How to make Homemade Peanut Butter

Hey POPsters!!

Who here is a peanut butter lover? Ummmmmm…me!!! To the max.

I love it on pancakes, in smoothies, on baby carrots, and on it’s own! I can’t get enough! Last night I was at Whole Foods and decided to buy some freshly ground peanut butter. When I got home I realized…wait a second…why don’t I just make this myself instead of buying it for $5.99/lb! I never buy the ones with added sugar or salt, so really, there’s no secret to making peanut butter.

So today, I headed over to Trader Joe’s and bought a 1 lb bag of roasted UNSALTED peanuts for $3.29!

Let the adventure begin!


Peanuts, waiting to be crushed.


Got out my magic bullet (you can use a blender) and filled it with the lil guys.


Are you ready?


ZZZZZZZzzzZZzZZZZzZZzZz!!!!!! (I wish someone could invent silent blenders.)


Oh my goodness. It worked.


And now I shall eat you.

So yup that’s it! Just keep grinding and grinding until it becomes smooth and creamy! Now my head is buzzing with all sorts of peanut butter combos you can try:

- Peanut butter with dried cranberries

- Raisin Cinnamon Peanut Butter

- Peanut Butter with Granola Chunks

- Peanut Butter Banana Swirls

- Peanut Butter with Coconut Crisps

- Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter

Oh and why stop with the peanuts!!!

- Almond Butter

- Sunflower seed Butter

- Cashew Butter

- Pistachio Butter

- Walnut Butter

- Macadamia Butter

OMG! So many possibilities. What if you mixed the nuts and got a crazy nut butter bonanza!!??

Oh man guys. Go ahead and try this at home and start saving $ on yummy, deliciously healthy, peanut butter! I saw some websites that suggested you add peanut oil etc. to make it more smooth. I opted out on this because I actually like mine thick and chunky. Feel free to throw in whatever you like and be creative! This was so much fun!

I don’t look forward to washing the bullet though…

Please leave a comment and tell me what your wildest nut butter combo would be!! Should I try to make Spicy Peanut Butter and add Sriracha?

<3 Cassey


  1. I need A LOT of nuts now! Can’t wait to try that! Thanks :D

  2. Khadoooj says:

    Hahaha, this was probably one the best post i´ve read on this website. One part cuz Cassey is funny but also I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! And its expensive in my country but also not so very good in quality. Thank you Cassey for this post!

  3. keera vel says:

    nutella mille crêpe cake

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  5. Love this! I live in rural France and you can only get peanut butter in the health food shops and then it costs loooads!! now I can make my own! xx

  6. Your “and now I shall eat you” picture is PRICELESS!!! It made me try this for the first time and it is AWESOME!!!


  7. Tried it out and it’s awwwwwwwwsum!!!!!!! :)

  8. That peanut butter looks so fresh! I prefer creamier butter than it looks like you got out of the little blender you used though. I saw a post here that says that they got really creamy peanut butter by using a grain mill…do you have any experience with those?

  9. It’s the oil in the peanuts. Once you begin blending the the oils are allowed to seep out. Thus creating the creamy consistency!

  10. thank you for recipe, it so tasty…mmmm

  11. WHAT?? you just grind up some nuts and you get that!???? how is that even possible!??? you didn’t add anything???? how is it not just like….. chopped up nuts them? what makes it creamy?

  12. Thank you for inspiring me to make my own cashew paste. I added in some cocao nibs and cinnamon, and it’s amazingly delicious. Totally kicked that sugar craving to the curb!

  13. i was just eating some almonds and cocoa nibs whilst reading this blog and thought hey this would make a pretty awesome nut butter. Tried blending them together and its totally delicious.. takes a while to get the almond butter smooth and creamy.. but sooo good and the cocoa nibs add a chocolatey crunch!

  14. Peanut butter with pretzel chunks and a drizzle of honey mixed in!

  15. Always a sucker for peanut butter and nutella. It would be even better to make nutella from scratch too I’m sure. I think pistachio butter would be interesting. Or pecan butter…love love love pecans.

  16. Wow this is soo good, made this then made some almond butter and then turned it into almond butter protein balls (add cacao powder, stone cut oats, lsa, chia and a scoop of protein powder) Amaze!
    I’m never buying nut butter again :)

  17. Yeah kinda…

  18. Chua Xiong says:

    Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of deviled eggs.. because they are so delicious! Is there a healthy way recipe for deviled eggs? Or should I just stay away completely!



  19. oh my gosh! that would be amazing!!!

  20. I love making butters from scratch!!! I have recently made sunflower seed butter! So good!!! Who knew?!? love the site! xoxo

  21. I love spicy food and have tried spicy peanut butter but it was made with coarse dried chili pepper and VERY gritty. This would be great with a powdered cayenne pepper to add some heat without an overpowering flavor!

  22. Hi Cassey could you do some TABATA training series! please please!

  23. Hey! I made this tonight, thanks for the inspiration! If you blend it for long enough (in bursts so you don’t kill the blender!) it is almost completely smooth! Mmmm can’t wait for brekky tomorrow!

  24. Hey cassey!

    I saw this recipe, and i know you love one ingredient banana ice cream, so I thought you might wanna check it out

    It’s banana split inspired oatmeal 100% healthy and natural

    btw… the 1000 workout is actually my favorite… not too sure why haha

  25. Elizabeth says:

    pistachio butter sounds good though

  26. Elizabeth says:

    How about a little cocoa and some hazelnuts? Your own nutella!

  27. Hi Cassey!

    I’d like to ask, when will the new workout calendar coming out?
    I’m pretty sure I’m hooked on your workout! I lose my waist measurement a little bit!
    I’m so happy <3

  28. love this! you should try apple cinnamon peanut butter! :)

  29. I am so tempted to try fusing this with the oatmeal cookie to make some form of peanut butter oatmeal cookie. Could be onto something.! Haha.

  30. Last week I did just the thing! I’ve had a can of cashews sitting in my room since Christmas and I’ve been afraid to crack them open because I knew that if I did, they’d be gone in one sitting. SO I decided to make CASHEW BUTTER. Smartest thing I’ve ever done. So much easier to eat in moderation than snacking out of a jar.

  31. Okay, this would probably end up gross, but you could try mint and pistachio butter? Nope. It just SOUNDS gross, haha

  32. Hi Cassey!!!
    I got a call to inform me i’ll get a chirurgical operation on thursday. It is no big deal but I learned that won’t be allowed to workout during three weeks! OMG, three weeks! It sounds like forever. I’ll be doing a coutdown in the meanwhile on my workout calendar, and hopefully, I won’t lose so much of the benefits I had for training the last few months!
    I’ll be back soon,
    I’m really thankfull to you for all your advices and your videos; they keep me going.
    Marilyn xox

  33. I made your peanut butter banana protein smoothie today and it was delicious and filling! Unrelated… (well, sort of) See #8 on how to clean a blender – Might work for the magic bullet too!

  34. I did this with almonds honey and canola oil (not sure if there is a better option that won’t change the taste too much?) and it came out absolutely amazing! I liked the honey in it, made it a bit sweeter!

  35. I think 2 cups of peanuts would make a small jar.

  36. Hello Scrumptious!! I LOVE your blending nut combo ideas! So awesome. I was at Whole Foods the other day and saw they were giving out samples of nut-free seed butter – cray cray? Yes. But I tried some and – BOOM! So yummy! I was so surprised. I know, you are, too. :D

  37. Word up! I love your combo ideas! I saw some nut-free seed butter at Whole Foods the other day which kinda sounded crazy, but they were giving away free samples – and YUM! Surprising. I know.

  38. Hey Cassey, how much peanut butter/day do you recommend for a tall skinny gal like me? :) Love your blog and videos <3

  39. Natálie Mošnová says:

    Well,today I ate peanut butter for the first time!! I´m from the Czech Republic and it´s not common to eat it here but I think it´s delicious:)Tomorrow I´m going to try pistachio butter!!:)
    P.S. I´m sorry for my bad English;)

  40. im gonna try this out, and see if it tastes as good as it looks.

  41. I love putting chocolate chips in the microwave then adding my PB in there and swirling it all together

  42. I like my peanut butter with a little honey too! It makes it a little creamier and just a little sweeter for the sweets lover! Love that you can do this in the blender though! I usually have to drive 30 minutes away to an Earthfare to grind peanuts just to have organic peanut butter. So happy that Cassey posted this!

  43. nancy (@futurowoman) says:

    I love to make peanut and other nut butters in my Champion Juicer and my Nutribullet (which is an amazing machine–try one!) I also make my own Almond Milk and Almond Meal Flour (zero waste!) with my Nutribullet–super healthy and clean and cheap!

  44. Thank you so much for this post!!! I have been wanting to make my own. I can’t stand how much extra junk there is in peanut butter, and the simple ones I love are very pricy. Do you think this would work for just about any nut? I’m mostly thinking almonds since this is what I have a stock pile of in my cupboards.

  45. madeleine Baguette says:

    I clean out peanut butter jars by wiping them out with dry paper towels. Collect them for art paint.

  46. I just made my own PB! Amazing. More of this kind of inspiration, please Cassie! <3

  47. that looks so good… imma try it :p

  48. I usually use a food processor and, if you let it run long enough, it should have a smoother consistency. In addition, I have tried walnut, pistachio and hazelnut butter. I’m warning you that they are pretty strong flavors so be wary. It was not my cup of tea.

  49. Hey Cassey,

    Just was what was on my mind too. I’ve been wanting for the past few days to try n make my own peanut butter…..n I was going to make it today….and bang! comes ur post…..just at the right time when I already have my nuts out.

    I was going a tsp of oil though as i want it smooth ;)

    Thanks for the post….happy abt the co-incidence that we had the same thing on mind!! :D

  50. Yay! I have some almonds and macadamia nuts that need using. Will try this!! <3

  51. Wonderful!!! And love your expression in the pic… :)
    How much PB is ok to eat in one portion? (say combined with carrots as pre-workout snack)

  52. Yay for vegan recipes! No nuts for me, though. Nut and seed butters (even fresh homemade ones) taste heavy and gross to me, and always make my stomach hurt. The high fast content just doesn’t work for my body!


  54. This is also the same with almond butter:

    if you roast almonds in your oven (DON’T over roast them or else you’d have to start over) and stick them in a food processor with a bit of salt, after pulsing for a while, you will get a creamy almond-y spread!

  55. Hannah Duaine says:

    It’s even better if you soak them overnight, drain the fluid, and then blend.

  56. WOW that’s awesome! could you try that, but with 2 pieces of dark chocolate (over 70% of cocoa) and half banana :O

  57. YUMMY!! Peanut butter is one of my favourite things ever!! I may have to try peanut butter and banana bread or peanut butter oatmeal cookies. Love ya Cassie, holly xx

  58. My mom owns a magic bullet, and she has been doing this for over 3 years now.
    It is definitely a healthier and cheaper way.

  59. This is awesome!!
    I tried this with roasted almonds and they also came out great.

    Another amazing instant peanut/almond butter recipe is taking some already ground peanut/almond flour and mixing with a little bit of almond milk. It’s really a great alternative. You can add some sweetener or other add ins :D

  60. YOU ARE A GENIOUS! I was actually just thinking today, am I addicted to peanut butter? I absolutely love it! I could eat it all day everyday!

    So this might be a stupid question but how many peanuts would it take to make the equivalent of a jar you buy at the store? Is it just an ounce of peanuts equals an ounce of peanut butter? I’ve never ground my own peanut butter before, so its a legit question hah. [There isn’t a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s where I live :( my only options are Walmart or Aldi ]

  61. Thank you!!! I’ve been waiting for this post!

  62. Yum! I cannot wait to have my own place so I can do stuff like this. I heard you need to add some kind of sweetener like honey, or even some salt to make it taste a little more like the stuff they sell and even then it’s still cheaper and better for you.

  63. After a killer- hard day at the gym, you just made my night. : )

  64. SO YUMMY! I ate like 3 scoops of grounded almond butter yesterday. It was too delicious!

    Cassey! Please tell me you saw my message on Facebook. :) I would honestly be forever in your debt if you helped us with the photo contest and definitely have fun making a video for you! :D

    Much love and keep rocking!


  65. This post should be earlier :)) i bought peanut butter yesterday! Btw, thank you, Cassey <3

  66. Planters makes a “nut-rition” pb that is blended with diff things (cinnamon raisin, berry nut, etc.) Its not clean but it would at least give some flavor ideas to make homemade

  67. OMG!!!! I am so beyond excited to try this tomorrow!!!! I am in love with peanut butter, probs a little too much, haha. You could totes make a healthy reeses pieces treat…aka chocolate and peanut butter deliciousness…so many possibilities, im way too excited now, thank you Cassey!!!!

  68. Elizabeth says:

    Firstly, the face you’re making at the spoonful of peanut butter? Love it :-)
    Secondly, you really didn’t have to add anything else to the peanuts? I didn’t know they had enough moisture to make a creamy product in the end. What kind of shelf life d’you think this has?

  69. I’m so glad that you shared this Cassey! I actually have been making homemade pb for a while and I love adding honey to it! It is so much healthier too! I usually just buy the unsalted peanuts and have also tried cashews too. I still buy Laura Schudder’s natural pb every once in a while, but homemade and healthier of anything makes me feel better! Good luck!

  70. Michelle Montalban says:

    YUMMY in my TUMMY! thankyou for this Cassey! affordable and abrosial:D

  71. I’ve tried making nut butters in my magic bullet for ages, it’s never worked for me without having to add excess oil. (Ick ick ick)
    I ended up buying a food processor for the stuff my bullet couldn’t handle. I’ve got some fresh walnut butter in my fridge right now. Such a great alternative to the expensive organic brands and the additives of storebought.

  72. I always say I’m going to make my own nut butters, but I never get around to it. I would love to try french toast peanut butter! Just gotta figure out how to get the flavor right haha

  73. Omg that’s awesome! I’m always tempted to buy the natural peanut butter they have from the machine but now I’m excited to make my own. It’s a lot cheaper too! I put peanut butter in smoothies so I’m gonna use this recipe to make one with banana, milk and some cocoa powder. Yay! Thanks Cassey! :)

  74. To wash the bullet, you could boil hot water, pour it in there and give it a whirl. It should be easier to clean!

  75. Looks delicious! I am going to try ABC – almond, Brazil nut and cashew butter.

  76. I love spicy peanut butter! I’m not sure if Siriracha would be a good addition, but I can deff see some fresh jalapenos adding a nice kick!

  77. OMG I absolutely have to try this. I am freaking out right now. I am addicted to peanut butter and even though my parents buy it, I want to try making it and experimenting with everything! Thanks for the idea and post:)

  78. This is how I have been making nut butters for the past year or two actually. I just purchase raw nuts, roast them in the oven (no oil, sugar, salt, butter, syrups, absolutely nothing additional included) for about 15 minutes, and blend away in a food processor until smooth and creamy. It tastes amazing, right? It happens to be cheaper, healthier, and relatively quick to make ~

  79. It’s so easy! I needs to do this I could make my own dark chocolate chip peanut butter yum yum!

  80. Hi Casey,
    I never thought of trying to make my own! I always purchase the natural with no added ingredients. How interesting. I’ll give this a try!

  81. I definitely have to try this! And maybe even get some hazelnuts….and make NUTELLA! <3 Thanks for this idea! :D

  82. This is awesome! I spend SOO much money on almond butter , cashew butter and peanut butter! This will save me alot of cash!!! And its more money for new workout clothes! :D

  83. really i can’t believe it turned out like this o.O
    must try thiiiiis
    love ya Cassey ! ♥


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