HIITilates: My Thighs are Dying + Why I Eat Kiwi with the Skin On

Hey POPsters!!!

So here is the long-awaited HIITilates video! You’re gonna be so happy because it’s for thighs! Here are the cover songs in the video:

Finally Found You (Enrique Iglesias) – Perfect Tribute
Don’t You Worry Child (Swedish House Mafia) – Mega Tributes
Thrift Shop (Macklemore) – Mama’s Soap Shop

I had major issues uploading the video to YouTube yesterday. It literally took more than 10 hrs and I have no idea why. So…today you can enter the #POPsterPresents giveaways in 2 ways…comment on the YouTube video and then sign up for the newsletter! If you’re already signed up, you’re good! Plus you’ll be set for the February calendar when that comes out!


I am currently spending time with the sis! Working out together and being weird together! So glad she’s back from Australia! Soon we will do some POP Cardios for you, but right now she’s acclimating to the time change.

Oh and guess what I did the other day? I ate a kiwi with the skin on, courtesy of Jackelyn. She said that she learned this new way of eating a kiwi from her year abroad in Australia! So I got super excited and instagrammed it only to find a ton of Australians saying they’ve never seen that.

Hahaha either way – I now eat kiwi with the skin on because not only is it easier as an on-the-go snack, there are also other health benefits:

– INSOLUBLE FIBER: Helps with your digestive system and keeps things moving

– FLAVONOIDS: Antioxidant properties that fight aging and prevent disease

– FOLIC ACID: Maintains your nervous system and, helps in the production of red blood cells, and increases your metabolism

Hope you give this a try! Send pics my way if you do! You’ll find that the fuzzies are not as tickly as you would imagine. Even this adorable baby loves it! Thanks to POPster Felicia Souza for posting this on facebook. So cute!!!

Have a fabulous day guys!!!

<3 Cassey

  • Angela

    Just be careful everyone, im not allergic to many things but one super and very odd thing is I used to eat kiwi with the skin, I would scoop it out with a spoon, but always afterward my tongue would burn, get really fat and kinda white on colour. It was uncomfortable like drinking something real hot and burn the whole top of your tongue. The slight difficulty breathing in did make me psnic a little. But here is the odd part, if its peeled and cut I can eat it fine, or I add them to my smoothie, never have problems. I am experiencing something similar at the moment after eating freshly cut pineapple, man I think ill stick to a drinking diet, lol.