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Hey POPsters!

I am sure a lot of you have been anticipating this follow up post. I didn’t want to write right away because I’ve learned that it is best to not act on your emotions. So I took the past 2 and half days to read through every single comment on here, facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, and other people’s blogs. Then I talked to my close friends, colleagues, and even my parents about my post – how I wrote it – what I meant – and what many of you guys interpreted.

Many times in the past couple days I have opened my laptop to a big blank white page ready to write, only to find myself saying that I need to understand the “other side” more before I say anything.

I feel like this is a pretty important post…perhaps my most important blog post I’ve ever had to write to date.

I appreciate every single one of you for pouring out your thoughts and opinions on here because it shows passion. And life should be lived with nothing BUT passion and purpose. Your discussion was powerful and provoking – but some of it was very tough for me to bear. The “bad” ones that really stepped over the line felt like stabs to my heart that physically made me lose my breath.

Fake instructor. Fat-phobic. Body shamer. Child hater.  Judgmental pig. The reason why people commit suicides…

I am not going to fight back at every attack that was made or explain what I meant in every sentence I wrote. Rather, I am going to take this opportunity to tell you what didn’t come through in the last post. And before I say anything else, I want to apologize to anyone who was offended by the way I worded things! I did not mean to alienate you or make you feel bad about yourself. So, I am sorry if I hurt your feelings with my words but please remember…I am your friend and I am watching out for you. And although it may have sounded mean, it was all in the name of love and health.

Yes. So health.

That was what I was trying to get across to you. Not that Honey Boo Boo and her family were disgusting – I actually think they are good, rather interesting people. The problem is not their character, their morals, or their weight. I don’t think there is anything to debate. Let me make that clear. HONEY BOO BOO AND HER FAMILY ARE LOVING PEOPLE. Now, let me make THIS clear. HONEY BOO BOO AND HER FAMILY NEED HELP IN LIVING HEALTHIER LIFESTYLES.

And this is where we debate.

Why do I care? Why is it any of my business? If they don’t ask for my advice, I shouldn’t give it right? WRONG.

If you saw someone hurting themselves, wouldn’t you step in to help? Listen to me when I say this – food is your medicine and medicine is your food. If you are choosing bad foods to put into your body, you are slowly killing yourself. That’s right. Killing yourself.

I am not saying you need to eat clean 100% of the time. You know I appreciate my YOLO meals every once in a while! But slathering butter and sugar on everything is a recipe for death.

How your body looks is not of major concern to me. You could be skinny and unhealthy and overweight and healthy. What I am talking about is – do you want to live to see your grandkids? Do you want to have to pay a bajillion dollars in medical bills because you have diabetes, you can barely breathe, are at risk for heart failure, and will have a heart attack before the age of 30?

I am talking about  YOUR HEALTH people. And when the insides suffer, the outside shows too. It could be grayed skin tone, hair falling out, yellowed nails, or excessive fat. You cannot deny that how you fuel your engine won’t affect how your car runs. Too much bad stuff? Your car won’t even start. Ever try to fix a car? Yeah it sucks and it’s a lot of money. Why not prevent the whole situation and just gas it up with the right fuel from the beginning?

I’ll tell you why. Because some people don’t know. And what’s worse, they don’t know that they don’t know.

And that is the scary thing. The right choices begin with being exposed to proper education. I can almost guarantee you that Mama June feeds Honey Boo Boo the way she does because she doesn’t know another way. She feeds her with love yes, but she also feeds toxicity. And if this continues, I also guarantee you that Honey Boo Boo will grow up to have many serious illnesses and could potentially become obese. I worry for her.

By the way, being morbidly obese is a health condition – it’s a disease!!! Not a way to fat shame anyone.

“An individual is considered morbidly obese if he or she is 100 pounds over his/her ideal body weight, has a BMI of 40 or more, or 35 or more and experiencing obesity-related health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.”University of Rochester Medical Center

So who I am to tell a mom how to feed her child?

I am a health advocate and fitness instructor who is PASSIONATE about helping people find their truest potential in living happy, healthy lives. None of my business? Pshhh. All of my business. That’s why I exist. If none of us stood up for what we believe in and tried to right a wrong, wow how stagnant would this world be. Evolution and revolution need to happen for PROGRESS. And progress is how we all become more intelligent and well-rounded as a people.

A parent is responsible for the health of their child up until the child becomes an individual who can make health decisions for themselves or in this case, cook for themselves! School can only teach you so much. Real education starts in the home. That’s why at the end of my post I asked you how you think we could help educate people about proper nutrition! Having a grasp, even a mini grasp on what fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and calories are will help so many people make an informed decision. If someone chooses to eat an apple pie over an apple because they think it’s still like getting fruits – that is a problem that education can solve. If someone chooses to eat an apple pie as a YOLO meal, that is someone who knows what they’re doing. Do you understand my point here?

I am not telling people what to do – I just want people to know what they are doing.

And that was my ultimate issue with the Thanksgiving Honey Boo Boo episode. How the show was produced made it seem like Mama June didn’t know that what she was feeding her kids was bad for them. In fact it made her seem extremely ignorant. Keyword: seem. That was what upset me to the core. How she said jellied yams with sugar and butter lathered all over it was their fruit serving of the day. Now whether she was kidding or not, who knows. But if she wasn’t, her thinking can be blamed on lack of nutrition education.

Now look, I am not sitting on some “high horse” saying you’re dumb if you don’t know your foods. No no no!!! I am saying that if you don’t know, it’s time to learn. And I wanna be there for you and help create that positive learning environment so that you can nourish your body and feed your minds!!!

You know how I said I wish someone could be there to step in and cook for the family? I really do wish that because I think it’s gotten to a point where they need guidance and someone to lead the way towards a healthier life.

Some of you say, why bother? They are happy the way they are. Yeah. They are happy right now, but how about later? Let them be you say. Well sorry, no, I won’t because I won’t let someone be if I know their bodies will be riddled with disease, pain, and dysfunction in just a matter of years.

I won’t let someone hurt themselves or their families if I can help it. It is my duty.

For those of you wondering why I feel so strongly about this, I want to tell you a story. I think a lot of people now think I hate “fat people” and “don’t know what it’s like” etc. No. Let me tell you something. The Honey Boo Boo show actually hits very close to home for me.

My mom’s family still lives in Vietnam. It is a third world country where having food on the table is a privilege so let’s not even talk about fitness and eating organic. My cousin is obese. His little brother is severely overweight too. Why? It’s because of the food they eat and in the proportions that they eat it. How did it happen?

I once visited my family back in Vietnam years ago when my cousin was a little kid and I remember my grandmother and his mom feeding him whatever he wanted. And as much of it as he wanted. I’m talking pork fat. Fried desserts. Sugar coated candies. It was a way of showing love and affection. But you know…sometimes you can love too much it hurts.

Today my cousin is in college. He is obese and has health problems. It saddens me because they are doing the same thing to his little brother. Food = love to them. More food = more love. My mom came to visit them a few months ago and tried to cook better and tell them why pork fat was bad etc. but it was a frustrating failure. They did not listen. They kept eating the pork fat.

So fine. Maybe pork fat makes them happy right? Let them be right? Well no. My grandmother has had numerous strokes and medical problems because she grew up eating that stuff too. It hurts my mom to see her mother suffer. And it hurts her to see her mom not listening. It hurts to see that eating habits like this pass on from generation to generation due to a lack of education and defiance to understand and CHANGE.

This, guys, is what I was trying to get at in the Honey Boo Boo post. I want you to know that if you see someone hurting themselves and their family (intentionally or unintentionally) you should try to do something about it. And if not directly, then try to find an alternate way to help them. Be a good human being.

No, feeding your kids pork fat and butter won’t hurt them immediately and you probably won’t see it like how punching someone would leave a bruise. But you know what? It’s still hurting them. It just takes longer to realize it.

So yeah. That’s what I have to say. It is 3:25 am and I am in Palm Springs getting ready to teach POP Pilates to a group of kids from the Boys & Girls Club for the Clinton Foundation. It’s a non-profit organization that’s working to tackle childhood obesity – an epidemic that I feel so strongly about.

So for those of you who think I should mind my own business, it’s not happening. Ever.

I’m working to make a difference and to educate as many people as I can to the best of my ability. Through my blog, YouTube, twitter, facebook, instagram, whatever.

By reading this and doing the workouts, you’re helping us all foster a healthier generation. Please do what you can to help others make healthier decisions for themselves and their families. This is the battle we must fight.

Love you forever,

<3 Cassey

PS – I approve all comments just so you know.

  • Madde

    This was a great read and thank you for being so passionate about this issue, I completely agree with you. Keep fighting <3

  • Jessy

    People are crazy and you shouldnt worry about any of that nonsense.
    We love you Cassey!

  • Ashley M

    Dear Cassey,

    I do believe that you have nothing to apologize for. You simply pointed out the truth, that a diet like that is very unhealthy and can kill you. You also pointed out that it is the parent’s duty to educate and provide nutrition. I think why people are getting offended is a bigger, more complex problem. A problem of people being offended by the word obese and the need to romanticize it. We need to tip toe around terms like obese and overweight in fear of hurting feelings. This barrier needs to be broken down, obese is a disease like diabetes, CHD, MS, etc….But, how do you break the news to someone that they are obese and need to change or there could be serious problems, all the while not offending said person…you often can’t. Society is confused by a double standard of “you need to be thin to be healthy and beautiful” BUT “love yourself even if you are overweight”…..Don’t get me wrong weight issues do have a strong relationship with mental health, which makes the whole situation incredibly difficult. This also goes with your post on the mom “fat shaming” overweight people to be healthy. However, you cannot go five minutes on the internet without seeing people “skinny shame” other people?! Why is ANY of this shaming okay? Any given day if there is a picture of a slim woman on Facebook on a mainstream media post, YOU WILL SEE HUNDREDS, I mean hundreds of woman saying “She is too skinny,” “She needs to gain 20 pounds,” “She looks disgustingly thin” etc…when the woman in the said picture is obviously fit healthy and NOT underweight…How can anyone win when no matter what side of the scale you are on, you are never good enough. There is a bigger issue going on here society is “skinny shaming” not just “fat shaming”…Just my rant for the day! :)

    PS Keep being an awesome source of inspiration for women and encouraging a healthy lifestyle and healthy body image

    -Love Ashley
    (A woman who is 5 pounds in the “overweight” category and hates body shaming of any kind :)

  • Hi Cassey,

    I am new to following your blog and I am truly amazed at how offended people are by the fact that others care and point out facts. I love everything you have written and you are truly inspiring! (Admittedly, I would love to become as inspiring as you.) I have not read the original Honey Boo Boo post but from what I gather it was controversial. The fact is that food can be glorified and as a result cause a conglomerate of health-related issues. That show is watched by A LOT of people and some food examples are being set.

    We can look at alcoholics who live through life without ever having cirrhosis of the liver and smokers who never develop lung cancer. It is likely that some people may never develop food-related illnesses. However, most people do. That is the way our body works. It can filter many things, and it does. Our bodies are miracle machines but it was never intended to filter large amounts of the stuff that we do to it these days. I have written blogs about how much of our society is uneducated on food because of the way we were brought up. Myself included.

    My goal has always been to show others a better way of life. Not because I am perfect but because I have learned from my mistakes, my mom’s mistakes, my grandparents mistakes, etc. I am always learning and we should all try to continuously learn and grow. Especially in regard to our health. What we put into our bodies can tremendously impact us for the good or bad.

    Some people are saying mind your own business and I would agree if we are talking about a gossip-fest about another person’s argument. However, if we have a friend who is being abused, we are going to say or do something to try to help them. If I see a women being abused in the parking lot, I am going to call the police. (I am bold enough to probably even step in if it is serious.) Nobody is going to get mad for these situations–where minding your business goes out the window. Why is it that people get so offended when you offer life-saving advice? And it is free!

    Again, I have not read the original post but I have read many of your other posts and you are all about being healthy. I am with you, let’s spread the word on saving lives with better food habits. Because we care about the well-being of others!

  • Dear Cassey, I know that you are reading the comments so I comment on this post although it is old.. this is for you!
    First of all, when I watched this show for the first time, I had the same feelings about it that you had. Immediately. Really. I’m not about offending people but there are things in life which I don’t like and I have the right to name them. So.. I never thought someone could call you whatsoever just by speaking your mind!
    Then, it is a really strange debate for me since I live in Europe. In a country like Germany where a lot of people are overweight, no one would be called fat shamer or something in that way for commenting on the unhealthy side of a tv show like that. In fact, I just knew about this Honey Boo Boo thing BY a tv show that featured a documentation about unhealthy kids in America and how they are misslead by their unhealthy parents. In Germany, we would tend to call the authorities if someone acted like this with their own kids (pageants, energy drinks and so on…).
    So, my point is: in a society which is more educated regarding this point, no one feels offended when you speak about it in the way you did. In Germany, the family you spoke about would maybe feel ashamed, but no one would shame the author for speaking about the health risks of this nutrition and education.

    Lots of Love

  • Jacqui

    Going through the comments (which I’m not sure why I did because I have very strong opinions) I do see how some of the previous post was taken as offensive. I believe Cassey could have used some nicer words and a lot of the name calling was uncalled for. HOWEVER, it does get your attention. That family is unhealthy, and eating like that all the time will most likely end up hurting her. It is a valid point.

    Anyways, the reason I’m taking the time to comment is to share a story. I loved to eat those Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls that you got in the frozen food isle. My grandparents would always buy me and my sister them, along with any other junk food we could possibly want. One day, my mom found us eating them and told us we could not have them any more. I was confused and angry until my mom explained to me that one of those bowls contained all the sodium we were supposed to eat in a day. At the end of the day, we were taking in twice the amount of sodium we should have been (when you factor in other unhealthy things). My sister, having heart problems, was getting hurt by all of this sodium. Too much sodium puts extra strain on the heart because of the extra fluid in the body, and had she continued to eat like this, it might have killed her. She was already on medication because of how much extra fluid she had in her body, and when we stopped eating so unhealthily she could actually get off that medication! (It wasn’t overnight, but it did make a difference) That is why I believe education is extremely important, just in general. Telling someone why they should eat healthy is like telling people why they should wear sunblock. You’re probably going to wear sunblock now that you hear the sun can give you cancer, right? It should work the same way with healthy eating. Now do we eat healthy all the time? No way! But we started getting educated at a young(er) age and now we at least TRY to put things in our body at healthy levels. We don’t eat Jimmy Dean bowls and donuts for breakfast anymore, we eat bagels and fruit. And you know what? That makes a difference.

    I do not like the first post all that much, but this post makes a valid and important point and I agree with it. Education will not solve everything, and I don’t think Cassey is saying that it will. But people have a right to know the risks associated with unhealthy eating. Long story short, people need to know what they’re putting into their bodies and people need to know what they’re putting into their child’s body.

  • Maddi

    Cassey, I love you. You are so passionate and caring, and that’s really inspiring.

  • Jen

    Hi Cassey!

    This is almost a year late, but thanks for this post. And listen: I have been overweight all my life, so I never thought I’d be thanking someone who has the opinion you do on this subject. ;) I guess, for the sake of any “concern trolls” reading this who shame overweight people under the guise of worrying about our health, I would say: It OK to single out an overweight person and tell them they’re unhealthy or they’re killing themselves? No, unless you’re that person’s doctor. First, it’s just manners. Second, you can’t immediately tell just by looking at someone which category they fall into: healthy fat, or unhealthy fat? I used to be a healthy fat person, but as I got older issues started popping up, which has given me a kick in the rear to start taking better care of my health. I’m still not thin, but I’m healthier. And people who have commented on my weight didn’t care that my cholesterol is good and my blood pressure is actually on the low side. ;) They just wanted to make me feel like crap about myself, and I didn’t need help with that.

    However, what you do allows fat people to find you, to find and learn about a healthier way of living. You provide an invaluable service. But you know as well as anyone that words hurt, even if they’re well-intentioned. People have said unbelievably rude and hurtful things to me throughout my life about my weight, so in the past, even someone genuinely concerned would still sound like the same thing in my head: You’re gross. You’re not good enough. You’re ugly, lazy, stupid, etc. It’s not rational, I know, but it’s part of this beast that I and a lot – a LOT – of overweight people suffer from, which is disordered eating. It usually comes with that mean little voice in a dark corner of your mind that twists things and makes you hate yourself. Everything becomes a personal attack.

    I’ve followed along with you long enough to know that you’re not one of the concern trolls. For what it’s worth, that’s not the message I took from your earlier post about Honey Boo Boo, and usually I’m among the first to call someone out for fat shaming. That’s not what you’re about.

    Finally, as someone who was a chubby child in a family of thin people who didn’t have to watch what they ate and didn’t know much about proper nutrition and fitness – thank you for working with kids to get them started on a healthier path. It’s not about what you look like, it’s about how what you put into your body makes you feel, and it’s about being active to live longer. I wish someone had been able to explain that to me all those years ago.

  • Anyone who says all those bad things about you Cassey, should just watch your videos and see how supportive and not at all judgemental you are! You make me love my body the way it is AND want to take care of it in the right way!

  • Jessica

    I got you, Cassey, people either don’t realize haw bad the effects can be or they just don;t know better. It really is a health hazard and I am glad you are helping educate people, I also appreciate how you said to cook healthy for people and show them that healthy can be good, I do that a lot when cooking for people, and it usually works. Butter is good but you don’t need that much, plus there are other alternatives to flavor, you just need to do the research. Keep it up Cassey! Love ya!

  • Shleby

    You don’t owe us an explanation. Its called the first amendment: Freedom of speech. you spoke your mind and its your opinion. I support you and think that they need to mind their own business, not you. You put yourself out there, they hide behind comments.

  • Cindi

    First of all, I think it’s important to understand, Cassey, that you are reaching people with your words! Many years ago I was a skeptic and I would have said the same thing about you not minding your own business and how its my body, how dare you, etc. but somewhere along the way it got me to start thinking. Coming across other people’s controversial posts like this provoked me to ask myself questions about my own health and what I wanted out of myself. (That and watching the people I loved and cared about suffer from health conditions.) Just for the record, although my weight has fluctuated over the years I have never been overweight. In fact, people have always told me I was so skinny and how jealous they were and quite frankly I did not understand their jealousy, I did not love my body. But then we get older, head off to college, and we’re forced to make our own decisions about eating habits. This is quite possibly where we get the “Freshman 15” (a reference to gaining 15 lbs during our freshman year of college for those of you who do not know) — because we are unaware of what is good for our bodies, unaware that our metabolism is changing, unaware that we need to nourish and take care of it in ways we were never taught or never cared or were too arrogant to learn about before. For years, I’ve been searching for a workout that worked for me and nutrition that made sense, and then one day during a Pilates class this past October my fitness instructor mentioned she follows Blogilates on YouTube and here I am. But I’m getting off track.

    One important thing I’ve learned in life is that people turn a lot of serious issues into a double-edged sword: either you say something and you’re wrong for saying something, or you keep your mouth shut and you’re wrong for keeping your mouth shut. Thankfully there are people like you Cassey, who are passionate enough to stand up for what’s right despite the controversy! And while I’m at it, if it weren’t for people standing up for what is right and proper despite it being “none of their business”, there wouldn’t have been profound moments in history like the Civil Rights Movement. I have no doubts people will say that’s a dramatic comparison. It’s not — the basis behind it is the same. Help those who can’t help themselves or don’t know how. It starts with awareness, acceptance, and education. At least when they choose their lifestyle, it will be an educated decision. Those who called Cassey “close-minded” are being hypocritical and they don’t even realize it. It’s actually quite the opposite, as I’m sure most of us grew up eating the same processed foods we’re now learning to live without BECAUSE we had an open mind to learning about how to nourish our bodies properly. What you’re doing MATTERS. Your voice MATTERS. The fact that people are taking the time to read what you write AND to voice their opinion of it means they are AWARE, whether they have a positive or negative opinion. Education begins with awareness.

    Thank you for your positivity, inspiration, and for being an internet friend for the entire Blogilates Community!

  • Maartje

    Hey Cassey,
    I know you prob won´t read this, but that doesn´t matter. I just wanted to say that I got tears in my eyes when I readed this. I have been on the egde of overweight. Thanks to you I am on a normal weight with lots of muscles! Also I eat healthy food and I excercise almost daily.
    I want to thank you for that because without you I would be just like Honey Boo Boo. That is why I appreciate this post so much; because I see where I could be if I wouldn’t have discovered you and your vids.
    Lots of love from the Netherlands,

  • Erin

    I always encourage people to know what’s in their food and eat organic and healthy. I am always hearing people complain about how much it costs to buy healthy food over processed food. But to me, it’s not as expensive as it seems!

    And making an investment in your health and wellness is totally worth it. I am an on campus student and most of my money is spent on organic groceries. I have no problem with that.

    Medical bills cost more than healthy food and a yearly gym membership. And ‘cost’ doesn’t just refer to money.

  • Shannon

    You should write to TLC and volunteer to come to Georgia and coach the family to a healthy lifestyle. Offer your services to them. Why not?

    • Cecilia

      I agree! It’s worth a shot, maybe?

  • Akriti Gavakis

    Very well written. And I totally agree! It is sooooo irresponsible to show this stuff on TV. My American husband still says things like, “there are people who eat French fries everyday, why can’t I have it once a week”! So gllad to see people like you help make this world a healthier place! Xoxo

  • Jackie Powell

    I totally get what you’re saying. You’re commenting to try to get people to live healthier lives. I think what bothered people was that you used an actual family for your example instead of being hypothetical. It’s kinda like when a teacher points out that one student never studies or doodles on their notes and that you shouldn’t do that. It’s a little embarrassing for the student and people who do the same. That said, I agree that these people need to eat better and your concern is valid. Lathering butter on everything is not healthy and it is killing them. Most of the family does have diabetes and health problems. The mother had her kiss when she was young and she doesn’t know how to be the nurturing typical mother everyone thinks of and wants. But I do have a question. Have you ever been in the south? Like legitimately spent time in a town not near a state Capitol? Because I have. I was not raised there but I finished high school there and everything in the south is full of fat. They all cook like Paula dean used to, with bacon fat, and everyone is either obese or ill with a food related disease. I remember gaining weight and trying to lose it by going on a diet. But the thing is, anything mildly healthy is incredibly expensive and if you want something outside of the usual bad produce at Walmart, you had to plan a day to travel over 60 miles to an actual grocery store to maybe find a different variety of fresh foods. And after a while you get tired of having to do that and then you get burned out and go back to eating bad because its less expensive and less stressful than trying to live healthy in the south. It’s a sad reality but a lot if fresh foods are out of reach and incredibly expensive. And the school system thinks that if there is nothing wrong with the school lunches, why fix them? So yeah, sometimes it’s ignorance and other times its the location and how there aren’t a lot of fresh foods around. Oh! And I would also like to point out that honey boo boos mom is an extreme couponer and they get what they can on their budgets. It’s not the best foods but its what’ll keep the longest so they can save up for the next trip. But yeah, Cassey, you have a point and I urge you to help who you can but just be careful of the way you say things. It did sound a bit pretentious of you but we all know it comes from your heart.

    • Kirsa

      Just something quick: My parents are also couponers, and we still eat healthy. There are sales on fruits and veggies all the time. We normally buy things in bulk too, so we cut up and freeze are veggies so they’re ready to eat when we want them. So it is possible to coupon for healthy foods and keep it for awhile too.

  • Rebecca D.

    Thank you for writing this. We live in a world where people think if it feels good, it is good; if I want it, it must be ok; if I’m happy in this moment, nothing else matters. There are a lot of aspects where as a society we need to kindly and helpfully say no – that’s not right! Or at least present the other side of the argument. It’s a tough thing to do with the individualistic society we live in, but this post is completely valid and thoughtful and can be applied to a lot of other aspects of life. <3

  • Heidi

    THANK YOU Cassey!!! I LOVED reading this! My husband is in graduate school to be an Occupational Therapist and got his bachelor’s in Biological Science, and we’re both very health conscious. So we both know a lot about the body and what your body needs/ doesn’t need. We get so frustrated with society and how they believe it’s unacceptable to call somebody fat and tell them not to eat junk food, yet you can prevent people from smoking and tell them how bad it is for them, when obesity causes even more health problems and A LOT of money!! You are SO RIGHT in what you’re saying and I love how much you truly care. Continue to do what you do <3

  • Anna

    Well said Cassey! I don’t understand the negative feedback to your posts. I never got any ‘shaming’, ‘child hating’ or other negative vibes, to me it all felt like it was coming from an educational, and concerned place. Keep up the good work!

  • Ross

    Hi Cassey. I’m commenting on this because I thought the last post (or more recent, I suppose I should say) is a close-minded and hateful one. It bothered me to think that it would be the first thing for others to see. I started following your blog about three weeks ago and put into action at the beginning of March for the marchmakeover calendar. I’m struggling but I know it’s worth it. I’m not overweight by any means, 5’4 and 120 pounds, a healthy average according to my doctor. I started following your blog and stumbled upon it in the first place because I was looking for a change that was more than skin-deep and looking for guidance that was sensitive to that. You are a role model Cassey, and not because you’re model-thin (girl those legs are not model legs and I love you for it) you’re a role model because you’re passionate about HEALTH. Not fat-shaming, not pleasing the inner vain monster we sometimes carry, not for destruction but for repair. Thank you for taking the time to write a post about this, and in being so classy and kind in approving all comments to make this an open discussion, regardless of the insensitivity, hateful words and downright ignorance of some. It is always important, especially if any position of authority or someone that others look to (and it looks like you have a lot who do) to spread knowledge in a loving way, with a heart of empathy, all of which I believe you do. It’s important for others to become educated and thank you for being the passionate, strong and educated woman you are in spreading awareness and easy access to learning. I’m learning. I can’t even go up a flight of stairs without getting winded. I can’t run a mile and during my first week of clean eating my body went into shock and withdrawal-like symptoms after cutting out all the processed and sugary junk I would eat at least 4 days a week for the past 6 years of my life. I’m only 20 years old. But I’m happy- now. I’m happy that I’m young, and that I have family and friends who worry for my health because I’m essentially eating my way to health problems. You are well within your right to comment, it basically fits your job description, especially because your heart is in the right place. Don’t let the haters get to you. Remember there will always be people who tear down what you build, but it should never discourage you from continuing forward. Thank you for everything you strive for, your honesty, your boldness, and your heart. And my goodness, thank you for those recipes!

  • Worrying About My Own Family

    Wow. You fat shame because you care about them? It’s not your business. Not your family. Until you see the woman shoot up her kid with heroin, worry about yourself and your family. Or continue to write generic blogs geared toward people who are looking to change their lifestyle.

    Basically, worry about your own family instead of pointing out another.

    • Agneta

      Wow for some crazy reason didnt read the whole honey boo boo stuff until just now … craaaaaaazy xD
      Ah well – Jan/Feb is exam time so I guess I missed it …

      ANYWAYS – even though my opinion is totally not going to change your mind, if we were in the same room during this debate I’d PROBABLY yell at you (I know, it’s not a strong part of my otherwise gloriously formed character)… but since i cant do that, just a quick note:

      I think people like you are the reason this world is going down down own the drain – sad thing but true. Because people like you look away and be like “Well if she isn’t shooting her heroin” or basically “if the kids not half dead on TV” it aint my bloody business – that might be so but funny thing is, things usually go like that : Some one hurts someone a little, you say Not My Business – Someone hurts somebody a little more – You say Not MY Business – Someone hurts somebody a whole lot – you still stick to Not My Business … someone kills somebody, YOU say “Why didnt anyone do anything earlier – oh it’s such a bad world, boohooooo we must love each other” aaaaand then you light some candle and post sad pictures on fb and dont change a damn thing.

      Cassey on the other hand is very passionate about this, might not be important to you might not be important to others but to her it’s an extremly important topic (and if we were all smart people living healthy would be important to all of us – but well …) so maybe her opinion is a little too harsh for someone or not harsh enough or badly stated or something else, but she stands up and she speaks up and she says what she thinks goes wrong somewhere and she offers a suggestion how to do it better. She doesnt shoot them or call them on a daily basis to yell at them or puts up we hate honey booboo signs all over town, no – she just simply stands up and says “I dont think thats ok, I take responibility, here is my idea how to improve thinks”

      I applaude you Cassey !!!! If more people would stop crying when things are too late and start acting or at least talking to change stuff, many things could be improved, politics, the way we treat each other, all kinds of crimes could be prevented too …

      And just to finish up, because you’ll probably be mad that I put the word “crime” in here, where you might say well that’s exactly NOT what this is, it’s JUST bad food and being fatt – I’m actually doing law and there is a big discussion about whether feeding your kid so badly that it get’s seriously obese can be abusive bahaviour towards a child. The reason behind that is, that a child depends on their parents, they eat what their parents eat and they learn about life from them and therefore parents have a responsibility to give their kids a chance to start a healthy life – what ever they make out of that when they get older is their thing, but parents cant (pardon my frensh) fuck up a childs body that badly, that the child already develops weight related illnesses before it even knows what a weight related illness is – and that goes either way, super skinny, super big, EVERYTHING that makes your child super sick and you KNOW makes your child super sick … just like you wouldnt give them coffee or alcohol or even cola …

      So if someone who gives their kids alcohol can get into trouble, why not someone who gives them diabetes … think about it – it’s not that crazy.
      Now everyone knowes that giving your child wodka isnt a great idea but not everyone knowes that feeding your kid BS food can kill it – and here’s the part where law can work with people like Cassey, to educate and to help prevent these things …

      Therefore, once again – thank you Cassey – and sorry everyone for the long post xP

      • I seriously could not have said it any better than you!!!! Thank you Agneta!

    • Devon

      Shooting up your kid with heroin will severely damage them in many ways. But processed foods can also be like a drug, and, creating a toxic lifestyle, can also lead to disease, turmoil and eventual premature death. Just “food” for thought.