the POP Pilates dvd or you just choose 4 of Cassey’s full body workout videos that add up to about one hour. To find them just search something like “Blogilates full body” on youtube.
      From Monday to Friday you do each video that is listed for that day. You’ll find them by simply typing the name from the calender in the youtube search bar. E.g. if you search “Bikini Blaster” you’ll find all the videos from the series. You can add “Blogilates” to find them more easily.
      For me, some videos are blocked because of the music in it. If that’s the case for you too just replace them with a similar video that focuses on the same body part or if it’s a cardio video, just choose another one. Cassey has plenty of videos. Just make sure you listen to your body and have fun! :)

      • Spacegirlz

        Could I get a few examples of a full body workout? I did type in blogilates full body and got a few that say pop Pilates and few other things…are we suppose to do the ones that say pop pilates on the sats?

        • Kristin

          Yeah you could do e.g. “POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout” or “POP Pilates: Total Body Bangin’ Workout”. :)

  • ellen

    are you going to do all the thing that the calendar says in one day? like you are going to run 1 miles and do all the youtube videos on monday that it says in monday? or are you going to do just one youtube video? please can someone explain! (sorry for my bad english..)

    • Kristin

      Actually you’re supposed to do everything on that day. But if you’re a beginner don’t overdo it! It’s better to start slow and go a little farther everyday than to overdo it on the first day and not be able to do anything for the week after. Of course you shouldn’t stop as soon as you start feeling ‘the burn’ i.e. your muscles work. Just listen to your body. You know best what’s good for you and what you can and cannot do (yet). And always have fun!

      • alison

        My first time doing it was on a saturday. my friend had shown it to me. i instantly fell in love. today wil be my second day. i do all the workoutson the day and don’t over ush myself because over time you will get better and not even realize ;)

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  • I’m wondering if it would be possible for you to post a sort of “Index” along with the workout calendar that links to each video for that particular day. Or maybe you’re already doing this somewhere and I’m just being blind. I’m having a hard time finding some of these works outs.Thanks ;)

    • Nicole

      I agree with this post! That would be a lot easier :)

    • Nichole

      She did something like that under her “90 Day Challenge” under the meal plans tab (: If you scroll pass the meal plan link there should be an exercise plan. She has links that brings you to “Back workouts” “Arm workouts” etc. if i can’t find the video for a particular day then i just replace it with whatever video that’s focusing on the same part of the body.

    • Kristin

      I think someone made playlists for each day. Cassey posted the link on facebook.

  • Rocio

    When you see *new video* which one do we do?

    • Teresa

      She posts a new video every week so *new video* is her most recent video.

  • Monika

    First time doing a workout calendar! But i’m starting half-way…Do we eat what we usually eat with this calendar or follow a meal plan too? I usually did 3 Blogilates videos everyday a few moths back and 6 is going to be suicide..cant wait :)

  • Rebekkah

    If we follow this calendar, do we need to do additional cardio or is enough already included for weight loss???

  • Krissy

    Hey guys! I have a question. If you’re someone starting the calendar halfway through the month, should you do the workouts from the first day of the calendar or those from the day you begin it on? Like should you do today’s workout for the 14th or the workout for the 4th?

    • krys

      I started today also. I did the workout for the 14th because there will be another calendar coming out next month so that helps me catch up and stay on track.

    • Henna

      Hi there! I have the same problem!! I think you should carry on with the dates and then when next months calendar comes out , start from the beginning. But If you don’t want to do that then do one of the previous calendars from the beginning. -Hope this helps. XOXO

    • Benita

      I started late too! But I just started on the workouts for the day I started and am already getting awesome results. (:

  • Sam

    I know you say run a mile on Monday and Friday but what if you can’t due to bad knees? Is there an alternative for this?

    • Nicole

      I just do a very brisk walk

      • Sam

        Thanks, I have been doing some extra cardio vids or classes those days to try and make up for lack of running.

    • Devon

      you can also try swimming

  • Janet

    hey, guys i’m barely starting this calender and i was wondering if we have to do all of the workouts that are there or only one from the whole list. Please let me know, it would be soooo helpful! thanks ^^

    • Candace

      I was wondering the same thing…surely we only have to do one a day. Might depend on what level you are at. Try one of them and if you can do more than do another…that is what I am going to try until told differently.

      • Rebecca

        You’re supposed to do all of the videos for the day, so there will be lets say 5 videos for one day, you’re supposed to do all of them, so that you get about an hour of physical activity. It’s what the calendar is designed for. However, if you feel like it’s too much, you don’t have to do it all.

        • ashikakyo

          should we do it all at once? or we can apart them in one day as long as we do all of them?

          • Kristin

            I think it would be best to do them all at once because the first one or two videos are usually ones which get your heart rate up and warm you up for the following videos.
            But if it really doesn’t fit your schedule to do them all at once I think it would be better to split them up than to not work out at all. Just make sure you always warm up first!

  • Sabrina

    Can I just give everyone some tips? I lost 5 pounds in a month just from clean eating!! I’m so happy and since my goal is only to lose 20lbs, it’s a big chunk! I haven’t had soda, white bread/rice, candy, chocolate, sweets, cookies and other foods like that in WEEKS! Hopefully that’s helpful to y’all! Thanks Blogilates for being sooo awesome! <3

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  • ashikakyo

    Hey I am new here too, and I am wondering that if I need to run that day (Monday and Friday) do I have to do all the work out at the same time. I mean, one after the other. Or it’s ok to do 1 mile running in the morning and then do the rest when I am at home? (I don’t have a treadmill at home, so I go to school to run) I am just not sure if that’s going to weaken my work out result.

  • Dena

    I’m so glad this month includes running! I’ve been thinking about getting back into running, but needed the push. I really love doing it, but I’m sooo slow and I’m just not a great runner.

    The first day I definitely overdid it and my asthma started acting up, which I was really surprised about because my asthma is really minor (I actually found out my inhaler expired like 3 years ago, oops!). I managed to do better today without having any asthma problems, but I’m really excited to see where I am at the end of the month. I actually want to do a 5k this fall, so I think even if the next calendar doesn’t include running I’ll probably keep going so I can work up to the 5k distance.

  • Alice

    So okay I thought I could do this in one shot but I totally can’t.
    Do you guys think it’s fine if I split the workout in two?