Easiest Healthiest Ice Cream in the World!!!


Hey POPsters!!

I have an ice cream video for you! I’ve posted this recipe before, but never had a chance to film it. This creation is so easy, it’s insane!


– 1 banana

– 1 TBS of peanut butter (optional)

cassey ho food bites

Like my matching banana necklace?


Dicing my bananas into coins!

freeze bananas

Freeze time!

peanut butter

Mix that all natural unsalted peanut butter in there and blend it up!

healthy banana ice cream

This is what it looks like! SO GOOD!!!!

In the video, I coined the bananas first, froze it, then blended it. This made it hard to blend so I had to add almond milk to make it stir. I later got a comment that made me go “AHHH well isn’t that a good idea!!!”

I suggest trying this: Blend a ripe banana with peanut butter. THEN FREEZE!! After a few hours, scoop it out into a bowl. I am going to try this tonight and let you know how it turns out. Should be much thicker!!!

What video should I do next? What recipe do you wanna see healthified!?

Happy Valentine’s day!

<3 Cassey


  • Cookie

    How do I do this without peanut butter and still make it ice cream like

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  • that looks amazing

  • Nicha242

    OOOOMG! so amazing!! I’m just eating it! :33 amazing recipe! but is pb diet?!! i have normal pb with salt and everything ://

  • Maggy

    Ohhhh Cassie I love you <3 Best idea ever!

  • Rebe

    I just have tried this and I turn into an addict!! this is SO good! but I make it with just 1 banana and 1 tbls of vanilla extract! :3

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  • Mona

    Hey Cassey,
    what kind of peanutbutter are u using? does it has sugar in it?

  • Really amazing … so delicious. Love having friends and neighbors over and sharing this desert. Thank you Cassey!

  • Crystal

    What fruits could we replace banana with? I can’t eat them raw, but that looks amazing. Thanks.

  • over55

    I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED YOUR CONFERENCE! A once in a life time chance as I am here from France! No more laziness gotta get back into shape. Your videos are inspiring so…wish me luck Cassie…I am stalking you! :D

  • Ashlie

    Does anyone know how I can make this a little thicker and harder? I tried this and it’s very good, but I’m a much bigger fan of hard ice cream. Anyone have any tips?

    • lexi

      after you blend it put in back in the freezer for another half hour. thats what i did and it seemed thicker.

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  • Emilee

    Cassie this recipe is AMAZING I love it! Thanks for sharing :) Emilee and Andrew

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  • anne

    every time I make this, instead of icecream I get a milkshake…. its still good though

    • Stella

      Try icing it in the freezer once you’ve mixed the ingredients :D same thing happened to me

  • SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!!!!I made it just now!I love it!

  • I love this ice cream. it has change my own ice cream ……………………….theanks cassie
    you for recipe <3 <3 ……

  • Maja

    I made it just now, omg, so good!!

  • Ashley

    Omg! Yumm! So doing this tonight! Thank you! & to respond to “What video should I do next? What recipe do you wanna see healthified!?” I would love to see if it’s possible to have healthy pizza! it’s a craving for me! Thanks!

  • Emma

    I love this! I also add in cinnamon and sprinkle some on top:)

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  • Cláudia Durães

    OMG! THANK YOU CASSIE! Just did this today, but only had half a banana frozen so mixed in like 5 raspberries… it was amazing! Better than store bought ice cream. It’s really rich and creamy. Loved it. :)

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  • Kirsten

    I’ve been making this for months. I usually add almond milk because I always use frozen bananas. Plus I add cocoa powder because I love chocolate!

  • ivana

    I was preparing to make this ice-cream since the day you posted it, Cassey, but I was always forgetting to buy peanut butter. Finally here it is, melting in my mouth, adorable! I topped it with blended raspberries! Who could know clean food could be so tasty! I just can’t express how surprised I am :)

  • Sasha

    Okay, I know this might be weird, but when I made this ice cream I felt like it still needed something. I was trying to think of what would go with it and it hit me. Duh! Celery and peanut butter are amazing together! So I ran to grab some celery, dipped it in, and took a bite. Super YUM!!! I probably won’t ever eat this as ice cream but I’m definitely going to keep making it as a dip!

  • Cassie

    I watched this video and got all pumped to go and make some icecream and i had no bananas!!! :O but i made it the next day and it was amazing!!! definitely worth trying! :)