How cool is this?




I saw that someone made this on tumblr! So cool! Just wanted to share. I have no clue how to make stuff like this! You guys are so creative and talented! If you ever make cool gifs or pics, just tag #blogilates so I can find you! I am always browsing to see what you guys are up to :) Love being part of you world!

<3 Cassey

PS – you can get the shirt of my orig design here! Feb 14th is the last day to use the code “FEELFAB10” to get 10% off your entire order! Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Loved it!!!! It’s freaking awesome <3

  2. I think tanks with the letters in those colors would be super cute!

  3. Omg!!! I made it! :D sooo happy that you Cassey like it and posted it, thank you! ☺The url on the gif is my previous url, catchingpassion is now labelle-couture btw :) xoxox

  4. *€l Czech Rep. says:

    :O That is beautiful!!

  5. This is awesome. :-D :-)

  6. CaSandra says:

    I LOVE this!!!

  7. Wendy Karagöz says:

    Hello Casey
    I think your great .i Love a Lot of your workout and am currently practising your hiiitilates .hard but awsome. I am 40 and have 3 Kids but thanks to you in Great shape
    Love and hugs Wendy (Germany)

  8. I love that saying so much how did you make it up ps if you did not notice you’re awesome !!:):):):)

  9. That’s really pretty! I love that saying, it’s so motivational :)

  10. my workout calendar won’t load!! what’s after the total body bangin’ workout :((((( ??

  11. I think it’s TOTALLY COOL!! <3
    Love you lots Cassey!!

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