How to make Homemade Peanut Butter

Hey POPsters!!

Who here is a peanut butter lover? Ummmmmm…me!!! To the max.

I love it on pancakes, in smoothies, on baby carrots, and on it’s own! I can’t get enough! Last night I was at Whole Foods and decided to buy some freshly ground peanut butter. When I got home I realized…wait a second…why don’t I just make this myself instead of buying it for $5.99/lb! I never buy the ones with added sugar or salt, so really, there’s no secret to making peanut butter.

So today, I headed over to Trader Joe’s and bought a 1 lb bag of roasted UNSALTED peanuts for $3.29!

Let the adventure begin!


Peanuts, waiting to be crushed.


Got out my magic bullet (you can use a blender) and filled it with the lil guys.


Are you ready?


ZZZZZZZzzzZZzZZZZzZZzZz!!!!!! (I wish someone could invent silent blenders.)


Oh my goodness. It worked.


And now I shall eat you.

So yup that’s it! Just keep grinding and grinding until it becomes smooth and creamy! Now my head is buzzing with all sorts of peanut butter combos you can try:

– Peanut butter with dried cranberries

– Raisin Cinnamon Peanut Butter

– Peanut Butter with Granola Chunks

– Peanut Butter Banana Swirls

– Peanut Butter with Coconut Crisps

– Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter

Oh and why stop with the peanuts!!!

– Almond Butter

– Sunflower seed Butter

– Cashew Butter

– Pistachio Butter

– Walnut Butter

– Macadamia Butter

OMG! So many possibilities. What if you mixed the nuts and got a crazy nut butter bonanza!!??

Oh man guys. Go ahead and try this at home and start saving $ on yummy, deliciously healthy, peanut butter! I saw some websites that suggested you add peanut oil etc. to make it more smooth. I opted out on this because I actually like mine thick and chunky. Feel free to throw in whatever you like and be creative! This was so much fun!

I don’t look forward to washing the bullet though…

Please leave a comment and tell me what your wildest nut butter combo would be!! Should I try to make Spicy Peanut Butter and add Sriracha?

<3 Cassey

  • Vanessa

    I need A LOT of nuts now! Can’t wait to try that! Thanks :D

  • Khadoooj

    Hahaha, this was probably one the best post i´ve read on this website. One part cuz Cassey is funny but also I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! And its expensive in my country but also not so very good in quality. Thank you Cassey for this post!

  • keera vel

    nutella mille crêpe cake

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  • Helen

    Love this! I live in rural France and you can only get peanut butter in the health food shops and then it costs loooads!! now I can make my own! xx

  • Eddie

    Your “and now I shall eat you” picture is PRICELESS!!! It made me try this for the first time and it is AWESOME!!!


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  • Tried it out and it’s awwwwwwwwsum!!!!!!! :)

  • John Reese

    That peanut butter looks so fresh! I prefer creamier butter than it looks like you got out of the little blender you used though. I saw a post here that says that they got really creamy peanut butter by using a grain mill…do you have any experience with those?

  • Lara

    thank you for recipe, it so tasty…mmmm

  • Lindsay

    WHAT?? you just grind up some nuts and you get that!???? how is that even possible!??? you didn’t add anything???? how is it not just like….. chopped up nuts them? what makes it creamy?

    • It’s the oil in the peanuts. Once you begin blending the the oils are allowed to seep out. Thus creating the creamy consistency!

  • Alie

    Thank you for inspiring me to make my own cashew paste. I added in some cocao nibs and cinnamon, and it’s amazingly delicious. Totally kicked that sugar craving to the curb!

  • Anna

    i was just eating some almonds and cocoa nibs whilst reading this blog and thought hey this would make a pretty awesome nut butter. Tried blending them together and its totally delicious.. takes a while to get the almond butter smooth and creamy.. but sooo good and the cocoa nibs add a chocolatey crunch!

  • Peanut butter with pretzel chunks and a drizzle of honey mixed in!

  • Danielle

    Always a sucker for peanut butter and nutella. It would be even better to make nutella from scratch too I’m sure. I think pistachio butter would be interesting. Or pecan butter…love love love pecans.

  • Chua Xiong

    Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of deviled eggs.. because they are so delicious! Is there a healthy way recipe for deviled eggs? Or should I just stay away completely!



  • I love making butters from scratch!!! I have recently made sunflower seed butter! So good!!! Who knew?!? love the site! xoxo

  • Emily

    I love spicy food and have tried spicy peanut butter but it was made with coarse dried chili pepper and VERY gritty. This would be great with a powdered cayenne pepper to add some heat without an overpowering flavor!

  • Jane

    Hi Cassey could you do some TABATA training series! please please!

    • hannah

      oh my gosh! that would be amazing!!!

  • Rachel

    Hey! I made this tonight, thanks for the inspiration! If you blend it for long enough (in bursts so you don’t kill the blender!) it is almost completely smooth! Mmmm can’t wait for brekky tomorrow!

  • Hey cassey!

    I saw this recipe, and i know you love one ingredient banana ice cream, so I thought you might wanna check it out

    It’s banana split inspired oatmeal 100% healthy and natural

    btw… the 1000 workout is actually my favorite… not too sure why haha

  • Elizabeth

    How about a little cocoa and some hazelnuts? Your own nutella!

  • Hi Cassey!

    I’d like to ask, when will the new workout calendar coming out?
    I’m pretty sure I’m hooked on your workout! I lose my waist measurement a little bit!
    I’m so happy <3

  • hannah

    love this! you should try apple cinnamon peanut butter! :)

  • Courtney

    I am so tempted to try fusing this with the oatmeal cookie to make some form of peanut butter oatmeal cookie. Could be onto something.! Haha.

    • Heather

      Wow this is soo good, made this then made some almond butter and then turned it into almond butter protein balls (add cacao powder, stone cut oats, lsa, chia and a scoop of protein powder) Amaze!
      I’m never buying nut butter again :)

  • Erin

    Last week I did just the thing! I’ve had a can of cashews sitting in my room since Christmas and I’ve been afraid to crack them open because I knew that if I did, they’d be gone in one sitting. SO I decided to make CASHEW BUTTER. Smartest thing I’ve ever done. So much easier to eat in moderation than snacking out of a jar.

  • Sydney

    Okay, this would probably end up gross, but you could try mint and pistachio butter? Nope. It just SOUNDS gross, haha

    • Elizabeth

      pistachio butter sounds good though