So many WINNERS!

Hey guys!!!!

Yesterday I filmed your third HIITilates vid and I think you will like this one EVEN more than the last two!! WHAT!? Yes. Crazy sauce. I can’t wait to get it to you soon!

It is 12:33am and it’s mah berffffday!!!!

Celebrating it by blogging. Haha. No. Just kidding.

My lil sister Jackelyn who you’ve seen in the POP Kicks vid sent me an unexpected gift yesterday morning just as I was getting ready to film. I heard the doorbell ring and was like “Ugh seriously! Good thing I didn’t start recording yet!” I found a lovely fruit bouquet with a Disney Princess crown at my doorstep! When I found out that it was from my lil sis, I felt all warm and special inside! She’s coming back from Australia next week and I cannot wait to see her! It’s nuts that she’s been out of the country for 1 year! I seriously can’t believe it!!

I was so ecstatic to get an Edible Arrangements bouquet!! I’ve never gotten one before so it was so exciting looking at all of the pretty fruit flowers and things. Honestly, this is way better than roses!!! BECAUSE I CAN EAT MY FLOWERS.


So anyway, speaking of presents…I have presents for you!!!! Are you ready for the huge winner announcements!!?? Here it is!!! I hope you find your name as you scroll down ;) Oh and if you won, you need to email me at [email protected] so that we can communicate and I can send you your gift!

The Day 8 winner from Instagram is Yumazingfitfood! Congrats!

Instagram shoes

The Day 9 winner from the newsletter list is: Kelly Nicole Miller! I will be emailing you for your train insane tank!

The Day 10 winner who commented on the latest HIITilates vid is Svet Demireva

The Day 11 winner who commented on this post won a necklace. Congrats Kristy Kendall!


The Day 12 sweaty FB pic winner is… Senilyn Ranoco. Senilyn won a tank!

The Day 13 winner of a tee is: Elaine Dispo for this comment on why she loves Blogilates:

The Day 14 winner of a tee is Olivia for telling me her fave food on twitter!

ANDDDDD the Day 15 winner is Jennifer Savage just for signing up for the newsletter! She is the winner of the tank! I will email you Jennifer.


Learn if you won the iPad Mini, the oGorgeous yoga bag, and/or tons of Blogilates and WeightTraining tanks!!! Click here to see. Thanks to WT for working with me to put the Perfect Pilates Body workout on the app and for always supporting the POPsters. Seriously, WT loves y’all so much that’s why they love giving you guys cool things to support your fitness journey as you grow! Be sure to do the following:

1. download the weighttraining app and do/log my “perfect pilates body” on there! click here.

2. join the Blogilates group on WT and find new friends. click here.

3. Also, please VOTE for me for a Shorty Award in #socialfitness!!

Oops where did #3 come from? LOL. Just do it guys. Let’s rep the Blogilates Community and try to get as many tweet votes as possible.

Yayyyyyyyyyy, congrats to all the winners! There’s still half a month left so keep following the #POPsterPresents Calendar and you def CAN WIN!!!!

Good night now! Need beauty rest before the big day!!!

<3 Cassey


  • Amanda

    cassey, i read on twitter some people we saying some negative stuff and i just want you to know that it will all turn out alright -dont stress about this- we all love each other and thank you:)
    #DontWorryBeHappy :3

  • jackie.o

    HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you had an AMAZINGSAUCE Birthday!!!! =)

  • Gibson

    Cassey, I exercise for pleasure, and I enjoyed taking part in your workouts. Then I noticed that I was losing weight. At 5’5″ and 103 pounds, I am barely at a healthy weight, so sadly I had to stop being a POPster. Is there a way to enjoy the videos without losing weight? Thank you, and PLEASE respond.

  • Happy Late Birthday Cassey!!

  • Jule

    Omg! You have bday on the same day like my ex-bff! Good to know :D

  • Bintou

    Happy Birthday Cassey !

    Thank you so much for all your videos, you nearly saved my life !

    Bisous Bisous from Senegal.

  • Happy Birthday, I really love your videos! I have always hated working out until I tried one of your videos on youtube. Thanks Cassey! :)<3

  • Happy Bornday my fellow Capricorn! Keep up the great work on your site. Your energy keeps keeps me doing what I do best!

  • Shay

    Happy birthday Cassey! Thanks for everything that you do for us! I really don’t think I would be succeeding in my goals to be healthier and more fit if it weren’t for you. You keep me motivated and help me push through the days where I just want to give up. Hope you had a great day and many more to come, cause you totally deserve it!

  • hannah

    Happy Birthday Cassey!!!! :)
    p.s. i love your nail polish!!

  • Carrie

    Happy Birthday Cassey! love your nails, so pretty!

  • Missy meaux

    Happy Birthday! Hope you liked your Birthday Burpees! I thought of you for each and everyone!

  • Katie Leigh

    Happy birthday Cassey!!! I hope you have had a great day filled with birthday wokouts and clean foods!! Haha! ;)

  • Bridget

    Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! Thank you so much for everything you do, helping and inspiring so many people, you’re really amazing and deserve a fabulous day!!!

  • kelly

    Happy birthday, Cassey!!!

  • Sasha

    Happy Birthday Cassey! I hope you have a wonderful day and may God continue to bless you. Im so glad that I found your videos and your blog, they have helped me tremendously. You’re a beautiful and inspiring person and you deserve to have a great day :) Happy Birthday!

  • Zoe

    Happy Birthday!

  • Vivian

    Happy birthday! My gift to you is not being able to laugh. Yeah, after the workouts from yesterday my abs are soooore! It hurts when I laugh or sneeze. #soretodaystrongtomorrow

  • Becca

    Happy Birthday, Cassey! I hope you have a fab day! *hugs*

  • Ola

    Happy Birthady Cassey! I also have Birtday today, so cool :D I’m just after my birthday workout!

  • Guia

    Happy Birthday, Cassey! Hope you have a totes amazing day :D