Send me your Dream Mail!

Hey POPsters!

I finally got a chance to record a video of me opening your fan letters! So much fun. Loved getting messages and cute things from you guys :)

Please take a look and see if your name got called! I want to thank everyone who took the time to send me a letter and/or gifts. It makes me smile to see my PO Box full of envelopes!

Now I wanted to make this a little more fun. I got a message from a POPster today who said I should have people send me their secrets kinda like I remember watching a feature on this on 20/20 like years ago. Basically people send handmade postcards to this one address and it’s all anonymous…and they spill their deepest darkest secrets.






Well I thought…hmmm…why don’t we make this more of an inspirational project…

You know how I tell you that if you want something really bad, just declare it to the universe and it will happen? Well, I’m setting up my PO Box as a place where you can safely send me your dreams. I call it…Dream Mail.

You can keep it anonymous but make it super personal. Tell me what you want and why. Tell the truth. Write it on a pretty handmade post card and send it to me. Then I will announce your dreams on camera to solidify them.

I think this will inspire a lot of us to write things down and be aware of what we want. Remember, you can always paint your own future. It all starts with your declaration to the universe!!

Send your dreams to:

Cassey Ho

PO Box 3397

Santa Monica, CA 90408

Can’t wait to see your postcards!!! Will have to make a cool wall out of it all!

Much love,

<3 Cassey



    POBOX 1 CODE 1063

  2. priviyet in Russian means hi.

  3. Hi Cassey!
    I’ve just finished day 10 and I just feel so happy! Thank you so much for being such an inspirational and beautiful person! I’m from Venezuela and I found your blog like 2 weeks ago, ever since I am here every single day and I dont get tired of it. I do it everyday and I’m starting to feel the change in myself not just physical but I’m eating better with your recipes too! . So, again Gracias!

    Vicky <3

  4. Hey Cassey,

    I just want you to know, that i just moved into a new City all by myself and everytime i start feeling lonely, i start doing your workouts. And suddenly i don’t feel lonely anymore… it is like doing the workout with friends and you really motivate me! Thank you so much!

    Greets from Germany!

  5. ninamarienatividad says:

    Hi Cassie! I’m from the Philippines and I’m a big fan of yours! :) I’m 20, 5’2, and currently weighs 114lbs. (I lose 6 lbs from doing your videos). I’ve got a problem though, I’ve been doing your videos and several other routines I downloaded from YouTube, but I noticed that my arms are still fat and my calves too. Can you give me more advice on how can I gain muscle and lose more fat? Thanks! More power!

    • I’ve been doing Pop Pilates for about 3 months already; and, I really noticed the change when I started to do Cassey’s 90 day Meal Plan. :) Like she said, it’s really 80% what you eat. I weighed 139lbs when I started and dropped down a size when I reached 120lbs now. I had the same calves and arm fat problem (haha); Cassey’s video’s tone your muscles, the fat burning comes second. If you really want to get rid of fat, you have to do cardio. If her Cardio videos don’t make you sweat, you have to turn it up a notch.

  6. Hi Cassey I know you’ve heard this a lot of times but you’re great, I really love doing your workouts I was actually trying to find a routine or trying to do it myself before I found but it was just too hard and I got desmotivated everytime, I’m so glad I found you because everyone can truly see that you care about us and want everyone to enjoy life and have a healthy lifestyle not only on how your body looks but in the way you feel about yourself and about life, you always keep my motivation on, you’re hilarious ( I literally sometimes have to stop the exercises to laugh because you’re really funny :P) and your SOOO POSSITIVE I love that because I’m a real possitive person too and i’ts great to share that with someone you have never seen and that’s a great I actually see you as my personal trainer even though I’m really far away from you (I’m actually Colombian) … All I really have to say to you is thank you for being such an inspiration and for let us in to your life, hope everything you plan works because you deserve it and your just great I love you <3

  7. Hi Cassey! I’m a 16 year old girl, and I actually think my body is pretty fine. BUT I do have a problem though. I would like to lose some weight on my hips, but I don’t know how. Could you perhaps make a video or come with some ideas? xxx

  8. Hi Cassey!
    I’m from Austria and I love your website and especially your workoutcalendar.
    the bad thing is that due to time lag I always have to do my first day workout on the second day so I wanted to ask if you could upload the calender on the last day of the previous month :)
    beri :D

  9. Hey Cassey,
    I am a 13 year old who was really inspired by you. I wouldn’t say I am fat, but just not very happy with me weight. U have determined me to work out and get healthy and fell good for me. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH CASSEY! luv ya <3

  10. Hi Cassey!
    I’m 26 and colombian and I have to say that your videos, recipes and workouts are great! After I saw the first one, I was inspired to get my old highschool body back with your help, but…
    The thing is (some people might hate me for saying this) I’ve been really thin all my life, so losing weight is not really a priority for me. This is actualy because I have hyphothyroidism and I am prone to muscle loss. So, I was hoping to learn from you which exersizes are good for girls who want to get a little meat on their bones, preferably without using weights (I really don’t want to end like a lady version of arnold schwarzenegger worn out). I know is different from what you usually teach but maybe you could give me pointers?
    Thank you for this wonderfull space and I hope you read my request.
    (PS: I’ve been doing for 2 weeks the “come and get fit” workout and it works wonders in such a short time!!)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dear Cassey,

    My favorite part of the day Is working out with your videos. I feel so alive after I do your workouts, and it really boosts my confidence. Working out is fun but eating is not. Because of a genetic condition I am unable to eat a large amount of protein. So I can have absolutely no meat or dairy and I really have to watch the amount o wheat I eat. You have taught me how to be healthy an I’ve even been able to put thoes healthy desessions into my special diet. Your workouts are tough and strenuous, and I love each an every one of them. Thank you so much for showing me a healthy life style!

  12. Pranita Shastri says:

    Hi Cassie,
    I have been following your blogs and videos for a while now and I really admire your personality.. you are truly inspiring! I was wondering if the same exercises could be applied to people who want to gain some weight, combined with a weight gain diet. I have been struggling with it since childhood and I am doing weight training presently, but I also wanted to workout for general fitness, toning and flexibility and I am really motivated after watching your videos. I would like to know if I can still do these exercises and any other recommendations that you might have..

  13. Hi Cassey, I recently ordered some fitness wear from your site. I live in the uk and had to pay something over £10 for postage – when the items arrived they incurred a customs charge. I now have to go to my post office to collect them and pay another £11 fee… Your fitness wear is great but I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to end up paying £25 just to get them delivered here!!! Just a head up for you and any other uk buyers!

    • Hey, I recently ordered a few items for delivery to the UK too. That’s pretty disappointing in the customs charge, as you’d think the shipping would cover this! May I ask how long it took for your items to arrive? The tracking link it was last in California, but that was ten days ago :/

  14. I’ve been trying to do your abs videos for a while now (I do the leg ones too and my 5k time has never been better!!), but always have to stop part way. I don’t stop because of ab pain (tho they burn, let’s face it), because because of severe tailbone pain. I checked your faq’s and tried those tips, and I put my hands around my tailbone to keep some of the pressure off it, but many of your workouts there involve balancing on your tailbone area. I was wondering if you could make an ab video with some lower ab moves that don’t kill the tailbone but still get that great burn?

  15. Georgina says:

    Hey Cassey!
    First of all, I’m a 15 year old high school student from Australia, and really want to get fit. It’s wintere here at the moment so I think that this is the perfect time to get fit in time for summer! (whoohoo! ^_^).
    I came across your YouTube channel thanks to Arden (Arose186) and I immediately wanted to try your exercises! I’ve watched a few of your videos (without doing the exercises) to see if it was the right thing for me; my response was a straight-up “This is so for me!”
    You’re such a good motivator and you’re so bright and bubbly and charismatic, not to mention how great your body is (so jealous!). I’m going to start your ‘Beginner’s Workout Calendar’ very soon and I am so excited!
    Thanks for inspiring me! xx

    P.S. Can you please do a Q&A video on your youtube channel? I would love to see it! :) xo

  16. Anita Costa says:

    Hi Cassey!!!
    I’m a 22 years old girl from Portugal ( so sorry for my english!!)
    Thank you so much for your videos!! I just started the beginners calendar ( i’m on day 6) and i looovveee it!!
    I’m skinny but i’ve a jelly butt and i really hope i can tone it and finally have a real and nice butt!
    I’ve even been doing all your recepies and i’m eating healthy as well!!!
    Soo thank you so much and i’ll send you my updates in your mail =)

  17. Hey Cassey:)

    I am Dunja, from Germany. Please apologize my english!^^ but i had to tell you how amazing your work outs are to me.
    You are a wonderful person with such a postive charism.
    I am so glad I found your “blogilates”-page and love to do your gymnastics. I feel so more comfortable and flexible.
    It’s too bad that you are so far away :(

    So I want to thank you :) and i hope you’ll never stop to show us your fitness secrets;)

    Lot of greets:)

    your new fan

    Just wanted to say the BIGGEST THANKYOU for all the videos you make and plan to help everyone out there workout and be happy in themselves!! You’ve really inspired me to keep working hard and achieve so many goals! I’m finally starting to feel a bit more confident in my own skin, which is awesome :)
    Lots of love from Australia
    Keep up the great work :D
    Bex :)

  19. HI! i recently discovered your videos and love your intensity.
    I have an athletic build but i don’t know if i can say fit because I haven’t worked out in awhile. Well, my body has a lot of muscle but its getting builky and in some of your moves i get too stiff that will be resolved with continuous streching i hope.
    But, my main issue is that I have been working out my abs totally wrong my whole life.
    Aside from the fact I haven’t worked out in awhile when I do your ab workout i tend to strain my neck unconsciously and when you slowly come down to the mat vertebre by vertebre I CAN’T and just PLOP down…
    I tried to fix it but why can’t i fix this and what’s the best method to make sure you are using your abs?

  20. Viviane says:

    Hi Cassey,
    Thank you for the bubbly personality. I stumbled upon your video about 1 month ago and am constantly checking for new and old videos to workout with. They are definitely more encouraging and more fun to work with than the classes I attended at the gym. I now work out on my own and see better results.
    I am glad you did not go the doctor’s route because you wouldn’t be here touching so many lives. I am a physician and want to promote your website to all my patients but am not sure about liabilities. I am however, telling all my friends and relatives about your website. It has made a difference in my workout and physique. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  21. How do you make working out so much fun? :D

  22. Michaela says:

    Hi Cassey! I am 14 years old living in Australia. I am a huge fan of Blogilates! You have helped me so much to become fitter! I’m currently preparing for my school musical in which I am a selected dancer and I am playing a cheerleader. With this comes a cheerleader costume. I am trying to get my fitness up and slim down for this role but I am suffering from a shoulder injury and my movements are limited. Please help me find a good workout that doesn’t involve too much of raising my arms above my head or putting much pressure on my shoulders!

    Love your work!
    Michaela, from Down Under <3

  23. Hey Cassey!

    Thank you so much for being so inspirational! I was wondering though… Are there workouts for your stomach without involving laying or sitting on the floor?

    • She has one that I know of. Its somewhere on the beginners calendar. Shes wearing a black top and is in a studio

  24. Erin Battaglia says:

    Hey girl!! ok i never ever post on these types of thngs but i have got to say i randomly found your videos this summer just looking for workouts and i have been obsessed ever since i now folllow all of your stuff!! your a huge insperation and i love your workouts i actually enjoy doing them!! they hurt but man do i see results and actually look forward to doinng the workouts on the calendar. please continue doing your blog/pop pilates its amazing!! thank you so much for giving me the body i wanted=]=] true fan right here!!!

  25. Hi Cassey!:)
    I would like to ask your advice about what exercise can I do ?? all that summer I want thinner and shapelier body. I do everything to I get it! Now I’m 165 cm and 60kg so I think I’m fat .Please help me.
    My dream is I look out of my body like yours or just copare for your body.I hope you can help me :)Thank you in advance for your answer:)


    • Hi believe me you are far from fat I’m the same height as you and 64kg my goal weight is 60kg actually and that is honestly the perfect weight you could be!!:)

  26. Dear Cassy,

    I just saw your videos a couple of days and im getting intrested i wish you answer my letter i just wanted to ask is vitamin water good or it contains bad stuff thnks for all the videos that you do you are sure getting tons of ppl around the world healthy and fit MWAH

  27. Amber T. says:

    Hi Cassey, I have been following your videos on youtube for a week now. I have just now signedup for the newsletter to get the monthly calenders. I got the May calendar but the password is not working for the June on fire calendar. What am I doing wrong?!? Please help! New Fan, Amber.

  28. Anonimno says:

    * Hello,I love you * Jeste,vi ste jedan dobri narod Božiji * Wish You Were Here * Bad To The Bone * Verovanje vaše,vama pomaže * The Letter * We Will Rock You * Thank You * Verovanje vaše,vas isceljuje * On The Road Again * Veruj Boga i Hrista,pa ćeš se spasti i ti i dom tvoj * Rock and Roll * Nights in White Satin * Light My Fire * Dobar je Bog * Roadhouse Blues * Whole Lotta Love * L.A Woman * Sympathy For The Devil * Šta nam može uičniti čovek,kada s nama je Bog * Walk this Way * Smoke On The Water * House of the Rising Sun * Pinball Wizard * Bog s tobom * Let it Rain * Let it Snow * Jerusalem,moga srca istinski dom,tvoje ime je zauvek milo meni * Dust in the Wind * Peace Of Mind * Piece of My Heart * All Right Now * Ovo napisao,sluša,i pročitao je spasen i isceljen Bogom Isusom Hristom * Glory to Lord Jesus Christ *
    * Mas amor,mas poder,mas de ti en mi vida,mas amor,mas poder,mas de ti en mi vida * Itjalabare kon todo mi Corazon,itjalabare kon todo miser,itjalabare kon todas mi ferca,porqeres mi Senjor,eres mi Dios,porqeres mi Senjor,eres mi Dios *
    * The Lord bless you and keep you * The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you * The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace *
    Psalm 103,136 and 45:1,2

  29. Hey Cassey!

    First of all, I love your videos. You’ve helped me get up and actually work out, even when I don’t want to, and it’s made a huge difference in my life, so thanks for that! :)

    I was wondering what you’d reccommend for me; I’d like to tone my legs and my lower stomach, but I’ve got a way to go.

    I’m heading into three intense weeks of final exams, so I don’t have as much time as I’d like or need.
    Any suggestions?


  30. Kat Torres says:

    Greetings! :DD

    Hi Cassie, what kind of workout can you suggest to me to have a sexy legs and waist line? please reply! :) :) I need your answer as soon as possible. Thankyouuu! =)))

  31. Hey Casey!

    I love doing your workouts! They make me feel and look so much stronger!
    But, I have a couple of questions for you.
    1. How do I suck in my belly button and breathe at the same time? Every time I suck in I stop breathing! lol I’m I doing something wrong?
    2. When I’m working on my abs, I try not to strain my neck so much but a little into the videos and I feel like that’s all I’m doing. Will it get better eventually?

    Thanks so much for the videos and all you do!

  32. Cassie you should make a calendar where it’s only cardio and abs for the entire month

  33. Carolina says:

    Hi Cassey!!
    Thank you so much for inspiring me in so many levels!! I’m in the process of transforming my new apartment into my very own, peaceful, beautiful happy place here in Los Angeles. And I’m sorry, but I had to ask….where did you purchase your furniture?? I love every piece in your bedroom & living room! You’re so right about how our environment makes us feel and I wanna make mine as pretty & cute as possible!!
    Thank you Cassey!!

  34. I just wanted to say thank you. I love working out and it always makes me happy. Whenever I am sad, mad or upset I just open up Youtube and do some of your videos and I always feel better after. Thank you so much Cassey for your inspiration and amazingness! I love you soo much!

  35. Mechelle says:

    Short and simple: YOU ARE AMAZING!

    In EVERY WAY! Love your vids, website, clothes, recipes, DVD. You are the ultimate inspiration to me and my friends.

    I am a mother of a 3-year-old, and you have both inspired and led me to get back in a BANGING shape. people cant even beliEve that I had a child.

    Love, POPster Chika M.

  36. I just wanted to tell you, I’ve been doing your videos for the past three weeks and I love them! You make working out so much FUN! I love your attitude and your more advanced workouts. I was so bored with easier pilates. Tonight I was literally dripping with sweat after 40 minutes of HIIT, but SO HAPPY too! I do your videos until it’s hard to get off the floor, five days a week. :) I started out wanting to lose ten pounds and have actually gained weight, but my mom says I’m looking more toned and a lot more confident. And the confidence and enjoying myself is the most important part, I suppose. :)

    Thanks so much for all of your videos. You have changed my life, for the better.

  37. Hey girlie, I just found your site and its awesome, probably one of the best ones I have seen. I am a nurse so I do a lot of walking at work but was really wanting to tone up some problem areas. This is day two for me working out using your program and I love it. My dream body would have to be Jennifer Aniston because she always looks fit and healthy not outrageously skinny. If you could give me some tips that would be awesome.
    Thanks a ton,

  38. Cassey! I just want to drop a message to tell you how amazing you are! Please don’t stop whatever you’re doing! you’re such an inspiration to me and I love you for having such a bubbly and fun personality. I love watching all of your work out routines. You’re really fun to watch! and most importantly they are all really helpful! xxxx

  39. Christy says:

    My son thinks we are both crazy exercise ladies!! I am shaking from today’s calendar workout…WOW!!

  40. Hi Cassey! I’m a thirty something year old that found you on Youtube a few weeks ago! I’m totally hooked. I’ve started out with your simple videos and do few of my favorites every day. I love love the Vs challenges and the squat challenge is awesome. I can already tell the difference. At first I thought it was too hard but the more I do them, the better it gets. Thank you for inspiring me to try and get my before two babies body back. But I don’t want to stop there, I want an even better than before body!

  41. Cassey,

    I know you get lots of comments everyday telling you what an inspiration you are but I just had to add mine in. Since January of this year I have been going to the gym, following your calendar, and eating clean. I started off 5’2″ and 125 pounds and I’m down to 112 in a little over 4 months. I have increased my aerobic capacity so much with you HIIT workouts and my muscles are defined. I feel strong. I just bought a bathing suit for the summer and I am thrilled to be seen in it. I’ve already been told my countless people that I look thinner and for those who know my 5:30am workout schedule, I’ve gotten so many thumbs up for my hard work. I could have never done it without you.Thank you so much for all of your help!

  42. Jeannie says:

    Hii Cassey! I just wanted to say I absolutely adore you! I had a beautiful baby boy this past October, and with your help, I lost all my baby weight by 4 months and look awesome! My son is going on 7 months now, and he just loves watching me do your workouts. He LOVES you! I think its bc your so fun and bubbly ( like his mommy :) He always smIles and laughs when you yell Its so cute. I started working out as soon as I was healed. I always went on YouTube to find things and stumbled upon your videos. Your my favorite hands down! I saw results instantly, thats the stuff I like. Lol I just had to be one of the very many women to remind you that you are THE BEST :)

  43. Hey Cassey,
    So I’ve never been overweight but I have been modelling for almost two years now just locally but I plan on travelling and taking it seriously so I wanted to become fit! I’ve always had trouble with loving my body even through my insane confidence in myself. My friend told me that she was working out with you on YouTube and I thought Id try! I’ve only been doing blogilates for a month now and after a week I saw some results! This morning I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror and I was looking at one of my “trouble spots” and I noticed how much better its gotten. I looked at myself and smiled and it’s all thanks to you and what you do for not only me but everyone who watches your videos.
    I just want to thank you for making me feel amazing and also letting me enjoy working out!
    Thank you!!!!! Xoxo lots of love.

  44. Hey Cassie,
    I’m a POPster from Uruguay, that’s right, South America!

    I LOVE the blog, the videos, the calendars, the challenges, the clothing.
    This year I have made an agreement with myslef and I decided I am really going to focus on me and take care of my body, it is my temple =)
    I started going to a great gym I’ve been wanting to join for a while, now that I have time I have no more excuses!! =D

    So, I was just surfing around youtube and I found out about the Burpee World Tour video, but I couldn’t find the final collage with all the submitions.. I’d love to be part of one of those!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Lots of love

  45. Daniela says:

    Hey Cassey,

    Due to an intense year at university I have become unfit and gained a dress size :/ which was mortifying as It just happened so quickly and always had a very slim figure.
    I came across your youtube vids due to fact I am heading on holiday to tenerife and decided I needed to get fit and toned up…day two and my whole body is seriously sore! Your videos do actually make me feel that I am pushing my body. And they are very motivating.
    Regarding calories, how much do you suggest I should keep out? I am trying to restrict my calorie intake to between 800-1000 a day…is that enough? How many calories do you have a day?

  46. Hey Cassey!

    Just wanted to say how much I really enjoy your videos, I’m only a beginner but I’m already finding your videos and healthy eating tips more beneficial than all the other health crazes i’ve tried.

    One of my favourites is the Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge, really makes me feel like i’m pushing myself and im getting great results.

    Thank You so much!

  47. Jen Velez says:

    Hey Cassey! I just discovered blogilotes and I am loving what I am seeing! I just did the beginners video yesterday and my core is so sore today! I didn’t realize how weak it was! I guess your workouts will fix that! But I am trying to get pregnant (and there is a real possibility that I might be) and I was wondering if you could make a workout for pregnant women? I still want to try and be active during my pregnancy. I image some of the moves in your regular videos could be difficult with a prego belly. I’m hoping that you have some great ideas for modified exercises or maybe some special exercises for pregnant women? Thanks so much you are an inspiration! : )

  48. What a pretty idea! Congrats Cassey! :)

  49. Hey Cassie,
    My sister and I are doing your workout videos and we love it so much! We live in Germany, so we missed your meet-ups in America! You have to visit Berlin and give there a pilates lesson like the one in New York!

    • Klara Marie says:

      Hi Cassey,
      I already did some of your videos and I have also tried to do your workout calender. But I’m not strong enough :( Losing some fat would be great and I also want to do your workouts. So want would you recommend the beginners calender or the normal one.
      Please write back :)



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