Things that make me scream and shout: HIITilates and Honey Boo Boo

Hey guys!

I am loving the new HIITilates series and looks like you are too!! I am excited for your enthusiasm as I build out this new format! I always knew you guys liked your cardio so I had to figure out a way to make it fun and exciting and excruciating without counting (boring) or timers (boring). The new moves challenge me just as much as they challenge you – so great job for keeping up!!!

I am between the Bay Area and Palm Springs the next couple days! This Sunday I will be teaching a group of young kids how to have fun while staying active at President Clinton’s Health Matters event. I don’t think I will get to see him though! Boo. But oh well, maybe one of these days I can meet Michelle Obama and work with her on educating our youth on nutrition and exercise. I honestly think that if we get em young and get em thinking about food the right way from the beginning, we can prevent obesity, hospital visits, and all types of illnesses. I GENUINELY believe that food is your medicine. Preventative medicine is the best kind you can be prescribed :)

OMG and speaking of kids and obesity and food and….





Can I just say I was stuck watching “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” at the gym yesterday??!!!! (Ok fine, I wasn’t stuck, it was completely my choice, but I had to see what all the rave was about!)

I mean.

I can’t.

I can’t even.


I don’t even know where to start. I was lucky enough to tune into the Thanksgiving episode where I got to watch them make food and eat it. Now when I say lucky, I actually mean it. I think it was a good starter episode for me because seeing the family’s nutrition made me understand where they were coming from…even though it nearly made me gag and die as I was on the stairmaster.


Here’s my takeaway…

So I watch the mom who is morbidly obese make a turkey. She says she doesn’t like to cook but she’ll cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. How does she do it? Take a whole TUB of butter and seriously grabs it with her bare hands and rubs it in between the turkey skin and meat. Leaving lumps of butter like 5 inches thick EVERYWHERE!!! Best part is Honey Boo Boo is there to learn that butter is the main ingredient in every meal…

Next mama makes veggies. Oh good. Cept she takes out like legit 50 cans of beans, yams, corn etc. and says that “If it don’t come in a can, we don’t eat it.”


Next she makes cranberry sauce. As she pours like 30 jelly-fied things of cranberry sauce into a pan and lathers it with a pound of sugar and 2 pounds of butter, she says “This is how the kids get fruit. And cranberry is good for urinary tract infection or somethin’ so it’s healthy.”

OMG, I could go on and on but you get the point.

What upsets me about the show has nothing to do about how unfit the family is or what their income level is and what they have access to but their sheer DENIAL of the truth and obvious DEFIANCE of doing anything about it!!!! The show glorifies this disgusting, careless, and EXTREMELY unhealthy lifestyle for millions of people to see every day. For those of us lucky enough to understand, we see the show as entertainment. But for others who don’t know better, they may see this as okay to do since TV is showing it.

Seeing the morbidly obese mom continually feeding herself and her children toxic food kills my soul so badly. Look, I don’t care if she doesn’t have a degree in nutrition or whatever – she doesn’t have to to know what the right thing is to do. If she wakes up every morning feeling lethargic and unmotivated to do anything to change her life – why doesn’t she at least try to spark a change in her kids?? Feeding them butter and sugar every day and letting them fart and burp all over the place during dinner while throwing food around…I can tell they do not appreciate the beauty of nourishing your body.

They see food as fun. Food as a thing. A thing you simply buy and put in your mouth because you’re supposed to eat a few times a day. The faster the better. The sweeter the better. The butter. The better.


The fact that a majority of the family is overweight is not the problem. Fat is just a result of what you haven’t done to take care of your body. Fat will be gone when you begin to eat your veggies, drink your water, and get active! I don’t look at body weight as a measure of someone’s sucess, education, or worth – but just as an indicator of healthiness. In this case, I am worried. I am very very worried for Honey Boo Boo.

A most of you know, living with your family makes it hard to eat what you want if you’re trying to eat clean and no one else gets it. Well how about this. Honey Boo Boo will never ever ever know about eating clean for years until her mom or dad begin cooking differently. She can’t buy food. She’s not tall enough to reach the stove. She is literally forced to eat the way her family cooks. That is why she is getting that tummy as little kid. It’s not her fault. And I am glad she doesn’t have any body image issues (yet) but something needs to change soon because her parents are slowly killing her health and well-being with the food they eat daily.

It’s sad because I don’t wanna blame her mom for their way of life because she too was probably brought up on “butter, sketti, and ketchup,” but it has to stop somewhere. And where that starts from is from education and the will to make a change.

Yea. It’s hard. It VERY hard if you have over 200 pounds to lose and you don’t even know where to start. Mama is at this point probably addicted to butter and sugar and it will take support from friends and family and a burning desire inside herself to begin a new life. She needs to do it though. Not just for her. But for her kids and their kids.

It’d be cool if the mom could get on Biggest Loser. I bet they asked her before but she said no. And that’s the problem. She has to be the one to decide for herself to make the change. No one else can do that for her.

I just hope someone steps in soon to cook for them. I don’t even care about the exercise right now. The diet is killing me. And physically killing them. The show disgusts me to the bone but I am glad I got to watch it yesterday because I know there are many many more families out there who are living a similar lifestyle. I truly believe the change begins with education. I need to think about this.

So if you know anyone who is not treating their body right, try to help them. Don’t go over and say “Do you know what you’re eating is gonna give you a heart attack?” That doesn’t work. What you do is you bake a healthy apple pie or yummy oatmeal muffin for them and say “Hey, I made this for you.” Smile. If they like it, they will ask for the recipe. It starts there and it starts small.

What do you think about Honey Boo Boo? Do you watch that show? And how do you think we can get more people educated about nutrition who aren’t actively seeking it and living it like we are?

<3 Cassey


  1. No they are not body positive.
    They are just so in denial about their own health.
    There’s nothing to praise about them.
    People can be fit and not fat shame too.

  2. At least they’re body positive and don’t fat shame. That is one that I greatly appreciate about this family and their values.

  3. Kat Slattery says:

    She never said that they have to be perfect and she never judged them for not being perfect. Cassey is mad because people are not taking care of their health and it’s causing problems as a society. She’s mad about how they eat and their choices because this lifestyle is being broadcasted across America for children to see. People think that it is perfectly healthy to eat butter and sugar because the media has shown this.

    Also, I’d like to add the Honey Boo Boo family is fairly rich and they are not “real people” by any stretch of the imagination. They are definitely famous even if they weren’t raised into a classy society. They certainly have the power to educate themselves about their health.

    I do agree with you about how the mom has lost weight. She has lost over 100 pounds since the first season because she started walking at the gym. It’s great to see that she is taking care of her health in this way. However, the family is still eating mostly junk food and they are living a very unhealthy lifestyle. They have made changes to improve their own health, but they are still glorifying an unhealthy lifestyle around children.

    It pays to read the whole article. (Also, you should consider proofreading your comment for grammatical errors.)

  4. I’m so frustrated because I can’t do this.. my knees hurt and pop, my wrist KILLS me when you go onto one hand. ARGH

  5. She’s not judging them, she’s simply expressing how she feels about their very unhealthy life style and she has a right too. She never said anything about them needing to be “perfect” or famous for being rich. And just because you weren’t raised in a higher society doesn’t mean you can’t have an even moderately healthy diet. Yes June has lost weight and that’s good, so has Alana. But she still has Alana on a fast food diet. That’s not good. And you don’t have to pay to be on the Biggest Loser.

  6. She said in the post that she’s not judging the family for being obese, she’s judging the show for teaching people that that kind of nutrition is okay. I think you should have read the whole thing :)

  7. Everyone IS over reacting. Over sensitive people dont make the world a better place they make it a more annoying one. and everyone offended by that statement IS over sensitve (FACT: over-sensitive people are always in denial that they are over sensitive…because it offends them when you call them sensitive)

  8. TROLL. Cassey is human and she’s allowed to be outraged. Being OVERSENSITIVE doesn’t get you anywhere in life. And yes I am talking to every single person that is oversensitive in this world

  9. OMG I shocked to see how many people support this bad bad BAD lifestyle. I can’t believe how many people look at this smart and useful post as something judgemental.
    Also, if some of you guys like being fat and unhealthy, I honestly don’t know what are you doing here, spreading negative energy. And if you’re part of Blogilates community, how can you be that ignorant to support obesity and careless ways of her mother.
    And your family values are really out of order if you find this a happy and normal family.


    Btw Cassey, great post xxx

  10. ok cassy I love you.
    but seriously? i couldnt read the whole thing becuase i felt really dissipointed that there being judged. beccuase shes “mortably obease”? no. i dont think you know the definition.. Just becasue there not perfecct like you, and not famous for being rich and in hollywood dosent mean anything .. there small town real people. they wasnt raised to fit into High society.. it kinda makes me loose respect for you, and it hurts so bad.. maybe you should check out the new season, you’d be glad to know shes lost a bunch of weight. and did it her way excuse them for saving there money for college education and not waste it on the biggest looser? why then everyone can be proud of her and “have a reason to be famous” its not right.. gosh why did i have to find this..

  11. just because you’re obese and no one loves you doesn’t mean you have to be a bitch? ok? yeah you enjoy your butter covered food. im gonna be laughing when you have a heart attack. am i the bitch? yes. is cassie? NO! I mean at least I know im a bitch, you are just clueless. Your post might have actually made her cry. You know what I hope I make you cry because your mother doesn’t love you and get off blogilates.

  12. Is it sad that I watch that show as a motivation not to get fat? Honestly I love the show, the kids are funny when they aren’t being gross but just seeing how much crap and junk they eat motivates me to eat clean and workout. I feel bad for them but it really does motivate me

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  15. I couldn’t agree with you more, Cassey.

    Many people I know watch this show and think, “Haha look at this funny family that acts crazy and eats a lot.” They don’t realize what is wrong with this family’s lifestyle.

    A lot of people see this show as entertainment, and I get that. But people definitely should NOT be under the impression that being so overweight and eating so unhealthy is acceptable.

  16. You know “Yes, weight DOES have a lot to do with overall health” can mean weight in either direction, right? Being underweight or overweight is unhealthy. There’s such thing as different body shapes, some people will never be Twiggy thing and some people will never be Marilyn voluptuous but there’s a line between naturally curvy and being obese.

    “Will you be helping anyone who is anorexic? Would you see the signs? Or just applaud those with orthorexia for losing another pound, for obsessively counting calories?”
    Honestly, I’ve seen more people point fingers for anorexia where it’s unwarranted than unwarranted obesity accusations. The people who applaud anorexia and under eating have about the same blinders on as proudly individuals such as “Honey Boo Boo’s” mom, of course Cassie was NOT talking about that end of the spectrum. Don’t take her words out of context. It’s funny. No one bats an eye about people being underweight, but the second someone makes a comment about being overweight, everyone explodes.

  17. I agree with you. Nobody can deny bad health. Plus accepting the truth will make everyone better people because they may need to accept the fact that they need to change their ways.

  18. Hi there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Many thanks

    “Yes, weight DOES have a lot to do with overall health.”

    “Yes, it is everybody’s choice as to how, or if, they eat, exercise, etc. but to encourage people to care for their bodies, and therefore their long term health, is the right thing to do.
    To speak cruelly of someone for doing so is just plain ignorant.”
    Yeah, and anorexia is a result of ‘taking care’ of your body. Orthorexia. Bulimia. Binging. Purging.
    So, according to all the comments I’ve been reading, speaking cruelly of someone who isn’t the perfect BMI is okay?

    “I will tell you I’ll for sure be trying my hardest to help anyone I see living like that or living similarly.”
    Will you be helping anyone who is anorexic? Would you see the signs? Or just applaud those with orthorexia for losing another pound, for obsessively counting calories?

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  21. “TLC did not create the show for people to laugh at their good/bad habits or lifestyle.”
    Yes, they did. If all of these people leaving negative comments want to be mad at somebody, they need to be angry at TLC for exploiting this family. That is exactly what reality television is about…exploitation.
    The bottom line is that this show is the televised equivalent of a side show featuring freaks and TLC and other networks who showcase such things are well aware of it. They do it for the shock value which translates into ratings. The people who sit around and guffaw at Honey Boo-Boo’s family and are convinced that the Kardashians are the pinnacle of KLASS are the sheep these networks bank on to make their billions. It is shameful.

    I don’t want to hear about how Mama June can’t exercise because of some work accident. That’s the line that every person who is abusing the disability system uses.
    I have two bum hips – stage 4 and awaiting two total hip replacements. Guess what? I do Pilates and strength training every day. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it because I feel better and the less weight my hips have to lug around, the better, not to mention the added core strength and flexibility helps immensely.

    People who believe as you do are no better than those who enable drug and alcohol abusers.

  22. Wow, I was doing a Google search on health and fitness and came across this article. I read it and quite a few of the comments.
    I have to shake my head at those who chose to be offended by what Cassey said. I was amazed by the person who posted this: “And weight never determines a persons health.”
    Are you kidding me? Talk about a ‘denial ain’t a river in Egypt’ moment.
    Yes, weight DOES have a lot to do with overall health. Now, people do have different body types and will carry weight differently. 140 lbs on one person will look and feel different depending on the person. Being aware of what your weight range should be and staying within that range and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely important. To deny this is just the height of ignorance.
    As far as Cassey’s assertions regarding weight and health; she is 100% correct. She is not ‘pushing’ her lifestyle on anybody…she is stating the obvious.
    People’s poor health choices DO affect us all. Thanks to poor education and follow through in this area, our medical and insurance costs skyrocket. Obesity is a huge contributing factor to health problems and we all pay the price when people choose not to take care of themselves.
    Cassey was very compassionate in her statements about the Honey Boo-Boo family. I wouldn’t have been nearly as kind. She is absolutely right when she says that the way this family eats is killing them and that this child has no choice but to eat this way. By the time she can make informed decisions for herself, this way of living will be ingrained and the damage will have been done.
    This show isn’t cute or funny…it’s disgusting. It portrays the reason we are viewed in the international community with scorn because many people see this AS the American standard. That’s embarrassing. This obese, backwoods, goofball family is NOT my American experience and I don’t wish to be lumped in with them.

    As far as eating goes, I was so lucky to have been brought up by parents who made fresh fruit and vegetables available and encouraged us to eat them. Did we eat perfectly? No, but we had a good, solid basis that has served me well throughout my life.
    I can’t claim to always be fit and at my ideal weight, but at least, thanks to my parents, I know how to take care of myself and when I feel that I am becoming a less healthy version of myself I can stem the tide.
    Education about our bodies, our health, and how our choices affect them is vastly important. I thought Cassey’s suggestion of offering healthy treats was really nice. She wasn’t being judgmental or mean, she was expressing concern for the well being of others.
    Being fit and healthy is a gift. If you’ve never had the opportunity to feel this way, it is a shame…and many people have absolutely no idea how to take care of their bodies.

    Yes, it is everybody’s choice as to how, or if, they eat, exercise, etc. but to encourage people to care for their bodies, and therefore their long term health, is the right thing to do.
    To speak cruelly of someone for doing so is just plain ignorant.

  23. This is my first time go to see at here and i am truly impressed to read all at alone place.

  24. weight never determines a persons health….? You serious?

  25. I just started reading Cassey’s tumblr and I came to the post “I want you to read this, because I’ve been reading your posts too.” I saw the hurtful things people said and her explanations, and thought Cassey must’ve said something really offensive or awful, but it’s so not the case.
    EVERYTHING she said is true. I was raised by obese parents and they taught me the same things Mama June is teaching Alana. I have had such an unhealthy relationship with food and myself as a result, not only because you have to work hard to be fit, but also because you have to work SO HARD to undo what has been forced on you as a child. I wish my parents would’ve never fed me cheese puffs or soda, and would’ve fed me at least a few salads growing up… but I was raised on the same processed, sugar and fat bullshit, that they are showing on this show.
    Maybe the gif was too much, but it illustrates a point too – why are they showing that poor child on TV doing that? It was On. National. TV. That image is never going away. When Alana is an adult, it will still be there. When she has diabetes, high blood pressure, or some other obesity related disease – it will still be there. More people should feel there needs to be an intervention. She is a child, being fed sugar and fat, and she won’t realize how much damage it has done to her until it starts affecting her in a really negative way.
    Our children deserve better than that. No one is trying to “force” a healthy lifestyle on anyone, and I don’t even see how it is looked at like that. It’s a message about access to healthy foods, education about what you should be eating, generational poverty, and the obesity epidemic. I hope that even if the message doesn’t get to Honey Boo Boo or Mama June, some parent, somewhere, saw this blog or the TV show and realized they are killing their innocent children with their choices.

  26. I’m not sure why everyone is freaking the hell out on Cassey. Honestly, she is 100% right. If this family does not start at least changing their eating habits, someone will die very young from disease. Mama June could quite possibly be the first person to die from complications due to eating such horrible foods. Health is such a serious topic. Cassey is only looking out for the health of this family. It’s okay.

    Alana probably doesn’t even know what “healthy and unhealthy” is at this point in time in her life because no one in her family is teaching it to her. Cassey isn’t trying to get this family to become stick thin or anything. She just wants to make sure they are healthy and full of energy to live long lives without complications. Cassey, people are going nuts because it’s a sensitive topic to them. Not everyone will agree with you on everything you say or do. Calling you names is horrible. Keep your head held high :) So glad you are looking out for the well-being of others. Never anything wrong with that!

  27. Catherine says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, honestly. Truly disgusting. I will tell you I’ll for sure be trying my hardest to help anyone I see living like that or living similarly. Thanks for acknowledging this!

  28. BODY WEIGHT is what she said. Not “weighing less”. No where in that sentence you quoted does it say that being of a low body weight means you’re healthier- it’s being at a HEALTHY weight FOR YOU that indicates healthiness. You basically just put words in her mouth and interpreted Cassey’s post to mean something that it does not.

  29. until i hear any “adult” member of this family affirm that they have a “BMI of 30 or higher”, i will not consider any of them obese. And @free your mind, sorry but not sorry, dear… open discussion is a thing nowadays.

  30. Ariel Baxter says:

    I’m obese and I didn’t find this post offensive. A lot of people are arguing that “Oh you shouldn’t criticize them, just as long as their happy”,”You shouldn’t enforce your lifestyle”, but since the show is public for everyone to see, the family chose to have EVERYTHING documented. So you weren’t out of line at all.

    People need to hear this harsh truth. If we don’t take the responsibility of being healthier and sensible, someone else will always end up doing for us, and even in major cases, may have a lot of things taken away from us; I sure as hell don’t want the government controlling every little thing I eat.

  31. “What you do is you bake a healthy apple pie or yummy oatmeal muffin for them and say “Hey, I made this for you.” Smile. If they like it, they will ask for the recipe. It starts there and it starts small.”

    I love this method you suggested!

  32. still a fan says:

    Hey, Cassey,
    I think the moving giff of a child and saying her family is disgusting and that the mom could get on the Biggest Looser is a tad overboard. It’s clear you mean well but Im more concerned about the fact that the kid is being ridiculed on tv and she really might have a problem with that later on let alone being the subject of posts like this. I just think if It’s a child the less bad things you have to say, the better for her later on even though I agree, its not nice watching people being ignorant about their health.

  33. Thanks Jenna!
    It will be a long journey of weight loss then a lifetime of eating clean but I can do it!

    When I start to get tired working out I yell out “Train insane or remain the same” or some other saying of Cassey’s or others’. (I have an elliptical in my room so I’m not shouting in the gym lol)
    Sometimes it only gets me five more minutes but those 5 minutes will add up.

    Thanks again for the encouragement

  34. Hey Cassie,
    I love what you do and stand for. People who slate you for being honest about the way not only this family lives but others as well, are in denial of the problem that people have with regards to heir attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I love pizza and stuff but I am aware of the benefits of eating well as are many others. What you said was correct and honest. People need to hear the truth rather than have it sugar coated. Watching programs like this ISN’T funny. What is funny about a small child grabbing her gut or asking for a meal made with butter? Butter. Maybe it was said in a harsh way but why sugar coat it, people call people for being underweight all the time, in far nastier ways my I add. Why can’t people who are morbidly obese be subject to the same truth ?

    People need more advocates of health in their lives rather than watching people eat themselves to oblivion.

    Keep going Cassie :)

  35. She isn’t bashing anyone. She is just saying that she is scared for Honey Boo Boo because of the food quality and quantity her mother is giving her. She is not the first person to voice her concerns about their eating habits and I dont think that you should be criticizing her for trying to do this.

  36. Why is everyone having a cry here? She’s completely right. If you’re offended, you’re in denial. Weight DOES reflect health. Sure, some people do actually have legit problems that prevent them from losing weight, but the majority of people use this idea to make excuses. Also, she’s completely right in that people who don’t know better see things on tv and think that it’s normal or ok. I mean, it’s not morally wrong to eat like a pig, but it’s not normal and definitely not healthy. It’s the same as all tv, I hate to think of young kids watching Jersey Shore and thinking it’s ok to get ridiculously drunk and scream and get in a physical fight with people meant to be your friends. It’s funny to my friends, but they do know better than to accept the cast’s terrible behaviour as ‘normal’.

  37. Cassey- long time reader, first time poster. I just wanted to tell you to keep your chin up. You’re a huge inspiration to many, many people to live a healthier lifestyle, and you’re not the only one who is outraged by the poor nutrition exhibited by the mother on this show. I don’t think you were harsh or offensive- I think that this is YOUR site and you should feel free to post anything you darn well please! For all of Casset’s fans who were offended by this- you follow her for a reason. Whether it’s lifestyle or exercise tips, you have found an appreciation for Cassey’s knowledge. So when SHE is flabbergasted at the absolute lack of nutritional care exhibited by this show (and preparation for juvenile diabetes, more likely than not) then maybe instead of getting offended, you should remember why you trust Cassey’s opinion and start wondering if you shouldn’t find this family’s eating habits insane as well!!! This is her site, can she get her message across or does she have to be ultra PC and sugar coat everything for anyone to be happy?

  38. Sorry , but what’s wrong with you girl ?!
    They enjoy their food ? Aren’t we too ? It’s not like we don’t eat anything ! We actually eat everything – as long as its healthy . This is not a very smart post from YOU and NOT from Cassey …
    Guess you want to be healthy , but your mother fed you with the wrong food right away so now you feel like you can’t change , but you can ! Try it . You’ll see difference soon . I don’t think you want to die the next few years , so don’t eat toxic . You cann guess how this honey boo boo will look in 10 years … Like a big fat teenager ! And now you can choose – do you want to be bullied or do you want to be fit and healthy . It’s you’re choice .

  39. Paulina Vera says:

    I love this post, You are just right in everything you said and you are never going to please everybody, so don´t get sad with stupid people, I love you and thanks for how you encourage me to be a better and healthier person.

  40. While they are definitely unhealthy, I don’t think it is your place to push a healthy lifestyle upon other people. You can be here to educate the ones who want to know. But not bash every one that does not follow such a lifestyle. There are people out there that enjoy their food, and it may not be healthy but it’s not your place to judge. I just don’t think this was a very smart post from you. And could offend many people. Also in other episodes they do try and lose weight, be healthier, and their mother teaches their daughters to love themselves. So in my opinion you are too quick to judge. And weight never determines a persons health.

  41. This girl says:

    You cannot buy healthy food ‘anywhere’. There are plenty of areas in America where the produce section of the supermarket consists of food that is half rotten or that cannot possible sustain a family of four or more for a week. I usually have to travel 40 minutes or more to find fresh and diverse produce, but I’m lucky enough to live in a large city with plenty of options. I don’t know what life is like in rural Georgia, but I doubt they have their pick of 30+ supermarkets to shop from.
    Moreover, the premium costs of ‘healthy’ foods means that you are actually spending more money on less items. That might not bother a 20-something who is single and probably eats out with her friends/at work/at school several days a week,but for a parent, it is a different story. Children are picky eaters, and even if a parent tries to feed their kids a healthy diet, a lot of that food is going to go to waste, and a lot of families cannot afford that.
    I would like to see Cassey live in a rural area for two weeks while trying to maintain her clean eating habits. See what life is like for people who don’t have access to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s or the plethora of organic farmers market’s that can be found in LA.

  42. Honestly, she’s looking towards their health, not necessarily the family. The example the mother is setting to her children is killing them. And she has nothing to reevaluate. She was in the right to say what she felt. She is a health expert. She knows what she’s talking about and that mother of the show tries to make up for her mistakes by saying she wants her kids to be confident. She just wants pity. She wants to be seen as a good mother. Well a good mother knows her child’s health is the most serious thing in the world. A good mother would never want to see her child in the hospital because of high cholesterol, diabetes, and a possible heart attack because her only ingredients are butter and anything from a can. While I’m not the healthiest person alive, I know boundaries. Which that mother does not. It’s confidence and the easy road over health. You think Cassey wrote a disgusting post, but in reality , she was just saying what everyone else is too much of a coward to say.

  43. Im sorry, but you have absolutely no idea what you;re talking about.
    That TV show is promoting so many bad habits and ways of life!! No one should be watching Honey Boo Boo and thinking it is a normal way of living and eating. It doesnt matter if the mum is telling the kids to call themselves beautiful etc. They are great things. but you cant ignore that the general gist of the TV show is about a loud mouthed, over weight little girl, with no manners, and her morbidly obese mother and family.
    Cassey is COMPLETELY right in everything she said. If you can’t see that Tv shows like this are so harmful to kids and other familys that watch them and thing this is normal, then it is you being ignorant.

  44. As an overweight adult myself, I agree with this post on most respects. I have made a change in my diet and exercise because of blogs like this and their encouraging posts and also in hopes that my children will be raised in a different nutritional lifestyle. I think that you are right, Cassey, in regards to the health of the family. But maybe you could have done more research on the family before posting about them. I mean, they are real people with real feelings.

    Perhaps posting in this way is not the best answer for making a difference in their lives or in the lives of people like them. In fact, my best friend’s family is just like the Honey Boo Boo family. I mean, practically identical. And this post would not encourage them to change their mindset about food. In fact, it would probably fuel their dislike of healthier living. I do agree that there needs to be a change in our country and with families like these, but making judgments about their thoughts and feelings without even meeting them might just cause controversy and in effect, do the opposite of what is intended with your article.

    Please don’t take this the wrong way (as I think many people are doing so with your article) because I do believe in what you do on a daily basis and I DO believe in you as a healthier lifestyle role model. Please continue to encourage us with your videos and blogging. You are an inspiration to many!

    I am still a big fan.

    Thank you

  45. I believe that you are honestly a kind-hearted person who is disgusted by what could almost be categorized as “self-mutilation”. I agree that their family may be happy for now, but they will severely regret what will happen to them physically, emotionally, and medically from eating without regard to WHAT you’re eating. I am a happy person, because I am healthy and able to move around and participate in many different activities that are important to being social and functional as a human being. I am certainly not perfect and am always open to education on how to be healthy and fit.

    It is a travesty that people would come to your site and say hateful things. You did not say hateful things about Honey Boo Boo or her family, but about their lifestyle and how it needs to change for the better. Cassey, you should take solace in the fact that you are helping SO many people who WANT to become healthier. You have to realize that no matter how much you try to help, there are those who don’t want to be helped. Think about all of the anti-smoking ads they put on tv, yet people continue to poison their lungs. It’s just the way the world works, and bless your heart for trying to make the people living in it happier.

    You go girl! Love you Cassey!

  46. 925ilytmtlug says:

    I agree that as long as they know that they are beautiful and are comfortable in themselves that way, we have no right to tell them to change. I’m sure they do enjoy their lifestyle, BUT THEY ARE KILLING THEMSELVES. There is a possibility of diabetes which would mean a worse lifestyle than just being healthy. If they get diabetes they will have to constantly keep their insulin and blood sugar under control. I don’t think it’s asking a lot to switch out a donut for some broccoli or some whole grain toast.

  47. The worst was when the mother encourages the girls to fart in order to loose weight.. That felt so disturbing and sad and rude at the same time…

  48. That really scares me and I think you are taking a step in the right direction I mean, I’m 12 and I have a little excess fat but the fact that this is their daily lifestyle and they are comfortable with putting that all out there SCARES ME. I think you are right to be concerned for the health of obese kids. I was watching Biggest Loser last night and they sent a nutrition specialist to help 3 kids who are on their way to obesity, and they are helping them improve their lifestyle. THESE KIDS SEEMED PERFECTLY WILLING TO DO THIS which is why that family’s health is a major huge problem because they don’t seem eager to change at all. it’s sad to know that if they don’t change they will probably suffer from diabetes , etc :( D:

  49. I saw the episode where she went on a diet, and I believe in that episode she went to a BBQ joint…some diet!

  50. Oh dear ‘Guest’ you’ve clearly written this post as an Internet Troll, your comment is very much out of date so clearly only here for the intention of upsetting Cassey, which we will not take! Your views are ignorant and spiteful! They went on a diet for one show that worked out terribly AND if you were to understand reality TV you would know they only did as part of the story line. Yes they maybe a very happy family, but again this is a reality tv show, we don’t know what happens when the camera’s aren’t there! NO ONE is 100% themselves with a camera in their face! Also they DO eat badly!! I’m sorry but if you knew someone who were on drugs every day you would tell them that it was killing them, so why is it always so taboo to tell an over weight person they are killing themselves?! because ultimately it’s the same thing it’s leading down the same path. Food as we know is highly addictive.

    So ‘Guest’ I have one last thing to say to you … I feel sorry for you and I hope one day you find peace in your life because I have found that people like you, who leave and give out horrible messages, lead a really sad lonely life. Good people give out good energy, bad people give out negativity. I hope one day you’ll give yourself some peace and become a nicer person because I promise you’ll have a happier life.

  51. Doing something for a long time doesn’t make it right. People stop using “tradition” as an excuse for bad habits.
    Slavery existed for a long time. Was it right? Witch hunt, inquisition, forced marriage – wereall of them traditions also?

    We humans get smarter, more informed, discover new things and leave bad old habits.

  52. There is a big difference between being confident about yourself and simply being proud of a bad habit. Being fat is not a problem. Acknowledging it, having the proper information and resources to make a change and not doing anything against it is bad and shameful, period. There is no such a thing as “bad genetic”. If someone can’t have proper nutrition because of psychological issues it should search psychological help.

    Likewise, we should deeply respect alcoholic people, or any person – but under any circumstance should we be accessary to their addiction and behavior. Why tough love is accepted on this case and not for obese people? What is the difference?

    The “appearance based” values thing is wrong. But being fit is not about appearance, it is just the “side effect” of having proper nutrition and exercise. If you eat better you won’t be prettier in any way. Your face will be the same and it is fine. You will just get slimmer. Period.

  53. This is really a disgusting post. “I bet they asked her [to be on the biggest loser] before but she said no.” What an ignorant thing to say. You didn’t see the episode where they did go on a diet, which isn’t even the point. You sure as hell didn’t see any of the episodes where the mom encourages her kids to be confident in themselves/happy with themselves. You didn’t see the episodes where the mom and all of her kids call themselves beautiful. So who the hell are you to tell them they aren’t? They’re probably happier in their lives than MOST people in the country who are CONSTANTLY worried about what they’re eating and how much their working out. So as far as I’m concerned, I have lost ALL respect for you. Shame on you for pushing your appearance based, shallow views onto a perfectly happy, loving family. Maybe you should reevaluate your own life and your own values. Maybe you should take a few tips from that mother.

  54. Woah! I’m so sorry, I meant to compare the language Cassie used (“disturbing,” “disgusting lifestyle”) to the language used by intolerant people who have no understanding of or sensitivity toward anything that isn’t exactly like them. I did NOT mean to imply that obesity and homosexuality are somehow comparable. They’re not. Sorry if it came across that way.

  55. Cassey! don’t let these haters bother you! I watched the thanksgiving episode and you’re right they are slowly killing themselves. Anyone who knows you knows that all your intentions are good and you’re just concerned for “Honey Boo Boo”. Don’t worry Cassey all of the POPsters are right behind ya! We got your back!<3

  56. I was shown a clip of that show and it is so sad. Her go juice is mountain dew really, to me the way they are raising their kids is horrible. If they are the new poster family for the United States I’m ASHAMED and it makes me sick that other country’s will base this crap as the NORMAL AMERICAN Family. Just because the obesity level is rising and people don’t seem to mind living a shorter unhealthy life with heart attacks and young children with pre or straight dibeties before they are even a teenager. Having a show promoting this deadly diet is messed up. That show is a joke that needs to be removed.

  57. tall-Cali-girl says:

    “I don’t look at body weight as a measure of someone’s sucess, education, or worth – but just as an indicator of healthiness. ”

    Not true! An underweight, skinny person can be in much worth health than an overweight, chunky person…

    Fact check, spell check & grammar check before you head check people…and while you are at it, maybe a little forethought or disclaimer would be apt and cause less of a stir!

  58. Hey Cassey, do you know who is Jamie Oliver? you might like his Food revolution :)

  59. That was a lovely comment :)

    This is my favourite quote of all time, by Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

    In other words: Attitude is everything! You have admitted you need to lose weight and you have made a decision start eating cleanly which you should be so proud of. Good luck on your path to a healthier self! xx

  60. I agree! Nicely said. Generating debate is a fantastic thing.

    (But also, Cassey, I completely agree and support your views 100%!)

  61. I think the bottom line is that Cassy wrote what she did out of love and concern for the health and well-being of that whole family, and many others who may be partaking in similar lifestyle choices. It is an extremely sensitive topic, people are going to have such an array of views on the subject because these issues have impacted, or not impacted people, on many levels. For a person who has never had issues with weight, body image, food addiction, etc these matters may seem simple and clear cut. For someone who has battled these topics personally I can imagine it is very hard to read/hear certain opinions and views. I think we all need to remember that the focus should always be of healthy choices (not saying I am perfect by any means with this…) and the encouragement of this to others. I think we should all remember we only have control of ourselves; we cannot control how others behave, think, eat, exercise, etc. All we can do is support one another. Although some may not agree with the wording Cassy used, I think many can agree that at least on some level Cassy is just stating her views and trying to be a support in trying to educate and also dedicating her time to this website to inform and teach all of us.

    To Cassy, I can see where some people had a problem with things you wrote, but I personally commend you for being brave enough (even though at the time you probably never expected such reactions) to tackle such a sensitive topic. It doesn’t matter if people agree or disagree, stay true to yourself and please keep reaching out from a place of caring and concern for the well being of others. You have no doubt helped many people including myself.

  62. I think everyone is over reacting. This is an opinion piece and anyone who reads this and understands your passion for health would take this as you caring not as offensive!

  63. Like you said, it’s easy for some of us to watch the show just as entertainment and not pick up on those horrible eating habits. Unfortunately, not everyone is like that and hopefully Honey Boo Boos eating habits don’t rub off on others :\

  64. A Freakin Men!!! Read what she ACTUALLY said people!! Don’t paraphrase to make it fit your argument!!!!!!

  65. Hi Cassey!! First I want to say thank you for your videos and blog. You are a great inspiration to me and I think the world of you!! About your Honey Boo Boo post, I couldn’t agree more. You just said what all of America is thinking but feels too politically correct to say. Child obesity is at an all time high, and anyone that doesn’t see that should open their eyes, our First Lady has started making changes to make sure our children have a healthier lunch ay school and all I have heard is grief and complaining about not getting chocolate milk. Ridiculous… Even kids TV networks see this problem and have “days of play” where they shut down the cartoons for a few hours so the kids can go play outside… Pro football players are involved in the 60 minutes of play a day campaigne… So why shouldn’t we be making everyone more aware. If we a have a voice and the knowledge in this matter then it is our obligation to do our part as well!! Kudos to you for being that voice!

  66. Honestly the only show of honey boo boo I ever watched was the thanksgiving show and it was disgusting! All my friends say its funny but how is an annoying little girl funny? All that butter was nasty and that casserole thing they ate YUCK!!! You can tell they don’t eat right just by mixing all that crap together. That show should be cancelled cuz it’s not of any importance to anyone. They get paid for that show why not buy a gym membership or join weight watchers. If that’s too much join a cooking class. That’s as easy as it gets for good health just try.

  67. Thanks so much for your kind words s6milerun :)

  68. I agree with this post! As someone who’s always struggled with weight and as a mom to a 5 year old, I agree that healthy habits should start at a young age. Parents should be helping kids have a taste for fruits and veggies instead of junk food.

    I’ve been really heavy before, 225lbs at 5’3 and no way did I find your post offensive. I became obese because I ate unhealthy foods and become inactive. Maybe the people that are offended by your blog are in denial. I agree with another commenter who said that maybe it hit close to home.

    Although I’m eating healthier now and being more active, I still have some weight to go to get to my ideal body weight. I am so thankful my cousin told me about your blog. Keep blogging! I think you’re great!

  69. Cassey,
    I cannot imagine that a single one of the people who left insulting and negative comments on this post was someone who is fit, healthy and happy with themselves. I know that your mission is to educate people who are unhealthy and try to motivate and inspire them and I respect that you will not give up on that. However, if there are people commenting on here with comments like “you’re the kind of person who makes people commit suicide” then they need to leave the blog. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink! These people are obviously terribly unhealthy and miserable and and so jealous of your discipline and determination that they will lash out aggressively at even the most innocent comments about transparent FACT. It is FACT that Honey Boo Boo and her family are grossly unhealthy and FACT that they will suffer for it later. THE END. You are the author of a HEALTH blog. Of course you are going to make negative comments about people who believe that jelly is fruit! Personally I would have had much worse and more personal comments to make about that TV show and I thought your comments were realistic and handled gracefully. I would be very upset to learn that you let those negative comments get to you. Personally I pity anyone who could not grasp the basic health ideas you were stating and feel deeply sorry for how uneducated they are.
    Don’t ever stop telling readers the truth!

  70. Cassey is not shaming anyone. She is simply concerned about the image that we are portraying on our youth. The people who will precede us in everything. If we raise our children into unhealthy beings they might end up dying before us! What will happen then? Secondly, this isn’t about being obese or skinny, it’s about being healthy and taking care of our bodies. I know countless “skinny” people who have cholesterol through the roof, are at risk for heart disease and stroke, and can’t walk for more than 20 minutes without being grossly out of breath. Obesity is definitely a social problem, which is why we need to stop encouraging it with shows like “Honey Boo Boo”.

  71. Cassey,

    My sister in law tuned me into your wonderful videos and I’m a big fan! I’m also in the public eye and I get soooo much hate on the net sometimes! Take it as a mark of your popularity, and nothing more, even though sometimes what people say is incredibly painful (especially as you’re just trying to help!) you’re awesome, and absolutely right, and if people actually have the audacity to hate on people they don’t know on the Internet, it’s quite likely they’re not worth listening to, anyway.

  72. this is a VERY good point!
    Keep your head clear Cassey and your focus right, on what matters most.
    Also thank you for all the good you have done thus far!

  73. @Katie
    SOMEbody needs anger management!

  74. but sometimes strong words are exactly what’s needed to kick people’s A into G.
    And sometimes the truth just hurts.
    tough, live and learn adn move on…
    we can all learn from people’s strengths AS WELL as weaknesses,
    sure not all feedback/comments/thoughts/perceptions/TRUTH is going to be peachy roses,
    but the trick is to be grateful for the ride.

  75. Are you kidding me? Are you going to try to tell me that that ONE Honey Booboo episode was a misinterpretation? Because I guarantee that there are many other episodes that portray the same image. And how is a post against a TV show that advocates obesity bad for her image? She’s a goddam health guru. She did NOT form her opinion too quickly. You can look at that whole family–yes, judge them on how they look–and conclude that they are unhealthy. Also, she did not say that she was disgusted by them as people, she said that she was disgusted by their diet. Which yes, a giant slab of butter is disgusting in the health world. And you’re telling Cassie to “reach out”? Oh, are her very popular blog, YouTube channel, pilates classes, etc. not good enough forms of “reaching out”? Would you like her to call up the family and say “I want to help you get healthier”? Because I am sure that she would do that. And you’re going to say that she’s “really not helping anyone with this post”? Actually, she is. She’s showing people the garbage that is on television, and she’s speaking out against unhealthy lifestyles. She’s fighting against an epidemic, and she is making people aware. Now, what exactly are you doing besides sitting behind your computer, bitching, and sounding like a moron? Why don’t you learn how to write and sound intelligent. Because if you’re going to bitch about something, at least be grammatically correct.

  76. There was actually one episode where they were all trying to lose weight however it didn’t end up well

  77. CastleRhapsody says:

    Rissa, I love your comment.

  78. Mackenzie says:

    Katie, I hope you don’t intend on using Casey’s workouts anymore. That comment was very rude and unnecessary.

  79. people don’t like to hear the truth & they rather keep living their lives being unhealthy & unfit. I have never watched that show & never will. Cassey you’re the best thing that has ever happened to Youtube so keep doing a great job. Your friend H.

  80. And as I said, just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.
    My main problem with Cassey’s original post was that she was looking at a family, watched them prepare an unhealthy holiday meal, and decide that as a personal trainer and nutritionist, she had sufficient information and motivation to vitriolically judge them. A lot of what she said was just plain mean, and not concerned at all.
    If you are not somebody’s doctor, you do not have sufficient information to assess their health.
    What I’m really, really concerned about, is that less-educated people will read the post and decide that looking at someone who’s clearly overweight is reason to intervene.
    IT’S NOT.
    My best friend had gained 35 pounds in the last two years – she has PCOS and suffered from depression.
    If Cassey were to approach her with advice on how to lose weight, it would discredit any of her training in nutrition and supposed “concern.”
    You never look at a thin or average-sized person and think they’re unhealthy. You never look at an overweight person and decide they’re healthy. If someone built like Cassey were to indulge in a huge, happy, unhealthy meal with their family, you still would call her out for being unhealthy, because she LOOKS like Cassey.
    I think that’s the biggest problem people had with this post.

  81. I REFUSE to watch Honey Boo Boo. Watching a family self slowly kill themselves with butter and ketchup sickens me to be frank. I’ve always been blunt and never cared how people took it and I’m not about to change that because people are okay with some little girl who’s famous because her family is overweight and crude. If anything she is a victim of neglect. Her family is neglecting her health, and not just physically. She’s a child and being on tv and with the way information gets around today. She is never going to out live her image as little Honey Boo Boo, the “fat redneck kid that ate butter as a snack”. It’s bad enough that adults can’t out shine their television past. Do we really need to put a kid through it too?

  82. I approve of this post. I don’t think it was harsh or judgmental on who they are as people. I have never seen the show, save what I see from other media sources and friends. However, I can even tell that these people do not lead a healthy lifestyle and what they are doing to their children is murder.

    I don’t agree that people who are low-income or on food stamps or whatever don’t have the resources to eat clean or healthy. They just need to be educated. With so many big box stores out there, you can get fresh produce majorly cheap. Especially if you follow what’s in season.

    And okay, they work so much they don’t have time to make from scratch meals everyday. I get that. But there are healthier alternatives, like frozen vegetables…or just not putting a crap ton of butter on them.

    It’s really not that hard to eat cheaply and healthy. I have heard it’s actually cheaper if you’re buying non-processed foods. I can’t say if that’s true because I don’t eat processed foods and have never priced it out, but even if it’s not “perfect”, there is always “better than”. The willpower and lifestyle change is a lot harder, but it can be done in baby steps. I recently had to cut out gluten and dairy from my diet…and two of my favorite foods are bread and cheese. It was killer. I spent a month wailing over how “I can’t eat anything!” And I choose not to eat meat, which makes it even harder to find things to eat. But after making the commitment to myself to do it, it’s not so bad after 6-ish months. But it was all about baby steps. “Okay, today I won’t eat bread.” Then, “Okay, I got through today. Tomorrow I won’t eat bread also.” Etc.

    It’s tough, I won’t disagree with that. But it is not impossible.

    I feel like Cassey is just worried about these people’s health. Heck, I worry about these people’s health and I think it’s disgusting on so many levels that the media would glorify their lifestyle. (And I’m not just talking about their diet anymore.) Something needs to change.

  83. I agree with Nancy. Plus, just because you’re from the Deep South and those things are tradition doesn’t mean you have to eat them EVERY DAY. As my fitness instructor likes to say, “Those things are OK once in awhile.”

  84. I come from an East Asian home (Singapore Chinese, to be exact), and even though my family moved around a lot during my childhood, I was exposed to many things. Growing up in S’pore I’d see many elderly Chinese wake up early in the morning to do their morning exercises (usually Tai Chi), and while as kids, we’d laugh at how funny it looked to us, we understood that it was exercise. Both my parents grew up in S’pore and are both runners (still and they are in their 50s). My dad came from a poor family (3 families to one house) was active as boy, and my relatives on his side will always talk about how he was always “dirty and sweaty” from running around outside. I don’t know as much about my mom’s side of the family, or how active she was as a child, but I knew she participated in track when she was younger and then cross country later. They both didn’t have the healthiest of diets, but they were both active. That changed to a more balanced lifestyle after they got married and learned about cholesterol, and wanted to have kids, etc., but they were still surrounded by a culture and people who are more active. I’m not trying to say that one culture is better than another, I’m just trying to say that upbringing plays a huge role. When we moved to Scotland when I was 7, most of my memories there were of running around outside and playing. When we moved back to Singapore, and as I got older, I started having stomach issues (gastritis and bloating), but I was still taking ballet classes (started when I was 2) and swimming…and then eventually my dad introduced running. I could go on and on, but I say all of this in support of what Cassey says, that this is something that definitely starts young. As a young teacher, having spoken with my older colleagues, they always say, “I’m envious that your parents started you off young–I wish mine did the same–but hopefully I’m setting an example for my kids now before they get too old and take it for granted.” My older sister is looking to become a doctor and she always talks about how obesity in America is an epidemic–and these aren’t her words!!! These are the words of her nutrition professors!! I know this post is late, and is long, but Cassey, don’t be discouraged by the negative comments. MORE light needs to be shed on this matter. As a young teacher, I advocate for this all the time and my sister (an aspiring doctor) does the same. It was refreshing to read your honesty on the matter and more people need to be faced with reality. Thank you, Cassey!

  85. You are so right Cassey. Don’t worry about those bad comments, they don’t understand. You’re just explaining that you’re worried for honey boo boo and her health. That’s perfectly fine, we all completely agree.

  86. Just because that’s the way things are in the Deep South, doesn’t mean that’s how they have to remain. Look at Paula dean. The queen of butter! She enjoyed many years of southern cooking and look at her now, she has lost weight and made huge changes in her diet because her cooking was killing her.

  87. Cassey, it must hard to speak your mind on the internet, especially since it’s so easy for people to hate, and somehow many people are quick to judge and don’t try to see both sides of the situation. I grew up in a family where the majority of my family members are obese. My older sister was obese since she was a child, and somehow I never really had weight problems. I was never skinny, but I was never obese. I’m not saying that my sister is not smart, or beautiful, or amazing, because she most definitely is and I would beat anybody up who says anything different, but her weight makes me worried. I don’t want her to have serious health issues when she’s 30. I want her to feel happy and confident, because I know she isn’t. And I’m not saying this about every overweight person. I am close to my sister and she tells me she’s not confident about herself, which has gotten in the way of her making friends or being able to talk to boys or even just asking her boss for a raise. Now, to everyone who is hating on Cassey, stop and think about her point of view instead of jumping to conclusions and saying that she doesn’t care or is selfish or mean or anything else. Because what I see in Cassey is a big heart. She goes around trying to give people the motivation to be healthy and happy and she makes it fun! I used to eat junk all the time and working out was discouraging because I hate running and using gym equipment. POP Pilates helped me find exercise fun and I feel so much happier and healthier about myself. I too have had confidence issues when it comes to my body. But if anyone has helped me overcome these issues, it’s Cassey. Now, to all you haters, this is what Cassey is trying to do. She is trying to help people live a healthier, happier lifestyle, and she has definitely accomplished this for me. Instead of people being discouraged by all those unhealthy weight loss pills, and programs that advertise eating certain meal plans, Cassey is providing people with a way to a healthier life with food that is readily available. All it takes is education. If you haters don’t want to be educated by Cassey, then don’t listen to her. Do your own thing, that’s fine. I personally have learned so much from her and my happiness and health is greatly due to her videos and her blog. It’s easy to hate on people when you’re talking to a screen, but remember that words hurt, and it doesn’t take any effort to be nice.
    Cassey, I love you and I hope my kind words will show you that you are an inspiration to many of us, even if we don’t all show it :)

  88. According to
    “In the past 30 years, the occurrence of overweight in children has tripled and it is now estimated that one in five children in the US is overweight. Increases in the prevalence of overweight are also being seen in younger children, including preschoolers. Prevalence of overweight is especially higher among certain populations such as Hispanic, African American, Mexican Americans, and Native Americans where some studies indicate prevalence of >85th percentile of 35-40%. Also, while more children are becoming overweight, the heaviest children are getting even heavier.

    (i put this in Caps Lock just to emphasize my message conveyed in this informational post):

    Though Eating disorders are also health issues that need to be addressed (whether it be Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, or an Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified), [Childhood] Obesity is regarded as “the most common prevalent nutritional disorder of US children and adolescents.” It only makes sense to address the fastest growing health issue with such extreme passion.

    Also, I don’t agree that using the term “morbidly obese” is fat-shaming. Its a MEDICAL term used by MEDICAL professionals in a MEDICAL setting. It is a descriptive term that puts people in categories based on their health conditions. [Trust me, I’m a Nursing student, my mother is a Nurse specializing in Cholesterol Care managing, Diabetes control, and Hypertension, My Aunt is an ICU nurse, My other Aunt is a Med-Surg Nurse, My Cousin is a Nurse, and the list goes on.]

    According the, “Of the large number of people in the U.S. who are overweight, an increasing number are entering the classification of obese and morbidly obese. Obesity carries a high risk of disease and makes life not only more difficult, but also certainly shorter.”

    So if we’re speaking in quantitative terms,
    -“Anybody who is over 50 percent above his normal weight—according to height, age and sex—is considered morbidly obese.”
    -“A body mass index (BMI) over 39 also indicates morbid obesity. BMI is the relationship between weight and height”
    -“Anybody who is over 100 lbs. over their normal weight is automatically classified as morbidly obese.”

    “The three main causes of morbid obesity are excessive caloric intake (check: from all the butter and sugar and processed food they apparently eat), a sedentary life (check: sitting most of the time on the show) and a thyroid condition (Not sure about this one). Morbid obesity can lead to a number of medical conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes and stroke” (

    Yes, I might agree that the phrase “Fat is just a result of what you haven’t done to take care of your body” seems a bit harsh; but what she should have said instead is “excess fat.” The body needs fat in order to survive, but excess amounts of fat can cause the liver to produce excess amounts of cholesterol and other plaques which, in turn, erode the blood vessels and allow the plaque to pile up on the vessels within the body. So yes, EXCESS “fat is just a result of what you haven’t done to take care of your body.”

    I also want to make the point that people who put themselves on Television just open the gates for criticism, especially in a country that values Freedom of Speech. If you want your issues to be addressed quietly and privately, then they should not give the viewers a reason to make such comments. The people on the show knew what they were getting into. People in “show business” know what they signed up for.

    And to this comment, “Have you truly, in your life, EVER been “fat”?,” I say: why does it matter? Her post was about HEALTH, not about criticizing their size. The people Cassey refers to just so happen to have let themselves get to a point where the extent by which they have compromised their health shows through on the outside. Plus, according to Cassey, they were eating incredible amounts of butter, sugar, and preserved, processed foods… so… that’s clearly a worrisome habit that will definitely increase their risks for other diseases. Cassey may have never been fat, but that doesn’t mean that empathy and worry for the lives of others doesn’t exist. She became a trainer and has dedicated a big portion of her life to be a true health advocate, which only means that she is well educated on the subject of health. Her “rant,” “post,” or whatever you want to call is is nowhere near as harsh as the words on the show “The Biggest Loser,” as said in a previous post on this thread.
    So, everyone relax. -_- Sheesh.
    Read more:

  89. You didn’t read the same post then. She wasn’t bashing Honey Boo Boo’s family for being overweight; she was pointing out how their horrible eating choices will have long-term effects if something isn’t done.

  90. Way to go Cassey! I’m sending you big hugs! Don’t let these haters get you down!

  91. Dear Cassey,

    Chil obesity is a huge concern, but moreover, in term of health, consequences on her future, but also happiness.
    Don’t get me wrong, beeing overweight is not wrong, but the family is quite ridiculous to my mind, and i’m not sure that at the end of the day, they are happy about their life.
    I’m supporting you in your message and sending the link to make it read to friends ;)

    hugs from france !!!

  92. Ok! I think there are a lot of people who don’t know what the show is about… TLC did not create the show for people to laugh at their good/bad habits or lifestyle… The show is a spinoff of Toddlers and Tiaras… Alana “Honey Boo Boo” were viewers favorite because of her snazzy attitude and the fact that she is a chubby contestant with no body image issue in the pagent world where that doesn’t happen…. I have watched multiple elisodes and agree that their eating habits are killing them. But I also look at other factors. As a southerner “TX” we like most of food fried and buttered and Georgia aint no different…. And yes I use the words aint and yall…Which is sort of a tradition…. And we all know traditions never die in the south…. Another thing even if her mom wanted to eat right and excercise,it would be hard for her to excercise because of club foot from a fork lifting accident at work… I’m kinda stuck in the middle about this post…. I am not outraged by Casey comments or opinions but I do thin that she doesn’t understand a few things such as how things are in the Deep South, the show itself and what it’s like to be fat…

    * Still Love your Blog

  93. s6milerun says:

    Well said Jenn! Well said!

  94. The more I look at this, the more I think you should look at this post as a HUGE win Cassey. Even though not everyone agrees with you (and frankly, no one ever does, you can’t please everyone), what you have succeeded brilliantly in doing is starting a conversation and drawing attention to the issue. As of the time I wrote this comment, there were 828 comments on this post. That tells me a LOT of people saw this and took the time to read it. You’re bringing the issues of childhood obesity, inactivity and nutrition to people’s attention, something frankly, given the state of health in America right now, that needed to be done.

    It’s hard reading critical comments, but in the grand scheme of things, a controversial topic garners a lot more attention than something everyone agrees with. What you’ve done here is started a conversation on the topic – I’d say that’s a big win.

  95. Katie,

    Seriously. Everyone has a right to express their opinion. This morbidly obese mother is training her ( IN MY OPINION) asshole child to be obese. I for one, can not STAND Honey Boo Boo, I hate even typing that name. I’m sorry but this family doesn’t deserve to be in the spotlight. This woman is slowly killing her child and as a MOTHER she should be teaching her child to eat properly so she can have a HEALTHY future. My opinion is the people who are insulting Cassey have some deep seeded issues with themselves. If you don’t like her blog or her site, then you can easily not read her articles and redirect your anger somewhere else. It’s not that hard. What an awful thing to say Katie. Grow up. Cassey wasn’t name calling or saying these people were disgusting. She was merely pointing out that this child needs a healthy lifestyle and the mother needs help learning how to eat healthy and how to provide for her family in the same way.

  96. SyreetaK1 says:

    Hi Cassey, I know I am very late in hearing about this and responding but I do have to say that your comments were warranted. I say this because I come from a household that was not educated in healthy eating while I was growing up, and although I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s where there were no video games and computers, I had the opportunity to go outside EVERYDAY and play so the effects of my improper eating habits were not seen. However, as I got older I went outside less and the fat accumulated. I am now well into my 30’s and have come to realize that nutrition is essential for my health. I learned this on my own…not from my parents; so if good eating habits and nutrition are not learned at an early age, it will have a damaging affect and make it harder to become healthy. I have had to not only show my mother but also my best friend the importance of eating healthy and how their choices will affect their energy, body, skin, and hair. Sometimes our passion came come across and insensitive and maybe even condescending, but your heart is in the right place and THAT I can appreciate.

  97. This wasn’t harsh at all. You just wrote the FACTS of what is happening. I agree with you 100%, and instead of making a show of just following them around and showing how many poor decisions they make, they should get a trainer in there and start teaching them how to change their life! I would probably watch the show then!

  98. Yes actually, one episode can depict their lifestyle…I’ve seen several episodes myself and the mom has literally said that she is proud of the way they live and has no plans to change it…they eat that way in every episode and it’s obvious that they do jut by watching one episode. June flat out DOES NOT CARE what she is doing to her family….it’s obvious that she loves them but she is ignorant to the fact of what she’s doing to their bodies. It may not be her fault for being so ignorant on the topic because that’s how she was raised but she has to realize that she is making her kids obese like she is and to that she is turning a blind eye to. Not okay. Any mom that says “I could care less if my kids become obese” is a child abuser and not a good mom.

  99. Child obesity IS a big issue so no, I don’t think this post is harsh but I understand that it may be a sensitive topic to talk about. The kids in my family have always been obese, kids meaning my baby cousins and myself when I was younger. It was a terrible feeling, to feel self-conscious all the time because kids around me were thinner. I could never run as fast or wear things the same way. Now that I’m older, I am still self-conscious but in the way that everyone else is and when I look back on me being that way as a kid, I feel sad. Kids should not have to feel that way or have to think about how much they weigh because parents are the ones that feed them–the ones that buy them junk food. The kids don’t understand what’s unhealthy or healthy yet but are only eating what is being fed. As an obese kid once myself, i was forced to finish everything given to me so even if I reject a bag of chips, I had to eat it or else it would be wasted. This is why Cassey is right in showing her point of view. Let’s not forget Honey Boo Boo has her own reality show. Shows are meant to be criticized and also, one of the funny factors include her being fat. I’ve never watched the show personally because I find reality shows to be stupid–people humiliating themselves for entertainment…no thanks. Using Honey Boo Boo as an example of child obesity is relevant. Everyone knows her so people would understand what is wrong with child obesity. Being healthy must start young. All I got from this blog post is good nutrition means everything and it isn’t right for a child to be eating such unhealthy foods. And what you people find as harsh but is actually reality, the mother is slathering butter and sugar on food. She is the cause of her daughter’s unfitness and that isn’t right. The little girl can’t stop to think “I’m unhealthy” when her mom looks that way and is feeding her like that so yes, the show is disgusting. Their family’s lifestyle is put on display as comedy and entertainment. Obesity should never be taken as a joke so I believe that Cassey is right to state that opinion.

  100. Why are people getting to butthurt over this post?
    Is it because it’s hitting a little too close to home?
    Everything Cassey said is correct, she in no way slanders the family or calls them stupid, she’s saying the things a lot of us were already thinking!

  101. I totally agree with you, Cassey. It is a huge problem an more people are becoming overweight because Honey Boo Boo says it’s “okay”. I’m only thirteen and I’m trying to get into a healthier lifestyle, but like you said, living at home makes it difficult to eat clean. You are 100% correct. I am shocked at all the negitives… it is SAD that they eat that in one day! It makes me want to work harder. LOL

  102. I find it very interesting that several of the comments on this blog post have 1) said Cassey was being rude and condescending when in fact she should use positive language to promote health and fitness, 2) said that Cassey is not encouraging this family to change their lifestyle, and 3) imply that because the family isn’t well-educated, doesn’t have the luxury or buying whole foods, and that THEY, the people, are being judged. These aforementioned comments ARE THEMSELVES being rude and condescending by using negative language to show their disgust at Cassey’s post; if you are going to encourage someone to change their lifestyle, or change their view of someone else’s lifestyle, shouldn’t you try a little of your own medicine and use encouraging positive language to show “your opponent” the other side of the issue instead of saying “You’re condescending, elitist, judgemental and you complain a lot?” Being hypocritical has never won arguments for people. And speaking of being encouraging, Cassey’s post is about reaching the audience of the Honey Boo Boo show to help make changes at the level of the show itself. TV shows are driven by what the public wants; if enough people raise their voice and say “This show is an example of the epidemic of life-threatening, health insurance-weakening, social more-shattering obesity that is ravaging the USA…we should use this as a vessel for enacting change” then perhaps we will be able to make changes to the lives of this TV family, and perhaps continue making more changes to our society and to legislation to make it easier for people to buy fresh fruits and veggies by putting better grocery stores in low-income areas, rural or urban; by lowering prices of healthy foods and taxing processed food products with ingredients that promote metabolic syndromes. If you think that, as the negative commenters have intimated, being obese (and we’re NOT talking about FAT here, we talking about OBESITY) is hard on the people suffering from it, should you be supporting someone who is trying to ignite positive change to help people live the lives that THEY WANT TO LIVE? Shouldn’t you facilitate the pathway to a happier way of life for people who, until now, have felt too alone and too far gone to even start making life-altering changes? And lastly, I would bet that no one here knows anything about what this TV family is like off TV: you may have no idea what level of education was achieved by the mother; you may have no idea of their financial situation or ability to buy whole foods. Regardless of education or financial resources, these people should be made aware of the fact that there are options for living a healthier lifestyle- IF THEY SO CHOSE. Just like with smoking, we need to educated people about the risks of their lifestyle and then LET THEM CHOSE and I am certain that Cassey would respect the boundaries of this family’s civil rights by explaining, reasoning through, healthier lifestyles, encouraging them, but in the end, allowing them to make a decision for themselves. And Cassey is not judging the people themselves, she is expressing her thoughts on a lifestyle. People are not their lifestyles; despite the fact that people and their lifestyles are tightly intertwined, they are not synonymous, and I don’t think that Cassey is “fat-shaming” or hating on anyone. Again, she is trying to ignite passion in this community to promote change. She has done that for so many of us as individuals and if we all work together, we can help change the lives of other people, pay it forward. I know that obesity and metabolic syndromes are difficult. I have seen it up close, I have seen how it destroys bodies and lives, and I don’t want people to suffer anymore. I want them to relive the American Dream: to discover that they have the power to make decisions for their betterment and that they can become the person they want to be. For those of you who are condemning Cassey for her use of free speech here, then you are also condemning those who are too scared to ask for help, those who are making our healthcare system quake, those who perpetuate early deaths and a bitter daily existence, to more suffering and more feelings of helplessness.

  103. Melanie Smith says:


    I know that this thread has become a little outdated as you’ve already posted another entry in regards to this one, but I figured I’d leave my comment here since this is actually where my thoughts belong. If I’ve more to add once I read the other post, I’ll add my thoughts there.

    First off, I’d like to start by saying that you should ignore the nutjobs out there calling you out for being concerned. What they don’t understand is that all you’re doing is reacting from what you’re passionate about. Health and fitness isn’t a beauty thing. Honey Boo Boo could end up with some serious health-related issues, and then what will people call you? A prophet, perhaps? I wouldn’t worry so much about what others say, and I’d focus more on just feeding your own passion on the matter. Don’t ever let someone else (most of all, someone without a face) dull that beautiful shine of yours.

    Secondly, I’m in total agreement. That child is on the fast-track to disaster. And I’m not even talking about her exercise regime or what she eats for supper. I’m more worried about what her parents let her consume for these beauty pageants. What is it, again? Mountain Dew and caffeine tablets? The issue there isn’t even the hyper-active child, it’s the fact that she could, honestly and truly, die from this beverage concoction. How is this child even legally allowed to remain with that woman and her husband? And it’s far from just the mother’s fault, of course. Her mother gets a lot of hate for this, but whereabouts is Honey Boo Boo’s father to step in and say “No, my child is not going to be endangered anymore”?

    The worst part about this, is that people all over the world are ok with this behavior. “Oh yeah, this is totally normal. I eat butter and ketchup on my spaghetti all the time. I don’t see where the issue is”. Well, the issue is that you wouldn’t want someone poisoning your child, so why is ok for that same person to do it to their own?

    I could go on for days about this. But I think I’ll end this here, because I have a job I need to get to, haha. I hope you’re coping from all the hate, Cassey.

  104. I do not think that this post was harsh at all – it is the truth. Cassie is a promoter of HEALTH and WELL BEING, and anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle (which is why we are all here reading her blogs in the first place, right?) will agree with what she is saying. This post has nothing to do with skinny vs. fat but health vs illness. Cassie, keep it coming!

  105. You are one of my new favorite people! Let me start by saying, I am obese (need to lose 100+ pounds but I am starting to Eat Clean and attempt the beginners videos) and I was not offended in the least. I think some of you need to read what she is saying…she did not call the family any names. This is Cassey’s blog and she has the right to post her opinion about something. In fact her opinion is right and she offered it in a way that was straightforward not cruel or trying to shame anyone. I have a toddler and I am responsible for setting an example for good eating and exercise habits. I can understand where you are coming from. Obesity is an epidemic and if we don’t try to get it under control our society will face dire consequences in the next generations. Cassey you have a great heart and I look forward to continuing my journey following your blog and sweating my butt off to your awesome videos. Sending love, hugs and happy thoughts your way.

  106. Maybe some people can’t see what you are about, and that’s their problem. You are just trying to stand up for what you believe in. Alot of people would just ignore the lifestyle Honey Boo Boo and her family live but you are out to help people change.. I admire that. Keep up the good work!

  107. I think you are passionate which is why you are so bothered by this. I have NEVER watched this show. I don’t think it’s funny, and I don’t think that honey boo boo is adorable (bingo is cute on the biggest loser though). I”m not sure what the show is about. I grew up in a house hold where good nutrition wasn’t followed b/c mom was working and maybe felt guilty, and she turned to food as well. Now we are all overweight and losing.

    What irked me was this statement “Fat is just a result of what you haven’t done to take care of your body. ” That is super harsh to me, and it pains me to think that people think that when they see me, and this makes me ashamed of my body. My issue of course, but it’s true. I have lost 66 lbs and still have 44 more to lose, so still fat, and people still thinking that I’m not taking care of myself… I don’t even know what I am trying to say here. I won’t unsubscribe because I really love all of your other posts, but this one comes across a little judgmental and harsh. Obesity is a major issue in the US and world which is why you have this website in the first place, but calling people out and passing judgments on people is kind of wrong as a trainer. Those are inside thoughts that you share with other trainer friends as you laugh at the show.

  108. Doesn’t the TV show BANK on people’s judgmental attitudes toward them? People judge their lifestyles, find it different enough from their own and ridiculous enough to consider it TV/entertainment. I doubt many people watch it for its educational value or because we aspire to be like them. So in a way, they’re INVITING judgment (and perhaps even exaggerating their behavior) by displaying all of this on public TV. Of course I wouldn’t go up to a random person on the street and say anything but this family gave up some of its claims to privacy when they signed up to do a TV show.

  109. First off, if the family is concerned about criticism DON’T BE ON TV! Second, Miss Ho is correct about the issue of childhood obesity and obesity in America in general. I live in the same state as the Honey Boo Boo family and while some may not know any better, there are plenty of resources to utilize. I feel for the family only because they are being exploited by a television network for viewers to laugh at or be horrified. Finally, Cassey just stated her opinion on her own blog…if you don’t like it then leave…that means you are OK with allowing people to slowly kill themselves and their children who are the real victims in this situation. Working in the medical field, you see victims of bad nutrition young and old. It is an epidemic….period. You also see those who are left behind…wives, brothers, sisters, and children when patients die from nutrition related health issues. Keep it up Cassey, you’re doing just fine…detractors simply have not experienced or witnessed the sadness this epidemic truly leaves in its wake.

  110. Totally agree. With you girl–dont sweat the haters!

  111. You are wrong in your statement about personal trainers! My trainers ask me every time what I’ve been eating and just last week she said “processed! And where is your protein? Your killing me!” Her exact words personal trainers aren’t there to make you feel good about your bad eating choices they are there to kick your butt and make sure you are eating right and doing what you need to do to be healthy.

  112. Hey Cassey! Let me just say this post hit the nail on the head. For the people complaining about how harsh it was….have you seen biggest loser because Jilian Michaels is not exactly sugar coating anything. I think that Cassey is being straightforward about the issue and in a way that is not harsh but eye opening. Someone mentioned that people have to take certain medications that cause them to gain weight….talk to a doctor, have them change the medication. Even if medication is the reason for weight gain that medication doesn’t determine the food you put in your mouth. You can still eat healthy and get exercise in everyday. So seriously people get off Cassey’s back.her making this post is not her passing judgment it’s her expressing her feelings towards the bad habits that are being presented on this show.

    Keep up the amazing work Cassey! You inspire me to do better everyday!


  113. These people are more or less eating tons of butter and other things that all contribute to various diseases that kill millions of Americans and your response is that it’s not disguising ????? Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer etc. all come from somewhere…diet matters, lifestyle matters and there is a difference between an unhealthy diet and lifestyle and a healthy one. You are delusional and angry, you should channel the angry energy into something more productive than calling people judgemental pigs

  114. I stopped applauding you long enough to write this comment. Anyone getting upset over this article needs to accept how unhealthy their lifestyle is and how closely their lives are like Honey Boo Boo’s. You may not consume pounds of fat, oil and processed foods in one sitting but it’s there in your diet waiting to be eaten over the course of your day.
    Granted the article was very informal and more of a reaction than a composed piece but your point is incredibly valid and the reason why so many kids are obese. I agree with you that it breaks my heart to see kids suffering because they can not take care of themselves yet and are being taught improper diet techniques in their childhood.
    Keep up the good work!

  115. Cassey you are one wise woman! Most people have the basic knowledge that what you eat can effect your health both positively and negatively. I see amongst friends and family that a lot of people have different views on what is healthy, this comes from mixed messaging and being educated in different ways. laziness, desire for sweet foods, lack of cooking ability and thinking “quicker is better” are things which I find stops people from making a change, they don’t have enough drive or determination. I myself am not the healthiest person, I’m not overweight, just unhealthy. My food choices are absolutely horrible and I know I don’t look unhealthy but I sure can feel it. I do have friends who tell me that I shouldn’t be eating something cause I will end up with diabetes or some other health deficent disease. I think education is important, but especially self-awareness education. We are trying to encourage people to be happy with themselves and to boost confidence within our society, but I feel as we do this it allows people to get away with thinking being unhealthy is okay. Mesages are mixed again, people think you should just loose weight or eat well to look good, they overlook the fact it is to make them healthy and to prevent disease and illness in the future. Thankyou Cassey for saying exactly what I’m thinking when I watch that show!!

  116. Cassey is my favorite one in the cyber world and unfortunately I aggree with people above. I can get that Cassey wants a good thing, I can’t stand watching Honey Boo Boo or something, I live in Istanbul and we think America is ready to sell their own mama just to be seen on tv for 15 minutes.. Honey Boo Boo or whatever her name’s, is clearly suffering. BUT sharing her clutching fats on her body WİLL NOT help her. It’s just selling her again and again. Now Cassey’s blog is been shared more, is been read more.. It just helped this cause, Honey Boo Boo is still suffering from maniac mother and cruel industry and pounds of fat she’s collecting just to be seen on tv.

    I’m not trying to say nasty things to my favorite instructor. But Honey Boo Boo is sold again. Noone is helping a little girl, it’s so sad. I also think she must lose weight but not via tumblr-mass. Tumblr-mass is basicly self-hatred/post-puberty girls just want to buy more. Honey Boo Boo needs serious hands.

  117. Hi Cassey! It is very sad when you see people not taking care of their children. The biggest part of this is that Mama probably knows in her heart that it isn’t right for her family t eat this way. It doesn’t mean that we all have to eat raw or organic 100% of the time, it just means that we have to at least make an effort. I have 2 kids and it’s hard to say no when they want candy all the time, but I am have had to reevaluate my eating habits so I can set a good example for them. I want them to grow to be HEALTHY adults, and it starts when they are young.

  118. I didn’t read the WHOLE thing, but I read a lot of comments, and you have nothing to be sorry for. Yes, it was a little harsh and instead of being really heated and ranting, maybe try to reach out to them? OR. It can be used as an example of what we should not be doing if we want to eat healthy and remain healthy, etc., because how they eat is not the best, by far.
    I also had to comment on another post saying that overweight people cannot possibly be healthy, which is so far from the truth.
    I am overweight and I’m STILL healthy. And ya know what? If a BMI calculator would factor in the fact that I’ve had boobs that weigh 20 pounds for YEARS, or maybe measured MUSCLE MASS on a regular basis, I probably wouldn’t be in the BMI obese bracket that I am in. Can you please create a REAL BMI calculator? That factors in boobs and booties and THIGHS, for goodness sake? You would be amazing if you could somehow do that lol. Keep on goin’, girl !! xx

  119. People that are so strongy against this post and giving you hate OBVIOUSLY have or had the same lifestyle/are overweight. I agree with you 100% Cassey. I have a friend who’s slowly going to obesity, her mom does’nt know how to cook so they eat everything from a can/packaged. The thing is that her mom doesn’t WANT to learn, she could care less about their eating habbits. I’m glad that I was lucky enough to be born in a family that makes everything from scratch. My mom never uses full products like full milk and creme, and the minimum of butter. She’s telling me the importance of this since I was a kid and that people die becouse of unhealthy eating habbits. No family is perfect, it’s not like we all exercise like crazy but eathing at least a little healthy is important to me and I’m happy that I was raised that way. I’m sorry if there are a lot of mistakes, I’m from Belgium xx

  120. Don’t apologize Cassey! You said nothing that was untrue or morally wrong.
    People need to stop getting so offended by everything. Most likely the people
    Making those comments need to change their diets and see their lifestyle mirrored
    By honey boo boo. Therefore criticizing her means you are criticizing them.
    Do I like honey boo boo? Yes she’s hilarious! Does she have a horrible and unhealthy
    Diet forced upon her by her mother? Absolutely. That is all that you said and your a fitness
    Guru for crying out loud you cannot possibly condone it.

  121. Why on Earth should there be a show promoting unhealthy lifestyle?!
    If the purpose of the producers was to make the viewers treat their health like some cheap s****, they most certainly succeeded in my opinion. This shows depicts unhealthy eating as the way to go. And I do not believe this is how it should be…. Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the main components of diabetes, heart condition, depression, etc…
    I am with Cassey on this one; however I have to agree that the wording used was not the best.

  122. of course nothing was done about it….no ratings, no money

  123. Michelle, I don’t live in America, and I haven’t seen the show. I know the problem on America’s health program just by watching other stuff on tv. But, can’t they use coupons on a supermarket? Can’t the dad that has the car go to the supermarket and get some fresh food? Is their choice of food really the healthiest they can have? I’m asking because I don’t know… I’m just saying that even chicken nuggets are healthier if cooked in the oven than fried.

  124. I watched this program after reading your post. I feel really sorry for the kids because they’re not being educated about proper food and nutrition. I also have a feeling that the whole family i probably malnourished because of the food they’re eating. They’re not getting vitamins and the correct nutrients.

    I agree with the above people in that some people are overweight due to medication but the majority are due to poor nutrition and lack of activity.

    I completely agree with you about education. I like in the UK and when Jamie Oliver started a campaign to get school food changed everyone moaned at the time. Now, most parents are glad for the healthy choices available for children.

  125. Cassey maybe you should consider joining force with Jamie oliver look at his battle to try and get school food healthy? You’re never going to able to satisfy everyone on subject of parenting skills. Some people are always going to take it personally but st the end of day parent responsibilities not rights. Move on from this but stick to your principles and values that’s why we follow you.

    Others out there – Debate is always good but f-ing on comments pages is just showing you’re lack of intelligence.

  126. “You are a judgemental pig.” You’re right, that’s something only someone tolerant, accepting and supportive would say! Up the maturity level and skip the seventh-grade name calling if you want to be taken seriously.

  127. I am from New Zealand but have seen one episode. I thought the show was sick entertainment, I believe the majority of people watching it are laughing at the expense of these people’s ways to make them feel better about themselves. Cassey comes along and sees the bigger picture and how this is an example of a much greater problem, all the comments she made were factual. People there are6 months old in the us and Japan that are obese! Think about that for a moment, it is the parents that need educating and watching honey boo boo and seeing that threshold for nutrition being set so low is very worrying to me and obviously toCassey.

  128. Cassie, do not apologize. You mean what you said. Everyone else needs to preach elsewhere. My Mother was almost 300 pounds and had a severe heart attack. It was a sad and harsh wake up call. From only eating better and going on walks she lost 100 pounds the next year. Thats all it takes to get yourself out of the danger level. Honey Boo Boo’s Mama needs to wake up! That little girl is so young and she needs her mother to stick around.

  129. If this family doesn’t want to be discussed in public and on all sorts of blogs and websites, they shouldn’t have gone on TV in the first place. They chose to be public and when you go on TV you should be prepared to be talked about, so I don’t think it was wrong for Cassey to write about it on her blog. She’s just writing about the things she cars about, that catch her interest and she’s running a fitness/health blog so talking about obesity is part of it, it’s important to make people understand that working out and eating properly is not just about “looking hot”, but most importantly about being healthy.

  130. You’re putting words in her mouth. NEVER did she say someone who is obese is worth less, never did she say she was disgusted by them. She said she’s disgusted with their diet, two COMPLETELY different things. People need to stop being so damn touchy, the way this family is eating is really unhealthy and they should learn how to eat healthily so their daughter can learn too. That’s the point of Cassey’s post.

  131. AMEN! My thoughts exaccccctly

  132. Well, first off, the mother isn’t making money off of the show. She puts all the money into trusts for the daughters to have when they turn 21. Secondly, someone who is obese is not worth any less than someone who is skinny. They do not deserve to be shamed like that and there is no excuse for saying you are “disgusted” by someone who has fat. Obesity is also a social problem–it disproportionately affects people who are of color and people who are in poverty. We do not need to tell people to fix themselves, especially in such a condescending manner, and instead look at what we are doing as a society that causes it. This post is very privileged and classist, and we need to check our privilege when discussing such matters.

  133. Cassey,
    I normally love your posts but this one REALLY rubbed me the wrong way. I can definitely understand where you are coming from, you are concerned for the kids, but the way you worded it was harsh and rude. Yes, there is a thing as tough love, but your comments of “Fat is just a result of what you haven’t done to take care of your body” and that eating your veggies, drinking water & exercising will make it go away? What about those on medications they MUST take that make them put on weight?? Have you truly, in your life, EVER been “fat”? You cannot understand what it’s like then, the entrapment you feel.. stuck in your own body. Yes, in your opinion, they did it to themselves but where is your compassion? Saying this show “killed your soul”?? A good personal trainer is compassionate and kind; you have a right to voice your opinion but when you are in the spotlight, in my opinion your words should be watched more carefully. Like I said in the beginning, I know you meant well but in the future, I would suggest saving a post as a draft then revisiting it when you are not so heated. I can honestly say I am very disappointed in your choice of words and judgmental assumptions.

  134. Of course they’re open to judgment. That’s no reason to debase yourself by taking part in that judgment. What a negative way of thinking!
    If someone crosses the street you’re on, and you find them unattractive, you are NOT entitled to go up to them and say, “Excuse me, but you look terrible. Don’t you know there’s makeup and plastic surgery and dressing for your body type?”
    It’s a relevant example because the way a person looks, and how people will judge them for their looks, affects their mental health.
    In the case of this tv show, people are banking on the fact that they can anonymously (that is, relative to the family) give them shit for how they act. Forgive me, but Cassey went so far as to criticize how they thought of food as “fun.” Frankly, if food must forever be divorced from enjoyment, there’s no reason whatsoever to put effort into cooking or baking so that the result tastes good.
    Anyway, I understand where you’re coming from, I really, really do.
    But just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  135. She has nothing to apologize for. She is stating her own view and opinion on things. Everybody judges. It’s human nature. Just like many people are judging Cassey in a whole new light simply because she voiced her opinion over what can only be categorized as a pop icon. Should she apologize for wanting a healthier future for children?
    Personally, I’ve never watched a single clip or episode of Honey Boo Boo, but just the thought of the show turns my stomach. Simply because society is feeding these people’s poor life choices, and glorifying ignorance.

  136. I first discovered this site through Tumblr posts, and I am outraged how the masses on Tumblr are reacting right now.

    To accuse someone of “fat shaming” for pointing out an obviously flawed diet is a bit absurd. We have an epidemic of obesity in the US. This isn’t a problem because people “aren’t nice to look at;” it is a problem because obesity causes diabetes, heart disease and many other life-threatening illnesses.

    Sure, Cassey made a post after only one episode. Do you really thing the day-to-day lifestyle is that much different than what was shown in the special? I don’t.

    There is no problem with being fat, but there is a problem with being grossly negligent with your health.

    Thank you for pointing out that there is an issue that needs addressed, Cassey.

  137. Willie Lou says:

    I completely agree with Cassey in that this family is obviously not healthy, however, I don’t think it was appropriate for Cassey, who has a huge readership and viewership, to bash this family in such a public way. Everyone gets to make his or her own choices, and to rag on someone and shame them for living a different lifestyle than the one you live just seems obnoxious. I mean, what’s the point? This wasn’t an “open letter” to Honey Boo Boo or Mama June! It was a post on a blog by a fit person for other fit (or hoping to be fit) people. There really wasn’t any kind of concern involved here! It seems like Cassey was just being judgmental and feeling superior, which is never attractive. Of COURSE we all make judgements, but we don’t all post them to our super popular blog/YouTube channels. The way this post was written came across as very rude and condescending, and I think that’s why people are upset. None of this needed to be said. It didn’t add anything of value to Cassey’s blog, it was just a pointless rant. Get over it! I also think it’s a leeetly ironic that Cassey has gotten so worked up about the negative comments she’s gotten on this post! I mean, really?! If you’re going to say rude things about other people, you probably shouldn’t get so offended when people say rude things to or about you.

  138. This.
    Cassey has really no right to pass judgment on the matter. Yes, the family is unhealthy and has bad habits. This show is purely for entertainment value. They know they’re not the healthiest, and viewers to not watch the show for advice on how to live. I highly doubt Cassey would have the same opinions if she had to raise 4 children (one with a baby) in a certain economic situation (which, for the record, June puts money into accounts for the kids, and upon being offered additional money she wouldn’t accept it). They’re doing what they know and the best they can.

    I’m not saying childhood obesity (and obesity in general) isn’t an issue. But this blog post makes you sound preachy and bitchy. Weight loss isn’t one size fits all (no pun intended) and not everyone can do blogilates and follow strict meal plans eating kale all day. The family IS trying, it’s just not the main focus of the show because, quite frankly, they would lose viewers. It wouldn’t be fun.

  139. What about the harm?
    What harm does homosexuality cause? I’d say equating homosexualtiy with obesity is offensive!! One is a lifestyle choice and one is WHO WE ARE….

  140. Her body is a result of a very unhealthy lifestyle. If someone points that out, how is that “shaming” her? Do you know how hard and unhealthy it is to be obese? My mother has been obese her entire life. She wasn’t even 40 before she had to start on like ten different medications. Now that number has doubled because of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and so many other problems you would never want to have. No one is judging the girls’ physical appearance as much as the fact that she believes that butter, spaghetti and ketchup makes a well rounded meal. If she were eating healthily then this blog post wouldn’t exist. I can understand if you come from a background where you were made to feel bad about your weight, but keeping quiet about someone’s glorified obesity is no better than teasing them over it.

  141. Anyone who thinks this is discriminatory or wants to “unsubscribe” because of the truth that is spoken is obviously deluded and potentially psychotic…
    This is nothing but the truth and the US leads the way with many of us close behind. How different is hitting a child to treating them like this? Diabetes, kidney failure … not to mention the social ills… NOT FAIR!!!
    Go Cassey. Your haters are deluded people sucked in by fast food company propaganda and other BS.
    We have a right and a duty to orientate our children to a healthy fun and productive lifestyle. x Just cos the majority (?) of americans are there “yet” doesn’t mean it isn’t right.

  142. Completely agree. The show is in no way meant to be taken as a guidelines for a lifestyle. I’m pretty sure everyone who watches knows that what they eat and do isn’t healthy. Even THEY know it. Cassey’s basing this off of one episode. I’m guessing it wasn’t the one where they talked about trying to lose weight.

    God forbid this little girl isn’t embarrassed or ashamed of her weight amongst a sea of body image issues that seem to affect kids younger and younger each year.

    Your OMG!concern! loses its credibility when you use terms such as ‘disgusting’ and assume things about the mother (ie, the comments about her turning down The Biggest Loser, which isn’t even healthy either).
    Yes, the family has unhealthy habits. But the way you worded this article sounded entirely too judgmental and body-shaming to seem sincere.

  143. Very well put…I fear that America has become mostly uninformed consumers who don’t consider the impact their actions have on themselves or the world and people around them.

  144. AMEN

  145. If you did get it then you wouldn’t be offended!

  146. Her emphasis is on the behavior that led them to be overweight, not their weight itself. And even if she were emphasizing their weight, the fact that all of the excess fat and cholesterol is putting unnecessary strain on their bodies and making it break down is worth noting. Also that this child might have diabetes before she’s a teenager if they keep on this way. People are getting so offended by someone actually saying something negative about being obese that they’re overlooking Cassey’s message entirely. The family is living a toxic lifestyle, which is more harmful to them than anyone actually pointing it out.

    Also, please don’t compare an unhealthy lifestyle to homosexuality. One is a choice, the other isn’t.

  147. She doesn’t have a reason to apologize…

  148. And also her mom is glamorizing their lifestyle to the kid by displaying their lifestyle on t.v as if it’s something to be proud of. I’m very glad Cassey wrote this post.

  149. Well put!

  150. The whole concept of the honeg boo boo show is disgusting. Her mother is making money off of killing her child slowly. As a medical professional I’ve seen first hand what obesity will do to a human body, and it’s not pretty. I am not even close to as physically fit as cassey and I’ve struggled with being slightly overweight as a kid and always have carried a few extra and am the first one to say I love all food bad and good! You dont have to be a health nut to realize obesity is a problem in the U.S. And as long as people keep defendng it people will keep dieing of it. I mean come on you mine as well stand up and defend smoking and drug abuse! Since we dont want to be mean to anyone!

  151. Stephanie says:

    perfectly and articulately stated!

  152. Stephanie says:

    I could not agree with you more Cassey. I literally said last week that I would stop watching that show because of their terrible example of diet, manners, and how disfunctional they appear to be. I honestly don’t understand the negative comments. You said what a lot of people are too scared to say about their diet and lifestyle….anyway it’s their loss if they are offended!

  153. You can say that you have your opinion and whatever, but you have this blog and yt channel that preaching like this is not a good look for you. You’re being condescending after watching 1 episode?? You formed your opinion too quickly and instead of bitching about their eating habits and being disgusted by them maybe you can reach out to them and help them instead. It’s preachy people like you who needs a lesson on positive communication. You’re really not helping anyone with this post.

  154. Appologize?? get real. I totally agree with you cassey and i love your blog and workouts!! Also (this may offend some but truth hurts I suppose) I get very upset when I see how much money it costs to care for obese people. I get irritated when I see obese people riding in the scooters at the grocery store with a cart full of soda, candy, junk food, etc.(And you all know the two go hand in hand, don’t lie to yourself). I think that instead of putting them on diabetes meds, they should get them to a nutritionist and personal trainer. The truth is, losing weight takes care of so many health problems and would cost tax payers so much less!

  155. I completely agree with this entire article! I am honestly just disgusted by the person who created this show.. They are only exploiting a little girl for television views. The mother doesn’t care at all about her children’s health or welfare, it’s heartbreaking and just completely repulsive. I’ve only seen a few episodes and that’s all I will watch. One episode was about one of the teen daughters wanting to lose weight and instead of getting support she was ridiculed and it was turned into some joke of a competition. I think the show should be canceled because I’m sure it’s only increasing how ridiculous the mother is towards everything. She should be in trouble for using her child for fame and not providing a proper lifestyle for any of her daughters.

  156. Oh my gosh I totally agree with you! I clean house for this lady that is really in healthy and her boys are too, there is packages and wrappers of food from every fast food place you can think of everywhere! All they do is sit and watch tv and mindlessly eat all day, and on top of it complain about their body… America needs a wake up call! And maybe hobby boo boos family is a good wake up call for this country, people can start to see why they themselves are over weight, and maybe strive to make a change

  157. I totally agree with you! She wasn’t out to bash them. She was using them as an example of how sad some families deny or give up trying to have a healthy lifestyle. I love you Cassey! <3

  158. I couldn’t agree with you more, Jen. Well said!!

  159. I don’t understand why everyone is so offended? Cassey is only saying the truth about this family and this should motivate us to reach out to other people to make a change! I 100% fully support you Cassey on your opinion and I think that people should listen up.

  160. It’s the truth! I’ve seen every episode and it is disgusting! Entertaining, yep. You people who are mad are doing the same thing you’re accusing her of doing. She’s not allowed to have an opinion? Although most were facts! Talk about judgmental!

  161. Well said, especially the anti-intellectualism bit — that was one of my first thoughts on the way the show seems to be spun/marketed. That reminds me of some ad on tv portraying, in a ridiculous manner, a couple buying vegetables at a farmer’s market just as Gallagher arrives to smash the “organic, no-carbon footprint, blah blah WHO CARES” vegetables. Ugh.

  162. Mackenzie Wheeler says:

    I totally agree with this. Every single part!

  163. What I find quite sad about this Cassie is that, not all of us have the luxury of going and buying fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats and other healthy foods so basically we have to resort to buying tinned vegetables, tinned beans. The family may earn lots of money being on the show which means they could afford fresh produce, but living their lifestyle for that long, the mother is too used to the lifestyle that she’s been living for her lifetime. Also with the thanksgiving meal that the mother cooked, maybe she was never taught to create healthy meals? maybe she grew up in a family that taught her how to eat junk food and hadn’t taught her how to treat her body right, that would explain why she’s ‘morbidly obese’. What I’m getting to is that if you don’t know the family’s past and what they’ve been through, you can’t make such harsh judgements. Yes what they put into their mouths is different to you, but they’re not as educated in health and exercise as yourself, they weren’t as lucky as you. Maybe instead of judging someone on how unhealthy they are, like you said you could help them out by encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle but since you’re not going to do that for this family, I don’t understand why you’re complaining so much about them? Fat shaming is just as bad as slut shaming.

  164. Hey, Cassey! I really think you meant good and you have a point!

    In my opinion, the problem with the post was that you used just too many harsh words (they surely don’t help your argument look reasonable) and this generated many of the outraged/disapproving comments. So writing moderate, milder articles would really help to educate more people about nutrition (no one will listen to you if they feel attacked or unworthy).

    Anyways, you’re doing a great job and your videos are just awesome! Do not let mean comments demotivated you!

  165. Not okay. A fitness professional is supposed to be professional, not judgey and mean. I get your base poor but it’s disguised with a lot of snarkiness that isn’t very becoming. Losing weight and eating healthily is both the easiest and hardest thing in the world. Kudos to you for nailing it. I just feel like this was really, really cruel of you and in poor taste, especially considering the fact that a lot of your audience is probably overweight and looking for help. Who are you to say that she’s probably been offered Biggest Loser and turned it down? Clueless.

  166. Amanda L. Davis says:

    Cassey, regardless of the people you have lost as subscribers, regardless of the negative feedback. . . Keep on truckin. Girl, you have every right to use this as an example and to be frank and honest, I am completely in agreement. I haven’t watched this show through an episode just based on the commercials I have seen and the complete lack of respect for teaching our future how to thrive. This is our future we are talking about, the mom dies of her lack of nutrition, she is old enough – that’s our history but a child dies and that is our future. It’s our responsibility as parents to teach our children how to survive. With the obesity rates these days and even the first woman is getting involved, you know there is a problem. I have decreased my viewing of TLC at all cost because they air this kind of program. I almost thought that they were airing it just to make fun of this family with an obvious issue. It’s a sad day that people judge you because they didn’t like your opinion on the matter well shame on them doll. You keep being fit and awesome.

  167. Doing the same thing myself! No matter what, from here on out, I know now how Cassey really is. Any apology at this point will just be to keep people from hating her. It’ll never be sincere.

  168. Honey Boo Boo’s mom is MORBIDLY obese. This is not a matter of subjective opinion in terms of her health. This is science, this is medicine, this is physiology. She will experience obesity related health complications sooner or later and will likely die of them. Being slightly overweight is a totally different ball game. Someone can still have really healthy habits and have a hard time being light and lean due to genetics or metabolic disorders. But to be overweight like her requires intaking massive amounts of unhealthy food and inactivity over a long time period. From a medical standpoint, someone who eats clean and exercises IS healthier than someone who is covered in hundreds of pounds of adipose tissue, (barring any other unrelated health problems). SCIENCE, people. She may have not phrased it right, but the gist is correct.

    Also, I think the people who gave her the right to judge their habits are the people who certified her to be a fitness professional as well as the thousands who look up to her and come to her for advice on a daily basis, knowing that she has expertise in the area.

  169. It’s honestly fascinating to me that people are acting like Cassey’s blog post is the first critical or derogatory thing that has been posted or said about Honey Boo Boo and her family. They literally get made fun of CONSTANTLY in the media and by the whole country and everyone treats it like one big joke. Cassey posts one thing about how unhealthy their eating habits are (which is TRUE, by the way), and people lose it. Fascinating.

  170. Pretty much sums it up nicely.

  171. “It’d be cool if mam went on the biggest loser. They probably asked her and she said no.” “They should be eating clean”. “Having a belly at that young of an age isn’t healthy” “I’m worried about Honey Boo Boo”. No. You fucking aren’t worried, you are a fat-shaming asshole. Honey Boo Boo is not disgusting. Her ‘mama’ (who has a NAME, by the way) is nor disgusting, nor is their family and lifestyle. The only thing that is disgusting? You. I really hope you consider writing an apology follow-up post to this one, because everyone who has seen this article or thow show deserves it. You are a judgemental pig, and you have no right to complain about people being ‘mean’ to you on this post.

  172. Hey guys, so after reading all of the comments. Yes all of them, I thought I’d jump on and add my 2 cents. Obviously there are always going to be two sides to an argument/debate. Which has been made quite obvious here. I think we all know Cassey well enough to know that she was just stating an opinion and had the best intentions. I agree with what she said. Childhood obesity is directly related to parents…who do you think the child looks up to and watches as they grow up. So many studies have been done on this! Being overweight isn’t healthy.. I could ramble about all the issues being overweight brings but I think we are all aware. Regardless of whether reality TV exaggerated some of the scenes or whatever, at the end of the day. In my opinion. Regardless of what side you are on, can you honestly sit down and watch that show and not judge? You should be concerned by what you see. And everyone can get on there high horses about it all, but I would not eat that way and neither would my children because I want the best healthy life for them. Covering a turkey in a tub of butter… Does not fall into that category.

  173. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean she “doesn’t get it.”

  174. You make an okay point, however, their family is NOT nourishing their body with healthy food. And people are saying to Cassey that she can’t judge them after only seeing one episode, but lets be real here. You can’t honestly say that they eat anything nutritious on any of their episodes?!? That family is nothing but disgusting!

  175. Christina says:

    I completely agree with you. It’s not necessarily an issue about obesity, although that is a major health concern as well. The issue is that the children are unable to change their eating and lifestyle habits. They are not able to cook for themselves and they have no say in what is made for them. I grew up in a family who was overweight and ate very unhealthy. As a result, I gained a lot of weight and wasn’t active. I started changing my lifestyle in high school by exercising on most days of the week. However, that only gets you so far if you are still eating poorly. Now I’m in college and I have developed healthy eating habits and try to exercise regularly. I can really see a change for the better. To promote healthy lifestyles, I help girl scout troops earn a nutrition badge. We do a lot of hands on activities just to get them thinking about living a healthy life. I completely agree with you Cassey and think that this was a great post. I am a student pharmacist and it is very concerning to me that people live this way and they have their own tv show that shows others it is okay to live like this. Eating well and living a healthy life is the best prevention of any disease! It’s very important and I wish more people understood that. Thank you for your post!

  176. Hi Cassey~

    As a follower of your blog, I am always looking out for any updates and am excited, but this one left me with a sad heart… I understand your point of view, but like you said on your facebook post, this is my opinion from my family’s personal experiences and I hope you can take some advice and change your mindset a little bit…

    From before my parents adopted me, they tried for NINETEEN years to have a child naturally. They even looked to try fertility pills for my mom, which in turn, left her body in a crazy hormonal wreck. They didn’t know it would lead to that at the time (this was in the ’70s-’80s). After that, my mom would pick up weight like crazy because her body thought that she had a baby in her that she had to feed, but really, her hormones didn’t know the difference between the two. Anyway, she gained weight even though she wasn’t eating unhealthily and couldn’t lose it. She spent so much time working out as well–sometimes 2 hours in a day. Nothing helped.

    Just wanted to say that from the outside, my mom may have seemed unhealthy, but she could not control the weight gain. Just keep in mind for future posts that being fat/overweight is not always an indicator of living an unhealthy lifestyle. Just think about your words more carefully for the future. (:

  177. If this woman was obese but eating healthy foods and exercising, and instilling those important values upon her child, there would not be an issue. The issue isn’t that the woman is overweight. Cassey is not saying this woman is doing the wrong thing because she’s overweight. What is being said is that the woman is terribly, terribly unhealthy. She simply isn’t getting enough nutrient rich food into her body to keep her healthy, and she is depriving her child of the nutrition she needs as well. Nobody can say that Cassey is discriminating. Cassey is simply worried about the awful implications for the child as she is too young to make her own eating decisions and is being taught to eat unhealthily and becoming addicted to eating unhealthy foods. It will be very hard for this girl to change her eating habits later on because our eating habits are learned from such a young age. There are some awful comments going around regarding this and targeting Cassey. For every negative or mean comment though, there are so many more people who agree with you, admire you and are just as concerned as you. People who are unhealthy look at shows like these and find solace because they aren’t the only ones. I’m glad they follow your blog, I just wish they would take your advice too. You have helped me become fit and healthy and I love your attitude towards life and everything. Do. not. change. So many people love you Cassey.

  178. Not everyone needs to eat kale, of course not. I’m not a fan of it myself. They’re going to do their own thing but the FACT is that the way they live is unhealthy. They are happy and love each other, yes. But they won’t be able to enjoy their lives very long if their current lifestyle persists. Obesity is a problem.

  179. Ha, found an old one and the deed is done. Thank goodness…

  180. So I erased the original email after I read it…does that mean I have to wait until the next one comes out before I unsubscribe? I can’t find a way to do it from this website.

  181. Hey, Cassey. I love ya girl! I know you didn’t mean to judge anyone, you were simply stating how unhealthy this family’s lifestyle is which it IS! Everyone who is upset about this post needs to realize that Cassey didn’t mean any harm.
    Keep your head up. :)

  182. I agree with you 100%. Someone who posted a comment before me said that you’re basing all you say off one episode, but it’s not that. It is obvious that this family lives an unhealthy lifestyle – just based off their physical appearance! The mother IS morbidly obese. I think society makes that term sound scary (it kind of is) but it is a true disease and it’s not an insult. It’s a disease, like cancer is a disease. Luckily, though, that’s something that CAN be fixed. It’s not easy but it is possible. In my personal experiences, I came from a family who did not eat “healthy” however we never ate like Honey Boo Boo and her family seem to eat. We just did not know how to cook food and make healthy meals, because my mother and father never had the time or energy to put forth in to worrying about what we ate so we simply ate anything that was cheap and easy to make. My family struggled financially and there were a few instances in my life when my family was on welfare – food stamps. Last year, I decided to make a change on my own. I have a job and money and I am an adult (I’m 21) so I am able to buy and cook my own food. Much to my surprise though, my family seems to be following pursuit. I never would have thought that my decision to change my diet would have had such a powerful effect on my loved ones, but it did. My mother is very ill and she has a number of diseases that are a result of her diet. She is my inspiration to continue living my life in the healthiest way possible, because I have felt a great amount of pain to watch her and her health just deteriorate because of the foods she was eating. Anyways, sometimes that big change takes just one person. It’s important to be a good example to other people, especially a good example of living a healthy lifestyle! You never know who is going to learn or gain something from your smart choices. People are watching you all the time. Cassey is a great example herself. Her energy and happiness and EXCITEMENT about living healthy is awesome and motivating in and of itself. Cassey, I truly hope that more people start following in your footsteps. Keep all your amazing advice coming. We, your fans, all love you and you are an inspiration to each and every one of us!

  183. Tara Pigott says:

    I hate it how they feed their kids like this but I guess they don’t know better, they’ve always done it and never knew any better…:| :(

  184. I share your sentiment. I don’t know if maybe it’s just me but ever since the whole bikini competition, blogilates seems more about skinny than healthy. Skinny does not equal healthy. Look back at all of Cassey’s videos, she is so much thinner now than before. I still love doing pop pilates because she is so upbeat and that motivates me, but I tend to stay away from the blog. I just get a bit concerned about the direction of the blog.

  185. Derogatory? An apology? Cassey is stating an opinion backed by fact what this family portraits to the world on T.V. if they had respect for themselves and actually cared what people thought of them I can assure you they wouldn’t be glorifying who they are on television. As a blogger and fitness expert Cassey is identifying a serious health issue with this family, but realize that many other families are following and living the very same way. America is in a state of health emergency and she is using this family as an example to state her concerns which are valid in order to convey to her followers the importance of a healthy life filled with longevity and prosperity.

  186. BIG HUGS Cassey, great post of yours, i totally agree with you!

    kids can not choose what kind of food they eat and how much they excersice, it depends on the family/ parents to function as a rolemodel, so honey booboo and many other kids are having a difficult start in their life.

    i´m glad that my family is eating clean my hole live and cooks fresh every day. my family likes to lern about new foods like quinoa.

    their should be education at school about a healthy lifestyle, fitness and foodwise! so if the kids get older and finally can make the right choices the know what to eat and how to exercise.

    love you, keep up the good work, cant believe all the rude comments.

  187. THANK you. yes. this is spot on. as soon as someone volunteers to have their life broadcast as reality tv, putting themselves and their lifestyle in the public eye as an example, they give up the right to “not be judged.” seriously.

  188. Thanks for this GREAT post! I totally agree with you about being healthy.
    It’s not a fat or skinny issue, not even about confidence or self esteem. Its about HOW LONG DO YOU WANT TO LIVE and how well is that life going to be. I’ve witness 1st hand that life with diabetes, high cholesterol and other similar diseases is not fun at all and the diet portrayed in this show is leading them there. It’s sad.
    I believe God has given us our bodies and we got to take care of them!! We cannot replace or exchange them, but we can always make the decision to appreciate his gift by taking care of them!!!

  189. cassandra rivera says:

    Cassey ya know I love ya girl, videos and all. But I have to say that I did not like this post not one bit. You are basing all this on one special. I just finished reading it right now cause when I started I got annoyed and couldn’t finish it. I am not saying that you do not have some good points here but still this is how I felt. Some people agreed with you and some did not, but that doesn’t mean people should start fighting and getting bashed for it. I am not a hater just cause I don’t 100% agree nor am I gonna call you any names. Everybody has a right to their opinion, but not everybody has to agree on it, just state your peace and move on. However, just cause we have the right to state our own opinions doesn’t mean we should just blurt out whatever we want without thinking. Word things differently, think before you speak, and don’t get offended by what people who may not agree with you say. This is your blog and not everybody is going to agree but like i said this is YOUR blog.

  190. Firstly I’ll admit I live in the UK and know very little about Honey Boo Boo but am shocked at all the negative comments, Cassey’s blog has always been inspiring and positive, to say you are concerned for someone doesn’t make you a bad person. To anyone saying you shouldn’t judge others lifestyles, I agree but in reality we all do it and you’d be lying if you said you never have, if you put yourself on a reality show what do you expect, you are leaving yourself open to judgement whether positive or negative.

  191. I feel very sad for these children… there parents are not teaching them healthy habits and only feeding them foods that are bad for their health and putting them through these strenuous beauty pageants, that only teach them to focus on beauty and win. Some parents also need to teach their children manners! Some of these beauty queens are way too spoiled and rude! :[

  192. I’ve always been skinny all my life but as I age I notice my upper back of legs below my butt seem wobbly and I was wondering if you could tell me how to tightening them so I dnt get cellulite?

  193. And for people who disagree with the post obviously havent had both of their parents almost die.

  194. lbs and having a stroke. Maybe a heart attack. I do not know why american mentalities are so worried about tastey things but my life is proof that its bad.

  195. Cassey no matter what other people say you help me everyday. I grew up in a home like this and the fact is it is not a good environment. I had a very hard time in school i weighed 220 lbs in junior high. Ok with my moms habits and my dads i have had a very hard time with my weight. My dad has had a stroke and my mom has had two. You would think maybe this will help them, right? No. Sometimes people need a push from someone extra. And cassey should be someone to do it. Being overweight is bad, bad, bad! Bad for your heart, organs, skin, mood. I really feel sad seeing her sit in a chair and asking other people to do things for her. Thats my dad and 10 years later she will weigh 500

  196. Hi Cassey! I’m not here to make any direct comments but I will say that putting up a forum for discussion is crucial to making progress in or becoming informed about matters like society and its relationship with nutrition, body-shaming, exercise, education, and a lot of other important topics brought up here. so don’t feel bad about the negative comments! try to think of it as open-minded and open-heartedly (not a real word but I want it to be!) and see it only as further discussion about the issue. I really respect you for putting yourself out there and allowing all kinds of comments to be made. be proud of that, really!

    that being said, I would like to introduce this video into the conversation for not only Cassey but for all popsters and blogilates lovers and haters or even just anybody who stumbled onto this comment

    this video is called “Fat Shame” by Laci Green and it comes with a lot of perspective of body-shaming, nutrition and health,

  197. It’s a reality SHOW, everything is exaggerated in order to shock and attract audience, so take it easy. And, honestly, it seems like they are pretty happy the way they are. Not everyone needs to eat OMG kale for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and exercise like a maniac. To each his own.

  198. Agreed! I love your blog and workouts Cassey, but the negativity and preaching in this blog post made me do a double take and see if I was actually reading positive and kind Cassey, even if your heart is in the right place, sometimes it’s best to just not watch those shows that will bring nothing good.

  199. Elizabeth says:

    They may not be very welcoming to a call from her after this post, but a sincere apology might be a step in the right direction. Truth or not, if you really want to help them, then it would have been best to form a relationship with them privately rather than post your thoughts on a public forum that is derogatory at every turn.

  200. I completely agree with this post. Obesity is a huge problem that lead to heart disease, cardiovascular disease, etc. That’s why we exercise and eat healthy and we follow Cassey! (well I do..). I watched a several episode of Honey Boo Boo and I was disgusted every time. People who CAN exercise and everything they have the choice to change their lives or stay as they are, obese with more chances to die of a problem related to the problem of obesity. I totally agree with you when you said: «And I am glad she doesn’t have any body image issues (yet) but something needs to change soon because her parents are slowly killing her health and well-being with the food they eat daily». I understand they don’t have a lot of money… but my parents neither and they always managed to give us healthy food because they knew being healthy is important!!! I think mama and her family doesn’t want to change at all and it’s sad that so many families doesn’t even care about eating clean! Anyways I also wanted to say that after all the rude comments and hate comments I saw, I think this is a blog where everybody should respect everyone and their beliefs, and being rude, hating and disrespectful towards Cassey and others person is not okay, you can make an argument against that post without being all these things I wrote. Also, I think this post was necessary to wake up people about obesity and kids!! You are great Cassey and I think you did a great job writing about it!

  201. For everyone saying “let them live their lives”, I think the sentiment of this post was more concerning how worrisome it is to watch this ONE kill themselves. If there is one family that’s willing to appear on TV, then there must be many more which scares me. I am by no means skinny, and I do blame this mostly on how my parents feed me. I’m certainly old enough to feed myself but say I make myself a healthy dinner. As soon as my parents decide it’s dinner time, I have to eat again or I am disciplined and lectured about the importance of eating. I also exercise, notice how I am posting this on blogilates… But my mother doesn’t respect it and interrupts me in the middle because she wants me to do something else. Am I, as a dependent, completely to blame for my health? No. And that’s the whole point. Neither is Honey Boo Boo. Yay for body confidence, but Mama is essentially slowly killing her through her diet. Lucky for me, I’m leaving for college next year where I can make some serious changes. Sadly, it will be many years and many more pounds before Honey Boo Boo will be able to do that. Who’s to say she’ll even want to change with all these people saying that if she’s happy, let her be. I feel bad for both Honey Boo Boo and Casey for all the negative attention she’s getting about this honest post.

  202. Actually, yes, she did say that: “Fat is just a result of what you haven’t done to take care of your body. Fat will be gone when you begin to eat your veggies, drink your water, and get active!”

    I know plenty of people who eat well and exercise who are still considered overweight/obese based on BMI and who some would call fat. So that is a horribly simplifed argument.

  203. Just clarifying, I think the hurtful part was the term “disgusting, toxic lifestyle” contained in the email.

    A lot of disadvantaged groups have had those words hurled at them; recently and specifically, I think we’re all familiar with, say, intolerant attitudes toward homosexuality. “That disgusting lifestyle” is a phrase gay people are unfortunately familiar with, and I’m sure a lot of us don’t think it’s ok to say that. It implies that straight is good and correct, and gay is bad.

    I see a similar issue here. Just because a family is overweight doesn’t make it ok to say their lifestyle is disgusting. It implies that skinny is correct, and fat is indicative of some personal and moral shortcoming.

    The sentiment of the post is something a lot of us can get behind. God knows most of us are enthusiastically in favor of promoting healthy eating and exercise habits (otherwise, we wouldn’t be here). But the language was maybe a little… strong.

    I know it might have been an off-the-cuff email and post, and I certainly don’t think Cassey is a discriminatory person AT ALL. I don’t want to get attacked for trying to clarify the hurt feelings I’ve read. It was *maybe* just a bit of a misfire for *some* of her audience. But we all have misfires. We’re all human beings.

    To pull back and look at the big picture, though, I’d say the immense good she’s done vastly outweighs a single blog post… right?

  204. This comment totally sums up how I felt about this article! Childhood obesity is a problem and I understand Cassey had good intentions in writing this, but no individual seven year old child should feel ashamed of her body; it’s bad enough that older girls and women do. Usually I love Blogilates but please no body-snarking, Cassey! It’s bad in itself and it alienates women like myself who are on our way to healthy and want to like ourselves anyway.

  205. This is seriously a great post. For those who are irritated about it, you clearly do not get it. Hopefully one day you will to save your life… physically, mentally, and emotionally!

  206. I believe obesity in children is completely the fault of the parents. They have almost complete control over their children’s health until a certain age. When my older brother began gaining weight when he was in elementary school, my parents made him do a workout every Sunday. He may have hated them for it at the time, but in the end he is thankful for the good habits it gave him. I believe children should be taught about the concept of moderation. Children shouldn’t be completely deprived of sweets and potato chips, however they should know that they are things to eat on occasion. This way, when children are able to start making their own choices about when/what they’re eating, they will make the right choices and not run to the treats they were deprived of.

  207. She calls the picture of Alana disgusting.

  208. Hi Cassey,

    I live in the Netherlands and here in Europe whe hat a cook that went out to local schools and he advised the teachers and children about healthy foods and living.
    Witch I thougt is a verry good idea.

  209. girlygirl says:

    I love your site, I love your workouts.
    I am not obese or overweight right now, but I had gained a lot of weight when I had my two babies. I had to learn how to eat right for my new body changes, and its been a challenge.
    I lost 60lbs these past 2 years, but got frustrated in December with my plateau.
    Your website inspired me to get back on.
    People need help and I think you are just voicing the truth.
    Some people cant handle the truth.

  210. She didn’t say that. They are unhealthy. She spoke specifically about the foods they are eating. Eating the foods they are eating consistently is bad for your health. Having confidence is great but you can still realize your food choices aren’t the right ones, whether you are fine with your body or not!

  211. Cass, I agree with you. This something really crazy stuff going on. The reality show and SELLING childrens life is one thing. Think about how does living in that show affect theirs mentality, their personality!
    The other thing is that Americans are one of most obese people on planet. And that’s the fact. It’s bcs of this really destructing eating habits: extra large coke, extra large burgers. Parents don’t know how to eat so how could they know how to feed their kids properly? I’m always shocked when I see those small kids drinkig soda like water.

  212. Cassy (and all the others who read this post), I am in shock to see how some families bring up their kids. This is almost impossible if you think about it, yet it is the cruel reality. I watched a bit from the ”Here comes honey boo boo” Halloween show and I found myself shouting my lap-top when the poor kid over indulged in that bowl of mayo.
    That family surely doesn’t know the effects their actions have upon their kids and upon other people who watch the show and think that is a good thing to do (if you can do that).
    I am a teenager, almost an adult I can say, and I was brought up with cooked food, veggies and plenty of fruits as snacks. Of course I do eat pizza and Mc Donalds’ and chocolate occasionally, but this is not a habit, this is not a necessity… this is not done to bring the worst out of things.
    Those people out there who treat their kids like so, should be punished, they have no right to destroy other poeple’s bodies… their kids’ bodies. This is like preventing an individual to grow up healthily from the start…

    What should we do to stop this? How many people are needed to make an impact for this thing to stop?
    I think we can do it… if we really unite our powers and fight together.
    Make a petition against this SERIOUS PROBLEM THAT TAKES PLACE OUT THERE!!!


    Thank you!

  213. While I agree with some comments that say that is is their life and they should be able to live it how they want it, viewers (and the family!) have to understand that putting your family on TV is going to allow for a certain amount of criticism. If anyone out there thinks that this family was put on television so we could see their life and how they are “normal” people and how “normal”people live, unfortunately they are kidding themselves. They were put on television because they are a spectacle. America watches these reality TV shows because it makes us feel better to see other people’s lives that are worse off than our own. Alternatively, we watch them in order to justify our own habits and actions. (“Let them just live their lives! They’re happy!) Somehow it became wrapped up our concept of “freedom” that we should all be able to eat how we want. “No one’s gonna tell me I can’t eat if I wanna eat!” This show not only typifies the lack of nutrition education in the country, but also the corporate packaged food industry control in America and perhaps most importantly, the rampant current of anti-intellectualism in the country. Wake up people. This show is Schadenfreude plain and simple. To the commenter who said that the original post implies that fat people cannot be healthy. Jesus. Wake up!! They aren’t healthy! Overweight people are NOT healthy. Carrying excess weight is a strain on your heart, bones and joints. That’s fantastic your doctor results are coming back positively. But they won’t always. People gain weight from eating more calories than they expend. Plain and simple. Passing on your adult lifestyle choices to your children and not acknowledging your role as a caregiver and role model is neglect.

  214. I agree with you Cassey. I am studying teaching in school and one of the lesson plans i had to come up with was a lesson plan on nutrition and health. To make the lesson plan i did a lot of research. You are completely right about helping the children’s future. We can teach kids to eat healthy and to be active but it all starts with the parents. If the parents don’t feed the children correctly they could end up obese and have heart problems. I came from a family where money was not there but my parents still taught us to eat the right foods and whenever possible feed us the healthy foods. I am afraid for Honey Boo Boo as you are, if she doesn’t eat properly she could be seriously hurting her future health. You are an amazing person Cassey and i agree with you whole heartedly!!! <3

  215. When people are commenting that “It’s their lifestyle it’s their choice” I want to say, but they do it on TV, so it sort of glorifies their behavior. If you eat supremely unhealthily on your own without promoting it (consciously or not), well I guess to each their own. But being shown on TV makes it basically an “advertisement” of said lifestyle. Spreading unhealthy living to a whole nation of course made people like Cassey, who is very concerned about health, wary or even freak out.

  216. I’m sorry but this comes down to one thing : child abuse. This Childs health will suffer as a result of what she us being fed and cassey is right in condemning this behavior and raising the issue of the CHILd not being able to change this. Those that think this is rude or should let people live true lives as they wish ask yourself this question would you just sit back if a child was left to starve? This isot good parenting and should be a wake up call to all other parents like honey boo boos mum.

  217. I totally agree with your comment! She was criticizing a bigger phenomenon that is the lack of awareness about nutrition, that IS a dangerous thing and must be addressed.

  218. power to u maggie!!!

  219. Ana Marina says:

    I personally really don’t know what to do. My mom lernt me to eat very little sugar, she always cooks all the food home and uses veggies all the time. So I never had problems like others when I was a kid. Maybe that’s why I was always very skinny and I still am…but people around me don’t understand that. They always, but always say I am too skinny. They ask me if I eat and I don’t understand why should I be fat if I eat. Yes, I eat (sometimes a lot), but I don’t get fat. A class mate told me to go to a nutrition specialist for him to give me a diet to get fat (What?! It doesn’t make sense at all!!) … and I forgot to say that that girl ate very, very little for a while to lose fat. So there are so many girls that struggle so much with workouts to get skinny and I should be trying to get fat? NO! And then I was so angry on them all because they eat stupid things all the time and then come and judge me! This is why I really don’t know what to do, because they… don’t listen to anybody. Even a teacher that they like told them not to eat so much chocolate, not to eat chips etc! And they still judge people like me. Just by staying with them for a while and not giving them
    sugar bombs and fat foods, it won’t help because they go home and eat more sugar and more fat foods! How could I open their mind, in these two ways: that the food you choose is important and that judging and laughinh at others is first of all bad for yourself?

  220. Unlike some other people on facebook, I really think that it is good to make people aware of what they are actually DOING to their kids. And I do not understand this post as an offense towards obese people, but as a try to improve the situation, to help people, and to raise awareness. Basically what you, Cassey, always try to do. Thank you for that and don’t worry too much if misunderstand you, I have been an extremely obese kid and I do not feel offended at all :)
    P.s: I LOVE the new HIITilates video! Did it yesterday and it was crazy!

  221. Call them and offer them to kind of help them for a week? It’s horrible and you’ve got some kind of fama already, maybe it works!

  222. I agree with this post. Up until a couple of years ago, I haven’t made the right choices, although I thought I was at the time, but I was uneducated. This past year or so, I’ve educated myself a lot on eating clean and I’ve been reading all your posts for tips and recipes. I didn’t know how important it is to have enough fruits and vegetables until the past year. Now I try to eat many vegetables each day. I do think that families should be educated in eating healthy. It is their choice to eat like that, but if people aren’t educated about eating nutritious food, then they won’t teach others about eating healthy. The only reason I am educated on this is because I chose to educate myself. If it wasn’t for that, I would still be eating what my family eats. I have also helped my family make better decisions since I’ve started eating better foods, and I try to find new, healthy recipes almost every day. Reading your blog has helped me accomplish this, so thank you :)

  223. Wow, did you even read the article? Cassey never says Honey Boo Boo is disgusting, she says she’s worried about her, but understands that she’s in a position she can’t change. She’s not judging these people for their looks or lifestyles, she’s just using them as an example of how people can be, by no fault of their own, ignorant to how to have a balanced lifestyle because they’ve never experienced one. And to accuse her of causing suicides, what the hell?! That’s such a hurtful thing to say! Cassey helps and supports so many people, brightening up their days, providing a great free service and generally helping them love themselves. I know it’s immature to react to people like you who are just trying to provoke and upset people, but just in case Cassey does see this I want her to know that she shouldn’t be hurt because for every hates like you there is, there’s a hundred people who love her.

  224. HIITilates is AMAZING! Totally different and sooo exhausting! I love how your workouts are always so individual, I normally get bored of routines so quickly but I’ve managed to stick to yours for more than a year and still enjoy them :) The way you’re always so happy and energetic is infectious and I love it, thanks for pushing me through every plank and burpy, it’s so worth it XOX PS, new moves in this video are great, kind of yoga-esque ;)

  225. I’ve watched the show once… and felt like exercising and eating lots of raw fruits and veggies as soon as it was done. Most people I talk to have reported the same urge to be nice to their bodies after watching that.

    I think most of America is stuck in the same rut as this family. Honey Boo Boo just brings light to it. We’re a really pre-packaged nation, too busy to be in our kitchens, too entertained by the tv to get off our butts and do something that’s actually substantial. We’re too embarrassed to admit something’s wrong and desperately afraid of failing. If I were that mom, I wouldn’t want to embark on a health challenge. I’d be too afraid of backsliding and being laughed at.

    I think the best way to influence people around us who are unhealthy is to BE the change. I’ve tried various tactics with my family, but all my “subtleties” tend to backfire. They see right through it and feel that I’m shaming them (which isn’t my intent, but that doesn’t matter much to them at the time). But when I make healthy changes and it shows, the people around me start asking about it, and suddenly they’re willing and motivated to try new things.

    We really are ambassadors! No pressure :-)

  226. Sharayah Jennifer says:

    Are you a doctor? When they voice what they think on obesity does it come to you to finalize before publication? Once again, Dr. Oz is a physician on a TV SHOW. He says things on TV that may piss you off, but most of the time he’s trying to sugar coat it. Just because this physician stated the truth about everything, doesn’t mean that just because it doesn’t match up to your standards of what people should say, doesn’t mean it isn’t true, and doesn’t make Mante T’eo any less of a physician.

  227. Sharayah Jennifer says:

    Also people who are interviewed will also say anything to get attention, so…it really goes either way. So, I highly suggest you take in all sides.

  228. Sharayah Jennifer says:

    If anyone is being rude and bitchy, it’s you. Cassey is not at fault for people deciding suicide. There are other problems that effect it, not just her alone. How dare you say something like that? What you just said about Cassey about how she is the reason why many people per day commit suicide can actually drive someone who isn’t confident in themselves to do it too. So, STOP BEING SO JUDGMENTAL SAMANTHA!! And think twice before you say something like you just said, because it just might be the thing that sends them over the edge to actually take that final step.

  229. So many people are not informed about fitness and nutrition. I grew up within a family that did not know much about nutrition and fitness. I had to learn these things all in college after my freshman 15. Fitness and nutrition are taught in the wrong way in the United States. It’s not effective. There is slow change in shifting the country’s view on fitness and nutrition but we need to accelerate this process by voicing our opinions and using these shows to reveal the truth about our eating habits. There is a good way and bad way of eating, not right or wrong. It’s very appalling to see but also motivating! Just because I’m eating a salad doesn’t mean I’m trying to lose weight. Being healthy is not about dieting. It’s a lifestyle.

  230. When I first saw the Honey Boo Boo title I was a bit skeptical, but after reading the article I think you’ve actually raised a really important topic. I truly believe that for a lot of people a greater understanding of how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle would help them improve their lives so much. And I don’t mean parents should be getting their kids from the age of four signed up at a gym and counting calories, rather just try to get them outside to play and learn to love exercise, or show them how good it can be eating fresh, yummy food. Not only could this help their children avoid facing obesity and the problems it causes, but prevent them from developing eating disorders when they do eventually discover nutrition and maybe take it a step too far because they don’t know any better. Anyways, I know that’s super long and dull, but it’s my opinion.

  231. Cassey, I think you should let them live their lives. The fact that you watched 1 episode and already have your mind made up says something. The show, or their family hasn’t affected your life up to this point and it’ll probably not interfere with your life if you don’t watch it. Being healthy doesn’t mean being happy and I hope you think about that.

  232. I k ow this might be off topic, but were you always healthy and active?

  233. Dr. Oz has to keep his ratings up, hence his gentle promotion of every fad food du jour. Ratings — also the reason TLC would never go for HBB’s family undergoing a real change (not a Biggest Loser style, unsustainable crash plan) unless it was presented as some “wacky, fish-out-of-water” scenario, playing it for laughs.

    People tune in to see extremes, not realistic, subtle changes anyone could actually identify with. It’s sad but true. In fact, a sustainable, long-term change in dietary habits would take much longer than a “reality” television show would ever be willing to document.

    (this is less a reply to your comment, L, than my own separate comment to rant about the nature of television and its role in influencing our food/health culture. sorry about that.)

    while i’m here, i’d also like to make the point that sure, in general a mother makes her own health decisions, and health decisions for her children (out of the children’s control), but there seems to have been little said about a mother’s responsibility to be a good steward of her own body for the sake of her children, to be there for them. preventable conditions must be very difficult for children (no matter what age) to witness.

    thanks for starting this lively discussion, Cassey. <3

  234. Thumbs up for your comment. You are so right.

  235. Please, If we dont have anything kind to say, so dont say anything at all. !stop all this rude comments and negative stuff for Cassey. If you dont like what she said, just stip reading her blog. I am really surprised how a lot of people is so worried for poor Honey bo -or what ever her name is- and her family, when they are happy making thousends of dollar, by letting people take a look in their lives. Lets put things straight, producers make this kind of programs, because they know that we love to watch people with weird behaviours, making crazy things, fighting with each other, because we are going to judge them, and then we are going to feel better, because we are not like them, and are life is not so worse. Tv shows like this one and the Kardashians, and Jershey shore, and all this crap that Joe Mc Hale critizes in the soup. Producers make this programs because they know they will have big rating, and not because all this people is interesting or ha e make a great contribuition to science or to humanity. So, lets finish with our double standars, and not be the o es that crucifies Cassey, but then we watch and laugh with the Soup or Fashion Police, or reading In touch, etc.
    I want to send all my love for you, Cassey, because no one deserves all this negative, hipocresy, and intolerance.

  236. everyone here is talking about how the show is glamorizing obese people, but what about all the tv shows with all the stick thin girls?! it’s refreshing to see someone on my tv who isn’t perfect, but they’re still happy

  237. I’m sorry but who gave you the right to judge them?. you’re basically saying that if you’re fat then you’re automatically unhealthy, plain and simple. that is not the case whatsoever, just like being skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy. it might seem like a shock to you that people who are overweight are perfectly fine with it because your world revolves around fitness, but it’s true, not everyone who is fat wants to change. i think it’s awesome that alana and her sister’s are happy and confident with their bodies now. who cares if they’re fat, that’s the way they are. end of.

  238. Co-sign,

  239. Cassey,
    I generally love your blog and 99% of the time you send out a totally positive message. I understand your intentions in your recent post about Honey Boo Boo, however there were a few comments that I simply do not agree with.
    The way the family eats on this show is totally unhealthy, and you are correct in saying that placing this behavior on tv will normalize and glamorize it. However your negative reaction went a little too far. I first became
    uncomfortable when you referred to the picture of honey bb as “disturbing”. I don’t see what’s disturbing about a human body. I especially don’t see anything disturbing about they fact that a young girl is able to aporeachiate and love
    Her body even though it isn’t societies norm.
    Also, you wrote a concerning paragraph in your article about how fat is a visual representation
    of unhealthy behavior. There is obviously a correlation, but you seem to be under the impression that all body fat on all people is a result of there habits, when in reality, factors such as genetics, medication etc will affect appearances and weight. I know it wasn’t your intention, but your article perpetuates the myth that one can tell how healthy a person is simply by looking at them. This encourages prejudice and body shame which help no one.
    Additionally, do your research on “the biggest loser”. That show treats people as less than human. Health should be about health, not body shame.

  240. “The whole family got the TV show soley because their lifestyle. So why would they change something thats making them successful? If money wasn’t involved I can garuntee that it would be way different.”

    You hit the nail on the head with that comment.

  241. I felt like I gained 10 pounds just watching the show. Not good :( . I absolutely agree with what you wrote.

  242. No where in this post does Cassey talk about their bodies! She even says “The fact that a majority of the family is overweight is not the problem”. She goes over WHAT they are eating. Have you seen this particular episode? Obviously not because if you had you would see that they do in fact put a pound of butter on the turkey and a pound of sugar on the cranberry sauce. She did not say one thing about hating them, she did not shame them. What she did examine and analyze was WHAT they were eating. Read it again!

  243. Mad props to YOU, Cassey Ho <3 <3 <3 You're right on the $money$ when you say that we must target the youth on this obesity epidemic. I'd love to see you partner up w/our 1st lady on educating kids to lead healthy lifestyles… Have a rewarding wkend @ President Clinton's benefit! Speaking of our presidents, I'm actually on the east coast this Inauguration/MLK wkend heading to DC tomorrow but still making time for POP Pilates & HIITilates *scream&shout* =D #POPsterPresents

  244. Thanks for that, Betsy. That really means a lot. I’m not really on the side of so drastic as to stop reading blogilates/give up at all, but I do understand why people are offended about this post. Weight is a sensitive subject already, and even more so for people who have had long struggles with being overweight.
    A lot of judgments tend to be made just by seeing someone without getting know them, and for the most part, these was a social adaptation etcetcetc but it does bring a lot of sting when there’s a negative connotation to it. I do have a lot of respect for Cassey and everyone on this site, but I also feel much more reserved about the community here, and now. But there’s really no black or white stance in this, just emotional reactions, and maybe that’s fine. Understanding, like fitness, should be a constant pursuit.

  245. Tbh i think if shes happy then let her live her life……. i agree with cassey on most points however look how happy they are! asdfhkl; umm yeah #popsterpresents is here correct? i guess we’ll see when one of us wins! lol im not gunna win anyway :(

  246. wow! really, thats so sad ]: and it looks like her daughters proud to be like that!

  247. #popsterpresents: Since there is no blog today, and I completely understand why, I am posting here. I figured maybe this will bring the fun back to the site! I can hope anyway!!
    Cassey, I haven’t tried it yet but very excited for the new HIITilates. I amn sorry it was overshadowed by the drama! Thanks for making it, and all the videos!!
    I posted this on facebook as well but I just wanted to say again Cassey, I am sorry for all the horrible negativity. It is one thing for the people who don’t agree with you to express their opinion. It is another to attack you!!

  248. I completely agree with you Cassey! Do not let the people who disagree bring you down!

  249. Funny, because I’m not being hypocritical. I’m not doing or saying ANYTHING I’ve criticized Cassey for. I’m not that low.

  250. I don’t appreciate someone taking the time to belittle someone to make themselves feel better. Have your own opinion all you want, that’s totally fine! But you cross the line when you begin to make another lifestyle sound inferior to yours.

    And while she chooses to do all these things for us, you realize she does that to make more money? The bigger her community, the more $$ she brings in. THAT is the motivating factor.

  251. Thanks, Barb! I know I was very blunt and very harsh, but Cassey was a role model for me. She’s the ONLY reason I ever got into fitness. I don’t know what changed, and I’m really sad that it did, but Cassey just is not Cassey anymore. I NEVER thought she would offend me, but she’s said a lot that I can’t forgive.

  252. I would rather pay and get something quality and a teacher I wouldn’t feel judged by than get what Cassey has been creating lately for free.

  253. She should apologize. This has been going on for a day now, she’s had plenty of time.

  254. The Blogilates community would have NEVER had this issue had its creator never started it. Glad to leave, because I refuse to support someone so selfish

  255. I do like the show. I believe it’s entertaining and and so is the family. I like how honest they are with themselves and seem like genuine people ( they often hold charity events and been doing them even before ‘honey boo’ started. However, I do agree that they’re lifestyle will ruin them in the long run. They’re eating habits are horrible and one of the daughters have body issues and has trouble making friends- she’s 15. In the first episode she did mention that she wanted to change her diet and her mother agreed to join. Not much was accomplished though. I do hope that one day they’ll start living a healthier lifestyle, especially June, since it’ll impact her kids.

  256. She said it in the e-mail.

  257. I totally agree with you. The whole nature vs nurture thing – and your family breeds who you are. Hopefully when she is older, she will be able to learn some healthy habits! Maybe get a personal trainer haha

  258. Wynonabaltazar says:

    Ok, so I assume the people who found this offensive don’t get out much.
    “You have no right to judge others.” The hell we do, this is how society functions and progresses, but thanks to the softies who insist on every statement being politically correct, we have created a society of underachievers living in self denial. Casey is achieving and succeeding, she has done so much more for the health and wellness of countless people than any amount of “acceptable” observations about others will.
    Gluttony is DEFINITELY something to be ashamed of.
    On, and as for being so offended that Cassey made a few negative remarks about a little girl… Does youth entail exemption from criticism?
    No, but if we are afraid to call out unsavory behaviors because of age, we raise self entitled brats.

    Come join the real world now, instead of getting mad that someone reminded you of the limits of your sheltered, politically correct world views.

  259. I highly suggest you actually look into what goes on in the biggest loser, and realize that a 30 minute reality tv show doesn’t depict peoples whole lives. Just like a 10 minute blog on youtube doesn’t show everything about the person and their what they did the whole time. Kai from the biggest loser actually did an interview and described what happened to her and it’s so de-humanizing on every level.

  260. Kelly Zdrowak says:

    Every point you have made is valid. America needs to work on its’ overall diet. There is absolutely no need for processed foods or overdoing condiments and butter. Using the excuse that it’s just easier or it tastes good isn’t justifiable. If i can go months without overindulging in anything at all, then they sure can at least start with one meal.

  261. It’s their life if they want to live that way then fine. I’m sure if they wanted to get in ‘shape’ they would ask for help, this show has probably made them enough to hire a personal trainer. Yeah making a sauce out of butter is not healthy at all, but it’s their life so if that’s the way they want to live it then let it be. And another thing not all overweight people are un-healthy, I’m overweight myself and I see my Dr once a year and take all the tests and they all come back good. I eat healthy I exercise drink plenty of water, don’t drink soda or eat fried foods or junk food. It’s hard to loose the weight. But I’m healthy as an ox. Not all fat people eat un-healthy, I’m not going to put my entire life story to why I got like this, but seriously walk in their shoes before you judge. It’s like your too fat your gross to society or if your too skinny same thing.

  262. You are just being so rude and btchy calling honey boo boo disgusting, not everyone is perfect. You have no right to judge them. Words can hurt. Your the reason the many people per day commit suicide. SO STOP BEING SO JUDGEMENTAL CASSEY!!!!

  263. I agree with you 100% everyone gets their own life. They don’t need others fat bashing them and telling them to change. And I got a lot of direct and indirect replies because people don’t notice how hurtful this post was. Saying that the mother should go on biggest loser and that their whole family has or will have body issues. What if they don’t? What if they’re happy with their body, why do people want to take that away from them? Like they don’t already see their flaws? I applaud you for acknowledging this.

  264. Amen! Couldn’t have put it better myself!!

  265. I apologise for any nastiness here Cassey. I don’t see how people thought you were just bashing this family and being judgemental. The whole point of the show is REALITY, their lives are on display. We know exactly what they’re eating and why they’re fat and obviously they do have money they are just unmotivated and uneducated to make changes. Don’t feel bad about anything you wrote in this post, it shows YOU actually CARE about this family and I’m sure if you could help them you would. These other negative comments show that the ppl writing them DON’T CARE about the family as they just want them to stay fat and unhealthy for the sake of not offending them. I think Biggest Loser would be the best possible thing for this family or even the Producers of HCHBB to make another spinoff all about how the family starts on a healthy lifestyle journey, if they still want the ratings and fame.

  266. Aww that is perfect! I always listen to that song whenever I think about haters! Taylor Swift wrote this song about rude critics of her music!

  267. Child abuse isn’t just physical, it can be emotional as well. Parents may have the best of intentions and care for their children, but at the same time be filling their head with garbage that will negatively affect their life. If someone is concerned enough to voice their opinion about the way that a parent is treating their child, it is at least worth looking into. No concern for a child’s welfare should be overlooked. It is a legitimate comparison. I don’t think that the mother is intentionally hurting her child, but she has to know that eating butter and sugar isn’t a healthy option that is going to lengthen honey boo boo’s life.

    In many cases, emotional abuse is worse than physical because it is harder to detect and prove, which means it can go on longer and have a more traumatic, lasting effect. Any type of abuse of a child is horrific, but what makes it even worse is that the child doesn’t see anything wrong with it– so the chances of something being changed are slim to none. This means that the child’s children will be raised the same way, and their children after that. It’s a terrible cycle.

  268. I tried this workout today and I FELT THE BURN. But I found your videos on YouTube yesterday and I fell in love with them. Love your energy Cassey! You’ve just gotten a dedicated subscriber :) and Pilates lover!

  269. Thank you! It is great to hear the point of view from a physician! We shouldn’t discredit the personalities of obese person, but it is extremely detrimental to your health!!!

  270. Free your mind, ironic name. Shutting down public debate and ridiculing those who don’t agree with you is not the path to enlightenment.

  271. #PopsterPresents #JaNEWary I am enjoying the HIIT series. This new workout was good meaning I had some difficulty finishing but I kept going until the end. I will most certainly repeat this workout video.

  272. I am having a hard time understanding why many people are blatantly bashing Cassey and claiming she is elitist when the article appeared to be criticizing the lack of general knowledge about nutrition in this country! Whatever way you see it obesity is a serious epidemic and it is causing a lot of money to go towards the treatment of obesity related illnesses that could be prevented from a better knowledge in this country! Cassey is right, while the mother has her right to feed herself whatever she pleases, it is unfair that her daughter must be subject to the same unhealthy lifestyle! Unfortunately, it is probably not 100% the mother’s fault because she probably grew up with the same lifestyle, but, it is pretty obvious to the general public that large amounts butter and sugar are unhealthy and cause heart disease and diabetes among other diseases! However, the lack of body image problems within the family should be applauded. I believe Cassey may not have carefully worded her post to ensure that she was not speaking against overweight people, and was speaking out against the societal actions, such as parents feeding their children unhealthy food out of the child’s control, that has made obesity an epidemic.

  273. Just a note to say I agree with you Denocte. Stay your compassionate self. X

  274. okay, GUYS! Listen to yourselves! All this argueing is just making everything worse! Yeah, i know we’re all entitled to our own opinions and all that but this is just ridiculous. The blogilates community is supposed to be a family, not a war zone. Lets all just take a minute and BREATHE.

    Now i understand that some of you are upset with this post and i dont mind you voicing your thoughts, but some things you people are saying are just drastic! Refusing to watch blogilates videos because of one post? Thats like dissagreeing with one thing your boss says and quiting your job forever because of it. Its detrimental to YOU. Cant we just agree to disagree? And whats up with dissing on Cassey? Saying you’re ‘dissapointed’ or whatever because she’s so-called ‘insulting’ this family, how is that supposed to help? You’re making the situation worse. Everybody has an opinion and they shouldnt be insulted for it. This is a free country!

    For example, lets say you like cats more than dogs. Then somebody comes up to you and says cats are stupid and because you like them you’re stupid. How does that make you feel? Horrible? Yeah, i thought so.

    And i also understand those of you who say she should stick to recipies and fitness instead of critisizng television shows. But the truth is, she’s a human being, and all human beings have opinions. My mom is a dentist but that doesnt mean she isnt allowed to voice her thoughts on fashion every now and then. I bet most of you commenting on here aren’t doctors either but you’re all making assumptions based on what you see on television just as she is, whether you’re saying Honey Boo Boo is healthy or not!

    Cassey, you’re awesome. Dont listen to all these people. You were just voicing your opinion. Those popsters who ‘quit’ blogilates and call you names, they were never real popsters in the first place. And honestly, they’re downight rude.

    Love you and your site


  275. GEEZ HATERS!! SO many people have such hurtful nasty things to say. I agree with you Cassey, this Mom is passing the morbidly obese cycle down to her kids. It’s our responsibility as parents to teach our children to be healthy inside and out. Of course I eat crap and let my kids too sometimes, but I teach them to do it in moderation! Look at how obese and lazy our society is, and how dependent we are on our over processed boxed and canned foods. I know it’s easier to feed ourselves and our kids crap then take the time to eat clean, cut we aren’t doing ourselves or our children any favors. Wake up people!!

  276. Dr. Oz is a physician and he would never approach the situation this way. I do not believe this is a REAL physician. If Mante T’eo has proven anything…………… I am sure medical professionals agree with you but they would have written this more eloquently. Just sayin.

  277. Thank you for replying and I was hoping that one day you would make bigger sizes. I have always been EXTREMELY busty and it is so hard to find cute work out clothes because I also am extremely modest and don’t want to show my body off to everyone at the gym. Sorry about my angry reply your blog post was so upsetting to me yesterday. I have lived in the south and butter and food is just as much a part of their culture. To me it felt like just another person trying to bad mouth the south. I have since re-read the blog and I can admit that you were upset when writing it and said things very poorly on your part but, that you were speaking from a place of love and care.

  278. I believe I know what sizes I can wear and believe me her store doesn’t make them. I wear a 2XL in Juniors since I wear a 38H for a bra. Thank you for being so rude though. I am seeing rudeness more and more within the fitness community. I hope that when I finish school with my degree in nutrition that I can help people who have been ostracized by people that spew hate towards them like this because they need love not hurtful words.

  279. @ Louise, not sure if you put the wrong name at the beginning of your comment or something, because I didn’t ever say that Cassey has no excuse for being late? My entire comment was defending her, I said that she DOES have excuses to be late, because her job is filled with so much pressure to please all of us. Maybe you didn’t read my comment correctly, or were talking to another Gabby that I didn’t see, haha. :) Anyways I couldn’t imagine having her job, always having to live up to our expectations and then seeing so many negative comments along the way..

    Totes on your side Cassey, love you!
    <3 Gabby

  280. I am sure that Cassey is not concerned with their outward appearance. I am sure that she is concerned with what they are putting into their bodies is effecting their bodies. Consuming loads and loads of butter and sugar can lead to way deeper problems than just being fat. Do you really think Ella that they’ll be happy when they’re in the hospital after having a stroke as a result of their obesity? Or how about one of them developing diabetes and having to live on medication the rest of their life? Tell me how happy they will be then.
    I’ve watched this show and I agree they are happy as can be. I think they are very likeable, which is why I would be really sad if any of them got some kind of disease stemming from their obesity.

    Oh and to your last remark “not everyone wants to be thin and healthy. not everyone can afford to eat clean and shop at whole foods and receive that education on how to be healthy.” – I don’t think Cassey’s intentions are for everyone to be thin, I do think her intentions are that everyone be healthy. Being thin and being healthy are two different things! If you ever tried eating clean, it is not expensive. Eating clean refers to eating fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and lean meats. I live in LA and at the market a nice little variety bag of chips cost around $6, now a bunch of bananas cost around $1.16, a bag of apples cost $2.99, a fresh pineapple $2.39. With a pineapple cut it up, put it in a bowl and you have a snack for the rest of the week for only $2.39. It is when you buy specialty items at whole foods where things can get expensive, but to say eating clean is expensive is a lie. I notice when I go to the market and I buy fresh foods my bill remains low, but as soon as the cashier starts ringing up the processed foods my bill goes way up. Also since when is it expensive to learn how to be healthy? As far as I’m concerned the Internet is free. Do you even know the information you can look up on how to be healthy simply by googling “how to be healthy”? I don’t know anyone who has payed for an education to learn how to be healthy, unless they were aspiring to be a nutritionist.
    It frustrates me to no end that you keep going back and saying that thin equal healthy, and that a number on a scale equals healthy. When that is not the case what so ever.

  281. Hey Jess, I wanted to reply to your post because I care about you, even though I don’t know you! I came across Cassey’s workouts about 2 years ago when I was just looking for some stuff to do at home. I loved her energy and that it was just a quick 10 minute slot that still made me sore. I’m not overweight but I have to really try. It doesn’t come naturally for me. After I read your post, I just wanted to encourage you to stay with it and to tell you that I personally don’t judge you and from what I have read on the replies to her post, there are a lot of other people who wouldn’t judge you either. Just people who would be cheering you on and understand that the journey is difficult. There are many people who are trying to get this whole thing figured out, and for each of us it’s going to be different. I am very encouraged by your story. I hope that you see this. I am not Cassey but I am just another athlete who hopes that you find what you seek.

  282. Thank you for your wisdom and insight!!!!

  283. I was already annoyed when I first opened the email you sent this morning and I see a .gif of Honey Boo Boo squeezing her tummy and the caption “Sorry for the disturbing image. I just had to get your attention.” I mean really?

    Simply put this blog post is hateful and I’m not impressed at all. I’m glad you’re able to express your opinion, but since it’s publicly out there now you’re going to have to deal with negative feedback regarding your “holier-than-thou” attitude towards Honey Boo Boo and her family.

  284. Sabrina Shields says:

    How people don’t understand that those parents are hurtin the health of their child I’ll never know. They are literally shortening her possible lifespan. And no parent who is really repsonsible and loved their children should let them choose to eat whatever they wanted. Be the parent. Love your children enough to tell them no and to keep th healthy.

  285. ok casey really…..? i don’t understand why we feel as if we can pass judgements here. these are people we don’t even know. if you are not in their situation (and you’re not) then I don’t think you can say anything. if you wanna get mad at anyone, get mad at the food industry for making healthy food accessible only to the privileged and the education system for not including nutrition in the cirirculum. to judge a mother’s level of love and care for her family based on what she feeds them is really fucking ridiculous and incredibly arrogant and ignorant. cassey you really could have wrote an educational and helpful article about the dangers of fat and junk food etc without vilifying and attacking an individual family. I usually love hearing what you have to say; your message is normally very positive and all about empowerment but I didn’t get get that feeling from this one, kind of disappointing =/

  286. G Yglesias says:

    And, who ever is free of sin, go on and trow the first stone. The only thing that Cassey did, was give her opinion, if you dont agrre, or just dont like it, is okay. But is not fair to judge so hard on her only because of this. She is more than this opinion, and she has done great things, and wonderful work outs. She is funny, cool, and a very nice person, and I follow her because or these, and not because the shows that she decided to watch and critizes.

  287. Sabrina Shields says:

    I totally agree with you and I know from personal experience. I was that kid whose parents didn’t know better and were totally unhealthy and feeding me unhealthy. I became a super fat and sick kid, teen and young adult. It was only when I got away from home and went to college that I learned to eat healthy. That I was able to make my own choices and buy my own food.

    It is not expensive to eat healthy. It is not a rich vs poor thing. And some healthy food is just common sense. I don’t care who you are you know butter is unhealthy.

    I can also say these things because both of my parents died from obesity illnesses before I even turned 30. They chose to eat that way and nothing I tried ever convinced them otherwise. I’m sad to not have them everyday and at major turning points of my life. Food is addictive and glorifying unhealthy habits makes me feel ashamed as an American that that’s how other counties see us.

  288. G Yglesias says:

    Don¨t be sad for the bad and rude comments. The truth is that the mom is obese and her child is fat, and all of them are disgusting. But the saddest part of all this, is that people use their time watching this trash of program, and producers has the nerv to invest money in this kind of television. I dont want to be rude or disrespecful, but, comme on, we have to chose more wisely the kind of things that we put in our brains.

  289. Roxanne Hilchey says:

    Cassey, I just want to say right from the bat that I love you and I follow your calenders all the time! But, my problem is that I feel as if maybe you are going too far. What people eat is their business. Now, I’m not saying that I would eat that thanksgiving dinner nor that I put butter on everything but if they can appreciate their beauty without being ashamed of how much fat is on their body; well, good for them! I personally train to gain muscle and feel good about myself. Having fat on your body is okay; their is nothing wrong in having a muffin top. I know that Honney Booboos’ mother is unhealthy and eats food that are not going to help her health but who are we to judge them? Juste because we take care of our bodies does not mean that not all bodies are beautiful.

  290. I refuse to watch that show. The few clips I’ve seen have made me cringe and have really helped me to not watch so much reality TV.

  291. This is for everyone. I loved the blog and was shocked to see all the negativity coming from it. Everyone perceives things differently but I found nothing rude or judgmental in what she wrote! She didn’t call the girl disgusting, the girl is beautiful, she was talking about one aspect in her life – her health. To be that young and have so much tummy is NOT healthy, she’s not saying its gross, ugly, un attractive, etc. she’s saying its bad for her and its bad for her family to embrace it like that. I would rather her be happy with it than to hate it and be depressed, but that lifestyle can kill her one day. And does anyone know one overweight person whose completely happy with it? In all honesty I doubt there is a single person who fully loves being overweight.
    Cassey wasn’t being rude, she was being honest and she said it in a nice way. Her tone wasn’t like others I read, it was determined and upset. I haven’t seen the show myself but to think they actually have one like that is saddening. And scary!
    Also, everyone of you who went so negative on her said she was being rude, well she wasn’t and you were. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If she can’t tell people what should be done, neither can you.
    And I’d rather make them upset than cry some short years later over their deaths.
    Cassy you are doing great, you probably don’t need me to tell you that because you already know but here’s one more person who agrees.

  292. uh you dont need lots of money to eat right. you can buy healthy food from anywhere. in fact, you can spend less money on healthy food because when you eat healthy, you tend to eat foods that fill you up faster and when you eat poorly, you tend to eat junk that you need a lot of to feel full. so buying healthy food can end up SAVING you money.

  293. I apologize if I hurt your feelings. In my opinion, it would be cowardly to disable comments from people who disagree. People may be mean on both sides of the issue, but the post itself marked the tone. I respect Cassey for at least letting the discussion/debate continue on the issue that she introduced to her fans.

  294. I know! I feel like everyone is yelling at Cassey for saying that Mama is obese. Um being morbidly obese is a lot more than being fat, and having a some weight to lose. Like Elle said it can certainly lead to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease. Let me say again it is a lot more than being fat. Saying someone is morbidly obese when in fact they are is not body shaming. It is stating a fact!

    I read her post for exactly what it is, a fitness guru showing her concern for the families health. That’s it.
    I LOVE Cassey!! I appreciate everything she does for our benefit. She introduced me to a whole new lifestyle that I never knew. She even makes us freakin calenders so that we have some guidance! I think she’s entitled to her own opinion just like we all are. I love her videos, the new ones and the old ones (after this post people even started hating on her new videos! How dare they!)

  295. For those of you who have nothing better to do than bring your own negative opinions to Casseys blog, if you are all so offended by her opinions it, (which she expressed out of genuine concern for what she saw), why don’t you all blog off? You obviously don’t know Cassey, what motivates her and her passion for a healthy lifestyle which incorporates healthy eating and exercise. For every single negative comment you post on the blog, Casseys real supporter will post a 100 more. She has inspired thousands of people across the continent. What are you doing reading her blogs and doing her videos if you are not into a healthy lifestyle? Cassey promotes healthy clean livining – and to do that you need a healthy positive attitude to life. Not none of this negative nonsense. If you want to spread doom and gloom, because that is what works for you, I suggest you find another blog!

  296. When a person says they are disgusted by another person’s lifestyle they are essentially calling that person disgusting. A lifestyle is part of what a person is. Just like morbidly obese may be a medical term for someone 100 pounds overweight but that does not mean calling them that is acceptable outside of a doctors office. The medical term for a pimple or a zit is a pustule but I am pretty sure calling someone a pustule face instead of a zit face does not make it less painful. I am sure Cassey is a sweet and kind person and did not mean any ill will when she posted this. If you take away those two things the blog has a completely different tone. At the end it seems she is encouraging everyone to reach out and motivate family and friends to be healthier. It is sad that a couple things could mess that up. Hopefully everyone will take a deep breath and reread the blog and give Cassey the benefit of the doubt that she never intended to come off as mean.

  297. Cassey,
    Let me say I totally agree with your comments. I’m a physician and the level of frustration we feel day to day regarding this situation is enormous. I have come to think that common sense just doesn’t exist, because in my mind people should be able to notice when enough is enough and care more about their bodies. Sadly it isn’t and the level of ignorance is impressive. Having a TV show that celebrates these behaviors just shows how our society functions. This is a reality show, yes, but the behaviors showed are extremely irresponsible. People get offended because you called the mom morbidly obese? Name calling? Really?? She IS morbidly obese, and all her kids are too. Is not name calling is a reality, wheatear people like it or not. Sure you can say she loves her daughter, but believe me when you know firsthand the consequences of obesity, like diabetes complications, you could even call it abuse because the kid can’t decide what’s best for them. That’s why they have parents to make good decisions for them not to kill them slowly. This is a serious, serious problem we have in America and people justifying it have also to stop and look at their own self. Instead of coming and attacking someone that cares, ask yourself what am I doing to be better? Healthier? What am I doing to make the people around me healthier? Am I making a difference only for myself? Cassey, I really appreciate your concern and addressing this issue. Hope more people will speak up their minds and more people could really understand the severity of the problem.
    Oh! And really saying that weight it’s not a reflection of health, maybe true when we talk about lower weights, but sorry obesity is a disease, period.

  298. I think she is right, we are all thinking the same, except Cassey is actually saying it. And it’s true some families can only afford canned veggies, and fruit, but a mom on a budget that cares about the health of her children would not pour sugar and butter all over it.

  299. This kind of makes me laugh that people are attacking you for pointing out facts. Seriously most of them are thinking worse things than anything you said. The show disgusts me and makes me feel like I’m losing brain cells with every scene. Watched one and I’m done!

  300. I haven’t read all of the comments but I would like to point out that if they can afford to do pageants, they can afford to eat a little healthier.

  301. Can someone please tell me where exactly Cassey called Honey Boo Boo “disgusting?” As far as I could see, and I looked really hard, all she said was that the lifestyle is disgusting and unhealthy. And it is. She never said the people were bad. Cassey even said that the mom was probably brought up eating that way. No one can force someone else to eat healthy, nor should they. It’s personal choice. Cassey was only saying that she found it hard to watch a young girl being taught that butter and sugar should dominate every meal. Nothing is bad in moderation, but this is clearly not moderation. If she came off insensitive, it’s only because she cares so much about helping others be healthy that she cannot stand seeing such obvious unhealthiness. I think she was just trying to bring to light that our culture does not look at food as fuel, but entertainment, and she was concerned that it was being promoted for millions of people to see. For those that were offended, just look back to everything Cassey has done to provide videos with no equipment and healthy alternatives to the fatty foods that people crave–all for free. Thank you Cassey for everything you do. I agree that the type of lifestyle portrayed in that show is one that can have serious health consequences if not kept in check. If someone doesn’t want to eat super clean and workout, that’s totally their choice, but to deliberately make foods more unhealthy by adding ladle-fulls of butter and sugar doesn’t seem like any way to live either. I guess that’s just my opinion. Moderation is key! (:

  302. you’re probably tired of everyone telling you what they think of your opinion, but to be honest it’s tv we don’t really know anything about their lives. We can’t judge based off a tv show, just like we can’t judge you soley based on your blog.

    I found this on tumblr
    I believe it’s worth a read.

  303. In a world of beautiful photoshopped celebrities, It’s so amazing to see a redneck, pudgy little pageant girl gaining all this attention. I agree that the family eating habits are scarily unhealthy, but recognizably the fact that they are eating so much butter is one aspect of exactly why Here comes Honey Boo Boo’s tv show ratings are so high.

  304. I think it is disgusting that someone would have the audacity to compare the lifestyle these people who live, in their happy glowing home filled with positive body image to child abuse. As someone who has personally experienced child abuse I cannot express how enraged I am that you think you have any kind of right to be prying into these peoples lives and making those comparisons and I think you should be ashamed of yourself. You are not their doctor, you don’t have their medical files sitting on your desk ready to diagnose whatever it is you want to, you plain and simply do not have the right.

  305. I think the family and show is disgusting and they should be forced to eat and live healthier.

  306. Hi Cassey,

    I really enjoy your videos. Thanks for all the hard work.
    This post made me look for some clips of Honey Boo Boo and I totally agree the whole show is disgusting – the worst kind of train wreck television. I thought your post was fine and I’m shocked people can be so easily offended, seems Americans really are sensitive little flowers.

    I agree that the way the mass media spends so much time telling women that they ought to be model thin is obnoxious but Cassy didn’t do that so this whole fat shaming debate is ridiculous. I also get why people are upset – the truth can hurt. When I was overweight I didn’t enjoy it when someone eventually pointed it out and that my diet was rubbish, but I knew they were right and it spurred me to check my BMI and make changes. If they’d avoided the subject to avoid shaming me then my BMI might still be unhealthy .

    The truth is the majority of obese people in the west don’t have a mental health or any medical disorder causing their weight gain they just eat too much processed, fattening food & don’t take enough exercise and much like with HBB’s family this is a choice. I’m not a health nut and this lazy choice is one I still make some of the time, if I’m tired or stressed, so I do recognise that healthy choices take more effort.
    I’d also agree unhealthy eating isn’t a crime but it’s also not fat shaming to point out it does have a negative impact on individuals and society, unless you think things like the massive increase in diabetes is because of global warming.

    Finally whilst western society offers us unhealthy food and sedentary lifestyles it also gives us easy access to basic info on healthy eating and free diet plans and even free pilates videos on the Internet. So any western parent, especially one who is now as wealthy as Honey Boo Boos mother must be these days, who chooses to feed their child nothing but fatty rubbish and the sort of processed junk I wouldn’t give to my dog, is being a bad parent and she is setting a disgusting example to her children in health terms. The fact the child seems happy with her rolls of fat is besides the point- she’s a child, she cannot understand the negative health impacts and whilst thin does not = healthy, I’m afraid that yes fat does = unhealthy for almost everyone. Some lucky souls may be protected from the worst effects of being overweight by genetics but the majority of us are not. My grandad smoked 30 cigarettes a day for nearly 70 years and didn’t get lung cancer but that doesn’t mean I’d tell anyone smoking is healthy.

  307. The whole family got the TV show soley because their lifestyle. So why would they change something thats making them successful? If money wasn’t involved I can garuntee that it would be way different.

    Money brings out the true side of people.

    BTW- since NYE ive been trying to get healthy and drop 10-15 pounds and ive tried a range of things.. even a no-carb paleo diet! that was way too extreme for me! Then I came across your videos and recipes and you are truely inspirational! I love your enthusiasm! I can’t wait to get to my goal weight so I can buy all your work out clothes!!!! have a super great day!


  308. Why are popsters attacking other popsters? I saw someone say the people who were offended were “probably just fat and couldn’t accept reality.” Seriously. Wow. I don’t know why there is any negativity, this is a fitness blog, made to INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE. Nor was that comment necessary to make. We’re all on our journey to health. I’m extrememly dissapointed in this post, but more so by my fellow popsters. I love Cassey, I really do, but this is not the environment I want to go for support.

  309. You can ask any doctor that a child being that overweight is an indicator of health issues. Cassie is worried about her health, as am I, she could grow up to have several different diseases and disorders that are directly related to her weight. Also morbidly obese is a medical term and it’s the truth. Almost every girl has body issues and due to her obvious difference in weight she could experience the stereotyping and bullying that the weight causes. Cassie says that you can help people with the little things, she wants everyone to be healthy, is that such a bad thing? It is evident that for Cassie this comes from a concerned and caring place. Not a hurtful fat-shaming place. Cassie never said eating health was a requirement either. Also if the family burps farts and throws food around it is a problem. She is raising those children to be manner less which i think is wrong. You should teach your children to be respectful otherwise people will stereotype them for that too. She isn’t setting up a good foundation for her children to build their lives on. Though I do like that she teaches them to love their bodies, morals without class is nearly useless. As for the vegetables, people have gardens, and it honestly isn’t that expensive to get fresh if you know where/how to shop.

  310. Cassey wasn’t criticizing in her post. She was stating the facts, and the fact of the matter was that she was disheartened by what she saw on the show. She was sharing that with the people that she loves and that are supposed to be supportive of her, as well as of one another. Cassey had body image issues at one point, and i don’t feel like she’s forgotten what that felt like. She shared with the POPster community something that she thought was important. She feels bad for HBB, she’s not making fun of or criticizing her. Cassey is insanely positive, and I don’t get that she was being negative in any way in this post.

  311. Ivori Rose says:

    Cassey, I thought I would list the exact issues I had with this post :

    1.)Next mama makes veggies. Oh good. Cept she takes out like legit 50 cans of beans, yams, corn etc. and says that “If it don’t come in a can, we don’t eat it.”
    Sigh. * My Mother raised 6 kids and could only afford canned veggies.

    2.)Seeing the morbidly obese mom continually feeding herself and her children toxic food kills my soul so badly. *Referring to June in this way is name calling, disrespectful and you are stereotyping her.

    3.)Feeding them butter and sugar every day and letting them fart and burp all over the place during dinner while throwing food around…I can tell they do not appreciate the beauty of nourishing your body.
    * Everyone burps and farts, and if they throw food around, that’s their family dynamic.

    4.)I don’t look at body weight as a measure of someone’s sucess, education, or worth – but just as an indicator of healthiness. In this case, I am worried. I am very very worried for Honey Boo Boo.
    *A person’s body weight is not an indication of their healthiness.

    5.)And I am glad she doesn’t have any body image issues (yet) but something needs to change soon because her parents are slowly killing her health and well-being with the food they eat daily.
    *Suggesting , by plugging in the word “yet”, that Alana will have body image issues when she is older, is pessimistic.

    6.)It’d be cool if the mom could get on Biggest Loser. I bet they asked her before but she said no.
    *You are making the assumption that June turned down Biggest Loser, because you made a judgement about another human being, based off one , reality show episode.

    7.)And how do you think we can get more people educated about nutrition who aren’t actively seeking it and living it like we are?
    *People do not need to be actively seeking and living a fit and healthy lifestyle; it’s a choice. If we only have one life to live, we should all live our individual lives the way we choose.

  312. This is a personal blog. I’m sad that you’re not really a popster but just an intruder but whatever. Anyway, this was not judging, this family makes thousands so don’t tell me they can’t affor healthy living. Its not even so much that the mom is obese but that she is leading her children down the same dangerous path, that could very well end in diabetes, heart disease etc… Do you think obesity is just a few extra pounds?? Well its not. There is a difference between being fat and being obese. A big one.

  313. There is absolutely nothing cowardly about disabling comments on this post. People are being mean, and she shouldn’t have to put up with it. It’s her site.

  314. Cassey, don’t let any of these haters get to you! All of your loyal fans love you and always will :) Here’s a little song I hope will cheer you up!

  315. Classist? Do you seriously think after honey boo boo those parents are still low income? But they keep there lifestyle up for the cameras. Body Shaming? This was not body shaming, it wasn’t even so much that the woman is obese which happens to be a HORRIBLE eating disorder that can lead to diabetes, heart disease, death etc…. its not even that she isn’t trying to change but that she is letting her children go down the same dangerous path. How do you think that little girl will like diabetes at 15? or heart disease at 25(OR YOUNGER)? God forbid, no child deserves that, but if it happens, who’s fault is it? From what i’ve seen, you weren’t a true popster anyway. So leave, because Its probably better off you do.

  316. wow what started all of this talk about cassey? casseys article says they are unhealthy and that is 100 percent true. Other people are being hurtful and saying mean things about the family. Direct nasty comments to the right people. Sure i said something stupid but it was toward the person who called them trashy. And if people are going to talk about her like this then yes she should have a glorified perception of herself because she would never say those things to you. She is perfect she is sweet, loving, she is just as beautiful inside as her body that she works everyday so hard for. Why shouldnt she be proud? Does she not work harder than all of us since she is a personal trainer? Doesnt she deserve to be treated with nothing than respect? Look at all of the extra time she takes out of her life to help all of us including the ones who have something bad to say about her. Im actually sorry i said something negative to someone else on her blog. Because she is absolutely a one of a kind person. And how sad would we be if she didnt talk to us anymore?

  317. Eloise Monteiro says:

    Agree with the comments bellow me, Honey Boo Boo is something that concerns me because of her parents, they clearly not raising her with the right information about food, healthy life-style, etc… but on the other hand she has the most incredible self-steem i’ve ever seen in my life hahaha
    I’m new here, started last week and signed today the newsletter, your programs and just want to thank you for this video :)

  318. love you Cas!

  319. Caroline G says:

    I have mixed feelings about Honey Boo Boo. For one thing, she doesn’t have a self-image problem. Sure, she’s overweight and could definitely do better on a healthier meal plan and lifestyle change, but she doesn’t have self esteem issues. Yet. She’s still young. She’s six. At age 6, I was still happy and doing my own thing. However, around 8 or 9 people at school started telling me I was fat, often. My family has always eaten healthy. I remember my mom bringing home pretzels and thinking that it was a huge treat to have “junk food” in the house. Pretzels. I was always active and in at least one sport at a time. At age 9 I took horseback riding lessons and ballet lessons weekly and played soccer or softball depending on the season. I ate healthy and was active, but I wasn’t built skinny and had a round face so people called me fat.
    I guess what I’m trying to get at is that although she has an unhealthy lifestyle, at least she doesn’t have any body issues. However, that will most likely change in the future. I’m surprised her mom hasn’t had any health problems. I’m sure she has high cholesterol and high blood pressure that is strictly diet related and will probably develop diabetes at some point in her life. I hope that with the money they are making from the TV show they will eventually use it to better themselves and their lifestyles.

  320. Cassey merely told the truth, I agree that this was the harshest I’ve seen of her, but sometimes you have to be. Its not about the mothers size or even that she doesn’t want to change, but that she’s getting her children into the same extremely unhealthy, dangerous lifestyle as she is in. Do you think that little girl will have fun having diabetes at 15? Heart disease at 30? God forbid, i just hope she sees the light one day, and the same for the rest of her family.

  321. For those who say Cassey has a glorified opinion of herself, well that’s just another strong opinion.

    For those who want to unsubscribe – go ahead and do it! There are 6 billion people on the planet half of which, will subscribe to Cassey’s channel.

    Go Blogilates! Go working out hard, eating clean and killing it!

    I’m proud to be a POPster! Love you Cassey!

  322. Its not about being fat. This women is suffering from OBESITY which happens to be a SERIOUS eating disorder, i would understand if she were just your average, everyday plus-sized woman but shes not. It wasn’t about her being fat but the fact that she is not only not trying to help herself, but now getting her children into the same situation she is that could lead to heart disease, death, anything really.

  323. think it wasn’t really fat shaming but how this mother is raising her children on unhealthy eating habits. Its like this: Someone who is over weight and trying to change or someone who is over wieght, fine with themselves, but still wants the people they love to be healthy. But here you have a show saying its okay to be over weight (the kind that can cause troubles in your health) AND give your children unhealthy food too….every mother gives icecream and candy sometimes, and every mother slacks on the healthy dinner some times…but i saw that episode and the amount of butter she put into that dinner. I ADORE food and i couldn’t even take it. So if you misunderstood what she was getting at thats fine, but this wasn’t about her being over-weight, it was about her being in the obesity category (a terrible eating disorder) and not trying to help herself OR her children down a healthier path. I agree that for happy pappy Cassey I’d never heard her so harsh, but i understand what she meant.

  324. Not really, i think it wasn’t really fat shaming but how this mother is raising her children on unhealthy eating habits. Its like this: Someone who is over weight and trying to change or someone who is over wieght, fine with themselves, but still wants the people they love to be healthy. But here you have a show saying its okay to be over weight (the kind that can cause troubles in your health) AND give your children unhealthy food too….every mother gives icecream and candy sometimes, and every mother slacks on the healthy dinner some times…but i saw that episode and the amount of butter she put into that dinner. I ADORE food and i couldn’t even take it.

  325. Its not cowardly, not everyone has thick skin, and since she wrote the truth i wouldn’t want to read a bunch of insults from people who misunderstood what she was saying.

  326. I disagree. They not have the income to pay for the healthy food that you eat. Not everyone can be at whole foods or trader joes every week. And don’t say this family makes a lot of money from the show and they can use that to start a healthier lifestyle. The money that comes from the show is put into bank accounts for the girls so they can pay for college. I dislike the fact that so many people call their family stupid and uneducated. They want to save their money for important things like college so that the girls won’t be broke on the street in a decade because they spent all their money on healthy food and crap. Stop criticizing others and look at yourself. Do you really follow a healthy food plan to a t? No one is perfect. Not every aspect of your life can be perfect. The fact that you just insulted their whole family and pointed out their weight and flaws as if they don’t already see them. That’s disgusting. People are supporting you and pointing out other people’s flaws such as their weight. That’s disgusting. Some people enjoy their lifestyle and are actually happy with the way they look.

    Good day

  327. Not typical. Not typical at all. A family like this, is really in the minority, while i agrre w/ everything else you said <3

  328. actually, if the girl gets emotionally hurt it might be because her parents exposed her on TV and because of the station that is broadcasting this.

  329. as far as I see it she calls the lifestyle disgusting (which might not be the best choice of words, I agree, but it is a very emotional post) and the show. and this show is disgusting, I mean, come on, the purpose of the show is mocking that family, I’m pretty sure about that.

  330. Not cowardly actually. She has that right just like she had the right to post this.i honestly would blame her for disabling comment to protect herself from hurtful people like you. I’m not sure you would want thousands of angry people sending negative messages, especially when you had good intentions.

  331. Cassey I generally like the things you post, but you don’t get to sit there and fat shame an entire family. You pointed out that the mother was probably raised on butter and sghetti and so forth, but then you say that she needs to be the ones educating her kids. Well who is going to educate her? Are you? because she sure as hell not listening, especially since you wrote this in such a rude and condescending way. Mama needs help, not through shaming, but through patient teaching. She doesn’t need the biggest loser, which is also an awful show. If you want to preach positive body image and health, you can’t approach the situation this way.

  332. Cassey you are such an inspiration to me, when you share things like this it makes me really happy that you’re educating people on how to be the best you can be xx

  333. Cassie
    You are my inspiration you are so bright ,bubbly, and sweet. I think that if you feel this way you should be able to speak your mind, and if anyone has a problem with it they are hypocrites for judging who they claim is doing the judging.Don’t give the people who are bashing you the time of day because for every one of those haters there are ten other people that still love you. I also read the entire blog and every comment and most of the people who disagree misinterpreted the post as hateful. I completely understand your surprise when seeing this show. I have seen the show and I am appalled, I am from the south and this isn’t the norm, this is the extreme.Also i don’t find healthy eating to be any more expensive than eating unhealthy, and if access is an issue have a garden they have no excuses and people need to stop making excuses for them. At least you have their best interests in mind, everyone watching the show is using this family as entertainment. That is what’s wrong. Americans are using this to either laugh at them or justify their own habits or choices. I know you weren’t fat bashing them, your message was more than skin deep. This went to the core of America’s obesity epidemic and that caused controversy, as these things do. Don’t feel bad, don’t apologize, don’t delete this post. This needs to be out there somewhere because.You have the right to say this and if someone cannot appreciate and respect your oppinion you don’t need them, disregard them as they disregard you. Just keep being amazing you!
    Much love :) -Daisy

  334. Gosh, 467 comments, and I’m actually adding to them. Not really sure this will even get read. Oh well.

    So, my first reaction after reading this post was just a sort of “sigh making fun of Honey Boo Boo okay moving on”, because I don’t watch the show, don’t really care about any of it, etc etc etc. And then I noticed that there were over 400 comments, which is kind of…mind boggling. And I read through a few pages.

    I actually got way more upset about this post from reading the comments than from reading the post itself.

    I went away for a few hours, and I was still thinking about it, so I came back and re-read your post, because let’s face it, group-think is kind of a ridiculously overpowered force. And I wanted to form my own thoughts on this, if I was going to add anything in.

    Well…reading more closely, yeah. I am kind of stuck in the “offended” category. I’m overweight, and I have been all might life, for reasons that I could go into etcetcetcetc but in the last year or so, I’ve been really consciously trying to make decisions to better my health, and you, Cassey, and Blogilates was a big part of that. I stumbled over the Hunger Games workout and it snowballed from there. I’m still very overweight but keeping positive and still keeping at it, and I’ve learned a super huge appreciation for all foods natural and unprocessed, though it’s a long process to get there, and business sometimes trumps healthiness. But that’s how it is, that’s my life, blah blah blah, not trying to be boring, sorry.

    After reading this post, I realized that, somewhere in my mind, the transition was made from “Yeah Cassey! Glad for the health tips and the workouts, and reading the blog keeps me motivated, wish I could meet her someday to say thank you for the big impact!” To: “Yeah, my own diet is pretty messed up, too. I kind of hope I don’t meet Cassey, ever. I’m overweight, and it doesn’t matter if I’m trying or not, because it doesn’t show the first time you meet someone, just the extra weight.” Blogilates went from safe haven to yet another place where I would probably be judged right off for my size.

    HBB and her family are a reality show, and we don’t see their entire lives, and from what I read yes they do make insanely unhealthy decisions, but the kind of language used did come off as very judgmental, and the type of thing that makes me feel not safe and not motivated, just more ashamed of myself. And that’s kind of disappointing.

    It’s your blog & your opinions, Cassey, and you’ll post whatever you want, as you should. But putting yourself out there – like you are, like I am, like everyone who commented did – means being open to other people’s reactions. I’m not really trying to change anyone’s mind. I’m just trying to explain why my reaction is what it is, I suppose.

  335. A blog is no longer personal when you make money off of it. She does have a right to her opinion, but so do her customers.

  336. I don’t understand why people just give up on themselves. You want to eat good, exercise good and above all feel good. I didn’t feel that way, so I made the decision to change my lifestyle with Cassey as my modelfigure. And it has worked. And I’m proud to say that I dropped three dresssices, lost fat and gained muscles in a healthy way.

  337. I agree completely with everything you said, Lori-Anne. Personally, I really do like to watch Cassey’s videos and learn from her but after reading this blog post I am not sure she is such a great role model for young women’s body images. Just because someone doesn’t want to live like Blogilates readers does not make their lifestyle “disgusting.” And yes, I am sure that is not what Cassey meant in this post… but it did certainly come off like it with her insensitive wording, even if it was unintentional. A part that really makes me lose respect is how it seems responsibility is not being taken (i.e. the Facebook status about how these comments that disagree are upsetting her her so much). No one is trying to hurt Cassey, I truly believe that. Just like I don’t think she meant to hurt Honey Boo Boo… but I am quite sure if she were to see them, she would feel just as sad -if not much more- as Cassey does reading these comments that disagree with her.

    Also, I have never been ashamed to be a Blogilates fan until I received the e-mail (after I had already read this post and had already been disappointed) as when I saw the comment about the .gif of Honey Boo Boo saying it was a “disturbing image.” So uncalled for, rude, and disrespectful to say about anyone- let alone a little innocent girl! Lets focus on helping people- not sending out mass e-mails with such offensive terms. I had also recently purchased a Blogilates DVD, and I immediately wished I hadn’t because I don’t want to support if any more negative posts like this are going to be a part of the “community.”

    That said, Cassey, you have been a great role model in the past, truthfully. Please revert back to the Blogilates of a few months ago, pre-teensy over exposing work out clothes and pre-Honey Boo Boo blasting posts. Sunny, happy, motivating Cassey is missed!

  338. Ok, I totally disagree with people telling that they eat this way because of money issues. If you go to any regular supermarket you have a lot of healthier options for the same price. For example, you can prepare some pasta with tomato sauce (like pure tomato that comes in a box and then you just add dry basil, salt, pepper, onions, garlic, whatever you like). It’s very good and much healthier than french fries or something full of butter. And it’s cheap. They also sell tons of frozen veggies and fruit, which is generally cheaper than fresh veggies (and McDonalds) and easy to prepare if you don’t like / don’t know how to cook. So I’m sorry but money doesn’t entirely justify the fact that they’re eating such bad stuff.
    Besides, it’s great to hear that this little girls likes her body. But the problem here is not about looks, it’s about HEALTH. I really don’t care if people are fat or skinny, the important thing is to like and feel comfortable with your own body. But this lifestyle is really not doing this little girl any good, think of 20 years from now, she’s gonna have so many health problems. And I think this is what Cassie is concerned about… she never said that the girl looked ugly or should be ashamed of being fat. She is just criticizing the fact that nobody tries to explain the mom that their eating habits will cause problems to her kids. If she knew that, she’d certainly change her habits, because I’m sure that she wants her kids to feel good and be healthy. But she probably doesn’t know it, and please stop saying “oh, but you don’t know them, they’re very nice people, they donate to charity” because it has absolutely NOTHING TO DO with the discussion. Yes, they’re probably nice people, but the point is that we should try to raise awareness instead of showing their eating habits as “normal”. People should be more informed and educated about food, instead of showing them this type of shows which make eating badly totally ok. It’s a public health issue, not a critic of those persons.
    Sorry for the bad english but it’s not my first language… and Cassie, please keep informing and motivating people, we love you :)

  339. I agree with you, Cassey. It is even more painful to see your family and loved ones eat unhealthy all the time…. :(
    Finally my little brother (10 years old) started to eat oatmeal in the morning, but… only with lots of white sugar and butter in it and butter on top of the porridge… He has liver stones now, because of too salty foods and lots of Coca-Cola…
    But then there is me – I have the knowledge and lots of patience to influence them day by day… I hope that one day they will stop poisoning themselves so much..

  340. usually i just do a google or youtube search for the exact name of the video and it pops up

  341. Is this what you were looking for? <3

  342. Yes thank you for READING the post!!!

  343. On an unrelated note:

    1) is there going to be an option in the drop down menu “Workout Vids” for all the HIITilates videos? I am having a hard time location each one… (I end up scrolling through the past posts = inefficient).

    2) also, I can’t wait for you to update the faq page! (example: it says you don’t have a dvd yet, but you do now!)

    keep going strong, cassey.

  344. I hate to say it, but that’s just typical of most peoples’ lifestyles in America now. The one good thing I will say about Honey Boo Boo’s ridiculous mother is that she’s actually putting away all of the money they’re getting from the show for her children’s futures. That, I think, shows that at least their family could be financial role models. How many people in their shoes would do the same?

  345. Andi Allen says:

    I agree with you. When people watch shows like this they either think it is ok to do what this family is doing or acting, or they are just disgusted and watch it for entertainment.

  346. no, not cowardly; do what you want Cassey, it’s your blog

  347. yes!
    good question… focus people, focus on the good already and get over yourselves and your bickering,
    exercise, yeah!! let’s do this thang! yeeehaw :)

  348. @ Megan: “A fact which has clearly been supported by others” you say..
    Well, what about “stop being hypocritical and go live your own life already!”
    …that’s clearly a fact that’s supported by others too.

  349. But, she’s not calling out Honey Boo Boo, or commenting on her personally. She’s just talking about nutrition. That’s what her blog is about. She isn’t here to talk about Honey Boo Boo or how great she is- she’s a fitness blogger talking about nutrition. Seriously, people.

  350. I agree but there is no need to call them disgusting. There is no need for names. I understand that there meals aren’t nutritional but I thought you came across rudely and in a mean manner. If you want people to listen, be nice.

  351. No, not cowardly.. do what you want Cassey!
    It’s your blog and you hold rights to whatever the hell you wanna allow/ disallow to appear on your blog.

  352. She didn’t mean to, she wasn’t malicious, but what she said was hurtful and inappropriate. It’s a little girl for goodness sake. I think she should apologize.

  353. There is a famous children’s song, and it’s chorus line is
    “Kindness begins with me”

    So, let’s be kind guys. And honestly Megan, chill out!

  354. This was really nice Cassey. You’re cruel.
    I am continuing my Fit Bit, Dashing Dish, Live Strong, and still on the search for more workouts.
    Blogilates is off my list.
    Have fun you guys! I’m just too ashamed to recommend you anymore.
    It was actually my little sister who told me about your post.
    I know you had great intentions but maybe not talking down to people would have been a better idea.

  355. And a cowardly one too.

  356. hmm.. there is a point here too…

  357. okay first off, Blogilates was made to encourage and motivate people to have a healthy lifestyle, it is not a place to criticize anyone or make anyone feel they are not wanted. Cassey has put in all her time and knowledge to promote healthy living through videos, positive attitude and healthy tips. This blog was simply her opinion on how some families do not realize the foods they put into their and their kids mouths. Cassey did not say to not be like this family but simply that there is dangerous outcomes to eating this way. Yes, everyone has their own opinions but Cassey did too, there should be no need to blow up on her like many have done on here. OUR LIVES WOULD BE RUINED WITHOUT BLOGILATES (well, mine would be ruined). Cassey has inspired me to eat healthy and that working out transformed my body in ways that i would have never thought it could look like. i have been following her videos and blogs for 2 years now and i have so much confidence because of it. This blog does not deserve any negative comments because Cassey was just saddened about how this mother feeds her kids. It truly hurts a person when people have negative things said to them. Please respect Cassey and everything that she has done for us.

  358. yes, actions do speak louder than words.
    yes, Cassey is really striving to help people live a healthy lifestyle, and she lives a good example of this as well. I love what she said at the end of this blog;

    “I truly believe the change begins with education. I need to think about this.
    So if you know anyone who is not treating their body right, try to help them. Don’t go over and say “Do you know what you’re eating is gonna give you a heart attack?” That doesn’t work. What you do is you bake a healthy apple pie or yummy oatmeal muffin for them and say “Hey, I made this for you.” Smile. If they like it, they will ask for the recipe. It starts there and it starts small.”

    To me this shows the true side of Cassey, her kindness and genuine desire to be healthy and lovingly help others do the same.

  359. Actually, that’s not what Cassey was doing. She was putting down a family whose habits almost made her “die”.”It’d be cool if the mom could get on Biggest Loser. I bet they asked her before but she said no. And that’s the problem.” That is SO incredibly judgemental and clearly not a fact, but an assumption & an uneducated assumption at that.

    I think I’ll leave the shovel with you, because standing up for Cassey at this point..yeah, you’re gonna need it. She’s ruined her image for a LOT of people with this blog post.

  360. This blog post was really disappointing. She’s a little girl and loves her body, even though she’s fat. I think that deserves some serious recognition. You can’t be good to your body if you hate it.

  361. Carina Cristina says:

    Read the blog one more time, Kate :)

  362. “By me saying that she is being rude, that is not judging but simply stating a fact.”

    Isn’t that pretty much what Cassey was doing in this blog post? I think you need a shovel for that hole you’re digging.

  363. After reading this I am so so so disappointed, especially at the pictures that were used of Honey Boo Boo. I have seen clips of the show and they are obviously extremely unhealthy, and it is absolutely awful that these children will not know what healthy food and lifestyle is. One day they might figure it out but they are obviously not learning it from their mum.

    However, I have no idea why you would be so mean as to put up the pictures of her, ESPECIALLY, the gif of her holding her stomach. There was absolutely no reason to. If you are concerned about their diet and lifestyle, fair enough you are allowed your opinion, but I do not think there is ever a reason to do something so mean as add pictures like that of a young girl that do nothing more than make fun of her weight..

    I eat extremely healthy, purely just because I love fruit, veg and healthy things in general, I always have. I’m pretty happy with my body but have not always been. I had “puppy fat” as a child, I was just a bit “chubby” but because of certain “funny” comments from my own dad when I was around 12 it completely knocked my confidence.

    Thats why I am extremely angry with the way you wrote this, there is no excuse for writing in such a way about a young girl. No excuse at all. I expected much more and it has completely changed my opinion of you.

  364. I totally agree! Disabling comments is a great idea

  365. well… I agree with some things you said but calling that little girl disgusting was really mean. you could blame her mom, but not that little girl. she eats what her mom cooks for her. I’m sure that if she saw how you called her disgusting, and how a lot of other people call her like that in the comments, she would get really insecure, and she even might be anorectic or something like that when she’s older. well maybe you should rather teach her mom how to live a healthy lifestyle instead of saying such things about her little daughter. just my opinion.

  366. OMG CASSEY! I agree that their lifestyle is not as a fitness trainer would like but really? You’re supposed to be a role model not a reality TV critic…
    Nobody is commenting on how you make money blogging, making videos and sell clothing, etc.
    Stick to FOOD, FITNESS and BLOGILATES – please.
    One MAD fan.

  367. Really there is nothing wrong with expressing your opinion but the post did come off as a bit judgmental. It had a real underlying fat shaming tone underneath. And I’m not saying that it is your problem, it’s really society as a whole. The link to the article explains a lot better then I ever could.

  368. Wow, Cassey… every single shred of respect that I’ve ever had for you has completely blown away in the wind, never to be seen again. I understand completely where you’re coming from – you teach, live and breathe fitness. But guess what? that’s YOUR life, that’s YOUR decisions. Who the hell do you think you are criticizing someone ELSES life style? If that’s the way they choose to live, that’s fine. But don’t you dare sit there on your high-horse acting like this woman is a bad mother because she lets her children decide what they want to eat! I, as well as everyone else who watches this show knows that hey, maybe the meals they cook AREN’T great, maybe they are bizarre and shouldn’t really be consumed, but guess what? They will do what they want to do – if that’s what they like to eat, so be it! Let them eat whatever they want and enjoy the time they have on this earth doing what THEY want to do.. MAKING THEIR OWN DECISIONS!! And about them being over-weight, you don’t watch the show so you probably don’t know that there were countless amounts of times where the mother encouraged her daughters to go on a diet, and even joined in with them! She’s a great mother and they are such a close-knit family, it’s beautiful really. How dare you sit here and think that you have control over someone else’s family, trying to tell them what they need to do… worry about YOURSELF.

  369. Cassey,
    I know that you wrote this with a genuinely CONCERNED tone. I don’t believe people are seeing that. I suggest you disable comments to this post because you don’t deserve the negativity that people are throwing at you. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion and you wrote how you felt. Keep your head up! So many of us still support you and depend on your positivity to keep us positive ! Thanks for everything you do Cassey!

  370. Hi Cassey I love you so much! ;* I wish I had your DVD here in Poland, because your workouts are abolutely awesome!

  371. Amy Stockler says:

    Food is our medicine or can be our enemy if we make the wrong choices. You are so right. I have two daughters and I am a stay at home Mom. I cook everything homemade and am a big advicate of eating whole foods w/o preservitives. I heard a doctor once say, “if it doesnt mold and get old, Dont eat it!” I think that is an easy statement to remember before you put something into your mouth.
    This is my first ever comment to you Cassy, even though I have been following you for around two years. I was suffering from acid reflux, I actually thought it was my heart b/c I had pressure in my chest. Well this pushed me to clean up my eating habits and I found you too! You have inspired me to loose weight and stay healthy. I love your combination of pilates with cardio moves. I feel stronger at 37 than I did at 20. Holding poses and engaging muscles without momentum has really made a difference. My posture is better, I can do all the things I normally do w/o unecessary pain from being out of shape. You are the best and I wish you blessings upon blessings.

  372. One of the reasons that I want to get healthy now, at 20, is so that one day, when I have a family of my own, I’ll be able to more easily raise them to be healthy as well.

    It’s one thing to mess around with your own health, but when you have the health of your own child in your hands… I don’t understand how you can just sit back and watch them become just as unhealthy (if not more so) than you are.

    I believe that Cassey means absolutely no harm in what she said. She even suggests reaching out to others in a loving way… by making them something healthy and delicious that they will enjoy, and may end up being the spark they need to start their healthy lifestyle! Cassey’s passion is health, and she obviously uses her knowledge to help others. This is her blog, and she has every right to talk about whatever she wants to.

    I love you, Cassey! Keep doing what you’re doing.

  373. Unfortunately you didn’t see an episode where you can see that Honey Boo Boo is actually a kind of good kid with a god head on her shoulders. I’ve never watched the show but she’s been known to say things that are positive images. She made a comment about how there’s nothing wrong with being gay because everyone is a little gay. She’s also very comfortable with her body and has a great body image which can be rare in the kid pageant scene. Yes their eating habits are awful and they have no exercise habits and can be a but vulgar but Honey Boo Boo herself has a pretty great head on her shoulder considering all of her influences.

  374. Holy moly! I’m going to completely side-step the whole HBB discussion, seeing as how I’ve never even seen the show and have absolutely no desire to. Plus, a lot has been said already. But, I did want to say thanks for this great new HIITilates workout! I’m excited to try it out. I loved the last one. :)

  375. Thank you soooo much for the thing about respecting animals, sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who gets that.

  376. Cassey I think you need to read this article on the “Biggest Loser”. If you think “Honey Boo Boo” is promoting unhealthy lifestyles then you really need to actually go deeper into reality TV as a whole.

  377. I totally agree. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is entertaining and fascinating to see how the family lives, but it upsets me at what’s likely the ignorance of healthy eating, obesity and diabetes prevention that goes into the parenting. It IS admirable how they spend so much time as a family and love each other, but it’s wrong how obscenely unhealthy the food is and that it’s one of the points of comedy in the show. I was looking at that poor baby Kaitlyn thinking, “how long will it be until you get diabetes?” Cassey, although your opinion is strong, I agree with it. They know they’re overweight (Jessica’s nickname is Chubbs, sadly from her own family), and now with enough money from the show (Alana alone makes $10,000+ per episode), they should be making a lifestyle change. Sadly, it probably won’t happen because redneck recipes like ketchup and ‘sketti are what draw audiences.

  378. Yes,, it IS about calling someone fat. Cassey herself called a 6 year old disgusting.Their lifestyle may not be the healthiest, but there are much better ways to address this than Cassey did. You don’t call a 6 year old disgusting, regardless of how you feel. Alana is a person too, and she’s going to hear these things that are being said about her- and she’s never done anything!

    Cassey did MUCH MUCH more than criticize their lifestyle.

  379. While I agree that the family does eat badly and they should eat better or work out, as you said in the blog Cassie, they weren’t brought up like you and me. They live some place that what they’re eating is the norm and haven’t reason to change it. On plenty of episodes, mama June ( honey boo boo’s mother) has touched on how she knows she is “large” but she is happy with herself. Of course I don’t agree with it, but from someone who struggled with eating and food and body image all their life, I wish I could have once looked in the mirror and been happy to be me for who I am, not the few extra lbs I carried. They have had shows where they see who can lose the most weight even. I think it’s nice that these girls are a little chubby and can rock it and be happy. I do think that they could use some education about diet and nutrition, but still, if they don’t want to change, then they aren’t going to no matter what tools are given.

  380. I haven’t even heard of this show until your blog. It is really sad when you think about where Honey Boo Boo will be several years from now, when the show has stopped airing. For her to be in front of the cameras and getting attention and interviews, may also glorify her and the way that she eats and “shows off” her stomach on national TV. I can’t agree with you more..that those who dont know about healthy eating may see this show as giving them justification to eat as they do, and not as entertainment or to show off how gross and unhealthy their eating habits are. :/ Thanks for sharing. I really do admire you for getting active in the community, and I do agree: preventive medicine is the best there is!!!

  381. Ju,

    Your story is beautiful! I hope everything works out great for your mom and for you too!
    You make a GREAT point here : “What other people may not realize is that the same food that got you sick–because you indulged too much–will be the same food you can’t enjoy anymore.”
    I think more people need to understand that. :) Thank you for bringing this to light!

  382. I have never watched the show but I have herd terrible things, things like the also eat ROADKILL!!!
    Those poor children, I hope they find out soon what good food tastes like. Last night I was watching an episode of hoarders and a 14 yr old girl who was living with her diabetic mother made them noodles with about a cup of mayo (per person) with canned peas and tuna. I was gagging the whole time. I live with my finacee who does not have the best eating habbits but we try! Knowing there are people out there that eat this terrible makes me want to become a nutritionist and volunteer to help kids eat right. Thank you Casey for making the food bites videos, I have shared the banana oatmeal recipe with almost everyone I know and they all LOVE IT! I like to add pecans because it tastes like banana bread, YUM! =)

  383. Hey, Cassey. I don’t think you meant any harm. I think you have the most drive toward fitness and clean eating that I have ever seen. I really admire that about you. I feel this though as a wake up call for you about the world. I mean no offense, but we all have not been as lucky as you to have the knowledge and the drive for fitness and health as yourself. I really feel their obesity stems from lack of nutritional education. It’s sad, but there are so many misconceptions on healthy living tips and regimens that it is hard to believe what is good or bad for anyone now. The mom probably grew up eating this way all her life, and she doesn’t know any other way. What may be common sense for you, may not be common sense for another. Maybe you should try to reach out and give them some insight. They may need help, but they just don’t know where to start. Maybe you will gain something from it as well.

  384. Farts

  385. Oh come on, this is not about calling someone fat because he/she isn’t as fit/trained/whatever like Cassey. This is about critising a lifestyle that will actually put a child in severe health danger. Think it’s fun having diabetes when you’re 15? This might actually lead to kidney faliure sooner or later, which is acutally life theatening. So why not try to keep children from this? I guess that’s a pretty good thing to do….

  386. Totally agree with this post, people need to wake up and stop being SO defensive. I don’t necessarily agree with the methods on the biggest loser but I do agree with the way they stop telling people that it is OKAY to be at that weight. It’s not. Call it shaming, but I think it is a little tough love. Like many have said, criticism is helpful and sometimes truly necessary. Many obese people really need a wake up call because they become too comfortable with the cycle of habits they are living in and they just let themselves go more and more until health becomes a REAL issue. They get offended when someone tells them maybe they ought to do things differently, even when people are just trying to help. They seek positive reinforcement to validate their lifestyle often from other overweight people who live the same way. I know because THAT IS HOW I WAS (so don’t say I must be some skinny chick who doesn’t understand). I hated skinny people looking at me and judging me. I used this hate as an excuse to maintain my unhealthy lifestyle, because it was my right to eat what i wanted, damnit! Did it almost out of spite. And I was just never going to be like those people so it wasn’t worth it!!

    I finally had a doctor tell me that I was obese and that if I didn’t stop overeating and make a change I would die young. He was harsh and direct about it, but that’s what I needed. I’ve made drastic changes to my lifestyle since and am down 80 pounds. It took a LONG time but I did it. I don’t pay more for food either, I just make smarter choices, like NOT slathering butter over everything. And I don’t have a gym membership. I go outside and workout at home with videos. What a concept!

    Obesity kills and the epidemic is growing in this country because eating horrible food and getting no physical activity each day is becoming more and more the norm and more okay. A TV show that makes these things seem good acceptable or even desirable is like a show that shows parents teaching their kids to smoke. Bad modeling is responsible for a lot of childhood obesity in this country which unfortunately becomes adult obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, etc. Again, that’s how it was in my house. What I wouldn’t give for someone to have intervened with me at a young age.

    lf you are significantly overweight you may need to get your feelings hurt just a little if it means getting your butt in gear to get yourself healthy enough that you will not die of heart problems or diabetes related complications. And you know what got rid of my shame over being fat? GETTING HEALTHY! Am I stick thin like Cassey? NO. But I’m at a healthy weight for my height and age, I get a balanced diet and at least the recommended amount of exercise (30 min a day). Do I think I’m better than other overweight people? Of COURSE not. But I would not be where I was today if someone hadn’t been a little blunt and pointed out to me that what I was doing was NOT okay and hadn’t made me realize there was a better way to live. For me and for any future family I might have. Thanks Cassey, and don’t let the haters get you down. Rant over.

  387. I am not getting into the debate going on here because I understand what Cassey is saying and completely agree. With that said, I did see an episode where they had “sketti” for dinner and made “sauce” made of butter and ketchup to pour over the top of it. This literally made me want to vomit; even thinking of it now makes me nauseated.
    A friend on Facebook the other day posted that she wanted a new recipe for pork chops since she always fries them and after I suggested grilling and having grilled veggies with it, others used words like smothered, fried, butter, etc. I live in the south and we fry a lot of things, but fried foods are horrible for you to eat, especially every night! When does the cycle stop?!

  388. As I said on facebook already, Cassey don’t look at the hateful comments. Everyone should have an own opinion but some people should learn how to exrpess it.
    For my part I don’t know the TV series because we don’t have it in Austria but it makes me sad just to hear about it. I feel the same as you do and I loved your blog post because you shared your own opinion in a great way and I saw that you tried not to judge.
    Very objektive and I feel for the family.
    For me here that’s hard to understand. Of course we have obese people in Austria as well and it gets more and more but it’s quite shocking to here about these extreme people.
    Fell loved cassey and don’t stop sharing your opinion!!!
    Going to do your workout now because it always makes me feel great! And I am going to add 10 burpees today because I hate them. Doing them for you today!

  389. Lori-Anne, AMEN!

  390. ^This.

    Also, I heard about the controversy on ONTD and I’m pretty sure it was posted on HBB’s Facebook page which is run by her mother (June)

  391. Patrice Macharia says:

    All those who refer to Cassey’s post negatively should RESPECT her opinon, its hers not yours, she obviously cares about how this family eats and she’s just trying to inform them. If they keep eating a tub of butter a day and Kilo’s of sugar they are bound to shorten their life expectancy to about 30. I’m not a nutritionist, but I read my Biology books and read health blogs everywhere and these guys are probably gonna die of heart attacks or strokes because fat has clogged up their arteries to the point of no return, the sooner someone speaks up, the faster we can help these people, and thats what Cassey’s doing by posting this, using mass communication to tell people of what happens in the world, sure you may not agree but appreciate that she has taken the time and energy to type that post to inform each and everyone of her popsters on the health issues that affect today’s generation.
    Cassey, Haters Gon’ Hate, but just remember words turn into air, and air can’t hurt you can it?
    Love from Kenya :)

  392. I totally agree with you. Body image issues for “fat” people were created by society because it has told us that “fat” is unattractive, makes you less of a person, and “disgusting”. Otherwise, we wouldn’t think twice about if someone was “skinny” or “fat”.

  393. After reading comments on here, this seems to have blown up.
    One blog, after all Cassy has done for everyone.
    Actions speak louder then words.
    Some may of misunderstood her post, but she is out there actually helping people live healthy and happy, which is more then one post could ever stand for.

    See the good not the bad. <3

  394. I agree with you Casey 100%

    It’s shows like this that make the rest of the world hate America and Americans. Look at how they live and how they represent American lifestyle. I too am outraged by this show and am extremely saddled by the future this mother of honey booboo is setting up for her children. It’s sad, they have no way out and do not even realize what they are doing to their bodies.

    I am embarrassed of this show and I am not even American. I am Canadian and the fact that Canada is so closely assoiscated with American lifestyle embarrasses me at this point.

    I know not every American lives like this, and there are thousands if not millions of Canadian families that live this lifestyle as well, but the fact the we are broadcasting it for the world to see and viewing it as entertainment is disgusting.

    Casey said nothing offensive in her article. It was truth, and she expressed her sadness for the family which shows nothing but compassion. I too am saddened, and think this family’s lifestyle is disgusting.

    And we should all be ashamed that this is how most people see North American lifestyle.

  395. In the netherlands obesity is also a very big problem. But yesterday in the news they said more and more children from the age 10-14 are getting anorexia, due to all the health education on school. the kids start to worry about weight on a young age. Just so you know. :)

  396. *there’s

    Holy typos, Batman!
    Can I use the excuse that my room is freezing and I couldn’t feel my fingers while typing?

    And thank you, Cassey Ho, for being a preachy, condescending fat-shamer who jumps to conclusions and exaggerates like woah.

  397. Agreed 100%. There was definitely a lack of sensitivity in this blog post that was unsettling to see from a blog that is supposed to inspire its readers, not shame people who don’t follow it like we do.

  398. The family lives in a food desert, McIntyre is in the middle of nowhere. From my understanding the family only has one car that the dad uses to go to work, so that does make things worse. I think most of the things they buy are from the gas station down the road because they don’t have the car most of the day. What constitutes affordable to some often means compromising fresh for frozen and canned, which is the case for this family where they are supporting 7 people on one income. The show has emphasized that the family is only able to get buy through heavy use of coupons and food auctions. This isn’t just them being lazy, it’s a problem with the fact America is the only nation that subsidizes unhealthy foods over healthy ones and the public health crisis resulting from that will only continue to grow.

  399. Kelly-Rae says:

    Cassey, I totally agree with you on this. Education is the key to a lot of things and eating healthy is one of them. I, personally, did not see you as lashing out at the overweight population, rather stating your sympathies and willingness to want to reach out to them. I came from a fairly unhealthy background, not to say that I was overweight, but I ate a lot because my parents did. Actually, once I started following your blogs, I began to be more concerned about the food I put into my body. I got educated. I’m glad you posted this. I’m glad you spoke out about educating kids on health and parents setting an example. Thank you. You are seriously an inspiration to me. I love you!

  400. I feel the exact same way about this show. What you have said is in no way “fat shaming” as people have so ignorantly said. It’s a fitness professional being concerned about other peoples health, especially a child who has no control over it. To all of these negative comments – Eating healthy isn’t about being skinny, it’s about getting the right nutrients into your body. I know it’s hard to understand but my father who was almost 500 lbs 2 years ago is now down to 290 Lbs. He was on cholesterol medication, blood pressure medication, borderline diabetic. I FINALLY convinced him to please for the sake of his family at the least start eating cleaner and he did and after loosing the first 80 Lbs he was already feeling better he wasn’t needing his medications anymore and NOW when he goes into the doctor all of his blood tests and blood pressure results come out as healthy as can be. It’s simple changes that make the difference. He worksout but not hardcore, he does some cardio on the elliptical and some resistance training. Most of it was a healthy diet. So I understand what cassie is saying…. These people are just shoving butter, sugar, fats down their kids throats and their own and it’s not good, it’s not safe, it’s not healthy and I’ll tell you what… After 10 years of my father abusing his body to get to the almost 500 lbs, losing it was not easy. He felt pain in places he had never felt before, gallstones, gout attacks, but he pushed through because he knew he needed to get past those things and all of those things were caused by his obesity. But he doesn’t regret a moment of it, he is at 290 and has 60 lbs to go and I’m so glad when I got to their house and I see a fridge full of fresh healthy veggies and lean meats and proteins. My parents never knew any better, they were never educated on healthy eating they thought what they were eating was healthy until I explained to them the contents in those foods etc. Then they made the choice to change their habits and they followed through and still are for a year now they have been on a strict clean diet. What Cassie is trying to say is that eating better and excercising is more than just weight, it’s overall well being. Physical and mental. I understand it’s hard for some people, I struggle with my weight, genetics play a role in that a lot of my family is obese but I work hard and watch what I eat and I have no problem with that. You roll with what god gave you and you have the ability to shape yourself into whoever you want to be. So for the people giving cassie a hard time, just stop. She’s just caring about this poor child and her mother, worried about their health in general and their life span. Honey Boo Boo’s mother may not be around long enough to see her child graduate HS if she continues to shove butter down her throat. And Honey Boo Boo is going to have some serious body issues when she gets older and will likely end up being a target of fat shaming which can lead to more psychological issues like anorexia, bulemia, body dysmorphic syndrome. Wake up people, read the post again. She is not trying to be hurtful she is trying to be helpful, she wants these people to live a long life!

  401. Cassie is not referring to their weight as disgusting, but the lifestyle that they lead. It is disgusting parental behavior to feed your child a huge amount of garbage, knowing that you’ll give them health problems.

  402. Totally agree. I wish you would do that. Maybe this family doesn’t know where to start with eating well. Provide support.

  403. Good post! I want Michelle Obama to be my best friend. :)

    And honestly, I think HBB is sort of refreshing. I feel like so many TV shows revolve around beautiful, unrealistically skinny, unhappy women in high-powered, all-consuming political/legal/medical jobs in LA, New York, or Washington, DC. The fact that there’s a show out there about an overweight, working-class, stay-at-home mom and her kids in rural Georgia is kind of awesome.

  404. You are right. This is a lifestyle blog and she only judged their lifestyle. This is no objective report. I would like to point out that she mainly expressed her concerns which are based on facts, not personal opinion.

  405. I hate to say it, because I used to be such a big fan of Cassey… but I agree with you on the part of your comment regarding this blog post, Megan. I thought Cassey’s post was so judgmental and negative. Reading it did not inspire me the way older Blogilates posts did. It just reminded me why I have started running as opposed to tuning into the new videos. I love & miss the old Blogilates and motivating posts, rather than shaming others for not following the same lifestyle. I don’t mean to offend Cassey or anyone, but I, too, have noticed a big change in Blogilates the past few months that I do not find refreshing or inspiring.

  406. Some of the comments hurt more than this post, and I don’t think anyone who has never been overweight or had body image issues don’t get it. Calling anyone’s body “disgusting” is hurtful and judgemental. They do need to eat better, but being mean is NOT going to motivate them! To eat better they need encouragement, they need to be built up! Trust me I know. I wish we could focus on positivity to make healthy lifestyle changes, instead of focusing on hurtful negative terms.

  407. Lori-Anne says:

    I was going to write a long-winded reply on how inappropriate and disappointing this blog-post was, but it seems my main points have already been covered and I’m not going to be redundant.

    Cassey, I really think you need to look inside yourself at where this seething anger towards fat people stems from. It is not someone’s responsibility to conform to your idea of how we all need to be. Laci Green did a wonderful video on YouTube about it, I believe it was called “Fat Shame”. She really hits the nail on the head with respect to why this kind of judgment is completely unjustified and unfair.

    One more thing – this little girl is not going to have body image issues because of what she eats. However, she might develop body image issues if she catches wind of a stranger on the internet referring to a photo of this little girl squeezing her belly fat as a “distubring image” (much like you did in your email).

    Just my two cents.

  408. Katherine says:

    Beautifully expressed, Melinda! I couldn’t agree more. Love you, Cassey!

  409. Gabby,

    I don’t agree with what you said about Cassey not having an excuse to be late. There’s a difference with her work and yours: she CHOOSES to do the things she does, she chose to make bags, calendars and videos among so many other things because she has a passion to share what she loves with the world.

    As for the Honey Boo Boo post, this whole forum where you’re reading this, is HER blog, she can write whatever she wants and if you don’t agree with it, it’s fine, she’s not begging anyone to be on her side. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, you do, I do, and she most definitely does as well, so nobody gets to judge anyone for being able to exercise that right.

    Also, if you stop supporting her, let’s be real, that’s only prompting more people step up and stand up for her, because what you’re showing here is that you don’t appreciate someone’s hard work, no matter what quality it’s in.

  410. Having never actually seen any of the episodes in that show, maybe I don’t have a right to comment on this, but I did want to say that I’m pretty appalled at how critical people are being of what Cassey wrote. What I have to say has probably already been said, but what I took away from her post was that she was concerned about the family’s LIFESTYLE. At no point in her entry did she judge their personalities and say that they were disgusting as people. As a fitness instructor, I would think Cassey’s just trying to do what she’s been doing for all these years–shed light on unhealthy habits and inspire people to make the necessary changes in their lives in order to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.

    I think the main point she was trying to get across with this article was that it’s saddening that they don’t know of any other way to live. There is no valid argument in the world that could justify their lifestyle as healthy, and that’s what I feel Cassey was trying to get at. If you don’t know that what you’re doing is wildly dangerous for your health, you will have absolutely no conviction to change, and bad habits will continue to perpetuate. I get that obesity is a sensitive topic, but it’s a topic for a reason. It leads to a host of all kinds of health complications that could be prevented with patient education and lifestyle/dietary modifications.

    Hang in there, Cassey! I’m sorry that there are so many hurtful comments on here.

  411. I completely agree Mackenzie!!! Love you Cassey!!

  412. I have to put my 2 cents in on this topic. I am not going to attack you personally, but you came off as very arrogant and personally better than this family because you are tiny and you critique everything that you put in your mouth. But, that is your job – you are paid to work at a gym, have a blog, and make you tube videos. My husband is morbidly obese and I love him more than anything else in this world. He is Italian and his family grew up eating way too much with everything coated in olive oil. He has struggled with his weight his whole life and was beat up his whole childhood because of being overweight. He finally decided to change during high school and lost all his fat by eating just tuna fish out of a can and spending all his time at the gym. Then, life kicked in, he got a job and couldn’t work out at the gym all the time and the pounds crept in and in and in. He has tried everything to lose the weight (juice cleanses, getting a trainer and nutrionist and lap band surgery) all of which have not helped him. He is not lazy and I hate that people look at him that way without even knowing him.

    We have 3 kids together (and another one cookin’ in the oven), all of which are healthy and happy kids. My daughter (the oldest) is overweight and has a tummy. She is active and I have raised her knowing that sugar is not good for you but tastes good. I find nothing wrong with that. I am not going to feed her wheat germ and seaweed all the time to get her weight down, but I do tell her to eat her veggies and get outside in the frigid MN weather. I am glad that she and all my kids see mommy eating healthy but normal (I will eat my potato chips like no ones business). I work out a lot, and I have a decent body but I have to work at it. I want my kids to enjoy my life.

    Now, here is my real issue. Body image. Especially for girls and women! What you said is hurtful because all girls are supposed to love their bodies. And, I want my daughter to love hers (no matter what the size). Not all women can attain a size 2. I am careful to teach her that outside beauty isn’t everything. I know that it makes a big difference in life. I know that my daughter will have more problems in life if she stays overweight but she is only 8 years old. I think that you were extremely judgmental and inconsiderate, but I also know that you are young and immature and don’t know what is like to raise children. Maybe this will teach you to read your posts more carefully and think about all the people who take time out of their busy days to read your posts and that we have to love everyone no matter what.

  413. Mackenzie says:

    I don’t understand what all of these personal attacks on Cassey are for. For those of you who truly support Cassey and know that she does the right thing and would never purposely hurt someone else, keep supporting her and giving her positive feedback. Even if you don’t totally agree with every single word she says, you know that she’s coming from a good viewpoint since this is a HEALTHY LVIVING BLOG. Why would Cassey of all people support the slow killing of a young girl? Honey boo boo is going to have a heart attack at a really young age, and if more people would be like Cassey and acknowledge the fact that the family is killing her, maybe they would realize this and try to change something. And by try to change i dont mean eat veggies for a day, say you dont like them and return to your old ways. No, thats actually not trying.

    And for those of you who sit there and attack Cassey for something that she said, HER opinion on HER blog none the less, simply unlike her Facebook page, stop reading her posts and stop using her workout videos. If she really is the horrible person you think she is, you shouldn’t be using her site and videos that she pours her heart and soul into.

    I love you Cassey, stay strong and don’t let all of this negativity hide the ray of sunshine that you are.

  414. Cassey,

    That show is one of the exact reasons, I DON’T have cable. I have two boys and refuse to have them seeing these shows and thinking its, ok?!?! NO! NO! NO! I am from Louisiana, I don’t completely agree with the South being obese. My family eats healthy, and its NOT expensive!!! The southern culture is not the best, every dish has to have meat. Even with vegetables, mustard greens and pork. I find the diet is expensive when every meal has to have meat. Meat is not cheap. I grew up eating unhealthy, but as a parent I would never let my kids eat this way. Kids will always be kids, cookies, cake, candy. Limiting the amount, monitoring and most important teaching them healthy habits is key. People can change, some need help, thats why Cassey is here for us all. Thank you Cassey.

  415. No, I don’t find it hypocritical. In not one place did I judge Cassey. By me saying that she is being rude, that is not judging but simply stating a fact. A fact which has clearly been supported by others.

    And I don’t feel as if I need to censor myself or cut back on trying not to be rude when this was all started over someone who is more than accountable for their actions, as thousands of people see what she wrote, was being downright mean. I will not apologize

    As far as her having to do videos, blogs, edits, etc.- that is all HER choice. She made this what it is today, and if she couldn’t handle it, she shouldn’t have taken it all on. So when there’s a pity post about how busy she is, she just can’t handle it’s all on her.

    My decision to no longer support Casey is drawn from the fact that she has picked on an innocent 6 year old, calling her picture disgusting. I’m choosing not to support her, not because of her views, but because of the hateful manner in which she expressed them. I gladly accept other opinions if they are handled in a manner which is also mindful of others. Cassey did not do this.

  416. So I haven’t watched that show yet, but I have seen similar ones and I also have friends who keep a lifestyle like this. Seeing people ruining their health with open eyes makes me want to scream too. Its one side to ruin your own healt but the other is to ruin your kids health, too. (Cassey, if you don’t know him yet, Tim Minchin is on your side: using a more cynical language though….)
    (I have major health issues aswell and would kill for the opportunity to get rid of them by changing my lifestlye)
    And Cassey, after all, it is your blog and your opinion and it’s ok to put it here, because it’s your blog. Yeah, thats the good thing about beeing allowed to speak your mind freely, even in public. I love your videos/posts/attitude, so please keep up the work and all the smiling :)

  417. So, how’d we like the new video?

  418. Agreed^. She’s not harping on people being overweight. Just if their obesity is a reflection of their unhealthy lifestyle.

  419. Oh my gosh.. i think this is an awful thing to do for your kids health and just letting them not eat right.. I mean why does the parents not love their kids so much that they want to give them the best to eat?
    I just don’t get it..

  420. Thank you. :-)

  421. Don’t you find this to be a bit hypocritical? You say she’s a jerk for being judgemental, and yet there you go judging her. You imply that she’s been rude, and then you say, ” And the quality of your work lately. Cassey, I hate to be so blunt about it. But it sucks.” Jeez, how rude is THAT?

  422. I don’t think Cassey needs to change who she is to have an opinion.
    If you disagree with her, I find it amazing you automatically want to stop supporting her. Really. I completely agree with Jessica. People disagree in life; dissent can actually be very beautiful and teaching. I think she’s entitled to her opinion. It’s what she’s trying to say that’s important. If you can’t see what that is, maybe, yeah, you shouldn’t follow her blog. Out of respect for someone who puts a lot of effort into her work, I can see you saying you thought she could be more eloquent; but, you literally just shot her down and told her she was boring. If you thought she was being disrespectful your response was just as mean, and it was very hypocritical.

  423. Ann-Kathrin says:

    Oh man, this is such a sensitive topic.
    In some German TV shows there are shown parents who do not cook healthy or cook at all, and their kids don’t no veggies and fruits. They have bad eating habbits and live unhealthy. But those parents always say that that’s just the way they nurture/educate their kids and they say that every parents are allowed to educate their kids just as they want…. and I think that is totally ignorant. People should let them be helped when help is offered.
    But in most cases I think they feel blamed or accused for not being good parents when someone says they giving the wrong food to their kids. And giving them love and care is perfect and right, but giving kids healthy food is also a very important part of giving love and be a parent.
    I think I get your point, you’re criticising their eating habbits which are obviously unhealthy. But you don’t blame them because of the way they look, do you? No. So in my opinion you didn’t say anything wrong.
    But because this is such a sensitive topic, I can understand why people be feel blamed or accused.
    Don’t feel bad about negative comments. That’s just the way it is with saying one’s opinion (esp. in public), there are some who like it, there are also some that don’t like your opinion. You have to accept that and learn to deal with those comments correctly.
    Now to something else. I think it’s awesome that you are to work together with Michelle Obama. You’re getting quite famous, huh? Well, more important is that you’re doing a great job in educating about healthy lifestyles, I like that really much. I hope and am sure that you can achieve something!!

  424. I agree with your assessment about food being the main factor in our obesity epidemic. I run (a lot) and my body shape and weight won’t change until I also improve my diet. Eating processed,high-carb, sugar loaded foods are poison! Cassey you are right on the money!

  425. I totally agree with what you’re saying Cassey ! I don’t get how people would think that you’re being offensive. yes it may be cruel to say that Honey Boo Boo is over weight and her mum is too, but that’s just your opinion, right? You can’t just be judged on what you personally think & it should not get you down. You’re only trying to look out for Honey Boo Boo, and you are correct about all the unhealthy foods her mum is feeding her. I find it gross myself how parents can feed their children with a load of crap. They will regret it when they’re older & they just don’t understand what mess they’re putting themselves in. If Honey Boo Boo’s parents care about her they should make the effort & at least know what’s wrong and what’s right. They should know that sugar is mega bad at that age anyways, i mean for some days it would be okay just to give them a bit of sugar, but not too much of it.

    Chin up always, Cassey ! We, your POPsters are here for you :)
    thanks for motivating me so much in all that you do & even though I feel like i’m dying whilst doing the cardio workouts, i know that they’re worth it ! Thank you so so so much ! LOVES ALWAYS <3

  426. I agree total crap!

  427. I know it has nothing to do with the topic but PLEAAAASE could you do a post about cellulite?:´) I am struggeling and I haven´t got ANY hope I´ll ever be able to wear a swimsuit in my life …

  428. Wow, that was a really mean comment, and saying ” I hate to be so mean” doesn’t make it any better. You know, you could go PAY for pilates classes instead of using free You Tube videos.

  429. I don’t want to start a fight with you, Megan, but I KNOW Cassey would be extremely hurt if she read your post. Having said that, would she be hurt about this comment if she didn’t give a crap about her job, her pilates videos, and, most importantly, us POPsters? No, if she really didn’t care about any of that, she wouldn’t be so hurt about these negative comments!
    Cut the girl some slack, you can’t make everyone happy, and imagine the pressure she is on (ESPECIALLY now), to please everyone around her? She has to make video after video, blog post after blog post, edit after edit, etc. just to make us happy, and because she enjoys doing it. She’s got a lot of pressure on her, so just cut her some slack.

    As far as the Honey Boo Boo thing, I’ve already commented numerous times on it, so I’m not going to say anything about that again. Bottom line – she didn’t mean to offend anyone.

    Spread the love, not hate.
    <3 Gabby

  430. teilzeitDAU says:

    i just watched the episode/scene you were talking about.

    i totally agree with your post and i’m not adding another comment to the gazillion ones before, but what also made me really sad and angry when i watched the vid is how they play with their food.

    how dare they play with food like that?

    there are millions of people in the world who are starving and dying bc they don’t have enough food and they dare to play with the butter as if it was a tub of play-dough and sneeze all over the turkey as if it was a worthless object rather than an animal who died so they could eat it (i’m not an animal rights activist, not even a vegetarian, but i still believe we should treat animals with respect, esp. if they had to die for us)

    i know that most of their behaviour is probably exaggerated bc after all this is tv and tv is all about getting people watch the show etc, but still, this is really not ok.

  431. I’m right there with you Gabby!!

    <3 you Cassey!

  432. Megan, I agree with every word you wrote.

  433. Not sure if you saw my comment, Cassey, but I just want to let you know that I absolutely adore you and please ignore all the negativity. With anything in life, there’s going to be some people who disagree, some people who twist your words around. Just know that me, and so so many of our fellow POPsters know you didn’t mean any harm by this blog post and that we will stand by you no matter what.

    People who were offended by it – y’all, I understand where you’re coming from. HOWEVER she didn’t mean it the way you thought she did. She was simply stating how horrible their excersise/eating habits are and how it is sending a bad message to those watching the show (which, I think we can all agree with.)
    She is stating her concern for this family because they do not do anything to change their lifestyle, which is dangerous and extremely unhealthy. (Which, I think we can all agree with as well.)

    Love you Cass, I got your back!
    <3 Gabby

  434. So out of everything she does for you? This is her life, don’t you see all the hard work she puts in to this? Just because you don’t agree with her doesn’t mean you have to say (paraphrasing) “stop being busy and do what you say you’re going to do.” She does everything she says. I’m trying not to be hurt by your post, because Cassey is truly a friend to me, via social networking and I know this comment of yours would hurt her if she read it. She can’t win them all. You say to her, “I hate to be so mean, but you were insensitive and flat out rude. Sorry Casey, I really liked you but I will no longer be a supporter of you.” That in itself was more mean than her post. Everyone in the world isn’t going to get along and share values. Just because she doesn’t share the same values as you doesn’t mean you have to be mean and “not support her.” I bet your parents or friends don’t agree with everything you do, bet someone still supports you, right?

  435. This post touched me. I was overweight from the ages of 10 – 21. I hate to say this as I absolutely love her to death but it was my mother’s fault. I didn’t know all the chocolate, sugary snacks/drinks, fatty croissants etc were bad for me at that age. I had no idea about nutrition. My mother had a very demanding job and she would cook dinner so late (about 8pm) as she came home from work late and so what would I do to stop my hunger from lunchtime? Go into the snack cupboard and eat chocolate bars, chips, anything that was there. This increased as I hit puberty and started comfort eating to hide my crazy spiralling teenage hormones. What’s worse is that my family made fun of my weight gain and teased me by calling me names. This is where my body insecurity started and it will effect me for the rest of my life. I finally had enough at the age of 21 and broke all the habits, started exercising, started cooking for myself and educated myself, you wouldn’t believe how my esteem and confidence has risen. My family now look to me for healthy eating tips. I feel awful blaming my mother as I know she loves me as much as I love her but I now know what I will do when I have a daughter of my own, I will not allow her to ever feel the way that I felt for many years.
    My situation was nowhere near as extreme as Honey Boo Boo’s & yes Cassey, reading this has appalled me. When I was a child, obesity & healthy living was not an issue, but today, adults and children have no excuse to ignore the facts. More needs to happen in schools to empower young people and allow them to see the real message if this is what is happening at home.
    Blimey, this has been a deep issue – I just wish others ‘got it’ like we do in the Blogilates community! :)

  436. I love all the points you made Cassey ! People got offended because they know how true you are being and probably have the same life style as mentioned. I have the same view as you and my life goal happens to be a dietitian because I find obesity a very problem and I feel for these men and women, I want to help them become the healthy version of them! I have nothing against being over weight from appearance point of view because everyone is beautiful but my lord, the health issues are very serious. The list of health concerns is basically endless. I understand its hard to start after not caring for so long but it’s not about being down to a size 0 ( I am one so don’t think I’m judging anyone :) ) it’s about being heathy and using your body to its full potential ! Don’t let your body size determine things you can do in life ! It’s never to late to start and I believe anyone can have success ! You don’t have to have a big goal but once you start losing you’ll realize how much better you feel :) Health is so important ! Everyone’s body is beautiful! Health is just a much more important thing ! Xoxo
    ps; I believe saying someone needs to lose weight isn’t being used as a negative comment , if we can tell smokers to quit smoking and tell very skinny men and women they should gain weight ( I have come to accept that comment) our minds should be open for change ! Many things in life we cannot change , take advantage of this one thing we are in control of :)

  437. I agree with Cassey and believe she was very restrained. Having watched the episode in question, Cassey has stuck on point incredibly well under the circumstances.

    She didn’t mention the part where the mother sneezed on the uncooked turkey several times and herself and Honey Boo Boo then laughed about how that part will be extra moist and their little secret.

    She didn’t mention the part where the mother made her two eldest eat raw collard greens until one of them vomited so she would not have to cook them.

    She didn’t mention a great deal of stuff from this episode that would horrify most people. Cassey has been pointed about what she discusses, uses the correct terminology and has not been overly insensitive on anything. If you are hurt by seeing yourself reflected in her words then perhaps instead of getting mad at her for using them, consider them properly because there might be a very important message in there for you that you will miss because you don’t otherwise want to hear it.

  438. You are fat shaming, classiest and privileged. This is all ridiculous.

  439. Good, I’m glad you’re leaving! The blogilates community does not need ignorant, negative followers.

  440. Aww Cassey, like I said on facebook I know you mean well, but you’re in the “big leagues” now where nuanced language and an academic/neutral approach to obesity is required if you’re going to use your POPULAR, PUBLIC, and PROFESSIONAL blog as a platform. Its not a matter of denial, haters, or arguing against your point, I think we can all agrees that obesity and the glorification of HBB is a problem; its the language you use, the tone, and the exposition that’s causing all sorts of controversy.

    Your folksy bff writing voice is cute and appropriate when you talk about fashion, HIIT, or protein pancakes, but a multifaceted topic such as obesity really requires an academic/neutral writing voice; a folksy bff voice while addressing obesity/HBB just comes off as mean girl sniping. You did well when you addresses ED’s, I felt you had a respectful tone and expressed a willingness to learn more and ask questions. Its just a shame you couldn’t find that respectful tone while talking about HBB and obesity, it seems you let your passion and outrage overshadow your concern.

    And to all those who say that Cassey is just ‘keepin’ it real'; no, ‘keepin’ it real’ is just a passive aggressive way to be a jerk. Not that you’re a jerk Cassey, I just hate that phrase, its such a pithy excuse for behavior that needs to be called out.

    Take this as a learning experience; when you’re in the public eye you ALWAYS need to be careful about how you come across. Sure, its your blog, but its also your business. And if you blog contains content that offends some of your customers, well, that’s not good for business now is it? (FAIR WARNING: you’ve already been noticed on GOMI) If you absolutely feel the need to wax poetic about a controversial subject on your PROFESSIONAL blog, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE proofread and edit out any sort of ambiguous, negative, or emotionally charged adjectives and phrases. Trust me, it will save you a world of hurt if you can check yourself before you hit publish to make sure you’re not inadvertently calling a swath of your fan base “disgusting”; ‘misinterpreting an impassioned plea’ is never an excuse when your costumers/fans feel insulted.

  441. If they didn’t want the attention (good or bad), they would be putting their lives and their children on public display.

    I love the workouts!!

  442. Who is being judgmental now? You were pretty rough right there with your own comments. Specially to someone who provides FREE videos for our enjoyment. I also wanted to say that being healthy is not a choice and we should all strive to be at least moderately healthy, even if you don’t know any better. A child should be given as many possible opportunities to start off on the right foot and this child is not being given this opportunity or even the choice, she only has the choice to do what her parents tell her. I am glad to hear you will no longer support Cassey because she doesn’t need people with such negative energy.

  443. Alright, look…when I came to this website I saw a bright positive girl who was eager to help others. The reason I stayed was because of your positivism, the way you brought people up and didn’t tear them down. After reading this post I was a bit shocked to see this side of you. It definitely made me lose respect for you as a role model for young kids…not because you were sharing how you thought this family had “disgusting” habits, but because of the way you chose to say it. It was demeaning, rude, and quite frankly ignorant. While yes, I agree that this family does need a lifestyle change, this was not the way to go about it. This family knew nothing about “clean eating” or exercising before they became reality TV stars. It’s not their fault that they were taught to slather butter on their turkey and any other foods, it’s just what their families have done for generations. This is the same for many other families in the south. The problem isn’t their habits, it’s the fact that there’s nobody around THESE types of towns to help guide them. Many of the families from the towns similar to the one this family lives in are not wealthy by any means. A lot of those families can’t afford access to a gym or a personal trainer. So, in return, they haven’t the slightest idea about fitness/healthy living. Now, once this family became TV stars, they became rich. While yes, you may have an argument to this saying that they can afford a healthy lifestyle, it really doesn’t look at how they got to this place. They became famous BECAUSE of how they live. So they’re not going to change their habits…and I know the TV producers definitely wouldn’t allow it for the ratings. So does this make them bad people? No. You especially should know that once you’re in the spotlight you receive criticism for everything…but that doesn’t mean that your criticizers know who you are, or the person you want to be. Have you ever thought that maybe, deep down, this family wants to change, but they’re scared to because their tied to a contract where they get paid partially for what they eat? Who can blame them?

    I guess my main point here is that you should be asking the world why there aren’t more people like yourself in these towns. Many people look over these “hick towns” because they’re cheap looking and their populations are low (not a great place to start a business). You should be questioning the people in the world who have the privilege of knowing what to eat and how to properly exercise and wonder why they aren’t reaching out to these families. NOT putting down these families…especially one that you’ve watched for less than an hour. This whole post just seemed to come off as your disgust for this family’s habits…but maybe you should be disgusted with how the fitness leaders are handling it.

  444. I want to send you a bouqet of flowers.

  445. She’s not talking about their lives. She’s talking about the fact that they are BROADCASTING to an already uneducated overweight community that it is okay not to have the nutrients your body needs to be healthy and to just destroy yourself.

  446. Okay, I’m adding to this & this is going to be hard for me.

    You’re the reason I got into fitness and caring about my body. At first, I found you so inspirational and thought you were just the best thing ever. Recently, you’ve changed. This was just the icing on the cake, and you frosted it a litle too high this time.

    Obviously you don’t approve of their lifestyle, but did you really have to say it like you did? I always thought you were so sweet, and now I think we’re seeing the real Cassey come out. This was one of the most judgemental things I’ve ever read. This family may not live like you do, but they are a happy family. They get what it means to care about each other, and the way they choose to live is their own choice. And, if they choose to live that way how dare YOU act as if they are inferior to you because their choices do not line up with yours.

    Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is a choice, not a requirement. Somehow you’ve mixed those two things up, and somewhere along the way all the attention you’ve gained from designing bags and blogilates, you’ve gotten too caught up.

    Other issues I’ve had with you lately: we get it, you’re busy. Doing POP Pilates is part of your job..YouTube helps fund that LA Apartment you’re living in. So, when you say you’re going to do something, DO IT. I don’t get to have excuses as to why my work is late, neither do you. And the quality of your work lately. Cassey, I hate to be so blunt about it. But it sucks. Your old videos were amazing, and actual pilates. Your moves have grown repetitive, and you use the same combinations over & over again. You’re boring compared to what you were this time last year.

    I hate to be so mean, but you were insensitive and flat out rude. Sorry Casey, I really liked you but I will no longer be a supporter of you.

  447. It’s not an opinion. It is literally an epidemic. FACT: Obesity leads to death.

  448. gabriella says:

    True they have horrid eating habits but honestly I do eat some canned vegetables and frozen as well. The major problem is that the whole food organic even raw fruits and veggies are way more expensive. Why is it that food that is organic and untampered with cost mre than modified and refined foods….really doesn’t make sense. Even leaner meats skyrocket in price. I am trying hard to become the healthiest me I can be after becoming a new mom to my survivng twin baby boy it has been hard but so far I have kept up with your calander and Id like to thank you for that. Back on the subject its not as easy as just go buy healthy food. I have to think about the whole family and my husband isn’t as willing to spend our budgeted money for food soley on my veggies and fruits we have to get enough food for two weeks I tried getting all healthy foods once and I kid you not we ran out of food at the end of one week. The food industry and economy is just another extreme hurdle coupled with addictive nonhealthy foods and work stress and a laundry list of other factors make a toxic sea that we must flail and try our damndest to overcome. On the bright side when you see results of your hard work it really propells you to keep going….hey we could always start to make a home garden which will ease some of that budget woe.

  449. adriana p says:

    ok. i do not watch tv, there is nothing to watch out there all these uneducated, disqusting reality tv series like the one above,or the kardasians hookers , never watch any of these garbagge(sorry for the language) but my mind cannot even comprehend that such a thing is aired on tv. this is not television, i am speacheless that such a thing is even allowed to be aired. sorry, i do not know exactly what this discussting honey boo boo is about, just infer by reading other comments above, but this is discusting. they eat garbagge and look like monsters and they brag about it? this shows how many uneducated people with no morals, low values exist out there if they watch such a thing like the honey boo, kardashians and other garbagge, no educationals shows. back in the days when you were talking tv, you were talking about real fun, educational shows. now this is all garbagge. but i blame those who watch these garbagge more than the tv channels.

  450. Cassey,
    I agree 100% with you! Yeah not everyone will agree and some people may think you’re being mean, but you know what sometimes people need a good kick in the a## in order to realize what they are doing to themselves and their family in the Honey Boo Boo case. I mean if you watch The Biggest Looser they sure aren’t taking it easy on these people and that’s because they need to be pushed to the limits. I think people sugar coat things way too much these days which makes us loose our toughness. If the Honey Boo Boo family was willing to change their lifestyle then they should get the same treatment they do on The Biggest Looser. Work like they’ve never worked before, show them what the food they eat is doing to their bodies and after all that work and seeing great results they’ll never want to go back to their old lifestyle. Tough love and more education on health and fitness never hurt anyone!

  451. Guys. Cassey isn’t attacking the family for being okay with how they look. She’s attacking them for being okay with harming their bodies and passing it down to their kids who don’t know any better. Obesity leads to so many diseases. IT IS A GROWING EPIDEMIC. It’s an easy thing to prevent. That’s all. Learn to read and understand, not just attack. I agree with you 100%, Cassey.

  452. It’s an absolutely valid point. This is a completely different culture we’re talking about, and that’s not something that’s easy to change.

    Great work on healthy-ing it up for yourself :-)

  453. So, this was interesting. It brings up lots of different viewpoints, and some people have made some very valid points.

    I’ve seen one episode. I don’t plan on ever watching another. We shut off our cable over a year ago to save some money – one of the best decisions we’ve made. All of those “reality shows” are so…over the top. I can’t believe half of them are still on the air.

    I agree that the family is not living anywhere close to a healthy lifestyle. But you have to realize that it’s not as simple as: just eat clean and start working out. This is a completely different culture we’re talking about. Their way of life isn’t just “acceptable” it’s “normal”. I grew up in the suburbs. People were definitely not health nuts, but the obesity rates weren’t all that high. I’ve since grown up and moved farther from the city – some would say to the faaaar west suburbs, others would say “to the country”. Either way, it’s rural. I’m appalled at how different lifestyles are, just an hour away from where I grew up. The main grocery store is Walmart. You’d need to drive over an hour round-trip just to get to a Trader Joe’s, and I couldn’t tell you where the nearest Whole Foods is.

    The three biggest issues are education, access to healthy food, and desire. Education is the easiest to overcome. I’m sure on some level they’ve heard how bad some of this food is. They most likely don’t know the specifics, but they know enough. Access isn’t too bad, either. Every grocery store has a produce section, even if it isn’t as beautiful as Whole Foods. The big problem is desire. This is a way of life. They know what they’re doing and can change it, but you can’t MAKE them change. If they want to, they will. Jamie Oliver learned that one when he was trying to clean up the foods at the grade schools (in the Carolinas, maybe?). To me it’s similar to smoking. We all know how bad it is, and it’s fricking expensive – and yet, people do it every day… The only thing that might make a difference in the obesity rate would be a tax of some sort, but that would encroach on their right to live however they want to live, and nothing like that will ever be passed in our lifetime.

    I applaud the Obamas for trying to get this mess turned around. It’s a big job. And to you, too. For encouraging us to be the healthiest we can be. I’m sure this post wasn’t meant to sound like a personal attack. It’s definitely started a lively debate.

  454. Low income?? You think they get paid in canned food?! Body shaming and classist? For merely stating the obvious, and being concerned for ‘little’ Honey Boo Boo’s health? The only ‘shaming’ i could read into this was that its a shame that they’re not looking after their health! Goodness gracious!

  455. Ok, I responded yesterday because this post smarted a little, and I was harsh. I’m sorry. I love Blogilates, and I think you’re a great person who is working to meet a glaring need for a LOT of people, including me. I really appreciate it. Plus, you’re clearly on track for phenomenal success, and that makes me happy for you. :)

    My issue stemmed from the fact that I grew up in Georgia, and at 27, I now live in Tennessee. The Southeast is home to some of the most obese states in the US, and if there’s any one region of this huge country that desperately needs your videos and information, it’s Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, etc. Outside of the fairly wealthy urban areas, we’re rural and broke. We can’t justify purchasing an expensive gym membership, even if there was one near us, and most people in rural areas would have no idea what the term “eating clean” means. In these conditions, there’s nobody around to enlighten us about health and fitness. It takes a fortuitous and completely accidental Google search for us to find a badly needed resource like Blogilates with its equipment-free videos and information about healthy eating habits.

    Unfortunately, June Shannon is more of a norm in these areas than you’d like to believe. So when you say she’s “in denial” and “defying” health standards and endangering the lives of her children, it smarts a little; as a member of your Southern audience, June has some things in common with my working-class extended family and friends. And heck, with me, too– I slather butter allllll over my Thanksgiving turkey. It’s once a year, my female predecessors have been doing it since before the Revolutionary War, and it turns out great every time. My parents served me canned vegetables occasionally when I was growing up in Georgia. I have eaten my fair share of cheese puffs, and nobody felt the need to call Child Protective Services. Now I am 5′ 10″ and currently weighing in at 138 pounds. My BMI is 19.8. In spite of the cheese puffs and butter, I turned out to be a fit, trim person who cares deeply about her health.

    It just hit a little close to home, that’s all. For me, anyway. But then again, so does “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” which bothers me because I think it makes a scapegoat, as usual, of a South that hasn’t been able to escape being the national scapegoat for… oh, 170-ish years?

    I know. Can of worms.

    Anyway, I’m sorry I snarked. It was a knee-jerk reaction. I think you’re great, and I know you want to help, and you are helping. Thank you for everything you do.

  456. Sometimes criticism is actually very positive and you can grow as a person when you are open to it.

  457. I used to work at a daycare and it was difficult to teach one thing and be totally bulldozed by what their parents were teaching. It’s not that most parents want their kids to fail, it’s just that they don’t realize they’re doing anything wrong. It’s also difficult as an adult to know the real truth when our government is doing it’s best to hide it from us. We really all need to work as a community and stop biting our tongues.

  458. I am 5’3″ and weigh 110 lbs. I work out almost every day and while I don’t know my body fat percentage, I am pretty sure that it is not “way up there.” I am not coming to the defense of the family on the show, but I am coming to the defense of anyone who does have problems with their weight and with eating right/exercising. It is an emotional issue for many people, and I think that the post was hatefully written and had no motive other than to point out someone else’s flaws vs. the writer’s glorified opinion of herself.

  459. I adore you, Cassey, but I found this post to be too judgemental. Like others said, this family believes more in self-love and acceptance than physical appearence and health. I agree that their diet is very poor but not everyone can afford to eat clean. It’s much cheaper to buy “sketti” and ketchup than a bunch of organic kale and eggs. The fact that you mentioned the Biggest Loser (and unreasonably assumed Mama had been offered a spot on it and turned it down) bothers me. The Biggest Loser is extremely unhealthy and past contestants on the show have stated that they developed eating disorders there. Basically, I usually love you but I really disagree with you here and think this post could’ve been worded a lot better.

  460. Very moving video! Thank you for sharing!

  461. Cassie,
    I must say I love your blog and your videos, but when you make any type of judgmental post about other people you should expect judgment reflected back at you. You should recognize that you were judging this family and did make some assumptions- the biggest loser comment was inappropriate. A lot of what you said was true and you tried to say it in the least judgmental way- but it is what it is- a post about the lives of others you don’t know and your views about their lives based on what you think. I’m not saying you were right or wrong and we all know you are coming from a point of love, concern and knowledge. There were many times I have looked at your photos , particularly the fitness contest you were in, and thought you were way underweight and unhealthy and didn’t feel you should be leading others down that road. In our society it is viewed as far more acceptable to look too thin than too heavy- but to me they are one in the same. Sometimes I look at the foods you eat and think they are extreme and a bit unhealthy- I mean really, a pancake or cookie made from two ingredients?? All I’m saying is none of us is perfect, but when you start pointing the finger, don’t be surprised when someone starts to point at you.

  462. I completely agree with you Cassey.Perhaps some of the words you used came across as condescending but I know that’s not what your intentions were and you just very passionate about the subject. I often avoid the how’s about healthy living, and just show people what I eat via my blog of fb. I find that people become extremely sensitive when you mention that it’s as simple as eating clean and start making suggestions. It’s really an insecurity on their end, bc you’re pretty much saying it’s their fault they’re not willing to accept it. Particularly if the’re not ready, most people are not. Eating healthy starts at home, and yes it is the parent’s responsibility to provide their childre with a balanced diet. It doesn’t have to be perfect but canned veggies, butter and sketti does not cut it!

  463. Hi Cassey! After reading a lot of these comments I wanted to make a suggestion to you. Seeing as how you are a bit of a celebrity in the online fitness community as well as the fact that you do this professionally in real life – why don’t you reach out to the family and see if you can offer to help them? I’m not sure how you would do it, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you got the chance to teach them your ways? You have helped every person who is posting on this blog, why not them?

  464. Hey Cassey!
    I’m from Germany but I’ve already heard about the “Honey Boo Boo” tv-sensation.
    I agree with you and I’m shocked how society seems to be oddly okay with this unhealthy lifestyle. Why aren’t there great role models (like you) on tv to make people understand that eating clean and exercising regulary improves your quality of life. I don’t know how others think but personally, I don’t think that my healthy lifestyle is inconvenient or that I’m missing out on something. Not at all. I’m educated and happy with my choice of food. It makes me more powerful, fitter and extremely happy. Why would I give this feeling away? No fast food in the world could stop me from living my own ideals!

  465. Jessica C. says:

    @blogilates you are a friend to all of us Popsters. We fall in love with you as you torture us. Even if some people are being mean in the blog, just remember we are all friends here, even friends argue and disagree. We will all get over it and support and admire you while you change the world of fitness. Remember, “they will ask you why you did it, then ask you how you did it.” – unknown to me. <3 love you sweet Cassey

  466. FYI: her mom doesn’t take any of the money for herself, she has put it all in a savings account for the girls for when they go to university. So while they are making a lot of money per episode, she is not being greedy about it. There wouldn’t be a huge change in their lifestyle choices that would be based on income since she’s not paying herself with the money.

  467. Goddess bless you, Cassey, for having the guts to comment on HBB’s unfortunate situation in a way that’s not mocking but legit concerned. I know you take very seriously the concept of being a good role model because you are in the Internet media spotlight. Best I can say is to keep doing what you’re doing; as more people wake up and realise something’s gotta give or else they will live life “fat, sick, and nearly dead”–you’ll be there as an example of good health. You’re one of my guiding lights as I make my foray into the health and wellness movement as a health coach.

  468. I don’t see anything offensive in this blog at all. Who isn’t saddened by this show? I am. For one, look at how the obesity epidemic is striking our country. There are people here who are trying to sue McDonalds for making them obese!! My heart aches for the child in the show. TLC is taking advantage of an inept woman and exploiting them for profit. The thanksgiving episode made my stomach turn. I live in the South, and not all people below the Mason-Dixon line eat like this!

    I don’t know if the woman (Honey Boo Boo’s mother) is not up to speed with the news and current events, or if she is even taking care of her own health, but she is endangering her children. There are sooo many health risks that go with being obese, such as diabetes and cancers, and the health care costs are outrageous.

    Now, being a single parent, it is hard to always put fresh foods on the table, but if you exercise common sense, you can help yourself and your children. Why not show an episode of Honey Boo Boo where the mother is getting those kids outside and playing tag? Have an episode where the whole family is being active together! The Obama Administration, more specifically, Michelle Obama has the Get Up Get Active campaign that is spotlighting the obesity epidemic, and they are showing that children are at a higher risk now.

    And if people are seriously offended by Cassey’s article, I suggest you look elsewhere. There are pages on Facebook and other media sites that are brutal to the child. Cassey’s article was nothing. If anything, I see a person who cares about the well being and future of a child. I see someone who is writing out of passion for the outcome of an innocent child’s life.

    As for Honey Boo Boo. She is just a child. Time will tell how she ends up. I pray that someone does something to help make sure this child has a good future and is healthy. She is a beautiful child, all children are, but I hope someone does something to ensure that this child learns how to properly take care of herself. Obviously, her mother doesn’t get the point that the road their on is an unhealthy one. I don’t think the mother loves herself enough to care for herself, and has just given up on her own health.

    Cassey, keep doing what you do. Don’t take anyone’s negative comments to heart. I feel that your intentions while writing this were the sentiments that are going on with the nation. Many people are trying to get the nations children and adults active, so that we can enjoy a healthier life.

  469. Sophie Warnock says:

    cassey you have honestly been an inspiration to me for the past year, and I’ve got your back! theres a huge difference between enjoying food and being greedy!!!!! it makes me so angry how people stuff their faces full of crap and try to justify thats its ‘okay’ to do that. At the end of the day, its their bodies, but they shouldnt be glamourising obesity and eating unhealthily (as pageant girls who are meant to be role models to other young girls). Yes people will probably say telling her to loose weight promotes unhealthy body image but can she not see that she needs to loose weight herself? statistics say that obese people are more prone to heart attacks and so many other medical problems, so it not even about looks anymore. cray cray people!

  470. I’m on twitter @TiffanyMarie617

  471. I’m on twitter @ TiffanyMarie617

  472. Her area of expertise is nutrition – not the sexualization of children. And the pageants have very little part in this spin off… you are thinking of Toddlers and Tiaras.

  473. I have to say that I agree that obesity and unhealthy eating is something that needs to be addresses. But as a child that grew up eating unhealthy food myself and was never taught about eating “clean”, I dont agree with the way you bash the family for being uneducatec about ways to eat healthy when you maybe cant afford it. Im still trying to figure it out myself. Reading this blog has still never really told me what I needed to know. I work for kroger for goodness sake and I see different kinds of food choices familys make everyday as im scannung their food and checking it them out. Its true that yhe families that buy unhealthy foods spend more money than the ones that buy healthy foods. But who is to declare what is healthy and unhealthy? I guess im the kind of person you would consider “lazy, and not making an effort” I think food is fun, it should be. If it wasnt I wouldnt want to eat. Its fun to cook and eat and give to simeone else for them to enjoy. My drs tell me that I am healthy though. I am overweight, byt I dont look like it.

  474. “They see food as fun. Food as a thing.”

    What is wrong with seeing food as fun? I love food. I love trying out new restaurants, new dishes from different countries, new menus I’ve never tasted before. I’m a foodie at heart and I am in no way overweight or unfit. What I don’t love is when I just want to eat good food and my friends or even blogilates are like “oh you shouldn’t eat that its like 700 calories”. My problem is sometimes it seems like you are trying to send out a message that people shouldn’t enjoy good delicious food. You make it seem like its a sin to eat anything that is not healthy. I’m not saying we should all eat like Honeybooboo but just wanted to express my opinion that there is nothing wrong with enjoying food, having fun with food.

    If you think food shouldn’t be fun then maybe your view of food isn’t as “healthy” as you really think it is. Food is meant to be enjoyed. It is not simply something that we have to restrict ourselves on.

    I know you try to encourage us all to be healthy and love our bodies but you’re not really encouraging anyone here. You’re just criticizing fat people, making it even harder for people with weight issues to love themselves for who they really are.

    I am really disappointed in you. You’re in a position where you are able to help women overcome body image issues or an unhealthy lifestyle/mentality. Writing a blogpost like this does neither. This blogpost could have been a lot less critical and down-right offensive and a lot more sensitive and instructional.

  475. Cassey-

    I have to say I agree with your post. I personally face a challenge with these issues because of the way a young family member of mine is being fed by her parents. It’s absolutely devastating because our parents really do set the tone for how we view food and how we care for our bodies. I think this show also exaggerates the little ‘quirks’ you could say, about their family for entertainment- like highlighting the canned foods line. Their habits are worrisome, to say the least. The fact that the mother shows them a lot of love in the show- is wonderful! But if we saw a reversed situation- a loving mother who gave her children attention and love, but had her children on perhaps a seemingly extreme, strict, health focused diet, how would we react? It all comes down to our personal choice.

    It’s my hope that more and more people can be educated about health and begin caring more about what goes in their bodies- we all deserve it!

    It’s certainly not our size that matters, it’s how we care for ourselves, and you say that to us all the time so thanks! Cassey!

  476. So many people make getting healthy sound so complicated, when really it’s so easy once your dedicated and motivated And supported. It will take time but it’ll be worth it and save your life! That’s what I would tell honey boboo’s fam

  477. Kristi Jones says:

    I completely agree with everything you’ve said in this blog. I spent my winter holiday watching a lot of documentaries about the obesity epidemic in this country and even in the UK. You should check out Big Meets Bigger: Greece. They send two overweight individuals from Britain to Greece to live with an overweight family and realize that their old ways of living can pose risks to their health. It was the saddest episode because the family’s child was morbidly obese and her mother was in complete denial and did not want to do anything to change the eating habits of the entire family even after numerous warnings from a nutritionist that their daughter could die from being at that weight. It’s so sad because if I was a parent and was told that my daughter could die I would do everything I could to turn my life around. Anyway, this blog post just reiterates everything that I have been watching on these documentary shows and I’m glad that you’ve posted your opinions because people need to know that this is a big problem in the United States and other countries.

  478. They don’t give you ‘drugs’ for thyroid issues…as it is a hormonal imbalance (and this is evident by testing the level of the hormone thyroxine in your blood stream) the medication that you are given is simply that; a hormone replacement. How can you possibly say that replacing a deficient hormone ‘won’t work’?
    Oh dear.

  479. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  480. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  481. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  482. Free your mind says:

    @Kat There is an episode where the mom says she is obese. Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  483. Alexandra says:

    I just want to say that I am an Early Chikdhood teacher and therefore I work with children who are often too young to help themselves, just as you described Honey Boo Boo. A LEGAL obligation of my job is to report child abuse and neglect. If I know of any act of abuse or neglect toward a child and I don’t report it, I can get into big trouble. With that said, if one of my students was being fed like that, I would have an obligation to report it, as neglecting their nutrition and causing obesity and major health problems is considered to be neglect. I’m just saying…

  484. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  485. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  486. Suzanne S. says:

    I know reading negative comments on your blog may be hard, but you sort of did the same thing. I’m sure the Boo-Boo family would feel a little bit bad about themselves after reading this (and maybe angry or hurt). Any time you put yourself out there, people will love you AND criticize you…sometimes they’ll love you and criticize you at the same time, but most often you will have supporters who love you and detractors who don’t. The important people in your life LOVE you and the ones who don’t matter criticize. Just think of it that way – I love ya, Cassey!

  487. Free your mind says:

    Just get a large Geez!

  488. Free your mind says:

    You are too wrapped up in this show. Sit down!

  489. Wow, I’m really shocked, there are so many comments saying that this is a “shaming” post. Does this mean that they should be proud of their negative impact on their children’s health? I understand that maybe commenting on the weight of Honey Boo Boo wasn’t very tactful (given that she’s a child who shouldn’t have body issues and every kid has a little podge, I did – I still do! (can you still have baby fat at 24?)), but even though she may be fine and fairly healthy now, what will happen in the future? If her mother keeps on feeding her junk food with low nutritional value then it can only lead to poor health. Poor diet (no veggies and high high amounts of sugar) can really affect not just your ability to learn as well – everything is impacted on.

    As a parent it’s your responsibility to look after the human being who is 100% in your care. That means love, nurturing and nutrition. This post is Cassie pointing out how unhealthy traits can be passed down from parents to Children and can have serious implications: obesity, heart disease, immobility, diabetes – too many things. She’s also pointing out how sad it is for people to use this neglect for entertainment.

    Just in case you’re wondering: I checked my privilege, when I was growing up and we couldn’t afford anything except food (sometimes not very much) I still was given an apple a day and vegetables with every meal. So it’s not only the affluent who can afford to give their kids what they need.
    Anyway, that’s just what I think and what I took from this.

  490. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  491. Amanda Catron says:

    I see where you’re coming from, Cassey!

    Anytime somebody shares their opinion about a controversial subject there’s going to be hate mail. Hate mail because of the idea or because of how you worded the idea.

    Haters goin’ hate. Ignore them.

    You rock. You have a right to share your opinion. You continue to motivate me everyday to try to eat clean, get active, and make a real lifestyle change.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and being your awesome self. Don’t let them get you down! We love you!

  492. This post was a total time suck. I “follow” you for helpful information on my path to the healthiest lifestyle I can acheive. You offered nothing of any benefit here. Perhaps you could have give some helpful suggestions on how you would assist them in their lifestyle change instead of suggesting the mother go on The Biggest Loser. I hope there aren’t going to be more of these opinion based posts, as my time, as I’m sure most everyone here, has limited time to read online articles.

  493. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  494. the only thing that came to my mind while reading this is the importance of taking care of children’s health and how they depend on other people to know what’s good or bad for them. a while ago i had the opportunity to spend two weeks with my goddaughter that lives away from me and, though i’m not healthy 24/7 or fit, i got really scared to see her mom feed her 2 years old with chocolate almost everyday and then say that her little girl is chocoholic, just because she works so much that she thinks her daughter needs sweets when she comes back home instead of affection. i got really, really upset to see how she’s being raised in a family that already has an obese background and all i wish i could do was to live near my goddaughter so i could provide her better options because she’s just too young for her mom and grandma to be already messing up with her health. unfortunately, when they were visiting me i couldn’t help much which is really frustrating but i wish i could do more because watching this happen so close to me makes me even more sure to become healthier throughout my life because when i have my kids i don’t want them to be poisoned by food.
    so, yeah, i agree with you cassey and i really think you’re right to step up and talk about it because celebrating the media exploitation of a child who can’t help herself is just as ugly as what her family is doing to her. i’m glad i don’t get to watch this in my country because i’d feel uncomfortable too.

  495. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  496. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  497. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  498. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  499. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  500. I’m so tired of people like you stereotyping the middle class by saying that if you dont have a ton of money you can’t eat healthy. That is a lie. I’m middle class and my family eats healthy everyday. Your “food is fun” comment is exactly the kind of mentality that’s the issue here. We eat to live, not live to eat.

  501. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  502. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  503. Free your mind says:

    Go away. You don’t have to be on here so if you don’t like it then just exit the blog!

  504. Yikes. Nice stereotyping. I’m middle class and my kids don’t eat like HBB does. The difference between HBB’s mom and myself is that I actually enjoy cooking so I’ve educated myself on the subject. You don’t actually think that HBB’s family doesn’t have a few dollars in the bank after this show got so popular do you?? Shaming Cassey for “shaming” this family, classic troll behavior. You’re the one that’s not cute. Your attitude only contributes to what the rest of the world perceives Americans to be, RUDE.

  505. Cassey,

    Thanks for another awesome HITILATES workout…My muscles will be screaming and shouting by tomorrow!
    Just wanted to encourage you and show some appreciation for my fave pilates youtube guru.

    THANK YOU for your frank opinion. If your views about health/diet/ nutrition/lifestyle about Honey Boo Boo and family were any different, I along with your blogilates community would be very disappointed indeed, because what sort of message are you sending out to all your followers then? To me blogilates is about adopting a healthy lifestyle and striving to become the best you can be through all your workouts!

    To all the dissenters getting riled up, Cassey’s message is on their lifestyle and eating habits which is frankly, disturbing. I am neither in my ideal or peak body shape/size/form that I know I can be (since I have achieved it before) and I too have always had a weight problem most of my life. But I am grateful that I know how to adopt and incorporate healthy eating and diet into my lifestyle, and try to do so as much as possible.

    However I took offense at the message the Honey Boo Boo show is sending out too. There was this bit where she says she doesn’t want to eat vegetables because vegetables are for ‘webbits’ or rabbits?! I feel sorry for this girl and her family being exploited by the show. Some people were offended saying we don’t understand their culture and/or eating habits. If this is reflective of a portion of American society, this is why obesity is a huge health issue over there and all other diseases associated with obesity are on the rise.

    It’s great you brought up this issue Cassey, and addressed it within your community. Together let’s all work together to make our community more healthily aware of clean healthy eating, living and nutrition!

  506. I’m “middle/lower class” and my family does NOT eat like this. I also have a six year old daughter… She has no belly fat, but thanks for all the stereotypes in your comment. Proves how ignorant you are.

  507. So your answer to Cassey’s “shame” blog is to post a comment where you do the same? How absolutely helpful of you.

  508. Hi Cassey,
    I think that we are all entitled to our own opinion. There are several things about this family that you did not even acknowledge. Maybe you aren’t aware because you do not live in the south, but this family is very poor. They eat how they know how. They eat to live. Not to thrive and they don’t know about eating healthy and have not been exposed to much. I think some of your choice words are harsh. Eating healthy is a learned habit that they haven’t acquired. I also think its mean for people to personally attack you over your opinion of the show.

  509. This topic had to be raised sooner or later. I think Cassey was just one of the first people to do it. If it wasn’t her, someone else would do it, another healthy living guru. And then all haters would go nuts on them.
    The bad thing is not that people criticise Cassey’s post, but that people don’t understand that a lifestyle like Honey Boo Boo’s can become a disaster. :( Believe me, this is a HUGE PROBLEM far not only in America. Because I’m not American myself.
    Don’t feel upset, Cassey, hurtful comments hurt you because they touch things that are dear to you. It’s because you tell us about things that are precious to you. I cannot understand such attitude to life and eating as is shown in this show. Everything what you do is great, Cassey, I love you! :))
    Peace! :)

    P.S. I wish from now on all “disilikers” unsubscribed and there were only truly devoted people there.

  510. What’s funny is that you’re accusing Cassey of of being judgemental and then you turn around and judge her. Ridiculous.

  511. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  512. I agree, fantastically said. You hit the nail right on the head!

  513. I agree with Charmaine. You spoke truths that most people aren’t brave enough to. Don’t let the nasties get to you Cassey, you are an amazing person who inspires thousands and thousands of people. Dpn’t focus on the negatives, focus on the popsters who adore you and want to listen to your views and ideas with respect :) xo

  514. I love you Cassey!
    Don’t you dare let any of this get you down because you are completely right in every way.
    You were just expressing your opinion and concern for Honey Boo and her family and you have every right to do so!
    After all this is YOUR blog and you SHOULD NOT feel bad for saying your opinion!
    Your TRUE popsters are the ones that understand your point of view but more importantly, support it.
    Your popsters are here and always will be! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  515. I don’t watch this show but that girl is so small and that belly fat is not healthy!But I don’t think it is her fault.The parents should be blamed if she is spoiled and doesn’t eat right .
    By the way love the workout!

  516. Casey,

    I only noticed this blog after getting the update from your mailing list. Some people don’t understand where you’re coming from, and that’s ok. We can’t please everyone. I don’t watch Honey Boo Boo because the previews make me disappointed in how the girl is being raised. The family may seem like they love the child, but they don’t have her best interests as well as their best interests in mind, and you’re right that it’s all about healthy living.

    I say this coming from a family who relied on canned food and instant ramen as dinner at least 3 times a week. The only people who knew how to cook when I was under 12 were my parents, and they were the only ones who cooked. This took a toll on my entire family’s health. My mom was diagnosed with diabetes by the time I was in high school, and this past summer diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately we were able to get it removed, now just going through therapy sessions.

    What other people may not realize is that the same food that got you sick–because you indulged too much–will be the same food you can’t enjoy anymore. And patients undergoing therapy might not even be allowed to eat “healthy food”, too, so the more their diet becomes severely limited. It’s just a downward spiral.

    I will admit, it is hard to encourage people to make lifestyle changes when it comes to diet and exercise, but sometimes things like disease and health complications may be the best wake up call to making a change, more so than hearing comments like “lose a couple pounds, don’t eat that, or you’re getting too fat”. I hate to admit that if it wasn’t for what happened to my mom, I probably wouldn’t be following your blog and making a commitment to eat better and exercise more. I’m glad that the time I heard the news about my mom’s cancer diagnosis was the same time I started working out to your videos.

    So, thank you, Cassey, for putting up your workout videos, recipes, and random videos, and always pushing us to go farther. It would be awesome if you get to work with Michelle Obama!

  517. The mother needs a big wake up call and deserves to feel ashamed. The fact that she is putting her children at risk of life threatening health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. by feeding such a nutritionally poor diet is disgusting. There is NO excuse for it at all.

    The people crying “body shaming” at the image being labelled “disgusting” need to just stop choosing to be so offended. The image IS disgusting, but the girl is NOT. The fact that her family has frankly abused her by not providing a healthy diet and lifestyle, however, is disgusting and appauling. Cassey very fairly expressed her concerns and opinions on what she observed and never bullied anybody, So shame on those who have chosen to post such hateful and cruel comments.

    Good on you Cassey for posting this, I’m sorry that some people have nothing better to do, than to post horrible comments. You’re truly inspirational and life changing to so many! :)

  518. I feel really sorry for her, I’ve seen people say some awful things about her, she’s just a little girl, it’s not her fault (I’m glad you see that to).
    I think it’s fine to live the way you want to live, and if her mother is happy eating that much butter and processed food then good for her I guess, but I really don’t think she should be forcing that on the rest of her family.
    And if she’s so determined that Honey Boo Boo be a beauty queen surely she should be doing all she can to make sure she conforms to pageant ideals? She isn’t going to do that for very long with all that butter (taking weight out of the equation her skin must be pretty bad :/ ).

  519. Katherine says:

    The email I got said ‘disturbing image’ not disgusting image. And everyone agrees its disturbing. No, that’s definitely not normal for a 5yo. Cassey, the few people who’ve left negative comments are doing so because they see some of this child in themselves so see your opinions as a personal attack. Far too sensitive. She’s on tv celebrating her fat stomach I hardly think Casseys mild comments are gonna hurt. Btw we don’t get this program here so I just watched an episode on you tube to see what all the fuss was about. Seems a very loving, fun family. The problem is very low education. Shame on whoever is making this program for entertainment – help the family, educate them instead! R’cd my dvd yesterday Cassey – off to try it now ;-)

  520. I find it ridiculous that there are people who are expressing disappointment or distaste at this entry.
    The fact that you are reading Cassey’s blog means that you are a pro-healthy lifestyle person, no? Or maybe someone looking to lose some weight and get fit?
    If we know that there are people out there who have bad eating habits, we should guide them or increase their awareness towards a healthier lifestyle, right?
    What is there to be offended about?

  521. Rightio – well, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at some of these responses! Unfortunately, however, I think they’re all very indicative of where we are as a society – global society that is (I don’t live in the US, but have had the misfortune of seeings a large amount of clips of this family) – No accountability, just excuses//hiding behind being offended. C’mon people – seriously??? Going on the attack and ‘bashing’ Cassey for stating facts (and some opinion) from the point of view of an INCREDIBLY caring (the fact that all of you are on this blog is testimony to that) and HEALTH conscious human being. Catch a wake up is all I can say. All this ‘defending’ the horrible lifestyle (where it comes to food and nutrition that is) and how WE as a viewing public exploit them is ridiculous.

    Morbidly obese is a medical term and therefor NOT negative or insulting – it’s fact. And in this case, yes, I would have to say (in my humble opinion) that their size does indicate their health. We are FAR too quick to make excuses for unhealthy living – want a positive body image? Learn to love your body… I guarantee you’ll stop putting garbage into your system and take better care of yourself. So please, stop preaching all this ‘body image love’ etc – it’s VERY obvious to me that these folk don’t love themselves, no matter how much they may say it.

    For those of you who were offended by what she wrote, I think perhaps we read different blogs? Anyhoo – we’re all entitled to our opinions I guess. My opinion is – I wish we’d all stop getting on our high horses defending things we know to be wrong – the way that poor child is fed/exploited is tantamount to child abuse as far as I am concerned – if a parent was beating their child (because that’s how they were brought up and it’s the only way they know blah blah blah) society would definitely not stand for it… So why on earth do we stand for this? We’re largely to blame – basically enabling their lifestyles by ‘enjoying’ watching their TV show.

    In conclusion – I couldn’t agree more with Cassey!!! I’m quite sure that there is a lot of love in the Honey Boo Boo family, and that perhaps they just need help… If that’s the case, shouldn’t we all stop ranting/getting offended/making excuses and just HELP them?? (And others like them we have in our lives?) Lets all make a change and now that we know how to ‘eat clean, live healthy’ share that info? (Just like fantastic people like Cassey, For The Glow and the TIU girls do?)

  522. I agree 100% with you!

  523. WOAH …

  524. It is ok to have opinions and express them. but we have to be careful in using words to describe what we think. it is wrong to write “it nearly made me gag and die”, “disgusting” when you talk about other people’s lives.

  525. woah! I don’t understand what all the personal attacks are about. Debating is a brilliant way to discover new sides of the arguement and evaluate a situations. Any controversial issue creates debate. Politians debate, panels debate, without a forum to debate in, it is difficult to better understand your own oppinion. Notice Cassey has not deleted this blog or deleted any comments…. and notice she finished the blog with a question. I think it is brilliant way of allowing a community to discuss an issue. P.s. that was my fav HIITlates vid yet!

  526. My Mom is a Bi polar, alcoholic, drug addict, gambling addict who used to cheat on my dad while he was at work. If you watch the show the Mom is always organizing activates for the kids and supportive of them. If her worse crime is serving bad foods who really cares … I wish I even had a mom who would do that…

  527. Arianna, How are you so certain? This is a reality show. We don’t know how these people eat or what they do when the cameras aren’t rolling.

  528. I completely agree with this post, Cassey, and I feel horrible about all the negative comments you’re getting because of it. This blog is all about fitness and eating clean, but you can’t share you’re opinion on the subject?! I saw the episode in question, and I was horrified!! Especially the part where she makes her daughters eat greens until they puke, because she doesn’t know how to cook them and doesn’t really approve of her children eating them.
    Yes, watching the show, it’s clear that they love each other very much, but that doesn’t mean that what they are doing is healthy!
    You might lose some followers after this post, and I know you’ll feel bad about that, but maybe they aren’t worth the effort… If people can’t appreciate all of your hard work and dedication, and can’t accept that you’re a person with feelings and opinions, than they don’t deserve you. I hope you know that so many people do your workouts and follow your blog everyday, and are thankful for all you do for us.

    So thank you Cassey, and I hope you have a good day despite all of this drama :p

  529. But June is UNHEALTHY! She eats horribly and doesn’t exercise!

  530. I am morbidly obese. If Biggest Loser asked me to be on the show, I would say no. I’m trying hard right now to change my fitness and food habits and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s hard work and it will take a long time but I’m committed to improving my health. If someone were to look at me today, they’d probably assume I ate unhealthy and was lazy. They wouldn’t even suspect how often I work out or how closely i track my diet. They’d probably assume I have diabetes (I don’t), high blood pressure (no way) or high cholesterol (nope). What I do have terrible self worth and self esteem issues because I’ve been teased and made fun of my entire life. A lot of that negativity I’ve experienced from people who make those kind of assumptions about me was repeated in this post.

    I wasn’t going to say anything after I read this. I wasn’t going to comment on this ridiculous post or that ludicrous email. I don’t follow you for your stunning insights or social commentary because, frankly, a lot of your more verbose posts are misguided at best (I’m thinking back to the eating disorder/Miley Cyrus post last year in particular). I follow because you have some interesting workouts and generally keep your videos positive for someone new to fitness. You seem cheery and pleasant and I’m sure you’re a perfectly sweet person based on your videos, which really are very well done.

    Then I saw your “poor me” post on Facebook. Really? You shoot arrows into the hearts of your very own viewers by writing these things but you can’t handle some constructive criticism? I even went through and read the comments: unless you’re deleting some, none of the critical ones I read were any worse than anything youve written in this post. Some were even quite a bit more civil and well thought out than what you wrote. You don’t even address it here or apologize for being insensitive. And clearly you were being insensitive because so many people wouldn’t be chiming in if you weren’t. Poor you, indeed.

    Yes, this is your blog and you may say what you like and what you think. But by having this blog and inviting/encouraging others to read it, you are opening the door to people holding you accountable for the misguided things you say. You are also selling things on this blog – products and services geared toward making people fitter and healthier, which means that it is your job to keep this blog (your business) professional. This post wasn’t professional, but I was willing to give it a pass because even professional blogs have editorial posts. The Poor Me updatet from the blogilates page, though? That’s just beyond poor taste.

    That was the proverbial last straw for me. You are unliked, unfollowed, unsubscribed and once I log into WordPress, your link will be taken off my page. I’m sorry if this is “an arrow through your heart,” but I wanted to make sure you knew very clearly why I am giving up on your videos in the hopes that maybe you will learn to take a step back from the keyboard when you’re feeling over emotional and avoid situations like this in the future.

  531. Hi Cassey,

    I really like your workout and have to tell you that I really appreciate what you do and always enjoy your posts. You and your video motivates me a lot and that has made my body look better :)

    About this post, I did not read all the comments so I don’t know which ones you think are hateful but some of them are really good. What I meant by good is they are encouraging a talk about weight problem. I guess your next post would be the clarification of what you were trying to say and if it is so, I want you to be strong and open minded to take the criticism about your posts and calmly handle the situation. I like you Cassey but I don’t want the community to be just touchy feely.

    I only can guess how hard you are working and how sad to see someone criticize what you say because I am only at the other end of internet but please be strong and don’t get too emotional. People have different opinion and sometimes it just clashes.

    Hope you can get some rest and clear your mind, then sort this out later.

  532. Some people are getting rude, and it’s completely unnecessary. It’s funny to me that many of those who are defending this family in any way, shape, or form, seem to forget that this is a show centered around the antics of a young girl. She may be cute and funny now, but do any of you remember what happened when you passed the age of 13? The constant nag of being self-conscious about your body? This little girl is going to experience this, especially once all of the glamour of reality television fame fades away and both she and her family realize that they are stuck in a state of perpetually dismal health. And they can afford to take a little of the money earned from the show and put it towards ensuring the health of their family, but they don’t, because people want to watch a show about a family that may be extremely far removed from that of their own. In that case, shows like this gives those families a moment to breathe and think, “Well, at least I’m not them …” No one cares about the loving nature of the family; they want to see the trainwreck.

    Just like Cassey, I pity the little girl. And it’s true, she has no body image problems “yet,” but wait until she hits a pivotal age where every part of her becomes awkward overnight. We all go through it, and some of us never get over it — even more so if you are overweight (and if you deny that, then why are you here in the first place?)

    Cassey – I love you and POP Pilates is the one workout routine that I can stick to and enjoy. Don’t let the negative comments change how bright your light shines — because I’m telling you, you radiate such a bright and beautiful energy.

    Loves from Hawai’i Nei <3
    – Angelica

  533. Hi Cassey,

    I completely agree with what you’re saying about ‘Honey Boo Boo’ and the numerous other families out there, that have either no idea what they are putting in their bodies, or just simply don’t care!
    However, in my opinion a person has to have the desire to want to be healthy, eat right and exercise. There are countless numbers of people in the world, who simply cannot be told that what they are putting in their body is unhealthy, some people just don’t care, and are happy the way they are.

    Educating people about healthy eating and exercise does make a difference, in how healthy our society is today. And I believe education about health is mainly positive, however from my own experience, there have been positive and negative effects to the way I look at my body and what goes in it!

    All my life I’ve never been overweight or particularly unhealthy, I’ve always been active etc. But I think this was because I was educated about this from an early age. So all my life I’ve compared my weight and appearance to other girls, I can remember from the age of 7 I would weigh myself, and compare to my friends in school, which I think is way too young and mentally unhealthy! So from being educated about health I’ve become obsessed about weight and body image, even though I’m still a healthy weight now. Thinking about weight, health and exercise has in some ways taken over my life. There’s not a day that goes by, that i’m not counting calories or trying to burn calories, it’s progressively got worse over the years.

    So yes I completely agree with your points about educating people young, so they know about health etc, I just wish there was a way of educating them, without them becoming weight obsessives. But unfortunately social media (magazines, TV, internet) all say that being ‘skinny’ is good, and only skinny girls are attractive etc, so I think educating children about both obesity and anorexia/bulimia is just as important! As they are both just as unhealthy as each other!

  534. Katherine says:

    Thankyou for posting that. Brilliant

  535. Shaunette says:

    I used to watch Honey Boo Boo but then quit because the fact that I was using someone’s actual life for entertainment was just sad. I didn’t see the episode you’re speaking of but I could understand how being from a different culture and lifestyle that you would find Honey Boo Boo’s somewhat extreme. Anyways, while watching the show I did recieve a sense that they actually do care about the way they look but not so much the health aspect. It seemed as though the mom preached more abouy self love rather than falling into society’s trap that we must all look a certain way. I’m unaware of how much the mother knows about nutrition and I’m so sure that’s the down fall here-education. There really need to be a change in America!! Since you mentioned The Biggest Loser, their tactics are to me quite extreme but necessary when it comes to weight lose for someone who seeks and desires it, anyhow I did’t find your comment necessary. Her down falls has to be the way she came to believing all she needs is canned foods, etc. I get that Casey, was angry when she made this post and some words are somewhat offensive and definitely “fat-shaming,” but she will preach what she knows and I do believe her intent was misunderstood by many here. To address the very intro “disturbing image” was a bit much, can’t really explain the way that one line hurt but I just feel like I misunderstood that…. hopefully. Idk… Casey doesn’t deserve the rude comments though, nothing can be solved that way the true issue is that many people are putting themselves and their families lives at risk by practicing unhealthy habits and something needs to be done. The fact that Honey Boo Boo still airs simply fascinates me but I guess not that much because this is the society where we’re so tied up in our days lives and work, work, work, that if anyone an inch more different than the norm it can be used for entertainment and that is what we crave. Enough with my beliefs… We shouldn’t shame or discuss people like this when it’s obvious that what they need is guidance.

  536. And another thing. Eating clean is not expensive. And it’s definetely not more expensive than feeding that family with all that stuff they eat.

  537. I don’t think this is ‘body shaming’ at all. The point is that this woman is morbidly obese, dangerously so. Cassey isn’t saying change diet and lifestyle to look better, it’s about being healthy and what this family is putting into their bodies is slowly killing them and not teaching the children how to look after themselves when they get old enough to do so. I’ve never seen the show so this isn’t a judgement post about the family, I’m just trying to defend Cassey and her point of view to those of you who seem to have misunderstood.

  538. And one last thing. I don’t go to people and say you should’t eat that. I eat clean and when someone tells me that my food is boring and tasteless, I urge them to have some. You’d be amazed by their surprise after one bite of my “tasteless” food.

  539. I personally never watched the show, but I’ve seen this picture circulating on the internet and to be honest I was horrified. What sort of a show is this?

    I personally agree with you, but, what I am suggesting Cassey is to focus only on your videos and don’t post things like these because as I see from these comments, people are not up for a wake-up call. On a second thought, this wasn’t a wake-up call this was just an expression of opinion and people rather insult you than try to defend their views rationally. The truth is, many of these people will continue working out with you even after posting all of these comments. And if they don’t want to hear things against obesity and eating unhealthily they should follow another blog. :)

    Love you Cass! <3

  540. i’ve never watched it, because they don’t send the show in Denmark – yet. maybe i could watch it online, i’ve seen a lot of fuzz about it!

  541. So many issues!
    First of all. Obesity is not a choice of living. It’s a disorder and a deadly one. So, it’s just wrong to pass the idea that it’s ok to be obese. So, Cassey is right.
    Second. I’m 25 and find it very hard to change my eating habbits, which were passed on to me by my family. And they were good and healthy habbits, I’m just trying to make them healthier. So, imagine how difficult it is to change bad and harmfull habbits. Kids eat what the family eats and get used to what the family eats. And for me, if you’re a responsible parent, you have to teach your kids to stay healthy. Not push them to gym classes and make them freaks that count every single calorie of an apple, but teach them that a meal is accompanied by a salad, olive oil is better than mayo for a dressing, olive oil is better that butter (hell, I started using butter on bread when I went to college, cause there never was butter at home) and some chocolate is good too, maybe with a banana it tastes even better! So, once again, Cassey is right. And if you are an obese parent and don’t care that you are obese and probably will have heart problems sooner than later, care about your child. Do you want them to get mocked at school because they are fat, get tired playing on the yard for ten minutes and have cellulite being 12 years old? FAMILY IS EVERYTHING, when teaching a child. Be the role model you want for your kid.
    Anyway, Cassey is right and I am usually meaner than that about that stuff. Cassey, your true followers know what you mean and where your heart is, so don’t worry about anything else.

  542. Amen sista.
    Couldn’t have said it better, must have something to do with our name? I dunno but your comment is actually perfect.

  543. (cont..) just like weight is not necessarily and indicator of HEALTH (or size).

  544. Cassey.

    I love everything you do. You are an amazing, wonderful, intelligent person and I am absolutely jealous of how absolutely healthy you are.

    This post did nothing for me untill I read the comments and started to associate your words with mine. I took an hour, thought about it, and decided that I’m not on any side. I’m not here to hurt you, I’m here just to maybe enlighten you, or whomever reads this, about my own experiences and my emotions towards this post.

    Ever since I was little I’ve been bigger. I’ve had rolls, I was 160lbs in grade 6. I’m 197lbs now and 3 years into university, and I look like I weigh 140lbs which, at 5’4″, is still pretty ‘unhealthy’. I have spent a decade trying to change my image, trying to lose the weight and eat healthier, but it’s a struggle for me. I would sit on my own when I was a kid, and squeeze my belly in absolute /shame/ the same way this little girl squeezes hers in love and adoration.
    It’s not good that the body she loves and embraces so willingly is unhealthy, but it’s absolutely amazing that she doesn’t pass every window, every mirror, every reflective surface and become so terribly depressed she wants to cry.

    The mother is…. ridiculous, to say in the least. But that’s only because society’s standards today are that eating clean and healthy is the norm. That slathering a turkey in pallets of butter is absolutely appalling. But the fact is, this woman, this mother, does something more for her kids than eating healthy. She provides them with love that MANY kids in every country in the world wont ever recieve. She teaches them to love themselves no matter what body image they have, and, once they become teenagers, maybe they’ll love themselves enough to take that step towards become healthy.

    Eating habits, weight and fat matter quite little in the whole spectrum of health. To be healthy you need your basic human needs (food, shelter, water), you need love and belonging, you need acceptance, and you need spirituality (NOT always religion. Spirituality can be the love you hold for yourself, nature, anything)
    Somewhere in there the media stuck in the pyramid, the weight scales, the airbrushed images on magazines that they say is the center of all things happiness.

    To me, I would rather accept my body and be able to look at my reflection with love no matter the bulging, no matter the rolls, no matter the weight. And with that love I would strive to become healthy, not to rid myself of the ‘evil of fat’ but to care for the thing that I love.

    Your post made sense on one level. Their eating habits are appalling. They really need someone to get in there and teach them how to eat properly, to eat in moderation, to /love/ their food and not gorge on it. To indulge when they need to but not to go overboard. (Indulging once in a while does more for your mental health than your bodily, and without your mental health you can not be truly healthy.)

    Now please. I say this again. Nothing I say above is in any way meant to offend or even bring you down. I know you’ve gotten quite a lashing from quite a few people about this.
    But I want to show you, from a care giver for many ‘obese’ yet healthy people, and a psychiatric point of view. The scale is only the tip of the iceburg. You can rid yourself of the fat, but inside, without the love that ‘mama’ is teaching Alana, you are still incredibly unhealthy. (not you as in you, but you as in society)

    I love what you do Cassey, and I will continue to try and change my image and the way I love myself with you at my side. Love, to me, matters more than even the greatest of abs and the slimmest of thighs.

  545. Some of you people are so ignorant, seriously. You’re saying casset is fat shaming when she clearly isn’t, she is concerned for people loke honey boo boo and her family and other families like them, cassey wants to change this – why are you people supporting honey boo boo? Why is being obese good to you? Why does it seem that you think having serious health issues due to poor lifestyle is good to you?

    If any of her family died due to being ovee weight you’d all be like “we gotta do something about this, change families for the better, get them active!”
    Cassey isn’t pointing fingers, she isnt judging or critisizing, she’s simply showing how unfair this life is for honey boo boo because she is going to grow up thinking its okay to be like this when actually, when you talk to obese people like their mum they are so unhappy and would give anything to go back in time and stop themselvs from getting this bad – honey boo boo will be like that one day, and her mum probably is like this now but has given up because she knows its too late for her.
    Some of you are so close minded, open your eyes and get out of this denile!!

  546. charmaine says:

    Cassey Haters gonna Hate!

    If they don’t agree with what is your opinion ( we don’t all agree) then their choice is to not read your blog, simple. And good riddance to them.

    You have plenty of people who appreciate the time and energy you put into all that you do.
    Just ignore those who need to attack others to make themselves feel good.

    I actually wonder what their diets are like. Are they of the same mind as Honey Boo Boo and maybe you have hit a nerve because they are frustrated by their lifestyle and don’t have the tools or will power to change, I wonder?

    You were stating your opinions and how you felt about their choices you weren’t attacking them directly. I don’t know why some people have to be down right nasty.

    Keep your chin up…..Love from Down Underxx

  547. This argument is ridiculous and I don’t think it’s worth writing entire paragraphs about, but here are some facts just in case anyone wants to bother actually thinking before they type:

    – Cassey did not at any point in this post “bodyshame”. She shames the unhealthy lifestyle that this mother imposes on her own daughter. As a supposedly grown woman, she should obviously know better. Grown people, people who “should” be able to take proper care of themselves before they try and take care of anyone else (especially their own children) and don’t are not worth encouraging to a better lifestyle, they are is d*mn well worth critisizing. Bodyshaming =/= shaming unhealthy lifestyles and the lack of will to change them.

    – The majority of people complaining about this post are people with their own body image issues who somehow twisted Cassey’s words into an insult to basically every overweight person ever. I thought you guys were supposed to be doing something about that, I mean you are in the Blogilates community. There is a massive difference between realizing you have a problem and doing your best to change it and completely ignoring reality like Honey Boo Boo’s mom and that’s what Cassey is trying to address here. YOU =/= Honey Boo Boo’s mother.

    – It seems nobody can put enough stress on the difference between having a good body and staying healthy, so let me repeat myself to make this clear: one does not always include the other. Cassey is appauled by their UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE, not their BODIES. But if you want to be technical, yes, Honey Boo Boo’s mother should be ashamed of herself NOT because of her appearance, heck maybe not even that much for not doing anything about it since it’s her own choice, but for TRANSFERRING this disgusting behaviour on her daughter.

    – The truth very much hurts, wether it’s you guys who’ve made bad choices in the past or they’ve been forced upon you by family or anyone. The fact is, however, that you’re (supposedly, being on this blog and all) making a difference yourselves. It’s clear that the majority of you actually do understand the points Cassey has made here (and I’ve tried to emphasize), but ignore this because you feel personally insulted on account of your own insecurities. You guys, the ones who actually exercise and eat healthy and make a difference, are a ton better than Honey Boo Boo’s mother, this is NOT directed at ANYONE on this blog, in this community.

    P.S. Cassey, you rule. Keep smiling and shining!

  548. I’m pretty much repeating everything that other people have said, but I support you Cassey! You put in a lot of work to help us work out harder, eat cleaner, and feel better about ourselves. The message I got from this blog post was that obesity is a huge problem in this country, that even if you don’t eat super clean/whole foods, you should still try to limit your butter/fried/fast foods, and that it is tragic that children may develop unhealthy habits simply because they eat what their parents give them. I understand how this post could be seen as “fat-shaming,” or a criticism of this show, but I think that this post is just trying to point out the examples of unhealthy eating that people are bombarded with, and to remind us that we should think of healthy eating and exercising as important habits. I remember studying abroad and coming back and feeling overwhelmed at the number of fast food restaurants, huge portions, and general unhealthiness. I’m definitely not the thinnest person around, and I’m trying hard to remember that vegetables are not something you eat every once in a while, but something you should focus your meals around. I dislike that some people drink soda like water, and may never exercise. My personal hope is that this family will try to lose weight, not just for their own health, but so we can distance ourselves from the culture of fast food. It seems that unhealthy foods surround us and that (in my area at least) walking everywhere isn’t very convenient. And I’ve never watched the show, but I think it’s sad when I think of parents instilling poor eating habits in their children. Maybe the kids will try to eat healthy when they get older, but it seems like the will be more likely to eat what’s available, what they’re given, and what they’ve grown up thinking is normal eating. I think its really sad. And I’m really hoping for the time when fast food places aren’t the closest, cheapest, or more convenient thing and when eating cleaner is easier. But all I can do for now is work hard on making these habits for myself and hopefully for my future children. Sorry about all these ramblings, but I had some thoughts. Cassey, I think this issue’s a sensitive one anyway, because it’s a hard line to walk between encouraging people to live and eat healthier, and criticizing. It’s tough and different for everyone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the show, and I hope you don’t let the negative comments get you down!

  549. CASSIE PLEASE DON”T BE DISCOURAGED BY ALL THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS!!!! you are such a beautiful person and you work so hard. This article is great, I didn’t feel in anyway like you were being disrespectful to anyone. you are just raising a very good point. I love that you shared your true opinion… it makes you real and genuine. You can just see how much you care about EVERYONES health and fitness!
    keep going girl! you have so much courage and you are my inspiration!!

  550. What’s with the hate? What she said.. is true.
    I’ve suffered through one episode of that show and I don’t want to watch it again.
    They way they eat is beyond horrifying. Frankly, if someone talks about diet in America it equals to normal-everyday food where I live. Because we have much less of those processed foods. We hate McDonalds and other fast-food joints. Frankly fast-food tastes bad. When Cassey says, eat clean, this is what I always do. This is how I regularly prepare food. Take fresh veggies and meat= DINNER.
    When I watched that Honey-Boo-Boo show… I finally understood WHY is DIABETES such a huge problem in the US.

  551. Just a straight up question: Has Mama June ever released an official statement declaring that she is at least 100 lbs overweight? or is this yet another assumption? just straight up asking because size is not an indication of weight.

  552. I’m so disappointed at how people are reacting to the truth you said about this show. What you said about her mom going on the biggest loser show was trying to emphasize the fact that she must be proud of how she looks? Thats what it seemed like to me. I use to be over-weight, and it took me a lot to get where I am, and I’m so happy to be healthy now. Most of that has a lot of thanks to you Cassey. And also, in the news letter, it’s a disturbing .gif of HBB because she should be taught to be a lady. Not shaking her belly on national television. That IS disgusting. And they know this. You where right to say every single thing you did in your blog. I love you so much, and I thank you for making that post before I would have said it myself.

    MWAH <3

  553. Guys, come on-the idea that Mr. and Mrs. Boo Boo are still “low income” is laughable. They make $15,000-$20,000 per episode and little Boo Boo must have other money coming in from side ventures. They know we’re fascinated by their totally bizarre lifestyle (especially what they eat) so of course they’re not going to start eating organic and locally-grown (or whatever) any time soon-we wouldn’t watch them if they did. I think the show’s hilarious (or was, until they started trying so hard to live up to the first few episodes), but I also think their eating habits are disgusting and they’re setting their kids up for a life full of health problems. That’s not to say that Mrs. Boo Boo doesn’t love her kids-of course she does. They seem like a very loving family and the kids seems well-adjusted, confident, etc.. But there’s nothing wrong with Cassey pointing out the fact that the mom is seriously jeopardizing her kids’ health, even if her way of doing so wasn’t “sensitive enough” for some people.

  554. What really bothers me is that you’re more concerned about how a seven year old looks and not the sexualization of seven year olds that this show helps promote.

  555. Iuliana Ionica says:

    Dear Cassey,

    I LOVE the new video. Thank you so much! Just got my period today and was feeling really weak and moody, but decided to move my ass out of bed and did just about 30 minutes cardio with you, but it really helped me feeling better.

    Best wishes!!!!

  556. To me, this post was inspirering.And I feel lucky, because my mom always have made healthy food for scratch. We live in Norway, and the obisity isn’t so much of a problem over here, even though it’s starting to increase. But, seriously this just made me realise the importance of eating clean. And I do not think you’ve said anything wrong. Recently, a nowegian “celeb” said that anorexia is beautiful, and that he always makes his kids starv a little bit, because no one wants fat children. NOT THAT’S NOT OKAY NOR TRUE. This is bouth true and okay – this is HEALTHY. I love you, Cassey and I think this is a great post.

    I haven’t tried the HIITILATES yet ( :( ), because I’m sick (I prefer not to talk), but I am sure that I will love it! And OMG when the DVD comes, I’ll be all starstruck (I guess the skipping time is a little longer to Norway – but I haven’t gotten an email about that it’s skipped or anything – did no one do that?)!! :D

  557. Zoey, this is a personal blog. And the owner can express her opinion. And this opinion not necessarily be the same as your. If you feel uncomfortable here, simply don’t come here. I appreciate Cassey for what she does. She films tons of workout videos which can be used for free. She gives lots of healthy advises and healthy recipes without making you buy her book or anything. She truly has a right to say what she thinks on a topic she is good at! As you’ve said, you are new here. And what you’ve just done I can only compare with someone coming to a new acquaintance’s house with muddy boots and starting judging everything in it. Would you invite such a person one more time? I seriously doubt that.

  558. What I don’t understand is all of the “followers who followed Cassey because she was that one person who understands and that you can look up to” just as badly judge her over something that is considered her opinion. If any of you know what point Cassey is trying to get across, you’ll know that this post about her feelings over Honey Boo Boo is her concern for masses of people who might be/is getting the wrong idea about a ‘healthy vs. okay lifestyle’ shown on the media. You’re being JUST as judgmental, if at all, extremely judgmental over every single word, action, and choice she makes. She deals and tolerates all of us when we feel something is wrong and she’ll go out of her way to try to change it to make us understand and help us. Why isn’t any of us considerate of her feelings and opinions?

    Cassey has never changed, she looks out for people like us, trying to motivate us even if she can’t see our faces, our struggles, and our lives. She’s literally the person who sudden appears with a helping hand NOT judging you just trying to help you. So for all the ones that say that she’s “over the line” about how she simply stated what she thought was wrong and how she things it could be solved. I’m sorry, she’s doing her job to motivate. This topic has nothing to do about her motivating us through our weight-loss struggles. At the end of the day, the only person you can blame is yourself for not being able to push through it even if she’s here on the website, facebook, instagram, twitter to be positive and stay positive.

    I hate that some of you are going out of your way to say that she should’ve handled this/that topic with grace, etc. That she shouldn’t have approached it in “such such” way. You do realize that it wouldn’t be Cassey anymore right? She’ll be a robotic feeder to everyone without her own thoughts/opinions. She wouldn’t be Cassey. And you know what, Cassey isn’t perfect. Neither are any of us. Or me for a fact.

    Cassey, I appreciate every single video you have ever brought to me to realize from nutritional facts, recipes, and workouts that I do/WANT to change my lifestyle. Its so nice being able to get to know you through the videos even though you have no idea who I am just to give me a helping hand with the knowledge, power, and tools that you have. I have really tried to motivate myself over the past year to lose weight but I really wasn’t losing it for me. So I didn’t have that drive and every time I would watch a new video I end up feeling like a failure because I didn’t do what I should have done. But you’re right, it takes me to be ready and make that change. So I am, 2013 middle of January I have started my journey towards a better and healthier life. Instead of watching life pass by, I’m living in it and becoming a apart of it. And you have been a great deal part of it so far. I hope to see many videos from you and waiting for the day that Blogilates comes out with an app on Android (: Rock on Cassey! <3 You know that most of us are right behind you!! Thank you for being a motivator, teacher, and trainer.

  559. Do you know what i find sad? That her parents are quite happy to air their unhealthy living habits on the tv.
    I agree that it is not Hbb’s fault as she doesn’t know any different and she may be happy NOW, but how will she feel when she is older?? Not just about body image but with health problems too??? I’m sure her parents love her dearly but in my honest opinion i find it irresponsible to feed her this way.
    I totally agree with Cassey and their behavior towards food.
    If you’re going to be on reality tv, you have to expect scrutiny and criticism.
    Ok, so the picture was a little unnecessary but it’s nothing that’s not been aired across America already.
    I’ll be educating my children to eat healthily because I don’t want to see them become poorly later in life. I want them to have energy and to be happy.
    As Cassey has said it’s not about weight, it’s about nutrition. You can still eat healthily on a budget. Frozen veg is far better than canned and still cheap. Make it fun for the children and grow your own veggies…

  560. Everyone needs to just sit down.
    Honestly, its positively ridiculous.
    I don’t want to write an essay, or rant about the idiocy in these comments, so I’m going to try and make it as short as I can.
    I used to be bulimic so I know what eating disorders are like. I ate badly prior to it, and so naturally I was overweight, and Cassey picked me up out of that hole and I’m confident and fit and happy.
    Now, while calling Honey-BooBoo’s family “fat” is her personal opinion. The rest of you don’t need to comment on that and criticise her, and besides she’s criticising their EATING HABITS, which are UNHEALTHY. She’s not wrong. She’s not being unreasonable. She’s saying they lead unhealthy lives which is TRUE and even if it weren’t, you guys don’t need to attack her and give her grief for no good reason. Calm down, take a deep breath, and take care of your own life.

  561. KatrinElis says:

    thanks for that link. i’ve always liked jamie oliver’s recipes and attitude towards food. i hope many more people will watch this.

  562. Sharayah Jennifer says:

    I agree with Casey. Yes, it’s bad for them to eat that way and yes it’s not great to showcase it on TV for people who don’t know better. Yes, it’s up to the family to change and yes, the post was on the negative side but I also agree with where she is coming from. Casey does this, POPilates, because she LOVES helping other people and she’s PASSIONATE about what she does. It’s a burning desire in her heart that is deep rooted and it kills her to hear negativity and see lifestyles that are actually harming their lifestyle, whether it’s comfortable or not. This post, probably wasn’t what most of you expected, but I’m new to this community, and Casey is human like the rest of us. What she posted was about what she’s passionate about, and if anyone is going to talk about shame, it’s those of you who are so negative on her post. If you’re so let down by her, why did you have her on a pedestal in the first place. I lived Honey Boo Boo’s lifestyle for years and I’m just now making the change, which is why I’m in this community. I did my first workout two days ago and I’m still aching from it. We all have passions, we all have desires that motivate us to do something. Casey has the gusto and the confidence to take a step out and make YouTube videos for all of us to change our lifestyle. She’s not God, she’s not indestructible, she’s human and this post is what she’s passionate about. It literally breaks her heart to see someone not have a healthy lifestyle when they’re making TONS of money and can easily change it. Granted, the mom is putting the money in a trust fund and they live off of her husbands salary alone, but still. They have the opportunity with that money, if they wanted to. Yes, it all does come down to choice. Just like it’s Casey’s choice to make the videos for us.

    While some of the comments did shock me, I do know where she’s coming from as I am vocal about my passions and what I love. She’s human, she has passions, and she’s going to voice them. Be grateful that she’s comfortable enough with us to even voice them and be real.

    Instead of taking her for granted, why don’t you appreciate her honesty? She’s not always going to say something that you like. Jillian Michaels doesn’t and she’s hugely successful and popular. She says the truth because that’s what people need to hear. Casey did the same thing. So get over it.

    In summary: I agree with Casey. But I also agree with most of you in that it’s a choice, and not everyone can be fit. Actually, everyone CAN be fit, they just need to stop sitting around and do something about it.

  563. I can’t believe some people think this is offensive. It is such an important message! What do you want, a euphemism for fat/obese/morbidly obese. You can not sweet-talk this problem. Just not. And the first step is to realize this!

    Cassey, this is a great post and the message needs to get out there! Call Jamie Oliver, you’d be the perfect team!

  564. hey cassey!
    firstly I want to say I love you, your blog, your attitude, your personality and your workout! Yes some of the comments on here are ridiculously hurtful but alot of them are written by people who have been hurt in the past due to these issues. I certainly don’t agree with some peoples’, equally as hurtful, comments on facebook that they are all “fat ugly b***hs”. I come here everyday as I love your posts on eating working out etc. I feel that this is the same for most of the people posting here. I did find some of your comments a little harsh. When I was alannas age I was super pudgy even though I swam loads, went for walks and ate my veggies. I was bullied and although I’m a stronger person now these types of posts which , in my opinion were written too rashly,are unhelpful. I’m not going to start picking at the post the only point which again is my opinion so you can take it or leave it is that you have mentioned in other posts(and I know cause I read them all!) that you still struggle with healthy eating even though you are well educated, independent, strong minded, intellegent woman. So perhaps you could show a little more compassion for this family who are clearly not so well informed on healthy eating! I’m sure you didn’t mean to come aceoss this way but it did a little. Also I think debate is always a good thing if everyone liked what you said all the time the
    would be a strange place! You are an amazingly strong, inspirational woman and this is the first time I have disagreed with your opinions. At times like this remember there is no such thing as bad publicity! Head up and heart strong! Maybe an idea wold be to have someone proof read your text or leave it a few hours and re read it afresh before publishing it! Anyway much love and I’m obsessed with the DVD esp the fancy printable, no more black and white pages for me :-D

  565. “It’d be cool if the mom could get on Biggest Loser. I bet they asked her before but she said no.”

    I just want you to let that sink in. How many of your followers think that someone has said something along those lines behind their backs? I’ve been really excited about how popular you’ve been getting Cassey, but after this, I think I’m going to have to unsubscribe. You could have used this as a really interesting talking point on how to eat clean on a very low income, but instead you turned this into a body shaming, classist, and all around disappointing blog post.

  566. WOW! Thanks for this great link!

  567. Seriously, have none of you negative nancys ever seen The Biggest Loser? They basically make the same comments like this about every single contestant because it is the truth. In the last episode they had a trivia question about how many parents think that their obese child is a normal weight. The answer was that 80% of parents who have obese children think that their child is a normal weight. 80%!!!! Wake up people!! Obesity is not just having a few extra pounds. It is detrimental to your health and will eventually kill you!! Cassey isn’t saying that this little girl is disgusting. She is saying that what her mom is doing to her daughter’s health and her own health is disgusting.

  568. Hey cassie,
    I just wanted to say, screw the haters!
    You are entitled to your own opinion, this is your blog after all.
    Even at times when I don’t agree with your opinion, I still listen to what you have to say and respect it and I think that’s what everyone commenting here should do too..
    But I won’t spend too much time telling you how amazing, motivational and inspiring you are to me, a 14 year old girl who you mean the world to, right now. i Just wanted to tell you that I still love you!!
    You are too amazing for words. If I wasn’t all the way in Australia I would give you the BIGGEST hug and make you a huge plate of your favourite comfort food (totally healthy and clean, of course).
    Again, I love you Cassie!! You’re like the awesome big sister that i never had.

  569. Her entire website and videos are about “educating” people to be healthier.

  570. She wasn’t hating on body image, only the fact that they encourage the little girl to destroy her body at such a young age.

  571. I couldn’t agree with you more, Cassey!! I think everything you said came from a kind heart! I’m actually REALLY surprised anyone disagreed with you in any manner. I found your caring and honesty so refreshing and admirable. Just as admirable as you living your purpose and inspiring so many people. Keep up the great work!!!

  572. Hey, I think that Cassey is right, a healthier livestyle is not as expensive as some people think. Just leave out out a little sugar and butter from your meal…so you spend less money on these things.
    i feel ashamed for hte people who judge Cassey in their comments, she just wrote down what she thought about this television show. Where is the problem? It´s her opinion (which I agree with) and that´s it she´s living in a free country and can tell everyone anything she wants.
    So pleeease people, let it be.
    You can´t deny that this livestyle isn´t healthy at all and especially for children it´ssad not to learn alternatives to that. Like I said before you don´t need a high education or better income to live healthy. Even if you just leave out some things from your diet is better, than eating all this butter-sugar-stuff….eww!

    Cassey, don´t be sad about the mean comments you have done nothing wrong! I think you´re a nice person who is concerned about the health of other people. That is great!There should be more people like you!

  573. For anyone who said that the family is happy: Do you personally know them? This is reality television. We do not have a clue about this family’s actual happiness or lack of happiness. SCIENCE and EXPERIENCE as human beings tells us that an unhealthy diet causes disease, earlier death, and certainly NOT happiness. Sure, they experience joy. Sure, they may donate or put the kids through school or whatever, but that does NOT change the fact that at some point these kids may be faced with losing their mother a LOT earlier than any child should have to. If the cycle continues, their own children may face the same sad crisis. Children do not think about or know that, and many of us as adults know it, but if it is not an immediate threat, we do not take action to stop it. Doing drugs makes a lot of people happy. Should those people continue to do drugs as long as they are saving money for their kids? No. Why? Because they have kids, and when they die because of their self-inflicted harm to their own bodies, guess who they leave behind.. A more extreme case.. but it is the same concept. Coming from a small Georgia town where everyone had a low income (including myself) as well, I know families a lot like what I have heard about the family on the show! Let me tell you all, the lack of knowledge about nutrition is INCREDIBLE. So many people just don’t know, including the majority of my friends and family. Yes, some are more privileged than others, but people can make much better choices on a budget. I know this because I do it! Not everything has to be pure organic, local straight from Whole Foods or whatever else! It’s about the knowledge and doing whatever you can for your health so that you can LIVE. As far as anyone being judged .. so what. Honestly, I don’t know one single American female that doesn’t have body image issues of some sort. I certainly do, and I definitely don’t know about anyone else, but if I’ve got an issue with my body than CAN be changed, I’d like to know how to change it, which is all I really got from the post.. that a lot of people need to be educated, A LOT. Most people are going to judge most other people. A lot of times, it ends up hurting them, sometimes quite a bit, but that is something that is going to happen when you put yourself on television. If the mom is worried about people judging her daughter and it causing damage to her self-esteem, then the logical solutions are to change or take her off TV. You can’t prevent judgement. In my opinion, the post was fine.

  574. Wow. Cassey, I love you, but this clearly topped it of. I can’t believe how bodyshaming this post was. Criticism is one thing, but this is beyond ANY line.

    Having an Eating Disorder makes it really hard for me to work out, and you were like my anchor because of all your positivity and because I thought you were embracing bodies in all sizes.

    This is just hurtful body snark and I really get what you’re trying to say, but seriously: The newsletter where you used the gif of a LITTLE KID and stated “Sorry for the disturbing image”, it nearly made me cry.


  575. Carina Cristina says:

    Yes! Thank you.

  576. Cassey, I don’t think you’re being offensive or negative at all. All you’re trying to do is put awareness out into the interwebs and get people thinking about what they’re eating! Also, in response to some random person’s comment, you don’t have to spend boat loads of money to eat clean. It’s actually pretty cheap to buy fruits and veggies, and they don’t have to be organic. And chips and frozen food and all that shit is actually really costly, in both health and money.

    Keep up your positive attitude, Cassey. You’re awesome. :)

  577. Dearest Cassey,

    You always come from a place of love and compassion. Your work helps me so very much, and I see so many others, too. Keep it up!

    Thank you,

  578. Cassey, hold yourself up and stand for what you believe in! You are not going to please everyone but what you said is the truth. A lil straight-forward than what others would say it but it is the truth. America is fat and people need to realize this! Either people are too ignorant or denying to themselves. You are addressing the problem and it is up to the individual if they are gonna do something about it. Im Native American so I know that our natural food and herbs that grows are healthy, but once we buy from the grocery store…yikes! Blood pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol… :( So thank you for your belief in health and fitness…think positive and focus on those who need your help, never on those trying to bring you down!

  579. Cassey, don’t even listen to the people posting all this hate on your blog – YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. obesity shouldn’t be celebrated, her life is at risk. thank you for helping me see health in a different light as well xox

  580. Actually, to the person blaming them not having money to buy healthy foods, you’re ignorant because they make thousands from the show. I agree with this post Cassey, 150%!

  581. KatrinElis says:

    very sad indeed. now i know where the american stereotype of uneducated obese hill billys comes from that is so prevalent in europe. that girl really got sick from eating a bunch of greens!i can’t believe it. only seeing their canned food made me feel sick. thank god there are people like you in the US too, cassey. of course there are smart healthy people there, it’s just that the “dumb” ones scream the loudest. after seeing this clip i genuinely have pity for the country you live in.

  582. Cassey, Please don’t let all these comments get you down! The majority of us think you are amazing, inspirational, smart, passionate, and SOO motivating, and your honestly is truly refreshing for a blogger. Shake off the controversy and move on, you are entitled to your opinion as is every else but you will never lose support over speaking your mind so please continue to do so. You are one of the people that actually CHANGES things rather that talking or wishing, Don’t lose that ! <333
    That said, It's January 18th in Australia so I'm entering the #POPsterPresents challenge! Sorry if it's bad timing but I would LOVEEEEEEEE to win a DVD! I ordered one online already but sent it to my sister in the U.S. as a gift. I am living in Australia, kind of the opposite of you and your sis :) (I'm from the US but living here temporarily). OKAY fingers crossed xoxo

  583. I think the problem is that for a health blog people look to for motivation and ideas, seeing a post exploiting another family because of their lifestyle isn’t really productive. I came here today to find a cool new recipe. Instead I find a post judging people and saying they’re all wrong. The problem people are having with this post is because it is about shaming a family. Shaming a lifestyle. Shaming America. Shameshameshame. Maybe there is just another way to go about it. Like educating. Knowing that protein is actually a last resort source of energy for your body, as it provides very little. That these high protein, low carb diets are terrible for your health in the long term because you are overworking your organs. That the “inner thigh gap” is actually generally unatainable for most people because of genetics. Not their fat content. I’m new to this blog and I have to say that this post has officially put the icing on the cake. Casey is trying to do a good thing. However, when she preaches to other people, I think she should know fully the cause and effect. That posting “THANK YOU!” on posts supporting her but ignoring all the others is actually a way of her trying to avoid conflict and not lose followers. I find this blog artificial and follower based as she needs the money because this is her new job. But for those it helps, I wish you the best.

  584. I think the problem is that for a health blog people look to for motivation and ideas, seeing a post exploiting another family because of their lifestyle isn’t really productive. I came here today to find a cool new recipe. Instead I find a post judging people and saying they’re all wrong. The problem people are having with this post is because it is about shaming a family. Shaming a lifestyle. Shaming America. Shameshameshame. Maybe there is just another way to go about it. Like educating. Knowing that protein is actually a last resort source of energy for your body, as it provides very little. That these high protein, low carb diets are terrible for your health in the long term because you are overworking your organs. That the “inner thigh gap” is actually generally unatainable for most people because of genetics. Not their fat content. I’m new to this blog and I have to say that this post has officially put the icing on the cake. Casey is trying to do a good thing. However, when she preaches to other people, I think she should know fully the cause and effect. That posting “THANK YOU!” on posts supporting her but ignoring all the others is actually a way of her trying to avoid conflict and not lose followers. I find this blog artificial and follower based as she needs the money because this is her new job. But for those it helps, I wish you the best.

  585. Oh my goodness, so many people have posted horrible comments towards Cassey and her OPINION. Cassey has always been a big supporter of eating healthy and exercising regularly, so I do not think her post is out of line at all. In fact, I find it to be straight to the point, comprehensive, and critical of a phenomenon sweeping across our country. That being said, I am so saddened by the negative comments fellow blogilates people have written towards Cassey. In EVERY video, Cassey has always encouraged us, asked us to love ourselves, and work hard towards becoming more healthy and happy. Has she ever said anything wrong in that regard? Absolutely not! For those who are passing judgement on her “negativity,” I really suggest reading over your posts, and looking into your own hurtful comments.

    I love you Cassey!!! And thanks for the new HIITILATES video! I love them!

  586. Brianna Stanley says:


  587. I LIKE how you express your opinion. Of course, not everyone will agree what you say and some will hurt you with their words. That’s because you receive that much of attention from viewers. Don’t let those negative comments get to you.
    Be strong Cassey! At least you’re bold enough to show your face and speak up! ^^

  588. Hi Cassey.
    I appreciate this post and appreciate what you’re trying to do. :) It’s obvious that they aren’t the healthiest people on earth but there’s something else that I’ve noticed watching this show that I wanted to note.
    The confidence and spirit that this little girl has is really incredible. She believes she is beautiful. She is a kind, generous and wonderfully opinionated person. Their entire family promotes individuality and being confident in yourself despite what people say or think about you. I wasn’t expecting this when I first heard about this show at all and it was a nice surprise. I hope her confidence stays with her as she grows up.
    Of course they need to change their eating habits but I just wanted to point out something positive that people seem to miss when focusing on all their flaws. They are called disgusting a lot but I just wanted to say that I believe some of their habits are disgusting but they are not disgusting PEOPLE.
    Anyway, I’m not criticising your post at all! It was all well-said. Just wanted to add something else :)

  589. I totally agree with you, Cassey. I don’t watch the show as I don’t live in the U.S. and because I don’t care about this kind of TV shows. However, I came across Honey Boo Boo on some news/gossip sites so I took a look just to know what it is all about. And frankly, I don’t think you use wrong words. Or hurtful ones. Sometimes it is better to call things their real names because it’s true! We are so concern and sensible about all this discrimination things so everybody is just afraid to say anything because it can be (an probably will be) treated as some kind of discrimination. I think many people just don’t know how to make thing better for themselves. And I seriously think that you can be healthier and eat better food from usual store, not organic ones. Everything is choices not the price. If you choose chicken and veggies over frozen pizza and bake it instead of frying it, you’ll do a favor for your body. And if you don’t drink cola and pour tons of ketchup on your food, you’ll be healthier. And I am totally aware that I can be called rude and unsympathetic or whatever. But I don’t care, because I am scared about the future of my children (I have none but I eventually will). Think of it: I am 174 cm tall (5.7 ft) and my weight is 62 kg (137 pounds) and I always wore clothes size M (38 EU). But now guess what? I wear S (36)! And not because I am very skinny or whatever, I am not. But because of so many obese people even clothes sizes are shifted a bit so normal or regular become small or very small. And it worries me that it is easier to do something with clothes sizes than to educate people. And I am totally aware of all huge businesses and money behind the processed food but in the age of internet nothing is impossible. People like Cassey are really helpful and can really make a change. Even if they change the lives of 10 people a year. But it is important not to tolerate it to the degree when a child with serious eating problems is called “just a child” and “she must enjoy her childhood”. She surely must. But all this beauty contests and reality shows don’t give her real childhood. And neither do her eating habits.

  590. While you have every right to criticize the family for their nutrition. you total lose the professionally positive attitude you’ve been portraying since I started following you. Like, you really come off as crazy judgmental when their diet isn’t that far off from a typical American family in the middle/lower class. Besides, she’s a six year old girl for crying out loud! She’s supposed to have a little belly fat! Alanna is comfortable with herself, which is more than most of the people who follow you can say.

    Even though their diet is out of control, this is one of the relatively few functional families on TV right now. Since the show started, Mama June has had every penny that TLC has given straight into a trust fund for her daughters and grand-daughter. The family doesn’t really see a penny. The only thing they’ve really “splurged” on since the show started was a 2005 Ford used truck.

    So they might not have the looks of the Kardashians, but they love each other more than any other family that you find on reality TV. I’m really disappointed in the way you posted this and how you’re marketing this to get more attention. I’ll definitely rethink who I subscribe to in the future.

  591. I live in Germany,and they don’t show Honey Booboo in our TV. But as far from what I heard about this show, I totally agree with you Cassey!!!!!!!!
    I feel so bad for these kids, because they don’t learn about a healthy lifestyle….
    They may don’t care about their bodyshape now… but wait until they be teenagers… maybe they will get bullied in school and will hate themselves…

    As said, I agree with you Cassey and I think it is great, that you write about it !!!

  592. Just a thought but.. imagine if it was your family that some bloggers decided they would start a movement to stop people from doing what you’re doing to “help”? I don’t think it is for you to decide that what they are doing is wrong. Wrong and right are opinions. There are much better ways to go about educating people about fitness and health. Exploiting and judging other people is not a smart one.

  593. I completely agree with what you said. The way her parents let her eat now will affect her so much later on. Heck, as a child, my parents let me have ice cream all the time as dessert and now it’s hard for me to not eat ice cream when it’s in the house. I don’t watch the show but I have seen ads for it online and little snippets of it on tumblr and through friends and personally, I think it’s disgusting and horrible that people let their children live like that.

  594. I love this:

    “Can’t” is the cancer of “happen”, people!!

  595. Thank you Michelle. Thank you.

  596. Morbidly obese is a medical term used to describe someone who is at least 100 lbs overweight.

  597. I don’t watch this type of shows because they are idiotic and disgusting! I completely agree with you about this family. For me this kind of parent should be reported to social services, because they are damaging childs health now and log-term – if starving the child is abuse, making your child obese is abuse too!

  598. That was COMPLETELY body-shaming! How can you say that an adult classifying a child’s body as “a disgusting image” isn’t body-shaming?! I haven’t seen a comment yet in this section that stands up for the fact that June, her mom, is CONSTANTLY telling her children they are beautiful inside and out. If more parents would take the time to teach their children that bodies are all different and amazing, no matter what they eat or don’t eat, the world would be so much better. I’ve been overweight my entire life and if my mom had told me I was beautiful or worth anyone’s time, maybe I wouldn’t have cried while reading this blog post because this was almost one of the most hurtful things I’ve ever read coming from a fitness instructor.

    Cassey, you made a conclusion about a family that you obviously know nothing about. I’m so sick of people judging other people for what they see on TV for 40 minutes. For all you know, they could have a freaking fitness room in their house and you’re sitting here telling them their 6 year old daughter is disgusting and they should be ashamed of their habits. Also, “It’d be cool if the mom could get on Biggest Loser. I bet they asked her before but she said no.” I’m sorry, but do you make this assumption for every overweight person you see, or just the ones you see eating butter? You make me feel like I (and other overweight people) shouldn’t even go out in public because god forbid I have to eat something in front of you or other people.

  599. Hi Cassey! I really liked your article about Honey Boo Boo, and I think it should be taken as a wake up call for many people . Though some people may find it mean, i think you simply expressed the sad truth about this family.
    Now I haven’t actually seen the show on TV because I am from Romania, and the show isn’t broadcasted here, but I’ve seen pictures and short videos, and I was actually shocked when I read some of the comments. I was shocked that in some areas of the USA you can only find processed meat and pre-cooked meals. OMG, and some people said that they can’t find fresh vegetables in the area they live in. This is so bad and serious. In my country the markets are full of fresh vegetables and fresh unprocessed chicken and fish meat, and it is hard for me to believe that in a developed country like USA people give so little importance on healthy living that yoy can’t even find what you need to live healthy.

    Anyway, Cassey I really love your videos and your joyfull personality and you really managed to motivate me to work out! :)

  600. One of the most important things to remember is that the little girl has a mother who loves her. It would be wonderful to see the family get healthier together especially because they’re in the public eye.

  601. hey cassey,
    i would post that on your facebook-wall, but as i don’t have a facebook-account, i will post it right here, hoping that you and most of you guys from the community will watch it.

  602. 100% in agreement with you. I feel so sorry for Alanna(that’s her real name). Her mother is slowly killing her entire family. I hardly watch TLC these days because of shows like that. They’ve turned into TTWC, which stands for The Train Wreck Channel. All they show now are shows that put disfunctional families/people in the spotlight, like a sideshow for the masses. If they actually ate some fresh veggies with reduced calorie/fat butter on it, that would be SO MUCH better. If they had REAL homemade spaghetti sauce instead of ketchup and butter, that would be a vast improvement. But TLC would never allow that. As long as this family is eating crap and acting like jackasses, it’s entertainment and it will earn them ratings…….

    Reality shows are the blight of modern TV.

  603. Oh, and congrats on your weight loss. :)

  604. Thanks for the tips. I’ll try it…one day at a time.

  605. and thank you. :)

  606. still love your awesome videos, Cassey. :)

  607. And why do you think her body image will start to matter to her? Oh that’s right, because society is built by people that like to judge other people. Should their life be glorified? No probably not, but instead of blaming them maybe you should look at the network broadcasting it. Maybe you should stop judging and coming up with ways things they “should be doing” and focus on your own life instead.

  608. I think there’s a difference between tough love and being hurtful. Casey wants to see honey boo boo and her family get healthier. The point of the post was not to make fun of or insult anyone. Sometimes being honest hurts but it’s what you need to hear. Honey boo boo’s mom is morbidly obese and if she doesn’t change the way she eats she is going to die from weight related health issues. She is shortening her lifespan as well as her daughter’s by living such an inactive, uneducated & unhealthy lifestyle.

  609. Agnes; I get where you’re coming from in some respects but as a nurse I’ve got to agree with Cassie. Frankly I’m appalled by what they put in their mouth. Although you might be fortunate enough that your diet doesn’t manifest itself in a weight issue and while many people share your mother and brother’s situation, Cassie is right. Their diet is a recipe for cardiovascular disease, bowel cancer, diabetes, dental caries, gingivitis, diabetic ulcers which can result in limb loss, decreased circulation, fatty liver, arthritis and other joint problems, decreased mobility… it goes on. Not to mention the psychological harm that she will probably develop when she is older and gets teased at school or looks in the mirror and doesn’t like what she sees, can’t keep up with her friends in PE, can’t wear the same sized clothes as her friends or ends up being the kid with the diabetic pump in her belly. Yes, she is just a kid, and it is appalling that at such a young age her mother- the person who is meant to be her nurturer and carer- is feeding her the foods that will put her in this position. It is tragic that a child should be put in a position where she may develop a whole host of medical and psychological complications so young, which can be very, very permanent. The part that gets me watching the TV show is that it seems to be borne of ignorance. It doesn’t have to be organic, but it’s not as though healthy food is automatically difficult to prepare or always expensive to buy.

  610. I do agree with you that eating healthy isn’t all about organic. I have been trying to incorporate healthy foods into my diet. I try out some chicken here and there, and even have a bite of some vegetable once in a while. I finally even went out and got myself some chicken fillet. It’s a little out of the way (can you believe most groceries where I live dont even have chicken fillet) but I’m trying to change so I have to just not mind the distance.

    I get what Cassie was trying to say with this post, I just think she could have used better words to get it out there. I’m sure she is sincerely concerned for this family and I appreciate that she cares. Just being a little sensitive to how others might feel when she points out that belly fat would have been nice is all. :)

  611. How do you know that this family is obese? Where is the public statement made by any “Adult” member of this family affirming that they have a BMI of 30 or higher?
    or is this just an assumption like, “It’d be cool if the mom could get on Biggest Loser. I bet they asked her before but she said no”?

  612. “And how do you think we can get more people educated about nutrition who aren’t actively seeking it and living it like we are?”

    I don’t watch Honey Boo Boo personally, but it is popular where I live and I hear about it occasionally. I’m inclined to agree with you that the family is not a great example – and it’s not a show I’d encourage kids to watch – but I’m not sure that has ever been the role of reality TV. I’m far more frightened by the power of big food corporations in this country than I am by a TV show.

    I’m troubled by a lot of comments that equate obesity with laziness. It really is so much more complex than that and a lot of it is down to circumstances. For example, I grew up in the UK, where I walked everywhere, had easy access to local produce and was rarely tempted by fast food. I then moved to Mississippi, where healthy food is substantially more expensive, grocery stores are not accessible by foot (I don’t have a license, so friends drive me and I have to order pizza if I run out of food before the next run), and fast food is everywhere. I am a privileged person who has discipline, an exercise routine and enough money for food, but it is a constant challenge for me not to gain weight here. How much harder must it be for people who do not have the resources and education that I have?

    So, yes, we want to make nutrition and education more accessible. But it won’t work, at least for a place like Mississippi, unless there are better grocery stores, options for those without a car, and fewer fast food joints. Obesity makes me very, very sad, because I feel like public debates more popularly focus on “willpower”, eating organic produce, joining a gym, and other things that ignore the issue of poverty.

  613. I can’t believe people are upset over this post, lol. So much worse has been said about Honey Boo Boo, that show is a train wreck. The family would probably laugh about the post. One episode, they taught the teenager if she farts more, she will lose weight.

  614. Hi Cassey. You could be the one that ignites the flame. You are amazing and have the power to motivate. You have the knowledge. You could help them. Reach out. You could just be what they need. If not, at least you tried, and didn’t just leave it as a blog.

  615. Hi Aruna,
    I have to admit I was skeptical at first too. I didn’t want to drink that much water, in fact I hated how it felt to down that much water. I used to drink maybe 16oz a day, but I tried drinking more water and made a decision for x amount of weeks I would drink what I had heard a Doctor recommend, take your body weight and divide it in half and that is the amount of water you should drink. At that time, that meant over a hundred ounces, so I made slow increments of progress toward that amount. As the weight came down, I was then ‘required’ (in my own mind) to drink less. Now, six years later, I still drink four 24 oz bottles of water a day, which is over the recommended eight glasses of 8oz and the rule that I live by. Honestly, I can’t live without it and I often drink more than that. Just like any new habit it takes time to get used to it. And you would be amazed how much your body begins to crave it once you make it a habit. As for the needing to hit the pot every half an hour, yes, that happened to me at first too. (lol, it was kinda embarrassing!) But, your bladder begins to stretch and you can hold it longer, also that urge to pee at the beginning of a water regimen is simply your body trying to clean out the toxins. Just start with a cute water bottle and carry it around like an accessory, now I never leave home without one!

    I hope this helps!

  616. Yikes. Nice classism. This entire post is problematic. You don’t actually give a hoot about honey boo boo or her family. if you did, you would have bothered to look into why they eat what they eat and maybe you’d read a thing or two about privilege and access to fresh/healthy food, and middle class income– all of which HBB’s family does not have. You should be ashamed for targeting a small child and her family like this. Concern trolling is not cute. Body shaming and fat shaming does nothing to fix obesity. You’re only contributing to body image issues in our society. So congrats for making the issue worse.

    I’ve followed your tumblr for a while so I know you are well intentioned, but wow, girl. You are so off with this it hurts.

  617. Hi Tiffany,
    I read your post and I was instantly SO PROUD OF YOU and really just touched by what you wrote…I started down your same path about two years ago and it has been hard, but so worth it. I’m down fifty pounds from where I started and still have some to go. If you ever ever need support or encouragement or ideas for “keeping on track” or just somewhere to vent I’d be happy to talk/email with you!!

  618. while i dont think you meant to be malicious, most of your comments do come off incredibly offensive, and from a place of privilege. you even body shame a little girl and her tummy, a tummy THAT SHE CLEARLY LOVES. since you found that .gif you used, you probably saw the .gif of boo boo saying “pretty comes in all sizes and my size is CUUUUUUTE”. isnt that important? she is happy. if she is happy with herself and her body, she wont listen to people like you complaining about her size saying you “really care” about her.

    you praise eating clean and how you believe body weight is an indicator of health, which is so.not.true. you can go to an elementary school cafeteria and see that the kids who are tiny, are probably eating the unhealthy food. you can go to childrens soccer game and see the kids with tummies out there being active. a number on a scale does not reflect a persons health.

    you assume that the biggest loser producers probably asked mama june to be on their show and she said no. i hope you realize how unhealthy and disgusting THAT show is. these contestants sign up to work out 9 hours a day for a few weeks,or until they are sent home for not losing enough weight in those 7 days, eat fewer calories and end up losing 20 pounds a week. then when the show is over, they gain all their weight back because they dont have jillian and bob yelling in their faces while working out 9 hours a day. doctors advise people losing 2 pounds a week. 2 POUNDS.

    you seemed to focus on how fat and obese this family is and dont even focus on how HAPPY they are. you can be fat and happy, it is possible…this family proves it!!! if you did any research on them you would have learned how kind and caring they are towards others. they often have donation drives to give to people in need. they have yet to take a handout from anyone, theyve been offered a bigger and better home in a nicer neighborhood. mama june uses coupons on everything, even when they go out to eat!!! they put the money they make from the show into savings for the kids. they chose to live like they do. they are happy, loving people in world where people are automatically labled ‘disgusting’, ‘lazy’ and ‘unmotivated’ if they have fat on them. if any of those kids decided they really wanted to get healthy, you bet mama june and sugar bear would do anything and everything they could do help.
    besides, this is a tv show that is edited to make them look the way they look.

    not everyone wants to be thin and healthy. not everyone can afford to eat clean and shop at whole foods and receive that education on how to be healthy.

    food is fun, and should always be fun.

  619. You do not need organic to eat healthy! You can buy veggies and fruit that will last you a week with the money you bought a pizza that only lasted you a couple of minutes. I don’t find this post offensive at all. I’m sure that if you find it offensive in some way is because Cassey was stating the truth. I don’t see why so many people are viewing this post as negative and offensive. This just illustrates how America is with it’s bad eating habits and wanting everything the easy and fast way ( fast food). I honestly agree with cassey and the way they are feeding that child disgusts me in so many ways.

  620. Honestly I don’t understand why everyone is attacking you, everything you said is true. And to say “let her enjoy she is only a child” guess where we acquire the eating habits that we are going to have for the rest of our lives? Yep during our childhood. I have two little sisters and they ENJOY food, they go to McDonald’s once a month and eat an ice cream, candies and desserts now and then, don’t confuse enjoying with obsessing. I don’t say she should´t eat those foods, I’m talking about moderation NOT deprivation.

  621. Good for you for actually being honest. This notion of leaving everyone to do whatever they want to, no matter how harmful it may be to themselves or those around them, is absolute nonsense. You aren’t the first person to speak out about how wrong you think their lifestyle is, and you certainly won’t be the last. Entertainment has gone slightly too far this time. It’s a terrible example for children as well as adults, but most people feel too ‘bad’ because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Nobody will say anything because it’s offensive or unfair. Is it really?
    Good for you, Cassey :)

  622. I just heard something terrible, Alana’s mother is making her gain weight. She’s afraid that if her daughter will get skinny and cancel the show! Alana would only be skinny if she exercised and ate right. It’d never happen anyway.

  623. I completely get where you’re coming from when you say people don’t always have organic food markets to go to, and a lot of people can’t afford them sometimes either –speaking from personal experience. But I don’t think that’s what this post is about; a lot of healthy foods are actually very reasonably priced, and there’s no need to use as much butter and sugar as Honey Boo Boo’s mother does when she cooks. Cooking the turkey without butter –using some Mrs. Dash seasoning instead perhaps– would make the meal quite a bit healthier, and it doesn’t require any expensive or hard-to-find organic foods.
    It’s good to hear that your family is trying to eat healthy and exercise though, and it sounds like you got lucky with fast metabolism! :)

  624. Also, as someone with body image issues, its real disheartening that someone I admired is passing on judgement. I understand the meaning behind this, for their health sake, but in order to change bad habits you need someone who will encourage not critize. Critism will only bring them down and unmotivate them. I do find it shocking someone who’s job is suppose to uplift and motivate people health wise took on such judgement and negativity, Positivity goes a long ways. But like I said I do understand they need to eat better, you just should of handled this with more grace.

  625. My heart breaks too every time I hear about Honey Boo Boo’s and her family’s eating habits.. :( and I almost yelled “Omg yes!” when you said it makes it hard to eat clean when your family doesn’t get it. My family eats pretty healthy compared to the average American family, but it KILLS me when my mom fries things that are just as easily baked and will taste just as delicious! At least this works my self-discipline, and it’s always good to have POPster support and encouragement to keep us on the right track! :)

  626. Hi Cassey,

    I have to be honest… I do watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and I actually enjoy for the most part. But, I do have to agree with your opinion/thoughts on their eating habits. I’ve cringed numerous times while watching June (the mom) prepare food for the girls. They definitely don’t live a healthy lifestyle. And they’ve made plenty of comments about their distaste for healthy food. I even think Alana (Honey Boo Boo) made a comment in the Thanksgiving episode talking about how they’re not rabbits, she doesn’t want to eat/like salad, etc etc.

    I think it all boils down to what’s convenient. And what they’re used to. As someone who’s grown up in not the most healthiest of households, it’s hard to shake the habit of eating junk… Heck, I’m 23 and I’m still trying to shake that habit. In one episode, June bought I believe they were collard greens or something of that sort… and she even admitted to not knowing how to prepare them. It ended up turning into a little contest between the girls to see who could eat the most raw greens.

    I don’t necessarily think that the show is promoting bad habits, though. But perhaps that is because I know better and I take the show for what it is, which is entertainment. Last season, June tried to get the girls to lose weight. I don’t quite remember how it was they were going about it, but there was a point where they did try to lose weight… And all but one of the girls (including the mom) did lose about 2-5lbs. Not sure if they stuck with it or not, but yeah.

    Besides the comedic antics of the family on Honey Boo Boo, I have to admit that while they may not live healthy lifestyles, they do try to promote positive body image. June has, or at least portrays, confidence that I wish I had! And she instills it in Alana. Alana is spunky and just bursting at the seams with confidence. And that’s wonderful, especially in a society now where we have young girls developing eating disorders… starving themselves to be as thin as the models, singers, and actresses they see on television and in the magazines.

    The main issue is that they’re not eating healthily. They’re not getting the nutrients they need. And I completely get where you’re coming from with that.

    To answer your other question about how we can educate others who are trying to get on the path of healthy eating… I’m not entirely sure. A lot of it starts at home. We eat what we’re fed. We grow accustomed to it. We grow to love it (hello, comfort food!). But, I think if people really want to turn their lifestyle around they will. They will find a way. I had/have horrible eating habits… I still live at home and I don’t make enough to buy a full supply of groceries to last me, leaving me with having to eat whatever’s prepared at home. But when my mom goes grocery shopping I try to show her better alternatives to what she usually buys. Alternatives that, most of the time, happen to be cheaper. You just really have to look, read the nutrition information.

    Perhaps they need to start implementing practical nutrition lessons in health classes at school? So children and teens can learn what to look for and know what’s healthy and what’s not.

    And, while it may seem a bit cheesy, I have to say… Your videos and blog posts are a wonderful resource for many people that are trying to change their lifestyles. I know you have definitely helped me. Free workout videos that are fun and motivating (and you really don’t need much, or any, equipment!). And blog posts about healthy foods that are easy to make and accessible! I mean, seriously… who would’ve known that two eggs and one banana would make such delicious, and healthy, pancakes?!

    Like, I said… I think that if people really want to turn their lifestyle around and eat better, etc… they will. They will find a way. Most people have the internet and the ability to educate themselves on, at least, the very basics of what’s good for them and what’s not.

  627. Really? Hurtful is hurtful. Cassey is usually so positive and this whole thing has come off as very negative.

  628. This is really offensive. The “morbidly obese” comment was way out of line. I understand where you are coming from.. I’ve seen the show, and they don’t eat healthy, at all. BUT, some of your followers may be “morbidly obese” and eating right. The term is offesive and pretty much steroptypical. What you think a morbidly obese person eats doesn’t mean ALL huge people eat that way. And where is body positive? I don’t know if you mean to, but you’re sending out a negative body image example. Weight is a determination of health? Maybe in some ways, but not all. People shouldn’t be focused on a number. Health is more than just a number. I am VERY dissapointed in this.

  629. Ok so I’m happy a person like you saw this! I personally don’t think this show has a good point! It’s totally disgusting, the people are ……. How I think is gross, and it just gives people the ‘ok you can all eat a pound of butter a day’ image! Why doesn’t some healthy person do something? I think this show needs to be cancelled!

  630. I think you wrote about this with a lot of compassion toward the family and especially toward the children whose lives are being affected by the parents’ choices. This is an illness. I appreciate everything that you put out there for people to take advantage of at no charge: your energy, your knowledge, your support. You are helping people take control of their health, THANK YOU!

  631. It’d be cool if the mom could get on Biggest Loser. I bet they asked her before but she said no.

    Don’t assume things, dear. It makes you look like an ass to me and everyone else who read your horrible fat-shaming writing. Also, really with the pound of this and pound of that? There’s exaggeration and then there’ lying to try to make your point.

    You’ve just lost a subscribers and I’ll be sure to pass on your message of hat and intolerance.

    Make think before you type next time.

  632. I honestly i do not think they even care what is being said about them when they are being pay to act this way for everyone’s entertainment. in my opinion no amount of money should justify their poor eating life style. Like Elena mention, i too hope they realize that they need to change for their health. Also, i just want to say thank you Cassey from the bottom of my heart for helping me back n shape. You have become my inspiration and motivator too keep going even when it gets tough. :}

  633. I gotta be honest, I appreciate what you’re trying to do here. I know you meant well, but a lot of things in this post were just wrong.

    Especially the part where you say weight is an indicator of health. I’m 5’4 and around 110lbs – my weight is perfectly normal. But does this mean I’m healthy? No. I’ve practically lived on junkfood and canned foods and processed foods my whole life because I can’t bring myself to eat chicken or fish or veggies. I’m already 24 and I still eat pizza almost on a daily basis. I am extremely unhealthy and I do admit that. But just because I’m not overweight or obese doesn’t mean I’m healthy. I’m just as bad as the people on this show, except I don’t get criticized by people because I look normal.

    I know you’re just trying to encourage people or whatever into eating healthy and exercising, and I think you’re great in your videos. But posts like these? They just turn people off. Not everyone has the luxury of having organic food shops and all that wherever they live. Sometimes we have to make do with what we have and I just wish you would remember that. My mom and my brother are overweight and they are both trying to live healthy. My mom eats veggies and fish and avoids fried foods, my brother goes to the gym and tries to limit his caloric intake. But still they’re overweight.

    I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. Just that next time try to think about the situation of other people before you say things like disgusting. To be honest – food is supposed to be fun. You’re supposed to enjoy what you eat. And lastly, Honey Boo Boo is just a kid. Let her enjoy. If she likes butter and all that, then let her be. Please don’t go around posting that gif of her and saying it’s a disgusting image. My nephew is 4 and his tummy is just like that and yes sometimes he shows it off like Honey Boo Boo did. I am appalled that you would call it disgusting. They’re just kids.

  634. Hi Cassey!

    Love everything you do!! You are an inspiration to us all. And yes, I agree whole-heartly about your opinion on HBB and that entire family. We don’t watch that show and I refuse to have my kids watch it. It’s extremely depressing seeing how a mother raises that poor child. It’s even more depressing knowing they have become quite a media sensation.

    Way to go! You say it like it is!! Oh – and I hope you get to meet Michelle Obama. I too have a passion for nutrition/health, so I truly admire her as well.

  635. I’m pretty certain that much worse things have been said about them elsewhere on the internet. If the family were to read anything at all about them online, this would probably be the best thing.

  636. I think that Honey Boo Boo (or as my dad calls it, Agave Boo Boo) is a testament to how the human race has epically failed. It also breaks my heart to see so many people my age with unhealthy habits. I would like to put on a Templar jerkin and preach the gospel of healthy living, but by that is just asking to get garroted. (dang, living healthy/eating clean/gluten free dairy free/paleo can give you hourglass eyes after a while)

  637. I think it’s disgusting that you put a picture of a Alana showing her belly, she is a child and by putting that picture up you are ridiculing her. That family is happy and they love themselves, is that so bad? Is eating healthy the main thing to strive for in life? Look at the children in the poorest countries in the world who are starving and aren’t PRIVLEGED to eat organic meals, or even eat at all. but they have life. Eating clean shouldn’t have to be the main thing to worry about and to me it sounds a bit obsessive. If you love yourself and you are happy then that’s the only thing that should matter.Bye

  638. First of all, let’s all remember that Reality TV is not reality. Producers set up many of these scenes for “good TV”. My problem with this blog is not if it is true or not but should any one from that family read this, it would be very hurtful. I just don’t see the need to bash one family when this whole Obesity issue is everywhere.

  639. Rebecca Taylor says:

    Thank you!!!!!!! Well said & congrats on the clean bill of health :D

  640. Rebecca Taylor says:

    Just so you know, not everyone can tell with their thyroid issues so easily. I know people who have been to the doctors, eat right yet still remain overweight. Drugs don’t always work, And they are not the solution to everything

  641. I completely understand your frustration with that show. And it’s not at all about them being “morbidly obese”, it’s how they’re slowly killing themselves with crap food and proud of it. It makes me sad for the children. I know a couple obese children and their parents are as well. No one can ever be forced to change their eating habits. I just hope they realize they need to change for their health

  642. I too for the first time watched that show yesterday. I have the same exact feelings. And they are stronger since watching the biggest loser last Monday. The stats of the health problems child hood obesity was awful made me sad and want to scream!! Don’t listen to the negativity I think your initial reaction is very valid. It was sad very sad. And I think you have a great idea as far as getting healthier foods to people.

  643. Rebecca Taylor says:

    I actually do watch the show, and although the eating habits are disgusting and I totally agree with you. I do like that they can be themselves on TV. They don’t pretend to be classy and skinny, like a lot of other reality programs. They know they are overweight, rednecks and still love themselves. That’s the message I take out of the show. They make me giggle and realize it’s okay to be who you are. However, that being said, their eating habits are very terrible. My mom saw her cooking the thanksgiving episode and almost puked and yelled at me to shut the TV off. I do love the show, and I know it brings a lot of people joy. Watching them eat the way they do makes me appreciate the lifestyle I live. The problem with eating clean is that the whole, good, fresh foods is a lot more expensive than buying a can. And for some people, all they can maybe afford is a can. I don’t want to judge the way other people live because that is for them to choose. Maybe when Honey Boo Boo gets older she may want to change her diet and lifestyle but that is up to her. I know an overweight child, who is merely overweight because they overfed him unhealthy food, and no matter how many times you talk to the parent or the child about health and eating it never seems to make a difference. So I say, let people make their own choices, you can only voice your opinions so many times, and they may not listen. So why don’t YOU focus on YOUR choices and your lifestyle and be the best YOU can be. Because really what else can you do?

  644. Lauren Pickering says:

    Hey Cassey,
    You’ve basically summed up my entire view of this “phenomenon” in this blog post. I’ve seen one episode of this series and I didn’t even finish it because I couldn’t believe the state of their lifestyle. It amazes me that so many people think it’s fine to treat your body like that. It really hits home for me because I’m Australian and they have become one of the fattest countries in the world, despite having some of the most beautiful and fresh produce! That means people have the option to eat healthy, quite easily and cheaply, but are choosing not to do so! I am not the most slim or fit person out there but my passion for the subject is making me seriously consider Nutrition in the future. I owe a big part of that to you and your channel. Thanks so much for taking the first steps! xx

  645. I really love what you said about how to help someone. It’s not telling them what they’re doing wrong, but loving them and being there to help. You got it! I have never seen that show, but those pictures you showed on here make me tear up. That is just really sad.

  646. thank you for the reply, cassey. it means a lot. i just think that it is their life and if that’s how they want to live it, let them. if anything, you should be mad at TLC and their staff and crew who lets them think it is okay since they are probably so used to it that they don’t know any better, and are making money off the way they live. this was just hard for me to read because i identify with the family a lot because i have a lot of bad habits like theirs.

  647. Cassey,
    Thank you for the video. It is the first one I’ve tried, and I love it. You are so cute and energetic and down-to-earth and NOT ANNOYING! :] I am grateful for the short video, because I am a college student, and I have NO TIME. But I can squeeze 12 minutes of exercise into my day, RIGHT? :)
    So, thank you.

  648. “I in no way meant to offend anyone who is overweight or has a belly flap”

    Um, in the newsletter promoting this post you posted a gif of a SEVEN YEAR OLD squeezing her belly fat and then stated, “Sorry for the disturbing image.” You not only fat shamed, you fat shamed a CHILD.

  649. i completely agree

  650. Have you ever heard of a food desert?

  651. Hi other Tiffany. :) I really do know what you mean. I don’t live in a rural area, but I was brought up on a lot of unhealthy foods and it’s hard to change. I’m 100 pounds overweight and I’ve never known anything BUT being overweight since I was 11. People with a bunch of unhealthy habits have a huge learning curve. I know what you mean about struggling with burpees! I stop so many times during the workouts, kneeled over and trying to catch my breath. I haven’t made it all the way through a workout without stopping. And sometimes I even start crying, but despite the crying I do my best to finish. And I get a little better each time. :)
    The other day, I was dancing around and I realized I wasn’t out of breath! That is huge for me because I love to randomly dance. lol. Also, I”ve dropped 13 pounds since the start of the year. I’m very happy about that. Working out and eating right is HARD, it HURTS, and there are times when I’d rather revert back to my old pattern of eating a pint of ice cream instead of going to the gym, but I know there is a “Better” out there and I’m aiming to get to it. I love the quote you gave about choosing your “hard.” I know I am done with the “hard” that being obese brings.
    If you ever need encouragement or want to talk, swap ideas, or have a long distance workout buddy, feel free to get in touch. I am on:
    Yahoo: tiffanylikesroses
    Twitter: duafe
    Fitocracy: TiffanyHoward (this is a great site btw)

  652. I agree with Cassey, it’s not body shaming, they are killing their bodies with that toxic food. She’s more concerned about the kids, but the Mom, the Mom should be shamed. The mom is an adult, she should know better than to feed her children that toxic stuff, that will only make Honey Boo Boo’s life worse.

  653. Oh my gosh Cassey, you are sooo right on how these people are not living a proper and healthy lifestyle. I started watching the thanks giving episode and I felt like throwing up… it was disgusting on how much butter they placed in and on the turkey!

  654. FCHochschild says:

    I just do not know where to begin with this “family”. It is awful, It is up there with that American Gypsy show. They can call themselves whatever they want but at the end of the day they are still trashy. The same is with poor Honey Boo Boo. I;m afraid to see what other show becomes popular next.

  655. VERY WELL PUT, Tiffany! I absolutely agree!

  656. Before you bash someone about being uneducated, please proofread your blog posts. I also find that the Mom does a great job of encouraging the girls to love themselves and their bodies, no matter what. I feel like that’s what you’re going for with your blog & videos. I respect the work that you do, but find this article to show an uglier side of you. Sorry for the honesty.

  657. I don’t think it is glorifying their family as much as it is showing how pathetic some people really are. The masses get entertained and the family thinks they are being glorified, but most people just see how stupid and gross they are, not that the show actually condones that behavior.

  658. Cassey, thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I was starting to feel like I was the only one who saw this family being on TV a problem. It makes me worried to think what impressionable minds will make of this. I’m so glad you have the platform you do to spread this message. <3

  659. Well said!!!

  660. This post is so true Cassey and I think it is necessary to be out here. Hopefully honey boo boos family sees it and takes it not as discouraging but as encouraging to change. Also, you are so right. You can start so small and it’s so easy!

  661. I know that when people talk about obesity it is a sensitive subject. Usually when people discuss weight loss, it’s weight loss for appearance’s sake. We see the women in the bikinis and lingerie and we get messages every day that imply that we’re suppose to look this way. So I understand if people get offended and take it personally that Cassey is talking about one obese person in particular and her mom. However, this is a kid we’re talking about. Being worried about an obese kid’s health isn’t just “making fun of a fat kid.” Addressing her mother’s habit of putting butter in everything isn’t making fun of a fat lady. You guys, stop taking this personally. This post is an examination of a family who has made their lifestyle very public, and it would be hypocritical for Cassey or anyone else pursuing a healthy lifestyle to pass this show off as funny or entertaining. She’s approached the subject very tactfully in my opinion. As a person who has been morbidly obese for most of her life, I can appreciate the way she’s addressed morbid obesity in America.
    Speaking of Biggest Loser, I think it’s great that they are tackling childhood obesity this season. I love watching those kids learn a healthy lifestyle and I hope it will rub off on their parents too.

  662. Sorry for the typos, I’m on my phone and keys get stuck. =)

  663. It makes me so sad. It is so hard to change, especially when it is your culture. I live in a small rural area. We have an Aldi and the smallest Walmart ever as far as grocery stores go. They don’t stock the best stuff probably because it wouldn’t sell. Around here we eat the beef from our friends cow, the corn from the back yard and potatoes with pools of butter. When we cook stuff it is on our cast iron skillets that have been seasoned with bacon grease. We do add in other foods, but that is our main diet. I ate my first spaghetti squash a few years ago, my first edamamme and eggplant last year and I have no idea how to cook those brussel sprout things. I HATE where I am with my health, absolutely hate it, but it is so hard to change. Most of the time I have no idea what I am doing. Lots of people say it doesn’t cost as much to eat healthy and it probably doesn’t when you know what you’re doing, but when you haven’t got a clue what to cook, are experimenting with recipes and throwing out most of your pantry it is VERY costly. It is also very confusing. What sugars are good? What about sugar substitutes? What meats are good? Which flour is the best? Do I have to have coconut flour, spelt flour, whole grain white flour and whole wheat flour? What about coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk and skim? I’m lost a good chunk of the time and all the research is very time consuming. I want to change and I WILL! But those times when I don’t want to work out because I look like a bag lady since workout clothes come in tiny sizes or I’m crying because I can’t do a burpee or when I’m in utter panic because I’m at a get together and know nothing, but what I brought is clean are so discouraging. I had a choice to make and I made mine. I WILL NOT CONTINUE TO LIVE LIKE THIS! Regardless of the amount of fat on my body, which is more than I am willing to admit, the simple truth is I didn’t feel good. I was exhausted, tired, lethargic and unable to physically do everything I wanted. I have been trying to eat clean and exercise for 3 weeks(ish) now and I feel better. I still can’t do everything physically, but I have more energy and I am moving more. There are two quotes that have impacted me the most. The first: “Losing weight is hard. Maintaining weight is hard. Staying overweight is hard. Choose your hard.” It is all hard so why not pick hard and healthy. The other one is “Note to self, when I eat crap I feel like crap.” Which is why I have yet to weigh myself since I started. Who cares if I have lost 5 pounds or 10 or if I have actually stayed the same because I’m gaining muscle. Ultimately, my body is functioning better than it ever has and to me that’s the point. So thank you! I can’t pretend that I know what you meant by your words, but even if you take them the worst way possible maybe that is what someone needed. Maybe it provided encouragement for someone ready to give up. Maybe there was someone stubborn like me who needed that kick in the pants and a two by four of truth to knock some sense into them after a discouraging week. Don’t let the criticism get you down. People, myself included, need stuff like this or they won’t be able to make it work.

  664. Cassey, you are such an inspiration and a positive light in my life! You work so hard for all of your fans and we all appreciate everything you do! Unfortunately, some people just wait for someone like you to mess up because they love to see someone who is constantly happy, positive fall down. This is YOUR blog where you get to express YOUR feelings. I love Honey Boo Boo and her family because even though they live that “redneck” life the America loves to exploit, they have so much fun together and help each other no matter what, as a family should. Since you are a person who is SO extremely PASSIONATE about taking care of your body, I absolutely see why their lifestyle appalled you! And there is no shame in why you have those feelings. Being offended by something is a choice. If someone throws something at you, you can either let it hit you, or simply step out of the way and keep going.
    Cassey, you are a fantastic motivator, thank you for helping me change my lifestyle and for offering all of your great videos and advice FOR FREE. Your Popsters LOVE you!

  665. Agreed 100%. It is not Cassey’s place to pass judgment or say any of the things she did. Really offensive and I expect more from her.

  666. Cassie says: