Pancake Time with Fitness Friends!

Hey POPsters!

Look at our funny faces in that screen shot above! Click play to see why we look so confused and angry.

I am so excited that I got to spend time with Sarah of Sarahfit, Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up the other day. Sarah was visiting form Boston and I hadn’t seen her in so long so it was soooo good to catch up! It was the first time all 4 of us had hung out TOGETHER and the energy was amazing. We decided to have protein pancakes and juice as we answered some of your questions from facebook and twitter!

Look how yummy those look with honey drizzle! MMmmMmMmmMmmm….

Some of the questions we answered…

– What to do when the PMS craving hits?

– How’d you get into fitness?

– What motivates you to work out when you don’t feel like it?

I am about to head out to the Farmer’s Market now! It’s sunny and I am very happy because last night I looked and it was supposed to be raining! Isn’t it wonderful when something nice comes unexpected? Makes it 20x better!!

Have a great day POPsters!

<3 you,


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  • Nanda

    what was that app you mentioned, I didn’t get the name. but it sounded like a fun app.

    • Ana

      It’s called Songsza :)

  • susana

    Cassey did you ever choose a winner for the gym bag? please pick me if you havent done so :). I deactivated my facebook and wanted to know if it had been announced

  • Viola

    Oh I loved the video! :D And they answered my question yay <3 love you guys :D

  • Annette

    Hey Cassey!

    I’d really appreciate your help here!

    I wanted to try a new waffles recipe (I like taking delicious recipes and changing them into a super healthy version :D) and I’m searching for a healthy substitute for butter. What do you suggest? Usually I use coconut fat or oil in such cases but I’m not sure if it fits with the recipe. Maybe you have a better tip? Or how about anyone else? I’m grateful for every advice! :)

    By the way: Can I submit some other healthy recipes somehow? I’ve come up with a really great pancake recipe that I’d like to share with the blogilates community! ;)

    Thank you very much
    Annette <3

    • Gabbie

      You could try applesauce, maybe? I don’t know if it would work, but when I’m baking something sweet, I sub unsweetened applesauce for whatever oil the recipe calls for. I know Cassey tried to fry an egg in applesauce once, and it worked out, if I remember correctly…

      • Annette

        Thanks for the idea! I’ll try it! ;)

  • Ashley

    I LOVE Katrina’s top!!! Where is that from???

    • Sabrina

      I adore it too. The first time i watched he video all i thought was what an amazing top where did she ge it.

  • Hey Cassie!

    I always enjoy your recipes and workouts, especially anything with crazy plyo moves! Unfortunately, I tore my ACL and meniscus in a ski accident this weekend and having been going crazy from inactivity and navigating my classroom on crutches. As someone who is very active, this has been really tough for me to miss out on climbing, skiing, yoga, and of course pilates. I was wondering if you or any POPsters could help me out with some knee-free exercise ideas. One-leg push ups, supermans, and crunches are getting pretty old! Thanks everyone!

  • Jayde Atkinson

    I agree that you and Tone It Up need to do more collabs! I love doing all of the workout routines and trying the recipes! Love ya’ll!

  • Arianne

    Those pancakes look delicious! I wish I have a workout buddy or a fitness trainer here. Fitness and working out is not that “in” here. How disappointing! :(

  • Sandy

    I’m so in love with Blogilates and Tone it Up…this was fantastic! You all should collab more often!

  • Hey Cassey! First of all I want to tell you that I like you so much! I’ve followed a lot of internet trainers before and ended up getting bored or annoyed! hahaha but you are so lovely and so happy all the time you brings a smile to my face whenever I work out. I love all the “Food Bites” videos as well. I think you are a beautiful soul :)

    So, I was wondering, what happened to the Bikini Competition that was supposed to happen on January? Did you go through with it? I don’t know if I missed a couple blog posts because I can’t find it anywhere!

    Anyway, I hope you are fine and have a nice weekend!


    • I ended up not doing it because of the move to la!

      • I just did the 100th workout and I’m about to make some cookies! I can’t wait to try the “easiest cookie” recipe! :)

  • It must be so awesome to have such supportive people around you, people who share your interests and passion for healthy living. Unfortunately, I don’t have that, fitness just isn’t that popular here, lol. But I get my motivation and tips from you, Cassey, as well as the other peeps posting comments here and on your Facebook page, which is awesome. It’s like having a support group, a virtual one, but a support group nevertheless. :)

    • yes i am here for u and so are the other POPsters!!!! ALWAYS!!!

  • These look amazing! I must try these once I get off of my juice cleanse. =]

  • Nicole

    you should find a recipie for replacing chocolate :d

  • Blair

    Hi! What was the free app you mentioned that makes playlists? Super interested like Sarah i get bored of my music quickly bc I listen to it so often!


    • Amanda

      Its called songza and there is also pandora and moodagent.

  • Tegan

    Now I’ve been exposed to even more wonderful fitness people – thanks a bunch guys :) I’d love to have a look at the TIU girls nutrition plan, I better get saving!

  • Sarah

    That was so inspiring! You all are so beautiful :) Thanks so much for everything!

  • Brittany

    Caseey- I just wanted to tell you that you are doing an awesome job. Not to create any tension, but you are by far my favorite workout Youtuber! You are just so real, you put a smile on my face, make me laugh and most importantly, you make me want to be a better person physically and mentally! Thanks girlie! Thanks to you I have the motivation to workout and I feel like you’re with me when I choose foods to eat throughout the day. I love your diet plans and look forward to a 90 day challange!

    • aww thanks Brittany!!! love u! thanks for being an awesome student and doing your workouts while eating well. you make me proud!!

  • Watching your Pancake Time + the collab for my abs, core, & more on SarahFab + the Vlog check-in on TIU was so much fun :-) I bet the 4 of y’all had a blast filming on set @ the Manhattan Beach house together w/the cutie poochie! Thanks for getting together & addressing our health concerns <3

  • V

    I´ll try them this weekend, look very tasty <3 mjamii